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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Come to think of it, things have been awfully quiet on the End Times front. Living in the South, one grows accustomed to hearing about a never-ending series of conspiratorial threats and eschatological panics.

Prophetic fads sweep the region. It’s Satan worshippers one year, “secular humanists” the next. Subliminal messages are described in popular music; supermarket barcodes harbor the Mark of the Beast; logos on boxes of soap suds give evidence of corporate diabolism.

Under President George W. Bush, a series of preposterously bad novels by evangelical authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins became huge bestsellers. Dramatizing the Book of Revelation as an action-adventure melodrama like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator films, the books portray born-again American suburbanites as Jesus’s allies in an apocalyptic struggle against a U.N.-sponsored “World Potentate,” who looks “not unlike a younger Robert Redford” and speaks like…

Well, like Barack Obama, actually. Which I think explains something about what appears to be happening in the 2012 presidential election. To an awful lot of white Protestant evangelicals across the Deep South especially, President Obama has become no less than a secular stand-in for the Antichrist — a smooth-talking deceiver representing liberal cosmopolitanism in its most treacherous disguise.

Dislike of Obama has grown to cult-like proportions across the region. Statewide polls show the president losing by thunderous majorities. A recent poll by the Public Religion Research Institute highlighted in The New York Times shows that “among Southern working class whites, Romney leads by 40 points, 62-22, an extraordinary gap.” In the Midwest, Obama leads among the same group. Subtract the African-American precincts and the president might not win 30 percent of votes in states like Arkansas and Oklahoma — one reason many Republicans suspect that national polls must be skewed.

So is it all about race? Not entirely, no. Many of the same voters who see President Obama as an African-born Muslim Socialist would very likely support, say, Condoleeza Rice. (Or think they would, anyway.)

Nor, however, are their fears entirely irrational. Because if the polls are right — and a disinterested observer would have to say that professional pollsters have grown increasingly accurate at predicting recent contests — the 2012 presidential election may not bring about “The Rapture,” but it could definitely mark the definitive end of a political era.

Specifically, it doesn’t matter how badly President Obama loses the five Deep South states won by Alabama governor George Wallace in 1968 — along with, say, South Carolina, Texas and Oklahoma. Should he prevail in most of the nine “swing states” where everybody agrees that the contest will be decided, and where Obama currently appears to lead by strong majorities, the white, GOP-accented South will find itself politically marooned.


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  • Among southern working class whites the gap is 62% – 22% against Obama. Next question?

    • MJSeide

      Why are southern working class whites so out of step with the rest of the world?

      • because their white, if they don’t bet Omaba. It maybe 100yrs before a white man gets back in the white house as president.

      • aztec7

        Is THAT your criteria?

      • DRA2012

        Because we are WORKING class – we actually believe in working for a living, not depending on the government to provide food, medicine, and cell-phones to our children (over whom we no longer have any responsibility or authority).

        The rest of the world? Let’s see – we have Spain, Italy, and Greece about to be declared bankrupt, whilst their citizens are rioting in the streets because the government-provided freebies are no longer there. We have Communist China where dissidents are shipped off to psycho wards, and prisoners are being routinely dismantled for body parts, and Russia where Putin is rapidly consolidating his powers. Most of South America is being taken over by socialist governments led by acolytes of (the hopefully soon to be dead) Fidel Castro. Sub-Saharan Africa is being run by a collection of brutal tribal leaders, and North Africa & the Mideast have been taken over by the followers of vicious, misogynist and homophobic death cult.

        Is this REALLY what you want for your homeland? Starving people rioting in the streets because the Government has run out of money? “Honor” killings of girls who won’t “put out” and who dare to ask to be properly educated?

        • SuperWittySmitty

          Why are southern working class whites so misguided? There are big problems, sure, but we have a tangled web of politics, economics, and culture that has caused these problems. Blaming President Obama for our mess doesn’t make any sense- everyone recognized that he is trying to fix things, even though we all may not agree on how he is doing it.

        • BrianTRaven

          We’re all going to die!!!!!

          Well, yes, eventually; but the truth is that things are getting better by the minute. Count the war casualties and all the murders – and together they’re less than the number of suicides each year.

          Relax, by the time our grandchildren get their first AARP envelopes, the world will be too quiet, and we’ll have to make up some war games to remember what an adrenaline rush feels like.

    • some people never change if he put a new car in every driveway and 60″ in every live room you would still hate, next racist statement.

      • aztec7

        Is THAT your criteria?

      • DRA2012

        What good does it do to have a new car in every garage if being jobless, you can’t afford to buy any petrol for it, or any car insurance? And what living room? Your house has been repossessed, and you’ve had to move back in with Mom & Dad (who had the good sense to pay off their mortgage and NOT buy a 60″ TV).

        We don’t hate BHO because he’s black (I would LOVE to have Allen West as Prez) we hate him because he’s just another arrogant, Ivory-tower, anti-American, Progressive nitwit who is a TOTAL amateur when it comes economics or geopolitics.

    • zollo

      Wages for working class whites are at their very lowest in the South. You would think they would be trying to improve their situation, rather then vote for Mr. Romney who is hell bent on cutting those funds to the South that support the poorest populations because Southern employers refuse to pay wages that would allow people to live above the poverty line. The U.S. taxpayer supports the working class in the southern states.

  • bcarreiro

    republicans hate because the think their above god……………pay your dues like everyone else.

  • Could it be that they hate him because he has been able to do what they failed to do:
    1. Affordable Care Act
    2. $789B economic stimulus package
    3. U.S. auto industry bail out (GM and Chrysler)
    4. Cash for clunkers
    5. Incentives for buyers of hybrid automobiles
    6. Housing rescue plan and incentives for first time home buyers
    7. Credits for purchasers of energy efficient appliances
    8. Equal pay for women
    9. $716B MEDICARE savings over next 10 years to keep program solvent
    10. Lower drug costs for seniors and elimination of donut hole
    11. Ended policy forbidding Medicare from negotiating for cheaper drugs.
    12. Limited lobbyist’s access to the White House
    13. Ended the war in Iraq
    14. Closed secret detention facilities in Eastern Europe and ended renditions
    15. Removed restrictions on embryonic stem-cell and biomedical research
    16. Increased infrastructure spending (roads, bridges, power plants) after years of neglect
    17. Funded high-speed, broadband Internet access to K-12 schools
    18. Expanded the SCHIP program to cover health care for 4 million more children
    19. Expanded Pell grant program and implemented easier loan repayment policy
    20. Phased out the expensive F-22 war plane and other outdated weapons systems
    21. The Guantanamo prison camp is being phased out
    22. Torture banned. U.S. now in compliance with the Geneva Convention
    23. Better body armor provided to our troops
    24. Restarted the nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear inspection talks
    25. Increased pay and benefits for military personnel
    26. Improved housing for military personnel and veterans benefits
    27. Proposed a Veterans Jobs Act (filibustered by the GOP 3 weeks ago)
    28. Ended no-bid defense contract policy
    29. Closed offshore tax havens (sorry Mitt)
    30. Negotiated deal with Swiss banks to allow US government access to records of tax evaders and criminals
    31. Ended tax benefits to corporations that outsource American jobs
    32. Championed credit card consumer protection legislation
    33. Expanded loans and tax credits to small businesses
    34. Appointed the first Latina to the Supreme Court
    35. Limited salaries of senior White House aides to $100,000
    36. Renewed loan guarantees for Israel
    Ordered the raid that killed Osama bin Laden and authorized drone strikes against Al Qaeda targets in Pakistan, Yemen and other countries

    • old_blu

      Well said Dominick, and he did most of that without the GOP’s help, in fact while they were fighting him.

      • One of their most recent “deeds” involves filibustering the Veterans Jobs Act. I guess they remember the military when they need them to defend their interests, and ignore them when they return home without a job. It would not surprise me if they repeal tax free combant pay next…let’s face it, that makes our soldiers part of the 47% and we sure can’t have that!

        • I have a lot of Republican friends that I play ball with, and yes, most of them hate blacks, and the other day, one of them actually used the “n” word. I used to live in New Orleans and it’s like going back to the slave days, the way blacks were treated there.


          So how did that work out, boys? The Republican Presidential theme song was, SEND IN THE CLOWNS! They end up with the richest guy who doesn’t even know what he stands for. He’s a rich loser.

          So Obama, thank God, is going to win again, and we might see the end of The Republican Party, because they simply don’t get it.! They are totally out of touch with reality, because their meanness gets in the way of their logic.

          • neece00

            I sure hope you are right Dan, we can not have Romney/Ryan in the White House.

          • it would be another Cheney/Bush. The real guy in charge hates women, hates health care, hates middle class values, Hates children, hates the elderly (they don’t contribute any more, so let them die), loves Joe (the pig) Walsh, loves the packers (really its the a$$e$ in those tight uniforms), Lies, cheats, puts out disasterous plans. you get the point. another war within a year.

          • neeceoo no body knows the trouble the haters see…..

          • BobinNC

            What the hell is that supposed to mean?

          • RolvfromNorway

            Obviously, a paraphrase of “Nobody Knows the Trouble I See”.

          • vcbruno2

            He is wrong. Read my replies.

          • Don’t worry Obama will be re-elected. In the next four years the dollar will be worth MUCH less than it is today because of Inflation. If you know anything about economics you know you can’t just print money to bail out the economy. Tried that in the 70’s and we had massive inflation. Remember 17% interest rates? Can’t raise rates now because we can’t afford the increase in the national debt, so they keep the rates artificially low to try to re-inflate the housing market. It’s a matter of time when the next bubble will burst.
            This administration is going to tax everyone far more than you realize through this invisible tax. Don’t think Obama is for the little guy. His net worth has increased by much more than his presidential salary. Where did that come from? When you have George’s Soros’, a proclaimed socialist’s money backing you, you can’t loose. More and more socialism is coming. I wish we had better choices to vote for from both parties, but we don’t.

          • Gammaanya

            So 1M from Soros Vs 200M pledged from Adelson + from others is OK???
            Obama paid 20% taxes on less then 1M in income, Romney paid (own admission) 12-14% on over 20M. Hmmmm, Obama money mainly comes from his salary and he gets royalty from his book he wrote + investments. Look it up. Obama NEVER bankrupted any Corp. and NEVER made money on Salaries of fired people, or stick it to taxpayers the way Romney did with corp. he maxed out with federal loans and later bankrupted.
            On the other hand, Why does a man who makes 20M+ a year want a job that pays 400K.?????????????? He doesn’t need the money. FOR POWER AND GLORY. He wants Presidency so he can say it was awesome and he was famous. He is famous without being the President. HE truly is a STUPID man.
            I don’t care what other say about him being smart businessman – he doesn’t manage his money, and ANY person who would turned down 10 to 1 tax issues is an MORON.
            For a smart man NONE of the Presidential
            candidates UNDERSTOOD the meaning of it.-

          • Oh,I don’t think either party really cares. Obama said he would cut the deficit by half when he was elected. He has increased the debt more than all the presidents in the history of this country. Increased it from 4 to almost 16 trillion. Where is that money coming from?

          • Sorry, Sam, but you have incorrect figures. On the day Obama took office, the national debt stood at over 10.6 trillion dollars. The first year of his presidency, most of the increase was from fulfilling the last of the Bush administration obligations. That accounts for most of the increas under Obama. Truth is, Obama’s programs have increased the debt in a very minute proportion compared to past presidents, especially Republican ones.

          • IreneH

            And GWB said the WMD were in Iraq and the war would cost under 50B. President Obama put the Iraq war back in the budget after Bush tried to hide it and that is part of the deficit now that people attribute to Obama. Democrats always get stuck digging out from under after a repubican administration.

          • IreneH

            Where’s the 5T in Romney’s tax cuts coming from? And the 2T in defense spending? Would be better to take some of that and have a stimulous to rebuild the infrastucture and put people to work instead. Romney’s math doesn’t add up and the money will come from you and me and the poor.

          • Me, Myself and I

            Obama’s wealth over the past six years has come from the sales of his books.

          • In reply, a successful selling book, is how his
            money was made.

          • 12OW_people

            Mitt is a Moron and a Mormon = MMM
            He is really for the power… not for the people, I cannot believe that anbody in their right mind will vote for Mitt after he insulted 47% of the population. He is a hater and he is not compassionate. He has a very hard time putting a nice face of empathy for the vulnerable people of the recent storm. He is not natural…he is a fake… like the Mormon secret society works…you never know the real truth of what is going on behind curtains…. Do not be deceived!!!

          • BobinNC

            Bwah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Guess what Dominick, Dan and neeceoo – we can and we will have adults in the White House come 20 Jan 2013. We cannot afford another four years of Barry – oh that’s right, nothing is his fault, it’s all because of President Bush.

            Too funny ” because their meanness gets in the way of their logic” that’s FUNNY! Guess what, it’s a tough world out there and Obama hasn’t a clue nor the back bone for world leadership.

          • Obama doesn’t have a clue? Really? Is that why he was able to have Bin Laden and the other top people in Al Quaida taken out? Is that why he was able to get us out of Iraq, where we had no business being? Is that why his economic policies kept us out of another Great Depression? Is that why many more people are now able to afford insurance, in spite of pre-existing conditions?

            Please explain how Obama doesn’t have a clue.

          • @BobinNC – I read comments like yours all the time, mostly in response to Yahoo! articles, and in spite of your inexplicable hatred of a man who really hasn’t done specific harm to America or Americans (unlike his predecessor), I’m moved to ask: What if your fantasy scenario doesn’t come to fruition? What if 270 or more electoral votes go the President’s way and we do indeed have four more years of the current administration? Will you and your brethren actually DO anything productive to prevent the cataclysm you claim to envision, or will you all continue to show your mettle and indomitable intellect by posting angry, hateful, devoid-of-reason comments on message boards like this, the sum total effect of which is probably less than zero (as reading them often galvanizes the left even further)?

          • DFW

            I agree, we will have adults in the White House on Jan. 20, 2013. Luckily for the USA, they will be the same adults that are currently there. But Obama and Biden have it easy, as no adults are running against them.

          • neeceoo iagree with you. We can not have Romney/Ryan in the White House!!! If that happens we are all in trouble unless you are in the top 1% and I mean things are going to get a lot worse for than they are now.

          • DFW

            Rolls-Ryan will not be in the White House, but there will not be an end to the Republican Party (didn’t we hear that after the election of 2008?), not so long as it can be bought and paid for by 20 extremist billionaires. Don’t forget that the Republican Party in the last 20 years has acted against the interests of 90% of its voters, and these voters continue to enthusiastically support them.

            Don’t forget, either, that the Communist Party of the Soviet Union had a large base of support, and the the Nazi Party in Germany enjoyed plenty of local support as well.

            Advertising and control of the media go a long way to convincing Eskimos to buy refrigerators when they already own refrigerators. They also convince people to vote against health care that would save their own lives, and to vote for a party that would deprive them of any access to that same life-saving health care if it had its way.

          • DFW

            Rolls-Ryan will not be in the White House, but there will not be an end to the Republican Party (didn’t we hear that after the election of 2008?), not so long as it can be bought and paid for by 20 extremist billionaires. Don’t forget, the fact that the Republican Party in the last 20 years has acted against the interests of 90% of its voters, and these voters continue to enthusiastically support them.

            Don’t forget, either, that the Communist Party of the Soviet Union had a large base of support, and the the Nazi Party in Germany enjoyed plenty of local support as well.

            Advertising and control of the media go a long way to convincing Eskimos to buy refrigerators when they already own refrigerators. They also convince people to vote against health care that would save their own lives, and to vote for a party that would deprive them of any access to that same life-saving health care if it had its way.

          • Dan Angell

            Actually, we can’t afford not to have Romney/Ryan in the White House.

          • Daniel Heisner

            But we will, and America will have another chance
            to escape the fate of Greece.

          • Gallup, who has been in the tank for Obama, clearly shows a fundamental shift in the polls with Romeny at 50% and Obama at 46% with more than just swing states in play.

          • Sure we can. Just not for very long, as shortly thereafter the Earth will go hurtling into the sun.

          • Lance Fryback

            obama is a socialist and i would imagine that if you two ever worked for anything you too would be a republican, the only racists in this country are people of color

          • Ed

            Well, Reagan taxed Social Security and Unemployment insurance.Iguess that he will have to tax disability payments and SSI next. And do away with a whole lot of things to reduce that “49 percent” down to just the 2600millionaires that do not presently pay taxes.

          • Hi DAN, and thank God for people like you. The south is filled with hateful, racistist hyprocrites. Also southern states consist of poor to middle class citizens, so I have yet to understand why they would be republicans other than race issues. The republican party have no plans on helping the poor or middle class….

          • phillyproud1982

            Having lived in the south, I can tell you it’s quite the conundrum. They vote against their own self interest for varying reasons. For some it is the abortion/gay marriage issue and it blinds them to anything else. For others its racially motivated. And I found that for some as crazy as it sounds they believe that if they vote Republican, one day they too can seize the American dream and become wealthy. Somewhat akin to a genie in a bottle philosophy. Sad but true.

          • Not all Southerns are racists something that so many people in other parts of the Country refuse to realize. There are just as many if not more racists in other parts of the country as there is the South. Many of us that grew up in the South and still live here were raised to judge a person on what they do not by the color of their skin, religion, sex, or who they love. I grew when we had segrated(not spelled right) something my parents disapproved of and they and generations before had lived in the South all their lives. So every Southern can not be painted with the racist brush as gensis and the writer of this article Gene Lyons are trying to do. I would not vote for Romney for dog catcher and sure won’t vote for him for President, Ryan wouldn’t make a good street cleaner

          • toptwome

            I don’t think he is calling all southerners racists, but there are many more of them who are racists and who are republicans. More black people are able to finally do well and be successful and I admire them for being Democrats like I am.

          • jarheadgene

            Here is the reason they are REPUBLICANs…….

          • granddad1

            In actuality it is the people in the North that are the racists–How so you ask–In the South people accept the individual but not the race; the North accept the race but not the individual. Which is more racist?

          • My former stepfather and the husband of my wife’s cousin were both lifelong Republicans; but they both changed their party affiliations during the GW years becase, as we have heard so frequently over the past few years, today’s Republican Party is not the one they signed on to. It has changed drastically in order to cater to their farthest right vocal minority, the Tea Party, which, by the way, bears no resemblance whatsoever to the historical group of the same name. Dwight Eisenhower is probably rolling over in his grave.

          • kdisg

            besides they got mean and cranky, they became un_american. The hate list for the GOP has gotten so long it’s crazy. Woman, gays, the poor, disabled, middle class and as Mitt said 47% of us lazy dudes, that workled all our lives, paid our taxes, raised our families BUT he says were moochers. I cant imagine someone like that making decisions for america, As Obama said, you cant be president for 50% of americans you have to be president for ALL AMERICANS and Mitt doesn’t think were worth it!! fixing medicare never occurs to repub licans because not one ever voted for it even in the very begining, We have social security and medicae because there were enough democrats way back then who voted yes when ALL republicans voted no, Check the FACTS if yu dont trust this info but it’s true. Vote Obamka and democrats to save medicare and ss.

          • I’m pretty much in agreement with you here -with an exception. I don’t think we really want to see the Republican Party go away as much as we’d like to see it grow up and get real.

          • toptwome

            Republicans have nothing to offer until they agree to raise taxes and not to cut taxes as the solution to everything on earth. The Pledge to Grover Norquist has harmed America and republicans are the ones behind all the harm.

          • ministerdwightsmith

            That’s Right Dan most Republians hate that Obama is Black, and he is doing it for all people, not just Black but Whites, Latinos as well,

          • adler56

            I don’t know about you but to me williard and lyin ryan seem like girly men . BY fact checkers williard lied his ass off -called his sone liars- and lied about what he will do- he’s spent years talking about cutting taxes for the top 1%- last night he only talked about cutting taxes for the middle class- if any pof you want to take a chance on a pathological liar- good luck- you can see how that worked out with dumbya and ronnie reagun.

          • Brittsdad

            My 17 year old daughter was murdered as a result of Race .My family came to this Country in 1912 from Russia, less than 100 years later my daughter was gone . I have yet to find a African American with a Russian Name. So hate is a strong word and it seems to go both ways. I still don’t hate Blacks I hate the ones that ruined my life. I do however want MY Healthcare I work for it I pay for it.

          • BlueJoubert

            Off topic, but how can you claim friends like that? I could never include those who act and especially speak like that as a friend, and I don’t understand people who can. Anyone who talks like that out loud, owns those feelings in their soul, and I can’t be around one of them, much less ‘a lot’ of them and say they are my friends.

          • I have heard in my lifetime in Alabama only Democrats (both black and white) use what you call ‘the n word’ .. never a Republican, not once.

            Also, in New Orleans, most of the slaveowners WERE black. It is a fiction that only whites were allowed to own slaves. Free blacks were also allowed that privilege .. indeed the concept of black slavery came from Africa. (Blacks were not automatically slaves anywhere in the South .. only blacks to whom someone could provide a title .. part of the many contradictions from that time that are not taught in the schoolroom, because those contradictions do not follow a simplistic good Yankee v. evil Confederate narrative.

          • I see you’re one of those folks who like to rewrite history…

          • toptwome

            That is a stretch and not worth the stupidity you put behind it. Lord save your sorry ass. Slave owners were white. The slaves were black and no one believes your ignorant barf.

          • Umm, while not entirly accurate, not all slave owners were white. And as a point of fact, slavery was already firmly in place by the muslim traders who were in cahoots with tribal chiefs well before the advent of Euorpean involement.

          • Class warfare does not help. I do not know his qualifications as a politician, but Romney definitely has won my respect based on his business career and executive experience (including public service). Although I do not support Romney’s neocon ideology, I do prefer him because he is better qualified for the office and Obama is a foreign policy neocon anyway.

          • “Mean” is exactly the word I’ve been thinking, Dan. From the 47% to Big Bird (a symbol for economically disadvantaged kids) the Republican platform and Mitt Romney himself lack compassion and empathy.

          • SilverLakePundit

            So you make a habit of hanging out with racists? That says more about you than it says about them. Do you often leave it to others to take a stand for you or do you only do it yourself when you have backup?

            In your world, being wealthy is a crime, but it’s okay to play ball with bigots and not say anything.

            You didn’t need to tell us you were voting for Barack Obama. We knew that when you confessed your weak principles.

            “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”

            I beg you not to vote for Mitt Romney – you haven’t got the necessary character.

          • Dan Angell

            Don’t count on it. One more debate like the first one, and Romney will roll to a win.

          • Pulseguy

            I don’t believe you. I know lots of Republicans and I don’t know any who are racists. Even more than that, I’ve asked many people if they know anyone who is racist. None do.

          • Jerry Reescano

            I am wishing the same thing Dan…but I am not as confident as I was a week ago. I live in the fat bible belt (ARK) and these freaks really believe the POTUS is a Muslim. Despite Romney’s own remarks about his personal feelings concerning the 47% of Americans, his constant F-ups overseas with our “allies” and his refusal to divulge anything meaningful about his taxes or his tax plan or his foreign policy agenda….yet he has one good hour and a half and all of sudden he’s the guy again. People wake the hell up.

            While I’m not going to say Obama’s “performance” was everything I thought it should have been, I have to ask “what were you people expecting from Romney?” His campaign made it known (quite frequently) how much and how often Romney was practicing and getting ready for the debate since the end of the RNC convention. How long ago was that? So, yes, he was ready and he did look a little more prepared for the debate.

            But that’s just what is was, a debate, nothing more. A forum in which two opposing sides can speak and discuss an issue in a certain type of format. But what a debate is not, is life and it’s not about making the hard choices at a moment’s notice. You don’t get weeks/months to practice to make the big decisions and Romney’s own voice has given credence to how he would perform in similar difficult situations. Do you know what the POTUS was been doing since the DNC convention…he’s been the President of the United States and a damn good one at that.

          • Hi Jerry R I am from the “other” side of aisle. I don’t expect to agree w/what’s written here, but feel it’s important to get as broad a view as possible re 2012 election. I agree w/U re value of debate, we can’t get over-invested in these debates. The debates are just introductions to the candidates, like show-room demo models. Out of fairness to the President, I noticed that his 9/11 Anniversary Speech, was delivered so flat and lifeless I couldn’t believe it! Obama is a great speaker. It occurred to me, that he may be going through a crisis of some sort, that we don’t know about yet. In recalling the Cuban Mis Crisis, JFK, kept it under wraps, until it reached a stage when he felt he had to make it public.
            I just wish to point out, in re to the issues involving secrecy that Obama has plenty of stuff he does not wish to share. That includes his years at college as undergraduate, incl Columbia & the liberal arts college he attended in CA. He promised us a more transparent presidency & offered to make his visitors log open records. However, there were reports that he met with many people outside of the WH, privately in a Condo development within walking distance of WH. Sadly, the press never followed through with this item, I don’t know if this was an “allegation” or a way the President can handle controversial conferences he needs to keep out of public.

            In terms of foreign policy, I am not comfortable with anything going on, and especially the terrible way Ambassador Stevens was killed in Libya.

          • Jerry He has been on T.V. and not being the Leader we need or the one you think he is. He dropped the ball and allowed four Fellow Americans to be killed in the middle East and then tried to cover it up and the facts shot him down after the cover up. He also Got his butt handed too him because He talks a good talk but has never been exsposed for who he is until the debate. He looks good but there is an empty throne and no Leader. The facts speak for themselves. The Highest Inflation ever, Highest unemployment and dont take his figure of 7.5 % but closer to 15 to 25 %, wanting to raise taxes and dont think he will tax the 1 % but will tax us all when and if he gets reelected. Finally Obama Care, the majoriety of the Nation and most of the Dems didnt want it but he and a few dems, Palossi, Reed and a minority pushed it through. Losing the midterms because of it and somewhat balanced the Senate again. Go see Obama 2016 and then decide who to vote for this Election.

          • mikecoatl

            No thanks – right-wing propaganda from a cheating, hypocritical hack is not my favorite kind of movie.

          • UzmaAli

            Jerry you are right.

            If Romney won this election, its going to be another war and America will never recover.
            It will take more than 4 years for democrats to clear the mess handed to them by republican cowboy bush.
            So Americans should give Obama time, if they wish to see America as it was Pre Bush

          • akcoyote

            And it will take years to repair the damage Obama did.

          • mikecoatl

            What damage is that? Obama did not cause this mess – he inherited it from you clowns.

          • Jerry, What country do you live in? People are sucking wind and the President has done very little to alleviate the situation! Obama makes Carter look like a good President! If sitting and chatting with the ladies of The View instead of meeting with other leaders of the World is “being the President of the United States” and lying to the American People concerning the terrorist attack in Libya then let’s elect a better actor to play the part! We then would not have to worry about a botched performance during a debate! Even my 12-year old son thought it was strange that an attack was made on an American Embassy on 9/11 and it was immediately attributed to an obscure video. Very strange that they wanted until 9/11 to react!
            My guess is Obama spent alot more time campaigning and raising money than being President since the DNC convention!

          • Anyone would be an improvement from what we’ve suffered the last 4 years and I mean ANYONE!!!

          • mikecoatl

            I hope you and the other righties on here suffer horribly from a Mitt Romney presidency if it happens.

          • You don’t have to believe he is a muslim to see the obvious muslim sympathizing occurring over and over again, even when it means defending them over the murders of our Libyan Ambassador and 3 of his comrades, that he so “eloquently” calls a “bump in the road”!!! God help this country!!!

          • rational2012

            This little string apears to have been written by one person talking to himself.

          • demelza


          • john fonyi

            it is the obamanist morons like you and the other commentors on this liberal media claptrap site that needs to wake up. 23 million chronically unemployed 10.1% real unemployment rate 47 million on foodstamps incomes down by 4,300 since oscumbag took over health care costs up 2500 and still rising gas at 4.00 a gallon and 1.67 when the socialist muslim anti american took office CASE CLOSED NUFF SAID

          • Dan please read up on the Democratic Party and thier views on Blacks before you make statements about the Republican Party.
            According to the stats for the voting public in the last election more People voted for Obama due to racial issues than those who voted against him. The people who voted against him voted due too his past, his socialistic ideals, as well as the people that he has sided with growing up. Do some research before you vote this time, you will be doing all of US a service as well as your country.

          • Stevej19

            Thanks Dan for just being a reasonable person.Im so sick of the whole race thing.He is clearly the best solution to our problems.Thanks again

          • thank God, we have a conservative Republican who is kicking his butt and why he is losing votes left and right.

            I’ll be so glad when this election is over so all of you baby killers can enjoy the next four years cleaning up his mess. Then we can spend the next 4 years blaming him – as he has done with his predecessor. He has no sense of responsibility and is the most thin skinned president this country has ever had!!! No responsibility for the last 4 years whatsoever!!! What are 1/2 of the United States citizens thinking? Besides the fact that they are obviously brainwashed and/or uneducated to the real policies and their detrimental actions on the rest of us who will die paying for them so that “57% can keep having their hand out – not 47%!!!

            What Romney said was right, and if the truth hurts, who’s dam fault is it?

          • You are totally misrepresenting Republicans. Obama has done more to divide this country than any President in history. With three weeks to go, it sure likes voters intend on rejecting a second Obama term.

          • demelza

            People like you scare me. But I suppose it’s true that we don’t get you because otherwise we would think like you. I admit I don’t get it from your point of view. I also admit I don’t want to and for all intents and purposes, I like my point of view.
            President Romney.

          • akcoyote

            John Kerry has far more money than Romney will ever have but the left didn’t say a word when he was your nominee.

          • Ben Harris-Kornblith

            That’s false. Romney is estimated at having upwards of 250 million and that’s a conservative estimate. Kerry is estimated at around 194 million. Get your facts straight. Its not about money also – its about understanding the plight of working/middle class voters, something that Romney has no conceptual ability to do.

          • William


          • The republicans “KNOW” right from wrong & the right thing to do. They just dont mind caving to business interests at the expense of poorer workers. Such as not supporting unions,endless tax cuts, loopholes, etc. The GOP would rather cut every other program first before they address making eveyone pay more taxes. Question is how many years are they going to keep putting on the “mask of sanity”?

          • Lance Fryback

            republicans ended the slave days, jackass

          • meglvsJC

            why do you have friends that hate blacks?

          • letmeeatcake

            why do you play ball with them? just to feel superior?

          • You are a fucking liar. You don’t have Republican friends at all you puke. When the US goes down the tubes, the rich will be fine but losers like you will be out on the street.

          • dan dalton get a grip ,all the blake people i no only vote 4 obama cause he is bklake.should have shut the board 30year ago .like the law says.howard stern went to watts and told ald the blake people mccains idears they like ya then howard tell them how there were cheering 4 .blake people are rasit to they say craker so am pround i take it as a complament .afarican american mybe i should b a euroamerican.obama has open the floog gates byby usa

          • Free man

            Stay with that logic and you will be as successful as your football team was against Alabama in the NC game.

        • jjrjon

          Dominick, please don’t give them any new ideas. lol

        • The ironic fact is that the Veterans Job Acts actually was a Republican idea but when they realized it might help President Obama they filibustered against it and defeated it. That fact along should show everyone how little they care about helping the middle class and poor because they filibustered their own bill after realizing that by helping our returning veterans that could help President Obama win the election. They are a bunch of uncaring so so that does not care about any one that does ‘t have millions and billions dollars in US bank and offshore accounts.

        • Gammaanya

          Too bad the the media will not disclose the name of Repuke that blocked the Vet.Job bill, they know who he is but will not say it – sad because we could get that asshole out of the office and others who did not voted for this bill. I guess that’s politics and ALL care about their jobs and their retirement.
          SAD to say R/R will WIN, 375M bought US Presidency, this debate is just a cover up and make believe we have still Democracy. Sad to say some Demrats sold US and jumped the ship. Research their VOTES and who sided with Repukes and also sign the pledge with Norquist.
          U R Right Dominick – as ALWAYS.

          • topjob66t

            It went down 58-40, with five Republicans voting in favor of it. Sen. Coburn of Oklahoma led the fight against the bill calling it crap. There would have been a billion dollars invested over five years to get vets back to work.
            It was a sad display of vile bile.

        • Your absolutely correct! A man (Romney) who accepts a nomination to be pres of the most powerful country in the world & FORGETS to thank, or even mention, our military is not fit to lead our country. He wants to cut $ out of the fed budget & won’t tell us where or what will be cut. He scares me.

        • Obama loves the military so much that he held back on sending them ballots. the fact that they tend to vote Republican may have something to do with it! I bet that the courts will make him count the military vote anyhow.
          I wonder how they felt when Obama wanted them to buy their own health insurance and pay for their own medical bills if they were wounded!

        • And yet a lot of military people support Romney. I guess they are dying to go back to Iran this time.

        • Friedwatermellon

          90% of all soldiers can’t stomach Obama you idiot

      • exactly @old_blu, and they “republicans” say he has done nothing, but the reality is they have attempted to stop everything he has done or tried to do….so sad…..

      • He did most of it while fighting those who had stated, from day one of his administration, that they wanted him to be a “one-term” president. They did it in spite of his offering the hand of bipartisan cooperation even though in 2009 the Democratic Party controlled both houses of Congress. It is a shame that one of the best-intentioned presidents in recent history had to accomplish so much in the lame duck session of Congress in 2010, and had to use that tactic that W used more than anyone else in history, the “presidential signing”. There is still so much to be done that will never get done if Romney gets elected. “The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

      • That is the problem the GOP is pissed that he will not allow them to stop him; no matter what and they hate that. So they find the idot Rom-ney, who does not have a clue about middle america and would just as well eliminate everyone who does not live the life of the rich and famous. Sad, sad, sad!!!

      • station0482

        Sorry, but Obama is now losing in the polls and the swing states are now too close to call.

    • Abusfix

      You should have stopped at #6. those alone cost we tax payers 6 trillion, which means my children and grand children will be paying probably 75% of their income in taxes. This president did is not what I had in mind 4 years ago. It’s been a disaster for Americas future. I won’t be duped again. But you keep pulling for your team. I will keep America as my priority. Where do I get me an Obama phone with emergency text. Did you list that to. I got board after #10.

      • The Affordable Care Act will be enacted in 2014 and has not cost us anything. In fact, it will lower medical costs when it is implemented. The only thing President Obama added to the debt is the stimulus package (less than $1T). The $6T increase the GOP loves to highlight includes Bush’s TARP, which was signed October 3, 2008 and, therefore, appears as part of the FY09 budget. President Obama moved the cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to the general budget, where it should have been all along, as part of his transparency efforts. The effect of loss in revenues caused by job losses that began in late 2007 and continued until two years ago was compounded by increases in unemployment benefits. Another contributing factor for the increases in the national debt involves interest payments on the money we borrowed to pay for our crusades.
        Bear in mind that the civil servant population is at its lowest point in 50 years. President Obama has reduced the size of government from the highs it reached in the Reagan and W eras.

        • adler56

          You can’t educate people like abusfix who never took math or economics
          or if they did they flunked those courses. He’s the kind of person that brings America closer to 3rd world status every day. Too dumb to live in America in 2012.

          • phillyproud1982

            This election cycle has shown me that you can’t educate ignorance and there is no cure for stupidity. The GOP has gone off the deep end and there’s no coming back. Prepare for them to make plans to succeed from the Union when Obama is re-elected.

          • topjob66t


          • Well adler, why don’t you tell us all about yourself, since you hide behind a screen name, while most of us use our “real” name. Did you go to college? I notice you like name calling. I haven’t seen anything “factual” you have added here, other than your hate if other don’t agree with you. It is OK to debate. But name calling and hate. Leave it out please.

        • TheSkalawag929

          Well said Dominick Vila but you do realize that republicans are impervious to the weapons you are using, truth and facts.

          However when used in combination, as you are using them, there may be some positive results. Keep up the good work.

        • Peoples425

          You forgot to add that the “Obama phone” that was referenced was actually a part of the Bush’s plan in 2008 and not a policy instituted by President Obama. I guess the republicans have stood by that “fact checking won’t run our campaign”.

      • Two wars he did’nt start cost 6billion a month. He ended one. 75% of household income in taxes, do all republicans ?

      • adler56

        You’re one of the dumb people I was talking about. A grown man who says
        “Where do I get me…” stupid. to instead of too- very common mistake with dropouts and Republicans. Then “board” instead of “bored”. Someone that ignorant shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

        • Right???? I’ve been saying it all along, you should have to pass an IQ test to vote in this country, it could fix everything!

          • zzz1934

            So you want everyone to pass an IQ test to vote? What about having to show your ID to vote? That’s not acceptable right?
            Geez people keep drinking the kool aid and soon enough America will be a 3rd world country…just like your beloved Obama envisions it to be…Good lord, it’s unbelievable how you so called Americans are so willing to buy into the political BS that both parties are spitting up. Grow a pair and STAND UP for your rights. Mark my words, if you don’t take a stand now you won’t be able too in the not so distant future.
            Both parties are leading us down a path to destruction. They are pitting us against each other and we are falling for it. Fight for your rights.
            People that have freedom must be vigilant in maintaining that freedom if they are to remain a free people.

