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Monday, July 23, 2018

WATCH: Romney’s High School Bullying Inspires Intense Attack Ad

Michigan lawyer Geoffrey Fieger is reviving the Mitt Romney bullying controversy in a new attack ad that is airing in the Wolverine State.

In the ad, Fieger — who is best known as the defense attorney for Jack Kevorkian, and who unsuccessfully ran as the Democratic nominee for governor of Michigan in 1998 — explains that, when he was a boy, two bullies held him down and shaved his head because they disapproved of his long hair.

Jason Horowitz reported in The Washington Post in May that Romney led a strikingly similar attack while he was in high school, and Fieger is incensed at Romney’s refusal to take full responsibility for his bullying.

“He has now looked the American people in the eye and stated that he doesn’t remember doing it,” Fieger says.

“Anyone who claims they don’t remember physically attacking someone is either a sociopath, a liar, or both,” he angrily adds.

Watch the ad:

170 Responses to WATCH: Romney’s High School Bullying Inspires Intense Attack Ad

    • Nice try except all you got to back that up is hate, irrational unjust intolerance & racism. With Myth his assault on a nerdy gay kid, his 4 deferment to Paris while he egged other kids to go to war, his embarrassing attack on Iran to pander to his criminal master Adelson, his abuse of his dog, dressing up as a cop & stopping people, hiding his tax returns, mind you we still don’t have his long form birth certificate (For the tin foil hats), so you got nothing. Obama is saving jobs, Myth’s party wants to take them away & did when Shrub left so YOU GOT NOTHING.

      • one at a time here. Hate? I “hate” because I dare to have an opinion that’s different from you?

        “intolerance”? Your paragraph of plethora proves your double standard.

        “Racism” I didn’t know black men could be racist (by liberal double standards of course).

        “Attack on Iran” I suggest nothing short of tangible is a real attack. All I’ve heard was words (both sides) about dealing with Iran, which suggest why we don’t get anywhere.

        “Adelson” I think Romney has plenty of his own wealth without being forced into subservience to another wealthier.

        “abuse of dog” If you think that’s abuse, you are an engrained ideologue with no ability for discourse on the issue and you know nothing about dogs. But, for discourse purposes let’s remember that was in the past while Obama is PRESENTLY abusing the United States and it’s people. But, I expect nothing less from a future secretary general of the U.N.

        “dressing up as a cop” Obama is juxtaposing as a real POTUS

        “birth certificate”? really, you dare to go there? Perhaps he should reveal them (almost) his 3rd year in office upon Trumps request, right?

        “Tax returns”? Not a qualification to run for POTUS, but again, he should reveal them (almost) his 3rd year in office upon Trumps request, right?

        “saving jobs” yeah true, but only GOVERNMENT JOBS while the private sector is barely on life support. Can you process long enough to understand, government produces no product or service for profit? Without a thriving private sector, the government jobbers get to eventually go home too.

        Back to the “racist” remark. Isn’t that like me calling you a whore without knowing anything about you? So I just assume you’re a whore because you have a different opinion, right? I can just pull the “whore” out of thin air, if for no other reason, it’s just good fluff for debating away from the real issues. That way a simpleton doesn’t have to engage in an actual debate on the real issues.

        I don’t mind batting the issues back and forth. In fact I love a healthy debate. But, to accuse me of hate and racism is predictable, liberal, default red herring tactic to set me up as a KKK, david duke type. It’s the liberal battle cry of every issue.

        So while we’re on the subject of racism, and I mean real racism. The kind that would murder someone just because of skin color. I bet you’ve not met one of them yet. I have. It’s more than intimidating. It a realm so dark your soul knows you’re flirting with death. Ironically, they even hate each other. Their unity derives from another color that only gives them a common enemy and excuses. If they were left to themselves, they’d kill each other.

        So, red, yellow, black or white. Regardless of skin color, what shall we do with a real hardcore, ideologue racist? I mean the kind that can’t be rehabilitated. The kind that murders just for the sport of watching another race die.

        I’m for the death penalty for them. And, I can push the button and loose zero sleep over it. If you really want to eradicate racism, can you push the button?

        If you can, we surely have some common ground, for I despise true racism. If you can’t push that button, you are a hypocrite. What would you do?

        • Dan, you don’t think Romney would spend any of his “hard earned” money for anything that doesn’t enrich him. He relies on the Republican money machine to fund his run for the Presidency. He has collected so many IOU’s by now that should he become president it will be in name only. His entire administration will be run by Plutocrats.
          I just love it when Romney opens his mouth because the real person is displayed for all to see. I can’t wait for the debates because he will have to answer question and every time he does that he says something stupid.

          • Justin, I appreciate what you’re saying. And, thanks for not calling me a “racist” because I appear to be conservative. I’m more than a conservative. I think all of them should go home, both sides of the aisle.

            As far as the “money machine”, you are correct. He will not spend his own money, just like Obama didn’t spend his own money, correct? If you have to spend your own money, it’s questionable that a run for presidency is a lesson in delusion.

            As far a plutocracy, only time will tell, but I ask. And, I’m not spewing rhetoric. I really mean this. How do you not see the Obama plutocracy that already exists?

            Sure, Romney could be the same. Considering what we have, I’ll take the plutocrat that at least knows how to create domestic jobs.

            As far as overseas jobs, Obama’s handpicked the head of his own jobs counsel, Jeffery Immelt of GE. In case you don’t know, Immelt is the King of overseas jobs.

            I can deal with misjudging someone. But, to judge one guilty while you’re doing even worse, proves Obama believes one of two things.

            He’s a blatant hypocrite and just don’t care what his own constituents think………OR…….. He thinks his constituents are just too stupid to process what he’s doing.

            Hey, I’m not against Obama. I’m against his audacity to stay the course while he has to know, it’s not working. You can’t be a harvard-er and this stupid simultaneously, so I have to assume he’s doing this on purpose.

            Look at the annual fight of extending the tax cuts. So, how do businesses make 3 to 5 year projections with the threat of a tax increase a year from now? Geez, it takes the 2nd half of the 3rd year to make a new hire productive enough to be profitable.

            I can only guess the ill-logic is on purpose. Surely, he’s juxtaposing a position to obtain the secretary general’s seat at the united nations. If not, why is he insisting on putting us in ruins?

            The real issue is, he’s a pedlar of the impossible Utopia that can never be achieved, so long as evil exist in this world. But, as long as evil exist, there must be somewhat of a paradoxical counterpart to that evil. That must be an entity that’s good at heart but capable of being a real mean sumbitch when necessary.

            Sure, I wanna hold hands around the campfire and sing Lennon’s “Imagine”. Heck, I wanna live in Lennon’s “Imagine”. I really do. But, who’s gonna kill the wolves just beyond the light of the campfire. The wolves really are there.

            A great man once said “peace through strength.” When evil has that as a counterpart, then evil is held at bay, and hopefully, eventually converted.

