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Monday, August 21, 2017

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Glenn Beck

American prophet Glenn Beck leads things off, for identifying the real problem exposed by the recent protests in Ferguson and New York City: Al Sharpton!

According to Beck, Sharpton is not actually a Baptist minister — he’s a terrorist cleric.

“Al Sharpton’s not a reverend, he’s a cleric!” Beck exclaimed during the Thursday edition of his show. “He stands up in his pulpit, and he spews his hatred, his anger, for his own purposes…and everybody in the mosque is either buying into this crap — the few crazies — or they’re just afraid to say anything. Because the culture will kill them.”

Yes, apparently Sharpton is responsible for black-on-black crime, too.

Beck’s argument was too extreme for even co-host Stu Burguiere, who noted that unlike the radical clerics that Beck fears, Al Sharpton hasn’t killed anyone.

“Really? Al Sharpton’s not killed anyone?” Beck asked. “Can we look? Has there been any deaths in any of these marches? How much terror has been done on the streets of Ferguson? How much terror? What do you think this is? These are terrorist organizations!”

If organizing marches and spewing anger for one’s own purposes makes Al Sharpton a terrorist cleric, then what does it make Glenn Beck?

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258 Responses to This Week In Crazy: Al Sharpton Is A Terrorist Czar, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

  1. LOL. The goobers’ favorite token black Repubigot is offended that people pay attention to the words he uses when he speaks? An easy solution would be to dispense with worlds altogether and stick to expressing himself with grunts, squeals and whistles.

    Man, you just couldn’t make this stuff up. And this guy is a serious Presidential contender for the Goober Only Party (GOP) in 2016? Where is Herman Cain when you need him? At least he was intelligent enough to stick to numbers, pizza pies, and Pokemon songs.

    • He IS Herman Cain. He and all of the other black Republicans are all being played by the same guy.

      What? You think it’s just a coincidence that Romney polled 0% with blacks, yet literally every single black man they can find (not a single woman, BTW) leans into absolute full-blown batshit crazy territory?

  2. For a bigot, anything that comes even close to a sense of humanity, a semblance of promoting equality, or advocating for justice for all, constitutes a manifestation of evil that must be attacked and destroyed. No need to be upset, just consider the source.

    • The problem there is that people on our side are finding these days that there are more and more sources that need to be considered.

      • Speaking of sources, I watched an interesting program on foreign TV a few days ago focused on the rise of neo-Nazi groups in several European countries. The program was focused on the presence of these groups in football (soccer) games, but what became evident to me is that the radicalism of the far right is not limited to the USA, and that those groups are better organized, and dangerous, than many of us think. The only difference is that the violence caused by the far right in Europe is carried out by thugs, and much of what is happening in the USA

        is the result of abuses of power by law enforcement officers who should have never been sworn in.

        • I’ve been aware of these groups Dominick, but I thought that they were only able to elect members in any number to the EU parliament in Brussels. They tend to flame out at home but voters have been giving them a chance in the broader EU government for some reason. I think it’s just a general dissatisfaction with certain aspects of the European Union. These far right parties make up about 30% of the seats in Brussels I hear.

          There is Marine Le Pen’s Front National from France, the National Democrats from Germany, the Golden Dawn from Greece, the Finn party, the Danish People’s party, etc… They can get pretty nasty. One of their leaders has a swastika tattoo, another one wants to rid all Europe of Muslims, another has talked about releasing the Ebola virus on migrants.

          What their connection is to the beautiful game, I’m not sure.

          • I suspect soccer, which as you know elicits emotions that contrast with those of other sports, give them an opportunity to express themselves with a certain amount of impunity. Most European countries seem to be getting tired of their antics and are starting to crash down on them.
            I agree with you, a motivator is likely to be dissatisfaction with some aspects of the EU, but their racism is pure ancient intolerance and hatred. Most are harmless, but there are some dangerous elements mixed with the majority.

    • Isn’t turning our country into a soviet style communist state a bit too much “equality”? It certainly was not all that equal for the people living under that regime, why would it be any different here?

      • Huh? If we were a soviet style communist state:
        a. you wouldn’t be allowed to post criticism like this.
        b. you would probably have a bigger financial share than you currently do
        c. you would be working some place where a 5-year plan has set unreachable goals and a political officer would be looking over your shoulder every day.
        d. you would probably have at least one friend in a gulag.

      • Equality?? Really!! Do these pie charts look like there’s been any equality in America since Ronald Reagan started the destruction of it and Bush 1 and Bush 2 excellerated his plans???

        When are you going to wise up and put the blame where blame belongs with respect to the great divide today between the haves plus the idiots like you who support them and have nots???

        Only an idiot like yourself can look at the pie charts below and not realize it was Reagan who cut the max tax rate more than in half, the GOP that has passed one piece of legislation after another since that provides more tax loop holes and giveaways to the rich that has driven America to being like it is today.

        And when you look at those pie charts with the little red wedges, keep in mind that they represent the vast majority of us posting on the NM today – the 80% of the less than mega rich Americans; and that the charts were made in 2010 so the red wedges would be even smaller today (because much of the legislation the irresponsible GOP enacted during Bush 2’s disastrous 8 years is still shoveling billions to taxpayer dollars into the pockets of those who are already richer than they ever deserved to be.

          • How can you actually sit there and publish posts that YOU KNOW are OUTRIGHT LIES???

            We have a 5.8% unemployment rate – a rate that EVEN REAGAN couldn’t achieve in his 1st 7 plus hears in office. And a nation with actually a smaller percent of it’s population needing to be considered ‘IN THE WORK FORCE”, because ACA – another accomplishment of Obama that NO OTHER PRESIDENT WAS ABLE TO ACHIEVE, is allowing millions upon millions of Americans to retire early because they can now buy insurance on the PRIVATE MARKET that they previously were unable to afford.

            And another 1st for Obama, is the fact that here have been 56 straight months of positive jobs growth, and with more months of 200,000 plus jobs created THAN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY!!



          • Give it up Independent. I know that official U.S. government statistics and world economic data peg the U.S. unemployment rate at 5.8%, but kenndeb says that it’s actually 10,000% because Obama is a Kenyan Muslim Marxist Socialist Communist usurper who wants to hand the United States over to the Klingon Empire…..or something. What chance does reality have against that? C’mon now!

          • I guess when you support a political party that has absolutely no solutions for the many problems America has, aside from the ole ‘trickeroo’ of cutting taxes, which have been proven to be a worthless solution for fixing anything, aside from increasing America’s income inequality, the only thing you’re left with is to make up fabrications, lies and conspiracy theories about someone who’s really been working hard to do something to move America forward. I guess too, that when you support a totally worthless political party (aka the GOP), it’s hard to admit even to yourself, and especially to others, that the political party you support is really so TOTALLY WORTHLESS!!!

            I guess, no one really wants to admit that they support a political party that’s a TOTAL LOSER!! as the GOP IS!!!

          • I can see the frustration in your posts all the time Independent, and I always understand why. When I see the nutty, fact-free posts from so many of the Republicans who post here, it gets to me sometimes too. You often don’t even know where to start if you wanted to reply. It’s why I don’t that much anymore although I used to when I first started here.

            Obama is always trying to take everyone’s freedom away (medical bankruptcies are freedom you understand) and everything is a phony scandal. It’s as though every single mundane act and procedure from the White House should be cleared by Fox News first or it becomes another potential scandal put in the form of a question mark on the screen, although I doubt the pre-clearance would change anything. Fox is just a political operation run out of the RNC. They just proudly announced their “new IRS scandal” last week. Right. Same as the old IRS scandal, with apologies to The Who. BS in other words. Well after all, they can’t really talk about Benghazi anymore although their minions will still keep wearing their “Benghazi watchdog” teashirts that they shelled out big time for, never hearing that the scandal that never was has now been debunked by their own party almost two and a half years later. The conservative media just makes it up as they go along.

            I love American politics and have followed it most of my life but I’ve never seen it like this before. The Republican party has gone completely off the rails and a vast conservative media complex has arisen that ranges from the truly bizarre to simply inventing facts and scandals that skewer the Democrats. Obama alternates from being the anti-christ from Mars, to just having an unemployment rate that’s much higher than it really is while destroying the constitution and taking all freedoms away.

            I agree on the Republicans Independent. They’ve become not only close to worthless, they’re also cruel and immoral. Anything seems to go in love and politics Republican style. So long as they can get away with it—and their media allies will ensure that they will. If you can sink the country to advance your own political goals, please do so. The Wall street journal and Rush Limbaugh are actually writing and talking about the “governance trap”. The premise being, not to govern until 2017 and do whatever you have to do to destroy Obama’s presidency. “The Republicans were not elected to govern.” Yes that’s quote, unquote. Of course, that also means damaging the country but don’t worry though. It will be blamed on Obama and the Democratic party. We’ll arrange it. Look for another government shutdown and possible debt default. If not next Thursday, then next year sometime. Look for a credit rating just above Zimbabwe’s after that.

            Independent, if I saw these kinds of arguments and thinking from Conservatives where I live as often as this, I’d be typing in all-caps and pulling my hair out too. I still do occasionally, just not as often. I fully understand.

            It wasn’t always like this.

          • Thanks for the post! And thanks for understanding! You hit everything it right on the nail head!!

            I am so fed up with these RWNJ trolls who act like nothing more than animals. My dog has more brains than they do! And I do feel awful sometimes even within myself with the way I respond to these trolls. I know I sometimes lose it, but I also know these trolls are here for only one purpose – to aggravate and aggitate bloggers on the NM just as much as they possibly can.

