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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Bryan Fischer

American Family Association mouthpiece Bryan Fischer, who memorably warned Americans that “hypermasculine homosexuals” are turning the U.S. military into “Hitler’s stormtroopers,” has a new warning for the country: The Gay Gestapo is here, and they are going to enslave you.

“The leaders of the Gay Gestapo have become our new slave masters. They can now send us to the hole if we refuse the massa’s demands,” Fischer wrote a column for the extreme-right website, Barbwire. The hate group leader’s rant was inspired by the plight of Jack Phillips, a Colorado baker who has been denied the right to discriminate against gay customers. To Fischer, that’s basically slavery and Nazism, all wrapped in one flamboyant package.

“Not only is Phillips being reduced to slavery, he is now the victim of tyranny as well since he is being compelled by the government to violate his own conscience,” Fischer writes.

“So meet our new overlords, the new owners of the American plantation, the gay mafia,” he adds. “All hail Big Gay, our new slave masters.”

Just in case Fischer’s message wasn’t clear enough, he followed up with a Thursday morning report on “homofacism” featuring this subtle image:

Gay Hitler

How does Fischer know so much about “Big Gay” and slavery, you might ask? Remember: He loves black males.

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386 Responses to This Week In Crazy: Obamacare Is Worse Than 9/11, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

  1. I am now thoroughly convinced that Texas Republicanism is a disease. Luckily, with that platform, given Texas’ demographic trends, the five guys who will make up the entirety of their party in 20 years won’t be much of an issue.

    • If the current acrimony between the T’s and the R’s continues they will have themselves a good old fashioned western shootout down there in Laredo,killing each other off.Then they will at least have finally done something to benefit the country.

        • I’ve no misconceptions on the level of their hate but I know enough about it to know that not only can they not survive on it but that it is self destructive.Much like a fireball,it is very impressive as it feeds on itself until it burns out.

    • I don’t see how your race would have anything to do with your opinion that discrimination against people, for being born into a minority, should be protected by law. Unless, you want to make the additional point that you think the gov. should be involved in enforcing the opinions of some folk’s version of morality through discriminatory laws. Just not reinstate the discriminatory laws they
      used to enforce on your people, as a minority. For believe it or not, many of those same concepts like morality, fairness, and societal
      good, they are now using against the Gays. Do you remember the reason given for the prohibition of interracial marriage? It was nearly universal in the U.S. only a few years ago. Maybe you agree with that law as well? It was said at the time, it was against nature, and the children, yes, the children must be protected. So, you want that we should start brining back these good old American values, for another run around the block? Mr. Fisher, I guarantee you would enjoy your support in that endeavor. You being Black, and all.

      • And a woman at that, not concerned about other women loosing their rights. I guess she is one of those that falls under the false christian religion.

    • And because of government intervention, you are allowed to vote without undue restrictions preventing it.

    • I’m a little surprised at that. Fischer made this comment:

      “Not only is Phillips being reduced to slavery, he is now the victim of tyranny as well since he is being compelled by the government to violate his own conscience,” Fischer writes.”

      Would you continue to agree with Fischer, if Phillips’ “conscience” told him not only to discriminate against gays, but also blacks, and maybe Jews and maybe Asians, and maybe any number of other groups including the biggest sinners of all, “divorced and remarried people” who are living in far greater sin than any gays???

      Why is it these religious bigots are so hyped up about gays, but yet would have been willing to vote for a far bigger sinner, Newt Gingrich, if he had won the Republican nomination in 2012??? Why is everyone ignoring the fact that Jesus has CLEARLY SAID “if you’re married and even look at another woman lustfully” you’ve committed adultery in your heart. A clear sin!! And if you divorce you’re wife and you both remarry, you’re both living in sin!!!

      Yet in morel than 3 years of preaching, Jesus never once brought up the subject of gay relationships!! Why do you suppose that is?? Jesus wasn’t someone to not be clear about what he considered to be a sin, so could it be that God does not necessarily consider gay relationships a sin?? That it may, like virtually everything else, make a difference as to why the relationships exist??

      I’m not pretending to know what God thinks about them, but what I do know is that it’s not my place to decide for Him, and to pass judgment based on what I don’t know for sure. Which is exactly what many of today’s religions are doing – JUST LIKE the Pharisee’s and other sects of Jesus day who THOUGHT THEY KNEW FOR SURE because of what Moses had told them; a lot of which had changed over the centuries; like divorce, which Moses said was okay, no longer was!!!!

      And because of their MISGUIDED BELIEFS, actually crucified the son of God!!!

  2. Bryan Fischer: I am sure Dr. Carson would come out of retirement to help you.

    Glenn Beck: Beck unfortunately there are too many people who hear voices in their head and it is not God communicating with them, you can afford a world renowned physiatrist.

    Dr. Ben Carson: Brilliant neurosurgeon – logic not so much.
    Janis Lane: “Probably the biggest turn we ever made was when the women got the right to vote,” Lane told the interviewer, unprompted. I wonder how far that train of thought travels?

    Texas GOP: Let them succeed, put up the Herman Cain’s electrified fences and strong border patrols and only allow the reasonable individuals to back across the border. I would say give them back to Mexico, but they don’t want them either

  3. As 17 million more previously uninsured Americans have healthcare this year than last, the Nazis have obviously won. Because as all students of Nazi Gr. know. The first thing Hitler, or any such evil regime does, is first make sure medical care is available, and affordable. As every Fascist Fighter knows, nothing portends mass genocide, like more people getting a regular doctor. And nothing says freedom, like taking a two year old with an ear infection to the emergency room in the dead of night, and waiting three hours to get a prescription. So you go, T-Party! You bunch of sold out, lunatic, Sons of Bitches. Just know. The Koch Bros. don’t have your life boat waiting. You’re going down right along with the rest of us.

    • Already Medicare coverage is lessening because of the tremendous costs of Obamacare. Also, why do you mention the Koch Bros. without mentioning George Soros? You have bit deep into the Left’s Propaganda without really checking out the truth.

      • paul, your at it again don’t defend Perry, he is a total jerk, if he had expanded medicare in Texas, more would be insured, and they would become more productive. You always bring up Sorors, but Soros is not funding gazillion non-profit Tea Party base organization. The Kock brothers are.

      • I mentioned the Kochs because you can’t bash the T-Party, without giving credit, where credit’s due.

        • wow Pick a scandal any scandal …and there have been more under Obama then the last 43 Presidents combined and every single time the Liberal media tries it’s best to get it out of the News cycle . Whether the timing of Obama’s illegally circumventing Congress ( AGAIN ) and releasing 5 Muslim Terrorists was designed to distract from his other scandals all he did was create a new scandal . Trading 5 terrorists for one deserter was foolhardy and sets bad precedents . 1 it shows Obama will bargain with terrorists and 2 it puts every American in a Muslim country at risk of being kidnapped and used as a bargaining chip . My guess when factoring in Obama’s record of self serving decisions to make himself look good and his record of LYING is that yes this was another purposeful and treasonous act . It totally sets back America and her foreign policy but hey ….no one is talking about the VA now are they ??? Now Obama goes and gives a speech on D Day and the Veterans refuse to meet with him … See they see right through him too

          • You, and I just have a fundamental difference in the way we grade Presidents. I don’t hold much credibility
            on scandals, until they’re actually shown to be real. By the way, I don’t agree with those who are not Pres. disagreeing with the current President, and calling that a scandal. That is not a scandal. That is political wrangling. That goes for Presidents of either stripe. And I don’t consider errors in judgment scandals. Unless made by a President who on the campaign trail, promised to never make errors. That said, I do judge my Presidents by their overall record of getting the big decisions right. A great deal of Obama’s Presidency has been consumed cleaning up the messes of the previous President. Who got almost all
            of his big decisions wrong, or partially wrong, or though incompetence, managed to F up even some of
            his better decisions. As in his good intentions in dealing with Katrina. His picks of people, like a horse breeder for FEMA Chief. Or his economy advisors, led by his Secretary of Treasury. Charged with watching the health of the economy, and adherence to the SEC rules, monitary policy, etc. Those were scandals relating to competency. How for example, even if true, some veterans refused to meet with this President, does that compare with launching a major military operation on the premise of securing WMDs. and being wrong What have been the consequences for the Country? I deem a lot of this small ball politics as base massage for the upcoming mid-term elections. It riles you up. Me, and the Left, not so much. Bring in something, that totally flushes 3/4 trillion, like an economic crisis, or the Iraqi War. Then, we’ll talk substance.

          • Not a bad comment and I can even agree with some of that but lets face it .. This isn’t about Bush so I don’t know why people on the left constantly spin and deflect to that to try to defend Obama .. Obama’s record is far worse and Bush didn’t have scandals every week . I can agree that disagreeing with a President doesn’t make something a scandal . If you are referring to the 5 terrorists swap for Bergdahl I would call that just a bed bed precedent and decision that was done with the purposeful timing to get the VA scandal off the front page and news cycle

          • This isn’t about deflection, Bush, or Obama. But,
            about how one is supposed to determine if, as you
            claim, Obama’s record is much worse. In what way
            can you make that finding? As one really can’t completely separate the outgoing President’s record. The problems, solved, or left undone. Any accomplishments, or lack thereof. Or it’s effect on the incoming’s one’s, fairly, until both are over. And, enough time has elapsed to judge the results of
            those things that become the legacy of each. A good friend of mine for many years, and a staunch Conservative, were having a drink, and discussing
            the miserable state of the economy in Feb. ’09. The
            bank bailout, the 800,000 jobs being eliminated each month, the horrible state of the housing market. I offered maybe a change at the top was
            a good thing. Goading my friend, and he knew it.
            Then, he ask, what the hell was Obama doing about
            it? I said well, (I’ll call him Mike.) He’s only been in office a couple of weeks. To which, “Mike,” said, Well, it don’t look like he’s doing anything to me, but
            making it worse! And it wasn’t but a month to two until the most radical pundits on the Right, started calling Obama the worse President ever! To which I thought, how the fuck could you possibly know, after a couple of months? So, comparisons have to
            be made. But, in order to have credibility they also
            need time to judge the results. And I think that’s fair.
            And avoids the back, and forth between Bush, who
            let’s be honest, left a certain amount of unfinished business. And who’s decision to go to war in Iraq will effect the Middle East for years to come. And as to Obama, who’s economic, and military decisions, and the healthcare law, will leave plenty of topics, by which to judge the man’s performance as President, as well, for many years to come.

          • one statement black man pres. of U.S consitution cool when said all men created equal as long as they’er old white men no other need apply and hey that’s cool but at least own it look this is an old saying don’t piss on me and then tell me it rainingmeaning when your a bigot say your a bigot we already know it

          • Not a racist or a bigot . Have dated and lived with two Black women . You always know when you have won a point with a Liberal when they play the race card

          • Talk about scandal, President GW Bush’s preemptive Iraq war was never necessary. Here is why:

            President Bush, in a 10/7/02 Cincinnati speech, said: “If we know Saddam Hussein has dangerous weapons today – and we do…” but he didn’t and was proven 100% wrong. Moreover, months before the Cincinnati speech administration officials Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice both disagreed with the president’s WMD claim.

            In a 02/24/01 joint press conference in Egypt − with Egyptian Foreign Minister Amre Moussa − Colin Powell said: “frankly they (sanctions) have worked. He (Hussein) has not developed any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass destruction,” (

            And Condoleezza Rice, in a CNN Wolf Blitzer 7/29/01 interview indicated the weakness of Iraq when she said “his country is divided… He does not control the northern part of his country. We are able to keep arms from him and his military forces have not been rebuilt;” (

            Iraqi war failure is best summed up by an Oct. 24, 2005, American Conservative article, “Money for Nothing,” which says that “When the final page is written on America’s catastrophic imperial venture, one word will dominate the explanation of U.S. failure—corruption. Large-scale and pervasive corruption…” (

            In addition to “no bid contracts” and other contractor fraud, cost to Americans and Iraqi’s have been staggering in more ways than money. In 2011Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies first released a “Costs of War report” ; here are some of the project’s findings:

            * Our tally of all of the war’s recorded dead — including soldiers, militants, police, contractors, journalists, humanitarian workers and civilians — shows that over 330,000 people have died due to direct war violence, many more indirectly.”

            * The US federal price tag for the Iraq war — including an estimate for veterans’ medical and disability costs into the future — is about $2.2 trillion dollars. The cost for both Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan is going to be close to $4 trillion, not including future interest costs on borrowing for the wars. Many of the wars. (

            Second, the number of veteran patients visiting VA health-care center rose from 3.4 million in 2000 to 5.6 million in 2012,” according to a 5/24-25/2014 WSJ article, “VA’s Budget, and Rolls, have boomed,” (

            So, follow the links for the “rest of the story” about an overcrowded VA system because of an unnecessary Iraq war that had nothing to do with President Obama and everything to do with President GW Bush.

          • Let me see if I got this right … It’s all Bush’s fault ? That is your reply to Obama’s scandals ? You people are still being taught to use that ??? First off all ypu did was spin and deflection ( gee I wonder where you learned that tactic Alinsky Obama Carney Axelrod ) second what you posted has a whole lot of holes and quotes taken out of context . It was Powell who told Bush of WMD’s and he is a Democrat and Every single Dem supported the war sooooo… The VA has had systemic problems but there werent two year waits with Vets dying while leading administrators LIED on their paperwork to CYA …Of course and as per usual the Dept heads and Obama were the very last people to know about this just like every other scandal .. They find out from the media .. Look Shinseki should of been fired immediately and the only reason he wasn’t is because we have a community organizer who is more concerned with how it would reflect upon him then fixing the problem .

          • “Let me see if I got this right … It’s all Bush’s fault ?”


            “That is your reply to Obama’s scandals?”

            There are no scandals. You Teabuggers made them up to confound our government and show your racist hatred for our president.

            “You people are still being taught to use that ???”

            We do not need to be taught by your LYING wacko media. We have minds. We gather information and make informed decisions. I can see how you would think (oops, wrong word) BELIEVE that nonsense, because you are spoon fed that race hating Kool-Aid by your right-wacko talking head sock puppet handlers.

          • Your post proves my point exactly .. Thank You for doing that better then I ever could . You are still being told to blame Bush even after 5 1/2 years of the Obama Train Wreck . So you are still being taught to blame Bush when anyone could see Obama’s prblems are his own but you ignore that and just repeat a mindless and erroneous Talking Point … And then you go all intolerant and just start crapping all over the chess board while knocking over the chess pieces .. Sweet name calling .. And you wonder why EVERYONE considers Liberals to be intolerant immature and ignorant ????? the Term Sheeple is so apt … Just keep repeating what they tell you to . You serve your masters well

          • The only thing proven is that you still cannot read. . . .

            On the other hand, the simple fact that you come to a blog that exposes the rampant racism, intolerance, greed, misogyny, stupidity, LIES, immorality, and just plain hatred that right-wackos so obviously exhibit everyday, AND then you try to defend same, makes anything you say pretty pointless. Thiis blog is about YOU! All you prove is your ignorance.

            Like I said, we aren’t being “taught” anything. WE think and observe. Being “taugh” is exactly what creates cretin haters like you. Of course, in your total stupidity, you are so dumb you come here regularly to be “schooled.”

            As for Bush, it was not Obama that started a war over false evidence and with false pretenses. We were lied to by that Bush-Cheney unholy evil hate bunch of war criminals. Bush is responsible for 4000+ American service personnel dying, thousands more maimed for life, the resulting VA scandal is directly related to the overwhelming of the VA’s resources by these unholy wars. Made worse by Rethug obstruction about funding the VA.

            These wars were not even paid for by Bush. That put our economy in the crapper. AND you have the nerve to not only claim we are being taught when we just observe the truth, but you have the nerve to blame that black president that you hate so bad for all these problems. And then, there are probably 500,000 dead civilians. Dead because your war criminals started an unnecessary and unjust war. Top it off with a few trillion dollars spent. ALL on credit!

            Why don’t you go ram your head back up your ass where it popped out of, lying dog. You’re not a sheeple, you are sheeple shit! Stop lying and tell the truth. Just once before you drop dead.

            Everyone does not mean 10% of the white population. The pure racist liars and thugs that you hand with are not EVERYONE. Yet, everyone knows that Teatardthugs are the nastiest little dirty animals on Earth. So, keep believing what you have been spoon-fed by your sock puppet, anal invading controllers. A little self-loathing closet queen like you probably likes it when they make you squirm by pinching your prostate.

            If serving ANY master destroys the evil you represent. All the liles, racism, and hate you spew constantly. Then I WOULD serve them gladly.

          • BLAH, BLAH, BLAH is all we hear from your rants.
            cbarneym told you facts, but like ALL republican puppets, you are not allowed to check facts.

          • There have been more FAKE and MANUFACTURED scandals under Obama than ever before. More filibusters than under nearly all the presidents before him too. All thanks to criminals in the Teabugger party.

            We need to impeach the entire Rethug party and get some decent people to start working for America, instead of working for the short term filthy gains of trash like the Kochroaches.

          • That’s because if the president farts and sneezes at the same time it becomes a scandel to the republicans. The democrats on the other hand have more common sense.

            Bengazi – not a scandal
            IRS – not a scandal
            Obamacare -not a scandal
            Bring A soldier home – not a scandal


            Most are employee mistakes, and you and I both know that under all administrations things will go wrong as it has always been that way, mistakes happen, but you guys are trying to pin all wrong doing on the President and it ain’t going to happen.

            Also it is obvious that if a person changes their mind, it doesn’t mean they are lying. As everybody is entitled to change their mind if they see it for the better.


          • Your post shows that you are unhinged . I hope you can get back on your meds … No one is talking to you or listening either

          • I guess you have a fixation on meds because they stuffed you full of them at Lakeshore. Am I not correct?

          • Unlike yourself ( and your post prove it ) I dont take any meds … so like always you are incorrect . What is Lakeshore .. oh never mind I dont want a reply

          • BUT, big mouth, you are going to get a reply. Smashing trolls is all I am here to do. It is my occupation and pre-occupaiton.

            Your post proved your are crazy-train. You syntax sounds just like someone that has gotten a big snoot of Diazepam, or Phenobarb. Maybe, a little Haldol for the “spaz.”

            You know very well what Lakeshore is. You might even be there right now. I bet nightie-night comes early there.

