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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Phil Robertson

As ISIS continues to wage a campaign of terror across the Middle East, Fox News’ Sean Hannity turned to the one man who could explain the geopolitical crisis to Americans, and put our minds at ease: That homophobic guy from Duck Dynasty.

After warning Hannity never to leave his house without his Bible and his woman, “Duck Commander” Phil Robertson got to the meat of his argument about the terrorist group.

“In this case, you either have to convert them — which I think would be next to impossible,” Robertson said. “I’m not giving up on them, but I’m just saying either convert them or kill them. One or the other.”

Convert or die. Where have we heard that before?

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  • FT66

    You get to be interviewed by Sean Hannity, then know you are at Liberty to talk as much nonsense as you can without any interference.

    • idamag

      Depends. If you are interviewed and you are making sense, you will probably be cut off.

      • FT66

        Spot on. I have witnessed this many times. Especially on Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, shows etc. etc. You say something sensible or challenging them, they quickly cut you off. But when it comes with Sean Hannity he always invites those who are crazy like him and talk the same language thus be allowed to spit their venom as much as they wish.

    • neeceoooo

      and as far as fact checking, that is not going to happen…

      • FT66

        Fact checking !!! With Sean Hannity!!!, please forget it.

        • ralphkr

          But I disagree, FT. I strongly believe that there is a corp of fact checkers employed by Hannity and their duty is to make sure that absolutely NO facts ever creep into the show.

          • Independent1

            At least no facts that would in any way make Obama and liberals look like anything but troublemakers.

  • Dominick Vila

    You know a political party is in trouble when the best they can say is that homosexuality influences obesity, when the suggest that Muslims don’t believe in God (Jesus is one of the prophets they venerate), and when they attribute celestial influences, mixed with left wing orthodoxy, to the calamities that afflict our society and the world at large. Lacking a record to run on, and without a vision that would influence the opinions and decisions of the electorate, the only recourse is to seek the advice of Duck Dynasty philosophers to find the truth and lead the charge. The scary part is that many fellow Americans support this garbage. Anyway, kudos to the NM editors for never failing to provide great entertainment.

    • TZToronto

      Geez, you’d think that by now, when none of the predicted calamities has occurred, the old white guys they’re talking to would have gotten a clue that all of this stuff is made up out of . . . nothing. But it’s stupidity that rules these people. I sometimes think the crackpots just throw out outlandish ideas hoping that one will really stick with their base or (God forbid) actually come true. As for Fischer, has he ever gone to the red states to see what many current homophobes look like? Just try to walk down the sidewalk with a pair of 350-pound, heterosexually-married people coming from the other direction. Be prepared to move to the gutter because there’s no way to share the sidewalk.

      • dtgraham

        At least Bryan didn’t refer to obese gay women in this rant as Moby Dykes. Small steps. Small steps.

        • TZToronto

          LOL — Really!

    • FireBaron

      C’mon, Dom. You know these guys never allowed facts to interfere with their beliefs.

    • Taz202

      I really enjoy your posts, Dom – they are informative and entertaining!

      • dtgraham

        Dominick’s posts are a must read. Better than the articles some times.

        • FT66

          I won’t go as far as looking down those who come up with their articles and we all jump onto them and make our comments. None of us have ever initiated something especially on this thread.

    • neeceoooo

      As mentioned below, the Duck Dynasty characters are all fictitious,
      they do not exist, they are made up. We
      might as well take what Donald Duck thinks and says as fact.

      • idamag

        What saddens me about the duck dynasty characters is that people find them entertaining and other countries watch U.S. television. What do they think Americans are?

      • Sand_Cat

        Donald’s comments would probably be more intelligent and entertaining.

      • Allan Richardson

        Donald Duck makes more sense. And his Uncle Scrooge is a perfect illustration of the behavior of the 1% (in one comic book I read before I was 12, Scrooge keeps stringing Donald along paying minimum payments on the money Scrooge loaned him a while back, making sure they were less than the interest, so his debt would grow bigger; that must have been a good way to give young readers a math lesson, which I for one still remember).

