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Saturday, March 23, 2019

WATCH: Republicans Still Struggling To Talk About Rape And Abortion

Just when the GOP hoped that it could finally move on from Rep. Todd Akin’s flawed biology lesson, two Republican politicians have once again revived the issue of rape and abortions in the clumsiest way possible.

Tom Smith, a coal mine owner who is the Republican challenger to incumbent Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, said yesterday that he opposes abortion in all circumstances, with no exceptions for rape or incest. He then went on to compare pregancies caused by rape to “having a baby out of wedlock.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

Asked by a reporter how he would counsel a daughter or granddaughter who had been impregnated by rape, Smith said: “I lived something similar to that with my own family. She chose life, and I commend her for that. . . . Don’t get me wrong; it wasn’t rape.”

Pressed as to what he was talking about, Smith responded: “Having a baby out of wedlock.” After that, he seemed to struggle to articulate what he meant.

“That’s similar to rape?” a reporter asked.

“No, no, no,” said Smith, who was referring to a daughter’s decision to have a child outside marriage. Then he added, “But, well, put yourself in a father’s position. Yes, I mean, it is similar.”

Although Smith quickly backtracked and reiterated that he did not mean to make the comparison, his staunch opposition to rape exemptions conveys his meaning perfectly well.

Smith is not the only Republican who’s struggling to talk about rape. Gawker recently uncovered a video of Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch ripping Akin’s comments as “abhorrent” and “insulting,” then declaring that “Rape is a rape. I don’t know how you can categorize it, and it’s disgusting that Todd Akin would have tried to categorize it.”

Just seconds later, after being informed that Paul Ryan co-sponsored a bill categorizing “forcible rape,” Kleefisch pulled a remarkable 180 degree turn.

“Well, I think there is a way to have a more forcible rape, the same way there are different types of assault,” Kleefisch said.

Even without politicians like Smith and Kleefisch around to helpfully remind voters of the GOP’s extremist position on abortion, there are signs that this issue won’t go away. According to a new Pew Research Survey, Americans are more interested in learning what’s in the Republican platform than they are in Mitt Romney’s convention speech.

They won’t like what they find out. As thisDaily Kos/SEIU poll shows, 75 percent of voters oppose the platform’s “Akin plank” which supports a constitutional amendment banning abortion with no exceptions. Furthermore, a recent Rasmussen poll shows that Mitt Romney’s comfortable lead in Missouri completely evaporated in the wake of Akin’s comments, leaving him tied with President Obama in what now appears to be a swing state. If Romney loses Missouri, his chances of winning the election would be negligible at best.

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108 responses to “WATCH: Republicans Still Struggling To Talk About Rape And Abortion”

  1. Lynda says:

    They can run, but they can’t hide from their dreadful points of view. They really believe this nonsense, and that should give everyone pause when deciding which candidate to support and vote for. How on Earth any woman could support the GOP is beyond me. Yes I understand that far too many people are not paying attention, but it seems to me that any sentient being must have heard something about the GOP and their obsession with the uterus. After all this stuff has been out there for years and years. That cretin Akin just brought it up again for our futher digestion.

    • mtooey says:

      I agree. Our biggest problem in this election is ignorance. The ignorant and the stupid are easy to control. The GOP is pandering to the ignorant and stupid.

      • TheSkalawag929 says:

        Do you see a correlation with the republican’s stance on education and the people that make up the republican party.

      • sigrid28 says:

        I’m a teacher. I, too, think ignorance and stupidity are featured players in almost all of the problems that afflict humankind. But I would disagree in this regard: people who are ignorant and stupid are not that easy to control.

    • Their Whole Campaign Only Helps The Wealthy And It’s Built On A Foundation Lies!!

      • Edsanjuan says:

        Fern: I know it is very hard for you, because of your defective, er, … span of attention, but make an effort to stay on the subject at hand …

        • You Tea Bagging Bitch Your Mother Have The Shame Of You Being Her Child Go Suck A Moose Ass Damn Tea Bagging Bitch!! You Can Stop Trolling Along With Your Other Low Life Knuckle Dragging Thug !! You Can’t Bully Me So Stop Trying!! And STFU!!

          • Edsanjuan says:

            Fern: Tsk, tsk, tsk … Your OWN mother would wash that dirty foul mouth of yours with SOAP !!
            I don’t want you (believe it or not, Fern) to severe ANOTHER artery carrying blood to your brain, so calm down, baby !
            … And DISQUS (hypocrites that they are) let you PRINT this kind of message and language ??!!
            What was it, Fern, a very troubled childhood ?? So many people recover from that.
            It’s OK, Fern, you made my day ….

          • You Are One Stupid Little BITCH What Part Of Shut The Fuck Up Talking To Me Do You Not Understand!! Tea Bagging Bitch!! When You Go Suck That Moose Ass That Will Make My Day !!! Go Screw Yourself With A Rusty Razor Blade ASSHOLE!!

          • Eduardo says:

            Fern, baby: You discredit yourself with these rants.
            DISQUS: Where are you and your famous “reviewers”? Do you CENSOR only posts by intelligent people and not those by crazy old “ladies”?
            Fern: I’ll do you a favor: I am a good guy and you might be a good person yourself; aren’t you aware that you look (much) better when you don’t go on rants like these? They make you look bad….

          • Why Don’t You Take Your Little Tea Bagging Ass Back To Kissing The Koch Brothers Asses And STFU Talking To Me Little Cock Eyed BITCH!!! SCREW YOU!!

          • Sundancer says:

            Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh You are so nasty FW I Love it.

        • Rodney says:

          Edsanjuan that wasn,t called for.