          • Tell me bikey, why do you come here. Maybe, it is because I have been neglectful of my duties. I guess you have been scampering around unescorted. BUT, I’m here now and I will make it a-l-l better. Just not for you. 🙂

          • You know biketroll, you are like Rocky. You get punched silly and get beaten to a pulp. Yet, the similarity ends there. Unfortunately, you don’t have a punch to get back in the game.

          • bikejedi I ask you to forgive me for that display of temper . as U.S. vet it is beyond my scope of understanding why you would imply that the pres.made a deal too get back a fellow solider as any one can tell you that this has been happening at the end of all wars. what I didn’t remember was I wasn’t talking with a person that had been to war tell me while I was shooting at these men and trying to kill them as they were trying to kill me what was you doing I know looking at fox news this is our creed we NEVER EVER LEAVE ONE BEHIND but I know you don’t get it but let me put it this way if that was your son wouldn’t and he had been sent to war got taken by the enemy would’nt you want your country to do all it could to get him back

          • I agree that we should do what we can to get our people back … Too bad Obama didnt share that sentiment when two ex Seals were repelling a Muslim terrorist attack in Benghazi … You cant have it both ways . It should always be our policy to get one of our own back but trading a dream team of Terrorists for one Deserter is going to cost more American lives . If you follow what Obama has been trying to do with his failed foriegn policy most believe he is trying to help the Taliban have a permanent say in the affairs of Afghanistan after we leave … Karzi has warned against this agenda ..but Obama thinks that if you appease people like the Taliban in Afghanistan or like he did with the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt that they will cooperate … THEY WONT … they dont want peace they dont want to coexist they want to Terrorize people… The Taliban has been demanding the release of ALL of the Terrorists in Gitmo and these 5 leaders as a starting point to negotiate with Obama … That is why the deal was made … form all intel Bergdahl deserted . We also have lost at least 6 and maybe more of our own trying to retrive this deserter before the Military decide to stop wasting lives on a deserter . In the meantime Bergdahl has become a trusted member of the Taliban…to the point they let him carry his own Ak … How do we know that he hasnt killed our guys ??? So no I dont agree with swapping 5 Terrorist leaders for one deserter … Especially when it is probably more about Obama negotiating with these Terrorists then getting Bergdahl back . Do you want to bet these guys will be responsible for even more Terrorists attacks and that they will probably try to attack us here ?… Because I will take that bet …

          • Oh dear God, Mr. Porter, that was magnificient!

            A number one, grade A, ass ripping. I congratulate you!!!

      • Medicare coverage is not lessening, ask the people on medicare and you will the coverage is the same as it was before the affordable medical went into effect. check your facts from some place other than Fox new not News and other sources like it. You are the one that is not checking out the truth.

        • That’s funny because my friend who’s Mother was an Army col ( Med ) is dying and now that Obamacare is here she cant get her usual prescriptions under part D … So it would appear the Liberal rhetoric doesn’t match what is happening in the real world … But hey look at the bright side … All those Obama voters on entitlements are already getting their free coverage under the medicare raid

          • Mark, was it you that asked me not to post to the trolls? I forget easily these days. Just curious.

          • Probably.I admit there are times that I can’t resist dipping my toe in.jedi and I have old history.He is still digging up his non facts from the same old dung heap.

          • You know that angelstink actually committed a real crime on MJ. I forget the exact Federal code violation now, but he used faked FBI documents because I was “harassing” him to much. Oddly, it started the conversation itself. Third time in a row that it did so. Just couldn’t it take the a dose of the crap it starts.

            The fun part was, the date on the “form” was for Tuesday, when the “incident” happened the NEXT day. I am still mulling over what to do about it. As a government employee I may be obligated to report it. On the other hand, the FBI is unlikely to care about a warped, diseased little freak like angelstink. So, I am rather conflicted.

            As for Mikey Bikey, we have history going way back too. Why don’t they just go to Freifart where they can actually threaten to kill Obama and no one bats an eye. I know that to be true, because the last time me and bikejerk had it out, I pursued him to his lair. What I found there was sickening. I doubted for my sanity, so I never went back. Ugh!

            I noticed Huff has made some changes. Probably not good either. In any case, if I continue to post much longer, I will probably do it at Kos. I hate their format of posting, but I love the fact that a-holes go down in flames real quick. No need to keep wacking the troll moles over the head. 🙂

          • I agree with your take on the comments procedure at D.K..Just as well,I spend too much time on line anyway.I did notice your absence.
            I don’t remember the dolts name,but his comment to me came in around 11:p.m. Saturday night and was in response to something I posted more than a month ago.I let him have it with both barrels.I thought for sure that he would respond,but nothing.Guess he didn’t know that I am a charter member of the Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting Club,that started years before anyone ever heard of Elton John.Probably also didn’t know that I tend to get a little cranky when it’s close to bedtime.

          • Well said. Your comments are one of the reasons that I liked it here. That, long before I ever made my first post. (I only read the group for over a year. Maybe, three years, but I am getting senile.) 🙂

            Not that dry, stale, stupid, disgusting drivel of the right-wackers. . . .

          • Forgive me Russell,but when I consider your consciousness I rather doubt your senility.And Thank You for the compliment.

          • Your welcome Mark. No, I am not very sharp any more. Not like I was. Of course, I look like a bloody genius next to our trolls. So do you, by the way. 🙂

          • I don’t know what criteria you’re using Russ,but as long as you keep making sense you shouldn’t worry.By the way,there’s no time limit on responses.
            As for the trolls,don’t hesitate to give them a F.U. when it suits you.

          • Whether I take meds, or no, running circles around a bigoted, mental midget, waste of time and skin like you would still be the NORM.

          • Easy, easy Mark. I know fucking himself is quite natural, but we don’t want him propagating. Scarier than the hatchling on the original Alien movie. 🙂

          • Yeah, I know.I just handed some of his B.S. back to him.Thus endeth discourse with the troll.

          • Bikey was accusing me of racism for making a disparaging remark about his manhood. Maybe, these morons really don’t know the difference. Well, we both know they do, but they are just not the brightest stars in the sky.

            You are of course right. I am not proud of myself, but I am not going to let up on angelstink this time. It could be said that I am not conducting myself in a manner that “promotes good order,” but angelstench never really figured out who I really am. I hinted dozens of times. I am going to tender the letter than I worked on for days some months back. I am pragmatic enough to know that this is just a sideshow for them, but use of threats using false information and false reports to the FBI is punishable by 5 years. Maybe, they will act. All I want is a little peace in here, see more good times than bad, see good people speak their minds, all without constant attack from evil, irrelevant morons.

            Well, on the topic of your post. You do know that bikejerk is the third incarnation of that “Mike” we had in here several years ago. Well. at least three. He is from Chicago way. I always ride him about being in Lakeside. (Chicagoland nut farm)

            The details are a little fuzzy now. I need to consult my notes, but as I remember he was trashing me for not knowing who one of Obama’s aides was in Illinois. I don’t live in Chicagoland. Why should I follow the path of a local politician that was not even elected at the time.

            You see, this lady was a customer of bikejerk and she worked for Obama. Anyway, I really thought I should tell law enforcement about bikejerk. He was talking about this lady like she was some whoring trash. He was making smirking remarks about the fact that she was so stupid and naive. Especially, when it came to who he “really” was. I felt like she was in danger.

            Now he hints that he was actually dating her? Ugh!

          • When I began to read the Memo,I forget when it was,seems like forever,my visits to the site were infrequent.You most likely were on here before me.I don’t recall the exchange between you and a’stink.Based on what you’ve described, I would pursue it if you think you have a case.If he was so egregious,it’s a wonder that Disqus didn’t censor him.You know of course that you can always flag someone’s comment when you feel they have gone overboard.I think that Disqus should do more to deter the trolls.I wouldn’t mind if someone who disagrees with me or the general Memo consensus wanted to hash it out,but the trolls are not interested in civil discourse and never concede any valid points even when the facts are backed up with empirical evidence.I’m sure you are as familiar as I am with their bait and switch tactics,diversions and various B.S.
            On a different note- I have for a few years now been pursuing other health strategies besides those offered by conventional medicine and Big Pharma.I began to investigate ancient Ayurvedic medicine,reported to be the source of all medicinal knowledge and originating in ancient India,it is still practiced and in use today.I just received an herbal supplement that I order from a reputable source.I have been using three different herbs with good results for a while now.A product flyer was included and listed something that might be of interest to you.It is called Eleuthero. It is an adaptogen that helps modulate stress.Athletes strongly favor its use.It improves memory,work output,and the building of blood.It’s an anti-fatigue,improves use of oxygen,supports immune function and is mildly stimulating.I just thought I’d mention it.
            I can provide more info if it sounds like something you can use.

          • The problem is Mark, bikejerk has no moral or ethical understanding whatsoever. All he understands is scratching his balls and pushing “Enter.”

          • Well, I guess I might have been too generous. Heat of the moment and all. . . .

            He probably has someone to push the Enter key for him. Another of his b*tt buddy’s probably does the typing. Yet another one translates his farting noises into human dialogue.

          • Biketroll, just like a Timex, . . . takes a d*cking, and keeps on licking. Well, same general idea. . . .

            Yeah, that was bad, but I am quitting for the night. I may have to quit altogether. I am having so much fun with our creepy trolls, my obligations are suffering.
            🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Lady’s first … and here I thought we were all friends here .. I know why dont we all sing Kumbaya and when we are done with that you and byrd can both volunteer to adopt one of those Illegal Alien kids to show us all how compassionate you are

          • You are a filthy, disruptive, moron liar, Mikey. You exhibit a rainbow of mental midgetry. I kind of like that one. Maybe, you are not a bigot. You hate women, gays, minorities, and liberals all equally. Unfortunately, you love sucking assholes too. Oops, OTHER assholes. All you do is troll the group looking to bad mouth and disrupt legitimate conversation. You have no right to post, because you have never had anything to say besides ignorant nonsense. You come only to destroy.

          • Mark said it better than I. “Go fuck yourself,asshole!” Sounds like a plan you should adopt.

          • Why do you do this bikejerkoff? Everytime you pull this little lying tantrum spell, you get sent packing in tears. Why stir up another ass-whooping?

            I guess the crop of nuts at Lakeshore must have gotten ripe. I bet though, you do not pick the nuts off of trees there, do you?

            I am ready, willing, and will absolutely enjoy burning your stupid, lying, troll ass again!!!!!

          • Here bikeplop, you are in luck. I was having so much hilarity with you I almost missed a dinner date. So Bikey, I will give you a pass tonight. Business comes first. Unlike yourself, I have a job and a profession. So I will leave you with what I posted to Mr. Forsyth:

            You know, when I was in school, the brand of jock that everyone wore was “Bike.” I guess the analogy does not need explaining.

            I am going to have to apologize to bikey for saying his “guy pals” filled him so full they had to syringe out his ass before they had another go. Really, I found out they actually use a plunger. Messier, but builds up a lot more suction.

            I hear they have an alternative plan to let him do a lip lock on a hose. Bikey is so experienced at sucking he can build up enough suction to do the job in half the time.

            HE SWALLOWS TOO. No muss, no fuss, no messy stains, . . . except on his knees. ROTFL!

            Sorry Mark for the vulgarity. I really was laughing so hard I couldn’t finish for a bit.

          • You know, when I was in school, the brand of jock that everyone wore was “Bike.” I guess the analogy does not need explaining.

            I am going to have to apologize to bikey for saying his “guy pals” filled him so full they had to syringe out his ass before they had another go. Really, I found out they actually use a plunger. Messier, but builds up a lot more suction.

            I hear they have an alternative plan to let him do a lip lock on a hose. Bikey is so experienced at sucking he can build up enough suction to do the job in half the time.

            HE SWALLOWS TOO. No muss, no fuss, no messy stains, . . . except on his knees. ROTFL!

            Sorry Mark for the vulgarity. I really was laughing so hard I couldn’t finish for a bit.

          • Sorry Mark, that was not what I meant. But forgive me for the impertinence. I was asked by a regular poster to leave angelstink alone. Hurt my feelings pretty badly. This is the first time I have been back in a couple of months.

            I am near done in these blogs. When these a-holes are on the ropes, no one wants to follow through. Of course, we cannot get rid of them, but we can make them realize how painful it is for their tender little feelings. All pain, no gain makes one (them) reluctant to take on an all week blitz.

            Like angelstench for instance. When it is left alone, it gets bolder, much bolder. When it is “hurt,” as it so often is with its tender feelings, I do not hear as much out of it. Certainly it still posts just as much, but it spends all its time trying to revise that one conversation it got stuck into. In other words, a lot of blogs are not suffering from the bad odor.

          • These blogs are about the only thing that keeps me sane. It is nice in this crazy world to have people I can talk to who remind me that there are still folks who don’t froth at the mouth and vote republican.

          • I can see “Bikejed Lector” in leg irons and a ball gag, chained to a dolly. Now that one can froth at the mouth and certainly does vote rethuglican.

            On second thought, did you ever see the original Exorcist? If you did, do you remember the scene where Linda Blair is in bed in a straight jacket and her head is spinning around spewing green bile on the priests? That is OUR angel. Me and a friend watched that scene with the sound turned off and we laughed our butts off. As they say, . . . priceless.

          • The best way to handle the trolls is to not read the crap they spout. I assume it is not worth my valuable time. Plus it pisses them off a lot.

          • Generally I don’t bother.I have been well schooled in my dealings with on-line trolls through personal experience.We used to have a lovely troll basher here on the Memo,named Fern.She could lambast the lieing bastards and cuss such a blue streak to make an old sailor blush. You can always tell when the poor little stinky trolls are hungry for attention.They start showing up on the Memo where we have the pleasure of tweaking their frustration in a wide variety of ways.

          • Fern was an ideal liberal .. so stupid she couldn’t spell her own name and she came unhinged faster then anyone other then Byrd brain .. I miss Fern

          • I guess the real guilt I carry is using such low mentality, mentally unwell, factually challenged morons like you for a punching bag. Russ, you are a thoroughly bad man. Tsk, tsk. Of course, my alterego says, “we just need some better trolls. It is not my fault that they are such liars and so stupid.”

            By the way, Fern’s only fault was thinking that right and wrong mean something in your world. I just know better. 🙂

          • Oh yes, steel blue streak of chained lightning. Yes, she could make the troll’s eyes water. Saw her about a year ago on one of the “local” circuits. Looks like she gave up on Disqus. Maybe, she was wise to move away from “Disgust.”

          • After Fern stopped using Disqus to comment on the Memo,I noticed she was using facebook when it was still a feature on this page.Don’t know where she is now,maybe moved on to greener pastures,that is to say those not fertilized with troll shit.

          • I hate to admit it, and I hate to be that way, but Fern had the right idea in some ways. Being polite to this garbage does not get us anywhere. If we are going to put up with persistent trolls, maybe, we should not only get their attention, but have a little fun rocking their world. So, for better or worse, I find that less and less becomes off-limits everyday.

          • Don’t believe you are telling the the whole truth because I am on medicare as are most of my friends and we haven’t seen any less care than we were getting before the affordable medical act became the law. So someone is lying about the mother not being able to get her medication because that is not happening.

          • No what I am telling you is the truth . You have to go to the Hospice section of this train wreck to see what is going on . Of course more and more cancer patients are also finding that out and it has been reported in the media just not the media you watch and read apparently .

          • Why LIE like this all the time. Everyone here except angelstench KNOWS you are LYING. So, what is the purpose except to just troll?

            By the way, I have absolute intimate knowledge that you have not told the truth. Just like angelstench crowed that Obamacare closed rural hospitals in Georgia. Yes, they closed, but it was due to the fact that they served a very poor, UNINSURED rural population and could not afford to keep the doors open. YET, in states that expanded Medicare, this is not happening. So, twist, twist, spin, spin. Every story you touch turns to absolute LYING garbage. Oh yeah, angelstink knows you are LYING too. “It” just loves to hear them told. . . .

          • YEAH IT CALL N.B.C. A.B.C. C.B.S C.N.N. not fear of x rays fox and in case you don’t understand the x ray part x rays shows and tells the truth which fox dose’nt
            oh I get It now Hannity’s report about the bogus death panel hell even your girl Sarah back off that one

          • You are really behind the news curve and poorly informed arent you … That is so cute and typically liberal .. Maybe you missed the study done by Liberals that showed that even to Liberals Fox is the most trusted new source and that MSNBC ranked below the Cobert report which is satire of bad media .. By the way Sarah has never backed down from that and she is being backed by Dems like Dean and Krugman..where do you get your news from ??????

          • I know, aliens abducted you and they shared all their knowledge with you.

            I think we should dry you. Grind you up. And sell you as a drug. A tenth of a gram of bikesnuff would send someone to Pluto for a month. ROTFL!

          • If he is talking about the doughnut hole and the lady is ex military as he claims why isn’t she getting her medication from the VA where it would cost her less and is some cases would be free, That is why I say he lying because the lady could be getting her medication from the VA even if she has medicare, my cousin does.

          • Well here are some that he can choke on.
            Republicans have been fighting tooth and nail against A.C.A.[alias Obamacare] for five years.Here is what they have to show for it. 1)The A.C.A. passed both houses of congress and was signed into law.2)Democrats won the 2012 presidential election and gained seats in both houses.3)Republicans got literally none of their demands during the government shutdown and debt ceiling crisis.4)Obamacare was rolled out and enrollments exceeded expectations.5)Polls show public opinion of O’care steadily improving and the Medicaid expansion to be hugely popular.
            What they are incapable of understanding or willfully ignorant of is when they are complaining about a “socialist agenda”,they are bashing Democracy.Anyone with a modicum of intelligence is able to discern who the Goddamn lousy,stinking,fucking,fascists are in this country.They are stupid enough to think that because they hoodwinked the fundamentalist and evangelical crowd and took their money,that the rest of the population will fall for their nonsense.
            NOT HAPPENING!!!!

          • LIAR . . .

            You will say anything to be racist, bash the poor, bash people that work for a living (unlike yourself), and bash that black president you so dearly despise.

          • You always know you have won a debate with a Liberal when all they have is the race card and name calling .. Thanks for making my point for me again . I only despise Obama because he is purposefully trying to ruin the greatest Nation on this planet just to make a permanent voting majority for his Socialist agenda I could care less what color he is as I have lived with and dated Black women . By the way no one is talking to you anyway

          • sorry for them. and by the way just for your f.y.i America has and always will be a country of as you call them socialist leaning why you may ask because of three little words WE THE PEOPLE our gov’t was not set up for the mighty but for the small

          • As a stoooooopid, iggggggnorant asshole of a teabugger, you cannot face the fact that you proved the entire article by your behavior here.

