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Monday, October 24, 2016

Look out… the “fixers” are coming.

Top corporate chieftains and Wall Street gamblers want to tell Washington how to fix our national debt, so they’ve created a front group called “Fix the Debt” to push their agenda. Unfortunately, they’re using “fix” in the same way your veterinarian uses it — their core demand is for Washington to spay Social Security, castrate Medicare and geld Medicaid.

Who’s behind this piece of crude surgery on the retirement and health programs that most Americans count on? Pete Peterson, for one. For years, this Wall Street billionaire, who amassed his fortune as honcho of a private equity outfit named Blackstone, has run a political sideshow demanding that the federal budget be balanced on the backs of the middle class and the poor. Fix the Debt is just his latest war whoop, organized by a corporate “think tank” he funds.

This time, Peterson rallied some 95 CEOs to his plutocratic crusade, including the likes of General Electric boss Jeffrey Immelt and Honeywell chief David Cote. (Note: Both Immelt and Cote, while cheering for cuts to programs that we working Americans pay into, are themselves taking money hand over fist from taxpayers in terms of military contracts and corporate subsidies for their corporations. But they aren’t concerned about defense spending and ending subsidies that benefit their bottom line.)

All of them are not merely “One Percenters,” but the top one-tenth of One Percenters. Of course, a group of pampered, narcissistic billionaires would not make a credible sales argument for this dirty work. Having elites piously preach austerity to the masses would be as ineffective as having Col. Sanders invite a flock of chickens to Sunday dinner.

Presented with this image problem, Fix the Debt needed to give their campaign a more benign image, and Peterson and Co. followed a tried-and-true formula of political deceit. As described by Mary Bottari of the Center for Media and Democracy, the trick is to “gather a bipartisan group of ‘serious’ men, hire a PR firm to place them on TV shows, blanket the media with talk of a looming crisis and pretend to have grassroots support.”

  • These former Congressmen need the money and have sold the heck out as a result.

    They are collectively acting like George Foreman.

    That’s it. I can’t top that.

  • Sand_Cat

    Best of all, I doubt their personal funds are going into this. I’d bet most of the cash comes from the corporations they “lead.”

  • nobsartist

    Like Einstein said, “You cannot solve problems using the same logic that created them”.

    These idiots should have been heckled off of stage.

    These idiots need to leave OUR country.

    • onedonewong

      Bill Clinton expanded the roles to illegals, so your right time for not only the illegals but the Dem’s to go to a country that will embrace their ideas Cuba Venezuela and Haiti

      • nobsartist

        ting bo dong jackass

        bill clinton did this bill clinton did that

        you voted for a lying AWOL coke head twice.

        What do you know?

        • onedonewong

          I never voted for Clinton even once you must have me confused with yourselfoting for barak

  • Ed

    Well, you can derice them all you want, but this tactic is tried and true. Unless someone gives them bigger exposure than this they will win!

  • Did you know that “fix” has other definitions? It can mean to unfairly adjust something; it can also mean to make lasting.

    Fixed races; or fixed rates.

    I don’t think I want these assholes fixing my debt, do you?

  • Will the American People ever wake up to this type of fraud? The problem is people put these frauds on a pedical because they are rich and because they think they must also be smart. The problem is people who fall for this shit are just stupid. You can’t fix STUPID!!!!

    • amarquez647

      maybe we can fix ignorance?

  • jstsyn

    Until we convince, make, our congress put some rules in place this will continue with politicians (shyster lawyers) leaving and going to work for these companies. We’ve got to find a way to make public service look like public service, not the road to riches. Can anyone blame Jackie Chan for saying America is the most corrupt country in the world? That may be an exaggeration but very likely close to the truth.

  • onedonewong

    Until SS medicare and medicaid removes illegal aliens and those who have never contributed from the roles the Dem’s have ZERO standing on the issue