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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Confronted with his record as leader of the House of Representatives during what is likely to be the most ineffective Congress in recorded history on CBS’ Face The Nation, Speaker John Boehner invented a remarkable new way to judge congressional success.

“Well, Bob, we should not be judged on how many new laws we create,” Boehner said. “We ought to be judged on how many laws we repeal.”

Based on this metric, Boehner’s tenure is even more of a failure than judging him by the paltry number of bills the House has passed that have become laws. Though House Republicans have voted to repeal the whole of Obamacare around nearly 40 times and the law’s employer and individual mandates once, those repeals will never be law.

They’ve never even been voted on by the Senate — and likely never will.

Boehner explained that “we do what the American people want” and blamed the incredible unpopularity of Congress on divided government.

The Speaker went on to claim — as Republicans have decided to do since they let the sequester go into effect — that the president “demanded” the sequester. This claim is ridiculous for two obvious reasons.

The sequester only came about as a way of preventing House Republicans from leading America into a default when they demanded dollar-for-dollar cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling, something Republican leaders did under George W. Bush more than a dozen times.

And when have House Republicans ever given in to anything President Obama demanded?

If the president “demanded” a vote on the Senate immigration bill, which cuts the deficit by about twice as much as the sequester did this year without inflicting pain on the poor or crippling public services, would House Republicans just do as they were told?

Certainly not. That would be passing a bill that would become a law, which to Speaker Boehner is even worse than doing nothing and getting paid for it.

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111 responses to “WATCH: Speaker Boehner Admits He’s A Total Failure”

  1. Lynda Groom says:

    Don’t judge us on what we’ve done, but what we’ve not done. I suppose in bazaaro land such a statement makes perfect sense. In the real world not so much.

  2. ORAXX says:

    This is about as well thought out as anything else Boehner has said. Unfortunately, that isn’t saying much. He is trying to lead a pack of petulant adolescents who are an embarrassment to this country.

  3. Dominick Vila says:

    Wow! Don’t judge Republican leadership based on what we have done, but on the fact that we have done nothing! Not surprisingly, these are the same guys who believe the following is highly inappropriate and offensive:

    “Each successive generation seems to be making progress in changing attitudes when it comes to race. It doesn’t mean we’re in a post-racial society. It doesn’t mean that racism is eliminated. But when I talk to Malia and Sasha, and I listen to their friends and I see them interact, they’re better than we are on these issues. And that’s true in every community that I’ve visited all across the country.” —President Obama

    • Annemb says:

      A great post and great reminder.

      • Sherrill P. Gilbert says:

        I agree in part, I do believe that racism exist, I do believe that Zimmerman is racist and that he stalked Martin. I do believe he carries a concealed weapon for a reason. I believe Zimmerman many have an image of himself as being a hero and he places himself in a situation where he can be the hero he sees himself as. What scares me the most about the verdict that came out is that others who seek that kind of attention will do what he did. I do fear that other Martins are in the wing and they too will be judged as being as being a threat and we will have open season on young people and anyone who appears to look or dress in dark clothes or look like they fit the profile. Martin’s print were not on the gun so the story he had the gun at any point says a lot. Yes Zimmerman had bruises, I understand why Martin felt threatened by being stalked. He did not start this Zimmerman when he refused to call 911 and have the police investigate, instead he pursued Martin.

        • Annemb says:

          Your post is indeed moving and so very accurate that it’s frightening. Now don’t be offended because my words aren’t meant to offend you. The reason I use the word “frightening”, is because your words are true.

          I saw when they brought Zimmerman in to the police station the first time. He had no wounds on his head and his nose wasn’t bleeding.
          I love our country and am deeply saddened that poverty, racism, hate rhetoric about the illegal immigrants, obsession with guns, getting away with murder – big bucks in politics.

          My Christian Doctrine professor in seminary class (1991), told us we are becoming a third-world country. He distributed a sheet of paper with the picture of a golf club to demonstrate that the top 1-2% owns the wealth that trickles down and the rest of fighting over it on the bottom.

          Forgive me for going on and on… We need to keep moving forward and keep democracy alive.

    • CPAinNewYork says:

      I think that it was in 1947 or 1948 that Harry Truman labelled that Republican Congress the “Do nothing Congress.”