            Oops, that’s right, you “don’t read the ‘stinking’ articles.”

            You cannot understand that when all of your arguments center around racial hatred of that black president, THEN you are a racist. So what should I call you? Racist is your true name, and racist you will be called.

          • Again racist, you pore on the same old tired UNPROVEN racist shit about Obama intentionally ruining the nation. You even make OVERT racist statements and we are supposed to give you a pass.

          • ” By the way no one is talking to you anyway.”


          • ” By the way no one is talking to you anyway.”

            Again, using your same old tired bullshit of an argument, I have a right to post to anyone at anytime. ADD to that, I am one of the LIBERALS that this site was created to accomodate. NOT a lying SOB like you.

            So take your lame crap and go away if you cannot take it.


            You come to bully, LIE, troll, and disrupt. Act like you have some sense, and you would never hear a cross word from me.

            BUT NO, that would not be any fun, would it?

          • Have you and angelstench heard a great outcry from the regular posters? If so, show me where? The problem is you, not me.

            I am very reluctant and apologetic to start a conversation with anyone. YET, when I get tired of watching your “self-loathing closet faygo frustration release” I jump in with both feet. I do not stop until I ruin your day.

            THAT is exactly why you hate me so much.

          • Byrd Brain …No one is Talking to you or listening either… Dude get a grip and get back on your meds .. that is unless they have been cancelled like so many others by Obamacare Train Wreck …You aren’t ruining my day I haven’t laughed so hard at someone so unhinged in a long time and no I don’t hate you I pity you because you wont get any information that disagrees with what you have been brainwashed to believe in

          • No, the process is simple and has been stated many times before. We think . . . you don’t. We observe . . . you don’t. Therefore, we do not need to be taught. Most of us are actually educated and understand the methods of learning . . . oh geez, YOU DON’T you uneducated delusional fool.

            You must be brainwashed or you would probably have no further reason to live. Sad. . .

            Glad I could be entertaining.

          • Obamacare is doing fine, and will get better and better with improvements.

            The fact you are laughing means nothing to me except as a symptom of your mental derangement.

            Asfar as your pity, no one here wants what you are incapable of. In fact, that delusion of yours is just another manifestation of your mental illness.

            Anyway, “pity”? What a breathtaking bold-faced lie. Woooo!

          • If Obamacare is doing fine why did Obama Illegally delay the employer mandate … Oh that’s right he didnt want all those cancellations before the midterms …. You are still defending this even after Obama admitted he LIED about it ?????? Man they know which people they could use as fools and as tools to back whatever they want .. How does it feel that no Dem is running on Obamacare and here you are still being used as a fool in defending it for them ????

          • Because employers wanted him to, stoooooopid bikeyjerker. The employer mandate has nothing to do with individual policies. YOU LOST AGAIN.

            You know bikebitch, liars have trouble getting a point home consistently. No facts support them. By the way, that is why we call them lies.

          • If you believe that Obama did it for business and not to save the Dems some votes in the midterms then you are either a fool or a liar or both ..keep it real you are4 making yourself look like a fool even to fellow liberals

          • Last sentence you wrote is a provable lie. Most Democrats, nearly all, are campaigning for it. You would know this if you stopped lying, sucking on Flush Rimjob’s ass, and paid attention. Do you finally get who is really being brainwashed and schooled. His name has “bike” in it.

          • Your Lying is getting as crazy and ridiculous as blaming Benghazi on a You Tube Video . You know damn well that there isnt a single Dem who is touting that they voted for Obamacare in their Campaigns and most all of them are distancing themselves from the lame duck Obama . The very fact that you are out and out blatantly lying for them shows that you would get on your knees and blow Reggie Love if Obama told you to .. Sheeple indeed .. Brainwashed loyal and indoctrinated …just the way they want .. Cant you even see that … look in the mirror and man up for God sakes …

          • I never blame Benghazi on a You Tube Video. Unlike yourself, I know what reality is. YOU TUBE ain’t it.

            We both know there is NO SCANDAL. The difference is you are a lying hater, and I am not. I love truth above all else.

            Sorry bub, making shit up is not the truth. Adopting shit others spoon-fed into your empty head is not truth either.

          • Byrd Brain … can you even read ? Did I say you blamed Benghazi on You Tube ? No that was your Incompetent Community Organizer and Incompetent Killary . The Scandal is that 1 Killary denied the requested extra security and 2 after it blew up they made a totally laughable and unbelievable LIE up just to excuse what happened to cover their own asses . The fact that you bought it and repeated it for them shows that you are not only a fool and a moron but that you would bend over and let them use you as a tool …baaaa baaaaa baaaa … splooge splooge .. No one is talking to you go suck Reggie and take you meds byrd brain

          • Hey Mikey, let me lay some facts on you.

            I am talking, which is my right.

            If you weren’t here to just stir sh*t, then we would not be in a conversation.

            YOU ARE LISTENING! Duh!

            Lots of other people seem to listen to me and few, if any complain. Except of course, loser trolls like you.

            I don’t need meds.

            You do need meds and should avail yourself of medical coverage in order to finally seek some help.

          • By the way, I admire how you can type while you are spreadeagled over your compute desk and getting the “sock puppet” treatment from an whole train of your heroes. But, enough of the small talk.

            What you have been told before, and the facts and reasoning are impeccable, is this. I, and other Liberals, observe the facts and make our conclusions based on those facts without any more bias than we can help. You, and all teaservatards, make your decisions with as much racism and hate as you please, then you look for an iota of evidence to support your biased malarkey. Can you not see the difference. I will answer for you, NO.

            The shame is, you were likely equipped to understand, but you preferred lies and hatred to the truth.

          • blah blah blah … You are right I am equipped to understand and that is why I check both sides stories and go with the truth . You are equipped only to think one way and to be easily brainwashed . You want to believe everything they tell you is true but you can see with your own two eyes that Obama’s policy is detrimental to yourself and this Nation … Yet you continue to fight for him and fellate him … enjoy the splooge

          • Then you are nothing but a damned liar. No change there, and no surprise.

            No one TELLS me anything. I LISTEN to reasonable people. This is in direct contrast to yourself.

            Anyone with two eyes knows there is NOTHING wrong with Obama, or his policies. That is why you wear the title of RACIST. You have no problem with his policies. You cannot even explain those policies, not can you even explain what is wrong. You just claim they are wrong. . . . And WHY? For purely racist motivations. It is that simple.

            I don’t fight for Obama. I fight for fair play, conversation that can be conducted without filthy shit like you destroying it, and equal treatment for all. As for splooge, you would know, you get so full your guy pals have to syringe your ass. No condoms for Lakeshore Mike!

          • That is so ugly racist and intolerant I dont know how to respond … Did you ever think she had two qualities I like so I went out with her … Both were intelligent and hotter then hell … Now go take your meds and date your hand…as you can see you arent ruining my day you are making me laugh so hard that I have posted this on my page and sent it to my ex so she can see what Liberals really think of bi racial relationships … God such hatred

          • BUT, oh so true. In any case, you are a bastard. That is not what you said at the time. You were making a fool of her Mikey, and calling her names, and busy hammering me because I really had no idea who she was. You talked about her like she was GARBAGE. Now you want to wear a halo you racist, bigoted, misogynistic asshole. You sounded just like some peeping tom voyeur. Calling her names in the blog while you figure she thinks you are a decent guy. Well, you got busted again, creep.

            We are not mentally ill like your mob. Just because you can name the name of someone a thousand miles away does not mean we should know them. I bet you should know Paul Dee Dean was? Well, don’t you, you smarmy moron?

          • I have no idea what you are talking about .. I never bad mouthed my exes and they still love me … If you are talking about the person I knew on the Obama Campaign there were several including the deputy Campaign chief Stephanie Cutter … She is white and I didnt bad rap her either .. You are a racist hater and a moron …

          • You ain’t even got any exes, except for maybe a Bob, or Guy, here and there.

            Her color was not important to me. You trashed her dickhead, and you tried to tune me up because I had no idea what stupid shit you were talking about. I found out all I needed elsewhere, and then from all your hate. I will not rehash all your lies again.

            Like you brought up yourself. No one cares what you have to say. You are a total asshole and we are getting tired of listening to your constant lies and demeaning, racist slurs.

          • translation . You are so poorly informed you dont even know the players who ran Obama’s Campaign nor what color they are and then you tried to imply a racist overtone to it displaying your own racial intolerance and hate … You are such a fool it is hard for me to continue to have a discussion with you because you just keep making yourself look more of a racist hating fool . By the way go ahead and pull up those old conversations of you want because I Never bad rapped Stephanie . While I think she is wrong on most issues she is being paid to be a liar and a schill and I can appreciate that . She and I have had many great discussions and I never bad rapped her and yes she is white you hateful racist liberal moron .. And yes I understand including the word Liberal in that lawst sentence was not only redundant but not even necessary

          • So, you took advantage of Black women. Whoopy-shit! I know plenty of white men that took “solace” with a Black woman. Then dumped them in the dirt. They wouldn’t even be seen with them, much less show them any respect.

            So YOU prove nothing except your propensity for deceit.

          • “By the way no one is talking to you anyway.”

            By the way, NO ONE even invited you to talk at all. Figure that one out, asshole.

          • if that your friend why are you spreading there business maybe because you don’t have any .do us a favor and G.A.L.

          • Bikejerk is not anyone’s friend. I doubt if he has any that are not drunk. He is a trolling, lying, harasser with a history of mental instability that lives up in “Chicagoland” somewhere. He claimed once to have a “great” friend (actually, customer) that was part of Obama’s organization. That is how he knew about all that “corruption.” My reply was simply, “I wonder what she would think if she knew the monster she was dealing with?”

      • Medicare coverage is lessening?? Really?? You just love spreading lies don’t you!!

        If Medicare is supposedly lessening it’s coverage, it’s kind of interesting that we received a notice from our Medicare Advantage provider Aetna just yesterday – Here’s what it says:

        “You have been selected to have a physician come to your home to perform an in depth health home visit. What’s more, it’s a free service.

        You’ll receive a review of your diagnoses and medications. The doctor will go over your history with you and perform a brief non-invasive physical exam. He or she will also go over all of your prior diagnoses and medications. He or she will talk with you about your medical conditions to make sure you are being treated based on national guidelines. And it’s all free and easy for you.

        The assessment won’t take the place of any care you are now receiving.
        We’ll collect information that will make your care complete and send it to your doctor.
        We’ll give you a review of our recommendations.

        Our findings won’t change or affect your coverage.

        This evaluation won’t cost you a thing.”

        Now, when in the last 50 years have you read that doctors will be making house visits, and completely FREE!!

        Is there anything that you’re not wrong about????????

  4. Texas is a blight on the United States. They are disloyal, anti-American, and we would be better off letting them secede. Every community has a glen beck. Not every community gives credence to what that whackadoodle says. Maybe the “good” doctor wants to keep medicine for the rich and the poor be damned. He might be more able to gouge patients without government intervention. As for Janis Lane, somebody stole her comb and she can’t afford another one. Her wild eyes tells everything we need to know about her. Bryan Fischer, I suggest you read “Dear God Have You Ever Gone Hungry?” and then apologize to all the victims of the nazis. What a dipstick.

      • You have my sympathy. I am from one of the reddest states, in the union, and I know what it is like. However, intelligent minority people tend to find each other so I have quite a few intelligent friends and I trust you do, too.

      • I’m from Florida. And if we weren’t smaller, we’d be numero uno. Because, we have the highest concentration of crazies this side of Belview. It’s like the PAC Voter’s Values Convention here, all year long.

        • charleo1, I moved from South Fla. to NW Fla, due to health issues, wanting to be closer to relatives, if my time comes. As the young like to say…OMG! These people are stark raving mad, and sadly, this includes the nieces and nephews, that I dearly love!

          Here, everything is President Obama’s fault, Gov. Scott is near sainthood, and “that thar Omamycare” will be the death of all of us! I’m literally thrown out of family gatherings repeatedly, due to the fact that I TRY to shed a little light on the blatant lies, that these kids are living by. God help them, and their refusal to see the truth.

          • First, I’m glad you took a moment to write. It gives me the opportunity to say, I can definitely relate. In fact, been there, done that, and the only thing we’re missing here, is the tee-shirt! And, maybe we’re just going to have to hope your nieces, nephews, and their parents, your sisters, and brothers, “Fox and Friends,” all, eventually figure some of this stuff out for themselves. What’s that Serenity Prayer? “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.” It’s a fact of the times we live in. And as we’ve found, there’s little we’re going to say that will change what they believe, except reality over time. I’ll share with you what I do, for what it’s worth. First I tell them I care about these things, because I love them. And, want for them the very best. But, the future is up to them to decide. You moved from S. FL. to be closer to them, and I hope that happens. And if wiser heads are to prevail, we know who that head is going belong to! Good health, and Good Luck. I was going to say, because you’ll need it! But, I think you’ll do just fine.

    • One of the most assinine and silly stupid comments either …even for you …I will be sure to let all my Texas friends know how Liberals view them …This is why I usually dont converse with you … Ignorance intolerance and immaturity … The hallmarks of a Liberal

  5. What is readily apparent when we listen to the bizarre statements and claims made by Tea Party zealots is their lack of patriotism, pragmatism, and human values. They are an anachronism in American society that does not contribute anything to our security, well being, and progress.

  6. Lap it up, left dogs. Anyone with half a clue on media studies knows that if you repeat the same message over and over, it becomes fact. You control the media, well, except for FoxNews, the Washington Post and maybe a few papers in flyover country. And in your land of “selective tolerance”, the gestapo will attempt and has succeeded in ruining careers of those who aren’t selectively tolerant.

    • The amazing thing about you right wing neanderthals is that the crap you morons spout these days is no longer just politics, you really believe all of it. You are truly scary…not to mention, mentally ill.

  7. What’s listed here from the Texas GOP’s new platform is mind boggling idiocy. I guess the Texas GOP isn’t content that Texas already ranks as the worst state in the nation, in that, it comes IN as one of the 10 worst in the nation with respect to 100% of 23 subjective socio/economic measures: like a clear lack of adequate police and fire protection; having the most uninsureds, including children; it having tax policies which place the biggest burden for paying for state services on the working/poor class; having some of the worst roads and infrastructure including recreational facilities; it having the worst healthcare delivery system; it having the most polluted overall environment nation; it having one of the highest incidences of corruption within politics and on and on.

    I guess it’s the Texas GOP’s choice to JUST LET’S MAKE THINGS EVEN WORSE!!!

      • Your roads are terrible!! And at each corner is someone homeless asking for money. I’m a big Spurs fan but don’t live in TX. I go to San Antonio at least once a year to go to Spurs games. I love the Spurs, but always look forward to leaving TX!

        • Nothing is better than direct experience – thanks. Sorry about the roads. Traffic is a huge problem but I thought our roads were pretty good. Looks like I’ve been set straight.

      • The data I had was a compilation from 2010 and 11, so Texas may have improved some, but even the Star Telegram says Texas roads get a ‘D’. See this from Nov. 8 2012:

        Texas roads get a ‘D’ on report card, but other infrastructure scores better

        FORT WORTH – It’s not the kind of report card a good student would want to show mom and dad.

        The quality of Texas roads and highways scored a woeful grade of ‘D’ on a report card issued Thursday by the Texas section of the American Society of Civil Engineers. The group periodically puts out a report card, assigning letter grades to the state’s infrastructure, including energy, waterways and waste.

        The ‘d’ is actually the national average now, so Texas may have improved some.

        Read more here:

      • So!!! So Perry has jury-rigged his budgets to favor subsidies for corporations at the expense of everything else in the state, just so he can sucker more idiots to move their companies to Texas or come there for a job. What good does it do to have a state with a high GDP and job creation, if you’re attracting people to live in what is otherwise the cesspool of America; because everything else about the state stinks???

      • Paulz the stupid is strong on this page .. These tards are having their heads explode as more and more jobs and productive freedom loving Americans all move to Texas .. The proof is in the pudding but they dont care they are filled with Hate and Intolerance

        • I see you’re back again,bull shitter.What we hate are lies and bullshit.Yours is at the top of the list.A good many of us here have been to Texas and we know first hand why Perry and his jack leg,redneck pervert crowd wear boots.They are in it deep down there in the yellow heart of texas and it aint milk and honey that they’re swimmin’ in.

        • “More and more jobs and productive freedom”; what a joke!!

          The majority of jobs being created in Texas are minimum wage type jobs; which means Texas is foisting even more of its responsibilities on the feds to provide more and more of its residence with welfare and food stamps. Remember, Texas already had the 8th highest percentage of its residence living below the poverty level. All these added min wage jobs may just move Texas back to where it was back in 2009, 6th in the nation in the percent of those living in poverty (and considering that it’s the 2nd most populace state in the union, it may well already have the most people living in poverty of any state); just like it has the most residence without insurance, and the most kids who drop out of school without a diploma. Wow!! All that GDP and job creation is really doing wonders isn’t it??? Wonders with respect to creating more working poor. And you’re bragging???

          And this productive freedom!! That’s probably one reason Texas has the most polluted environment of any state in the nation; because with the lax regulations, companies are dumping pollutants everywhere; and creating oil spills galore; and the refineries and coal fired power plants and fracking operations are spewing millions of tons of pollutants into the Texas atmosphere and even ground water; creating the most cases of asthma in the nation; not to mention that Texas also has the most industrial accidents in the nation like fertilizer plants that blow up and kill close to 50 people while almost wiping out a town because of the “PRODUCTIVE FREEDOM”!!

          And whatever you do, don’t have an emergency where you need to call 911, because not only does Texas have by far the worst healthcare delivery system, it’s ranked about 47th or 48th in the nation with respect to it’s police departments or fire departments being able to respond to an emergency because Rickie boy has cut public service budgets drastically so he can feed more incentives to those business he’s trying to snooker into moving to the Texas cesspool.

