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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Excerpted with permission from the publisher, Wiley, from What’s the Matter with White People: Why We Long for a Golden Age That Never Was by Joan Walsh. Copyright © 2012

Empathy for one party is always prejudice against another.
—Senator Jeff Sessions, July 2009

I am repeatedly struck by the extent to which conservatives have given up on the America we all grew up with: apparently it costs too much and we can’t afford it, and besides, we can’t all get along, so we can’t enjoy it.

In 2011 New York Times columnist Ross Douthat warned Americans that we can no longer provide a strong social welfare state—the kind of society that supports people the way we did from the mid-1930s until the end of the 1970s—because we’re too diverse for it. As Douthat argued:

Historically, the most successful welfare states (think Scandinavia) have depended on ethnic solidarity to sustain their tax-and-transfer programs. But the working age America of the future will be far more diverse than the retired cohort it’s laboring to support. Asking a population that’s increasingly brown and beige to accept punishing tax rates while white seniors receive roughly $3 in Medicare benefits for every dollar they paid in (the projected ratio in the 2030s) promises to polarize the country along racial as well as generational lines.

Douthat seemed to fear that the “brown and beige” kids who’ll be paying into Social Security and Medicare for the next generation might not look kindly on supporting a population that’s disproportionately white. So we may as well unravel our social insurance programs before those tawny kids pull the plug on Grandma? How cynical, how sad.

It’s brazen of anyone on the right to warn us that government programs might polarize the country along racial lines, as though we are not already polarized, at least partly because of GOP divide-and-conquer politics. Yet the relationship between American diversity and trust in government is actually an old controversy, with Douthat adding a twenty-first-century right-wing spin. Scholars have long debated whether Americans have a weaker public sector because of our heterogeneity. Some argue that we have less social support and more harried lives than people in comparable nations, at least partly because we don’t want to take the chance that increased social spending and a broader safety net will help “other people,” those slackers and moochers we’ve always feared.

In fact, the United States lags behind all industrialized nations when it comes to direct government funding of health care, family leave, child care, and unemployment benefits. In an influential 2004 book, Fighting Poverty in the U.S. and Europe: A World of Difference, Harvard economists Alberto Alesina and Edward Glaeser attributed most of the gap in social spending between western Europe and the United States to our unrivaled mix of racial and ethnic groups and the distrust that engendered.

Now, when you add in American social spending on public education, which used to be the highest in the world, as well as employer-provided social supports subsidized by government with tax breaks—health insurance and 401(k)s, to name two big examples—the U.S. welfare state isn’t necessarily smaller than that of a lot of industrialized nations. But it’s a heavily privatized welfare state, and that strange hybrid has a lot to do with our racially and ethnically polarized political history. Yet even that hybrid is now being threatened as employers insist they can’t afford to keep the promises made in an earlier generation. As businesses shed the benefits that used to help keep American workers in the middle class, they imply that those workers are greedy to expect them. They’re slackers. Moochers. Privatized-welfare queens.

There is also a fascinating correlation relationship between societies that provide universal government programs—such as Social Security and Medicare, as opposed to food stamps and Medicaid and cash grants only for the “poor”—and societies with high levels of social trust. Which comes first, the trust to provide universal government programs, or government programs that foster a sense of unity and trust? As the right loses faith in the America we grew up with, it gives the rest of us an opportunity and a clear responsibility. Douthat seems to be saying we can’t have a real social compact in a multiracial society; it works only in monochromatic societies. I think it would be the ultimate example of American exceptionalism to prove him (as well as Pat Buchanan and Charles Murray) wrong. We have to be the ones who develop a version of the American Dream that works for everyone.

And yes, that includes the white working class.

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  • bcarreiro

    know no boundaries in law anymore… is the root of all evil. where the hell is it???

    • carsrus

      Who? This SHIT head, that’s who!A left neo-commie editor of the fetid salon and msnbc talking head!

  • That’s why it’s called “The American Dream”!
    Sooner or later We will ALL Have to WAKEUP!

  • sisterH

    What’s the matter with labeling people based on their skin color. WTF There is this organ called a brain that is far more important. Why is left on the race train…….now that is racist.

  • sisterH

    study the photo—it’s put together with photo-shop. What BS!

  • we lag behind cuz up till the arrival of obama we have been pretty much a free market capitalistic society, cept for ss with fdr and medicare with johnson. it did however, get us to be the richest society in the world. even the poorest of americans are considered rich by any other countries standard, except perhaps the oil countries of the middle east. i love socialism, but, when the free marketeers leave and other peoples money isnt available, who will pay? no one ever will address that. the only examples we have are the ussr and now greece, with italy , spain and ireland perhaps becoming examples of you gotta have someone making some money to fund all this.

    • Our problem is not that we are not wealthy, we remain the richest country in the world and our GDP is second to none; the problem is that the top 10% of our population own over 80% of our financial wealth and is not only not sharing or investing at home, they actually want more breaks so that they can have a larger percentage of what they already have. If our billionaires spent one fourth of their fortune in job creation industries in the USA our country would be booming. Instead, they invest it abroad to take advantage of cheap labor to maximize profits and benefit from emerging markets.
      Our social programs, like every program in the public and private sectors, need to be constantly adjusted to our evolving needs and the advances of technology, but that does not mean they are unaffordable and should be dismantled. We, the people, have to come to grips with what is important to us as a society, if we refuse to pay for what we get and need we better be prepared to do without. There are no free rides…
      Regarding Europe, you may want to check deeper into what is happening there. Greece is in trouble because of expensive social programs and unrealistic expectations for a country that lacks the financial means to pay for them, but what is happening in some of the other countries you mentioned is similar to what happened to us. The $65B loan given to Spain was to bail out their financial institutions, who bet on derivatives and other schemes and lost. To make matters worse, the austerity programs imposed by Angela Merkel as a condition for the loans created higher unemployment, loss of revenues, and misery for all.

      • This Country Is A Great Country And Just Like Kids If The Weren’t Taught To Share There Is No Doubt Going To Be Problems!!

        • dham69

          Share, so you work hard in your life to get somewhere, ITS NOT YOUR FUCKING MONEY. and besides it is a proven fact that conservatives are more generous with their money giving to charities than the libs proven fact

          • You Got One Big Problem Either You Can’t Read Or You Think You Can Bully Me FUCK YOU STOP TALKING TO ME BITCH!!!

          • dham69

            Ahhhhhh what wrong poor baby socialist can’t stand it when what she beleives in isn’t true. Bitch really is that all you can come up with, have you looked in the mirror lately

          • The problem is, most people work hard attempting to get somewhere. Only a chosen few actually make it, mostly White. I and most minority people don’t want your CHARITY just level the playing field so we can get our own.

          • dham69

            Level playing field, explain, stealing from others is ok, taking from those who have worked nights and day, school, long hours, they finally make it and you want to steal from them as well. There is no guarantee in life and the government can’t make it better, all they can do is destroy the consitution and imprison others. Level playing field, really how lame.

      • Dazednconfused1

        I’d like to hear your opnion on the Gold Standard compared to the Paper $ we now use.

        • The gold standard, which I admit is not coming back because its implementation is unrealistic, provides financial stability inasmuch as it backs our currency and serves as collateral for the money we borrow.

          • The biggest prob with the gold standard is the complete trashing the environment around a mine takes. We will rip up entire river valleys and deforrest entire glacial bowls just in hte hopes there will be a few ounces of shiny yellow stuff. Except for it’s excellent properties of electrical conductivity it has no real use for society…but that river we just ruined provided all kinds of benefits for society, has for thousands of years and will continue for thousands more if we just leave it alone.

            Right now in Alaska corporations are trying to buy enough votes to open a huge pit mine up river from Bristol Bay, the richest salmon fishery in the world. They have paid off the EPA and all the local officials and are flooding the airwaves with lies about jobs and how they will put everything back just how they found it. The same low income low education gullible public just blocked a measure to strengthen our coastal regulations. They want a mine that will porduce income for an estimated 42 years but will ruin a salmon fishery that would feed them and their decendants for thousands of years….for gold??? No my friend we do not need shiny metal to guarentee anything…and we don’t need to put a noose around growth until we find new holes to dig.

            Money isn’t a “thing” it’s an “Idea” that we all agree works. The actual intrinsic value of a one dollar bill is the same as a $100 bill same paper same ink different picture. We all agree that one is worth more than the other, but in reallity the copper in and old copper penny is worth more to our way of life than either. Most agree that pennies aren’t even worth bending over to pick up. (Big secret …I pick them up nickles too!) Anyway my point is that money is a concept, an agreement, not a pile of shiney metal.

            Dom I love your comments. I especially love the way you engage intellectually even with those who aren’t going to receive it. I do think that this forum would be a great place for us to attempt to bring some of our GOP brothers back to reality. I don’t see any chance for them to win this election and I believe that there is even a slimmer chance they will win in 2012….the brown and beige states will trounce the next jackass that steps up with this feed the rich we’ll throw you scraps story.. but even though we are firmly in control we should be trying to bring as many people with us as possible so when a tea bagger has a ligit question we should do our best to answer that question. I don’t think calling them names and telling them to go away is one of the Dale Carnigie techniques of “How to Win Friends and Influence people” anyway good job on staying on the high road Dom.

        • SaneJane

          The gold standard would severely limit the country’s ability to grow and respond to situations. Our “paper dollars” are based on what our citizens can accomplish, what our country is worth and other factors, not how much gold is dug out of the ground and where it is found.

          I wish some of you, who seem so in tune with current events, would look into how our money works. Where does it come from, how does it get into the system, who owns it, where do taxes fit in, how are dollars withdrawn from the system, how does inflation fit in, what part does interest play and why don’t our leaders and politicians know the answers to these questions?

      • SaneJane

        Greece is in trouble because they gave up control of their currency. Anytime a country has to depend on acquiring their money from outside the country they have doomed their economy. If there is a trade imbalance, more imports than exports, money is leaving the country with no way to replace it except beg for funds from outside. This is true not only for Greece but almost all the countries of the EU. We have the Republican Party trying to force austerity here but imagine how much worse it would be if austerity could be forced on us by some other country.

    • I’m A Middle Class Working Nurse And I Want My Taxes To Help The Needy Not The Greedy!! These Rich People Think That They Can Make Their Own Rules, Therefore They Should Go Buy Their Own Island!! You Can’t Move On A House And Tell The Bank What You Want To Pay For It Each Month!! Tax Breaks For The Wealthy Ends At The End Of The Years!! Obama Don’t Have To Do A Thing But Just Let Them Expire!! That Why These People Have Lost Their Minds!!

    • adler56

      You are seriously misinformed. Stick that commie and socialist crap where the sun don’t shine. The increase in any socialist programs- and we have to have some- is due to dumbya and his slimy republicans almost breaking us. President Obama didn’t ship all those jobs to countries where workers make $1 a DAY- repugnants did. That free market capitalism is pure BS these days otherwise how do you explain bank bailouts and auto bailouts. In a free market they all would have gone out of business and the US would now be a 3rd world country.

    • mpjt16

      Where did you say the “free marketers” are going?

    • Ron

      From your grammar and spelling it doesn’t look like you’re a rich person. Why do you appprove of the rich white men stealing from you? You’re okay with that?

    • jews and blacks will always be second class citizens ,no common sense ,no class and live off ,oh poor me.

  • A cursory look at the photo tells us that the overwhelming majority of those determined to take our country back to an unspecified period of time are white men. Their problem is that they see the ascendancy of members of minority groups to the highest offices in the country as a threat to their hegemony and way of life. What drives them is not policy or values, but the inexorable transformation of our population into a diverse society, with rights and opportunities to all, that is simply unacceptable to them.

    • What The Problem Is These Not All Of Them But The American Taliban Members Fail To Realize This Country Belong To The Indians!! In Order To Get Your Country Back Leave And GO BACK!!!

      • dham69

        You first go this country wasn’t founded on a free ride, this country wasn’t founded on the government taking care of everyone. It is NOT the governments job. Social Security (going broke by the way) these people have paid into it. and both parties have stolen from it. Hey fern, wake up look at the photo again. isn’t strange that with as many people there they only shot this little bit. What is missing, the millions who showed up the blacks hispanic’s. you have been duped again. I have been to many tea party ralies and there are people from all walks of life. Stop wactching the main stream media, you are being deceived. Open your mind you actually may findout that you have been lied to all these years.

        • SaneJane

          Sorry, not buying it.

          • dham69

            Thing is its not for sale, it is fact look at the consitution, it DOESN’T give the federal government these powers. This president is destroying the middle class and he is saving his rich budies in hollywood and the banks. This president has allowed the middle class income to fall and we have less, while his friends have more.

          • Racist People Like You Are Destroying This Country!!!

          • Talk about destroying the country, what do you call purposely starting wars so you and your rich buddies can pocket billions of dollars at the expense of the taxpayers. How you say, by having ties to the defense and other industries that are tied directly to running a war..and having them overcharge the country for everything they do. And after passing a tax cut so the really wealthy don’t have to pay as much to payback the deficits running a war after a tax cut costs, you me, your children and my children end up owing most of the bill (deficit). If you don’t think tricky Dick didn’t pocket millions from the Iraq war with his ties to Haliburton, you’re either not very aware of things or just in denial. And if it hasn’t dawned on you that Reagan and the two Bushes are responsible for at least 90% of the current deficits, you’re even more in denial. Talk about destroying the your eyes and see how the GOP is rigging things so the rich can continue to rob the country blind.

