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Saturday, March 23, 2019

WATCH: With Immigration Reform On Life Support, George W. Bush Calls For ‘A Positive Resolution’

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Speaking at a naturalization ceremony for new citizens at his presidential library, former president George W. Bush supported the spirit of immigration reform while refusing to embrace or discuss any specifics.

“We can uphold our tradition of assimilating immigrants, and honoring the heritage of our nation built on the rule of law,” he said. “But we have a problem. The laws governing the immigration system aren’t working; the system is broken.”

Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, the actual legislation to enact comprehensive immigration reform is heading for “a slow death,” according to some analysts.

The two sources of controversy for House Republicans — who are now considering their own bill after the Senate passed a compromise with 68 votes — are whether any undocumented workers can be legalized before the border is “secure” and a “path to citizenship.” The Senate bill authorizes a “border surge” as legalization begins and enacts concrete steps that will lead to naturalization for qualified immigrants.

Republicans are meeting Wednesday to discuss the legislation, which Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has already said will not come up for a vote unless it has majority support in his caucus.

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has placed himself at the fore of members who refuse to consider a “path to citizenship,” which is often called “amnesty” in reference to the 1986 immigration law signed by Ronald Reagan.

King blasted the very idea of reform, saying it was a just a way to help “elites who want cheap labor, Democratic power brokers, and those who hire illegal labor.”

But the congressman also presents a rebuttal to Karl Rove’s persistent suggestions that the GOP needs reform to win the White House.

“It would hurt Republicans, and I don’t think you can make an argument otherwise,” King said Monday. “Two out of every three of the new citizens would be Democrats.”

A new poll from Americans For A Conservative Direction suggests that only 21 percent of Republicans actually oppose a path to citizenship in any form. In contrast, 65 percent support citizenship when coupled with increased border security. That number, surprisingly, goes up 8 percent without new border security.

Citizenship is the crux of the bill for Democrats.

“Without a path to citizenship, there is not going to be a bill,” Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said Tuesday. “There can’t be a bill.”

David Wasserman of the Cook Political Report told The Washington Post‘s Greg Sargent that he sees a feasible path to reform if Boehner can get a bare majority of his caucus to acquiesce to something resembling the Senate bill, relying on lawmakers who wouldn’t likely face a viable primary challenge and “realize that a failure to pass immigration reform is a long-term detriment to their party.”

The support of figures like George W. Bush could help motivate those swing congresspeople, though he wasn’t successful in pushing through his own similar reforms in 2007.

With that failure in mind, perhaps, the former president carefully encouraged the process without getting overtly political.

“I don’t intend to get involved in the politics or the specifics of policy, but I do hope there’s a positive resolution to the debate,” he said. “And I hope, during the debate, we keep a benevolent spirit in mind, and we understand the contributions immigrants make to our country.”

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27 responses to “WATCH: With Immigration Reform On Life Support, George W. Bush Calls For ‘A Positive Resolution’”

  1. InsideEye says:

    Here we go again. The system / immigration laws are not broken, we are broken because we do not enforce existing laws. 70-80++% of Americans are definitely against amnesty,but are: in favor of work visas for all immigrants , free verifiable travel back and forth, and the joy of contributing taxes for their use of health care and educational system. They are already happy .having an advantage, just by working here. They can apply for citizenship as all others. No need to make this bill so complex and filled with OUTRAGEOUS EARMARK to win votes…this tells you it is political BS, rather than protecting the sovereignty and borders of OUR COUNTRY. The rules /laws are already in place. All is required is enforcement…spend the money on this and tracing visa violators…….. Why do we need 2000 pages to explain this?. Why do we have to use the Pelosi Rule and pass Bills to find out what is in it. Let us just take a flight on Asiana Air , not knowing if there are capable pilots or any functioning rules on board……Hmmm,…wonder what would happen…would you care or get on board?

    • drdroad says:

      InsideEye, where are you getting your 70-80++% figures. I can’t find a poll that states that. Did you see the survey in the article done by a Conservative organization? 65+% support a path to Citizenship?? Back up your statements!

