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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin contradicted herself on Monday, declaring that she stands behind Cory Booker — while also completely missing the Newark mayor’s point.

“It was a shame to see Cory kind of back down from what his answer was, which was so candid,” Palin said on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Monday night.

Palin was referencing Booker’s instantly controversial appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” in which he complained about attacks against Mitt Romney’s time at Bain Capital.

“This kind of stuff is nauseating to me on both sides,” Booker said. “It’s nauseating to the American public. Enough is enough.”

“Stop attacking private equity,” he continued. “Stop attacking Jeremiah Wright. This stuff has got to stop, because what it does is it undermines, to me, what this country should be focused on. It’s a distraction from the real issues.”

Unfortunately, Palin clearly wasn’t paying attention to that last bit. In the very same interview with Hannity, she couldn’t resist using Wright to attack President Obama, claiming that

I went rogue, if you will and disagreed with some of John McCain’s advisers when they said no a lot of these issues like past associations and Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers and those that helped shape Obama’s world view needed to be off the table and not discussed.

Palin went on to decry the notion of a “one-sided ceasefire call,” even as she argued that Wright should be on the table and Bain should not.

Responses like Palin’s make it easy to understand why Booker told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Monday that “I am very upset that I am being used by the GOP this way.”


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  • Clearly what Palin believes or says is of little or no consequence. What concerns me is the number of folks who hang on her every word. What’s up with that anyway?

    • It’s amazing to me when Sarah Palin goes on one of her rants saying things like, “Obama wants to drag our nation back to a pre-Civil War America…”
      As if Obama wants to go back to the times when his ancestors were slaves.
      Then Hannity and other Fox pundits look at her with serious expressions on their faces, nodding their heads in approval as if she makes sense.
      Most normal people would say, “are you nuts?!”

      • Maricia12

        They just can not make up their minds. President Obama wants to take the country back to the pre-civil war era, he wants to make us all muslims, he wants to make the country a Socialist Communist country. He wants to make us more like Europe. It goes on and on with this kind of nonsense from the right wingers. Is it something in the water they drink?

    • Doris Hall

      I’m with you Euroman1212, What the heck did she say? I’ve never been able to understand that woman from day one. Idiot people who are brain dead, obviously, would dare vote her in as Vice President? I’m really worried about the mentality of the people in America. Do they listen to her? First, no one knew her until John McCain picked her for a running mate and he only met her once, what’s up with that? Then, when asked by Katie Curic where she got her information Palin said “Newspapers” but did not know what the name of the newspapers were. Then she lets her Daughter, Bristol, run around wild, not telling her about how to conduct herself and she gets pregnant. Then she blames the guy for that. Put your head on straight America or do us a favor & stay out of the voting booth. Because you who value this woman’s opinion are not all there.

      • Maricia12

        I don’t think most of these people care, they will vote for the Republican party regardless of who is the candidate. If a dog was running, they would vote for the dog before they would vote Democratic.

        • Not at all. We Democrats are just being quite until November, when we will all come out in extreme Democratic force. Get real. She is a complete and total dingbat. Useless big mouth woman she who talks with no sense at all. Good luck wasting your vote if she manages to make it to anywhere. LMAO at your post.

          • Maricia12

            Your reply to me did not make sense. I was talking about the Republicans voting for their own party no matter who was running, even if it were a dog on the ballott. As far as Palin, if you read my earlier post, I called her an air head. I am a Democrat so what am I to “get real” about. It sounds as if we are on the same page politically but something got disconnected or you are responding to another post.

    • Kansan

      They hang on her every word, no matter how garbled and confused her syntax may be, because they’re no smarter than she is.

      They have no idea how stupid they are, which is what makes them so dangerous.

    • noneedtocomment

      Fun read to see what she will say next~~~ kind of like getting up in 1968 seeing that big Seattle Times News paper it was 3″ thick. And lying on the floor laughing….At the comic strips.