            No honest posters would deliberately refuse to believe facts upon facts that are presented to them which prove that what they’re posting are nothing but intentional lies and distortions. It’s near impossible for me to believe that after so many here on the NM, including myself, have presented them with the facts -that they can actually not be understanding – unless their refusal to understand is deliberate.

            I know I should be letting things go more, but it just irritates me to have the lies and distortions of the truth these animals post, left without a response. Guess I just need to work at letting some of that slide and try to do better at not getting so frustrated.

            Thanks again!!!

          • Keep in mind that the reason for their outlandish claims and incendiary rhetoric is to deflect attention from their record, their lack of vision, distract Democrats while they continue to advance the agenda and protect the assets of their wealthy donors, and rally the party faithful.
            I suspect that most of them understands the truth, and can see the benefits of the progress we have made since President Obama was inaugurated, as well as we do. The problem, again, is that they have no choice but to demonize progress, deny the obvious, and continue to pursue the same tactics that allowed the GOP to win control of the Senate. They know, better than many of us do, that when it comes to winning elections what really matters is not statistics, facts, or the evidence, but convincing people to vote for their candidates.

          • Yup! Kenndeb is apparently not a Christian who cares about breaking commandments (like blatant lying), or he’s one of the Supposedly ‘Conservative Christians’ (which is really an oxymoron) who must think that 90% of what Jesus taught doesn’t apply to them.

          • Well!! I’ll tell you. It’s not hard to support a winner – and there hasn’t been A WINNER LIKE OBAMA FOR OVER A DECADE!! AND THAT WINNER WAS CLINTON!!


            And that history is only adding to a record THAT EVEN THE LAST 5 LOSERS FROM THE GOP CAN’T COME CLOSE TO MATCHING!!!


          • The Emperor will be remembered as the tyrant that destroyed America, unless he is stopped. His supporters will be remembered as traitors.

          • Get off this Emperor stick. Obama is no more an Emperor any other recent Presidents. Community organizing inept leader yes!

        • At least you have a brain to be washed. I am sure you went to school after the 8th grade. Some of these cretins who come on here, without any provable facts, grew up in the backwoods.

          • What is evident to me when I read Kenndeb posts is that he is either a sadist who enjoys annoying others, a low pay political operative whose job is to distract Democrats with nonsense while the GOP advances its agenda with impunity; or he posts from an insane asylum, a nursing home for Alzheimer patients, or a pre-K nursery.

          • When I was little, there was a little girl, in our neighborhood, who came from a hateful, fighting family. Ugly rhetoric was the way of life for her. She couldn’t fight the abusive family so she stood out in the front yard and called passers-by names. She might be one of these name-calling, lying posters.

          • Do you have any “facts” to back that up? They could have just as easily come from Chicago or your home town.

      • What do you say about this kennidiot?? From CNN today – 2014 is the best job creation year since when ANOTHER DEMOCRAT WAS PRESIDENT!!!

        That should tell you something: America is always more prosperous when Democrats ARE RUNNING AMERICA!!

        From CNN:

        2014 is on track to be the best year for U.S. job gains since 1999. Another 321,000 jobs were added in November.

        The November figure was much higher than expected and confirms recent signs of economic strength. The Labor Department said the gains were widespread.

        The unemployment rate in November remained unchanged at 5.8%

        • Again, regime propaganda. We now have the highest unemployment rate ever and more people on food stamps than ever. Keep believing the regimes propaganda if you like, but don’t expect anyone that thinks to believe it as you seem to.

          • i rebutted these outright blatant lies below!!

            You never cease to amaze me as to just how much of being A LOW LIFE you can stoop to!!!

            You apparently have absolutely no respect, even for yourself!! So you can imagine why I have ZERO RESPECT FOR YOU!!!!!!

        • I think we all know that if we had a President Romney now for 2 years, the Repubs and Fox News would be all over this and taking credit for
          Romney’s genius in turning the economy around, with the employment going up and the stock market breaking records. There would be editorials over the wisdom of getting rid of Obama. But in reality, there is nothing they can do but promote lies and act like school yard children with their hands over their eyes and ears. Sad, really.

        • The report also said that many of those jobs are permanent, high paying, jobs.
          Wait a few months. Phase 2 of this issue involves the GOP-controlled Congress taking credit for what President Obama has achieved. Will they be embarrassed? Not at all. The worst part is that many fellow Americans will accept the dichotomy of their message without hesitation.

          • What you’re pointing out is one reason I’m beginning to think that Hillary is really the only Dem candidate who could keep the GOP from taking the presidency in 2016. As you point out, the GOP’s propaganda machine is going to spin the past 6 plus years as if it was their obstructionism that was what really drove the many successes during Obama’s 8 years.

            I think it’s only someone on the Dem side, that millions of Americans know well and trust, who will be able to stand up and refute the GOPs’ lies and distortions of the truth, which as you point out, we’re sure to hear soon; I’m guessing not too long in 2015 after the GOP gets control of both houses of Congress.

            Although I have a lot of respect and faith in the qualifications of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren – I’m not sure they have anywhere near the same level of name recognition that would generate the degree of confidence needed to win in 2016, as Hillary would have among the millions of Americans who aren’t actively following politics.

            What’s your thoughts in this regard?

          • That is exactly the way I feel, and the reason I am convince that the 2016 race will be between Hillary and Jeb. Both have name recognition, their respective constituencies trust them, and both have a proven record.
            As opposed to President Obama, who relied on the good judgment and fairness of the American people to reach logical conclusions, I don’t think Hillary is the kind of person that is going to let the GOP gt away with lies, hyperbole, or threats.
            I expect the focus to shift from President Obama to the 2016 front runners within the next six months or so.

          • I’ll be very specific; Brownsville Texas for instance. This is the city where milionaires play with vintage aircraft at the Confederate Air Force and where poor people are lucky if they have an income of 10,000 dollars year.

            Brownsville, Texas, sits high in the rankings where cities want to come in low. It’s the poorest city in America, with 36 percent of its residents living in poverty. (By contrast, the poverty level in the nation’s richest city, San Jose, California, is 10.8 percent.) It has among the country’s highest rates of diabetes and obesity, conditions that are estimated to affect up to half the local population.
            You will know, of course, that diabetes is caused by poor diet and obesity, together with lack of activity.

          • So, you work 60 hours a week to get ahead, pay your bills, and feed your family. Do you believe you should have to give away part of that to someone that sits on their butts all day because they don’t have what you do?

          • So then why don’t you freeloading goobers get a job? Everyone knows that redneck goobers have been freeloading off the tax dollars of the more productive liberals ever since the first tax law.

            Speaking of butts and getting a head, everybody here misses Deb. I hope you haven’t done anything evil to her.

          • No one in a rich nation should have to work 60 hours per week just to “pay your bills and feed your family”. That’s the developing world kenndeb. What exactly are you saying about the present day United States?

          • Many, if not most people do have to work over 60 hours under our current regime. Obamajobs don’t really count, as those are part time jobs. And obamacare has helped turn full time jobs into part time. Yeah, we are becoming a soviet style communist state. I wonder just how many people are willing to give their hard earned cash to those that just sit on their butts collecting government handouts. I would guess that even those hard core liberals would not be all that willing to give away their money. They d seem willing to give away someone else’s money though, so long as it is not theirs.

          • “Obamajobs” (Obamajobs?) are actually a good thing because they’re reflective of a better, more flexible health care system that meets needs. The CBO and other analysts (real ones) have found that any small increase in part time employment representing 1.5-2.0 percentage points of total labour hours is largely a reflection of the ACA eliminating job-lock. In other words, the inability of an employee to freely leave a job for fear of losing health care coverage. It’s a decrease in voluntary labour participation and not an increase in unemployment. People are freer to pursue other careers, or retirement, or a voluntary cut back in their own hours with less fear of losing health care coverage.

            The coverage floor of 29 hours per week was designed to help prevent abuse from unscrupulous employers. If the GOP Congress were to ever be successful in altering that to 39 hours, you would actually start ending up with some Obamajobs.

          • I will say that you are creative. I can see that the regime can spin ANYTHING to fit their agenda, and get their brainwashed base to believe it. Employers are cutting back their employees hours to avoid paying benefits. People are now having to work two or three part time jobs just to make what they once did at a full time job. On top of all of that, their obamacare plans are costing them MORE, with a $5000 deductible. With deductibles that high, most can not afford to seek healthcare, and still have to seek care at ERs. You swallowed the lie from our Emperor hook, line and sinker. Obamacare does not free American workers as you suggest, but ENSLAVES them. Of course, this is what the regime wants. Keep the populous poor and stupid. It certainly is working on the liberals. I also would ask what country you live in, as you certainly do not sound like an American, but most likely European or Canadian. All your comment reflects is that of the regime and their lies about how great socialized healthcare is. Socialized healthcare has been a disaster is most countries it has been tried in, and will be no different here, but again, this is what the Emperor wants. It fits into his agenda of destroying America.

          • No, it has very little to do with employers cutting hours. Again, any small change in net labour hours has to do with the ACA reducing the phenomenon of job lock.

            The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office released a report earlier this year called the “budget and economic outlook”. In appendix C, one can find an expanded discussion of the labour market effects of the ACA (Obamacare). The CBO found that people are less likely to work and will work fewer hours under the ACA. They find, and I quote, “The estimated reduction stems almost entirely from a net decline in the amount of labour that workers choose to supply, rather than from a net drop in business’ demand for labour.”

