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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

WATCH: Romney Links Defense Cuts To Veteran Suicides

In a speech at an American Legion hall in Springfield, Virginia, Mitt Romney tied the rising number of veteran suicides to the legislative battle over cuts to the defense budget.

“We have huge numbers of our men and women that are returning from conflict, that are seeking counseling, psychological counseling, and can’t find that counseling within our system. And, of course, record numbers of suicides. This is a crisis!” Romney declared.

“Given the needs of our veterans, how in the world, as commander-in-chief, you could stand by as we shrink our military commitment financially is something that I don’t understand, and I will reverse it,” he added.

Video of Romney’s comments is below, via Buzzfeed:

Romney’s attempt to link military suicides to the Obama administration is deeply problematic for a number of reasons.

First, veterans’ health care is exempt from the sequestration deal that Romney is attacking. The Obama administration is not abandoning veterans’ needs, as Romney charges.

In fact, the administration has actually been an active advocate for veterans’ care. In August, President Obama signed an executive order directing the Veterans Administration to hire 1,600 new mental health professionals and 800 new peer support counselors, along with expanding the capacity of its crisis line to ensure that veterans in need can meet with a counselor within 24 hours. Furthermore, the Department of Veterans Affairs has seen its budget increase in each year of Obama’s presidency.

By contrast, Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan’s budget plan would cut the VA budget by $11 billion. Ryan also voted for the very same defense cuts that Romney criticized today (although he now tries to deny it.)

Romney himself has even expressed support for converting veterans’ health care into a voucher system, which would surely leave many veterans unable to afford essential care.

Additionally, Romney’s credibility when it comes to our troops’ well-being is rather undercut by his declaration in November that “the withdrawal of all of our troops from Iraq by the end of this year is an enormous mistake, and failing by the Obama administration…it’s more than unfortunate, I think it’s tragic.”

Romney is correct: the mental well-being of American veterans is a crisis. By crassly using that crisis as a political football, however, he opens himself up to a debate about who really stands for veterans — and it’s a debate that he really does not want to have.

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157 Responses to WATCH: Romney Links Defense Cuts To Veteran Suicides

  1. OMG – this man has no shame – he is trying so hard to be President and seeing the way he is going, he has about as much chance as a snowball in Hades. I haven’t disliked a candidate this much since Nixon.

  2. Romney is a jerk and he knows it. He could not tell the truth if his life depended on it. He must think the American people are stupid. We know he thinks we are beneath him.

  3. Is there anything he will not lie about?

    Without even reading the details of this article, I remembered all of what the President has done on behalf of meeting mental health needs of Veterans of our current wars. He also mentions it, or includes these “scars unseen” whenever he speaks of our veterans and what they deserve from us when they get home.

    Romney grows more and more demoralized and he started out with a minus deficit.

    • NOTHING Romney Is A Low Life Scum Of The Earth Lying Bastard!! I Hope These Vets Know That The GOP/Tea Party Voted Against The Vets Getting A Raise And The Help They Need Even John McCain Voted Against This And He’s A Vet!!! Romney Is A Chick Shit Draft Dodger Who Will Lie About Anything That’s Why Obama Is Up In All The Swing States Cause People Are Not Buy Romney Bullshit Lies!!!

      • Well, actually Fern, there is a difference. McCain is a VERY RICH Vet! Got government hrealth care from the time he was in the womb(hewas the son and grandson of Naval Officers) married a rich woman,(after one mistake) and has lived off the government his whole life. Yes, I understand he withstood horrendous treatment as a POW, but I am sure, in his mind, he had little choice. He could not come home if he had not held out. For his wholelife McCain has enriched himself from the taxpayers trough!

        • Well, Ed. Anybody who thinks that career military officers are in the military only to “enrich” themselves from the “taxpayer’s trough”, doesn’t understand the military very well. Did you ever serve in the military? We (I spent 20 yrs in the Navy.) lived on income that was hardly “enriched”, and even today many lower-grade enlisted personnel qualify for food stamps. To say that McCain “lived off the government his whole life” suggests that McCain and other vets didn’t work their tails off at great personal sacrifice to serve their country. Most put in way more than they ever get out!

          • McCain was born into the military. His father was an officer, later an admiral. And after McCain himself left the service he jumped into politics using his service time as a selling point. The man’s been on the government teat, literally and figuratively, his entire bloody life. And so, Ed is right.

          • He is in Congress so he is living on our Money. Who pays the House and the Senate. The American People.

    • It is shamefull and doubly so because it comes from someone that sat out the Vietnam War in Paris. He has no crediability on these issue. What he knows about the military he got from watching GI Joe.

      Gov. Romney is a snake oil sales man he only lies when he speaks.

