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Monday, March 25, 2019

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is a man who doesn’t just talk about stopping gun violence.  The billionaire helped fund Mayors Against Illegal Guns and donated $9 million to defeat pro-gun candidates, including Democrats, in 2012.

On Friday, in the immediate wake of the massacre in Newtown, CT where 26 people — including 20 children — were killed, Bloomberg immediately renewed his call made after the Aurora, CO massacre earlier this year that the president and Congress move to prevent gun violence now, “…the country needs him to send a bill to Congress to fix this problem –and take immediate executive action.”

The question is what bill and what action could make an immediate difference in reducing mass murders involving firearms, especially considering the National Rifle Association’s iron grip on the current Congress, which extends across both sides of the aisle.

Since 1994, when Republicans swept into a House majority partially on the strength of opposing gun-control legislation, Democrats have been reluctant to support new measures and tend to stick to the NRA’s talking point about enforcing current laws.

It’s true that gun violence on the whole is down but massacres like the ones in Newtown and Aurora are on the rise.

President Obama has only signed laws that extend gun rights, in an effort to combat the right-wing myth that he’s coming for their guns — a mania that has sparked record arms sales after both the 2008 and 2012 elections.

In this case, it’s hard to argue that enforcing current laws would have prevented what happened in Newtown. The suspect allegedly took his mother’s legal guns and shot his way into the school. This has led to many on the right to suggest that these mass murders all take place in “gun-free” zones, where the killers can act with impunity. Thus they want to arm teachers. Many of the people making this suggestion also believe that teachers are overpaid.

The Brady Campaign To End Gun Violence — started by Jim and Sarah Brady after Jim was brutally and permanently injured in the 1981 attempted assignation of President Reagan — helped implement national background checks through the Brady Bill in 1991, with Reagan’s support. The group advocates strengthening background checks, renewing the assault-weapon ban and limiting the number of bullets a magazine can hold.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has said that she will reintroduce an assault-weapon ban. The gun that the Newtown shooter used, an AR-15, would be covered by such a ban. Such a ban might be one example of the “meaningful action” President Obama called for.

Gun-control advocates often point to Australia as an example. After the  Port Arthur massacre in 1996, the country took steps to reduce gun violence. The result hasn’t eliminated murders with firearms completely, but there hasn’t been a single massacre since.

Is there one bill that replicates any element of what Australia did — which included gun buybacks, a 28-day waiting period, a ban on assault weapons, and strict licensing that prohibited self-defense as a reason for purchasing a gun — that could pass Congress today?

Probably not.

But the fact that no new legislation is likely to eliminate all further massacres doesn’t mean nothing should be done. Critics, including Bloomberg, will demand that Obama act if Congress won’t.

‘I think there’s something like 77,000– people who’ve been accused of lying when they applied for a gun permit. We’ve only prosecuted 77 of them,” Bloomberg said, when asked what steps the president should take.

Reportedly the president considered executive action to strengthen background checks after the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and after Aurora. But he didn’t pursue the orders because the NRA’s attempt to create a scandal out of the “Fast and Furious” gun-running incident had put him on the defensive.

But now, with no more elections to win and a tragedy that demands a reaction, now many are expecting action — and soon.

Photo credit: AP/The Connecticut Post, Christian Abraham 

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68 responses to “What Can President Obama Do About Gun Violence?”

  1. Lynda says:

    He can help start a dialog, but nothing in the way of legislation. That unfortunately rests in the hands of the do-nothing Congress. And if there is one subject that they treat as poison it is the subject of reasonable gun control. The country if just not mature enough to face and deal with this difficult issue.

  2. Urbane_Gorilla says:

    He can do nothing. The NRA and Pro-Gun advocates have buried Gun-Regulation Groups with massive spending . Our courts have forced guns on campuses, have forced cities to allow open carry and hidden guns, and have squashed all attempts to regulate who can buy and sell guns…As to Obama? I’m pretty tired of gun nuts freaking out about how he will restrict their right to buy kid-killers. Didn’t he sign legislation to allow guns in National Parks and on Amtrack? Get real. Obama is not anti-gun. That’s BS.