            The fear of losing employer-sponsored health insurance shouldn’t drive decisions about where, whether, or how much to work. The ACA attempted to address this issue in a number of ways:

            It prohibits refusal to cover pre-existing conditions and also prohibits medical underwriting and guaranteeing issue. If you’re under 400% of the poverty line, you’re eligible for tax credits and subsidies to help buy exchange plans. If under 133%, there is expansion of medicaid. It extends sizeable tax credits to employers with fewer than 25 employees to help them offer health coverage, while forcing all large employers to offer coverage.

            Yes, the young and healthy sometimes find that their premiums have increased due to community rating but overall, health care costs nationally have seen a reduction in the rate of increase.

            The ACA certainly doesn’t eliminate job lock but I’ve seen estimates that the number of self employed individuals will increase by about 1.5 million solely due to the ACA, or about 11%.

          • You certainly have had an overdose of kool ade. What you are posting is just like independent1 likes to post. Just the regimes spin on the lies it has told over and over again and again. Obamacare IS socialized healthcare. Socialized healthcare HAS NOT worked ANYWHERE. All you are spouting are more lies and propaganda promoted and spun by the regime. Try using google to find some actual truth. You sure aren’t getting any from our imperial regime.

          • I think it should be fairly apparent from my answers to you that I’ve done quite a bit of reading on this and have gone to the source in some cases. I didn’t bother with any White House press releases if that’s what you’re thinking. All I seem to be getting from you in return is: “regime…lies…socialism…brainwashed…agenda…emperor…enslaved…destroy America…imperial…etc..” You’re not actually telling me anything.

            The CBO, economic policy institutes, and independent health care analysts don’t represent any “regime’s spin on lies” and you can spend a lot of time researching the ACA. It’d be worth your time. I’m sure there’s no shortage of far out wacko websites whose whole analysis is basically: Socialist Kenyan healthcare takeover—–bad! I’d be a little sceptical of those sites kenndeb.

            Incidentally, buying health insurance from private insurance companies is not socialized medicine. It’s not even some of the European mixed models. No socialized medical system leaves 30 million people uninsured like the ACA does. Real socialized systems would be single payer like Britain’s National Health Service and Canada’s universal medicare. Both are popular because they’re effective and take all the worries out of healthcare. Yeah, they work.

      • How can the U.S. be turning into a communist state when big corporations have seen record profits that they, their shareholders and CEOs get to keep while the workers scrape by?

    • Appalled that you, of all people Dominick Vila, have jumped on that imbecilic bandwagon to label your fellow countrymen as bigots simply because they don’t hold the same belief system as you. Really disappointing. Sadly, you have become just another LWNJ.

      • Not all my fellow countrymen, or even the majority of my countrymen, only those who still demonstrate the same prejudices, and carry out the same abuses, that prevailed many years ago, and that are inconsistent with our values and freedoms.

        • Resurrecting prejudices of the past by assaulting others with accusations of racism and bigotry achieves what, exactly? Racism will never be eradicated or legislated out of existence. It is a sleeping beast that awakens every time it is summoned for evil advantage. And, based on the racial strife and civil unrest we have NOW, it is clear the beast is once again thriving thanks to its unnecessary stoking by those that have invoked it. This time, the genie belongs to the accusers on the left.

          • I agree that racism will never be eradicated and cannot be resolved through legislation, but it is not something that suddenly re-emerged. In fact, one of the incidents I cited in an earlier post took place in Los Angeles, when Bush was President. To his credit, he ordered the Justice Department to intervene and justice was served. Race relations in the USA have improved from the pre-Civil Rights days, but racism remains latent and incidents like the ones we have seen in recent weeks are far from being uncommon or a new phenomena.
            The reason for all the protests is obvious. Minorities are sick and tired of abused, imprisoned, or killed. They – and many white people with a conscience – are tired of the status quo, and are clamoring for change, a judicial system that applies to all, and trying to raise awareness within a society that is more inclined to be outraged by material losses than the killing of unarmed people by those who are expected to uphold the law.

          • “Race relations in the USA have improved from the pre-Civil Rights days”.

            Of course they have. But that’s not the point. Admittedly, race relations have seriously deteriorated in this POST-Bush era of racist accusation. Racism, not protection from police, is cited as justification for the massive civil unrest we now have under Obama.

          • The difference between what happened before, and what is happening now, has nothing to do with an increase in the incidence of racial tensions, but the fact that minorities are no longer willing to remain silent and take the punishment.

          • Since 1964 with the passing of the Civil Rights Act, the nation has bent over backwards to ensure a level playing field for minorities. Distinct advantages have been given for employment, scholarships and loans. The nation has complied while non-minorities have been overlooked (without complaint) to help ensure perceptions of fairness remain the standard. And now, you declare minorities have been ‘punished’? Please put away the race card.

          • I agree with most of what you said, but I think it is going to take a lot more than legislation to change the perception held by so many ethnic minorities who feel they are discriminated against and who have lost the ability to dream of a better future for themselves and their children. Society at large must take responsibility and must do everything possible to change that perception, especially leaders in minority communities. There is a difference between the root causes that contribute to the existence of ghettos in the richest country in the world, and the abuses being perpetrated on unarmed ethnic minorities by those who are responsible to uphold the law.

          • Again, legislation is not the key to altered perceptions, education is. The root cause of discrimination is the human nature to segregate. The studies show it, and repeated behaviors prove it. Depending on lawmakers to modify the tendencies is a false hope. The dependency on government to ‘fix’ is the root cause for the present civil strife. We have to partner with each other and focus on those things that bring each other. Emphasizing those things that tear us apart will only accomplish the division, as it has.

          • Again, I agree with most of what you said, especially the fact that education is the key to prosperity and equality.
            However, we are a nation of laws, and we simply cannot ignore abuses of power, regardless of who carries them out.

  3. Neurosurgeon heal thyself. Do you ever get the feeling that many of Ben Carson’s synapses are just not firing any more?

    I know a lot of people think that Carson has bizarre thoughts and is out of touch with reality. Probably, but he at least seems to realize that in reality, Fox News will pay him at least as much for saying delusional batsh*t crazy things as a hospital will pay him for doing gory, painstaking work that helps people.

    I think that “political correctness” has become a pejorative that cons like Carson use for common sense and human reason. At what point do they start getting called Banana Republicans?

    • Sadly, I believe quite a few actually do; and even more sadly, there are millions of Americans who actually believe the fantasies that Beck dreams up.

      • Incredibly, Beck is even more banal than Bill O’Reilly; surely even they can see that the transparency of their ‘wisdoms’?

  4. The same old story, the right spewing their hate and fear,

    “The GOP: Fearing things that have never existed while ignoring things that have always existed, i.e. gun registration/starvation.” Source: poster StevenJoseph

  5. These “crazy” people are very, very, very afraid of Al Sharpton. Bravo Al, continue to give them the medicine they need. If they ask for salt never think of giving them sugar.

    • The reason Al Sharpton is so vociferous, is that he was involved in the civil rights marches and is afraid of going back to those times. Anti-semitism is rising in Europe and lynching has been replaced by shooting by cop. The “supreme” court throws out the voting rights act and Al Sharpton should not be antsy? We are going backwards.

    • Sure we are afraid of people like Sharpton and the problems they create and for which the working taxpayers pick up the tab!

      • That would be liberals, so what’s your problem? Everybody knows that redneck goober right-wingers are the biggest freeloaders of public benefits in the nation.

      • WhutHeSaid was right when he said it’s CONSERVATIVES that are America’s BIGGEST FREELOADERS!!

        20 of the 24 states with the most folks living below the poverty level and therefore sucking up the most welfare and food stamp tax dollars ARE RED STATES!!!

        Only 3 of the 17 states that SUCK less federal aid than they send to WASHINGTON IN TAX DOLLARS are Red States – THE OTHER 14 ARE BLUE STATES!!

        It’s really BLUE STATES that are supporting America and keeping RED STATES from sinking into BANKRUPTCY!!!

        Given the way that the GOP misgoverns its states, without the federal aid they suck from the BLUE STATES!! the RED STATES economic structure WOULD COLLAPSE!!!

  6. Lord have mercy on my soul! But there is some truth in right wing Beck’s appraisal of Sharpton. Rev. AL started off as and eloquent motivator in the Civil Rights movement. Has not aged well. He has become a hateful, bitter old man. His focus on equality has disappeared.

  7. Dr. Carson is a con-man. That doublespeak deflection about the Nazi reference is a classic example of how con-men evade their pursuers. He even threw in a distractive dog whistle by referencing political correctness. His team does that very effectively, turn terms and concepts that negatively impact them into something else. Along with that one they have also turned the word “racist” around. It is a sophisticated version of the old third grader deflection, “I know you are but what am I?” Apparently it still works on third grade mentalities.

  8. I live in NYC. Obviously Sharpton is not a terrorist. But we are very familiar with him here. He is a anti-white racist, a confirmed anti-semite who supports other black anti-semites, a rabble-rouser and incendiary, a man who in the past has provoked violence and hatred, a tax-evading and money-grubbing cheat who as I write has AGAIN been caught phonying up personal expenses from his so-called National Action League including his daughter’s private school tuition and his $2000 suits. Every cringing Democratic politician in NYC knows this but sucks up to him because to give Sharpton credit, he has for over 30 years been indefatigable at his only real cause: getting publicity, personal power and money. Further, HE IS NOT A LEGITIMATE CHRISTIAN MINISTER AND NEVER HAS BEEN. He was “ordained” at around 10 years old in some bogus church by its (black) self-proclaimed “bishop.” HE HAS NEVER HAD A CHURCH, NEVER MARRIED, BURIED OR BAPTIZED ANYONE EVER. He is as much a clergyman as I am the pope. It is an unmitigated disgrace that this any self-respecting liberal or “progressive” has anything to do with him and only space prevents my documenting herein in much longer detail every single allegation I have enumerated.

