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Friday, March 22, 2019

With just over a week to go until the Democratic primary for the special election to fill New Jersey’s open U.S. Senate seat, Representative Rush Holt (D-NJ) is going on the offensive against the overwhelming frontrunner, Newark mayor Cory Booker.

In a new ad, which will air in the New York and Philadelphia media markets, Holt plays up his academic background and slams Booker as “no progressive.”

“We need to pass a carbon tax to stop climate change, break up the Wall Street banks, and stop the government spying on innocent Americans. Cory Booker doesn’t support any of these ideas,” Holt notes in the ad.

In addition to knocking Booker’s liberal bona fides, Holt criticized Booker’s aggressive media strategy — echoing a charge leveled by the Lautenberg family when they endorsed U.S. Representative Frank Pallone (D-NJ) in the primary.

“There’s no question that Cory Booker has name recognition,” Congressman Holt told the Wall Street Journal. “But liking someone on Facbeook isn’t the same as choosing someone to deal with treaties and Supreme Court justices.”

Holt’s aggressive turn may be too little, too late. Booker currently holds a massive lead in the polls, which appears insurmountable with just eight days before the primary. If Booker wins the Democratic nomination, then he is expected to easily win the general election against his likely Republican opponent, former Bogota mayor Steve Lonegan.

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2 responses to “WATCH: Rush Holt Slams Cory Booker As ‘No Progressive’ In New Ad”

  1. dadhoover says:

    He isn’t a ‘progressive’, he’s a proud I-firster which makes him an under cover NEO CON for whatever the Israeli Lobby AIPAC wants. These people will put the interests of Israel even before our own interests, because it lines their campaign coffers and gets them good publicity with the Firster ‘in crowd’. For instance, who among us really thinks its in our interest to keep facilitating and enabling Israel’s settlements and other abuses against the Palestinians in the West Bank ? Who really thinks we should set aside diplomacy and just attack Iran because that’s what Netenyahu and AIPAC as well as the Christian Zionists here in the US want ?

  2. pisces63 says:

    I is amazin how the antisemitic, hate mongers crawl out of the wood work. I am for Israel and I understand his penchant and virulent hatred of Iran. Anerica has caused 90% of the problems there starting in 1956. We attacked a country with the bogus lies ever and said nothing. Point a finger at Israel for a possibility while ignoring this country’s reality in Iraq?? How many dead for a lie. Israel trusts no one. Alk one needs do is read history. From pogram to children stolen and raised Christian! ! Hitler!!! The ship good Christian Americans denied entrance with men, wom en and children sent back to the death camps. It won’t happen on this black woman’s watch. Not again. So take your half witted, antisemitism elsewhere.

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