  4. I am a vet, 1st enlisted 1962 and I beleives their stories about health care, then “for life”. Since then polticians have lied robbed and degrrade vets health care. THis clown has the gall to stand up in front of vets, saying is for vets health, most of them are middle class, at best. At the same time he wants to take Ss and medicare? All vet, over 62 are REQUIRED to have medicaid Part2 in or to KEEP their military health care (Tricare). For me that is $100 a month out of my retirement. This does not sound like FREE health care for life I was promised in 1962. But after I served my time they change the rules. Now this clown wants to capitalise on vets care! So he “promises health care ( for how long) and in the mean time threaten to take income tax deductions, that we dont know which ones, do away witth SS and medicare which many vets depend on. WOW he sure couls win my vvote – by just shutting up and bother bother me with is phoney concerns about vets health care

  5. I don’t believe him! According to his past comments, veterans fall into the same category as the ‘47%’ – lazy, unemployed, etc. The only thing he would use any more military funds for is more weapons!

  6. Not normally violent…..but I would love a chance to pop him in his smirky mouth. This is just NOT TRUE!!! The Obama Administration has changed the military’s entire approach to PTSD and TBI. I know because my son has a Purple Heart Medal from a grenade injury in Farah Afghanistan, Sep 10th, 2011. STFU Romney or I will be happy to help you with that.

  7. Every time I start to feel a little pity for this man who so desperately seeks a job that he has no natural talent for, he says something that disgusts me to my core. I can hardly wait for the landslide in November that will ensure that we don’t have to listen to his inane, self-serving comments anymore!!

  8. the guy is scary,so was Nixon but he won,and they are doing everything but the right to get him in.everything the same with Mrs.Clinton in ,she would win in a landslide.a lot of hate instead of reasoning.

  9. Can you believe this! I worked almost 40 years for the VA – using veterans in this manner is awful. In my years at the VA Hospital we ALWAYS received more funding when a democrat was in office. Reagan almost did away with the VA. Shame Shame Mitt the twit.

  10. Veteran suicides are Obama’s fault because of cuts in the defense budget. When I shred Veterans medical benefits, they’ll be ok with it
    Somehow that attitude doesn’t really work for me.

  11. This man needs mental health counciling himself. the president and his wife have been doing all they can to help veterns and there families. That has been at the for front from day one. romney has never been in combat so he does’nt know what combat does to a person. Some never recover, for some it shows up years later. War needs to stop, that will solve the promblem, If he does’nt know, he need to ask somebody. Just lieing makes him look crazy. Iam a disabled Vet and trust me things are alot better,also I’ve been using Va hospital 36yrs.

  12. Right on, Nana! He’s lied for so long, the truth isn’t in him! Just pray that the American citizens will have the good sense to know a liar when they read this one! For shame!!!

  13. Boy I hope the crowd did not buy into this . It is scary how you can say anything and it stands forever as fact with some folks. Our military has a friend in Mr Obama I really hope they realize it . But, I fear the rhetoric gets in the way .

    • Unfortunely, the military has been so brainwashed for decades that the Republicans have their back that most of them go on blindly believing it. I recall seeing the Chief of Naval Operations literally jump up and kick his heels (when he thought nobody was looking as he walked down the Pentagon E-ring) after it was announced on the news that Reagan won the presidency from Carter. I wish they would open their eyes!

  14. Where do they “FIND” their frontrunners?!
    It must be REAGAN’S CURSE – as Governor of CA Reagan did away with mental institutions.
    Ever since, the GOP hasn’t been the same…..

  15. The last President that actually served in the armed forces, was George H W Bush, he put-off going to college, signed up with the U.S. navy on his 18th Birthday, that was the earliest he could after Japan hit Pearl Harbor.
    54 missions, Distinguished Fling Cross, 3 Air Medals, and the Presidential Unit Citation awarded to the San Jacinto Air-Craft carrier he was assigned to.
    I voted for him, I respect him for what he did for his country.
    A this point, I will never again vote for a Republican, they’re destroying the country that he was willing to give up his life to protect

  16. Mitt,
    You got no skin in the game. I do. And I know how much you care about our service men and women. Nada. Oh you might support the manufature of arms and such but the actual folks who take their lives and put them on the line for you and yours every day are part of your 47% by your own definition. My family’s military history goes back to the War for Independence where my grandfather was a Brigadier General who commanded along side Washington himself. None of your kids are in uniform, or were. You have no clue what our son’s and daughter’s deal with day in and day out. Even now you are beating the war drum. But again, you got no skin in the game. Why should you care? You are so insulated from the real world it is pathetic. But hey, have a nice day anyway. Just leave our country alone!

  17. Using something like this says more about Mitt Romney’s lack of values and loyalty to country than anything Democrats could say about him. First they ignored the military during the RNC in Tampa, then they filibustered the Veterans Jobs Bill, and now he uses one of the saddest consequences of war for political gain. This man is beyond despicable.

  18. Yeah it figures, like Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, all dick and no balls…I’d feel real secure only an amputation a day…Let’s cut the budget for vet’s 11 billion…What a mess the Republicans keep getting us into…First, ” Who created the Taliban”, Ronald Reagan, selling Stingers to the Mujahadeen,…. that turned out real good, huh !!!! A real stroke of “genius” , but we sure showed the Ruskies,.. that we could get even for Viet Nam….Truth, how much better would the Afghan’s be off if we had left things alone…At worst the Ruskies would be getting blown up…, and we’d have got revenge for free…Even if not that, how much better would women and girls esp. be off…Smart beats ego every time…”Slow is fast”, seems I heard that from some real good soldiers…

    • Romney’s not dumb. He’s got two masters degrees from Harvard. It’s just that he’s such an elitist prick that he doesn’t realize how his words affect those of us who are in the lower asocial strata.

