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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Why Have No Romneys Served In The Nation’s Armed Forces?

Why Have No Romneys Served In The Nation’s Armed Forces?
  • Funny , I was thinking exactly that every time Romney spouts his ” we’ll defend everyone ” crap.

  • ObozoMustGo

    And now… The REAL cartoon of the day!

    [click to enlarge image]

    • So now PRESIDENT Obama is a Christian? And here I was getting use to a Muslim in the White House. I thought a prayer tower would add a nice touch.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Joan… Obozo is a Christian only in cartoons. Outside of that and off camera, he’s a muzzie!

        But that is beside the point because you missed badly on this one, Joan. It’s depicting Obozo as Moses, who was not Christian either. He was a Jew. Remember????… leading the Jews out of Egypt???? You know… the 10 Commandments??? Yeah, that’s right. That Jewish thing. I’m certain it was just an oversight on your part. No big deal. I know what you meant.

        Have a nice day!


        • DurdyDawg

          Our next savior..?

          • ObozoMustGo

            Come on Dawg, you can do better than that. It’s not even clever, dude.

            Have a nice day!


          • LOL Obama is an only son he does not have to enlist in the armed services..there was no war for him to enlist even if he wanted to…how many son’s does Mitt have ???. Now I know why America is ranked #28 in education even communist Cuba is ranked higher in education. Go figure.

          • ObozoMustGo

            lisa… make no mistake… we are 28th in education BECAUSE of teachers’ unions, and the takeover of education by the leftists. No question about it. Teachers who hold kids and families hostage for outrageous comp packages, and leftist indoctrination of kids in socialist world views is what make them America stupid. Read the quote below.

            Have a nice day!

            “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

        • joyscarbo

          Obama’s a christian and not a muslim…you birthers are the worst kind of blind followers. The KuKluxKlan was an organization based on “good old fashion christian values” too….it’s got a long history and is still alive and well today. They’ve done FAR more damage to black people than Jerimiah Wright has done to any bunch of whining whites. Pipe down, Bozo and Joan!! You’re all just mad because you know your mormon can’t win!

      • So all those years attending Rev Wright’s church…..The rev you guys love to hate…..that’s was just a cover up. Idiots…..

        • ObozoMustGo

          Al… a couple of points:

          1) look up “Black Liberation Theology” and let me know if that is a “Christian” philosophy you agree with. Is that a philosophy you honestly believe a president of the USA should espouse?

          2) Either Obozo attended that church every week, or he did not. Cant be both ways. And Obozo denied even really knowing what JW preached and denied his relationship with JW. Everything out of Obozo’s mouth is a lie.

          Have a nice day!


          • Just another sock puppet stupit remark.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Warren… bwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahah!!!!! ROFLMAO!!

            The only thing worse than calling someone “stupid” is being so stupid that you cannot spell “stupid” properly! It is spelled S-T-U-P-I-D…. do you see the “D” Warren?

            Congratulations!!!!! You have won the Slack-Jawed Moron of the Day Award on The Memo, Warren. A dubious and difficult-to-win honor in this sea of lefitist insanity, indeed!

            Stay out of traffic, Warren. You might hurt yourself.

            Have a nice day!

            “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
            the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
            its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
            — Winston Churchill

    • jarheadgene

      Do you seriously consider that an equal response to the ROMNEY family military record? OMG I am disappointed.

      • ObozoMustGo

        [click to enlarge image]

      • ObozoMustGo

        Being a military dude, I knew you’d like it, Gene.

        Have a nice day!

        “Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.” – Abraham Lincoln

    • jarheadgene

      OK…although outladish…that is funnier. And more militaristic in nature.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Gene… I know you love military stuff… so here you go.

        Hero (Bibi) vs. Coward with cigarette
        [click image to enlarge]

        Have a nice day

        “Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look on it as a cow they can milk. Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon.” – Winston Churchill

  • Ed

    You have to understand, the PEASANTS must defend the KING!

    • who told you to start thinking ? 3 thumbs up!!

  • Ever so up-to-his-majesty’s-eyeballs in horse poop!

  • Romney knows as much about the military as he does the dark side of the moon. No surprise of course since he almost always demonstrates complete ignorance of any issue he discusses. While Mitt is undoubtedly smarter than GWB, he has no equal when it comes to hypocracy.

    • ObozoMustGo

      Hey Bigblunder! How are you? I hope you are well my lefty friend.

