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Sunday, October 23, 2016

When President Barack Obama traveled to North Carolina to discuss the economy on Wednesday afternoon, the Tar Heel State’s top elected Democrat was conspicuous by her absence.

Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC), who faces a difficult re-election battle in November, chose not to join the president at his event in Raleigh. According to Hagan’s office, she was busy with her day job — the Senate voted on a continuing resolution funding the government on Wednesday, among other business.

Although Hagan did not appear with President Obama at the event, Republicans still didn’t waste the opportunity to tie the first-term senator to the president.

“Kay Hagan can run from her record of voting with President Obama 96 percent of the time, but she cannot hide,” RNC spokesman Michael Short said in a statement released Wednesday afternoon.

Earlier in the day, Americans for Prosperity — a 501(c)(4) “dark money” group backed by billionaire Republicans Charles and David Koch — released an ad using almost exactly the same language to attack Senator Hagan for skipping the event.

The right also received an assist from CNN’s Briana Keilar, who suggested to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney that Hagan’s decision to stay in Washington is “the congressional equivalent of ‘I can’t go, I’m washing my hair.'” (Carney, predictably, disagreed, reminding Keilar that “voting on, potentially, budget resolutions, or omnibus resolutions, or extending unemployment insurance” may have some merit.)

It’s not hard to understand why Republicans are eager to tie Hagan to the president, and highlight her decision to keep her distance from him in her home state. President Obama has become deeply unpopular in North Carolina; according to a survey from Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling, just 40 percent of North Carolinians now approve of the president’s job performance, with 54 percent disapproving. Hagan does not fare much better; PPP finds her approval rating at 39 percent, with 49 percent disapproving. Additionally, the poll finds her in a virtual deadlock with each of her Republican opponents (Thom Tillis, Greg Brannon, Bill Flynn, Heather Grant, and Mark Harris).

North Carolina is crucial to Republican hopes of winning a Senate majority in 2014; if Hagan wins re-election, then the GOP would likely have to sweep vulnerable Democratic incumbents in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Alaska to gain the net six seats it needs to take control of the upper chamber.

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  • Sand_Cat

    For awhile it looked like North Carolina might actually rejoin the union and put the dark days of ignorance and prejudice behind it.

  • mike

    Kagan knows she has a tough battle to hold her seat. She rode in on the coattails in 2008, followed party line and is now facing the back lash of her votes. If Obama was riding high she would be standing next to him in both heart and soul, but alas, he is doing poorly and she can’t afford being around him. Just the facts!!!
    You seem to forget the Landrieu rode down with Obama to Louisiana in Nov. and never was seen with him at the Port of New Orleans, go look at the articles. If Obama was so popular she would have been next to him.
    Get it straight-Obama is a negative for the party. Pretty simple.

    • Sand_Cat

      Mainly a negative for the ignorant and prejudiced. Of course a black president is a negative for the party in North Carolina and Louisiana.

      • mike

        The race card just doesn’t cut it. So, all the Independents that voted for him and have left him in massive numbers are now all racists? Right??? On economy, Healthcare, foreign policy, he is in the negative, no racism there just plain fact that he is a poor leader. White women, men who voted for him have moved away. That purple crap he spouted is as true as his “you can keep your doctor” crap.
        Just look in the mirror for true ignorance and denial.
        Things in your life sure haven’t changed, you still have your head in the cat litter.

        • Sand_Cat

          Maybe you should look in the mirror yourself.
          The “race card” always cuts it when talking to people like you, because all your denials and faux outrage can’t hide the fact that it’s true. For once in your life, be honest: he’ll always be “in the negative” for you and you delusional friends.

          • mike

            You are either in total denial, ignorant or just plain stupid when it comes to Obama, your Lord and Savior.
            Almost every poll(you might find one that differs) shows very low poll numbers.
            The numbers I have given aren’t from the right. They are from the Democratic leaning pollster, PPP based in Raleigh, NC. with the largest participants being Democrats(which by the way most polls have more democrats).

            It is his POLICIES AND HIS LACK OF HONESTY That have driven his numbers down into the thirties and low forties and that is why Hagan is staying away from him.

            We are all disappointed in him but to lack the intellectual honesty to admit it and continue to play the race card is sadly appalling.

            Just remember 3 of the 10 biggest lies for 2013 came from your Lord and Savior. The man is incompetent to be President.

          • Sand_Cat

            Neither Obama, nor any other politician has ever been my “lord and savior” but it’s obvious you either thought he was yours and are now enraged, or you have staked your hopes of salvation on the lunatic fringe of the GOP.
            As for the race card, it’s obvious it stirs such fury in those to whom it’s applied because they know it’s true, and it often works because others can at least sense the accuracy of the description.
            It’s clear you are incapable of conducting a discussion without lapsing into pseudo-religion and other forms of irrationality and projecting them on your opponents.

          • mike

            In your eyes Obama can do no wrong and that is why you worship all that he does and says like a little lemming. He was never mine, I saw thru the lies years ago, his policies and character represents everything wrong with the left.

            So there is no lunatic democratic left??? Keep smelling the catnip if you think there isn’t.

            As to the race card. So all the people that voted for him and now feel he is doing a poor job on the economy, healthcare, foreign policy, lack of transparency, etc., are now racists right??? Right???

            There will always be a small segment of society that can be called racist and unfortunately that will probably never change, but to call a person who doesn’t like the policies of Obama a racists is a lie and a lazy excuse to inflame the conversation when one knows his position is quite untenable.

            Oh, I am very capable of conducting a discussion but not with one whose head is so far up Obama’s ass and doesn’t even know it.

            Biggest liar in 2013–President Obama. The country deserves better.

    • NCSteve

      Hagan. Kagan is a Supreme Court justice.

      • mike

        OMG!!! A typo!!! You can find fault only with the misspelling because the rest is irrefutable.
        You must have gone to Chapel Hill!!! Poor babies lost to WF and Belmont.

  • NCSteve

    Just another “no right answer” Republican double bind. If she’d gone, she’d be facing commercials saying she skipped important votes to appear with the the Kenyan Usurper because she hearts him.

    • mike

      Important votes baloney!!! Go look at the Senate agenda for that day(democrats her absence would have had no effect. She can’t separate from Obama, in August she said she would be “Honored” to have him campaign for her. Now she is not so enthusiastic with Obama’s disapproval rating at 56% in the state, 65% of state disapproval on Obamacare implementation and 50% of state against Obamacare.
      Hagan’s disapproval at 49% and a 43% approval by PPP.

      Run Kay Run