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Saturday, March 23, 2019

President Obama slammed Mitt Romney’s economic plan this morning, telling a crowd in Mansfield, Ohio, that they had to decide “between two fundamentally different visions for America.”

“The centerpiece of my opponent’s entire economic plan is a new $5 trillion tax cut on top of the Bush tax cuts,” Obama said. “Now, the bulk of this tax cut would go to the very top…Folks making more than $3 million a year – the top one-tenth of one percent – would get a tax cut worth almost a quarter of a million dollars.”

“But it gets worse,” the president warned. “Under my opponent’s plan, guess who gets the bill for these $250,000 tax cuts? You do.”

Obama used a newly released study by Tax Policy Center, a non-partisan think tank, as evidence that Romney’s proposal would place on the middle class. The study concludes that “any revenue-neutral individual income tax change that incorporates the features Governor Romney has proposed would provide large tax cuts to high-income households, and increase the tax burdens on middle- and/or lower income taxpayers.” In other words, it proves Romney’s promise that “the people at the high end will still pay the same share of the tax burden they’re paying now” to be mathematically impossible.

“They found that if Governor Romney wants to keep his word and pay for this plan, then he’d have to cut tax breaks that middle class families depend on,” Obama said. “To pay for your home: the home mortgage deduction. To pay for your health care: the health care deduction. To send your kids to college. That means the average middle class family with children, according to this study, would be hit with a tax increase of more than $2,000.”

“And here’s the thing,” the president added. “He’s not asking you to contribute more to pay down the deficit…He’s asking you to pay more so that people like him can get a big tax cut. In order to afford just one $250,000 tax cut for somebody like Mr. Romney, another 125 families like yours would have to pay another $2,000 in taxes each and every year.”

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103 responses to “WATCH: Obama Slams Romney’s Tax Plan In Ohio”

  1. highpckts says:

    Romney is an arrogant s.o.b!

  2. edwardw69 says:

    The worst part is that Mr. Romney doesn’t get it. He has no idea. The Ryan budget?

  3. Elsa says:

    Why is that a surprise? Romney thinks it great that he gets a better tax rate than people with less money. He thinks he would be a fool if he paid more than he had and would not be fit to be President. He is afraid to release his tax records because he doesn’t want to give “you people” any information that might make you attack him. Which makes me believe there is something in those tax records that he would be better off hinding. In other words, he is taking care of himself first and that is what he will do as President. He is not fit to be President.

    • Are you people retarded ? Do you buy any of this ? You do realize this is Obama playing the class warfare card to divide America for ios own personal gain …right ? It[plays to weak minded and uninformed people to believe that rich people got rich on the backs of the poor . You can’t all be that dumb can you ?

      • j52f says:

        It has nothing to do with class warfare, Michael. It has everything to do with everybody paying his/her fair share of taxes. The infrastructure and system in the US that works so people can amass fortunes and build wealth is not free. Taxes must be paid, quite simply, to keep the sytem functioning. Roads, bridges, education, a healthy worker population, public safety are all part of the base upon which entrepreneurs build. Romney dosen’t get that, nor does the far right. This is the issue.

        • The top 10% of wage earners pay 86% of the collected taxes . Meanwhile 47% of Americans pay NO taxes . Whats fair about any of this ? By the way the large majority of that 47% all vote Dem . So it is easy to see why the class warfare rhetoric works on them . They want free shit . Meanwhile Obama and the left want to demean achievement as something evil to be loathed . What happened to America ? We used to think Achievement was cool and everyone strived to achieve their own success . Now it seems it’s in vogue for the left to hate and envy achievers while wanting the fruits of their labor . Let me just say the bulk of the taxes that pay for that infrastructure came from the wealthy and from business owners . Obama didn’t buld that they did that . His poor welfare voters certainly didn’t help in any of that . j52f ..your user name sounds droid like …I like that …You also seem reasonable

          • Gerald says:

            That 47% pay no taxes because they have very little in income. The top 10% pay what they do because they control 95% of the wealth in this country. What part of that do you not understand?

          • Everyone pays taxes. You are talking about federal income taxes.

          • JSquercia says:

            Yes the very same CEOs who ran the Economy into the Ditch deserve the very large salaries they get .IF we hadn’t pulled their bacon out of the FIRE their Companies would have gone bust
            Do you really believe Sheldon ]Addleson is spending MILLIONS to defeat Obama without expecting SOMETHING in return. Perhaps quashing the investigation into his gambling Casino in Macao . He most likely violated the Corrupt Practices Act which forbids US Companies from bribing Foreign Officials . He also wants an American attack on Iran
            Incidentally as a Senior citizen who has most of his money in CDs I am infuriated that the Fed intends to keep on screwing us with near zero interest rate for ANOTHER two years. The Fed favors the Stock Market by holding down Interest rates

      • blueinMS says:

        We are not retarded Michael. We just have a different ideological view than Republicans. Republicans since the Reagan Administration believe in deregulations and top down economics. Democrats believe in bottom up demand which ignites the economy and causes the rich to manufacturer inventory. Without the demand the rich would not make the inventory. And by the way, your own Republican money man, Alan Greenspan said that the GOP’s ideology has been a failure over the past 30 years. Google it. look at his Q&A session w/the Senate hearing committee. I believe he said that he discovered a flaw in the GOP ideology which caused this great recession. Deal with truth Michael not propaganda. The only weak minded people I see lately are the GOP followers that continue to drink their Cool Aid.