  • DukeDacat

    Palin, the ex-half Gov. of Alaska………….
    Is there a living American, besides Hannity on Fox Noise, who cares what she has to say????

    • johninPCFL

      Most of the GOP.

      • Really? Is that why she lost her bid for the Tea Party candidate in Alaska, but was won by a write-in GOP candidate?

    • The rest of the lost idiots.

    • The question is, “who cares what she (Palin) has to say????” The answer is: No one with an ounce of common sense would care. Thank you, very much.

  • Who listens to Sarah Palin’s comments. Half the time . I don’t believe she knows what’s she’s saying! In my opinion, she’s Sean Hannity’s/os’s puppet- She will say whatever they tell her to say! That is- if she can articulate it. Rememberthe name Keith O. gave her? I think he’s RIGHT!!!

  • betsym

    She’s dumb and constantly contradicts herself. People think she’s so smart but watch the movie “Game Change” and see her as what she really is. I’m sure her supporters wouldn’t watch it.

    • Maricia12

      I saw the movie and she is one stubborn woman, coming into a situation she knew nothing about, yet she would not listen to those around her who only wanted to help her. I am glad McCain did not become President. Anyone dumb enough to pick Palin as a running mate shows a real lack of good decision making which is needed as President of the United States of America. Can you just imagine Palin as President going rougue with nuclear weapons?

      • John McCain would be the very first to agree with you. He still has nightmares over the decision to select Palin.

  • Euroman1212

    Palin is and always will be an Idiot!!!!
    And a lousy mother.

    • noneedtocomment

      I love that we should make a greeting card that says I visited Arizona, I smelled and idiot. I wonder if she has that tatt yet she has sure earned it.

      • it’s not Arizona, it’s Alaska, that’s where you smelled an idiot.

    • I agree with you Euroman1212!

    • She is an idiot who kills wild animals and see herself as a smart woman when her teenage daughter gets knocked-up in front of her eyes and pretends not to notice…I don’t talk about her husband because he knows to keep his mouth shut…unlike her and her daughter.

      • noneedtocomment

        And she herself, mother of the year that must have 10 nannies raising Trig, as that what it takes 1 good devoted mother or a bunch of fill ins.. I know I did it ,gave up my life for my son…. So he would be as high functioning as possible. Go home and raise your 21st chromosome Sarah.

  • AdamMos

    Somewhere there is a village in search of their idiot.

    • LOL! Totally true!

    • The problem is that, the village is trying so hard not to notice and trying to ignore the fact that they lost that idiot.

    • DukeDacat

      Yes, and the name of the Village is: Wasilla, Alaska

  • paulstewart2

    why is she even relevant?

    • johninPCFL

      Because she’s one of the leaders of the modern GOP.

      • paulstewart2

        why is the modern GOP relevant? cave men and women all…

        • Maricia12

          The frightening thing here is there are more just like her with their narrow views of America and they really believe that stuff, you know like the earth is only 5000 yrs old. Their leaders pull this crap out of their rear ends and sell it like it was dope to those who want so desperately to believe it. You would think people with a half decent education would be able to think for themselves and question anything that is not logical but there is no explaination for their thought processes.

      • She is a fake leader of the modern tea party GOP. Nothing in her brain but vanity.

  • chrisnot

    Those of you who know the brilliance of the essayist, Christopher Hitchens.., he said, “She’s got no charisma of any kind but I imagine her being mildly useful to a low rank porn director.” She is, “..a disgraceful opportunist and a moral coward.” Hmmm? She might make a good congressman.

    • I highly doubt that she will ever amount to anything. Be real!

      • chrisnot

        You may have missed the point.

    • Christopher Hitchens – may he rest in peace.

      • chrisnot

        No doubt about it.

    • S Myers

      As usual, the Hitch was spot on. He defined Palin accurately and incisively.

  • I love it! The more Sarah Palin opens her big mouth; the more she showcases to the world just how stupid she really is! What a hypocrit!