      Just another viewpoint….. And Obozo’s time as an ACORN community thug taught him exactly what about the military? I know your answer already…… crickets….. crickets……… crickets……….. crickets……..

      Here’s a contrast for you Bigblunder…
      [clicke image to enlarge}

      Bibi Netanyahu on the left, coward on the couch on the right… about the same age

      Have a great day!

      “Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look on it as a cow they can milk. Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon.” – Winston Churchill

      • Master_ChiefUSN

        Wow… I simply ask this: If America is to survive into the next century, how will racially motivated thoughts and actions help? America is not a color; its an ideology. ” We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal…,” it took our nation several score to understand that all men regardless of race are equal in the eyes of the law. As to the President, would not he be as American as Mr. Romney; Mexico is not a part of America as of yet. I refer to Mr. Romney’s grandfather’s birthplace. Now is there a question, as to whether President Obama’s mother was a US CITIZEN? If so I think we have a clear cut decision on his supposed CITIZENSHIP. If not, if there is proof that his MOTHER WAS A US CITIZEN:if she was then according to US LAW…that MAKES OUR SITTING PRESIDENT A US CITIZEN.. now the time for playing is over…its now time to consider what is best for our future…our country…In my 20 years of military service, I have never seen the amount of vitriolic speach being leveled at a sitting US President. I care not what his color is…I want to see definition of character. That said, I for one do not trust Mitt Romney…sorry..his outlook on what America is, how America should be is reactionary..he will gut America and feed off its entrails.

        ETCM R., USN

        • ObozoMustGo

          Master_Chief…. first off. Thank you for your service to America! I mean that sincerely. God bless you.

          That said, I must ask you why you support a president that is clearly anti-American?

          Why do you support a man that proclaims his desire to “fundamentally transform America?”

          Why do you support a man whose vision of America is NOT the same as the vision of America that you and I most likely share? His definition of success is not an American vision.

          Why do you support a president that is purposefully running us into fiscal oblivion? Don’t give me the blame Bush bullsheet, either. If you thought Bush was fiscally bad, how do you square with the truth that Obozo is twice as bad?

          Why do you support a man whose primary political argument is based on class warfare? Spewing this garbage about “paying their fare share” is an absolute lie. And you know it. 47% of Americans pay NO Federal Income Tax. Only 10% pay more than 80% of all income taxes. What’s fair about that?

          As a military man, how do you support a president who is at this very moment negotiating with Egypt’s radical Muslim Brotherhood dictator for the release of the Blind Sheik who masterminded the first bombing of the WTC? How do you square that in your mind?

          How do you support a president that has presided over the growth in food stamps from 33 million to 47 million Americans?

          How do you support a president who’s shut down offshore drilling for Americans, but gives $2 BILLION to Brazil for offshore drilling?

          How do you support a president that rules by executive order and bypasses our Constitutionally established legislative process?

          How do you support a president that watches his ambassador being killed by radical muslims, embassies across the middle east are on fire, and he’s running off to fund raisers like nothing is happening? And he won’t even find a minute to meet with the Prime Minister of our only real ally in the middle east, but instead goes on Letterman and to another fund raiser?

          How can you take the oath to uphold our Constitution when you joined the military, yet support a man whose primary aim is to bypass that Constitution?

          I have a lot of questions Master_Chief. All of them legitimate. I don’t understand how you support this guy, even if you are black. Which is another question itself.

          Thank you again for your service to America.

          Have a nice day!

          “Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference. The Marines don’t have that problem.” PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN

  • Logic21

    Why have no Obamas served in the armed forces?

  • Who cares? They are not running for President; their father is. Did the Current President serve? Did Bill Clinton serve? Was anything asked about that in the media?

    • CurrentlyDisadvantagedMinority

      The only president in the last 70 years who served in the armed forces was Eisenhower ( I mean really served, not someone who was in the National Guard, or made movies for the US Army. So the whole point is moot!

      • notrustgovt

        You poor ignorant fool…

        -Harry S. Truman – Fought in WWI
        -John F. Kennedy – PT 109 sunk in the South Pacific
        -George HW Bush Shot down twice over the Pacific in WWII

        The more you post, the less intelligent you appear….

      • John Blette

        JFK served in Navy, LBJ in Navy, Nixon in Navy, Carter in Navy and I believe Ford also served.
        First Bush in Navy. All served in War time.

