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Saturday, November 18, 2017

This Week In Crazy: Cliven Bundy Should Stop Talking, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Steve Hurst

Alabama state representative Steve Hurst has a problem. Despite his strongly pro-gun record, Hurst is facing a primary challenge from the Tea Party-backed Steve Dean, who is trying to outflank him on “gun rights.”

But Hurst has a solution: Go big. Literally.


“Many voters appear to be wary of restrictions on gun rights, especially by the federal government. In the 2014 midterm elections, candidates are eager to get out in front of the issue,” Alabama reporter Jim Stinson writes, in what may be the understatement of the century.

Stinson goes on to explain that Hurst’s giant gun serves two purposes: First, it reminds voters that he led the fight to make it legal for Alabamans to shoot home invaders on sight. Second, it’s a working barbecue!

How, exactly, a state representative from Talladega will defeat federal gun regulations remains unclear. But maybe if Hurst and fellow Alabama Republican Will Brooke combine campaign promotions, they can finally get rid of the evil, job-killing Obamacare once and for all.

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173 Responses to This Week In Crazy: Cliven Bundy Should Stop Talking, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

  1. My God..
    The sheer level of delusion, hostility, and deceit these people exhibit on a weekly basis is staggering.

    • The problem is it is now getting out of control. If they have their Operation Spring, innocent people could be hurt, these extremists and law enforcement could be hurt. Any violence that erupts will be on the heads of Republican Talking Heads and Republican Leaders for inciting the base.

      • This was my major concern while the “armed standoff” by these terrible thuggish militia gangs, running around in their camouflage “outfits” carrying their “big ol’ guns” playing “soldier” as they play act at “protecting” Bundy “against” the Federal agents and the Sherriff….I am certain these Federal officers have families and children. I cannot imagine how much worse this could have gotten had one of these nutty zealot far right creeps took it upon themselves to pull a trigger because of their own crazy outrageous ideology and obscene behavior …… The far right talking bobble heads and these opportunistic right wing Senators should have done their due diligence and looked into the back round of Bundy and what he really “stands” for and what the truth of the LAWS he has indeed broken, let alone the “militia” groups and particular members who were there, many of whom were known to law enforcement as extremists and who should be sitting in a prison somewhere!

        • In some other countries they wouldn’t have bothered to put these treasonists in jail. They would have just hung or shot them and that is what they deserve.

        • ” these opportunistic right wing Senators should have done their due diligence and looked into the back round of Bundy and what he really “stands” for and what the truth of the LAWS he has indeed broken “..

          But when it relates directly to their ‘ideal’ of how the new society should operate they don’t waste time trying to find out how ridiculous it is, they go along with it until someone notices the stench of it around the edges then they sniff, smell the same stink where earlier they ignored and reluctantly turn tail before someone points a finger at them as well.

      • The real problem is that after years of looking the other way and pretending the overt racism, intolerance, ignorance and greed of some of our fellow citizens – and elected officials – the truth is finally surfacing…in some circles. Don’t expect statements and actions like those embraced by these idiots to be broadcast on FOX or any other right wing media outlet.

        • Well we certainly can’t trod on their first amendment rights! The GOP would have a real hissy fit! Anything that would be done would certainly be Fox news fodder.

    • It’s the lack of education. This state has one of the worst school system in the country. It’s easy to teach uneducated people lies because they have no point of reference. You can control people with fear. These people obviously fear everyone.

        • They are scared of the bogey men, dreamed up by controllers, to scare the h out of them. Because they lack the education to research, they easily take the word of those who sound the most ominous. Instead of fixing the parts of the government that need fixing, they are taught the government is their enemy. That way it will be easier to destroy the government. This was done very well in Germany. Germany had a democracy that was a democracy to be emulated. Hitler marched against the government over and over and spent time in jail for it. We have to stop sending people, Republican or Democrat, who are not representing all of the people. Hitler’s weapon was name-calling.