          • dham69

            Problem is, Clinton (mr and mrs) approved of the wars, remember 9-11. We didn’t start the wars, but we sure need to finish them. You don’t read very good do you… The extreme radicals want to take over the world and make the world islam, their words. Iran wants to destroy the jewish state, their words. Tax cuts went to everyone paying taxs. Besides the government doesn’t pay for tax cuts, by saying that, you are saying that its the government money. Sorry, it our money, and the government needs to spend within reason and not give it to the liberal arts who depict Jesus Christ with shit all over him. Stop giving billions to other countries so they can drill in their country so we can purchase from them. Stop giving companies billions based on a false idea, global warming. and the list goes on the government needs to stop spending out money. When obamacare comes to life, their will be a tax increase for everyone. If the tax cuts aren’t done, their will be a tax increase for everyone. Obama has stated that he isn’t taxing the rich to bring more money into government, he wants it to be fair. Fair for whom, his pocket and his friends Again stop listening to nbc, cbs, cnn, you want the truth, watch fox, listen too Glenn Beck and then do your own research I do

          • Hey, I love the sarcasm when you say “If you want the truth watch Fox News and Glen Beck, that was a good one; to funny.

          • dham69

            No problem, thing is beck was right about arab spring, he was right about the taliban he was right about this president. Wow, chris mathews, madcow, and the many others you kiss up to. they haven’t been right about anything, so how does it feel to be on the looser side???

          • What is it that you hear Romney/ryan saying that leads you to believe they care for ANYONE BUT the 1% and if you are not in the 1% what is it you are hearing from this guy that sounds god to you. Trickle down is a proven fail…3 times over FAIL it simply does not trickle down at all it trickles out, out of the country. I just don’t understand what you think he will do for you.

          • kimbo55

            If you vote GOP you don’t have the choise

        • You Need To Stop With The Bullshit!! Stop Listening To Rush Limballs And Shut The Fox Fake News Off And Please Peddle Your Bullshit Somewhere Else Cause I Don’t Want To Hear You Tea Bagging CRAP!!! That’s Why You Said 66 Comments On Only Got 32 Likes Remember You Are Not At A KKK Rally FOOL! Go Catch Up With Your Crowd!! Hillbilly Handfishing Is Having A Marathon Today Go Catch Up On Your Favorite Show!!

          • Fernie girl: Listen to her, everybody !! She is as bad-mouthed (and as stupid) as they come !
            Fernie: You and the 6 “like” you are complete IDIOTS !!


            WHY do you people HATE the truth???
            You KNOW that Rush Limbaugh ONLY says the FACTS—
            and Fox news will ONLY have the FACTS—
            they are fair and balanced.
            They have everyone on not just one sided!!!!
            The Liberal news abc, nbc, & cbs are the ones that hide the facts and wont show the real news.—They have been caught over and over again.
            Just like the killings and Bombing of Libya.
            BUT I guess you don’t want to offend the muslims either.

        • JSquercia

          From all I read Social Security is far from broke and will have no problem until 2030 . One problem is that , when the program was taking in more than it paid put , it lent the excess to the government in return for Bonds .It is these bonds that the Tea Party dismisses as worthless pieces of paper .

          Yes they may have to raise taxes in order for the Bonds to be paid back and THAT is why the Right wants to dismiss them as worthless IOUs . They may also have raise taxes because they can no longer use the surplus in Social Security Collections to help fund the rest of the government .

          Another problem is that for the past couple of years the government has provided a tax holiday on the employee portion of Social Security and has replaced that missing revenue with money from the General Fund . Thus allowing the Right to claim that it is contributing to the deficit . I was worried about this when the program was announced .It would have been better to give everyone paying into asocial Security a tax Credit equal to their contribution .

          Sorry but I don’t see very many people of color at Tea Party Events . What I do see is some SERIUOSLY misinformed people . People who want the , government to keep its hands off their Medicare , not knowing Medicare IS an example of Single payer Health Insurance run by the Federal Government .Its operatiing expenses are less than those of Private Insurance Companies . It helps when you don’t have pay exorbitant salries to Executives , Dividends to shareholders

          • That’s The Fear Mongering These Thugs Love To Terrorize People With It’s All Just A Bunch Of BULLSHIT JUST LIKE THE NEW GOP They Been Flooded By These Tea Bagging Bastards And It’s Just And Bunch Of KKK Members Who Are Terrorists Traitors And Low Life THUGS!! Trying To Take Over This Country!!! VOTE GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

          • ajjohnson31

            Mr Squercia – You said, “From all I read Social Security is far from broke and will have no problem until 2030.” I believe you are correct – I must have read the same bit. By law, they are required to pre-fund their own payments a certain number of years ahead, and they have done that. There is a large cushion between them and debtors’ prison. Furthermore, people continue to think that Soc Sec gets its money out of the Federal Budget, and it doesn’t. It is funded by taxes you pay out of your paycheck. It’s true that what you pay today goes to fund the retirement of people who paid in over the last 50 years; that’s kind of a bummer. But Soc Sec does not have to go begging to anyone to get funds; they get it from your paycheck. Yes, the rates will go up unless some changes are made, but it is nowhere near bankruptcy, just as you have stated.

            One more comment: to all the people who think privatizing ANYTHING is a good idea, because of course the government is so inept at running anything – just think about this: if you are going to run a company that takes in work from the government, you’re going to charge them to do that work – and you’re going to add on a considerable amount so you can make a profit. Where do you think that profit comes from?
            Bush, Cheney, Halliburton, XE, all of those private contractors to whom the bush43 regime farmed out government work – they all made a huge profit. That means we paid MORE for that work to be done. No wonder they were so excited about it! They were handing out contracts left and right! By using some hinky rules, they didn’t even have to bid on them, either! Bush43 tried to privatize the entire Iraq war, fer chrissake. Thank god, somebody stopped him in time.

          • You are right, in fact, Social Security is running a surplus! The one that needs support from the general funds is MEDICARE. Not surprisingly, the MEDICARE financial problems worsened after the 2003 Part D “reform” (read Trojan horse because that was a well crafted attempt by the GOP to destroy that program). The MEDICARE problems can be solved, and President Obama’s proposal to reduce expenditures over the next 10 years by controlling the claims service providers submit, and by eliminating duplication as a result of coverage available through ACA, ensures the program will be solvent for years to come without affecting benefits. In fact, benefits will improve (the doughnut hole is being eliminated, lower RX co-pays, improved wellness programs, etc.)

        • truesoy


          All of the new world, from North America to the tip of South America was built on stolen landfornoneof the settler paid for it. Yes dham69, the new continent was founded on a free ride in many ways even if it happened long ago. And not only the land was appropriated by the europeans, but gold and other riches as well.
          Furhtermore, it was all done as a government project. The Spanish Crown financed Colombus to find a new route to the West Indies to avoid the wars that were blocking the sea lanes use by the ‘spice’ traders.
          See, in spite of the ‘hate’ for government and of the belief from the right that governmnet does not create wealth, it now must admit this is proof they’ve been mistaken all along for without government intervention there would not be a New World’ as we know it today, nor there would have been a United States. So much for your belief that government doesn’t create wealth.
          Who knows, maybe you ‘didn’t build that’, afterall.


          • And How In The Hell Can You Discover A Country With Millions Of People Living Already There???? It’s Just Brain Dead BULLSHIT!!!

          • truesoy


            …and you couldn’t be more right.


          • There were millions of people living here already, but none of them were White, in fact the White Man didn’t even know it existed. So FOR THEM it was a DISCOVERY.

          • These People Are Just Brain Dead You Just Wasting Your Time Nothing Is Getting In Cause There’s Nothing There!!

        • Pesos

          I’ve also been to one a decade ago, but back then they were still decent. Today they’re inhabited mostly by bible thumpers and uneducated Fox News zombies.

          • WE Now Have This New GOP That Been Flooded By The KKK Tea Party Racist Bastards, Now They Are Just Low Life Terrorists, Traitors, And THUGS!!

          • dham69

            If you are not watching fox and just getting your info from the far left which is running todays main stream medias then you are un informed. I for one get info from many places. I watch madcow, and have seen many things that she purposely lies at.just like all the so called main stream media. Why do you think that their viewer ship is jumping ship. The are from fair and balanced.

          • Pesos

            I don’t watch certain news channels, I watch them all just to see every side. From the very liberal news, to the racist biggoted White-Nation news, and everything in between.

            But I don’t watch news all day long, most of my time is consumed in the library. Books might not be updated every second like the news, but they speak a great deal of truth that the media does not.

          • Like Rick Santorum Said ” We Will NEVER Have The Smart People One Our Side” He Is So Right!!!LOL

          • As I’ve said before, the media is a BUSINESS whose job is to sell the public or segment of the public WHAT IT WANTS TO BUY. If the media is biased it”s because the people that use it want it that way. To the media it’s not about the truth, it’s about the money.

          • You Got That Right!!!

          • dham69

            Ok, and the public aint buying it. this is why no one watchs chris mathews thats why glenn beck is doing better than all of them. thats why rush kicks but. People are so tired of the dishonesty coming out of the media and now the truth is winning and libs a very much afraid

        • I’m not buying it either. The tea party is one of the biggest threats to our’s filled with people who are so self centered that they can’t see the forest for the trees. Despite what you think, living in this country is not ‘It’sall about ME!!’ Which most people in the tea party seem to think.

          • dham69

            Lets see you never did ever go to one have you. Then your opinion doesn’t count. More people went to the tea party glen beck had than anyone showing up for al not so sharps rally. Which by the way, there were socialist of america and communist of america, islamist who want shrira law and all sorts of nuts. Then lets take the idiots who marched on wall street paid for by george soros and crew. lets talk about the only way obama could get so show up to the DNC party was to pay people and they still couldn’t do it. How does it feel to be part of a minority. Again, socialism and marxism will be defeated again in Nov. then this country will get back on track and everyone will be able to suceed in life

          • Julio Macias

            Man you need to layoff that GOP kool-aid, it’s killing the few brain cells you still have. Oh by the way, GOP stands for the “Grand Old Party=Republican Party”.

          • dham69

            Nope I will stay with something that works, thank you very much. The Democratic party is the new, you are correct. It is the socialist,marxist, communist party all rolled into one. The new democrat party could care less about anyone but their power. They would rather spread the wealth from others than to put up their own money. Facts are hard to steer away from or even run from

        • JB

          social security going broke is a Koch brothers mind screw…..just like the retirement age should be moved up to 69…and much more….their brainwashing machine as paid for via their politician and the media who are bank rolled by the Koch brothers……We are under their thumb, repeating the crap over and over again til it is true in our minds…our minds controlled by the Koch brothers.

          • What Once Was Brain Washing They Took It To A Whole new Level These People Are Now BRAIN DEAD From Drinking Way TOO Much Venom Sold To Them By The Koch Brothers American Taliban Members Snake Oil Salesmen Now They Are Just BRAIN DEAD!!!

        • You mean Jim Crow and David Duke, and the 95%of the black folk that voted for Obama, they were at the tea party rally too.

        • So where was the tea party before? Why aren’t there any tea party democrats? Why did they all align themselves in the party opposite Obama? Why weren’t they yelling and screaming about fiscal responsibility when George Bush ran through the surplus? I know everyone in the tea party isn’t racist but why is it so many racist are in the tea party? And if they are so much about taking personal responsibility, For instance when one of the tea party members are caught in a lie, they don’t acknowledge it; their response is “Well they do it too or they’ve done it before” Why is so many of the tea party average Joes stand up for the 1%, standing up for the banks but you never hear or see and of the 1% standing up for them. Why do they support people in Congress who only have the 1%’s interest at heart and not their own? If they do take this country back they are not going to reap any of the rewards, they are still going to be with the “Have Nots” while the 1% continue to get richer and they won’t give them a second thought. They are called the job creators but yet they have all of this money to spend on campaigns but none to create jobs. Why is it they never ask themselves that question? They talk about health care when most of them don’t have insurance themselves nor can they afford to pay cash for college or afford to home school their kids. But yet they continue to support eliminating these programs. Why is that?

          • The Tea Party Was Living In The Woods And Caves Chewing On Corn Cobs Dreaming Of Taking Over The Government!!!

        • kimbo55

          It is the same thing when you watch a Romney speech

        • 1concernedsenior

          Hey Hammy69, you knuckle head Social Security is taking in more in taxes than it is doling out to it’s recepients! Sure it needs to make adjustments, so as to extend the ENTITLEMENT to those who have earned it. I must say there are others who prob worm their way into the system and are able to get their claws on the goodies!! By the way, they must be spiking the refreshments you are consuming at those tea parties –>> no wonder your head is so screwed up!! Your prob a fan of those poop butt tinkerbells–R. Limbaugh and Glenn Beck!!!

          • dham69

            One i am not a fan of the lieing left, not a fan of the socialist / marxist dems. Ive seen what happens to people, but thats ok, just keep telling yourself that mommy loves you and daddy doesn’t mean to fuck everynight. as far as social security, it is going broke, even the bypartisan group has reported including the SS Admin itself. But hey, just keep sucking the dems dick and see what you will get in the end.


          • Except dham69 Is Not One Of The Millionaires!! LOL

        • This is the best article that i have read on this matter and it tells the truth about what we should do as Americans and as the United States and what White American should realize and accept and join in he New America and stop being afraid of the Browning of America as it will become no matter how hard White America tries to resist it.

          • dham69

            Thank you for posting, you just proved my point. You are nothing more than a racist right along with al the libs in the country.

          • This Person Is Crazy The Browning Of America Is Coming From The White Man!!! And First Of The America Was Red In The First Place!! LOL I’m Telling You Stop Trying To Convince The Crazies They Are Just Brain Dead Racist!!