  • The same reasons 94% of Americans have NOT served in the armed forces since the nation’s founding.
    Stunning statistic…isn’t it?

  • …as we say in Mexico, because they’re mamones, meaning they suck but don’t want to fight.

  • Did Any Obamas serve…what about obama’s dad, did he serve in the US military? Oh yeah, his dad was eating dogs in africa…

    • Not in Africa dude, Asia only. If u had common sense u would be dangerous.
      If u pickup a book every now and then and read, u might learn something. U do know that reading is fundamental.

    • maias

      And your dad was probably eating hot dogs in the US….. What exactly is your point?

  • Peter James

    A better question: Why have no Obamas served in the US military?
    A. Couldn’t figure out which name to put on the enlistment form.
    B. Couldn’t pass the drug test.
    C. Signed up for the Simbionese Liberation Army instead by mistake.
    D. They couldn’t guarantee him the desired jobs training as a community organizer.
    E. All of the above.

    • none of the above, he isn’t a u/s citizen

      • CurrentlyDisadvantagedMinority

        poor ignorant fool!

      • Read the constitution dumb ass…Oh, can u read.

      • rvgrandpa

        and Peter James; I’m sure you great patriots have served well and consciencely as I have. I think the list is a little short. You forgot he was busy trying to help thousands of people get out of poverty. But you probably wouldn’t understand helping others.

        • robertbyrd

          Really ? Obama is helping people get out of poverty ? Did Obama open a business and start employing people ? How is Obama helping people get out of poverty by scaring employers and making the cost of employing someone skyrocket. He ended the successful voucher program in DC sending kids in need bacj into a cesspoll run by liberals. You don’t understand he is helping unions, not helping people.

        • Are you talking about Romney ? He was busy firing every one and getting paid for it .They haven’t even talked about serving just receiving .

      • David Huber

        None of the above. I lack a brain.

        Seriously doucher. That’s not an answer. I dislike Obama as much as anyone, but that is not an answer. The is a kindergarden taunt.

      • You really are a racist ruled by willful ignorance, aren’t you?

    • Complete dumb ass…U got issues. One more thing Peter–Again, complete dumb ass, he has two school age daughters.

    • He has stated several times his grandfather served in the US military.

    • DutchChris

      Let see; his grandfather from his mother’s side did.
      His father wasn’t a US citizen, so that rules him out.
      And for Obama himself; there wasn’t really a war going on in the beginning of the eighties, was there? Same goes for Michelle’s brother.

      • robertbyrd

        Just because we are not at war does not mean Obama could have volunteered.

    • Agree 100%

    • As a matter of fact: his grandfather DID serve in WWII, and as his 2 children aren’t 18 yet, they don’t count.

    • Mitt was to chicken to serve in Viet Nam..Obama was in grade school when Mitt fled the country to teach the French about the religious cult as a Mormon.

  • Very few of the rich and elite in this country have actually served in the armed forces.

  • Very few of any Americans serve in the armed forces. I’m a few months older than Tagg Romney, and when I enlisted in the Navy in 1989, volunteering for the service was already kind of an exceptional thing to do. Since then we’ve drawn down the forces quite substantially. I joined Ronald Reagan’s 600-ship Navy, and in 2012 America now has just over 280 vessels.

    Total active-duty military “end strength” is just about 1.4 million. America’s population is about 313 million. Fewer than one percent of Americans serve.

    The cartoonist Jeff Danziger is a decorated Army veteran, but his service was during the Vietnam War. In 1969, when Danziger entered the Army, military end strength was more than double what we have now, and the population 200 million. There was a draft on. It was very much a different time. For this reason, I think the criticism is off base.

  • how many people from the National Memo-whatever the hell that is- have served in the armed forces? I think I know the answer

  • i applaud the service of bill clinton and barack hussein obama. oh wait….

