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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Early last year, during an intimate chat and chew dinner with some Silicon Valley high-tech barons, President Barack Obama posed a question to Steve Jobs, baron of the Apple empire: “What would it take to make iPhones in the United States?”

Good question! To rebuild our middle class, we need to put more people to work building more stuff in America, rather than shipping all that manufacturing off to China. Instead of answering, however, Jobs dodged the question with a blunt retort: “Those jobs aren’t coming back.”

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4 responses to “What's In Your iPhone?”

  1. envscience55 says:

    This is one of the reasons I quit buying or using Apple products. The company and Jobs have forgotten who their customer base not to mention the loss of jobs, no pun intended, in America when they moved all assembly to China and other Asian countries with cheap exploited labor.
    I will not purchase a Big Three auto due to where they were manufactured in places like Mexico or Canada. The lack of “Made in America” but saying they are is an insult to any American. I would rather purchase a Honda, Acura, Nissan, or Toyota than to purchase a car that is made elsewhere. At least I know a Honda is made in Ohio with home grown workers building a product that is first class with a roll over dollar of at lease six times so one dollar becomes six dollars. It makes good economic sense.
    President Obama is right on target by challenging corporate America to invest in the country that supports them instead of exploiting other countries and foresaking their customer base. It is simply un-American. We must support our President in his move to challenge corporate America in their ethics and moral obligation to America. Without America they would not exist in the manner they do today.

  2. JOE BLIVITZ says:

    Apple shipped jobs to China, however “old Jack” of G.E. fame shipped both jobs to China along with top jet engine technology. The Chinese will use this technology down the road against us for sure. A large part of this technology was developed with tax payer dollars and saved the Chinese military decades in time and billions in R&d. If corporate leaders are going to make their products overseas then maybe we should remove the “free Trade” incentive. Cheap labor is only one of several reasons going overseas looks atractive. Look at taxes, EPA, OSHA, Obamacare for starters

  3. freethinker says:

    1. Throwing money at education rarely improves it. See last 50 years history.
    2. Industry leaders are right to blame us consumers. See TV manufacturing history.
    3. …malfunctioning products…would builder let it go on. See Microsoft.
    4. Please explain the huge backlog of Chinese who are seeking employment in those ‘exploitive’ factories.
    5. Corporations exist to make a profit. Selfishness is in the eye of the beholder.

  4. JOE BLIVITZ says:

    Reward is what drives capitalism however the potential for greed is great. The role of Government should be to control excess greed to protect the consumer and the country in whole.

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