          • Go to and look up ” The Texas Miracle ” …Because all you are spuoting about minimum wage jobs being created in Texas is a Liberal Talking Point ( That means its a LIE ) The average starting salary for the jobs created under Rick Perry has been almost $17/hr ..That is in a State that has half the cost of living of most High Tax High Spending High Debt and Massive cost of Living States run by Public Unions and Democrats like say Illinois . Besides the low cost of living and the low taxation Texas has No State Income tax because they dont ask their citizens to support the Democrat Party’s style of paid for Union armies . So you get to keep more of what you earn and it goes further then it would in Chicago . So you keep repeating Lying Talking points that arent based in fact and real Americans who want to keep what they earn will continue to flock to Texas and States similar while fleeing Liberalism … K

          • Sorry, I’m not buying biased reporting from your right-wing rags. Here’s some excerpts from a 2012 article directly from Texas:

            “We are home to fewer than one in 10 Americans … but four in 10 new American jobs are in our state,” he told a conference of state legislators from around the nation this week.

            But that doesn’t mean that all is well with employment in the Lone Star State. Texas leads the nation in minimum-wage jobs, and many positions don’t offer health benefits. Also, steep budget cuts are expected to result in the loss of more than 100,000 jobs.

            Perhaps most importantly, Texas can’t create jobs fast enough to keep up with its rapidly growing population. Since 2007, the state’s number of working-age residents expanded by 6.6%, nearly twice the national average.

            Factoring in that population growth means Texas would need to create another 629,000 jobs, or 5.6% more positions, just to reach its pre-recession employment level, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

            And notice this nifty little comment – that a good bit of the Texas jobs growth has nothing to do with Perry’s guidance of the state, but rather the sharp increases in oil prices:

            Of course, Texas enjoys advantages that have nothing to do with having Perry at the helm. Rich in natural resources, the state has been benefiting from the high price of oil and the expanded interest in natural gas exploration. Energy employment has soared by 16.8% over the past year alone.

          • Sorry but is not a right wing rag all they do is statistics and they dont care who they offend or defend . They just show real stats and how that relates .. In this instance the evidence is clear . And that the economic policy of Texas is sound and the new jobs they are producing have an average starting salary of almost $17 /hr and as I pointed out that is in a State almost devoid of high cost of living Public Unions cause and drive . Your argument seems to center on false talking points and stuff you get from totally biased left wing rags that have no basis on fact . If you lefty’s ever thought to think outside the box you would know this stuff . It seems all you want to look at is stuff that agrees with what you have been told to believe and if it doesnt you just say its wrong and knock over all the pieces on the chessboard and crap all over it .

        • I think the employment rate among the slave population was probably near 100%, don’t you? And there was always work to be done, a job to be had. But that translated in what way to an improved standard of living? More straw on the dirt floors of their quarters? It has been the contention of the slave masters of the world for ages. that it is the work, and not the compensation for it, that sets you free. There’s your Texas pudding!

        • Your absolutely right you are describing yourself to the T stupid. When I went to vote there were a lot of people from other red states moving in, you guys are trying hard at keeping Texas red, but you yankees can go home now and take kkk with you. And yes you are not liked very well with all your HATE and INTOLERANCE.

          • I did not know that Illinois was a red state and the KKK was founded by Dems filled with hate and intolerance … like you

    • A sharp spike in illegal immigration has caused facilities and resources along the U.S.-Mexico border to become overwhelmed. As a result, U.S. Border Patrol has been releasing thousands of illegal immigrants onto U.S. soil each week. Some released immigrants are even criminals–as Breitbart Texas previously reported, more than 36,000 convicted criminal illegal aliens were released by U.S. authorities in 2013 alone.

      Texas Senator Ted Cruz told Breitbart Texas that this “humanitarian crisis” is a “direct consequence” of the Obama Administration’s actions and rhetoric surrounding illegal immigration.

      “We need a president who is willing to uphold the law,” Cruz said. “On issue after issue the Obama Administration has openly ignored, defied, and unilaterally tried to change the law. With respect to securing the border, the Obama Administration has handcuffed the courageous men and women who serve in Border Patrol. Morale in ICE is at an all-time low because the political operatives leading this Administration are preventing them from doing their job and upholding the law.”

      He continued, “Just a few months before the last election the president illegally and unconstitutionally granted amnesty to some 800,000 people illegally. If the president wants to change federal immigration laws, the Constitution lays out a way to do so–you go and make your case to Congress and you convince Congress to change the laws…unfortunately for President Obama, following the Constitutional structure is apparently too cumbersome. One of the consequences were seeing on the border is a humanitarian crisis that is a direct consequence of Obama’s lawlessness.”

      Cruz argued that by granting amnesty to such large numbers of illegal immigrants, Obama prompted a “change in behavior.” In Cruz’s view, the recent spike in illegal immigration can be attributed to such actions by the Administration.

      Earlier this week, Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby released leaked photos of children in U.S. processing cells who entered the U.S. illegally and unaccompanied. The photos encapsulated the humanitarian crisis in relation to young, often unaccompanied, border crossers.

      Cruz said of the skyrocketing number of children crossers, “When I was down at the border, Border Patrol agents were telling me with horror that roughly 10 percent of apprehended people were unaccompanied minors.”

      He continued, “The people who are bringing men, women, and children in illegally are not pleasant, happy, placid coyotes. These are criminal cartels. These are ruthless, brutal, nasty criminals. The idea that you have parents handing their teenage daughter or son over to a global criminal cartel is a humanitarian crisis. Untold numbers of these teens are facing assault, are facing a life of hell being turned over to drug kingpins.”

      “It is a direct consequence of the presidents illegal actions,” he said. “The parents think, ‘If I send my child [to the U.S.], my child will have amnesty.’ That’s what the president of the U.S. has said. It is the exact opposite of a humane approach to immigration or to securing our borders.”

      Ultimately, Cruz said there are many areas where the left and right can find common ground.

      “There is overwhelming bipartisan support outside of Washington that we need to finally secure our borders, enforce our laws, and stop the problem of illegal immigration,” he concluded. “But that’s not going to happen as long as the president is ordering Border Patrol officers not to enforce the law.”

      • Sorry, I just did a web search and the websites claiming there’s a spike in illegal border crossings are right-wing biased rags. Not one legitimate news source is publishing anything about such an event. And what does a “spike” mean. There are a number of news items about border crossings being the lowest in decades, so a spike could be going from 1 or 2 a day to 3 or 4. BIG DEAL!!

        You find a “reputable” news source publishing your propaganda and maybe I’ll give it some consideration.

    • In a move that is sure to confound–and enrage–the left, the Koch brothers have donated $25 million to the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), the foremost source of financial support to African-American students.

      The UNCF launched the “Koch Scholars” program Friday, which “will provide nearly 3,000 merit- based awards to African American undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctorate students seeking scholarship assistance.”

      According to Koch Industries, Inc., the donation will also help fund 37 historically black colleges, which have struggled with financial shortfalls in recent years.

      “We are enormously grateful to Koch Industries and the Charles Koch Foundation for their long-standing support of UNCF and for helping to create new opportunities for earned success and a better future for our students,” said UNCF president and CEO Dr. Michael Lomax.

      The Koch brothers, Charles and David, are the Democrats’ favored targets in campaigns against Republicans in general, particularly on themes of climate change and campaign finance. Led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, for whom the Koch brothers are a passionate obsession, Demcorats have made attacks on the Kochs the central feature of their midterm election campaign and their attempt to retain control of the U.S. Senate.

      The Kochs, who support a variety of conservative, free market, and libertarian causes, are also known for their philanthropy in a variety of areas.

      The $25 million donation to the UNCF is not a one-time gift aimed at easing public scrutiny, but is in fact the continuation of a long association between Koch-owned companies and the organization.

      Regardless, Democrats may find that demonizing the Kochs will become a bit more difficult.

      • Am I supposed to be impressed that the Satan Brothers gave 5 cents to the United Negro College Fund?? Given their wealth which is close to 100 Billion, 25 million is like you and me giving a couple of nickles to the college fund in typical Satan fashion of trying to peoples’ acceptance even though you’re doing everything else to undermine their existence.

        So on one side of their face they contribute millions upon millions to groups like ALEC and others which work to undermine everything associated with benefiting minority groups: like making sure that the min wage legislation doesn’t pass; that unemployment benefits aren’t extended; that Obamacare is trashed; the social security and Medicare are pirated and on and on. While on the other side of their evil face they try to buy acceptance by donating a pitance to a college fund. Wow!!
        What nerve!! Satan knows no limit to his deviousness does he????

        See this on these absolutely gross human beings:

        New York City’s richest resident David Koch is $6 billion richer than a year ago. He and his brother Charles, with whom he shares the fortune, own 84% of $115 billion (sales) Koch Industries, America’s second largest private company with interests in oil pipelines, refineries, building materials, paper towels and even Dixie cups. David was a top donor to the Republican Governors Association in 2013, giving $1.25 million to the cause. Together the brothers, the richest siblings in the world, are funneling a chunk of their money to try and win the Senate for Republicans in the 2014 midterm elections.

        And this:

        We used to be a country with a rich heart. Now we’re the land of the heartless rich.

        In one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression, the billionaire Koch brothers who habitually rail against government’s unfair burden on the wealthy, have almost doubled their net worth to a combined $68 billion. On March 10, 2010, Forbes listed the net worth of Charles and David Koch at $17.5 billion each. This year, Forbes says the Koch brothers are individually worth $34 billion.

  8. You just have to wonder when fascists start calling other people fascist.I have always appreciated those who are flexible in their thinking and attitudes,but the contortions,convolution,and mental gymnastics being employed by these clowns is astounding.
    Glen Beck hearing voices is like the confirmed alcoholic stating that God told him it is O.K. to drink.We sure don’t lack for personalities whose constitutional capabilities for rigorous honesty are compromised.The sick ones always think the problem belongs to someone else.

  9. Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Sean Hannity, Megyn Kelly, Joe Scarborough. These are people who are surviving or rather make their living depending on headlines. If there is headline against Pres. Obama, they rejoice and play their drums high on the issue. Folks, is this the way media should work? Why can’t we take a stand and ignore all these people. They are making all of us fools, while we are not, with the intention of filling their stomachs.

      • Thank you for reminding me about her. She is a woman who happened to be so by nature, while she doesn’t appreciate that nature exist. Where should we dump a person like her?

  10. Isn’t it wonderful that Glenn Beck has the ear of the president and KNOWS absolutely what he’s doing and exactly why? Oh my. Then, of course, there are the other crazies who deny climate change because, you know, all the top world scientists have told us about that. None of them got through 3rd grade and obviously can’t read. And then there’s health care. About the last “CIVILIZED” country in the world to NOT have health care for its citizens, now at least has an opportunity for people to get coverage. Of course, that doesn’t include the Medicade patients who are denied health care by the stupid states, like Florida, that has a criminal governor and prefers that these people just hurry up and die and get out of his hair – oh wait, he doesn’t have any hair Whoops. Just hateful, that’s all.

  11. Once again the National Memo uses a misleading statements on what Dr. Ben Carson actually stated and his intent. I heard Dr. Carson on CNN, and host Don Lemon tried to indicate Dr. Carson said that Obamacare is worse than WWII, 911, and slavery……….just after Dr. Carson stated how the left has twisted his meaning, and basically called Don Lemon on doing just that after what he just stated. Lemon was caught looking foolish and started talking load and “tough”………..Carson stated that with the escalation of Federal Government control over health care and most everything else, our Dependence on the Fed. Gov. will lead to conditions oppressive to Americans, and can not be removed by the People, whereas slavery ended as did Wars.

    • I’m sorry, but as usual your post is nonsensical. But despite that, Obamacare DOE NOT give the government control over ANYTHING!!

      People claim Ben Carson is suppose to be so smart; well, from where I sit he’s an absolute IDIOT!!!! I don’t care whether or not he happens to be able to perform wonderful surgeries – HE CANNOT THINK!!!!!!!!

      Apparently, he performs his surgeries like a robot!!!

      All Obamacare does is PROVIDE STANDARDS that health care professionals and the private sector insurance industry MUST FOLLOW, in order to reduce the rampant fraud that both healthcare providers and insurance companies were committing with respect to ripping of the American people and in a lot of cases even the government.

      • What government agency has grown into what will be responsible for ensuring all Americans buy health insurance, and to assess fines if they don’t?

  12. Dr. Carson seems to ignore a Harvard study that showed 50k died each year from being uninsured, which was the start of our own holocaust, in the 8 yrs of GWB 400,000 died. this doesn’t seem to concern the good doctor who offers no real alternative on how to insure everyone. Maybe he is really a socialist who wants to destroy Obama care for a single payer system.

    Beck is a cynical man that makes millions off of spreading ridiculous conspiracy ideas and hatred. He was one of the 1st to realize just how stupid members of the tea party really were, so some say he was a visionary
    Mississippi was never know as a haven for the women’s movement and I think this woman should volunteer not to vote.
    I think the water should be tested in Texas for hallucinogenic drugs like LSD. They have some of the cruelest most mean spirited people to walk the earth of course thinking they are good Christians. They think that Christ would want people to die from a lack of insurance, or drink water contaminated with chemicals. They also believe if he was alive today he would be a greedy gun totting republican who hates children and anyone not white.

  13. Believing Dr. Carson would be like believing Barack Obama or Susan Rice. You need to be very careful. Of course, Dr. Carson is a successful physician, while the other two are simply successful bullshit artists. If you gave Rice or Obama a good enema, you could fit what is left in a thimble.

    • Or then, there’s always the possibility you wouldn’t know the truth,
      if it jumped up, and bit you on the ass! I’m going with that one.

    • Some people are so devoid of brains that it’s kind of useless to even respond to their BS. Any response would be like throwing your response into an abyss!!!!

  14. Dr. Ben Carson is a highly intelligent and world-renowned surgeon. Why has he connected himself with the right-wing extremists? He should know better.

  15. U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl at one point during his captivity converted to Islam, fraternized openly with his captors and declared himself a “mujahid,” or warrior for Islam, according to secret documents prepared on the basis of a purported eyewitness account and obtained by Fox News.

    The reports indicate that Bergdahl’s relations with his Haqqani captors morphed over time, from periods of hostility, where he was treated very much like a hostage, to periods where, as one source told Fox News, “he became much more of an accepted fellow” than is popularly understood. He even reportedly was allowed to carry a gun at times.

    The documents show that Bergdahl at one point escaped his captors for five days and was kept, upon his re-capture, in a metal cage, like an animal. In addition, the reports detail discussions of prisoner swaps and other attempts at a negotiated resolution to the case that appear to have commenced as early as the fall of 2009.

    The reports are rich in on-the-ground detail — including the names and locations of the Haqqani commanders who ran the 200-man rotation used to guard the Idaho native — and present the most detailed view yet of what Bergdahl’s life over the past five years has been like. These real-time dispatches were generated by the Eclipse Group, a shadowy private firm of former intelligence officers and operatives that has subcontracted with the Defense Department and prominent corporations to deliver granular intelligence on terrorist activities and other security-related topics, often from challenging environments in far-flung corners of the globe.

    The group is run by Duane R. (“Dewey”) Clarridge, a former senior operations officer for the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1980s best known for having been indicted for lying to Congress about his role in the tangled set of events that became known as the Iran-Contra scandal. He was pardoned by the first President Bush in December 1992 while on trial.

    Clarridge counts a number of achievements in his spy career as well, including a prominent role in the establishment of a national counterrorism center at CIA, a move widely copied around the world by foreign intelligence agencies. A New York Times profile of Clarridge published in January 2011 disclosed the contractual relationship Eclipse had with the Pentagon, through subcontractors, and reported further that Clarridge’s activities had included efforts to help find Bergdahl.

    Clarridge told Fox News his group enjoyed a subcontract through the assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict from November 2009 through May 31, 2010, and that after the contract was terminated, he invested some $50,000 of his own money to maintain the elaborate network of informants and handlers that had yielded such detailed accounts of Bergdahl’s status.

    Clarridge further told Fox News that by the end of 2010, he had furnished at least 13 of these detailed SITREPs, or situation reports, that his network generated about Bergdahl to Brig. Gen. Robert P. Ashley Jr., who in April 2010 was named director of intelligence, at the J-2 level, at U.S. Central Command, or CENTCOM, headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida.

    Clarridge said Eclipse SITREP # 3023, dated Aug. 23, 2012 — in which a member of the Haqqani network, said to be close to Bergdahl’s captors, reported that the American prisoner had declared himself a “mujahid” — was among the reports provided to Ashley.

    The latter is now commanding general at the U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence and Fort Huachuca, where a message left with the public affairs office was not immediately returned.

    The documents obtained by Fox News show that Eclipse developed and transmitted numerous status reports on the whereabouts of the errant American soldier, spanning a period from October 2009, roughly three months after Bergdahl reportedly walked off his base in Afghanistan and fell into custody of the Haqqani network, up through August 2012.

    At one point — in late June 2010, after Bergdahl succeeded in one of his escape attempts — the Haqqani commanders constructed a special metal cage for him, and confined him to it. At other points, however, Bergdahl was reported to be happily playing soccer with the Haqqani fighters, taking part in AK-47 target practice and being permitted to carry a firearm of his own, laughing frequently and proclaiming “Salaam,” the Arabic word for “peace.”

    Reached by telephone, retired U.S. Marine Corps Gen. James N. Mattis, a 45-year service veteran who served as CENTCOM commander from August 2010 to August 2012, told Fox News he may have received bits and pieces of the intelligence generated by Eclipse, but said Ashley, with whom he maintained a close working relationship, had not forwarded on to him the specific SITREPs cited by Fox News.

    Mattis was also adamant that no one at CENTCOM or within the broader U.S. military or intelligence community — despite intensive investigation of such allegations — ever learned of anything to suggest Bergdahl had evolved into an active collaborator with the Haqqani network or the Taliban. “We were always looking for actionable intelligence,” Mattis said. “It wasn’t just the IC [intelligence community]. We had tactical units that were involved in the fight. We had SIGINT. Any collaborators who were on the other side and who came over to our side. We kept an eye on this. … There was never any evidence of collaboration.”

    Fox News reported on Monday that Bergdahl was the subject of a “major classified file” prepared by the U.S. intelligence community, and that many members of that community harbored concerns that Bergdahl, during his period of captivity, may have engaged in collaboration with the enemy.