          • ZZZ, you’re right about that! Both parties lie, cheat, steal from us. My Dad use to say “if they are not crooks when they go in office, they will be by the time they come out of office.” When you compromise your principles, what do you have left? If the country would just quit spending more than it takes in, in taxes, we would all be better off. If the ordinary man or company spend more than they can pay, they go bankrupt. That is where our country is headed. Cut the PORK!!.

          • phillyproud1982

            Yes an IQ test is a fabulous idea. Instead of voter id why not examine the intellectual prowess of those wanting to cast a vote. And since the liberal left are so racist, why don’t we require all voters in southern states to have all of their teeth, not be married to a relative, and exclude anyone living in a trailer as that is not fixed residential property.

          • grammyjill

            actually the iq test along with a mental evaluation should be given to anyone who even wants to run for public office.

          • I think something like that was tried once;

            ” From 1890 to 1908, starting with Mississippi, conservative Southern Democratic legislators created new constitutions with provisions for voter registration that effectively completed disfranchisement of most blacks and many poor whites. They created a variety of barriers, including requirements for poll taxes, residency requirements, rule variations, literacy and understanding tests, that achieved power through selective application against minorities, or were particularly hard for the poor to fulfill. ”

            I find the idea of denying any American Citizen the right to vote, regardless of ideology, distasteful.

      • Hey Teabagger Abusfix…You mis-spelled ‘bored’. You ‘Faux News’ dupes really should read a lot more than just comic books. It would help to turn off the TV & Rush Limbaugh too.

        The most important thing is getting the U.S. economy growing again by quickly jump-starting demand for goods and services by the middle class. Whatever it takes. Read Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman’s recent book “End This Depression Now!”…and it will put things in much clearer perspective for you…and it might even improve your spelling. As an added incentive for you…this book is fairly critical of Barack Obama…but it is not ideological.

        • neece00

          Very good book Blake but asking a teabagger to read something other than comic books is like asking Mitt to tell the truth.

          • BDC_57

            Yeah Romney would’nt know what the truth is if came up and hit him in the head.

      • TheSkalawag929

        “sentimental fanatics seeking to purge the nation of sin; adepts of “limited government” with their noses buried in women’s panty drawers; apostles of a lost Utopia located in a non-existent past, most often in 60s sitcoms like “The Andy Griffith Show.”

        I would say that the above is a pretty fair description of you and what the republican party have become.

      • ChristoD

        Hey Abusfix, I am with you on the National Debt issue BUT, I have a question for you. Why is it that the Tea Party et al (including you ?) started making an issue of the National Debt SIX WEEKS after Obama took office, SIX WEEKS ! (I was in Naples, Fl and saw it first hand). They started blaming him for the National Debt, a mere SIX WEEKS after he took office but NEVER once said a word about it when is was being driven through the roof (or us into a huge hole) by Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush and George W Bush who collectively accounted for more than $12 TRILLION of the PRESENT National Debt. That’s right my friend THEY created the mess we are in ON THIER WATCH. Were you outraged when THEY dug the hole to start with ? The reason why it makes complete sense to re-tax, or close major loopholes, on the wealthy, in addition to they are not paying their fair share, is that THEY are a main part of why the National Debt sky rocketed ! Those Presidents spearheaded tax cuts when they controlled the House and Senate thus starting the dramatic climb in the National Debt and now the Republicans, who caused it, want it fixed on THEIR terms. Oh the HUMANITY and ARROGANCE ! They want to fix the debt issue, not by re-raising taxes on the wealthy or anyone else for that mater but by eliminating many important social programs, including educational assistance, drive Social Security and Medicare into the red so much that they will HAVE to be overhauled or better yet PRIVATIZED, and they get to realize their ideologically pure CONSERVATIVE dream. NOT ON OUR WATCH THEY WON’T ! Politics in a democracy is supposed to be about BALANCE, NOT IDEOLOGICAL PURITY on either side !
        Screw Grover Norquist and his NO NEW TAXES, the uber rich should VOLUNTEER to fix the majority of the problem created by giving them their NUMEROUS TAX BREAKS.6

        So for all of you ‘class warfare’ whinners, fugedaboudit, you are p——in the wind blowing in your face on that one AND for Abusfix, the way to help drive down the National Debt is to SIGNIFICANLTLY raise taxes, to the Clinton term level, on the uber-Rich. By the way where are all those jobs that these ‘job creators’ are supposed to have created ? Obama policies my butt, try greed and trying to fix the election in the GOPS’s favor. Watch how fast the jobs start materializing after Obama kicks Romney’s butt.

        • Abusfix

          Sorry about the spelling, but down here in good ol Dixie we don’t git much schoolin. I do see I hit a nerve and all of you talk like you know me well. Hole on while I turn Mr. Rush down. Dude you seem to have all the facts. PLUS YOU AND OBAMA must have all the answers.

          You need to calm down Romney is not that bad and would be a good president. That’s all. It’s America first in my book,that seems lost in this election. God bless you all and God bless America and may the best man win according to Gods plan. I will continue to pray for our president everyday. Now I have to go back to work. I have a JOB.

          • ChristoD

            Abusfix, you seem to be that rare breed of cat these days and that is a REASONABLE slightly to the right politically, person. There are so many on the right that have bought into a alternate reality that to try and talk sense makes no sense since they live in a different world. Actually what scares me about Mr Romney is I have NO idea where he stands on ANY issue. On eday he talks tough and the next day he seems to be apolgizing for what he said the previous day. He switches back and forth so much that I have no idea who or what he is all about other than he will SAY anything lying to the high heavens almost in a state of panic to win the Presidency. He appears desperate and that scares me especially as it relates to being the leader of the free world. His temperment is scary. On the plus side he obviously is a good family man and man of God but, this is America not the Holy land. As for him being President, THAT is the ultimate SCARY MOVIE especially if he tries to implement the extreme right ideological fantacy budget that Ryan has created.

            You are asking the WRONG bunch to CALM DOWN, it is the right wing nutjobs that need to stop frothing at the mouth and overreacting to every panic button that Limbaugh, Hannity, Levi, Coulter, Gingrich, Trump, Santorum, Sununu and the rest of these blowhards are spewing.

        • phillyproud1982

          Well stated. And not only did the GOP not mention the debt until immediately after Obama took office. They never mention that GW took over the white house with a surplus. Translation for the teabaggers, the government did not even have debt, we had extra. Yet in 8 years GW dug us into a hole of mammoth proportions. But in the delusional bubble of the GOP, Obama is just not effective. I think the Republican party has gone so far right they can’t look back.

      • awakenaustin

        Bored is spelled bored. Unfortunately you are being duped if you accept the Republican version of the debt crisis and its source. I suspect you did not vote for President Obama in 2008. The claim I was once this but now I am something different is a common persuasion technique used to suggest that you have some authority or knowledge others don’t have. President Obama has never been what you have in mind. You pulled that 75% tax figure out of your anus. You have absolutely no justification for it. It is like Romney’s 12 million jobs. It is just a number you grabbed out of the air just as his jobs number is a number he grabbed out of the air. He says he will create all of these jobs and never gives any indication of how that will occur.The reason he gives no explanation, is that he has no rational or reasonable explanation for how he will do it. The closest he will give to an explanation is to say he will double down on the policies of the Bush Administration. We all know how well that worked out.

      • Jeez… did all of the republicans on here leave school at 3rd grade?
        board = wooden plank
        bored = 1.Feeling weary because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity.
        2.(of a gun) Having a specified bore: “large-bored guns”.

        • That would be a large BORE gun. Not bored, but thanks for clarifying a board is a wooden plank, I think. :>)

    • adler56

      No Dominick- they hate him because he’s black and in their pea brains- inferior to them.
      They would not have wanted to do anything on your list unless you snuck in tax cuts for the wealthy. They love the fallacy that America is #1 still. They make emotional decisons- not decisions based on facts. e.g. many of them are high school dropouts and the President has several degrees including a law degree from Harvard but rednecks compare him to a monkey- not reality based thinking- just hate. Some monkeys are smarter than rednecks.

      • YES!!! They Can’t Take The Ideal That There Is A Black Man In The White House!!!

      • mrbluesays

        hair growing out of ears nose and on backs… now who is the monkey?


        I was born and raised in Arkansas, so guess you could consider me a redneck but disagree that all rednecks compare President Obama to a Monkey. I was raised in a home that considered all people equal so it was quite a wake up call when I went to college. Blacks having to eat in the kitchen in resturants,
        not allowed in many of the clubs, I could go on and on how the blacks were treated during the 60’s in the south. I taught 8th grade math on an emergency certificate because they could not get anyone to teach in a school that was forced to allow blacks to attend the same school as the white. I get so upset when I hear the “N” word. I may be a redneck but am supporting President Obama all the way and so is all my family.

      • Obama forfeited his law degree as did Michelle. Why would someone spend the time, effort and money to get a law degree only to voluntarily give it up? Obama gave his up because he did not want his records opened. Michelle gave up her under duress of prosecution of insurance fraud.

        • adler56

          Anoher stupid racist comment- get out of my country you loser.

          • Racist is something you call someone when they make racist comments. You are too funny and maybe simple minded, but my comments are not racist. Your country? LOL! At least I got a laugh out of this nonsense. Can’t handle the facts can you.

        • Karen Wright

          Not true Sam, they didn’t “forfeit” their law degrees. They both still hold law degrees.

          Instead they both just changed their registration status when they were no longer working actively as lawyers, as is common practice.

          Neither of them have any outstanding disciplinary matters against them, as rumoured on some internet sites, and if they did, retiring or becoming inactive would not stop the registration board from pursuing the matter.

    • carsrus

      Dribble, have u no outlets in life? Volunteer at the mear-by hospital, or pet shelter. 36 lines of bull crap!

      • Reading facts must be such a burden for you carsus. I think equating undeniable facts with ‘bull crap’ may be a problem for you. False beliefs die hard apparently.

      • The list was much longer, but I didn’t want to overwhelm challenged Tea Party members with too much info.

      • neece00

        And you need to take lessons on being a nicer person.

      • hilandar1000

        Read the original article — that is all about YOU, Carsrus!

      • BDC_57

        You make allot noise but, don’t replace facts.

    • Plus They Are Racist KKK Members And Obama Blocking Their Plans To Rule America!!! And All That Bullshit About Our Kids Have To Pay Is Just That BULLSHIT!! The Price Of Living And Taxes Will Go Up No Matter What And Who’s Running The Country So This Is Just More GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Bullshit Just Like The Other Bullshit Lies They Like To Spread So Well!!!

      • lana ward

        Robert Byrd, life long Dem Senator was the head of the KKK. Abraham Lincoln a REPUBLICAN freed the slaves!!

        • old_blu

          You’re so full of it you know that there wasn’t a Tea Party back then and they were the real republicans instead of these right wing over the top jack ass’s that are using the GOP and the GOP is falling for it.

          There are very few grass root republicans left.

          • lana ward

            Republicans AND Tea Party are pretty much the same. What about Robert Byrd a lifelong DEMOCRAT being in the KKK?

          • neece00

            Robertt Byrd: was briefly a member of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1940s, but later left the group and denounced racial intolerance

          • lana ward

            Who in the Republican party ever belonged to the KKK?

          • neece00

            A former organizer for the Ku Klux Klan says he is running as a Republican for Montana’s representative in the U.S. House.

            John Abarr says he believes he will fare better than people might expect because of a backlash against President Barack Obama.

          • neece00

            The tea party is the 21 century KKK

          • 113121

            David Duke . Jessie Helms.Look it up. Then apologize.

          • Ever heard of David Duke? The one that said when Michael Steele was elected chair of the repub/Dixie-Can he would take 80% of the white people in the party and form a white people party, if he Steele stayed chair four years. Mitt or no other right winger, voiced one word of disapproval.

          • old_blu

            “Republicans AND Tea Party are pretty much the same”

            They are not the same thing, you have been listening to your blow up doll Rush, and he is full of hot air.

          • So you are equating Abraham Lincoln, a man who sacrificed everything including his life to preserve the union and free the slaves, to tea party D-bags who in the midst of a financial crisis which was tearing the middle class apart sacrificed nothing except the tiny bit of common sense that would tell any sane person that this was a time to put away differences and work for the best interest of the country. That’s your argument? It must be fun in your bubble where all things white and good come from your beautiful GOP. From Reagan on down the line every republican president without any exception has gutted the middle class to fund tax breaks for the rich….every one of them….well guess what the middle class is now almost non-existant and yeah a lot more people are poor. However, they still vote and there are 110 MILLION CITIZENS!!! who are not white and are not buying the trickle down bullshit…you and your Tea bagging version of the GOP is already dead in the water and will be crushed into dust in the next two election cycles. It’s over Lana…are you going to step into the light of the new reallity or live in the backwoods swamp hovel with the toothless inbred rednecks who support your current views?? What’s your play? We are moving forward into a new dawn of compassionate capitalism that defines success not by how much money you’ve piled up but by how many people you’ve helped with the money you made.

            You should come along. It’ll be fun to be part of the change instead of part of the antiquated bullshit that has been holding back mankind since the beginning.

            The world is moving on with or without you, why not join in and make a difference. Fighting for the status quo is no way to advance a culture.

          • old_blu

            Very well said Joel.

            Lana come to the light follow the light. I thought if Rush could do it I would try.

          • lana ward

            Obama doesn’t believe in Capitalism. Should he steal this election (dead people, animals, illegals voting), supressing the Milatary vote, We w ill be The United States Of Islam, is that your idea of moving forward?

          • Everybody makes mistakes, even YOU.
            “He was briefly a member of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1940s, but later left the group and denounced racial intolerance.”
            ” In 1997, Byrd told an interviewer he would encourage young people to become involved in politics but also: “Be sure you avoid the Ku Klux Klan. Don’t get that albatross around your neck. Once you’ve made that mistake, you inhibit your operations in the political arena.” In his last autobiography, Byrd explained that he was a KKK member because he “was sorely afflicted with tunnel vision—a jejune and immature outlook—seeing only what I wanted to see because I thought the Klan could provide an outlet for my talents and ambitions.” Byrd also said, in 2005, “I know now I was wrong. Intolerance had no place in America. I apologized a thousand times … and I don’t mind apologizing over and over again. I can’t erase what happened.”

          • Thank you – you took the words right out of my mouth (and I didn’t feel a thing!)
            But I think you give too much credit in assuming that they know anything.

          • old_blu

            Haha you are funny Tammie, thanks for the smile.

          • You Got That Right TammieO Plus The Fact That They Are Just Brain Dead Don’t Help Either!! Their Need To Catch Up With Their Crowd Cause We Know Better!! Rick Santorum A Full Pledge GOP/Tea Party Snake Oil Sales Man Said It Best ” We Will Never Get The SMART PEOPLE On Our Side” LOL

          • oletowne

            Of all the sites I visit to see how the country is thinking……this site is so full of hate it makes me sick to my stomach……and it is mostly coming from the left. I am an independent and you certainly have impacted how I see the left now.

        • BITCH ANYWAY THAT WAS THEN!! NOW THE MOST OF THE KKK ARE IN THE GOP/TEA PARTY So Catch Up With Your Fox Fake News Crowd And Shut The Fuck Up Talking To Me Brain Dead Tea Bagging Lying TROLL!! DAVID DUKE Leads These Assholes Now!! He’s Hiding Behind The Koch Brothers Cause Of All The Lawsuits On He Hateful Ass TROLL!! LOL You Name One When There’s Millions Of These Assholes In The GOP/Tea Party!!!

          • lana ward

            I see you have that problem again today. The Dems use the blacks, you just won’t take those blinders off and see it

          • bamagal0007

            BITCH? Wow, how tolerant of you.

          • old_blu

            Maybe you didn’t see the name calling down below by someone named bamagal0007.

          • bamagal0007

            Those were liberal adjectives and certainly not personal. I guess you don’t have a problem with women being called nasty names…is that you Bill Maher?

          • old_blu

            I wonder if Sane Jane is a woman.

            It must be joking if you do it, here’s a name for you.


          • Actually, the word, bitch” refers to a female dog. It is used by the American Kennel Club. I agree the name calling is not productive on either side, but I can see why Fern gets frustrated.

          • bamagal, you can’t make sense out of hate. So much of that on this site. I was trying to find some objective reporting, but there just isn’t much around.

          • I feel the HATE fern. You need some new adjectives rather than profanity.

        • neece00

          Abraham Lincoln was a Whig but regardless, if you really look at the politics from 1861 the Republicans and Democrates have changed roles.

          • CPANY

            Exactly right. The republican Party was founded in 1854 because the Whigs were ineffective in opposing slavery, which was the hot button issue at the time.

          • old_blu

            Oh you republicans are great you did something good in 1861. You do know that it is 2012?

            Obama/Biden 2012

          • old_blu

            @CPANY– Sorry about the last comment it was meant for lana.

          • We had a Republican party during the Revolution.

          • CPANY

            Ms, Croft:

            We did not. We had the Federalist and Democratic Republican parties that emerged after the revolution, much to George Washington’s disgust.

            The Republican Party was formed in Wisconsin in 1854.

        • BDC_57

          the Tea Baggers didn’t start till the last election.

          • 113121

            Yet they are many of them old Birchers

          • That’s funny. The old birchers are dead!

        • Peoples425

          Given the fact that the parties philosophies were reversed at the times in which you’re referencing it makes Lincoln’s party association irrelevant. As for Robert Byrd, this isn’t anything surprising in the least as there are racists/bigots of all creeds.

          For the record though, the emancipation proclamation did not free the majority of slaves and actually didn’t make headway until 2.5 years later hence the celebration of Juneteenth (June 19, 1865).

          I’d advise you to research the material that you offer as argument before using it. It’s actually interesting that you reference Lincoln especially considering that President Obama has both quoted and admired Lincoln on several occasions. I really hope you open your eyes one day.

          • lana ward

            Obama HATES Lincoln!! He hate anything good and decent!! He is using our Constitution for his TP. If he steals this election, we’ll see, but it will be to late

          • Peoples425

            This is the reason I cannot have a civil conversation with republicans. We cannot agree on facts… President Obama has repeatedly referenced President Lincoln as an inspiration and has quoted him on numerous occasions including the one I tend to like “I have been driven to my knees with the belief that there was nowhere else to go” or something to that effect.
            Given the fact that many of former President Bush’s policies were unconstitutional, I would be interested if you were to outline the policies and/or administrative legislation that President Obama has put into place that would illustrate the claim that you have made. It is painfully obvious that intellectual discussion is wasted here so I will wish you a good day.

          • lana ward

            I think Obama needed his “teleprompter” tonight, don’t you

          • Peoples425

            Not really, however I think Mitt Romney needed his fact-checkers…
            Wait… Romney and the rest of the GOP have already stated that facts aren’t going to run their campaign.

          • lana ward


          • Peoples425

            Keep living the deluded fantasy.

        • Abraham Lincoln was also a liberal, as were all Republicans in those days. The Democratic Party was the Conservative Party. I find it hard to believe you didn’t know that, I think you were counting on us not knowing.

          • lana ward

            The Republicans saw the light, the Dems slipped into darkness. The Godless party, that’s sick

        • Before the Republican Party was taken over by a party that wants to destroy one party and take over the other one, there were some good Republicans. Lincoln was one and Teddy Roosevelt was another. However, the party who said, “Let’s make Obama a one-term president, is not the Grand Old Party.

          • lana ward

            Obama has done so much damage in I term, we don’t want him to have 2 to finish us off. I think Obama needed his telepromter tonight?

    • chisolm

      Where in your list does Obama get credit for the additional $6 Trillion in debt, over a trillion per year in deficit spending and the Middle East in flames with several of our embassies flying the terrorist flag?

      • No sense crediting him for something that somebody else did. The Middle East was in flames for decades, until recently when things began to settle down until a provocative and insulting film was released to deliberately reignite those flames. I wonder who was behind the making of that film…
        As for terrorist flags flying in US. embassies, I am not aware of any. The U.S. CONSULATE was attacked and four Americans were killed there, but the Embassy in Tripoli was not.

        • CAThinker

          The attack was on a consulate, not an embassy. Embassies have Marine Corps detachments, consulates usually not.

        • chisolm

          You need to update your talking points. While the administration initially blamed the film and called the attack spontaneous, most experts were almost immediately aware the attack was planned to coincide with 9/11. Several days later the administration finally had to agreed with what most already knew. Imagine that after President Obama has pretty much declared the war on terror over. Now we are learning the embassy had asked for more security prior to the attack, and for some reason it was not approved. Please advise who you are insinuating was behind the making of the film. It is obvious there has been another terrorist attack during the President’s watch and, once again, he tried to blame others for another of his failures.

          • I am well aware of what the administration said recently, and while there is no doubt that Al Qaeda cells remain ready to attack in countries throughout the world, I still believe the film that demonize Islam and insulted their prophet Muhammad had a lot to do with what happened. Violent reactions, and demonstrations, have been the norm every time Islam has been insulted in the past. The financiers and makers of the film were well aware of that fact, and that is precisely why they made it and released it on the eve of 9/11. The thousands of Muslims that participated in protests throughout the Muslim world were not holding 9/11 signs, they were expressing outrage for what was said in that film and were demanding respect.

          • chisolm

            Thousands of Muslims that participated in protests were also chanting, “we are all, Usama Bin Laden”. Perhaps they were outraged because President Obama spiked the ball numerous times while taking credit for killing bin Laden.

          • BDC_57

            Racists tea bigots never learn from ther mistakes.

    • Parisgirl

      Thank you Dominick, I have never seen all of the president’s accomplishments brought together in such a succinct and comprehensive list. The filibustering of the Veteran’s Jobs Act is the last straw from this disgraceful Republican Tea Party congress, although I agree that somewhere down the road they will repeal the tax free combat pay. Keep up the good work!

      • Florida Sen Marco Rubio, the guy that was considered for the VP spot, just voted against the Veteran’s Jobs Act.

    • mrbluesays

      Nope they hate that it takes more than 4 years to clean up after Bush

      • Mr.Blue, I watched an interview on Brian Williams with Romney. He said that day that it would take longer than four years for him to fix the economy.

    • CAThinker

      Thanks Dominick!

    • ExPAVIC


      Provided air support from carriers in the Bay of Benghazi to protect anti-Gadhafi forces during his overthrow and provided drones to prevent Gadhafi forces from getting to chemical agent bunkers hidden in the desert.

    • Nice work/great list-excellent !

    • BDC_57

      They are racist and they don’t want him to suceed. whitch he all ready has.

    • I couldn’t care less if Obama was pink with purple polka dots instead of black. I don’t believe he’s in any way the person to bring this economy to an upswing. In fact, I believe the opposite. I’m an Independent who lives in the Northeast, don’t care for his policies and think he is destroying this wonderful nation. He was too busy being on “The View” instead of meeting with world leaders who were desperately trying to have a few minutes of his time in this chaotic mess in the Middle East. There is proof that they were forewarned about terrorist activity being planned for the Embassy on Sept.11, and when contacted for more security, the response was to work it out yourself. That worked well for our Ambassador and two others who were murdered. He has spent his whole time as President campaigning instead of fixing this country. I would have much preferred to see Condelezza Rice as VP then Paul Ryan. Obama massages the numbers for all of his statistics. And your comparing him to FDR?? Seriously? Now that’s a stretch and a half. Has anybody taken the time to look at how much Michelle Obama has spent of OUR money on vacations, taking as many as 40 friends along while staying at 5 star hotels, tours and all the while we taxpayers pay the bills? She wasn’t at any locations as the First Lady. She was on vacation. Hundreds of thousands of dollars that could have fed people, saved homes and businesses and paid medical bills for those in need. This is a media Presidency and he plays on his good looks and abilty as a speaker, not by his policies that will ease the burden of the American public. And when you speak of someone with their nose buried in woman’s panties, well, of course, Bill Clinton comes immediately to mind. Take a minute to reflect if you are truly better off today than 4 years ago and be honest. My husband hasn’t had a raise in 4 years and made it through 6 layoffs. Bread costs over $4 per loaf. College graduates come out of school with thousands of dollars in student loans and can’t find jobs. This is the tip of the iceberg. I am not a Romney fan by any means. I think we have two poor choices. But Obama has had 4 years to make a positive difference and I don’t think he’s done his job, by any means.

      • You are entitled to your opinion, but if you take the time to analyze President Obama’s policies he has made since he took office 3.5 years ago you will find that his decisions are the reason the economy did not collapse as predicted by former President Bush in 2008, Every sector of our economy is turning around, companies are posting record profits and hiring, the stock market is at record highs, and jobs are being created. I am sorry your husband lost his job 4 years ago when about 700,000 people were losing their as a result of 8 years of horrible Republican policies.
        I find the fixation of Republicans on the fact that Barack and Michelle Obama travel, stay in nice accomodations, fly Air Force One, and are welcome by foreign and domestic leaders fascinating. Should we assume Michelle Obama should not enjoy the same privileges her predecessors have? Compared to Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan and others Michelle Obama never flaunts her privileged position and the power that comes with it. You may not consider the role she has been playing in changing the eating habit of our children important, or the support she has been giving to veteran’s families important, but many of us do and we hope she is able to continue doing it regardless of what the Tea Party bigots think or want.

        • You are a breath of fresh air, Dominick – I just wish it weren’t falling on deaf (and dumb) ears. I have yet to hear a republican admit that going from 100’s of thousands of jobs lost per month to gaining – though not as quickly as needed – is a positive outcome of Obama’s efforts.
          I fear they simply don’t have a clue – it would seem that critical thinking is anathema to the teabillys.

        • neece00

          Wow, you are my hero

        • BDC_57

          Dom I am glad you are in my corner.

        • Dominick it is very refreshing that you tabulated all that President Obama had accomplished despite the 4 short years that he was in office not forgetting at the same time clearing the moronic low IQ Republican Bush’s 8 years of mess left behind. But I tell you, no amount of logic explanations or reasoning you try to decimate to most pea brain rightists, they already formed a negative mindset, most of the time not supported by facts. Americans had made it clear their voice heard loud and clear of electing Obama. I can forsee that if President Obama can do a better job at the end of his coming 4 years term the conservatives will sing another different tunes finding all kinds of faults again. Read my lips

      • old_blu

        You say you are “Independent” I doubt it, I have heard every thing you just said on Fox Fake News, and from Rush Limburger.

      • Joseph Hemphill

        so lets go back to ” free fall ” with mitt, he uses the same advisers as Bush…

    • gahoof

      Dominick, I’m impressed with your research. Thank you for your time and efforts on this.

    • You are an idiot. I really wish Obama would put your points in an ad, he would lose for sure. 34 of the 36 things listed above are BAD things, not GOOD things. And that is the reason people dislike him. Because he is a socialist/marxist whatever. Also, if you want ot point something out, at least put items he has done. You give him credit for saying he will do it as if he has done it. A stimulus package that doesnt stimulate is not a good thing! And while we are talking about it, how about a friendly wager about whether the Medicare savings ever happen. What a joke.

      • ChristoD

        Rob, I applaud you for your guts. Writing what you wrote in this forum is very courageous. Your reaction points out what I believe is the essence of the difference between the two parties positions. One believes government is a DISASTER and one believes that the government WORKS FOR THE COMMON GOOD. In reality it is SUPPOSED to be somewhere in between. I would ask you the following questions and ask what you would do without these sevices: national defense, interstate highway system, interstate commerce, social security, medicare (or medicaid for those unemployed), unemployment benefits for those unemployed,
        national educational standards, rules and regulations on: financial services industries (banks and stock companies), energy suppliers, food suppliers, ranchers, poultry providers, meat providers, etc. etc. etc. If you can HONESTLY say you can do without ANY of these services then you are clearly either being dishonest or live in la la land. I cannot imagine what it would be like living in our COMPLEX and filled with fraud country without these services. If you believe otherwise, you must live in a remote part of the country where side arms, lawlessness and insanity must prevail. The whole political debate isn’t about good or bad federal government, it is about government controlled vs. private industry offered services. They are NECESSARY and MUST be in place but the right wants to make things private industry controlled so that they can make money off of it, the public be damned if they have to pay more for these services. Where us Dems. want the government to control most of what they control because we don’t trust private industry to be fair and equitable since they are not socially focused but profit centered.

    • Dominick, he also secured a $20 billion trust fund from BP for the damage done by the oil spill in the gulf coast.

      • And, Leopold, remember the Texas Senator who apologized to BP because they were called to answer to Congress?

    • DukeDacat

      …and the hits just keep on coming…….
      Well said Dominick…………..

    • Thank you, Dominick. I just pasted that into a document to share with others.

    • mbm

      So very true, Dominick. If the GOP had any real substance, their political attacks would not rely on repeated lies and twisted truths that they have been called on again and again. If Obama was such a dismal failure, simply stating the facts would be sufficient, no need for lies, propaganda or conspiracy theories.

    • Jan Willem v.d. Gronden

      Wauw… I had made a short list of accomplishments, but this is even better. Mind if I borrow the list?!

      What I miss:

      EO 13489 – Returning to higher transparency level prior to Bush (effectively Reagan Era transparency)
      Dodd Frank Act (finance regulation)
      OMSO – Mortgage relief fund (check Chris Christie why that doesn’t pan out, yet)
      Consumer protection agency

      Maybe I overlooked any of those in your list, in that case mea culpa. But what a great president you guys have! 4 more years.

    • jjrjon

      In addition to what Dominick said I believe it’s also racially motovated by our congressional idiots who wanted a One Term President.

    • cortezjan29

      I commend Dominick Vila, whoever you are. Your comments show a person who speaks the truth, is candid and prefers the truth instead of hiding behind rhetoric and lies like the republican party. I am so dissapointed in the people who stand behind this party since Mr. Obama has been president. You have pointed out so many achievements from this man’s administration that even a blind man can see, but not that party. They can’t see anything good or worthwhile that this man has done. What a tragedy to be that limited in one’s ability to grow in character and justice. This party has shown me that they are not interested in righteousness or in growing in character and what is just but only resigned to bigotry and hate. especially for a country that prides itself for great historical accomplishments regarding cultural diversity and having a foundation of christian values.
      I voted for Mr. Bush in his second term because God told me to and I’ve never voted republican, but I hope the Lord never request that of me again because I’ve learned in the last four years, that party is not interested in what is right.

    • mrmsjb12

      yes you are defiantly are a dumocrat

    • Here are his real “accomplishments” Dominick:

      1. Stagnant 8% plus unemployment rate that doesn’t consider people who have given up looking for work. Real unemployment rate is about 14%. The worst rate since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.
      2. Contributing more to the deficit in 3 years than the “evil” GW Bush did in 8.
      3. Raided Medicaid to the tune of $700 billion to pay for socialized medicine (aka Affordable Care Act) that has done nothing but raise insurance premiums for those of us that have the audacity to work for a living. It’s not even gone into full effect yet.
      4. Depleting the used car market with Cash for Clunkers program so that used cars are more expensive.
      5. Refusing to open the Keystone pipeline that would provide “shovel ready” jobs for thousands.
      6. Promising “Shovel ready” jobs that just weren’t there.
      6. Mishandling intelligence that would have prevented the assassination of the Libyan ambassador. Then blaming it on a stupid anti-Muslim film.
      8. Apologizing to the Muslim world for America’s greatness.
      9. Causing more division in our country than any other President in history.
      10. Economic policies that have caused our nation’s federal government credit rating to be downgraded for the first time in history.
      11. Blaming all his problems on the previous administration, not taking ownership and being a leader.
      12. Taking the work requirement out of the welfare system.
      13. Hasn’t passed a budget his whole term in office. A first in the history of our government.
      14. Takes credit for killing Osama bin Laden under policies enacted by the evil GW.
      15. Approves the “Fast and Furious” guns program that is totally mismanaged and has resulted in the deaths of our border agents and innocent civilians.

      I could go on but I won’t. All this will fall on KoolAid drinking Obama supporters’ deaf ears. You guys claim to be intellectually superior to knuckle dragging conservatives. Do a little research when you come off the KoolAid high. Obama’s destroying our country no matter how you try to spin the “leadership” this inept excuse for a President exhibits.

    • If you backed up your statements with facts it would be more appealing. Like number 12 . You know there are 32,000 lobbyist’s that give money to BOTH parties? By the way, how do you eliminate a donut hole? #14 Guantanamo Bay is still open, but you failed to mention that. #32 Failed, did not pass because Nancy Pelosi owns a bizillion shares of VISA which soared after she stopped the legislation from passing. There are other like DOUBLING the number of white house staff …How many staff does Michelle have? uh, more than any other first woman in history. As for the Hispanic lady in the supreme court, she was slipped in while the senate was on recess…

    • The anti-Obama crowd I see as I travel around the country may identify one or two of the things you cite in your litany. But overwhelmingly, they are angry about being -politically, marginalized since Obama was elected. If Obama gets re-elected, these people have come to see that no matter what their political views are, they and it will no longer matter to the nation. Or as the man said, a second term for an Obama Presidencywill be the epitaph for the old Nixon Southern Strategy.

    • ministerdwightsmith

      You Got That Right!!!!!!!!!

    • Dominick, you have gone to a lot of trouble to list the liberal talking points but as a feeedom thinking self supporting veteran who has raised 4 kids to be the same, two of which are also veterans, I can only say”back down cox’sn, your suckin’ mud”. About 30 of your listed items are only examples of growing government to reduce personal freedoms and responsibility. Creating a larger “Nanny State” will not get this county back on it’s feet. Excluding military spending 11 of your items cost great amounts of money that can only come from increased taxes or borrowed money, either of which is unacceptable. You seem to not understand the differance between “Tax Avoidance” and ‘Tax Evasion” tax avoidance is legal and built into the tax code, tax evasion is not and is prosicutable. Monies in offshore accounts is legal and none of the governments business unless they have a Tax Evasion Case. Just more of our freeedoms taken away by big brother. Limiting salaries for white house aides should have just stopped with limiting the number of white house aides, and limiting them to folks without felony records. His appointment to the Supreme Court was a purely political ply and a joke. And lastly, his continued prosecution of the war in Iraq, attempts to close GITMO, attempts to get citizens rights for war combatants and so on, showed his reluctance to lead, until intel found Bin Laden, then he changed from dove to hawk for the chance to make that political play.

      He is a counterfeit president at best, obviously your boy, but never mine. I support the Constitution and personal freedoms and responsibility. Obama be damned.

    • The GOP is nothing more than another form of kkk. Instead of wearing sheets they wear suits.
      They hate the president first and foremost because he is a Black Man who is very smart, educated, rich, and he did something that the other white presidents could not, or would not do because it was unpopular, and that is to reform healthcare. Also it cut into the fat checks they were receiving from the insurance companies, so on and so forth.
      Mitt Romney does’nt give a rat’s behind about you, me, and especially the poor and middle class. If u are not a millionair he could care less.
      The man is unstable in all his ways, you cannot believe one word that comes out of his mouth. If you do. I have an Island Restort to sell ya. Cheap!
      By the way he is already talking about cutting education programs.
      Starting with PBS better know to the children as BIG BIRD !
      I wonder if Mitt Romney grandkids know that Grand PaPa is going to fire Big Bird if he wins. MAY GOD FORBID!

    • Those 36 “accomplishments” you cite are quite comparable to Karl marx greatest hits.

    • I’m not an expert on many things, but since Ive been serving in the military for the last decade, I know a couple of things for sure, in response to your listings the following were not accomplished because of our president, or are simply wrong.

      25. Our pay and benefits have always gone up every single year to compensate for inflation, however since Obama has been in office they have gone up less and less. From around 3-4% to about 1.5%, less than the actual rise in inflation. (my numbers are not strict calculations, they are guesstimates from the top of the head trying to remember)

      23. The improved armor for soldiers actually started when I was first deployed in Iraq back before Obama was in office, and have increased since because of the every changing combat situations we encountered. This was demanded by the soldiers on the front line.

      26. I can only speak for 2 specific military bases that I have been on in the U.S, that being Fort Irwin, and Ft Bragg, but both started their housing improvements before Obama’s term started. And while there has been some up in veteran benefits, mostly it has been cuts.

      22. The military has never authorized torture, there are those that don’t follow rules, and have been punished because of it. But sometimes in war, and I can tell first hand, minor scare tactics is an only option when the lives of our fellow American soldiers are on the line. And the military has always up held the regulation of the Geneva Convention, we all have to sit thru annual classes especially before deployments about the laws of war.

      Ok so Obama “Ordered” the raid that killed Osama, any Human with half a brain would have, that fight was gonna happen with or without his “order”. I give the president no credit for the death of Osama or the “end” of the Iraq war, only to the men and women who fought every day in unthinkable conditions without complaint, so people like you can sit at home and type lies on their computer.

    • As a Libertarian, for me most of the things you mention are dreadful, including foreign adventurism and military intervention. So, none of the things you mention I wanted to “get done.”

    • Wartface

      Dominick Vila…could it because he is a habitual liar?