      • InsideEye says:

        My numbers are based on those not wanting to give amnesty, but allow citizenship after Sovereignty is assured and borders secured. Your lower number reflects, the fact that US citizens want a compromise but not at the expense of open borders. People with working permits are identified, pay taxes and are very, very, very hard working and support themselves , not lavishly, but enough to get going in the right direction. Certainly most Mexicans are illiterate even in their own language, and they are only able to perform manual work. But as many of our grandparents, they worked on lower jobs and provided us/me the chance to be educated. I worked in a bakery, washing pans, worked through school, 3 degrees later and still can not complete a sentence at times.
        It can be done.

  2. Jim Myers says:

    For those who advocate shipping ALL illegal immigrants “back where they came from”, or allow work visas for all immigrants, allowing them free, verifiable travel back and forth, I pose a few questions.

    First, who is supposed to pay for all the extra transportation expenses involved in having the immigrants travel back and forth?

    Second, without the illegal immigrants, the farmers that depend on them for planting and harvesting crops will not be able to afford to pay Americans to do the same work, or find any who will work for the same wages and conditions.

    Crops will go unplanted, or, worse yet, left to wither and die in the field and on the vine.

    That will drive up food costs enormously, and drive even more farmers out of business.

    Of course, you can always blame it on the LIBERALS. After all, everything that goes wrong is President Obama’s fault anyway.

    • InsideEye says:

      My point was that “card carrying ” immigrants can go easiy across the borders, and not be ” In the Shadows”. They can certainly help farmers, and many are bussed North and elswhere for that reason, and housed by farmers for field work. They can certainly live anywhere as long as they are working as anyone else. Farmers will not go out of business, since we All have to eat and will pay for the food, except for broccoli…..who needs that……great with bacon though. What happened when the Lettuce pickers became unionized …we pay and they can get a nice wage also. Are we to deny farmers their due, or pay migrant workers substandard wages. If we want to be so generous , we have to pay. Do we not pay GM workers fair wages for making 50K SUVs that we Need??? If we want it , we suck it up… extra part time work…. it is incorporated into the price of doing business. Basic business model… is a vicious cycle that equilibrates and we start over again.

    • Catskinner says:

      Boy, that’s a stupid comment…

      • Jim Myers says:

        You are entitled to your opinion…

      • deniswinkle1 says:

        Big corporation will jack-up prices for a “bigger profit” anyway. But what we could do! For the greater success of Bain Capital in the “No Apologies”of globalization and “Cheap Labor” . Is to legalize all these poor immigrants. Than Out Source them to China through the very employment contract you fill out. In order to get a Job. lol

        • InsideEye says:

          If profit is bigger than you are willing to pay, then do not buy it. Even though I may make a decent salary, I will not pay 40-50K for any vehicle. I would rather deploy funds for other eccentricities ….mine to choose. We can legalize poor immigrants as you say and rent them out to China to build railroads, as a thanks for building our BN&SF.

  3. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Employers are the ones responsible for the huge influx of illegals. In May 2012, the head of the Texas Dept. of Labor stated in an interview on NPR that Texas can’t “make it without illegal labor.” What does that tell you? It tells me that this porker state has been swindling taxpayers in other states and using all that border protection money for everything but border protection. E-verify has been in place for half a decade. Employers have NO NO NO excuse not to check the immigration status of a potential job candidate BEFORE they are hired. I’m sick of the Big Bois swindle taxpayers and Americans so they can pay cheap labor and make bigger profits. How much profit becomes too much before these swindlers get a boot in their butts?

    • InsideEye says:

      Agreed, my point is that we are all at fault for not enforcing the laws, and verifying, and penalizing all employers. I am a US citizen and “American ” looking and have to show all kinds of ID when working at different sites. The system is fine, WE are broken and irresponsible for not making sure the rules are enforced. Texas can make it. We all will have to pay up for labor costs, since we all are willing to be so altruistic. The prices will go up and we will pay more for our jalapeños and tortillas from Texas……we do not need another immigration policy….good grief, we did not even read the last one evidently

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        We don’t have to pay for labor costs. That’s a business expense that no person entertaining the idea of owning a business should ever ignore. A business expense should never become the responsibility of employees, taxpayers or consumers. As a former business owner back in my younger days, I have no clue why today’s business owners believe they must force 3 separate and distinct, yet totally linked entities to submit to their dictatorial demand to help them pay their business expenses. Do these people not realize that owning a business places the sole responsibility solely on the proprietor?