  • CurrentlyDisadvantagedMinority

    There is no proof that serving in the armed forces makes you a good leader. There is plenty of proof that serving in the armed forces makes you a good follower but not a good thinker, and unlikely to think outside the box. Is this the type of man you want as president? Nathan Forest, your ignorance is showing. The dog-eating incident happened in Indonesia, which is nowhere near Africa. Africans don’t eat dogs, that is the domain of Asians, which is why so many Chinese restaurants in the USA have been shut down for selling dog meat disguised as pork or beef. It seems far more Americans eat dog than Africans, now isn’t that interesting?! The constant queries about Obama’s citizenship just show that these very skeptics are racist. If Obama had been white, there would be no question about his citizenship. Despite constant verification, it is sad, and frightening that a large proportion of US citizenry don’t accept the proof of birth that exists. A large number of past and present US politicians were not born in the USA, yet no-one questions their political affiliations or religious beliefs. Yet they are perfectly willing to elect a man who follows a pseudo-Christian cult (Mormonism is a “Made in America” “religion”) just because he is more white than Obama, despite his business record of farming jobs out to foreign countries, and closing American corporations for a quick profit.

    • notrustgovt

      You poor ignorant fool….

      The US military has the best leadership training in the world. FACT – Our military is unequal in it’s ability to allow soldiers in the field to think outside the box. That has been our tactical advantage since the Civil War.

      Even the press releases of Obamao winning the Illinois Senate seat included “Kenyan born…” All that was suppressed. Why has the Obamao campaign spent over $3 million to keep all of his college records secret???? He was registered as a foreign student.

      You are only disadvantaged because your mind tells you so.

      • The short bios on his published books also stated that Mr. Obama was born in Kenya. These bios remained unchanged for years.

      • Peter Borregaard

        FACT as you call it.. Bull is another word. Fact is you lot have the dumbest soldiers in the western world. Ask them any question about anything relevant and they go : “doo, I dont know…” A lieutenant has the equivalent intelligence of a private in most European armies. Not saying its entirely the fault of you Army, Navy or Airforce, but also a result of really poor school system. Add it all up, and any 10 year old European child would be smarter.

      • Peter Borregaard

        Oh and once your so-called “unequal in thinking outside the box soldiers” decide to turn friendlies into hostiles by lopping tear gas grenades out of hum vees at 40 mph near schools, yes you call us to help you out. No wonder every American have a bulls-eye on the back. This especially when you send home the regular troops and allow National Guards units in their place.. What a laugh.. The average intelligence of a fly and just as aggressive as a pit bull.
        If you really wanted to help out, send your troops to learn manners and being courteous towards what ever nation is deemed worthy of US “help”

      • pearson

        America’s tactical advantage is MONEY and equipment you asshole. Not brains or leadership. Why do you think the Viet Nam war went so bad for so long?
        The US were faced with an “enemy”, barefoot, dressed in pyjamas wielding punjii sticks, while the US had “sophisticated” weapons like agent orange, napalm and the Rome Plough.
        Likewise WWII. America’s primitive technology was blasted to pieces by superior German stuff at every turn until the weight of numbers turned the tide.

        One only has to read all these comments to realise that America is a population of morons to the left and the right.

        Romney is a fool, but he speaks the truth. Americans don’t like truth, they like facade and image.
        An amazing country, ruined by unbearably stupid people

        • notrustgovt

          Way to blow your argument with vacuous name calling.

          The enemy “dressed in pajamas” was defeated at the Tet offensive… unfortunately the politicians and Marxist sympathizers got involved and prohibited the forces on the ground from continuing a victorious campaign.

          In WWII, our superior tactics (brains and leadership) caused the tide to turn against a force with superior equipment.

          For your lack of knowledge of unbiased history, you should count yourself among the population of morons.

    • There you go, throwing the racist card in again. He’s half white, doesn’t that count? I wouldn’t care if he was purple, I wouldn’t vote for Obama.

  • CurrentlyDisadvantagedMinority

    And I suppose you were a war hero yourself? Saved 1000’s selflessly? What a moron! Your racist claws are showing! Retract them before you pop that balloon of self-importance you are carrying around!

  • har82

    First off, few ,, politicians have really served in the armed forces. But there are some military people who have gone into politics once out of the service. Big difference.

    Did – biteme serve ?, bammie ??, pelosi ??, reid ??, schummer ??, franks ??, jesse ??, sharpton ??, – any of this liberal left ??, not just no. But hell NO LOL.

  • Emily Jetton

    President Obama’s mother was an American, his Father was African, so you have to look at his mothers family side to know if they served in the army and his Grand dad did served in the army, also his Great Uncle. If i know this as a none American, i don’t understand how Americans don’t know these facts, and if Mr Obama wasn’t an American, then the American
    are pretty stupid to have an African as their President, because THAT can’t be “undone”
    Your 44th President is a BLACK man and there is nothing you can do to change that!!