      OWEbama lied about this not being a planned terrorist attack…
      OWEbama lied about about not raising taxes on those making less than $250,000…
      OWEbama lied about changing immigration laws in 1st year after election…
      OWEbama lied about his association with Rev Wright and Bill Ayers…
      OWEbama lied about “I’m not someone that promotes same sex marriages”…
      OWEbama lied about Guantanamo being closed in his first year…
      OWEbama lied about “I will walk the picket line with you if your right to bargain is challenged”…
      OWEbama lied about ” no more wire tapping of citizens”…
      OWEbama lied about ” I had a uncle who was one of the, who was part of the first American troops to go into Auschwitz and liberate the concentration camps”…
      OWEbama lied about ” I’ve done more to protect Israel’s security than any President ever”…
       OWEbama lied about “fence between US and Mexico is nearly complete”…
      OWEbama lied about Obama met highly qualified out of work teacher Robert Baroz. He wasn’t out of work and Obama never met him.
      OWEbama lied about GOP Responsible for Obama Jobs Bill Not Passing –
      Dems Rejected Jobs Bill
      OWEbama lied about “the Rich don’t pay their fair share” 
      OWEbama lied about “The health care bill will not increase the deficit by one dime”…
      OWObama lied about “If you like the health care plan you have you can keep it”
      OWEbama lied about “Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.”
      OWEbama lied about “denies healthcare is a new tax on all Americans”…
      OWEbama lied about “We have run out of places in the US to drill for oil.”
      OWEbama lied about “if you don’t have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you can be harassed”…
      OWEbama lied about “Doctors choose amputation because they get better compensation. Greedy Doctors taking out tonsils for more money.”
      OWEbama lied about “The Health Care Package will pay for itself”…
      OWEbama lied about “Republicans don’t have a single idea that’s different from George Bush’s ideas — not one.”
       OWEbama lied about “Obama says he’ll save average family $8,000 in gas”.
      OWEbama lied about “I am immediately instituting PayGo “Pay as you go”.
      OWEbama lied about the Trillion Dollar “Shovel Ready” bill.
      OWEbama lied about “We began by passing a Recovery Act that has already saved or created over 150,000 jobs.” – caught cooking the books and now changed to ‘jobs supported’ versus ‘created/saved’
      OWEbama lied about “Number one, we inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit. … That wasn’t me.” – Congress, under Democratic control in 2007 and 2008, controlled the purse strings that led to the deficit Obama inherited.Obama supported the emergency bailout package in Bush’s final months — a package Democratic leaders wanted to make bigger.
      OWEbama lied about “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” 
      OWEbama lied about “I will Cut the Deficit in Half by end of my first term”…
      OWEbama lied about “Health Care deals will be covered on C-span”…
      OWEbama lied about “As President I will recognize the Armenian Genocide”…
      OWEbama lied about “Recovery Act will save or create jobs”…
      OWEbama lied about “Unemployment rate will be 8.5% without stimulus”…
      OWEbama lied about “No Earmarks in the $787 Billion Stimulus”…
      OWEbama told the TRUTH “I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care plan”…
      OWEbama lied about “Mr. Ayers as “a guy who lives in my neighborhood,” but “not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis”.
      OWEbama lied about “Minimum Wage will increase to $9.50/hr”…
      OWEbama lied about “Ann Dunham spent the months before her death in 1995 fighting with insurance companies that sought to deny her the coverage she needed to pay for treatment”.
      OWEbama lied about “Didn’t know Jeremiah Wright was Radical”…
      OWEbama lied about “Would have the most transparent administration in History”…
      OWEbama lied about “We will go through our federal budget – page by page, line by line – eliminating those programs we don’t need, and insisting that those we do operate in a sensible cost-effective way”…
      OWEbama lied about “I have visited all 57 states”…
      OWEbama lied about “I’ll get rid of earmarks”…
      OWEbama lied about “When a bill lands on my Desk, The American people will have 5 days to review it before I sign it”.
      OWEbama lied about “My father served in World War II”…
      OWEbama lied about “I’ll have the troops out of Iraq by March 31, 2009″…
      OWEbama lied about “Seniors Making less than 50,000 will not have to pay taxes”…
      OWEbama lied about “Would not vote for any bill supporting troop funding without a firm withdrawal commitment from the Bush Administration”…
      OWEbama lied about “I don’t Have Lobbyists”…
      OWEbama lied about “My Wife Didn’t Mean What She Said About Pride In Country”…
      OWEbama lied about “Barack was never an ACORN trainer and never worked for ACORN in any other capacity”…
      OWEbama lied about “I Barely Know Rezko”…
      OWEbama lied about “My Church Is Like Any Other Christian Church”…
      OWEbama lied about “you didn’t build that”…

    • Which one of those would a sane person call a positive accomplishment. Number 1-6 are all bad policy. 7 and 8 have existed for years. Expanded the stupid Bush policy of medicare prescription drugs. More entitlements when we can’t pay for existing. War in Iraq ended on the Bush schedule, more died in war during Obama’s term than 2 Bush terms.
      The rest of the list is just a laundry list of bad policies or outright lies.

    • When I read the first 6 I thought your sarcasm was fantastic! Then I realized you were anti freedom.

    • mil737

      All of this “because answers” indicate that Obama is just little under the aspirations of Hugo Chavez

    • gordo29

      Dom, buddy, I would trade all the tiny things above (and the one big one) for a leader in the White House who would make us safer (by supporting our friends and standing up to our enemies) and who understands that the people spend their own money better than the government spends their money, as it has been during the entire history of this country. The above list is hysterical (and dishonest) in light of his complete failure to tackle the single largest thing we hired him to do – jobs. The list is loaded with feel good, temporary and mostly failed attempts to tackle some long term problems with short term vote getters, like cash for clunkers. Oh, and using the words “proposed”, “championed” and “phasing or expanded” is code for “failed to do it” and if you had an honest, informed bone in your body, you would know it. Its fantasy. If he had not ordered the no-brainer raid that killed Osama, he might have faced impeachment, or wholesale disaffection of the DoD and DoS. its not an accomplishment, its his job. More than half of the list either never happened, or was an initiative by someone else in government that was continued from previous adminstrations.

      In fact, the ONLY things on the above list that Obama actually did (where his “leadership” mattered were #1 and #34. #9 is a famous fabrication that goes under #1, as are several others on this list. And if asked, the millions of Americans about to be hit by the 3.8% tax on unearned income might beg to differ on the “accomplishment.”

      But, I will bite and check them all out:

      the following short term, feel good things did absolutely nothing to create jobs, support the housing market or otherwise generate real change in whatever part of the economy they were targeted on – #2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 16, 17. The following are some things that never happened at all: 8, 21, 24 (never stopped), 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31 (never existed), 33, 35, etc. 36 is an annual renewal that is eternal (nice try). The F-22 was the stopped by the smart folks in DoD, who facing the catastrophic coming cuts in defense, did the smart thing and cut the world’s most effective (not outdated) fighter aircraft.

      Shame on you for the veterans benefits, body armor and other “things Obama did.” He had NOTHING to do with these – I know because that is where I worked.

      Oh yeah, and it wasn’t torture…but it did save American lives. I know, it was done to me -scary, but not torture.

      And lastly, saying others “failed to do” anything on that list is disengenuous in the extreme. Smart folks, who worry about the long term health of the people and the country, would not have wanted to such foolish things.

    • And don’t forget spending only 5.5 trillion dollars added to national debt, in only 4 years!!!!!. Now we only owe 16.5 trillion to China! Good job Obama keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s spend more money we don’t have!!!!!! Lets get out the printing press and print more money!!!!!!!!!!!! My health care costs up, my gasoline up, food prices up, energy&electricity up, unemployment rate up, the debt way up the only thing that went down are my wages at work!!! Another 4 years!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!

    • AbbyBJ

      Yes, I finally saw it at the bottom . . . Killed Osama bin Laden.

    • Lets see here.. on your list… of the first 6, only number 5 is good, numbers, the rest a TERRIBLE waste of taxpayer money 8 and 9 are lies, 12 is a joke, 16 never really happened (spending yes, road, bridges no…), If you worked for a college like I do you would know 19 is the worst thing ever to happen…talk about waste and abuse, …need I go on????
      I do think 23-26 are good….

    • Max62

      Yeah increasing the costs of government thus increasing tax spending,increasing debt.

      Oh yeah, apologized for America being the greatest country in the free world based on free enterprise and a can do spirit.

      Increased entitlement programs for the ‘less fortunate’,which boosts a poverty attitude.

      Has made America a laughing stock in the world power community.

      Did the 36 items you listed and this is a good thing?

      Is that what you mean?

    • locohoya

      You should make that list available nationwide.

    • How DARE you try to confuse the issue with facts!

      And on top of that accurate facts. What are you trying to do?

      Considering the Greedy Oil Party (GOP) blocked everything they could that would have had a positive affect on our lives the indumbent did a pretty darned good job.

      You can listen to hate radio all you want & all you will hear are RepubliKKKlan pundits screaming


      We if you are dumb enough to vote for Romney so be it but you will be among the minority this time out.

    • The best summary of the President’s positive contributions I have seen. Good work.

    • What planet do you live on? This is not Dem vs. Rep. . . . this administrative has done nothing but damage our economy through their political agenda driven decisions. Your list is laughable . . .”expanded loans to small businesses” . . . do you know anyone that has applied for a small business loan in the past four years? They have never been harder to get. Appointed the first “Latina” to the Supreme Court? . . can we please stop making skin color an issue? Only the Dems are obsessed with this. Wake up . .. big government is not the solution . . .open a history book. Marx vs. Jefferson. Obama chooses Marx . . . it’s just that simple.

    • FreedomFromTyrants

      The reason Obama is so hated is because he is EXTREME left. Not centrist left like is being claimed. He would be painting JFK as far right wing rich elitist. You’d think this part of JFK’s speech below was given by Romney. You far left extremists don’t have a good grasp on history and it really hampers your view of reality. It’s fun to paint everyone on the other side as “rolling down the isle experiencing a miracle” type of lunatic when it comforts your world view. Many of the “accomplishments” you list are very good reasons that Obama is a failure. Not only are they bad policy at face value, they also serve to illustrate why Obama has no grasp of what really drives our economy or why it works efficiently. “Feel good” government is taking us down the toilet.

      “The most direct and significant kind of federal action aiding economic growth is to make possible an increase in private consumption and investment demand — to cut the fetters which hold back private spending. In the past, this could be done in part by the increased use of credit and monetary tools, but our balance of payments situation today places limits on our use of those tools for expansion. It could also be done by increasing federal expenditures more rapidly than necessary, but such a course would soon demoralize both the government and our economy. If government is to retain the confidence of the people, it must not spend more than can be justified on grounds of national need or spent with maximum efficiency. And I shall say more on this in a moment.

      The final and best means of strengthening demand among consumers and business is to reduce the burden on private income and the deterrents to private initiative which are imposed by our present tax system — and this administration pledged itself last summer to an across-the-board, top-to-bottom cut in personal and corporate income taxes to be enacted and become effective in 1963.

      I’m not talking about a “quickie” or a temporary tax cut, which would be more appropriate if a recession were imminent. Nor am I talking about giving the economy a mere shot in the arm, to ease some temporary complaint. I am talking about the accumulated evidence of the last five years that our present tax system, developed as it was, in good part, during World War II to restrain growth, exerts too heavy a drag on growth in peace time; that it siphons out of the private economy too large a share of personal and business purchasing power; that it reduces the financial incenitives [sic] for personal effort, investment, and risk-taking. In short, to increase demand and lift the economy, the federal government’s most useful role is not to rush into a program of excessive increases in public expenditures, but to expand the incentives and opportunities for private expenditures.

      Under these circumstances, any new tax legislation — and you can understand that under the comity which exists in the United States Constitution whereby the Ways and Means Committee in the House of Representatives have the responsibility of initiating this legislation, that the details of any proposal should wait on the meeting of the Congress in January. But you can understand that, under these circumstances, in general, that any new tax legislation enacted next year should meet the following three tests:

      First, it should reduce the net taxes by a sufficiently early date and a sufficiently large amount to do the job required. Early action could give us extra leverage, added results, and important insurance against recession. Too large a tax cut, of course, could result in inflation and insufficient future revenues — but the greater danger is a tax cut too little, or too late, to be effective.

      Second, the new tax bill must increase private consumption, as well as investment. Consumers are still spending between 92 and 94 percent on their after-tax income, as they have every year since 1950. But that after-tax income could and should be greater, providing stronger markets for the products of American industry. When consumers purchase more goods, plants use more of their capacity, men are hired instead of laid-off, investment increases, and profits are high.

      Corporate tax rates must also be cut to increase incentives and the availability of investment capital. The government has already taken major steps this year to reduce business tax liability and to stimulate the modernization, replacement, and expansion of our productive plant and equipment. We have done this through the 1962 investment tax credit and through the liberalization of depreciation allowances — two essential parts of our first step in tax revision — which amounted to a ten percent reduction in corporate income taxes worth 2.5 billion dollars. Now we need to increase consumer demand to make these measures fully effective — demand which will make more use of existing capacity and thus increase both profits and the incentive to invest. In fact, profits after taxes would be at least 15 percent higher today if we were operating at full employment.

      For all these reasons, next year’s tax bill should reduce personal as well as corporate income taxes: for those in the lower brackets, who are certain to spend their additional take-home pay, and for those in the middle and upper brackets, who can thereby be encouraged to undertake additional efforts and enabled to invest more capital.

      Third, the new tax bill should improve both the equity and the simplicity of our present tax system. This means the enactment of long-needed tax reforms, a broadening of the tax base, and the elimination or modification of many special tax privileges. These steps are not only needed to recover lost revenue and thus make possible a larger cut in present rates, they are also tied directly to our goal of greater growth. For the present patchwork of special provisions and preferences lightens the tax loads of some only at the cost of placing a heavier burden on others. It distorts economic judgments and channels undue amounts of energy into efforts to avoid tax liability. It makes certain types of less productive activity more profitable than other more valuable undertakings. All this inhibits our growth and efficiency, as well as considerably complicating the work of both the taxpayer and the Internal Revenue Service.” – Part of a John F. Kennedy speech given in 1962

    • Most if not all of the “so called incentives/buy outs” have all – of course been at the U.S. taxpayers expense, of which you and I are and will be paying for for the rest of our natural lives. How and why is he increasing pay/benefits for military personnel, but is disallowing them their right to vote? The war in Iraq is still going on, and of course, now that we are gone, what is happening to it now? What’s the use of having a Latina to the Supreme Court who is as liberal as he is? Why does skin color always have to be the issue?

      I thought we elect someone to office to get stuff done, not constantly pass extremist laws/views to the rest of the country who don’t want them – like passing Obamacare down our throat to the point of developing it “BEHIND CLOSED DOORS” while claiming ‘TRANSPARENCY” IN HIS ADMINISTRATION!!!

      He didn’t kill Osama Bin Laden, the navy Seals did, that’s the ONLY GOOD thing he has done in 4 lousy years!!!

    • NO !!!

    • mindyc2012

      The bottom line it’s RACE…republicans, tea-party, right wing, conservatives are greedy aggrogant, pompus, and the reason we’ve been in a recession the last four years…they ARE the reason a bailout had to occur…it’s reason 90 million are out of work the reason millions of people loss their homes because of GREEDY right wing conservatives seeling mortgages to people they knew couldnt afford it but to only make their pockets richer. When President Obama took office he was handed one of the worst scenarios the country ever seen…how in the world do you think you can solve and unravel 8 YEARS of a Bush administration of lies and deceit that literally almost destroyed this country in as little at 4 years and especially when the country hadnt even hit rock bottom by the time Obama took office.

      Letting companies like Goldman Sachs, who at the time of Bush’s adminstration had one their CFOs also was a member of the Dept of Treasury or companies like Fannie Mae who because of Bush deregulation allowed mortgage companies to sell piss poor mortgages to people they knew couldnt pay for it but sold them ANYWAY to get richer……..When are people going to wake up… this country is in shambles NOT b/c of President Obama it’s because of narcisstic and ego-driven maniacs who don’t care NOTHING about the american people but only care about lining there pockets…If Obama was white…he’d be called the best president in history… White people cannot stand to think that a black man may actually lead this country to better times. But if Romney is put in office the country is headed for a BIGGER downfall and worse than Bush could ever cause…it’s a shame and people need to go out and vote to make it clear we don’t need another arrogant pompus president in the office. We need someone who truly cares about the America people romney’s record speaks for itself…he only changes his views to get in the office and once he’s there he’ll only do what the tea-party wants and NOT what’s best for the American people.

    • KARL MARX !!!!!! Could’ve saved you a lot of words !!!!!

    • genmactan

      Unfortunately, all these didn’t help the economy: 23M still unemployed, gas prices doubled since he took office, food prices up more than 30%, food stamps people increase by 15M, poverty level up by 15%. The fact is, we are no better today than when Obama took office.

    • john fonyi

      all of which cost the american people 4,300 per year in lost income put 47million on foodstamps killed border patrol agents, defied court orders, put a known communist (van jones) in charge of educating our children in the communist doctrine. you are a moron no further words needed

    • arianna higgins

      HAHAHAHA!!! Lies lies lies.

      No seriously. You have GOT to be kidding me!!!!

    • akcoyote

      And on the flip side………….
      1. Government control of healthcare that few want
      2. More liberal Supreme court justices
      3. Instituting the DREAM act by executive order
      4. Gutting welfare reform by executive order
      5. Bail out of Government Motors
      6. $789 BILLION Stimulus plan
      7. Cut missile defense by $1.4 BILLION
      8. Gave up our missile defense in Poland
      9. Traveled to more countries in his first 6 months in office than any other president, all during the worst recession in history
      10. Cash for clunkers
      11. Decimated the coal industy
      12. Greatly reduced offshore oil drilling
      13. Government take over of the student loan program
      14. Unemployment is >8% for 43 months
      15. Increased the national debt by $5 TRILLION
      16. No constitutionally mandated federal budget for three years
      17. Under Obama, 1 in 3 US households (excluding SS and Medicare) receive some kind of ‘benefit’ from the government.
      18. Currently, 43 MILLION Americans receive food stamps
      19. Delayed the construction of the Keystone pipeline
      20. Today, 12.8 million Americans are unemployed, 8.2 million cannot find enough work, and 1.1 million have given up
      21. Since Obama took office, 6.3 million Americans have fallen into poverty
      22. He invited lobbyists from the pharmaceuticals and the health-insurance industries to write his health-care reform law
      23. He let bankers write the bank reform bill, which is why those laws are so convoluted, unworkable and unpopular
      24. He allowed political donors to control the funding for green energy projects
      25. From the beginning of the recovery in June 2009, more Americans have joined the ranks of the disabled (3.1 million) than have found jobs (2.6 million).
      26. A gallon of regular gasoline the day Obama was inaugurated was $1.79 on average in the U.S. Today that price is $3.59, a 100.6% increase.
      27. The number of foodstamp recipients has risen since Obama took office from 31,983,716 to 43,200,878, a 35.1% jump.
      28. Long term unemployment soared 146.2% during the same 32 month period from 2,600,000 to 6,400,000

      • Another pea brain made of prawn meat. Like the the Red Indians said ‘you speak with forked toungue!’

    • JTS

      Thank you.

    • William

      Half of these “achievements” are the very list of things so many dislike about him. Half of these things are not credits, they are reasons to fire him. Cash for clunkers? Failure. Tax benefits for outsourcing? Doesn’t exist. Appointing Supremes based on skin color and ethnicity? Disgusting. Guantanamo phased out? Lies. Support the military? Joke.

    • DRA2012

      It’s amazing! Almost HALF of these claims are outright lies! and you get 531 likes? I can see that I have accidentally come over to Alice’s website in Wonderland. Bye, guys – I’m not going to waste my time trying to educate this mob.

    • Friedwatermellon

      Dominick your out of your freaking’ mind .
      Obama had been the biggest failure ever to be in charge of our great country.
      He almost buried the middle class where you get your food stamps from.
      He apologizes to our enemies.
      He takes credit for things he had no chance of doing on his own..
      Another words he an imbecile of the first order like yourself.

      • Watermelon cannot be fried you nitwit. You call Dominick and the President imbiciles. You not only got pea brain but the cells are from from meat. That is why you cannot think logically.

        • Friedwatermellon

          Hey Mohamed have yourself a Bacon sandwich and pray and thank Allah before you eat it.
          Also Mr pig snout, all types of melons have been fried.

    • sanderdog

      All reasons to not vote for Obama: Socialism vote buying at its worst.

    • Ray

      Well said Dominick, I need to sample those facts on other sites.

    • Sometimes it seems that the biggest failure of Obama is in really getting the word out on all that has been accomplished. The constant hammering of Fox news seems to obscure how moderate the policies have been, while most certainly managing significant wins where the Republican obstructivism could be surmounted.
      Add: ended Don’t ask, Don’t tell.
      Terrific list, Dominick. I plan to refer to it often.

    • Lance Fryback

      you have no idea what you are talking about, these are things obama is taking credit for , not what he did. and the things he did do are going to hurt us not help us, just like clinton and nafta

    • Obama did not order the strike that took out Bin Laden, he merely took credit for it. He did not close offshore tax haven.
      As anyone in the military will tell you, he did not improve anything.
      He made the nuclear non-proliferation one sided (only us).
      better body armor for our troops was started under Bush admin.
      Auto bailout started under Bush admin (Obama modified it to appease the unions, hence all the closings and jobs lost were non-union).
      Guantanamo not being phased out.
      $716B CUT from Medicare to help pay for Affordable Care Act.
      The horrible tax increases that are the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).
      Stimulus was a bad joke only 2/3rd of the money was actually spent, mostly thrown away to Obama cronies like GE.
      Cash for Clunkers was very bad, all it did was take good cars off the roads (and took away all the spare parts from wreckers / parts houses.) . It was flawed on paper and implemented poorly.
      Did not end tax benefits to Corps. that outsource.

      • And all these people yelling “Teabaggers” are plain outright ignorant and do not understand that the Tea Party wants a smaller non socialist modeled gov’t. The Republican party still believes in equal rights for all men & women. Do you ever wonder WHY Democrats (whose ranks have been being filled with Progressives, Socialists, Marxists and outright Communists since the early 1900’s) have added so many social programs in the 20th century that make people rely on the gov’t (socio-economic slavery) and why the Dem. party is continually trying to increase those programs which are beginning to cost more than the gov’t makes in taxes (research cloward & piven). I am a Libertarian and I am also a realist. Yes Obama scares the shit outta me, and it has nothing to do with his skin color, it has everything to do with his CHARACTER. I did not care very much for Bush either (too many of the same Progressive tendencies as Obama) he at least was more moderate. Obama has often stated using Spain as a model for his Gov’t, and he has been following that model well. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has taken Spain from the Economic powerhouse it was, to the complete shambles it is in just under 8 years in office (two terms) with massive social and green policies that detroyed Spain’s economy.

    • bartskibeat

      Dominick, your posting should be compulsory reading for every person eligible to vote in the 2012 election. Thanks for the excellent list of laudable accomplishments.

    • WES341

      Yes, but what has he done for me lately?

    • hollymer

      Let’s just put it this way, Benghazi , unemployment, green energy, fiscal cliff, no budget from senate in three years, high gas prices, failed green energy, oh, Obamacare, EPA, TSA, 9/11/2012, Fort Hood, need I go on?

      Indeed, one wonders what Obama could possibly do to get you to drop your mindless reflexive support of him. Squander their hard-earned dollars in unprecedented amounts? Check. Impoverish our children by burdening them with unimaginable debt? Check. Seek and use the power to spy and jail without due process? Check. Lie to the American people? He’s done that, documented and admitted. Kill American citizens? He’s actually done that too (c.f. the “kill list” he is so proud of). Leave troops in the field to die with no help while he sleeps and goes to fundraisers? No, wait, he’s done that too.

      No, apparently the only sin he can commit in your eyes would be to cut off the gravy train.

    • SuzanneZelei

      Just to nitpick a little

      1. Compromised away the most crucial part in the long run, the public option.

      2. The Tea Party fringe would have wanted $0 and the rest of us would have wanted at least a trillion – enough to actually pick us up. Now nobody’s happy.

      8. Lilly Ledbetter is wonderful, but not exactly the end of pay discrimination.

      13. Well, ended it for OUR part I guess.

      22. Torture outsourced, torturers forgiven and forgotten.

      Continued extrajudicial killings, including of hundreds of innocent civilians, and terrorizing a population daily without even declaring war IS NOT ACTUALLY A SELLING POINT.

    • You said it so well…..

    • letmeeatcake

      most of these “accomplishments” were not the result of obama’s direct action. some of these “accomplishments” are simply not very significant. some of these “accomplishments” will raise your taxes. finally, some of these “accomplishments” are very stupid ideas. economic stimulus (so CEOs of failing companies could have a golden parachute?) and cash for clunkers? get real.

    • obama all he can do is talk,how can you say a self made billioare does not no how to balance a check book,pushish the people that worked hard for the money to support ill wrong the big company will give u 5 hour shift so they wont have to give u healt ins .tex them watch jobs go more by by i give it a year

    • Cville

      Most of those things are bad ideas. Pretty sure lobbyists are hitting it harder than ever. You do realize Barry lost every economic group 50 grand and up and only won because he got like 80 percent of low income minorities right? Even lost youth single white females – true. Sorry to burst your progressive/liberal bubble.

  • first place obama has cone nothing more people are out of work. people that have gone back work are making less, i was forced to go on medicare now my medicines cost more than wiht my other insurance companies. teh auto bailout wasn’t needed Ford didn”t take it and did better than the ones that did. Foreign companies got bail out money. Fiat bought Chrysler, Fiat used bailout for themselves and now fiat may file bankruptcy unless we bail them out again

    There are more lobbiest in the White House now than with Bush and Clinton together

    Politicians are now elected by corporations not the people. We have no say in anything

    • zollo

      Previously, your employer was subsidizing your health insurance and the cost of your meds. Now, the U.S. taxpayer is subsidizing your health insurance and the cost of your
      medications. And you are complaining? You are benefiting from the program and yet you think that Romney – who plans to dismantle Medicare – would be the better choice – really?

      • Zollo, right on. I have Medicare. it is a single payer meaning that the government can negotiate with insurance companies and select one on bid. I think John Roberts needs to shop around for a medigap insurance as I did. One of my husband’s hospital bills was $700,000. What if there was no Medicare? What if we had to pay all his hospital and doctor bills?

    • It was the Republicans who pushed the notion that unlimited funding for political campaigns is justified as ‘free speech’…not the Democrats. Democrats have always pushed for campaign finance reform and restrictions on campaign spending overall. It has been shown over and over that massive outspending on campaigns by one side over the other determines an election outcome…because enough uninformed people are easily manipulated by the messages they are saturated with, to create a majority. So Democrats have to play the same game as Republicans to at least stay in the message game and have a shot at winning. To unilaterally ‘disarm’ is to lose.

      Until this notion of campaign donations & free speech being equivalent goes away, we will have the legalized bribery system run by corporate (& even some union) lobbyists we now have.

    • old_blu

      What are you going to do when Romney/Ryan get rid of your MEDICARE?

    • John, you may have some talking points that are not facts. Parable: If you inherit a house with a badly leaking roof and you can’t afford to fix it, you either go further into debt or you borrow money to fix the roof and then get out of debt. You might need help to do this, and if everyone wants to make sure you lose the house and won’t help you, then you are in trouble. President Obama inherited a leaking economy. His first job was to fix it and then pay down the debt. When he took office we were losing 750,000 jobs a week. Now, we have 30 straight months of job growth. It is true that we need more jobs. So, do remember the big tax breaks for the “job creators” are still in place and have been since 2001, so Dear John, where are the jobs?

    • Why are people out of work in the first place? Why did auto companies need to be bailed out in the first place? Who forced you to go on medicare? Whose policies made corporations so powerful? Obama won’t be the answer to none of these questions.

  • adler56

    The only good redneck is a dead redneck.

    • frivolous01

      I hope you realize that makes you sound just as ignorant as the people that say the only good black man is a dead one, or the only good woman is one in the kitchen, or the only good…etc., etc. You cannot write off an entire section of our culture just because you don’t agree with their beliefs. As a matter of fact, I live in Florida and my husband is a redneck. Interestingly enough he is also a democrat and thinks Obama rocks.

      • adler56

        Your husband may be a southern man but he is not a redneck if he likes President Obama.
        Not every man in the south is a redneck and rednecks exist in many other states also- like Pa. The world view of rednecks and Obama supporters is totally different.

        • old_blu

          We have them in the north west.

      • ” You cannot write off an entire section of our culture just because you don’t agree with their beliefs. ”
        You do regularly.

        • frivolous01

          Name one time.

        • frivolous01

          Name one time that I did this.

  • carsrus

    Republicans? How about independents and Blue collar democRATS? COME OFF IT! What’s likable about someone who thinks he above everyone else in the room?Fact is ,he’s an elite snob, who LOOKS down at US! Nothing to do with the color of his skin, everything to do with his lack of integrity!

    • He’s an elite snob because he was elected to be head of the Harvard Law Review when he was at Harvard Law School , carsrus?…Even the conservative members of that board voted for him back then…because he was intelligent, fair, honest and friendly to everyone…always trying to understand others and reach a consensus. Sounds like he had integrity back then. He later became a community organizer in Chicago and helped folks there improve their lives and neighborhoods…up close and personal. He could easily have become a corporate attorney before that…instead of the law school teacher he did become before the community organizer thing. Oh yeah, he became a Christian too. And a good husband. And a good father. Now, what were you saying about his skin color & lack of integrity?

    • neece00

      That sounds like you are describing Mitt Romney

  • Elarenal

    Alternatively, the people we are talking about here have been screwed over their entire lives (bad or no education, jobs, medical care, diet, housing, etc.) and they just can not come to grips with who it is that is doing it to them, namely, people that look and talk just like they do.

    So a little bit of transference and everybody else is fair game to blame and who better to target than a smart successful black guy from the North. The “Magic Negro” to the rescue? Oh Lord, say it ain’t so.

    The Koch boys can count their money well spent as it goes a long way with these abused citizens.

    These states live off of money transferred via federal taxes from the North and by the military machine. Maybe it is time for an adjustment? I have disadvantaged people in my own state that can use my tax money.

    I hope these people live long enough to benefit from the now improved medical insurance system or maybe they would for example refuse a defibrilator in those critical seconds before final unconsciousness because it has “Obamacare” written on it?

  • Why pick on just the South? Last time I looked Arizona, Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were trying to suppress Democratic voters and generally acting like horse’s asses. And I don’t remember Oklahoma being part of the Confederacy either. Painting with a broad brush like that diminishes everyone.

    • SaneJane

      ….but where did it all start? How did this happen? Well, when southern Democrats abandoned the party and joined the Republicans that was just the beginning. When they said the south would rise again I never guessed it would be accomplished by taking over the Republican Party and transforming it through an evangelical tent revival strategy. They all sound like a cross between George Wallace and a snake handling holy roller. It started here in the south and has spread like Kudzu to bigots everywhere.

      • The South was Democrat until Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act.

    • CPANY

      Oklahoma wasn’t a state in 1860, so it couldn’t secede.

  • phillyproud1982

    Well written article. Interesting perspective. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when President Obama is elected for a second term, if the Southern states decide to succeed from the Union. It seems like just the type of fanatical and irrational approach the Tea Party has become so famous for.

  • lana ward

    I would love to see Herman Cain, Alan West, J.C. Watts and others in the White House. But NOT Obama. Robert Byrd a LIFELONG DEM was head of the KKK, Abraham Lincoln REPUBLICAN, freed the slaves

    • neece00

      He was briefly a member of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1940s, but later left the group and denounced racial intolerance

    • english_teacher

      Yes, Robert Byrd held positions of responsibility in the local KKK but I guess that, in your book, people can’t change. You know, people like Saul on the road to Damascus.

      Yes, Abraham Lincoln was a Republican but there is no comparison of the Republican party in the 1860s to the Republican party of today. The Republican party of today would do itself a favor if it returned to being the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

    • thinkingobserver

      LMAO!!! Economic historical thought will show that Lincoln did not “free” slaves because he liked Blacks. Rather,it was all a part of the industrial northern capitalists vs the southern agronomists: 1. The Confederates needed the FREE slave labor to carry out and continue their war effort. 2. A newly free workforce would have to find work somewhere; how better to find a large number of low-skilled employees who could be exploited easily and confined to said low-cost positions within the northern industrial pecking order?

      Furthermore, one will see that the Democratic and Republican parties as exist today were NOT the parties which existed in the secession and civil-war period.

      The answer lies in the history books.

  • rippper

    Another reason President is hated by the republicans is because he didn’t let the republicans in on his plan to get Bin Laden. He knew that if he let any republican know the plan, the mission would have leaked out to the press. And the republicans, as usual, cried about it. And, instead of applauding the President, they looked for ways to discredit him for getting rid the most evil man on earth. He got the job done and that’s what’s knawls the republicans.
    I guess when Bush and Cheney went behind closed doors on some of their missions without any democrats, it was okay. But let a democrat do it, they call foul and act like cry babies.
    The republicans have hounded President Obama since day one, but he did his job anyway.My only question to the republicans is, if, (and that’s a big “IF”), a republican ever gets in the White House again, would it be okay to hound him from day one?

    • CPANY

      It’s worse than that, ripper. The Bush and bin Laden families are very close commercially. Dubya didn’t want to capture or kill Osama bin Laden because it would have ended the families’ relationship. On the day after the World Trade Center disaster Bush flew out several members of the bin Laden family to avoid their having to undergo questioning.

      • neece00

        Your right, there is a story in this but we will probably never hear it.

  • pondt

    Obama desearve a chance. Republican please I beg let the man get the chance he desearve to run the country. I cannot beleive one can hate someone so bad. But wait its because he is black, black is beauty, black is power give the man a change to make a difference in the world.

  • Your question shouldn’t be why so many Republicans relly hate Obama, the question should be, why so many people in this Coutry hate blacks: Even some of the Democarts, hate Obama; and there is not doubt, they the reason the hate him”, isn’t because they don’t like his Political positions, they hate him because of his color, as simple as that””….

    • CAThinker

      I tend to agree… It’s the only conclusion that makes sense – many of his policies and proposals weren’t born in the progressive camp, they were born with the conservatives. What other conclusion is there when you put up a proposal that is substantially theirs and they continue to disagree? So yes, racism, veiled as partisanship is the likely explanation.

  • catfish_joe

    Why is the rust belts population in decline, while the population in the south grows ???? People are voting with there feet.

    • You’re half-right. Many auto jobs moved from Detroit to Dixie because they’re “right to work” states (historically slave states…not a coincidence), and China (which has a downright Southern disrespect for workers’ rights). You call it “voting with there (sic) feet,” I call it a race to the bottom.

  • catfish_joe

    Lets talk about Detroit, home of, race riots, slums, and enlightened liberals.

  • William Deutschlander

    The Republicans have a great dislike for our President Obama simply because he took their, Republicans Great FAILURE, the Republican Great Recession of 2008, and with his Administration they, the Democrats, turned the Republican Great Failure into a Democrat Great Success, with ZERO assistance from the Republicans in Congress.

    No one should forget that the Republicans planned to make President Obama a one term President by keeping the economy in FAILURE, causing hardship and duress for 75% of our population, in their evil hope that it would allow the Republicans to take back the presidency and further destroy our country’s economy. The REPUBLICANS do not just not give a damn about the 47% or the 30%, they do not give a damn about the 75%. Reality or Humanity are not words that are recognized by the sick Republican Cartel.

  • catfish_joe

    I hear Obamas in trouble in Illinois and Michigan…

    • awakenaustin

      I hear Santa Claus actually exists.

    • neece00

      and I hear the Easter Bunny will come again next year.

    • HAHAHA

  • roskodog

    And you all failed to mention our country is Broke…………….. we owe more than 100 trillion , the good news is we can possible only have 4 more years of this stupidness. that is if we can survive. Not saying the GOP is any better. however sanity is better than insanity. more of Obama,s fix,s no doubt will end in complete destruction of the good ole USA. There is a recession coming like none of us have ever known. WELLLLL stupid me everone know,s a bigger recession would be B ush,s fault. Mr O said it himself . Quote ” If I can,t get it done in four years than voted me out ” The things Mr Obama have done may be the best anyone has ever done. However The facts are what they are. God Help our Leaders..

    • The Republicans, as always, put there spending on credit cards, and like Clinton before him, Obama is stuck paying off Bush’s wars, his tax cuts, his bloated homeland security department. New Federal spending under Obama increased THE LEAST of any of the last five Presidents.

    • For some reason, reading this kind of incoherently hysterical rhetoric from the anti-Obama doomsayers always makes me feel so much better about the economy…BUY! BUY! BUY!

    • CAThinker

      Wow is that ever incomprehensible… Where are you on this? The downhill slide has been arrested, so now we can move on to the cure. And as you say, “Mr. Obama have (sic) done may be the best anyone has ever done.” but yet you fear another four years? There is hope in your statement “Not saying the GOP is any better.” Not sure what your point is… But I wouldn’t look for any improvement with a Talipublican administration – in addition to trampling all over your personal liberties, the economic downward slide will be even steeper than it was under Bush… And the only people left standing will be the folks that were already rich when it started. What you really need to fear is NitMitt as POTUS.