          • Edsanjuan says:

            Rodney: Before you said that, you should have checked (there is still time) this person’s (I refuse to call her “lady”) crazy insults and rants.
            Check them out and, if you want, get back to me. I can assure you I am a gentleman, but “it takes 2 to tango”….

    • Romney Have No Plans That’s Why He Picked Paul Ryan And The Plan Is Not To Lift Up America And We The People But More Ways To Hoard More Money For Themselves!!!

    • geaaronson says:

      Their obsession with the uterus stems from their desire to return to it, ie. be born again.

  2. edward says:

    Worlds apart

    Yes we can have equal pay for women abortion rights and healthcare.
    A lot of mutual benefits for all of us to share.
    We need neutral taxes the millionaires should bear.
    To whom much is given much is expected are they aware.

    Are they supporting at least two poverty stricken families that they never knew.
    Sharing responsibilities all of the things these families can not do.
    Most millionaires give to charities erasing away guilt to g
    et them through.
    Buy buildings in the ghetto replace trailer parks with houses 500 a month rent for two.

    No more inhaling lead paint or danger to asbestos causing a cancerous cough.
    What is the big deal when most is a tax right off.
    Something for millionaires to thing about over dinner in their mansions or big city loft.
    It will be a positive fifteen minutes of fame for the millionaires during a round of golf.

    Imagine being a senior citizen on medicare to feeble to push her grocery cart.
    Carrying vouchers with limited funds for a checkup due on her medical chart.
    Status quo is the way to go a few changes less stress of a stroke and problems of the heart.
    Believe what you want the changes will haunt you Romney and Ryan and the American people are.

    Worlds apart

    • randel says:

      You Are so right this is the truth no insurance company writes a policy for anyone over 65 so i changed our ages to 59& 60 we 69&70 and the best quote i got was 80/20 with 30 copay 1500 deductable and the cost was $1,797.14 per mo now try and convince me the gov is going to give us $25,000.00 a yr voulcher to buy insurance DONT BELIEVE ME

  3. useyourindoorvoice says:

    Agree Lynda is correct that it has been around for years, the problem is no one thinks it will happen and no one has paid any attention, no matter how many times the Democrats Scream at the top of their lungs that these are actually bills in congress. We had to wait for Paul Ryan to be selected and Akin to say something stupid to get people to pay attention. Even then I am not sure that they clearly inderstand it is a potential reality. They also seem to completely miss the point that this incredable and insane obsession with abortion and laws that would literally lead to birth control being limited is a economic issue as well. Being able to not be pregant, to limit the number of children is the key factor to allowing women to compete on an equal playing field with men. It gives couples the opportunity to plan and successfully complete a finacial life plan. Meneshould be as angry about this as women. I want to see the outrage from men as well, yet they do not get how it will effect them as well. This is an encroachment on personal rights by people that want the government to stop helping poor kids with a milk program, throw out all environmental regulations, leave wall street and business alone, but legislate a womens body and reproductive rights. You either believe in small government or you don’t, in personal freedom or you don’t. What could be more personal.

  4. What amazes me is that millions of Americans support these nuts. If the outcome of this election was based strictly on merit, President Obama would win by the largest landslide in American history. Unfortunately, there are other, some of which should be irrelevant, that come into play when some people make up their minds and vote.

  5. blueskies13 says:

    Lynda, I’m afraid you’ve hit the nail on the head. Americans are NOT paying attention. I recognize that the Obama presidency has not been everything we had hoped for. To elect Romney and Ryan as a reaction to that disappointment would be far worse than throwing out the baby with the bathwater. These people are aggressively working to turn back the clock on the progress made in the last half century on women’s rights, worker’s right, the environment, the middle class, virtually everything that has moved this country toward equality and environmental sustainability, and all in the interest of the super-rich and corporations that hold nothing sacred except the bottom line. This election is a true crossroads for America. We need to give Obama a chance to overcome an obstructionist Congress. Romney/Ryan would be the beginning of the end. And one more question…if corporations are “persons”, why aren’t they taxed like “persons”? Wake up, America!

    • Linda says:

      The Republicans have had 4 years to try to clean up the mess they made of the economy. Instead, they have stubbornly clung to their battle cry: “One term for Obama”. That’s all they wanted. They had no interest in helping the nation crawl out of the depression. They were so obstructionist that our credit as a nation was downgraded. In spite of all the nasty tricks they played, the country has been slowly getting better, thanks to Obama getting what little he could do accomplished. Now they want to take us back to trickle down economics of the 1980s. Listen to them America. Look at the stock market. It is in great shape and the 1% are profiting. Trickle down works for them, but not for the rest of us.

    • sigrid28 says:

      I’m on board here with one quibble: corporations ARE taxed like “persons.” In fact, they are taxed like super wealthy persons (think Mitt Romney and the rest of the 1%), because of the great number of exceptions that have been written into the tax code to help corporations pay lower taxes (the tax code is over 7,300 pages long). Why has this occurred? Because these corporations, like wealthy individuals and super PACS, have supported candidates when they run for office. When their candidates win, these winners repay the favor and put tax loopholes into the tax code, to benefit the donors who got them elected. If America ever does wake up to the way the tax code has been bought and paid for, Republicans (and a few Democrats as well) will be very worried. That is why they keep trying to distract the electorate be complaining so loudly that corporate taxes and taxes on the wealthy are too high. It is there goofy, self-serving lullaby, and so far it’s been a success.

    • BB says:

      I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one!

  6. kelly powers says:

    Just a sick way of looking at things , and we want to elect these people?

