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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Billy Johnson

In May, the NRA attempted to reach out to a younger audience by launching a new “Freestyle” network designed to reverse the decline in gun ownership by young Americans.

Let’s see how that’s working out for them.

In a new video for the network, titled “Everyone Gets A Gun,” NRA News commentator Billy Johnson explains how we could end America’s “anti-gun policy:” By forcing schoolkids to shoot guns against their will.

“Our gun policies are designed around the assumption that we need to protect people from guns,” Johnson says. Apparently, this is a bad thing — but thankfully, he has some solutions.

“What if instead of gun-free zones, we had gun-required zones?” Johnson asks.

He then proposes a new public education system, in which students would need to pass gun tests to graduate.

“Just like we teach them reading and writing, necessary skills, we would teach shooting and firearm competency. It wouldn’t matter if a child’s parents weren’t good at it. We’d find them a mentor,” Johnson says. “It wouldn’t matter if they didn’t want to learn. We would make it necessary to advance to the next grade.”

What could possibly go wrong?

“Gun policy driven by the assumption that we need guns would probably mean that our government would subsidize it,” Johnson added. “Perhaps we would have government ranges where you could shoot for free or a yearly allotment of free ammunition.”

Because if there’s one group of people that loves government handouts, it’s the gun rights movement.

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  • I guarantee you that, come September, Erik Rush will even be insisting that 9/11 was orchestrated by Obama to distract away from Benghazi.

    • Dominick Vila

      Don’t forget the departure of so many U.S. industries to other countries, that began in the 1970s and continues to date. Let’s face it, we all know that President Obama will stop at nothing to facilitate higher profits and an increase in global market share…
      Wait, does that mean he is not a socialist? Don’t worry, what is important to the Tea Party is the label, not the substance.

  • FT66

    Oh! ya, it is another Rush no surprise. There are some who believe this nonsense of Erik Rush. A country where:
    17% can’t read or write
    40% don’t know which Party controls neither the House nor Senate

    • Dominick Vila

      That is why the claims made by people like Rush – between snorts – resonate in some segments of our populace. Unfortunately for them, that not always works. Remember what happened two years ago when one of the most common claims was to highlight the breakdown in the relationship between the USA and Israel as a result of Obama’s intransigence. Did it produce the desired results? Only if you ignore things such as the decisive Jewish-American vote in South Florida, which delivered the state to President Obama. Idiocy, hyperbole, lies, and fear resonate only among the ignorant, which happens to be the most loyal segment of the GOP base.

      • Allan Richardson

        I agree, but do you have Erik Rush confused with Rush Limbaugh? The former is known to have used drugs, so the “between snorts” aside would be appropriate, the as far as I know, Erik Rush is not a druggie. He is, so to speak, a horse’s * of a different color. The right has idiots of all ethnic groups.

        One thing is puzzling, though: is Erik Rush PRO Russian separatists in Ukraine???

        And REQUIRED gun training in schools? Wouldn’t that violate the First Amendment rights of Quakers? Oh yeah, the First Amendment doesn’t protect those “other” religions, only Westboro Baptist style Christianity. But is it safe? Probably not, but that would just eliminate from the gene pool the kids who can’t shoot straight, right?

        • Duckbudder

          Whatever It Is, I’m Against It

          I don’t know what they have to say,

          it makes no difference anyway,

          whatever it is, I’m against it!,

          no matter what it is or who commenced it,

          I’m against it.

          Your proposition may be good,

          but let’s have one thing understood,

          whatever it is, I’m against it!,

          and even when you’ve changed it or condensed it,

          I’m against it.

          I’m opposed to it,

          on general principles I’m opposed to it!


          He’s opposed to it!

          in fact, in word, in deed,

          he’s opposed to it!

          For months before my son was born,

          I used to yell from night till morn,

          whatever it is, I’m against it!,

          and I’ve kept yelling since I commenced it,

          I’m against it!

          • idamag


        • Obongo was known to use drugs, too. Is that why you voted for him?