        • Sorry you lose, Private Sector jobs have had 18 straight months of gain vs Government (Fed. State and local) which a net loss of 620,000 since 2009. But nice Faux Newsless talking points. To touch on your other issues let me start by stating that you do not get to define what is or what is not racism or anything for that matter as it has been defined for us already. You first post above rants about liar and standing for nothing and a sociopath but offers no proof therefore one can only conclude that the color of the man you are demeaning must be the deciding factor in your rants. Back to your definition of “true” racism where one man kills another just for the sport of watching another race die. I think you need to stop playing on your X-box and get a grip. Racism has many faucets and ways to show itself. Many are very subtle such as stopping a black man to ask for his proof of insurance but not any white person. That many not make your list but it is racism. I believe you are mistaking war for what you think is “true” racism. By the wars many of our wars have been started by a he said , she said type of misunderstanding. Most of what you enspouse here is just utter nonsense. You go for the birthier crap which has been de-bunked so many times and prior to President Obama no one has ever had to provide a birth certificate nor their college transcripts. Which brings us to this point, President Obama on March 25, 2008 Obama Releases 2000-2006 Tax Returns and he has given his every year since. Which again de-bunks your Trump stories. Lastly Romney has not spent ANY of his own money this time. Last time he spent $35 million of his own money. Notice I have not called you a liar but from what I found to be untrue about everything you stated as fact here would make me consider that phrase to describe you. Remember put the X=box away and get your feet into the real world.

        • You actually think Mitt Romney is not beholden to his wealthy contributors? What planet are you from? How naive are you? I guess you think you are divine – wanting to kill people and judge people – I suggest you educate yourself to the truth. Unless you are very wealthy and self sufficient and you don’t care what happens to your parents or your children and grandchildren, then go ahead and vote of Mittens and all of the war mongers and war profiteers and neocons he has as his security team. How can any American want the likes of Cheney and Bolton back and power? They should be in jail for treason and war crimes.

        • Are you speaking for the Mormon population…surely your removed your mormon required undergarments first before writing your epistle. Are you related to Joseph Smith? Your vociferous manner only serves to damage your supposedly intelligence.

        • Dan. You can bat all the issues “Back and forth” all you want. When anybody here asks you for facts, links, websites, news organizations, documentation or otherwise to back up your claims about Obama, you go silent for awhile. Almost hoping that everyone forgets about it. I would think you’d be proud and excited to bring that documentation to the fore. So far, nothing. So without documentation, you’ve made yourself completely irrelevant. As the saying goes, “all bluster and no substance”…

    • Hello?????????? You are so wrong my teabagging repub. Obama fights and stands for all I hold near and dear.

      It is you who does not even know what Obama stands for! Shame on you.

      Are you rich are just a duped fool???????

      • You must “hold near and dear” corporate welfare for wallstreeters and bowls of porridge for the peasants, right?

        You prejudging idiocy finds your idealistic narrow-ism a standard that pales right wing kremlin-ites.

        I despise the teaparty management. Their leadership has no PR compass and their own slothfulness makes easy work, the media’s stupid-dar to create malefactors. Malefactors propped up as tea party poster children. Nevermind the obvious paleface the media so easily records at tea party events.

        In every early morning media strategy rooms, the mantra “keep the cameras off of black people” is a reminder, yet you shouldn’t have to be reminded. It’s engrained in you. You know you don’t record blacks at conservative events. Too much and you’ll be down at fox looking for a job.

        All liberal media hates to find back faces amongst a conservative crowd. And when it is caught by the editors, guess what they do? Yeap, it’s edited out. Why? It may produce an exodus from the charlatan controlled african american community.

        Their greatest fear is a fully awakened, self teaching, proud, splendid, more than surviving (productive) black man/woman. I even hate saying that. It shouldn’t be in the discourse that black success is possible, for we are ALL endowed by our CREATOR!!! Human success is possible.

        Ironic, only liberals see racism in everything, when in facts (plural) it’s was the democrats that blocked the civil rights legislation, back to back to back. YES THE DEMOCRATS.

        Keeping racism alive is the net worth crux of the congressional black caucus and all they hold dear to their deep pockets. Open your mind to the previous 6 decades and the “solutions” have only exponentially increased hopelessness in these poverty stricken communities. But, God forbid you risking Uncle Tom status.

        Back to the people who are at least facing the fire to champion the real issues. The tea party lacks public podium skill sets and lack understanding for the following fact. Sycophants picked off so easily by a LIAR in chief, is prime picking for someone who can orate the truth. But still, it’s the presentation that sells.

        To our drama addicted society, truth means little without presentation.

        We are mid stream soundbite course. Our dumb downed society don’t want substance, they want the best line. The coolest cynicism and the bullshit of symbolism, is what they grovel for. All the while, they are satisfied with the bread of idleness to fill their feigned stomachs while rome burns.

        The Mother of exiles is prostituted by attrition and the benefactors of abolished slavery are still enslaved by the aforementioned bowls of porridge.

        And, you think I’m on someones side. There is not a eloquent word to describe stupidity, for it just is what it is.

        So, while you’re on the internet, why not spend some time self teaching instead of committing sycophanticide on yourself? Does your mommy know you’re on the computer?

        • You must be a troll. I refuse to believe any human with the capacity to conjugate a verb is as ridiculous sounding as you are. Impossible … er … And then everything that sleazy SOB from Planet Kolob has ever said comes to mind.

          And The Palins. Cheneys. Bush. Joe the Plumber… Oh he’ll. Never mind.

          Neanderthals walk amongst us.

          But you got managed to get the words “sycophant” and “bowl of porridge” in a single rant, far more clever than any of the aforementioned, so I am back to troll.

          Where’s a billy goat when you need one?

    • Give me one instance where Pres. Obama lied. You need to stop watching FOX and listening to Limbaugh – are you WEALTHY? Do you have children or grandchildren who want to have air to breathe? You might want to find out some truth rather than just rattle the same old lies.

    • Oh really, why do you all throw smears, but when asked to show examples and back up with sources you can’t. But, we can show examples and names sources. You only have to look at what Romney has done on his European tour to know he does not have the makings of a President, maybe town idiot, but not President!!!!!

  1. It’s no wonder Mitt Romney wants to bully himself onto the presidential stage by not being open with the American people–he doesn’t want to show us his tax information and his Bain dealings . How come he left the company and was still being paid? Why was he still signing documents if he was not CEO of the company? What is he hiding on the tax forms? Did he pay any taxes at all? Now we know Mitt Romney is not only a liar and a sociopath, he’s also a bully.

    • He is hiding the amount of taxes he paid to protect his standing in the Mormon Church…he is required to pay 10% of his income to be able to enter the Temple…

      If he has been lying or cheating on his taxes , he could and would be severly punished from Church authorities…


      • Bishop Mitt is a high ranking bishop in the Mormon church. Guess who is the highest ranking bishop. Drum roll====== Harry Reid? Guess who told Reid about no taxes paid? Mormon investor in Bain. Guess we will never know. Why is Romney against Obamacare when it is the same as Romneycare? Well since Romney left Bain, or said he did, Bain and KKR acquired 62% interest in Hospital Corporation of America, the largest private hospital chain in the world. They would not benefit from Obamacare. Conflict of interest? Only if we catch them. What else do we not know about Bishop Mitt? Show me your 2009 tax and amended tax returns. I want to see whether you were a convicted felon for income tax evasion(not avoidance which is legal). It will show whether you received forgiveness and paid a 20% penalty.