      • I think my state is closer to the bottom of the education scale than Nevada. You are right. Uneducated people are easier to control. They are easier to convince they are being picked on. They are easier to incite to violence. There is a myth that criminals are smart. The percentage of sociopaths who are intelligent is very low compared to the lower mentality denizens of our prisons.

    • What’s staggering is the media’s insistence in putting these morons in front of a camera.. There has alway been creeps like this in America and just as loud but because they weren’t catered to by the media they were far and in-between, no real threat to society or themselves. Today this is still in effect, however the media has given the impression that there’s more of them out there than we had assumed.. Not true but definitely reveals how much the media affects our cognition. Stop documenting these sleaze bags and the hundred that shows up on their next attempt of reckoning will slowly slide back into their trailers and continue with their stills and checker games.

      • Bull S__t, most Whites are opposed to big federal government control, high taxes, debt spending and not upholding our constitutional Laws. Anyone with similar values we support regardless of race, and same with people of socialist values, White or not, we Oppose.

        • I live in the NW where we fly-fish, so here’s your hook, line, and sinker back.
          Your comment made no sense, and I don’t play with trolls. Sorry.

        • You seem to be lost in the haze of all your hate. Most whites are not opposed to federal government control, taxes or paying our bills. I am sick of hearing about constitutional law. There’s as many interpretations as there are people. paulyz, you are living in a place that obviously has little educational opportunities. The only difference between a bigot and the rest of us is education. Ignorance may be bliss but it’s not American.

          • If most whites were opposed to government control, we would have lost our military, our roads, our schools, our courts and what-have-you to the nazis long ago.

          • mamasnothappy1, what a wonderful response to nutty paulyz! I completely agree with your thoughts! I have to continue to believe most of us are thoughtful and law abiding citizens who pride ourselves on learning and education and using our intellect to improve everyone’s circumstances in this country while people like paulyz are just miserable, angry and delusional complainers that hate life and everyone in it!

        • How about hypocrites, that personally owe tax
          payers, more than a million dollars? That takes
          his Medicare, Social Security, and farm subsidy checks, from a govt. he claims doesn’t exist.
          And deposits them in his bank account anyway?
          And then has the unmitigated gall, to call himself
          a victim. Unfortunately Mr. Bundy typifies the
          entitled White Conservative adherents. That have
          no problem with debt spending, expanding the
          size of the Federal Government, or setting aside
          any of their so called, Socialist concerns. If the
          name on the check from big old bloated Uncle
          Sam, has their name on it.

    • No, not all white people, only the racist, hiding behind the christian umbrella, they don’t really know God, nor Jesus Christ, but because they are white they do think that makes them christian and superior to all, logic will tell you that they don’t know what Jesus Christ was teaching. We cannot allow these assholes to ruin the work that many good people have accomplished in becoming equal, as life was intended. The Tea Party is totally at fault, they created this monster and they will pay for it, when innocent people get killed.. They brought out the KKK from hiding, they own them, But we as people of God need to stick together for the betterment of this world. We need to keep focused on what it takes to keep these evil people from dictating our life…What would Jesus do?

      • It is about white male privilege and very perverted ideas about sex. Ann Coulter is one of those perverted cross dressers who pee standing up next to Nancy Pelosi. or something like that.

    • Oh! please, don’t generalise. Cliven Buddy might be white, BUT his thinking is quite exceptional. To my own opinion, I think his head is not functioning properly or can I call it is impaired?

      • It sounds like he was just repeating what his supporters say in private. Who has been providing his legal counseling? I believe he was being led to believe that everyone thought like that. The issue was never about color. I don’t see a mean bone in that mans body. The right has used him to further their agenda of hate and when he said out loud what they said in private, they ran like thieves in the night. I had sympathy for him today when he realized he’d been used. He’s fighting an economic reality created by the corporations who have made an artificial reality that small ranchers and small business has no chance. Like the last privately owned meat processor in California who was forced to sell out. Is this the Party we want running our country?