        • Not Kool Aid But Venom Sold To Them By The 2% Snake Oil Salesmen And These Trolls Been buying And Drinking It For So Long Now They Are Just Brain Dead!!!

        • I apologize for using that term . I also didn’t mean all of you . Some of you are reasonable even if we disagree . I disagree with bottom up demand . Have you ever gotten a job from some poor guy ? Economics has never worked that way in History . Do you think Clinton would be doing ANYTHING like what Obama has done ? By the way while Greenspan may have doubts clinton kept him on as well as other Presidents . He is losing his mind so you have to take what he says with a grain of salt ..We drink tea by the way the left is drinking the Obama Kool aid …wait a minute that cant be ..Obama never ran a lemonade stand let alone a Kool aid stand.. Reaganonimcs worked . I know the left doesn’t like to hear that but it is the truth . At this point in Reagans 1st term GDP was growing at over 6% . Under Obama it is less then 2% . at thei point under Reagan we were averaging 275,000 new jobs a month . Under Obama we are averaging less then 80,000 a month and in june we added 85,000 to the entitlement rolls of disability . Economists believe that we have to avg about 180 ,000 to 190,000 a month just to tread water . That is because of mortality and retirements and the new workers entering the job force . Obama is avg about 82,000 . We have almost 1.7 million jobs as a Country from when he took over and he says things are getting better ? ..All stats from Dept of Labor . Blue you seem reasonable

          • AMADAL says:

            Michael, give me a fornicating break. Reaganomics has been proven to not work. Did you forget that Reagan had to institute large tax increases for his plan to work. If cutting taxes on the rich creats jobs, where are the jobs created by the Bush tax cuts? Oh yeah, after nearly 11 years of these Bush tax cuts to the rich, how many jobs were created? Oh, I guess you forgot—Bush lost over 8 million jobs and caused this recession along with two unfunded wars while the CEO’s of of these companies were given an average of 3 million in raises. How many jobs could have been created with that money instead of raises? You are obviously not old enough to remember Reagan or pay attention to what Dubya Bush did.

          • Michael, the vast majority of jobs come from the working class. It is the economic activity stimulated by their demand that fuels any healthy economy. And, yes, poor people do create jobs because they buy things and food and services. And when they get a pay raise almost 100% goes into buying more and creating more jobs, as opposed to a tax cut to the rich which is invariably thrown into the casino like world of financial hi-jinks such as derivatives and unregulated investment schemes. One approach strengthens our economy and country while the other brings us to our knees.

          • Rodney says:

            COME ON KENNETH fox news is in micheal stoll house hey i bet if you ask her why women gain the right to vote she would say the rep. did it

          • Actually PRESIDENT Obama’s tax policy is a return to the Clinton era tax rates and economic policies. You do know that President Clinton will be the keynote speaker, supporting President Obama and his vision and plan for our future.

            To compare when President Reagan took office to when President Obama did is comparing apples to potatoes, You do remember the crash when the stock market fell and banks went under? You do remember that Regan raised taxes – don’t you?

            Michael Stoll and Mitt Romney using the Way back machine for some revisionist history

          • axle f says:

            Ummmm, hey Michael Stoll before you start bloviating your neoconservative teabagger crap, let me just say unequivocally that you are the moron and an ignorant simpleton. President Obama is actually trying to do exactly what Bill Clinton did in 1993. It was called the deficit reduction act which created a 36% and a 39.6 % income tax rate for individuals in the top 1.2% as well as a 35% income tax for corporations. Your crowd lead by Newt Gingrich said it would bring the economy to a crashing halt and increase unemployment. It actually created 21 million new jobs and created a surplus which was squandered by that incompetent yokel George W Bush. Mitt Romney is an empty corporate suit. By the way, how is he going to stand up to the terrorists if he cant stand up to that vile degenerate Rush Limbaugh?

          • axle f says:

            Ummmm Michael Stoll let me unequivocally state that you are the moron here not to mention being an ignorant teabagger of a simpleton. Actually president Clinton is the architect of what President Obama is trying to do. In 1993 Bill Clinton signed the Deficit Reduction Act into law. This raised taxes to 36 and 39.6 % for the top 1.2% of earners and corporate taxes to 35%. Your neoconservatives said that this would bring the economy to a halt that jobs would be lost. Ummmm well as it turns out 21 million jobs were created and the deficit created by Reagan/ Bush was eliminated only to have that same surplus created under Clinton eliminated by that incompetent yokel and village idiot George W Bush. When President Obama took office the economy was loosing 700000 jobs a month thanks to your crowd. Under President Obama we’ve had 36 straight months of growth.By the way when your boy Romney was governor of Mass, under his stewardship the state went from 37th in job creation to 47. Good job Mittens. Bain Capital created a lot of jobs…for the Indians and Chinese. By the way, how can that empty corporate suit even think about being commander in chief when he can’t even stand up to that vile degenerate Rush Limbaugh? Lastly, when is he going to release his taxes for the last decade. What a tool. Lastly, Bill Clinton never served in the private sector or owned a business prior to being president but George W Bush did. How did his business experience work out for our country? Chew on that Michael you dimwitted teabagger.