        • Bitch I’m A Middle Class Working Nurse I’m Not Here On No Free Ride I Pay My Taxes And I’m Part Native American!! Screw You You And Your American Taliban Members Are The One Who Want The Free Ride Asshole!! I Make Great Money Pay My Taxes Got Money In The Bank, And Thanks To My President My Money I’ve Invested Is In Great Shape!! Now You Can Go Back To Kissing And Sucking Rich People Asses And Stop Talking To Me!!

          • dham69

            The only thing you got right was yea you are a bitch, and part of the socialist of america crowd, very small number. You are so stupid I would hate to have you as a nurse. You don’t think you just do. Again, rich people ass, really and who the hell do you think pays for your stupidity? who pays the doctors bills who donates to the institutions for you edication it is the very same people who you hate. Problem is, look it up, who donates the most of their own money, hint, its not any lib

          • You My Thug Is A Low Down Tea Bagging Knuckle Dragging Low Life Bitch With You Racist Ass!! The Same Fuckers Who Stole And Are Destroying America And They Should Bitch!@!

          • dham69

            My thug, really CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH CAN YOU AND now you stoop to name calling. OH poor baby you are actually relizing the truth. Hurts don’t it. Bush 4.5% unemployment, we were attacked on 9-11. The economy was doing fantastic for everyone for the first 6 years. then pelosi and reid came into power and bush wasn’t strong enough to fight those morons. the economy once the libs came into power was declining. Obama 6 trillion more in debt, more than any other president. Then you have the credit rating drop, why obummer. GM, that was bush who bailed them out and obummer taking credit. If the truth ever really gets out, the socialist democrats will have to hide again. won’t be able to call themselves progressives, cats out of the bag

          • You No Nothing About The Truth You Just A Lying Ass Racist Low Life Thug Who Think You Can Bully You Bullshit To Any One Who Will Listen BITCH WITH YOU FAGGOT ASS I DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOUR FUCK UP BULLSHIT BITCH GET THE FUCKING MESSAGE AND MOVE THE FUCK ON!!!!

          • dham69

            Again, poor baby, i definitely know more than you and your world is crumbling down around you. Faggot ass, really so you are a racist a homophobe. Typical, you have proven my point so many times, thank you thank you for showing who and the rest of the socialist who you truly are. You are the true racist, homophobes in this world. Anything else you want to confess to??????

        • prowler789

          You do not see any Mexicans or Hispanics or Blacks holding up signs that say “Obama Lies, Grandma Dies”. That is a rather catchy rant, but ask the person holding this asinine sign to sit down calmly and explain the meaning of the sign and how it is true, and I guarantee that all you would get would be a stupid Sarah Palin look and maybe another senseless repetition of some right-wing media-inspired mindless racist drivel like “We want our country back.” The best trick the devil pulled was to convince the world that he did not exist. Well, the best trick the Republicans have pulled is convincing the working people of America that they are on our side.

        • The White Man Took It From The Indians Fool That Free!! Asshole!!

        • jaw

          Prove it. Post link for these rainbow tea party rally pictures

        • no White People

        • Teddy Parker

          Dham69 says that at tea party rallies, there is a mixture of people there. Interesting point. I attended the historic Million Man March at the National Mall in Washington D.C. in 1995 and there were hundreds of whites within the crowds that were ignored by the media and television cameras.

          • dham69

            Of course they where ignored, the then liberal news media still controlled by the democrat party didn’t want a bunch of niger lovers showing up their narative. Again it is the Republican party (conservatives) who believe in true equal rights for everyone. Again why is it that the Democrats always use the race card when they have nothing to run on. They know that race sells and all they want to do is keep everyone hating each other. Remeber United we STAND devided we fall. And we are on a free for all.

        • Of course our country was not founded on the basis of government taking care of everyone; we were originally colonies of the European powers that settled in North America (UK, Spain, France and to a lesser extent the Netherlands). Yes, people struggled, depended only on themselves and each other to survive and prosper, but like every other civilization since the beginning of mankind we slowly put in place institutions of government to protect our national security and the welfare of the people. Nobody is proposing an oppressive government, like what existed in the Soviet Union until a few decades ago, what most of us are advocating for is a government that in addition to protecting us against foreign threats, also supports social programs that allow our most vulnerable citizens to live in relative comfort and get the healthcare they need, help bright students who can not afford to pay high college tuition, and put in place regulations to protect our environment, workers rights and safety, and prevent the abuses that led to the S&L collapse in the 1980s and the financial bank near collapse four years ago, not to mention ENRON, AIG, etc.
          In an ideal world we should all be wealthy and be able to care for ourselves, or work for paternalistic corporations devoted to the welfare of their employees, including paying pensions and providing healthcare coverage for employees, but that is not the world we live in.

          • dham69

            Here is the fact WE do NOT live in a perfect world and there never will be, you make your own way in life and the only thing that can stop it is an over reaching Government. Conservatiation works socialism doesn’t proof is in history

          • I’m not going to comment on which ideology works or doesn’t work. I believe that to get a working model, you have to use elements of them all. My problem with Conservatives ( I’m talking about the people not the ideology.) is that they want to conserve everything just for themselves, screw everybody else.
            In other words they mix Racism with Conservation.

          • dham69

            Conservatives, really where is your proof, prove it, or is this just in your head. Everything you said is so wrong. You must be thinking of the socialist/democratic party in the us. Now you are right. The middle class has lost so much wealth with the libs in power and just getting worse

          • Our world is far from perfect and we, the people are as imperfect as the world we live in, that is one of the reasons we need an arbiter, such as a government, to ensure laws are put in place and enforced, and the welfare of the people is protected.
            It would be wonderful if everyone had good paying jobs, were able to save for their retirement, healthcare, and education, but that is hardly the case. Most middle class American families are struggling to make ends meet and can not save for a rainy day, let alone save enough to support them when they can no longer work because of their age or physical impairments.
            Having a few social programs, such as the ones we have, does not mean we have embraced the philosophies espoused by Marx and Engels, far from it. Their model requires the transfer of services and jobs from the private to the public sector, which is hardly the case in the USA. Take healthcare, for example, our doctors, nurses, and all medical personnel are private practice, most of our hospitals are private institutions, and the system is administered by for profit insurance companies, which makes it the anti-thesis to socialism.
            I have been on MEDICARE for a long time, and only had to call them once when a service provider told me that they had not been paid for services rendered. As it turns out, the service provider had sent the claim to the wrong place. My problems, since I retired, and all my interaction has been with the supplemental insurance companies I had. If you want to consider a healthcare system closer to what Marx had in mind take a look at the one in the UK, the one the British featured as one of their greatest accomplishments during the Olympic Games opening ceremonies. Their doctors work for the government, the government owns the hospitals and labs, and there is no middle man (insurance company) administering their system.

          • dham69

            And what you are missing is obamacare which changes everything, He and others like him want the government to be totally involved, to pay doctors pennies on the dollar. I know several docs who will not take mediare any longer, they can’t afford it. Yea british, just ask the brits who have to use it how they like it. long waiting lines, and they are changing it, they can’t afford it. Really stop watching cbs, cnn and all the other so called news media. They aren’t telling you the truth. I was stationed in Germany, the citizens have enough money to suvive and thats it.

          • Obamacare does not pay doctors, it sets standards and provides funding to states so that they can make medical care available to people who can not afford to pay insurance premiums via MEDICAID. Doctors will continue to have their private practices like they always did, hospitals and labs will remain as they are today, and insurance companies will continue to administer the healthcare system the same way they do today albeit for the fact that they will have a much larger clientele. Claims about people having to call bureaucrats are false. I have been on MEDICARE for many years and only talked to a government official once, and it turned out that the reason for the problem was that the service provider sent the claim to the wrong place. Most retirees talk to insurance company employees when they have problems, and most of our problems involve insurance companies not MEDICARE, and that is a fact.

          • dham69

            Again more lies, obamacare adds trillions of new taxes to everyone especially those who make less than 100,000. Again more lies, according to obama himself the goal will be to go to one payer system. A socialist type system. And Palin had it right, there are death panels in the system. The system won’t work and you will have fewer doctors. Look at all the other countries who have had it they are saying that they can’t afford it and more and more people are dieing because of it (with delays). Not to mention where in the constitution does it even say that the government will do this, let alone where is the government get all of its so called powers over the people. Last I checked we are not living in cuba or russia

        • My Father used to tell me that if you went to the movies or looked at TV, you would think that there were only White People in America. That hasn’t much changed.
          The media is a business, they sell the public what it wants to buy. The public wants to buy the notion that White people are supreme, so the media sells it to you (even though they know it’s not true, it’s about the money to them.) That’s why most of the pictures you see, or video feeds you see on TV, show only the White people, no matter how many minorities are in the crowd. The Republican Party knows and condones this, which is why the Republican Party is considered the White Mans Party.

          • dham69

            I dont know what shows you watch, but I see many people on tv, all races all colors all everything else.
            Republican party knows it and condones it, really where is your proof?? The republican party is considered the white mans part only because they have no back bone to dispute it, they don’t the balls to put the liber racist in their place. Again, libs trying to reright history. It took the republican party to vote in the civil rights bill. It was democrats who started the KKK, it was a democrat who block the blacks from going to college, yup its the Repbulicans who really believe in equal rights.

          • @dham69 – I no longer watch TV, but I’m in my 60’s and can name you TV shows that seldom if ever showed people of color. Bay Watch, Gun Smoke, Seinfeld, Native Americans have a less than 1 percent representation in prime time programming, Almost 86 percent of all youth characters on TV are white, Before about 1970, it was common for TV stations in the American South to edit shows featuring non-stereotypical black characters to remove their scenes. In cases where the character couldn’t be edited out, the episode or the entire show wouldn’t be aired. Producers therefore had an incentive to choose an all-white cast even if the original characters were intended to be minorities.
            Let’s tell the whole story if you’re going to tell it for instance you failed to mention that in the KKK era Democrats were then Conservative. Actually Racism is not confined to any one political party, Republicans just have more of them these days.

          • You Got That Right And They Let People Know Just Who They Are They Wear Their Racism Like A Barge Of Honor!!

          • dham69

            Oh I don’t know I was thinking of recent not past. You see I don’t live in the past and I’m 54. I am a disabled vet Democrats where democrats when they started the KKK. Actually wrong again, democrats have hell of allot more. Proof, Joe Biden and obama. Reid and some of the crap he has said even pelosi shows her arrogance. so again.

          • 113121

            One of the 47% lol. Why am I not surprised?

      • CarolO

        And you are quite correct. Unless you were an Indian, an Eskimo or a Mexican, you are not from here and have no more right here than any others who has come here. People come here from all over the world and took up residents here. For some reason, if your great- great- grandfather come here, you seem to now think this country belongs to only you.

        “Take Our Country Back”??? This is NOT your country. It has simply adopted you as it has all of us.

        Try reading the Constitution now and then.

        • Well, Mexican’s weren’t from here, either. There was no ‘Mexico’ until Cortez conquered the Aztec’s and what is now Mexico for Spain. THE HISTORY Of THE CONQUEST OF MEXICO AND THE HISTORY OF THE CONQUEST OF PERU, by Prescott. Huge book on a huge topic.
          Read any good books lately?

          • The term Mexican refers to nationality rather than ethnicity. The natives of what we know as Mexico – or Mejico – were the Mayans, Aztecs, Toltecs and all the other tribes that lived in a large territory from the Southwest United States all the way down to Guatemala and Honduras. The Mayans, along with the Incas were the most advanced civilizations in the Americas.
            A large percentage of the Mexicans and Central Americans that come to the USA – legally or illegally – are at least part native Americans. Very few are 100% descendents of Spaniards.

          • The Spanish and Portuguese were here before the Europeans, but unlike the Europeans they intermixed with the native population, creating the Mexicans. Who can’t be considered immigrants because part of their ancestry is native to this continent.

          • Jim

            Spanish and Portuguese are European.

          • OakenTruncheon

            The Spanish and Portuguese ARE Europeans, you knucklehead.

          • come on no put down okay

          • OakenTruncheon

            Oh. A wiseguy.

          • busterbull

            Do you realize that Spain and Portugal are European countries? I suggest you refer to a map of Europe. Oh yeah, by the way, Spaniards and Portuguese are Caucasian. Obviously you are part of the “dumbing down” of America!

          • The Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) is the Westernmost point of Europe. Yes, the Spaniards and Portuguese were in the Americas before the British, French and Dutch did.
            You are correct in saying that both the Spaniards and Portuguese intermixed with the native population, a fact that is evident throughout Latin America. The Mayans, and their successors, the Aztecs, lived in fairly large cities in what we know today as Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras; but some nomadic tribes meandered between Mexico and the Southwest United States before Europeans colonized this part of North America and established the borders that exist today.

          • crestdad

            In my book, just as Spanish decent is just as much European as Norwegian, Mayan/Aztec decent is equally as much as Apache or Sac and Fox. The early migrations were from like ancestors. So if the debate is who owns the US think. But, as we all know, especially those early native people’s here will tell you, The Great Spirit is the only owner. So we need to get rid of the human arrogance. Now,,,,if you want to respect a ancestry because of it’s noble attributes,,,well,,,,I think you can take it from there since we know the injustices done by the white race upon the history of man. As a matter of fact over compensation for subconscious guilt may well have formed some of our ingrained successes. Bottom line,,,,empathy and charity is the guiding light in all forms of true religion. Anyone who goals involve providing the most good have my vote. If they only goal to help 53% of the people they fall short. I’m Irish German decent by the way.

          • I agree, and as you pointed out, let’s not forget that we all descend from common ancestors. As for atrocities, that seems to be a human flaw that is not limited to a specific ethnicity. Whites have definitely done their fair share of barbaric acts, but so did the Aztecs, Pol pot, Idi Amin and others.