  19. Oy. Obama has tripled the VA budget and the Ryan budget, which Romney called “marvelous”, cuts is back to Bush days….It’s really sad that Romney is so willing to lie about everything…

  20. Romney has no limit to how low he will go. Obama has done more for veterans than any president in recent history. There is no cut in veteran benefits as a part of the sequestration.
    Romney is a lying sack of shit, period.

  21. The Twitt never mentioned our service men and women during his RNC speach now he is trying to blame PRESIDENT OBAMA for suicides of our veterans. He could care less about our brave service men and women or the brave veterans that have been to HELL and back. PRESIDENT OBAMA AND THE FIRST LADY, MICHELLE, have done for for the service men and women than anyother president! Every time the Twitt opens his mouth he sticks his foot in and I hope he chokes on it!!!!!

  22. My, oh my, Mr. Romney you need to stop over reaching your knowledge of the military. Don’t you know that military offense (called defense most of the time) is not the same as the Veterans Administration (VA)?

    The VA cares for our needs after returning from combat areas. You need a boot from boot camp.

  23. Will he stoop to the lowest level of BS that anyone cannot even imagine?! What a f–in Jack Ass! Good luck when W is in the Cayman’s within 3 days of the election and he , liars and thieves posing as capitalists, is speaking on offshore investments! What a bunch of lunatics we are looking at! Desperado Romster!


  25. Romney and his evil twin say one thing, yet do another. All they want is power, and they will lie, cheat, steal, and blaspheme to get it. They and their corporate handlers are sick.

  26. Just when you think Romney’s actions couldn’t get any more despicable, he pulls something else out of his hat that’s even worse.

  27. After watching the video and reading the comments, I am struck by the nagging question on “How low will this MittenMan go?”

    The answer is simpler than Romney. He can only go as low as the other side of the world; in other words, China! But, that is where all the jobs are, so he should be perfectly comfortable there with people who work fof his living!

    Truly an unforgettable experience to watch him in action, no matter how hard I try.

  28. This guy has no conscience….he is a total ass. Mitt the Twit should admit that we sent our troops into harms way in Iraq because of bogus Intelligence created by Dick (head) Cheney. If we had gone after OBL ‘surgically’, which in retrospect made complete sense, we would not have had to send our troops in harms way on so many deployments and I am certain that would have translated in a lot less suicides. In addition, it was the Republicans who recently helped create a program to help troops find jobs at home and then the same dickheads who created the legislation voted AGAINST the program just before they left for vacation this month to assure that President Obama got NO credit for the program. The party for a strong military my butt ! If he does everything he has promised (and then his staff has unpromised), our national debt will be at $25 trillion in no time BUT, the rich will be richer, the middle class will be screwed and life as we know it will degenerate into hopelessness (do I sound like a doom and gloom Republican ?). The truth is I am more accurate in my predictions than they have been in theirs.

  29. This really is sick for a person to go that far, he is really out of touch with the real world and to make a speech such as he has shows his real charter,which there is none. He and his running mate should bow there heads in shame ,but that is the Republican party, say and do what ever you want,as we are the upper class

  30. Romney…the jackass of all jackasses….he should be an embarrassment to his religion …or maybe his religion is all based on lies, so thinks it okay …hummm

  31. I am a registered Democrat. I will not vote for Obama. I am a combat infantry veteran. I am 100% service connected due to my combat in Vietnam. I suggest you check with the MOH recipients, 42, who are supporting Romney. We do know something about dnager and sacrifice. The Economy. National defense. You never brag on killing your enemy as Bin Laden by Biden and Obama.

    • While I appreciate your service to our country, I do not understand your reason for not voting for President Obama. If Bush2 and his group had killed Bin Laden, we would have been hearing about it everyday of the year while he was still in office. People have always bragged about killing their enemies thru all centuries, so Obama and Biden aren’t the first one to do so. How you as a Nam vet could support Romney, who is a draft dodger and was in France as a “missionary” while you were in Nam ending up with a 100% service connected disability from fighting in Nam. If elected, Romney and Ryan will not care about what happens to you or your family when they cut the VA’s budget and closes VA hospitals, turns your Va medical services into vouchers that won’t cover the cost of your medical costs. Cutting the VA budget is one of the biggest cuts in the Ryan budget along with medicare and Social Security and disability payments no matter where your disability money comes from Social Security or Vet’s disability money and you say you are going to vote for a party that doesn’t care anything about you or your family because you aren’t a millionaire like their candidates are. That I do not understand how anyone could vote for Romney since all he has for the majority of Americans is contempt and loathing that includes the MOH recipients who are supporting him.