          • kim says:

            Yes Michael Stoll: I have gotten a job from a poor guy. America was built on small businesses started by “poor guys”. We don’t see that now because the rich have had a political advantage for 30 years. This advantage has produced great wealth as it forced closures of small, and medium size businesses. My small flower shop was one of them. As to your accusation of the weak minded and uninformed, when was the last time you changed the channel? One must be familiar with all sides to be truly informed.

          • montycabra says:

            Michael S, many workers have gotten jobs job offers from poor guys. Poor guys such as Steve Jobs,Bill Gates, Sam Walton, etc. when they were just starting and poor. And, billionaire became so only as workers accepted to work for them and consumers chose to purchase their products. Clearly the relationship of employers and workers/consumers is symbiotic. Is one more important than the other at the making of social progress? No. Both are the important legs of society at that task. In truth there is no single correct answer. Republicans answer with too much bias for themselves. Democrats commit the opposite error. In this balancing act, Obama appears more reasonable than Romney although Obama gave in too much to the UAW while rehabilitating GM. Obama and Democrates should be given another four years. Ineligible for a second term, Obama could focus on fixing U.S. production and income distribution anomalies. Obama should then claw back some giveaways from the UAW. In his first four years, Romney would only surrender to the biases of his Republican base for more special tax favors.

          • dggrundhoffer says:

            I agree bottom up Economics does not work. But we have outsourced jobs and services. We need to manufacture goods in the USA again. Jobs have left us. We now use other countries as our manufacturer of our goods. Profits are funneled to the wealthy and we struggle. Trickle down economics does not work. People who say America first are right Not people who’ s first goal is money. Invest in the middle class not the world. This will bring back jobs to America. Invest in America not the rich. America first. And here is a fact. I went into a store and 90% of goods were made outside USA. Why ? Rich get richer and the wealthy are buying the politicians!!!!

          • I took a trip up to Canada recently and actually bought a small stuffed toy dog for my daughter. The Toy was made in the USA, which was nothing short of a shock to see. It seems like you almost never see that kind of stuff anymore. Had to go to a foreign country to find something made in my home country.

          • Michael, it is the poor and middle class man who wish to buy a product who ultimately make it possible for you to get a job. That is fundamental. At the same time we should celebrate and congratulate the vision of the man who saw the demand for that product. We do not begrudge him a rich reward. We must also respect the labor of those who manufacture the product, and compensate them fairly.

            We are all in this together.

            It should be obvious that when the poor and middle class have more money available to spend, there will be more opportunities for visionaries to create new products and new jobs. There will be more rich men, and this has always been the American way and secret of our success – a shared prosperity. But the result of trickle down economics is that there will be ever fewer opportunities for someone to move up from the poor or middle class into the ranks of the rich.

            Ultimately there will be no one left except for a few 100 insanely wealthy individuals with more money than can ever be spent, and all the rest of us struggling just to survive. We are far down that road already.

          • Why go all the way back to Reagan… Compare George W Bush’s stats with Obama’s

          • Sweeeny says:

            Hi Michael. It is clear that you represent a different view from most of the posters on this web site. Perhaps you could comment on whether or not you think the Tax Policy Center is or is not in fact a ” non-partisian” organization. Then I would be interested to read your comments on the report itself – is the analysis sound. If it is then is President Obama representing the findings accurately or not? What Regan, Clinton et al did or what people drink is irrelevant. You can’t vote for any of the old guard so it would be nice to understand & debate the current issues rather than having to plow through reams of ideology (from both sides).

          • Judith M says:

            President Reagan cut mental health funds, which is why we have quite a few out here not well and in need of help but they get ignored. It’s been recently reported that Mr. Romney may not have even filed taxes for the last ten years. Mr. Romney traveled overseas and made a bit of a mess in foreign communications and even if people like Mr. Romney, the company he keeps and who supports him leaves much to be desired. The only few things he talks about is jobs and a strong leaning towards taking us into war the moment he takes office. I really don’t believe he is capable of making a sound decision of his own and those whom he chooses to retain counsel from leave much to be desired. I wonder at the receipts he may have to pick up.