          • I am sure the people of Spain and Portugal would question you exclusion of them from being categorized as Eurpoeans.

          • Robert Lewis

            Spain and Portugal ARE part of Europe.
            Throughout Human history, one culture has displaced, or replaced the previous inhabitants of every region of the planet. It has always been that way and is still occurring today. White Europeans displaced, so called, Native Americans, and in the not too distant future, people of color will displace Whites. Whites will just have to get used to it. My only fear is, that the unequal availability of a good education for people of color, will cause a decline in everyone’s quality of life.

          • brotherscoe

            The moors were here before the Spainards and Portugese and with them at the same time. This is where the Spanish
            and portugese get their hue, curly hair fro. Those African Moors ruled over those European countries for many centuries.

          • The Spanish and Portuguese were – and are – just as European as all those other Europeans. They were also – as a group – just as violent as were all the other Europeans. The cure for all this conflict can be found in the Biblical Commandment to love your neighbor as you love yourself. Please support the work of your local branch of the NAACP.

          • Spanish and y Portos are European last time I looked

          • LisaC134

            Uh, Spain and Portugal are on located IN EUROPE.

          • lee

            omg im part Cherokee i guess that means me too right

          • Let’s see, I think the Spanish and Portuguese were EUROPEANS! Since part of the Mexican heritage IS European, they must be considered immigrants because they are not entirely native to this continent!

          • Barry Feist

            Last time I checked, Spain and Portugal were in Europe. Look… the folks in the above conversation are ultimately correct… the “native americans”, whoever they were, are the only ones with a true claim to this wonderful country. In the end, we MUST realize most of us are here as conquerers and invaders.

          • spain and portugal are in europe, dumbass….therefore spanish and portugese people are european….dumb fuck!

          • ethelene3

            We can point our fingers all day. But, as you stated, we all came from somewhere to form this United States of American. Even the Native Amerrican Indians who were already here, mixed in with the rest of us and live by the laws and ways of this our United States of America. Now, for some reason, we want to seperate each other as to who should or should not be here. This is suppose to be the land of the free, not the land of the ???.

          • Romney supports cheap illegal labor brought into the U.S. by Bush. You want that to change, then demand that he pledge to enforce our deportation laws that Bush and Obama have ignored.

          • President Obama deported more illegal immigrants in 3.5 years than W did in 8, and substantially more than Reagan did. Bear in mind that the reason our immigration laws have not been changed to solve this problem is not because we don’t know how to do it, but because special interests, especially the agri-business, have been putting tremendous pressure on our government to maintain the status quo. Illegal immigants allow their employers to post huge profits by lowering labor costs and by working long hours without complaint. It is also important to remember that farm work is not subject to the minimum wage requirement. Most illegal immigrants earn $3 an hour or 25 cents a bushel. That is the reason our produce is cheaper than in any other industrialized nation, and a contributing factor for the low inflation we enjoy.

          • Yeah, that’s hearsay. Obama has deported many more people that Bush, or rather, under his administration have been deported in much larger quantities. You’re just repeating what you hear. Since you’ve heard it you believe it’s true, but you should research this kind of shit, I’m tired of people spreading wrong information.

          • The information on deportations is available on the INS website. BTW, the largest influx of illegal immigrants occurred from Reagan’s era to W’s. What is your source of information?
            The root cause of the problem, besides widespread poverty in Mexico and most of Central America, is the fact that our immigration laws favor the entry of professionals, and do not make provisions for semi-skilled or unskilled workers in spite of the demand that exists for it. That is the reason so many professionals from countries like India and Pakistan are working in the USA, and Mexican and Central Americans migrants enter the country illegally. If we changed the law to accomodate demand they would come with an entry visa like everyone else, the problem is that if that happens they would be protected by labor laws and the agri-business will not be able to exploit them.

          • My Grandfather was a farmer, and he is left the farm to our family.Farmer’s do not have to pay in to SS. So in 1972 he knew he needed to get a job. He could built anything and went to work for a company building Holiday Inns. He did that though 82 and made good money, then he was found out to have Cancer. My grandmother worked in a factory back when jobs were everywhere and they made car door locks for GM. She worked there from 1959 until 1984. My grandfather’s SS was more than my grandmothers after all the years she worked at the Metal Plant. In Lexington, Tn. Things have changed so from me growing up in the late 60s and 70s. I miss those days. My point is the Immigants working will not benefit from SS even though some of them are paying into it because they are using a fake SS number.

          • You are right, illegal immigrants with fake IDs have taxes and FICA deducted from their paychecks, but are not eligible to collect SS or have MEDICARE benefits because they are not citizens or legal residents, and because they can not prove they paid into those programs.

          • Howard, do you now what a Mexican is? Is a mixture of an indian with a Spaniard. A Mexican is part indian, and consequently as prior rights to you and all your generation, for that matter.

          • Ed

            So I guess you would have to call them aztecs

          • The Aztecs were the largest and most fierced tribe in what we know today as Mexico when Hernan Cortez conquered their kingdom. In reality there were many tribes in that part of North America including the Olmec, Toltec, Teotihuacano, Zapotec, Mixtec and, of course, the Maya. A more accurate term to describe their ethnicity would be Native Americans or aborigenes of the Americas.
            The same applies to Central. South America and the Caribbean Islands where native tribes such as the Quechuas in the Andes, the Chibchas in what we now know as Colombia, the Caribs, Tainos and others lived.

          • how did that contrast his statement?

          • liberals are too stupid to read!

        • Had there been a “Department of Homeland Security” in 1608, I doubt that Jamestowne or Plimouth would have been successful colonies.

        • I’d say that black people are NOT immigrants either b/c there race were forcibly taken from their country.

        • DurdyDawg

          Fact is, money put us here.. Someone paid someone to charge someone to come over and become a citizen. The Indians weren’t involved because they knew nothing about land grabbing. In their world they were renters, not owners of a land.. $$$ heard this, pulled out their contracts, created a giant monopoly game and it’s been going on ever sense. You claim it’s the whites fault.. In a sense you’re correct but first they had to get rid of the other races that also envisioned profit on their maiden trip here.. Whites ended up the winner (in the minds of lunatics). had they failed the same fate would have occurred.. There may had been more native Indians and buffalo but ‘owned’ this nation would still be.

        • 13observer

          This country doesn’t belong to the indians anymore because we TOOK IT FROM THEM and we aim to keep it! That is why we don’t give up our guns…….because we aren’t stupid. CONTROLED LEGAL immigration works. Illegal immigration doesn’t! We can’t afford to give welfare to anyone crossing our borders! It’s sad most Mexicans give allegience to Mexico while working here, living off U.S. taxpayers and sending their earnings home to Mexico………………how does this help our economy?

        • dumb-ass bitch….indians, eskimos all came from asia! and how the fuck do you think the stupid ass spics matter for shit! all non-whites are too fucking stupid to be allowed to have any say so in our nation…..dumb cunt!

      • mrbluesays

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      • grammyjill

        You are so right!

      • montanabill

        Whoa! The first Americans were also immigrants. They generally staked out territories and fought over them, but did not feel the land could belong to anyone.

        I think Chief Joseph knew Barack Obama, for he is quoted as saying:

        “It does not require many words to speak the truth.”
        “It makes my heart sick when I remember all the good words and the broken promises.”
        “I am tired of talk that comes to nothing.”

        • Your Ass Still Like The Asshole You Are Act Like You Can’t Read Or The Meth You Must Be Smoking Has Fuck Your Head Up Don’t Talk To Me ASSHOLE!!

          • montanabill

            Nothing more to say, Fern. You are most eloquent.

      • When I used to teach 5th grade, I would get papers from students with better grammar than this and would still fail them. What are you trying to say? Who cooked the books? Are the American Taliban the muslims in this country? You are very confusing . Romney is going to tie his lawyer to the top of his roof?

      • you are a nurse? you write like an uneducated, dumb-ass nigger!

    • ajjohnson31

      Yes, indeed. The proof is in Romney’s unwitting speech about the “47%”. He showed so much contempt and distaste for the people who don’t pay federal income tax, without taking anything else into consideration, and tarred all those people with the same brush: non-working layabout welfare queens and kings who are envious of his wealth but not willing to work, etc., etc. What his listeners don’t seem to realize is that the 47% of people who do not pay federal income taxes consists of more white people, more Republicans, proportionately, than the ones that do.
      He also refused to separate out each of the groups who do any or all of those things listed, because it sounds better when he lumps them all in together and pretends that the same group of people does all of them.
      No, what he’s doing is not cracking down on deadbeats, but rather trying to keep the ‘anglo-saxon heritage’ clean, away from the brown and beige people, building a wall between them (if not a gated community). Romney is one of the crowd who just cannot accept that the melting pot IS HERE, NOW. He and his cronies have always been pleasantly condescending about inviting in the poor and downtrodden, charitably allowing them to come to this country to do his gardening. Now, because we have fought for equality, the Romneys of this country are suddenly aghast. I believe they are shocked and, yes, appalled by the fact that there aren’t enough white people left to make sure Romney is voted into office. He is not in a majority any more. I think he and his friends are scared.
      Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and their friends we quite adamant, four years ago, that they were going to work for the next four years to make sure that Obama was a one-term president. They been obsessed with that project, to the point that the congress is at a standstill. The Party Of NO is actually a huge brick wall, behind which the white rich conservative religious etc etc white males hide, mortally afraid that Mr Obama will be re-elected. This election is so very important to them that they’ve created an entire network of lies, and they lie every day, sometimes every minute. Their racism consumes them.

      Dominick, you are a much better writer than I; you are always able to state in a few sentences what I must rave about in several paragraphs, all to mean the same thing.

      Fern – I’d love to see Romney with his “anglo-saxon heritage” get back on the Mayflower, or whatever, and go back to Britain where he can criticize how they handled the Olympic games.

    • perfectly said

    • Dominick hits it right on the nail and I could not have said it better myself. They are so wrong in so many levels that the recent comment made by Santorum at the Values Summit fits them so well: “the elite smart people will never be on our side” and I would go as far as saying that it’s not just the elite smart people that will never be on their side. The lack of understanding on how valuable current and future immigration of new people to this land are boggles my mind. As the baby boomers continue to retire, there has to be a vast labor force that will need to generate those tax dollars to pay for all the retirees until their last days. We should all be promoting immigration in large numbers because it’s good for the economy and to remain the melting pot that this country has always been. As an immigrant to this land of opportunities, I’ve had no problems paying my share of taxes for the past 32 years and have never filed for unemployment benefits, food stamps or any government assistance. I was blessed with a good education and a country that believes in me.

    • The most frightening thing for the dominator is to lose their power, for fear that they will be subject to the same treatment as the dominated.

    • pbrower2a

      But taking America to the romanticized ‘good old days’ implies a nastier, more inequitable America. 120 years ago the norm for industrial workers was the 70-hour workweek and the 40-year lifespan (this applied to white men, too). The 40-hour workweek corresponds with the 70-year lifespan.

      The Hard Right wants cheap labor, rigged markets, huge reductions in public expenditure even for education (why let kids learn to do algebra when they could instead learn the harsh discipline of the mill or the mine?), and no criticism.

    • excavatoreddie

      We have had a diverse society for many years, and it is becoming more diverse. I am of Native American, English, Scotch and Irish descent, and welcome all immigrants from all countries, as long as they are willing to learn the English language and work and pay taxes, just as myself and my ancestors. All Americans need to contribute to our society and economy, not lay around and consume drugs & alcohol & live off of my hard- earned tax dollars.

    • ethelene3

      Dominick, could not have said it better myself. There are so many people who fear that when other groups of people grow it will take away something from them. We need to try to understand what it is that will help all of us. For example, tax breaks to the rich , farm aids, etc. is never an issure in this country because the larger percent of these people are white therefore their goverment handout ,as they are called, are not handouts, it due to the as an American. It is so sad.

  • Migwaumps

    I’m sure that countries such as Norway and Sweden are still more homogeneous than is the U.S., I think people have pretty ancient ideas about the degree of homogeneity. There is considerable immigration in these countries. Please remember the mass murderer Breivik was killing people in
    a protest against the demographic changes in Norway.

  • Joan Walsh, thank you for having guts enough to say what all of us are thinking. It took a ‘white’ female to take off the mask of blindness to the truth. It would take a woman to do such a thing, right, white men!

  • adler56

    Non-college whites-at least in the south- are often racists so it’s no surprise that they voted for billionaire programs and against the black man whose programs would actually help them. You can’t fix stupid.

    • SaneJane

      You are partially right. I live in Alabama so the situation is a bit different than some parts of the country as a large percentage of the college educated here are also racist.

  • Jim Lou

    The problem with social security and other programs is that the number of recipients is increasing while the number of workers needed to support them isn’t.

    Part of the problem is that the jobs that aren’t available. Many people are out of work. This results in fewer people paying into the system.

    Part of the problem of the problem is that the jobs are low paying, thus resulting in less money being taken out.

    It isn’t going to be an easy thing to fix. There will be sacrifices that have to be made, whether it is from the black or browns. It is also including the whites.

    • That’s Cause Romney And The Well To Do So Called Business Men Are Shipping The Jobs Overseas!!!

    • SaneJane

      You have been convinced that sacrifices must be made but that is not really true. At present Social Security and Medicare funds hold $4.5 Trillion in treasury instruments designated specifically to bridge the increases in boomer retirees. This fund should care us for the next 20 years and by then don’t you think this group will start to die off and then we will be back where we were. We are being sold a bill of goods about these programs being broke. Social Security had a large surplus last year. Part of the Republicans objection to immigrants is that they are young and will help to shore up our programs. The GOP does not want this because they want to get rid of these programs and have wanted that since they were enacted.