  • Sorrysarah

    Sarah Palin needs to fall off the earth, be taken away by aliens or just plain needs to disappear. We don’t need ignorant people like her running around yelling the stuff she says, she has alrerady done more damage to this country then she will ever know.

  • ckibbey80

    Just to think that if John McCain had won in 2008 and…parish the thought…she had been the vice president and then something happened to John…OMG!

    • ExPAVIC


      The very idea is enough to give one cold sweats, but not as bad as the idea of Mittens Romney, the Mormon missionary, being elected president.

    • Louis Klugh

      I try not to even dwell on it!

    • S Myers

      From the first time Palin stepped onto the stage, I thought “if I was McCain, I wouldn’t accept any food or drink from her.” Her ambition and lust for the limelight was shockingly obvious.

  • BB

    oh boy! she at it again. Someone please give her a new gig!

  • BB

    Oh boy! She ‘s at it again. Someone, please give her a new gig!

  • Poor Sarah. She tries so hard to be eloquent and speak with a degree of intelligence. She just always comes up a step or two short. Thank goodness she’s not a national figure to anyone beyond the people who won’t consider any candidate but a Republican. Come on people, be reasonable, sensible and, most of all, honest.

    • dtgraham

      I’ve noticed that too Chuck. She can’t seem to articulate a coherent thought many times and she knows it. To compensate, she’ll just throw in some extra inappropriate words and hope they stick. You can see how hard she’s trying and you can almost smell the wood burning. She comes off sounding stilted and goofy but I guess that’s better than sounding like a Wasilla hillbilly.

    • S Myers

      I agree. In her effort to sound intelligent, Palin randomly plugs in some important sounding words during her rants. Ironically, she ends up emphasizing the breathe of her ignorance. Palin brings new meaning to the word “dimwit”. She’s America’s disgrace.



    Why is there such attention to a non-news person? This individual hasn’t had anything to offer since she hit the political scene, accidentally I add.

    If McCain’s people had done their jobs, this broad would be gutting fish in an Alaskan cannery.

    • Maricia12

      You would think. This woman is the darling of the conservative party and they still think she will help them take back the country. Of course, none of us really know what the heck that means other than take it back to a time that no long exists in this world. What they really mean is take back this country from the “black President” and we all KNOW it, no matter how loud they scream “we are not racist”. As soon as Obama was elected, they started their tea party movement and propaganda compaign. I sure hope Americans are getting smart and realizing just how devious the GOP has become and they no longer have any integrity.

      • ExPAVIC


        Not sure if you saw the reference to The American Taliban Party (for Republicans). Even more pointed was a reference to the Republicans as the “old white guys party that is beginning to quickly age and die off. They don’t want to depart the scene leaving a “minority black or hispanic anywhere close to being in charge.”

        After just a little deep searching, some of the truth does emerge. The most recent has been generated by need with ex VP Cheney shaking the trees for some funds for Mittens.
        Seem to recall that Mitt the Mormon was trying to distance himself from the Bushies and has repeated stated that he did not advocate any thoughts so held by that crowd.

        INterest5ing to see how the bankers will react with their past tendencies and the need to back the true winner and thus not wanting to cause friction with Obama who could make their lives miserable after the election. Hope this happens too.

      • baf827

        And no one is talking about the KING of deviousness, the KING behind the throne of the republican party karl rove! His manipulation is all over what has happened so far in the republican race for the WHITE HOUSE again! His plan will be revealed during the republican CONVENTION and do not be too surprized when it becomes apparent rommney is not the candidate to run aganist President Obama!

  • Louis Klugh

    The only thing more hilarious than Sarah giving her opinion on the Fox propaganda organization is watching Sean Hannity pretend to take her seriously. SNL should give thanks for all the free material!