    • This is what some white bigots believe. And as the GOP is on its way out, they are getting more desperate. These are the last gasps of the Republican Party in America. Not all Republicans are like this. I’m sure many were horrified. Was Mr. Bundy just repeating what his supporters say in private? This is an older man who was being used by the GOP to spread distrust of the federal government. This man had no chance and the Republicans used him, then when it backfired, look how fast his supporters ran when their mantra was exposed to the light of day. Why don’t those supporters just pay his bill and help him with future bills?

    • Don’t generalize. I know many white people, many are friends of mind. No self respecting white person would want to be in this person’s? company.

    • marriea is right. You shouldn’t generalize. This is what a few, fringy,
      soon to be extinct, White people, think. The rest of us would love
      to put a sock in Mr. Bundy’s mouth. But, such is the price of free speech. So, please consider the source, and ignore the mess
      while evolution makes it’s slow, but sure progress.

  2. Fred Brownbill apparently does not realize that if a militia is not organized by a State government it is neither legal nor constitutional.

    • Obviously, if those “militia” groups are already organized, they could care less if they are legal or constitutional. Seems they have taken a (mis)quote from the 2nd amendment and run with it, legal or not. It is essentially just the barest tip of the iceberg…

      • Not if the groups stated goal is anarchy and their actions are anti-law and anti-government. All rights have limitations, don’t they?

          • I would champion Hitler’s right to join the NSDAP and through that organization state his opinion. When he turned his opinions into action was when the tragedy occurred.

          • In case you missed it, there was action against the government by these terrorists.

        • Rights do have limitations I agree. But the ability to form a group and express an opinion, freely, is fundamental to our democracy. To act on an opinion can be criminal and cause for punishment.

          • I think we’re on the same side here, but conspiracy to commit a crime is in itself a crime, and sometimes is the only thing that is charged and proven.

      • Those thugs are no different, as Mikem42 pointed out, than the street gangs in the cities. They are closer to the mafia than just organizing to be heard. Do you think the mafia has a right to their criminal activities?

        • No, the mafia does not have a right to engage in criminal activities. No organization does. Very few militia groups break the law to my knowledge. In fact I would guess that white collar CEOs break more laws than militia groups.

          • Mayb e you ought to check them out. Threatening the government with guns is definately breaking the law. Those militia groups are worse than the mafia. They are terrorists.

    • Basically, it’s just a gang. No different from the notorious gangs who fight authority in many large cities. Anarchy needs to be reversed, and one way to do it would be for us to address the huge lack of good jobs. Jobs equal spending money, which is good for the morale of anyone and everyone. If you feel powerless, you will hook up with others to see if you can “get yours”, and that leads to lawlessness.

  3. Well,after my weekly dose of whacky I have just one question: Were these excuses for human beings born stupid or do they practice?

      • I’m not so sure about a lack of education though I’m confident that they have not been overly exposed to certain schools of thought.I tend to believe that there is a good dose of willful ignorance involved as well.

          • That would be bad enough except that they want to drag everyone else down to their level and they get mad when people resist.

          • It is, they don’t have to face life. They can stay in their fantasy world and tell themselves that everything should be like the good ole days, you know, when nothing ever bad happened. Oh wait! Wasn’t that like never?

          • The world’s a scary place, too many of those other people with their different colors and strange cultures. I mean honestly, can you blame these poor ignorant fools. Whoops, my bad, I meant inbred’s. Damn it, I did it again, stupid keys won’t type what I want. Oh the hell with it, you know what I mean.

          • You’re welcome, there’s absolutely no reason why we can’t get a laugh at the expense of right-wing lunatics…. As long as their words don’t become actions. What folks like them can’t seem to get through their thick sculls is that they’re creating their own fear.

      • So? And maybe you’re a blue-eyed, kinky-haired, red-necked, pot-belly, triple-chinned, beer-swilling, inarticulate chain-smoker. You’d probably make a pretty poor cotton-picking, chicken-plucking, finger-licking field slave. Or maybe you’d do better in the house.

    • I found Mr. Bundy’s denials about what he said amazing. Then the video showed up. He changed his tune and claimed what he said was taken out of context. A lying racist will always be a lying racist.