    Experts consulted by Fox News said that SITREP # 3023 presents a picture of an American captive who, if not an active collaborator, may have succumbed to Stockholm Syndrome — the dynamic by which hostages can become enamored of their captors and join their cause — or simply feigned allegiance in order to survive. The report cited a source new to Eclipse — a member of the Haqqani network said to be close to Mullah Sangeen, the Haqqani commander charged at all points over the last five years with operational custody and control of Bergdahl — whose trustworthiness had not been fully vetted by the group. However, the report stated, the informant “does have plausible access to the information reported below, and claims to have seen Bergdahl personally in Shawal,” in North Waziristan.

    “In the early stages Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s captivity,” the report states, “he was held at Palasin, Naurak, FATA [Federally Administered Tribal Areas], under the control of Mullah Sangeen and under the direct supervision of Haji Mursaleem, Sangeen’s father. Conditions and locality changed after Mursaleem died [in September 2010], and Bergdahl was kept under tight guard after his attempted escape from his new place of detention in Shawal.

    “As of August 2012,” the report continues, “the person with responsibility for Bergdahl’s captivity is Sangeen’s brother, who has delegated the actual guarding of Bergdahl to Abubakr Asadkhel, a Burra Khel Wazir loyal to Sangeen, and whose sub-tribe lives in Shawal. Abubakr leads approximately 200 armed men from his tribe and operates from five bases (markaz) in Shawal. … Abubakr’s tribe is one of the prosperous branches of the Wazir and owns lots of trucks. Abubakr circulates his prisoner between schools in the area he controls, and his different insurgent bases.”

    Conditions for Bergdahl have greatly relaxed since the time of the escape. Bergdahl has converted to Islam and now describes himself as a mujahid. Bergdahl enjoys a modicum of freedom, and engages in target practice with the local mujahedeen, firing AK47s. Bergdahl is even allowed to carry a loaded gun on occasion. Bergdahl plays soccer with his guards and bounds around the pitch like a mad man. He appears to be well and happy, and has a noticeable habit of laughing frequently and saying ‘Salaam’ repeatedly.

    At other points, the SITREPs depict a much nastier relationship between Bergdahl and his captors. In July 2010, Eclipse SITREPs based on confidential talks with Afghan Taliban commanders reported that “the original command structure for the responsibility of holding the captured soldier remains intact.”

    Overall responsibility for the captive is in the hands of Haqqani commander Sangeen, with Bandiwan, one of his deputies, responsible for making the detailed arrangements. There are two locations where the soldier is kept: one in Degan and the other in Shawal, North Waziristan. When in Degan he is kept in the compound of Eid Wale, a local Dawr who is close to Sangeen and is a chromite dealer. The other location is at Shawal. The [source] confirmed that the soldier had been missing for five days and when he was recovered, he was a little worse from wear (lack of food; a bit slimmer) but otherwise in good health.

    But an earlier dispatch stated that after his re-capture, on or about June 22, 2010, Bergdahl was “in ill-health, and has been collapsing.”A SITREP dated one week before Bergdahl’s ill-fated escape attempt placed him in the Bazaar area of Miramshah, and noted that “he seemed not to be tightly controlled.”

    The Eclipse reports suggest that negotiations over Bergdahl’s fate began within a few months after his capture. An October 2009 SITREP disclosed that Sirajuddin Haqqani, the Pashtun warlord controlling the broader network that bears his name, had reached out through Pakistani political contacts to propose a prisoner swap. A July 2010 SITREP stated that two months prior, in late May, “negotiations between the Haqqani and representatives of the missing US soldier collapsed.” At that point, the report said, Bergdahl was moved to a more secure location.

    The New York Times, in its 2011 profile of Clarridge, described his agents’ dispatches as “an amalgam of fact, rumor, analysis and uncorroborated reports.” The fabled ex-spook made the more than one dozen SITREPs that Eclipse prepared on the Bergdahl case — all previously unpublished — available to Fox News because he wanted to demonstrate, as he put it: “We know what we’re talking about.”

    • So was this, “fabled ex-spook,” ever able to draw Bergdahl aside,
      away from his captors? Speak to him one on one? Find out what
      he was up to? If he was really into the guys that controlled his food
      supply? That probably kept him tied down for weeks. That probably
      beat him, then praised him. Unchained him, then chained him back up, and withheld food. Then there’s all this support the troops BS.
      You know, maybe we should use this case, and the VA, to define exactly what that means to Americans today.

        • Thank you my friend. Upon finding your note, I mentioned to my wife, you were the most astute, and information oriented contributor on this board,
          or on any public forum I’ve found. And I’ve visited
          all the major ones. And of course, it’s always great
          to find confirmation in black, and white, what I’ve
          felt form the beginning about the nasty business the
          Right was stepping into on this. I really believe they
          have lost it! They’ve finally allowed their hatred of
          this President to overrule all control about picking
          the issues they hope to make into a scandal. And rushed into this one, without first considering the ugly positions they would necessarily have to take to smear Obama. I was glad to hear Obama say,
          just yesterday, there will be, “no apologies!” It reminded me of the, “please proceed,” moment in
          the second debate with Romney.

          • You folks are already beating the GOP over the head with BB’s departure status. Who cares. The real concern with most regular folks is, a) sending out the (not-very-believable) spinmeister Rice out for another obvious deception and false flag of excuses, and b) the weak excuses for bypassing congressional approval of the exchange, and 3) that anyone needs to debate what the president did and why he did it indicates the lack of trust the people have for him.

            This isn’t hate. This is honest people that have become weary of being fooled by this figurehead that is expected to be the pinnacle of integrity. We have been let down, hard.

          • Right Wingers like yourself there, are free to debate
            your guesses about all these issues amongst yourselves, to your little Obama hating hearts content. He said you all aren’t getting an apology. Do you believe he was lying? I don’t.

          • Wrong onm 2 points. 1) I don’t hate Obama. I just don’t trust him. 2) No apology is expected for returning BB home. We’ll never know the truth behind the trade. He sends Rice out on a propaganda misssion. As before, the cover story wouldn’t convince a third grader. He arranges the release when the VA issue is spinning out of control, as the Benghazi hearings are escalating, and just before another election Tuesday. I wish he was beleivable, but he has never been forthright in anything he does. If he had been honest, he wouldn’t be doubted or questioned in everything he does. The race baiters will argue that ad nauseum.

          • Thanks for the kind words. Being retired, I enjoy trying to spend some of my time keeping abreast of “the truth” with respect to as many contentious issues as possible. Somehow we have to educate more and more Americans to the truth on many issues because the GOP is working overtime to distort the truth at every opportunity.

            And as you point out, it was nice to see Obama take a stand and say that there would be no apologies; and for good reason, because no one truthfully should be expecting one. Because he did nothing for which he should be apologizing.

            And I am still furious that the media did not do more during the 3 presidential debates in 2012 to point out the many lies and distortions that Romney was using during the debates, which gave the majority of Americans not only the misguided notion that Romney had actually won any of the debates, but in addition by not calling him on his lies and distortions, it allowed Romney to plant lie upon lie and distortion upon distortion in the minds of millions of voters. Talk about shirking your duties as supposed purveyors of the news.

  16. – The percentage of American civilians 16 or older who do not have a job and are not actively seeking one remained at a 36-year high in May, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    In December, April, and now May, the labor force participation rate has been 62.8 percent. That means that 37.2 percent were not participating in the labor force during those months.

    Before December, the last time the labor force participation rate sunk as low as 62.8 percent was February 1978, when it was also 62.8 percent. At that time, Jimmy Carter was president.

    In April, the number of those not in the labor force hit a record high of 92,018,000. In May, that number declined by 9,000 to 92,009,000. Yet, the participation rate remained the same from April to May at 62.8 percent.

    The labor force, according to BLS, is that part of the civilian noninstitutional population that either has a job or has actively sought one in the last four weeks. The civilian noninstitutional population consists of people 16 or older, who are not on active duty in the military or in an institution such as a prison, nursing home, or mental hospital.

    In May, according to BLS, the nation’s civilian noninstitutional population, consisting of all people 16 or older who were not in the military or an institution, hit 247,622,000. Of those, 155,613,000 participated in the labor force by either holding a job or actively seeking one.

    The 155,613,000 who participated in the labor force equaled only 62.8 percent of the 247,622,000 civilian noninstitutional population, matching (along with the 62.8 percent rate in May) the lowest labor force participation rate in 36 years.

    At no time during the presidencies of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, did such a small percentage of the civilian non-institutional population either hold a job or at least actively seek one.

    When President Barack Obama took office in January 2009, the labor force participation rate was 65.7 percent. By the beginning of 2013, the start of Obama’s second term, it had dropped to 63.6 percent. Since January 2014, when the participation rate was 63.0,it has continued to decline, hitting a 36-year low of 62.8 percent in May.

    People in the civilian noninstitutional population who did not have a job and did not actively seek one in the last four weeks are considered “not in the labor force.” The number of Americans not in the labor force has climbed by 11,480,000 since Obama took office, rising from 80,529,000 in January 2009 to 92,009,000 in May 2014.

    • And more mumbo jumbo that means absolutely nothing.

      Let’s break down the American population into who actually might logically work.

      Of the current 317 million Americans, 25% are age 0-18, 61% are age 18-65 and 14% are 65+.

      This means that of the 317 million Americans,

      79 million are age 0-18
      194 million are 18-65
      44 million are age 65+

      That means logically, that if we don’t count 16-18 year olds as being in the work force because they should still be in high school
      And those 65+ should be retired,

      Then the eligible work force should be 194 million people.

      According to this month’s BLS report, 58.9% of the American population is working. 58.9% of 317 million is 186.7 million Americans are working.

      194 million eligible to work – 186.7 million working is 7.3 million Americans logically eligible to work who are not working.

      Given that the current unemployment rate is 6.3% (that’s 6.3% of the 194 million eligible to work, means that the BLS is assuming there are about 12 million folks who they say are eligibile who are not working. This kind of means that about 5 million Americans are working between the ages of 16-18 and over 65. So the BLS is extending the workforce to outside the 18-65+ logical working ages.

      But irregardless of that, the BLS also says that the ideal unemployment rate for the country is 5.6%; while the current rate is 6.3%. That means .7% of Americans that the BLS thinks should be working, aren’t working. (5.6% because given those who logically are not interested in working, and those who are unable to, there still needs to be a fair “unemployed base” so companies looking to hire to fill new jobs, replace people, or start new business, there has to be a ready pool of people looking for work.)

      .7% of the 194 million who really should be considered in the work force is about 1.3 million people who should be working aren’t.

      Keep in mind that of the 10 million or so that the BLS appears to think could be working and aren’t, a pretty sizeable chunk of those are people still in college getting their educations, are disabled people who aren’t able to work anyway, are people in households who don’t need both adults working, or people so wealthy that they don’t need to work, and on and on.

      America’s job market is no where near in the situation that you are trying to imply by the mumbo jumbo statistics you’re posting in an effort to just create confusion.

      • Nice spin. In case you haven’t noticed the HS drop rate is at an all time high of near 40%. And, those that ‘should be’ retired, are no longer able to get by on dwindinlg fixed incomes. The real real world usually calls for real analysis.

        • Yeah! And it doesn’t take a mental midget to realize whose fault all that is!! 8 solid years of the worst economy since the Big Depression UNDER GWB, which then culminated in the Great Recession – the biggest downturn since the Big Depression, Courtesy of the big GOP idiots who negotiated the Big Depression.
          And it wasn’t bad enough they misguidedly led the nation through the worst 8 years since the Big Depression with 1/2 the job creation that we’ve seen under Obama, 8 million measly jobs in 8 years while Obama has crated over 9 million in 5 years.

          And if you go back to Carter, you’ll find that Carter, Clinton and Obama have created over 37 million jobs in 16 years while Reagan and the two Bushes could only create 20 million jobs in 20 years. Take about THE BIG FAIL!! YOU GOT IT!! IT’S CALLED THE GOP!!!!!!!!!

          • Deja vu. We’ve been hearing this SAME OLD blame for almost 6 years. Maybe the excuses will finally stop after we replace this dysfunctioning executive branch with one that can actually work with the other two branches. Please stop being dishonest about the jobs created by Obama. Try to limit the conversation to full time jobs lost and gained before declaring a winner.

          • Yeah, let’s do just that, but let’s start back with Truman. Here’s the net jobs created for each president starting with Truman’s full 4 years:

            Here’s the Democrats: in 28 years with 55.5 million net jobs created.

            President/net jobs 000/% increase


            Total: 55.5 million net jobs created in 28 years

            Here’s the Republicans: 36 years with 37.4 million net jobs

            Bush 1/2,593/.60
            Bush 2/-13/0
            Bush 2/1,129/.21

            Total: 37.4 million jobs created in 36 years

            And Bush 2’s results should even be worse than shown because when Obama took office, the economy was loosing 800-900,000 jobs/month which continued until about June. You can’t stop a freight train on a Dime, so Bush’s numbers should be negative for his second term by around 3 million jobs. Obama’s results should have started 6-9 months into his 2nd term. No president ever took office since FDR with the job loses going on when Obama took office.

            The actual numbers should be more like the Dems creating 59 million jobs in 28 years and the Republicans creating 33 million jobs in 36 years.

          • “before Obama being cheated”. I agree. The clock for jobs created under Obama should start after a return from the trough of jobs lost due to the ’08 Collapse. Similarly, Bush shouldn’t be penalized for the jobs lost due to the Collapse since the policies that drove it weren’t his doing.

            So, getting back to those jobs created under Obama. He had the benefit of Bush’s TARP and tax break monies (and overtime money printing by the Fed) to stabilize the job losses and reverse the trend, but at the cost of adding another $7 Trillion to the debt.

            Along with the dismissal of jobs during that period from 1/2008-8/2010, we’d also have to dismiss the sharp rise in part time jobs during the same period. That part time job increase trend appears to have stabilized and is shadwing a drop in the UE rate.

            Does all this mean that Democratics are ‘better’ leaders than their Republican counterparts? Not really. It only indicate economic stewardship of jobs lost & gained. With the staggering debt load and yet-to-be-realized full effect of the ACA, it doesn’t look so good for Obama’s successor. The Trust index or the Dissatisfaction index are probably better indicators.

            Nothing shows appreciation for a President like a monument, an aircraft carrier, or major artery renaming, notwithstanding ridicule or praise by SNL or Jon Stewart.

          • Are you talking about the “08 collapse that was due to the policies of the Bush administration. As always, you just come to harass by talking out of both sides of your mouth at the same time.

            WE don’t have to dismiss anything on your lying say so. Looks like I will be writing another letter to Memo. We (me and Memo) all thought you were gone after the criminal act you comitted. Oh that’s right, you did that on MJ.

          • Not sure Bush was making policy when, according to the NYT ande numerous commissions and reports regarding the Collapse:

            “The roots of the financial crisis can be traced directly and primarily to affordable housing policies initiated by HUD in the 1990s and to massive risky loan purchases by government sponsored entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac”

            Remind me, when was Bush elected?

            “Fannie Mae, the nation’s biggest underwriter of home mortgages, has been under increasing pressure from the Clinton Administration to expand mortgage loans among low and moderate income people and felt pressure from stock holders to maintain its phenomenal growth in profits.”

            “In 2001, the independent research company, Graham Fisher & Company, stated that HUD’s 1995 “National Homeownership Strategy: Partners in the American Dream,” a 100-page affordable housing advocacy document, promoted “the relaxation of credit standards.”

            “In the early and mid-2000s, the Bush administration called numerous times for investigation into the safety and soundness of the GSEs and their swelling portfolio of subprime mortgages”

            Enough of blaming Bush for the collapse crap. Your memory is short.

            Let’s talk about this ‘criminal act’ you accuse me of, Byrd. Before spreading your brand of crazy around the board again, let’s open this one up a little bit. Please let us all know what compels you to make this false accusation. If a ‘criminal act’ has been committed, your Memo would be interested in understanding its liability in knowingly hosting criminal intent. Well, what are you talking about, Byrd? Got specifics? Got truth? Or, are you just here to harass and lie and make baseless personal attack again? Pfft.

          • You found one article that was written by whom? And the financial crisis was generated by junk loans and wars paid off the books.

            Another angelstench argument destroyed. Too bad, so sad. . . .

            Also, “remind” me where you actually got the article from.

            You are still pending a criminal investigation, by the way. What you did was highly illegal. I have already said too much, but I just couldn’t resist.

          • Rant much, attack dog? Let me get this right. The touted ‘criminal act’ you accuse me of is based on your incorrect assumption. What else is new. Take another look at that timeline of yours, wolfy. Your entire premise is based on being misinformed – by YOU. Before you run with something, and base another flurry of ranting over it, at least try to make sure it is correct. Very dumb. Thanks for the entertainment. Bow wow.

          • Hey moderators, please put a leash on the Russell Byrd attack dog. This one is full tilt looney toon. Besides, it makes threats and promises harm. Do something about it, please.

          • ” Let me get this right.” You have already been told.




          • It is not “very dumb.” The TRUTH is never dumb. I will go ahead and have my lawyer subpoena Disqus for your user account records. Changing your nic will not make that go away.

            IS VERY, VERY DUMB.

          • When this attack dog gets his teeth into you for real, you will be weeping and crying like the little bitch you are. So, little bitch, bow wow.

          • When this attack dog gets his teeth into you for real, you will be weeping and crying like the little bitch you are. So, little bitch, bow wow.

            Thanks for the sample, dog boy. The file of Threats Made By Russell Byrd continues to grow.

          • Except angeldick, I L-O-G entire conversations. The false, lying remarks that you made to warrant that bit of satire will be plainly in the record.

            Answer shitface!

          • I will release the “paperwork” Monday. . .

            And I will continue to release it until you are seen as the pariah you are!

            By the way, you DID NOT file a report. I KNOW THAT FOR A FACT!

            Even if you had filed a report, you would be under investigation for a false filing and wasting the FBI’s time.

          • There is no wrong premise.

            You claimed to file a report you did not.
            You posted a priviledged document that had nothing to do with you.
            ROTFL! The fun part is YOU did not even check the DATE. Your reply, which was a standard response, was DATED THE DAY BEFORE THE COMPLAINT.


          • The FBI form you stole, and did not even have your ID on, was sent the day before you made your complaint.

            LOGIC 101: How can you get the answer before you asked the question?

          • Logic 102; get the facts straight before making false claims. Especially when those false claims perpetrate your own criminal actions.

          • Logic 101: Straight facts convict low life liars. You will soon be toast here.