  4. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Interpretation from a former Republican (me) – “Yeah? So what? I’m a Republican. I’m “entitled” to fail. Democrats never are.” roflmao …You guys need to learn the GOP bull male double speak…more roflmao

    • Sherrill P. Gilbert says:

      LOL. Republicans always have been about big money. All the tax entitlements they get at the cost of the people have not brought new jobs, the money they what I believe can only be called robbed from the 80% of the people has funded the millions of jobs that were sent to places like India and China where there is not regulations they are paying $1.50 a day to the people who are the most vulnerable and working them for long shifts and no benefits. They did not take the jobs away to help the people they did it to get even richer and richer. Welcome to the side that cares!

  5. Shut Boehner off. He’s the guy who passed out checks from the tobacco industry over 10 years ago, doing so right on the floor of the House of Representatives – the Peoples’ House. I strongly suggest that those who voted for him recheck his credentials and what he really done for the working people of his district.

    • Sherrill P. Gilbert says:

      Why am I not surprised, He wants to take healthcare away from retirees, the young, the most vulnerable in society. Social Security would be coupons, I always think of the store coupons. He and his friends that support this have no financial worries, the cuts will only mean more money in their pockets.

  6. tax payer says:

    The Failure is the President, but since he’s the President they look elsewhere for a Goat. I hope Speaker Boehner shows us he is for the American People and not for the illegals like the President.

    • MasterWes says:

      Hey, Sir Hanging Chad – give it a res. Obama won, twice, despite Republican Gerrymandering and voter ID / voter fraud tactics all around the country. Every attempt to get laws that would put Americans to work, assist our youth to get an education as well as other social beneficial projects, has been blocked. The only contribution by this congress, as well as the one before it, is to make sure nothing happens to the credit of the President. That is not an opinion – that is a published fact by the Republican leaadership. Not even an uneducated GOTP puppet can deny that, can you?

      Voter ID laws that have been praised by Republican governors on their ability to prevent Democratic voters from being able to vote have been running rampant. Health scares cause companies to reduce their work forces to avoid the dreaded AHA, which is,for the most part, an expanded version of hte Romney plan of Massachussetts. The cust promised, in the same amount as what the Repubs offerred, were not, as the Repubs wanted, in the reduction of benefits, but in the reduction of waste.

      Being against that, in other words, means that you favor waste in government spending instead of responsible oversight of that same money. You want smaller government, yet spend an inordinate amount of resources attacking the right to choose, as well as trying to turn us into a nation with a National religion – yours, and who gives a rat’s butt about anyone else’s? Not you.

      Don’t bother replying, as I will not argue. As I have said before, my mother taught me never to enter a battle of wits with an unarmed man, and you, sir, are woefully so.

      • stcroixcarp says:

        Some wisdom: Never get into a pissing contest with a skunk.

        • Sherrill P. Gilbert says:

          The only ones who is trying to get into a pissing contest is the skunk. I don’t think it is hard to figure out who performance stinks here, Mr. Boehner and his right wing republican parties stench permeates all of the Congress. Talk about stalemates, they are the master of creating stalemates not only in the Congress but also in the economy.

      • Joe Yukish says:

        Remember this and tell your friends to get out in 2014 and change things.

      • Sherrill P. Gilbert says:

        I could not agree with you more. If you were to take hostage a person you would be put in jail but yet the Right Wing Republicans are holding millions hostage, they have asked our President to cut more programs that already have been cut to the bone, programs that are necessary for life not only of our people but of our country. I am proud President Obama is not allowing Mr. Boehner to succeed in what I believe his quest is a bit like genocide, by taking away the means for the most vulnerable, the elderly and the destitute the basic needs for survival.

    • Independent1 says:

      You just love to ignore facts, don’t you taxpayer!! You just keep showing your stupidity with every comment you make!!!!