          • plynth says:

            You wrote a lot of words and they lack any objectivity or high level of thoughtful consideration. What’s the usefulness in comparing the Reagan statistics with Obama’s when the world economic situation between the two is totally different. It’s a ridiculous comparison and lacks the slightest objectivity. If you compared Reagan’s trickle down economics with Clinton’s numbers, Reaganomics looks like a total failure. So what the point of you making ridiculous comparisons? Why would I give any consideration to ridiculous comparisons?
            Clinton DID do some things that Obama has done. Clinton top tax bracket was 39% Obama’s looking for the same.
            Clinton was the last president before Obama to attempt healthcare reform. Clinton was in favor of investing in R&D, education, and infrastructure as is Obama.
            “Obama never ran a lemonade stand” but he’s run the country for 4 years. And Reagan was superior because he ran……..what?
            “Have you ever gotten a job from some poor guy?” is such a tired, very old GOP talking point that is uttered by people who no comprehensive understanding of our economy.
            I have only been hired by people who have revenues coming in the door from poor and average income people. So my income comes partially from the poor. Let the middle class wither and business owners will never hire. Their warehouses are full of unsold product and they’d be stupid to hire more workers to make MORE product, but that what you say he will do. Business owners aren’t stupid-even they know they won’t hire more workers even if their taxes go down. Obviously you have an incomplete and silly understanding of our consumer economy.

          • JSquercia says:

            Obama inherited the WORST Economic Crisis Since the GREAT Depression and has been opposed by a Party whose only goal is to make him a one term President no matter what it does to the Country. Incidentally were if it not for the New Deal Programs we would have had a Second Depression. The safety net provided by New Deal policies such Social Security and Unemployment prevented us from having a Great Depression Two.

            Republicans talked about they were focused on JOBS Jobs jobs but have done nothing but vote to repeal Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood and try to limit Abortion with NARY a jobs bill in the offering. The last bill the house considered prior to going on a 4 week vacation was a bill to limit abortions in Washington DC.

            In the Senate Mitch McConnell finally stopped Filibustering long enough to allow a vote on the Obama Tax Plan Knowing that it was meaningless as all tax bills MUST originate in the
            house. It passed and the Republican Plan failed.

            Where is Romney’s tax plan ? The tax cuts are explicit but the details of what deductions he would eliminate is not revealed just like Paul Ryan’s. Most of us fear that we will lose the Home Mortgage interest deduction and the deduction for taxes and might now have to pay income tax on our Health Care Benefits.

          • unclebruce12 says:

            Michael, you obviously know nothing about basic economics. If the middle class doesn’t have the money to purchase goods thereby creating a greater demand for more production, creating a demand for more workers to make those goods, why on earth would any business hire more people when there is no demand. Wake up!!! Trickle down economics doesn’t, hasn’t and NEVER will work!!!! Our economy is driven by demand for consumer goods. If there is no money to purchase goods then a tax cut for some business owner is not going to pay for them to hire anyone at all! Have YOU ever run a business? I have…many, and I have also hired lots and lots of people over my career. I HAVE built businesses. Have you? I know that if there is no demand for my product I don’t have a business and this is after taking advantage of every tax break my companies could get. Still not hiring wihtout demand. DEMAND, DEMAND, DEMAND!!! Put money into the hands of the people who will actually spend it. Period!

      • You can write, can you read?

      • AJAX10000 says:

        Your are the one that retared Romney suck as a governor in Massachusett he couldn’t even finish his term their, he quit after 2yrs of a 4year term. This is the kind of person you want for President. He is not a man of his word. He a liar and the biggest flipflop I ever seen in my life time, not only that he was a bully in grade school and high school. He don’t care about you or me he care only about the rich and the almighty dollars in his hidden banks account. Michael get a life and smell the coffee.

      • rustingdreams says:

        Mike! Open your eyes. These are not numbers Obama dreamed up. They were calculated by a neutral, unaffiliated group. You need to read things with an open mind. You have to realize that you are so set in your ways that the truth doesn’t register! Think it through! Thank you!

      • MS says:

        I got news for ya…..the countrys already been divided by class and money for a long long time. Its nothing new….whats new is guys like you buy the dont blame the poor rich guy act.

      • yea rommney might raise taxers but obama will to who are they fooling they have to raise taxes so they can live the life of kings and anyone who believes they wont raise taxes is a fool

      • 1silverstar7 says:

        stop calling people stupid & retarded that hurts the G O P have your opinion leave the name calling out of it

      • Doctor T says:

        Excuse me, sir. We don’t need an elitist anti-capitalistic (yes that’s right…Romney and cronies are not true capitalists–look it up)….out for themselves and their money grubbing pals like Trump. Give me a break that he cares about anyone but himself. You are the weak minded soul I am afraid…..

      • albertm says:

        Of course the rich are the parasites of the world. They employ middle and low wage workers and sell their goods or services at inflated prices. If the rich could get rich by selling and buying to one another, there would be no need for the work force and consumers. Why do we have life long debt through mortgages, insurance, etc? The only retarded people are Republicans who are not millionaires. The millionaires, by the way, are go-fers for the really rich. The billionaires don’t really care which of the two parties is in power, as they own enough votes in each party to get the laws they want.