    • In all fairness have you read anything about him? Have you asked Obama why he had to forge a birth certificate (proven fact) Why he empowered the Muslim Brotherhood? (Proven fact) How he set up our Embassy for a hit (Proven fact) How everything is worse now than ever? (proven fact) on and on and on…

      • Well, Pastor Jack, just saying something is a “proven fact” does NOT make it so. And not one of the 4 items you mentioned is even CLOSE to a “proven fact” Please don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but a lot of the “facts” that one reads these days on the internet are not actually facts at all, but bare-faced lies written by people wishing to present an alternative reality that fits in better with their own world-view. And I am sure that, as a good pastor (presumably Christian) you would not want to be “bearing false witness against anyone” would you?

        • Yeah pastor Jack…take the advice of the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan…”You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.”

          Btw…though you claim to to be a pastor…doesn’t necessarily make you a Christian.

      • What kind of “pastor” could so undermine our President. You and people like you HURT America and the American Spirit of Justice, Respect and Fairness to all.

      • The facts are that when Mitt ran for governor he was a moderate because he had to be to win in Mass. Now he is running for president so he is a dyed in the wool conservative. Mitt is whatever color it takes to win an election. I can’t say that Mr. Obama is a Knight in Shinning Armor but Mitt is not your answer. Everyone pines for the good ole days when everyone was red blooded Americans. Killing babies was considered a sin, which I support, people cared about each other, on Sundays everyone went to church and believed in God and if you were gay it was best that you kept it to yourself. We pine for state rights and a smaller government. All that sounds great, but, News Flash neither Mitt or Obama is going to make your dreams come true.

        Why is it that we are still looking for Obama’s birth certificate, his mother was an American, no matter what country he was born in he is an American. This Muslim stuff is pure crap. I question Obama’s membership in a racist church with a minister that promoted racial hatred. However I question a man who changes with the wind. I am a religious right winger, who is a right to lifer, but I do not pay any attention to people with unproven statements, aka facts, or such crap as Obama 2016. It is a bunch of crap to measure a man by the actions of his father or relatives. We need to seriously pray to God that when we vote we vote for someone who will bring our country’s economy back to where it needs to be. S0meone who when put us back where we need to be, the greatest free nation in the world. This country needs to support whatever it takes to bring us together as one.

      • you have to be the most uneducated fabricator of information ever (proven fact). i truly hope you are not a pastor, in the event you would use God’s word to indoctrinate your sheep with these lies.

      • Your “proven facts” are not facts at all. You have a problem with reality. None of your comment is even close to truth.

      • pastorjack, where did you receive your license. Based on your tattles and rhetoric who were the facts verified by. I suppose you believe whatever came out of the mouths of Romney, Ryan, Rove and/or Hannity.

      • That would be Pastor Jack…..would you be a jack Mormon? Or just a simple minded holy roller dude who is Jacking the Role of Pastor? There is no Christian anything in your attitude that is discernible to this real christian. More you sound like one of the sneaky backstabbing sneak we all went to school with, until one day you got your butt handed to you.

    • Of course he is a bully. And I can think of other names for him and they are not pretty. He got on that stage and you would have thought he owned it. What a jackass he is. A mustache on him and you know who he would look like. A dictator we do not need.

  2. That’s the Repubs way of doing business…be a BULLY! It’s the “My war or the highway”, they talk over you, talk you down, run rough shod over you, break a leg to get in front of you in the supermarket line, cut you off on the road, shoot a “bird” at you when you blow a horn at them when they are asleep at the switch, etc. It just goes to show how the fabric of America has become tattered and soiled over the years-total disreguard for anyone else on the planet! We are NOT the great nation we once were…if you think so, pull your head out of you butt and look around! We were once the loaning nation, now we are the debtor nation (mainly to China)…think about it!

    • Call me Dr Dan cause I just diagnosed you with an extreme case of reality dyslexia. OMG, you just described the democrats. You really did, or is the “repubs” thing a typo?

      • Talk about pub idol worshiping, then you knock the dems for doing the same thing! Can you spell ‘hypocrisy’..? (I didn’t think so).

        • So, goes the life of a liberal. Incapable of a dialogue on the issues, so I’m force to a level of immaturity you live in. It’s elementary school, playground, sticks and stones discussions. Now i have to deal with the spelling nazi too? Okay, so here goes, can you spell “dirty dog”?

          • Up yours a-hole.. I’ve completely gotten over your idiotic rhetoric.. I’ve moved on, what’s your problem? If someone can’t convince a political lunatic that others have opinions not like theirs then there’s no reason to waste their time on them.. You are that type of dweeb.. Carry on the argument without me, at least that way your audience will be riveted.

    • Sorry, rock, but the United States has ALWAYS been a debtor nation. We were in debt before we changed our name to the United States and have been a debtor nation ever since. In fact, many of our greatest thinkers in the 18th and 19th Centuries have felt that being a debtor nation was the key to our greatness. By the way, many economists claim that there were two years in the 1800s when we had no national debt but that was because we owed a little under a million those years and they do not consider a million dollars anything at all (just like today’s politicians)

  3. Romney is a bully, a liar, and a cheat. He has been cheating America out of taxes on money he made in America from the sweat of workers for years. Now he wants to be president and all of the wealthy who support him will make it so they can all hide their money and not pay taxes while offshoring jobs so they can make more profits. He is Un American and DANGEROUS! A bully and a liar. A cheat and an insulter.

    • You mean like the Hollywood elites that support Obama. They have multiple residences so as to not legally live in a state with high taxes. And most of them have offshore accounts.

      In case you didn’t know, most of Obama’s cabinet members have off shore accounts too. Obama did, until now that is. All his Chicago connections are guilty of the same.

      How bout the China contractors coming here to “rebuild” our infrastructure? Why?

      If I’m connected to the powerful, I have the opportunities at my disposal. Let’s say I need millions of dollars. I go into the bridge building business. I don’t know a thing about bridges, but I can get all the “officiate” tangibles in place to prove I am.

      Now I CANNOT sublet to a national, for a national is subjected to laws within the jurisdiction of the United States. But, if I sublet to a Chinese company, the paper trail doesn’t exist since it could never be legally summons by a US court system. In short, the powerfully connected get to skim millions off of a deal like this. And it’s all legal.

      Why did the gulf clean up take so long? This admin was burning the lines of the inner sanctums of his circles, to see who could be in the oil spill business, or at least officially enough to sub out the contracts. Fortunately, he didn’t find a lot, but he sure dragged his feet on it trying to create another outlet for campaign cash he knew he’d need.

      If you connect the dots, it’s all about legal bribery for legal campaign cash. It’s all legal, but unscrupulously unethical.

      Linda, I can’t say you’re wrong about Romney. I don’t know him. BUT, what’s been said about Obama is factual and cannot be denied. So will you now honestly judge Obama by the same measure? For, your whole paragraph is a spot on description of Obama. If you can’t see that, you’re just in the throes of idol worship.