      -Stock Market at the highest level in history
      -Consumer confidence at the highest levels in 7 years
      -More than 48 straight months of job growth
      -More jobs created in last 6 months than either Bush created in any 3 years
      -War in Iraq ended – AS PROMISED
      -War in Afghanistan winding down – AS PROMISED
      -Millions more students receiving college loans than ever before because of his actions despite total GOP congress inaction
      -American auto Industry saved from bankruptcy and flourishing again despite GOP opposition
      -More than 150 billion in taxes collected from auto industry related companies over the past 4 years that would have been lost
      -More than 1.5 million American jobs saved through bailout helping keep America out of another GOP created depression
      -Billions of fraudulently charged monies in the defense and healthcare sectors recovered in his 1st term – more than the 3 previous presidents combined
      -More PROBLEM illegal alliens rounded up and deported over the past 4 years than by any other president (more than 400,000)
      And I could go on for another 20 plus accomplishments – far more than any GOP president since Teddy Roosevelt

      • Joe Yukish says:

        And he accomplished all this in the midst of a do-nothing, foot-dragging, filibustering group of Republicans in Congress. Just think what could be accomplished if the Far Right Extremists were not controlling the House and the Filibustering Republican Senators weren’t throwing a wrench into the works. I hope everyone will get out and vote to throw the lot of them out in 2014.

        • Sherrill P. Gilbert says:

          I believe many more Americans have come to the realization that we are paying $174,000.00 to House members and $225,000.00 to Boehner to derail our economy and turn our culture of one where we will have huge populations of poor and the rich will continue to grow richer off the poor.

          • Joe Yukish says:

            And John and the boys think they are worth every penny of their overpayment. We can ruminate and whine about how terrible these Republicans are, but that won’t change things. We need to get out there and work to make sure their current predictions to win enough seats in 2014 to take over the Senate doesn’t happen.

      • tax payer says:

        Obama didn’t create jobs unless those 48 months were jobs within the Government and that’s not going to happen in this country. Federal workers earn a good income, so will he offer you one of those jobs? Tic Toc, Tic Toc.

        • highpckts says:

          It isn’t the President’s job to “create” jobs!! Look up how Congress works! Then come back with some more nonsense! Twit!

          • tax payer says:

            Read what Independent1 mentioned above. More Jobs Created than what Bush created in three years, so who was he referring about? Go back to him and tell him Owana didn’t create these jobs.

          • Sherrill P. Gilbert says:

            The right Wing Republicans are trying to take jobs away and bring us back to the brink of disaster that President Obama inherited from the Bush Presidency and previous Presidents!

        • latebloomingrandma says:

          Federal and state governments lost jobs, due to Republican austerity and the sequester.

          • BillP says:

            Trying to present the right wing trolls with facts is a futile endeavor. They will ignore all of the Federal, State and local gov’t jobs that have been lost due to the sequester or in states where Republican governors have slashed treaching, police and firemen jobs while giving tax breaks to corporations but I forgot that corporations are people. Funny though I don’t see corporations breathing, marrying, raising children and other poeple activities

        • Sherrill P. Gilbert says:

          New Small Businesses have created the jobs, they were not government jobs, government jobs have been cut. The more people who work the more money in circulation the more the economy grows. It is not the wealthiest that have created the most jobs, many of the wealthiest, example IBM who are taking their jobs to India I believe. There is one reason why they do that and it isn’t out of loyalty to the U.S. or the people who has made this country strong!

        • JO says:

          Taxpayer, Just look to Wisconsin with our all Republican government and how it compares to the rest of the US. You can really see how ineffective Republicans are and the tremendous job Obama has done.

      • BillP says:

        Independent your list of facts will not make any difference to the right wing trolls on this website. They will not believe or distort them or use some non-provable facts to challenge them. And yes I’m better off now than I was 4 1/2 years ago

        • Sherrill P. Gilbert says:

          So am I and millions of Americans that would have lost their homes and been made destitute! Thank God Obama Won, I was frightened if Romney won what would my grandchildren’s life had been!

      • tax payer says:

        So, everyone that knows less is stupid to you. You are one sick person because we have the right to comment and I didn’t ask you to respond. I read comments all the time and than I go on to the next one, and I don’t agree or disagree with those comments. Learn to read and stop responding because do you think I care what you say. I don’t think so.

        • Independent1 says:

          It’s got nothing to do with knowing less, it’s all about totally ignoring the facts and purposely making STUPID comments – like Obama didn’t create jobs. Of course the president doesn’t personally create jobs, but the policies he sets and the mindset he creates in the American people either inspire them to create jobs or to hold back and do virtually nothing.