  9. Smells like someone needs his pants changed again. Why anyone would listen to crappypants Nugent is beyond me. As for Ben Carson, he is lucky Obama is not hitler or he would be in a concentration camp by now.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Ted holding an M16 is ironic considering what he did to avoid serving during Vietnam. As a Vietnam veteran my contempt for him is immeasurable and his appointment to the board of the NRA is a slap in the face all veterans.

  10. I bet if I said that I had insider information that Obama was planning on stealing the moon there would be some people in the United States that would totally believe me.

    • If the Emperor told you that night was day, liberals would believe him. Truth and fact have been deleted from the liberal vocabulary. They only believe what the government tells them to believe. It is more than evident on this site.

  11. Beck calling Sharpton a “Terrorist Cleric” is yet another example of an FRWNJer/FCPer employing a psychiatric ploy known as “projection”, the worst form of hypocrisy. Projectional hypocrites wrongly accuse others of being like they (the hypocrites) truly are. Remember that hypocrisy is one of the 10 Tenets of the GOP (the other nine: bigotry, elitism, Fascism, greed, corruption, arrogance, incompetence, insanity and unintentional comedy).

    What amazes me about the Fascist “gaslighting” propaganda campaign the GOP launched in 1920 is not the fact that the GOP are still doing it; what amazes me is that so many GOP Progressives and Moderates (who make up nearly two-thirds of the VOTERS of the party) are still buying into it or believing it. Proof that the campaign is still working well came on Election Day last month, when we discovered that millions of GOP Progressives and Moderates stayed home while the ones who did vote voted for the GOP, instead of voting for their own best interests, aka, for Democrats…

    • FRWNJ: Fascist Reich-Wing Nut Jobs, aka, the Con and Tea Party Republicans; Libertarians are Fascism-suborning.
      FCPer: Fascist Christian Plutartheocrat, who want a Fascist Christian Plutartheocracy (FCP).

      • They are so similar to the third party that destroyed Germany’s democracy in the 30’s. Hitler relied on the anti-semitism to gain power and the tea party is relying on the racism in this country.

        • Again, you are referring to LIBERALS. We are heading to the same place Germany was when Hitler took power. The Emperor has followed Hitler’s playbook verbatim. We are quickly becoming a dictatorship with the Emperor as tyrant.

    • I am Republican and voted Democrat the last two elections, for President Obama twice. Then he and Governor Cuomo decided to attack my Second Amendment rights. If you try to remove any of my rights in the name of security I will fight you. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are supreme. Those that attack them need to be removed from office. I stand by the facts Al Sharpton is a race baiter, just look back on Tawana Brawley.

        • I try to vote who I think will do the most for our country. I did not however vote for Gov. Cuomo. I did not like his father and do not like him. As for the safe act I have spent a small fortune fighting it in court and will continue to do so. if you live in New York check out “We the People of New York Inc.” they are working very hard to bring about change.

          • After spending hundreds to comply with NYS laws, near everyone of my firearms became “assault weapons” overnight. I had to send my collection out of state. I was somewhat surprise that Cuomo won again. The state did not vote for him. It was the liberal cities that did. We should set NYC adrift, along with the UN. Maybe France would take them in.

  12. He is not a terrorist but not a good leader either. As a country we need cool heads to control the out of control situation existing. If the evidence warrants it we should indite but we also don’t want lynchings. If he is really a ‘man of God’ he should favor peace and good will towards all.

  13. I recall a time when we used to say the country was tilted and all the loose nuts rolled west to California…

    Now they become republicans after their early release from the mental wards and roll immediately to the nearest TV camera, radio microphone, or Fox News station.

    What a country.

        • You realize of course that the article you’re posting has absolutely nothing to do with Ida’s comment??

          She’s talking about when Reagan signed a bill in the 1980s while President which ended up opening the door to virtually every Insane Asylum in America and dumping what had been classified as crazy people into the local community

          What you were posting was when Reagan convinced the California legislature that the state couldn’t afford to maintain all it’s mental institutions such that while he was governor the population of the California mental institutions fell from about 37,500 to well below 22,000. (That was during the years when he was in the process of tripling the debt of California during his 8 years as governor, just as he virtually tripled America’s debt from a bit over 900 billion that he inherited from Carter to 2.9 trillion during his 8 years (if you count the debt he ran up through his final budget that was in effect until 9/30/89.)

          Here’s a little bit on what Ida is really talking about from Salon:

          In November 1980, Republican Ronald Reagan overwhelmingly defeated Jimmy Carter, who received less than 42% of the popular vote, for president. Republicans took control of the Senate (53 to 46), the first time they had dominated either chamber since 1954. Although the House remained under Democratic control (243 to 192), their margin was actually much slimmer, because many southern “boll weevil” Democrats voted with the Republicans.

          One month prior to the election, President Carter had signed the Mental Health Systems Act, which had proposed to continue the federal community mental health centers program, although with some additional state involvement. Consistent with the report of the Carter Commission, the act also included a provision for federal grants “for projects for the prevention of mental illness and the promotion of positive mental health,” an indication of how little learning had taken place among the Carter Commission members and professionals at NIMH. With President Reagan and the Republicans taking over, the Mental Health Systems Act was discarded before the ink had dried and the CMHC funds were simply block granted to the states. The CMHC program had not only died but been buried as well. An autopsy could have listed the cause of death as naiveté complicated by grandiosity.

          President Reagan never understood mental illness. Like Richard Nixon, he was a product of the Southern California culture that associated psychiatry with Communism. Two months after taking office, Reagan was shot by John Hinckley, a young man with untreated schizophrenia. Two years later, Reagan called Dr. Roger Peele, then director of St. Elizabeths Hospital, where Hinckley was being treated, and tried to arrange to meet with Hinckley, so that Reagan could forgive him. Peele tactfully told the president that this was not a good idea. Reagan was also exposed to the consequences of untreated mental illness through the two sons of Roy Miller, his personal tax advisor. Both sons developed schizophrenia; one committed suicide in 1981, and the other killed his mother in 1983. Despite such personal exposure, Reagan never exhibited any interest in the need for research or better treatment for serious mental illness.

  14. I don’t think that Al Sharpton is a terrorist. What he is a Race Hustler Poverty Pimp TAX CHEAT, nothing more them that. He owes somewhere around two million in back taxes to the federal government,and well since he is an advisor to the president, he will more then likely not have to pay any back tax penalties. Lucky for him that he is not a Tea Party Conservative, or the Obama cartel would be checking into his background a little bit more then the usual tax payer. I know that if I owed any back taxes, the cartel would send out their well armed IRS task force agents to intimidate me and my family over a tax bill.

    • You are correct. I wouldn’t call him a race hustler he is a race baiter. He makes a living off of others troubles. He is anti black, anti white, and anti American. Remember Tawana Brawley? He shows up at any place he can instigate race hate.

      • I see that you can’t stand when a black man is more famous, wealthy, and respected than you either. Perhaps Al would hire you to shine his shoes if you ask nicely. Hey, it’s worth a shot, isn’t it?

        • People like Mr. Sharpton are the lowest dogs on the earth. They pit people against one another. They promote race hatred. I wouldn’t shine his shoes for a million dollars. Come into the 21st century what we need is love between the races not hate and Al is all about hate.

      • Did you ever see the movie American Hustle, with Amy Adams Bradley Cooper Jeremy Renner and Christian Bale?
        Christian Bale, in the beginning of the movie plays a kid who lives in a small town, who’s father is a window glass installer and the business is getting ready to go under because he had no work to pay the bills. Well his son goes around to the local stores at night and breaks some of the local store windows, in order to make work for his Father. Well it’s the same thing with Al Sharpton if the race issue ever dies out he will be out of business.

      • Tawana Brawley was a long time ago, and Sh
        arpton has not made the same mistake twice. Currently, when he “shows up” at racially charged events, such as an unarmed black person killed, it is because the family has called him. That’s what he says anyway and no family has contradicted this.

        • Grandma, “unarmed black person” Are you talking about the 300 pound gentle giant ,who started the altercation with the police officer? The one who assaulted the police officer. The one who robed the convenience store just minutes before?

          • The liberals still believe the lies told about Brown, even though the truth has been confirmed. There were no “hands up”, yet that has become their battle cry. They will argue that there was no robbery, yet it is all on camera. They will only believe what they are told to believe by the regime. So sad Americans have become such sheeple.

        • .. The Fact that Sharpton LIED to spread racial hatred ONCE should tell you all need to know about the weasel . Also , what do you mean he doesn’t make the same mistake twice ? He is continuing his pattern of LIES to spread racial hatred . Look it is simple Ofc Wilson was justified in that shooting .. Mr Brown would be just as dead had he been white and there was NO racial component . Also he NEVER had his hands up so why is Sharpton still spreading that LIE … Oh that is right .. Because …besides being a Tax Cheat who is in the inner circle of the Whitehouse he is also a LYING RACE BAITING POVERTY PIMP …why would you pay him any attention . He Obama Holder and ANYONE who supports them and their rhetoric of hate are responsible for destroying everything Dr King worked for and for setting race relations back 70 years

    • I can see that you are jealous. It’s perfectly understandable when a black man that you wish was inferior to you is actually superior to you in every way. It must be annoying to realize that millions of black men make you look like a complete loser in comparison. Sorry ’bout your rotten luck.

      • I hope that you will be able to handle it when Ben Carson, becomes our first 100% Black American President. He will be the first black president for the People of the People by the People. He will unite the too parties not divide the parties.

        • How could Obama be responsible for dividing the parties when it was the GOP that came out the day he took office and said it was their #1 objective to do everything to make him fail so he’d be a one-term president???