  • Palin now attends the Wasilla Bible Church. She was there on August 17, just days before entering the national spotlight. David Brickner, the founder of Jews for Jesus, was a speaker. He told congregants that terrorist attacks on Israel were God’s “judgment” of Jews who haven’t embraced Christianity. Brickner said, “Judgment is very real and we see it played out on the pages of the newspapers and on the television. When a Palestinian from East Jerusalem took a bulldozer and went plowing through a score of cars, killing numbers of people. Judgment — you can’t miss it.” If Sarah believes that one has to believe everything preached by the minister of his/her church she must believe this. Rev Wright had a right to his oppinion right or wrong, I don’t see how Obama is to blame any more than Mitt is to blame for some of the Mormons beliefs.

  • Melvin Chatman

    “Tis True”
    “Birds of a Feather” do Flock Together – like STUPID and Ignorant!
    “Cripple and Crazy! “Dumb and Dumber” “Dumb to the Fact”
    Note: This is a live illness that continues to grow and is very capable of feeding itself.
    There is no PILL for this yet, since those who suffer, really believe themselves and will not seek the proper help – help is farther away now that $BILLIONS$ have been cut from American Education
    “if ya can’t beat em, DUMB em DOWN to your level”

  • Does she not realize that if someone opens this can of worms the Democrats have a legitimate right to also question what and how molded mitteys life and that would have to include his Mormonism. I can only see romney losing big time in that battle.

  • Sarah could win a SILENT BEAUTY CONTEST.

  • noneedtocomment

    She is a piece of Elk dung who gives a flying —- what she says. Couldnt view it on this PC but dont need too~~ to leave a comment… Its a given. She is a given IDIOT

  • noneedtocomment

    I swear her publicist is a Dem they give her all these words she cant pronounce and surely doesnt know the true meaning. Most important she is the worst mother in this country…. BAR NONE, Who is it that is taking care of the 21st chromosome she threw, I have been taking care of mine 24/7 for 24 years. Hers will be oh so delayed and so un attached to her because she is the definition of absent mother.. Most of the time that comes with crack/meth babies, but no this time it comes from some IDIOT that had some vision that she could live in a big white house, because her idiot party used her, as a pawn. Wow something to be proud of… And pay attention to email, im getting 2 Obama hate emails a day from that other side. Might block um.
    Still waiting to debate her, at any level I WOULD WIN. Never went to University, and could out shoot her also…

  • Maricia12

    Can you just imagine that air head Palin as Vice President? Thank heaven, she did not get elected and why anyone even bothers to ask her opinion is a waste of time. She needs to get out of politics and travel the world so she will know what the big picture really is. Maybe she will even learn the difference between a country and a continent.

  • It’s truly a shame that the republican party has fallen so low that their puppet presidential candidates absolutely need to have a scripts written for them. Usually it is because they don’t know what to say if they don’t have one, they make a winning statement that is so premature that even the psychics can’t see the results in their crystal balls, (like “Mission Accomplished”), they say something that is the direct opposite of what they just said a day before, they are totally clueless about how the the vast majority will not identify with jokes about how funny it is fire someone for no better reason than personal gain or they just don’t have the words for what they think they want to say so they make them up and then compare themselves to Shakespeare. It’s to bad that the first republican president was the least deserving of all that followed to be shot in the back of the head.

  • These words of the great Isaac Azimov explain the appeal of Ms Palin and those who worship her every word.

    ‘There is a cult of ignorance in the US, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way though our political and cultural life, nutured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’

    I can’t believe that someone who is obviously so ignorant of basic history and current events is given an audience by any portion of the media. That is if one considers Fox part of the media, and not just a branch of a political point of view. How’s that for fair and balanced?

  • dennisglodzik

    Lyndon Johnson biographer, Robert Caro, says he thinks John McCain’s choice of Palin for VP candidate was the single most irresponsible act of government he’s ever seen. I was appalled at Palin. I remember once when Sean Hannity was playing back one of her speeches and commentating. After listening to her a while, and thinking that, My god, she’s an idiot, it went back to Hannity, who said, “Isn’t she wonderful?”
    Yes, the Democrats too, have their idiots, but the Republicans are enshrining mediocrity and stupidity.