  • Dominick Vila

    I am disappointed by the limited scope of right wing claims. Don’t they know that the spread of infectious diseases, the cause of wildfires, the root cause of climate change, hurricanes hitting parts of the country that had been spared until recent years, the drought afflicting Western states, and all the other calamities afflicting mankind were all cause by none other than Barack Obama? If they keep it up, they are bound to lose most of their captive audience, including those who enjoy a good joke and watching comedians in action.

  • ps0rjl

    Billy Johnson, the government already has a gun required policy. It is called the military. They provide you with the weapons, the ammo, and the government shooting range. Pat, your ‘hoochie mama” segment is quite laughable. Then again the whole week in crazy is quite laughable.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Look…it’s long long long past time to see the right wing for who and what they are: mentally ill sociopaths. The wonder of it is that their sociopathic paranoid obsession with this president has gotten a single shred of attention from the mentally balanced.

    These people are mentally unbalanced. It’s simply not possible not to see through their veiled attempts to appear sane. Most are former boozers whose alcohol soaked brains are now forever chemically damaged. So the nation is now being led by a bunch of dry drunks and sociopaths whose only agenda is “force.” On your tax dollars?

    Wake up and see them for what they are. How on earth are we supposed to trust a word that comes out of their mouths when every word they speak is utterly insane?

    Of course, they won’t seek professional help. No mentally insane person ever admits they are out of control and past the point of sanity.

  • The_Magic_M

    It’s always refreshing to see how eager Conservatives are to demand big government (here: mandatory shooting lessons) when it suits them.

    And Erik Rush? Seriously, in every other country in the world this guy wouldn’t get 50 people to listen to him, yet in the US he’s invited to talk shows on national TV.

  • jointerjohn

    Is it a coincidence that “rush” is also the term for the moment when conscience altering drugs overwhelm a person’s senses with hallucinations? Next will be evidence that President Obama kidnapped the Lindbergh baby, killed and buried Jimmy Hoffa, and was the second shooter on the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza.

    • The_Magic_M

      Listening to Rush “analyzing” Obama rhethoric is probably second only to watching a three-legged dog burn (apologies to dog lovers).

      Next week he’ll claim Obama can’t say “believe” without the letters “lie” and hides the anagrams “evil” and “vile” in this word.

      The week after that, he’ll claim when Obama said “I love democracy”, he actually said “I love Dimu Grassy”, referring to the leader of the Moldovian Dog Eater Party, or something like that.

      In every other country of the world, these people preach on the street corner and get laughed at. Only in the US do they have a nationwide platform and make the news every other day while the true heroes of humanity remain in obscurity.

  • JDavidS

    Oh yeah, Pat, you’re absolutely right. Keep it all under wraps, ladies… That’s why us guys find those women wearing head-to-toe covering…burqas…just so damned hot.

  • Ford Truck

    Did you also know that Obama was the cause of the U.S. Civil War? In 1861, the southern slave owners foresaw that in 1961, exactly 100 years in the future, a black man, Barack Obama would be born, and would become a liberal president. In an attempt to prevent being governed by an administration lead by a black man, they tried to secede. The liberal northerners then attacked the south to give this future black man authority over the south.

    • Allan Richardson

      That sounds like the plot for Harry Turtledove’s novel “The Guns of the South.” In 1863, mysterious strangers give Lee’s troops hundreds of AK-47s with plenty of ammo. Not only do they have more firepower than the Union, they don’t fill the air with smoke, so the Rebels can see better. The strangers turn out to be the ONE group of people more racist toward black people than the white Southerners: time traveling Afrikaaners from the 21st century, who want to remove the US as a possible source of inspiration for the overthrow of Apertheid in their country, South Africa. The plot twists AFTER the Confederate victory are even more interesting than the change in the outcome of the war.

      Scientists still do not know whether time travel is possible, but if it is, we know Democrats do NOT have a time machine. If we did, then President Gore would have prevented 9/11 and avoided wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. So obviously, if there ARE any time machines out there, the right wing folks must have them!

      • Gore would tax the air we breathe.