    My advice, invest in a nice pre-paid funeral plan for you and your kids. Forget trying to control access in our gun-freak society.

  3. Isn’t the real problem preventing firearms from getting into the hands of crazy people?

    Of all the recent mass shootings it comes out that each of these people was seeing a shrink & was crazy.

    Isn’t that common thread suggesting to anyone a way to restrict WHO get a firearm?

    Come’on now, you must know the answer right?

    • Lynda says:

      Most people killed by guns in the country are not in tragic events like Newton. People are 14 times more likely to die of gun violence if guns are in the home. It would certainly be simpler if only crazy folks were doing the killing. At least that way we would have a chance to keep firearms away from the majority of them. The mega thousands who kill themselves each year with a gun at home, while disturbed may or may not be seeing a shrink. I wish the problem had a simple solution….it doesn’t.

      • Bill says:

        Lynda what a sane and rational repsonse, I think you will get many 2nd amendment people telling you how wrong you are. The solution of some of these is to arm the teachers, movie theater workers, mall workers, etc. That possibility is scarier than anything else

    • The real problem is the availability of semi-automatic weapons to anyone with enough money to buy them, and gun control laws that are so laxed that anyone can go to a gun show and sell weapons without a license to anyone willing to pay for them. Even when background checks are performed, that does not prevent the purchaser from leaving his/her weapons laying around in the house, accessible to everyone else in that house. I believe Lanza did not buy the weapons he used to kill 26 people, incuding 20 small children. His mother did. Why do we need an arsenal in our houses? What or who are we afraid of?

    • wizard says:

      Guns used in these shootings were bought by someone other than the shooter. Since we can’t control who has access, within a home, for example, we must control what type of weapon can be bought.

    • Bill says:

      So what is the answer, arming everyone. I think you watched too many western movies. What happens when we disagree, do you and I meet in the street outside the saloon and the best shot wins. Other countries have enacted some control over who can get guns and what type they can get (Austrslia, England & Canada to name a few) and have lower gun violence rates than the US.

  4. It is not only what President Obama should do, it is what we should all do. Every American with an ounce of common sense and a sense of humanity must demand gun control. Why does a nation with a population that is only 5% of the world population account for 50% of all gun related deaths?

    • stcroixcarp says:

      And we as citizens and consumers need to start demanding responsible behavior from the NRA, Gun Lobby Industry and Arms manufacturers. We also need to change public opinion on violence. We need to beg the entertainment industry to provide us with non-violent programming and advertising. Enough of EXTREME and sports and rude “reality ” shows and realistic killing video games. Give us those ideals that make for peace.

      • The best tool to influence change in movies, TV shows, and video games is to stop watching them and/or buying them.
        There is no justification for anyone having an arsenal at home. Lanza’s mother had semi-automatic weapons, assault rifles and enough ammunition to wage a battle. What was she afraid of? I am in favor of total disarmament, let the armed forces and law enforcement agencies take care of our security, but I don’t have a big problem with a person having a handgun at home and going to a shooting range for target practice. I question the need for an arsenal at home. What is going to be next? Should we all have our own private drones to defend ourselves from each other?

      • Michael Kollmorgen says:

        I don’t know how far it should be carried with non-violent programming. Remember, even The Three Stooges could be classified as violent.

        What really bothers me is these cop shows that portray their violence as acceptable as long as it gets the “bad guy”.

        Another one that gets my blood boiling is these Mixed Martial Arts, Cage Fighting Shows. Boxing years ago was one thing. But, this stuff takes violence to a way higher level. Even these Wrestling Shows have taken violence to a new level as well.

        Yes, some Video Games and Movies are also a major problem.

        With this type of programming above, I rarely watch any of them. I grew out of getting anything out of them 40 years ago.

        In ALL these cases though, it is the PARENT’S’ RESPONSIBILITY to switch the channel, turn off the TV or Video Game. It is not my responsibility as an adult to make sure someone’s kid doesn’t watch violent-orientated programming. Make THE PARENTS accountable for their children’s behavior, not the general public at large.