    • Joel, you are fooling yourself but even worse, by supporting Republicans, you are hurting the Vets who have already been hurt enough. As to Romney’s erroneous, mis-stated and totally Bullsh** comments:

      This is outrageous. The Vet benefits are not in the sequestration. Even worse, the regular updated VET BENEFITS providing increases to keep up with inflation for Vets and the FUNDING to provide FAMILY DEATH BENEFITS who die in action have been placed ON HOLD -STOPPED in the Senate BY two unnamed REPUBLICANS – two Senate snakes.
      The VETS JOBS BILL that would have addressed the very problems that Romney is talking about WAS filibustered and thereby KILLED by the REPUBLICANS who, though Republicans were co-sponsors of the bill, it was paid for and had more than 50 votes, and though every eighty minutes unemployed, depressed and dispairing vets commit suicide and the Republicans are doing nothing to help them and everything to prevent Obama and the Senate Democrats from helping the Vets, , Romney has the audacity to blame Obama.

      These dispicable comments are a clear sign of a totally out of control Romney/Ryan campaign.

  32. Sad to say R/R will win but a little margin, because American people (most of them) are STUPID, GULLIBLE, NAIVE and LAZY to do research, lazy to think with own brains, and let people like R/R do thinking for them and scare the old Floridians out of their skins.
    Electing Bush is enough evidence that some of us are STUPID. Money talks and BS walks. Money always win, not common sense.

  33. Republican/Tea Party governors have been slashing social aides programs, funding to health care, mental health, and aide to veterans for nearly four years now, depriving Americans of basic neccessities at an economic straining time. They have been ordering their departments of labor to disqualify millions of Americans from receiving unemployment benefits. If Romney is testing his issues for the upcoming debates on old veterans, he should first stop relying on shallow information. He says something like that to President Obama in front of a national and international audience, he’ll get blown away.

    • “He says something like that to President Obama in front of a national and international audience, he’ll get blown away.” He’ll say it, or something equally as dumb, and I’ll laugh my butt off at how stoopid he will look!

  34. Military suicides are up because the same group of men and women are sent into combat over and over. A human mind can only handle so much horror then it tries to escape from that horror. Sending a military unit into combat in the same area more than once is cruel and hurts the mental health of each military person more each time they have to go back to Afghanistan or Iraq to fight. There should be a rule that no military personnel will be sent to either country more than twice and if possible no more than 1 time. Start drafting the guys who think they are to good to service in the military like the 5 Romney sons and many more of the rich brats that do nothing good for the country. Of course if the Romney sons were drafted dear old Dad and the Mormon church would get them out of it by sending them to France, England, Germany, Sweden and some other European country as missionaries for the church like their dad did to keep from having to face going to Viet Nam.
    Suicides will go down when we stop sending the same people time after time to fight in Afghanistan and other countries. Use the troops that are sent to safe countries repeatly to do some of the fighting if we must stay in a country we aren’t wanted in. Romney since you have never been in the Military what do you know about what is needed by our veterans. I know that President Obama hasn’t been in the Military either but he does listen to the people that have and know what our military and veterans need.

    • For someone who never served in the military, President Obama has done an excellent job on behalf of veterans, as has his wife. I can’t even imagine Ann Romney doing what Michelle Obama and Jill Biden have done to support military families. She views them as “you people”!

  35. Romney is grasping at anything to make Obama look bad, but this is the lowest yet. I think I smell desperation. I can’t wait to hear the debates. Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive.

  36. I am a honorably dsicharged veteran. Who totally disagrees with this guy’s asenine statement!
    Is this guy crazy or what? This socall presidantial canidate and his running mate should just quit and drop out all together. Yes, President Obama, may not have done everything he said he would. But, what president has during their tenure? President Obama just like any other past president had too compromise with the sante and congress. In his case though, racism and more ignorants has really prevented the true success of his presidency and our country over the past four years.

    Remember the republic party (GOP) initially set out to do nothing but destroy Mr. Obama’s presidency. They didn’t than and really still don’t care totally about what is right and good for us and our country (The United States of American.
    That is why canidates like Romey and Ryan make suck unAmerican statements and send jobs out of our country.

    • Eduardo: We’re here, but we’re not the idiots that you suppose we are. Haven’t you been reading this website? We’ve been slicing and dicing Romney and by extension jerks like you.

  37. Mitt Romney is lower than whale shit in my opinion. How anyone as depraved as he is can get to run for President is frightening. He makes the sleeziest of used car salesmen look like Saints. If I were a Mormon, I’d bow my head in shame.

  38. I say: give the man enough rope to hang himself because he’s only got a few inches to go.

    My apologies for making a joke about suicide, especially in this context, because there’s nothing funny about someone taking their own life. On the other hand, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather see hang himself than Mittens. (Karl Rove, maybe.)

    But that’s presuming he might develop a sense of shame for what he’s done and said and let me be VERY clear: Mitt Romney has no shame. If you told him that the only way he could be President was to first become a Panama pimp with a stable of nothing but HIV+ lepers, he’d jump at the offer. Quite frankly, I think the man would commit homicide to be this country’s CEO. (Because I don’t think he quite gets what “Presidential” means, do you?)