    • FT66

      They bring Great Entertainment yes, BUT don’t you think if we show them we are enjoying their rubbish they talk to us every now and then, they will continue and in the end we will all look like them. There must be a BIG difference.

    • ralphkr

      Uuuhh, Dominick, it is the National Institutes of Health that claims that lesbians are fatter than heterosexuals. Dead above the shoulders Bryan Fischer merely expanded upon the NIH report/study.

      • Dominick Vila

        Thank you for the clarification. The question remains, however, as to the propriety of people in leadership positions to mention issues like this which, I believe, are designed to denigrate or insult segments of our population.

  • TerryW

    “that have been strategizing the downfall of the United States for decades……” “a comprehensive White House-orchestrated terrorist strike……”

    He’s talking about the PNAC and its founders Cheney and Rumsfeld, right? Because this has already happened.

    And I’ve never seen one duck dynasty show, never heard a word a dynasty duck said, all I know is they look like ZZ Top.

    • adler56

      But ZZ Top had some talent for something other than acting and looking crazy.

    • 4ngry4merican

      Please do not insult the Reverend Willie G. by comparing him to this redneck jerkoff. Thank you.

  • stcroixcarp

    What is the difference between an ISIS terrorist and Phil Robertson? Robertson is the hairy guy with the Bible and his woman.

  • adler56

    Righties should be thankful to President Obama for fighting to increase Mental Health treatment- no group of people (not Americans) in this country need Mental Health treatment more than righties.

  • Bill Thompson

    Phil Robinson, give me some of that old time religion, bring back the Crusades convert them or kill them. WWJS?

    • TZToronto

      The Crusaders, in their zeal to drive the Muslims from the Holy Land, killed anyone they thought might be a Muslim–not only in the Middle East but even on their way there. As a result, they ended up killing Muslims, Jews, and Christians. They were just ignorant. ISIS has a method in their madness.

      • ralphkr

        A big difference between the Muslims and the Crusaders, TZ, was that the Crusaders would first convert and baptize those they captured alive and THEN kill them while the Muslims of that era would convert the Christians and then put them to work, often after castrating them. History records many of the converts rising to high ranks in the Muslim world.

        • TZToronto

          Obviously, the Crusaders, the Nazis, and ISIS went to the same training camp. The training manual has a number of sections, some dealing with conversion, some with execution, some with castration, and some with putting the conquered into slavery. The post-grad course involves medical experimentation, followed by murder of the lab specimens.

  • Grannysmovin

    Robertson and Bennett’s comments are why Religious Zealots of any flavor are dangerous. These two promote the same hate and violence that they say they are condemning.
    Savage and Fisher get them a one way ticket to Siberia, and let’s see what develops.
    Rush get him a one way ticket to Syria and arrange a meet and greet with ISIS and than he can find out who the true infidels are.

  • RusInMass

    Hannity, and in response, Ed Shultz, seem to be unaware that Phil Robertson is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER OF HIS OWN INVENTION.

    The millions of resulting facepalms have been deafening.

    • Allan Richardson

      Ed Schultz is quite aware that the Duck Die-nasty folks are acting out fictional personae, but since THEIR audience takes them at face value for real people, Ed ALSO pretends to do so.

  • jointerjohn

    Today’s political right has decided they will try and win elections by feeding the imaginations of the millions of Americans who faithfully buy and read the National Enquirer. Anyone who will lay down good money to buy a paper with a cover story about Elvis Presley’s Martian love child will follow today’s GOP faithfully. The rest of us, with our feet on the ground, need to stop laughing and start campaigning.

    • neeceoooo

      the same people who watch duck dynasty and think this is real life

  • JDavidS

    To explain it, Hannity turns to one of the few people even more stupid than he is…The sorry part is that some actually turn to this fool for “information”.

  • JSquercia

    I am curious First of all we can pay a Tax to continue to practice our current religions but hen we are told we will be IMMEDTELY beheaded if fail to Convert to ISLAM .