          Well, for 8 solid years, George Bush created such a hellish atmosphere in America that in 8 total years there were 3.1 million new jobs created in America (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics); so do the math; 3.1 million jobs divided by 96 months in office (8 years) equals about 31,000 jobs/month. The Bureau of Labor statistics says that America crated 196,000 jobs in June 2013 and averaged more than 200,000 jobs/month over the past 12 months – so that’s 1.2 million jobs created in 6 months – which is equivalent to 38 months of job creation during any of Bush’s 8 disasterous years in office. (And those are 2.4 million PRIVATE SECTOR jobs – not Government, in the past year. And there’s even an item on the internet dated in the middle of 2012 which advertises that Apple alone actually claims to have created 307,000 American jobs between 2010 and 2012 – just from that one company.

          • tax payer says:

            I am not the type of person that will do research just to give out facts and numbers because what good does it do to throw them out to us, if they don’t mean a thing to us. I seriously am not going to search for information because one click is all that’s needed and you can do that, and feel good about knowing it all and that to me isn’t knowledge on your part. It’s something anyone can look up and throw it at our faces and I don’t buy it. Most people can get jobs, but in reality they want those high paying jobs that are there, but the low education on their part doesn’t allow them to get those jobs. Can I take your order ( is the jobs for them ) and they know it. I am retired, so I am glad I have surpassed that insane thought ( there are no jobs, so what can I do ).

          • Independent1 says:

            The problem with this country is that there are too many people voting that apparently feel like you – I’m not interested enough to really understand what’s going on but I’ll go out there and vote and give my opionion based on no real understanding of the TRUE situation. If you really don’t want to do research and know the TRUTH, then why are you on this blog thread making derogatory comments about our president (The Failure is the President), and after I’ve stated that he’s created more jobs than Bush ever did, claiming none were created in the private sector – when in fact more than 6 million have been created over the past 4 years.
            I’m also retired and I’m old enough to remember FDR, and Barak Obama is HANDS DOWN the best president I’ve ever lived under. In fact, he makes virtually all the rest of them look like amateurs in comparison. For you to state that he’s been a failure, when you and I could very easily be standing in breadline right now – and I’m convinced that if nitwit McCain had been elected that’s exactly where America would be – in the GOP’s second created world-wide depression – is just plain unconscionable. Had Obama not insisted on going ahead with the auto bailout and the stimulus, both against what the GOP fought hard against – we would be in a depression right now.
            So my suggestion is, if you don’t really care enough to really understand the situation, then stop making negative comments on this blog thread, because I think the vast majority of us posting here are serious about what we say and are concerned that what we post IS THE TRUTH!!!! Not just OPINION AND FAIRYTALES!!!!!

    • highpckts says:

      Well that remark was totally asinine!!!

    • Jim Myers says:


      Grow up!!!

      Bitch Romney Failed. President Obama IS the President. (Sorry for insulting the female dogs of the world.)

      Don’t you just love it?

      • angelsinca says:

        Isn’t that a shame the president just can’t seem too get his trillion dollar deficit spending BS past the House. There is a good reason Pelosi is no longer the Speaker. Half the nation appreciates this, very much. The other half? They have a president that doesn’t know how to work with the Speaker. Arrogance isn’t helping the nation, from either House. LOL.

    • Sherrill P. Gilbert says:

      We all come from illegals since we were not the people who lived on the land when we arrived. We took the land away from the Indians! Our President is not an illegal, he was born here and personally I am very proud he is the President. He is someone who does not jump the gun, he did try to act in good faith to work with the republicans who refused to budge on millions if not billions each year on tax entitlements for the 19% who have 94.5% of the wealth in this country. It is the 80% who have 5.5% of the money who have paid not only for the government but for the entitlements given to the wealthiest. The entitlements were suppose to bring new jobs but instead they have sent jobs to China and to India where they can pay workers $1.50 a day and have no regulations or benefits to pay. They bring these items back to the U.S. and make an outrageous profit which goes back to the wealthiest pockets. They did not go there to help their country or help the people they have betrayed.

    • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher says:

      you tax payer are an idiot

      • tax payer says:

        Booger: Satan thanks you. I now know I am noticed and it’s nice to be heard from true Americans that think their President is for them. He has been for no one since the day he was elected, but people still can’t figure it out. Illegals will take the future jobs your children thought they would get and thank Obama once that happens.

      • BDC_57 says:

        Tax payer is a uneducated idiot

  7. Ed Scheiner says:

    Dear Mr B, You just do not get it! This is plain english. I hope you are still lucid enough to comprehend clear english.
    You and the others in congress are without any anse of lucidity. Yes this is Democrat and Republican. But I can look to the extreme Republicans which you cower to to save your leadership role(?), as the most Incompetent part of congress this country every has seen.
    Good luck finding a doctor to help you in your road to recovery and comprehension.

    • Sherrill P. Gilbert says:

      I could not agree with your comments more. It is not just Mr B, it is all those who support him. Extreme Republicans who support the outrageous acts we now see. The Sand Tar Bill he is pushing, Mr. B has invested in companies that will get very wealthy, he has investments in oil companies and he is worth millions. One of the problems is we have people who are millionaires who are in legislature, they are close to the lobbyist and big business. What happens in the cuts and the deregulation will only increase their bank accounts. Deregulation and the elimination of taxes for the 19% who hold 94.5% of the money in this country who have huge entitlements already, some do not pay a dime have a negative tax return and receive millions if not billions in tax returns.
      Right now they once again hold our economy hostage to obtain their goals. They are the reason why we had a recession and they are pushing us back into the recession and once again they want to blame the President!

  8. commserver says:

    Ask not what I can do for the country but what I can’t and won’t do.

  9. longtail says:

    Ask not what you can do for your country but how much cash you can make in politics. Remember, this is the guy who handed out tobacco cash before a vote on the floor of the house.

    • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher says:

      it is not tobacco cash….the farm bill they passed is for corporate farms like Stephen Fincher who by the way is a congressman and over the agriculture committee he got over 3 million not for tobacco but for other subs even after it became politically incorrect to grow tobacco and they sold it out to overseas the tobacco farmers got no money…. But Fincher and other rich corporate farmers get millions…meanwhile they take away food stamps from the people whose jobs they sell overseas..

  10. latebloomingrandma says:

    Since he doesn’t seem to understand his job description, if he can’t be recalled, at least his salary should be cut commensurate to the work he has accomplished. Maybe he’ll be eligible for the food stamps the House cut.

    • Independent1 says:

      Grandma, it sure would be nice if Boehner had to endure some of the struggles I’m sure millions of his constituents have been having to endure the past 4-5 years because of his stalling tactics in passing any legislation that would help them. My only adjustment would be to the last part of your 1st sentence: “commensurate to the work he HASN’T accomplished”.

      • Sherrill P. Gilbert says:

        Mr. B was the 2nd child of 12. Mr. B lived in a two bedroom house, The twelve children shared the two bedrooms. The parents slept on the couch. He had to work as a child like I did. There was no money to do things or buy things other children had, but I had something they never did. I had a grandmother who lived with us and basically raised us, an older sister who was multi-challenged as well. I never thought about things, I was too busy, I learned about responsibility very young and how important family was. My sister who was born with RP taught me about patience and to not judge people by their appearance, to look within as to see the goodness within. Some how I do not believe Mr. B acquired that sense of what really counts, if anything I believe he felt resentment and maybe a fear or sense of insecurity of not having money. When I see his actions now I sense he missed what really counts, that is helping others.

    • Sherrill P. Gilbert says:

      I agree with you, I believe they all should and perhaps they would find their heart in all of this. I also watched the interview Sunday and I have to admit I was shocked at how he rudely cut off Bob Schiefer to defend his actions and then once again said it was the President who refused to allow our country to pay the ramson, taking away more of the very necessities to support life. I am thrilled President Obama is not giving in to their demands. I can not envision any of those individuals who voted him back into office can not see through him. Mr. B definitely in my opinion needs to get out of politics as well as his friends who support him.

      • mikem42 says:

        HELL NO YOU CAN’T! That’s what I think when his name comes up, plus, oh yeah, the tobacco checks on the floor of the House.

        • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher says:

          I repeat myself…they sold the tobacco industry overseas leaving the tobacco farmer with nothing when it became politically incorrect to smoke,, tobacco farmers go no checks..those went to Stephen Fincher who is a Congressman and who is over the house agriculture committee.. he and his family got over 7 million and meanwhile they take food from the mouths of babes by cutting food stamps many of which were tobacco farmers who had their commodity sold overseas…. before you make stupid statements why not research a bit

          • mikem42 says:

            If you are responding to me Carol Ann, you totally misunderstand what I said. Watch John Boenner’s rant on the floor when he shouted at the D’s, it was pitiful. As for the checks on the House floor, they were checks from the tobacco industry, given to members of the Republican party for voting a special interest for them. Of course they sold out the tobacco farmers. They act for the highest bidder, and the farmers in most cases are the low man out; mega corporations excluded.

    • Pamby50 says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Let’s reduce his salary every day that nothing gets done. Considering he informed Harry Reid they are only working 9 days in Sept. after being off the month of Aug., he shouldn’t even get a check.

  11. MasterWes says:

    In his eyes, according to his criteria, the last 2 Congresses are the most successful ones in the history of the United States. By the way, Mr. Boner – hsitory is usually written by the winners – who won the Presidential election the last two times?
    If not your MeOff twins ( Jack and Jerk ), then crawl back in your hole with the other brain dead politicians and take your seditious reasonings with you.

    • Sherrill P. Gilbert says:

      I have to admit, Romney made me extremely nervous when he was running for President. I believe he is someone who can’t be trusted and again like Mr. B I believe they have a dislike for those who are not rich. When he says he wants to do what is right for the country, I pause. Does he really want to move to China or India? I do not think so but I do believe he wants the Americans to be as vulnerable as the millions of poor who are destitute and willing to work for $1.50 a day without benefits including healthcare. Who runs the House, the wealthiest of America.

  12. Gavin says:

    Ah! Racism is dragging this country to the pages of a comic book. This mental illness is dumping the world into a forced racial war – caused by a global minority and allowed by the majority . I guess bigotry will always try to make a black leader seem incompetent but we know better. Still looking for a good white leader…..

    • Sherrill P. Gilbert says:

      I am white and I bless the day in both elections when President Obama became president. I did not vote for him because he was black, I believed in him! I do not care what color anyone’s skin is, I care they the intellectual and the humanity to the office. I am white but I am also indian, I am Irish and English but what is important is that I know I am just like every person on earth, I feel compassion for everyone, I can see beyond the outward appearance to the goodness in every person, I can help others. I see this in President Obama and when he made the statement about racism and Martin who had been killed by Zimmerman he dared to speak about racism and say that he could have been Martin 35 years ago. That took courage but most of all he shared something personal, he let his emotions publicly wanting to let the world reveal he mourned not only Martin but the state of racism today in the United States.

      • Gavin says:

        Dear Sherril , I understand your sentiments but its
        A typical white response. The blood mixture that flows through you has no Effect on your aspirations and safety(USA frontier mentality). You speaking about not seeing colour is okay as long as you belong to a small minority calling themselves white.You see the global majority that do not wish to be grouped like animals have no choice but to be aware
        Of colour as a trait that you are judged by-a trait you and I had no control over.Wheather you voted for Obama or not (by the way I’m not in agreement with everything he does ) is a smart choice you made , I commend you for that -it takes courage to challenge every distorted fact you’ve been taught . You see to understand bigotry and the effect it has on the human race ,you have to be subjected to it. To the majority in the world it seems that the only response to this barbaric mentality called bigotry and racism is a violent one . You see Sherril it happens when you distort history to hide your backwardness and give distorted accounts of Greek and roman history . What is even more distressing to any so called “white” person is the lies and genocide on which your so called progress were built. Makes me kinda understand so called “white” self hate.

  13. Catskinner says:

    He’s right. So many destructive laws have been passed, the best course of action would be to start repealing them.

    • Sherrill P. Gilbert says:

      Unfortunate Mr. Boehner is into repealing the laws that support life, what he should repeal are the entitlements (welfare) for the 19% who hold 94.5% of the wealth. 80% of the population have 5.5% of the money and pay more in taxes than the wealthy do. Romney got a $77,000.00 deduction for his wife’s horse alone. Many of the richest end up with negative tax returns because of the entitlements and they receive checks in the millions, how many billions does this add up to?

