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Monday, October 24, 2016

The Return of the Returns


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I was all set to give the day to Mitt Romney. I promise I was. Rasmussen Reports has him swinging back to his typical four-point lead. The press was piling on the Priorities USA ad that links a Bain Capital layoff to a cancer death — even to to the point that The Onion joined in. And Karl Rove was explaining how the fact that Romney is even competitive means he’s really ahead.

And then came CNN’s poll of registered voters with a double dose of bad news for Romney. First, the President is leading the Republican challenger by seven percent. Second, and most troubling for Romney, is that 63 percent of voters believe Romney should release more tax returns than the two years he has promised.

This news is timed perfectly with a new memo (PDF) and ad from the Obama campaign, which connects Romney’s unwillingness to release more tax information to one of the “largest tax avoidance schemes in history.”

Sorry, Governor. Your continuing welfare attack, which has also been assailed by fact checkers despite support from an unconvincing Newt Gingrich, isn’t enough to give you today.

Verdict: Thursday goes to the President.

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    So we have Mittens on the run, and his American Taliban Republican followers are floundering. Keep up the pressure and RoMoney may run home to mommy and hide under her apron.

    So what do the twisted Republican masses have to say today?
    Anything witty or intelligent?

    All of that Koch cash and nowhere, or reason, to spend it.

    • the only place mitt gonna run to is the presidency where obama dont need to be.

      • You, Sir, are deluded….

      • ould you elaborate a bit? Why does Barack Obama don’t need to be President? It is up to him to decide whether or not he wants to run for President, and it is up to the American people to decide whether or not we want him to be our President.

      • ExPAVIC


        According to the numbers that may not be the fact. Plus the PEOPLE DON’T LIKE ROMONEY.

  • The Regressionist Party is desperate and will continue to shoot themselves in the foot. Romney has not class, no tact, does not have a clue what the truth is, and, is just not a good person! Sinking money into ads that are misleading at best and flat out lies as usual is NOT going to pull this stinker out of the garbage. And, as far as a VP is concerned, who really cares. No one who wants a political career down the road will run with him, hence the delay. Maybe he should get his wife, Dolly Doormat, to sign on. She can spout nonsense as well as he can, has the same degree of respect, and know how to insult everyone who matters. Here’s to you Robmes, both of you, you just keep doing what you’re doing. Obama appreciates all you are doing for him!

  • motda

    This man Romney is not from here, he is from Rome, he does not like poor Americans, he does not feel our pain. He wants to make rich stay more richer and poorer to look for food in the gabage

  • motda

    This man Romney is not from here he come from Rome he is not one of us, he does not feel our pain. He likes to rob peter to pay Paul to make his money.

  • I am looking forward to the debates with a gleeful heart…..just imagining Rmoney up there on the podium trying to match knowledge, intelligence and wit with Pres. Obama is a vision I just can’t seem to shake….keeps me smiling all the day long…

    • onedonewong

      an 8th grader wold make mince meat of Obama the rank amateur

      • Hahahahaha. Ha. oh… whew!

        • onedonewong

          Glad we agree

    • libertyislife

      Romney is far more intelligent than Obama, the communist. If the questions are about how to run a communist nation, of course Obama will win the debates.

  • Deb

    Mittens is such a thoroughly unlikeable man. He has the personalty of cardboard.

    Maybe he comes across well in a Board Room of a country club, but around mainstream Americans he falls flat on his face

  • I am a Democrat, I support and plan to vote for President Obama, and I am delighted by the news, but I feel compelled to caution my fellow Democrats about becoming complacent or start the celebrations. Presidential campaigns get serious after Labor Day, and this one is not an exception. Romney is getting huge amounts of financial support from the Koch brothers and every billionaire who hopes to increase his fortune if Mitt elected. GOP political ads are bound to inundate the airwaves in a month or so, deceit, distortions, hyperbole and every trick in the world will be the norm, and voter suppression tactics are going to get worse. Don’t let your guard down.

    • Dominick – you are so right…a friend and I were discussing this last night and she had to calm me down, as I am really not overstating it when I say “I am scared to death!”

      • what scared of obama getting back into office cause i sure am.

        • Well then David you go right ahead and vote for the man who cares about nothing except lining his already overflowing pockets. Then get back to me in a couple years with how that’s working out for ya….oh, unless of course you’re a gazillionaire too…

          • libertyislife

            Romney is no socialist as is Obama. Obama has raised our deficit more than any other president in U.S. history; quite an accomplishment! Obama is wrecking this nation and you are still supporting this “I’ll have more flexibility after the election” liar?????