  • joyscarbo

    Cory Booker clarified his comments and absolutely condemned the right wing republicans for taking his comments and using them to their own advantage- there is no other story.
    Leave it to Palin to make idiot ass comments- a day late and a dollar short- much like her intellect.

  • ChowT

    Palin will be more useful working in the pub and talking nonsense and amusing people.

  • citizenmb

    Don’t discount the fact that Sarah is a very good-looking woman. That seems to be the criteria for a woman’s success in the Repub party, shallow as their thinking always is on any issue. They attack Democratic women in office if they don’t happen to be examples of female gorgeousness, and ignore any evidence of a high IQ having value. Hmmm, that’s true of the male candidates they choose as well.

  • Boy, I bet Corey Booker is happy to have Sarah “on his side”. If that woman never opened her mouth again, it would be too soon.

  • chattenx

    Ms Sarah palin could foul up a high mass. She speaks from both sides and couldn’t get it right even by accident. Sad part is that she feels she makes sense!

  • That’s just great….and Palin just HAD TO BE female! Set us back a few decades…again.

  • jlelandthomas

    And what do we call some one that say’s they are not doing some thing; they are really doing ? It is OK for the REPUBLICANS to try and dig up stuff like ROMNEY has lied about but when it goes back at them they all cry default like a little baby they are not really in the show they just say they are to win and then it is back to taking way’s to take job’s by taking the money out of it and putting it in their pocket’s . One big circle the REPUBLICANS

  • Nmc1496

    Best answer – AdamMos —why is this fool still on tv? ALL that she cares about are MONEY and FAME….(and possibly the same plastic surgeon that her sweet little Bristol went to…that TMJ story is as full of crap as her mother is…..)

  • jlelandthomas

    In response to James
    You know that Abraham wanted to deport the black race from this country don’t you and charge the rich 300 dollars that gave them the privolage of not beibg drafted into the civil war and fight but they drafted children from their home’s so who is realy the slave

  • Has anyone else noticed, 4 years ago when Palin first burst into America’s view, she was stupid, but really hot. Now, she’s still stupid, but not nearly as hot! These past 4 years have not been good for her!!

  • majong13

    Please Sarah, Keep talking! The more she talks the better chances for Obama.

  • tleeb

    Booker is right that going after what Bain did is misplaced. Bain did what a venture capital firm does. But all that misses the larger point of Obama’s message. The skill set required to run a private business–Romney’s only credential–is completely different from the one required to run a country. Romney’s focus at Bain was to maximize returns for their investors. He must do that; it’s his fiduciary responsibility. A President’s focus must be to maximize returns (so to speak) for the entire country. Bain closes a company down when it stops providing a return. A President must find a way to keep a country operating. Bain can fire all employees and liquidate assets; a President must find a way to keep the assets modern and to provide jobs. Romney worked for investors; Obama–any President–must work for the people. It’s not that Romney made a bunch of money. It’s that he doesn’t have the skill set or the temperament to run a country.

    • AdamMos

      Actually there is a big difference between private equity and leveraged buy outs. Private Equity is providing seed money to new organizations and helping them grow and become profitable. A leveraged buy out is when a company like Bain Capital uses loans (leverage) to become a majority shareholder (hostile takeover) and then proceeds to load the company full of debt , then Bain pulls out all of the cash to repay its investors and significant profit and watches the new debt load drive the company into bankruptcy and eventually into liquidition. Everybody loses their jobs , that community loses its economy and the taxpayers end up footing the bill for the unemployment insurance and covering the pension obligations (millions). This is legal but totally disgusting and planned. Bain and Romney engaged in both private equity and leveraged buy outs. It is like we would be electing Gordon Getco but worse since Romney parks his profits in Swiss bank Accounts and corporations in Cayman Islands. To think that this is the republican nominee is astounding. The Dems need to do a better job of messaging this.