      • Catskinner says:

        There is certainly a case to be made for increasing taxes on the wealthy. When Obama was elected I thought that was what he was going to do, but he came around to believing the line that you can’t raise taxes in a recession.

        I can see how it would be counter-productive to raise taxes on businesses, but the rates on individuals should have gone up a long time ago.

  14. Lovefacts says:

    Boehner’s problem is he has no political spine or ideology. Once he attained his lifetime goal of becoming Speaker, he’s shown he doesn’t have the courage to act as Speaker, let alone be present to work. Every time the man opens his mouth, be it about race relations or women’s rights, he’s an embarrassment. That the best he can say is under his leadership it they haven’t passed anything people would be outraged, maybe even riot about such as bills dealing with jobs, immigration, and FEMA funding. Heck he’s such a coward, he won’t even allow these bills or those from the Senate to come up for vote out of fear that the few functional House Republicans would join the Dems and PASS much needed legislation.

  15. JDavidS says:

    Priceless. Watching this RepubliCON/Tea Clown stooge try to spin bullshit into gold is comedy at its’ best Unfortunately, the joke is on the American people who expect these elected representatives to actually do something for us…and therefore the country, not play their divisive, partisan games while the country goes around and around the bowl, and ultimately down the shitter.

    • Sherrill P. Gilbert says:

      I personally do not believe America will seen any change in Washington until they clean house, beginning with Mr. Boehner! He has taken our country and the President hostage! He continues to want to cut programs that have already been brought down to the bone while refusing to take away the huge tax breaks for the rich. He is protecting his pocketbook and the pocketbooks of his friends. He can only get richer the longer he stays. The poor keep getting poorer. He keeps cutting knowing it cuts jobs and brings the economy back down. He is blaming the President saying he will not agree on more tax cuts that will hurt the country and the people who make America Strong. Mr. Boehner and his partners are holding the economy, the jobs and future of our young people hostage. It is time to tell Mr. Boehner and his friends it is past the time they should have left!!!

    • angelsinca says:

      When you have a president that abandons the concerns of half the nation and isinuates the other two branches of government are against him, we have a problem. Let’s blame the GOP. Ugh.

  16. jointerjohn says:

    The neoconservatives who highjacked the republican party have been using this strategy since the 1970s. They appeal to those who simplistically think that government can’t do anything right with a pledge to see to it government doesn’t do anything at all. This is how they have narrowed their base to those total pessimists out there who think they would like anarchy. They sure have no problem regulating our genitals though do they? This is why they are in such trouble with young voters, as those voters are not so jaded nor cynical. Young Americans care about our ecological future, economic prospects and scientific advances. The only young voters the republicans can appeal to are the frightened, the ignorant, and those who believe Jebus is going to swoop down from the sky and take all the Boring-Again Christians off to the Great Sandals Resort in the sky sometime about next week.

    By Boehner’s logic I should rewrite my resume to highlight what I have NOT done as my qualifications.

  17. JulieZ77 says:

    Repugs like Boehner act like they’re jealous of anyone that has a brain.

  18. 2hheels2 says:

    When will America give this Drunk the treatment he deserves. Get him and Eric Cantor out of Washington. Maybe just maybe something will get done. These two are a total waste of space in Washington.

  19. irishtap says:

    Since the Tea Party showed up I pretty much labled this group of “lawmakers” as incompetent. However, I’ve come to determine I was in error with that early supposition since they’re doing precisely what they’ve been told – lock up the gears of government regardless of outcome. This is a carefully designed movement based largely in part, upon John Birch Society doctrine. These people have no allegiance to the constitution and certainly have no humane nor ethical affinity toward any aspect of population which presently gasps for a just opportunity for simple financial reprieve. Tea Party GOP is a filthy Godless abomination with a mindset of willful ignorance of which they celebrate. Especially when ordinary Americans suffer. Boehner is nothing more than a rediculous coward and thief of American tax dollars for daring to accept a salary for purposely undermining our country.