          • Mohd Jailani Jalil

            Hello Republican suppoeters. 16 years of Republican Governing US made up of father and son cause the US into heavy debts. The son Bush is really a moron who was the biggest culprit in Bringing US into almost on the point of bankcruptcy with his idiotic administration and governing US. Poor President Obama was given just 4 years to clean up the mess that was being created by the Republican Administration who were in the first place created the massive debts. The Bush father and son were the cause of the present US predicament. The son Bush created the so called Weapon of Mass destruction on Iraq which was unfounded. The whole world knew about it. George Bush Jr should be charged for war crimes against Iraqis Women and children. How many innocent American sons went to the Iraq war and came home but nothing was done for their contribution when they came back home disabled and handicapped. Romney is from the very rich and I understand his sons did dodged all the wars that were created by the Bush Administration. And where his Romney tax returns. A person who cannot and refused to declare his tax return is not an honest person. And you Americans wqant to vote a REpublican president again. For sure in the next 4 years if a Republican is elected into the US presidency it will go bankcrupt. And China will buy over US as it owed a lot and the US will eventually become the United States of China.

      • dtgraham

        Have you heard about Ohio Elisabeth? The extra 3 day advance voting period will stand in all Republican counties (for everyone) because the 4 member county elections board (2 Dems 2 Repubs) approved it unanimously in all of them. In the Democratic counties though, the Dem elections board members voted yes but the GOP members voted no, for the 3 day period, in every case. The Republican secretary of state broke the tie in favour of the Republican board members in every Democratic county. Now, you can vote up to 3 days early in all predominantly GOP counties, but cannot in Democratic counties. There will be no early voting there at all. It’s for sure that they will also restrict the number of voting machines in those counties, as well, like 2004. Therefore, you’ll have voting lines from here to Mars in the Democratic counties this November, discouraging a lot of votes.

        If this isn’t successfully challenged, that’s darn near banana republic democracy, I gotta say.

        • In Florida, where I live, our Republican Governor wants to shorten the early voting period, does not want to allow voting the Sunday before the election, and wants voter ID implemented. The reason for this is because they found out that more than half of African Americans in Florida voted early in 2008, a huge number of them voted on Sunday, after Church, because many do not own a car and fellow parishioners drove them to the polls, and many do not have a driver’s license and any form of pictured ID. Gov Scott and the GOP are determined to turn the USA into a banana republic.

    • andyjw

      All the democrats have to do is play the cards they’ve been given. Romney’s badly damaged and I suspect that there is probably some thought among republicans to ask Romney to resign his candidacy. There are signs that the economy may be modestly improving. Should that come to pass I suspect the republicans will lose big.

      • onedonewong

        Barak is so far down in the real polls expect to see him jettison Joe Biteme for a high school student

        • Judging by all your comments, you seem to have an unhealthy obsession with school children. Are you registered in your neighborhood?

          • onedonewong

            Nope that’s why Barak is behind the fence in the WH as a bisexual he swings both ways

          • SKGrover

            Are you speaking out your own pesonal experience? Were you partaking in the White House celebrations?

          • retiredforaliving

            I got it from Sinclair barak’s room mate in college. They still swing once a month with his muslims jumba

    • onedonewong

      Romney is so far up in the polls that obama won’t even be a close second come Nov

    • And you will be the first to bitch when you have no money, no prospects and enjoy living in a socialist nation. Enjoy you uneducated illiterate fool. Let’s see how you talk in 2016

  • obama needs to go back to his own dam country and get out of america

    • …you must mean Amercia – that’s the way the Romney camp spells it….LOL

      • dtgraham

        Good one.

  • dtgraham

    I’m beginning to think that there’s something to this. It’s almost incomprehensible for Harry Reid to make that 10 year (no taxes) charge, make it on the Senate floor, and then double and triple down on it while offering no proof. That seems indefensible at first blush. Now, ads with “the largest tax avoidance scheme in history.” They must know something—–they’ve got to. There’d be too much egg on the Dem’s faces if proven wrong. You couldn’t afford a mistake like that this close to a major election and no one would risk it, unless you knew something.

    I think they also know something else. Romney is going to break all precedent for a U.S. Presidential candidate and will never release those returns. He’s refused to do so since 1994 and he must have a very good reason. He can’t use Mcain as an example because Mcain’s returns were on public record going back many years in 2008. He only had a couple of years to catch up and release.

    Not that there’s anything illegal in them, but they probably paint a picture of Romney that would be unpalatable and politically damaging. There’s nothing the matter with wealth per se. The reason large wealth was never held against Roosevelt, the Kennedys, people like Kerry, and so on is because they were traitors to their class. They advocated for the working class and the poor, often at the expense of their own class. However, when you’re all about the rich guys, and lets hope a little of it trickles down, then suddenly people start noticing your extreme wealth.