  • Dazednconfused1

    What’s wrong with people in America is we worked hard to build the economy, were offered pensions, retirement plans, from companys we worked for. Social security willingly taken out of paychecks with the promise we would be taken care of in older age. Not a gift, we paid for it as an investment. Maybe we should of invested more or privately. However, that was never explained to us back then. Now, we get screwed out of all those benefits we paid for by working for less money, or took cuts in other areas to compensate. When they pulled pensions, healthcare benifits from the bussinesses we contributed to our entire lifes we were told ‘TO BAD” nothing we can do. Then when left no option but to collect “Goverment” benifits to sustain our lives on a daily basis, after all our lifetime commitment to companys that we stayed with all our life, as we age, we are called moochers and victums. Hey, trade placeses and you’ll understand!

    • And That Too Is A Real Problem And That What Romney Seem Not To Give A Damn About!! Romney Haven’t Did No Hard Work He Was Born With A Silver Spoon In His Ass!! And He’s Been Walking Funny Every Since!!

  • This is racist against whites. You can’t stereotype all white people that way. Its just offensive.

  • mpjt16

    It isn’t the brown and beige kids that are an issue. It is rich white guys. Not even rich ones, just white guys in general that are all about them. Even guys driving beat up old pickups have an attitude that they are supporting illegals and that the poor (which they are) are bad people and minorities.
    My guess is that as minorities get opportunities, they will pay up. Too many of us baby boomers have the idea that “we paid for this” but they don’t realize how little they paid in SS or Medicare. The idea it will only be $3:$1 for payouts vs. paid in seems very low when you look at all the 65+ who have new knees and hips. Those are about $40:$1 operations. How about a heart bypass?
    We are the entitled generation.

  • Dazednconfused1

    Just a parting obersvation: The earned money by profit is not the goverments money, it’s earned personal money. Only taxes help support the goverment.

    • SaneJane

      Taxes do not support the government. Our country is monetarily sovereign and is the sole creator of dollars in the universe. The government creates money by spending and destroys money by taxing. Let me ask you this; if the government creates all dollars why would they need to take back some of those dollars thru taxation? We have been brainwashed about the true nature and purpose of deficits and the national debt. Both these terms are incorrect. How much had you heard about these things before President Obama took office? Be honest.

  • dscf44

    I know that I am not the smartest guy around, but I recognise bullshit when I see it. OK, so white Americans receive $3.oo for every $1.00 that they put in!!! But what about the brown and beige people (you forgot one other kind—-black) that you talk about who will be supporting the old white people—-how much are they receiving today? Who is supporting the millions of babies that were born out of wedlock? At least the poor old white people did put in $1.00, but the millions who are receiving 100+ % more than those poor old white people did not put in not one penny. Oops—I almost forgot—they did put in something—-an application—- for benefits.

    If the gov’t. had a better system that would not have allowed the slackers and moochers to get on the system, then we would not be in such bad shape. And don’t forget, the school system is now providing day care etc. for the babies of students whilst they are in school. I wonder who is paying for all of that?

    • Ed Mays

      You got that right. if you want to get ahead in life you have to work for it. You watch when the just born new generation and the one after that comes on board and caucasians are the minority, if not now, the USA will slide into the abyss because of the “entitled” lazy lobs who think the taxpayers of whom there won`t won`t be many should pay the freight. We`re at the beginning of it now with Obama and Biden at te helm of a sinking ship. Writer Joan Walsh….what is the matter with minorities who won`t carry their load? Seen any welfare queens lately? Probably not in your well paid ivory tower.

    • You’re right, dscf44, you’re not the smartest guy around.

  • “What’s The Matter With WHITE People”? Really, while there are a few good points to your article, your RACIST title completely turned me off from the get go. Your constant reference that WHITE people (all inclusive) are some sort of bigots because they may be conservative is divisive at best, and just plain wrong. As a right leaning Independent, I find this offensive, and any support you wished to garner from any but your target audience was lost.

  • Ron

    Its the white men, especially the older ones. I’m an old white man but I’m glad I’m not like the rest of them. They are scared to death of blacks, Hispanics, and homosexuals!

  • The ex-Pat Vet from Munich says: hmmm. Dominik is quite right in stating that the Euro crisis was caused by naive European bankers getting sucked up in the U.S. “credit derivate swap shell game before the collapse.” (Germay itself was stung to the tune of over 500 billion in “b ad paper”.

    Part of the German “bailouts” ot oly stipulate “austerity” but a build out of renwable eergy systems i the respective coutries. i.e. Iceland building out its readily available wind and geothermal (which is happening) and attracting web operators needing lots of power and cooling for their servers – which iceland can offer.) Ireland- building out on massive wind – now attracting investors, and “agrarian methanate recapture power and heat systems (just startig to kick up.) (Undersea H’V’DC will even be exporting to Great Britain also massively building out its wind capacities like here is no stopping.)
    Spain is startig to recover with massive investments in HVDC lines carrying Desertec Project power from Morocco to Fance and Germany, There are massive investments in Spanish wind power and Spanish concentrated solar from France and Germany as well. i.e. Spain is taking all sorts of measures to reduce its fossil fuel dependency and wastefulness. For example, an older Spanish buildig has 16 foot high ceilings – as a form of cooling in the summer time. However, the Süpanish never got around to efficient heating, and a lot of those buildigs were heated by propae heaters in the wintertime.. meanig a lot of moey wasted. Part of the German aide is targeted for the Spanish to build up their ow solar heat idustry ad massively istaoll that on their buildings to cut fuel imports.

    Greece is a country which has Europes biggest potetial in solar, wind, and geothermal energy, but with the lowest reewable eergy build out. If you thik the Koch brothers fossil lobby is bad i the U.S., the coal, ooil and gas importer lobby i Greece has very deep tentacles into both the PASOK aand eo Demokratia. Every time a Germa compay like Simes tried to promote wind or solar, they met with a lot of stiff opposition. (There are experimetal turbines on many of the Greek Islands, but most of the power is still either diesel or coal.
    Wolfgag Schäuble attached some interesting strings to EEC help for Greece. Stop the resistance to clean energy and sta<rt to build out, and those mjeasures will help to pull the Greeks out of their malaise. Look, deep geothermal plants on, 4 GW each, on 4 Greek Cycladic islands easy to tap… could more than power the country. Pepople estimate Greece could be exporting up to the equiavalent of 30 uclear power plants in geothermal eergy by 2025- more than balancing its balace of trade. The other "rescue for the Greek ecoomy " uis like the rescue of the Motana, ad Dakotas ecoomies. it is sitting on a shitload of untapped oil reserves – both conventional and non-ventional shale plays of over 7.5 billio barrels at the least. If they started to build that out, sa at 200 wells by 2015, their debt problems would simply vanish.

    The build out in"sustaiability" will be one factor contributing to the recovery in the PIIIGS zone.
    Portugal, Italy Ireland, Iceland, Greece ad Spain. it is already startig to heppen. They were brought into that miserable position by their private and parallel public banks naively buying all the bad debt papers issued by U.S. banks during the Bush era to finance the U.S. war effort in irraq an dAfghanistan and its massive balace of trade deficits resulting from importing too much fossil fuel.

    Europe o longer has "homogeous populations". Germany has libereal political asylum laws, and there has bee a lot of "work immmigration". Some assimilate, some don´t. While there is a "minority backlash" most people couldn´t give a healthy shit about the ethnic origin. The "imigrants are generally well behaved, work hard, lear the laguage, and make a productive cotribution to the culture and society as a whole. Of course, as the studey here suggests, prejudice is higher among the less educated as they feel their jobs may be taken or that the competition keeps the wages lower.(true in part) (Shit, whe I go shoppig, the supermarket is staffed in part by wme and women of all cultures.. Turkish, Croatian, African, Iraqi refugee.. you name it, we got it. Fine with me.)

    What has us all worried in Europe is another pluge into recession if Romney is elected. His hawkish stad on Iran could spike oil speculation prices back up to 150 per barrel, which is really ot what anybody needs except for harold Hamm, his Bakken field billionaire, designated eergy minister.


  • msrita

    Really! Whats wrong with White people? If you are a Natural Born American there is nothing wrong with any of us we just a kind of race issue in this Country. When 9/11 happened did anyone notice that we all come together as American Citizens.

    I hope we get over the race issue once and for sake of our children.

  • carsrus

    WE and THEM Barack Obama made it far MORE SO than any other president, and YES, I have it UN-capped because he’s NEVER been President to ALL of US especially US old Whites that this fetid, inaccurate, biased piece of yellow journalism hates! I also am not with out a college education, and have more degress (3) than most! AND, I never supported this marxist-maoist, muslim forked tongued LIAR Obama!

    • What are all of those degrees, toilet paper? Because you sure sound like an ass-wipe.

  • deniswinkle1

    Jimmy Dean once say “If! Ifs’ and Buts were candies and nuts! What a Merry Christmas it would be!” There is a very simple answer to this article. Trying to find love in all the wrong places, Is a statement that wants nothing to do with “Human Decency”! And all the excuses in the great brain of sophistication. Only reveals the proclivity of stupidity. Because self-serving justification is not a thing of common sense and intellect. Because what is defined as “facts and figures”! Will have to do! Defined as a way of life! As we see the only true creator that abides. As the one true author is “Love”. So be careful in what you come to believe as true! It may well come back and bit you in the ass. It has become the standard of living today! It’s the whole summation of this article.

  • Just recieved our first death panel letter, no more colonoscopies for the elderly or in poor health
    maybe the way Obama fixes the social security problem this is real . Letter to my husband from Indy Gastro.

  • CarolO

    What bothers me is people are confused as to what Party wants to get rid of Social Security and Medicare. It is NOT the Democrats. What Paul Ryan continues to say is Obama ROBBED social security. What Obama did was get rid of wasteful spending by drug companies and doctors and NOT ONE SINGLE PENNY WAS TAKEN FROM BENEFICIARIES.
    Every election that rolls around, Social Security is on the table again. The Republicans have wanted to get rid of it for years.

    Paul Ryan said Friday at the AARP meeting that social security WILL BE privatized and Medicare will be vouchers. Spoken right out of the horse mouth altho Romney continues to lie about it.

    Republicans have got to GO! They are lying to you about social security and Medicare. We ARE the 47%, you know! This also affects the middle aged people because they are the ones who will be caring for their aging parents or paying for the nursing home they may end up.

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    Now this is a racist article – with all its intellectual underpinnings and tones.

    Today, more than 70% of black children are born to single women. “The welfare state has done to black Americans what slavery couldn’t do, what Jim Crow couldn’t do, what the harshest racism couldn’t do,” Mr. Walter Williams says. “And that is to destroy the black family.”

    Discrimination is a hellhound that gnaws at Negroes in every waking moment of their lives to remind them that the lie of their inferiority is accepted as truth in the society dominating them.
    — “Where do we go from here?” Martin Luther King Jr., August 16, 1967

    “liberty and limited government is the unusual state of human affairs. The normal state throughout mankind’s history is for him to be subject to arbitrary abuse and control by government.”

    • ” Today, more than 70% of black children are born to single women ”
      Because during the days of slavery White men taught Black Women that they didn’t need Black Men, many of them still believe this.
      “The welfare state has done to black Americans what slavery couldn’t do”
      ” Despite prevailing stereotype, Whites, not Blacks, collect greatest share of public aid dollars, welfare supporters argue that numbers, and not erroneous stereotypes, tell the real story about public assistance clients: Some 61 percent of welfare recipients are White, while 33 percent are Black, according to 1990 Census Bureau statistics, the latest figures available.”
      The major goal of many of the White Race then as well as now
      ” is to destroy the black family.”

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        You need to check your facts. The nuclear family among Black Americans was extremely strong until well into the 1940’s. The quotes I gave you were from two very knowledgeable and prominent Black Americans. Walter Williams and Martin Luther King Jr.

        You make statements that are not backed by facts. I was not presenting and argument that Blacks take a disproportionate share of welfare. What I was showing is that truthful Black leaders know that the welfare state is enslaving Black America.

  • Nick559

    What a raciest article. It obviously flows both ways.

  • dham69

    Why is it that libs only see race why isn’t they don’t ask (esp with this photo) where is the rest what is being hidden? Why do libs see the minority as those who cant do anything for themselves except when you have a lib helping them. GOP (conservatives esp) believe that all men are created equal that everyone has the right to be free. It is ironic that the libs spouse how they are for the minorities but it took the repulicans to pass the civil rights act. More dems where against it. People really need to check out history and facts. you will be amazed on the lies from the main stream media,media (doesn’t) matter and like all funder by Soros who wants the destruction of the united states so he can make more money.

    • dham69 whatever that means. If Republicans/Tea Party are so humaniastic, altruistic, and philanthropic, why do they use so much hate-speak, division, misinformation and revisionism? Why don’t they talk about the positives of being Republican/Tea Party so that we can all say, “Yes, they’re right!” But they can’t, can they? Their history is filled with destruction, treason, and greed. You should get your history straight because you’re doing what your colleagues are doing, revising history. the Republicans of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century were the party of the people, and nobody wanted to be a racist, terroristic Democrat. The Democrats turned the tables and infiltrated the Republican Party like a virus and emerged as the greedy, racist terroristic Republicans we know today. herbert hoover was one such greedy, terroristic, pig who dragged America into the Great Depression. After Hoover, no one would be seen talking Republican for nearly thirty years. Hoover did what Bush/Cheney did in the 21st century, and again, the Republicans will suffer the same faith as in the Hoover-era. They believe the all wealth was created equally for a few, how many million do you have? Not even close, huh? But your head is so far up Romney’s butt you can smell his hair gel, can you. Get out of that butt and get some fresh air, dham69. You should really changed that monicker. You are what you eat, you know.