      • Hoop-daddy says:

        Mike, did you read the article? It’s the Tax Policy Center that put this info out, not Obie. It’s out there for anyone to read, including you, and Obie.

      • Lorraine says:

        The numbers are coming from a non-partisian group the Tax Policy Center which Romney sited as reputable when going after Rick Perry’s tax plan during the Primary. So No we are not retarded, are you?

        Explain why the income for the top 2% has increased 240% over the past few decades and the middle class income has increased less than 15% – what do you call that? Taken from National Employment Law Project – July 2012: “America’s low-wage economy is marked by two extremes. On the one hand, workers earning at or near the minimum wage are seeing the real value of their paychecks diminish steadily over time, as the cost of living increases while their wages remain stagnant. After nearly half a century of neglect, today’s federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour is decades out of date. In terms of purchasing power, its value is 30 percent lower today than it was in 1968.”

      • Bigspender says:

        Listen Stool Sample. You never seem to learn from your mistakes. How does someone interested enough to read (I assume you read) these articles manage so consistently to draw false conclusions? If you could step outside your ideological bubble for even a minute of two, you might realize how incredibly ignorant you sound.

      • we’re either dumb or we’re ignoring your dumb ass

      • dggrundhoffer says:

        No, the rich do not get rich off the poor but buy political influence . They use their stuffed wallets to influence what and when laws and policies are enacted It is not what our forefathers had in mind. It is the destuction of the middle class, is what I am worried about. Not how the rich get richer, but it seems to go hand in hand. America is about equal opportunity not opportunity with a price . And maybe you should have opportunity to see both sides of equation. It might open your eyes. It is a waste of brain power to not look at both sides. Just the American way. Equality The right for a level playing field . Then money or riches do not influence the result.

      • Dave_dido says:

        Either you’re working on a comedy routine or you’re just a poor misguided idealogue who’s been totally played for a sucker by the 1%ers. They’ve driven almost 1 million Americans into bankruptcy due to medical bills, but it’s Pres. Obama who’s playing the class warfare card, huh? Ask the 1%ers to pay tax rates that they paid in the 1990’s and they whine like little babies, “class warfare!” Tell me the Waltons didn’t get rich on the backs of the working poor. They’re the richest family in America and they pay their employees just above slave wages. Their employees’ benefits are next to nothing, so that when they go to the hospital the rest of us have to pick up the tab.Some qualify for food stamps. Ask for a $.25 raise in minimum wage once every twenty years,and the Waltons scream that you’re going to put them out of business. Yes, many rich people get rich on the backs of the working poor and the taxpayers. But you admire the Waltons and spit on the working man and wag your finger at the welfare recipient. Woe to you , Scribes and Pharisees! Woe to you, who defraud the widow and turn your back on the fatherless child! Yes, I mean you, Michael!

      • Rodney says:

        Are you just stupid or just an ass. How do you think the rich got rich. Buy working dummies like you for a salary that would keep you where they want you to be at. Its fine to acheive your dream. Its ok to be rich the one precent. but the other99 precent are saying pay your fair share of your taxes. If you make 20 million a year pay taxes on the 20 million. n0t 3 because ass if they don,t you do.

      • plynth says:

        Let me get this straight; Obama is raising taxes on himself for his own personal gain.
        Only the retarded would take money from their own pockets, stuff it into the pockets of the rich and allow their wages to dwindle, thinking the rich will reward them sometime before you die (or in heaven I suppose).

    • davia55 says:

      Romney did release his tax records, but that wasnt good enough for the Obama group, they decided he should release 10 years of tax records. Obama never did that! The ONE thing the people asked for him to release before he was elected was his birth certificate, and after he was elected, it appeared out of thin air. Wonder where that came from…lol. I am not attacking, I am just saying, look at both sides. Don’t get so caught up defending and bashing, that you lose your sense of common sense

      • axle f says:

        davia55, you’re just as Dumb as Michael Stoll. Romney’s tax records go back 2 years. As for President Obama, thats right President Obama, him and his wife, the first lady of the United States have released tax records going back to the year 2000. That’s 12 years for idiot teabaggers like you.Its also a precedent set by past presidential candidates. Bring facts to the discussion not stupid bullshit that gets applause lines at your teabagger birther rallies. Some of us here actually finished high school and went on to graduate from college. Oh wait, I guess that makes me a snob….LMAO

        • davia55 says:

          You know what Axle…the one thing I notice with all the Obama fans (and I mean that in the true sense of the word because they treat him and his wife like rock stars) is all you do is name call. This administration has tried to spend its way out of every problem it faced. The mess they have been working on has been a global problem, not a Bush problem. Bush had 3 wars and 911 to contend with, and he never spent the money this administration has. The time has come to put more qualified people in power, whom ever that might be. Giving this administration another 4 years frightens me, and I don’t know why it doesnt frighten more people.