  • mrbluesays

    Romney wants to kill your son’s in his war with Iran… along with his side kick lyin Ryan. NO THANKS!

    • CAThinker

      That’s become a real fear for me now that my 18 yo son enlisted in the Marine Corps a few months ago. I would have preferred he enter the Air Force or the Coast Guard – but he wanted to “shoot things for awhile”. Bravado aside, it was his decision and an honorable one – but the specter of ending our line because he was chasing the equivalent of non-existent WMDs is horrifying. A Romney election would surely bring about a shooting war somewhere, if not Iran, Russia, North Korea, somewhere… So that this Talipublican narcissist, like the narcissist Bush before him, can prove he has a set of pelotas. A Romney administration can’t happen…

      • neece00

        For your son, Cathinker, I will be praying for a fast and safe return. I have two sons and I would be heart broken to have them out there fighting in a senseless war.

  • howa4x

    To say that southern whites that call themselves evangelicals got it wrong about what religion really means is like saying the sun rises in the east. Since the days of slavery the south has taken everything that Christ talked about and skewed it to their own ends. They dehumanized a race of people to justify their dominace over them, and keep segration alive 100 yrs after the civil war ended. They are in fits that a member of a race they declared sub human is now president of the US and actually doing well. When the term red neck is mentioned people envision a southern white man of lower intelligence or some will actually say stupid, who is filled with anger and hatred,and the only solace he has is that he is white, someone who beats his wife and kids and drinks too much bad beer while watching NASCAR. Now he sees the world is turning and whites in other parts of the country actually like Obama. Everything the South did to hurt people is coming back around. The southern red states have the lowest measured intelligence in the country. They are some of the most polluted. They have the worst health outcomes in the country. They lead in obesity, and diabetes. They are a healthcare Tsunami that will burst state budgets. for them to be against the ACA is laughable, and shows their collective stupidity and current racism. But the sad truth is that not only African Americans suffer these health symptoms, whites do also.
    The south needs to change in a hurry, no time to loose. They are fixated on turning back the clock and use religion as the means to do it. Huckabee’ s statement that he wasn’t decended from an ape, and wasn’t publically challanged by the U of Arkansas shows how far back they are. Kids in China and India are craming for math exams and in the red states they want to teach creationism, and are anti science. Climate change will see its worst vengence in the Gulf states of Missisippi, alabama, and the Carolinas, and they run around saying its a hoax. They scream about the deficit and cutting taxes and all the red states and especialy those in the south are on the Federal dole since the blue states carry them. For every dollar a red state send in they get 7 back. They always yell sucession and my view is when you going, and good ridence.

    • CPANY

      Good posting howa4x, but it’s “secession,” not “sucession.” As far as their “going”: They tried that in 1860 with South Carolina’s secession from the Union. It didn’t quite work out for them, as their hero, Robert E. Lee made the ultimate mistake of the succeeding Civil War: he lost it.

    • Abusfix

      Man you are a perfect example of what’s wrong with the education system in America. you are actually showing how racist you are with broad comments like that. why don’t you come down from what ever pedestal your on and say something based on facts. your type is always blaming the south to cover up your true racist feelings. You know I’m right. Vote for the guy to make you feel better. Maybe you should take a history lesson at your local elite community collage. Please stop spewing your stupidity. We in the south don’t take to kindly ta it , dang I done gone an spillt ma beer.

      • Abuse, If the South wants to ditch the racist stereotype, they need to do something active. We were on vacation and the people next to us were from Mississippi. It didn’t take them long for thier ugly racism to emerge. We got really cold toward them after that.

        • bamagal0007

          Too funny…so a family from Mississippi speaks for everyone in the south?
          What an ignorant remark…but expected.

      • old_blu

        I live in the north west and when I go down south I still am amazed how the whites treat the blacks, you don’t even know because you’re used to seeing it, and you think it is the norm.

        A smart and educated man like you should know you’re, your, and college.

        @howa4x– I like NASCAR.

      • howa4x

        I am a racist, that’s funny. NJ has more kids going to college than Missippi, and Alabama combined. As for calling me a racist, do you actually know what the term means? I’m not against anyone because of their color, and voted for Obama. So what was factually wrong with what I wrote? What states fought a war trying to keep slavery? Wasn’t it George Wallace in 1962 that stood blocking the entrence to U of A to the 1st Black students? Didn’t Eisenhower have to use federal troops to force the integration of Little Rock HS. I remember driving through SC and seeing signs for white and colored bathrooms in 1967. So don’t sit there and try to tell anyone that the South isn’t the most racist place in America, because it is. Where was the Klan born? How many black men did they hang? And as for lower intelligence look how the states rank educationally and you will see where Ala and Miss are ranked, 49th, and 50th. You also have the worst health outcomes due to your fried food diets. Find that information at the CDC. You also can look it up that the red states get 7-10 dollars back from every dollar they send to DC. In NJ which is a light blue state, gets nothing back, because we are supporting all you religious right wing zealots. Want to cut taxes then have your southern states support themselves, and it will cut our taxes right away. The red states yell the loudest and are the biggest drain on the country. So what else do you have to be proud of???

  • a80a

    these are the things the GOP are trying to keep from the public , and will not admit to the success the president has had, in an up hill battle against them.
    very good post,DOM.

  • It is clear the far right has their values in money and they have money. They appear to think money is everything. What they lack is secruity within them selves. It also appears they are stuck in a psycological quandry. They are paranoid. All that money and they can’t buy themselves out of where they and their parents put them. You learn what you live! Live your beliefs and the rest of us will move forward with life. They are stuck in a rut!!

    • CPANY

      They believe in the Golden Rule: He who has the gold rules.

  • SaneJane

    I think that toward the end of George Bush’s second term the Republicans realized what a mess the country was in and that disaster was pending. They knew that if a Republican was in the White House when everything crashed the Republican Party would be doomed. How could they hope to avoid this? I suggest that they formulated this strategy: Let the Democrats win the White House and they will take the fall. Then serendipity stepped in and lo and behold the Democrats nominate a black man. Could it get any better? Not only would the Democratic Party be crushed but the “we gave the black guy a chance and he failed miserably” would effectively put the White House out of reach for any future black candidates. What other possible reason could they have had for nominating Sarah Palin for VP? They planned to lose the election and then start immediately on a relentless campaign to make sure President Obama served only one term and got blamed for everything they had caused. Then they could ride to the rescue and thereby not only save the Republican Party but restore white supremacy. Unfortunately for them, President Obama was able to start things on the upswing thereby foiling their plans. They are so desperate that they will try anything and say anything regardless of the harmful consequences to the nation. President Obama’s re-election could be the best thing that ever happened to the Republican Party. Maybe it would help the GOP rebuild itself minus the radicals.

    • neece00

      Wow, SaneJane, I never thought of it like that you may have a point.

    • bamagal0007

      Oh good grief…another conspracy theory…except its time for a black man to take the fall? Change your name to INSANE JANE…it fits you better…lmao.

      • old_blu

        Yeah a conspracy theory does sound funny when it’s not from some far right tea bagger nut job doesn’t it? LMFAO

    • SaraJane, i couldnt say it any better. Obama’s persistence as president and a man of color to have the relentless responsibility to not fail.

  • SaneJane

    I have lived in Alabama every day of my 69 years and I ashamed to say that you are right. It isn’t just the poor here who hate President Obama, the middle class and even the wealthy are appalled that there is a black man in the White House.

    • SaneJane, I live in Idaho and, even though, we don’t sound as hateful, many here are not happy that a Black Man is in the White House. Every President, since Nixon has given a message to school children in the nation. Superintendent of District 93, rural school, refused to play his message and thought he was cute like the little boy who passes gas in the lunchroom. The first school day after the inaugeration, children, on the school bus in Rexburg, Idaho were chanting “Assinate Obama.” A woman, in Rexburg, says she was verbally abused for having an “Obama” yard sign in her yard. The thing about these incidences is the lack of hew and cry for the dispicable actions.

      • bamagal0007

        Did you know there is a KILLMITTROMNEY website? It goes both ways and just because I am southern does not give anyone the right to label me…EVER!

    • bamagal0007

      Well perhaps you have contributed to that mindset Jane. MY community includes blacks, whites and anyone else who wants to be a part of it. Most folks in the south hate his policies, not the man or the color of his skin.

      Sorry lady, you do not speak for the entire state and thank God for that!

  • corbogey

    This list needs to be published everywhere. Why isn’t the DNC putting things like this out there. This is a well thought out list by Dominick but I bet others could add more to it. I would even edit a few of these. For example, #21, I would say that he allowed Guantanamo to stay open after he was convinced that closing it would not be the best thing to do. He is closing it down over time. Or something like this. Everyone knows that his campaign promise was to close it immediately and the Republicans love to point out that he “lied”. This is a great example of a thoughtful leader that was not going to close it down once he dug into all the details.
    DNC where are you?

    • This has been one of the DNCs problems forever.

  • AlfredSonny

    Those who know how to lose tend to adapt well. Those who don’t know how to lose tend to deny adaptions and become bullies with rage.

  • carsrus

    blake undeinable facts? NO way, these are all the left wing, marxist IDEALS of Obama ansd his destruction of our Great Constitutional Republic! WHO will PAY for HIS OUT OF CONTRAOL SPENDING?

    • BDC_57

      you need to go back to school and learn how to spell.

  • Frederick Lewis

    this article is right on target. The first thing I’ve seen this past three years that is really representative of the real situation.

    • daniel bostdorf

      Go away carsrus..You have no original ideas.

      Quit hiding behind a fake name.

      You are a paid fascist operative of Karl Rove sent here to lie, distort and distract.

      You read from the propagandist playbook created by the Nazis.

      Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels said it best:

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” (likeFox FAUX News, Limbaugh, Beck and Rove believe)

      or as Adolph Hitler stated:
      “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

      Quit lying and bothering us carsrus….

      We see through your lies…we see through your agenda.

      • bamagal0007

        LOL…now that’s funny…a paid operative of Karl Rove? Geez, you libs have lost your minds!

  • Because Republicans think that DOMA should be upheld. Marriage should only be between a man and a woman. The majority of voters passed Yes on Prop 8. The Yes on Prop 8 man is openly straight. The Yes on Prop 8 man can prove that you cannot marry an AKA. The Yes on Prop 8 man will win in the US Supreme Court. The Republicans can prove that he is openly straight based on the Hays Code.

  • The GOP is running against a ficional President Obama, in effect an empty chair. They are appealing to an electorate who has largely disappeared.

    What I can not figure out is the narrative where billionaires and Christians are victims of a hostile government. They are whinning into every FOX camera in focus. I say they will get over it. After all billions buys a lot of distractions. How opressed could they be – they are billionaires! (Many of them, because the President saved them).

    When listening to Zell the old song “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want too” came to mind. For now, it is their party and they can cry but nobody has to give them a tissue.

    • bamagal0007

      PLease keep thinking that way…you are in for a big surprise. : )

  • Barbara Coyt

    Only because he is a smart BLACK man in the White House.

    • bamagal0007

      Yeah, he needs to know his place just like Clinton said…right?

  • roskodog

    If Bush is responsible for all the debt, Then that makes Clinton responsible for 9/11 attacks. If we are gonna blame the last Pres. for our debt. Then by default clinton becomes responsible for the attacks. because he cut spending, were he should not have. Now assuming that is true, then Bush was cleaning up Clinton,s mess. and Obama is cleaning up Bush,s mess. If the shoe fits wear it.. question is who,s gonna clean up the mess were in now?????. We have to find someone man enough.

    • You need to do a little studying. Bush’s tax reductions and two extremely costly wars put us where we are.

  • Pamby50

    And on top of that Dominick, the Republicans in the senate put a hold on COLA increase for the widows & children of our men & women who have died in service to our country. How patriotic is that??(joke)

  • roskodog

    CA, haven,t you figured out by now that the rich will always be all rite. who cares about them. Besides there the ones who sign,s about 50 percent of america,s paycheck.. There was wealthy man on the news a few weaks ago. he was asked if he would be willing to pay more income tax. His response was this, He said, Why would I give money to a Gov. who is so wastefull. And by the way Mr. CA. I believe a second wave of economic downslide is still ahead, probly by the end of the year. just my opinion. The Obama cure will bcome the poison. again, Just my opinion. I will be glad in time to say I was wrong. I guess I am waiting for a real man to step up and want the Job.

  • Thanks Dominick Vila for reminding us what President Obama has been able to do…

  • KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULY HONEST:I have been studying this particular issue for some time. It is my sad but real conclusion because of this President’s high level of intelligence and his skin color are very different from the republican’s last President, it has awaken the ugly racial prejudice that exists in some Americans! And when Mr. Bush with his policies left office, he left us with a BIG Mess and our near depression economy in a deep ditch! They can’t get over it! Their racial prejudice beliefs of that “African-born Muslim Socialist” leads them to dislike this President that has” grown to cult-like proportions across some regions. For example, some statewide polls show the “president losing by thunderous majorities. One example, a “ recent poll by the Public Religion Research Institute in The New York Times shows that “among Southern working class whites, Romney, the WHITE GUY leads by 40 points!” THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Just like the republicans tried to demonize President Clinton when he was in office! So as Mr. Colbert stated, they want to blame the BLACK guy now! hum…

    • bamagal0007

      So, now I am racist because I like Romneys’ policies better? Wow, you are demented!

      • I didn’t see where anyone called you a racist. Now delineate Romney’s policies and show me where they will work.

        • bamagal0007

          If you can’t see the hatred on this thread for republicans and just about everyone here calling them racists, you are truly delusional.
          It is truly sad that the race card is all you have left.
          MItt Romney is a numbers guy and hugely successful at it, no matter how Obamas’ minions tried to spin it. Cutting spending by eliminating so overflow committees and wasteful spending of many of the same is one way…another is to get the poor working again by training them for many of the skilled labor jobs which are available right now.

          • neece00

            Right, a numbers guy for the top 1%. How will that really help the rest of us, you know the 47% that Romney does not care about.

          • i dont like the idea of privatizing social security or people working until they are 70 years old. neither do i like Romney as the “yes man” to corporate elites for harming the environment thru fracking and sand blasting for oil while poisoning the air and water. i dont like the idea that he doesnt acknowledge climate warming. the Romney-types push the envelope as far as we will let them, but what are the outcomes? there is no “freedom” in his policies. it’s more like death–people are expendable.

          • Yes,I hate Racists.
            I can understand why everyone calls the Republican Party a bunch of Racists. I read these forums frequently and have seen a very large number of posts from people who are obviously racist all of whom claim to be Republicans. Now I’ve been around a long time and I remember a Republican Party that was to be respected, a party that offered clear alternatives to Democratic thought, a party to whom I was more than a monkey or sidewalk ape to. Where is it now? The Republican Party of today seems to always be throwing their support behind issues that keep this country divided, they support homophobia, suppression of religious freedom, Racism, suppression of women’s rights, destruction of the environment, unnecessary war’s, and disenfranchisement of certain American voters. What’s really appalling is that so many Americans want those very things and these people are the ones that today’s Republican Party seek support from.

      • BDC_57

        Romney policies are the same as Bushes policies. Give to the rich and screw the rest of the poeple.

      • What policies?

  • JohnEngelman

    All this blather about Kenya and Islam is another way of saying, “Look how dark his skin is.”

  • bamagal0007

    LOL…what a crock! Everything is racist when it comes to this president, huh?

  • elw

    The White Conservatives that Gene is talking about are just a bunch of unethical, savage people who are living in the past and cannot move into the future. They are holding on to a life-style (the pre-civil war South) that is long gone. Their attitudes and feelings about people who look different than them do not work in this shrinking world. We live too close together, need each other to survive and must be able to tolerate each other’s differences if we are to survive. We live in a world where everything we do affects those around us. The culture they want to go back to will bring more pain to more people than if they have to suffer the realization that they can no longer own slaves, rule a country in way that meets their needs and few others, and that they are not as superior as they think. My greatest wish is that they do get pushed into the background and lose any power they have so the rest of us can move forward. Yes I do think we need a government that has the voice of both conservative and progressives in it. But as far as I am concerned no radicals needed.

    • bamagal0007

      The biggest mistake you make is generalizing any one group of people. The people in the south are just as racially tolerant as anyone in this country. We have grown up together…gone to school together and yes, learned to live in peace together.

      Most folks in the south can take care of themsleves…no matter what color their skin might be, nor do I consider myself “SUPERIOR” to anyone, unlike you, with your seething hatred of those who think differently than you.

      Maybe you need to take your own advice chump.

      • elw

        Go back and read what I said again. I did not generalize, I referred to the group that the author of the article was talking about. If my comment offended you it was because you wanted to offended. I will ignore your name calling it is immature.

      • SaneJane

        Where do you live in Alabama? I am in Cullman County. You are right that there are some racially tolerant people here but their numbers are not overwhelming. Like I said before, there must be two Alabamas.

      • ” The biggest mistake you make is generalizing any one group of people. ”
        You mean like the one that tells people that all Blacks are criminals or how about the one that says Blacks get all the welfare and food stamps?

  • bamagal0007

    $16 TRILLION in debt…8.2 UNemployment, which he said would drop dramatically if the stimulus was passed…47 MILLION people on food stamps…1 in 6 people in poverty in this country…MEDIAN households now bring home $4000.00 lesst than they did 4 yeras ago…not to mention the complete failure of his foreign policy.

    Your standards are pretty low if the job he has done the last 4 years is OK with you…to most folks, he is accountable for it…when will you hold him responsible? 2016?

    • BDC_57

      where was unployment when your beloved repubicans wher in office in 2008

  • bamagal0007

    Aren’t you folks aware of Barney Franks hand in the housing collapse?
    Why do you ignore that fact? Because he is a dem, maybe?

  • Lets be real – they hate him because he is a smart handsome black man. He is a threat – he sends a signal to other black young men that they can be the leader of the free world and they hate being led by a black man (what they hate the most). They are not afraid of black women because they dont believe one will never be the leader of the free world. Funny White women dont have that problem – it’s mostly non-college educated white men.
    They feared black men then and they fear black men now…. Pres. Obama broke thru all the road blocks – how dare he…..

    • bamagal0007

      Leader of the free world in name only and a complete failure is what he is. It has nothing to do with his race in my personal opinion, he is inept and in way over his head. Personally, I think he underestimated how hard this job really is.

      • Sand_Cat

        WOW, I knew you were an ignorant wing-nut, but not this bad.

        • bamagal0007

          How in the hell is this right wing? It;s my opinion and it is the eay I see this president. Just because I do not agree with you does NOT mean I am incorrect in my assumption.
          You really think way too much of yourself lib.

          • SaneJane

            Just because we don’t agree with you does not mean we are incorrect.

          • BDC_57

            In this place we all write on facts so where is your facts to back up what you say? Your like all tea baggers say what you want everyone to beleive like you do.

      • In my opinion, America was severely damaged during administrations prior to Obama’s, (you will note that the word administrations is plural). So you expect Obama to repair all the damage, with no help from Congress, in 4 years, or you label him a failure. I think you have unrealistic expectations.

  • He came, he saw and he will change the dynamics in Washington for the better. The republicans are sorry losers and Obama will win again and win big. Republicans will have to get used to it. No matter what they say, republican days are numbered. A losing party with no vision but to poke their nose in women under wear. What a shame to say the least.

    • bamagal0007

      LOL…watch and see.

      • poor deluded teabilly.

        • bamagal0007

          ..and you can hold your breath…k?

          • SaneJane

            k? How old are you?

          • bamagal0007

            Old enough to vote, work and pay taxes.

  • bamagal0007

    LOL…I guess only one opinion is welcome here, huh?

    • Sand_Cat

      Only opinions from rational and reasonably intelligent and at least somewhat educated people are welcome, other than for entertainment value. Do you meet any of those criteria?

      • bamagal0007

        Good grief libturd…you certainly have a huge ego problem…just like you potus.
        Perhaps you need to get off your knees and wipe your chin.

        • what a witty rejoinder bama! Seriously, you just proved Sand’s point about you. Well played.

        • Why is it that Republicans always resort to name calling and insults when questioned too closely?

  • bamagal0007

    Guess who is fanning the flames of racism?
    LIberals & Democrats, that’s who. Just look at the topics here…btw people…it was the repubs who supported the civil rights movement and actually got it passed.

    • SaneJane

      Were Presidents Kennedy and Johnson Republicans?

    • ” Guess who is fanning the flames of racism? ”
      The same ones that think they are Superior to everyone else, ideology doesn’t matter.

  • bamagal0007

    Oh, I saw or heard one or two racist people, so everyone in the south MUST be racist!! How ignroant can you people be?

    • SaneJane

      You cannot be that out of touch. Are there two Alabama’s?

    • Being Black or Mexican is difficult anywhere in this country, but especially in the South. I can say with confidence, that there are a lot more than one or two racist people around too.

  • Ed

    Stock markets at record highs, jobs being created instead of lost, more consumer spending; not enough of any of these to cheer about but definite signs of progress our of the republican hell created by bush, although stans deciples(Repubs) keep trying to send us backward.

    • bamagal0007

      Barney Frank

      • SaneJane


  • Sand_Cat

    They hate him because they have become an anti-rational cult of reality deniers and malicious frauds. They hate him because – despite their best efforts – virtually none of their charges have proven to be true, and the only people who believe them are either zealots like themselves or “low information” voters.

    They hate him because they have supported and defended and relied upon the racists in both north and south for so long and with such dedication that they have become racists themselves, assuming anyone is left in the Republican cult who hasn’t been one all along.

    They hate him most of all because he is – like Bill Clinton – all that they have hated and distrusted and worked tirelessly and successfully to purge from their midst: a moderate Republican, and an intelligent one to boot.

    • bamagal0007

      LOL..oh please. we hate his policies and you and your holier than thou attitude is ridiculous.

      • SaneJane

        From one bamagal to another, I would like for you to list some of those policies you hate. Three or four will do but make sure you get the facts first. There are some sharp people posting on this site and they will know if you are lying or just repeating what the right wing media have told you to believe.

  • Ed

    These states rae also some of the lowest income state in the country, and home to huge GOVERNMENT payrolls at the bases in those states. And they STILL vote republican!

    • bamagal0007

      Wow, so we should listen to you and vote and think as you do? The BIGGEST GOVERNMENT PAYROLL IS IN WASHINGTON fool.

      Yet whatever they do is fine with you…typical.

  • bamagal0007

    Every one of you are haters…your posts villifying repubs across the board is proof.

    Why are no democrats to blame for anything?

    • SaneJane

      There are other sites better suited to your views. This site leans pretty far left sometimes and you will find your comments not well received. However, if you have some real facts to pass on to us we welcome them. However, we have heard your brand of mis-informed whining far too often and for far too long.

      • bamagal0007

        Perhaps if you would lay blame at the feet of everyone in WASHINGTON wouldn’t have a problem with it. You elevate democrats up on a pedestal and blame republicans…how far from the truth can you get?
        It is the fault of both parties in Washington and you know it, you just wont admit it. Misinformed is the mantra of the left my friend and I dont whine…I work and pay taxes.

        • Democrat this, and Democrat that, whats that if it isn’t whining.
          You can work and pay taxes and still whine.

      • BDC_57

        Like fox news lol

  • Let’s face the facts here: the Republican Party has been infiltrated by the extremist and ignorant idiots (Tea Party Militia, who are mostly from the Deep South) to go along with the avarice-fueled aristocrats (Conservatives) that were already there. This combination will most likely lead to the death of the GOP. If I’m a political “doctor” and I have to call the “time of death” of the party, it’ll probably be around 23:00 (11pm) Eastern on 6 November, 2012. The death of the GOP leaves three choices for its survivors: go with the new Conservative Party, the Tea Party Militia in their own party or a move to the center, which has three choices in itself. The choice I believe most GOP moderates will make is to flock to the relatively new Progressive Party, which is full of center-right and center-left people. It’s the one party without the “crazies” and the one with the best chance to replace the GOP. The other two choices for GOP moderates are to go Democratic or Independent.
    The author is correct about one thing: it seems that the Deep South has been politically marooned. But, they’re politically marooned because of their beliefs, mostly their belief that things should never change, the mantra of the Conservatives. There’s one other factor that plays into the death of the GOP—the Baby Boom (1 January, 1946 through 31 December, 1964). It seems to me that the older Southerners and their Conservative ways are giving way to the TPM or moderacy. The younger crowd there seem to be a lot more moderate than their parents and grandparents are willing to admit. As these Boomers hit retirement age (the first ones hit retirement age last year and the last of them will hit in 2029), I feel that their views will become more moderate and they’re going to realize that they don’t have the strength to practice extremism, etc. anymore. The Republican Party liked to call themselves a “Big Tent” party that was inclusive of everyone. Whether or not you believed that was true after Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower left office, it’s clear that they’re not a Big Tent party anymore. The reason for that was best described by Bill Maher on his show back in December: “The Democratic Party has moved to the right and the Republican Party has moved right into the insane asylum”. BTW: seconds after he said that, he announced his donation of $1 million of President Obama’s Super Pac.

  • deanrd


  • bamagal0007

    LOL Tanni…you called me a teabilly…and I am not even a member of the tea party, which proves my point about you folks generalizing that anyone who thnks differently than you is wrong.

    Sorry, that just isn’t true.

    BTW, I could have been real nice like some of your fellow libs and called you what Bill Maher called Sarah Palin, but I am much better than that.

  • that is why the Republicans keep crying they don’t know what to do but the good thing is that is President Obama does .

    • bamagal0007

      Yeah, he know how to party, that’s for sure.

  • ObozoMustGo


    In the real news….

    Even before the Daily Caller released the video last night of President Obama’s 2007 speech before a majority black audience in Virginia, our corrupt media was already declaring it “old news.” Time’s Mark Halperin had a full-blown meltdown and BuzzFeed Politics’ Ben Smith declared the story over and dead hours before anyone had read it. What’s especially pathetic about Smith is that one of his site’s signatures is scouring the Internet for old videos and publishing them as … news!
    Once the Daily Caller story did hit, and it became clear that Tucker Carlson had found never-before-seen video of Obama in a way voters have never seen him, none of that mattered. The desperate narrative to protect Obama had already been set and, as though the rest of us were insane, the corrupt media doubled down in its efforts to tell those of us who had never seen this video that we had.

    Of course, it’s all lies – blatant lies meant to control the explosion of an explosive story, meant to justify why the very same media still obsessed over Romney’s “47 percent” moment will now downplay and ignore as a nothingburger Obama caught on video spewing racialist division and the kind of wild conspiracy theories a sitting U.S. Senator had to know weren’t true.

    But New Media is The Media, and this video will get disseminated and voters will see it. And like Romney’s “47 percent” moment, this new Obama video is a legitimate news story worth covering.

    Here are ten reasons why…

    1. The video released by the Daily Caller last night does include footage the media never broadcast or reported on.

    Furthermore, we’re supposed to believe it’s just a coincidence that the footage the media ignored just happens to be the most controversial part, where Barack Obama (who at the time was running to be the Democratic nominee for president) goes off-script and tells a majority black audience that the federal government doesn’t care about Hurricane Katrina victims because they’re black.

    Even Politico’s mainstream media water-carrier Dylan Byers had to admit this is the case:

    But the full footage of the speech included previously unreported remarks in which Sen. Obama suggested that the federal government helped victims of 9/11 and Hurricane Andrew (in Florida), but did not help the victims of Hurricane Katrina because it didn’t care about them as much.

    By any measure, new video of a sitting president sewing seeds of racial division is not only news, but big news.

    If this were Allen West giving the exact same speech, you better believe it would be everywhere. And he’s only a congressman.

    2. Now we know the media and the Obama campaign “selectively edited” the video in 2007 in order to cover up Obama’s divisive racial rhetoric.

    That’s most certainly news.

    3. Past is prologue. Always.

    Obama’s attacks on the suburbs and the “us vs. them” rhetoric that toxifies the entire speech helps make sense of his divisive presidency and campaign. Moreover, the speech that made Obama a national star was his 2004 address at the Democratic Convention where he was famously unifying and post-racial. That was his “no red states, no blue states” speech.

    Now we know the 2004 speech was bull shit.

    That’s news.

    4. Obama grew up in Hawaii and Chicago, so where in the world does that hilariously fake southern accent come from?

    Like a lot of politicians, depending on the audience he’s with, this president can be a huge phony.

    I’m a news and political junkie and never once have I heard him speak with this pronounced a southern accent. So…

    That’s news to me, and probably to a lot of people.

    5. In order to stoke racial division and resentment, Obama lied to his audience.

    The then-U.S. Senator tells the audience that the federal government waived the Stafford Act for New York after 9/11 and for Florida after Hurricane Andrew, but not for New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

    That was a lie:

    [T]he federal government did at times waive the Stafford Act during its reconstruction efforts. On May 25, 2007, just weeks before the speech, the Bush administration sent an additional $6.9 billion to Katrina-affected areas with no strings attached.

    As a sitting United States Senator, Obama must have been aware of this. And yet he spent 36 minutes at the pulpit telling a mostly black audience that the U.S. government doesn’t like them because they’re black.

    Which leads me to…

    6. Obama is prone to believing and spreading dishonest and wildly false conspiracy theories.

    You know, like Kanye West.

    That’s news.

    7. At the 19:20 mark we learn that the Christian Obama doesn’t know the Lord’s Prayer.

    That’s news.

    8. Obama’s “us vs. them” rhetoric and beliefs extends to his governance.

    At the 28:50 mark, Obama talks extensively about the importance of minority-owned businesses and supporting your own. He then proposes using the Small Business Administration specifically to aid minorities.

    That’s news.

    9. At the 20:10 mark, Obama laments the social injustice that created 37 million Americans living in poverty and pledges to fight that injustice as president.

    After four years of Obamanomics, we now have 10 million more Americans living in poverty.

    That’s news.

    10. When Obama gave this speech, the Reverend Wright scandal had yet to break.

    This means that the scant, incomplete, and “selectively edited” coverage the speech received at the time wouldn’t have thought much of the full minute Obama spends gushing over his mentor and pastor in his opening remarks.

    Knowing what we know now makes this, yes, news.


    The corrupt media knows this newly released footage is news. They just don’t want voters to see Obama for what he is: a phony, divisive, racial demagogue and grievance-monger ready to spread lies, conspiracy theories, and animosity in order to get what he wants.

    Oh, I almost forgot…

    11. We know it’s news because the corrupt media is telling us there’s nothing to see here, even as they kill themselves to blow it back on Romney and ensure as few people as possible see it.


    Hat tip, John Nolte, a real journalist from Breitbart.

    Have a nice day!

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung



  • harrietbenjamin

    Face it racism is alive and well in the south.
    Why the GOP thinks they have any right to take away womens’ rights is beyond me.
    There are people in government that I truly believe would see America (especially the middle class) destroyed before working with this President.
    The far right think what they believe is what we all should have to believe or suffer.
    Why can’t people realize that as long as health care is tied to employment our workers start from behind.

    • bamagal0007

      Yeah, right. I suppose this admin trying to tell American citizens how to live is OK with you guys. What to eat, what to think, what to say. SORRY, I can live my own life WITHOUT the government.

      • Again I find you exaggerating, I’ve never heard anything about the government trying to tell anyone how to live, what to think,say or eat.
        Outright misinformation like this is what makes so many distrust the Republican Party.

  • bamagal0007

    I dont like being forced to buy anything by this gevernment…namely Obamcare…I donlt like the fact that Obama is decimating the coal industr, people are losing their jobs because of it and this president seems to care less Energy prices are rising everyday, not to mentiont he fact that my insurance preiums have increased 34% in the last 4 years. His policies encourage dependency from everyone who feels the world owes them a living and you are very aware of that, just will not admit it.

    • ” I dont like being forced to buy anything by this gevernment…namely Obamcare ”

      If you practiced Christian principles the government would have no need to force you.
      ” I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me. ” – Jesus Christ

      ” I donlt like the fact that Obama is decimating the coal industr, ”
      I don’t like dying of Black Lung disease.
      ” Black lung disease, the common name for coalworker’s pneumoconiosis ”

      ” His policies encourage dependency from everyone who feels the world owes them a living ”
      A favorite Republican Lie.

      Very few people in this country feel the world owes them a living, nor do a lot of people want to become dependent on any thing, it has NEVER been the American way. However in these troubled times a lot of people find, that despite all their efforts, they need some help. Obama’s Policies provide that help.

  • bamagal0007

    Why is it that this president is not responsible for anything:?

  • bamagal0007

    You are aware that Barney Frank had a HUGE hand in the housing collapse….right?

  • bamagal0007

    You cannot be that dense either Jane…I go out into the world everyday and work with people of all races…I cannot tell you the last time I heard ANYONE call someone else a racist name. Perhaps you live is a hot bed, too bad, but around here we get along wery well, sorry to burst your bubble of hate.

    • They do it all the time on these posts on the internet. So if you haven’t heard any racist name calling in a long time, that means you haven’t been on the internet in a long time. That would also mean you have no idea what your talking about in all those comments you’ve made on this forum.

      • All fun aside the kind of racist comments I see daily posted on these internet forums, are not the kind of things you would hear a person say out loud in a place where they can be identified. As an example if you called me a N….. on the streets, we’d have a problem, but if you call me a N….. on the internet, how am I supposed to identify bamagal0007.

  • bamagal0007

    Was MLK KJr a democrat?

  • bamagal0007

    Dems voted against it…no matter how you spin it.

  • Even it is to a greater extent of what GOP and Tea Party and their followers may be PLANNING. We that have been here for over thirty -five years and some, believed and suspect or think of what these no good for nothing RIGHT WINGS extremist can do. Those of us who are GOD loving people strongly believe that these RIGHT WINGERS are far from being pro Christ. If you hate one of my little ones because he or she is not white, you cannot call yourself a Christian. We know that the SAFETY of our beloved president in not in hands of these no good right wingers. These cult members that constitute the GOP are in the court system ,they are in the legislative and they walk around the streets of America. God and the Angels are on the WATCH. Just like the game plans of the GOP to RIG, STEAL this election are being exposed, any attempt on the life of our president will be exposed because we trust in GOD. Obama will win and nothing or any evil plans of these undesirable human being that calls themselves GOP/TEA PARTY will prevail. We are watching you 24/7. So don’t even try it. Go Democrats and do your thing. The hands of GOD is watching over you

    • bamagal0007

      So, what do you want to do…kill everyone who does not like Obama?

  • fwcoblejr

    Southern Republicans are not only angry they lost the 2008 presidential election, but lost to an african-american.. Has anyone ever noticed if you engage in a conversation with a southern conservative and they’re about to make a comment concerning a person of another race or culture, they always preface their comments with “……, I’m not racist!…..”. Don’t do this in that conservative’s driveway. If he has to open the garage doors on his “cookie-cutter” neo-colonial house, you’ll likely find one or two confederate flags hanging inside, nailed to a wall made possible by the VA, HUD, USDA, Fannie, Freddie, Ginnie, or some other federal co-signer of his mortgage !

    • bamagal0007

      You are proof that ignorance is bliss.

  • bamagal0007

    Obamabot rant.

  • radsenior

    Race relations have not improved and have actually been exacerbated. The quiet misconception that race does not play into politics is pure poppycock! Anyone older than fifty can and does see, feel and discern the purity of racism in America. We have come a long way, but racism has raised it’s head. The real story here is the bigotry being shown to Obama and it has been that way since he won the right to represent the Democratic party. Sam Donaldson hit it on the mark that “people do not oppose Obama on principles or politics, but merely because he’s black.” Mitch McConnell openly proclaimed he would do everything in his power to make Obama a one term president. America and American’s of color have lost so many voting privileges and rights since the 1960’s. Look at some of the bigoted posts on this and other blogs. Many do not have respect for the office or the man. All post “State of the Union” “You Lie” call to arms.
    Obama has done better than expected by many, and that does not sit well with “White” America.

  • It is amazing how people will go as far using the pulprit to preach lies about the President of the United States. Just because he happens to be black and at best a democrat. How can we be blinded by such untruthful and hateful preaching from preachers we respect.

  • tomdurk

    Of course they thought Bush was a conservative, until his massive failures at war, the meltdown of the economy, unemployment, and the budget. When they finally perceived these failures they reframed the problem as Bush “not being conservative enough”

  • Mississippi, was the last State to ratify the 19th Amendment, It takes 3/4 of the States to ratify an amendment before it’s added to the Constitution. When the 19th was proposed, there were only 48 States. it was 42 years after it was originally proposed before it was added to the constitution.
    August 18, 1920.
    “The 19th Amendment;
    “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United
    States or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation”.
    It grants women the right to vote.
    March 22, 1984
    106 years.

  • The time of little white-steepled churches way off in some woodsy, spanish-moss enshrouded copses, along with their obscure, salvation-spouting Doctors of Divinity degreed preachers is coming to an end…

    Anytime, the light of day is focused on heretofore dank and dark places, there’ll be widespread, panicky scurrying hither and yon by those critters, that for too long were able to do their dastardly work in the dark!

