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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the advocacy and political arm of the women’s health organization, has launched a new web campaign opposing Republican Ken Cuccinelli’s candidacy for governor of Virginia.

The ad, titled “Keep Ken Cuccinelli Out of the Virginia Governor’s Mansion,” makes the case that the Tea Party favorite is too right-wing for Virginia.

“Ken Cuccinelli wants to make abortion illegal even in cases of rape, incest, or when the woman’s health is in danger,” the ad warns. “To keep Ken out of your doctor’s office, keep him out of the governor’s mansion.”

The ad is a clear effort to convince voters that Cuccinelli — who sits on the extreme right wing of the political spectrum — is out of step with the increasingly blue state of Virginia. Despite opposing the majority of Virginians on issues such as marriage equality and a woman’s right to choose, Cuccinelli currently holds a 5 percent lead over Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe in the most recent poll of the race.

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One response to “WATCH: Planned Parenthood Hits Cuccinelli With New Attack Ad”

  1. Contrary to what some fellow Democrats believe, the Tea Party is alive and well in the Confederacy and Bible Belt. Fortunately for us, their policy proposals and the bizarre statements they make scare the daylights of average Americans. Hopefully they will keep up the good work, and make their convictions and plans clear to everyone, so that they self-destruct and fade away. Having said that, we better prepare for them winning some seats in the House, and possibly in the Senate, in 2014.

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