      • Everything you say is irrelevant to whether Romney is a bully. The others you mention in your post are not running for President of the USA.

      • Well Dan, history is what it is, you can’t change it just because you want to. You make all sorts of wild accusations, none of them on topic, and expect people to just believe what you say, even though historical fact supports none of it. Sound kind of like a page out of the old Mittens Romney playbook, wouldn’t you say?

        Or perhaps you’ll just say that I am agreeing with you on every point, which would be sort of like saying that history is whatever you say it is. Now you’re the bully…

      • I love it. Hollywood elites!

        I don’t vote for Hollywood elites. No one is asking you to. We just don’t want a weasly-ass punk like Romney in the White House.

        The last Hollywood elite we had in the White House was yours – Reagan.

        • you’re right. I should have said, “hollywood dirtbags.”

          I’m not sure you’re capable a connecting the dots. You reaction proves your lack of a thought processing skill set. Does your mommy know you’re on the computer?

        • The sad thing is Ronnie Raygun probably never knew it- he was out to lunch long before he was elected. Reagan wasn’t really an elite from Hollyweood- he was a grade B actor who once shared billing with a chimp- Bonzo.

        • I don’t see any proof that Obama or any of his people have off shore bank accounts nor have I heard of these allegations before sorry I don’t listen to Fox news. I spend a lot of time checking the facts from real news channels, to spend my time tunneling through a mountain of Bushit to find a needle.

      • just like a republican… everyone is speaking about MITT. and dansmithofnc want to talk about people in hollywood your talking apples to oranges we are talking about a man who wants to be president of the USA not actors dont be an idiot if your not a wealthy Republican and MITT FONEY becomes president you as a republican will be just as all thee other non rich/wealthy non republicans…(fucked)!!!! MITT ONLY CARES FOR THE WEALTHY REPUBLICANS…YES THERE IS ANOTHER WAR GOING ON IN AMERICA RICH VS. THE POOR YOU DONT HEAR THE RICH NEEDING FOR NOTHING AND DONT WANNA PAY A LITTLE MORE WTF IS THE PROBLEM

        • Sorry Bryan, I didn’t know Hollywood celebrities were poor. Geez I almost forgot, Obama and Michelle were living in the hood in Chicago before making it to the WH. Sure the congressional black caucus members eek out their existence in the ghetto, don’t they? I forgot about their feeling of our infirmity.

        • adler56, that’s it? “liar”? Even though what I say is FACT, you think “liar” simply negates truth?

          I’d think you’d delve into some due diligence to make sure you’re ideal gods of men had the integrity to live by their same standard. You know, the same standard they want imposed on the “lesser people”.

          They think their fan base will just simply allow a self beheading of their own thought processing skill set, by the entertainment sword. You my friend exude the reason for their unaccountability expectations.

          I’d love to have some real dialogue on this. Believe it or not, I’m very objective. At the same time, I will not stick my head in the sand and pretend my own heroes are not hypocrites.

          I’ve had to clean out some of my own DVDs and CDs too. And, I refuse to watch them on TV. Even if I so badly want to see a great flick, I have to choose between diluting my integrity or keeping it in tact. To pretend they are not hypocrites only makes me one.

          Let me know if you want to bat this back and forth some. One thing’s for sure, we don’t need to allow an outside entity to divide a free people. I promise to respect your right to free speech. Without that, how shall I expect the same?

          • I know better than to waste time with liars like you. If someone says they’re “very objective”- as though that’s even possible- you know they’re lying.
            North Carolina is not an American place.

          • Dan,
            Please state where your information came from so we can determine if it’s fact or innuendo. Your very vague on details of your allegations.

      • Where did you get your so-called “facts” that Obama and his cabinet members have offshore accounts? — maybe from other like-minded bloggers? Better find another source for your “facts”. It makes you look as if you don’t rate too high on the intelligence scale.

      • Liar. You just repeat RNC BS because your pea brain assumes it’s true.
        If President Obama had offshore accounts you wouldn’t be whispering it in a post- williard would plaster it on front pages around the country- since righties own most major papers- Fox would repeat that story 24/7- so stop with the lies.

      • please add the facts to back up this fox news type conspiracy raving. Show us Obama’s offshore accounts please. No? then shut up

      • What is factually correct is that Mitt Romney offshored jobs while with Bain, a company he says he retroactively resigned from so that he wasn’t in charge when the offshoring happened. You can’t retroactively resign from anything.

        What is factually correct is that when John McCain was deciding on his running mate, he got to see Mitt Romney’s tax returns, (which he will not share with the electorate – the first in recent memory to refuse) and picked Sarah Palin as she was, and I quote John McCain AND Mitt Romney “the better candidate.

        What is factually correct is that Mitt Romney has lied and lied again about Obama and, especially, Obamacare.

        What is factually correct is that Romney flip-flops on every issue; in fact Romneycare, a successful policy of his time in Massachussets and very similar to Obamacare, is now something he seems to be idealogically in opposition to.

        What’s factually correct is that the Republican’s use of filbuster has prevented Obama from getting his legislation in place time and time again. Republican’s are so rabidly anti-Obama that they are preventing legislation that would obviously benefit the country from being passed; they have admitted as much on several occasions and in fact seem to be proud of it!

        What is factually correct is that Romney proposes reducing the deficit by giving tax breaks to the wealthy; in simple arithmetic terms this doesn’t add up.

        What is factually correct is that George Bush and his policy makers took a healthy economy and ruined it, leaving the current administration to sort out the mess. the current additional deficit is designed to stimulate the economy and create jobs, rather than what republicans suggest, i.e. increase in welfare spending.

        If Mitt Romney gets voted in, we’re back to square one.

      • The outsoursing of jobs was done by the people Romney is supported by. His record with the Olympics in Salt Lake City is riddled with lies, bribes and unreported wrongs. His Morman backers kept secrets well. I kmow I was one. There is allot wrong with Washington but voting in Romney- Ryan would add fuel to fire. We must make Politicians accountable to the American people , not the rich and elite. Money should never buy our votes nor influence elections. A vote for Romney- Ryan would allow a Presidency to be bought.

      • I did not know all of this, Dan Smith. Could you please post details of these offshore accounts held by Obama and his cabinet? (Or at least the source where you got this incredibly interesting information from)

    • BP ‘lamed’ blowout preventer so it wouldn’t work 10% of time. It took months to dig relief well. Obama got ‘first fine’ (ONLY the first; not the final) UP FRONT, so it’s totally available even for unproveable claims.

  4. We need to keep the press on the flipper, everytime he opens his mouth its another vote for Obama. There is no question that he is hiding something, and by keeping the pressure on, he will either have to come clean or look like he is hiding something and the american people will begin to doubt him in huge numbers. Once that happens all the money in the world will be useless to the repuklicans

    • you know, people that are not old enough to buy cigarettes shouldn’t be embarrassing themselves, accusing Romney of being Obama’s twin.

  5. You all need to step away from the Liberal Kool-Aid. I was “bullied” in Junior High by a girl who is now a responsible adult and I am sure doesn’t remember what she put me through as one of the smallest members of our class. If you want to dredge up everything Romney did as a boy in school, then make Obama produce all his school records and explain why his parents didn’t list him as an American citizen when they registered him in school in Indonesia.