    What would make that worse, is stashing your money in exotic tax havens all over the world and using every avoidance scheme on earth to pay virtually no taxes. Then, you’re going to kick grandma off medicare and ask lower income people to pay a little more to help finance more tax cuts for the wealthy? Wouldn’t look too good coming from that type of person.

    • andyjw

      We may be seeing the beginning of the end of the Romney presidential bid. This tax return issue is a big deal. Are the republicans subtle enough to have staged this so that Romney could release his returns and demonstrate that this controversy is indeed no big deal after all? I doubt it.

      • dtgraham

        I doubt it too. If we assume that there’s nothing there, it’s too much of a stretch to say that the GOP predicted the Democrats response on this and then arranged the timing of the release in the late fall, for maximum political gain. That’s not credible, especially given Romney’s past on this.

        That guy deserves all of this and the Democrats know it. When Romney ran for governor of Massachusetts, he actually coerced Shannon O’Brien’s husband into releasing HIS tax returns. She had already released a decade or more of her own returns prior to that. After he did, this SOB then refused to release any of his own tax returns and never did.

        You know, I’m starting to think that rumour about Obama personally disliking Romney just might have some truth to it.

        • Pam

          It’s also telling how much it seems Reid has something to hide when he’s threatening Romney to release additional returns. Hey, Harry where are YOUR tax returns?

  • onedonewong

    The good news here is Rasmussen Poll that has been tracking the 2 candidates for the past 4 months now show Romney with an insurmountable lead of 5 point.
    Rasmussen is the most accurate of all the polling activities since 2000

    • dtgraham

      Scott Rasmussen is a Roger Ailes Republican pollster. Haven’t you ever noticed that on the issues of the day, all of the other polling firms will be quite close to one another, with shades of difference, because they’re all using the same professional methods. Meantime, Rasmussen will so often be significantly different from the others and always in favour of the Republican Party and their issues. That’s why all of the other networks quote all of the polls while Fixed News generally only quotes Rasmussen. They are their “special” in-house pollster. When you’re in the propaganda business, Rasmussen gives you the results you’re looking for. A blind squirrel finds a nut now and then but they don’t have much credibility on political issues.

      • onedonewong

        There is no question that rasmussen leans right in his personal views but when it comes to polling his word is gospel. A few months back when CNN and WashPost and NYT were contending that Scott Walker would lose his recall bis only Rasmussen said he was a shoe in..result Walker won with a larger majority than his 1st election.
        Yep the other networks refuse to count rasmussen for 1 reason and 1 reason only Barak tells them not to. That’s why its called the State run Media. They aren’t in the business of polling but in the business of determining elections

    • Your one wong is done.

  • MBM

    Romney scares me more than anyone in recent history. Seriously.

    • houdini1984

      Well, that’s probably the least convincing argument I’ve heard yet. More than the leader of Iran? More than the man whose mortgaged out children’s futures over the last three-plus years, governed through executive decree and in defiance of Congress and the people, and unashamedly lied to our faces at every opportunity?

  • Politics is STREET FIGHTING at a more intellectual level. I AM OVERJOYED TO SEE THAT THE DEMOCRATS ARE FINALLY LEARNING THAT!! We need much more of this in the coming days. For those who bemoan the rough fighting from the Democrats, DO YOU REMEMBER WILLIE HORTON AND THED SWIFT BOATERS.


    Romney calls himself a patriotic american, yet he puts the money he makes in offshore banks to avoid paying taxes on his earnings, and the yearly interest made from his money. taxes collected from americans pay for services we receive. One he and his family are receiving now is secret service protection as a presidential candidate. Other services include teachers, police, firefighters.etc: This patriotic american believes he,s entitled to these services and many more without the privilege of paying for them like patriotic americans do. Now he wants to be elected leader of the United States of Amercia. Learders lead by example, and doing whats best for all the people not just whats best for themself and a select few.

    • Ralph

      Didn’t Romney pay a few million in taxes over the last two years?

  • I am a Democrat, I support all setting President, thought hard time, but what I dont understand why or what the purpose when a billion have every things and want all the poor have. what the point no food no house we the people have nothing but the People house refer to White house

  • Going to be plenty of boo-hooing and teeth-gnashing when little boy prez gets thrown forcibly out to the gutter in November. Ha ha, can’t wait. Hope there are some riots near me.