          Just the typical blatant distortion-of-truth trick that’s all the GOP AND OBVIOUSLY YOU, know how to do: LIE AND DISTORT THE TRUTH!!!!!!

          • If they have said what you are saying, maybe that’s because two weeks before he took office, he had said that he wants to fundamentaly trans form America.
            I don’t recall any of the republican president’s in the past putting the IRS agents on the opposing parties conservative base.

          • And there you go with more of your LIES, DISTORTIONS OF THE TRUTH and CONSPIRACY THEORIES!!

            Every Presidential candidate says their going to ‘transform America”!!

            And this IRS STUFF was nothing more than a Darrel Issa FAKE SCANDAL which NEVER HAPPENED!!

            FACT IS, that during the time ISSA was running his FAKE SCANDAL investigations, FAR MORE progressive applications for tax free status were being held up and scrutinized by the IRS than applications from conservatives!!

            And how can YOU, and the GOP keep going with this FAKE SCANDAL STUFF, when not ONE CONSERVATIVE APPLICATION WAS DENIED???

            The only applications for tax free status denied were from progressive/liberal groups!!!!


            See this graph that SHOWS THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

            NOT DARREL ISSA’S LIES!!!!!!!!!

          • Besides which, isn’t it the IRS’s job to determine whoever applies for tax-free status actually meets the criteria for such? Otherwise everyone would apply and no one would pay taxes ! Now THAT would be a scandal. I never really understood the hoopla over this faux scandal. How did Karl Rove’s organizations get their tax free status anyway, when they are blatantly political?

          • You make some good points! It’s been my opinion for a while that the GOP has forgotten everything about running a government. And to me, the IRS fake scandal, has demonstrated that the GOP not only doesn’t know how to run a government, they apparently don’t even have the remotest idea as to what the objectives are of some of our government agencies. Either that, or they’re feigning stupidity in order to get away with their duplicity (as you pointed out: getting tax free status for groups that know full well are nothing more than politically focused).

            Otherwise, how can the GOP pretend to be concerned about being conservative – ensuring that our government is doing things as efficiently and as up-in-up as possible – and then create a fake scandal about the IRS actually doing its job – scrutinizing applications for free tax status to ensure that some groups aren’t getting away with tax-free status that don’t deserve it??

            To me, it’s clear that the GOP’s double-speak is all for duplicitous, nefarious reasons – to get away with just more of us tax payers hard earned dollars.

          • Exactly!! Even Dave from VA admitted that no one was claiming anything wrong had been done. It’s all just one more charade concocted by Darrell Issa. Issa needed another fake scandal so he could keep the witch hunts going, so a year plus ago he met with George something (I forget his last name); a Treasury Dept Inspector General that was appointed by Bush 2 – Issa met with him on the side and they concocted this IRS fake scandal. The Dems were fit to be tied that Issa met separately with George.

            For months, George kept the fake scandal going by conveniently ‘forgetting” to make it known to the Dems on the witch hunt committee, that the IRS had actually flagged for follow up, far more progressive groups’ applications for tax-free status than Tea Party Groups. And now that he’s made that known, he’s conveniently remembered that although the IRS flagged more progressives than Tea Party, that once again ‘conveniently’ he claims that the Tea Party groups were investigated more stringently; all this DISPITE THE FACT that not one Tea Party application has been declined – while several applications from Progressive Groups were declined.

            So to anyone but a GOP loving moron, this whole IRS Fake Scandal is nothing but just that – A FAKE SCANDAL!! If any groups should be up in arms, IT’S PROGRESSIVE GROUPS – not only are they they only groups which thus far the IRS has declined – the progressive groups have actually been stalled with their applications FAR LONGER than the nonsense Tea Party groups were stalled.

            The whole issue is nothing but a total charade created by Issa and it’s unconscionable that the GOP is continuing to push on with this absolute WITCH HUNT!!!

          • I said that the Tea Party did nothing wrong. Their was no need for the Government to do what they did to the conservative groups. By holding the processing of the paper work like the government did, until after the elections.

          • In addition, Obama did not sick the IRS on anyone – he had absolutely NOTHING TO DO with the policies being set up by people working in the IRS.

            There are 2.8 million federal government employees, EVEN SUGGESTING that the President has something to do with every time it’s shown that something wrong happens by a few of those 2.8 million employees, is LUDICROUS AT BEST AND A DOWNRIGHT LIE at it’s worse!!!

            No recent Dem president has been accused of orchestrating a break in like Nixon!!;

            No recent Dem president has committed treason like Nixon did when he sabotaged the Vietnam peace talks (LBJ was going to bring him to trial for Treason had he been able to get re-elected)!!.

            No Dem president has consorted with the enemy like Reagan did when he made a deal with the Iranian ayatollahs to continue to hold Amerians hostage duriqng the election so he could keep harping on how ineffective Carter seem to be).

            No Dem president has been involved in anything like Iran/Contra as Reagan was!!.

            No Dem president has deliberately put American troops in harms way to accomplish some political objective like Reagan put our troops in harms way in Lebanon where 241 of them ended up being killed and then instead of trying to find out who did it, Reagan just cut and ran!!

            No Dem president has intentionally lied America into an unnecessary war which ended up with over 4,000 American soldiers dead and countless Iraqi’s also dying just so he and his buddies could enrich themselves!!

            No Dem president deliberately ignored 7 warnings from our security agencies that there was an imminent attack coming on the homeland which resulted in almost 3,000 Americans dying on American soil!!!

            No Dem president ever pushed for tax cuts while America was at war KNOWING FULL WELL all the war costs would be run up on a credit card so which future generations would have to pay.

            And I could go on and on and on with absolute travesties that one GOP president after another has committed!!!!!!

          • Dave is parroting what the tea party says. They started sending me their newsletter and that is what they say.

          • Really ? You know what;s crazy ? Any Liberal that listens to a man who purposefully LIED about a rape case to try to make it a race case . Any Liberal whi has continues to pay this man heed as he progressed through his career of Race Baiting Poverty Pimp . That fact that the officer in Ferguson was justified in that shooting and the fact that Mr Brown would be just as dead had he been white don’t matter to people like Sharpton Holder and Obama . Why let facts get in the way when you can divide the Nation on the issue of race for your own Political agenda .Now you have Football Players and members of the Black Caucus with their hands up .. As if that happened ( Hint .. IT DID NOT ) and using that LIE to perpetrate racial divisiveness . Obama and his Tax Cheat Poverty Pimp have set back race relations in this Country 70 years and at the same time destroyed everything and every principle Dr King fought for .

          • Do you really think that Obama didn’t know what they were doing ? What would make someone just do that, with out being told by someone higher up? I don’t think that anyone lost their job over this.You have such unconditional love for this administration. Has he ever done anything that you don’t approve of?

          • What on earth are you talking about?? The IRS was charged with trying to ensure that groups applying for tax-free status weren’t cheating the government. It was the Cincinnati IRS office that had been charged with doing that.

            In their NORMAL COURSE OF DUTIES, they concluded the best way to ensure compliance, was to scrutinize every application!! What is wrong with that????

            Are you some kind of imbecile or something?? These IRS people WERE SIMPLY DOING THEIR JOB AS PROVEN BY THE GRAPH I POSTED FOR YOU!!!


            It was only DARREL ISSA that their efforts into something wrong!! THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH WHAT THEY WERE DOING!!


          • Here’s that graph again of the IRS Groups that the IRS was really analyzing THE MOST; AND IT WASN’T CONSERVATIVES!!!!!!

          • The graphs above. I hit Post before including the graph and Disqus doesn’t let you add graphs or pics after you’ve hit post once.

          • Sorry. This is clearly a bogus news item created by the GOP.

            “Acting IRS commissioner Danny Werfel told Congress Thursday that progressive groups seeking tax-exempt status were inappropriately flagged by IRS officials, in addition to tea party and conservative groups.

            At the same time, a letter from a Treasury Department watchdog to Congress suggests that while progressives were flagged, tea party groups were subject to a much higher level of scrutiny.”

            Notice “a Treasure Department watchdog” aka Issa’s henchman. What a joke!! A watchdog group obviously set up by Issa just happens to report that “tea party groups were subject to much higher level of scrutiny”. I believe that like I believe the world is flat.

            Give it up!! The GOP can’t even do a good job of rigging a fake scandal inquiry.

            Note this about the Issa appointed “watchdog” George or Issa’s GOP-leaning buddy:

            “Democrats, meanwhile, criticized George for failing to note before this week that progressive groups were flagged at all. Levin said George should come back before the committee to testify as to why he didn’t reveal that earlier.”

            And this:

            “George’s failure to examine the targeting of progressive groups was a “fundamental flaw” in the oversight process, Levin said, and “has contributed to the distortion of the entire investigation, including use of innuendo and totally unsubstantiated assertions of White House involvement.”

            Of course George never reported that Progressive Groups had been flagged – his mission from Issa was to make it look like ONLY CONSERVATIVES had been targetted.

            So NOW THAT THE CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG – George has to pull a quick one and say:

            “while progressives were flagged, tea party groups were subject to a much higher level of scrutiny”

            WHAT BS!!!!!!!!

            Nice try George, BUT NO CIGAR!! Even GOP appointed ‘watchdogs” or Republican appointed buddies at the Treasury are PATHOLOGICAL LIARS!!!

          • And I forgot this little “gem” in that story you pointed out – Werfel stating that their inquiry had found NO EVIDENCE OF WRONG DOING!!

            See this little gem:

            “To the question of have you found evidence of any intentional wrongdoing, the answer is no we have not,” Werfel said. IRS officials “could be mistaken, they could be incompetent… in how they think they are appropriately carrying out their duties,” he said, “which is different than saying, ‘I know this is wrong but I’m going to carry it out anyways because of my agenda.”