          • Bigspender says:

            In actuality, its the reverse that’s frightening davia. The spending undertaken by the current administration has been steadily declining since Obama took office. It has been expensive cleaning up GWB’s mess. Wrapping up Bush’s wars has cost a ton of money. Deregulation which is the republican watchword of the day is, along with greed, what allowed banks to bring our economy to its knees. But bankers are republicans mostly so they want a freer hand to steal and swindle than democrats will allow. You want to know what’s really frightening? A republican controlled Senate. That will be a disaster of untold proportions for Americans all but the very rich.

    • How the “F” would you know? Are you Qualified? Where are your credintials? What gives you the right to think anything? You make statements that you have no idea of what you are talking about. I think you are an idiot that makes statement hoping someone will listen to your stupicity.

    • davia55 says:

      Elsa, just a bit of an FYI. Did you know Gov Romney never took a salary the entire time he was Govenor

  4. bcarreiro says:

    tell him and the 2% the more u make the more they take, this does not apply only for the 98%. obama is the real deal. mitt, boehner and the republican blockers should be asked do you work to live or live to work ….neither.

  5. Well it stands to reason if you have a bunch of millionares donating big bucks to Romney there has to be a pay back. Ours is a brought government and Mr. Romney is one of the best vulture capitalist going. He says he created jobs but none were here in the USA. As bad as things are can you image what they will be like if Romney gets elected.

  6. ExPAVIC says:


    Nice to see Obama going after Mittens in a more forceful way. It was beginning to look like Obama was going to take all the lies and distortions generated by RoMoney and his gang.

    At least we don’t have to wait until the debates to see Mittens take a hit. If Newsweek is correct and Mittens is a Wimp, we should be seeing his tears before too long.

  7. Mimi2kool says:

    Romney’s tax plan is Reverse Robin Hood style.

  8. He needs to Back off!!!.Romney is a BIGEST LIER N A CHEATER to the PUBLIC…Shame..on him…..he can only run his damm..mouth? Mitt u are good for nothing Dude?
    IT’S JUST BETER 4 U 2 QUIT !!!!!!!!

  9. Once again Obama playing to his entitlement and welfare base of ignorant and low information voters . He is dividing the nation and trying to get neighbors to envy and hate their neighbors . If Liberals can’t see how Socialist and UNAMERICAN that is there is no hope in deprogramming their indoctrinated minds . Obama wants America to hate and envy achievers rather then admire them for their grit and determination . He wants that to be their focal point rather then his epic record of failure and the path of destruction he has unleashed on American Business . He wants his welfare base to believe he will steal the money Achievers ( People who dont vote for him and are smart enough not to ) earned and give it to his voters .

    • 1standlastword says:


      Obama is not appealing to a welfare base. I think he’s talking to well educated middle class folk plurality of race and ethnicity

      I seriously doubt that there are ANY welfare folks on this thread.

      AND If Romney gets smashed to smitherens it will be because of educated middle class well informed voters….sure the poor and minorities will vote but don’t insult their intelligence because they’re poor

      AND…I for one and I doubt most on this thread can be considered “low information”

      I’m self employed and professional and I see Romney as the fool and charlatan he is because I read and think independently

      So you SIR make NO sense!

    • Dave_dido says:

      You seem to be a bit confused, Michael. Unless you are a 1%er, you’d be an absolute fool to vote for Romney. He’s come right out and said that he plans to give more breaks to the wealthy. He wants you to believe in trickle-down economics even though 8 years of the Bush administration proved that it doesn’t work. It is voodoo economics. Now perhaps you are strongly anti-abortion or you oppose gay rights and that’s why you dislike Pres. Obama. Then I could understand your voting for Romney. But you have presented your arguments based on economic reasons. You haters always deny any racial motivation but your hatred of the man is so strong that,rather than allow Pres. Obama a 2nd term, you would even vote for someone who has told you that he plans to hurt you financially. That’s pretty strong hatred.I know I’ll hear from all the haters now denying racial motivations, but I don’t buy their protestations. Where was their hatred when Pres. Bush was growing the deficit and declaring that deficits don’t matter. Why didn’t they call him a socialist when he gave Medicare Part D benefits to seniors and didn’t have the wherewithal to pay for it. And, haters, save your time and energy-no need to respond to this post because nothing you can say will vindicate you. We know what you are. Am I playing the race card again? You bet I am!

  10. 1standlastword says:

    This is simply more evidence that Romney would be the POTUS for the American 1%.

    The incendiary comment he made while talking to rich donors in Israel that culture and religion are the reasons the economics of Jews is superior to Palestinians is a sentiment he holds for the American working class as well!

    Yes that’ it…

    All those working class white folks he is attempting to seduce into thinking he is their Great White Hope are regarded by him as inferior tools to be used at the convenience of those like him for their purposes; and his uses of them is to unseat BHO

    Mitt Romney is a Fraud!!!

    Please pay attention.

    Mitt Romney is a Fraud!!!!!

  11. Todd says:

    Only the stupid in this country will believe and vote for Obama. He can’t open his mouth without lying, as evidenced by the Washington Post citing him with 4 pinnochios for has speeches and adds. He is lying again about Romney’s tax plan

    • kanawah says:

      HEY TURD,
      Are you that stupid, or are you a paid right wing troll?