        I’d be totally for IF someone’s kid turns into Monster, send the parents to jail as well. Afterall, they are the ones that raised it. In many ways, parents do most of the damage; home environment, opinions, way of life affects a kid more than any other factor.

        • old_blu says:

          I don’t agree with you on that, I’ve seen families that had 5 or 6 kids all fantastic people but one, so it’s not always the parent.

        • Mikeinthedirt says:

          The vacuum in place of the home environment affects kids more than any other. Parents tend to abrogate responsibility for instilling morality and self-discipline on their spawn and then blame teach/coach/daycare/preacher when it goes to shit. Sure, most families are two-earner, but so has it been for about 50% of the 47% since the turn of the century.

      • 13observer says:


  5. There are hundreds of gun control laws on the books. When are we going to realize that passing more laws does nothing to advance the cause. Every time something happens, people cry out for more gun control laws. Didn’t work then, won’t work now. Think out of the box for a change.

    • Plznnn says:

      Correct Richard, liberals will not admit that it is the moral breakdown of our society, and liberal social policies that allow crazy sociopaths to roam our strets.

      • Michael Kollmorgen says:

        It wasn’t the Liberals who finally cut funding to most of our state mental facilities in this country. It was Republicans over the past 30 years in Congress to get funding cut across the board.

        And, it was the greedy nature of state government(s) to transfer mental cases from closed mental facilities into regular prison populations, which wasn’t meant to cure anyone.

        So, in all reality, it was Republicans who first started this all over 30 years ago at the federal Level. Remember Trickle Down? This is one of its effects.

    • Ord_Miller says:

      You write like a Moonie gun salesman. Who are you selling guns for on this day when decent Americans bury their slaughtered children? Are you trying to sell guns for the Moonie run Kahr Arms? You might at least wait until the parents bury their slaughtered children before you go back to selling your guns.

  6. STARSpat says:

    if the teachers had ,had a gun maybe some kids would be a live. so i say armed some of the teachers.if u take our guns how would any body protect them self.cause they would go under the black market and we all will be sitting ducks. SO TRAIN SOME OF OUR TEACHERS TO CARRY A GUN.THEN WE WILL BE PROTECTED.

    • Michael Kollmorgen says:

      This is a good idea. I would fully approve of this.

      • Bill says:

        This idea of arming teachers or some of them needs to be really looked at. It’s not a simple task to accomplish or should it be done at all. A few questions jump right out:
        1 – What type of guns are you talking about.
        2 – Where would these teachers have these guns – holsters, shoulder hoslters,
        stuck inside a waist band? Do we really want to have teachers walking around
        a classroom or school carrying a loaded weapon.
        3 – What type of training do you propose – shooting at targets? Does that qualify
        them for taking part in a possible fire fight with a shooter?
        4 – Is every teacher responsible enough to be armed. Do you want some very old
        teacher trying to shoot someone. Do we think that the judgement of someone
        new teacher right out school is solid enough to be armed.

        I don’t think this is a viable solution to this horrible problem. What about people working at a movie theater, office building, shopping mall, should they all be armed to prevent shootings at these places. What happens when teachers or other armed people leave their work place, can they still carry their weapons? There are numerous other issues with this solution – economical, emotional and legal – that need to be considered.

        Michael I’ve seen a number of your comments and usually find them to be rational and well thought out. You swung too soon on this one and missed badly

        • Michael Kollmorgen says:

          I don’t think so at all.

          A former Combat Veteran would have the knowledge of actual combat than just someone with a CC permit.

          As far as where they would carry it, it’s their choice. More Visible, the better. Also, what the weapon would be – more lethal the better. Ammo can be designed so it stops BEFORE it exists a body.

          In short, a Combat Veteran would instantly react correctly in a heated firefight, over anyone else. Afterall, they have the experience of real life experiences. A weekend warrior type CC Holder don’t.

          Actually, when you think about this, in all situations, a former Combat Veteran should have the right to carry and use lethal force at all times when necessary. They’re the ones that have been through it in real life.