    • May we see your grade paper and your HS certificate?? Your birthcertificate. Get your head out of the hood.
      Obama was vetted. ANYBODY who run for PRESIDENT is vetted. If they would find something he would not be who he is. He showed his income, all is in his book, and he pays more in taxes on his 900K income than Mutt on his 25M.Got elected and he is a President. You might not like the guy that’s your choice but respect your country and the President and Veteran’s who fought for your freedom of speech against the country you live in. Your racism is well noted. Dybya and his cronies your hero’s?? Then you do not respect the fact that 5K + died for their lies. Obama at least uses drones to finish what your God (Dumbya)started. He got the one that got away and your Dumbya did not care where he is – and he is still killing them one by one so they will not conspire against this country EVER again. You poster boy Mutt is puting his silver foot in his mouth every times he opens and alienates and drives to another war that I am sure YOU will not participate. It takes courage to fight somebody’s war. You have NONE – all you have is awarmongers mantra. No matter what Obama produces, your people will look for something else. If he pisses straight in the toilet you will still say he missed it and wanted proof.

  6. what romney needs to do is to look at his assistants , aides, whatever also Their behavior is absurd and if i was running the campaign several of them would be looking for jobs or stuffing envelopes but somewhere they can control themselves and keep their mouths shut. I do not agree with a lot of attack ads. But is romney only dealig with his friends and inner circle?

  7. More of The Advocate’s bias…why not talk about the release of Obama’s college transcripts, entrance documentation and actual birth records…??

  8. I remember minute details of incidents I had in grade school, Robme is lying through his white capped teeth about not remembering, he is un fit to be President of anything other than what he has bought and paid for.

  9. The strikes against Mitt just keep adding up. “Three strikes and your out” Well maybe not if your one of the 1%… Not to worry Mitt. I wont ask you to come clean. I don’t think you can…

  10. Time for Romney to start with his attack ads
    Is Obama a socialist communist or son of Hitler
    Is Obama guilty of taking bribes while Senator and President.
    Is Obama even aware we have a US constitution

  11. “Biff Howard Tannen” sounds like a run of the mill governor from some ivy league state, but was the bully in the Back to the Future trilogy.

    Everything about Willard Romney spells out buddyhood with ole Biff.

    Romney/Tannen 2012!

  12. Too bad Romney didn’t grow up in my neighborhood. He would have been fair-game for a healthy dose of his own medicine… Everyday of the week! Adding to the list of attributes, it must be noted that: All Bullies are Cowards.

  13. At least he did not bully a girl and all you liberals ignore that fact about Obama. You also don’t care that you know absolutely anything about O because he has paid millions to hide everything. Perhaps you might stop watching the tilted media.

      • Is that what you got? I never noticed these replies but I get out of it that you have mental problems. Can’t someone comment without the dregs of society posting something negative? What trash.

  14. Please you ugly f***** you needed the haircut. Get over it half of America has bullied someone. Not to mention half of the countries that want to kick our a****! Grow some dude!

  15. I don’t care what People keep arguing over…the electoral votes will make Obama the winner..and the fact..that the saying goes that “Honesty Is The Best Policy” still stands..what does the man called “Mitt” have hiding if he can’t come clean about his everyone else has done in the past..he has more to hide and unspoken words and evidence..of a person are the biggest liars…so, sit back and watch the show…President Barrack going to win…even if it is on the “electoral votes”…too bad..too sad..for Mitt..and remember his own sons don’t even want him to win that office..and that is within his own family…they know all about how he lies too..and don’t want to be embarrassed as he has already done to holding lies back..and not revealing all the years pertaining to his tax returns…and just look at his record when he was heading the Bain Company..and all the jobs he sent overseas..and how come did he have a “Swiss Bank Account” and he is an american…and since he was already a “bully” in school..does he think he can keep pulling the wool over the amercian people’s eyes..I don’t think so..a leopard don’t change his spots..and he has many spots that need to come clean.

  16. You go Geoffrey!!!!!!! I cringe to think that man and his hatred of all things and people who are not rich, old, white men has a chance to be in the White House. As a poor, old, white woman, I dread the future if it falls totally into the hands of the Republican Party. God help us all.

  17. Mitt wants to keep our soldiers in Afganistan but he ran from the draft and he has five sons in which neither of them served. He doesn’t fit commander in chief. He is a cheating liar who will not disclose his taxes and is trying to slide into the whitehouse with the help of rich idiots. They bombarded President Obama about his birth certificate until he had to finally produce it, what makes Mitt so special??

  18. This is really dumb folks, wake up! (Both parties are owned by the bankers, no one even sees the political limelight unless they have been fully vetted puppets. Our debt-based money system ensures that we will always be in a rising spiral of debt until they bring about the next depression and, along with their never-ending wars, decimate the population.
    The 2 party system is part of the divide and conquer agenda and anyone invested in one or the other is part of the problem. Both parties will take us to hell, the repubs will just get us there faster. Only difference I can see. Only by a united front will the people be able to change this. Go watch the video ‘The Secret of Oz’ by Bill Still on Youtube. There is a way out. Lincoln did it and Kennedy had it in the works. Of course, they killed them both off…

  19. williard is dead mean as more stories like that come out- the dressing up like a cop to arrest people
    needs to get more attention too- i think he’s nuts.

  20. the man’s a sociopathic liar who’s convinced the rules don’t apply to him. Since he seems to be getting away with it, i guess he’s right. Oh, that’s how we create a culture of corruption. Now I remember.

  21. A bully always a bully! A bully is actually a psychologically insecure personality. Does it show in Mr. Mitt? What’s his stance on Iran? There’s not a shred of mercy shown by him. Just like a bully. Was he very confident during his visit to London? Not really, right?

    • Hopefully he is a Good Bully—-We need one instead of someone inviting Ahmadinejad to the White House when he has said over and over he wants to wipe Israel off the map!!!!

      When you are always on the TERRORISTS side—-There is a problem!!!!!!!!

      But I guess Obama knows how to run the Country because
      HE WAS A “Community Orangaizer” Ya know!!!!!
      They know everything about running the whole world!!!!!!!

  22. OMG, trying to use some high school pranks from 50 years ago to smear a man with a clean record of good living and integrity, while during Obama’s youthful days he was smoking dope, snorting cocaine heavily, protesting and hanging around with socialists. Some of you are unbelievable, come on already.

    • I ALWAYS laugh when someone attributes the word “integrity” to someone like Mitt Romney. Mitt doesn’t HAVE any integrity and THAT is the reason no one is all that excited about him. He flip flops and lies, and as far as the cruelty streak this lawyer alleges Romney having, I know I sure as hell wouldn’t put the Family dog in a cage and strap it to the roof of the car to drive across the country. Do you even know what integrity means? Oh yeah, it’s real cool to diminish the action Romney may have been involved in by following it with some other criticism Obama is guilty of, that has nothing to do with this issue about Romney, NOR does it cancel it out as a legitimate concern.