  7. randel says:

    what worries me will Isreal start a war just to cause an influnce in our nov elections remember ROMNEY and Isreal’s prime minister are SUCK buddis and a reason for us to be conserned and
    if it looks like ROMNEY will loose and since he will only get about 1/3 if that much of the women vote looks like he wont make it since they have a 1900’s view on women rights im a regestered none party indp so shoot at me all you like just some worried FACTS

  8. Dennis Crupper says:

    Are there any sane Republicans left in the Republican party? As crazy as their platform is, and an as extreme as their views are, true Conservatives such as Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater are probably turning over in their graves, while moderate and Progressive Republicans like Eisenhower and Teddy Roosevelt are throwing up in theirs. Meanwhile the first Republican President Abraham Lincoln is hanging his head in shame in front of God over what his party has become.

  9. dotutz says:

    I cannot believe these Republicans are as stupid as they are! A baby born out of wedlock is the same as rape??? Give me a break. I guess if a wife does not want to make love one night and the husband does, that’s rape, also? And what’s up with the birth control pills? Women have been taking them for years, I guess Republican women are not supposed to be taking them, just have babies, willy-nilly and who’s going to take care of all those babies? Yes, I believe the Republicans are against women and its scarry!!!

    • BDD1951 says:

      I keep wondering how many of those polititions wives and daughters have had abortions. I’ll bet a bunch. But let’s not tell anyone.

    • Gammaanya says:

      We will give them to Michelle Bachman to take care of them on our dime. LOL Also give them to Rick Santorum and Romney and all the Republican’s – leave them at their doorsteps???

  10. davia55 says:

    This whole issue just digusts me. Romney is a mormin, of course he has strong beliefs about abortion. If he would say “womans choice” to appease the public, it would be going against his spiratual beliefs. The Dems are just setting him up!! The facts are…………..abortion rights are for the supreme court, NOT the president. GET OVER IT!

    • BDD1951 says:

      but reps. thionk we don’t know that. I’ve tried to tell people that all the time. But I’m just a democrat, I don’t know anything.

  11. howa4x says:

    The problem for the republicans is, this is the way they dicuss the issue in house. So when questioned by the outside they blurt out what they talk about all the time. When they relaize that there is a backlash against their comments they try to back pedel and it really makes them look foolish. The other problem is the tea party base of the party. They see themselves as religious and won’t accept retreat. In their mind there is no exception to abortion so any republican who needs the base to win is caught between a public that is ok with Roe and a base that is non compromising.
    I don’t feel sorry for them, since these politicians used abortion as an issue for years. But when they had a majority in congress, and the presidency as they did in Bush II, they avoided the repeal of Roe/Wade. A great motivator for the primary but not the general election where they have to get broader appeal, especially in purple states like Pa. It would be interesting since so much attention is on the issue that Paul Ryan can’t help pull a win off for Romney in Wisconson since his name has surfaced as a co sponsor with Akin on similar legislation in the house.
    I wonder if that senate canidate in Pa was asked a different question like “what if the rapist wan’t white, would you still want your daughter to go through with the pregnancy ? (I’m only writing this because racism runs deep in the republican party) The answer would be very interesting.

  12. weedseed says:

    People like Smith and Kleefisch have emotional rather than reasonable intentions. they do not think about their issues and when confronted with critical analysis they cannot respond in a reasonable way. So they act stupidly and are stupid. Such people are disgraceful in political positions of power and should not be put into such powerful positions. They make the whole political arena into an intellectual joke.

  13. davia55 says:

    blueskies…you’re going to have to be more specific, because I do not recall anything the Dems have accomplished to move forward on womans, and workers rights, the enviroment, and the middle class. What I have seen is, the middle class quickly disappearing, there are the “haves and have nots”. This administraion has spent a gross amount of money to ship business overseas. They have done nothing to correct the numbers of illegals in the country, or enhance education (as promised). As a matter a fact, he has not come through on ANY of their campaign promisses. That should make you angry, they played their supports and now they look like fools. Their entire campaign was….tell me what you want, and I will promise to give it to you.

    • bobbreinig says:

      ok so what money have they spent ,, please tell me ,, if they did i want to know ,, not just your idea of it ,, but tell me facts,, if you do rather than just put up what fox news says then i will vote for rr.. but if your wrong then i want you to at least know what you say is foolish

    • Gammaanya says:

      Do you know the meaning of FILIBUSTER??? What did GOP did with Clinton money?? Why did 5K of US soldiers died for nothing??? WHy over 100K Iraqis civilians died for???
      Why did Bush started 2 wars and did not added to his budget expenses??? Di you hide your sorry butt under the rock and missed all this>> Ask OBL and his cohorts that bit the dust and NOT ONE life lost to get the jerks. If GOP cooperated and all for the COuntry and it’s fellowman we would be the land of dreams again instead of ship and strip. TARP was GOP baby. Ask the crook Santorum he voted for it, ask Ryan he voted for it. GOP is more concern with women vagina than economy. The world is laughing at us and war is brewing with Iran and guess what your kid might join the fight but R/R kids and all the GOP kids will not. Yep, our men and women will be dying for Israel. WW III in the making. Haliburton, Koch Bros, already licking their chops – more moolah for them.
      Under the circumstances I think Obama is doing a good job. He will survive just fine if he looooses, will AMerica under R/R – NOT.