            Even Werfel pointed out what I said – they may have been mistaken or incompetent it what they decided to do – but all they were doing was “CARRYING OUT THEIR DUTIES””!!!!!!!!

          • No one ever said that they found any evidence of any wrongdoing. That’s not what this is about,It’s about who was targeted more, who’s voice was suppressed for the up and coming elections. STOP THE SPINNING THE TRUTH.

          • I’m not spinning the truth YOU ARE!!!

            Issa met with the Treasury guy George on his own more than a year ago to start this whole fake scandal. The Dems were up in arms at that time because they weren’t included in that meeting. George had been appointed to his Inspector General job by Bush jr.

            Issa clearly set this up just so he could create one more FAKE SCANDAL that he could create endless congressional investigation meetings over – and do nothing but stall doing anything meaningful for the country while he sat on his fat butt in the House.

            I know more about what’s going on there sonny boy than you’ll ever know!! Go bury your head in the sand somewhere AND GET LOST!!!!!!!!

          • Dave it is very very hard to have a conversation with independent . He wont listen or consider what you have to say and will just respond with spin . He is another Jay Carney .. He then will usually start into name calling .. I dont converse with him anymore because it is a waste of time

          • Yes, it’s hard to have a conversation with Independent like an adult. He thinks that the more he calls you names, and the more times he replies to one of your single post, the more that one would just want to listen to him and take him seriously. I think that he is someone who studies Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Take a look at this link for the 12 rules for Radicals, Rule:2 and Rule:4 and click on his profile and see how he never post any comments outside of The National Memo and you see what I am talking about.


          • Oh I know Alisnky well as I study the enemy and he should be considered an enemy to anything American .. Any American should feel that just fior his Communist leanings .. It is very telling that he is one of Obama’s heroes as well as the fact that liberalism has embraced him .. One would wonder why they all just don’t move to Cuba … I don’t even respond to independents thesis length posts anymore because as I stated .. He is closed minded he doesn’t even consider what you have to say and he gets intolerant immature and ignorant … So one day I told him I was ending our Conversation and stated those reasons and He/ She ( i really don’t know ) went crazy .. Everytime he reply’s to anything I post these days I just remind him that I don’t converse with him any longer and the reasons why .. It doesn’t stop him thiugh he will just keep posting and i just don’t read or respond to anything he writes … I mean he wastes a lot of time with his lengthy posts and for no real reason

          • Yeah!! I’m not as willing to believe your blatant lies and distortions of the truth as the low IQ sheeple you trolls are accustomed to brainwashng.

          • And not one of the GOP legislators taking part in this investigation is qualified to question how the IRS handled their jobs of trying to ensure that the groups applying for tax-free status actually deserved tax free status.

            Most of the GOP legislators in this fiasco have been acting like 4th graders for the past 4-6 years, wasting more than 400 million dollars of tax payer money doing nothing but playing games of LET’S SEE HOW MUCH WE CAN STALL WHILE OUR CONSTITUENTS STRUGGLE ON UNEMPLOYMENT SO WE CAN MAKE SURE THERE’S NO WAY THAT THE DEMS LOOK LIKE THEY’VE EVER DONE ANYTHING WORTHWHILE -. We can do that by endlessly voting to repeal ACA and creating poison pill legislation that we know won’t make it through the Senate – but at least it’ll bide us time until THE NEXT ELECTION!!!

            WHAT A JOKE!!!!!

          • And, should taxpayers’ monies be protected from anti-government political groups posing as charities?

          • It’s not anti government, it’s regulating the size of the Federal government.

            A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.

            Thomas Jefferson,

          • Independent has his head so far up the Emperors butt he can’t think at all. Only government approved sites tell the truth, so he will not even look at anything else. I think he is afraid he may actually start to see what a fraud and tyrant his godlike leader is.

          • Pull your head out of the sand, or the Emperors.. well you know where I’m going here. The Emperor has done NOTHING but divide our country.

          • Oh!! So now the fact that the stock market is at its highest levels in history that virtually any moron including you can easily see, is just REGIME PROPAGANDA??

            The fact that there have been 57 months of positive job growth, as reported by the BLS and anyone with one ounce of common sense, which just happens to be the longest continues job creation in American history, is just REGIME PROPAGANDA??

            So deficit spending being down once again this year to well below 500B which makes it the fastest furthest reduction in of our deficit in American history, is just REGIME PROPAGANDA??

            So the fact that for the 1st time in history, the U.S. has become the largest producer of energy on the planet, surpassing Russia and Saudi Arabia, is just REGIME PROPAGANDA??

            So the fact that virtually every auto company in 2013, reported profits that they had not seen since Clinton was in office, is just REGIME PROPAGANDA??

            So the fact that CNN reported that 2014 was the biggest job creation year since 1999, is just REGIME PROPAGANDA??

            So the fact that Obama managed the economy such that the unemployment rate has dropped from 10.1% in 2009, to 5.8 now, which is the furthest, fastest reduction in the unemployment rate in American history (reducing the unemployment rate further and faster than even your vaunted Reagan ever even thought of), is just REGIME PROPAGANDA??

            So the fact that under Obama the U.S. has created more jobs in less than 6 years than were created in the combined terms of BOTH BUSH1 and Bush 2 over a 12 year period, is just REGIME PROPAGANDA??

            So the fact that even Fox News has reported that stock market performance while Dems were in office from 1900 to 2011 was FAR BETTER than when Republicans were in office during those years (5% under the GOP vs over 12% under the Dems), is just REGIME PROPAGANDA??

            So the fact that the Obama Administration has pursued the perpetrators of 9/11 and killed a large number of them, including bin laden, while the Bush Administration let them get away in Afghanistan, is just REGIME PROPAGANDA??

            Let me see you dispute even this short list of accomplishments as being nothing but “REGIME PROPAGANDA”!!!

            I’m waiting – let’s see your evidence that what I just quoted is as you like to imply -actually just ‘REGIME PROGAGANA’ and NOT ABSOLUTE FACT!!!!!!!!

          • I see that you didn’t provide a link to all of your BS. The Stock Market is having some good gains as of lately, Yes, But that is only because the government is putting about $4 Billion dollars every business day into various types of bonds. When you have the Government acting like your safety net of course they are going to have record profits.


            It’s nothing more then another bubble just like the housing bubble, that we are still recovering from.

          • So now there’s supposed to be something wrong with the Fed selling 4B in treasuries every day when it’s making BILLIONS IN THE PROCESS???

            It’s not a bubble!! It’s simply a SMART WAY TO SPUR THE ECONOMY!!

            See this from the right-wing biased WSJ:

            Fed Sent $77.7 Billion in Profits to Treasury Last Year



            The Federal Reserve sent about $77.7 billion in profits to the Treasury Department in 2013, the result of gains reaped from its unconventional efforts to spur economic growth.

            In 2012, the Fed sent a record $88.4 billion to Treasury coffers.

            The Fed’s portfolio of securities and other assets has swelled to more than $4 trillion since the financial crisis, growth driven largely by several rounds of bond purchases aimed at lowering long-term borrowing costs to spur more spending, investment and hiring.

            Those efforts are now generating large profits as the central bank earns interest on the assets. The Fed in a statement released Friday said it made an estimated $79.5 billion in net interest income, a total largely driven by the $90.4 billion in interest income it made on its portfolio of Treasurys, mortgage bonds and other securities.

            The Fed is required to use its income to cover its operating expenses and send much of the rest to the Treasury’s general fund, where it is used to pay government bills and benefits. The payments to Treasury are called remittances. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has said that since 2009, the Fed has sent more than $350 billion to Treasury, about equivalent to the amount it had sent during the entire 18-year period before the crisis.

            In December, the Fed decided to start scaling back its bond purchases, reducing its monthly purchases to $75 billion from $85 billion. If the economy improves along the lines the Fed expects, officials anticipate continuing to reduce the program throughout 2014.

            The numbers released by the Fed Friday give a preliminary, unaudited estimate of its income, operating expenses and remittances to Treasury for 2013 and are subject to revision.

          • All of a sudden YOU are saying that, FOX NEWS has reported, that stock market performance under the Dems in office is doing better. You always tell me and others that FOX NEWS LIES, all of the time. You can’t have it both ways now.

          • So, you don’t even believe your vaunted Faux News??

            How about the NYTimes where it says that since 1929, the average return for Republicans has been .4% vs 8.9% under dems???

            Here’s an excerpt, you’ve got to use the link to see the .4% and 8.9%.

            From the NY Times:

            Bulls, Bears, Donkeys and Elephants

            By TOMMY McCALL

            Since 1929, Republicans and Democrats have each controlled the presidency for nearly 40 years. So which party has been better for American pocketbooks and capitalism as a whole? Well, here’s an experiment: imagine that during these years you had to invest exclusively under either Democratic or Republican administrations. How would you have fared?

            As of Friday, a $10,000 investment in the S.& P. stock market index* would have grown to $11,733 if invested under Republican presidents only, although that would be $51,211 if we exclude Herbert Hoover’s presidency during the Great Depression. Invested under Democratic presidents only, $10,000 would have grown to $300,671 at a compound rate of 8.9 percent over nearly 40 years.


          • From Fox Business News:

            History Shows Stocks, GDP Outperform Under Democrats

            Thanks to their pro-business approach and the anemic recovery, Republicans would seem to have a clear path to grab the economic mantle heading into the 2012 race for the White House.

            However, history actually shows that the U.S. economy, stock prices and corporate profits have generated stronger growth under Democratic administrations than Republican ones.

