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Saturday, October 22, 2016

WATCH: The Seven Most Disastrous Political Interviews Ever

In an attempt to do damage control over his boneheaded remark that his Iraq vet opponent is not a “true hero,” Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh did an interview on Thursday afternoon with CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield.

It did not go well.

Walsh’s manic repetition of the name “Ashleigh!” was pretty bad, but was it the worst melt down ever?

Here are six more of the most disastrous interviews ever given by politicians:

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  • Why is it that some politicians immediately drop in intelligence as soon as a microphone is placed in front of them, like the Gipper’s “I am pleased to announce we have commenced the strategic bombing of the Soviet Union” not realizing the Mic was hot.

    • Who said that was a “drop in intelligence” for Reagan? I’m pretty sure he said stupid s*** all the time, regardless of whether a microphone was present.

      • In Reagan’s defense, let’s not forget that he was just repeating what Nancy was whispering in his ear…which she probably learned from her astrologer!

        • BDD1951

          That’s funny Dom.

  • I watched Walsh’s interview on CNN, and his Ashley, Ashley, FOX News style rant, and I thought it was pathetic. Why are people like him elected to public office and, for that matter, why is Romney proposing a more aggressive U.S. foreign policy while his 5 sons play hero at Dave & Buster and my grandson is getting ready to be deployed to Korea and Afghanistan? I don’t have a problem with those who chose to do something other than joining the military because of their convictions, as long as their rhetoric is consistent with their views and their records, but when they try to play macho by putting somebody else’s children in harms way I do have a problem. Hopefully people will wake up and vote every single one of these hypocrites out of office in November.

  • BDD1951

    He won’t be re-elected because they have done re-districting in Illinois. He is a spoiled rich kid who never grew up. He was raised in the wealthy south side of Chicago and was never held accountable by his parents or apparently anyone else. I know this because my son lives in Chicago and his job keeps him mingling with very rich people. Rich people talk too. My son is a limo driver and he was taking some people to their yacht last week and they filled him in all about Joe Walsh.

  • jcinbelgium

    This is truly cringe-worthy. What an empty-headed, insulting non-retraction of one of the most revolting campaign accusations ever heard.

  • Ed Mays

    The only one that made sense to me was George Romney`s comment on Vietnam. Having been there in the Army infantry he`s right on all accounts. Why his remarks derailed his campaign is beyond me. All the others are like schoolkids all wanting to talk at the same time…these are adult professional people?

    • alumahead

      I wish Mitt would utter his daddy’s words just one time.

  • alumahead

    Except for George Romney, these were all recent Republican foibles. I’m sure there are some Democrats that insert both feet from time to time, but no one compares to Republicans in the outrageous remarks column. Allen West didn’t even make the cut!
    He or Walsh could easily fill up seven slots with ignorant outbursts. And they do it on purpose. Sure, they often have to back down from their rhetoric, but they say it so the right-winged fringe can get their helping of red meat. It’s embarrassing as an American to think that these are the best we have to represent us.

    • dejenyemane9827

      I am a firm believer in the American democracy except that we have only the Democratic party which can truly be called party of the American people (rich or poor) and stands for
      prosperity and equal opportunity for all. The Republican party has always been and will
      ever be the quintessential ennemy of the American people and its economy which, frankly, should have been voted out of any governmental office a long, long time ago ! Every American citizen should seriously engage himself/herself in a quest for a second party
      and bid farewell to the idiotic and non-party Republican party this coming Fall. We need to create a viable second party which jives with the ethos and psyche of the American people.
      By so doing, let us vote every Republican and so-called tea-party crazies out of all State and Federal governmental offices this coming November.
      Ty Yemane

  • this guy is CRAZY STUPID

  • Joe Walsh Is Just Another Koch Brothers Butt Sucking THUG!! Whats Amazing To Me Is The People That Allow Him To Spit That Poison On Them!!

    • DurdyDawg

      That’s because they have no real sense of smell… They can’t ‘smell’ the toxic puke from this psychotic poser because of the excess butt jam lodged up their nose from the sniffing of their other GOP heroes.

  • i would respectfully suggest to joe walsh to stfu

  • I thought the David Frost/Trickie Dickie interview would have been on the list somewhere.

  • BenUriel

    You mean to tell me in all the tens of thousands of interviews on record not one liberal, not one democrat ever stepped on his or her tongue. Itzkowitz, Palin has nothing on you. Are you really foolish enough to believe anybody who matters believes your nonsense or that anyone who believes your nonsense matters?

  • What an abnoxious LOSER!

  • Lefsa123

    not sure after watching the Palin interviews, who is more stupid–the people who still want her to run for higher office or Palin herself. Palin has lined her pockets-has shown everyone that she is a great cheerleader and money raiser, but also shows everyone that she is in love with being in the limelight and making lots of money. She is critical of everyone who has ever “done her wrong”, like Obama, for winning the election instead of her. She and Bristol are always pulling out the victim card, but the fact is that McCain chose her only because she was a female and the Republicans did an awful job of vetting her. She is such a dimwit that when the subject of thorough vetting comes up, she claims that she was thoroughly vetted and that it was Obama who was not. She makes all that money in donations and being a grifter–but she spends all that money in her PAC on herself and wants to be treated like she is royalty.