  4. That damn Bundy is just like any other criminal living on the tax payer dime.
    We’ve been feeding his cattle for years and now he doesn’t want to pay us back.
    Where are all the angry Conservatives that hate criminals living off their dime?

    • A racist is what a racist does, nor sugar coating. When they feel they are superior to humans, they also think they are superior to God.

    • When you have the Rush Limbaughs of the world, spouting hate across the airwaves, it makes it difficult for the truth to be told. FOX puts topheavy white women on TV to make the drivel taste better.

      • You are absolutely right.
        They spout so much hate and racism that some don’t even recognize racism because it has become so common place they don’t even realize it is.

    • Maybe, maybe not. I would just love to know,how he got from ‘defending’ his supposed ‘right’ to let his cattle have free hay, to complaining about the ‘Negroes’ who should be still picking cotton.

      • Am also puzzled. I do not understand what Negroes not knowing to pick up cotton has to do with this man not paying his taxes? How do these relate to each other? How and why did Cliven Bundy connect all these together?

        • In deep shit,grasping at straws,bundling anything together that sounds good to him at the momement.Otherwise he’s got nuthin’.

          • Ohh, I wouldn’t say he’s got nuthin’, diarrhea of the mouth is a very serious affliction. And it smells bad too!

          • Hey Mark! did you hear, rapes legal now. Guess who’s going out tonight, that’s right, “this guy”, woohoo!

    • I’m thinking he lives out there with plenty of people around him who agree with him. We really are a divided country, and the wingnuts are feeding the frenzy on Fix News and r.w. radio. We really need to try to heal and pull this country together before it is too late. The silent majority has to turn on these anarchists and gun nuts.

      • “I’m thinking he lives out there with plenty of people around him who agree with him.” The whole thing reminds me of Borat – what people will say when they think that everybody around them agrees with them, even when they’re on film.

        There’s also an idea that a friend just put to me: That Bundy thought once a couple hundred armed guys showed up to defend him, he could do and say anything he wanted and get away with it.

  5. Truly disappointing that so much of the voting population, it appears, is a single issue voter, unable or unwilling to accept reality. It appears too much of the constituency cannot comprehend the world is multifaceted; way too many voters are willing to hop onto something tangible like a big gun cartoon. This specific example appears to be representative example of weak-souled individuals, incapacitated by deprecating nuances.

  6. I have watched a short Clip about Sean Hannity and he was talking about himself. He said he started washing dishes at age 14, then became a waiter, then found a job which did last for only 48 hours, then joined Fox News!. This man never went to school at all and still he is an anchor at the major Conservative News Network (Fox News)? Unbelievable!

    • He had a black commentator on last night talking about Bundy. The guy mostly agreed with Hannity’s positions, but when he called Bundy an idiot (for the Negro comments), Hannity about killed himself shutting the guy up. Cant be talking about Bundy THAT way on FOX! Most of Hannity’s viewers agree with Bundy!

  7. I suspect that this desire to wave their guns in our faces, largely a male phenomenon, has deep psychological roots. These same nutters are ranting about the lack of manliness in American culture and, since they can’t strut about with their junk hanging out……guns.

    And does anybody else find Wayne LaPierre really, really creepy?

    • For a man who wants to defend our Constitution, Wayne LaPierre certainly wasn’t above using those student deferments to avoid service in Vietnam. I guess like all chickenhawks, the farther from the shooting he is the braver he is.

      • That is why his gun is so important to him. He is scared. He just hasn’t figured out, yet, that his right to arm himself because he is scared, also gives the nuts and criminals a right to arm themselves.

        • He is scared, but he also is a prostitute. He takes money from the gun industry and does and says anything they tell him to do. Many in congress do the same.

  8. What frightens me even more than their racism, ignorance and stupidity is the fact that they’re allowed to walk around unleashed in public and, God forbid…breed.

  9. Wow, Recycling! I remember a version of this same deluded argument from thirty years ago. These guys need some new ideas!