            According to McGraw-Hill’s (MHP) S&P Capital IQ, the S&P 500 has rallied an average of 12.1% per year since 1901 when Democrats occupy the White House, compared with just 5.1% for the GOP.

            Likewise, gross domestic product has increased 4.2% each year since 1949 when Democrats run the executive branch, versus 2.6% under Republicans.

            Even corporate profits show a disparity: S&P 500 GAAP earnings per share climbed a median of 10.5% per year since 1936 during Democratic administrations, besting an 8.9% median advance under Republicans, S&P said.


          • FOX NEWS LIES ALL THE TIME, STOP WITH THE LIES, That is what you are always telling me and others.

          • So that would mean that the Democrats are supporting the top 1% of Americas wealthiest population all of these years. The Koch Brothers would like to say Thank You.

          • It’s obvious you trust Fucks. Sniffing Ronnie do much for your verification? How about Nancy? How sweet she is.

          • Let us forget about getting our news from any cable station. They are not journalists, but sensationalists.BC(before cable) you had real news from stations that gave equal time to each candidate free of charge. .

          • According to “The Southern Poverty Law Center” white supremists groups doubled the month Obama was elected. These POS get out their magnifying glasses looking for something to diss the president for. Since we have had Republican Presidents, Democrat Presidents and I have never seen a president so treated with such disrespect, and there is only one thing different about this president, it has to be race,

          • I agree totally with that. I can remember listening to FDR during WWII and of all the presidents I’ve lived under, certainly none of them after FDR has been treated anywhere like what Obama has. In my mind, it’s a travesty perpetrated by a political party that today, knows only how to act like a bunch of fourth grade school children. To me, that’s exactly how I remember kids backing back when I was in the 4th grade – exactly like the GOP is acting today in doing everything to try and get ITS OWN WAY!!

          • The Big difference is the internet, news can travel around the world in minutes today vs the time when FDR was president , and today we have many more news outlets today.

          • If that story is true, from the southern poverty law center, then that is very sad then.
            When Bush 1, and Bush 2, and Reagan, were in office your party did the same thing with magnifying glasses.

          • The story is true. Now the erroneous assumption tjat you made is that I have a party. When the Constitution was written, Washington, Jefferson, and Madison were against political parties. Madison said they would cause division and chaos. And that, they have done. They are not good for this country and may destroy democracy. I don’t have to have a group tell me what to think. I can do that for myself. Most party ideologues do not study and would give up their church before they would give up their party..

          • I can see your point of view on division and chaos, we have a lot of that today. I like the two party system of government it helps to keep every thing in check. If one party has to much power and pushes it to far to the right or to the left. The people can vote to change the direction every four years. I think it helps to keep us grounded in our founding of the country in my opinion.

          • Dave, I respectfully beg to differ. I never heard either Bush’s birth questioned. I never heard them called, dictators, emperors, Communists, fascists and I never saw demonstrations with ugly signs. Yes, i called Bush 2 a war monger, but thought him a naive person being led about by cheney. You need to compare the rhetorics of both people. I never heard bush 1 called anything nasty. Your memory is failing. This is new. There is a difference between disagreeing and hate.

          • What about us pataphysical antichrists, dipdung? Somebody should bully you. Would you sign an NDA?

          • Everything that does not come from the regime propaganda office are lies to you. You really should open your eyes, before you run head on into that brick wall that has been placed in front of you.

        • In one of our give and takes, I stated that I thought Gruber lied about Obamacare and you questioned my comment. Well, he appeared before Congress today and basically admitted that he effectively lied during some of the sessions he gave when he was videotaped. Of course, he didn’t come out and tell Congress that he lied – but that’s essentially what he was admitting when he said that all he was was someone who ran a computer model to test out assumptions for those actually creating the healthcare legislation. He also did admit, that he basically played NO PART in developing either Romneycare nor Obamacare actual legislation. That he was not qualified to do either – nor was he qualified to make the idiot remarks that he made during those video records.

          If you doubt what I’m saying here, spend a few minutes and review the word-for-word documentation of his comments – here are some excerpts of what he said to Congress:

          Chairman Issa, Ranking Member Cummings, and Distinguished Members of the Committee, thank you for the opportunity to testify voluntarily today. I am pleased to be able to address some statements I have made regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the reactions to and interpretations of those statements. I am a Professor of Economics at MIT. I am not a political advisor nor a politician.

          Over the past decade I have used a complex economic microsimulation model to help a number of states and the federal government assess the impact that various legislative options for health care reform might have on the state and federal health care systems, government budgets, and overall economies. I have had the privilege of working for both Democratic and Republican administrations on health care reform efforts. For example, I worked extensively with Governor Romney’s Administration and the Massachusetts legislature to model the impact of Governor Romney’s landmark health reform legislation.

          Over the past weeks a number of videos have emerged from these appearances. In excerpts of these videos I am shown making a series of glib, thoughtless, and sometimes downright insulting comments. I apologized for the first of these videos earlier. But the ongoing attention paid to these videos has made me realize that a fuller accounting is necessary. I would like to begin by apologizing sincerely for the offending comments that I made. In some cases I made uninformed and glib comments about the political process behind health care reform. I am not an expert on politics and my tone implied that I was, which is wrong.

          In other cases I simply made insulting and mean comments that are totally uncalled for in any situation. I sincerely apologize both for conjecturing with a tone of expertise and for doing so in such a disparaging fashion. It is never appropriate to try to make oneself seem more important or smarter by demeaning others. I know better. I knew better. I am embarrassed, and I am sorry.

          I later served as a technical consultant to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and provided similar support to both the Administration and Congress through economic microsimulation modeling of the Affordable Care Act. I did not draft Governor Romney’s health care plan, and I was not the “architect” of President Obama’s health care plan. I ran microsimulation models to help those in the state and federal executive and legislative branches better assess the likely outcomes of various possible policy choices.

          In addition to apologizing for my unacceptable remarks, I would like to clarify some misconceptions about the content and context of my comments. Let me be very clear: I do not think that the Affordable Care Act was passed in a non-transparent fashion. The issues I raised in my comments, such as redistribution of risk through insurance market reform and the structure of the Cadillac tax, were roundly debated throughout 2009 and early 2010 before the law was passed. Reasonable people can disagree about the merits of these policies, but it is completely clear that these issues were debated thoroughly during the drafting and passage of the ACA.

          I am not an elected official, nor am I a political advisor. I am an economist who ran a complex microsimulation model to help Democratic and Republican politicians and their advisors understand the impact that their policies would have on the health care system. The recent response to my comments at academic and other conferences exceeds both their relevance and my role in federal health care reform.

          Should you want to read the entire article, here’s the link to the Washington Post article:

        • And by the way – in a recent article, it was estimated that since 2010, the portion of the ACA legislation that is pushing hospitals across the nation to clean up their act and drastically cut down on the thousands of people who were getting worse illnesses while in the hospital than they actually went in to have treated (hospitals have dramatically reduced their readmission rates); has already saved a conservative estimate of 50,000 lives.

          So just once again, if the RWNJ idiots in Congress go ahead with their mindlessly ignorant actions of trying t repeal ACA – what they’ll accomplish, is just to add thousands more prematurely lost lives, to their already outright responsibility of allowing an estimated 17,000 Americans to die early this year because of their stupid refusal to expand Medicaid.

          I say one of your posts where you tried to act like you’re some kind of Christian. Well, just be aware that the term Conservative Christian is an oxymoron. It simply can’t happen!!!!!!!

      • Yeah. What you said, dimbulb. Your mama obviously didn’t raised any free-thinkers. Give her an extra hump for me tonight.

  15. Did Beck really paint Al Sharpton a terrorist? I think Beck is reckless
    to puke such a language. Beck should remember he is self-made terrorist against Blacks. He used FoxNews people like Bill O’rielly and Sean Hannity to advance his hatred against Blacks. Beck started the TEA Party and caused it to mushroom into a terrorist TP groups. You remember at one time Beck organized the 1-million-White-People-March in DC in 2010. This was after the ACA was signed. TP then spread all over the country with their motto: “We want to Take Back-Our-Country.” TPs did not tell us from whom. But we knew this-the WH had been occupied by a Black family. Beck and people at FoxNews were not used to have Blacks in the WH. They had been raised to believe the WH was for Whites only. This is sad. Beck and the extreme Whites could not stand the WH was occupied by Blacks. From there on this country which had racially healed substantially in 2008 fell backward in 2010. The country was divided into races. Thanks God it recovered again in 2012 when President Obama was re-elected. However, the Beck wounds still was with radical Whites. These three incidents in Florida, Ferguson and NY are by-products of what Beck had planted into radical Whites and especially TPs. The White-killer white cops are just avenging themselves as told by Beck. I am disappointed extreme Whites bought into Beck propaganda. Glen preached Whites to tactfully stop Blacks who had caught up with them in education, science, politics, laws, technology and wealth. In fact Beck recently apologized for dividing the country. I hope after the death of the NY Black man in the hands ruthless White police, this Nation will come together again as One Nation under God.

    • If a Conservative Tea Party Patriot would have said what you are saying, but instead of Carson said Obama, everyone one this site would be calling us racist, and forcing him or her to apologize and go to a FEMA re education camp. To think about you have three up votes, makes one wonder who is the racist.

      • Really funny just how selective people on this site are. speak out against the tyranny of this regime, and you are a racist because the Emperor is their messiah. Liberals are willing to spread the wealth, as long as it is not theirs. In our new liberal controlled world, up is down, right is wrong, and everything bad is now good. Under this regime we have seen what evil truly is, and it must be fought with every fiber of our beings.

