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Thursday, October 27, 2016

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — The White House said on Thursday that U.S. President Barack Obama would oppose any efforts by Congress to divert money from Planned Parenthood, a health organization that performs abortions at its clinics.

Republicans in Congress have threatened to pull $500 million in federal funding a year from Planned Parenthood after a group that opposes abortions released videos that suggest the organization profits from supplying aborted fetal tissue for medical research.

Planned Parenthood said it broke no laws, because abortion providers are allowed to charge costs to cover expenses associated with fetal tissue donation.

“If this bill went into effect, blocking our health centers from serving patients who rely on publicly funded programs for health care, millions of people would struggle to access quality reproductive health care,” Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, said in a statement.

(Reporting by Julia Edwards and Roberta Rampton; Editing by Emily Stephenson and Eric Walsh)

Photo: The Planned Parenthood logo is pictured outside a clinic in Boston, Massachusetts, June 27, 2014. (REUTERS/Dominick Reuter)

  • yabbed

    Planned Parenthood broke no laws. Abortion is legal and Constitutionally protected. Fetal tissue is of enormous value to medical research. It makes no sense to throw fetal tissue out when it could be used to advice medical science.

  • Grannysmovin

    Donating Fetal Tissue Is Legal With Consent Of Donor.
    Federal Law Does Not prohibit Donations Of Fetal Tissue With Consent. Federal law regarding the use of human fetal tissue does not prohibit the use of donated materials. [Title 42 U.S. Code § 289g-2,

    Health And Human Services Independent Review Board: Providers May Accept Payment “For Reasonable Expenses” With “Informed Consent.” The set of standards outlined by the Health And Human Services Independent Review Board guidebook, the industry standard for medical research, explains that payment for fetal tissue may be obtained “for reasonable expenses occasioned by the actual retrieval, storage,
    preparation, and transportation of the tissues

    Informed Consent:
    1. Potential recipients of such tissues, as well as research and health care participants, should be properly informed about the source of the tissues in question.
    2. The decision and consent to abort must precede discussion of the possible use of the fetal tissue and any request for such consent that might be required for that use.
    3. Fetal tissue from induced abortions should not be used in medical research
    without the prior consent of the pregnant woman. Her decision to donate fetal
    remains is sufficient for the use of tissue, unless the father objects (except
    in cases of incest or rape).
    4. Consent should be obtained in compliance with state law and with the Uniform Anatomical
    5. Gift Act. [Health and Human Services Institutional Review Board Guidebook,

    “It was Public Law 103 – 43, enacted June 10, 1993. It was passed with a bi-partisan majority. Senator McConnell voted for it. Rep. Upton also voted for it and now has
    called for an investigation into PP due to the videos.”

    • highpckts

      Do you think for one minute that anyone is going to the trouble of looking anything up for the purpose of fairness or to abide by the law? It’s all about scoring political points. With the GOP facts get in the way!!

  • Carolyn1520

    This is just another of many attempts to have their way. Applied pressure, compliments of a branch of the American Taliban. Liars and hypocrites one and all.

  • 1Zoe55

    In one of the topics today is the headline of Republican governors attempting to expand Medicaid in opposition to their own party’s resistance. Strange that these mostly old white men are so concerned with fetal tissue, but once that full-term baby is born they block or reduce all benefits to the very programs that would help children and mothers. There is no federal funding used for abortions because of the Hyde Amendment, sponsored by, what else, an old man now long dead. One would think that this group of Republicans would support birth-control programs that reduce the rate of abortions. Instead they’re trying to block funding to Planned Parenthood.

    • highpckts

      It most certainly is not all old white men! We have the young holier than thou politicians trying to score points with what they think is the majority of voters. I hope that is not the case with most sane voters!

  • highpckts

    The White House “opposes” defunding Planned Parenthood? The White House should be saying absolutely NO!!!

  • Bill Sherman

    they saw how well this tactic worked on Acorn and are now trying it on planned parenthood. what’s next? the EPA? the Dept. of Education? what won’t they acorn?