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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

In his column, “Be Afraid; Be Very Afraid,” Leonard Pitts Jr. revisits the story of Bob Morris — the Indiana politician who’s terrified of radicalized, feminist girl scouts:

Bob Morris is scared of Girl Scouts.

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  • davida

    Bob Morris is a IDIOT. I have no idea why anyone would ever again vote for that man for any kind of public office.

  • Jim Groom

    Unfortunately it is not. This gentleman Bob Morris is truly insane and should be removed from office as soon as possible. I understand that ignorance is something to proud of these days for candidates for office, but this is just too much. Fear of women and their reproductive abilities is one thing, but fear of a junior uterus is freightening. What the hell is wrong with the folks who put this idiot into office? Deaf, dumb, more excuses voters. Get out in November and do something about this fellow and those who think like him.