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Saturday, October 22, 2016

One might think that by now, Republicans would have learned that the Sununu family makes awful campaign surrogates. But they keep falling into the same trap that infamously ensnared Mitt Romney.

New Hampshire Senate candidate Scott Brown is the latest victim. Brown, who represented Massachusetts in the Senate for three years, has faced repeated accusations of carpetbagging throughout the campaign. So he couldn’t have been thrilled to hear New Hampshire executive councilor Chris Sununu introduce him at an event on Monday by telling the crowd that he’s not “a phony from Massachusetts,” but “a phony from New Hampshire.”

The video was captured by a tracker from the liberal American Bridge PAC, which has followed Brown assiduously throughout the campaign (even stalking him in a canoe last week). Brown has rewarded those monitoring his events with several gaffes, including repeatedly forgetting which state he’s in, and once hiding in a bathroom to avoid answering questions about his opinion on the Hobby Lobby ruling.

Despite his missteps, Brown appears to be gaining ground in the polls. But he still trails incumbent Democratic senator Jeanne Shaheen by 6 percent, according to the Huffington Post’s poll average.

Photo: Newington NH via Flickr

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  • FireBaron

    I still remember when John Sununu, Sr. came to DC as GHWB’s Chief-of-Staff. Back when I lived in New Hampshire, JS Sr. was our governor. Every two years, at the beginning of the legislative session, he would appear before them and tell them what he expected them to do for the 90 days they were in session. Generally, this was done as ordered.
    Well, John got his lesson in realpolitik when he attempted to do the same thing to Congress, delineating the President’s agenda. To say he was summarily dismissed would be to give him more credit. He was effectively laughed out of the offices of both the House and Senate Majority AND Minority leaders, and told that he wasn’t in Concord any more.
    Nice to know the crab apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.