  7. Under the Creator all Life, young and old has equal value. And in a civilized Society,
    there should be adequate law protection for all innocent human life in pubic spaces.
    And our Gun laws must be crafted as such, and be strictly enforced, in order to stop such killings.

  8. Plznnn says:

    Had there been more gun control the Sociopath that killed all those innocent children would still have killed those children. The problem isn’t guns, but the sociopaths that are loose in our society by liberal social policies that do the harm. Over & over it is nutcases that have histories of unstable behavior but are coddled and do their damage…………

    • Snowbeard says:

      Now here’s an arguement that demands response. Without high capacity semi and automatic firearms, exactly how would this “Sociopath” have killed 26 people before police stopped him? I’ve been a gun owner, hunter for over 50 years. I was a soldier as well. I admit we can’t stop people from killing if they’ve made up their minds to do it, but we shouldn’t just stand by and ignore the problem. Blaming “liberal social policies” is a case of passing the buck.

    • RobertCHastings says:

      Adam Lanza was NOT a sociopath, although he did have a diagnosable(and treatable) illness that should have precluded his having access to firearms. He was an Aspergers individual, a very high functioning autistic person. While he was quite intelligent, he was socially inept, and probably had no idea of the real impact of his actions. It’s not that he did a terrible thing, but that terrible thing could have been prevented, and not by more gun control, but by assuring that he never gained access to guns.

    • RichardR says:


      Was it not President Regan that emptied and gutted the mental health facilities across the country?

      • Michael Kollmorgen says:

        I don’t remember who started it. But, it stared with the feds cutting funding to most state facilities. OF course, the Republicans pushed for all these funding cuts in the first place and got them.

        Naturally, all these states just shut the doors of these facilities and transferred the mentally ill into regular prison populations. IF the states actually needed to do this is highly questionable. Only in very severe cases, do any mentally deranged individuals stay at a mental facility these days. In fact, I don’t even know where there is one in Ohio.

        Study upon study shows that nearly half of all inmates currently serving time should have been put in a mental facility, not prison. At least, they should have been put in a program of home detention, monitored and had needed treatment.

        Prison is the worst place to send any mental case because they do not cure or modify the root behavior. Their primary function is to incarcerate, nothing more. And, when these people get released, they’re either the same or in worse shape when they were incarcerated.

        And, because of certain crimes, our laws today, many of these people have absolutely NO WHERE to go to live, no permanent address, no possibility of employment. We’ve set up a system of second-class citizenship, overall, for all former felons, no matter what their crimes were. We’ve set up a society whereby some released felons will return to prison, or re-commit their crimes all over again.

        This is what is meant by the Revolving Door, primarily perpetuated by our Justice Industrial Complex and finally taken care of by our Prison Industrial Complex.

        We’re one of the highest rated countries in the world to incarcerate people for crimes committed. I wonder what the stats would show for our humanitarian efforts to try and curb mental illness.

    • old_blu says:

      So are you saying that he could have just gone in the school with a rock and killed 26 people? …………. REALLY?

    • How does a realistic person convence a unstable sociopath that his behavior is unacceptable? I don’t know, so I will just tell you, you are an idiot.

  9. Michael Kollmorgen says:

    I don’t know if the President himself can do anything about this problem.


    Someone should institute a Federal Agency that oversees all new Gun Purchases with the main emphasis on weeding out all people with Psychological Problems who seek to own a weapon, or currently has access to said weapons.

    This New Agency must coordinate information that pertains to any person who has;

    Spent any time in a mental facility.
    Who is currently seeking Psychological Therapy.
    Who uses any Psychotropic Medication.

    Anyone seeking Psychological Therapy or Medication must be reported to this Agency by the Doctor in Charge, IF deemed by this Agency to pose a present threat to society.

    Any person who is taking Psychotropic Medication goes off, meaning not taking their Medications, gets jailed until they voluntarly go back on them. This should also be tracked by this Agency.

