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Saturday, October 21, 2017

WATCH: Romney Tries To Recover From ‘47 Percent’ Comment With New Ad

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign released a new ad today emphasizing the candidate’s “compassion,” in a clear attempt to stop the bleeding from his infamous “47 percent” video.

The ad, titled “Too Many Americans,” features Romney speaking directly into the camera for a full 60 seconds as he blasts the slow economic recovery of the past four years.

“Too many Americans are struggling to find work in today’s economy. Too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck, trying to make falling incomes meet rising prices for food and gas,” Romney says in the ad. “More Americans are living in poverty than when President Obama took office and 15 million more are on food stamps. President Obama and I both care about poor and middle-class families. The difference is my policies will make things better for them.”

Romney then pivots to language that evokes George W. Bush’s original campaign message of “compassionate conservatism.”

“We shouldn’t measure compassion by how many people are on welfare. We should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good paying job,” Romney argues. “My plan will create 12 million new jobs over the next four years — helping lift families out of poverty and strengthening the middle class.”

This is Romney’s first direct-to-camera ad of the campaign season. The shift in technique — and the new emphasis on compassion and poverty — underscore the fact that Romney is on the defensive over his secretly recorded remarks that 47 percent of the country are victims, and will vote for President Obama no matter what. As NBC News’ First Read points out, “Candidate-to-camera ads are typically when all else is failing and the bonds of trust with the voters are fraying. ”

That certainly seems to be the case here. The video of the fundraiser has been viewed over 3,000,000 times, and the Obama campaign has already used it in two devastating attack ads, with more likely to come. Polling suggests that Romney’s comments have made a major impact on voters. According to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, 54 percent see Romney’s comments in an unfavorable light, compared to just 32 percent who saw them favorably. Furthermore, a startling 64 percent of independents now hold unfavorable impressions of Romney’s campaign, up 18 percent from July.

The Romney campaign allowed Democrats to attack Romney’s private sector business record for months before directly responding, a move that many pundits blame for the candidate’s persistently low favorability ratings. They seem determined not to make the same mistake with the 47 percent controversy — but, if recent polls are to be believed, the effort may be too little, too late.

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298 Responses to WATCH: Romney Tries To Recover From ‘47 Percent’ Comment With New Ad

  1. Mr. Etch a Sketch is at it again. Who knows where he stands? Trying to figure out his position on anything is like trying to carry a bowling ball in a cobweb. Go back to your mansions, mitty and anny and leave us alone. We can do so much better without either of you – especially that wife of his – she makes my teeth itch and my hair hurts- she is so phony. Her and her supposed MS.


      • wow regina , alittle hostile there aren’t you ,, what flag show it to me ,, why do you keep repeating the lies,,, and hollering so you think if you say them loud enough we will all believe you. shame on you . you comdemn people for there thoughts cause they don’t agree with you ,, its fine to disagree ,, but your on a liberal blog and you think your right lol hehheh get a life and go to fox news to post at least there people will think your smart

        • Sheeple is a term meaning people who wll follow a person or idea or movement irregardless of its merit, like sheep. They could have just as well as used lemmings and coined the term lepple or leople.

        • A sheeple is a subset of dittohead. You know, the ignorant people who nod like a bunch of bobble head dolls whenever Rush or Newt open their mouths.

        • She meant to say SHEEP??? My neighbor is 49 yrs old and have MS and she can barely walk, she can’t ride on water jetski or ride a dancing horse. Regina knows everything about Ann – they are pals. Both visit each houses she hers and Regina hers.
          Regina is one of the SHEEPS that will go off the cliff even if it kills her. Hate and racism is a powerful suicidal tool. It reminds of old western where the landowners use other gunslingers to terrorize the town and poor sheriff has few deputies and few citizens on his side the rest hide in their houses and watch instead of helping the sherif to cleanup the town of bad guys. The gunslingers get killed (for nothing – when u R dead U don’t need the money), landowner usually is driven out of town, jailed or dead. Then the city folks come out of their holes and cheer the sheriff (if he is still brerathing) and reap the benefits of others sacrifices to do the right thing. SHe is one of those gunslingers – will run with them and get shit in return, only her vote it matters to them after that she and like her are IRRELEVANT. Oh the power of Faux News and it’s highly educated parrots (NOT), who know nothing, learn nothing and will know nothing and deserve nothing. I never saw Michelle in burka – did you guys?? I saw Michelle a beautifly dressed groomed First Lady vs Ann with expensdive shirt with an ugly fish on it and last in a suit suitable for street corner job. All she needed was high boots, more leather and a whip. Voila USA First lady – dominitrix. Hahahahaha. SHe needs to do something with her hair also. It’s a mess, always. Usually GOOD preavail over BAD.
          Too bad people like her breed, vote and use oxygen.
          IGNORE HER.

  2. Problem..have been in 3 offices this morning with TV’s on ..when the advert starts people just turn away or go back to their conversations ! This might have worked a few months ago…but now no one seems to be listening to him!

  3. Romney’s sudden move to the center-right is a tacit acknowledgment that his campaign is on a free fall. The problem is not what he is saying now, but which Mitt Romney would be in the Oval Office if he is elected on Nov.6. Quite frankly, there is no need to take a chance. We have a very capable President in office, one who in spite of the tremendous obstacles he faced since his first day in office was able to turn things around without the usual self congratulatory pronouncements so typical in politicians, and one who has kept us safe and restored our international credibility in the troubled world we live in.
    It is time for Mitt to do what he does best, head back to Bain and makes lots of money, hide the proceeds in Switzerland, sail his beautiful yacht and consider buying a companion for Rafalca.

    • I don’t t think he was trying to go center-right, by using the “welfare code” Does he think that there are two types of people “working people” and “welfare recepients” Not everyone who are affected by the economic downturn is on welfate. How do people get welfare anyway? this 47% individual is real estate broker, I went from making about $80,000 to barely making $10,000. I didn’t apply nor do I think I can get welfare. Who is talking to?

      • He is NOT talking to real people. He just wants to be president by any means necessary. Constantly bashing the president is making me tired of even listening to what he is saying. He does not talk facts, just pie in the sky stuff.

      • Well, I am not sure whether Romney would consider me a taker but I am definitely not one of the nearly 50% who pay no income tax ($13K Fed income tax last year which is a H–l of a lot more than 14%) BUT I think Romney would still consider me a taker since I draw a pension and have health insurance (no Social Security or Medicare though due to wasting to many years as LEO, military, other uncovered jobs). On the other hand, I did help keep a local business afloat by paying them $11K to install an upgraded heat pump instead of $5K just to replace my worn out one with a rebuilt one.

    • Today’s polling numbers do not indicate a free fall; Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows both President Obama and Mitt Romney attracting support from 46% of voters nationwide. Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate, and five percent (5%) are undecided. When “leaners” are included, it’s Romney 48% and Obama 46%.

      What you now see this candidate doing is the same approach used by Ronald Reagan at this point in his campaign against Jimmy Carter. However, Reagan trailed by 7 points at that point.

      It will really come down to the debates starting next week.

      • You GOP guys need to understand that Jimmy Carter was a much better President than your George Bush. It is poetic justice that it was a Carter connection that exposed the video on how Romney really feels about half the country. If your party had made it their priority to help the country instead of obstructing, lying and, racially dividing the country in your efforts to destroying the President, you might have a more optimistic view for November.

          • I have to tell Obama not to give in until the next more if he is behind. Look to the past when all thought Dewey was the winner and by morning he was gone.

        • Jimmy Carter was a disaster and I will not defend Bush Jr. as I believe he is an establishment progressive. The Administration today only looks back to Bush for problems. Churchill – “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”

          The answers are back at when the greatest expansion in USA history began: 1983 to 2006.

          • 1983-2006, that is when the wealthy elites began taking a bigger and bigger piece of the economic pie as the working man’s share flatlined, workers benefits like pensions and health insurance were gutted, American manufacturing and even service jobs were sent overseas by the millions, and the national debt, financial deregulation and the occurences of debilitating economic bubbles all proliferated. And Old church, you see this as a good time WHY?