      I know Obama is nothing less than an enemy of the State and should be executed for treason but replacing him with someone just like him is NOT moving forward.

      It’s just doing the same thing expecting different results.

      Indeed, why DOESN’T Mitt Romney bring up the forgery’s and sealed documents as a response to Obama claiming Romney is not being transparent with his tax returns. The audacity of someone as secretive as Obama, exposing himself to that kind of monumental hypocrisy and ALL of us can see it.

      Why can’t Mitt?

      Now THAT, IS interesting..

  23. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: World’s Biggest Hypocrite

    Posted by Tommy in Blog, News, Politics on July 10, 2012 12:58 pm / 14 comments

    Well, well, well. It appears DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman is the world’s biggest hypocrite. For weeks, she, along with the Obama Campaign, have been attacking Mitt Romney for having a foreign bank account and what she refers to as ‘secretive investments.’ David Axelrod even went so far as to call Mitt Romney “the most secretive candidate since Richard Nixon.

    Well, guess what? After all her pathetic attempts at that class warfare nonsense, it looks like we have a pot calling the kettle black scenario. From The Weekly Standard:

    Disclosure forms reveal that Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a member of Congress from Florida, previously held funds with investments in Swiss banks, foreign drug companies, and the state bank of India. This revelation comes mere days after the Democratic chair attacked presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for holding money in Swiss bank accounts in the past.

    Once again we have the usual “do as I say, not as I do” garbage from the left. It’s OK for her to do what she wants with her money, but somehow it’s not OK for Mitt Romney to do the same? Remember, this is a woman who refuses to release her own tax returns, so the hypocrisy is strong with this one.

    Then again, I guess her thinking reflects that of all those folks who think they should be the final arbiter of how Americans spend the money they earn. You know those people, right? Yeah, we call them Liberals.

    • Chill out and take a minute to understand that investing in a fund with some investments outside of the U.S. is not uncommon or a big deal in any way. Stashing money in tax havens, as Romney has done, is another story entirely.

      And, how does anything liberals say or do equate to dictating how you spend your money? It is the social conservatives who think everyone should adopt their beliefs and values.

  24. Democrat Embarrassment Debbie Wasserman Schultz Own Swiss Bank Account Problem

    So like many, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that to this day we know very little about Barack Obama, even after him being President for four years.

    But it gets better.

    Wasserman Schultz who is by now infamous for making comments that leave everyone in the room scratching their collective heads, whether supporters or foes, has bested herself this time.

    Schultz earlier today also said;

    “I’d really like to see Mitt Romney release more than one year of tax records because there’s beendisturbing reports recently that he’s got a … secretive Bermuda corporation that no one knows anything about, investment in the Caymans … he’s got a Swiss bank account,” the Democratic National Committee chairwoman said on Fox News Sunday. “Americans need to ask themselves: why does an American businessman need a Swiss bank account and secretive investments like that?” the Florida congresswoman said.

    Here’s where it get’s better.

    Not only did Wasserman Schultz accuse Mitt Romney of not being transparent, she urged Romney to release his tax returns while she herself refuse’s to release her own, that’s right she will not release her own tax returns.

    Her congressional opponent, Republican Karen Harrington of Florida has requested Wasserman Schultz release the information with no response Schultz

    “This week millions of taxpaying Americans will fulfill their requirement of filing their tax returns by paying any and all taxes due to the federal government,” Harrington’s campaign writes. “Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been asking Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney to release his 2011 tax return even after Governor Romney released his 2010 tax return.”

    And it get’s even better if that were possible, not only does she refuse to release her own tax information, she in essence has her own offshore bank account’s, which is her main criticism of Romney as we’ve seen.

    Disclosure forms reveal that Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a member of Congress from Florida, previously held funds with investments in Swiss banks, foreign drug companies, and the state bank of India. This revelation comes mere days after the Democratic chair attacked presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for holding money in Swiss bank accounts in the past. But disclosure forms reveal that in 2010, Wasserman Schultz invested between $1,001-$15,000 in a 401k retirement fund run by Davis Financial Fund. As the fund discloses, it is invested in the Julius Baer Group Ltd. and the State Bank of India GDR Ltd., as well as other financial, insurance, bank institutions.

    “The Julius Baer Group is the leading Swiss private banking group, focusing exclusively on the demands of sophisticated private clients, family offices and external asset managers from around the world,” its website explains. “Bank Julius Baer is the principal operating company of the Julius Baer Group, with origins dating back to 1890. The rich Swiss heritage becomes manifest in the values for which the Bank stands, e.g. trustworthiness, accountability, discretion and expertise. However, at the same time Julius Baer is a modern, forward-looking company at the leading edge of a genuine growth industry.”

    By all appearances Debbie Wasserman Schultz has taken away the Democrats latest and easily favorite talking point, which they’ve repeated ad nauseam the past 2 weeks on virtually every media outlet possible.

    You cant make this stuff up.

  25. just read the two posted article about the Chairperson for the DNC. Not just your average, everyday democrat, she’s the top person in the DNC!!! Ironically, she’s the one screaming the loudest about Romney’s offshore accounts.

    Want some more examples? There’s lots of them. What you don’t know is the democrats think their constituents are too stupid to do some due diligence.

    Geez, just look at soros. He’s a avid obama supporter. Do you think he has offshore accounts? Need I say more? I certainly can.

    • In case you haven’t been on CNN in a while, here’s some news…Soros is not running for the highest office in the land. Oh yeah, and he’s spending big bucks to help make the tax code more fair, unlike Republican supporters.

      • No Soros is just pulling the strings to the puppet in the highest office in the land. Perhaps if you actually researched something instead of just assuming everything you read is true you might and I stress might be educated enough to cast a vote one day.

  26. nit wit mitler…sociopath, liar, bully…and this is who the tea baggin (kkk) repugnicans want for their president? What does it say about them and their antiquated gop (greed over people, greedy ol’ pedophiles) party?
    And dansmithofnc…all I can say about your diatribe is WOW!! What an idiot! Do your homework.
    Try doing some research about the tea baggin’ rethuglican party and all the lies that were told just at its clown convention. Try reading something intellectual for a change…or just reading at all.

    • With all due respect, and this is not a criticism but an observation, I think you are wrong and looking at this in the wrong way and contradicting yourself.

      If Romney is not lying or cheating about this, then what did he do to be “just taking advantage of what is given”?

      I was on the receiving end of bullying throughout elementary, junior high, and high school. There is certain types of usual bulling, when bullies do it frequently they could forget, i.e., something such as “name calling”. But how on God’s earth can someone when “18 years old” could forget along with a group of buddies holding down another 18 year old and cutting off his hair?

      Let’s assume Romney did forget, what does that also say about him? And, he could forget something like that, what kind of person does that make him and should he then hold the high office of President? That scenario is still non-plausiable for me.

      If he does remember, and I think he does because no matter how many years goes by, especially from the age of 18 – not 8 – then he is the worst kind of liar.