    • tomdurk

      Didn’t the “artist” famous for that stuff, Tom somebody, die recently?

  • it is so sad that this is the kind of world we live in with so many VERY IMPORTANT concerns beyond someone’s Race. Take care of are Seniors ,Returning Soliers ,Children invovled with Herion[more whites than blacks] Folks losing there homes.Women and children being put into Sex Trafficking .Lets get back to what is RIGHT and FAIR . My 2 cent

  • roskodog


  • paule33

    I think that it is extremely sad.As Martin Luther King said, we should judge a man by the content of his character, and not the color of his skin. I doubt how religious the people really are. My Kings James version of the bible if practice, would have them thinking different in 2012. However, our current President has been ordained by the almighty God, and if you study the Bible, you know that if God be for you, no power or money from stupid packs can touch you!!! God bless those sick folks

  • Why do many Republicans really hate the president?
    1. He is black
    2. He is educated
    3. They are stuck in the 50s and affraid of change
    5. Getting paid under the table from major companies that could care less about the American people

  • 2429

    Thank goodness there are people out there who think clearly. Romney is inept and only wants to BE the President. He has no idea how to govern. He is an opportunist who wants his name in the history books and his portrait in the white house. Mr. Obama has tried extremely hard to accomplish more but the Republicans would rather see our country die than to work with the man to make the changes necessary to put the economy on the right track. I KNOW that Barack Obama is a man of character and it is unfortunate that the ignorance in this country is so pervasive that people refuse to see him for the ideals he represents because his name is so unusual…He MUST be a foreigner or an alien right? Ask Donald Trump..the idiot wth way more money than brains.


  • We appreciate the all inclusive timeline over a 40 yr span culminating in the POTUS Barack Obama. The sad fact of ignorence in some religionists has voided the actual 1st Amendment of LAWS of the U.S. Constitution. Yes, 2013 seems appropriate as a new timeline with a non-secular government, as it is decreed in the LAW .Good Luck Y’all, we need to undo the dumbing trend and strive to keep “their” religions out of our Government.

  • bamagal0007

    Obama is inept and IS the president, but not for much longer!!

  • bamagal0007

    What you gonna do? Kill em all? LOL…wow.

  • bamagal0007

    lmao…TOO FUNNY!

  • zzz1934

    Geez people keep drinking the kool aid and soon enough America will be a 3rd world country…just like your beloved Obama envisions it to be…Good lord, it’s unbelievable how you so called Americans are so willing to buy into the political BS that both parties are spitting up. Grow a pair and STAND UP for your rights. Mark my words, if you don’t take a stand now you won’t be able too in the not so distant future.
    Both parties are leading us down a path to destruction. They are pitting us against each other and we are falling for it. Fight for your rights.
    People that have freedom must be vigilant in maintaining that freedom if they are to remain a free people.

  • dljones

    Obama lies. No jobs. High unemployment. Economic 16 trillion plus debt. Releasing prisoners instead of closing Gitmo. Apologist foreign policy-lost global respect and weakened America.

    Jump on it demos and stay on point with facts!!!!!

  • aztec7

    The democrat party is corrupt, spineless, power-mad…confiscating the wealth of the country and turning it into sewage buying votes. Obama is no more a liar than Kerry, Bill, Hillary, Joe, etc. We hate all of them for what they’ve done to our civilization: public schools a fraud that kickbacks money to the democratics, daughters become sluts, perversion rampant in entertainment, wholesale lies in media like ‘war on women’…the very word ‘liberal’ now means an eaten-up PC nazi pod-person…

    Go stuff a ballot box, you traitors.

  • Dominick Villa. You hit it right on the button. Obama is going to win and by huge margins and no amount of right wing BS is gonna stop it. In all of your 36 points and there are many more, GOP resisted them all. Could you imagine the pain of knowing Bin Laden being killed. All of the fear and BS and skewed dangers real or otherwise were silenced once that was a confirmed hit. It took a one term President to kill him that a two term president failed to do. The irony of it all. Skewed polls. Are you kidding me? Fear and loathing happens when GOP points their fingers and forget that three of them point to themselves.

    • bamagal0007

      Watch and see lib…Bin Laden happened when he was in office not because of it.
      How do you think they found him anyway? Bush policies. FACT.

      Careful, the truth will make you head explode lib.

      • Bush himself said finding Bin Laden was not one of his priorities FACT

  • ridemybroom

    Gop has never been able to grip reality….all they want to do is take away all your rights and watch you suffer…they hate obama becauz of the color of his skin…not that he is a so called muslim…but because he is a nigger…(their words not mine)…..they want to see a white man get back into power so bad that that will do anything necessary to stop OB from winning back the house…these aholes who are now in power meaning the white congress with the despiciable despots like eric cantor..john bohener….paul ryan…michelle bachman…..mcconnel and the likes….you know who they are…these are the people who really need to go…they are losers and everyone of them would rather see you dead than to give you anything…they dont want to share anything with the likes of you or if your skin is brown or black….they could care less what you and or how you suffered…all they know is its time for you to get 6 feet under…if you are a war veteran their motto is we will always find someone to help protect our wealth…even if we have to draft your behinds in order to do so…what a vile and wicked world we live in…any wonder why man is already on the edge of the glass looking inward to his death….what is it Jesus said that in the latter days…you say death death but death will not come…and these very same repubtards think they are going to Heaven….haha !…more like Hell….wise up people and vote for the right man this election….the repubstards know if he is elected they wont stand a chance of getting elected till 12 yrs from now and it scares the holy crap out of them…….OB is the only choice !!!

  • bamagal0007

    BDC…you wou;dn’t know a fact if it flew up your ass and exploded.

    • BDC_57

      WOW facts like you give makes believe I don’t know anythings lol.

  • bamagal0007

    You are aware more liberals practice the tea bag thing than rightys…right?

  • Great job Dominick !

  • rudnicker

    The White Evngelical Taliban deserve to be disinfranchised, they are ignorant, bigoted and not deserving of consideration. Having moved to the south many years ago, I soon discovered that many people profess a deep faith, but very few practice it. They are judgemental, bigoted, easily led around by a preacher with nice hair and a good line of complete BS.

  • vcbruno2

    Dom I am in the medical field. Look up the first part of the Obummer plan just inacted. Tell me It will make things affordable. Not. I will have to pay Taxes now for insurance that I didnt have to before as income. Stimulus package I didnt want and didnt work that supposedly Bush started. LOL. That is what Obummer said in the beginning. GM and Chrysler who now do not have to pay taxes or into the Obummer Health care act. Along with Walmart and GE. Look it up. As I recall it was Bush who did cash for Clunkers I participated in it. Incentives if you could afford a 28000 dollar car at a 9% interest rate or 8 years to pay it off at a 8% rate. Look it up. I bought a house became injured Lost my house and recieved no assistance. Became a part time realtor instead and fighting with the Union of the realestate GLVAR. Equal Pay for woman- Exactley what era r u living in. Give me 2 people and show me their pay stubs doing the same job. You will not find them. My wife makes more than me and we are both nurses and she is from a foriegn country and took her 10 years to get her citizenship LEAGALLY. Show me your numbers and I will show you mine on the so called savings. Drug cost cuts were bushes. look it up. None since because we cannot negotiate for CHEAPER DRUGS. LOL. What lobbyists are you talking about that were limited. Why do you think the head of Romneys campain just left him. LOL. To go to the White house. Look it up they have to sign in. I still have Friends there in the Military SO WHAT ENDED. The Secret detention centers are still open just not ran by america. We still fund it by the money we send them. Funded Road ect… Your State does that by allocating funds. COme on people you cannot b that stupid. LOOK IT UP. Phasing out Guantanamo prison. NOT. Some Navy friends IN CUBA say its doing fine. Released prisoners SECRETLY. Like the KILLER that Just went back to Canada. LOL. What increase in Military pay and Bennies for veterans? My Father gets disability for veterans who are still denied there FULL benifits. Improved housing. LOL. They just finished the housing project that started in the Bush era at Nellis. They also finished the New Gym Facilities that Bushed started. My Friend Doug Runs it and ordered all the nice stuff they use. NOT OBUMMER. I have Proof he tried to cut some of there funding. Better armor after we complained and improvised on there own. What about that how many still have to die. How come we are not complaining about AFganistan. Or even still going to Kuwait? The contract Policy are going to Prisoners. IDIOTS. Loosing JOBS to prisoners. Did not close off shore accounts. Where is the evidence for that. Burmuda, Puerto Rico is still booming and takes advantage of our taxes. Look it up. My businesses was over regulated out of business. I only owned a small Moving company called Valley Movers. Look it up in Vegas. OUT OF BUSINESS. Limited salary to 100,000 dollars to White house aids. So how many aids do you say Mrs OBBUMMER has? More than any other white house wife. Look it up. Obummer appointed not by due process of congress or the senate the first Latina Judge. Because She could not take the scrutiny of the back ground process. Look It up. I cannot believe how uneducated you really are. Blinded. I even asked a african american who the founder of Plannedparent hood was. I told her she was a racist biggot who wanted to controll the black race. Look it up. Education and facts I have given you both. Give me facts not Dummy crat regurgitation.

  • Unfortunately, it is racism. What other excuse could explain their disdain for someone like him? So many people in the South are still fighting the Civil War, one still sees the rebel flag, there are still jokes aboout the old racial stereotypes, even political cartoons depicting the president in – shall we say “Unflattering” – likenesses no one would ever consider for a white candidate. In my local newspaper on the editorial page there are daily op-eds by rightists regarding Obama’s errors and shortcomings. Romeny claims otherwise, but he showed his true colors with his criticism of Obama’s tweeking of the Welfare system. And Romney’s “47%” message was rife with racial overtones. So I think it is somewhat disingenuous to say it is NOT racism in a desire to remain politically correct. As Iyanla Vanzant would say, “call a thing a thing”.

  • DolphT

    They hate him because they are ignorant racists.

  • No body could really HATE the President of the United States?! He/r is voted into office by all who cast their ballots. If this hate is real – round them up and imprison them they are homegrown terrorists and a threat to our way of life. just sayin mr.villa, anyone touches our President we will know where to look.

    • ObamaEatsBuckwheat

      So you too, like your hero, Zero, wipe your butt with the constitution. You people make me sick.

  • vcbruno2

    As far as lifting bans on Stem cell research. It was only on Gvernment programs NOT PRIVATE programs. Look it up. There were no reguations on private Labs. Only GOV programs have the funds to do them. Private programs where over regulated out of business. That is why if you go to South Korea, Philipines, Austria, you can get the unproven treatment. Ask Michael J Fox. Who states he was wrong about the process and denouces them. The only person I personally took care of who benifited from experimental treatments was Roy from Siegfried and Roy. He is a walking miracle.
    Credit for appliances. You get that as a tax break anyway as an improvement to your house. Gave High speed internet to schools. We are still waiting in Nevada. Just go wireless, It is cheeper. Expanded SCHIP to kids who qualify for better programs. All it did was fund more jobs for washington burocrats. Look it up. Veterans Job act- Look at what was attached to the bill. Look it up. I did. Too long to explain. Pale grant program- My Neice and friends still cannot get any. What paper work does she need to fill out. Her father and mother are divorced and mother lives on hand outs and she still cannot qualify. Father has nothing to do with her. But he makes 50 grand a year so they dont give her anything. Wow, that is fair. Swiss banks- Only accounts that the US gov has proof exist. Torture ban- How do you know that. Laughable. No prisoners, cant find bodies. Torture ban. Better armor was started during the Bushes time in office.
    My Favorite- Leave us deffence less. Now we only have less than 3000 nuclear bombs. Down from 6000. After his next term Obummer wants only to have less than 1700. Also, to not fund a missle defence system with the money we would save from this is neglegent. We were supposed to have a missle defence system in Poland and in Cech republic. To make sure we can shoot down missles from Russia or the more prevelent Middle East. The east coast and west coast were supposed to have a missle system also. Ended tax breaks to Corp that outsourced jobs? The Gov is the biggest culprit. Who makes our wind turbines and propellers for our wind energy programs. Denmark and Holland. Solar Panels are made in China. The one plant in North Las Vegas is shut down. Went BK. GM cars and GE products for the USA. Not the end product but the smaller motors pieces. GM and GE dont need Tax breaks. THEY PAY NO TAXES at this time. Idiots. Expanded loans and tax brakes to small businesses- Yes if you live in the inner City. Look it up. Read the book on the strike on Osama bin by the Marine. Now I have answered all your questions with facts and not politcal Bull. Can we all move on now as adults. Take care of ourselves, family, and our nation and nations friends. We have more than 300 years of resources. Look up Energy and Capital on line. Invest your money. Save!!!! I give what I can and want. This country has given me what I want because I went out and got it. No one gave me crap. Lost my house-became a realtor. Lost my businesses-worked 3 jobs put myself through college. I paid for. I am a ICU nurse. First born in america. Mother never became a US Citizen. Father told me work hard, save, buy with cash. I also would have been considered growing up with a disability. Wore a Millwakee back brace for my Scoliosis through J high. (Bullied Fought back). High school wore a Boston bucket back brace. Wore a head gear to keep my top jaw from growing to fast. For the first 2 years I had braces. Had braces on for 6 years. Would have looked like the hunch back of Noterdam. Nobody gave me anything. I consider anyone in this country not successful in there eyes there fault. Libraries are free. Internet Free. Shit Cell Phones are free to anyone who is on Public assistance and foodstamps. A OBUMMER supporter SHOWED me her free I phone and she was a patient of myn.

  • vcbruno2

    How do you close Union Coal jobs. Increase the GDP. By closing coal plants you decrease production when you have no increase in energy? You need energy to produce. Who owns the energy plants? I know, do you? In Nevada we have a monopoly called Nevada Power. No other power company can open untill 2015. Our Mr Reed made sure of that. If you try you will be blind sided by regulations. That do not apply to Nevada power. I looked it up. Democrats protecting. LOL. So we are stuck with ONE power company. A solar power company wanted to open a solar power plant in Gene Nevada. Sorry, Cant. The 13 Desert turtles do not want to be disturbed. But yet when the Military built a solar power plant on your way to Laughlin it was OK. They just put them somewhere else. Look it up and at it. Regulation that makes sense.
    Solution- Natual gas is so abundant we could operate the power plants by transorming the coal plants to Natural gas. Getting rid of green house gases. Conveting all Gov cars to Natural gas would cost 250 dollars per car. In 3 year that would save us more than the operational cost of filling them with gas. Decrease our imports of oil by 17.4%. In the first year.

  • I live the South and I and my friends supports President Obama. This article doesn’t show both sides of the picture in the South. Yes we still have a lot of racists here but so does the rest of the country but we also have a lot of people that judges people by what they do, not the color of their skin, their religion, sex or who they love. This article only shows the worst things about the South not the fact that many of us are working to change things here that are wrong. It is a one sided portrayal of the South and not the whole truth. Gene Lyons is doing what the Republicans do not telling the complete truth and only telling one side of the total story.

  • All but 3 of the items this lady listed are complete failures. Going green means you have to payed five times more for a product. Five years from now, plan on living in your car because you can’t afford health Ins. and a house at the same time. Eight years from now
    it will still be Bushes fault. Tell me how did Reagan turn a worst economy around in 3 years
    to become one of best in history. Remember uneducated people are easy to rule. That’s
    the Democratic way. Here’s one for you! Lets worry about what you eat at school instead
    of your education.

  • mrmsjb12

    I would think its his arrogant way he is and the way he lies so smoothly

  • Republicans do not like Obama because he is a phony. He says one thing but does some thing else and usually it is the opposite. He main job was to get the country back to work. He has failed and failed miserably. He said he would make the country energy independent by creating green energy jobs. However, his policy to do this was to make existing energies more expensive so his favorite green energies could compete. He succeeded in part of that policy. He did make existing energies more expensive. His green energy industries have only cost the tax payer money that will never be returned since many of them are bankrupt or the green energy jobs are going to foreign countries. The higher cost of energy has hurt the poor and middle class the most since energy is a large factor in our budgets. It has hurt all other segments of the economy since energy is in all facets of the economy from farming and food distribution, to tourism, manufacturing and businesses of all types. The jobs created in the green energy sector are insignificant. He gave billions to Brazil so they could drill for oil. Then he stated he would buy the Brazilian oil. That didn’t create jobs ,it cost US workers jobs and assured that there is less export of oil to the world market. That is more money lost. He opposed the keystone pipeline so no jobs were created again in the energy industry. He had the EPA enact stiffer regulations on the coal industry. This did two things. It makes electrical power more expensive and is increasing unemployment at a time when this country needs every job it can hold onto. Are any of you still saying that Obama is great? I hope not. Wake up. The country is drowning in debt and will go under unless the policy of job creation isn’t corrected soon. In fact, there are many experts that say it may be too late. Vote for Romney, the homeless, a clown or your worst enemy. Anyone is better than Obama.

  • montanabill

    I think the headline and the teaser were correct. Do they hate him because his success threatens their very existence? I wouldn’t go as far as hate monger Lyons by saying we hate him, but we do fear him and his policies. Because Republicans are, by and large, the business owners of the U.S. They are the small business owners, the medium size business owners and the large business owners. The majority of Obama’s rhetoric has been directed negatively against us. He has not done or said one single thing that would indicate that he has any interest in America’s capitalist system or our history of entrepreneurship. He has done nothing to help businesses of any size, unless you happen to be a solar power business that has contributed significantly to his campaign.

    He talks endlessly about supporting and building the middle class, but always without acknowledgment that it our businesses that create and nourish that middle class. Somehow, his middle class will exist without business.

    Don’t bother feeding me crap about GM either. He has temporarily saved the UAW, but GM is still on the edge.

  • jwuor111

    The Republicans hate Obama because,(1) he’s black and with African back ground,To them blacks should always be the under dogs. And (2) He is more smarter than Dick Chaney.And (3) He has done so much good for this country, than G W Bush did in 8 years. Obama is one of the most respected president around the world.They envy him for that too.

    • ObamaEatsBuckwheat

      They laugh at him giving waist bows when he should be standing up straight looking them in the eye as the head of state in the USA instead of the Saudi King’s camel boy.

  • jwuor111

    Not all business people are Republicans and are not threaten by Obama. The ones who are greedy and only want everything for themselves and would like to keep the middle class down are the ones that hate Obama.Obama has exposed their dirty deals. It’s through Obama we got to know that millionaires are not paying enough taxes.

  • onetimevisitor

    This is my first visit to this apparently lib website. I am what you people fear. A born again, conservative white, and in a swing state (Colorado). I travel to, and interact with the southern whites who don’t like O. Since I share their values we have frank discussions about the problems of this presidency. It is about the government sticking its nose in things that it has no business in. nuf said, no listeners here anyway

    • Government has no business sticking its nose in whether a woman has a trans-vaginal ultrasound or whether and why she is using birth control. Don’t like birth control, don’t use it. Don’t like abortion, don’t have one. Nuf said

      • mercyonus


  • jebediah123

    I have written a couple of comments here about the ignorance of many of the American electorate. After reading this article, it appears that the deep south is “ground zero” of stupidity. This is what our schools have turned out?? Shameful.

    • mercyonus

      Where do they come up with this antichrist crap??? I think i know where ground zero of stupidity is …it’s a little closer then you think.

  • sisterH

    Republicans fundamentally disagree with Obama’s world view. It has nothing to do with race despite the fact that the left loves to use this.

  • mercyonus

    Anti c olonialism? Known C ommunist mentors and financiers? George S oros? Hasn’t worked a day in his life? Atended a prestigious private school in Hawaii and traveled the world like an aristocrat in his youth? Would rather party in Vegas, frolic with Letterman, and lean on Bwabwa Walter’s bosoms then attend an intelligence breifing and get a clue about what’s happening in Libya? Blew 90 million dollars on “green energy” Slyndra and others, and wasted his first two years on Obamacare instead of focusing on jobs? Fast and furious? Need I say more??? You know what you can do with your race cards people!

  • ministerdwightsmith

    To me this is not just a Presidental Race it’s about a Black Man doing something the Leftwing couldn’t do and most of this country hate to see President Obama do what they have failed to do in over 18 years, if you want to know if we can come together and make this country great give him 4 more years,( let’s not see other jobs go over seas, and Mitt’s send more of our tax money go to his off shore account) Everyone Knows That’s Stealing!!!!!!

  • thinkingobserver

    LMAO!!! Economic historical thought will show that Lincoln did not “free” slaves because he liked Blacks. Rather,it was all a part of the industrial northern capitalists vs the southern agronomists: 1. The Confederates needed the FREE slave labor to carry out and continue their war effort. 2. A newly free workforce would have to find work somewhere; how better to find a large number of low-skilled employees who could be exploited easily and confined to said low-cost positions within the northern industrial pecking order?

    Furthermore, one will see that the Democratic and Republican parties as exist today were NOT the parties which existed in the secession and civil-war period.

    The answer lies in the history books.

  • Brittsdad

    Not all Racists are Caucasian My 17 year old daughter was murdered as a result of Race. I have yet to find a African American with a Rusiian name.

  • thinkingobserver

    The U.S. has got to be the only “first world” country which is so backward on the issue of subsidized healthcare for all. The acrimony on this issue is breathtaking to say the least but people think it will be better under the Republicans?? Why? They fought tooth and nail against this and other policies that would benefit the average Joe.

  • Isn’t it so very CHRISTIAN of Republicans to HATE Obama.

    • ObamaEatsBuckwheat

      And it isn’t very CHRISTIAN of OBama to sit in a black liberation theology ‘church’ for 20 years and listen to ‘Rev’ Wright (who gave a life time achievement award to Jew Hater Louis Farrakhan’) and rant ‘Not God Bless American, but God **** America.

  • Polygamyman

    Romney believes in the Ten Commandments sometimes: Honor your father and mother doesnt apply.
    George Romney (Mitt’s father) believed in submitting 12 years of tax returns and advised other would be Presidents: ‘if candidates refuse,they leave the door open to speculation and accusation.
    Listen to your dad Mitt, he might be on to something with “honesty is the best policy”

  • BobinNC

    What a load of sh*t. Typical Liberal story making it about race when it has NOTHING to do with race.

    • JohnWolf6547

      Making it about race is all that they have left.
      Obama has done a terrible job as president.

  • Polygamyman

    The picture of Mitt Romney in the Oval Office making decisions that affect the free world depending on guidance and direction from his magical mormon underwear is bizarre. Mormonism endorses these vodooistic practices as relevant and applicable.
    Huckabee and others ignore these jingoistic practices because of their passionate hatred for President Obama. They use fear and powermongering tactics to attack the President whilst they defend the use of Satanic practices in the White House by a bishop of the Mormon Church

    • JohnWolf6547


      How long have your worked for Soros?

      Does he pay well?
      Do you need a GED?
      Can you work from your mother’s basement?

    • ObamaEatsBuckwheat

      Mitt’s not trying to make anyone wear different underwear. Oblamo’s IS selling out to radical Islam as they crucify Christians in Egypt.

  • 2BILL2

    The “job creators” went on strike when Oboma was elected and continue to sit on trillions of dollars while the country spins into a downward economic spiral. They now support Romney who doesn’t understand, you can’t be a socialist in Massachusetts, a facsist in Washington and expect the people in Ohio not notice.the hipocracy.

  • JohnWolf6547

    What is Obama going to do for an October surprise.

    He is going to lose the election. His handlers are probably panicked.

  • JohnWolf6547

    If you want welfare, vote for Obama.
    If you want good paying jobs, vote for Romney.

    • Sure, do you believe everything Romney says. Where have you been in the last two weeks? Romney, is a con man, he will say whatever he needs to say to get into office!
      This is his third attempt to become President so now he is desparate! He does not care about you, and you are only fooling yourelf! Now, if you are rich, that is a different matter all together! Romney plans on cutting major programs, and I for one know that there are two many people who would greatly suffer behind his actions! Sure, anybody could cut services, it is not brilliant , it is a big lack of compassion! I sure hope that you’ll be supporting him when one of his new cuts, affects you, family or friends. I bet ya, you’ll be singing a new song then!

  • JohnWolf6547

    This country will not survive another four (4) years of Obama.

    There will not be enough money in the entire world to bail us out.

  • 2BILL2

    Oboma has to figure out how to debate a pathalogical liar. The best way is call him a god damned liar liar every time he shifts position. Romney is a windshield wiper, spewing out whatever he thinks will work at the time, foregetting what he said the time before.

  • 2BILL2

    Your right John, “if you want good paying jobs vote for Romney” except the Chinese workers don;t get to vote and they don’t get paid that good.

  • Polygamyman

    John truth is self validating..If he walks like a flip flopper..if he stretches the truth..if he exagerates his accomplishments..if he marginalizes all who oppose him..then you know what he is…a narcistic sociopath that cant tell the difference between fact or fiction. He does have one redeeming quality he has multiple pairs of magical mormon underwear that he was able to get from the Bain Capital Sweat Shop in China

  • Why do people call Obama a black man? he is half and half. Why distinguish him by color? What percent African blood do you have to have to be called black, or white? My ancestors came from Africa, Italy, England, France. I have the sickle cell gene. Both my parents are a mix of Italian, American Indian, English, French, African. We use to call a mixed breed dog a heinz 57. That’s what I am, but my parents put down white on my birth certificate, so that’s what it is.

  • Printing money is how we plan to bale out the economy. We will just keep on printing it until we can reduce the deficit with worthless dollars. Of course, our savings will be gone along with the ability to support ourselves on a fixed income retirement like SS.

  • Both candidates should release more information. obama refuses to allow his college records to be opened. He had them sealed. Romney released only two years of tax returns … both should be more open. It seems both are hiding something.

    • CAThinker

      This is an irrelevant comparison – how could you possible compare disclosure of college transcripts to tax returns? What are we supposed to discern from college records? Which classes he chose to attend? What grades he earned or didn’t earn? Foolish comparison and hardly worth considering.

      • ObamaEatsBuckwheat

        Many of us suspect he applied as a foreign student and took scholarships meant for foreigners. He was indisputably a dual citizen of Kenya via his father. THAT’S what I think he’s hiding. No one give a hoot if he got a D in Sociology or an A in Marxist Thought.

  • Ask the Brits how they like their system? Or France. They don’t much like it when they have to wait 4 hours to see the doc. There is nothing the government will do better or less expensively than the private sector. My heart doc says he can only see half the patients now that he did four years ago because of the govt reporting requirements and red tape

  • No one should HATE! I have seen lots of stuff on both sides. I don’t hate Obama, I just don’t like what has been going on the last four years. I really thought he was going to make a difference, but I was wrong, I admit it. Why make this about race anyway?

  • I am so sorry for your loss. We are not supposed to live longer than our kids.

  • 2BILL2

    It has been stated and claimed by right wing, conservative Republicans that the multi-millionaires, the billionaires, the large multi-national corporations, the banks and the wall street moguls are the “job creators”. If that is true then the “wealth creators” are the middle class. Their responsibility to the economic system is to work at the jobs created by the “job creators“. Their task is impossible when the “job creators” have gone on strike. They are collectively sitting on trillions of dollars in cash and creating nothing. They have collectively sabotaged ( not obstructed but sabotaged) the economic recovery in order to destroy any possible success of the first black president of the United States. They have collectively and intentionally destroyed the world economy in order to foreclose on every casualty of their collective action. Like Romney and Bain Capitol they know that there is value in each carcass and the “job creators have cashed in. All that is left now is to crush those who would stop them from repeating that collective action in the future. What a union, the Mineworkers or Steelworkers or Autoworkers or Government employees could only dream of such united power.

  • Dale Hoogeveen

    There isn’t much to add to that, not at all.

    Even those of us on the left like myself should recognize that the whole of the nation needs a balanced conservative counter point to keep an unbalanced left from falling on its face. The core of society must govern or that society is unstable. The lack of a principled conservative block right now is a major basic problem for our cultural stability. We really cannot afford a full pendulum swing in either direction at this point any more than we can continue to tolerate the unprincipled so called conservative swing to the far right that the not so ‘solid south’ and religious extremes would like to see continue to overrun rational conservative input.

    No society remains stable if one extreme or the other gains dominance over the middle.

  • So tired of people talking about the Affordable Care Act. The reason the Repubs are so against is, because it would make big business insurance companies lose money! There would be a great big business in town, that they would have to compete against, and they know they can’t! Since, the very reason they are in business is to make money off of you and me. Obama’s program would be alot cheaper and offer the same or more than they could offer. All, this mess about people looking through your medical file and deciding whether you are going to get any medical procedure is bogus! This lie is being told by the Republican Party, and so many people are so gulliable they actually believe it! The ACA, would create jobs, for dentists, physicians, medical assistants, etc. , also it woould createejobs for medical software companies, computers, office buildings and so on.

    How can we say they we are the greatest country in the world if we have people dying everyday, simply because they cannot afford treatment! It is ridiculous! Poeple need to stop being in love with the almighty dollar, and start for once caring about people!

    Romney said lets let the states decide and run their own health programs. Well, it has been in the states hands for decades and they are quite simply failing! Sure, lets keep on going to the doctor and lets keep on paying large co-pays of hundreds of dollars a month for Med-i-Caid, all this before you can receive medical care. This is simply sad, for once start putting the people before money first. If we did this we would be a far better country than we are today.

  • rlthorn

    I am a 75 yr old retired attorney from NC. Born and raised in the South. Mother belonged to the UDC(United Daughters of the Confederacy) and the DAR. I think I know the lower middle class and lower class South as well as anyone. I agree with the author that religion is paramount in the ravings of these people against the Democrats and Obama. However, I am morally certain that the root cause of this southern hatred is racism. Ninety five percent of Republican votes in the Deep South have nothing to do with “limited government” or any other plank in the Republican party platform. The election of John Kennedy, the integration “forced” on the South by Atty Gen Robert Kennedy, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 pushed through by LBJ, the civil rights/due process rulings of the Warren Court with its attendant integration of schools under Einsenhower have, in toto, created a monster here in the South that will not go away any time soon. The hatred and fear created by these circumstances is being passed along generationally intact. For many southern children it is the only legacy they will receive from their parents. The effects will dwindle and fade but it will continue to have a deciding effect on politics down here for some time, no doubt about it.

  • Sure, do you believe everything Romney says. Where have you been in the last two weeks? Romney, is a con man, he will say whatever he needs to say to get into office!
    This is his third attempt to become President so now he is desparate! He does not care about you, and you are only fooling yourelf! Now, if you are rich, that is a different matter all together! Romney plans on cutting major programs, and I for one know that there are two many people who would greatly suffer behind his actions! Sure, anybody could cut services, it is not brilliant , it is a big lack of compassion! I sure hope that you’ll be supporting him when one of his new cuts, affects you, family or friends. I bet ya, you’ll be singing a new song then!

  • If you don’t agree, they call you names. Racist, Bigot, Right Wing. We do have freedom of speech at the moment, but how long is that going to last the way things are going?

    • ObamaEatsBuckwheat

      Oblamo already apologized to the idiots at the UN for the US constitution and our 1st Amendment. Why didn’t he just strip naked and whip himself and get it over with? He swore to uphold the constitution, not take a Marxist-Muslim dump on it.

  • Does that me if I like Obama I am not a redneck? I do like to fish and hunt. But you sir are full of hate if someone does not agree with you. By saying only good redneck is a dead redneck, is a hate statement. Making terrorist threats can get you in trouble. Limit your comments to facts not moronic statements

  • Adler, are you a moron? I know you aren’t a rednecker cause you want ’em all dead! You are just a name caller with nothing to say of significance, just blather.

  • Ahh! Glad you asked, “What are we supposed to discern from college records? Which classes he chose to attend? What grades he earned or didn’t earn?”

    Then WHY ARE THEY SEALED???? Could there be something he doesn’t want us to know? Not a foolish comparison. The comparison is what are they both hiding???

    • ObamaEatsBuckwheat

      Most likely concealed because the little Kenyan claimed foreign student status. He wants to be ‘exotic’ when it suits him. He WAS undoubtedly at least a dual citizen if not a triple one before age 21. He would have been Kenyan or ‘British protectorate of East Africa’ by virtue of his father holding citizenship there. [And possibly got Indonesian citizenship when adopted by lolo Soetoro.] Funny how his publicist accidentally pulled ‘he was born in Kenya’ out of her butt.

  • Congratulations to you sir! Determination and hard work is what made this country. You are a fine example of a hard working, sacrificing American!

  • Wow, You ROCK! I don’t see any replies, so I guess your facts can not be refuted! ;>) Nice post

  • Wait a minute! What is wrong with Andy Griffith and Utopia? Gooooolllly, wouldn’t things be better if things were like Mayberrry? Gee. In Mayberry, there was never any talk about the Federal government. There were no wars. The greatest fear in Mayberry was Otis, the town drunk. “Utpia” means the “non city” or a place that does not exist. What does exist is a self serving, corrupt government that generates fear in the populace in order to scare people into believing that solutions to these problems only come from the Federal government. I have more hope that the Mayberrys have a better chance of existing and flourishing on a state and local level.

  • Oh no! Busted by the spelling police. If you can read it, WHO CARES??? It a blog for crying out loud, not an English class.

  • Blake, you seem like an intelligent guy. Can you tell me why Mr. obama had his college records sealed and then gave up his license to practice law? Just curious. Thanks!

  • Really?

  • As if the economic black hole of Obamacare will help the economy. One only needs to look at France’s or the UK’s health service to realize that all they cause is massive, debt, as do all the face-saving “stimulus” packages. The author of this article ought to perhaps familiarize himself with some reality-based economics, Austrian School, to be precise, and, after careful thought and analysis, reject out of hand the pie-in-the-sky, deficit-spending Keynesian “economic” theories which cause inflation and poverty.

    Ron Paul would make the best President; Romney is the shark, and Obama is Moby Dick, and they are debating on how best to save the ship-wrecked passengers of the titanic cruiseliner called the U.S.A.

  • Alabama George Wallce was a Democrat. Republicans freed the slaves not Democrats. Democrats and states rights with owners of slaves were the main elements in the Civil War/War Between the States. President Lincoln was a Republican and freed the slaves. The 13 and 14 admendments were by Republicans and not Democrats.
    Where is the objective evidence that anyone hates Obama?
    Todays isssues are between conservatives, all races, and liberals.
    Liberals want more government in there lives and conservates want minimal government in there lives. Conservates see the US constitution as a concrete document to be literally followed, but Democrats see the constitution as a ever changing document.
    Mature adults have rational differences and use reasioning rather than immature emotions to make decisions concerning our government.

  • It was democrats who hung all of the blacks down here.

  • The Republican Party of the 1800s-1940s bears little resemblance to the GOP of today. It’s instructive that the “Dixiecrat” Party popped in 1948 from racist former Democrats who were dismayed that the Democratic Party was (finally!) beginning to embrace civil rights. Since then, the GOP has become more and more the White Mostly-Southerner Party while the Democratic Party increasingly becomes the party of Everyone Else.

    Sidenote: Abraham Lincoln questioned the divinity of Jesus. He wouldn’t be welcome in today’s GOP.

    There IS evidence of (irrational) hatred of Obama, just like there was evidence of (irrational)hatred of GWB. One need only read many comment sections like this one or look at the dingbats (which, yes, didn’t necessarily reflect the views of most gathered) at some of the Tea Party rallies a year or two ago.

    And liberals want more government in some parts of their lives (financial, guns), but less in others (especially sexual issues), while conservatives (or at least religous conservatives, who still hold a considerable sway in the GOP) want the opposite.

  • The writer is ignorant.

  • I’m not an expert on many things, but since Ive been serving in the military for the last decade, I know a couple of things for sure, in response to your listings the following were not accomplished because of our president, or are simply wrong.

    25. Our pay and benefits have always gone up every single year to compensate for inflation, however since Obama has been in office they have gone up less and less. From around 3-4% to about 1.5%, less than the actual rise in inflation. (my numbers are not strict calculations, they are guesstimates from the top of the head trying to remember)

    23. The improved armor for soldiers actually started when I was first deployed in Iraq back before Obama was in office, and have increased since because of the every changing combat situations we encountered. This was demanded by the soldiers on the front line.

    26. I can only speak for 2 specific military bases that I have been on in the U.S, that being Fort Irwin, and Ft Bragg, but both started their housing improvements before Obama’s term started. And while there has been some up in veteran benefits, mostly it has been cuts.

    22. The military has never authorized torture, there are those that don’t follow rules, and have been punished because of it. But sometimes in war, and I can tell first hand, minor scare tactics is an only option when the lives of our fellow American soldiers are on the line. And the military has always up held the regulation of the Geneva Convention, we all have to sit thru annual classes especially before deployments about the laws of war.

    Ok so Obama “Ordered” the raid that killed Osama, any Human with half a brain would have, that fight was gonna happen with or without his “order”. I give the president no credit for the death of Osama or the “end” of the Iraq war, only to the men and women who fought every day in unthinkable conditions without complaint, so people like you can sit at home and type lies on their computer.

