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Saturday, March 23, 2019

We all enjoy our modern gadgetry, but in his new column, Jim Hightower poses the question: at what human cost do we enjoy the benefits of Apple products?

Once proud that its products were “made in the USA,” Apple today is the Wal-Mart of high-tech, profiting by taking advantage of powerless foreign labor. Practically all of the 70 million iPhones and 30 million iPads sold last year were produced in foreign-owned factories, mostly in China, that constitute Apple’s global supply chain and are integral to its profitable business model.

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One response to “What's In Your iPhone?”

  1. Martingo says:

    Mr. Jobs would not have gushed during the Pullman strike at the end of the 19th century. The Pullman Strike was a disturbing event in Illinois history. It occurred because of the way George Mortimer Pullman, founder and president of the Pullman Palace Car Company, treated his workers. Organized in 1867, the company manufactured sleeping cars and operated them under contract to the railroads.

    Pullman created Pullman City to house his employees. It was on a three-thousand-acre tract located south of Chicago in the area of 114th Street and Cottage Grove. His workers were required to live in Pullman City. They were also expected to accept cuts in pay and not criticize workloads. Pullman charged money for use of the library. Clergy had to pay rent to use the church. “He wasn’t a man to let you pray for free,” it was claimed in The Call, a socialist newspaper. Do you notice any similarities? Our economy is based on its workforce, taxation, and the rebuilding of business and infrastructure NOT foreign investing and profiteering. Whose dollar goes the farthest, 10,000 well paid workers or one employer? Big business and republicans don’t reinvest in America only labor does.

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