    • Peoples425 says:

      Actually, I think you’re mistaking those statistics for Romney with his lying and flip flopping.
      Obama may not tell the entire truth when it comes to certain situations, however the faux news that covers him often leaves the context out of which POTUS Obama speaks and therefore accuses lies without base.
      I’d advise you to speak to a less educated audience before you continue your persistent restating of Limbaugh-ish accusations.

    • Joseph Hemphill says:

      but every independent, economic analyst is not, Robme will take from the poor and middle class to enrich themselves.

  12. 8 hate i,m a democrat,i never thought my presjdent would be against israel and go against the ble and back gays, they need someone to help them,not destroy its a shame. jesus died for us,i,ve seen him .8.m hurt,i thought he was a christian,

  13. it,s hurts to president backs gays,is against israe;. i thought he said he was saved, when you are a christain jesus lives inside, i have seen h8m 9n the spirit.

  14. who can i vote for. only jesus has the answer

  15. I’m Refuse To Vote For Bush On Crack!!!!!

  16. Melissa says:

    I like what Obama is doing with the on line bank . If all bank want that way we all would be doing fine. obama need a second turn . and he need help with the rep. what have they done latter

  17. 1silverstar7 says:

    Michael: calling people stupid seems to be the new tack of the G O P crunch the numbers your self & see who is stupid! two firms have done this independent firms . The G O P tried to buy off these firms to keep quiet about it , then threatened to boycott there business if they went ahead with it. one owned by a prominent G O P supporter . stop the personal attacks & name calling that does more harm to the G O P then any good

  18. lkbold1 says:

    Romney has always been a liar, crook and shouldn’t be able to run for President.
    In 2002 he commit perjury attempting to prove he was resident of Mass.

    But He file his tax return in Utah that had a two-tier state tax system in which Utah residents paid a lower state tax rate than nonresident.

    The Utah State tax form have a box to check if resident or nonresident, Romney left
    that area of tax return blank. When Massachusetts Democrats claimed that Romney was
    not eligible because of state he file tax in as resident .

    He denied that stated he was resident of Massachusetts all along.
    So He did a TAX AMENDMENT on the years need and check to box as nonresident in Utah.
    Utah accepted a payment and did not prosecute him.

    So why this man is running for President?

    Romney commit tax fraud and/or perjury when he first signed his Utah state tax return and paid what a resident of Utah would owe? Or, did he commit perjury when he amended his Utah tax return.

    He Lie on his tax return back in 2002, so why would I believe anything this man say.
    And you should know why he not going to show his tax return.


  19. PaulCindy says:

    Not extending the tax cuts is a tax increase, which will be used by Obama and the Democrat controlled Senate to Spend even more, while doing “nothing” to fix S.S. & Medicare that is already broke. When the interest on our National Debt reaches 100% of revenue, (which will be soon) we will have zero money for defense or programs. Our Freedom will disolve shortly after.

    • rmarqua2921 says:

      Thanks to Bush and the Republicans who created all these bills and stole the money from the Social Security trust fund to pay for their wars! Your blabbering is falling on deaf ears my friend!

  20. Well, now the left wants 10 years of Romney’s tax records. Isn’t that a little hypocritical? Obama has sealed all his records. Why? What is he hiding? Why don’t he release his records? What’s he hiding? What does he not want America to Know? ARE YOU INTERESTED? Why do the Dumbocrats want all of Romney’s records when they can’t have their leaders records. Talk about dumb!!!

    • rmarqua2921 says:

      The only records we want from Romney are his tax returns for ten years, just like we have from everyone else running for president since his own father ran for President! We are not asking for a birth certificate, or college grades! Or what other records are you talking about? And trust me calling Democrats names is not going to win you friends and influence people here! Anyone who enjoys you calling Democrats names, is going to vote for Romney anyway! All you are doing is showing your ignorance and you are not contributing anything construction for your country, shame on you!,

    • Joseph Hemphill says:

      paid tbagger troll…. beat it delbert, faux news is calling your name, they got a nickel with your name on it…

  21. Regina, Did you go to school? You certainly do not appear to have. Please don’t waste everyone’s time trying to read your crap. Bet you didn’t realize you had so much crap, did you

  22. Now Mattie, now that you know will you still vote for him since he is a democrat and you are a democrat? He stuck it to you, didn’t he?

  23. goldie69 says:

    glad your telling it like it truely is ,Mr. President. God bless you,and our country.

  24. goldie69 says:

    I am so proud of our president.You have tried to get your agenda tru the congress,with no avail.Im praying that our God still loves america ,although many don,t .good luck and prayers to get you home to the whitehouse in November.

  25. Yes we buy it and you should too. The Tax Policy Center is non-partisan and is widely referenced by both parties. Please stop using the term retarded it is offensive. Who is it playing what card for their own gain?