  • nana1218

    I am a Republican, but I do not hate anyone. I dislike people. Obama is an embarrasement to the United States of America. If I were a Democrate, I would still say he is an embarrasement. After his preformance last night, I do not understand how anyone could vote for him. Anyone that does vote for him, is an embarrasement to the US.

  • nana1218


  • nana1218

    Thank you for your service Jordan. I appreciate all you have done for this country and my family.

  • Why do so many Democrats believe that Republicans really hate Obama? Is there anything short of a Republican actually voting for Obama (something that this Republican did once, as a protest against Bush’s federalization of the TSA and against Gitmo, and to contribute to a historic milestone in American racial progress — but will not do again) that a Republican could do to convince a Democrat that he or she merely opposes Obama’s policies and does not hate the man (or for that matter the policies). By the way, I was a Republican in Alabama when Democrat George C. Wallace won the governorship due to the support of a majority of the Alabama black vote and a minority of the Alabama white vote. This ‘Southern Strategy’ fiction – built up from a throwaway line by a failed politician, not from any actual revelation of a true conspiracy – is being bought only by those of you too young to actually have been there at the time.

  • The real question is why do Democrats hate Republicans? Suggesting they hate the poor, want to push old ladies off a cliff, that they are trying to kill people with cancer, cause hurricanes, want to polute the water and air, want to bathe in oil, are a bunch of silly jesus freaks, and want to step on the poor? Because its politically convenient. It’s the exact division democrats have caused in this country. If Romney ever dared said that Obama wasnt a true Christian like Harry Reid has said Romney has sullied his own religion, there would be endless outcry… Romney is nothing like the evil divider he has been labeled as… and is infact very bi partisan. Obama on the other hand has hissed at conservatives since he first sat on Jeremiah Wrights knee for a good Anti-American brain washing. Let’s all just be glad that Michelle Obama finally is proud of America.

  • -Jobs and New Jobs are paying about 3 to 4 thousand less than they use to.
    -GDP has been slashed to 1.3 percent (lowest ever)
    -Media Incomes are down, 4,000 per family on average
    -Unemployment above 8% for 43 months with citizens settling for lesser paying jobs.
    -Gas prices have doubled (Obama cut in half oil drilling permits, did not allow on federal lands and is closing coal plants in battle ground states while smiling).
    – Tuition is up 55% in Texas and nationwide at certain double digit percentages.
    – Nation is scoring in the bottom 3rd in Math and Sciences.
    – Obama wants to raise taxes on over 1 million small businesses.
    – Sequestration; Obama wants to cut our military during the most dangerous times on earth while increasing federal aid to those who don’t need it.
    – He wants to protect Teachers Union ploys and tenure among others who want more money without supplying appropriate education to the masses and the ability of the school to fire bad teachers.

    How is that for some hate? Let’s get a real bipartisan in office and get things moving. Enough of this media made President who cannot stand the altitude except when their is a teleprompter.

  • They hate him because he actually considers individuals who are low income and poor. Where as the Republicans would cast them out to some unknown island, surrounded by sharks and poisonous snakes.

  • This is a sad era for our country when people hate you because you stand for all people. President Obama is a man with morals and digity! The GOP and the southern haters are people who hate all people of color; it does not matter their level of education or background. He is a threat because he is a well educated black man who they can not tempt with their arrogance and betrayal of the american people.

    • ObamaEatsBuckwheat

      Have you seen his grades? No? Then how do you know he is ‘well educated?’ Just because you took classes doesn’t mean you did especially well. If he’s so smart, why is he the worst disaster ever? He makes Carter look good, and Carter was a flaming idiot.

  • You mean there’s more to dislike than killing humans in their 3rd trimester and pushing homosexual depravity on the nation and world?

  • It appears to most watching that it’s the Regressive-accented liberals who are politically marooned.

    Maybe you should check the last congressional elections if you are confused.

  • Gene Lyons seems angry.

    What did God do to you?

  • Mr JPH, I see since you put up your post long ago, you have not received any return comments. That tells me no one is willing to try to dispute your facts. Since we come to the liberal rags, yeah National Memo, you are just another liberal media rag that distorts truth to stir the pot.
    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” Adolf Hitler”Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” Adolf Hitler

  • In all honesty, Don, I think he may simply be a victim of the mass syndrome of the Texas Schoolbook Suppository that has swept the south in recent years.

    I’ve read that, because of it’s relatively enormous population of public school students, Texas sets the standards for textbook publishers that serve as vendors to several states, especially neighbors of the Lone Star. As such, the Texas state school board wields enormous influence. And their recent proposals include downplaying slavery, downplaying Jefferson’s commitment to church-state separation and, indeed, the entire contribution of said founder and author of the D. of I.

    Robert Allen may not be rewriting history so much as reciting the history already rewritten for him so that he can feel better about the missteps of the Confederacy, the Dixiecrats, the Thurmonds and Wallaces, all the way up to his contemporary leaders like McConnell who early on committed to ignoring the responsibilities of his office as a public servant and making “limiting Obama to a single term” as the number one legislative priority for himself and all other Republican members of Congress.

  • deleted

  • ObamaEatsBuckwheat

    Can any of you libbies say *exactly* why Barack Hussein Obama deserved a Nobel Peace Prize? He had been in office less than 2 weeks before the nominations for the prize that year closed. Was it an ‘affirmative action pass’ because he was black and wasn’t Bush? Or had he actually done something more exciting than finding his way to the executive washroom without assistance? for a guy who received a peace prize, he sure seems to get his rocks off picking out his drone targets.

    And do you think it was a wise decision of his to give the New Black Panther Party a ‘pass’ from being prosecuted by the justice department for the obscene voter intimidation they pulled in Philly in the 2008 elections? How were thugs swinging truncheons in order to intimidate white voters a damn bit different than thugs burning crosses on lawns? I’m sorry, but I don’t get it. Why did Mr. Affirmative Action pass give the NBP an affirmative action pass?

    Was it really a smart move on his part to give a waist deep bow to the king of Saudi Arabia like a good little Muslim boy when instead he was supposed to be meeting him as *the* representative head of state from the United States? The Asians were amused when he did it to them too. Why doesn’t he just shine their shoes if he’s going to bother to bow that low.

    Is it right for him to apologize to the UN for the 1st Amendment? Was it a good idea to give illegal guns to Mexican drug cartel which resulted in the death of hundreds? He said he had ‘nothing to do with it’ yet claimed executive privilege. Why would he need ‘executive privilege’ if he had nothing to do with it? Another affirmative action pass? Him being held to lesser standards?

    Why does he want everyone to pay for everyone’s abortion and birth control pills? Why the hell should I have to pay for someone else’s immorality? It’s hypocritical for libbies to want everyone to ‘keep their rosaries off their ovaries’ until, of course it’s time to pay to suck the baby’s brains out or break little arms and limbs apart, then they want you to be in their womb to pay for it.

    Mr/ Food stamp king — 40% more people added to the rolls….way to go, Hussein. Extreme persistent unemployment. 2 downgrades of US credit rating. 6 TRILLION bucks more debt on his watch.

    Obama’s not liked because he’s a scum sucking Marxist, Chicago thug.

    • Truth Seeker

      You should a little class when expressing your point of view. Dont disrespect the President of the United State(regardless of his race. Your comment makes the rest of us sharing the republican uniform as crazy and lunatics. I would advise you to do more research on your own unfiltered or unspurned.The reason why Obama has done so well is because Republican Congress and senate has vowed to fight any legislation put forward by Obama even if he helps the country. I didnt believe it but when I saw the video, I was suprised and it is the TRUTH.

      Here is an example of my views, hopefully you get it through your uneducated Brain.

      I was blindly supporting all Republican agenda untill I found out the truth myself. The unemployment is high but looking at the overall graph Obama has turned things around. The 6Trillion in additional debt is due to 2008 recession caused by Bush policy(a republican), cost of two unpaid wars(started by Bush) not paid for, Bush Tax cuts (lost of revenue),poor trade policy with China(during Bush years). Affordable care act is a good policy for majority of American, it’s just that poor people now will get the same care as wealthy people which mean no more VIP in the hospital. You can definitely changed that unemployment 8 to 7.8%. I supported Bush due to my deep conviction in my Beliefs(Defending Marriage) but it was the wrong course. Mitt Romney is a nice guy but I watched him closely in the primary. But He doesn’t get an average person like me and he changes his position(or colour like a camilion) and would say anything to get vote (like Gingrich said during the primary). I’m an undecided Voter, Obama hasnt impressed much but some of his policies has worked. That is the truth either I or others like it or not.
      The recovery has been slow but I dont want to start all over again.

      I will hold my nose in this election and leaning to vote OBAMA. it is the right thing to do for my country and as a patriotic American.

      Jesus is Lord

      Envagelical Christian from the South

  • toptwome

    I’m in the South with the rabid Faux watching low information zombies who believe everything said on Faux Noise. There are some of us white Democrats who are seriously determined to support President Obama along with all the black people. We know we have a lot more sense than all the people who had Bush/Cheney plastered on their cars throughout the eight years and some still do. Romney may not have as much support being a Mormon but there are way too many lies that people take as fact in the low information foxified south.

  • or 43 weeks of unemployment above 8 percent, 6 trillion dollars in additional debt, two reductions in our bond status, cash for clunkers, Affordable Care Act, Perception of weakness globally, solyndra, 789 B stimulus contract that lead to 43 weeks of unemployment above 8 percent and additional debt

    • Truth Seeker

      I was blindly supporting all Republican agenda untill I found out the truth myself. The unemployment is high but looking at the overall graph Obama has turned things around. The 6Trillion in additional debt is due to 2008 recession caused by Bush policy(a republican), cost of two unpaid wars(started by Bush) not paid for, Bush Tax cuts (lost of revenue),poor trade policy with China(during Bush years). Affordable care act is a good policy for majority of American, it’s just that poor people now will get the same care as wealthy people which mean no more VIP in the hospital. You can definitely changed that unemployment 8 to 7.8%. I supported Bush due to my deep conviction in my Beliefs(Defending Marriage) but it was the wrong course. Mitt Romney is a nice guy but I watched him closely in the primary. But He doesn’t get an average person like me and he changes his position(or colour like a camilion) and would say anything to get vote (like Gingrich said during the primary). I’m an undecided Voter, Obama hasnt impressed much but some of his policies has worked. That is the truth either I or others like it or not.
      The recovery has been slow but I dont want to start all over again.

      I will hold my nose in this election and leaning to vote OBAMA. it is the right thing to do for my country and as a patriotic American.

      Jesus is Lord

      Envagelical Christian from the South.

    • Typical hypocritical redneck teapubliklan crap. Alway quick to demonize Obama, but conveniently ignore Romney’s flip flop lies and offshore accounts.

  • us2138

    Most of them hate him because repubs are like that: uncharitable, nasty bigots who dislike anything or anyone which smells of reason and intellectualism. They are the ones who rejected health reform, tax reform, necessary social programs, etc.

    They need someone to hate, make fun of, bitterly rail against, and sarcastically put down, as well as the people who disagree with them. They are also often the most self-righteous. Irony.

  • mackmack57

    Barack Obama and other top Democrats supported the incredibly expensive Wall Street bailouts and “economic stimulus packages” and yet the U.S. economic situation just continues to deteriorate. Barack Obama seems to have kind of given up on economic policy and is more or less letting the Federal Reserve run the show at this point. Meanwhile, the U.S. economy continues to turn into a post-industrial wasteland.

    • Lin

      Bush did the bailouts. TARP. Before Obama took office.

  • Perhaps it is because so many Democrats hated the previous President and hate the Republican candidate for President. Mostly it is an illusion because those that have strong emotions are more likely to say something .

    • Lin

      I’ve never seen vitriol from the left even come close to Limbaugh, Coulter, etc. They are downright hateful. But in all fairness, they were equally hateful to Bill and Hillary.

  • Arcadio De Jesus

    Racism will nevr end in this Country, but what really bothers me is, that the must raicst, are thoes that are claiming to be good Chistians.

  • The palpable hate is surely racial in origin. When Republicans announce that their highest priority is not this nation but getting Obama out of office they have stated their real purpose

  • Republicans lie when they say they want a ‘limited government’. In fact, Bush 43 grew the government payroll from 20-25%; Reagan grew it about the same percentage. Republicans deceive their base by running on a platform of “limited government’ and do not want the government to tell us what to do unless it is a Republican Government. Ask the women in North Carolina who were about to face a transvaginal ultrsound before deciding to have an abortion. That was a Republican Government telling women what to do in North Carolina. I am concerned with the new standard of political decision making on the part of voters in America and how disinformed the American voters are. Last week Obama and Rodne face-off in the debate, people declared Rodney the winner but the problem is: all Rodney did was lies, more lies, and close up with lies, he lied to his teeth and he won. Really bad for American voters. Incredible!!!

  • Wow! Glad to see racism and bias is alive and well in Gene Lyons. He must be good buds with BO. Hopefully some future prez will support the Constitution!!!!

  • gordo29

    We don’t hate him…we hate the twisted vision he believes in that removes incentives in favor of entitlements, eliminates growth in favor of redistribution and believes “hope is a strategy” in a dangerous world. He has set himself up as the redeemer of a failed country – my country, so he can tear it down and rebuild it (his words, 2008 campaign). That is what I “hate” – the dumbing down and ruining of what Abraham Lincoln called “the last best hope on earth.” Fortunately, Obama just thinks that way – he can’t actually make it happen. Its that Constitution thing again. And even more fortunately, the majority of Americans don’t think that way either. We just need to get scared before we wake up (see 1980).

  • Hammered25

    gene lyons, you are a dumba$$

  • They and me hate obama cuz we can see what an incompetent pathological lying vermin that he is…he is destroying America from within and the MSM are his useful idiots and refuse to tell the people what vermin he really is…he has blood on his hands and should be impeached, tried and hung for crimes against America

  • Jeremiah_Publius

    I am a Republican. I certainly don’t hate the President. I voted for him and identified him as a leader from the time he spoke at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He is charming, charismatic, cool, but incompetent. He didn’t surround himself with first rate advisors and it shows. His hubris is that he thinks he is so smart and so effective, the power of his personality will overcome any obstacle. His foreign policy in the middle east is a disaster. His domestic policies might as well have people building pyramids, because they aren’t generating any GDP productivity.

    He is spouting the same collective drivel that socialists ( Roosevelt) and Fascists (Hitler) did at the same time in the 1930’s… the needs of the state supercede all individual wants, needs, and desires. And we will force you to comply with our vision. The safety net wasn’t meant to be a lifestyle for the lazy, TV watching, texting, morons that define our society.

    Neither candidate has articulated how to create jobs in the private sector. Somebody may before the election, but it isn’t likely to be the current President.

    It seems likely the President will be re-elected. If so, I will predict that we will collectively praise/sanctify Barack Obama after the next term, even while the country is dying. What a shame.

  • delsol29

    You might be right. However, there is an underlying growing anger among the 2080 ‘ers in the country. Those who work 40 hours a week 52 weeks a year. Our job is not to support the shiftless and the lazy. No poll can accurrately reflect this. I’m not talking about the bottom third of the nation that needs help. I’m talking about the 34% -50% tile that are shiftless and lazy.

  • silverback929

    Think the republican party will diminish in the face of a prosperous 2nd Obama term?
    Better think again.
    The propaganda machine is alive and well, with the republican minions believing EVERYTHING that comes out of the mouths of Coulter, Limbaugh, and Hannity.
    In the minds of the faithful, they have successfully placed the blame for the countrys ills squarely on the shoulders of the poor, the teachers, firefighters policemen, and ANYONE affiliated with the union movement in America, while defending their corporate masters, and the billions they squeeze from the working class through lower wages, fewer benefits, and longer hours.
    They will become even more radical in the years to come, perhaps to an extent that civil war may be the only answer for America to rid itself from their brand of fanaticism.

  • It appears that mental illness exists for a large number of the posters on this article.

  • Because their EVIL and GREEDY alone with being big PHONEYS! ON EVERYTHING. Mr. Obama, has been broke and lived in a Car… he does feel our pain! I too lived in a Car and know how things without money or a home can be. I still cannot believe how ONE WOMEN, can vote for the PHONEY! Love Obama!

  • Just when you thought the libs couldn’t become any more desperate. What a tired rant! Did I really just take the time to read your bullshit?

    Gene Lyons is the blueprint of a delusional columnist whose rhetoric is always full of bias and personal bitterness.

    Maybe people “dislike” Obama but “Hate” his policies and failed leadership. The only HATRED evident here is the kind you are spewing, BIGOT!

  • I don’t hate Obama. I hate tyranny.

  • Why? …It 16TRILLIONS reasons !

  • Repub DID NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA CARE… DID NOT GO FOR 16TRILLIONS spending bill that your great grand children and mine have to pay for ! WE CAN NOT AFFORD TO HAVE ANOTHER 4YRS OF FREE SPENDING !

  • The Republican shriek freaks totally embarrassed themselves during Clinton, too.

  • no

  • because they have been suckered into believing Romney is a Christian who cares about them. Oh, and he’s white.

    Republicans don’t hate O’bama, they hate what he is doing to the country and to its people.
    This administration is the most contraversial and anti-American ever.
    They lie, cheat, steal, and blame everyone else for the problems.

  • G. Lyons, now that you have proved that you are a bigot, just like racist except you are prejudiced against a different group, and you know that this prejudice works well with your liberal friends, do you have anything worth saying?

  • Jimmy Pitcher

    DISDAIN FOR THE WORKER: Locate and read this NY Times editorial opinion by Paul Krugman and you will understand why republicans hate OBAMA. It is precisely the republican party’s “DISDAIN” for the average working man, and OBAMA’s favored support and empathy for the average working man that makes the republicans hate him so.
    Just as Mr. Krugman points out about Eric Cantor’s labor day tweet, honoring business owners and entrepeneurs on labor day, giving respect to their bravery and spirit, without ever mentioning a word about the worker, on this labor day tweet. Instead only honoring their bosses, and the owners of business’s.
    His article points out that this is the attitude of the entire party, cater to the owners and starters of business, but if your just a lowly worker or employee, we could care less about you.

  • No We the undiclared middle must chose continuty, while the Republicans check themselves. Romney and Ryan are good men but they should be put to use implementing the Romney way into the lives of schoolchildren. Getting each kid an Educational trust with dividend paying stocks. Even if Romney has to use his own spare change to fund the accounts. Then after four years every parent will feel better about the future. And RR will be ready to take over.

  • We need a principald conservative party to check their own folly. Letting Emotions and religion govern a free people. The ignorance of the Tea party must be overcome, The religious Zellots must be tamed, and the 2% should buck up and take a pinch for the team.

  • I think a lot of Obama’s fiercest detractors would oppose ANY Democratic President. Bill Clinton got this kind of flak, I’m told that Jimmy Carter did too, and can you imagine the amount of venom that would be spat towards a President Hillary?

    I’d also like to add that this is the first time since the 1940s that a Democratic President who wasn’t a Southerner has run for (re-)election, so naturally he’s getting more bile from the South than other Dem. nominees have.

  • ProfBob

    As cartoonist Al Kapp used to tell us ‘What’s good for Genera; Bullmoose (read General Motors) is good for America.’Today he would probably have written ‘If you are Koch’en with oil it’s good for America.’We must follow the selfish billionaires like the Koch boys, not the unselfish ones like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

  • chacalcdn

    Thanks Dominick and to have done so much with nothing but roadblocks from the GOP.
    M. President Obama deserves and has shown resolve amid such negative opposition to be the leader he can be with or without small minded 1%ers.

  • Sam Primavera

    Nope, that’s not why we hate him. If you really care, we hate him because he is a socialist. Because we believe (right or wrong) that he is destroying the American dream. His anti-business, pro welfare, government support from cradle to grave is the precise formula that is killing the Europeans. We, who hate Obama, want less government, freedom from government, we hate big brother (black or white). We do not want government taking money out of our pockets so they can decide what to do with it, not us. That is why we hate Obama. And, it looks like that is the reason that you like him. So, we have a significant ideological divide. We, or at least I, do not consider Obama or his supporters evil, just misguided and uninformed. The notion that we can solve societies ills by taxing, borrowing and spending is so empirically and philosophically false that one must be completely ignorant of economic principles and history to believe it. But the song is seductive isn’t it? A friend or mine once said that “if you are not a Democrat when you are young you have no heart and if you are not a Republican as you mature, you have no brain.” I am no longer young. I have college degrees in economics and law. I have a lot of experience in business and life in general. I am not swayed by slogans, eloquence or charisma. I require philosophical consistency. Romney is not precisely the person I would want as President. But, he is infinitely better than Obama. That is why we hate Obama and the welfare state that he represents.

  • Fastmail

    Opponents of President Obama said the same thing about the 2008 election.

  • Mammam1a

    No, that’s not it. I guess I don’t really hate him, but I don’t like him. I don’t like him because he’s condescending and patronizing, and believes that he knows what’s best for us, and the only reason we don’t agree is that he hasn’t talked at us long enough. And I hate the possibility that we’ll have four more years of him, because I think he wants to turn us into Europe. I think he wants to convince us that we need the government to take care of us, no matter what it costs, and that there are enough rich people to cough up the taxes to fund it. There aren’t. And if there were, they wouldn’t be rich very long – and then what do we do?

  • milkawhat2

    Apparently Dominick left out slowed the Earths rotation,prevented Martian invasion…oh, and brought peace and stability to the Middle East! You also forgot to mention that he removed the idea of massive debt being a problem from the minds of millions of Liberals,caused, and continues to cause the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans with Fast and Furious,reduced energy independence by cutting off production on Federal lands,Lied directly to his employers(us) about the Embassy deaths,cost Gibson Guitars about half a million dollars in phoney charges,…I’m glad I stop in to see what the other side thinks, You might try to exercise your brain a little and really look at what Golden Boy has done. Cash for Clunkers???? That cost the USA 2 billion dollars more,and ran the price of used cars, you know, what poor people have to drive,through the ceiling.Ignorance is must be very happy.

  • He’s a communist. America is capitalist. Communism destroys countries. Capitalism builds them. Pretty simple, really.

  • Wish I could post Domick Vila’s comments to my FB account. It’s brilliant.

  • To borrow a phrase from Bill Clinton – it’s the economy, stupid! More specifically, socialism vs. capitalism. Socialism is a destructive force because it turns everything into a zero sum game. From the government trickle down concept – every bit of wealth that is redistributed must first be taken from someone else. Given the terrible inefficiency of government bureaucracies – $1 in will get you less than .80 back.

    In contrast, businesses in the private sector (capitalism) create wealth. They take goods and services that cost $1 and turn it into products and services that sell for $1.25 or more. The $1 of cost of goods/services sold provides revenue for many other businesses, pays wages, and so forth. The wealth created (.25) is profit that is saved, reinvested, and otherwise provides growth to the economy. Let’s say the .25 is chopped up into .15 tax, .10 retained wealth – with $1 recycled within the ecnomy… that’s still $1.15 returned per $1 by capitalism vs .80 per $1 by socialism.

    Trickle down is, in reality, all we get (we the people of the 99%) regardless of the source. I’d rather the trickle down fund be $1.15 than it be .80 to start off with.

    The bottom line: capitalism is NOT a zero sum game, there can be win-win’s outcomes- but socialism is usually a less than zero sum game where there are frequently lose-loser’s outcomes.

  • It’s very hard to have a President who undermines the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and competitiveness.
    And it’s hard to have a leadership who rob the people of their initiatives, drive, and ambitions. “They didn’t build it”and “The middle class has been buried” attitude.
    It’s hard to remember a time in American politics when you have a President instead of being obsessed to know how the $825 billion stimulus was disbursed and account for it, he would rather be obsessive about a big bird that was only mentioned in a debate.
    Obama himself said in his 2008 acceptance speech, “If you don’t have a record to run on, you make a big election about small things.”
    It’s still hard to have a leadership knowing for a fact that, the Stimulus Package was intended to stimulate the Economy and create jobs for the middle class on the Homefront, they also taught it was appropriate to bail out GM with almost 50billion which was later outsourced to China. GM now makes almost 70 percent of its vehicles outside the US.
    Has more than 2,700 dealerships in China.
    Operates 11 assembly plants in China.
    Has 11 joint ventures in China with two Chinese government-controlled companies
    China has become the crown jewel in the GM universe. 
    And so China is now benefitting from the bailout and not the middle class in the US under Obama’s watch.
    This President, as a matter of fact, is taking the American Taxpayer for granted. It’s a shame !!!

  • station0482

    Chances since Obama was caught without his teleprompter at the debate, he is now losing in the polls.

  • I totally agree, I don’t know where this bullshit comes from because everyone I know LOVES Obama, maybe they need to check the sheet in their closet, whoever wrote this piece of s**t!!!!!

  • Gene Lyons, get off my President!!!!!!

  • it might help a lot of people who are undecided to go see the movies Obama 2016 to really find out who He is.

    • Timothy Hughes

      yes, because after four years as president of the United States, he’s such a mystery. you people are beeeeyond dumb. I actually kind of hope romney wins so all you scary, conspiracy freak/racist nuts, with yer tiny penises, eerr, I mean yer guns, will crawl back in yer holes and shut up for the next four years. it will be a miracle to see how fast the election of a white guy who will run the debt up with more dumb, unfunded wars and more fear talk and a reignition of the Patriot Act, will make all these neo-constitutionalist tea party geniuses disappear. I hope all those old people who held posters with bones through Obama’s nose at tea party rallies, enjoy having a private vouchered Medicare and limits on benefits farmed out to the states. If romney wins, thats what they will get. And maybe he will get a GOP congress and senate and fulfill the GOP’s wet dream: privatized social security at the whim of the stock market!!!! Hooray!!!! But hey, at least a black guy won’t be in the white house, right?
      I’m just glad I saw a black man elected president in my lifetime. For a brief moment in time, this country really showed its best side to the world. Too bad it’s ugly side seems to eventually prevail.

      • “Yer” are you joking asshole. Who is the stupid one?

    • David Stone

      I saw that movie (if you want to call it that) with a conservative friend of mine. It is really pretty amusing the levels D’Souza goes through to probe Obama’s soul. I happen to think that having had a diverse and exotic upbringing makes one more qualified to be president rather than less. Reviewing some of the other posts here I see others would prefer a president raised and educated on country music cliches.

      Do any of the republicans here know any of the really absolutely crazy stuff that is part of the LDS (Morman) church past and present. There must be a massive cover-up in the mainstream media because they want Romney to win. Right? We haven’t heard anything about it. Believe me, Romney 2016 would make an infinitely more entertaining movie.

  • The interesting revelation in this piece is the phrase: “Too bad, because the nation needs a principled conservative party to check the follies of the anti-gravity left.”
    It is clear that by becoming the desperate unprincipled party that it has, the Right no longer can serve as a legitimate balance to the “follies” of the left. Romney and co. have lied, flip-flopped and hated so much that no reasonable person takes them seriously. They have, by playing to the South and the T’s, abdicated their real job as a balance to the other side.

  • naksuthin

    Whether you like Obama or not, here’s where America has been in the last 4 years.

    Four years ago , under the last Republican administration, the DOW had sunk to a low of 8000 and the NASDAQ had plunged to 1500.
    Most Americans watched in horror as up to 50% of our retirement savings “disappeared”. In the year ending Sept. 30, 2008 retirement assets lost $2.1 trillion.
    Fast Forward 4 years. The DOW has climbed back past 13000 and the NASDAQ , at 3000, hasn’t been this high since the Clinton Administration. Even Romney’s investments are doing better now than they were 4 years ago

    Four years ago , under the last Republican administration, we were stuck in the worst recession in US history. Businesses were failing, the housing bubble had burst, Newscasters were suggesting that THIS might be the beginning of the 2nd Great Depression.
    Fast Forward 4 years. Today no economist even mentions the words” the Second Great Depression.” Today the worst recession in US history that began under the last Republican Administration….is over. The housing mess is finally coming to an end as housing prices in all areas firms up and begin to rise. Banks are holding on to their inventory of foreclosed homes waiting for prices to rise.

    Four years ago General Motors and Chrysler many other American companies were on the brink of bankruptsy, Today General Motors and Chrysler are the pride of America once again…and American businesses …they are sitting on 2 trillions dollars of CASH.

    Four years ago banks major financial institutions (some over a hundred years old), were wallowing in a sea of red ink: Washington Mutual, Indymac, AIG, Citicorp, Lehman Brothers,Wachovia, Merrill Lynch. Today the big banks are back to profitability

    Four year ago a ashen faced Bush pushed the Congress to take 700 billion dollars of taxpayer money to give to the banks to get battered lending markets working. Rep Boehner had to plead with his Republican members to go along with the bailout saying “If I didn’t think we were on the brink of an economic disaster, it would be the easiest thing to say no to this,” …today the Banks have paid off most of the 700 billion dollars Bush lent them

    Four years ago house prices were falling like a rock as the housing bubble exploded. Today housing prices have stabilized all across the United States

    Four years ago the interest rate on a 30 year mortgage was about 5.3%. Today the same mortgage rate is about 3.5% Millions of homeowners have refinanced and saved hundreds of dollars a month on their mortgage payments

    Four years ago we were mired in Afghanistan and Iraq. Today the Iraq war is over and troops are starting to return from Afghanistan

    Four years ago Osama Bin Ladin was threatening us with regular tape recordings. Today Osama Bin Ladin and many of his top lieutenants are dead.

    Four years ago in the final month of the last Republican Administration, January 2009, the US lost 818,000 jobs. Today the US has gained jobs every month for the past two years.

    • Timothy Hughes

      these people are beyond ignorant. Jeez, they’re from the freaking south. They are all related. why waste yer time.

      • Timothy Hughes you are a real asshole, and I’m from a northern blue state. Jerk.

  • I doubt the North has enough guts left to go a second round when the South frees itself from them again, finally.

    • Timothy Hughes

      you really need to focus on getting indoor plumbing. and then maybe grow a pair and post yer real name when you write inbred, uneducated southern-fried crap like that. Oh, we are all sooss tough and hard when we hide like little girls behind the wall of a fake name. I challenge you as a big tough talkin redneck hick to be man, and put yer real name for the world to see.

    • David Stone

      I’m sure the South will be awesome without all the money they suck from Uncle Sam.

  • WestHoustonGeo

    “The existential shock would be considerable. Not since the 1960s, when successive civil rights laws overcame the region’s “massive resistance” and ended legal segregation, have certain kinds of white Southerners experienced such anger and trepidation. Boo hoo hoo”
    The 60’s saw the beginning of the end of DEMOCRAT RACISM that permeated the BOTH South and the North before and since the Civil War.
    Republicans grew from the Abolitionist movement (they wanted to eliminate Slavery). Abraham Lincoln was the founding father of the Republican Party.
    Democrats are the party of Hate and Racism and Bigotry.
    They attempt to project that onto Republicans. But that dog won’t hunt. You might convince the dependent class you have created, but more and more are seeing through the charade.

    • David Stone

      You are suffering from an extreme form of tunnel vision. All those SOUTHERN DEMOCRAT RACISTS’s (Dixiecrats they were called) switched to the REPUBLICAN PARTY as soon as the ink was dry on LBJ’s signature. Why do you think blacks have voted 90% democrat since that time. They were no longer the “party of Lincoln”.

  • debcuspard

    I’m 66 as longt as I remember have I seen such disrespect from a party,Republicans are so disrespectful of the President and Vice President. Yes it is a race but there is no need to be disrepestful. Romney made a statment if Obama would stop pimping with Jay Z and his wife he could run his office. That kind of statement was not needed and just another way of direspect. The republicans who are running only talk about what Obama didn’t do which most of it are lies but they don’t say what and how they are going to make things different. They are a joke and people better watch out who they are voting for because Romney’s faith tells him what he can do and what he can’t. Look into their faith and you will see what I am saying. Yes they hate Obama because of his race long before time to vote the republicans said the only thing they were going to do was get Obama out of office they would not agree with anything Obama was trying to past. Guess what the no president has all that control so all the fault is not his alone. When you have a party that will not admit to the good and the bad. Another thing most republicans no nothing about blacks and who they are going to vote for. All races are voting for Obama all over the US.

    This thing about jobs and economic think about when the new I Phone came out the people who were in line for days to get one. People are spending money, home are being saved and guess what education can be saved. Obama plus his side as always cared about children, education and all people and not leaving out 47%.

    I’m so upset with the disrepect I don’t want my 12 year old watch the debates because of the disrespect the republican is showing. I teach my son as the bible says love one another as equel. It is alright to disagree but remain having “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”. We should look at the whole picture before we think the republican gets in office.

  • Because he is, at minimum, a socialist whose policies and massive increase in the national debt are destroying America.

    Or he’s just plain incompetent.

  • Mara Tam

    because he’s black and dared to win

  • yanni54

    Dominick you are spot on, but I can tell you to some people especially some of the whites in the southern states, President Obama could pass out million dollar checks to each and every one of them, his brown face will ALWAYS trump their own best interest. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to realize when someone tells you a story over and over again for months about things they are going to do for you(or rather to you) and all of a sudden one day for exactly 90 miuntes they flip flop on it all, because they realize that their original claims wasn’t working for them to get votes then what does that say for the people who would support a liar. My take is it’s not The Presidents policies, because if Romney had the same exact policies, the GOP and all of the right wing (even Limbaugh and Fox News) would be loving these views and would be backing every word, so I guess it could be because he is a Democrat, but I don’t think so because I think some of them would accept all that The President has done if he were white so there’s nothing left but that face!

    • David Stone

      We once had a socialist president that mailed out $350 checks to everyone. The republicans can’t remember his name anymore.

  • Joseph Stern

    Because his beliefs, instincts, and sensibilities feel alien to the American experience; because he looks to Social Democratic Europe as the model for our future; because he was certainly once, and is perhaps still in his heart, a professional agitator and grievance-monger.

    • Joseph Stern

      Also, on a more personal level, he is unbearably narcissistic and self-overestimating.

  • That is a fair article.

  • John Fletcher

    they don’t hate him, they just don’t like his policies. Liberals confuse hate with political disagreement.

  • FedUpwhitemale53notracist

    Go watch and/or read Atlas Shrugged. Then watch the news or listen to B. Obama. The Fairness Law and doctrine will be the end of our freedom. If you socialist hacks want to get free stuff go to Canada or better yet Europe! Don’t let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya!

    • Thomas W

      ‘Atlas Shrugged’ isn’t a real description of how an economy works. It’s a work of fiction.

      Private firms built none of the Hoover Dam, the Panama Canal, the Internet, the Interstate Highway System, the US Navy, or the enabling legislation/land grants which funded the Trans-Continental Railroad.

      Without these, the US would be vastly smaller as an economy — and would never have become involved in/won World War II, or become today’s superpower. California would not contribute 12% of US GDP, nor be the world’s 8th-largest economy.

      In your toy fiction-book, inhabitants of the mythical island invent their own magical free power-source. In the real world, research into fusion energy costs $100s of billions from.. you guessed it.. Government.

    • Hey there “Fedup”!! From a Canadian observing your country/election, I would like to remind you LOUDLY, that Canada is NOT a socialist state. There are a lot of countries round the world who manage to offer services to their civilians and somehow still are capitalist-oriented! That would be us, among many others. You think in cliches, my friend.

      I’m guilty of thinking in cliches too, now that I think about it. How about my view of you? Most Americans are not very bright, ignorant about other countries, loud and obnoxious in public, fat, and like to think their way is the only way. Am I close?

      • David Stone


  • Shanda Huang

    Not only Republicans hate him. I am a Taiwanese woman without any U.S. political party affiliation I hate him as well. Even before he won the 2008 election I already assumed him as a Communist. I hate him working so hard to destroy the U.S. I admired so much in a fundamental way. He is putting America backward 20-30 years in economic productivity and creativity. America can be the greatest country in the world because of its Constitution, the greatest invention in human history. Without the respect of the U.S. constitution you are the same as every other country in the world, citizens are considered as slaves of the governing body. I truly hope Obama is defeated this year otherwise we are losing the beacon of the world for another 4 years. It is unthinkable what damages Obama can do not only to the U.S. but to the world.

  • If I am right : (1) The Black man is the drug dealer (2)School dropout (3) Always on the street or stay away from family (4) In and out of Prison good for nothing man, White women lover, so to the White only Political party Republicans he does not belong to even America, or to the African Americans.

  • Julián San Martín

    The most successful message of ALL TIMES, about 2000 years ago was about LOVE, not hate. How can messages of hate make a loving person win? Obama may not be loved by every American, but his message is clear: Love is more important than hate and money. Now, if we are to feel successful when our bank account grows, while our elder folks have no medical care and less financially lucky Americans are hungry and sick with no help, then vote for Romney.

  • he has been able to quadruple the debt, increase the deficit, done nothing the first two years with a completely democratic congress – except for to pass a bill ON HIS FIRST DAY IN OFFICE to continue to kill unborn babies + vote FOUR TIMES TO LET THE BABY DIE WHO HAPPENED TO SURVIVE A BOTCHED ABORTION!!! Not to mention, not having time to meet with the leader of Israel, our own ally in the middle east while going on The View, meeting with Beyonce and JayZee, etc; while his own administration flip flops on the infamous Libyan attack on our American Embassy killing 4 of our Americans while calling it a “bump in the road”!!!