  • Jere Armen

    Matthews & Zell: Matthews was rude and overbearing and wouldn’t let Zell answer his questions. I would have lost patience with him too. That’s his style and it’s why I avoid watching his program. It’s not journalism, it’s not polite, and it’s not productive. Matthews should have his mother whisper in his ear constantly, “Now mind your manners, Chris.”

    • DukeDacat

      Hey Jere, Might you be confusing Matthews with with Sean of “The Hannity Hate Hou”r on Faux Noise??? I am just saying…

  • citizenmb

    Why are people like him elected? Because many watching this were cheering Walsh on with every “Ashley”! My candidate, right or wrong…and the rest of us are stuck with this type of politician.

  • Dominick. The reason people like Walsh get elected is because a lot of Americans that grew up in the 60 are now a very selfish, reactionary middle age people that are tired of their tax dollars going to inefficient badly managed Govt programs.
    It is sad, but it is understandable as for every action there is a reaction and it is not always good or pretty

  • SirWilliam13

    I can understand it when Sarah Palin inadvertently coins a new word because she confuses two words of very similar form and meaning. That can happen to the best of us. I’m not so concerned when Texas Governor Perry suffers a mental block during a televised debate when he can’t remember the third government department he would close. Who has never experienced that feeling of knowing something but not being able to recall it for some reason and not having a premonition to write the answer in their hand? Sarah never coined the phrase “on the tip of my tongue” but she could have to help Rick. And I don’t hold President Reagan accountable for in jest saying something about the missles have been launched while he was in front of a microphone he didn’t know was on. I’m just glad he didn’t push the button because he thought it wasn’t turned on. What I am concerned about are the other truely idiotic, dishonest, self serving and totally fabricated lies that these politicians belch out as their political platform in general. These statements have been written by speech writers, approved by the candidate and have the backing of the Republican party. These statements may be a mistakes and indicate flawed thinking , but they are not an unintentional ones.

  • onedonewong

    Gee what happened to Barak’s claiming that we have 57 states or Joe Bitteme contending that we will have sustainable crops that use no soil or water, or Bill Clinton’s “I did not have sex with that women”. Or Al Gores lockbox???

    • DukeDacat

      Hey ALWAYSonedonewong……..
      The subject is about INTERVIEWS.. not sound bites……. you Nit Wit

      • onedonewong

        That’s because Dem’s don’t provide interviews to hostile folks from the State run Media.. Why is that?? Did you miss the little temper tantrums that the Messiah provided when interviewed by a reporter from Texas or when he announced his amnesty plan??

    • bigspender7

      You sound so desperate to find anything possible to hang on democrats while completely ignoring the utter stupidity regularly displayed by many republicans.

      • onedonewong

        Desperate No just child like like the author. Notice not 1 Dem was sited think that was by design??

  • montanabill

    How very fair minded of Decker to be able to find only Republican interviews, that in his mind, were disastrous. If he couldn’t find at least one Pelosi interview for this smear, he just wasn’t trying and could possibly be called totally inaccurate. Maybe the likes of Weiner, Reid, Biden, many members of the Congressional Black Caucus, etc. just were invisible.

    • bigspender7

      You completely miss the point. The featured interviews were egrecious for their utter stupidity. The people you mention simply made comments with which you disagree. The sole expection is Weiner who committed a stupid act then lied about it initially.

      • montanabill

        If you tell me that Pelosi and Maxine Waters don’t make regular stupid statements, I’ll laugh out loud. I happen to disagree with the President, but his statement are more apt to be deceptions or riddled with pertinent omissions than stupidity. The people I mentioned all have made public utterances illuminating a lack of forethought.

  • howa4x

    Republican party is one malopropic fool after another. Bush couldn’t even string a thought together

  • swb338

    George Romney’s interview is completely out of place in this article. It was factually true, very well stated and displayed a good deal of intelligent reflection on the most serious topic of the day. It was a service to the country and a vivid illustration of how far the quality of our politicians has fallen.

    • ralphkr

      I wonder if George Romney was ignorant of the fact that it was President Eisenhower who first sent our troops into Vietnam (after having supplied aerial support to the French during the Dien Bien Phu debacle) or if he was just hoping that everyone has forgotten that little fact. Come to think of it, I thought the original premise was a good idea. Since the Communists had been doing so well with guerrilla warfare it seemed a good idea to copy their game plan and send small units of elite troops there to enlist the aid of the native people and to also test our weapons in actual combat.

  • DurdyDawg

    I noticed one constant in all these dumb-ass statements.. They all originated from Pubs.. Am I missing something here? Have the Dems goofed at any time or were they simply mocked and accused when ever they opened their gob? Seems to me the big frogs behind the curtain are exercising their power by fronting these pub idiots and telling the nation, “Take ’em or suffer for four more years”.. Will we suffer with Obama or will the GOP make sure things will go as it has within the last 3+ years in order to prove their point? Well I say if the Dems get back in and shit continues like it has since 2008 by the Pubs, then they should not even have a chance to win in 2016 as well.. It would serve their manipulative asses quite well.