          • Financial deregulation took place in 1997 and it was a big mistake. The next was letting Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to get into the sub-prime business. Thank you Barney Frank and Friends.

            The largest exporters of Jobs to China: Apple, GM, GE, Silicone Valley et al. Check the donations of these companies – “The Political Class”.

          • Conservatives just can’t seem to get it right. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae got into the sub prime business because banks LIED to them and provided them with false documentation when selling their loans to fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The loans that they bought APPEARED to be legitimate according to the documentation they received. It had nothing to do with Barney Frank and friends. It had to do with banks figuring out to make huge profits on bad loans by selling them with false documentation,

          • Your totally wrong. Sub-Prime lending was encouraged to increase the % of home ownership in America. If Fannie and Freddie were not allowed to buy these loans they would not have expanded at the pace that they did. Barney Frank saw this as a way to expand home ownership to lower income Americans. Fannie and Freddie then packaged the loans and guaranteed the derivatives. The American Public got it in the end because of the Greed of our so-called leaders and their unquenchable thirst for power.

          • Well, NorthChurch, you have make the mistake to only listening to the ignorant ultra-conservatives instead of checking the facts. Frank & Friends passed a bill that outlawed banks from redlining whole zip codes and then not writing mortgages no matter how qualified a person was in those areas. The subprimes came from Brokers and banks busy lying to poor people “I can get you into your own home with a smaller monthly payment than what you are currently paying in rent.” is a powerful argument that is hard to resist by people who are naive financially (most Americans) and don’t realize that those payments do not even cover the monthly interest charges. The brokers and the banks did not care how badly over leveraged the buyer was because they were busy faking paperwork to make them look solvent and then unloading them to others such as Fannie, Freddie, pension funds, etc.

          • OK everyone, both Republicans and Democrat’s are to blame for this crisis, not Banks. Jim Leach(R), Mike Oxley (R) and Barney Frank (D) were Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee who has over-site on Fannie and Freddie.

            When President Clinton announced his National Homeownership Strategy in June 1995, he spoke of the need to “make it easy for people to own their own homes.” And, when President Bush introduced his American Dream Down Payment Initiative in 2002, he deplored the “home-ownership gap” and spoke of “dismantling the barriers that prevent minorities from owning a piece of the American dream.”

            In 1996, the Department of Housing and Urban Development began setting annual goals for the proportion of mortgages of low- and moderate-income families that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were required to buy. The goal was increased each year, rising from 40% in 1996 to 57% by 2008. While Fannie and Freddie were the “dominant players in the market,” other government agencies, including the Federal Housing Administration, participated in the unfolding tragedy. Over a 16-year period, the U.S. government promoted subprime and other nontraditional mortgages, degraded mortgage-underwriting standards, and caused both the mortgage meltdown and the global financial crisis that resulted from it.

            “When it all went wrong politicians both in the U.S. and elsewhere sought to deflect attention from their own actions by…attacking and blaming the banks. Of course, many of the banks played their part as well, but the prime responsibility is a political one of seeking to increase homeownership at any price.”

            Want to solve the Banking problem? Repeal Frank-Dodd and the Gramm-Leach-Bailey Act. No more Mega Financial Institutions. Big everything is always a problem.

          • Only partially.

            OK everyone, both Republicans and Democrat’s are to blame for this crisis, not Banks. Jim Leach(R), Mike Oxley (R) and Barney Frank (D) were Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee who has over-site on Fannie and Freddie.

            When President Clinton announced his National Homeownership Strategy in June 1995, he spoke of the need to “make it easy for people to own their own homes.” And, when President Bush introduced his American Dream Down Payment Initiative in 2002, he deplored the “home-ownership gap” and spoke of “dismantling the barriers that prevent minorities from owning a piece of the American dream.”

            In 1996, the Department of Housing and Urban Development began setting annual goals for the proportion of mortgages of low- and moderate-income families that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were required to buy. The goal was increased each year, rising from 40% in 1996 to 57% by 2008. While Fannie and Freddie were the “dominant players in the market,” other government agencies, including the Federal Housing Administration, participated in the unfolding tragedy. Over a 16-year period, the U.S. government promoted subprime and other nontraditional mortgages, degraded mortgage-underwriting standards, and caused both the mortgage meltdown and the global financial crisis that resulted from it.

            “When it all went wrong politicians both in the U.S. and elsewhere sought to deflect attention from their own actions by…attacking and blaming the banks. Of course, many of the banks played their part as well, but the prime responsibility is a political one of seeking to increase homeownership at any price.”

            Want to solve the Banking problem? Repeal Frank-Dodd and the Gramm-Leach-Bailey Act. No more Mega Financial Institutions. Big everything is always a problem.

      • The popular vote remains fairly close, but the electoral college vote, which is what really matters, does not. President Obama has a commanding lead and if things remain the way they are today he will surpass the 270 votes needed to win by a wide margin.

        • I sure hope so. This flip-flopper, Robme, will devastate this country and his VP partner, Lyin Ryan, already has devastated Wisconsin. Only a total fool would vote for these tea bags.

          • Donnie, can I call you Donnie…………. I’m a “fool” in a sly kind of way! Did I mention that we just love hearing from you………….. next.

          • Donnie, you said you “sure hope so” in response to Dominick………………….. may I suggest you hope in one hand and sh*t in the other and just maybe your DREAMS will come true! Perhaps all you will end up with is a stinky hand!………. your call

          • It is apparent you think you are clever, but you really have zero class based on the way express yourself and the vulgarities you chose to use to get your “point”? across..

        • Polling shows he must win Florida, Ohio and Virginia. He is only leading by 2 points in Fl and 1 in OH and VA. In non of these is he over 50%. It will be very close in either direction.

          • Sorry friend but you haven’t been keeping up with the polls.
            Ohio – Obama by 12 pointts
            Florida – Obama by 9 points
            Virginia – Obama by 8 points

            and gosh every time Romney opens his mouth the spread just keeps getting larger.

            He is even ahead in North Carolina, the state that looked like it was going Romney.

          • There is absolutely no polling that has given more than a 6 to 10 seat pickup in the House by Democrat’s and the best is a 48 to 52 hold in the Senate. Most have the Senate at 50 – 50.

        • Well he is obviously going to win so they need to stop their campaign ads, stop taking contributions and lay off their staff. That is what I am putting out tomorrow to the people…. that their vote isn’t needed cuz this is all sowed up!

          • That 13, is that your age? I understand many people oppose Obama, and I actually enjoy reading rational arguments from his detractors, since I see them so infrequently. They are usually barely coherent bigotry laced vitriolic diatribes or FOX-BOTS parroting the latest right wing-nut sound bites that have little connection to reality. Then there are the adult children like you running around these blogs yelling the equivelant of “you’re a poopy head”. It’s quite tiring and disappointing as political debate used to occur at such a higher level in this country.

      • Just keep believing that Romney is making a come back. Too late friend. Just saw the new polling on three of the swing states and it sure didn’t look good for Romney (8 to 12 points for Obama). Sorry to say but Romney just needs to know when to keep his mouth shut. I am an independant and was undecided for quite some time but with all the etch-a-sketching, flip-flopping- and stupid comments, there was nothing to do but be scared of having such an incompetent person in office. Everyday the polls are showing Obama pulling ahead and odds for President is: 76% Obama and 24% Romney. If I were a betting person, I think it would be Obama.

        • The polls you are quoting sampled D -36%, I-37%, R-27% for Florida. August registration is D-41%, I-21%, R-36% a very real difference. That is why these polls historically have such bad results when compared to the actual elections. Place your bet.

      • TONC; you are way off target. even Rassmussen is showing Obama leading Romney by 6%. You are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts.

      • I have seen any polls that you have seen. Ohio 10% Obama Florida 7% must win States.

        We will see how the Polls after Oct 3rd Debate. Regan was a Governor in California he gave illegal immigrates to become citizens.