            And after all the crying and blame you spew, it will still be only your own fault.

          • Seriously, you don’t know what you are talking about. Whatever timeline you are clinging to is false. I know. I kept the email confirmation of the report I logged with the FBI, along with the daily digest from Disqus that shows when I posted that email confirmation on The Memo.

            I warned you beforehand that I would file that report with the FBI if you continued to harass me. You chose to ignore the warning. I then filed the report.

            I believe the multiple threats you have made toward me are real and credible, and I believe you will make every effort to physically locate me in order to cause further harm to me and my family. So, I redacted my email address and name from that post on The Memo.

            Again, I offer another warning to you that if you continue your campaign of harassment that is terrorizing me and my family, I will obey the course of action recommended by the FBI and contact local law enforcement to file a complaint against you. I suggest you pay attention this time.

          • YOU ARE THE ONLY BULLY HERE. I merely am trying to bring this sad fact to an extremely sick mind.

          • You POSTED the false reply to the report you did not file. The false reply was dated the day before you “filed” the report.

          • If you had filed a report with the FBI, you would probably be in jail right now for filing a false report. I have heard nothing from them by the way and I know I NEVER will. Get wrapped around this concept: I do know you did not file a report.

          • Ah. Fact is, you really don’t know, do you, One Who Drools Like Rabid Dog? Yet, you not only claim that I did (and claim that I didn’t), but are using the claim/non-claim to make your criminal accusation. You really ought to find better legal advisors within that circle of people that you use for your own personal attack missions, dog boy.

          • Fact is, I DO know.

            Anyway, without even following up with an inquiry, I KNEW within an hour of you posting that lie. I would have known sooner, but my eyes are bad. I saved the document and put it at 200% resolution in Adobe Acrobat. THE DATE WAS EASY TO READ.


            So, you are busted, asshole. Soon, you may be really “busted.”

            Remember . . . THE DATE WAS EASY TO READ!

            The document has not been tampered with in any way, and you will only dig a deeper hole by claiming so.

            As well, the document is still on the site where I logged it. Can you say b-u-s-t-e-d?

            As well, the document has been copied by other posters, and by friends and relatives of mine. Lying will only get you a perjury conviction, etc.

          • ROTFL!

            The article, which of course you never read, is titled “This Week In Crazy . . . .” AND then you show up to act as poster child for the title! ROTFL!

            You pushed YOURSELF over the edge for the last time. I will love watching you fall like a rock. A really STUPID rock.

          • At least I have legal advisors instead of just being a wing-nut, heavy emphasis on nut, that thinks the entire world must bow to him while he remains hidden in a not-so-secret basement.

            Ignorance ain’t bliss, my lying troll moron, it’s just ignorance.

          • Sorry, but you had nothing but your own manufactured, criminally actionable nonsense to file a report on. You would be in court as we speak if you had filed a report. If you had filed a report with the FBI, you would probably be in jail right now for filing a false report. I have heard nothing from them by the way and I know I NEVER will. Get wrapped around this concept: I do know you did not file a report.

          • As long as you are bullying other people, I have a complete RIGHT to bully you. That is, as long as Memo does not take action themselves.

          • You LIE constantly, angelstench. That is why that I could not stand your constant harassment of other people that has gone on for years.

            You are just here to get your sick, sick, sick jollies from the misery of decent, normal people.

          • All you do is harass and LIE. If you cannot take some in return, then why are you here.

            The fact that you had to begin this morning with another LIE just shows the idiocy and madness that drives your sick motives.

            We BOTH know you are lying, but yet you have to keep preaching to someone that knows you well. WHAT is your POINT?

            YOU LIE ALL THE TIME!

          • Your lame ass denials will not make this go better for you in the end. Remember I log everything.


            Constant whining will not make me withhold the truth of what you have done. Rather, your deceit stiffens my resolve to see you out of blogging altogether.


          • I will start posting the document. Then, if you really want to make it actionable, everyone will finally find out who you really are. That is, when I take every last stick you own in court.

            Like Eastwood said, “go ahead and make my day.”

          • All you ever had to do was be half way reasonable and you would never have heard a word from me. BUT you LIE and harass constantly. It is what you do for entertainment.

          • I am not lying and I am not, by definition, bullying anyone. I am merely bringing YOUR bullying to YOUR attention in the only manner available.

            It has always been in your power to stop/avoid this from occurring. The real problem is, you enjoy badgering people. Your only position in any discussion is a rude and extremely persistent opposite of what the blog topic is about. If you hate this “minor liberal blog” so badly, then why are you here?

            Why are you here? We both know you enjoy bullying. Sadly, you just can’t take correction in return! Bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

          • Based on how you treat all conservatives, this defiinition of bullying, as outlined in the 2014 WBI US Workplace Bullying Survey, seems to exactly match YOUR behavior:

            Is driven by perpetrators’ need to control the targeted individual(s).
            Is initiated by bullies who choose their targets, timing, location, and methods.
            Is a set of acts of commission (doing things to others) or omission (withholding resources from others)
            Requires consequences for the targeted individual
            Escalates to involve others who side with the bully, either voluntarily or through coercion

            Control much, Byrd? I especially like the last one. Please tell us more about your group meetings there, Russy.

          • YES, I am getting help. It is called a moderator, it is called the National Memo, it is called Disqus, it is called the FBI. ALL the help that I need.

            You rather, need some serious mental intervention.

            Does you “non-white” girlfriend know what you do for fun?

            Does she even exist, or is she just another of your self-serving LIES? Hmm?

            I do not believe she exists. I do not believe she ever did. Even if she did, all you see in her is someone to take advantage of.

            Why don’t you put her on to say a few words? Why don’t you let her read what you have been doing to other people?

            Like I said, I do not believe she exists, but if she does, I would like to actually hear from her why she thinks you are NOT evil?

            The only truth you have ever told is that worthless lump of flesh you call a son is in jail. The story about how he got there sounds typical for the lowest criminals I have ever listened to. Totally ludicrous.

            Yeah folks, the law put angelpooh’s son in jail for defending his own family on his own property. Sure they did. I will lay odds he will deny ever saying that (he did at least three times to me while he was whining about the injustice) and he will come up with an even crazier scenario just to spite the truth.

          • I never claimed to have a “non-white girlfriend”, attack dog. Please do go on,though with your lying banter. Thanks again for another personal attack on the family, Dog Boy. This makes the file nearly complete. Please keep posting the intent, harassment, hateful speech and personal attacks. It makes everyone’s job a little easier. Having to pay by the hour, your case is costing a small fortune. Don’t retire too soon, OK. I’m counting on that supplementary income when you lose this one, hard.

          • “I never claimed to have a “non-white girlfriend”,”

            ROTFL! YES YOU DID!

            angelstink is going down, going down, going down, angelstench is going down, he never was much of a lady. . . .

            You see shithead, truth is on my side. You only have a little vulgarity against me. I can easily demonstrate why that occurs from all your slander and libel against me.

            Keep in mind, that that “file” of yours is near worthless in court. It has to contain FACTS. Something you have no affinity for.

            Go ahead and threaten. It makes no more worry for me than it did years back when you first told those lies.

            YOU HAVE NOTHING. I challenge you to ruin yourself by filing even one report.

          • This is a statement for the record and it will be forwarded as is to all pertinent agencies. Memo, MJ, etc. and FBI, if necessary. Unlike yourself, I WILL do this.

            FACT: You have been hiding behind anonymiity to commit slander and libel against multiple people for years in these blogs.

            FACT: You have been using harassing techniques against mulitple “targets” for years. Your intent, by your own words, is to shut down conversation and the blog.

            FACT: You falsely claimed to have filed a false report with law enforcement.

            FACT: You falsely represented a Federal law enforcement document as a tool to bully me into allowing you to spread your hate to innocent people. That is a very real crime with very real consequences.

            FACT: You badger and harass in conversation for no other reason than to cause anger and despair to the posters that are just trying to have a discussion of an issue. You change issues and change positions at will, all in order to confound the other more lawful posters.

            FACT: You are never on topic constituting another violation of the “terms of service.”

            FACT: You claim this is a “minor liberal blog,” but you continue to harass posters in a blog you consider beneath you.

            FACT: I will always be here to remind you of how low a bit of scum you are.

            You have been harassing people in this blog for years. I only harass you and a couple of other trolls

          • Oh for Monday! Monday is going to be a big day. In fact, maybe I will start posting the evidence of your criminality sooner.

            Here is a little truth, dirtbag. The only reason I did not post your shit yesterday or today, is the document is not on this computer that I am using right now. IF it was, I would already be “singing your praises.”

            The difference between me and you is what will get you banned. I do not want to talk to you the way I do, but you will not cease bullying this blog. As well, I do not want to report you. I only want peace, but you want only turmoil. You enjoy getting away with criminal behavior. Of course, that did not work out too well for your sweetie-pie son. The shame is he was beat before he started by having the misfortune of having a criminal dirtbag as a father and role model.

            Everytime I swear that I will follow through with the real hard evidence that I have, I feel remorse and relent. You feel no remorse or regret for anything. You enjoy inflicting pain on others. You see it as your right and your life’s work.

            And finally, after all the lying, trolling, bullying that you do, the final difference is: MY folder is full, yours is full of lies and hate. So go ahead and do what you please. The more hatred you spew on the good people here, the more evidence I will have. 🙂

          • Like I said, I am a merciful man. You are not a man at all. All I have ever asked you to do is start reading the articles and post on-topic. Stop adopting multiple positions just to aggravate peaceful, intelligent, rightful posters. Stop all trolling activity. Show some civility.

            These are simple requests, yet you say I am driving posters away. Yet, when asked, ALL the posters hate you. AND, you cannot name one poster that I have driven away. In FACT, you have done all the crimes you accuse me of.

            Plus, now you tried to scare me off by committing a Federal crime. Even though I have repeatedly indicated that, because I harm no one except possibly YOU, the TRUE offender, I have done nothing to cause myself to fear from any retribution.

            So, in your mean hearted stupidity and evil, you committed a crime that had absolutely no purpose. In fact, due to your evil delusions of grandeur, you delivered yourself into my hands. Remember, you did this yourself.

          • In a way, I kind of enjoy your stupidity. I get to post to a glob of shit that is too stupid to understand the honesty with which I have treated you.

            I told you that I only trolled TROLLS. That’s you. Every post you make to me is a victory. Not only are you enraged, but you have less time to worry decent people. Every post you make to me, every threat you make, every lie you tell, keeps someone else from having to listen to you. AND the incredible thing is . . . you do this in spite of being told how stupid you really are. I never realized evil and stupidity worked together so well.

          • The truth is, when you want to harass me, you demonstrate a certain peculiar question.

            Either, you have a complete right to do anything you want to anyone at anytime and anywhere, and that other person has no right to stop you, OR you don’t.

            You see the facts, and the common sense, of this question means that IF you can do all this to me and any other member of a blog that you denigrate and despise, THEN I can certainly do so in return in the same blog that I love and has people I respect.

            Twist and spin all you want, but as is written, there is no rest for the wicked. So squirm, but you will only get peace when you are gone.

          • About that supplemental income. I am guessing you will have a cold, bleak retirement especially when you will incur legal fees you cannot possibly pay.

            Finally understand, you are EVIL, but you will not get any sympathy with your lying threats. I really don’t give a damn about them.

          • So, I am attacking your “family” of curs. Pfft! You attack me and multiple posters every time you show up.

            The real difference is, you think you are god, therefore you can do anything and suffer no consequences. I know that I am a fallible man and have to a least try to treat others as my equals.

            On that, you will lose.

          • I pray that their is a Satan. He will probably have a very special place for you. Yes he will, because your sins are incredible in scope. Just because you do no physical harm is irrelevant. It is the harm that you wish to do and the evil in your heart that is equal to any genocidal murderer. More simply, you would do unspeakable evil in this world, if it were not for the fact that we would kill or imprison you.

            Oh yeah, I said “kill” intentionally. Any sane person understands the concept and context, but I just wanted to hear you bleat over being threatened. No one can really be threatened with justice, unless he is fearful of it, and guilty of crime and sin.

          • I am sure you are a real hit with your Christian types. Of course, any real Christian know you are not a follower of Jesus Christ. In fact, you aspire to serve a master from a much warmer place. I hope you get your desire. (Oops, another threat!)

          • I doubt that you have a family. You are just a mean evil bastard that ran everyone you know off, and are not enough of man to admit your own fault.

          • What “color” was your “minority” family member. That family member that made you such an expert on the wants, needs, and expectations of racial minorities. Like I always said, and you always confirmed, you are just a damned lying, hate filled, racist.

          • I have never in fact attacked your family. I am attacking one of its nastiest, dirtiest, evilest members . . . YOU. You are the one that makes your mother into a bitch by your absolutely sociopathic behavior. Have a little empathy for your fellow human being. All you have is irrational hate. YOU deserve no respect.

          • So I guess I am not surprised that minority “woman” is actually a blow-up doll. Seeing the evil personality that you have, even the doll probably melted down.

            Yada, yada, yada . . . It was from the heat in your master’s abode. ROTFL!

          • The file is nearly complete . . . Yep, completely full of shit, like its creator. 🙂

          • Oh, I must opologize. I now see that you are saying that you never had a “non-white girlfriend attack dog.” Sorry, so she was a “white girlfriend attack dog.”

            BUT, isn’t that kind of sick? Like bestiality? I guess you need her though, because of all the “friends” you have so charmingly made. ROTFL!

          • As for my “intent,” that is only to get you to behave or to leave. How about we both leave these groups and let them be in peace? I am willing. I have always been willing.

            I know what your answer will be, that is, when you finally get the balls to make one. Your right to do evil does NOT exist. AND that same old reply is known by everyone to merely be a whine from a naughty bully that cannot respect the rights of others.

          • I wonder sometimes. Are you really just a bot that the programmers lost control of. I mean, your whine is always the same, and like a machine, you do not have any feelings for the rights of others.

            Are you just “code gone bad”? You certainly do not seem human. Oops, I forgot, you are a sociopathic criminal. My bad.

          • You know angelpoohpooh, I challenged you to tell everyone who I am bullying, REPEATEDLY. I have never heard a peep. You claim, but you never back up anything unless it is pre-packaged for you by a right-wacko mouthpiece. In other words, another liar.

            I challenged you to just leave, and I would not only leave you alone, but would give up my posting privileges as well. All I asked is you give the blog some peace. Yet, you cannot do that, can you.

            You really do think you own this blog and can treat people anyway you wish. I am just here to remind you that is not a fair or righteous idea.

          • The strangest thing about you is your so-called belief in god. Sorry, in fairness to God I have to use lower case when addressing you.

            One day you torment people mercilessly over their belief in God, then the next day you are preaching about the evil world that does not believe in god. So, which is it, sicko?

            I know which. Your god serves only your sick pleasures and you are sure you are exempt from his judgement. So, you use him as you wish to get your sick mental orgasms from the pain of others.

            You are not a Seventh Day Adventist at all. They may not be mainstream, but they do not tolerate anything that you believe in. You are 7:57 Christian. In other words, for a few seconds at a time to be used to confound other people.

          • Seriously, WE BOTH know what I am talking about. You not only harass, troll, and lie the entire blog, but you lied about filing a report. Then you illegally posted a document purporting to support your lie. GET it idiot, the dates on the forms tattled on you.

            Like I have said many times. That lump of waste flesh you call a son is just a chip-off-the-old-block. You taught him he knows about tromping the rights of other folks.

          • Okay, let’s play it YOUR way. So you filed that false report with the FBI. Let us just say you did. OKAY! Then what was the outcome. They could have investigated your report ten times since you made your claim. But, where is the conclusion? Come on, you can make up some great whoppers. Why so reluctant now.

            I have NEVER threatened you. That is your spin and twist fantasy to make up something to scare mean ole Russ away. BUT, I have done nothing to be ashamed of except wasting my time on a criminal like you.

            And for all to read: I make no excuses about not caring one iota for your useless, hateful, racist, lying life. If you were burning to death, I would not even piss on you. No one here, in fact, no one anywhere, needs your sociopathic blather intruding in their lives. You have always had the option of treating others in this blog with respect, but what fun would that be for you? Right.

            I am still here. I was always here. No one has restricted me in any manner, nor have I been asked about my behavior. (I have been asked about yours, by the way.)

          • I noticed that you waited until traffic died down in this group to post your next smart-ass LIE.

            Well puppy-dog, WE are going mainstream wherever I find you.

          • Keep getting entertained. You are working your way out of posting to any blog. That’s not “very dumb,” but downright STOOOPID. When all you have to do is behave.

          • You know what this is about? I have been watching you HARASS dozens of posters over the last month or so. One day you are shaming people over religion, the next day you shame them because they aren’t.

            ALL you do is HARASS to destroy the pleasure of people that want to communicate in these blogs.

            As you said, “I am here to educate and close down the blog.”

          • Is Russian Roulette your idea of entertainment. That is exactly WHAT you are doing to yourself. You have only gotten away with it so far, because without your personal information, we cannot load the gun.

            When we get that information, then your posting days will be over soon.

          • “Rant much . . .” as said by angelstench translates to “TRUTH much” for any decent human being.

          • Once again moron, I do not accuse falsely like you do. I do not lie like you do.

            YOU made a false claim. You posted an official document for a claim you did not file. I KNOW you did not file it.

            Now for the really stupid part, your complaint stems from an incident on a Wednesday. YET, the document you posted was RECEIVED by you the day before.

            YOU got the reply BEFORE you made the FALSE complaint. STOOOPID!!! Don’t you see that your LYING is easy to detect. LYING is ALL you do!

            Ergo, you falsely claimed to have filed a complaint and you mis-used a stolen Federal document to try to scare me into letting you harass and lie at will.

            TRY ME DIRTBAG! I will subpoena MJ and Disqus for your name and address. They WILL give it to me. Then you will wind up in court.

            And remember, I DID file a report. I imagine that the FBI has better things to do, BUT you could soon be doing FIVE YEARS for what you tried to pull. And there is no parole in the Federal system!

            JUST TRY ME A-HOLE!

          • Someone please help this person and notify the police. He’s made numerous threats. He is extremely unstable. He has weapons. I believe he intends to cause physical harm. Please help.

          • You are a sick piece of garbage. You taught that son of yours that other people do not have rights. So, he became a criminal just like his numbnuts old man.

