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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Iowa Senate hopeful Bob Quast may have been dethroned as the star of the craziest 2014 political ad. That honor may now belong to the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) local 1776, a Pennsylvania union that represents wine and spirits workers in the state.

A new ad paid for by the UFCW explains — not ironically — that if beer and wine are sold in convenience stores in the state, Pennsylvania children will literally die.

The Republican-backed liquor privatization plan would get the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board out of the sale and wholesale of beer and wine. The UFCW, which represents state liquor store workers, is expected to spend over $300,000 to publicly oppose the plan.

Television ads, like the one below, are apparently a part of their push to oppose liquor privatization.

“That would be so dangerous for kids,” one woman says to another in the ad, “having alcohol available in so many places.” The other responds: “I read the same kind of law in North Carolina is killing one child every week.”

Ironically, as notes, North Carolina currently has a lower rate of teen drinking and teen binge drinking than Pennsylvania does.

The kicker, however, comes at the end of the ad, when the two women are discussing the money involved. “It’s about greed, pure and simple,” one of the actresses says. “Well, it only takes a little bit of greed to kill a child,” the other concludes.

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  • elw

    Wow, that is really way out there considering that in most States wine and beer are sold in convenience and food stores without the scope of problem they are claiming. What I found funny is all they showed in the video were children under five – now how are they going to get to the beer and wine unless their parent get it for them.

  • Joel Casler

    Wow! This is the kind of ad that I would expect to see from Big Business and the Republican thugs with lots of money and little sense. Go for it UFCW!Gutter snipe with the gutter snipes, see how they like it.

  • White Army

    Those who preach from collectivism’s altar are oblivious to the fact that civilization depends upon the social processes from which reason emerges and that its advance depends upon those processes being free.

  • Daniel Jones

    The bottom line here is that these jokers could give a rat’s ass about kids’ lives, but take the cuts in their profit margins very seriously.

    Whatever they thought, that shows *very* clearly in the ad.