        Keep talking this man who not good for California they starting coming over in droves. That’s why we will never be a Red State.

      • Romney is in free fall as he is behind by any where from 10-18 points depending on which state you access. He just doesn’t understand the country. He is a rich man who can’t really equate with the middle class or lower class. If elected he would only bring a bigger divide into the country. The rich will get richer and more of the middle class would fall into the lower class. You can’t trust him as he will say anything and change his stance on major issues just to get elected. We have a good President who has improved the economy from a total disaster when he took over to a economy which is improving day by day. You can’t expect the economy to make a dramatic recovery when it took the Bush Adminsitration eight years to get us into a recession. Especially when the Rep. Congress had one object that being to unseat the President. to do this they litterly threw the country under the bus. Here in Mn unemployment is at 5% and businesses are hiring and the housing has recovered quite well. Apartment bldgs. are springing up like pop corn. The FBI is cracking down on scams with frightning rapidity. There were so many scams in the Bush era because of lack oversight that now they are falling like cord wood. Romney is not debating against Michelle Bachman and her Rep. cohorts who fronted as Presidential candidates. Romney wants to go back to the failed Bush policies that threw our country into a recession. How sad when you think that before Bush the last such situation was when H. Hoover was President. FDR pulled the country out of that one. Now President Obama has started the same type of recovery.

      • He had better hope that all of his hopes are not on the debates. Have you heard the man speak? He sounds like a 7th grader when he tries to make a point. He hems and haws and double talks himself like a child. Thinking and speaking off the cuff is definitely not his strong suite. I am really looking forward to the debates. I am sure he will have some prepared statements, but his impromptu statements will be the interesting and funny ones.

    • We have a good President whocame in and tried to solved 30 years of Republicanism and the Americsan people are expecting Obama to solve for those past problems in just four years. Send in the Republicans and they will continue for another 30 years.

        • Tonight Romney Had Showed Just How Wishy Washy He Really Is By Bringing Mike Rowe From Dirty Jobs On Stage With Him!! Mike Rowe Talked About Everything Obama Wants For America Romney Is Back At His Flip Flopping Ways Again!! Who In The Hell Wants A Man That Can’t For The Life Of Him Can’t Stick To One Side And Stay There!! Being On Stage With Romney Was A Dirty Job!!

          • He contradicts himself on lowing taxes in two consecutive sentences, first he said he will lower taxes for everyone, in the next sentence “don’t expect your taxes to go lower, because I will eliminate deductions”. Are the people at his events paying attention?

  4. If only he would do an ad with dancing horsies. It wouldn’t make any difference regarding what he has to say (anything if he thinks it will get him elected), but at least it would have some entertainment value.

  5. Mitt Romney wouldn’t know Compassion if it bit him in the ass. That is the main thing he lacks as a human being: compassion. That lack would make him a terrible president.

  6. we are in a campaign where stuff is just “said”.. what’s some details of that plan Romney mentioned to put 12,000,000 folks back to work.. just some details..Oh, not mentioned I see.. Just trust and hope.. while that 47% Romney’s disavowed, shiver out in the cold.

    • The centerpiece of Romney’s plan involves a lower tax rate for the wealthy, elimination of some popular deductions, and elimination of dividends, capital gains and inheritance taxes. All the tax breaks he proposes benefit mostly the wealthy, the elimination of some deductions to offset revenue losses will affect mostly the middle class.

    • It’s worse that that. The 12 million number is an estimate that the economy would hire back at a 5% growth no matter who was president.

      This is another of the McCain “I know how to catch BinLaden” moments. If you know, say so out loud. If Obama takes your advice and it works, we won’t forget. But all this “I have a magic formula, my pretty!” crap just isn’t worth the gamble.

  7. I knowwwwwwwwwww..
    Who wants a pathological liar and a secretive person that hides his personal life? Who wants a person for president like that? But we dont matter cuz we are just a bump in the road, an inconsequential little life. OH wait a mo..that is OBAMA! oh yeh the one that sent Hillary to the UN to sign a bill making it illegal to make any bad remarks about the muslim religion.
    FOR SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. On the other hand, how many prominent Republicans have Compassion. Sarah? Michelle Bachman? Newt? “W”? Cheeney? Condolesa? How many of them have that special ability to relate, to empathize with another human being, or groups of human beings? President and Michelle Obama have compassion, empathy. He may not be our greatest Presidents, but he’s one of the most likeable; he’s doing his best, and with the mess Bush & Co left him, give him 4 more years and then judge his presidency.

  9. As George Bush taught us so well, “compassionate conservative” is an oxymoron. That label is only used when a Republican gives it to himself. Doesn’t it by definition differentiate itself from other “conservatives” who must not be “compassionate”?





  11. What ARE those policies exactly? I’ve not heard anything Romney has proposed that would benefit the middle class or create jobs. In fact eliminating federal funding and loan programs for college education is sure to drag this country down even further and create more reason to ship jobs overseas. They keep saying we need a new “technology revolution” in this country – but WHO would work in those industries if we did? We aren’t graduating people that can right now in big enough numbers. Here’s MY solution… Force a REdirection of military spending into the same aerospace companies and defense contractors that build billion dollar airplanes we don’t need for war… and get them working on more fuel efficient autos, buses and passenger planes and a national transportation system with solar and wind powered computer controlled mono-rails utilizing small individual “pods” and incorporating private “dual purpose” autos that drive as cars but also plug into the mono-rail system for highway driving (sort of like the Jetsons). We’d spend the same amount of money but would be pumping MORE of it back into local communities and creating more jobs on OUR shores as well as developing NEW technology we could sell abroad.

  12. At this stage, I would say it is too late to simply take his foot out of his mouth. He will probably have to chew his foot off.

  13. Dubya Bush wasn’t a “compassionate conservative.” He was nothing more than a tool of his ultra conservative political handlers.

  14. TOO LATE – Even the Rightwing Dings and Baggers know he’s full of poop. How can a “party” that can’t figure out where they stand or who they are run a CAN’Tdidate that is a liar, fraud and Sociopath. The thinking American voters are figuring out that the party is NOT on the side of US and all for them, them being the upper 2% and corporations. They want to tear everything worked for over the last 80 years down and privatize EVERYTHING else. The condescending attitude toward the middle class is almost treasonist, almost gets them to traitors, they are Un- patriotic and care ALL about their bottom line while dragging the LOWER 98% to the bottom. Mitthead and Lyan say they want to “turn the country around” why? We ARE already headed the right way, maybe not the speed we want, But the RIGHT way. Back means 2007-2008 (with twice the cuts and no entitlements) Why the hell do we want THAT?

  15. The BRITS got it QUICK, MITT the TWIT.
    The 47% video to me IS the real MITT.
    He seemed at ease in the living room setting LOL.

  16. . Rev Wright appears normal compared to the religious practices of Cult leader/pastor/teacher Mitt Romney.
    1.Mitt gets his information when he wears his magical mormon underwear.
    2.Mitt rejects the faith of our forefathers as being from a false religion
    3.Mitt endorses sharia like laws of mormonism. Excludes his wife from attending church with him. She is thrown to the woman and infidel area of their temple because woman are inferior and unworthy.
    4 Mitt endorses prozelytizing right wing evangelicals because they attend a false Church.
    5.Mitt believes that african american mormons will be allowed into a lower heaven where they can spend eternity as slaves.
    6.Mitt believes mormon teaching that it is okay to lie if it promotes the extension of the mormon agenda.
    7.Mitt exalts a leader/founder that had 30+ wives including children that he passed around like chattel as sexual objects..only stopped with statutory rape laws being enacted.
    8.Mitt believes that is okay to steal money from the USA through tax evasion choosing to give the savings to his cultic prozelytising Church.
    9.Mitt believes it is okay for his entire family to avoid war because other minorities need to step up and get killed for the USA. His family is entitled.
    10.Mitt believes that it is okay to impose his personal beliefs on the Government.His Church protected polygamy and underage marriage for over 93 years by stacking the local government with mormons

    • AND Obama is a Rev Wright Radical lover and everyone else he associates with and always on the TERRORISTS side—-There is a problem!!!!!!!!