  • Palin give’s hope to nitwits everywhere, You can dumb as a box of rocks and still make millions.

  • She would make a great president . NOT.., for a third world country ????????????????????

  • Time has not cured Palin of the curse of stupidity. She remains a national embarrassment.

  • Ed

    Booker should have known better than to try to introduce rational discussion into this idiocy!

  • Sarah Palin has no clue what private equity is…being an auditor for private equity firms, I have a clear understanding of Bain and private equity funds which is not good for the American public but very good for the private equity firms. They are clearly the 1%s

  • Why does anyone even listen to this idiot!

  • The village idiot speaks again.

  • S Myers

    Let’s hear about Palin’s religious leaders. Thomas Muthee who “anointed” her and prayed that Jesus provide money for her political campaign and protect her from witchcraft, was the Kenyan lunatic who accused a village woman, Mama Jane, of being a witch. And Pastor Kalnins from the Assembly of God who “knows” that Bush critics are all going to hell, that Alaska is a refuge state for the end of days, etc.

    Happily await the day it dawns on Palin that the Jesus she supposedly devotes her life to is actually from the Mideast. That right, she’s been worshipping one of “them”, you know, a dark skinned terrorist! LOL

  • I’m trying to remember why I care what this ‘soccer bimbo’ has to say…..wait, I just remembered…I don’t!

  • vfeinstein

    Poor Wasilly Hillbilly, still believing that she’s relevant or something … I’m willing to bet the bimbo doesn’t even know what “private equity firms” are …

  • FOX really hit low when it hired Sarah, she doesn’t have a brain in her body. The fact that some republicans look up to her let’s me know there are a lot of Americans that don’t have a brain in their body. I have never heard one intelligent thing come out of her mouth. I wish she would get trapped in a mine some where then we could stop listening to that whining voice of hers that make me cringe!!!!!

  • jijones

    how do the Gop even compete with normal thinking people? when so many of them think like sarah palin, how can we let a bunch of ding a lings run the country??

  • jijones

    the republicans of yester year would have ran sara palin out of town, put her on ice, back in Alaska
    but alas ” they dont want her either,how suprisingly so,they dont like Traitor’s

  • JAY

    I totally agree with Euroman1212, that’s short and sweet.

  • I am sorry, but if Booker didn’t learn from the Hilary Rosen backlash from every Democrat and President, Barack H. Obama, who declared her comments out of line and coming from a pundit…they all missed the point Hilary Rosen was trying to make. And that was, that rich single or married women, don’t understand the struggles of the working poor or poor single woman, who through her choice or the “shit happens in life deal” where you get left behind by the man who fathered their children. She was right to say Ann Romney didn’t understand that issue…but that her raising of five boys was hard at times if she didn’t have babysitters or help around the home.

    The GOP will jump at any mis-statement by any Democratic politician or supporter of President, Barack H. Obama, have against President, Barack H. Obama’s policies. So President, Barack H. Obama, needs to be careful he doesn’t cut off the support of these people because of mis-statements or because they have a different view of his policies and are willing to take him on because of them. The President, and his administration, can’t afford to push away possible White male supporters, by quieting them at every turn and when asking relevant questions on their minds.

  • tleeb

    Your (AdamMos’s) comments are accurate. But, again, Bain and Romney were just doing what–as you say–is legal and profitable. So Romney can run a business. To argue otherwise simply alienates independents who believe in unfettered capitalism. But can Romney run a country? That’s the question we should be asking. And his record in Massachusetts, which, at the end of Gov. Romney’s term, was 47th in job creation, says “no”–and says it strongly. Read Paul Begala’s essay in the 5/7 issue of Newsweek for the gruesome data. The Obama campaign’s theme should be “send Romney back to what he does best: making lots of money for investors. Don’t elect him to a position where he’s a proven failure.” Oh, but keep Romney’s one successful venture at governing: RomneyCare.