      • davia55 says:

        Hitler said….you tell a big enough lie often enough, and people will believe the lie. Please read what the Iraq war is all about. OK there wasn’t weapons of mass distruction, there was worse. To date they have dug up approx. 400,000 corpses dumped in mass graves all over Iraq. Iraqis were abducted from their homes and either shot or burned to death then burried. Yes soldiers have died and so have Iraqis, but the evil that was going on in the country was far worse. If you don’t believe me, check it out in wikipedia. As for the Afghanistan war, that has been going on since 1978 but we kicked it up a knotch after 9/11. There will never be a WWIII. Obamas administration has proven they have no sense of managing this country. Should they be re-elected, the max Obama can be there is 4 years. God Help Us, this country will be a mess, hopefully we will not evolve into a third world country. Right now there are 12.5 million people on unemployment, and 15 million on welfare and a record number of people losing their homes and filing bankrupcy. It is time to stop blaming past administrations, and open your eyes to the fact this administration has NOT lived up to a any of their campaign promises. That should speak volumes to their character.

  14. We do not need people in congress that can not follow our laws.They make the laws,they vote on them,if a problem then Supreme Court vote’s to either yes or no.Very simple,except some in congress thinks they know more then our courts.If you look at what pac money is doing its lies,lies,lies on both sides,sorry also Tea Party.We should not stand this type of politics.

  15. After the Reprehensible Party managed to stonewall virtually all legislative activity in the House and Senate for Obama’s first turn, the voters are easily aware that Mitt will be beholden to advance the party platform regardless of whatever platitudes he’s firing off currently.

    Keeping an interest in the party platform is therefore vital.

  16. Michelle Hackler says:

    The Republicans would quit lying if people woke up to their lies and extreme positions regarding women’s health, worker’s rights, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and workfare, (what used to be welfare), and voted the majority of them out of office. The wealthiest people should pay all of the taxes they owe at a tax rate that causes proportional pain to the pain that that those in the lower income tax brackets feel when they pay their taxes. Income from capital gains should be taxed at a higher rate than taxes on wages.

    And women need to be in control of their health care decisions without interference from the government, especially during pregnancy. The stress caused by government making decisions for the woman, especially if she is uncomfortable with them, can cause stress on the unborn baby and could lead to an increase in still births. Women could well fear that criminal charges could be placed against them in the cause of a still birth.

  17. Rick says:

    1. Not only is the GOP pandering to the ignorant and stupid but they them selves are ignorant and stupid.

    2. NO ONE, has the right to dictate or otherwise influence a medical decision that is made between a patient and doctor and this includes abortion i.e. a medical procedure… PERIOD!

    3. The whole problem with the republicans is that they are religious zealots who ultimately want to force their values and their religion upon everyone.

  18. cdnobserver says:

    I am a Canadian woman who has been following your campaigns. As far as I understand, abortion is a woman’s constitutional right in your country and it certainly is in mine. I can’t understand why the republicans want to turn back the clock and abolish this constitutional right. Is this not what they continuously preach, the constitution? Furthermore, is there not separation of church and state? Why would someone else’s religious morality dictate a woman’s moral and economic decision that she and only she can make. Abortion is never taken lightly by a woman, it is a major decision and it is a very weighty decision. I for one as a woman don’t impose my views on anyone else, and I certainly don’t want anyone else to impose their views on me. Is that not what you call freedom?
    When republicans say women are focused on jobs and the economy and not on social policy, however you can’t talk about one issue without the other. These issues are equally important. Of course the economy is important, but what good is a great economy without basic women’s rights like contraception, abortion, equal pay etc.
    I came from a country that certainly is not perfect, however we have equal pay, contraception, abortion, and 1 year parental leaves either for the father or the mother etc. Our present federal Conservative government would not dream of touching women’s rights unless they want a revolution. These policies have become part of our everyday normal lives and have forced our Conservative party to become more progressive with time. They had no choice.
    I think American women are no different from Canadian women and they need to stand up and make their vote count then and only then will the republicans have to change their policies if they ever want to win another election.

    • dtgraham says:

      I’m a Canadian too, observer. It’s hard to believe how different Canada and our American friends are on the issue of abortion isn’t it? You’d think we were half way around the world from each other instead of just next door. I’m not sure how that ever came to be. A woman’s right to choose is sacrosanct in our politics and Harper has as much as intimated that he wouldn’t get close to the issue with a 30 foot pole. It’s never even discussed. Can you honestly imagine any Con. or PC even getting their party’s nomination on a platform of, “I hate abortion and here’s what I’m going to do about it.” I can’t. You wonder why the extreme difference in our two countries on this issue don’t you? Hard to figure.

      By the way, did you see that odd poll from Nik Nanos last spring on who Canadians would vote for in this U.S. Presidential election if we could. He had Barack Obama beating Romney by about 80% to 20% in the poll. Nanos said that if we were the 51st state, we’d be the bluest state in the union and we’d be challenging the District of Columbia as the most reliable area for Democratic votes. President Obama is still insanely popular in Canada isn’t he.

      Lastly, we’re not going to have a Conservative federal government in less than 3 years. Look at the polls. They’re going out. I’m NDP. I don’t care if you’re a Liberal or a Green, observer. I suddenly have a whole new appreciation for the other left and center-left parties.

      • cdnobserver says:

        I am in complete agreement with you. Harper’s days are numbered. He like the republicans to the south of us has taken a surplus budget into a deficit while slashing services and giving tax breaks to big business especially the oil companies. Their Romney is our Harper except for women’s issues. I spend a lot of time in the USA, I own a home there and I can tell you we are known as socialists in Canada. We don’t have the same view on what a socialist is, they think President Obama is a socialist when in reality he has very similar values as we have. We are a capitalist country with good social programs. When you inform these people that we are ranked 5th worldwide in education (math & science), that our healthcare system is much cheaper than theirs and we live longer because we have preventive care, that our banks were unscathed by the recent great recession because we have regulations, that because of this we have a AAA credit rating, they can’t believe it. We have mostly had liberal governments in the recent past centre left which gave us the surplus budgets and every time we elect conservatives, we get deficits and slashing of services exactly the same senario in the USA. It should give them food for thought but…

        • dtgraham says:

          Exactly right observer. It took Paul Martin and the Liberals to clean up after Mulroney, and one of our parties will be fixing Harper’s ill considered decisions in a few years. One of the problems is: two rounds of corporate tax cuts at a time when Canada’s corporate tax rate was already competitive with the rest of the world. They just weren’t needed. Did they create more jobs? No, but they’ve brought revenue and budget problems. Trickle down doesn’t work.