      • dham69

        Hate speak are you kidding me. Look at the demo crat party, look at their speechs, try to open your eyes. The hatred against woman, gays, minority, etc comes from the left all the time. And then look at what you have written, it is filled with so much hate so much anger, all you have to do is listen, listen to the lies you are be feed by the socialist/marxist democrat party. Try to listen to beck for 2 weeks, and do your own research you will see, listen to Rush and do your own home work. Then listen to the main stream media, then do your home work. Then the truth will slap you in your face for reality check. This president can only win by dividing this country, and he and the socialist/marxist democrat party is doing just that. Keep believing in the true party which is destroying this country and filled with pure hatred.

  • well, well, well. I am A Native American, and I welcome everybody to my Home Land, but why, are you demanding recognition, when you are Welcome as the other Races.
    Please don’t fight for it. just get alone with the rest of the population.
    Don’t impose more then what you already did, Enough is enough, Blessings.

    • My Great Grandmother Is A Full Blooded Native American !! And I Agree With You My Friend!! Enough Is Enough!! Why Can’t We Live In Peace!!

  • About a presidential term ago, a very, very, large number of bigots awoke to find a Black man in the White House. They thought they must have suffered a nightmare and just can’t get over the bad dream . . .

    • You Got That Right !!! They Been Lying Blocking And Hating Every Since Day One!!

  • dljones

    What ever color, collective living in the United States has become as challenging as the middle east. Redistribution will bring on the second civil war.

  • Bush/Cheney did more than hurt the economy of America, it took away the entitlements and privilege whites have enjoyed in American for nearly three hundred years. There has never, and will never, be an honest, open, and intelligent discussion of race in America for fear of what may come out of it. Yet, seven years of war, trillions of dollars in debt, the massive unemployment, the cut backs of safety net programs, and the massive outsourcing of businesses and jobs have created a huge rate of unemployment, economic straits, and hardships not only in the 47% that Romney spoke of, but in the 99% we saw in the Occupy movement last year. That’s why it’s hard to call what Bush/Cheney did as racism. It was more treasonous than racist. Their actions hurt “all” of America, not just minorities, the elderly, and disabled. What Bush/Cheney did will affect the socio-economic structure of America for decades to come, and if Romney/Ryan were to get into office with a partisan House, it will be the end of America as we know it. Many many whites are so indoctrinated into the illusion of white supremacy, they can’t see no farther than their indoctrination would allow them, so it is hard for them to believe that another white supremacist would hurt them the way Bush/Cheney did. To distract whites from seeing what has happened to them, Republicans/Tea Party reverse the meaning and intent of social aide, Social Security, Medicaide, and Medicare as “entitlements” and “privilege” “redistributed” from them to minorities, meaning Africans in America. But, with bills due, mortgages to paid, families to be fed and cared for, and no jobs, no subsidies such as credit and loans which was always provided to them first, it is hard to live an illusion when reality is staring them in the face. America has always been a white ruled nation. It was taken from indigenous Afro/Asians that we call “Indians” and structured into a society by and for white people in America. Africans were kipnapped from Africa, brought to America kicking and screaming, forced into slavery, and from the sweat of the backs and brows the wealth of the North and then the South was generated from their free and forced labor. The incredible wealth generated from this cruelty was invested in the generational wealth that gave rise to America, that created the sedentary life-style we call “American”, and provided the generational entitlements and privilege that whites in America has enjoyed since. That’s white supremacy. It happened in America, Australia, North and South Africa, Canada, and South America, countries invaded, taked over, and restructured into white dominated socieities. We get racism confused with ignorant human prejudice, biases, and preferences. Racism is economic, political, social, and religious power to exert itself. Who has that kind of power in America? Not indigenous Indians. Not Africans in America. Not Asians or Latinos. President Obama didn’t take away white entitlements and privilege that has whites disillusioned and disenchanted in their white supremacy. We need to be clear about this. Bush/Cheney did that.


    “Historically, the most successful welfare states (think Scandinavia) have depended on ethnic solidarity to sustain their tax-and-transfer programs.”

    Where have you been?

    “Scandinavia” has been overrun by Arabs and Aryan Muslims that have destroyed the countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

    The native Scandinavians are now trapped slaves in an Islamic/Fascist system they are forced to support.

    “Tax and transfer” programs, socialism, communism, Nazism, Islamism, must be run from the top. The old African “Big Man” structure comes to mind.

    Scandinavia has failed and will disappear as an identifiable region within the next two generations. Most of European socialist states will surely follow.

    Then, when the socialists and Islamists have nothing left to steal, they will self-destruct taking what’s left of civilization with them.

    Good job dhimmis!

  • Gammaanya

    Do some of you remember in 1983, in a speech , I think it was to the US Chamber of Commerce, James Watt, US Interior Secretary, said about special advisory panel that was cosnsisting of ” a black….. a woman, 2 jews and a cripple..”????He had to resign and appologized for these remarks. Nothing is changed since then.

  • mrbluesays

    Why do white people want to fight Islam so much? Islam is a religion, you cannot beat a religion. It becomes spritual to protect your life and religion. Try to fight your own religion or better yet what would you do if someone fought your religion? The USA is supose to be a melting pot, add religion, then you will see peace. And why do all black women copy white womans hair then call themselves “pretty” looks like fake false phoney and funny wanna be white clowns to me. Walk out your door and count all the black women under fake straight white look hair doo’s you can stop at 100.

  • mrbluesays

    4 years is not long enough to make change and clean up all Bush’s mess… but we are on the right track. Romney and lyin Ryan want your son’s to fight a war with Iran where your son’s will NOT come home. And Romney also wants to destroy womens rights, hurt the poor, and destroy middle america in general. The USA is NOT ready for republicans at this time in history.

  • Yes it is Sad! This article and most of the comments made by sad liberal progressives!

  • Bottomline , many whites want the social denefits and programs for themselves , and not for other groups that also paid into them.

  • Bottomline many whites want the social denefits and programs for themselves , and not for other groups that also paid into them.

  • donbronkema1


    You are always on target…column should be read from court-house steps im der Mittel-Amerika–might swing a few to our side.

    Governing, let alone advancing, a bitterly divided country is virtually impossible [vide 1980-2012]…but fearless diversity could prove a great benison over the long-haul, permitting a renascence of Populism

    –public financing of campaigns
    –proportional representation
    –permanent registration
    –nat’l, all-purpose holographic ID
    –quantum-encrypted legible ballott w/receipts [avaunt ye, Diebold!]
    –criminal sanctions for attempted vote-suppression
    –compulsory voting [snailed or Sundays]; penalty for non-compliance
    –rectangular House districts
    –proportionalization of Electoral College

    Purpose: no more Gore-Florida theft, Ray-gun/Shrub II supply-side/trickle down mendacity or Cheney Yellow-Cake fascism.

    A Sovereign People reinstalled could launch a blitzkrieg of long-thwarted tax & socio-economic reforms in pursuit of equity, & mitigating or at least attenuating thermageddon…crop failure puts billions at hazard [vide 40-day grain reserves], but broad ecollapse would doom technographic civilization…rebuild is impossible absent cheap, easy-access minerals [surface ores depleted; landfill metals too dispersed for recovery. QED.

  • As a old white person I have to say this,The white race has ruined every other ethinic group in the world.Also for those people think that Jesus is white,look at the region of the world where he was born and grew up.

  • It’s so sad to see a man like Romney, who has a pocket full of degree’s try to “dumb down” to please the “base” of the republican party!! As a machinist, the toughest job in my life was to make a mistake in a certain pattern to prove a point!!

  • kimbo55

    I hate to tell you this But…You have no special powers if your white or black.How long is it going to take for us get this.

  • A G.O.P. senator said,”There are not enough angry white men to go around anymore” That is so sad!!

    • dsand1445

      yeah I heard the senator when he said that too. Wonder why congress have such an all time low approval rating.

  • I have a good brown look with my tan, so, are they prejudice than of me? This is absurd, and those who want to continue to use ones color is fostering and promoting prejudice. We are all children of god, regardless of what god you may believe in. No color is better than the other just as no sex is superior to the other. Those who promote division only want to exploit us so they can take advantage of us and exploit us to their benefit. WE should all unite and stand up against this type of prejudice. United we stand Divided we fall!!!

  • dham69

    boy the socialist sure are coming out from the wood work. You progressives are a minority. It is good to know the polls show that 85% consider them selves conservative and only 15% consider themselves socialist or communist. How does it feel to be responsible for the destruction of the united states and in making it a third world country where people like obama, biden, pelosi and reid are the ones pulling the rope over everyones neck .

    • What is your definition of a Socialist, because, judging by your usage it doesn’t match the dictionary’s.

      • dham69

        If your talking about obama, ooops my bad, he is a marxist.

  • 1concernedsenior

    Hey Hammy69, put the plug in the jug

  • 1concernedsenior

    Hey Fern W, I like what you have to say

  • 1concernedsenior

    I’d be willing to bet that quite an ammount of the tea baggers would wear a white hood –>> if they could get away with it!!!

  • What do they mean when they say ,”take your country back” back from what or from who”? The Americans Indians would love to take their country back, Black folk did’nt ask to leave Africa, all others or most other races were ask to come over. Now look at this real good its very important, This is a problem White peoiple created.Now things are a little harder to figuar out, so like a dead beat dad they just stop paying child support. God put us on this planet to take care of each other. Read your Bible,(OOPS ) the “B” word. If you Love God you must Love his people. Can’t we all just pay our fear share. White peoples history in the world does not look good, that can change!

  • 1concernedsenior

    I think we should run all the tea baggers out of this gracious land of ours. They are POISON !!!

  • It may well be photo shopped but it is hardly the point. The fact that poor undereducated white working class families are going whole hog for Romney in states like Georgia and Kansas and Montana and South Dakota, is the point. They are consistantly lied to and consistantly reelect the liars. That is the point.

    I just want to go on record with the simple statement “YOU CAN FIX STUPID” It’s call education. In Medllin, a drug ridden slum of hopeless dispair, they elected a government that put fully 50% of the budget towards education for four years. An entire generation was lifted out of poverty and helplessness and the area is noew well on it’s way to becoming a booming economy. They had to build schools and train teachers and set up infrastructure and everything else that goes into starting from scratch. All we have to do is cut the military budget by 10-15 % and spend that on education and we will see the same results. When I picture my son fulfilling his destiny on this planet I don’t see him taking a bullit for blood money in some shit hole in the sand. I see him maybe inventing the next new sustainable energy platform that moves the whole world forward. With an education anything is possible without one you do what you are told.

    Do you realize that just mathamatically there has to be thousands of geniuses languishing away in third world countries who haven’t even been taught to read. How can the human race move forward if we are not even trying to use our best tool. We can solve all the problems we face together, we can only put a bandaid on the problems we face as a bunch of splinter group bickering assholes that believe there is no brotherhood between us. A geneticist I know from Stanford told me that the actual physical differences in humans, that part of you that makes you unique, all the matter that is uniquly you. If we took that out of everyone on the planet and removed the space between the atoms, all of it would fit in a banana peel. So isn’t it just a little silly that we as a HUMAN race are still arguing about the worth of a man based on his skin color? How can that be a deal breaker?

  • 1concernedsenior

    Hey hambonner, FOX is not news –>> It’s a station that is run by a evil doer named Rupert Murdock who want’s this land to go back to the days of slaves and the good ole’ boys wearing white hoods !!!

  • mrbluesays

    fern woodfork is a easy smelly crack line up but close your eyes its a ugly one


  • THE SAME SAD LIBERAL PROGRESSIVES WHO WILL RUN THIS COUNTRY FOR THE NEXT 50 YEARS IF YOU DON’T WAKE UP AND REALIZE that the world is going brown and you can’t exclude 110 mil and counting NON-WHITE voters. If there is to be a Repulbican party at all 10 years from now you had best get busy rooting out your own racist old white boys and get with the program. No disrespect but you are not going to win this election and the next one is completely out of reach if you (the consrevatives, aka fear ridden people who wish the 1950s had just gone on forever) don’t change your tune. There IS enough for everyone, ther IS a way for us to live in peace, there IS a future for all people. WE THE PEOPLE need to figure it out and get busy building it. Not sit here calling each other names and trying to assign blame for the past.

  • Elsa

    Of the 33 wealthiest developed Nations in the World 32 have some form of Universal or near Universal Health Care Coverage for their citizens. The US is that one lone exceptions. None of these Countries question the need to ensure that everyone has access to basic health care needs, most consider it a right and an ethical and moral obligation. The most embarrassing fact is, is they do it at a far lower cost than we do and have better health outcomes, lower infant mortality and live longer than we do. Everyone of those countries use some form of redistribution in order to obtain their Universal Health Care.

    To use the growing cost of health care as a tool to push racial hate, misinformation in order to scare people away from the very thing that will reduce the cost of health care is unconscionable and shows the lack of morals and concern in the opponents of Medicare and Obamacare. Americans come in all colors and they always have. The Conservatives want to go back to a time that never really existed. In the South Blacks far outnumbered their white owners, they just were not considered Citizens. We took most of the West from Hispanics and Native Americans, people of color who continued to live here. Just because these groups of people were not recognized by the Controlling White population does not mean they did not exist. In truth most of them have deeper roots in this Country than Whites and are far less likely to resent having to pay a bit more for the White Folks, than the White Conservative who are misrepresenting them feel today. The real truth is that those rich white old men who are complaining just want to keep all their money for themselves and do not want you to know, so they make up things.