    • Good post.I never knew these guys were actually being paid to say these things. Might have thought it, but never knew.

      • Mike Papantonio is an excellent lawyer who has been ranked in the top one hundred in the Country. He seems to have very reliable sources for his Ring of Fire radio show and television appearances. Of course, the plutocrats and their disciples condemn him often for his views, but few present grounds to impeach him for mendaciousness or distortions of fact, the regular menu at Fox “News.”

  10. Oh and one more thing about Bundy.
    I was watching the news the other night when all those supporters came out with their guns to stand down the BLM.
    What kind of person brings his wife, girlfriend, or kids to a gunfight with him?
    That was rhetorical because I’m going to answer it.
    A ‘COWARD’ that’s what kind.

    • They’re still fighting like they see in the movies and TV westerns.
      Funny thing is they stole the land from the Indians, called them savages, even framed the Indians for things they themselves did and got away with because ‘the white man doesn’t lie’. I guess the saying ‘to the victor goes the spoils’ is true. But without fail, whenever you steal from someone else, you spend the rest of your life believing that someone will steal from you to the point of paranoia. I suppose this old man Do know he is stealing, so what he does is point the finger at the ‘Negroes’. However, those people in the housing complex are there legally. They filled out the necessary bureaucratic paper work and got housing. Perhaps if Mr. Bundy had gone that route, he wouldn’t have created the negative environment he now finds himself in. It would serve him right if the govt confiscated all of his property until he paid up. It is OK to steal from the govt as long as the paperwork is in order. The govt might not make a big deal out of this since it’s an election year. They just might table it until they feel ready to pounce. But since he has made this an issue, and they have been embrassed by it, they will pounce. They can’t let him get away with this, because someone else will try to do the same thing.

  11. How can this RACIST, BACK-TAX OWING hypocrite stand there and say ALL THE WRONG THINGS and get away with not paying his taxes like everyone else does just because he’s anti-government? That’s bullstiit! He’s talking about “Negros” like it ain’t nothin’ and it’s ignoramuses like him who sho’ don’t need a gun because I believe given a chance he’d be pinpointing “Negros” to hunt down like their animals. He’ll rot in heel if he don’t change his evil ways!

  12. GOP elite and the Tea Party candidates may abandon Bundy, but I think most of those who are not running for elected office are solidly behind him against the Federal Government and support his views on race. I was shocked that Sarah Pallin, Ann Colter and Sean Hannity were not present for the initial confrontation. At least we can get a peek into the future what it will be like in Georgia this summer. Think I will just leave Georgia out of my vacation plans this year along with the Carolinas and Vegas.

  13. A big giant gun as a campaign message? Seriously? Do the people of this state (and most southern states in general) understand that the folks who are to represent your interest are really laughing at you.

  14. I’m 70. It’s a chilling reminder of the inequality I had to endure in the past, as I witness today’s GOP political leaders emulating and wielding political influence to skew those precious policies and laws we worked so hard to obtain. Opportunities are and will continue to be geared for the rich at the expense of the poor, as long as those in power, money and influence continue to wield their power to undermine the will of their fellow citizens;

  15. Just like the KKK commit crimes in the name of Christianity, so to do the rightwing nuts in the GOP. The party of hate and racism.

    • I know I have posted this before but it is worth repeating. The words of a song; “Hate your neighbor but don’t forget to say grace”.

  16. I actually know a few very heterosexual women to stand up (or squat) when they go pee. I see the result of it when I go in the stall after them. This is why we should always carry Kleenex or some sort of tissue with us, just in case the tissue holder don’t have anymore.

  17. How do christian real estate salespeople go to church on Sunday and profess to believe in the bible? God gave all this land to the people, he did not sell it to them. How can you believe in the bible and sell land that belongs to the rightful people: The People!