    Stanley Armour Dunham

    Stanley Dunham is the grandfather of Barack Obama. He was born in 1918 and served as a sergeant in the U.S. Army during World War II, enlisting just after the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Stanley and his wife Madelyn raised Obama in Honolulu, Hawaii. In addition to Obama, Stanley is related to six US presidents: James Madison, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush.[30][31] He died in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1992, and is buried at the Punchbowl National Cemetery.

    Ralph Dunham

    Great-uncle of Barack Obama, older brother of Stanley Dunham, born 1916. He served in the U.S. Army as an assignment and personnel officer during World War II, landing at Normandy’s Omaha Easy Red Beach on D-Day plus four, working his way through France, Italy and Germany.[32][33]

  • Jimmy_Cash

    Romney spent 11 years in hiding during the Vietnam war. He was so afraid he might get Drafted, he moved to Paris France after 1 year of college. He did not start his first job until he came out of hiding at 31 years old, when he was then finally safe.

    He recently told America, that he wished he had served in Vietnam? HE HAS NO SHAME!

    • Uhh, Jim boy, he served a mission for his church. He didn’t “hide.” Everyone knew where he was. And…he worked long before he was 31. He was on his mission for 2 years. You’ve been listening to the lying libs too much. Do your own research. It might help you feel smarter

      • janswed

        He was in a mission in PARIS ,France that is,what the hell the Parisians needed to be converted from their heathen ways ,he must have lost out I am sure he would have prefered London.

    • Romney himself is a miserable draft dodger and coward but desperately wants to be Commander in Chief to order others to fight and die for America….He was desperate to avoid any Military Service….

  • Romney tucked tail and left for France when it was his turn to serve in Vietnam. His sons will never wear the uniform either because the cowardly fruit does not fall far from the cowardly tree.

  • He was and is a coward. None of his sons will ever serve either because like their father, they too are cowards.

  • bmg28

    Come on you cry babies there are a lot of young men who have not entered the service. Leave these young men alone. You might check out the sons/daughters of other politicians also. Lets not be hen house about it

  • What part of OBamas were military? I remember Bill Clinton going to Canada to avoid the draft.

  • Dave Benjamin

    We have a long history of politicians shipping off young Americans to fight and die in foreign lands, often in an attempt to further corporate America’s interests. Some that yell loudest for war, like Dick Cheney, were draft dodgers themselves. I don’t take issue with people who jumped through hoops to avoid the draft the way Cheney did. But for that miserable excuse of a human being to defraud Congress and the American people into thinking there was any plausible reason to invade Iraq is beyond disgusting.

  • ff


    • pearson

      Because when they get there they will find it populated by the likes of you.

  • Maybe none of the Romney boys served in the military because they had a choice? Seems logical to me. It isn’t a requirement these days.

  • Sad name. Do you need some cheese with your whine?

  • texan94

    Why hasn’t Barack Obama served in nation’s Armed Forces? That’s right…..answer the question!

    I personally don’t care if he did or not, but this is a bullshit question. Our current president never served in the armed forces, but yet you’re blasting Romney for not serving and his family as well (why do they even matter?) and not Obama.

    Why does this even matter to begin with? Does this have anything to do with how good or bad Romney would be as a president?

    Is our current president in the military? Exactly. The National Memo is full of s#*t just like Obama and the rest of his supporters. Attacking the GOP candidate for not doing something our current president didn’t do either.

    • paulstewart2

      The difference is that Romney talks Neocon fighting words. Aggressive, no apologies. And he will send your kids, and indeed, if you are of the right age, and running out of your own deferments, if you are of that persuasion, he will sen you. But he is a man of do as I say, not as I do. Do unto your family not what I would do unto my own. I am saving my blood, let yours be spilt.

      Obama is trying to spare the blood of all.

  • The real math – how many DEFERMENTS did they total up. Let’s face it, they always shoot their mouth off and wait for the peasants to go do their dirty work. The heavy lifting is done by the middle class, the Romney go yachting.

  • Romney is a slag – all mouth, no conviction. 2 educational deferments followed by 6 religious deferements. If he really believed in sacrifice, he certainly ran from it far and wide.

    • 1NationUnder1

      Why hasn’t Barack Obama served in nation’s Armed Forces? because he knew national media has his back covered.

      Why hasn’t Barack Obama served the country as President? because he knew national media will do the work for him to cover his back.