      But I guess Obama knows how to run the Country because
      HE WAS A “Community Organizor” Ya know!!!!!
      They know everything about running the whole world!!!!!!!

      • Too little too late! Obama is no more a communist than you are!! So dig up something else to protest!! Mitt showed his true colors and he will never to be able to make that up!!

          • Rev Wright is a marine veteran who served the nation during war time. He preached decades worth of sermons, from which about, what, 20 minutes worth of Liberation Theology were expressed in a very forceful manner. For the majority of his life the man lived in an America for which those comments in question were entirely appropriate and fit like a glove. Even his most oft repeated “offensive line” was the “chickens come home to roost” quote, which Wright actually took from Ronald Reagan’s (or was it GH Bush’s ?) anti-terrorism czar, who uttered the line in a TV interview.

          • Don’t kid yourself mister “let me scream at you with all repetitive letters and caps for emphasis. You need a tranquilizer, bud.

  17. As I said, He is such a FAKE! He “pretends” to care about programs he could care less about and has absolutely no intention of implementing. He would do or say anything to take this election. Most we can hope for is that the American people are smart enough to see through his shenanigans. And vote accordingly. God help this country if Karl Rove and Adelson and the Super PACS steal this election for him. Republicans do not “win” elections; they either buy them or steal them – this time they are trying both!!

  18. Is Romney a trojan horse for the “real” Republican election 2012 agenda? It has to be obvious to the fat cats pumping $$ into PACS that Romney as President wouldn’t be useful. His capacity to enrage opponents and supporters is sudden death to influencing legislators. So… is the true Republican agenda winning control of the Senate? (It should be…..)

  19. My theory is, Mitt turned off his sense of compassion, of empathy and sympathy when he married Ann. (Can you imagine waking up every morning with her at your side? in Mormon Garments?) He turned off all his empathy in defence against her. She is a typical “Strong” Mormon wife and mother, running the show from the kitchen & bedroom. She has a backbone of iron. Making up for his lack of one. But she has as little empathy as he, for anyone outside the family and their Church. His church allows him to let God worry about the small stuff, his mission in life is to prepare the earth for the second coming of Christ–and to be rewarded for doing so, when he dies–after a few hundred years in Paradise with Jesus–with a planet of his own where he and Ann can be God & Mrs. God “For Time and All Eternity.” Can you imagine it? Those two as Gods? Forever? Mormon Article of Faith: “As man is now, God once was, and as God is now, man may become.” That’s where Mitt is heading in his mind; that’s the big secret he can’t reveal, or he’ll seem crazy: that’s why he can’t talk about his religion. He and millions of other Mormons believe that he’s going to save the world for Jesus and validate Mormonism forever.

    • BTW: Mormon women can’t be Gods by themselves; they have to marry a Mormon man to be a Goddess, or whatever they get to call themselves. As far as Mormon men are concerned, women are only good at two things, and the second is taking care of the results of the first.

  20. Mittens keeps on talking about his plan to create twelve million jobs, but I haven’t seen his plan. Has anyone seen Mittens’ plan?

    If you have, please post it on this website.

  21. It’s hard, maybe impossible, to unring a bell! Romney’s comments are out there and all the back peddling will not erase them. Particularly in view of his record for one position today and another tomorrow and a third one the next.

  22. My plan is full of lies, deceit, and added taxs for the middle class with huge tax cuts for my wealthy friends. I think you people deserve to live under bridges and should all starve to death because you are breathing me and Ann’s air. As Ann says ” Quit your whining and sniveling you low life 47%. ”
    Ann and I will Lie our way into the white house because you 47% people are so STUPID you will vote for me!

  23. gee who wrote that for him and how many times did he have to practice it–we all know 5 minutes after this was filmed he’d already changed his mind again

  24. Republicans have been attacking President Obama from the day he was elected!!!
    Mitch McConnell “Our goal is to make Obama a one term President” They abandoned the people from day ONE!!!
    Republicans deserve everything they get!!
    Ohio Governor said NO!! to a funded High Speed rail system!! which would have ment jobs for Ohio!!!

    • I know…I can still hear M. Bachman’s flat… monotone voice screeching…..”Obama is going to be a one term President.” Talk about wanting to pick up the ear plugs to block her out….

  25. You might as well be talking out of your butt because we all know the only people you care about are the wealthy ones who are working to buy your election! What a waste of money , because even the billions being spent to get you elected wont get you into the presidency. There aren’t that many people in America who are that ignorant!

  26. How can anyone take this liar and his campaign seriously? Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. He’s a flip flopping, say anything to win, dishonest, “I like to fire people” guy who is only interested in adding the presidency to his resume. The GOP only wants his body in the White House to sign legislation into law that would only favor their interests. No thanks!

  27. I wonder if Romney is just inherently unbelievable. There is something in his eyes that seems to say, “I’m just reading a script. I don’t really know what I am saying and I don’t really care.” Was he always like this? How then did he get elected Governor of a relatively sane state like Massachusetts? Or has running for President for eight years worn away his soul to the point that one look in his eyes tells you no one is home there?

  28. Willard the Ratman and Ben the Rat Ryan have no conception of what compassion or empathy means. He is trying to pull a trick out of his black bag and make people fall for his deception. Such a shameless ploy.

  29. This eliteist, thinks that selling it will make it true. I believe that he has already told America how he really feels. I believe that he is so “not in touch with the middle class and the poor” that he believes we will buy what he’s sellin’. That’s where he reveals himself. Most of us have little or nothing to afford this sales job. Obama did NOT cause the “depression” we are living in. The depression was caused by the greediest, over the top Iraq has Weapons of mass destruction panhandler in history. The bush administration made weapons dealers rich, petroleum dealers rich, Wall Street unregulated , unbrideled and extremely rich, and all the extremely rich unfathomably rich. I pay 21 % of my wages to taxes…then owe 300 dollars more with my submitted tax return. I claimed myself on my W4. I lost my home in the real estate bubble. This was before Obama took office. I believe there are millions of Americans that will repeat this story. Don’t fear God, Don’t fear the gays, fear the eliteist power of the republican party.

  30. I don’t believe Romney’s new “compassionate conservative” message. I think it’s a PR ploy to convince people he is not as removed from the real world. I don’t think Romney cares or understands what the poor and middle class suffer. I think Romney, Ryan and others like them really believe they are somehow superior to all other human beings, despite the fact that many among the working poor and middle class work as hard or harder than millionaires like Romney.

    Our American system is no longer working for the masses when we have a major presidential candidate say at a fundraising event that 47% of citizens are moochers and it’s not his concern how they will maintain shelter and feed their families. This thinking is unconscionable. It reflects being unable to empathize with fellow citizens. It is sociopathic.

  31. But what is his policy? Facts,figures were are they? What are they?. He talks a big game plan,but were does the money come from?Then give out vouchers, to the eldery? Whats he thinking?

  32. PLEASE don’t tell me you guys are that uneducated!!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE don’t tell me that you believe that is what he was saying!!!!!!!!!!!
    He was saying he WILL NOT get votes from the Blacks, minorities, illegal’s, single moms, gays, lesbians, & baby killers Because Barack Hussein Obama supports all that and gives money to them—Freeeee EVERYTHING!!!!! JUST VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!!!! He WAS NOT talking about normal good American middle class people that work hard to make a living and take care of themselves.

  33. regina – you are a bigot of the worst kind!! Blind and self serving!! If they aren’t white you hate them! What a way to spend your life!!

  34. allamerican – that’s a LOT of non working people you included in there! You are so blind! Half the people that Romeny was talking about don’t even realize he was talking about YOU!!