            You committed a provable criminal act against Federal law. Probably nothing will be done, but you could wind up doing five years.

            As far as threats, show one that YOU did not make up. Not your twisted self-serving twists to harass people, but real facts.

            Once again, as many times before, you cannot refute the evidence, so you make a grandstand play with that nonsense. DON’T YOU GET IT . . . NO ONE IS LISTENING TO YOU AND NO ONE CARES A DAMN ABOUT YOU.

          • You have NEVER proven a single lie Byrd and you never will be bale to without making the shit up. Get some help for crying out loud. And turn in your WEAPONS. You are sick Byrd and a danger to yourself. You have me afraid for my own safety.My family is concerned now. Get the help or have one of your ‘many associates’ CALL THE POLICE NOW !!!

          • I have proven everything. Anyway, you do not like the taste of the shit you dish out to everyone else. Tastes bad, doesn’t it.

            Why are you beseeching me? I have no reason on God’s Earth to give you one iota of pity.

            If you are afraid for your own safety, look in your EVIL SOUL for the root cause. Repent, and be free.

            I am a danger to no one. All you are mad about is you demand a free pass to continue to LIE, BULLY, TROLL, and HARASS.

            Reason it out. If I were afraid of you for the fake reasons you are trying to push, I would immediately go somewhere safer.

            YOU WON’T because you are a BULLY that is not in the least afraid. ANNOYED, but not afraid.

            So, I just logged another LIE from you.

          • Your family probably does not even exist besides your hand trained jailbird son. They certainly do not know about what you do down in your poor deceased mother’s basement. Sick bastard that you are.

            Like I said, if I were really, truly afraid of someone, I would get clear of them immediately. We both know you are not in the least bit afraid. That is just another of your LIES. You are annoyed that someone is standing up to you. In your mind, all the harassment, bullying, lying, racism (oh yes!), and disruption is your exclusive right to do.

            You are not the least bit frightened. You are just posturing and, for why, I have told you I have no reason to stop while you persist in destroying the rights of others.

          • You know very well that you are the LIAR, BULLY, HARASSER, and RACIST. You know that if even one little bit of what you say were true, you could call the police.

            YET, you also know the trail would lead right back to you. So, you know you cannot carry out the threats against me that you have repeatedly made.

            Do you realize that reasoning makes it impossible for anyone to prove that you act out of insanity. No, you are very, very, very sick, but you know very well what you are doing, AND you know it is WRONG.

          • Once again, you are engaging in not only libel, but in real criminal activity by once again falsely reporting a crime. PLEASE continue! The more evidence, the better! Your days of blogging are coming to an end. The shame is you only have yourself to blame.

          • Who do you think is going to aid you. Another chicken crap troll? You have alienated any decent poster with your behavior and you have been doing it for years.

          • So, you can post in bold. Good. Better for law enforcement to read it. You have forced me to take direct legal action against you. Half measures have not worked

          • With your smarmy bold text, do you think I am the least little bit worried by you. Sorry. Once again all you have proved is your own moral bankruptcy and criminality.

          • I have to thank angelstench for giving me this post. We definitely do need “Someone please help this person and notify the police. He’s made
            numerous threats. He is extremely unstable. He has weapons. I believe he
            intends to cause physical harm. Please help.” I hope some law enforcement reads what this sick puppy is trying to pull.

            Hey folks, did you know that he falsely claimed to file a report with the FBI against me. Not only that, but he posted their SUPPOSED reply to him.

            PROBLEM: The reply was dated the day before he filed the “so-called” complaint. So he made a false information with a stolen FBI form, for a complaint he NEVER made.

          • I swear by GOD, that everytime I see you in these “minor liberal blogs,” I will post the facts about your criminal act until you are GONE. You had it made here, but you have to rub everyone’s face in your lying shit.

            You committed a crime! A real provable one. YOU POSTED THE EVIDENCE YOURSELF!

            Further, I will file every form of complaint I can with all appropriate news organizations, and with all law enforcement agencies that are willing to hear the complaint. Your criminal insanity has got to GO!

            You committed a crime! A real provable one. YOU POSTED THE EVIDENCE YOURSELF!

          • I’m here. Lets see those ‘facts’. That’s right, you never offer anything but lies and fabrication. Please produce the supposed evidence. Since their is none, you’ll have to manufacture it. Someone lock up this nut case before he hurts himself or others.

          • In due time and by the prescribed method stated. I am in no hurry.

            We both know I have told nothing but the truth. What I do not understand is a man that is about to fall into an abyss wants to lie to the face of his executioner. Makes no sense. You are definitely no Christian, and have NEVER been one. Now is the time to come clean, and change your ways.

            Alas, evil cannot change.

          • It seems you are bent on self-destruction, but I freely admit I do not
            relate to the self-delusional personality that spawns nonsense such as

          • You were right on one point, “YOU never offer anything but lies and fabrication.” And you are still doing so and always will.

          • “Someone lock up this nut case before he hurts himself or others.”

            Who are you beseeching? No one here cares. No one here ever did.

            I am tired of reading intelligent, sincere conversations broken up by your harassment and lies.

            I am tired of seeing good, intelligent posters leave this blog entirely to escape your abuse.

            The next thing you are going to say is I am the problem. SO, name all those I have abused.

            To get a list of just some of the posters you have abused, all one needs to do is copy down most of the posters names!

          • The next thing you are going to say is I am the problem. SO, name all those I have abused.

            To get a list of just some of the posters you have abused, all one needs to do is copy down most of the posters names!

          • You came here to cause disruption and harm. Your sick mind enjoys that.

            I came here to read, but I am sick of watching you play your games.

            So, you are the troll, spammer, liar, and bully. I ONLY came to bully you.

            I have told you many times, I only troll TROLLS. That is YOU!!!!!!!!

          • I am tired of reading intelligent, sincere conversations broken up by your harassment and lies.

            I am tired of seeing good, intelligent posters leave this blog entirely to escape your abuse.

          • Again:

            I am tired of reading intelligent, sincere conversations broken up by your harassment and lies.

            I am tired of seeing good, intelligent posters leavethis blog entirely to escape your abuse.

          • Yet again:

            I am tired of reading intelligent, sincere conversations broken up by your harassment and lies.

            I am tired of seeing good, intelligent posters leave this blog entirely to escape your abuse.

          • Once more:

            I am tired of reading intelligent, sincere conversations broken up by your harassment and lies.

            I am tired of seeing good, intelligent posters leave this blog entirely to escape your abuse.

          • Leave or behave, and I will cease. You are functionally unable to treat people in the same way you want them to treat you. Other posters owe you a free ride, while you get your sick jollies from ruining their day, and their blog.

          • Someone lock up and seal the door on this “stench” before it hurts someone. No one cares about “its” fate.

          • Are you totally mad? Are you that stir-fried crazy. What nonsense are you spewing? Are you trying to scare me? WITH WHAT? Are you trying to LIE me to death?

            You certainly never go out of doors because if anyone knew how you treat others, you would not have the proverbial snowballs chance in Hell of surviving. I have said that many times. So take it as a threat if your sick mind must do so, but it is merely an observation based on your treatment of others.

          • The really sick part about you is, you do this abuse and harassment for enjoyment, and you think you have an exclusive right to keep doing it. No one can touch you in your sick mind. Again, claim that’s a threat, but I am only observing you evil.

          • Hey folks, anyone want to see the false, libelous complaint that angelstink claimed to have filed. He was so stupid he stole an FBI reply document dated the day BEFORE he claimed to file his complaint. And since he knows he might go to jail for filing a false complaint, the form did not even pertain to him or myself.

            He is as low down scum as they come. A liar, and now, a proven criminal. Just like his son!

          • I want to see it. I’d like to be one of the first to witness your tampering. You are chasing rainbows, pal. Wasting government resources for your own personal use sounds like a good place to begin. Lawyer up creep.

          • Well, when you accuse me of tampering, you will be proven to be the criminal you actually are. JAIL will be the result. Next, lawyer up all you want, unless you are some rogue robber baron like a Koch brother, your lawyer will tell you to cop a plea. After all, you ARE GUILTY.

            A little clue here criminal. You posted the document, and it is STILL THERE!!!!!!!!!! Go ahead and scramble around to delete it, it will likely just remain in MJ’s archives anyway. What is the real laugh on you is, I am not the only person that made a copy.


            You can’t win. The more you squirm, the deeper you will go!!!!

          • Oh yes, you will see it. You just do not read much, nor do you pay attention. You definitely are too stupid to understand.

            I already told you that continued attempts to harass, “educate,” and “close down these blogs,” these “minor liberal blogs” (disgusting, but your exact words) will result in my posting just that exact document in the busiest groups (yes, GROUPS) that I can find.

            Of course, you have one advantage. Every blog already know how criminal a low-life you are and every blog hates you with a passion. So my worst problem with be apathy. No one will be surprised you are a criminal.

          • Since you obviously cannot read and understand, here it is again: Oh yes, you will see it. You just do not read much, nor do you pay attention. You definitely are too stupid to understand.

            I already told you that continued attempts to harass, “educate,” and “close down these blogs,” these “minor liberal blogs” (disgusting, but your exact words) will result in my posting just that exact document in the busiest groups (yes, GROUPS) that I can find.

            Ofcourse, you have one advantage. Every blog already knowd how criminal a low-life you are and every blog already hates you with a passion. So my worst problem with be apathy. No one will be surprised you are a criminal.

          • One more time for my least favorite satanic animal: Oh
            yes, you will see it. You just do not read much, nor do you pay
            attention. You definitely are too stupid to understand.

            already told you that continued attempts to harass, “educate,” and
            “close down these blogs,” these “minor liberal blogs” (disgusting, but
            your exact words) will result in my posting just that exact document in
            the busiest groups (yes, GROUPS) that I can find.

            Ofcourse, you
            have one advantage. Every blog already knowd how criminal a low-life
            you are and every blog already hates you with a passion. So my worst
            problem with be apathy. No one will be surprised you are a criminal.

          • Yes, Byrd, your personal attacks have degraded this blog into nothing more than just another minor liberal board soiled with personal attacks and mindless grudge. Nice work. Truly BAF.

          • What a LIAR. Whose started all the personal attacks. His name is not “Byrd,” by the way.

            If the running lying trolling nuisance angelstench leaves, the group will be quite peaceful.

            Don’t you get it moron. Nothing you say has any meaning to anyone, here or elsewhere.

            You are just spouting off because you are scared of the justice you deserve to receive.

          • I am not getting any complaints from anyone, except you and a couple of OTHER insignifcant trolls.

          • Thanks for confirming your attitudes towards this blog and its posters. That will go well with my release of your criminal activity. Goes to MOTIVE. 🙂

          • Scared, aren’t you. Sorry, but what your smug, smarmy ass always used to hide away from justice works just as well for me. I don’t give a damn about anything you say.

          • Angelstench has come home to his abode in “This Week In Crazy.” A periodical blog dedicated to “its” memory.

            I guess you do belong in THIS blog. It was written with you in mind.

          • I know your guilty and can prove it.
            You know your guilty, but your mental defect drives you to transfer your evil sins onto me. Sorry, I am not excepting any. Be a man and accept yourself as the low life-form that you are.

          • We both know that you are guilty. Only you think your tactic of trying to bully people will work on me. It won’t, as it never has.

          • Meaningless drivel. Until you began your bully boy tactics again today, this blog was 100% peaceful. I have been here and no on was complaining. NO ONE! Then you show up.

          • You have no chance at salvation. You will certainly burn in Hell. Giggling about that, telling more and more lies, and bragging about beliefs you don’t really have, did not fool me for one instance.

            Do you think GOD will be fooled? That in itself is damnable, because you really think God is some stupid beast. Sorry, but you believe wrongly.

          • Do you really think reminding me, a very, very forgiving man, of your evil perfidy will cause me to go away?

            What is wrong with you? I KNOW, by the way, but I cannot understand why you cannot see it.

          • Which prison is that sack of garbage son of yours in? Is it a Federal prison? Does it take Federal prisoners? Maybe, we can arrange his and “her” cells. ROTFL!

          • PLEASE READ VERY CAREFULLY. Of course, you do not even need to read this, as you are the criminal perpetrator.

            This is a transcript of an incident that I believe is criminal.

            ON Wednesday, April 23, 2014, angelsinca posted this in to me in regards to an incident that occurred earlier on that day. Regardless of how bogus the complaint would have been anyway, the major point is the date. Please note the date that the document was generated, and the date angelsinca received this document. In response to a complaint he filed earlier in the day on April 23, 2014. The document has been copied and pasted, and NO attempt has been made at editing of any kind. Keep in mind the spacing is normal for a copied blog. And for the criminal that posted this, I have the original post safely logged, and I do not have the only copy:

            Russell Byrd • 7 hours ago

            You really don’t have a clue, do you? As an act of courtesy here is the follow up email received from the FBI. So, for the final time, please tell me that you do not intend to harm me or my family, Russell Byrd. The bullshit and kiddie games are over now.

            —– Original Message —–

            From: FBI-TIPS7, FBI-TIPS7
            To: ———————–
            Sent: Monday, April 21, 2014 8:13 AM
            Subject: FBI Tip

            Dear Mr.*****:


            Thank you for your submission to the FBI Internet Tip Line.

            After evaluating the information you provided, it is our determination that you should contact your local law enforcement agency. The following link provides information regarding police and sheriffs’ departments; listings include addresses and phone numbers:

            The FBI may be contacted by a local or state law enforcement agency after an initial investigation has been conducted.

            The Internet Tip Line was created on September 11,
            2001 in response to the terrorist attack upon America. The FBI quickly established this mechanism
            for the public to submit information via the Internet and has received over
            2,850,000 tips from around the globe.
            Once a tip is received, professional support personnel and Special Agents
            review them within minutes after they are received. If the FBI is the appropriate investigative
            agency, leads are sent to FBI Field Offices or Legal Attaché offices.

            IMPORTANT – NOTE
            THE FOLLOWING:

            The FBI does not
            maintain an email address to submit information or attachments to directly;
            therefore, please do not reply directly to this message via your email
            client. The FBI maintains an automated
            system that is designed to track all information received to ensure that all
            tips are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. Therefore, please visit the FBI.GOV Web site
            again should you have occasion to submit additional information. We WILL NOT open or respond to “reply” email.

          • Last chance angelstink. Sometime next week I will avail myself of that FBI hotline that you seem to think serves your sick needs. I will file a very real complaint. One that you will certainly have to answer, and one that is not based on the fact that you believe you have a right to destroy protected First Amendment rights that the bloggers here should enjoy.

          • Oh, if your little pea brain has not figured it out yet, we are going “live” today. Go ahead and deny you sent this. Not only have you tacitly admitted that you have sent it in the last 48 hours, the original still exists. So, make another false accusation that:

            The document is not yours.

            That I altered the document that is not yours in order to use the document you posted that you know nothing about, but I wanted to use against you anyway.

          • You know angelstench. Your son is a reflection of you. Not only did
            you fail to teach him common decency, you taught him that other people
            are just his punching bags. BUT the real funny part is, you never
            taught him to have the least little bit of sense about it. NO surprise,
            because you don’t have any of your own.

          • I just wanted to remind you that D-Day has been moved up to today. Go ahead and yell that the document you falsely represented as a report for the false report you falsely claimed to have made on false evidence has been altered or faked.

            That claim will just irretrievably link the name of angelstench to said document. As for stench, it already reeks as bad as you do.

            And in any case, the original exists in a very safe, but very near location.

          • The next bit of mouth I get out of you and I will post the fake document in the next busy group that we meet in. AND, in every group after that. As well, I will, and am in the process now, of contacting the FBI for advice, and hopefully a warrant.

          • Yes, colloquolly known as The Law. Thanks for further proof of your stooooooooooooooopid harassment and ignorant defiance of common decency. Like I said, I log ALL conversations.

          • You fucked up big this time. You lying, criminal! I can’t get you for filing a false report, because even you were not that dumb. BUT, you are done on the false posting about that complaint. DONE, TOAST.

          • Odd, a dirtbag like you is drawn like a magnet to a blog that is talking about people just like you. I guess it is like a moth and a flame. No?

          • No, angelstench, I am here to tell the truth. You are here to LIE. You are the one that harasses. Everyday you change your LIES to fit your harassment of the next topic. Today you claim this, tomorrow you claim the opposite. You are only here to disagree, troll, LIE, confound, disrupt, and harass. I am only here to harass the harasser. That is you.

            Go away. Poof! No more “harassment.” Pretty simple really.

          • As for your evidence, that is pre-packaged, cherry-picked, right-wacko malarkey that you did not even do the work to gather. I have a pretty good idea where you get you LIES.

            Again, you committed a very real crime. AND YOU posted the evidence to prove it yourself.

            You are a LYING FAKE of the very lowest sort.

          • Actually, that article supports you only slightly less than it supports me. I am not denying anything in that article, YET, your evil, and lying laziness makes you refuse to see that it is only part of the problem. I tell you truthfully that the facts that your refuse to address outrage many of us.

            To wit, I would trade your ENTIRE evil, lying, criminal, self-loathing, closet queen FAMILY for the life of even ONE of our heroes that lost their life.

            Not only am I proud to say that to you, I will proudly repeat the same to anyone, including law enforcement. You are nothing but a blight on the ass of this great Nation. Well, it was great until useless racist, hateful, liars like you showed up wanting a free ride for being . . . what?

            As far as your criminality, that can be proven conclusively. Just like any garden variety CRIMINAL, you have no fear. . You think your anonymity protects you. It don’t and it won’t. Not from law enforcement.

          • Angelstench says, ” If a ‘criminal act’ has been
            committed, your Memo would be interested in understanding its liability
            in knowingly hosting criminal intent.”

            We both know you committed your crime in MJ. . . . As for Memo, you do have the right idea. I will start to remedy the gap in the true facts with Memo today. Thanks for the suggestion.

            You do have “criminal intent.” However, it is the criminal that I am concerned with. . . .

          • Hey everyone, do you notice that by the time angelstink is through with a post, he doesn’t seem to know what it was even about. It is just important for him to bash Obama.


            I know angelstench’s real name too. It is Mephistopheles O’Shit.

          • Of course, bashing Obama with made up stories on an everyday basis ensures that angelstench can never be accused of racism! Oops, I did tell a lie there. I’ve been bad.