    This New Agency must also mandate all new seekers of weapons MUST submit to taking a full MMPI Screening Test, which will point to any psychological problem that can be made laws against to prohibit the seeker from owning any weapon along with said information.

    Mandate all Weapons that are Semi-Auto to be completely BANNED. Mandate all aftermarket products to increase the carrying power, more ammo for each weapon to be completely BANNED.

    Mandate all Military-Styled Weapons to be completely BANNED.

    Manufacture all weapons so they CAN NOT be modified to operate fully auto.

    Mandate all crimes involving any weapon to be punishable by Death – no exceptions.

    It’s high time the Federal Government takes away State Control of this process. We have 50 different States, each with their own laws pertaining to gun ownership, clearances and CC Permits.

    I do not wish to take away weapons from Hunters or Hobbyist who adhere to the law and who act responsibly. But, the Murdering of our Children, Adults and our Fellow Citizens can no longer be tolerated by society as a whole.

  10. Edward Luchetti says:


    • Sand_Cat says:

      Nah, it’s those outrageous bans on letting elementary kids apply for concealed carry permits, or even requiring permits at all. Just think if the shooter had been confronted by twenty determined second-graders with their Glocks at ready!

    • Jim Myers says:

      Replying to Edward Luchetti –

      Try to reason this one out. If the teacher has a single shot, or even a semi-automatic pistol, facing someone with a fully automatic rifle, or even a semi-automatic rifle, is akin to suicide.

      So, you would like to have the Principle and all the Teachers have fully automatic rifles, all loaded with 30 round magazines, and fully loaded magazines in reserve.


    • Michael Kollmorgen says:

      Yes, I totally agree.

      We should have in every school, at least a few former combat veterans who are also qualified Teachers with the right to carry whatever weapon they wish to carry. This alone probably would have stopped at least some of these deaths.

      But, watch and see, these school systems won’t want to pay these people extra for their services and additional knowledge. Of course, the voter won’t like the additional fees either.

  11. howa4x says:

    The NRA’s dream is to have every citizen carry a gun. That way we can have actual shootouts in malls, movie theatres and schools. That should keep the murder rate down, right? Our cities have rival gangs armed with assualt weapons, and it hasn’t stopped one gang from mowing down another including any by standers in the area, so the threat of mutual assured murder hasn’t worked that well. NJ banned assualt weapons 20 yrs ago and there has been no real outcry. Yes kids/gangs get them in the cities but there is an illegal market of trade in these weapons. Drugs move west and guns move east. We need to move away from the miltia mentality, and the fantasy that someone out there is coming to get us. This fear is what drives people to arm up. We have 300 million guns in the population so what group in their right mind would invade us? The only way to curb this epidemic is to limit the manufacture of bullits. We don’t have enough resources to get all the assualt weapons off the street but we can stop the flow of amunition, plus we can make that bullit cost much more by having a death tax put on this like alcohol and cigarettes. We can use the revenus from that to fund mental health clinics and set up protocals to track potential killers from the schools into the community. We need to identify students that exhibit anti social behaviors early and get them into treatment, and have much better communication between mental health, schools and law enforcment, and if that individual with extreme behavior problems buys an assualt weapon at a gun show that dosen’t use background checks, then that dealier should be prosecuted as adding and abbetting murder. If we don’t take some moves, massacres will be as common as sporting events.

  12. pshell says:

    Okay–We have to get smart!! We can’t fight the NRA lobby and the “pry my gun from my cold dead hands” faction. The Supreme Court (in all its glory) upheld the meaning of the 2nd Amendment to allow non-military to bear arms. There are now too many registered and unregistered guns out there for gun control to ever work.
    There is nothing in the 2nd amendment that could EVER be considered to permit ammo. Kill (pardon the pun) 2 birds with one stone: Federally control ammo from the manufacturer to the user along with anything involved in making ammo–shell casings, gunpowder, etc. (The Federal Government requires me to sign for and show ID for Advil Cold & Sinus and limits me to once a month, when the only thing it kills is my allergies and cold miseries. They control weed as a dangerous substance–and I can’t find ONE case where someone “weeded” down even one child.) And to make sure we can afford the policing, tax the literal HELL (intended) out of ammo and supplies to cover policing costs, assistance for victims and general welfare. Limit the number an individual (who has been vetted thoroughly) can receive a month. Be generous–while I agree it only takes one bullet to kill a person, we can give them 20/month. Hard to spray a neighborhood in a driveby when you only have 20 bullets to your name in a month. Put strong enforcement on any black market activity, police the ports for any ammo–dogs are good at smelling out gunpowder. Anyone other than a licensed dealer should have stiff fines (including ebay and Craig’s List if they permit it). The manufacturers will love it–they can charge a fortune for the ammo, the Republicans would have to love it–more income without raising general taxes; the sellers would love it–high prices and no worries about law suits regarding selling guns to the impaired–as long as they follow the rules. No getting around rules–“Gun Clubs” would NOT be exempt–each member can buy his 20 or so bullets each. The sellers will have to keep accurate records and account for each bullet in inventory–but then druggists have had to do that for decades and still manage to function.

    Let’s get to it–life over bullets. Because GUNS DON”T KILL–BULLETS DO!!

  13. turning_lathe says:

    The problem is not guns but our pathetic mental health system. The delivery of mental health services at both fedral and state levels are pathetic. As long as congress and state legislatures continue to avoid addressing this issue these tradgedies will continue.

  14. problemwpeople says:

    gun control isn’t the problem . we have laws that check backgrounds already. these guns were buoght legally. everybody that owns guns should have to have a gun safe , that may help some .
    the real problem here is that the people that commit these horrible acts are in need of mental health treatment. this country basically dismantled menatl health in the 1990’s. the states and the federal government spend more on arrestting and deporting illegal immegrants than on health care for people with mental issues. i know the knee jerk reaction is ” lets ban guns and ammo ” , but the real problem is these people , almost all that have comitted these atrocities, could have been stopped with intervention from early on in their lives if this country viewed mental health problems as a disease that requires treatment regardless of a persons ablity to pay.

    • MRD1056 says:

      Excellent comment! I agree and hopefully with Obamacare some of those people will get the care they need.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      BOTH are the real problem, and until there are changes in both, plus some other attitude adjustments in the US, this stuff is going to continue.

    • Thanks you somebody with some common sense about this issues, everything you said is so true the problem in this country about the mental health issues in this country. The government close down all of the Mental Health Hospital, but because they could not pay now the problem has became bigger, and the end results is what happen in this elenmentary school shooting. Gun control is a problem but not the soluation to this problem. The mental health issues is the main problem .

      • ExPAVIC says:


        Is the gun carrier a nut, or is the nut a gun carrier?

        These are two very different issues which require different solutions.

  15. m8lsem says:

    I would like to hear what precise suggestions there may be that would have prevented shooting at the Newtown school …

    • Sand_Cat says:

      No you wouldn’t. You just want to try to make cheap rhetorical points, but haven’t the intelligence or originality to do so.

    • ExPAVIC says:

      Very Simple

      Teach teachers and school administrators how to use a firearm and allow them to carry in a concealed manner.

      If any of the six adults were carrying, Lanza would have been stopped before killing 26 people.

      School administrators, during the initial interview, should be asking if applicants know how to use a firearm.

      • MJRinPA says:

        Each school might hire a security officer, who has been well trained and passed a substantial background check. Teachers have not been trained to assess & subdue violent young men. And they are certainly not paid enough to have to make those types of decisions. As an educator, I know not one single teacher who would agree to carry a loaded weapon in a classroom full of children.

  16. glenford says:

    Who is calling on a do-nothing Congress to do something? This is the worst Congress in living memory. The nation is falling apart, the infrastructure needs urgent attention, the fiscal situation remains in distress, and all those GOP Congressmen do is talk, go into recess, or take a vacation. We voted them in. They are smart people. We are a bunch of idiots.