  35. What’s to RECOVER from???? He was completely accurate! WTF, everybody I know wants something for nothing! Especially these Latino types……… I mean come on bro, why the hell are supposed U.S. legal Latino citizens fighting the cause for ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION? Perhaps because thats how most of them came by their citizenship…..AMNESTY! I’m not fighting for every German born citizen to come here even though they offered much more than toilet cleaning and ass wiping and were not the burden to taxpayers like this bunch of illegal alien criminals. What you say about that bro?

    • Did you just come out of a coma? Just back from a long sabbatical in the mountains on Nepal? Just in from Andromeda?

      Or, are you just naturally given to sophistry?

    • Did you just come out of a coma? Just back from a long sabbatical in the mountains on Nepal? Just in from Andromeda?

      Or, are you just naturally given to sophistry?

    • That’s right—-He’s not an actor or makes perfect speeches or puts on a Play!!!!
      He’s a worker—
      He has run companies and knows how to run companies and knows how to make money, NOT SPEND MONEY WE DON’T HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!

      But I guess Obama knows how to run the Country because
      HE WAS A “Community Orangaizer” Ya know!!!!!
      They know everything about running the whole world!!!!!!!

      • Sorry, his big suit is to borrow money in the company name to pay himself and his friends. If it bankrupts the company, not to worry, he’s already got his. Let the courts sort out the debris that’s left.

        That’s not making money, it’s doing exactly what the Congress run by the teabaggers does now.

      • Is that your strongest, most well crafted and pointed argument against the President, that one of the many things he has done was to help organize a community so it could work within the system to protect itself from asbestos poisoning? This is a bad thing HOW?

  36. I have been busy with other things more important than blog strings……… but………… I have returned to expose those who wish to deceive. Did I mention that we just love hearing from you…………………. next!


  38. Heard a rerun of Romney saying in 2005 that as a boy he thought that being rich and famous was the ultimate in happiness. Then he added “Boy was I right!” Says alot doesn’t it???

  39. It’s bad enough that I just don’t like this guy. It’s even worst knowing he doesn’t like me.

    Proud member of the 47% & 99%

    Obama 2012 & beyond

  40. We have 6 House & Senate Candidates leading Repunkblicans. In 6 States. We may control of the house and Senate.

    The ad about welfare is like I need so deep in the polls. I have to change what I say directly the people who may have a change of heart. That’s not what he said to his wealthy donors.

    So here is to another 4 years for OBAMA. Got out and Vote for your Candidate.

  41. Food Stamps. Welfare. . . Cliche catch phrases of the Republican/Tea Party. Yet, one thing is clear. mitt Romney has started using the term “President” Obama. That’s gracious of him. He’s only hoping President Obama would be kind to him in the upcoming debates. You think he’s free-falling now, wait till after the debates. He won’t be able to speak the insipid, abstruse talking-points and sound bites about the economy and that it’s all President Obama’s fault. He’ll have to shit or get off of the pot! He’ll have to put up or shut up! I can see Romney doing just what he’s doing right now, pandering to the mud-diving red neck, cotton-mouthed white supremacist, old bitter racists, and alligator wrestling hill-billies, to incite them in their ignorance. The determining factor in this race will be the debates, and America and the global community will see the real deal. One thing is for sure: Mitt Romney has singlehandedly exposed the Republican/Tea Party for what they are, and it will threaten to ruin the GOP the way it did during the Herbert Hoover era for the next forty years.

  42. I’m afraid the voter suppression laws that are now in a dozen states will hand the election to Mr. Romney. Unless the courts continue to reverse some more of these draconian laws that are supposed to root out “voter fraud”, I think Romney has a decent chance of taking the Oval Office.
    Yikes, that’s a scary thought. I wonder how life is up in Canada?

  43. well, let me tell you, I lost my job(closed down), thanks to the economy that the bushwakers left, lost my 401k, and I’m running out of my pension plan,but I’m still voting for OBAMA , THE MAN HAS A VISION, mit, all he can do is run is mouth, and every time he does he gets in trouble, how do you expect us to believe you can run the country, please sr. mit, go back to the clubhouse.

  44. During the debate between Obama & Romney on TV, both candidates should be asked to state specifically what are their policy or policies that will make things better for the middle class and poor families of America. Further, they should be asked to specifically state their plans that will create 12 million new jobs. Do not let edither candidate evade these questions.

  45. Mitt Romney made your fortune in USA and shipped jobs to China and other foreign countries. Put your billions dollar profits in off shore accounts hiding them so that you don’t have to pay taxes to the USA. How is that caring about America. Sounds lik treason to me.

  46. Goooo Obama Gooooo!!!!!!
    You are a the GREAT Community Orangaizer


  47. Character will out, no matter how one tries to “beautify”! Lotsa luck (said sarcastically) Mitt, in hiding what you really believe–we’ve got your number, and it’s zero! It’s Obama in 2012, if people are paying attention…and not to Fox News!

  48. Mitt Romney made his fortune in the USA by unethical business practices shipped jobs to China and other foreign countries leaving Americans destitute ruining families. On top of that he put his American made profits in Swiss Bank accounts, Caymen Island and other off shore account to dodge taxes owe and his billions. This guy thinks the deserves to be president of the United State you gotta be kidding. He is not an American he can be bought for the right $ he raped America and passed us around to his buddies like himself and they raped us. I call the way he operates TREASON.

  49. “To little, too late?” Yes, I agree with that assessment. Just keep shooting yourself in the foot, Mitt Romney. You cannot buy love, but you can buy a business!

  50. Add to this Mitt’s plan to help the middle class by lowering taxes on dividends and interest on savings. As if the middle class has enough savings outside of IRAs and 401ks for this to make a difference. Then he says he will eliminate other deductions but won’t admit which ones he is targeting. I’ve heard charitable deductions and mortgage interest. This would effectively really raise taxes for most of the middle class and lower wnat is given to charity. Something Mitt thinks can replace government programs that now help the needy. All he really wants to help is himself and the other fat cats. Rob the poor and give to the rich, very unChristian like.

  51. Recover from 47% statement???? How is speaking the truth about freeloaders and moochers something to be recover from. Certainly the 53% who pay all the taxes want those who take to do something for society in return. Whether its painting public buildings, sweeping the streets picking up papers removing chewing gum from the side walks or emptying bed pans in hospitals, its time for the non producers to start paying society back for their generosity

    • How is calling those who pay no Federal income tax “freeloaders and moochers” the truth?

      Is Romney really that clueless? Or, he is just a liar?

        • Are you an idiot by birth or by choice?

          Just because one pays no Federal Personal Income Tax does not mean that they pay no Federal or State taxes.

          Stop being deliberately obtuse.

          BTW, using your definition, those with incomes in excess of a million dollars who pay no Federal Personal Income Tax are also “freeloaders and moochers”.

          • and what taxes would they be that they are paying??? If you don’t pay federal taxes you don’t pay state either. I agree that those earning any income that don’t pay federal taxes are freeloaders or moochers

          • How very clueless you are.

            State and Federal personal income taxes are wholly independent. Paying or not paying one does not speak the other.

            Furthermore, in addition to personal income taxes there are various Federal and State employment taxes, which most of the “47%” do pay.

          • Are you really that obtuse or out of touch with reality that you makes these childish statements??
            Obviously you haven’t a clue about the earned income tax credit that refunds them those payments

          • The Federal EIC is of no relevance to State income taxes, Federal Employment taxes, or State Employment taxes.

          • WOW… I Knew the Navy was dumb but I didn’t realize how dumb!!!! The purpose of the EITC is to OFF SET payroll taxes. And if you don’t pay federal taxes than by defination you don’t pay state taxes.Guess Al Jariza wasn’t broadcasting when you were in the Iranian Navy

          • FALSE on BOTH COUNTS.

            The EITC is a credit against ones PERSONAL INCOME TAX.

            And, there is ABSOLUTELY NO CORRELATION between paying Federal and State personal income taxes.

            Do you make this stuff up by yourself? Or, does someone else right your script?