    • nothing like trying to clean up the republicans mess and then have them complain about how he’s doing it!!?? They handed him a plate of s–t as they walked out the door, tail between their legs and now they have the nerve to complain at how he’s
      fixing it?

      The US exported a mess around the world, and I haven’t heard ONE idea, ONE policy from Romney of Ryan that isn’t a re-hash of Reagan and his idiotic policies. They have learned zip from being out of office.

      May that only continue.

    • oh and Joyce, the Romney you see on tv has flipped and flopped and flipped so many times he’s a hamburger.

  • The reason many people do not like Obama and we don’t “hate” him as a person is that Obama, DNC and national media have covered up so much information on Obama that the American people cannot get a full picture of him. Vertually all of his past has been a re-write showing only what Obama wants us to see and the press has never ever challenged him on this! For example, it is clear and documented that his Grandfather, at his Mother’s request, frequently brought Barack to visit communist Frank Marshall Davis from a age 12 to 18. This would be like if Bush had of been mentored by a nazi but the press will not report it. In Chicago, he worked for a known communist in the Illinois State Legislator and had close ties to marxist orgainizations even being a member of one. Simply put, Obama is not the man everybody has been led to believe and that’s why many of us are very concerned about him as President. Obama said he “fundamentally wants to change America” from what it is to a socialist model to ‘spread the wealth” through taxation and government programs. He has also used the Federal government to continually attack soveriegn states on illegal immigration pandering to Latino voters and even disregarding Congress in doing so. Today, Gallup has Romney at 50% and Obama at 46% showing American voters are recognizing that Obama will hurt more than help America if he get s re-elected. People want jobs, not socialist government programs! Furthermore, since Truman, the Democrat Party has been pushing for national healthcare and each time Americans have said no over and over. This time Obama and Dems controlling both Houses of Congress ramped it through Congress and still a majority of Americans have said no again. American can’t afford four more years of Barack Obama!

  • f4xtrafn

    Actually, when they think no one is listening, they will say no black should ever be in a position of authority over whites. Remember that most Replican supporters are “old white men” – and that’s a fact. It will be at least another generation before this attitude will change.

  • Obama talking about what he wanted to do, rather than what he has done for the last four years. As long as there are millions of people without jobs, millions more on walfare and the economy is where it is, there are no winners. Don’t just vote… Stay involved and make whomever you vote for responsible and accountable. the people do not belong to the Government… It is the Government that belongs to the people.

  • mindyc2012

    The bottom line it’s RACE…republicans, tea-party, right wing, conservatives are greedy aggrogant, pompus, and the reason we’ve been in a recession the last four years…they ARE the reason a bailout had to occur…it’s reason 90 million are out of work the reason millions of people loss their homes because of GREEDY right wing conservatives seeling mortgages to people they knew couldnt afford it but to only make their pockets richer. When President Obama took office he was handed one of the worst scenarios the country ever seen…how in the world do you think you can solve and unravel 8 YEARS of a Bush administration of lies and deceit that literally almost destroyed this country in as little at 4 years and especially when the country hadnt even hit rock bottom by the time Obama took office.

    Letting companies like Goldman Sachs, who at the time of Bush’s adminstration had one their CFOs also was a member of the Dept of Treasury or companies like Fannie Mae who because of Bush deregulation allowed mortgage companies to sell piss poor mortgages to people they knew couldnt pay for it but sold them ANYWAY to get richer……..When are people going to wake up… this country is in shambles NOT b/c of President Obama it’s because of narcisstic and ego-driven maniacs who don’t care NOTHING about the american people but only care about lining there pockets…If Obama was white…he’d be called the best president in history… White people cannot stand to think that a black man may actually lead this country to better times. But if Romney is put in office the country is headed for a BIGGER downfall and worse than Bush could ever cause…it’s a shame and people need to go out and vote to make it clear we don’t need another arrogant pompus president in the office. We need someone who truly cares about the America people romney’s record speaks for itself…he only changes his views to get in the office and once he’s there he’ll only do what the tea-party wants and NOT what’s best for the American people.

  • mindyc2012

    The bottom line it’s RACE…republicans, tea-party, right wing, conservatives are greedy aggrogant, pompus, and the reason we’ve been in a recession the last four years…they ARE the reason a bailout had to occur…it’s reason 90 million are out of work the reason millions of people loss their homes because of GREEDY right wing conservatives seeling mortgages to people they knew couldnt afford it but to only make their pockets richer. When President Obama took office he was handed one of the worst scenarios the country ever seen…how in the world do you think you can solve and unravel 8 YEARS of a Bush administration of lies and deceit that literally almost destroyed this country in as little at 4 years and especially when the country hadnt even hit rock bottom by the time Obama took office.
    Letting companies like Goldman Sachs, who at the time of Bush’s adminstration had one their CFOs also was a member of the Dept of Treasury or companies like Fannie Mae who because of Bush deregulation allowed mortgage companies to sell piss poor mortgages to people they knew couldnt pay for it but sold them ANYWAY to get richer……..When are people going to wake up… this country is in shambles NOT b/c of President Obama it’s because of narcisstic and ego-driven maniacs who don’t care NOTHING about the american people but only care about lining there pockets…If Obama was white…he’d be called the best president in history… White people cannot stand to think that a black man may actually lead this country to better times. But if Romney is put in office the country is headed for a BIGGER downfall and worse than Bush could ever cause…it’s a shame and people need to go out and vote to make it clear we don’t need another arrogant pompus president in the office. We need someone who truly cares about the America people romney’s record speaks for itself…he only changes his views to get in the office and once he’s there he’ll only do what the tea-party wants and NOT what’s best for the American people.

  • mindyc2012

    After reading a CNN article I agree that the only mistake Obama did was being black and taking office before the mess really hit the fan… AFTER the Great Depression President Roosevelt created the New Deal which included Social Security and other GOVERNMENT created programs which at the time was necessary because the coutry had reached the bottom but history will show that FDR was one of the greatest presidents in history…but when Obama tries to do similar things he’s called a Socialist and a Communist but if he was white he’d be called the greatest

    As I stated earlier…white people cannot fathom that a black man who is humble, intelligent, wise, a family man may actually lead this country to better times. People need to know their history, find out the truth and stop listening to right-wing news reports like Fox News & Friends(really enemies of the state) Mike Romney may be a “family-man” but as most saw last night he is a BULLY. HOW DISRESPECTUL are you to sell the President of the United States, “Well you’ll get your turn in a minute” How dare he? But if this was President Bush or even’d be a fall out. Romney showed his true character behind closed doors..he meant every word he said…THAT’S how he really feels..he feels most people are vicitms..most peole dont take responsiblity for their actions…even though the reason the country is in a hole is because of the greediness of others. AMERICAN PEOPLE WAKE UP and stop drinking the Jim Jones Kool-Aid… if someone SHOWS you who they are BELIEVE THEM. Romney doesnt care NOTHING about black, whites, or anybody he only cares about being President. his record shows itself..when asked about gun control HE had VOTED AGAINST high-powered weapons but then suddenly last night changed his mind… are you serious….then recorded saying terrible things about the American people but then says he didnt mean it… come on GET REAL.

  • No one in the entire United States of America or probably anywhere else hates Barack Obama because in the words of Richard Nixon, you can only hate that which you respect. Sort of like Dubya. Folks on the left who reeeeeaalllly hated Dubya or folks on the right who reeeeeaaaallllly hate Obama have a PROBLEM, mannnnn………

  • i could really care less why they hate the president. the conservatives are only concerned with the success of america if they are in charge. they voted down everything that came out of the white house — even bills that THEY influenced and he agreed with once upon a time. it was particularly disgusting the way they filibustered legislation to help returning vets in the job market through a bill that would cost the country nothing. the republicans can’t lead and are absolutely delusional in the sense that they create their own realities irregardless of the facts. case in point; the right swears that the president didn’t say ”terrorist act” the day after the attacks in the middle east against the american ambassador. the video shows the opposite. the president DID say ”terrorist act” yet they say “don’t believe what you heard. believe us instead.”

  • I think the ” white republicans” that ” hate” Obama, very much indeed hate him because he is a black man!….And how dare a black man who, purportedly, in their skewed view, comes from descendants of slaves( and not kings)…How dare this black man rule over ” their” country, rule over all of ” them”, make decisions for ” them”. How dare he assume the role as ” leader” of them.

    • Henry_VIII

      I’m white and voted for obama, hope and change. Your post is insignificant and racist. White people who are not voting for obama this time are voting for him because of his bad domestic and foreign policies.

      We (Americans) also want to make sure President Obama is a man of his word. After all he’s the man who told all Americans that he would only be a one term president if he didn’t cut the deficit in half in four years. Well, he only has a couple months to cut the budget in half, or as any true leader should be- a man of his word.

  • Obama is not a card carrying member of the white elitist secret society..this group takes great delight in manufacturing false witness against a great President. It is sad that these folk can’t get their heads around the picture in the Oval Office when Romney has to make a difficult his magical mormon underwear for divine guidance and answers. This vodooistic practice will become the laughing stock of the world..Headlines will read..America guided by Godly Undies..This should make all tea party members consult their tea leafs in despair.
    The practice of Vodooism is endorsed by right wing evangelicals..makes the infamous Pastor Jeremiah look like a sunday school teacher.

  • I think that the main reason that people disapprove of this President is that he has failed to follow through on most all of his campaign declarations. He has also politicized just about every issue of real and vital importance to Americans. He has continued to write and sign disastrous executive orders that are stealing our civil liberties. What an irony that is. He along with Attorney General Eric Holder have done their level best to create real divisions between our people over race. My personal opinion of him really changed when he signed the NDAA which essentially puts us all in grave danger and is completely unconstitutional. I also am not a believer in either the GOP or the Dems. As I see it they are all the same with only slight differences in the final outcome. All of Washington is hopelessly corrupt and and really needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. If Governor Romney is elected very little will change. We will still get into an illegal war and continue to kill innocent people on an unprecedented scale and we as a people will be less safe that we have ever been and we will also continue to bleed jobs to other more competitive nations. It is time for us all to do some real soul searching and take a stand against this one party system and demand a return to sanity.

  • RHO1953

    Easy. Because he’s a Marxist. It isn’t about race.

  • tomg1529

    don’t forget about all of the taxpayers money that was lost investing in green companies by the Obama administration.

  • tomg1529

    it is not the governments job to keep businesses from going belly up. GM and Chrysler could have gone into a restructuring program.

    • Drummergrl2011


  • ’cause he is GOOD!

  • Dolmance

    Yes, they’re imbeciles. And we don’t need them. The GOP has moved so far to the Right that it’s incapable of governing. Just a bunch of radicals.

    The Democrats should split into two parties. Let the drooling drones in the South go their own way. Actually, that would be great, because without Blue State subsidies, we could soon watch them all starve.

  • genmactan

    Real Americans hate a socialist.

  • genmactan

    The fact is Obama inherited a mess and he made it worse. How could you expect Obama to do better? He can’t, he is just incompetent. This job is way above Obama’s pay grade, a community organizer.

  • You can call it racism… you can call it ignorance…in reality it is a little bit of both.

  • As it happens, Andy Griffith came out for Obama

  • CrabMan

    Obama has taken the war to the rich, the cadre of mindless drones in the underclasses spouting the Romney BS are only doing so because now hes magically “Gods Candidate”.

    Isnt it obvious why trump & co hate him so much? Obvious why the majority of the GOP will not listen to a word from his mouth?

    He does not care about the rich, and its about time!

    You can pull the conspiracy card all you want saying he is payed off and in somebodies pocket, but whoevers pocket he is in is making sure the class war is turned around, so in essence can you really disagree?

  • Could it because Obama is a dirty commie, a social engineer

  • George Bush was the Anti Christ. Everyone thought that the Anti Christ would be some fiend with glowing red eyes and terror dogs, instead we got Barny Fife.

  • akcoyote

    Most conservatives don’t ‘hate’ Obama anymore than most liberals hated Bush. We just strongly disagree with his policies and his ‘vision’ for America and we will do our best to make sure that he is one and done. This is what elections are all about. When Romney wins, the left will become the party of NO and the cycle will continue.

    • jcubed_la

      No, Conservatives genuinely hate Obama. When Bush was in charge the Democrats worked with him to get his big goals accomplished. From No Child Left Behind, to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, to the expensive tax cuts Democrats worked with the Republicans. So if Republicans hated Obama as much as Democrats hated Bush, you should be able to list similar bipartisan accomplishments. But you can’t. The Republicans simply block anything and everything.

      And while Bush was in office, no Democratic leader ever said:

      “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”
      –Sen. Mitch McConnell

      or anything remotely close to that. Heck, I don’t think you will _any_ political leader of _any_ political party in all of American history who ever said something along those lines.

  • William

    The DEMS are the party of HATE. Disliking policies, outcomes and even the man is not tantamount to “hate.” The only hatred I see comes from the LEFT.

  • William

    Under King O-Blame-ya

    -Gasoline prices up 250%
    -47 million on FOOD STAMPS
    -Grocery prices up 15%
    -16.2 trillion dollars in DEBT
    -MILLIONS left the labor force
    -43 months of 8%+ unemployment
    -Income down 8.2%

    This is the data. What should I be doing with this- penning a love letter over it?

    You know that the increase in people on Food Stamps is 17 million? That is a STAGGERING number. This is enough people to fill 284 giant-sized football stadiums. I’m not sure there are even that many football stadiums in the US. BHO filled every football stadium in the country with NEW FOOD STAMP RECIPIENTS and had millions filling up all the parking lots too. That is BAD. Are we allowed to dislike this? Will you say we hate O-blame-everyone?

  • JTS

    The United States of Islam? How exactly is that going to occur? Is he going to ask Congress to pass a bill? Is he going to order the military to kill anyone who doesn’t go to mosque? Please explain how you foresee this happening as I find it fascinating.

    Also, can you give some examples of how he doesn’t believe in capatilism?

    You no idea how entertaining these kinds of comments are.

  • Yeah nobody cares what the “average working white person” in the south thinks. Small businesses get ready to pay up some taxes & dont use Obama as an excuse not to hire. U cant get tax breaks until the end of time. Someone has to pay it.

  • Ed167

    Interesting article. I had not thought about it this way.

  • bugmenot2012

    Don’t underestimate the racism factor. In 1998 38% of South Carolinians voted in favor of interracial marriage being illegal in their state constitution. in 2000 41% of Alabamans voted in favor of interracial marriage being illegal in their state constitution. And just this year, in 2012, a poll of registered Republicans in Mississippi found 46% supported outlawing interracial marriage and another 14% unsure on the topic. That’s SIXTY FREAKING PERCENT of Mississippi registered Republicans who fail to affirm that is should be LEGAL for blacks and whites to marry.

    Racism is dying, but it is dying painfully slowly. Racism still constitutes a disturbingly large voting percentage within the Republican party. There are a number of factors contributing to radical anti-Obamaism, but it is undeniable that plain racism is a primary force stirring up the energy, rhetoric, and disconnect from reality. The decent, intelligent, and reasonable Republicans are being at least somewhat swayed by the general atmosphere in their political circles. They hear so much radical anti-Obama rhetoric from so many other Republicans that they figure at least some of it must be true.

  • frankelee

    If you think that racist people can’t accept a few of the “good ones,” you’re quite confused. These people absolutely hate Obama that much more because he’s black, they might be able to like Allen West and Herman Cain if they’re part of the program, but they still look down on their race.

  • I guess beating the Republicans while your hands and feet are both tied cann’t be a bad thing for this country. can u imagine what he could have done if both his feet and hands weren’t tie. this is the GOPs worese nightmare.

  • iknowtruthismine

    Perhaps we should have expelled the South , instead of allowing them to try to secede in 1860. A nation of buffoons on our Southern border for the last 150 years, might have given the world, by our example in the North, a better understanding of what our founders (limited as they were by their position in history) were trying to accomplish. Bigotry is at the base of their hatred of The President, and even in the North we have those whose underlying dislike of him can be stirred in private, or in public (like say in a red-neck bar) to elicit the “N” word, with very little prompting. We have to also remember that the corporate elites (Koch Brothers et al) are feeding the bigoted base ‘s underlying prejudices and ignorance, in an effort to paint him as being “the other” the Kenyan, un -American, socialist, communist, fraudulent, Muslim, or any other mindless idea they can plant in intellectually empty, but fertile minds, that are so full of what we classicaly call manure.

  • Thing55

    The real battle lines are the private sector vs. the public sector. The Democrats see the government as a tool for problem-solving, social progress and as a check and balance against private sector abuses. Both sides have carved up constituencies. For the Republicans it is mostly evangelical Christians and white southerners. For Democrats it is mostly minorities. Republicans latched onto evangelicals after Carter won in 1976 by winning this cohort. The abortion issue was a powerful way to co-opt this group. White southerners have been a natural fit for the GOP because of their deep-seated resentment of minorities.

    But the key to the whole thing is the perpetual war of the private sector, which wants low taxes and wants government out of their way, with the public sector. The rest is just a matter of Republican strategists carving up constituencies and Democratic strategists doing the same. If you follow how Republicans actually vote, they almost always favor business. If you follow how Democrats actually vote, it is almost always to use the government to solve a problem, promote social equality, address poverty or rein in the private sector.

  • Question: I am a senior. where is the lower drug prices? i haven’t found it .
    where is a hybrd car that is dependable and can be afforded, especially by seniors?
    Gm bailout . that is a laugh. a laugh on the taxpayers. bammy wrote of 14 billion. government took stock at about 30 dollars and it now worth 19. and they went to china.
    Where is the equal pay for women in the white house?
    Where is is the 716 b medicare saving? must be the 718 billion bammy stole from medicare/
    where is the elmination of the doughnut hole for seniors? I worked 20 years for mine.
    limited salries for white house employes. that is the joke of the day.
    that is enough i think you get the idear.
    bammy is a liar, along with his whole adminstration.
    Hate: do not know about that. more disgust and horror more than anything else.

    • Thing55

      “Bammy” didn’t “steal” $716 billion from Medicare. Obamacare extended the solvency of Medicare by 8 years. That is one of the reasons it was endorsed by AARP. If you think Romney & Ryan are going to look out for Medicare beneficiaries, I feel sorry for you. Only about 1 in 8 Medicare beneficiaries are affected by the donut hole, but if you are one of them, you’ve already started getting relief, with more benefits to come.

      If you think it was a bad idea to provide bridge loans to the auto industry, what do you think things would be like in the U.S. with much of our auto industry decimated by a multitude of disorderly bankruptcies and failures? And if you think “Bammy” is a liar, how do you feel about Romney? According to a review of Politifact’s findings, Romney’s statements were 5 times as likely to be “pants” on fire” lies as Obama’s.

  • David Stone

    The republican hatred of Obama is no different than the republican hatred of every democratic president. Carter branded as the worse president ever, even though his policies including appointing Volcker revived Reagan’s economy. Clinton was despised and hounded for 8 full years, eventually impeached.

    They play the political fear-fiddle real well and become unhinged when not in the top office.

    • The GOP is Good ole Party of Greed. They have aligned themselves with every weak-minded organization like they are wolves in Sheep’s clothing. They worship the party of Money, more for the 1% and less for the 99%. That’s Reaganomics for us isn’t it. The Charts over the past 30 years show a continual decline of net wealth and income for the middle class. So easy to find this information, yet they won’t even look at it. And look who tried his best to bring Clinton down, the Good ole boy Newt, now there’s a slime ball for you.

  • lol Nice way to say if Obama loses its because of race not his RECORD. lol Sorry, kids. He has nothing to recommend him as President and now he has his recored of failure following him around like a bad smell.

    • Thing55

      His “record of failure” includes 4.2 million net jobs created over the last 31 months. That’s more than the 4.0 million jobs created in the first 31 months of the jobs recovery following the recession of 1990-91, the last time we had a housing downturn. The real problem, of course, is that more jobs were lost in the Great Recession (8.8 million) than were lost in the 4 previous recessions combined (8.3 million). For comparison, it took 58 months to get those 8.3 million jobs back following those 4 previous recessions. We are 31 months into this jobs recovery, so there is still a ways to go.

      The Obama administration has presided over the greatest annual gains in the stock market of any administration (since at least the 1920s). This has helped Americans recoup $11.6 trillion of the $16.2 trillion in wealth that was lost in the Great Recession. Real GDP exceeds pre-recession GDP, home builder confidence is at a 6- year high and almost every key economic indicator or statistic – whether it be coincident economic indicators, leading economic indicators, job creation, economic growth or even annual federal deficits – have improved dramatically since Obama took office. It’s amazing how many people are ignorant of the gigantic mess he inherited and the progress that has been made.

    • Really uninformed. You could at least try to inform yourself.

  • foof53

    SORRY-Romney is gaining in almost every swing state. He has pulled in Florida AND Pennsylvania. You posters are talking about people wanting him out because he’s black. While I agree that certainly SOME people won’t vote for him because he’s black-MANY MANY more ONLY vote for him BECAUSE he’s black. I have MANY black friends. Obama is simply this; A black Jimmy Caeter. He is going to lose, his support is melting away like a sand castle. On the bright side, he’ll be able to play MORE then 100 rounds of golf the next 4 years. That is the number he’s played since being PresidentWhile Romney is not “the rapper” Obama is, he IS an experienced businessman which is what the country needs. He also will not cut the military. China is spending money like crazy on their military-to catch up to us. The ONE thing that keeps us safe is we REMAIN a decade ahead of everyone else, NOT cutting our military.

    • Thing55

      I’ll bet you voted for Bush twice. Thanks a lot. The idea that the answer to our problems is to elect yet another Republican president with business experience, like Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush, is too comical for words. Some people never learn.

    • Remarkable that anyone would even consider going back to the policies that put this country into what was almost the 2nd Great Depression. And the United States spend so much more than any other country in the world. In 2011 the US spent over 760 Billion, while China spent less than 100 Billion, where are you getting your information?

  • iknowtruthismine

    I’m not so sure that we shouldn’t have cut the South loose, expelled the actually, instead of letting them try to secede back in 1860. A hundred and fifty years of having a retrograde cotton mouthed drool bucket speaking nation of fundamentalist bigots and racists on our Southern border, would have provided the contrast necessary to show the world the potential our founders hoped for, by having one side standing on the moral and ethical side of reality , and another claiming a common heritage, showing the world how terribly wrong things can go. Instead we have a frenetic nation, still fighting that old conflict, that killed over 600,000 of us and threatens again to become a monumental struggle between the new plutocrats, and their ignorant base, and those who still believe in representative democracy, facing a cadre of ignorant fools all lined up to do the bidding of the lucky few in a Potemkin Village type of political reality that can only mean the end of our noble experiment. Hatred of President Obama by the clueless bottom feeders on the Right, is being driven at a guttural level, by the worst aspects of our national psyche.

  • Tim Kane

    Here is the nightmare facing Republicans if Obama wins.

    A decent economic recovery (which almost all economist predict will happen as a result of slowly but steady declining house hold debt and recovering home values) will add at least another 5 million jobs over the next four years. Throw in a badly needed infrastructure and education bill (and/or jobs bill) and the tally could be more like 10 million maybe even more. So, come 2016, the electorate will be looking at this piece of evidence:

    Bill Clinton: 20 million private sector jobs created over 8 years.
    Barack Obama: 10 million private jobs created over 8 years.
    George Bush:0 (Zeer-Oh) private sector jobs created.
    Ronald Reagan: Ancient History.

    On top of that, Obama will have avoided economic Armageddon triggered by Bush’s policies. On top of that is the normal 20 year sentimental nostalgia cycle, in this case directed towards the Clinton era and its prosperity and dynamism.

    If Hillary wants it, at the age of 69, the Presidency is hers in a walk – and probably for eight years (it would be her opportunity to stamp out Movement Conservatism – the vast right wing conspiracy – that she’s been fighting almost all of her adult life, for good, so I think she would probably take the opportunity).

    That means, if Obama wins, next month, the Republicans are looking at not occupying the White House until 2024 at the earliest. By that time the demographics will be a lot different.

    Bush II taught Big Money that investing in Republican politics offered a better return on investment than investing in commercial activity – so the money has flowed in. After 2012 Big Money will look at the forecast and look for better returns.

    After 2012, the Republicans will have to retool to gain access to power. More likely, they’ll dubble down for one more go in2016, when Hillary stops all over them. At that point they’ll begin to retool. They retooled version will come out in 2020 with the idea of setting itself up for 2024 run.

    If they don’t retool the Republican party is gone. What is more likely is that a left of center party emerges to the the left of the Democratic party – so the Democratic party will move further to the right.

    What is washed out of the system by this process, then, is ideologicalism. Ideologicalism, adhered to, always leads to nihilism – be it left or right (Communist Russia or Nazi Germany).

    Ideology is not the traditional system of civics in Anglo-American (common law) countries. Pragmatism is the ideology of Anglo-American civics. (Rogue Ideological rule only emerged in Civil Code countries during the crisis of the first half of the 20th century). Pragmatism is why Anglo- based civil systems rose from a small out post of Europe to dominate the Globe. Pragmatism is the intellectual thrust behind the greatest event of our times, the East Asian Renaissance (which effects at least a billion and a half of people).

    A return to pragmatist based civics in both parties would be a national salvation event: that is, a good thing. So, as it turns out, a lot is riding on this election. As for the Bubba vote, I agree with the article – they are looking at a major loss of political traction, a sort of disenfranchisement, because their quircky neo-racist views will increasingly not contribute to nation wide electoral success after 2012. It’s time to shed the racist thing anyway.

    I think when Senate Minority Leader Turtle McConnell made that famous speech of making sure they stop the re-election of Obama the Republican’s highest priority, I think that position was based on him having already done this basic calculation. The disaster of the Bush presidency, which exposes the truth of my thesis that ideology, adhered to, is nihilistic, set up the current constituent alignment that makes up the Republican party for total exposure to termination. They’ll lose their inflow of money, the mother’s milk of politics, they’ll lose access to any chance of every gaining 50.1% of the vote as they are currently constituated – which means loss of access to power in the Senate and the White House for nearly a generation, at least.

    It is a shame that decency and the return to pragmatism has only a narrow margin in this election, but at least it is, at this point, in a narrow lead. Rarely are Presidential Re-Elections so historically important as this one seems to be, in my eyes anyway.

    • Thing55

      I don’t happen to agree with your belief that the prospects for the GOP are dim if they don’t manage to pull out a victory in this presidential election. Never underestimate the ability of money and entrenched power to perpetuate its hold. Already they are foreshadowing a shift to go after hispanics. It’s all about carving up constituencies that get the party in a position to get a majority of the votes. The GOP already gets about 2/3rds of the evangelical Christian vote, thanks to the abortion issue, which gives them almost 1/3rd of the electorate right off the bat.

      Just look at the mind-boggling dynamics that exist today. Bush handed Obama the worst mess since Hoover handed the reins to FDR and yet the GOP is not only competitive, they swept the midterms and may win the White House and maintain control of the House. This took place after the most devastating failure in almost 8 decades. In fact, given that Bush turned peace, prosperity and surpluses into the exact opposite, one could argue that a party has never “turned things around” quite like the Republicans did last decade. At least Hoover didn’t get us into a costly war on false pretenses (which explains why political historians rate Hoover above Bush Jr.). After Herbert Hoover, Republicans didn’t regain the White House for 20 years and yet they are perilously close to doing so in a couple of weeks.

      I think you are right, though, that the GOP is desperate to win in November for the reasons you cited and more. I think you are roughly correct about private sector job creation, but there is already a stark difference between Democratic and Republican administrations when it comes to job creation. Over the last 72 years (through August 2012), even with Obama being saddled with the millions of jobs lost in 2009 because of the epic mess he inherited, 1,853,000 jobs were created per year under the last 36 years of Democratic administrations vs. 961,000 per year under the last 36 years of Republican administrations. And that’s a statistic that should favor Republicans because they’ve been in the White House more in recent decades when the U.S. population has been larger. More jobs were created in Clinton’s 8 years (22.7 million total) than were created in the 20 years of Reagan-Bush-Bush Jr.

      The other thing that Republicans are terrified about is Obamacare. It will likely be very popular and they will be seen as obstructionist for fighting it. These are some of the reasons that McConnell made his statement about the GOP’s main priority – to make Obama a one-term president. They know that if Obama is re-elected, he will get most of the credit for cleaning up their fiscal and economic mess and for making significant progress on something the GOP did virtually nothing about (other than to obstruct and oppose) – Obamacare. That is why the GOP decided early, probably before Obama took the oath of office, that the only way to protect their brand was to demonize, oppose and obstruct Obama at every turn, even if that meant that Americans would suffer as a result.

      • Tim Kane

        Well, we are in disagreement in the details, but not in the larger theme.

        On Hoover:
        He didn’t get us into war. But the Great Depression made Hitler’s rise to power possible, if just barely. German liberals had placed all their chips on American help in 1923. That policy was rewarded from 1924 through 1929. But the Great Depression cause America to retreat from the Continent, and Germany quickly deflated. Hitler had been campaigning and distinguishing his nationalism from liberalism by emphasizing Unilateralist-Self Reliance (which, ultimately meant conquest in order to obtain resources for self reliance). Thus he was positioned to to fill the vacuum of the Liberal’s internationalism when it all collapsed after the American withdrawal in 1929. (That basic thesis is from British Historian Adam Tooze’s “Wages of Destruction”)

        McConnell’s pledge of non-cooperation was made well before Obamacare passed. I think that’s worth pointing out. McConnell had done the calculation already, and it didn’t matter if Obamacare passed, recovery would be a Democratic experiance if Obama stays in office, tarnishing the Republican brand even further: 2 Great Depressions, unprecidented Major Damage done to 3 American cities (Manhatton on 9/11, New Orleans from Katrina, and in slower motion, Detroit, culminating in 2008-2009 bankruptcies), lying the nation into war – but in the scheme of things, nearly causing a complete melt down to global civilization in 2008-2009 was huge.

        I think, if Obama had been white, the Republicans would have been effectively banished from Politics the way they were in the 1930s. It may have been Big Money’s idea to get behind Obama for that very reason. I think the revulsion to their policies may still come… just a little slower. Also they have a huge financial and media resources to slow their collapse – but ultimately not reverse it.

        As we pull away from the immediacy of events in time, they tend to come into focus – the noise disipates. Bill Clinton’s stellar presidency looks better and better as the petty politics of sex based impeachment lead by a very corrupt Gingrich appear smaller and smaller. George Bush’s presidency, likewise is only going to look worse and worse over time: asleep at the switch on 9/11, despite constant warnings (he should have been impeached for dereliction of duty and rank incompetence), lying the nation into a war, all lining up with his personal history of wrecklessness and destructiveness. And the Republican party insisted on hoisting this monster of disasteronto the public.

        Then there is the Obama administration. The list of accomplishments are long.

        The change is not going to be immediate. The Republicans will continue to be reactionary rogue ideologues in 2014 and 2016. It will seem like a replay of the last 20 years (though not entirely – some Republican congressmen will see the nihilist writing on the wall, and will increasingly become pragmatistic in their work in Congress as early as next January).

        But by 2016 – the evidence is going to be much more black and white for the electorate… and the make up of the electorate is going to be more gray than every before. The pushing of Bush and Clinton farther into the past is going to give greater clarity and cast a very favorable shadow on the Obama Presidency.

        And by 2016, the nostalgia for the Clinton years is going to be incredibly strong and compelling. People will be watching “E-R” and “Seinfeld” and listening to Grunge and Hootey and the Blowfish with renewed intensity. The republican noise machine can only sckew things for so long and to so much of an extent.

        If Hillary then rides this wave, she will stomp the Republicans into oblivion. I would predict that the Presence of Bill Clinton campaigning in the South on behalf of Hillary will be the excuse many Southerners need to re-identify themselves away from the Republican party. Everyone is going to see the writing on the wall. Sometime during the eight years of a possible Hillary administration, she is going to have hug majorities in Congress, and in that time she will pass legislation that puts the nail in the coffin of Movement Conservativism: Anti-Corporate Personhood amendment, Campaign Spending Cap amendments, and additional reforms to health care, perhaps even a tort for Journalistic Slander. She will, literally, have the last laugh.

        All that is possible if Obama wins next month. If he loses, then the calculation is all different. This, by the way, is why Bill is campaigning vigorously for Obama. He’s done the calculations. He sees the opportunities and he wants to return in triumph, too – perhaps more than Hillary.

    • corte33

      Good points! Hillary Clinton is the most popular woman (and probably politician as well) in America. If Romney is elected (remote possibility) he’ll be a one term president because Hillary will beat him. If Obama wins, he’ll learn a valuable lesson: learn to be a leader, not someone who reacts.

      When the chips are down, most voters don’t have a death wish. Romney will lose the election.

  • racdula

    Out here in the real world, we know that the main reason Republicans hate Obama is simply because he’s black…………and ain’t that the truth?

    • You really think that? I don’t think that is true at all.

  • it is because many of his supporters are vile, nasty people.
    They take stories like ‘binders’ and the quote by Romney’s son run with it.
    It is because many in the main stream media are unethical in how they let they present stories about both sides in a very biased way. They are a propaganda machine.

    • corte33

      Politics is a rough business. Smears and character assassination are common. But when a candidate tells me he’s going to create 12 million new jobs, when his history is outsourcing jobs, I can only assume he means 12 million new jobs overseas. When he tells me he’s going to balance the budget by cutting revenue (taxes) that means he’s going to abolish war and defense spending immediately. We know that’s absurd because Romney wants more wars. Finally he takes a swipe at women’s wellness programs, education support, as well as insulting China. This man is either from another planet or insane.

      • We know he is from another planet, Planet Kolob and its all in a plan. Let’s not vote for this insanity

      • Romney knows what it takes to make a business or government succeed. “when his history is outsourcing jobs” What if you were CEO of company and other competing companies were outsourcing manufacturing out of the country because it was cheaper to do so? Would you refuse to do this and likely let your company fail? I don’t know why this is considered bad. An intelligent person should understand that a business sometimes has to make tough decisions. But you have to put a guy in that position that will do what it takes to make the business/government strong and succeed. If the business fails because it can’t keep up, then everyone loses their job.

        If a country is so strapped in debt that all it can do is pay the interest on its debt, how is going to pay for social programs that are so important to democrats. Don’t democrats understand that the debt will limit choice eventually. Face moderate pain now or severe pain later. ??

        “that means he’s going to abolish war and defense spending immediate” really? umm. Your logic is faulty here.

        “Women’s wellness programs” this is just political spin. He doesn’t want the government to fund abortions. I think most people would agree with this. However, you must of gotten that that meant not funding mammograms. In case you don’t know, that is democratic spin.

        • corte33

          When Romney talks about creating 12 million new jobs, where does that arbitrary number come from? Given that outsourcing jobs IS cheaper, don’t use that tired mantra about “creating jobs” just to make points. It’s a lie.

          Our country is usually in debt, especially since Bush invaded Iraq without being able to pay for it. Yes, we have troops stationed all over the world. Who pays for it?

          Social programs do cost money, and people live longer too. Should we truncate medical care, to save money? Should we let the elderly just die? Do you want mobs roaming the streets trying to find money to feed their family? Sounds like a prescription for more crime.

          Romney will NOT cut defense spending, a big debt driver. Who pays for new jet fighters, and nuclear aircraft carriers? This adds to the deficit, as any fool can see.
          I’m an independent and resent being told some politician will do the impossible, just to get himself elected. Maybe some simpleton living in the boondocks will vote for Romney, but not me.

          • Well, I voted for Obama last time.
            I don’t know if the current spending for defense is too much or too little, I am just not privy to the data to determine this. The level of understanding to properly comprehend this question and answer is huge. Too often, people just repeat their party’s talking points for this one. I am glad that we currently have a superior military though, and I think this is important. Who knows what conflict there will be in the future.
            I am not in favor of letting the elderly just die. On the other hand, the amount of money spent on patients’ last dying days is huge. I think people would be shocked to see the money that is spent in some cases. I think we should truncate some medical care. It is easy to be altruistic here until your family member get limited medical care, and then the non-citizen gets their healthcare for free. There is a lot of that going on. In many cases, new immigrants are surprising knowledgeable about how to work the system to get care for free.

          • corte33

            We agree on most of this. Care for elderly is horribly expensive, and prolonging life, when the quality of life stinks, is a waste. Who wants to live hooked up to a machine?
            I’m not sure about immigrants milking the system. When a worker without insurance needs help, he goes to the ER. I’m happy to help pay for his care. I know many Mexicans, illegal and American citizens both, and they are the hardest working people I know. And they hardly ever get sick.

            I voted for Obama last time too. I usually vote Republican, but hated George Bush and his lies about Iraq and torture. I will vote Obama again, because I don’t trust Romney. If you watched the debate last night, it makes you wonder what Romney really stands for. I don’t want any surprises when the next term begins.