  18. I was watching “Lincoln” again for the….oh probably 6th time, and when you really listen carefully to the dialogue which , by the way, is beautifully far more articulate than anything being uttered in this day and age, it is so easy to see we are still having the same exact arguments today that we had over 150 years ago. And those who were on the WRONG side then, who voted against the 13th Amendment with their contemptible arguments, it becomes so clear. All you have to do is close your eyes and listen, we still hear those same contemptible voices on the far right today, along with the entire Southern mind set and continuing behaviors. How pathetic that this country seemingly cannot overcome it’s wretched past even still, and yes we have come a long way, but sadly have such a long way to go still. When one sees this yahoo, Bundy, and these politicians having been elected and serving in our government “supporting” Bundy’s outrageously obscene behavior and complete disrespect for the rule of law and our country and what it represents in it’s totality, it is beyond disgraceful and sickening! When an ol’ fart like Bundy shows such contempt for the Federal government that “protects” his rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness while Bundy and others of his same ilk, picks and chooses what laws he will follow or not, or who he will condemn and judge in their overwhelming ignorance, that is just someone no one with a once of integrity should be “defending” or taking up sides with, no matter how badly some fool wants to win an election by the most despicable and insidious means!!!

  19. THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: This Bundy free loader cowboy Issue goes beyond him. The right wing bigots in the tea party have been playing the RACE CARD ever since their FAVOR HATED TARGET THAT BLACK GUY IN THE WHITE HOUSE was elected! This is why the tea party seditionist have become an evocative symbol for dangerous radical right wing, falsely labeled conservatives.
    After weeks of accusations against our federal government from the Bureau of Land Management to enforce our laws by seize cattle from the lawbreaker Bundy with armed domestic terrorists in the dispute, a number of Republican officials, including Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, Texas Senator Cruz, Nevada Sen. Dean Heller and their tea party seditionist critics that supported Mr. Bundy with his bigotry are now publicly outted as well as FOX news and have a PR Mess that they help to created!
    Hey Darrell Issa, how about another hearing to waste more of our tax payers funds?

  20. Never thought I could ever feel that any woman deserves to be raped but Ann Coulter would be a perfect victim? Why? Because no one would have even the least amount of sympathy for her which is so unlike us.

  21. Ann Coulter needs to be arrested for a crime she did not commit & spend years in jail. When they find out she didn’t commit the crime, do you honestly expect me to believe she wouldn’t sue the government.

    As for the Operation Spring, that is a disaster waiting to happen. They will walk around in their camouflage carrying guns & signs on how the hate the government. Oh and lets put the women & children out front so that if the shooting starts, they get killed first. That’s what the nuts supporting Bundy said on tv & this would be no different. You can be sure FOX will carry the whole event.

  22. So, in a nutshell, if the land were privately owned, Bundy would happily have paid $16.85 per cow/calf per month for the last 20 years. The BLM fee is $1.35 per cow/calf per month, but that is too high for him.
    I guess he needs to move his herd to Ted Turner’s land, then everybody would be happy, right?

  23. Just when you think they’ve hit rock bottom in stupidity (and letting everyone know), they dig down to find another level. The really, really sad thing is that the people who support this pond slime (no offense to pond slime) may just turn Congress over to them. President Obama, warm up your veto stamp ’cause we’re all going to need it.

  24. Can anyone tell me what the facts and legalities are in this BLM/Bundy disagreement? For example, to whom does the land belong? Also, are there other ranchers with livestock grazing on similar land and are these other ranchers paying fees to the BLM? I would appreciate the information so I can be able to understand this Nevada situation. Thank you.

    • The BLM land is federal government land that was purchased and from grants so it could be set aside for multiple use. It is supposed to generate revenue through camp fees and paying for grazing. The grazing is cheap. The U.S. government has purchased a lot of that land and probably purchased the land that the criminal was using. Some of it was trades and some of it was granted to the government. However, most of it was purchased.

        • Different people. Many of them were farmers and ranchers who were having it bad after the dust storms. I knew a person who sold 600 acres because they felt that they wanted to retire.

          • Ok, so it was not Native Indian land and it was not originally government land. Thank you, idamag.