      • Where did you get your psychology major???In the world of hard luck and hard knocks like I did. I certainly don’t remember many things in my younger years even into my mid 30s-40s, and no I don’t have altzheimers either. These things were buried as my life turned around and I lived a great life after that. Dig into your own memories and see how much you can dig upt??Some years are clear as day while others are either fuzzy of black. Let’s find something with depth to accuse something of. Your man won, so lets get over it and work together as a country for what is best for all of us, Okay???

        • Yes, I did get my psychology in the world of hard knocks. I am, as you say, over it, but being over it doesn’t mean it isn’t something I don’t recall. My life, for the most part, has been good. I have forgiven as, and forgive the old cliche, “what doesn’t destroy you, makes you stronger” (or something like that).

          However, my problem with Romney wasn’t just what he did as a bully years ago. What bothers me is his “not acknowledging it”. I am 60 plus years and I can certainly agree there are a lot of things I’ve forgotten. However, I know that there are certain things that are simply unforgettable. Case in point, the boys who helped Romney with this episode all admitted later in life that they recalled the incident, and if I recall correctly, later regretted what they had done. The gentlemen who was the victim has since died. After his death one of his family members (admittedly don’t recall exact quote) stated that it was something that impacted his life.

          I don’t think a man who wants to be President who, in my opinion, lied about an incident that most people would remember for the rest of their life. Newt Gingrich, of all people by the way, said something to the effect, “if you lie to get elected, you will lie when you are elected”. I firmly believe that.

  27. I guess you all were perfect in school or when growing up. Apparently don’t believe people can change. I know I do not remember everything from my high school and younger years and if you all say you do-you all are a bunch of liars and hypocrites. Maybe you should consider running for president.

    • What basis do you have for assuming Romney has changed, even if your basic claim that “people” can change is true? Actually, I think the evidence shows that while it is theoretically possible for people to change, most really don’t.

      • If you assume that Romney has changed, do you also assume that a drug user in younger years, and association with Communist, Marzist people, has changed soooomuch???Certainly you must be blind, deaf and or dumb or all three. A truly brainwashed indocrinated full blown Democrat. What happened to both parties. We used to have 2 Great parties who worked together to build the USA to the heights we once were, but have been torn with the last 4 year. All I see and hear is nit picking,lying, accusing,attacking from both sides. I voted Democrat for 53 years until 2008, and I started looking at different opponents on state levels, then to fed levels and thought my moral, ethics, and background beliefs were more in the Republican party and have stayed with those beliefs. I vote for what I have gleaned from all the stupid ads, and support accordingly. I pray the current administration does a good job and gets the economy back up and running with plenty of jobs, getting people off government help and being productive citizens.

  28. Mitt picked the profession that fit his personality. The vulture capitalism is perfect for him, he has no heart when it comes to ruining a business. He has no problem bankrupting a business and taking people pensions they worked for all of their lives. He showed this during his donor meeting. He does not care about you his GOD is money. It has nothing to do with the Mormon church.

    • Hopefully he is a Good Bully—-We need one instead of someone inviting Ahmadinejad to the White House when he has said over and over he wants to wipe Israel off the map!!!!

      When you are always on the TERRORISTS side—-There is a problem!!!!!!!!

      But I guess Obama knows how to run the Country because
      HE WAS A “Community Orangaizer” Ya know!!!!!
      They know everything about running the whole world!!!!!!!

        • Obama is our WORST enemy—-

          He is a terrorist himself and a Muslim and believes in the Quran–

          He believes there is no god except for ALLAH ALLAH ALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

          You’ll be saying soon!!!!!!!!!! Once a Muslim always a Muslim—-
          Death to all Americans—is what they say!

  29. OMG!!!!!!!!
    The way EVERYONE nitpicks every single person that runs for President its NO WONDER nobody good runs!!!!!!!!!!
    Whoooo really cares what you did in Kindergarten???????
    Who cares what you did in High School???????
    How ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s what you’re going to do NOW as an ADULT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Romney’s an adult? Could have fooled me. He seems like a spoiled little brat who made what money he didn’t inherit by parasitizing companies other people built and casting them aside before they actually went bankrupt from the excessive borrowing they did in response to his “consulting” and for which he was paid exorbitant amounts of money.

      Maybe you’re too dense to see it, but “advising” companies you own to borrow more than they can afford and charging them fees for the bad advice falls well within what I would consider “bullying.”

    • “Who cares what you did in High School???????”

      Bullying, I care and I’m sure many others also care. It’s representation of his charactor and that matters if he represents the country.

      • I guess being a drug user/abuser is good character??? Being a recovering alcoholis myself, it takes years and years to regain the respect of others because of the things that happened when I was out of it, in an alcoholic daze. Where are all BHO’s buddies when he was in Harvard, Colunbia???No one remembers him. So he must not have been with a notable group. He won, so we gotta live with it and work to regain our status in the world once again.

  30. Grasping at straws. Should we dig up some members of Obama’s ‘Choom Gang’ that he hung out with in high school to talk about young Barry’s daily drug use as a teen? The affirmative action president sure liked his cocaine during his college years too. Being a Mormon, Romney neither smoked or drank alcohol. He had a stable upbringing where Obama was abandoned twice. By his father and then his mother to live with his grandparents. Always seeking approval from someplace he is most comfortable when he is campaigning for his adoring fans. He hates rejection. A narcissist, listen to his speeches and count how many times he says ‘I, Me or Mine’. But since this is a liberal/leftist blog you will continue to nit pick at stupid, insignificant events of Romney’s youth while ignore Obama’s pathology from his dysfunctional upbringing.

  31. You’re right. They nit pick Romney while ignore Obama’s drug use as a teen. Romney came from a stable childhood while Obama impaired his developing emotional and cognitive parts of his brain from smoking weed as high school teenager. Romney didn’t engage in such activity as Mormonism forbids it.

    • We want Romney to say he is sorry for something he doesn’t remember???Well how about Obama say he is sorry to all the dead babies he has laughed with glee about????Everyone has something in their past that has happened and cannot remember. BHO can’t even remember where he was born, or who his real daddy is, Of course he has been told the answers many times, but remember correctly???Nah, I didn’t think so.

  32. Romney may have been a bully as an entitled and immature young man.
    Obama is an unrepentant enforcer of the murder of untold millions of babies.
    And you’d rather have the latter represent you in The White House?!!

    He is NOT my president!

  33. I have said over and over again….he was a bully that led other people in his “gang”…and to know he shaved someone’s hair off..while the other bullies terrible…then he has a memory problem…he has a “NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY”…who love to bully and hurt others..and is a con-artist..and a swindler..and with this kind of person…they worship money…and will use any means to get it…even underhanded schemes…he doesn’t like anyone to oppose him or to have a difference of opinion…he thinks he is a god…and unspoken words..shows a deceptive person more than one that openly lies…it is the worst lier of it’s kind…and I call him a true leopard…he has lots of spots believe me…why doesn’t he do what everyone else did to turn over their tax records…that is he has sometimg big to hide…the deceptive means as how he screw the IRS…and him and the upreptuable companies he made his dirty monies from…these kinds of people are wolves in sheeps clothing be on the lookout for these kinds of people..good looking on the outside..but, on the inside is a filthy insides…so, full of deception…the biggest con artist really get away with a lot…but, he is still a bully…his own sons do not want him to become president…because they know him very well…believe me…oh, well..whatever he has hidden will come out to the light very soon…sit back and watch the show…he could even have another wife hidden…no doubt within my mind…the middle class and the poor have to use the right method when they file their income taxes..why shouldn’t he have to…?