    • greylox

      **I am thrilled at the notion of your upcoming agony. Losing. It BURNZ.

  • Sheila

    Romney will win in a landslide. The democrats will stay home in droves. He is a criminal and a failed public servant. Who are you dumb people that don’t know you would soon live in Russia if he is elected? Are you all the food stamp people and gimme, gimme, gimme.
    Thank God there is a God and he decides who get elected. Obama is toast. Who does these bogus polls anyway? Obama needs to leave the white house and enter Gitmo for the rest of his life or be shot for treason…Wake up!!!

    • Yes, Bush is a criminal and a failed public servant — well, actually, Bush was a servant of the ultra-wealthy, he just pretended to be in public service. You are a real Republican pigboy for suggesting that Obama should be shot because you are so angry that we have a half Black, and half White, president who succeeded while your Texas dimwit Bush sabotaged this country for 8 years, and launched a war based on lies and caused a Depression. I hope you turn yourself in to the police or the mental health authorities, who can take away your right to own a gun. Because you cannot be trusted with one.

  • Byron Allen

    This poll is a joke, every other poll has Romney ahead 1-5 points. Just more left wing bad data…

  • We’ve had it.

  • dbonk

    I’m glad to see the President is leading in the latest CNN poll. However, history shows the gloves come off in Presidential campaigns after Labor Day. Mitt Romney has a vast arsenal of financial backers ready to open their wallets. It is hoped after all the negative advertising and mud slinging from both sides are over, common sense will prevail on Election Day. After all, Franklin Roosevelt did not vanquish the Depression after his first term in office.

  • Pam

    It just disgusts me beyond belief the way the left wing news media is try to skew this race to favor their golden boy. Most of these polls I’ve seen lately that favor Obama seem to be coming from colleges and we know how easily some (not all) of today’s younger generation can be easily manipulated.

    If I really voiced when I wanted the president to take his hope and change message, it would be inappropriate to say here.

      Dumb post. What drug were you taking to type, “Most of these polls I’ve seen lately that favor Obama seem to be coming from colleges?” No, none of them are coming from colleges! CNN, Rasmussen, ABC, Zogby, Gallup, even Fox News, those are colleges? Obama is still ahead nationally and in 11 of 15 swing states despite all of the lies spouted by Romney and Lyin’ Ryan. And despite the addition of Lyin’ Ryan to the ticket and the cluster***k festival known as the GOP convention.
      I understand that you are as partisan and as irrationally loyal to your party as any Maoist Communist is to his. You should be loyal to YOUR COUNTRY, not your party. But you cannot admit that it was Bush who caused the Depression, it was Obama and the Democrats who saved GM and Chrysler and built confidence so that today we are out of the Bush Depression, though not fully recovered. You cannot admit it was Bush who attacked the wrong country, Iraq, which had zero nuclear weapons, and Bush was told that by our CIA. Bush slaughtered 400,000 innocent people, including 5,200 Americans, and all for nothing. And Lyin’ Ryan voted for that! Ryan is a moronic as**ole who was forced recently to tell Fox News’ Brit Hume that his BUDGET WOULD NOT BALANCE THE ANNUAL FEDERAL BUDGET UNTIL 2035! This is your big asset? You people are as dumb as George Bush. And as cowardly as Condoleezza. Keep pretending these polls are fake, dummies.

  • libertyislife

    All liberals: junk

  • Pat Kelly

    It is amazing that republicans can demand with a straight face that Obama should clean up the mess in 4 years that it took a republican president and his administration 8-years to create. Remember, when Bush took office, Clinton left him with a thriving economy operating at a surplus. Just eight years later, Bush handed Obama an American economy on the verge of catastrophic financial collapse. So much for republican visions of free and unrestrained capitalism that has thrown the entire world into a recession. Clearly republicans are a party ruled by the elite for the elite. What boggles the mind is how so many can claim to align themselves with republican ideals for no other reason than to hope they will become part of the elite merely by pretending they share the same elitist ideals. But this is the fallacy and false promise republicans are deluded with because the truth is that as the rich get richer everyone else including most of the rich themselves eventually get poorer and poorer. The obvious outcome is a few trillionares taking huge pieces of the single pie we all must eat from. And as the super-rich take bigger and bigger pieces of the same pie we all much share it doesn’t take any great genius to realize that our pieces are going to keep getting smaller and smaller. Sure the wealthy top 2 percent might create a lot of jobs but at what cost. For every million they earn they hire another one or two employee at $40,000 each to help them make another million. This is not the American dream. Hello Republicans… Anybody home???

  • dave_young


  • This original posting is from more than a month ago. Isn’t it time to update?