        • Much of the Southwest, included some of Nevada, was originally owned by Mexico and was ceded to the United States as part of the peace treaty ending the Mexican-American War in 1848.
          Mexico got “ownership” of the land by taking it from Native Americans (Indians, if you prefer that designation) who occupied the land for thousands of years, but did not “own” it because they had no concept of resources being divided up by individuals as private property when the land belonged to every one.

  25. Everyday this “Conservative Cowboy Clown” looks more and more ridiculous…Where are you FOX NEWS?… Where are you Sean Hannity?…Why aren’t you out in Nevada riding around on a horse with the Stars and Stripes whirling in the wind showing America how Patriotic you are?…Let’s have a follow-up story on how the Feds took advantage of this All-American “racist” Cattleman…maybe you should take a “top-heavy” blonde with you to make sure there’s plenty of coverage and publicity!!!

  26. When one of them lives off the taxpayer dime, they are all for it. They love it.
    That is why the Koch brothers are all for the Keystone pipe line. They own the TAR SANDS in Canada. The crap oil sands will rupture the pipe line and kill the grounds that grow the nations food. They are only interested in the money that the crap oil brings them. If people starve because of it they will be partying. They are the scum of the earth.

  27. Liberals love rape? Seriously? Well, I guess my prospects just got a whole lot better. And to think, I’ve actually been wasting my time by showing respect for women. Thanks fellow liberals, I can’t wait to try this out. Look out ladies, Freddie’s coming… All kidding aside, is it really so surprising these fools say the most outrageous things? We should all take comfort in the knowledge that they’re all trying to outdo one another in crazytown. The more deprived they become is a another victory for us. It’s even more fun to watch them try to back away from their comments, I love watching them squirm.

  28. “You cannot un-ring a bell. Once a liar, always a liar. Be very careful of what you wish for. It just might come true.” By your collective action, you can be the best, greatest superpower nation on earth once again or THE WORST. Applied knowledge is power only if you use it positively for the betterment of America and the world at large or WASTED, if blinded by money. Take responsibility and accountability for your actions by voting only for candidates who care for the best interests of America and Americans. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) or O’care or health care reform has been indisputably delayed, filibustered and obstructed for 102 years too long since 1912, when former President Theodore Roosevelt unsuccessfully attempted to introduce national health insurance for the first time in history. ACA or O’care is a trailblazer, a first step toward real health reform. Like Social Security and Medicare, Affordable Care Act or O’care will pave the way to single payer or Medicare- for- all, despite GOP-TP lies and distortions that favor greedy for-profit insurance companies and caused half of the nation’s bankruptcies. Congress should be creating jobs with decent living wages instead of merely subsidies or government assistance. We, the People, should be ” repealing ” the 30 Republican governors, death- panels- in- disguise, and GOP-TP now controlling the House of Representatives, disguised as corporations, who clearly have been enacting bills into law systematically to protect corporate welfare, tax breaks, oil and farm subsidies for the top wealthy one percent but totally ignoring the best interests of 99 percent of working families struggling to pay bills. And the only thing we should be replacing is Republican “We- don’t- care- insurance” with Affordable healthcare or O’care instead of having wasted $60 million taxpayer dollars in their 52 unsuccessful attempts to “repeal without replacement” A.C.A. 52 times. Realized it or not, you have been misled, fooled and become complicit into voting for GOP-TP (Greedy Obstructionist Psychopaths-Tea Potties) who not only have controlled the House of Representatives by their false promises to create JOBS for millions of jobless Americans but also legislated nothing but their self-enrichment to the detriment of 99% of Americans. Consequently, you have been deceived and bombarded with Fox News GOP-TP propaganda 24/7 with no jobs created for the past 5 years. Hold these Congressional Republicans accountable for the JOBS promised. Vote out of office all these lying scumbags, scofflaws and career criminals- overstaying members of Congress. Have a clean sweep of all undesirables on Election Day 2014 and 2016 thereafter. Time to redress these wrongs. Demand JOBS NOW !

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