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Monday, October 24, 2016

Who Do You Blame?

The National Memo is conducting a poll to survey our readers' views on budget impasse in Washington. We'll be sharing the results on our site as well as with TV, radio, and Internet opinion leaders.

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  • Val Ann Ware

    I blame both sides for not committing to finding an agreement. You left an option out which is one of mutual blame.

    • angel slap miller

      You are IGNORANT if you think that. Republicans are CLEARLY TO BLAME.

      Additionally, republicans are destroying democracy. The results of the election is that majority wins, and the republicans are in the minority. They don’t get to hold America hostage to get what they want because they couldn’t win an election. That isn’t Democracy, that is TERRORISM.


      The Democrats know that results of elections matter but the republicans think they should get their way no matter if they win an election or lose an election. The republicans are hateful anarchists that are demanding their way, not even following the Constitution, hurting America, hurting citizens, creating financial chaos that will reverberate around the world and damaging our financial standing as the bedrock “go-to” currency. The world looks to America for financial stability and all the republicans are doing is turning America into a country that refuses to pay its bills. That is ALL republican fault.

      the fact that you blame both sides is because you KNOW the republicans are to blame and they are going down, but you want to damage everyone else. Shame on you. You should just suck it up and admit your republicans manufactured this and your republicans are also destroying the Constitution and damaging America with their refusal to adhere to the MAJORITY RULES result of elections. hateful republicans.

    • steve

      Pls do yourself a favor, google:

      Sanders’ epic Senate rant shames ‘right-wing extremists’ for shutdown threat
      (it’s on raw story website)

      Just listen and pls, by all means, research and verify every word Sanders says.