          I hear you on political definitions. Conservatism doesn’t mean here what it means in the U.S. (our conservative party goes under the Progressive Conservative banner provincially) and the idea of President Obama being some sort of Marxist/communist, or even democratic socialist, is kind of laughable. Although it does appear as if he would fit in with any political party in Canada. He seems pretty flexible.

          I see we’re both interested in U.S. politics. You’re a snowbird so I see why you are. Maybe we’ll talk again sometime. Take care.

    • George says:

      I understand how ridiculous this debate about abortions must be to you. It’s pretty ridiculous to me, too. It’s a subject that keeps coming up during presidential campaigns, like clockwork, every 4 years. Nobody is going to overturn Roe v Wade (the Supreme Court decision in the 70’s that made abortion legal). It would take a constitutional amendment to overturn it, and there just aren’t enough votes for that to happen. It ticks me off that it keeps coming up because we have more important things to deal with! I wish the endless bickering over it would end.

  19. David L. Allison says:

    The DNC should publish full page ads quoting the Republican Platform in major cities in key battleground states with hotlinks to the entire Republican Platform and to the most egregious of the portions of the platform. With money left over, the DNC, DSCC, DCCC should publish the same information in every city in which the republicans and their corporate sponsors are campaigning to prevent democrats, poor, young and immigrant Americans from voting.

  20. Tony Perkins was instrumental in writing the Republican Platform. If you wonder what motivates him, read the pledge that his group drafted and got Michelle Bachman and Rick Santorum to sign. It says that “robust procreation is good for the American Demographic.”Opposes abortion without exception (including the life of the mother). It says that gay marriage is wrong because homosexuals “do not reproduce”.

  21. A says:

    Funny you say this. I just went to the National Review site for a little addtional comedy. Read an article regarding a focus group of “swing voters”. Supposedly most swing voters are leaning RR, but they change with the wind. Here is one of their comments after the article.

    “They’re not schizo, they’re simply stupid. Independent voters are one of two things: A: Liars that are trying to get along with hostiles (lets just say I’m not a big Mitt Romney fan if you are a big Tyler Perry fan); or B: Morons.

    I’m very conservative, but I think the average liberal is a lot smarter than the average swing voter. “

  22. A says:

    Sorry, the comment below was supposed to be a reply to mtooey.

  23. cdnobserver says:


    Here are the facts; When he ran for governor of MASS he was pro-choice, look it up and he continued t be pro choice until 2007 when he decided to go for the nominaion for president. Also the supreme court will decide, and women should be very careful who they vote for, because the supreme court judges are appointed by the president. Therfore indirectly the president makes the decision. Please do not insult women’s intelligence by parroting what Mitt Romney used as a defence for this very important issue. As an echo of what republicans often say the government should stay out of our lives. Furthermore for republicans who profess small government they are sure trying to expand government when it comes to women’s healthcare. How many departements will they create to check on who had an abortion, what was the reason, do a list check with the doctor etc. Who is expanding government for issues that should be a woman’s business and no one elses?

  24. ivory69690 says:

    good one brainless just have the ppl that rape others and have them get marryed . well try that one on ur next iterview cant be no worse then whjat you GOP ding dongs keep saying

  25. Andrew says:

    these fascist GOP idiots have the cleanest shoes in politics….open mouth, insert foot, suck… 🙁

  26. ivory69690 says:

    Asked by a reporter how he would counsel a daughter or granddaughter who had been impregnated by rape, Smith said: “I lived something similar to that with my own family. She chose life, and I commend her for that. . . . Don’t get me wrong; it wasn’t rape.”/// what if it was a DEM. that rapes ur child then would you want it oborted . how about a BLACK DEM. PARTY GOER ?

  27. ivory69690 says:

    me myself rape is rape that cant be changed as for what happens after that i do feel thjat every one has a right to life so its hard to think of what one dose and wants after thy been raped . tuff call for them . whos to say there child wont become one that rapes also and whos to say thy wont . too hard of a call and in glad i dont have to deside whats the right thing or wrong thing to do . it on the person that gets raped that has to deal with it not others well not untill the others walked a mile in the shoes of the women that was raped

  28. S-3 says:

    I hope that last paragraph about Missouri NOT being so stupid to put Romney nor Akin in power reigns true – then I’ll have some more hope for humanity to share after that.

  29. Michael says:

    Republicans: America’s Taliban, no question! FREAKS

  30. OK, lets just say that this proves our educational system has really let us down. If the elected officials are this dumb, what can we expect from the lowly citizens in this backward country. We need to be taken over by a higher standard educational country, one that when people are asked a question, their brain gives then a logical answer.

  31. ExPAVIC says:


    How quiet is the female portion of the American Taliban Republicans.

    But of course it is hard to be heard when speaking under a bulky, black, burqa covering. Spoken words get muffled under all of that cloth.