  • 1NationUnder1

    Why hasn’t Barack Obama served in nation’s Armed Forces? because he knew national media has his back covered.

    Why hasn’t Barack Obama served the country as President? because he knew national media will do the work for him to cover his back.

    • Wow what a lame response to a blog about a family with five eligible boys who served no time whatsoever in the service. How patriotic, but you mentioning Obama changed peoples minds about them I am sure, they are now looked upon as heroes, great post

  • Same reason no Obamas have served in the military. Maybe they fought in a jihad or something but they’ve never fought for American values. It’s a foreign concept to them.

  • Peter Borregaard


  • It does not make you un-American if you don’t serve the service, you can ask the President and since the President is commander-in-chief, I think that the question should be directed to him. And I say leave these children along. You never hear these children say anything offensive against the President.

  • Why don’t some of you just call O. that secret but unmistakable word you chortle when you write in weasely fashion code-words and phrases — “drug” user, “unAmerican”, his “back” covered by media, “Simbionese Army” (misspelled), fake name, fake birth: it begins with “N”. Go ahead , say it. Open your craven hearts. In fact, show American Tea Party Exceptionalist backbone, and go shout it in, oh, North Philly or Watts or Harlem.

    Or just shake your head and go back under your rock until you repeat 5,000 times what O. really is. An American. Period..

  • Dr Solomon, are you suggesting that people are racist due to their American beliefs, their value’s? Because they do not agree with the direction this country is heading! You are an educated individual and you go to the lengths of pulling out the race card. I think this country has made vast improvements on racial boundaries and it will get better, though I think these last four years have set us back due to people believing Obama’s race has something to do with it. You can be mistaken as no better than the racist next door who could be white, black, asian or hispanic when you pull that card or stoop to someone elses un educated level.

    Both side of the fence have their share of bad apples, our job is to avoid becoming one of those apples…

    On another note, since you are a Doctor. What is your take on ObamaCare and the theory of Rationing? I watched an interview of Obama being asked this question and he basically danced around it, gave no answer. To what lengths will Rationing be taken? It’s your profession, what is your take?

  • ChowT

    All of them have appointments with nuns in Paris.

  • UrbanSurvivor3

    I guess cuz they aren’t idiots.

  • His 4 sons hide also? None of them joined the military,,,were they out of the country too? LOL! The whole family is a fraud,
    Obama 2012 ! yeah baby!!!!!

  • And Bush Jr was smoking pot in the cockpit flying over Texas to make sure they didnt bomb their house…..It must of worked no bombs were dropped on Texas…

  • Mitra, you are a fool who has never served, nor has anyone in your family, that is, in the U.S. military. And yes, my father and grandfather served, with merit, commendations, and as a life-time wounded vet. Like Obama, I was not called to serve, but would have and would still.

  • Doug, uhm, you are either an idiot or a racist. I have one of “his published books” and it says nowhere any such thing. Do you really ever think objectively? He was born in Hawaii, as that state’s birth certificate attests. Have you ever actually read any of his books? Do you read? Another sad, aging white male giving the rest of us a bad name.

  • And even if you had to think for yourself, you’d never vote for anyone half white. Please don’t fool yourself. You are a right-wing wing-nut who only votes conservative as the puppet leaders order.

  • No matter how you want to spin it, Kelli, he avoided military service. Just like Dubya and Cheney. All draft dodgers. His church mission is no excuse at all. They jailed Cassius Clay for pulling the same stunt. Oh, of course, he was black, but that would be pulling the race-card, wouldn’t it? Open your small mind.

  • Yes, Obama’s grandfather served. Obama’s dad, as a foreign citizen, was not eligible. Obama was not called to serve. Romney was.

    The dog-comment is hardly worth responding to other than as a proof of your ignorance and racism.

    • Not true I have served with several foreign nationals who gained citizenship while serving with me…..Not for Romney by any means

      • Limey44

        You are correct Darrin. All foreign nationals provided they hold a Green Card are eligible to serve as aliens in the US Military. Currently there is no Draft but in the 60’2 many were drafted. I was in the process of being drafted having been found 1 A by the County Selection Board. I enlisted and served for three years in the US Army, 66 thru 69 and am a Vietnam Vet. I served an additional 11 years as a Reservist.