  • it sounds like you have a lot to say my friend. I for one would like to hear it. However your style of writing is confusing and doesn’t communicate your message. I think you are assuming we all know what you are talking about. We don’t. start from the beginning and state your case. If you start in the middle and then restart in the middle again….it’s difficult to pick out your logic.

  • The author presents the issue well. The accumulation of wealth in America has been nearly monochrome, and this is the issue our country has to face and change as we move further into the 21st century. As our country moves inexorably towards 50% minority population by 2050, in order to compete our society will have to open the access to opportunity to everyone to allow our best & brightest to have the chance to create employment to compete with the rest of the world. The GOP & their leaderssupporters can not stomach this! I was an Obama Fellow 2012 and I would just smile warmly at the diversity in the volunteer meetings, just as I smile cynically at the fact that every Rommney|Ryan speech audience backdrop is sure to have ONE person of color as if to trumpet GOP inclusiveness . My major question is how GOP supporters not realize the future is here now?

  • Depending on your courage to share your preference I will tell you if I share it and why. Having lived it I know racism is alive, unfortunately, in all races – sometimes openly and sometimes subtely, which is even more venemous.

  • until within living memory the system was tilted heavily in favor of white christian men; they had the vote, they had the political offices, they had most of the money, all the good jobs, most of the property. now the first promise of the american revolution, that all people are equal, is coming true, and white men cry that they’re being discriminated against.

  • busterbull

    If you are Black, I doubt you are a Native American. Henry Louis Gates has done DNA tests on Black celebrities. Mr. Gates’ studies show that very few black people have Native American blood. These individuals find out through testing, that their roots are European. Sorry to disappoint.

  • I guess I am one of them grey haired white men you all hate so much because I just happen to believe I do have more invested in this country than someone who just came in illegally. For example, my family has been here for 150 years. My grandfather fought for the Union in the Civil war, my grand uncles built roads, worked farms and helped make this country what it is by paying taxes, building infrastructure raising families etc etc. My dad fought in ww2 and Korea and my brother fought in Vietnam. Being one of 10 kids of an enlisted army man I and most of my siblings worked since I was 8 years old and have been paying taxes since I was 16. I have never once received anything from the govt. and never will except for social security which I paid for for 42 years. When I see articles and comments like this I truly get sick because I’m guessing you never worked 10 hours in a tobacco field when you were 12 years old or you did’nt have to work three jobs at once to pay your way thru college. It’s not about your liberal perspective its about we made the investment so why shouldnt others. My dad was in the military for over 40 years and guess what, my brothers and I buried dad and we buried mom. The govt did’nt. Get over your snobbish bullshit and out from in front of your liberal TV and try living in the real world of responsibility.

    • We’d like to thank you and your family for your long contribution to white supremacy in America. You should be an inspiration to all of the little white supremacists, a shining beacon for them to follow. . . Thank you, sir.

  • timeforchange321

    Howard, initially the Mexican was called or became the Mestizo,,, a union of Spainish and native Indian of all types… later that mestizo became the Mexican who wanted Spain out. I am a descendant of that union.

  • busterbull

    I doubt that you are a Registered Nurse. If you go back to school to acquire your G.E.D., you may learn proper diction and grammar. I bet you are another failed product of our public school system!

  • OMG, GOP! Don’t you get it? It’s not about white vs non-white. Clearly the vast majority of Mitt’s 47% are white, and he couldn’t care less about ANY of us who can’t get by with chicken shit wages, and jobs eliminated by the same capitalists who’ve caused the great depression of 2008, and continue to export good paying jobs over seas, importing coolie labor with the illegals and escaping paying taxes. Now we find out that Romney’s 2011 1040 shows that he paid just 14%, less than the 15% that most of us pay. This comes AFTER he lowered his taxable income by giving millions to his Mormon buddies. OBTW, in view of this last disclosure, who would argue that Romney has no intentions on violating our Constitution by favoring religion over state?

  • Better paying jobs are the only solution to the ever increasing cost of welfare. We need to bring back stronger labor unions, eliminate the tax free passes given the multi-national corporations that export American jobs, and deport any illegal who is not gainfully employed 12 months a year.

  • carsrus

    Hey Bobbie boy the ass wipe has ur hero’s FACE on it! It’s the BEST ass wipe EVER!

  • Private insurance: $350 a month. $15 dollars co-pay. $5000 deductible. Before Obama, no pre existing conditions. By other words, only ensurance for the healthy. IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?

  • And the funny part is that California used to belong to Mexico, and Mexicans who have been here before the white folk now have to listen to their crap, like “Go back home”.

  • My wife and I, as so many other “minorities”, have worked all of our lives. Paid taxes all of our WORKING years. We, through our jobs, paid into the Medicare Program. We don’t recieve any more than any of our White brothers and sisters. We are, basicaly all “natrualized” citizen because that is what our ancestors where. However, if you do not own a large corporation, an insurance comapny, a bank or any other institution, you are a worker. In the eyes of those who are promoting “division” among us WORKERS, we are all slackers, etc. You may support them but I am sure that they will treat you the same as the rest of us WORKERS.

    • LynnaD

      So true.

  • Bottomline , many whites want the social benefits and programs for themselves , and not for other groups that also paid into them.

  • One thing that fuels their fear, though they never admit it, is the knowledge deep down inside that it was never theirs to begin with. Were it not for the murder, pillage, and rape of countless millions through centuries of colonialism and slavery, they would never have enjoyed the brief period {historically speaking} of hegemony that they have come to take for granted, and to view as their own personal entitlement. The knowledge that things will never be like that again makes them burn with rage and hatred. They are not of a mindset to “share” anything with anyone, the way others shared with them before they were set upon and murdered for their lands. Now, instead of trying to make things right, in order to achieve some semblance of balance and harmony, they rush headlong toward inevitable destruction… their way or the highway. A rich, selfish, tyrant is never safe, no matter how much security he has around his person. Even Caesar was stabbed in the back, and not by one of those he may have had cause to fear. No, he was murdered by one of his own class, by a “friend.” One thing history has taught us… no one remains in power forever, and when you fall… there is none who would come to your aid. It’s everyman for himself. So it is not a question of whether your own will sell you out or not… but at what price? Will it be 30 pieces of silver? Or just a bowl of soup? It would have been much wiser to have made allies and friends among those whom they despise so much. At least they would have established some justifiable ground of appeal for mercy in the event the pendulum of justice swings back the other way.

  • There is nothing inherently wrong with white men. I am one of them. There is a strategy on the part of some of our current day politicians to take advantage of the fears that can be generated in white men by telling us that we have to be afraid of a conspiracy on the part of the rest of the world to destroy us. They are telling us this in order to get enough of our votes to get themselves elected. Unfortunately, this can turn into a self-fulfilling prophesy. If you keep telling people that they need to fear diversity, they might actually start to fear that diversity and take actions to make those fears come true. The best antidote for a big lie is a strong dose of the truth. It illustrates once again the fact that the NAACP is just as important now as it was 100 years ago. Please support the work of your local branch of the NAACP.

  • Have you read the article by Kevin Dutton “The Wisdom of Psychopaths” Scientific American Pp 76 through 79 Sept 2012. Could it be that the “Top Dogs have strategic psychopathic wisdom like Mr. DeMerris in “Days” they have pitted groups, sexes, cultures, races, religions, politics against each other exported jobes overseas using SPE’s (meanings and messages ), SPE’s (ethical relativity, meanings and messages ) to justify it and are laughing all the way to the bank. I could “smell” it coming one year after the civil rights laws were past by the way managers treated their subordinates. Its not about individual paranoia it is not understanding the most modern research and how it is used for strategy just like slaves were beaten yesterday, today we are being beaten by the application of pathological special interests tweaking or as bible times would call it Pharaoh of modern times tweaking SPE’s (meanings and messages ), SPE’s (ethical relativity, meanings and messages ). So let my people go.

    • LynnaD

      Very interesting. Thank you for the info. I look forward to a good read.

  • make divide and conquer a punishable attitude, incarcerate
    them! that’s what happen where they come from, maybe they will leave America too.
    to the moon Ethel, to the moon!aren’t they the same ones who want to go to mars?
    let them go! force them to!



      Yeah, then you can alllllllll live on welfare until it’ all gone!!!!!!!
      Then who’s going to feed you?

  • sisterH

    This photo is fake.
    Obama is doing a bad job as President…’s that simple.
    It’s time for a new President.

    • Jim_n_Panama

      very well thought out, thank you. You’ve sure changed MY mind

  • It’s not what’s wrong with any group. I earned my retirement and health care if you take away mine you take away my spouses since I stayed faithful through challenging times and that isn’t a sign of weakness it is a sign of strength. It’s how they pitted one group against another.

  • LynnaD

    Oh, give me a break! Your thoughts and conclusions are,wrong on so many levels. Psuedo intellectuals like you are the very people perpetuating the class/racial story. Your “war” was settled in the majority of people’s heart by Dr. King.. I suggest you read and learn the lessons
    of Dr. Martin Luther King.

    We, the people, can live and love very well together without all the divisive rhetoric.

    • Um, bigotry and racism is still very much alive. What world do you live in? You are in denial. And I’m sure Ms. Walsh has read and studied the lessons of MLK. Looks like you are the one who needs to go back and read/learn the lessons. Try telling the neo-cons and tea party to stop with all the hate and divisive rhetoric. They are constantly calling President Obama a community, a maxist, a muslim, a non-American, etc.

  • We seem to be moving backwards on prejudice and there’s a general mean spirit in white America right now. As an old white guy myself, I feel a certain shame because of this.
    President Obama is by far the most honorable candidate.
    If he some how does not win, I fear I will go into a serious mental depression.
    I also know, as a senior citizen, I am going to pay in spades if double talking Romney gets in.

  • Dominick Vila: Very well written.

  • The revolution will not be televised, and there will be no re-runs. The revolution will be live.

  • Whats all this jab jab about our political issues and polarity between the races? What a crock of shit. The members of congress is clearly made of White men and women. At least that is the majority. We vote for them and they make the laws and pass the bills that have fucked up this country where all Americans, Blacks Whites, Asians, Mexicans etc suffer the results. This is not a black or white issue. Medicare has failed because of corruption, our economy has failed because of corruption. Was it the minorities who took all of our gold and gave it to the federal reserve rendering our dollar worthless. Is it the minorities who drive our jobs over seas creating this situation of mass unemployment? Was it the minorities who caused the crash of our realestate causeing mass foreclosure where millions of people lost there homes? I dont think so. The American dream died a long time ago and we all black and white sat siliently while it happened. We are still sitting siliently while it continues to happen

  • Jerpell

    The problem is…..I’ve never seen blacks move into an area and make it better, in any part of this country!

  • Of all the nerves. like most nationalities are in trouble with affordability only white folks are thinking that its going to be the same over decades of “my skin is white so I can have a $50,000.00 car/cars in the drive port oh yeah don’t forget to bite the dust my expensive life style going to raise” well much to their surprise theirs where not the only hands who built America and hoisted America where it at now I’m going to stop there & begin another much like the this comment.

  • The most easiest task known in America is falling in love with items you can’t begin to afford there is no way in hell your going to ruin/crash new cars walk right over hop into another vehicle without anyone/someone who would like an opportunity at the luxury of having a nice automobile & because of the color of their skin got the unmitigated gal to think its the color of the skin that payed the prize no one stupid of the cost of luxurious vehicles so now what continue in the path your leading put that in your pipe & smoke on it white peoples.

  • desertdustoff

    White people’s problems??? Good ol’boy, tea baggin (kkk), talibangelical, american taliban, anti-science, anti-environment, bigoted, anti-women, koch whore, koch suckin’, rethuglican,mega rich politicians, republiskunk, gop (greed over people, greedy ol’ pedophile), stepford wives, repugnicans. THERE’S OUR PROBLEM!!


    The problem is not with Blacks Whites, Asians or Mexicans. The problem is government. The politicians keep tinkering with it. Leave it alone, shrink it and give the power back to the people. Do away with all handouts, unless you have paid into the system. If you have worked hard and paid in then you are entitled to it. If not then you are not entitled to anything. Forget any more bailouts. If the government invests in something invest in the U.S. infrastructure. No more give aways. Obama only stands for give aways. Give it away until there is no more left to give. His programs are not working and he constantly trys to turn us against one another. A few of his stats;


      Obama Stats….;

      Unemployment in 2009 = 7.7% Now = 8.1%

      Food Stamp Recipients in 2009 = 32 million Now = 47 million

      Americans in Poverty 2009 = 32 million Now = 46.2 million

      Gas Prices 2009 = $1.80 Now = $3.85 (more than double)

      U.S. Debt 2009 = $10.2 trillion Now = $16.2 trillion

      = Total failure. The numbers speak for themselves.

      This is only a snipit……. The list goes on and on.

      His record speaks for itself, we are going down in flames.

      It doesn’t matter if your republican, independent or democrat, because Obama is none of them. He is only using democrat as cover.

      Help stop the madness.

      • Then what do you call Romney? Isn’t Romney using “severly conservative” as his cover? What are Mr. Romney’s core beliefs? I’m not buying your “going down in flames” rant. I will be voting for President Obama. He is a democrat; he believes in inclusion and equality and Mr. Romney does not. Thanks anyway.

  • Republicans the only white political party will be in the minority before the 2016 Presidential elections and instead of co-operations are fighting to make their minority stand be taking over by the extreme KKK and skinheads who have been made to understand that America is a white only country,when you hear names like Palin , Romney and Trump some days ago we will say are Americans only, but now we know are Europeans or from England. Slave trade was started by them . Their saying ( WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK) has a letter missing and it is the letter ( L) to make it WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BLACK.