          • Agree, deserving, contributing people should get taken care of.

            On the other hand, having gone through the process of getting a loved one through the immigration process legally (taking 4 years to do it), I admit, I resent people who budge in line. If there were unlimited resources, the gates could be open for everyone.

            The debate last night: I have liked Romney for a while, so within that context and through that filter, I thought he did fine last night. The incumbent definitely has the advantage on foreign affairs because of access to intelligence and having met with foreign leaders. I think Romney did want he had to do.

            The Bengazi situation has been interesting. I believe that the Obama administration mishandled this in a big way. I also believe that the media has covered for him in a big way as well.

          • corte33

            When you work on government defense projects, as I did for years, with a top secret (TSI) clearance, you know only what you have a need to know. The rest is classified.
            I appreciate your concern; let’s hope things work out for the best.

    • Andrew Oxenburgh


  • corte33

    Bible thumpers down south are simpletons. They barely made it through middle school, and truly believe the South will rise again. I don’t want to generalize, but I’ve never seen such hatred towards a president in my life. They hate Obama because he’s educated, a good speaker, and smarter than any of them. On the other hand, George W Bush, a real moron, lied to the American people continuously, about the war, about torture and whatever else. But the South loved him.

    I used to be a Republican, because I voted without thinking much. I resented the welfare state. But we had Democratic presidents who were respected. We didn’t call them horrible names and dispute whether they were born of women or from a cow’s behind.

    Obama made some serious mistakes in selecting his cabinet, especially Geithner. He listened to Larry Summers. He should have replaced Bernanke. And he was polite to the GOP Congress. If he squeaks into his second term, let’s hope he’s a lot wiser.

    • Thing55

      Those southerners tend to tip elections toward the GOP, of course. If not for the south, the GOP would be a perennial minority party and they would lose this election by a wide margin.

      One thing you might not have considered is that the U.S. is a far-right country. We have more guns per capita than any other country by far. We have the highest rate of incarceration in the world. We have the lowest taxes, as a percentage of GDP, of any developed country. Among 34 OECD countries, only Mexico and Chile have lower taxes. We spend more on “defense” than the next 17 countries combined. We are the only developed country that doesn’t have universal health care for its citizens. We have Third World wealth disparity. Only 6 countries in the world don’t mandate paid time off for new mothers: Papua New Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Swaziland, Samoa and the United States of America. All of these things are indicative of a far-right country.

      Given that this is so, it shouldn’t be surprising that the financial sector is so dominant, even to the extent that when a president ostensibly to the left of the country’s center gets elected, moneyed interests still rule the day. They have no tolerance or acceptance for someone who is really left of center.

  • ROMNEY will simply lose because the days of generations – old; family raised racism/sexism wrapped around the flag, constitution and personal iphone accounts directly to God…are on their way out. That’s it in a nutshell. As younger demos’ generations increase and thrive, these same people have grown up with sooo much diversity in their lives; and will raise their kids as such. Of course, they will meet with inevitable scorn from their older parents and grandparents, with the threat of anti-Americanism labeled against them. But…racism, sexism, homophobia and bigotry of all kinds are eventually exposed. There’s no factual substance to support any of their claims, much like the racist-backed NRA has no facts to support the necessity of Americans constitutionally guaranteed rights for automatic assault machine guns. The economy will grow stronger under Pres. Obama’s new 4 years and will do so with the correct and healthy rules, laws, regs and taxes on the wealthy for LONG TERM SUCCESS and SUSTAINED growth. We will correctly recede from the GOP ancient view of trillions of defense build up. We will re invest in our infrastructure and education and newer energy growth. Without the Presidency being bought, owned and controlled by the billionaire global corps PLUTOCRATS…we will be the America, we need to be.

  • Steven Beaber

    Why is it that like 99% of blacks hate Romney?

  • Romney’s mitting and twitting, and etching & sketching in foreign affairs and military affairs could bring back the cold war syndrome to Americans & the World at large. Romney/Ryan criticism of the great work done in foreign and military affairs by Obama and his team is shallow, parochial, and selfishly politically partisan. For Romney/Ryan the means justify the ends. They see only negatives no positives. We are sick of their negativity, distortions and untruth in our domestic, military and international affairs.

  • I think White educated men fear educated Black men, MLK, President Obama in some way White men see them as a threat.
    Republicans say Blacks are uneducated, but when they meet an educated Black Man, its who are you and what are you doing here. President Obama and MLK, and other didn’t back down.

    Some Black thinks that Republicans has never total excepted Black Americans, therefore Blacks Americans doesn’t care much for the Republicans. Democratics has reached more to help the poor and middle class than the poor no matter what color.

    That in itself makes the Republicans a party that doesn’t care about the poor or middle class.

  • texianfirst

    You libs just keep drinking the cool aid that this administration is serving. Try doing a little fact checking for yourself and stop releying on the idiot talking heads like “tingling leg” Mathews and his ilk. Has absolutely NOTHING to do with his being half black, half white, has EVERYTHING to do with his ignoring the constitution and selling this country out to try and transform the US into european style government. Obama would love to have king instead of president in front of his name. God help the USA if he is reelected.

  • They also do not like him because he has been INCOMPETENT. Makes voting for Romney sooo easy. A romney land slde is about to happen Gallup Romney 51% Oblamer 46%,,,Oblamer can not get above 47% he is doomed. bye bye barack!

  • sanderdog

    Looks like the denial phase of Obama losing has begun to set in. Almost every thing listed as a reason to vote for Obama is a really big reason to vote against him. Virtually all are government intervening in the private lives of people by offering money to do things he wants. It is a bribe for votes really. $726 Billion from SS to save it are you all nuts. Less money does not save SS.
    Stimulus: Total Failure> Big payoff to Obamas friends. Cash for clunkers. Really. give me a break.

    All Obama had to do to be a winner all around was to be more like Bill Clinton. But, no, Obama went for Socialism hook line and sinker. All he caught was a sucker.

  • IreneH

    Yes, what damage did Obama cause. Did you think the collapsing economy he inherited would cost nothing. Several months of losing 700k jobs a month under Bush and Obama has turned that around. Of course, Romney would have turned it around on day 1! you are delusional and brainwashed.

  • IreneH

    Joyce wherever you are getting your information from is making you look ignorant.

  • IreneH

    Then you mean that Bush dropped the ball and allowed >3,000 of our fellow citizens to be killed? You mean like that!

  • IreneH

    You are an idiot!

  • IreneH

    Republicans are out of their minds.

  • My mom always say. Some white people fear the black race will take over. And that’s why they fear black people. PEACE…..

  • butterflyinoh

    I see nothing but HATE from all the Democrats on this blog—man how UGLY you really are inside!!!

  • Cammenbert

    Republicans don’t hate Obama. They just want a better President. No harm in that is there? So, vote for Mitt.

  • I’ve lived all my life in SE Texas, and in the middle of the most right-wing of conservative bible-belt mentality, and I’ll tell you without hesitation two things…
    One, racism and hatred of any and every body they percieve as not like them is pervasive. The only thing that’s changed is they lie about it, try to soft-peddle, deny it, more in public now. But it was even a HUGE factor in why I and many others here in the south have even left any attempt to be involved in churches. I have often been schocked and disgusted when I’ve found myself having gotten comfortable enough among any group of them for them to let down their guard and talk the way they really feel, and not just the “N” word but any and every other derisive, demeaning slang term for not only blacks, but any other racial or ethnic group…even us pure white American liberals, lol…is jst part of their everyday language.
    Two, the hatred they have toward Obama has absolutely nothing to do with what he has or hasn’t done since elected. NOTHING. I state this because I have not encountered a single Obama-hater that hasn’t hated him since before he was even elected. Not a single one that is an Obama-hater now, that wasn’t already an Obama-hater way back then. Which also means ‘ve not encountered a single person that liked and supported Obama, and/or voted for him, in 2008, that hates him now. Sure, some are dissapointed in the job he’s done, that things aren’t better than they are now, but none that hate him for it. And even most of them both feel he’s probably done the best that could be under the circumstances, and still feel he’s the better choice than Romney now.

    • I didn’t hate him before! Of course I didn’t know him then either! But, I sure do now!

  • donbronkema1

    The upgrades cited by Mr. Vila are indeed notable, but leading climatologists [Rahmstorf, Hansen, Sato, Nisbet et alia] say we might have passed the point of ‘no thermal return’ in the late 90s…if so, even an institutional [Populist] revolution can’t save us, let alone a volte-face in carbon/methane policy…[Scientific American, Nov 2012, pp. 51-55]..

    Monsoon collapse alone could starve 3 billion people, & hurl us back to 18th Century standards of living, if not to the Neolithic…the next occupant of the Oval Office should make climate prophylaxis & remediation his top priority [including geo-engineering], since a 5-Celsius [9F] rise in global mean temperature is already built into the thermal regime…any more equates to catastrophe, & the end of interplanetary ambition.

  • donbronkema1

    Mr. Dalton

    The GOP boasts a brilliant future…considering the entrenchment of supply-side/trickle-down economics [allied w/fundamentalsm], the vast gulf between classes in wealth & opportunity will likely deepen in coming decades…propaganda has persuaded the public that we’re too poor to afford vital public enterprise like bridges, tunnels, roads, sewers, etc…actually, such investments boost productivity per capital & thus worker incomes, unless the profits are siphoned off by tax breaks for the rich…institutional reform & a return to Populist principles are essential in preparation for the coming crises of informatics, syntelligence, lab-created species, probabilistic lifespans, geo-engineering, neuro-implants, lunar & Martian colonies, to name only the obvious.

    In passing: clever surveys by Pew & others reveal that 3o-40% of the visceral hatred of BHO is racially motivated.

  • chacalcdn

    I believe it’s because many of them are ” Closet Democrats” 🙂

  • chacalcdn

    And KUDOS to Dominick Vila, excellent job.

  • besteda

    Perhaps it partially due to his poor political judgement. In the middle of the worse economic crisis of our lifetime, who would think it was a good time to propose a new, big, trillion dollar government program when the two we have, social security and medicare are going broke?

    That drag on the economy is why there are no jobs and the recovery is happening at a glacial pace.

    Wouldn’t it have made more sense to fix the economy, put SS and medicare on a sustainable path and then propose the Affordable Care Act?

    His judgement is why he will not get my vote for a second term. Race has nothing to do with it.
    And perhaps that’s the case for many others.

  • wonder_woman18

    The Republicans and Central Intelligence Agency are a Lethal Partnership they own America
    Republican President Nixon started CIA . President Dwight Eishenhower apointed him to be in charge of Central Intelligence . Nixon with the help of Congressman Charlie [Good Time Charlie and a group known as The Plumbers were the committee that changed CI to CIA ‘The CI protected every American and American Property but the CIA seem otherwise As they own Operation 40 a Assasin Group that has been responsible for the Assasination of many leaders in various fields in and outside America . Even John F kennedy s assasination was linked to CIA
    1]Operation 40 Assasination Squad [ Funded by CIA
    2] Talibans Pakistan [Romney had high popularity votes here ] Funded by CIA
    3]Mujahadeens[ afghanistan &iran Funded by CIA
    4]Alqaeda [IRAQ Afghanistan iran,indonesia , everywhere] Funded By CIA
    5 ]Operation Cyclone [Cuba] funded By CIA
    6] American Communist Party Funded By CIA
    All the above were formed by president Nixon and Charles Wilson when they formed CIA
    What will other Republican Presidents do but TOW THE LINE .They have to continue what has been started
    Everytime The Republican Rule has created massive losses and damage to America and rest of countries around the world they take a Holiday Break .
    It is only when they want a Break do the opposition get a chance to sit in this seat which is highly wired and dangerously volatile
    So what ever happens as in brutal war crimes or excessive spending is only a continuation of crimes that are on rollercoaster .
    The FBI and Democrats are like floral decorations to the OVAL ,they must fade when the heat burns so then the Republican can sit and cook his feast
    This may be the best time ever for Americans to query the expenses and weapons of mass destruction stored in Pentagon . Take stock why does America need Military Intelligence, Federal intelligence and Central Intelligence . When All three combined could not hit a nail on a man called JACK who was named as The Presidents killer . They Could not Find out who demolished Twin towers .they Could Not Find out why George Bush Invaded Panama and Iraq ,They could not find out why Saudi Arabia was Paid massive amounts of american Dollars to station american Combat teams to assasinate Saddam hussein
    They could not find out anything about CUBA or The relationship between George Bush and Bin Ladin . Why did Bin Ladin and CIA have a joint account . Why Did CIA pay Mujahadeen leader a salary in millions . The Three intelligence groups were fast asleep when a Plane can fly at eye level into the twin Towers .till today they dont know who done it
    Wake Up America the day is dawning and the world is about to end because the stockpile of chemicals and weapons collected by Bush is about to expire at the Pentagon
    Whatever I have written just take the phrase and put it in search box you will get detailed information on facts figures reports and newspaper articles . All this is already documented but Americans are just waiting for a Miracle to happen . TAKE ACTION Take Action Protect your nation for your grandchildrens sake .
    Every American is authorised to query any Goverment system thats not working for the benefit of the citizens if there has to be a Melt down ,or a merger or a new organisastion DO IT NOW . Stop fighting for pollution and enviroment and sea lion Save America from Destruction .We have too many enemies ,we have too many home nutured terrorist who are large as dinosaurs ,we have destroyed everyones property with our false pride and arogrance .
    This election tells us a new war is threatening “

  • wonder_woman18

    Republican Presidents are always on a roller coaster ride with the CIA operating the controls
    They only love each other .no one else has a place in this CIRCUS
    Are you suprised they dont like OBAMA ?

  • The rich white Republicans are afraid of a Democratic majority in the house and senate now that Obama knows the Republicans will not cooperate. I imagine Obama will use the next four years working on legislation to benefit the 98% of the population, not the 2% of Rich white Republicans. Obama’s promotion of programs for the USA will result in prosperity and after all the Republican bulls–t, they would be have to eat some of it when the USA prospers under Obama’s direction. That’s the real crux of it. Imagine how much Trump the Chump would suffer for the next four years. The fact that women, the underprivileged, and immigrants will gain so much it would be almost impossible for the Republicans to stop the progress even if they get elected in 2016. VOTE OBAMA

  • I would guess that for the same reasons that so many demoncrats hated Bush.

  • jayross495

    Well said Dominic Vila. And he was able to do all of that and (and more see Donna Brazille’s list of 128 + achievements) continue to be a strong contender in the elections in spite of 1. Pledges by GOP and behind the scenes tactics to make him a one term president. 2. Claims that he was not born in the USA distracting him to prove his birth place 3. Attempts on his life, but the army couple ended up being murdered for revealing the plan. 4. Fear mongering by five members of Congress accusing him of having Muslims infiltrate the Government pointing fingers at Hilary Clinton’s Aide. 5.Fear mongering films featuring him as a communist that feeds into the gullible crazies’ narrative. 6. The tape that the GOPs placed in the mailboxes of millions of voters also denigrated his mother’s memory in the most hateful way, and by the way, that was on the eve of the first debate. 7. Accusing him and his campaign for defining Mr. Etch a Sketch over the summer, but even Obama couldn’t define Mitt because we still don’t know how many Mitts there are in this campaign. 8. Voter ID infractions, including the case in Florida that resulted in the firing of a young woman who was doing what she was told. Today, October 26th, in Virginia Democrats revealed that voters’ registration forms were being thrown in the thrash (See story on CNN) and Voter ID laws to intimidate the poor and minorities from voting. 9. The anti-Muslim film which caused uprising in the otherwise quiet Muslim world to prove that Al Qaeda was not on the decline and the GOP and their pundits vociferously distanced the incident in Benghazi from the film. I wonder why it was so important to prove that the film had no influence and how they knew to say that before the evidence was out? The consultant of the film confirmed that it was a political film with the intention to disrupt the Muslim world. Is there fear that the money trail for the film will lead to interesting places? 10. Accusations of Obama blowing up the debt by spending. Hmmn I think its time the Democrats show exactly what the money was spent on and ask America which area would they cut. Right now Sandy is threatening the East Coast. For the last three years there have been unprecedented spending for natural disasters. 11. Similarly, spending on veterans who were employed during the Bush years (hence contributing to the lower rate of unemployment) but chose to go to war to protect their country and who cannot work anymore (contributing to the current unemployment rate) and the list goes on and on, and so does Barak Obama fighting for the middle class and values of honesty and integrity. Four More Years!

  • Hatred is an emotion that needs to be balanced within ourselves. The Left/Right paradigm is a hoax from ego’s limited percetion and understanding of the nature of reality in this world. We need to unbox ourselves and unlock our infinite potential. Crisis is tremendous opportunity. See our website and read Wealth Beyond Nations.

  • Charles Jannuzi

    Except that Obama’s DP is mostly center/center-right, and that is its weakness (one the RP can exploit but not directly use to win).

  • NM

    The answer to the question is very simple: a recent survey by Associated Press found that 79 percent among Republicans are racists (compared with 32 percent among Democrats). The leadership of the Republican Party mirrors this attitude the party’s majority. If you remember, Mitch McConnell, exemplified the fierce racism when he said that his number one goal was not making sure that the country prospers, but “‘my number one priority is making sure president Obama’s a one-term president.’ Simple and disgusting, but pleasure for the ears of all those millions of Republican racists out there.

  • Ahria

    If you live in a socialist country, you would likely be happier and living in a kinder country. As a Canadian, I don’t understand how anyone can not want socialized medicine. It is It bot

  • Ahria

    The lack of education in America is showing when many might even consider voting for Romney – including where the money is coming from for the party and who expects to run the country through the president – very scary right wing types – might as well be the Taliban.

  • Ahria

    Because the Republicans won’t work with him – there is the division – the Taliban-like, holier than thou, selfish, money hungry, unkind let them eat cake Republicans.

  • Ahria

    You epitomize an uneducated American.

  • Ahria

    Another uneducated American. Watch some indepth info on your Republican Party and where the money is coming from – ten main people buying the presidency and thinking they will run the country through wishy wash Romney.

  • Ahria

    Educated? I don’t think so.

  • Ahria

    I love the example of the Mensa Group who, years ago, were on a bus trying to find the Mensa Conference in Germany or somewhere. They were late as became lost – couldn’t figure out the map.

  • Ahria

    IQ tests can be studied for – which pattern follows the next, etc., but it doesn’t measure all levels of intelligence – and those with the highest IQs often make nothing of themselves in real life. There are many who are successful, brilliant on various levels, who are not likely all that successful when writing I!Q tests. Why does this space disappear?? I can’t see what I am typing – strange.

  • Ahria

    When the Republicans, bought by the Koch brothers and others, won’t work to improve the country, solve the problems. With worldwide problems and following the Republicans, who could solve all in four years. To think he could shows the lack of education many Americans are now known to have, sad to say.

  • I can see Lyons has company in being a bigot, just picked a different crowd, not black or some other race, just southern whites. I have lived in the south, the west and worked /lived in 4 foreign countries. My question is, why do elitist have to in 2012 still try to paint the south as backwards? Half the people in the south now are either black or came from the north. Back to my first sentence, you are a bunch of bigots.

  • fr22

    What concerns me is how democrats let the south know that progressive movements are not a threat. I think it would have been a great strategy for Obama to hold public discussions in the south over their concerns. I think a good deal of southerns would turn out to be more moderate if they didn’t feel so austrasized. That would leave the extremists behind go on believing in their own narcissitic agenda at all costs.

    Another concern of mine is the issue of abortion. I am pro-choice, but I see why this issue is close to the hearts of pro-life supporters. I would be willing to compromise say with rape, incest, health of the mother, and maybe late-term abortions.

    We need to be more moderate as a nation. This is getting ridiculous.

  • Joseph (Joe) Santini

    It is very clear and I have heard it said outloud many times – It is his collor. It does not matter if Mr Obama & his family have education, are good Americans. It is a matter of race and racism. If you gave a chance to many members of the NRA, they would use their machines. I fear for the President’s life everyday.

  • letterkenny

    I hope that President Obama gets back in . We do not need a deceitful President that we would get if Mitt Romney gets in. The Romney campaign now has put out a add on cars and jeeps from Chrsyler are on there way to China…………..Chrysler has denied it and this decietful man still runs the adds. When head of Bain Capital he layed off 2500 employees and sourced out the work to where else China and other foreign countries…….US citizens wake upi smell the flowers get your heads out of the sand ………and realize what you wouls get if God forbid if Mitt Romney ever got in.He would start a war somewhere ……….cut off the social security for all you people that worked hard to get and paid for…….he does’t care about the 47% of the middle class people of the USA…HE ONLY CARES ABOUT THE VERY WEALTHY…………..He would not show his income tax only one year………….He has all of or most of his money in OFF SHORE ACCOUNTS IN THE GRAND CAYMAN SO HE DOES NOT HAVE TO PAY INCOME TAX……..A real loser….he doesn’t care about America he only cares about himself.
    I am a Conservative and can’t beleive what Mitt Romney and the Ultra Conservatives are doing. He will do anything to get into the WHITE HOUSE………….AT ANY COST. WHEN YOU VOTE REMBER WHAT YOU WILL GET IF YOU VOTE FOR Mitt Romney.

    Marguerite P

  • the republican hate obama because they never thought that a negro culd be so smart that takes romny easely. that is why but nobody would accept it, except in private conversations. forget afrodecendants, because is bad for africa,no all africans are negros, there are a lot of different people there in the northern coast line and south africa.

  • republican senators are all billionaires that their head does not see the poor people needs, so they are in a limbo only taking care the do not get taxed. those heads can not see realitty that why you need a new republican party, which will be 180 degrees off romny and the mayority. they need someone like OBAMA, BUT DONT HAVE IT……YET.

  • KahokFan99

    This is exactly how I see this election.

  • This article, if it’s even noticed by any conservative leaders, will probably be dismissed out of hand, but there is a lot of truth here nonetheless. The entire ‘take back America’ mentality smacks of the sense of entitlement to which many white Americans have always subscribed, and the ongoing outrage and indignation at Obama’s actions is very telling as well; many of the things for which he is routinely criticized would have elicited adulation had they been performed by a white man (e.g., his eloquence, the assassination of bin Laden, his coolness under fire, etc.). I’m surprised that he hasn’t been referred to as ‘uppity’ yet. I guess there will be plenty of time yet….

  • soul68

    They hate Obama because they are getting even for all the flack Bush got. Deep down they know Bush lied about Iraq and drove the economy into the ground, so as a means to compensate for that, they implement the “your guy stinks too” rationale so as to not feel guilty for voting for such a terrible President twice.

  • mahatmacoatmabox

    Why Do So Many Republicans Really Hate Obama?

    Not just Republicans , anybody who is not a Muslim or Marxist Atheist on the planet hates Obamas destruction of the US as the leader of the Free World. God Bless America, Vote Romney

    • Alan Wilson

      Which god you on about? A Christian one perhaps or the Alien Planet God Mitt the Mormon inhabits?

      As for leader of the free world it appears Americans that are outrageously wealthy are free, if he wins, everyone else has to get a voucher from Mitt for health, housing or Hurricane Rescue or you die. Yeh sure, your free all-right, free to die

  • Mike Viveiros

    At least Honey Boo Boo supports Obama

  • sheku kamara

    I think the main concern for Whites in America is that the longer Obama (the first U.S. Black President) stays in power the more he is going to accomplish bigger and outstanding record that no other U.S. President has ever achieve in both their first and second term as Presidents of the United States of America.

    If Obama succeed as one of America’s best President – he is not only going to open the door for minority and people of color to contest the U.S Presidential election which has been dominated by White male until 2008, but will transform America’s politics in a way that has never been experience before. Such transformation will make it easier for every U.S. citizens to be treated equally as opposed to the present status quo where all the best goes to the White race only.

    Whites perception of blacks has always been that of a pupil who should always remain student in a class room, and not a teacher/White in a class room. Teachers get nervous when they discover a student in a class room that is more knowledgeable in the subject that they are teaching.

    Obama seem to be that student in a class room that is much more intelligent, much more brighter, and much more knowledgeable about the subject that is being taught by his teacher. After November 6, 2012 – we will find out if this intelligent student will continue his study at a predominantly White school, or expel from the school because of challenging the status quo that has exist in the White school for four or five decades.

    • How do you know Obama’s so “intelligent”…have you seen his college grades??
      Just because he graduated from Harvard, does not prove his “intelligence”…and we certainly don’t need a President continuing his “studies” on how to run the country, especially one that has NEVER run ANY business before, other than a political campaign.

      He’s obviously bamboozled you and about 47% of the country on his so-called “intelligence”. As for the worries about a “black President” changing “white-perception” on the abilities of a black man…I could name 4 or 5 blacks who I would LOVE to see as President other than this one…you couldn’t be more wrong!

  • Romney may not be the “principled conservative” this country needs…but he’ll be a helluva lot better at managing this country than the AMATEUR in the White House now…

  • Dominick Vila, must of had a bad DREAM. Obama has destroyed American and its Constitution. Medicare will be completely BROKE in 4 years. Seniors may lose their Social Security sooner than 15 years? Bush set upi the date to leave Iraq? Wasted over $2 Trillion on his HOPES? Let 4 American’s be MURDERED in Libya? America CANNOT afford Obama another 4 years?

  • LoneOkieDemo

    Well, as an Oklahoman who is also a Democrat, I often feel like my vote is never counted.
    I am actually considering not voting this time. The crazies that run this state have done their job in making Oklahoma the laughing stock of the country. Those of us with an education and some common sense are a minority in this state. People I know are still touting the myth that Obama is not American. They believe he is a terrorist that has been planted here and is going to take over the country using UN forces. I have not seen such stupidity since the 60’s ! Just to but that statement in perspective, I was born in 1953, so I was a teenager during those years.

    • Psicologio

      Stupidity, that’s the key…

      Statistics say that gop policies don’t work.
      Low tax and high miliatry spending don’t help the country..they make US Debt get bigger in time of recession..
      Bush and Reagan did that…and public debt exploded…
      Only a part of debt increase comes from Obama Administration…and aniway that money was spent to bail out..the Contry…after big depression (i.e. 1929) only public spending can make countries come out of that disaster…

      When economy recovers you can reeduce public spending and raise tax on the richest…

      It’s so easy to understand…

      But far right conservatives don’t vote for the economic programs of GOP; they vote against wealth redistribution for a sort of social egoism…
      I understanf that public spending has to be moderate but we can cancel any idea of helping who has less…

      Nature is not benign to everyone..there are people who are not able to do more…

      We must show to be the best animals on heartg by taking care of who is left behind…

      So, my friend, GO AND VOTE…

  • LoneOkieDemo

    You must be a disciple of The Donald! You really need to learn about business. If this country were run like a business, then the President could fire anyone that disagreed with his vision. Oh, wait, I believe Germany had one of those. How did that work out again?

  • LoneOkieDemo

    To what are you referring when you state that President Obama has destroyed America and its Constitution? I don’t recall any changes to the Constitution and this nation is still running.

  • LoneOkieDemo

    You live in some other reality, sir.

  • jan cooper

    obama is satan barack name hebrew is satan, barack 6 hussein 7 obama 5 666 18 9 name number beast antichrist bible new testament st joh, obama is dajjal satan left hand writer and have hell technology rfid obamacare obamataxe, nostradamus antichrist code name mabus is obama obamus, johanwa owalo keny prophet tells kenya son destroy usa… obama names is so matrix abcd tabule.. barack 6 obama 5 is 11 adolf 5 hitler 6 is 11
    usa new yourk is babylon…
    prophercy and youtube videos.
    obama is big liar satan beatiful satanic face…

  • xzaebos

    Why do people assume that I want to give Romney a chance means that I hate Obama. I don’t hate the guy, and he didn’t trash the nation. I just don’t think he did as well as I felt he could.

  • zulumama

    Simply because he is a black man and they hated the fact that a black man could be president one day because they always taught their children they are a superior nation just because of the colour of their skin, they want to see him loose and gloat again that he failed because no black man can ever rule a big country like the USA.

  • Zumbi of Palamres

    It’s so simple. Republicans in general hate Obama because they are racist, white supremist. And guess what, Obama still loves them all. They don’t even know what’s good for themselves.

  • It’s just plain rascism. They would support everything if he were white.

  • I am always taken aback by those people who could most benefit from Obama Care and having the richest American’s pay their fair share in taxes , fighting these policies that would be in their own best interests. My God what would these dyed in wool Republicans do, if Obama was a Republican President, a black moderate Republican President, this would be their worst nightmare.

  • Patriot66

    i smell another civil war coming and it will be the best thing to ever happen to this country in the long run. Can someone please give me 3 compelling reasons why it will not happen ? Don’t you think the 60 mil. people in this country who have firearms will not use them ? The US military is pledged to protect the US constitution, from both internal and external enemies, not the President of US and Commanding in Chief. They will not obey orders if this tyrant tried to purposely impose his marxist/socialist ways on the federation (more than 70% in the military do not approve or like Obama) .And as one of George Washington’s Generals once said “There is a time for all things, a time to preach and a time to pray, but those times have passed away. There is a time to fight, and that time has now come.” We are rapidly approaching that time. Don’t underestimate the number and resolve of the true patriots in this country.

    • Steffon Miller

      So how do you know tht 70% of Military people do not like PRESIDENT Obama? I am a Vet, with family member activly serving and a member of the VFW I think if those numbers were ture I would know as it stand this is spoking like a true Repukeing. Smear the fact, make up lies just to stir up tihs (read backward). We support our Commander and Chief even if we do not Agree ask me how I know.

    • 1iameverywhere1

      This will not happen because most idiots like you usually don’t vote.

      • Jacob Eagleshield

        Truth is,the right does not hate Obama because he is black.They hate him because he is only half black. That,in the eyes of the super bigots,is an even bigger sin.

  • Why? Who cares?

  • Now that the results are out , Mitt, I can sure say ” I TOLD YOU SO !” People just don;t like vacillation. Whayever you believe in stick to your word come hell, high water or a sea of voters

  • Aslo people felt Romney was about to plunge America into some other poorly thought out and highly unnecessary war. The world needs a strong and systematic grasp on peace so that terrorist know that even tho you aren’t spoiling for war you are willing to fight them with all you’ve got if they do foolishness

  • disqus_rX3bE8J4fq

    There are three reasons
    RACE, RACE and RACE the republicans cannot stomach the idea that a black man and his family can inhabit the White House. It is clear and evident to any onlooker and if they were honest enough they would admit it. They will not acknowledge his achievements, begrudgingly recognise the absolute obvious, and actually wish him to fail despite the consequences to the Country just to prove their point. The comments made by Mitch Mconnel have largely gone unchallenged by a media that is either too weak or too bipartisan to react and certain sections of the population who share his sentiments. Condolezza Rice was an alibi as was Colin Powell blatant shallow “Window dressing” and anybody foolish enough to believe otherwise (Including the two aforementioned) do not have a realistic idea of American Politics. America has such potential to be the Brave New World of the future but it is hijacking it’s fututre and allowing the bigoted, small minded pipers who play the tune to lead them all over the cliff.

    • meglvsJC

      That is a lie.

      • Steffon Miller

        NO it is the truth

      • 1iameverywhere1

        You lie.

  • I am so glad the left Libs know so much about Conservatives…without this story and all the comments stated how would I have known why I hate Obama so much. I wont’ waste my time giving you a list as Dominick Vila did, which are laughable. Oh ended the war in Iraq LOL sorry hun that was already a done deal and signed before he got in office, Equal pay for women another one I can’t help but laugh at…oh wait Affordable health care, incentives for first time home buyers ROFLMAO I can’t go on…I just can’t.

    HOW ABOUT LET AMERICANS BE MURDERED AS HE WATCHED and DID NOTHING?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? He is a liar, a theif who wants to steal from those who have to give to those lazy bums who won’t work or get an education….has nothing to do with color…I’d vote Allen West as President any day a real man a real American a Real hero. Not a thug who believes as his pastor does G.D. America.

    • Steffon Miller

      Turn off fox and rush and do some research, wait please google, the GOP Primary and watch your own party memer flate out call mittens a lier, newt, perry, paul, santorum. Here is another one google 2012 census and see who use those free programs lol

  • ishiibrad

    simple …rhymes with slack and it ain`t flack !

  • They hate him because he makes them look like idiots.

    • Brittsdad

      Lauro Andrea You are correct they (We) had 4 years to figure out The agenda. I am first geration Russian My 17 year old daughter Brittany was murdered for being the product of A Russian Father Italian mother both considered crackers. The Class war The war on women I am by far not a misagynist. Nor am I a racist although my daughter was executed by four black Muslims the only men friends I have left are black one is a gym buddy we work out together. People tend to scatter when your child is murdered. The other is a man I had not seen in a long time. I was greeted more graciously than I have ever been. This gentlmen said I can not believe you are alive..When My daughter was murdered I reacted not very well. Being a Russian Having cousins in the motherland. I have a uniqe perspective. America’s foreign policy is a mess. President Putin is aware that America is in no position to take them on. We had Iraq won and just like South East Asia gave it back. So my only question is President Obama trying to start a war. The Health Care is another mess We did however get free birth control without going to planned parenthood. My daughter B went to planned parenthood. And of course Child dentistry. There was a plan that we didn’t have to change to a compliant plan.. This year By the time I reach my deductable it’s a new year. As far as being a Misagynist, Clitorectomies required by Islam now that’s a war on women.

  • meglvsJC

    Lets see bending over to our and Israel’s enemies. Trying to dismantle the economy as we know it thru the JOB KILLING ,UNCONSTITUTIONAL health care law..the constant TAQIYYA he spouts to us “folks”..the class warfare he perpetuates…oh my God the list is so long. We don’t hate the man….we hate what he is trying to do to the country we love. Conservatives will never except far left ideologies , just like the far left will never except a conservative ‘s world view. It’s very simple.

    • 1iameverywhere1

      You can’t spell right. Like most conservatives you are not educated enough to vote.

  • letmeeatcake

    need to do away with that abominable electoral college, and political parties should offer better candidates than the crap they keep serving up. are romney and obama really the best they have to offer? wow america really is in trouble. nevertheless, americans ALWAYS get the president they deserve.

  • letmeeatcake

    if republicans were muslims, liberals would say, “We have to ask ourselves…Why do they hate us?” maybe republicans should freak out like muslims do to shock liberals into being a little more introspective once in a while.

  • They hate him because many Republicans are tight-assed, anal retentive, racist, and bigoted homophobic radical Christian Evangelical Whites who despise having a BLACK man in the WHITE house! Their time has passed and their demented values are going to become extinct soon in an increasingly diverse America!

    • Brittsdad

      I am neither a Republican or Democrat. I am first Generation Russian . Btw The foreign policy has some leaks in it. I am also Brittany’s Funks’s father murdered at 17 for being a Russian Cracker. I am by far no homophobic and you sir by the mention makes you the racist. Ironically the 3 men friends I have are black. not because I chose them simply because we get along and all speak the truth. One is a work out partner the other is a man I ran into yesterday and greeted me more graciously than I ever remember. He thought I would be dead as a result of Britt’s murder On the batllefield sir race is not a longer be a issue. When we stop talking about race maybe our children will stop being gunned down. I am not a Christian Nor a Muslim. Which brings me to another point. ISLAM insecure of female sexuality, any religion that feels it’s correct to abuse perform Citorectomies. is Screwed up. Obviously White America supported President Obama or he would not have won. I am a Secular Humanist There is a rainbow flag in front of our chuch. Not only is the foreign policy going to get us in a war The unaffordable heath care Act is a nightmare.

  • corte33

    The first reason they hate him is because he is not a rich white guy. Red neck GOP’ers from the South like Mitch McConnell wanted Obama out. The second reason some don’t like him (including me) is he failed to deliver on promises. Third, his insurance (ObamaCare) stinks. Fourth, he is clueless about what’s going on around him, like the VA scandal. His cabinet during his first term was a disaster.

    On the plus side, Obama is a good family man. He is not involved in sex scandals like Clinton, and JFK. He’s a good speaker, however, much of what he says are platitudes.

  • Frank Moore

    Obama’s main function is to be a “pooper scooper” for the disastrous Bush administration. The turmoil in Iraq is due to Bush, and his brain dead cronies.
    The collapse of the economy is due to Bush, Greenspan, and the thieves on Wall Street. Obama made the mistake of putting Geithner into Treasury, and leaving Bernanke at the FED. And whomever devised ObamaCare should be shot. (It was some committee, I’m sure.)

  • Brittsdad

    Join the discussion…Foreign policy, I am forst generation Russian, I have cousins in the motherland. BTW my 17 year old daughter is still dead ,, murdered as a result of racial hatred

  • Brittsdad

    hate is a strong word. I would hope most Americans are educated enough to know we are all cousins. Hate is the reason my daughter Brittany was murdered for being a Russian cracker

  • Brittsdad

    BTW my wife Britt’s mother is 1/4 black due to the More invasion of southern Italy

  • Andrew Bennett

    The Question Should be:Why do white Jim Crow,Conservative Republican-Tea Party hate President O’bama?