  32. getridofpolitics says:

    The problem is politicians do not know anything, and worse, they do not know they don’t know it. They follow the party line, no matter how ridiculous or flawed the ideas and statements. There is no benchmark for becoming a politician, and they will say anything to get elected so that they do not really have to work for a living while they get rich and have great power. They should be held to a higher standard than any ordinary citizen and a lie should get them prosecuted for perjury where if convicted they would serve 3 to 5 years in Singsing, not kiddy jail, nor clubfed, and when they get out, they would be a convicted felon and could never run nor serve in an office again as well as find it difficult to find a job anywhere. The benefit for this country would be that only an honest person with integrity would actually run for office and we would all be better off. These 545 people we have in Washington now should all be thrown out. I can have this position because I am not affiliated with any party. I want my representatives to be honest, approachable, and represent me and everyone else, not just their rich contributors, cronies, and good buddies. Throw the bums out.

  33. Abe Lincoln said that you can never fool all of the people all the time. But, after Hoover, Nixon, Regean, GW Bush, and now, Akin, and Romney, I will repeat, ” They dont make republicans like Lincoln, anymore. Poor old Abe wouldnt be allowed in the republican convention, thanks to the religious, racist, radical, right. They dont compromise. Even in their primitive, religious beliefs, if you dont agree with them, you are with the devil. What a crock. They are against miscegenation, integration, and education.

  34. Someone once said, ” God made man in his own image. Then man returned the compliment.
    Does anyone with even half a brain really believe that the creator of the universe cares what
    church we attend, what puny two-bit doctrine we adhere to, or for that matter, what adult we have sex with in private? Religious fundamentalists, of all sects, are living examples of
    the best of the dark ages, and the crusades.

  35. Patricia says:

    Good for Missouri. The Republicans want to send women back to the 19th century.

  36. I find it appaling that anyone could vote for anyone with such opinions on rape.That a woman has the same opinion as Akin is disgusting.
    Sitting here in England,which has its problems,I find it amazing that America is wanting The Muppets to run their lives.

  37. Just watched Mrs Romney speech.
    What a gushing load of tosh !
    Seems to have avoided a few female issues.

  38. If you ban abortions, within 16 years of the ban, the crime rate will skyrocket. It is an economic fact that the unwanted children will create a crime wave. It has happened in every country that has banned abortions. If you look at our own history, 16 years after Roe v. Wade, the crime rate in the U.S. dropped tremendously.

  39. emadis41 says:

    The Republican Party platform speaks volumes about abortion, non about the economy or equal rights, or voting rights. The GOP House of Representative passed 33 anti abortion bills in less than 2 years, no bills for jobs, reform Medicare or Medicaid, or any other issue they are running on and try to convince us that they want to implement when they capture the White House.

    Despite these gaffes, there is still some people who say they want to elect Romney and Ryan, just because they do not want a Black President in the White House.

  40. Eduardo says:

    ExSMART: You are not getting smarter, …. not to mention your lame posts like this one.
    I am SURE you can do better. I am SURE you can make an honest effort and sound smart(er).
    Come on, give it a try… do it for the Gipper …

  41. Jim Dumas says:

    “compare pregancies caused by rape to “having a baby out of wedlock.” Ok, maybe I’m either just dumb, or getting old…but isn’t this fool trying to compare apples and oranges? Just when I think the GOP can’t come up with anything more stupid…God bless em, if they don’t. LOL But the scary thing is, they want us to ELECT them to run OUR COUNTRY. Now if that doesn’t scare people, I don’t know what will.

  42. I have seen some “fingers down the throat”speeches in my life,but Mrs Mitt beats them all.

    • dtgraham says:

      Know what you mean. Can’t describe it exactly, but every time I hear her I just get the feeling that I wouldn’t want to be one of Mrs. ‘you people’s’ servants.

  43. Recoloniser says:

    Akin c.s. may take comfort in the fact that they’re not alone. Yesterday a wingnut politician in the Netherlands repeated almost word for word Akin’s garbage on how women are able suppress a pregnancy if they have ‘really’ been raped by some magical trick only available to that specific group of the ‘really’ raped.

    Needless to say he was a member of a party of Bible-thumping fundamentalists confined to the Dutch version of the Bible belt, but there are several, for the Dutch, disquieting differences:

    – on a late night tv show he adamantly refused to retract his statement or to apologise, however feebly, for it
    – he followed up in that same show with a statement on another matter in which he demonstrated his total lack of knowledge about the rule (for which he was called “a cowardly, immoral dog, utterly lacking in the Christian values he claims to be sponsoring” to his face by another guest on the show (applause)
    – he isn’t an obscure wannabe contending for a seat that was probably unwinnable anyway and now definitely will be, but the leader of his party with a secure seat in Parliament (the party has a rock-solid following which gets them 2 seats in a Parliament of 150 time after time)
    – this man has been pandered to with a promise of a stay on foreseen legislation on gay rights in the recent past by the Conservative Prime Minister when his party was needed to prop up the government following their loss of a workable majority in the Senate; the Conservatives are currently leading in the polls in the run-up to the election on Sep 12

  44. Rape is a serious offense that is made even more difficult in the instance where the victim is impregnated. A woman should be allowed to make a choice in this case and be provided financial assistance if she is not in a position to cover the cost. I do not support abortion as a rule because the pregnancy could be avoided if the participants used a little common sense and accepted some responsibility. If you elect to fool around and take chances, an infants life is at stake. If you don’t want the baby, there are plenty of people that do. Why should the government provide tax payer dollars to cover the cost of your careless behavior? Along those same lines, if you are old enough to fool around, you are old enough to get a job and pay for your own birth control pills and condoms. If you are too young to work and you take that chance then your parents should be held accountable because Planned Parenthood is their responsibility, not the U S Government. Entitlement programs are at record levels under the Obama administration. Cuts have to be made because our national debt is also at record levels with Obama adding five trillion dollars to the amount we owe as a result of his failed policies. Michelle has contributed her fair share to that amount with her countless free-spending vacations. Yes abortion is a serious issue but it is not the most critical issue our country faces. We need a leader that will create decent jobs for the millions of unemployed and underemployed workers and take action to restore the housing market in order to get our economy back on track. Obama fooled us and then failed us. With the help of the media he is attempting to divert the focus from his failed policies by positioning the abortion issue at the forefront of the agenda. Obama is arrogant and pompous and is confident that he can manipulate the women’s vote with this tactic. Ladies I hope you don’t allow him the opportunity to fool you a second time. Four more years of an Obama administration would cripple our once great nation.