          • Are you that OBTUSE or is it typical to be a hard head in the NAVY???? EITC is a credit that a person receives for paying payroll taxes. The onlt reason why they are linked is to get the free loader their $$$.
            No correlation between state and federal taxes thank you Barak Obama your ignorance continues to defy all sense of reason

          • EITC stands for “earned INCOME TAX credit.”

            It has nothing to do with employee Social Security and Medicare taxes, or, when in effect, employee Federal Unemployment tax surcharges.

            EITC is a credit against INCOME TAX only. One eligible for the EITC still pays the same Social Security and Medicare taxes payroll taxes as others.

            In re. State taxes, you’ve obviously never even done any research on the subject.

            Good thing that you’re not an accountant. :rolleyes:

          • I guess your not familiar with google… If you type in EITC you can get the history of the law and its intended purpose.
            guess you were incharge of the ships stores or counting the beans in the Navy you certainly weren’t in the combat arms

    • You are a classic Republican idiot. The Military, that are protecting YOUR stupid as## don’t pay taxes. There are buddies of his that are millionaires that don’t pay taxes, There are people in this country that have worked for all their lives, watching the Republicans destroy this country that are barely surviving on their Social Security check. They don’t pay taxes. You want a job where you won’t have to pay taxes? join the Military or shut up.
      Take you pick.

      • Typical dumb dem. who knows NOTHING about the Military.
        The military pay federal state and SS taxes and always have unless deployed to a war zone and then they only pay taxes on a part of their salary.
        You moron I did 30 years in the military maybe it would help if you had to walk 1 step in my shoes rather than being a burden on society that you are

    • How is it? Boy, if you don’t get it, nothing could convince you. I suppose you are a millionaire, then. Otherwise, he insulted you, as well as the rest of the 47% because it’s damn near everyone who’s not very well off. So, using small words for your benefit, he needs to recover because he insulted half the country openly, and we all know we are the ones he meant when he said, “And so my job is not to worry about those people.” If you don’t think he meant you, too, you’re a patsy. Go ahead and cast your useless vote for the man who sent the most jobs out of the country. We don’t care because there are so many more smart people to vote our President back in for the good of ALL Americans, not just his favorites.

      • If I was going to vote for the guy who sent the most jobs overseas that would be barak. Who has sent all our solar, wind turbine jobs to china why barak hmm hmmhmand who is sending more jobs to japan and Korea in the auto industry with a $7500 tax rebate?? why hmm hmm hmm himself. Who is sending more jobs to Brazil and Mexico for oil exploration why hmm hmm barak.

        • Obama did all that? 😯

          The US never had those jobs in solar/wind to begin with. And, you can’t explore for oil in South America using jobs based in the US. :rolleyes:

          BTW, all of the actions you cite began prior to the Obama administration.

          • Sorry allll of those initiatives were put in place by the rocket scientist in the WH. Only barak would think that using taxpayers $$$$ to buy wind turbines from China is a good idea, or that giving BILLIONS to other countries to drill for oil while PROHIBITING here in this country makes sense. Or giving Japan and Korea $7500 for every car they export to the US is a job creator.
            Sorry only the quota educated Kenyan could have come up with these ideas

          • Again you are short on facts and long on opinions.

            The US is a bit player in the manufacture of wind turbines; China, on the other hand, is the world’s leading producer of such.

            And, no, “drill, baby, dril” is not the solution, but rather the problem.

            You really do need to get up to speed on facts before spouting off.

          • why is china the big player in wind turbines and solar?? because of Barak Obama’s subsidies to their country and desire to produce jobs there.
            The solution IS and has always been to DRILL. There is nothing now or on the horizon that will replace fossil fuel.
            It would be nice if you read some actual policy article from note worthy sources other than mother jones and greenpeace the socialist rags

          • Balderdash, on both counts.

            The Chinese were smart enough to recognize a growing demand for both wind and solar power, and began capitalizing on that long before Obama became President.

            In re. fossil fuels, get back to me once you’ve studied and comprehend the underlying Physical Laws of the Universe that make a continued depending on such fuels an environmental disaster in all respects.

            In short, stop basing your positions on policies that personally suit your wants.

          • Rightttt as Barak ensured their success by providing tax credit of taxpayer $$$$ to fund their growth.
            Fossil fuels will be the major source of energy for the next 200 years. It has had ZERO impact on the environment. In my life time i’ve gone thru a new Global ice age, a famine since the world couldn’t produce enough food and now Al Gore pseudo science.
            In short quick listening to the state run media which has the destruction of the US as their only goal

          • Wow; you got your degree in Physics that quickly? :rolleyes:

            You are an intellectual fraud, just parroting the lies of Big Oil and Big Coal.

    • The “non-producers” eh? Historically…millions of the 47% have worked hard all of their lives and pride kept them from collecting any kind of welfare. In fact, my ancestors paid taxes on public school they were not allowed to attend.

  52. God answers Oklahoma Democrats prayers. A few months ago living in fear of Romney a tool of the same familys and Wall Street Banks that was involved in the “Business Plot’. The attempted over throw of the US Government. Romney today talking today about roll down windows on his private jet plane, the 47% he cares less about and flip flopping like an ol carp stranded on the bank of the River Denial. The ole saying around here, “We dont right the jokes we just watch the politicians talk and report the facts”.

  53. In the President Bush’s era, I was living paycheck to paycheck. In President Obama’s first term, I learn to make my income work for me. I stayed within my means and strive for better!

  54. 12 million jobs in 4 years, how? I have absolutely no idea how to do it this country. I’ve done it, just not here.
    Romney’s concept of Middle Class, $200,000 – $250,000
    I’m not really “concerned about the very poor” because they have an “ample safety net”. He might not remember saying it we do.
    They want to demolish, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare,
    Michele Bachman, in total decrepit for the Veterans of this country, slash Veterans benefits.
    “Well, they’re back aren’t they”
    The Republicans don’t seem to get it, they’ve gone way to far. Want to actually HELP lower the debt, instead of whining so much about it, bring you millions back into this country and invest it HERE. Spending less on a credit card, the National Debt, DOESN’T WORK.

  55. With a growing number of polls favoring Obama, conservative pundits are now trying to reassure their constituents that Romney is just a “bad campaigner” and will rise up as a true conservative when he gets in the Oval office, where he will suddenly show his “true colors” as a business manager to straighten out Washington. They keep reminding them that Carter and Gore were also ahead in September polls. But not all conservatives are buying it, saying that Romney is struggling with his message because he is not a “true conservative” and will actually go back to his liberal ways once in power. These conservatives essentially see him as a conservative “fraud” thrust upon them by the Republican establishment.

  56. It does not matter what Mr. Romney says at this point. All of the “Goody Two Shoe” statements in the world will not make up for or change what was said in private to his friends. Everyone knows that words spoken in what he thought was a private circle of supporters were the sentiments of his heart. He could let his hair down with them and speak candidly from the recesses of his mind and from the heart. The man’s heart is a cold and desolate place and his candor was despicable.

  57. This is our take:
    Certainly, it is possible to “recover ” from many things. YET, there are situations where, recovering is predictably , extremely unrealistic. Good ole Mitt, is not just a single person. Willard represents a few million people. Together, they have overtly designed VITUPERATIVE ATTACKS, against the PREZ. House Speaker & rush et al, have openly decleared the “””One Time Prez”” intent, which immediately annoyed lots of reasonable people.
    NOW. GOP support, this time around will not go beyond that SPECIFIC number. The racist base. PERIOD! No one really wants to associate themselves OPENLY with blatant HATRED & dispicable racism.
    God bless the president of the USA!
    God bless America!

  58. My first thought on this is if he could produce 12 million new jobs we Americans would have to go to another country to apply.

  59. The new Romney ad campaign is called….”Too Many Americans.” Who is advising this man?! First he wrote off the 47% who would never vote for him, and reassured his wealthy donors that he would continue to favor the 1% to which he and his rich friends belong. Now, in an ad allegedly reaching out to the working and middle classes, Romney talks about “Too Many Americans”? So let’s follow Clinton and to the arithmetic. 100%-47%-1%= yup, still too many Americans who certainly won’t be voting for Mitt. Does no one on his team understand that irony is not only a literary device?