        • And about the HS drop out rate – do a real check on that and you’ll find that its Red States where the biggest drop outs are occurring, And you’ll find that its Red States that lead the nation in people without college degrees: 8 of the 10 states where the residents have the fewest BA and BS degrees are all Red States!!!!!!!

          • In red states, like mine, there is more poverty and more people on welfare. A kid who does not have the wherewithal to keep up with his peers will be more likely to drop out of high school. He or she cannot afford the clubs and the sports programs. This is demoralizing to kids.

          • If it is actually the fault of the ‘red’ leaders, why don’t you move to the supposedly successful blue states? Maybe because the woes aren’t really due to the color of the governance, but because of a more complex set of variables such as industry, skills, regulation, incentives, social participation, support from business, etc. But, it’s simpler to demonize those things you don’t support so you blame them for your local woes.

          • The kids aren’t demoralized by the color of their political leaders, but the lack of promise for a better future. When they are accustomed to blaming others for their shortcomings, they won’t do much to improve their world or themselves.

          • Assigning blame doesn’t address the issue of misleading analysis for an ailing economy. To address your blame game, a decrease in the number of people with degrees, at this point with a shortage of full time jobs, means a population less burdened by crippling debt.

          • Well, I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you write a letter to the GOP legislators in most red states and tell them to stop cutting the education budgets in their states which are demotivating most of the young people in their states because their schools are deteriorating like crazy. Tell these GOP idiots to start providing some motivation in states like WV, TN, MS, AL, SC, GA, AR, LA, ID, KY and on and on. It’s the dismal results from these and similar red states that are creating a spike in the numbers that you are quoting. It has absolutely nothing to do with Obama and the Dems not wanting to make things better.

            So it is important to place blame, because the Feds can’t fix something that the Red States refuse to fix – like even extending Medicaid benefits to millions of people who should be getting them!!!!!!!!!

          • Write a letter to the House GOP and tell them to stop playing games by voting 50 plus times to repeal Obamacare, and passing legislation they know is dead in the water because they keep including billions in subsidies for companies who don’t need to be subsidized by us taxpayers.

            Tell they to pass the American Jobs Act that Obama sent them 3 years ago which the CBO said would create a minimum of 2-3 million new jobs. A number which is probably very conservative because if 2-3 million more new jobs were created, it would probably spur the economy and encourage businesses to start taking some of their money out of their offshore accounts to expand their businesses which are not even related to the jobs bill.

            What we need is for the GOP to stop playing games like 6 year olds and start acting like politicians.

          • The AJA was a bad deal then and still is now. As much as we need more jobs, we can no longer afford to increase the debt and prolong deficit spending. The gov’t mandated ‘incentives’ in this bill will lead to not interviewing the long term unemployed, for fear of being sued or fined for not hiring them. It does more to try to control the behavior of the market and employers than it does to improve the economy.

            You write the GOP and please have them do more to end the debt crazy train. You seem to forget (or not care) where the US’s debt rate rating was before the huge debt, and where it has fallen to now. Please tell the Dems to stop spending like drunken fools and act responsibly with our limited dollars.

          • Unadulterated CRAP!! Every word of it!!

            America needs EVERYTHING that’s in the AJA. And the notion that we can’t increase the debt to do that is pure NONSENSE!!

            The CBO has recently projected that America’s debt to GDP ratio has fallen below 73%. With virtually EVERY similar nation on the planet running debt to GDP ratios of over 80%, with even Canada running a ratio of over 85%; despite America’s 17 trillion in debt, it is still the planet’s least indebted similar industrialized noncommunist nation ON THE PLANET!!!

            So don’t come out with any more crap about the debt. The debt wasn’t a problem for 8 disastrous years under Bush when he was spending money like water!! And Obama has reduced our deficits faster than any president since Truman right after WWII.

            Go fly a kite somewhere will you!! You’re nothing but a blathering idiot!!!!

          • You really are an arrogant, blaming and insulting dick. Please go back to soaking your head in denial, deception and disregard. Most Americans still despise the hoodlum politics and wrong direction we are headed. Pfft.

          • And, since you are unable understand why people feel this way toward your ilk and especially Obama, I’ll explain the human nature basic to you. When confronted with hostility and insistence that your way is the ONLY way, people naturally tend to oppose you. Same is true when compelled and coerced into compliance instead of being brought to the table with understanding and convincing. Whether you are right or wrong is beside the point. So relish your positions. If they are is unwanted, they may as well be wrong.

          • America doesn’t need the added debt offered by the AJA. We could use a different direction, entirely. And calmer people.

  17. “7 Million People Have Left The Workforce Since The President Took Office.” The statement is in response to today’s jobs numbers.

    “Today’s jobs numbers are only enough to tread even with population growth, maintaining unemployment at 6.3 percent. When you include discouraged workers, the unemployment rate doubles to an alarming 12.2 percent. There are still 3.2 million fewer full-time employed persons than there were in 2007,” says Sessions.

    “Since President Obama came into office in 2009, 7.2 million people have left the workforce entirely. One out of every six men aged 25–54 is not working. Employment in this group fell by 72,000 last month, while the number of employed women aged 25–54 fell by 37,000. Meanwhile, the workforce participation rate for women is at its lowest level in 23 years. Median household income is down almost $2,300 from what it was when the President took office. Real wages are lower than they were in 1999. Growth in the first quarter of this year was negative.

    “These numbers are grim and make clear that this economy is nowhere close to performing at an acceptable level.”

    • And yet, what is more amazing, The U.S. economy is out preforming most other economies in the world. Since President Obama came into office, the Stock Markets around the world have recovered all their losses, and doubled their levels since Sept. ’08. While the U.S. DOW Industrial Average was posting a bit above 6000, at Obama’s inauguration. It has set a new record high this week, of over 17,800. Of course corporate profits are on par to set their 6th record year of increases. Due to lower overseas labor costs, a booming energy sector in the U.S. and a return of customers in record numbers to auto showrooms, and the housing market. This in spite of near 100% obstruction by Republicans of President Obama’s economic initiatives, since capturing the leadership of the lower chamber of the legislature, and opening Congress in Jan ’09. Since that time, the absolute nit wits, and nihilists, in that lower chamber have blocked jobs bills, education bills, threatened to run the treasury into default, twice, and closed down the Federal Gov. Shaking the confidence of both our trade partners, and the domestic buying public. Costing in turn, billions in investments, sales, jobs, and themselves the last election. Still, I see little let up in this major impediment to jobs, and economic growth. Because unfortunately, their current strategy for winning the mid terms, cannot rely on their record. So, as usual the they’re betting on voter suppression, voter ignorance, and spinning a narrative about a growing economy, “not preforming at acceptable levels,” by cherry picking numbers. I look at my investment portfolio. Sorry about your politics, friend. I go with the smart money. Democrats all the way. Republicans need to dump the dumb ass T-Party. What are they thinking?

      • The newspaper, this morning, reports that jobs are better than any time since 1999, Beware of false prophets.

        • They are also reporting that, with 37% of the workforce unemployed, it hasn’t been this bad in 60 years. I think I’ll start subscribing to your papers.

          • The unemployment rate nitwit is 6.3% as published by the BLS. Which means that given an expected work force of people between the ages on 18 and 65, there are about 8.8 million people unemployed – and given that most work experts say that a 5.6% unemployment rate is really what we should be running, there are only about .7% of our people who are actually UNEMPLOYED.

            (Remember, within those 8.8 million Americans who are not working but could because they’re between the ages of 18 and 65, a good portion of them are still getting their education, others are disabled and can’t work, not every household needs both adults working in order to get by, and there has to be a residual of some unemployed looking for work in order to give employers a pool of candidates from which to fill jobs.)

          • Did I say UE Rate ??? no. Pull the assumption out yer arse. Why don’t you show us all how aware you are and describe how the UE rate is now calculated differently, thanks to the current regime. It still isn’t necessary to lean in with the personal insult.

          • I didn’t miss a thing. You made your post trying to insinuate that there’s a problem with the current economy with respect to job creation; so you missed my entire point in that according to the BLS, the current jobless rate is only .7% above what the BLS says SHOULD BE CONSIDERED FULL EMPLOYMENT!!!

            How can the jobless rate being .7% ABOVE FULL EMPLOYMENT in any way indicate any kind of problem with the current economy???

            Whatever number you and the rest of the insane right wing posters on the NM come out with trying to claim there’s a problem with the current economy is pure BS!!!!!!

    • More propaganda from your left-wing rags I see!! When are you going to grow up and realize that you’re not posting on Yahoo News which is filled with low IQ right-wing lovers that you can hoodwink!!!!!

  18. What is it with Susan Rice and the Sunday morning talk shows? This time she said Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl had served in Afghanistan “with honor and distinction” — the biggest whopper since she insisted the Benghazi attack was caused by a video.

    There is strong eyewitness evidence that Bergdahl deserted his unit and that the search for him endangered his fellow soldiers. If he had served with honor and distinction, there would be no national uproar over his ransom and some of the widely aired objections to the deal would be as muted as they are flimsy. For example:

    1. America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists.

    Nonsense. Of course we do. Everyone does, while pretending not to. The Israelis, by necessity the toughest of all anti-terror fighters, in 2011 gave up 1,027 prisoners, some with blood on their hands, for one captured staff sergeant.

    2. The administration did not give Congress 30-day notice as required by law.

    Of all the jurisdictional disputes between president and Congress, the president stands on the firmest ground as commander in chief. And commanders have the power to negotiate prisoner exchanges.

    Moreover, from where did this sudden assertion of congressional prerogative spring? After five years of supine acquiescence to President Obama’s multiple usurpations, Congress suddenly becomes exercised over a war power — where its claim is weakest. Congress does nothing in the face of 23 executive alterations of the president’s own Affordable Care Act. It does nothing when Obama essentially enacts by executive order the Dream Act, which Congress had refused to enact. It does nothing when the Justice Department unilaterally rewrites drug laws. And now it rises indignantly on its hind legs because it didn’t get 30 days’ notice of a prisoner swap?

    3. The Taliban release endangers national security.

    Indeed it does. The five released detainees are unrepentant, militant and dangerous. They’re likely to go back into the field and resume their war against local and foreign infidels, especially us.

    The administration pretense that we and the Qataris will monitor them is a joke. They can start planning against us tonight. And if they decide to leave Qatar tomorrow, who’s going to stop them?

    The administration might have tried honesty here and said: Yes, we gave away five important combatants. But that’s what you do to redeem hostages. In such exchanges, the West always gives more than it gets for the simple reason that we value individual human life more than do the barbarians with whom we deal.

    No shame here, merely a lamentable reality. So why does the Bergdahl deal rankle? Because of how he became captive in the first place. That’s the real issue. He appears to have deserted, perhaps even defected.

    The distinction is important. If he’s a defector — joined the enemy to fight against his country — then he deserves no freeing. Indeed, he deserves killing, the way we kill other enemies in the field, the way we killed Anwar al-Awlaki, an American who had openly joined al-Qaeda. A U.S. passport does not entitle a traitor to any special protection. (Caveat: If a POW is turned, Stockholm-syndrome-like, after falling captive, these condemnatory considerations don’t apply.)

    Assume, however — and we will find out soon enough — that Bergdahl was not a defector. Simply wanted out — a deserter who walked or wandered away from his duty and his comrades for reasons as yet unknown. Do you bargain for a deserter?

    Two imperatives should guide the answer. Bergdahl remains a member of the U.S. military and therefore is (a) subject to military justice and (b) subject to the soldiers’ creed that we don’t leave anyone behind.

    What to do? Free him, then try him. Make the swap and then, if the evidence is as strong as it now seems, court-martial him for desertion.

    The swap itself remains, nonetheless, a very close call. I would fully respect a president who rejected the deal as simply too unbalanced. What is impossible to respect is a president who makes this heart-wrenching deal and then does a victory lap in the Rose Garden and has his senior officials declare it a cause for celebration. The ever dutiful, ever clueless Susan Rice hailed it as “an extraordinary day for America.”

    Good God. This is no victory. This is a defeat, a concession to a miserable reality, a dirty deal, perhaps necessary as a matter of principle but to be carried out with regret, resignation, even revulsion.

    The Rose Garden stunt wasn’t a messaging failure. It’s a category error. The president seems oblivious to the gravity, indeed the very nature, of what he has just done. Which is why a stunned and troubled people are asking themselves what kind of man they have twice chosen to lead them.

    • There you go again, expressing an opinion without all the facts. Whether or not Bergdahl is found to be a deserter is yet to be seen because, what may be uncovered is that Bergdahl was leaving his unit because he could not stand the totally disorderly, raucus bunch of screwups he had been assigned to serve with in Afghanistan. He just had to get some times away (he had left for a short time before and his unit never reported him missing – he came back – and may well have come back the time that he was captured by the Taliban – he just needed a break.)

      See this:

      According to the now famous article by Michael Hastings about Bergdahl, his unit was basically a bunch of undisciplined fuck ups who went out on patrol without helmets, lost weapons, totally lacked morale and respect for military authority, etc. At least two commanders were actually demoted! So, you have to take with a grain of salt the accusations being made against Bergdahl by these people. Especially now that we know they failed to report Bergdahl left the base without permission on a prior occasion, and are still telling the media that he is a “deserter” when they know damn well that’s not true.

      See the full article on this:

      UPDATED: The GOP is Heading for a World of Hurt on Bergdahl, here’s why

      • Have you ever wondered why nazi soldiers did not leave to avoid exerting cruelty on others? What would we have thought of them if they did? Bergdahl witnessed a U.S. truck run over a child and no repercussions. Do you think that might have upset him? Should he have been upset? I wasn’t there with Bergdahl when he left the post, if he did, so I cannot tell anyone what happened and how he felt.

  19. Actually, rather than killing people, Obamacare SAVES LIVES. It COULD save MORE lives if the red state governors and legislatures would help.

        • I’m not sure about Ida’s state but here in Maine, the “some’ would be at least 70,000. And to be honest, I’m not certain that even covers all the Mainers who would be covered by insurance if our clueless governor LePage agreed to implement a full Medicaid expansion based on the Obamacare guidelines.

          • Before now I didn’t know that you were in Maine.Our friend Anne lives there too and she frequently mentions the negativity of LePage.Considering the overall population of Maine I would say that 70,000 + is a lot of people.I could really get into this Indy as I’m sure you can too,but I don’t think that we need to work ourselves into a lather for nothing.Besides,I’m trying to control my blood pressure and I just had dinner with a beautiful woman sooooo.
            I barely understand the willful ignorance of racism,but I draw a blank on this seeming hatred for regular Americans and the damage that certain entities are willing to impose.

      • Obviously they, and their more rabid voters, do not consider “those” people’s lives worth saving. The irony is that their more rabid voters, in some cases, are unknowingly making that judgement of “not worth saving” about THEMSELVES and their OWN FAMILIES and friends.

  20. The United States never joined, or allowed on US soil, the predecessor to the UN, the League of Nations (its headquarters were in Geneva). How did THAT work out? Those men who landed on the beach a 70 years ago today could tell you!

  21. We the people must Not let our Democracy get lost in all the miss-direction coming from Whomever? Democracy and (Critical Thinking Voters), we can make America Work for us all. What? the hell is going on in our country. Who? are these people that think the Govt. is too large, tell the people Which? part it that is too, large. Why? don’t you want Health care for all American’s, I am a Korean WAr Veteran and I receive Social Security these American policies Work, Thank You America, Why? cant we figure out What? works for the American People and Add them to our agenda. The VOTE is still Supreme so get rid of these anti-Americans, Boot-Them OUT. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All.

    • Because they have lost their sense of community. It is possible that addiction to electronic media is part of the problem. A machine is not another human being. With a machine they can focus on that which backs their skewed thinking patterns. With human contact, they might learn there is diversity in thought. They can no longer emphasize with the parents who have a seriously ill child or the person with a terminal disease. Medicare has proven that a single payer insurance works very well.

      • Quite odd coming from someone that doesn’t seem to understand human nature. Force fed ideology doesn’t work. Or you can just ridicule us for the gag reflex when you force your one-size-fits-all thinking down our throats.

    • Oddly, it hasn’t worked very well for ‘all’ under Democratic leadership. Unless you disregard all republicans and conservatives. So long and thanks for the ostracizing.

  22. Pick a scandal any scandal …and there have been more under Obama then the last 43 Presidents combined and every single time the Liberal media tries it’s best to get it out of the News cycle . Whether the timing of Obama’s illegally circumventing Congress ( AGAIN ) and releasing 5 Muslim Terrorists was designed to distract from his other scandals all he did was create a new scandal . Trading 5 terrorists for one deserter was foolhardy and sets bad precedents . 1 it shows Obama will bargain with terrorists and 2 it puts every American in a Muslim country at risk of being kidnapped and used as a bargaining chip . My guess when factoring in Obama’s record of self serving decisions to make himself look good and his record of LYING is that yes this was another purposeful and treasonous act . It totally sets back America and her foreign policy but hey ….no one is talking about the VA now are they ??? Now Obama goes and gives a speech on D Day and the Veterans refuse to meet with him … See they see right through him too

    • What, you’re counting fabricated non scandals?? The GOP hasn’t been able to make one fake scandal stick. They’ve gotten egg on their face for every fake scandal they’ve brought up. If the Dems had played the game during Bush Jr’s disastrous 8 years that the GOP has been playing the past 6 years, Bush, Cheney and a number of his crooked administration would have been impeached and all of them in jail years ago. The Bush year scandals weren’t fake: starting a war based clearly on lies, deliberately letting an attack on the homeland happen, supporting torture, and on and on.

      • Sounds like you know that list well … You at the top ? Please enlighten everyone and tell me what I stated that was innacurate … You know what never mind … i can tell by the way you entered the conversation it would just end with you calling me a racist and you then blaming Bush … and then you running to your medicine cabinet foaming at the mouth and looking for some strong medication

  23. This week there were so many that could have made the list. It had to have been hard to dwindle the list down to these 5. I can see the primary season already with Dr. Ben Carson. He will just replace Herman Cain. As for Janis Lane, I don’t think all the women of MS want to go back to the dark ages.

  24. As a black American I would like to state for the record. PLEASE TAKE HIM WE AS BLACK FOLK HAVE DONE AWAY WITH JACKASSES WITH A DEGREE. DOCTOR MY AS@@@@. WHERE did he attend school I got drop on my head as a child

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