    On yet another hand (work with me here), we can’t be too appalled at what he and Ryan are indubitably planning to do to the VA if they are elected. (Why the hell don’t we get to choose a VP, too? This two-man presidency thing is an antique from Colonial days! And don’t get me started on the goddamned electoral college…) We have, after all, stood complacently by and done very little as the VA has morphed into the worst bureaucracy in history. We’ve allowed the benefits and support that we promised our men and women (who signed their contracts with their own blood) to erode, bit by bit, until we now have whole buildings full of backlogged (and mildewed) files that are literally overloading the floors.

    We also have a lot of people suffering; terribly, tragically, and needlessly.

    We don’t get to decide who runs the VA. We have to trust our Administration and Congress to make that decision for us. Obama has done his best, even though he’s in the position of being the proverbial one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. He did an end run around Congress in appointing the head of the Consumer Protection Board and the Republicans wanted to impeach him. Let’s cross our fingers, vote for Barack, and pray that he’s got the stones to do another end run at the VA.

    He might save a few lives.

    • I work for a defense contractor involved in providing benefits and counseling to veterans. Been involved in this type of work in one capacity or another for about 20 years (since I retired from the military myself). I see first-hand how much progress has been made in the VA, and it’s remarkable! However, the case managers are overwhelmed not only with new vets but also with vets from previous wars. They’re doing the best they can, but it’s kind of like the economy: the hole is so deep that it will take a lot of very innovative ideas and hard work to climb out of it.

      • George:

        How about this: We hire more counselors and assess Romney and the other rich enough money to pay their salaries and payroll taxes.

  39. Romney is desperate, so he is grasping at any issue to try and make himself look good. Sadly, he chooses to use the tragedy of veteran suicide as a political football. Given enough time, I am sure he could come up with a way to make some money on the matter as well. I cannot help but wonder how much lower he will stoop in his ego trip in seeking the Presidency. I certainly hope that voters will see through these vain efforts and do their best to make sure that Mitt does not live in the White House—ever!

  40. This is outrageous. The Vet benefits are not in the sequestration. Even worse, the regular updated VET BENEFITS providing increases to keep up with inflation for Vets and the FUNDING to provide FAMILY DEATH BENEFITS who die in action have been placed ON HOLD -STOPPED in the Senate BY two unnamed REPUBLICANS – two Senate snakes.
    The VETS JOBS BILL that would have addressed the very problems that Romney is talking about WAS filibustered and thereby KILLED by the REPUBLICANS who, though Republicans were co-sponsors of the bill, it was paid for and had more than 50 votes, and though every eighty minutes unemployed, depressed and dispairing vets commit suicide and the Republicans are doing nothing to help them and everything to prevent Obama and the Senate Democrats from helping the Vets, , Romney has the audacity to blame Obama.

    These dispicable comments are a clear sign of a totally out of control Romney/Ryan campaign.

  41. Thank God, that Romney never learns from his mistakes. He will stoop down to any level and tell any lies that he thinks he can get away with BUT, He is so out of touch with the American people that he doesn’t know that he continuously crosses the line of honesty and decency. And even his supporters know that this statement is disgusting. He is the one committing Political suicide, and I could not be happier

  42. I do not know where he has been but my husband fought in WWII & Korea, he came back wounded and mentally impaired, my brother fought in Vietnam , he has Post Traumatic , neither one of these had Mental Health when they returned home, especially my brother, people spit at him and Obama had nothing to do with this.

  43. We have huge numbers of our men and women that are returning from conflict,//// and what woulkd you know anything about that ? you your the anti-christ romney . the one who when its time to defend the USA you run and haide in france like the coward you are . im sure your kids are prode of you . hmmmm well did anmy of them sign up to serve ? or are your 5 boys cowards like dear o,l dad also

  44. Given the needs of our veterans, how in the world, as commander-in-chief, you could stand by as we shrink our military commitment financially is something that I don’t understand, and I will reverse it,” he added//// how could you ever understand anything like this as for you as you run and hide like a coward when the country would need you to help it . and you taught your 5 boys well be cowards like daddy take a shot for the country anti-christ romney a shot to your empty head

  45. Romney himself has even expressed support for converting veterans’ health care into a voucher system, which would surely leave many veterans unable to afford essential care///// how can this anti-christ romney say anything with out putting his feet in his and ryans mouth

  46. Romney is correct: the mental well-being of American veterans is a crisis. By crassly using that crisis as a political football, however, he opens himself up to a debate about who really stands for veterans — and it’s a debate that he really does not want to have./// well yes one can understand the ant-christ romney at this point for him never being in any battle or war ( because the coward runs and hides ) and with out ever beinging in any conflick at all he still has more mind problems then any solder comeing back . one of the troops could have a bomb go off in his head and still wont hit the damage that romney has in his mind

  47. Romney is lying. His campaign is in ruins. He will say anything to blame Obama for anything in his warped mind.

    Defense cuts do NOT lead to veteran suicides.