  60. The new Romney ad campaign is called….”Too Many Americans.” Who is advising this man?! First he wrote off the 47% who would never vote for him, and reassured his wealthy donors that he would continue to favor the 1% to which he and his rich friends belong. Now, in an ad allegedly reaching out to the working and middle classes, Romney talks about “Too Many Americans”? So let’s follow Clinton and to the arithmetic. 100%-47%-1%= yup, still too many Americans who certainly won’t be voting for Mitt. Does no one on his team understand that irony is not only a literary device?

  61. Hey bro, what about “freedom of expression”? Are you suppresing my rights under the Constitution, or do you only apply parts of it that support your arguments? Did I mention how much we love hearing from your types………………… next!

    • Your understanding of the US Constitution is obviously lacking, given that you obviously don’t understand that you’ve no First Amendment rights in a private setting.

  62. Romney is a tax evasion cheat of biblical proportion. The law will prevail soon enough.
    When that happens all of his Republican’s buddy’s, who have attached themselves to ride his coat tail, run at supersonic speed away from Romney in order to save themselves and
    their political lives, as-well-as the money train that they all feed off of. All that will be left of his temporary buddies at best, will be nothing short of a receeding vapor trail. As Romney
    will be left holding an empty bag after the U.S. Attorney General siezes all of his assets
    anywhere in the world. You can believe this when I tell you that all of the Law Enforcement
    Agency’s will not rest until every penny is accounted for.
    The little people, as he is so fond of referring to all of us who are less fortunate, will want
    their pound of flesh when this is all over. nothing would be more relavent then to see Romney escorted to a for real Federal Prison to serve out his time in absolute disgrace.
    Not some Club Fed either. If it was up to me I would have him sent to Wolford Prison. Where
    he would have more then ample time to see and meet the little people up close and personal. I truely believe that they will give him a very personal warm welcome just after lights out. And now he try’s to do this of all things. Even his own party member’s are already backing away from him in order for them to avoid becoming stained when this liars charade comes unraveled. And oh but it will very soon.
    Even his staunches supporter’s will run for cover. Unless that arrogant, Egotistical, concieted, self obsessed moron, Trump, continues to allow Romney to fly in his well appointed plane all over the place. Where it and they will wind up sitting on a bench at
    the gates of hades holding numbers that they had recieved immediatly after they had
    arrived. It wouldn’t suprise me or anyone when they looked out the window they would see that the surpent himself was there to greet them with a flaming red carpet. Ol’ Satan
    will welcome them as two of his most prized trophy’s.
    Mitt Romney you will fail miserably. All of your money will be found and siezed. You will
    be charged with massive tax evasion. The Attorney General may even find a way to charge
    you with a RICO. If they can prove comlipcity by other more powerfull people who
    helped you to hide your ill gotten gains. Unless one of your more rich and famous ol’
    buddy’s will be around to post bail for you and pay for an attorney to represent you in
    your last frantic failed attempt to keep you from the peoples rightfull justice. Everything
    will finally come unraveled and you ” will ” be convicted on all counts. There will be no
    plea-bargain for you. Just the sound of the gavel. That will be the sound of justice you
    will so rightfully deserve.
    Justice is all any of us want for you.
    And we will recieve it.
    P.S,: Anyone who finds fault with this will be a true blue died in the wool RAT PARTY
    forever faithfull to their last dying breath.
    That I can garauntee you.
    I apologize to all of you for this writing to be so long.
    Sometimes the truth must be told in a way that will leave no doubt to it’s veracity.

  63. Here are the facts on growth of GDP and Jobs over four decades:

    President Term GDP% growth Jobs created (M)
    Jimmy Carter 77-80 12.02 10.55
    Bill Clinton 97-00 5.97 10.18
    Ronald Reagan 85-88 6.87 9.96
    Bill Clinton 93-96 5.47 8.216
    Lyndon Johnson 65-68 7.9 6.615
    Nixon/Ford 73-76 10.19 6.599
    Richard Nixon 69-72 7.88 6.233
    Ronald Reagan 81-84 8.97 5.7
    G.H.W Bush 89-92 5.54 3.524
    G. W. Bush 01-08 3.71 0.845

    What secret formula does Mitt Romney have to create 12 million jobs when it hasn’t happened when the GDP grew by 12%??

    Remember? Reagan had promised during the campaign to balance the budget during his first term but, instead, ended up doubling the national debt with his massive tax cuts. Trickle down economics didn’t work for him and it isn’t going to work for Romney.

  64. Romney believes we are so stupid he can change his tune every two minutes and we’ll think he’s still singing “America the Beautiful.” Of course, with his voice, it is hard to tell.
    Here’s an example of his compassionate conservativism. Bain is forcing workers at the Sensata Plant in Freeport, Illinois to train their Chinese replacements. He ignored their attempts to speak with him at the Iowa State Fair and the RNC. At the fair they were shouted down and called communists while their jobs go to the real communists. Romney was CEO, he gets returns on their profits and he claims he is a patriot. How is it patriotic to send American jobs from a profitable operation to the communists? Especially when they make sensors for cars, planes, and MISSILES.
    I hope Mr. Compassionate thinks about the people he has enjoyed firing when he opens up his Christmas presents this holiday season. I know most of the rest of us will be thanking Santa he did not put Mitt in our stocking.

  65. POOR guy feels so sorry for himWe just have to vote for this guy-hell lead us to riches /fame. He will help us live a better life.Ya ok. He has a better plan than Obama?Ok-well got to stick with one or another.?Your all over the place-are u on earth???

  66. Robme looks bad the few days. Looks like he not getting any sleep. How many times has he run for President? He gets the Nomination and look at him? He can’t connect with us 47% will he win? Will he lost?

  67. The National Memo stated it correctly a few days ago in the article about the signs of Romney’s campaign crumbling:

    “Inventing Gaffes, Ignoring Policies”

    Howdy, I’m H. Michael Karshis….As former Bush speechwriter David Frum asked, “How do you message: I’m doing away with Medicaid over the next 10 yrs, Medicare after that, to finance a cut in the top rate of tax to 28 percent?”

    The answer is, you can’t.

    Mitt Romney’s hope was to appease his base with policy, impress swing voters with his competence and tear apart the president for his failures. His competence has become questionable and his failure narrative replaced by Bill Clinton’s retelling of the past four years.”

    REMEMBER Romney’s own words:

    “here are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it — that that’s an entitlement and the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what. … These are people who pay no income tax. Forty-seven percent of Americans pay no income tax. So our message of low taxes doesn’t connect. And he’ll be out there talking about tax cuts for the rich. I mean, that’s what they sell every four years. And so my job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

    There is absolutely no way “Mr. 47%” is going to be elected.

    His most awkward moment is ahead during the debates.
    Obama will destroy the fascist facade and tyranny of the rich against the middle class and poor. Romney, and his Gestapo of supporters, will not and cannot prevail.

  68. Of course it does! The “food stamp” & “welfare healthcare” President can now work hard at getting 20 million new illegal alien criminals on our welfare roles for as long as the programs will last. When your parents and grandparents can no longer get social security or medicare…………… don’t blame the wealthy for not paying more taxes to supplement these programs, blame the democrats for being so “hard up” for votes they had to take anyone, and thus crippled our safety net for legal Americans!

    • Here’s the MOST important words der mituns ever said: “And so my job is not to worry about those people.” Whatever you want, the rest of us want a President who does care about all of us, including “those people.”