    • Sand_Cat

      What’s the matter with you? You want logic?

    • Allan Richardson

      The former is what EARLY Muslims did upon conquering a country. ISIS has degenerated in the logic department, since they are cutting off a potential source of revenue as well a productive economic assets.

      • Independent1

        Sometimes religious zealots are anything but smart.

  • herchato

    Another brilliant strategist for the Republicans!

  • Randy Brown

    Why in the hell do they give these idiots TV or radio media, cut their hate, ignorant asses off.

  • idamag

    The violent religions do come from the Mideast, including Christianity.

    • Allan Richardson

      It seems to be a “teenage” phenomenon. When Judaism was between 13 and 19 centuries old (dating from the traditional date of the Exodus), it was often violently intolerant of Gentiles. Then, when Christianity was between 13 and 19 centuries old, it launched the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the Catholic-Protestant religious wars. Now Islam is about 15 centuries old. They’ll outgrow ISIS and AlQaeda in a few hundred years also.

  • tdm3624

    I didn’t know us “white crackers” were supposed to be planning an insurrection! I must have missed the memo. I bet somehow it is Obama’s fault…. 😉

    • neeceoooo

      I got a flat tire…”blame it on Obama”

  • highpckts

    All I can do us sit here reading and shake my head in amazement! God, what insane people!

  • Elliot J. Stamler

    Here is my serious 2-cents worth: the tragedy and danger of all this is not that these psychotic loonies blabber this insanity, it is that there is no prominent Republican leader who has the guts to stand up and publicly denounce them. And did not in the last presidential election when the macaroni-spined flip-flopping fake Romney could barely bring himself to say about Limbaugh’s slander of Sandra Fluke, “it’s not language I would have used.” It reminds me as an avocational historian how the “respectable” German conservative leaders in Weimar Germany refused to ever criticize and indeed made political common cause with Hitler BEFORE he took power. Barry Goldwater is turning in his grave over what the conservatives have become.

  • howa4x

    Well Mr. Robertson that is exactly what they say about you! Idiot

  • Sand_Cat

    These guys were doing stand-up on Comedy Central, right?

  • Mikey7a

    I know that here on the NM comment Boards, we like to get our weekly chuckles from This Week In Crazy. Today, I have to ask a serious question. How is it, that Eric Rush, is not brought up on charges for Treason? He is calling our great President a traitor! There must be something that The Administration could do. No one is more for our Right to Free Speech, than I, but isn’t Eric Rush committing Defamation, leading to Libel, or Slander toward our President?

    How do these people keep getting away with telling absolute lies about our Leader, on an almost daily basis?

    • Allan Richardson

      Relax. Abe Lincoln was called a buffoon, and even an ape, by the ignorant racists of his day. We survived it.

      And I am pretty sure the Secret Service is watching to prevent people like that from doing MORE than talking stupid.

  • Mickey

    Who cares about Hannity and Robertson, you have a president that can’t speak without lying about everything. Our foreign policy….oops lack of foreign policy has the world laughing at us, racism is at an all time high, the economy is a joke. Setting us up on wind power with subsidies, getting rid of coal, because of climate change, something that can’t be proven. Wait till the subsidy gets dropped and you’ll find out what real electric bills are. The list is endless and you worry about hannity? And anyone that thinks Ed Shultz is anything but an idiot, you have problems. Go find a job maybe?

    • dpaano

      If the world is “laughing at us,” why have so many countries come together with our president to try to get rid of ISIS, etc.? As for the economy, it’s gotten better and better in the years that President Obama has taken over (not sure WHERE you got the idea that our economy is tanking…..maybe you need to do some research). As for climate change, yes, it HAS been proven, but you’ve drank so much of the anti-climate change group’s kool-aid that you can’t see the forest for the trees!

  • Jon Johnston

    If today’s liberals will callously murder the unborn, who won’t they attack?

  • dpaano

    Well, it’s the usual line-up of idiots…..always the same ones week after week. Not sure HOW their brains function (if they have brains to begin with). It amazes me some of the things they come up with!