  34. This is directed to a person, dansmithofnc:…that seems to have blind eyes or has been another bully in his day…that criticized Obama…he has revealed his tax records completely has nothing to hide…and someone here has a short-term memory…when Obama came into office the rich had not paid their fair share of taxes for at least 8 to 10 years and have left the burden on the middle class..and the poor…but, they don’t make trillion of dollars…and by the way..the middle class pays a lot more into payroll taxes than the rich do…because most of the rich invest their monies..the middle class and the poor do well enough to make ends meet and a lot of them are filing bankruptsy…and they are losing their homes…by the way…when Obama came into office..the stock markets were way down..and guess what, Wall Street loves Obama..and is doing very well…they say he is easy to work with and is the friendliest president that has ever been in the fact..since the taxpayers monies pays for the salaries of many people…even the highway department when the men work out on the highways…they are paid by the tax payers monies..they don’t make enough to pay for all the jobs that are paid by the taxpayers monies…that is why people cannot get jobs…now when the rich pays their millions of dollars in taxes…jobs will open up because there will be monies there to pay the wages of the people getting certain jobs…and it will definetly help with paying off the deficit…etc..and much more…even when the elder Bush was in office…he still had the rich pay their fair share of taxes…he even had to bail the younger Bush out of his bad investments with the oil companies..and by the way…he is the first president I have ever known was caught in possession of drugs and became president..something else..and again…dansmithofnc…you must be one of those con-artist and a swindler too…like Mitt is and must worship money as he does…and by the way…you are into the “me” generation…not into the “we” generation…you don’t care about anyone else but yourself…or is it the simple fact that you see color…go get you eyes tested..because God don’t like that kind of junk…He only looks at the heart…all people are His children…are you with the Klu Klux Klan..sounds like it to me..

  35. Bullying is evil and it reflects a person’s soul. But being pro-abortion is also evil. The moral is: if no other way remains, choose the lesser of two evils. But I grant, the choice is cumbersome and scary! Can’t we find a good people to run for presidents?

  36. Mitt Romney now thinks the he can bully President Obama, the guy who sought out Bin Laden from this entire world, and killed him! The one leader in this world who rocked the roots of terrorism, within two and a half years of holding office! While the Bush administration allowed not only 9/11 to happen on their watch, then spent the next 8 years looking for Bin Laden, to no avail, meanwhile eroding the surplus that Blinton left America with! Nobody bullies Obama! Somebody told the President to take it easy on Romney in the last debate and Romney thinks he has this election in a bag now! Romney will lose and badly. He takes a dump on the American people with his 47% comment and then asks for America’s vote. Dream on Romney!

  37. I can’t believe ANYONE would vote for Mitt Romney. He is lying, smug, rich Republican who obviously has disdain for anyone not of his ilk. Please do not vote for this man. He is in no way equipped to be the president of anything, much less the United States of America. We have had many exceptional people hold the office of US president and even having Mitt Romney as a candidate is a disgrace to all of them and the electoral process.

    • Yep, Mitt is rich, so is BHO, Biden, You name it all the government officials are getting rich on our money in salaries, benefits, expense accounts, entertainment accounts, travel expense, and retirements, their inside trading and investments in secret investors that pay upwards of at least $500,000 per year, never hear anything about these, do we???Do they pay taxes on these or hide them in some special place???Nope Democrats are poor, broke, and cannot earn a penny. GET REAL PEOPLE, If you think De. Politicians are not really wealthy and rich as everyone calls it, You have been bamboozled. Politicians would not make careers out of it if it were not for the money.

  38. Being a bully when you’re a kid doesn’t mean you grow up to be a bully. I wish he would have said something like “I did some dumb things when I was a kid and I’m sorry about it now.” The fact that he said he didn’t remember an act that should be very memorable, especially to a teenager, makes me wonder about either: 1. his mental acuity 2. his honesty

  39. romney bullied. bullying is increasing in numbers and intensity..Romney needs to man up, regardless of when this was happening and encourage bullies to do the same.
    A chance to have a POSITIVE influence on a major issue..

  40. I wish the ad were showing in all 50 states. It is unfortunate to the states that are not “states that count” that much of the information available is not publicized. If you want to be informed you have to dig for it.

    Also, just a suggestion, but I prefer the statement: ” If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” I pray America does not fall for a liar and possible sociopath!

  41. I love the fact that Geoffrey Fieger is brave enough to speak up. He was brave in representing Dr. Kevorkian and he is right again to expose how ridiculous it would be for ANYONE to forget the kind of violence infllicted on John Lauber. And Mitt Romney was EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD at the time of the incident. Other men who either participated in or saw the incident have vivid memories of it and all, even those who saw but did not participate, have expressed true, life-long shame and remorse that such a brutal assault and battery had occurred. Mitt Romney was the ring-leader and the hair-cutter in the incident. NO WAY he has forgotten it and, yet, there is NO INDICATION WHATSOEVER that he feels a bit of remorse. Thank you to Mr. Fieger for bringing this horrible topic back up. Mitt Romney is a gay basher and a horrid bully.

    • Well, I guess the biased media is still at it. At this point in time, the election is over. We don’t have to like, but we have to live with it. BTW, how many people remember incidents that had no penalties attached to it remember when they were 18???I am an old lady, and no I don’t have altzheimeer’s, but I had buried so much of mu late teens and early twenties events, that I had to go through a deep debilitating depression for these to come to memory, but everyone else remembers vividly things that happened at 18, when so many things have happened since then??? I find this article not only biased but an insult. To Kieger, How many did you bully as a result of your being bullied???These things are never discussed, funny, everyone that points a finger at one has 3 more pointing to themselves.

  42. I´m sorry but all you people are missing the biggest point. Romney is definitely a liar and a cheat, so are many or even most politicians on both sides of the aisle. It appears he acted as a brutal bully in high school, whatever that means today I surely don´t know. Obama is less than perfect and certainly doesn´t need invented faults to be voted out of office and replaced by a better man, which is not Romney by the way. I have heard comments over and over again about jobs and the economy and the debt. These are a result of irresponsible acts by both Dems and Reps over the course of many years. The US has been on a spending spree for too long, both gov and private citizens. Everybody is in so much debt that there is literally no way to recover from this regardless who is elected president. The sad fact is that the gov must cut all spending to the barest min. including education, health, welfare, defense, programs, departments etc. People, we need to stop spending money we don´t have. In the not too distant future interest rates will rise and then you will see borrowing and printing of money like you have never seen before. And one day, the Chinese, Saudis, and other countries will stop buying our treasury bonds, which finance our debt. Do you realize that the US gov is the largest purchaser of treasury bonds, 60%. How does 100% sound? They are doing this by printing money.The fact is though, it is political suicide to state this. No politician will or can tell you the truth. They just bury their heads in their hands, thank god that they got their money before and wait for the worst to happen.

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