    • plc97477

      Exactly 100 years, sounds like you might be on to something. Maybe Obama went back in time to get that started.

    • DurdyDawg

      … and I have it on good authority that Obama incited the Japanese into attacking us on December 7, 1941 (how this relates to Obama who was 20 years pre-twinkle only the neo-cons know). Let’s just say it revolves around:

  • Grannysmovin

    These people are Certifiably Batsh*t Crazy and need to be ignored for their own safety and that of the general public.

  • BiteMeLiberals

    It’s all Bush’s fault.

    • jmprint

      No place the blame where you should the TEA PARTY!

      • BiteMeLiberals

        Are they really a party?

        • Sand_Cat

          You just never give up, do you, BiteMe boy?
          Sorry, but they aren’t a “party” in the sense that you can go there and search for liberals to help you satisfy your sexual perversions while having a few beers.
          Are you sure you can’t get it up for conservatives? I believe statistics show that sexual deviants – especially the really mean and violent ones you obviously favor as partners – more often come from extremely conservative, religious, and repressive backgrounds. But then, you probably already know that.

    • Sand_Cat

      Isn’t everything?
      No, I guess it must be Obama’s fault that even the lunatics of the right find you so unattractive you have to troll for sexual favors on liberal websites.

      • BiteMeLiberals

        You wrote this on a Saturday night at 9 PM? FUNNY!!!

        • Sand_Cat

          I did it out of pity for a poor lonely deviant who wandered onto a political site seeking sexual partners.

          • BiteMeLiberals

            You were trolling for child porn like a true libtard.

  • Thomas Martin

    Just a bunch of sick pups with no answers or solutions to problems other than austerity: cut, block, blame, cut, block, blame and finally stupidity. Their combined IQ is one point below a fern.

  • Mark Forsyth

    So many fools and so little time.What is it with these guys named Rush?Whether it’s a first or last name,they seem to be crazier than shit house rats.

  • daffodilly

    Does it occur to the older generation of right-wingers that the current crop of their bretheren (and sisters) are, more and more, embracing the Communist Devil’s Spawn Godless Russia and her heathen son Vladimir Putin? John Birch (and the Koch brothers’ father) would role over in their graves if they could see the sons and daughters of their followers making excuses for the bahavior of the “Russian devils”. Does anyone else see the irony in this?

    • Allan Richardson

      But the Russkies aren’t commies anymore! I saw Yeltsin and Putin praying in the Orthodox funerals of the Czar’s family, remember? No, their leaders are no longer promoting the evil ideology of Marx and Lenin. They are just plain old, garden variety EVIL men, and our right wingers are quite comfortable teaming up with them to fight OUR liberals. Notice how Putin didn’t cause us any problems when Bush was in the White House?

      • Because Bush was an American.

  • Grannysmovin

    Bitemeliberals is a paid troll!!!!

    • Allan Richardson

      Then his employers should ask for a refund, because he is not making any logical points that would change anyone’s opinion. Or maybe they are paying for quantity, not quality.

      • BiteMeLiberals

        Neither are yours. You can’t change libtard.

        • iowasteve

          Listen to me very carefully BML. Since your wages re being paid by my tax money – and I’m sure it is, since it was paid by a republican who most likely doesn’t pay taxes – that means you also work for me – SHUT THE FUCK UP and YOU’RE FIRED!

          • BiteMeLiberals

            Make me libtard.

          • Sand_Cat

            Again, try NAMBLA. They’re always looking for corruptible 12-year olds, though I guess the fact that you’re already obviously a whore might cool their ardor a bit. Still, I’m sure some one in the organization is as desperate as you, desperate enough to call himself a liberal to help you get it up.

        • Sand_Cat

          Still searching desperately for sex among the liberal? Tell us, while being bitten, do you like to be beaten and burned with cigarettes, too? Does having Fox news on full volume help you get it up, or do you like to recite your own lies and delusions?

      • DurdyDawg

        Why should they? It all comes out of the tax coffers.. their not investing.