    Adolph Hitler stated:
    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

  48. Budget what budget. There hasn’t’ been a budget since Obama was elected. His proposal is no more than cut to the military at a time when its needed most. Not good, not now.

  49. This needs local folks to visit VFWs and spread the word. Veterans often vote Republican, and they need to know EXACTLY who is funding the VA and who is not. Great time to engage with your neighbors.

  50. Even if a person hates Obama with all there hart, and disagrees with everything he has done, or wants to do, why would they vote for a pair of – juvenile delinquents, like Romney and Ryon? They can’t even agree on which window to brake first.

  51. How can you want to be president when you don’t know that the defense dept. and the VA have seperate budgets. Goes along with his projected attitude that as president he will just do everything without the advice of congress.

  52. Willard’s criticism rings hollow; and not only for the reasons cited in this article. Willard has never served his Country; in fact, when he reached draft age, while 58,000 of our bravest died in Vietnam, Willard actively sought to, and succeeded in avoiding the draft by securing four separate deferrments, providing him with five years of immunity from the draft so that, inter alia, he could enjoy life in France for two years. At the same vtime, he joined protest marches supporting the war, while declaring that if ever ordered to go, he would refuse. And this guy wants to be C-I-C of our Armed Forces; a severe case of cognative disonance; although he totally failed to even mention iin his Convention those who had or were putting their lives on the line for our Country in Afghanastan and around the globe.

  53. I like the “Wrongney” reference! It’s sad that he has not realized there is something in the world called the internet. We can fact check anything. He’s an opportunist, but a stupid one. Politicians in general are great at throwing a statement out as fact, because they know that many people are gullible and will not bother to research the truth! The media is a major player in how misinformation is disseminated. It’s up to all of us to find the truth in what’s being fed. A personal challenge for all who desire a better world…

  54. No, Unfortunately there isn’t anything that he will not lie about.
    One of the things, that he isn’t talking about is that these soldiers are coming back from 5 -7 deployments, and that is why they are breaking down.
    We need to End these perpetual wars in multiple countries, and the only way to do this is to Cut the Pentagon Budget, and Increase the budget for Veterans Care and Social Security.

  55. Rom-ney, I have tried to be nice when commenting on your articles; but this takes the cake. You are a fucking idot and you really need to go back to being the crude business man that you are. Go back to closing down companies, because you are just fishing. No one in their right mind can agree with you on this, because the President has clearing funded the the Veterans Administration from the beginning of his term. You are the most conning, manipulative bastard; you are worst than Bush when he stole the election. Ask yourself is this really the person that you want running our country. ANY LIE WILL DO!!!

  56. As a Vet availing myself of the services of the V.A. hospital system, I have noted no increase or decrease of the assistance from them. I don’t believe either Obama or anyone else has had anything to do with this. The country is proud of their vets and any attempt to delete any of the services would really be a backstabbing move by our politicians.

  57. Actually the subject above and any connection to sequestration is yours. Veterans, particulary those needing access to the subject above recognized the two as separate. It is possible make the connection to cuts caused by sequestration if you consider that cuts affect religious service activities, such as counseling. Make this connection, then yes, sequestration does affect benefits. One considering suicide may have a change of heart if religious counceling is more readily, abundantly accessable.

    • Your point being?

      I guess the you are a “separation of church and state” denier. The government has no business funding anyone’s religious activities.

  58. Is this not the Azzwipe that took 4 deferments from going to VIETMAN?????? Then he got the NERVE to say to a VET, that he was doing the VET a favor by being “PREP” to be the President of the United States one day???? LIAR.

  59. his scare tactic are back firing — he can just relate with the super weathly and protect their
    over seas investmants- just SCARE TACTICS and tax advantages for the super wealthy

  60. It is financially and morally irresponsible to burden ONE COUNTRY, this country with policing the WHOLE WORLD.
    We cannot but loyalty and respect, We MUST Reduce the presence of US forces in certain areas, they don’t want it beyond the money angle.
    Concentrate on Africa Corps here’s light at the end of that tunnel.. The MIddle East and Asia is done for.
    The mental health of our troops are being put to the supreme test and they are failing, too much time deployed,too little downtime, rsources are limited because of finances,etc……..

    • You’re right. We must get out of the Middle East. Our unqualified support of Israel in spite of the humanitarian aspects of the settlements ethnic cleansing disgrace has cost us the regard of our allies throughout the World. Now Israel wants to start World War III by bombing Iran and Netanyahu is trying to coerce our support by timing their attack during the run up to the elections.

  61. God this man is ruthless, Please people, VOTE. Do not allow this nasty low life nothing rich arrogant POS a chance. The only way you can do that is to vote. Take it real seriously this time. Our childrens future depend on this. Take away his money and he is truly garbarge, without a soul!!!!