        I therefore served, while an Alien, for 14 years, used the Vietnam War GI Bill to earn my BS degree. Later during my Reserves service, while still an Alien, I earned my MS and Ph.D. paid for by the Reserves as tuition grants and my Reserve pay. I was proud of my service, enjoyed it and did well out of it.

        • Sounds like you took advantage of America and chose not to become a citizen. That is definitely the kind of person Obama likes, he’s one of you.

          • Citizen or not, Limey44 served the country of his residence, seemingly obeyed the laws and protected citizens such as yourself. It appears he gave more than he got.

            Is that an issue?

    • flubalubaful

      Thank you for telling some truths, but the people that comment against Obama in the most cases are really so ignorant to the facts that they will look at your comment and try to say that Obama was called up for Vietnam, even though he would not have even been 5 years old then. The only way to convince them they are wrong is to point out how unchristian like they are being, and how stupid they are, you don’t have to give them facts because they ignore anything that is not told to them by fox news, fox news is there god, they worship it and believe every word that anyone on fox says, They are so far from being part of normal society that they don’t even understand that the Republican party is after them, is coming for there Medicare and there social security and there money. They cannot accept the truth as it does not fit with what they are told on fox news, but at least some are starting to switch fox off and starting to realsie that the Republican party has been destroyed by the far right and the mindless idiots who are demanding that everything is done there way and that they would rather destroy the country than ever admit they might be even a little wrong, even if the facts show they are totally wrong, god how I despise them for trying to destroy this wonderful country and laughing when they are told that, they are no more American than the terrorists the country is fighting on a daily basis, they are most definitely not Patriots, they hate this country and everything it stands for .

    • Wow! If someone doesn’t agree with you they are a “racist”.. Well, you are a liberal, two-faced hypocrite, sir.

  • Cos they be too busy making more babies – dayyyym, they will not be happy until they have completely populated the entire continent with khaki wearing teeth flashing peeps!!!!

  • Why didn’t Obama serve?
    And Clinton, the draft dodger?

    George H W Bush served in the Navy
    George W Bush was waiting to be served?

    Remember WHY Dan Rather was fired from CBS for reporting fabricated information against George W Bush! …so get your facts straight before you blog garbage!

    The news media should be more objective, not pro-Democrat, so biased!

  • James Cheetham

    Don’t think democrats should be raising this issue. There is no mileage in it for you. If someone in the Obama family had served it might be worth it.

  • AHE

    Our current overlord has never spent A day in any of the military branches. Actually, the guy can’t even produce a legitimate US birth certificate, and to this day his educational records are still SEALED. So before anyone points fingers, take a look at the empty suit the media so happily help put into office.

    • flubalubaful

      Seriously, you honestly think that the top republicans would not have Obama out if he did not produce his birth certificate, that is an old talking point from the far right who cannot think for themselves and just mentioning it shows your lack of knowledge about the facts, not the made up fact’s that fox news likes to vomit up , the real facts. Obama was not called up for war, he was not old enough at the time to go to Vietnam like the Romenys were, He did not run away to another country to get out of having to go to war, gees just learn something, don’t come across as so dimwitted. Education records are sealed for a reason, i am not going into it as it is probably too complicated for you to understand. And the Media did not put Obama in office, the American people did, just look at your present leader Romney, the media was on his side , they loved him , why becasue he was telling them how much money he had to spend on advertising, they were on the edge of there seats listening to his every word until they realised that the lies he has been telling everyone the lies he has been vomiting up , included the fact that he actually has hardly any money to pay them for the millions of ad’s he was supposed to buy from them, so he promised them almost a billion dollars in advertising, then he is found out lying about it, so they start writing the stories they maybe held back to give him a chance, to allow him a bit of leeway , so that maybe he would buy advertisement slots from them, but now he has again dug his own grave where the elections are concerned, they will print the facts and the truth about him, no more free ride, he is a lying greedy rich brat, and he and his family are cowards, who only care what they can get from the country not what they can do for the country.

      So go and sit in a nice dark corner of your house somewhere and think about what you support, think about the true lie, Romney and the republican party that wants to destroy the country rather than let a very competent professional black person help it recover from the last republican disaster , which was the Bush Presidency.