  • Why is it that I vomit and wretch everytime I see or hear this idiot? She is a worthless sack of it.

  • Aelxndr

    Do you think Sarah likes the smell of her stinky feet which she insists on inserting into her mouth time after time. We can hope that at some point she will either chew her feet off or shove them down her throat so far as to cause asphixiation. Either would be fine with me.

  • drslipro

    How could anyone in there right mind vote or listen to dumb person as Sarah Palin a person. She didn’t finish her full term being Gov of Alaska and want to be a leader of the U.S.A. She would get lost in the White House. That only show how dumb the Tea Party is they will do anything to fight against the leader we have. She need to set some where and keep her dam mouth closed and stop trying attack the President. One thing he would not walk away from pressure.

  • Bernadine123

    Every time Sarah Palin opens her mouth all that falls out is STUPID!!!!

  • Bernadine123

    Fox noise is the only place she has a home with the rest of the idiots.

  • bernard9999

    The GOP has been so disrespectful to the office of the President that it puzzles me why are they trying to get someone in that position, they have called President Obama a liar, they have cost taxpayers so much money by putting up so many obstacles to try to pass any bill,Mitt has not answered the question what will he do to improve the economy, his answer was to do” the opposite of Obama, well Mitt, ok, seriously, what will you do? to do the opposite would to that means you will eliminate the 4 mil+ jobs thats has been created in the past three years, that means you will eliminate the SCHOOL grants, that means you will repeal the health care for children with prior conditions, Mitt Romney is telling you up front what he will do to destroy what positives that we have for the past three years, Obama has this country in Recovery, Romney will cause this country to Relapse, we knew that it would take more than four years to repair what Bush did to this country in eight years, America wake up!! Dick Cheney id backing Mitt Romney what is that telling you ? the Co Owner of Hallenburton, incontested bids for all of logistics of the military, wakeup every body

  • GreatLakeState

    I guess somewhere in her own mind she makes sense.

  • If a polar bear craps at the North Pole, can Palin hear it? Can any of the KKK, oops , sorry, GOP get a clue? Hey, RICH people, it’s the middle and poor classes that MADE you RICH! Mark my works. If Romney and rest of the “Greedy Old Party” gets in, there will be a “class war” in this country. The GOP doesn’t believe in women’s health, the soldiers who are at home and the ones who will be home soon(tell me, Romney, you gonna fire them, too?), minorities(especially African Americans), gay rights(what happened to life , liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?), jobs, and anything that is positive. In short, the “Greedy Old Party” just wants money, YOUR money. Of course , they want your vote, but once they have it, they will forget you even exist. And, this goes for all politicians. The one line I am tired of hearing is : The American People won’t stand for this. Let me ask you folks who are reading this(if you are), has Obama, Romney, the candidates running for state and local offices ever come to your door and asked your opinion? My guess is no, and yet, they will say “the American People want this, or don’t want that.” Until you come to my door and ask me what I want, don’t lie about what I want because, and listen carefully: YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I WANT!”

  • In actuality comparing Bain to Wright is ridiculous. One is an association to a person who is off the wall wacko and Obama denied his close association with him even though Wright keeps confirming it. Mitt Romney has no problem with his association with Bain Capital.

  • patuxant

    Ah, Sarah, you mental midget! Your mouth moves light years ahead of your thought processes. Don’t you ever listen to anything in its entirety of do you love soaking in the sound bites of your choosing. I want to know if you are so savvy on free enterprise and the free market, do you know anything about the Free Enterprise Institute and AJ Galambos? I absolutely doubt it, yet you act as though you know what true capitalism is all about. You don’t and never will because you are a self-centered and egotistical and borderline dimwit who loves the spotlight. Read Atlas Struggled for starters if you can hold you attention span for 2 minutes…

  • Sarah Palin… still wandering to Oz in search of a brain.

  • Donald Schirmer

    I have never liked the woman from Alaska. It is not my side to judge anyone