  62. Romney, poor Romney, he just cannot accept the fact that Obama has done so much more for our Veterans than Bush ever did!!! He cannot accept that President Obama definitely stands head and shoulders above Bush, Romney himself, and all Repubuplicans. Witness the parade of crazies during the Republican Campaign!!! NONE of them had any solutions, but they all had ONE purpose in common: “To make this President a one-term President”!!! They had NO solutions but plenty of FALSE accusations against President Obama. The Republicans’ purpose is to try and destroy anyone who gets in their way. I read in another article where the Republicans were described as the GOP Cloud Cuckoo-Land” I could not describe it any better than that as that is definitey what the GOP has become.

  63. The man is totally lacking in scruples. He continues to sieze upon any subject that would be taboo for political purposes by other politicians just to lash out at the President. Vets, Libyan diplomats and Navy Seals murdered, using defense budget cuts, etc. just to further his cause, are fair game to this dishonest man. Is this the type of person we want in the White House, I ask you? If he gets in, those who voted for him deserve whatever they get. The fallout, however, is innocent people will get hurt. But he has already said he is not concerned about the 49% and has already written them off.

  64. This is a lie! The Republican House voted down a bill to give more money to traumatized veterans dealing with PTWS…they claimed enough money was already allocated for this…look it up for yourselves! Lies! Lies! Lies!

  65. “Chickenhawk” Romney does not seem to have a clue about the military. He also doesn´t seem tpo have a clue about efficient cost management in the military. Yes, you can cut defense spending costs by at least 50% by eliminating a lot of the cost overruns, etcetera. But troops come first. And troops with “p.t.s.d.” and other social psychological disordrs do need our love, our support. I myself am a nam era vet. A lot of friends and relatives were wounded, some killed, and some M.I.A. forever. ” And more American troop veterans of Vietnam died by their own hand than were killed in the entire conflict!

    Shit he was missionizing in France while the rest of our generation was either serving or opposing the war. “Chickenhawks” politicisation of vet suicides was “over the top again”. Chckenhawk Romney has no love of service to other people, but only to himself. It seems he wants to rule for the sake of “ruling” not to be of service

    Obama has a a clue. he knows vets need support. He knows they need jobs. He knows they may need social – pschiatric services. Many do develop problems with drugs (legal and illegal) and alcohol, and drift off in a downward spiral of social isolation, joblessness, and depression which ends in suicide. Damn it.

    Many Vets look back on “basic training” boot camp with mixed feelings. It was tought- but thee was “The Great American Melting Pot” in action. Marched in, told how to march, all exterior differences of clothes- gone. No expensive “designer sutff”- just “uniform”. And then- no more hair… and then no more name- just a designation – Private, and a serial number. it is where we learnt to take care of the other guy- because he might be the person in the battlefield to save our lives.

    Actually, when I look at “Chickenhawk” Romney´s ill advised advised advocacy of more “military force”.. I think to myself fine: He should then be consequential enough to say “re-instate the draft” and then let at least three of his sons go through basic training – like the rest of us.

    When I hear about “chickenhawks” like Romney advocating armed conflict with Iran, and those advocating renewed military presence in Iraq, not drawing down I.S.A.F. forces in Afghanistan, and possibly even getting militarilly involved in Syria (to favour Israel again) I have to wonder and scratch my head. Look at the globe. Go from the Mediterannean coastline of Syria, through Iraq, then Iran, and then all the way to the Afghan- Chinese border. That is an awfully big landmass, almost 4 5ths the size of the empire conquered by Alexander the Great-

    When I hear Repugnican “stink tank” strategists and nutcases like “Chickenhawk” Romney talking, i have to scratch my head- “And with what f-wording Army do you intend to permanently occupy that landmass?”

    Really, Romney is out of touch with “them” the 47%. .. the workers of america, the labourers, the military, the Vets. etcetera. All he wants is to be “the big boss”- but is as clueless as one can get.

    There is an old rule in the military that every officer and n.c.o. knows – “The men eat first”. That includes the vets. My goodness. when I served, there was a consensus among employers that vets got preferential treatment in employment.

    Still, the “biggest psychological stress” factor of military service has to do with the nature of “the business”. No matter how you cut the mustard, it is all about being actively prepared for using offensive and defensive force. That has not changed over the millenia. It is all about cutting off and killing, and being cut off and killed. War is not an N.F.L. football game.

    And when that contagion breaks out, it leaves behind military and civilian dead, wounded cripples, and severely traumatized people. That is the way it always has been, and always will be. You cannot change the nature of that. You can have all the sophisticated drones you want. You can have the remote controlled – tracked reconnaisance and combat robots – currently seeing action in I.S.A.F., But in the end, it comes down to people doing the killing and being killed.

    Our “citizen wariors” have it tough. Romney so missed the point. “Why is it that more Vietnam veterans comitted suicide than soldiers were killed in action during that conflict?” “Why is it that more veterans of Iraq I committed suicide than soldiers were killed in action during that conflict?” ” Why is it that more vets from Iraq II committed suicide than there were soldiers were killed in action during that conflict?” The same questions hold true of the I.S.A.F. mission. There are complex social-psychologicasl reasons, that cannot be dismissed by “oh its because we´re cutting the purchasing of expensive, cost overrun weapons systems? as the idiot just suggested.