        Prices do not have to automatically go up. That’s an inflationary mentality that insists that there are no no no no limits to how much Americans should pay for their loaf of bread. At what point to the hotsy totsies learn to live within THEIR means? I see this every day with the younger generation who have zero sense of budgeting and preparing for the inevitable emergencies and financial curves. They simply learn to run to their parents for help financially all while they are earning salaries they refuse to learn to live on for more than 12 months. Sorry, that’s a poor excuse for insisting on the older generations assistance or forcing the working poor and Middle Class to have their pockets emptied.

        Today’s illogical “neo-economists” would have us believe that $100 for a loaf of bread still isn’t enough…BS…I can bake my own loaf of bread in my own oven for less than $1.

        Using one excuse after another to live an ostentatious “Look What I Own” life isn’t a valid reason to escalate prices out of control or demand that 99% of the population struggle and never get ahead so 1% can live so high on the hog, the hog is squealing in pain.

        • InsideEye says:

          I also make my own bread, $1.27, but my labor is my love, no price of labor, transportation, storage, sales, marketing. You mention youngin’s and the government have no sense of budgeting, because they get their support from parents and tax payers, respectively. You say that prices do not automatically go up….but they do! When the postal services wins a raise, my stamp prices go up, my tuition goes up, my SUV price goes up somewhat linearly, tuition exponentially.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Do you know the real reason they dare to jack prices and price gouge? Consumers who believe they do not have any options. Do you also want to know something else? Most Americans need very little to survive and it is true…only the strong survive. When Americans start to victims of greed, they get what they ask for. No one needs to eat tomatoes out of season. Nor, do we especially need to drive miles out of town to shop at the most exclusive stores who are in essence ripping people off. Your tuition goes up for another reason…the cronyism between education and Big Business today. The fox has been too long in that hen house. Most of us know that $100 a tankful is more of an expense to fill an SUV when you can spend a fraction of that on a vehicle that takes $20 to fill the tank. Ask me how I know. As for the PO, it raises the prices for no reason other than greedy employees with lifetime benefits that are paid for by taxpayers who also pay for their own. So what’s the answer? Live simply so that others may simply live. Or…better one…”Less is more.”

          • InsideEye says:

            I agree, except for price gouging during hurricane season for food and generators, retailers must pass on to the consumer the price of goods used,produced. Indeed, everyone could make their own bread and drive smaller cars, but consumers haveoptions, they decide on choices. Should the money that consumers save by being frugal , be given to people that get Obama phones to trade for drugs etc. It was Sy Syms , a noted economist, that said” an educated,informed consumer is the best customer. ”
            Less is more, you say…..Are people greedy. that expect free medical care and education benefits, with out contributing to the costs.?

    • idamag says:

      The farms, I saw in California and Arizona are not small family farms. They are owned by big corporations. Busloads of Mexican laborers are brought in every morning and taken back to Mexico every night. We never think community any more. We would rather save a couple of dollars at WalMart without thinking about why that merchandise is cheaper. When you buy your WalMart bargains, don’t forget the thank the person who waits on you. So that you can have cheaper goods, she forfeits full time employment and benefits.

      • InsideEye says:

        Would you go to Wal-Mart if prices were higher, and they paid their employees better and with benefits . Many Wal- Mart employees are older staff probably on Medicare it seems. I shop there because they mysteriously have what I am looking for….I am a stupid guy and do not look at prices so much, just want what I need and get out….. they have 2 selections of the item in question, one lower and functionally great and the other selection is usually slightly higher , with a few bells and whistles….they save me time….it is great business model , aside from pricing. I am frugal in other ways to make up for my shopping laziness .

        • Howard15 says:

          Yes, I would go to Walmart if those higher prices translated in less of their full time employees living in poverty. I boycott Walmart now and pay more (50%) because I champion the working class.
          The Walmarting of America is a serious problem in many ways.Other than the greeters I have found many of the employees to be a cross section of ages like at any supermarket/dept store. Maybe that has changed since I have not been to Walmart in a few years. Either way you are a stupid guy if you think it is ok to exploit people at any age. A significant amount of the people over the age of 65 are living in poverty. Between a part time job at minimum wage and a very modest social security check they have to decide whether to purchase their life saving prescriptions or groceries.
          What a shame to have the richest nation on earth have so many living in poverty. The widening disparity of income and wealth will be the death of our economy. I am all for free enterprise and capitalism but a little moderation and less extremism can save us.