    • Judy in AZ says:

      How patriotic IS it to be more invested in seeing the President fail (the one-term-president folks – who failed) than seeing the country succeed? And the country is succeeding in spite of a huge effort to see it sink, so as to have something else to blame on the President. In addition to the economy, which tanked before the 2008 election. And advocating letting children go hungry in a move towards austerity is a strange way for the GOP to demonstrate that they are the family values folks. I have lived in AZ since the Barry Goldwater days. He is rolling in his grave as he sees the definition of conservatism go so far to the extreme right that he looks liberal in comparison. Even GWB has commented on the direction the party has taken since his presidency, making him sound more rational than those in Congress now. That alone is a scary thought.

    • JO says:

      Irish, I agree with you.

      The Tea Party is the Posse Comitatus in suits. They do not believe in laws, taxes or the government and their main objective is to destroy it.

      They hide behind a Christian identity but are selfish, anti-semetic, power hungry, white supremacists. They are like the John Birchers in many ways.

      Just like Cantor, lying Ryan and the rest of the obstructionists, with the Koch bros and their ilk holding the puppet strings.

      • irishtap says:

        Spot on JO, nothing Christ like about these parasites. Power is what they worship. They revel in the hardship they bestow upon hurting Americans. With them it’s a badge of honor, a source of pride – to fail at your sworn duty. A housefly possesses a larger heart than this cult of loathesome lifeforms.

        • angelsinca says:

          I dunno, Irish. The wonderful Democrat-controlled Colorado Dept of Revenue just took our rent to pay for their taxes. They didn’t bother letting us know. Now that the rent is late, the landlord doesn’t care either.

  20. ococoob says:

    Such appalling disrespect to the American people by shirking the will of the people. Who’s this clown work for? Private interests or the American people?!

    • angelsinca says:

      Sounds EXACTLY like the people that don’t want to accept the Zimmerman verdict. YOU won the election. Please try to get over it.

      • ococoob says:

        Stay on topic here, will ya?

        • angelsinca says:

          The ON TOPIC point is that the ‘will of the people’ is not shirked when the facts of evidence and performance are presented. Will try to be more direct for you next time.

          • ococoob says:

            We’re talking about Boehner and the Congress here. How is the Zimmerman trial have any relevance here?

          • angelsinca says:

            Not accepting the Zimmerman verdict is a metaphor for not accepting the ‘will of the people’.

            Metaphor: 1.A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.

          • ococoob says:

            Wrong analogy here.

  21. howa4x says:

    We have a situation where the tail is wagging the dog. There were 1 million more votes cast against republican house members than for. Gerrymandering has created slice districts were only the idiotic base is living, so republicans are always pandering to the majority of the tea party instead of representing everybody in the district. This situation has created a crisis in governance were a minority is holding the majority hostage. The house is a great example of what would happen to us all is we allow these self proclaimed white Christian men and their subservient wives rule the entire country. Boehner is a follower not a leader. His tongue is always dragging on the carpet as he licks the boots of these tealiban reactionaries. He is a reverse Atlas. Instead of holding up the world, by his timidity, he is holding back the future of this country.

  22. Bill Downie says:

    Shamefull, he is the worst. Its time for America to purge out the Republicans, bring in Obama care, gun controll, stop spending on wars that dont exist, put money into education and the people, tax imports from Asia and Mexico and scrap free trade.

  23. says:

    Tonto (Lone Ranger Movie) has more common sense than this guy–Speaker of
    The House!

  24. ridemybroom says:

    this man was born with a silver spoon up his ass and when it got too hot it melted and the silver went to his brains… when the silver went to his brains it short circuit the membrane passages… all through his schooling he couldn’t understand but one word in his vocab… repeal repeal repeal…. little did he know he was repealing everyone around him…

  25. AlfredSonny says:

    Was Boohner trying to imply that repealing the Constitution would be more successful?

  26. AlfredSonny says:

    Boohner is trying to prove that those who support and vote for him are idiots.

  27. Mark Forsyth says:

    Many republicans claim that the Obama presidency is a failure.Suppose that were to actually be true[I personally do not think it is],it would seem only fair if Boehner and his obstructionist cronies were in the same boat.

  28. ray ban new wayfarer says:

    Nonetheless the princess obtained a difficult time thinking about how your ex. The girl professed to be able to you need to be exhausted, although I really could notice that the girl had not been certain which this specific female had been that is embracing and also discussing with your ex.

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