    As a vet, I found Romney´s comments to be extremely disconcerting and dissonant with what I understood the role of the American “citizen soldier” to be.
    His record at Bain Capital establishes that he is unfit to be the CEO of corporate America, because he doesn´t care about U.S. workers as he himself admitted.. And his adroit service avolidance during Vietnam only establishes that he is totally unit to be the Commander in Chief because he has no idea about the nature of war and what it demands of our “citizen soldiers”.-

    His speech about not caring for the 47% was so telling. That also includes our physically and mentally wounded vets. The question is this. Does ‘America carry its wounded?”
    Romney is evasive as usual on this as well.

    This election is also about that: “Does America carry its wounded?” My absentee ballot has already been marked for the team that cares – Obama – Biden 2012.

    I have never seen or heard anything so sick. Romney insinuating that vets are committing suicide because Obama wants to trim the procurement fat off the military budgets.Blaming vet suicdes on Obama is cold calculating and calloused… and very sick. May God give Romney the life hereafter he deserves on the planet Kolub or wherever. My vet spirit won´t want anything to do with him there, either.

    • I agree with you 100%. Sure maybe some commit suicide because they can’t find a job but most do it because what they see in war. Vietnam war, children with bombs strap on them trying to kill our soldiers, what would Romney do get blown up or kill the child. Also he does not understand what war is about. He was a draft dodger, and his sons never serve. I don’t believe he never went to a combat unit and watch what goes on, only then he will understands what our men and women goes though, what they see. And he said he is for the veteran.NOT

  66. I was a military wife for 8 years in the 1980’s. My husband was an enlisted man and the pay was miserable. I made more doing kp work as a civilian in the mess hall than my own husband did as an E-4. I also got treated better than most GI’s.
    I was an ER nurse and had seen many of our returning GI’s coming in so depressed, they were literally suicidal and sometimes psychotic. The city inwhich I live has one VA medical center and they are completely overwhelmed by the number of returning GI’s in crisis.
    I now work in public health. Our clinic has a vertans office to help those GI’s who have found themselves homeless. While there are some programs to try to help our veterans, we need more. Our nation’s most precious resource- our military members- deserve more.

    When you go to the polls, remember that the republicans voted to DENY a bill that would have provided help to our returning veterans. This bill was written primarily by the republicans and when democrats supported it as well, republicans voted against it to deny ANY kind of victory to the Obama administration. WE MUST RID OUR COUNTRY OF OBSTRUCTIONIST REPUBLICANS!!!

  67. My friend..sending the Romney boys to fight a WAR is against their religion! Also, sending the son’s, father’s or husbands of the Rich will not be well for them….maybe because they need to “hold down the fort” here in America for the 47% of Americans that they consider FREELOADERS!

  68. It’s amazing to me that two men–Romeny/Ryan who tout their faith so fervently feel no compunction whatsoever about lying. I can understand that they have what they consider legitimate disagreements with the President’s policies. But run on those differences, not on lies. It disgraces them and it’s a disservice to the country they purport to love and want to lead.

  69. VA mental healthcare is virtually non existent thanks to barak placing more emphasis on female health services rather than our combat service members. Couple with a backlog of over 1,000,000 disability claims so that disable vets have to be homeless to receive state aid.
    Then add id a 90% unemployment rate for 9/11 vets who have been discharged and Vets having to fight under baraks rules of engagement that places more value on moooslim lives than our own troops and you have once again have an incompetent, quota recipient sitting in the WH

  70. This is absolutely the most egregious kind of lie that Romney is putting out. Our servicemen are killing themselves because of the unremitting stress of war! And when our own damn congress votes against them, votes against veterans jobs and more, they are complicit in adding to that stress. To hell with Romney, the draft dodging coward.


  72. @George, are you kidding me? Have you checked the current military pay chart? An E-4 makes nearly 30K a year and that doesn’t count the what 1K per month housing allowance. Food Stamps? Really?

  73. I was bemused to read recently that Romney was leading among veterans by something like 2-1. Now that the electorate is getting an education about what the Ryan budget will do to programs across the board, I suspect that 2-1 ratio is going to change quickly.

    It’s also amusing to hear Mr Romney criticizing the administration for announcing that it intends to follow the law, ie, enforcing the Budget Control Act of 2011. As if the administration has any choice in the matter. This whole scenario can be directly traced to the Congressional GOP’s insistence on obstructionism since the 2010 mid-terms…

  74. The Republicans just went to recess without passing the veteran’s bill, and Romney is blaming Obama? What a bunch of never ending liars. ROMNEY LIES 24/7 and so do the rest of the Republican party.

  75. What a liar Mitt Romney is. He spoke of the military as if he even cares. Forty republican congressmen and women just voted no on a chance for helping returning veterans getting jobs. He will lie about anything to steal this election. Beware of what you ask for. You just might get it. Just read that they are at it again in Florida. They have been caught trying to falsify votes.

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