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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Are Republicans Even Allowed to Run on Raising Taxes?











Polls of Polls Change Who’s Up
Real Clear Politics
No change Obama
Talking Points Memo PollTracker No change Romney
New York Times
Obama +2.4
 Romney +.2 Obama +1


The economy confuses

Today was a big day when it came to economic news. First ADP reported the US economy added 163,000 jobs in July, a good number. But ADP’s reports have been trending higher than what the Department of Labor’s numbers have been showing. Then Nate Silver of The New York Times revised up the President’s chance of winning based on positive personal income growth. Then came the kicker: The Fed punted on its last chance to stimulate the economy before the election. This disappointed the market and the Dow closed below 13,000. Put it all together and the jobs report this Friday is very big deal. Although the economy only created about 70,000 jobs a month in the seven years before the economic crash of 2008, the reaction to any report under 100,000 new jobs will probably be quite negative for the President.

Romney’s plan revealed to hike taxes on the middle class

The Obama Administration seized on a non-partisan study that shows Mitt Romney’s tax plan actually raises taxes on everyone but the top 5% of American taxpayers. The shocking finding leaves Romney in the awkward position of being a Republican pushing for higher taxes on the middle class. The Romney campaign attacked one of the institutions behind the study as liberal and thus untrustworthy. The problem: they cited the same institution as reliable in the past. So far Romney’s team only pushback on the actual meat of the study is to suggest that Romney’s lowering of the corporate tax rate would raise wages. So it looks like we’re headed into the home stretch of the 2012 election with Romney sticking with a middle class tax increase as part of his economic plan.

The President is at 50% in Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio?

A new CBS/New York Time/Quinnipiac poll shows the President hitting the magical 50% marker in the three most crucial swing states. The methodology of the poll was knocked by Republicans, of course, who believe this election’s demographics will more closely resemble 2010 than 2008. But there does seem to be a trend forming in which the President is outperforming his numbers in swing states as Romney sinks.

The Twitter Political Index

Twitter has introduced a new toy for political junkies. It’s hard to take the comparisons between Romney and Obama on Twitter seriously when the latter has ten times the followers and the former has been accused of buying chunks of his following. But it’s another way to try to know what we can’t know till November.

Verdict: We won’t know until Friday how badly the President needed help from the Fed. So on the strength of the swing state poll numbers and Romney’s indefensible tax position, we have to give the day to the President.

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11 Responses to Who’s Up Today? President Obama.

  1. Judging by what has been happening to moderate Republicans nationwide, it is readily apparent that if you don’t embrace the Tea Party agenda in its entirety you might as well don’t run. The party of Lincoln is now the party of Palin and it acts accordingly.

    • Unfortunately , Lincoln wouldn’t recognize what WAS his party. He freed the slaves. The current GOP wants to make the Middle Class serfs. He wanted all Americans to learn to read and write and vote. The current GOP wants all people to stay as stupid as Palin and take away voting privledges from those without money.

      • Poor Abe is most likely turning over in his grave…along with the rest of our founding fathers! If Jesus were to see what was going on, he would vomit on the golden floor…

    • As compared to Barak’s socialist agenda. The exact same one that Germany employed in the 1930’s and 40’s

  2. Here in the neanderthal state of Texas a wingnut teabagger just defeated another moderate conservative establishment republican for Senate. A head shaking moment for sure. As we advance backward in time, we can expect to see increased pressure on the middle class and poor people will disappear from view. Given enough time its even possible that Texas will re-secede from the union.

    • “Re-secession” may not be a bad thing – hopefully they’ll take Oklahoma too… OK is not ok – some of the crap I hear out of their representatives in the upper house is downright frightening… Between Inhofe and Coburn… there a losing pair of deuces (dunces)…

    • Then can I ask how they keep getting elected? I mean it wouldn’t be so bad if we could just send them all to texas, but they keep winning out here to. One thing that has to be admited is the democrats running are almost as f***ed up. Really is Barnett or what every his name is the best we can do in Wisconsin? You have to have an option and unfortanately people must feel what the demos run is not it.
      and if you are leaving could you take California and South carolina with you? and maybe florida to, they are pretty embrassaing to (as is my spelling today).

  3. Great polls all left wing rags…sorry but barak is still down by 5 points and that is even after the biased reporting by the state run media

  4. At the present time, no matter that the journalists , who are supporting the President will wright, he will go in history as one term President.I am giving 100% for this event.

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