          • You mean the white bureaucracy and the heroes of industry? I could agree, but I won’t, because this post might survive the purge.

        • My Friend, So true, if any one of us would say something like that. The drive by news media would be in our front yard’s, with the TV cameras in our face, asking all kinds of questions on why we said that.

          • I Googled you and checked the satellite images, and you can’t even get a bunch of tea baggers to show up, Michelle…

      • Who cares? Racism is so fucking passé. You want me to apologize, open your mouth while I drop my trou. Get with the program, nimrod.

        • I hope that you will find Jesus and you let him into your heart, and let him change your life around for the better. I was once like you, four teen years ago, ever since then, my life turned around completely.

          ………….God Bless you……………….

          • So Jesus, what do you think of health care for all regardless of income level? How about raising the minimum wage to help poorer people? No to both? Thought so.

          • I want to see everyone have health care coverage, and everyone should have a HSA- Health Savings Account .I would like to see everyone have a good education in order for them to have a good paying jobs.With that they will be able to get their own health care coverage. Minimum wage jobs are for high school/ College kids and retired people who are looking for something to keep them busy. Minimum wage jobs are not career jobs, they are the first step in teaching responsibility of what to expect for the professional job market.

          • That’s been put to rest long ago. Minimum wage earners are mostly not kids and seniors. They represent adults trying to scratch it out more than anything. You can check out the labour stats on that. I’m not going to do it for you.

            Let’s suppose that you were actually right about that though. You’re still not factoring in the ripple effect. The reason that there are people working for $7.50 or $7.75 or $8.00 or $8.25 per hour (all preposterous) is because the minimum floor is only $7.25 per hour. If you think it isn’t preposterous, then imagine trying to exist on it, and then look at the minimums being paid by some of the blue states and by the other wealthy industrialized countries around the world.

            As to Health Savings Accounts, how on earth is anyone making such low wages with no benefits going to save enough in an HSA to pay for their own health coverage? They’re obviously not. Everyone is not going to have a great education or a great paying job with great benefits, for a whole myriad of reasons. You and I both know that.

            If your position is that these people don’t deserve health care because of that, then fine. Fair enough. I strongly disagree with that but I understand where you’re coming from. However, you can’t then come at us with your Jesus/religious rap. It’s one or the other DAVE. It can’t be both.

          • You are correct, most people do not realize that the largest employer in the U.S is temporary labor. I worked wit our local Jobs With Justice for quite a few years and learned a lot about that subject.

          • It’s one thing to see stats and numbers on this, but quite another to hear from someone with direct experience with the topic. Thanks for that Jerome.

          • Why do you think that we are not closing our southern border?

            Do you think that it’s because they want to raise the minimum wage, or do you think it’s because they want cheap labor?

            Do you think that they are playing on the people’s emotions, by saying that they want raise the minimum wage?

          • The people who fund both parties want cheap labour. Grover Norquist killed the national ID card provision and the Democrats killed the border fence.

            The chamber of commerce wing of the GOP is still willing to punt away U.S. sovereignty to ensure the steady supply of cheap labour their corporate string-pullers demand. Those same corporate string-pullers also fund the Dems to an extent and do affect their decision making as well, albeit possibly not quite to the same level. Of course the Democrats are also hoping for a permanent demographic voting majority. The Republican establishment wants a piece of that too.

            In 2006 Senator Barack Obama said that, “the number of immigrants added to the labour force every year is of a magnitude not seen in this country for over a century.”
            ”If this huge influx of mostly low-skill workers provides some benefits to the economy as a whole…it also threatens to depress further the wages of blue-collar Americans, and put strains on an already overburdened safety net.”

            Guess who has deported more undocumented workers by a country mile than any American President ever? Barack Obama, that’s who.

            By the way, the Democrats and Obama are serious about raising the minimum wage.

          • Poor little fearful white man. You have no skills to compete with immigrants? Shame on you and your preacher.

    • Really ??? Intolerance and ignorance ? the left learned nothing from Dr King ..You know what;s crazy ? Any Liberal that listens to a man who purposefully LIED about a rape case to try to make it a race case . Any Liberal whi has continues to pay this man heed as he progressed through his career of Race Baiting Poverty Pimp . That fact that the officer in Ferguson was justified in that shooting and the fact that Mr Brown would be just as dead had he been white don’t matter to people like Sharpton Holder and Obama . Why let facts get in the way when you can divide the Nation on the issue of race for your own Political agenda .Now you have Football Players and members of the Black Caucus with their hands up .. As if that happened ( Hint .. IT DID NOT ) and using that LIE to perpetrate racial divisiveness . Obama and his Tax Cheat Poverty Pimp have set back race relations in this Country 70 years and at the same time destroyed everything and every pronciple Dr King fought for .

      • Jeez, lady, you really have a problem with people who think you’re a bimbo, don’t you? I used to have a black caucus. Who didn’t?

        • As you can see by my profile picture I am 100% hetero and Male . You on the other hand are an immature troll who is giving every reasoned Liberal a real bad image here .. Gain some maturity

          • You mean you’re not even a little hot and bothered about taking on an immature troll who could trill your puckered anus while whispering mature liberal talking points in your sweaty ears?

            Didn’t I meat you at the Mudd Club?

      • wow You know what;s crazy ? Any Liberal that listens to a man who purposefully LIED about a rape case to try to make it a race case . Any Liberal whi has continues to pay this man heed as he progressed through his career of Race Baiting Poverty Pimp . That fact that the officer in Ferguson was justified in that shooting and the fact that Mr Brown would be just as dead had he been white don’t matter to people like Sharpton Holder and Obama . Why let facts get in the way when you can divide the Nation on the issue of race for your own Political agenda .Now you have Football Players and members of the Black Caucus with their hands up .. As if that happened ( Hint .. IT DID NOT ) and using that LIE to perpetrate racial divisiveness . Obama and his Tax Cheat Poverty Pimp have set back race relations in this Country 70 years and at the same time destroyed everything and every principle Dr King fought for .

          • Typical Liberal .. When you cant debate on merit just try to demean through insult … How Alisnky of you .. It is also the hallmark of most Liberals .. Immature . Look if you care to TRY to debate anything I stated fine .. until them please gain some maturity and try not to insult people that you know you cant debate on merit

          • Typical asshat mass-debating. You have no merits and your arguments are stupid. Your own poop doesn’t give you enough sustenance. Shove your head up mine for a while, little.

  16. You know what;s crazy ? Any Liberal that listens to a man who purposefully LIED about a rape case to try to make it a race case . Any Liberal whi has continues to pay this man heed as he progressed through his career of Race Baiting Poverty Pimp . That fact that the officer in Ferguson was justified in that shooting and the fact that Mr Brown would be just as dead had he been white don’t matter to people like Sharpton Holder and Obama . Why let facts get in the way when you can divide the Nation on the issue of race for your own Political agenda .Now you have Football Players and members of the Black Caucus with their hands up .. As if that happened ( Hint .. IT DID NOT ) and using that LIE to perpetrate racial divisiveness . Obama and his Tax Cheat Poverty Pimp have set back race relations in this Country 70 years and at the same time destroyed everything and every pronciple Dr King fought for .

    • All so very true, but you know the liberals only believe what they are told to believe by the government. Truth and facts mean nothing to liberals. Laws and our Constitution are only suggestions to this regime. And when we have a godlike leader that lies as easily as he breaths, they need to emulate his actions.

      • Could not agree more . You have to wonder why they support people they KNOW are lying right to their faces . People who have proven through time and the body of their work that they will LIE to promote racial divisiveness . Of course they are destroying race relations for their own political agenda but it doesnt matter that they are destroying everything Dr King worked for .. Liberals by supporting these people are responsible as well in destroying all of the progress made

        • Nah. You know it is the conservatives that believe that our Constitution and laws actually mean something that are to blame for everything bad that happens in this country. Those that think we should believe in truth, justice, and law are satin’s spawn. Conservatives are all liars, and the liberals are God’s chosen.

  17. People who hate Al sharpton need to come up with a new script. The trouble with liberals is that there are not enough of us to drown out the ignorance that infest the United States. The racists, bigots, hatemongers, and uneducated have taken over the public bullhorn. All you people ever speak of is Sharpton this and liberal that. You never have solutions other than more guns and threats. You never advocate maybe sitting down with an Al Sharpton or a liberal for an honest conversation of how to make things better. And I think I know why. Your all afraid! Afraid that people will get to see who you really are. Frighten adults who fear becoming the minority. You fear that one day your children’s children will have to suffer the hatred and bigotry that you’ve inflicted on minorities for hundreds of years. You don’t like Obama because he represents the beginning of your end. And you hate Sharpton because you believe that the future will look and sound like him. Being afraid all the time must be a terrible thing for you who fear the future.

  18. What’s crazy is that Al Sharpton is Obama’s point person on Ferguson, and that he has attended dozens of meetings at the White House.

  19. So is the week in crazy going to be frozen like a Disney movie by pussified liberals? Just asking. I don’t hate liberals, but I continually question their critical thinking skills. Most of them are latent right-wing doucebags with a personal problem (any ever read or listened to P. J. O’Rourke?). Read down this thread and you almost feel the mass debating stupidity spurting like Cialis induced epiphanies. My apologies to any of you idiot women. I don’t know what the hell you are on.

    • The skinny Sharpton with the too-big head can barely huff and puff an anti-white sentiment loud enough to fire up the racist base. Not like the old fat Al.

  20. The person writing this article is trying to justify Al Sharpless, now that is crazy. And yes he did cause killings as well as deBlasio, Dick Holder, and. Dick less Ali President for fomenting the mobs and snickering.

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