  • Dominick Vila is correct. Conservative whites are scared of the coming change in the minority population. Recently, I saw a comment that perfectly describes the attitude of Conservatives: “I’m all for progress as long as nothing changes”. SMH Oh, and by the way, white Conservatives: there’s a good reason why we call “native Americans” native Americans….they were here first; if there’s any group or race of people who should be upset with becoming the “minority”, it should be them. White Conservatives need to get off their ideological high horses and accept that things are going to change. The United States of America began as “the great melting pot”; if White Conservatives don’t want to be in that pot, their only choice is to burn in the fire.

  • LAX_Paperboy


  • Joan Walsh is a very insightful writer and I share her views. My take is that America is God’s Own Country and the center for challenges of human ingenuity. With advancement in technology, America’s abundant mineral and human resources will continue to grow exponentially spurring industrial and commercial innovations for sustained economic development. This will support the population that grows geometrically. Unlike other nations with monolithic racial groups, America could galvanize the intrinsic traits of the diverse races for positive value added. However the same racial diversity portends polarization that could vitiate the value added. Racial rantings are unavoidable, but could be mitigated with good governance and continuous prosperity. Education is the potent force that reduces racial bigotry. God bless the United States of America. No one can write off the US of A except God himself.

  • howa4x

    the basic problem wiht white americans is that they think even though some maybe have a lower intelligence level, is that they are superior to non whites. They feel just being white gives them a leg up on everybody else and if you are a Christian on top of that than you’re really superior. Whites murdered their way around the world, killing american indians, south american indians, african Blacks, asians and now muslims, all because they thought that their race was better. Now in America because immigration patternes changed, and people aren’t solely coming from northern Europe, that they feel threathened. The trut of the matter is if whites practiced the politics of inclusion instead of exclusion, this fear wouldn’t even be an issue. If we designed programs that were focused on bringing everyone up, they we would have a robust society.The current white philosophy of social darwinism and we are on our own, fosters resentment. If whites keep on this anti immigrant rampage they are on then maybe in the future people won’t want to take care of them and maybe would want to rid the planet of them once and for all. So who are we in the white race? Definately racist, homophobic, easily led, overly religious,global anti immigrant, polluters, over consumptive, violent, and war like. Gee who wouldn’t want such lovable people around?

  • IAMSuperPatriot

    Joan, underlying Ross’s analysis is a major myth. Generation X is already integrated and their offspring are the new face of America. Biracial kids -with one white parent–are nonwhite in the census, which causes guys like Pat Buchanan to imagine a fundamentally different kind of country. I look at all my mixed couple friends and their wonderful kids and I am optimistic that they will see past skin color; these kids, like their parents, embody American values. You only have to look at how deeply President Obama grieved his mother’s death to realized how dehumanizing Ross’s view is. What’s really going to happen is that the bridge crossed by gen Xers like me is going to become wider. We are all Americans and we will take care of our own.

  • I am a 68 year old white male who is fairly well educated and I find that I cannot talk to most older white men who are bitter and angry against minorities. I feel alienated from my ethnic and cultural peers and cannot talk to them without them become hostile and angry. No amount of discussion can dissuade them from anger. I used to attribute it to racism but there exists something even deeper than that but as yet I have been unable to explain the depth of their anger. I know there is also great amount of change and they are afraid and they want to go back to an earlier time when they were in control and everyone had to bow to their wishes. I believe that we just have to weather the storm and let demographics win the battle with the changes that are coming.

  • Innisfail

    FWIW, Canada is racially diverse. In fact, our largest city, Toronto, is minority-majority, i.e., white people are no longer the majority but instead the various non-whites are. And we have regulated banks, universal government-paid (not government-run) health care, gay marriage, good safety nets, etc. Of course, what we DON’T have is the corrosive history of slavery and Jim Crow, which looks to this outsider as having poisoned the U.S. societal contract from the beginning. To add to what Fern said about taking the country back and Indians – in the U.S. it looks as if the Indians (Mexicans and other Hispanics, who are wholly or largely Indian) are doing just that!

  • jerrimyers

    I dream of America’s evolution taking the path of doing the right thing for all Americans. It’s not us and them; it’s us. The GOP reminds me of Russia in the cold war–a bunch of old, scared men. the problem for Mitt is not that he was caught denigrating the middle and lower income American, but that what he said was actually what we knew already, we had just never heard him or the GOP say it. Big deal. Now, what we knew to be the truth of the GOP has been verbalized. Let’s get out and vote our expectation that we can be a great America with everyone who wants it gets a shot at a good life, the life they choose. Without the obstructions of the GOP for the last 4 years, America would be much further along on her way back from the Bush years.

  • The problem isn’t about anyone. The problem is the pathological- adversarial- quick fix” methods political power and and the elite special interests use to get what they want at the expense of the masses which divides and conquers the masses while the special interests laugh all the way to the bank. They are the psycho-sociological bullies in the sociological China shop. I have millions of storied to back this up they want you to be paranoid- don’t go there document, document, document, expose, expose, expose. It’s the only way.

  • President Obama has a path to equality. We need support him by voting out the republican represenitives, as they only represent one class of Americans. ( Rich White)


      Obama has a path to divide everyone—
      Obama is THE WORST raciest EVER—–
      These Blacks do it to themselves—–
      If you say you don’t like Obama—-they automatically jump and say ”Oh your raciest”
      I NEVER heard anyone say, Oh you don’t like Busch??? What are you raciest—–
      The Blacks do it to themselves.
      They give themselves a name by the way they talk,
      the way they wear their pants (alllll ready for their boyfriend to back up to them)
      or the way they are ALWAYS on the news,
      they do it to themselves.
      All they have to do is work hard, act like human beings, talk normal with normal ENGLISH and they would be treated like a human being.
      If you WORK hard and want to get a head you can!!!!!!
      If you sit around and wait for the government to give you everything, you are a dead head and will never become anything!!!!!!!!!
      Alllll whites are NOT rich!!!!!!!! Work hard, put in a lot of hours, be dedicated and become something!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • vlad the impaler

      with a name like “jeff” he has to be white,so why is this guy against his own race?because its easier to join the enemy than have to conjour up the guts to fight them.if you are not white ,well then good luck with that.

  • BillAlphonso

    Of course Joan Walsh and the PC media are going to call the top 1% White. You can’t list the names because you start seeing all the Jewish surnames.

  • Only a true socialist would believe any of this garbage. It is the left that sees America as a Balkanized, racially divided country. Conservatives don’t see color as anything more than diversity.
    Conservatives are more interested in a person’s honor and character than his skin color. The country we want to go back to is the one our brilliant founding fathers established. One where
    the government works for the people, not the people work for the government. A country where the federal government only does what is established in the Constitution. One where those who are really in need are taken care of, but everyone else works. A country that doesn’t have 54,000 pages of regulations that we all have to live by. One that does not have 11,000 pages of regulations added to their lives by this administration, not including all the laws.
    Conservatives believe Thomas Jefferson that big government is a bad thing . “A government big enough to supply you with everything you need is a government big enough to take away everything you have”. Big government liberals are the most dangerous things to our freedom that exist, and we don’t care what color they are.
    Social security has always been a Ponzi scheme, only now people are beginning to see what it always was. On top of which, the government has morphed it into so many things it was never designed for, thereby driving its’ payouts way past its’income.


      THANK YOU Todd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are sooooo right!!!! Get rid of the government.

      Work hard, make your own money, pay your own bills.

      If you work, you can spend—-spend ONLY what you have earned!!!!!!!!!

      You are NOT entitled to anything more or less!!!!!!!!


      NO HAND OUTS!!!!!!!!!

      NOTHING FREE!!!!!!!!

      THIS IS WHAT THE CONSERVATIVES WANT—What is so terrible about that!!

  • Until All Americans regards of Background especially American White Respect other Minorities especially Black or African-Americans due to their make-up from White Male Slave Master enter-breeding with Black Female Slaves due too their curious and cruel ways. This would also believe or not would make most Born African or Black Americans part of the White and Native Americans Gene Pool. Yet this country truly belongs to the Native Americans which have been displace and treated so harsh because of Whites Greed for more, the strength of Black Slaves to plant and produce various money making crops. The African or Blacks and especially the Native Americans were given the worst beating due the revolt against the White Males or Men and many individuals even lost their lives and this went on for Centuries and still appear today through the Voter Oppression from Racist Republicans and Tea Party Individuals the only to Reach the Top of the White House; is that they (Republicans and Tea Party with Karl R. ) must divide the Country or United States of America at ALL Cost Even If That Means That Middle-Class Whites and Poor Whites under 2000Thousand are USED A Weapon to Meet The Republicans and Tea Party Victory to Win This Elections. Whites must realize that when a Terrorist Act, War Abroad in the Middle-East, Globe Finances Down and Slow Down, Hatred from within this Country this will AFFECT Every American within this Country regardless of Race,Status,Age,Creed, Religion and ETC. We must come togather as One NATION of Americans if n0t don’t complain next time when some Tragedy happen once AGAIN IN THIS COUNTY. Think White American not only for yourselves but others family and the world because the True Terrorist are The Republicans,Greedy Rich Individuals with Racist Background, especially Terrible Tea-Party along with the Terrorist Abroad.

  • finally someone who dares to tell the truth about what the real problem is but in reality whether whites in this country will admit it or not they will be the minoroty and the same blacks and hispanics they’re cutting down will have chance to get pay-back that’s why i could never be a GOP they want america to be back in tyhe 1950’s where they had their foot on everybodies neck


      WHY NOT put your foot on their necks????
      If you act like a wild animal and can’t act civilized!!!!

    • vlad the impaler

      you think were going to hand over our country to you colored assholes.fuck no,you will be the majority and be treated like exact same blacks and Hispanics hate each other whites will still be the largest race in the country,we knew you were going to try to gang up on us,but you need white people to steer humanity otherwise we are destined for chaos and gangs controlling the we speak minorities are trying to take down the police with help from global elitists and the media,as well as white leftist scum.the next major ralley these anarchist blm terrorist cunts have should be pre wired for demolition and just wipe the whole damn lot of them how fast that protesting bullshit stops.people will say they would get worse,but with no leadership the head will be cut from the snake.but whites are too nice to do that athough perfectly be careful what you wish for.

  • rustacus21

    We never had ‘THE’ conversation… Not after slavery. Not after Civil (Human) Rights. Not after the laying to rest of jim crow (laws – those that are no longer en force). We are a nation in denial. The previous administration, w/its racist selectivity in war-making & implementation of Constitutional protections (Hurricane Katrina victims) proves that from the lowest T-bagger supporter to the highest elective office, racism is pernicious & still just as pervasive, considering simply the tenor of the nation’s opposition demographic to President Obama since 1/21/09. No rationality, no reasoning, no level of obvious reality can/will penetrate such ignorance & backward, neolithic primate intellect – if it can be called such…

  • They have to much hate in the hearts to see anything but color!! Its really sad

  • America since invaded by Europeans is experiencing the results of its past. We can discuss, argue, complain or what ever about our racial situations until the cows come home, but until we address the truth about our past, we will continue to have this problem with
    Americans, especially white Americans. Despite the dismal impressions, we need to address truthfully American History, evaluate the pros and cons, accept its truth,
    learn from it, and move on.

  • another self hating douche bag, huh?….okay, give ALL you own to a redskinned nigger, then enslave yourself to some nig family, and then you can feel better

  • fuck you, barry the jew!

  • the moors were arabs, and were destroyed by the europeans….much as we will destroy you and your kind eventually!

  • the moors were arabs, dumb nigger!

  • yep!


    Heeeeeyyyyy allllll you OBAMA LOVERS—-
    We knew it would come out—-
    Obama Administration Knew Libya Attack Was Terrorism Within 24 Hours—-
    He was trying to cover it up!!!!!!!!!

  • ethelene3

    I am from Iowa where the population is predominantly white. The public school systems are funded, the welfare programs are great. There are benefits for all the people, no questions asked as to should it be done. Then, I moved to Arkansas were the population in many areas is prodominantly black or tan, Its another story here, there are vast cuts in any social program that come on the ballet even down to the public schools. I often ask myself why one state believe in supporting their people and another state does not. Now, I better understand. White people support white people. They do not support programs that they feel isn’t for their people. Therefore, all someone has to say is that a program is for those other people, true or not, and they will not vote or support it. I’m so glad that during slavery times there were white people who wanted to help. Even, with that it has been stated that the freedom didn’t come because anyone cared about the Black people, it was for political gain. But, for whatever reason I’m thankful. Yet, I’m sad because for the 1st time in my 67 years in this United States I am ashame to be an Americcan.

  • Why do the Europian want to come over here at their retirement age and get into our social Security programs which is taking away from the legalized citizens who have paid into it for over 45 to 60 years. Why should we pay for them when they did not contribute to this. Because we are a nice nation of give us your weak and weary and we will help. no wonders the US is going down the tube.


  • look Americas should learn how to respect American flag and American name as the U.S.A these mes is geting worst comon let find way to stop or think of the future your childrens and thos you may leave behind. if realy that your love ones mattered to you, please just try to do some thing and stop being over pumpuse. it’s becoming too much I love America long life U.S

  • Looks like Ms. Walsh also has a problem with wanting to re-distribute the wealth. “How do they feel about the top 1 percent having 40 percent of the nation’s wealth? Is it wrong, whoever the top 1 percent is, or is it only wrong because they’re almost all white?” It’s not “wrong” – it is what it is.

    Re-distribute all wealth equally, and within less than a generation it will all be back to the same distribution as it is today. It’s called “capitalism”, and it works because everybody gets a shot at that brass ring.