  4. Robert Cruder says:

    Blame Ronald Reagan!

    Certainly his amnesty created a “moral hazard”, the expectation that subsequent illegal entrants would be ENTITLED to their own amnesty. His far greater sin was in setting worldwide family planning back by decades.

    Our neighbors to the south knew even then that they were producing babies far faster than they could ever produce wealth and that they were breeding themselves into greater poverty. As a result, their desired family size has decreased but their actual family size has not decreased nearly as much.

    A pittance spent on family-planning and advice could have enabled our neighbors to provide for their own and avoid dividing families. Why would anyone choose to travel thousands of miles and live in fear if there were any realistic alternative? When any species outbreeds its local resources some mix of migration by strong individuals and death of weak ones must take place.

    The idea that if people were forced to procreate the resulting population would never become a problem for us is “magical thinking”. We expect that from religion but not from government.

  5. says:

    The Republicans never intended to pass Immigration reform. They took a pledge to oppose anything and everything that President Obama wanted and to give him no victories. Since they took control of the House in 2010 they have blocked everything. If you do not think so, just name anything that they have passed beyond naming post offices. But is ok since Hispanics will become citizens by being born in the U.S. to parents who are not citizens. Just think about it, 50,000 Hispanics are turning 18 years of age everyday.

    • Howard15 says:

      You are correct. Additionally the tea party will never agree to amnesty for brown people no matter who is President. Have you seen how the far right has gone after McCain, Flake and Graham. They have literally crucified Rubio. His approval rating in the tea party is below Obama’s.

      • InsideEye says:

        You speak of different issues, many people are against some policies of The President. If immigrants are not ” carded” they do not pay into the system, and education and health budgets are drained. Some point to Costa Rica because they have less expensive , better health care. Even there , there is supplementary private insurance……and the government is having a difficult time keeping costs in check……WHY you can ask!!???
        Ready???? Seems that Nicaraguans are coming across the border, using health services, but not contributing to support the health system……..NOW…..where did you ever hear of such a thing going on????. The 60% ++ Americans would be in favor of citizen ship if everyone was participating in supporting the system and all violated work visa stays are corrected ….it is an issue of Sovereignty, security and fairness. Even Mexico has very strict penalties on illegal crossing on their southern borders.

    • Ulrich Schwan says:

      Congressmen and Women are to be Republicans and Democrats and Liberals and Green etc. , to make our political system healthy.
      Sincerely Yours

  6. Catskinner says:

    Yes, Bush never was much of a fan of blue collar workers…

  7. deniswinkle1 says:

    King blasted the very idea of reform, saying it was just a
    way to help “elites who want cheap labor, Democratic power brokers, and
    those who hire illegal labor.”

    Mr. King! Get your head out of your a$$. It was ALEX Governors
    and Election Commissioner that are screwing over “The Right to Bargain” The “Right
    to Choose” while impeding the “Right to Vote” today! Even as we see: during the
    last election. Bain Capital bleeding: off the profits of small companies. Declaring
    bankruptcy! Negating on pension plans! Or out sourcing company jobs to China
    for “Cheap Labor”.

    Mr King again explains;

    “It would hurt Republicans, and I don’t think you can make
    an argument otherwise,” King said Monday. “Two out of every three of the new
    citizens would be Democrats.”

    Mr. King a “new citizen” most certainly is not your real problem!
    But the Love and Human Decency of True Conservative and Liberal values are! As
    ALEX and its Tea Party associates signed a “pledge” laid against a Constitutional
    Oath unto “We the People”. In the Past 20 years as the “Robber Baron”. What Ayn
    Rand was warning the Good and Honest Living of the America Family about. The path and faction of a Bought Politician and its Corporate Special Interest!

    Ayn Rand
    in an interview with Mike Wallace.

    “There were men: industrialist who used Government power as
    a club to help them against competitors. They [industrialist] were the original
    “collectivist”. And the regulations are creating Robber Barons. They are
    creating “capitalist” with government help which is the “worse” of all economic

    Just what is Conservatism versus Liberalism all about
    today??? Government seeking to protect the well-being of good and honest
    living! Or government protecting, the well-being of the Robber Barons! And can
    we sum up all this chaos as the “collectivism” of our present now?

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