  45. You have to have a job to have worker’s rights. Look around, middle-class America is disappearing fast. At last count they had lost 40+% of their wealth. Yes, I agree America needs to wake up!

  46. Sundancer says:

    One of the first criteria of Republicans. No more abortion. My comment is if you disagree with abortion why don’t you adopt and raise these children that are being aborted.
    Do your country a good deed.

  47. sonjad says:

    @ dtgraham & cdnobserver…How refreshing to see that there are others that feel the sameway i do…….. To repeat Cdnobserver because that is a true statement.. I own a home there and I can tell you we are known as socialists in Canada. We don’t have the same view on what a socialist is, they think President Obama is a socialist when in reality he has very similar values as we have. And you are correct IN this country the greatest there is needs to check themselves President Obama is no more a Socialist than the entire Canadian Population However Clinton was not accused of being a Socialist but he to had to Fight for what was right none the less ,SMH..But thats what happens when you want to change whats wrong and improve whats right and start some new things. they stick you with a label…. How many moons ago was it that a Republican balanced anything ( a baby on there knee, Acheckbook LMBO) certainitly not in my or your time…So i say to all the SHEEP who blindly follow the Repub open them EARS clean them out OPEN your eyes ( do u need glasses) because what i see and hear is not the same….My fellow Canadians until my next visit in the Spring,have a great day….

    • dtgraham says:

      She also posted that Canada was just a “capitalist country with good social programs.” That pretty much describes the Scandinavian countries too and they’re generically referred to as “socialist”. I hear the president being called a Marxist-Leninist, a Statist (whatever that is), a Communist, a Socialist. Look, whatever he’s called, he just seems to be a thoughtful reasonable man with a heart who’s focused on, both, the middle class and trying to ensure that lower income people have enough of a hand up that they can make it. That’s not so bad. If that’s Marxism sonjad, bring on Marxism.

      • sonjad says:

        @dtgraham yes she did… Copenhagen which i had the pleasure to visit 2yrs ago beautiful and yes the Gov really does take care of ALL those with a home without a home there is no Poor middle Rich, NO LABELS IS WHAT I AM SAYING and it is sad but most americans see that as “socialist” there not ready to do what needs to be done not all but most are not….and i like that you said HAND UP AND NOT HAND OUT…Like i’ve said before it’s sad that everyone else can see,what others can see what those that choose to not see don’t see,and won’t see….

  48. Maynard says:

    How these abominable opinions can be uttered and the Repubs still lead in the polls is a shameful reflection on education in America. Mitt even vetoed the morning after pill in Massachusetts.

  49. skater60 says:

    If married, a woman should consult her husband about the issue. But in the end, married or not married, in all cases, it is solely the woman’s decision. The woman is the person who must live with the consequences therefore it’s her decision. People must respect that decision. God does, and if you can’t understand that then, then…. go eat some dirt. We are all, each of us, called to be compassionate, forgiving, merciful and understanding – or did I get that all wrong?

  50. tired says:

    When was the last time a republican woman got raped? All the guys want to do is tax the middle class and make certain the rich get richer.

  51. Bigspender says:

    There is just no accounting for stupid and republicans seem to have an abundance of it.

  52. George says:

    I am as liberal and pro-choice as one can get, but I think the whole argument that an abortion is a “medical procedure” that should be strictly between a woman and her doctor. Yes, the actual procedure is a medical one, and medical-related issues should be private between a woman and her doctor. But the decision to have an abortion in the first place has nothing to do with doctors! Maybe they are needed to explain the actual procedure, or maybe a psychiatrist is needed to help the woman make her decision, but come on, it does the argument no good to act like the whole issue is off-base because it’s a medical procedure. There is so much more to it than that! Stay away from that argument, and you will be much more credible.

  53. George says:

    Both she and her husband are lousy panderers! They both ooze insincerity! And I don’t believe for a minute that they used their ironing board for a dining room table. At best, one or the other of them sat a plate on one one time. They were never that poor! Liars! Panderers!

  54. George says:

    You make a very good point. People tend to think of “independents” as thoughtful voters who vote for the best candidate regardless of party. What? A candidate’s party has EVERYTHING to do with how they would serve as President! And the party of a candidate for Congress is just as important! In this election, with Republicans so far to the right, it’s easy to see the extreme difference between the parties. If people haven’t already made up their minds, then they aren’t doing much thinking.

  55. LadyDeb says:

    I live in Pa. Casey will win.

  56. George says:

    Please tell all of us how Obama added $5 trillion to our deficit! I did a side-by-side analysis of government expenditures, by category, over the past 12 years, and there is no dramatic increase in the budget since Obama took office. His contribution to the $5T increase was the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The rest was taking debt that GWB had racked up but kept off the books (wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Medicare Part D) and put them where they belong (as part of the national debt). Bush pretended like Iraq and Afghanistan were going to reimburse us for the cost of the wars and that Medicare Part D wouldn’t cost much, so he left them off. It was all smoke & mirrors, and the Republicans have been tagging it to Obama from day one. Yes, public assistance expenditures are higher than ever, but that was the result of the failing economy, which the Republican Congress obstructed Obama from improving every step of the way. Get it straight!