    Do you even read the article before you post? This is about the tax proposal and it’s consequences. Is it about math. It is neither weak minded or ill informed to point out that the current tax code gives perferential treatment to the wealthy. Mr. Obama did not reference poor people – he is talking about working families with at least one decent income.

    Can we disagree without name calling? I am not retarded, dumb, weak minded or uninformed.

  26. Bob Darr says:

    Mitt Romney is a snake in the grass !!! I wouldn’t run over a real snake with a lawnmower but I’d cut his head off in a minute !!! GO OBAMA IN 2012 !!!

  27. ladyj says:

    At least he is showing an independent study not his or Romney. But you know Romney would say they are wrong,of course because he does not want the people to know that what will happen.

  28. Obama/Biden 2012 Is The Only Way To Vote!!! And Vote OUT All The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Members Who Are Hell Bent On Destroying Our Lives!!!

  29. dggrundhoffer says:

    He is hiding the truth. Do we want a president who will not listen to the American people. We are a point where our forefathers were when we revolted from England. Next is King Romney!!!! Hail to the King!!! We will be servants to the Lords. !!!! Is that what we all want? Think before we vote. Find out why and how we have been lied to by Wall Street and Investment bankers. Then vote.

  30. davia55 says:

    bigspender…you are kidding right? No other administration has ever spent the truck loads of money like this one. It has gotten so out of hand, there is even a national debt clock online. How crazy it that! It says as of Today, there is just under 16 trillion owning, the population of the USA is around 314 million, meaning each citizen has a debt of just over 50 thousand. Treasury Direct another link that keeps an eye on this mountain of debt. LOL spending declining, since when Bigspender? Today? LOL

  31. Here is the Real Deal . If the Obama Tax Increases go through he will garner a class warfare victory . Also , at the rate he is spending your kids into oblivion and our country into 3rd world status he will have enough money to run his regime for 8 1/2 days …That isn’t a typo . The respected people at Ernst and Young also estimate a 700,000 job loss . Obama said he has a Plan and it’s working . Well if that plan is to destroy the Private sector and turn us into a Socialist Nation he is right . The only lines longer then the lines at Chic Fil A are the unemployment lines and HE is adding more people to the rolls of disability then he is creating jobs for ,..By the way He did build that .

  32. Rosita says:

    It seems to me that Michael has no clue on what has been going on since before Obama was elected or maybe he has been ignoring it. Since before he was president the tax breaks were not for the average American is was for the rich and well to do in the USA and who was the President Goerge W. Bush who put these tax breaks in place. So it does not surprose me that Old Mitt wants to keep them in place and we would have to foot the bill as always. It is time the all middle class family through out the United States of America stand up and send a message to Old Mitt and say we are mad as hell and we are not going to put someone like him in office to screw us anymore.

  33. One of the reasons Romney had Swiss bank accounts and accounts in the Islands is because he was avoiding paying taxes. The reason he is refusing to release his tax returns is because for atleast ten years, he paid no taxes. He and that whole Super PAC are tax evaders. Warren Buffet has already told us what they are doing. There are people in prison because of mere mistakes in deductions who were audited by the IRS. Why don’t they audit Romney? If just two of tyhe Super PAC paid their taxes just for two years, it wuld be a great help to their country’s economy. Just think what would happen if they all paid their taxes.

  34. faye says:

    i beat micheal going to vote for Mitt and he calls us a retard lol what a joke mikey you for get who got us in this dam mess you scare to say his name lol ,,,,i will say it for you G. Bush thats right republican G. Bush lol you help put him in there ,he is a dumb republican right mikey ,,,,you republicans try to put all blane on Obama,,,you must watch fox news retards ,people like you are making US look bad mikey lol retard

  35. kakhi says:

    Wow…using words like retarded is classic of the GOP. Seems words are always muddled. Being rich is wonderful and I applaud anyone who has wealth, however, when you expect us commom working class folks to carry the load, wake up people…in this country, don’t you think if you want to be “The Leader”…you should pay your fair share of taxes and not ride on your worker bees shirttales? OMG, if you are such a great patriot and love your country, reveal your worth. Us common, working class folks have to do it each and every year. The president is working very hard to help everyone, starting from the bottom-up. We that know how to read know he is fighting against John Behnr and all those pleasant folks. Everything he proposes, they shot down…We want to move forward so lets everyone try to get along and agree not to disagree…

  36. plynth says:

    This is a lot of nonsense. Romney’s not trying to give himself a tax cut. He doesn’t PAY any taxes!

  37. David says:

    i say give these rich corporations & manufacturing companies their tax breaks. but…… only if they meet a certain criteria like adding jobs to the economy by showing proof how many jobs they have added. republicans give these super-rich companies tax breaks even if they don’t deserve them. i say if your rich & want a large tax break then “earn it”!!!!!

  38. Faye Ward says:

    Romney’s promise that “the people at the high end will still pay the same share of the tax NONE he wood tell the poor what they wood pay after the Nov. lol Obama drinking Kool aid and old Mitt drinking Bush Beer lol . retard bush beer lol

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