  17. William says:

    I’ve read a lot of remarks on this and I’m not sure anyone has the answer, including myself. What I don’t want to see is knee jerk reaction taking over the argument. Why don’t you see this happening in Canada? People in Canada have guns, most don’t even lock their doors at night. Maybe we should go see what they are doing, whatever it is they are better at it than we are.

  18. Gun control can only pass if common sense prevails. Concentrate on semi automatic handguns and rifles (assault weapons). Limit the size of clips to 3 rounds. Fish and game laws protect deer and waterfoul from magazines over three. Why should Ducks be offered higher protection under the law than humans.

    Require all owners of assault weapons and automatic handguns get a permit from a local law enforcement agency. The permit fee will pay for onsite inspections, wherein the official can evaluate the gun owner and his family and insure security for the firearms. Homes with mentally compromised residents will be denied permits, and will have to sell or surrender their weapons.

    Take away tax exempt status for gun lobbyists like th National Rifle Association, so that local legislatures can pass meaningful regulations without Billions of dollars being spent to undermine the will of the people.

    Increase funding for mental health

    • ExPAVIC says:

      The NRA

      The NRA is a bunch of pro-gun fanatics who supposedly speak for all gun owners. Fact is that only 40 percent of the people own guns so we have a minority backed by the NRA fanatics having control over the majority of the people.

  19. S-3 says:

    The only thing we should be asking is what can we as citizens do to stop the GOP from blocking issue so this shit can happen less and less, until it is no more and the NRA are removed from the equation as well, IMHO!

  20. jnsgraphic says:

    The right to bear arms doesn’t mean you can have a arsenal of weapons in your home. Gun control would allow people to own guns for hunting or for security purposes, but when you get paranoid right wing survivalist types thinking they need assault weapons to protect themselves, there’s a good chance guns will be used for another reason. There should be some limits to what types and numbers of weapons you can own. Thank the NRA for their fight to get rid of the assault weapons ban and thank Congress for being too afraid of going against the NRA.

  21. ExPAVIC says:

    Very Simple

    Ban all assault-type killing weapons and melt down existing ones along with the extended magazines for all such weapons.

  22. onedonewong says:

    Gun control should be a piece of this. No one that has been treated for mental health has taken medication for mental health should be allowed to buy or purchase a weapon. Family doctors psychologists would be required to update the federal Fore Arms ban website to insure their are records. 2nd only US Citizens should be allowed to own or purchase a weapon and finally no mooooslim should be allowed ownership

    • MJRinPA says:

      These mass shootings are almost always by young, white, male, Americans. So your last sentence makes no sense to the discussion.

      • onedonewong says:

        Did you miss the Ft Hood shooting?? I left off the federal govt’s mass shooting we should disarm every federal official excluding the military and Guard

  23. Mikeinthedirt says:

    DISQUS may not like tablets-this is in reply to Plznnn…Even Lee Harvey Oswald couldn’t reload that fast. I’ve got a 6 round wheel gun and a five round clip for the long rifle. That’s more than I will EVER need. Even with Viet Cong coming up the Mississippi.

  24. Mikeinthedirt says:

    Now this is National-Socialist. You are scaring me, and feeding the paranoia of the ones with the flamethrowers and armor-piercing 70cal. No, I don’t trust my government. I trust in a steady aim. Simon Häyhä, a Finnish sniper in WWII, recorded 542 confirmed kills in under 100 days with a 5 round bolt action .308 rifle. You do not need to hose the house.
    Regulation can be good, and the best regulation interrupts not a whit the reasonable pursuits of the honest man.

  25. Mikeinthedirt says:

    Yes, it was Reagan. The ‘homeless’ problem dates from this move. Prisons are an industry, my friend.

  26. Mikeinthedirt says:

    Warren, a sociopath by definition does not care whether his behavior is unacceptable, the concept is beyond his grasp. You yourself appear to lack certain social graces that could facilitate a cooperative and respectful consensus on how to deal with an identical or similar situation, or to address the distressing frequency of gun-related violence.

  27. 13observer says:


  28. 13observer says:


  29. stcroixcarp says:

    Get a grip on yourself.

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