  57. People who are igorant and stupid is,very easy to control if hate is being advocated, because it
    unites stupid and ignorant people, this is in a response to a post that said they are not easily controled, but with the right propoganda it is easy.

  58. At least they weren’t making jokes about rape, like Minnesote senator Al Franken who has joked about raping Leslie Stahl. I think the democrat party should think about what its’ own members have done, including Bill Clinton, who was accused of raping Juanita Broderick, groping Kathleen Willey, Harrassing Paula Jones, and having oral sexwith Monica Lewinsky in the oval office. Speaking of a war on women, the republicans have nothing even close to what Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd did with their “waitress sandwiches”.

  59. grumpytoo says:

    These types fear higher education. As has been said – the sole idea is to keep them stupid. That is the method that extemism Islamics do – don’t even let girls go to school. Maybe one day these folks will go to the library and read books about the REAL absolute truth.

  60. SRS says:

    Stupid moralistic GOP. When are they going to get a clue that this is NOT the issue that faces our Nation. They will lose this election…. AGAIN with a losing team.

  61. Why are we fighting this battle again? Who are these men who are so insecure they have to control women’s right to their own bodies? Have any of them ever experienced being over powered and violated in their most vulnerable and private parts? Will they vote to support all the ‘unborn persons’ whose right to life they champion so piously?

  62. perhaps we should categorize rape like felonies…an A-rape, a B-rape,and so on. Of course,we would have to see how very forcible rape a.k.a.Legitimate Rape, forcible rape, a.k.a. almost Legitimate rape, and so on…the varieties of Rape can be codiefied by size of knife, gun,other weapon use….the Republicans really work harder on Rape and Abortion than the Dems.

  63. DWMillar says:

    American politics has never before been more pathetic. There is just shit to choose from. I was overjoyed when O’bama claimed to have “got” (i.e. murdered) O’sama, which jittery George had failed to do for all his tough talk about “making war” on terror. Woah, scary! Then the ‘Ba man confesses to getting his ‘social conscience’ from his own two little schoolgirls, so now he ‘gets’ “gay” marriage. Woah! Little girls teaching a grown man morality? Really scary! NOW, the Republicans are feigning making a comeback by nominating a Mormon moron, as if that would ease the fears of Americans.

    And this public commentator wants to turn this minor embarrassment of a small time politician’s inability to speak even in colloquial English of into a scandal of gender brutality unseen since the caveman brought his woman into his cave by dragging her by her hair.

    Obviously the man was speaking incoherently, as a father, finding that his own beloved baby girl was actually now a woman with her own sexual desires, which had gotten herself pregnant. Perhaps she had tried to falsely claim rape. Perhaps he can’t, or couldn’t, see his daughter actually wanting to have sex outside of marriage, as much as wanting to be pregnant. So! Among the clever wags in the wings, this writer seems to want to cause political damage, for this farce, of a far more perverse kind, that he’s a lunkhead male who doesn’t understand women’s issues.

    Well! What more could we expect from a mangina copy of the Lesbian Libbers trying to vault themselves into the foreground, and most outrageously, the MORAL HIGHGROUND, as if sexually perverted (i.e. homosexual) Liberalism were the naturally RIGHT thing to do, when the truth, even of the Bible, is; that homosexuality is the very meaning of sexual perversion. The fact of the “Rape” craze that’s going around is that there are now only ten false allegations of rape for every actual case of rape.

    Wasn’t there something about that on the national news, a year or two ago. Some university team, Duke maybe, playing an odd sport? Lacrosse comes to mind, bizarre as that sounds. How many of that team were falsely accused? Ten? Anyway! Why let reality bother the attempt to bring to boil a new empty scandal about a father that has trouble expressing himself regarding his little baby girl, who apparently actually grew up far quicker than he ever did!

    Seriously, if I was still living there, I would have to spoil my ballot, by writing in NOTA, or RonPaul! over the ballot. What a pathetic choice to choose from!

  64. Rodney says:

    Too anwser your question yes their are. But guess what we dont hear from them.Why the because the fox news network keeps them out of the loop .SEE we dems and libs we dont, hide ours faults.W e put them out in the open.even when one of our leaders make a royal f.u .up. We say hey u ain,t perfect so what we stilL got your back. WITH THE REP ITS IF YOU DONT BELIEVE AS WE DO AND SAY WHAT WE SAY SHUT UP .THIS IS HOW WE THINK AND WE KNOW BEST.THE BECAUSE WE HAVE THE RIGHT god ON OUR SIDE AND HE,S A REP AND WE TELL HIM WHAT TO DO

  65. Rodney says:

    OR better yet lets put it out there. If God forbid a black man was to rape paul ryan daugter or akins iwonder if they would be so opposed aginst abortion. just asking

  66. Eduardo says:

    “…this is the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m proud of my country…”
    Michelle Obama-2008
    Anybody care to dispute this ??

  67. AliceR51 says:

    NO matter how you say it-rape is rape.Unless your found that the person lied about it,just to get things going.Yet if there is any testing done to see then in truth it was rape.STUPID.Guess best way is to ask anyone who hasnt been thru it.How would they know how it felt??Just like taking a baby from the mom -INSIDE.It a baby-HUMANE,very tiny,NO control over anything including its own life.How can anyone do a cruel thing of riping it away from mom??LESS its already gone-passed.CRUEL.My opinion,sorry to offend.

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