  69. There is absolutely nothing compassionate about MittWitt Romney and the Republican party. It was not true during Bush’s administration and it certainly is not true today of Romney. We saw the real Romney speaking before a group of his rich white friends, which he thought was very private, insulting and characterizing 47% of Americans as victims and leeches. Even though his strategists and handlers have tried to change and polish the message into a sixty second sound bit, it definitely will not work. All Americans are not as stupid as you Republicans think we are or would like us to be. What Romney said behind closed doors is the real Romney. It is forever SEARED in our minds! No amount of flip-flopping on his part or his campaign will change that. Romney and Republicans have been their own worst enemy. They have energized Obama supporters like never before. If Romney were ahead in the polls, Republicans would be extolling the pollsters. Because the polls have Obama ahead, they are denouncing those pollsters as liberal media bias but, at the same time, they are pointing to their own right wing extremist polls who have Romney ahead. What HYPOCRITES!!!!

  70. I am part of the 47% he referred to….I have worked all my life and have never been on welfare, even though I very well could have. I have raised three kids alone and up until the Affordable Health Care Act, could not qualify for health ins. because I have a pre-existing illness. I don’t believe Romney cares enough about the middle class because he has no frame of reference to relate to….Born wealthy he has never been effected by the poor economy of any time. President Obama knows from where he speaks. He’s compassionate, honest, careing, and was raised by a single “white” mother. He’s not always been wealthy.
    So he’s been where a lot of us still are today. And has tried his best only to be shot down at every turn….because the republicans were determined to make sure he was a one term president AT ANY COST!!!! Please give him a chance to do the great job that he’s capable of doing!! Obama 2012

  71. So when Obama says to his advisors; “and so my job is not to worry about the majority of hard core conservative republicans because they won’t vote for me anyway” are we supposed to believe that he doesn’t care about them AT ALL, or that he just isn’t going to worry about trying to INFLUENCE them to vote for him? That my friend is what Romney meant when he referred to the “47%” however, the “spin doctors” and the left leaning PRESS knew they could dupe many stupid democrats into believing Romney didn’t care about them but then they have always been easy marks for the dems!

    • Obama didn’t say that.

      And, Romney’s clear lack of understanding of the lives of typical people, coupled with his ignoring the fact tha paying no ‘Federal Personal Income Tax does not mean paying no taxes, serves to demonstrate his disdain for the so-called 47%.

      Your attempts at denying such are to no avail.

  72. Just like they say the republicans created the new “tea party”………… the democrats have created the new “WELFARE PARTY”.

    • You are so very clueless; it was the Koch Bros., not the Republican Party, who created the Tea Party.

      As for a “Welfare Party, there is no such entity.

      Now, want to face up to the massive amounts of “welfare benefits” that accrue to Big Oil, Big Agriculture, mega-corporations, and the wealthiest of individuals?

  73. Are you kidding? You didn’t even know we had 20 million illegal alien criminals here until they took to the streets demanding AMNESTY! Wake up PROFESSOR!

  74. You are just afraid that if Romney were elected, he might do for his kind like Obama has done for his kind …………….. WELFARE FOR EVERYONE on the backs of those that took the risks and invested wisely. If for some reason their employees feel they are not sharing the profits in a fair and equitable manor ………… they need to organize a UINON in their workplace….WTF? Because they don’t have the balls to ORGANIZE A UNION is probably why they have nothing. They want the ‘party of the POOR” to LEGISLATE rather than have a Union NEGOTIATE their compensation. I don’t feel a bit sorry for their asses if they are waiting for someone to do their work for them. Dems don’t give a fu*k about organized labor…. and that is why we have such desparity in wages PROFESSOR! They are so busy trying to take everyones guns….the REAL priorities escape them! I am not the 1% or the 99%…..I am a LEGAL, DOCUMENTED citizen who is not afraid to work!

  75. Are you kidding? No welfare party?……. 60% of the country is on some form of welfare! Illegal alien criminals crawling out of our asses and the dems DEMANDING amnesty and wefare for them to BUY their votes! You want the wealthy to pay for extended unemployment benefits so illegal alien criminals can continue to work American jobs? The democratic party is so fu*king rabid anti-American, pro-illegal, anti-union, anti-gun and so willing to adopt any country’s cultural beliefs while trashing ours it makes my guts crawl.

    • Yes, you blind fool, I am quite serious.

      Most of the wealthy have become so by virtue of the sweat, blood and tears of the masses. Their continued survival depends on keeping the masses as ill educated as possible, just well enough schooled so as to make for good slaves.

  76. I am in no way wealthy….but I do know that wealthy people pay more taxes in a year than you and I do in a lifetime!…..and we use the services….THEY DON’T!………………are you stupid? I wish we could ‘ration” your food, gas and welfare services so you could appreciate the things that come to you as a consumer with the EASE in which they do!

    • As a percentage of their income, the wealthy do NOT pay more than all others.

      And, very many of them get benefits that the rest of us do not.

      Get a clue.

  77. I am so sick of the “pity party” going on for all the folks that “envy only” and don’t get up on their own fu*king two feet and work for their keep!….If it is not enough…..then fu*king organize a Union at your workplace!

  78. I am a Union organizer and are well aware of the democrats PRIORITIES as I used to be one until I became an Independant. I truely realize the need for a “LABOR PARTY” in this country! Organized labor created the “middle class” and democrats have lost sight of that fact! We negotiate WAGES not WELFARE! The “Employee Free Choice Act” was Obama’s promise to organized labor during the campaign…………. he fell FAR SHORT of the mark! Now he want’d to give amnesty to illegal alien criminals who RESIST organizing a Union because they feel they owe their loyalty to their employer for giving them a job. In short they are depressing wages as a result and screwing their LEGAL co-workers from getting a contract while competing in the labor market that has 15% of Americans UNEMPLOYED! I know what the fu*k I am talking about from EXPIRIENCE!

    • Obama is not responsible for the unemployment rate; its causes well predate his administration. Furthermore, no President can control the economy.

      I re. immigrants, legal or otherwise, the jobs that they typically perform are not jobs taken away from American workers.

  79. Sorry no President can create jobs. Contractors get those jobs and hire their family members and close friends.

    Mitt you can only create Government Jobs. If you our in the White House don’t you still have your businesses to run or your going to give up your wealth.

    I will not forget the 47% of Americans are leeches even if they paid into those benefits while working.

    Sliver spoon Jerk you and Lying Ryan.

  80. Just one question. Who controles the jobs? The very rich Romney supporters or the president of the United States of America? If you come to an honest answer, then you must vote for President Obama. Right?

  81. and your point is……………?Who cares what color they are! You are a fu*king racist because lazy and self serving knows no color! You have just stereotyped a minorty haven’t you?

  82. Who the fu*k said I want Romney elected? I voted for Obama in 08….then hedidn’t keep his promise to organized Labor when he said the the Employee Free Choice Act was his top priority….guess what….it wasn’t soooo….I became an Independant because the dems didn’t give a fu*k about organized labor either…other than a “rubber stamp” for all their other gun grabbing bullsh*t and welfare for everyone sh*t!

    • As a lifelong independent, I long ago learned that voting well requires the ability to recognize the both the limitations of a President and the necessity for compromise.

      In re. the current presidential race, a vote for any other than Obama is effectively a vote for Romney.

  83. Really PROFESSOR? Are you fu*king kidding me? U.S. taxpayers are underwiting the cost of the “EXTENDED UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS” all because we allow illegal alien criminals to do the work Legal unemployed citizens should be forced to do! Why? Because when the LEGALS get fu*king sick of working for nothing…..they just might organize a fu*king UNION like what used to be done when we all had a better fu*king life you idiot. Allowing illegal alien criminals to INFILTRATE our fu*king job markert only leads to opressed wages and the fu*king “STAGNATION” of wages CONTINUES….are you getting any of this? The “bleeding hearts” like Obama just don’t grasp the whole “MIDDLE CLASS” economics thang bro!

    • Long on piss and vinegar and short on a knowledge and understanding of the facts.

      By and large, immigrants do work that Americans are unable and/or unwilling to do.

  84. Obama has too much of a lead for Romney to overcome. Many of his rich donors are changing strategy to go after Democrats in the House and Senate now. They have conceeded the presidency to Obama. Watch the next fund raising numbers and remember you heard if from Turnipgreens first!

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