  • ExRadioGuy15

    Here’s something you should not forget….
    GOP Cons are Fascist psychopaths;
    GOP Tea Partiers are Fascist sociopaths…
    GOP Libertarians are Fascism-suborning sociopaths…
    Or, as a Facebook friend of mine correctly wrote a few weeks back, “the Cons are the organ grinders and the Tea Party are the monkeys”.
    While my friend used to be correct about that, the truth now is that the “monkeys” of the party are no longer dancing to the tune of the organ grinders. This is better known as the “GOP Civil War”.
    (Those three groups of people above make up more than 95% of the politicians of the party while only making up no more than a third of its voters, btw)
    More importantly, however, you must remember one of the four differences between psychopaths and sociopaths and it highlights the biggest difference between the Cons and the rest of the party: intelligence.
    Psychopaths are extremely dangerous because they possess intelligence, intelligence they use to mask their mental defects and try to manipulate the stupid. You can see sociopaths coming from a hundred miles away.
    GOP Progressives and Moderates, who make up two-thirds of the voters of the party, are so inundated by fear, ignorance and cognitive dissonance that they end up being manipulated by the Fascist and psychopathic Cons.
    Do not make the mistake of underestimating the evil Fascist psychopathy of the GOP Cons. Also remember that Fascists and psychopaths count on the discomfort and apathy of those they manipulate to stay in power.

  • weary_jane

    I’ve read these demented people’s explanations blaming everything on President Obama. It is a free country, and one can say whatever one pleases. As for me I shall not waste my time any longer reading such trash.

    • ExRadioGuy15

      Read my post for an explanation as to why you’re correct when you say, “I’ve read these demented people’s explanations blaming everything on President Obama”….

  • quickmatch

    Hmmm…very strange: I just Google searched america–spelled exactly that way–and the first two subject displayed were this movie. And the sixth offering was “America-Rotten Tomatoes” which rated the move one star. The critic’s reviews range from blandly neutral to flat-out bashing. The Tomatometer registered a pathetic 9%, though the audience response was 89% “liked it” (but, who would go to see shch a movie except the choir of leftie-bashers?), and the box office is about $12 million. Perhaps that performance disappointment is due more to the lack of general audience quality than Google’s suggested non-performance.

  • tdm3624

    It is just as wrong to force people to own guns as it is to force them to not own guns. I would say though, that it isn’t a bad idea to have gun safety classes readily available for students. We do sex ed and drug ed, why not gun safety ed?

    • neeceoooo

      Our young people are already calloused enough to the image of guns and rifles being waved around on every street corner and shop. Great way to make us all safer.

  • Cindy Holt

    Actually, Ron Paul beat him to it with his newsletter last Sunday where he suggested the same thing.

  • Lisztman

    Ahh, yes. Let’s take all those teen males with untamed testosterone — the kind who get sucked into gangs — and teach them how to use guns! That’ll fix our problem…
    How about we teach them how to find books, periodicals, heck — the National Memo — of interest, and how to apply lessons to life?

    • Allan Richardson

      Two things the right wing does NOT want to subsidize: education and mental health care. Both of these cause loss of their voting base!

    • Sand_Cat

      Do you really want 12 or 13-year-olds like the “BiteMe” boy above running around with guns?

  • DurdyDawg

    Why are these nut jobs loose in this country? When are we going to get a belly full of ignorance? And to make it even worse, they themselves vote to raise THEIR salaries!!.. Nothing stinky in that trough.

  • Melinda Killie

    OMG! Pat Robertson is a dirty ole man! Listen to the waaaay he talks! NO ONE should listen to this crusty, dirty ole fart! PERIOD!

    • idamag

      Yes, I am sure he drools over lacy stockings. He hasn’t explained why the youngest rape victim was nine months old.

  • Elliot J. Stamler

    Obama is responsible for my arthritis. Obama is also responsible for my achy hip. The R line NYC subway here was screwed up over the weekend by the MTA–Obama ordered it. My roommate also had a painful hip for a day 2 days ago–Obama did that. Later today I am seeing my dentist because I suspect I have a small cavity–Obama gave me the cavity.