      You writing these same lies over and over again has backfired, everyone, even the republicans do not believe anything that comes out of the Republican party at the moment and probably will not until those like you are encouraged to go back to your libertarian party and have your little tea parties, where people can ignore you and your ilk, Let the real men and women run the country, we don’t need angry little boy’s trying to cause the country to go bankrupt and to spread fear and hatred because they don’t like the fact that a black man is there boss, keep those feelings to yourself while we all help the country grow to once again become the best country to live in , where hatred and fear and lies are called out in every instance, where people help each other and do not try to destroy those less well of than them, where people live a true Christian life not this fake religious bigoted Republican mess.

  • End_ofan_Error

    No Obamas have served because they have all lacked the required qualities needed to serve… Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage… these qualities are lacking in EVERY liberal.

    • Every liberal? That’s my father you’re talking about. A United States Marine and a liberal.

      Two tours in the Pacific in WW2 as a United States Marine. And a devout Christian with the values and morals to understand when one only looks out for himself, he fails the society of which he is a part. His political stance is firmly rooted in the fact that he has had a very fortunate life (he’s 89) and to give a helping hand by supporting liberal policies which assist those less fortunate is both a right and a duty.

      Now, Mitt, well, that’s another story.

      • End_ofan_Error

        I remember it was a liberal that once remarked “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what can you do for your country.” From what we see today, it’s hard to believe that actually came from the mouth of a Democrat!! So, YOU, as a CURRENT liberal, haven’t served… thanks for making my point!!!

        • what a dumm end_ofan_Error. I surmise, you could prove the sun is necessary for life in the U.S., and it would say, the republicans built that, and is us-american property, abused by socialists, muslims and black slaves to warm their buttocks. dumm end_ofan_Error would probably dismiss such a sun as a hoax, and suck his dogs asshole, only to be different from the other liberal who earns more at his job.

        • LEE

          Proud liberal and career Soldier, 1 tour in Grenada, 1- tour in Panama, 2- in Iraq and i just returned from the second one in Afghanistan. So like usual your cookie-cutter image of a Liberal and people in general carries no weight, but then again conservatives and Republicans, and Faux News tend to just ignore the facts to make it fit your image. So in summary,ihave been fighting our nations wars and invasions for 29.5 years now, what about you?

          • End_ofan_Error

            Army, 29 years… and so tell me, why do the Democrats HATE to count the absentee ballots from overseas? Yeah, they know which way the military leans, and what is it to them if they can manage to disregard an entire segment of our citizens?!!! Anything to win, with or without honor… typifies a liberal.

          • Update: Active military favor Obama over Romney 2 to 1!

          • End_ofan_Error

            Just stopped and thought about your question for another minute… I have had held a DoD ID card in my wallet for 54.5 of 56 years of my life… there was a 1.5 year gap where I was still in college and had lost my dependents card (Dad was career Air Force), but then I joined when I graduated and have had one in my pocket ever since. And so, I STILL have a CAC card in my wallet right now!!

          • Thanks for telling it like it is and THANK YOU for serving our Country. God Bless you.

        • LEGeorge

          Truman, John Kennedy and likely Lyndon Johnson wouldn’t claim any relationship nor would they recognize the wworthless mess calling themselves democrats today. How’s that for FACT?

      • i bet there is more liberals in the armed forces then there is conservatives u republicans talk a good one when it comes to patriotism but when it comes time to put your money where your mouth is you all chicken out you guy are afraid, cowards, racist,a failure to the human kind u quick to point out Obama but where is the Romney’s not his grandfather his father his son’s daughter none in the nations Armed forces or wait a minute they’re afraid cowards rich and so there for don’t answer to anyone.


        • CassandraSays

          Daniel, let me see if I can get this through to you.

          If something is law, it is ultimately backed up by a man with a badge and a gun. If people ignore the law and the courts, they run into law enforcement.

          It is not a religious statement to say to you that no matter what your religion, how faithfully you follow it or how numerous it is, thou shalt not enrol thy neighbour in it at gun point.

      • Thank your father for his service. But supporting which liberal policies exactly is a duty?
        Abortion at any stage of pregnancy?
        1 trillion dollar plus deficits 4 years in a row?
        calling the death of our ambassador and attacks on our embassies bumps in the road?
        Not referring to terrorists as terrorists because he is afraid to inflame islamists?
        Paying Medicare providers 7hundred million dollars less to provide care for our elderly in order to “pay ” for Obamacare?
        Or maybe redefining a term that has been used for at least 3,000 years and is sacred to many faiths to fit an agenda that effects two percent of our population;Marriage

        • CassandraSays

          Michael, you’re not thinking.

          Americans spend almost three times as much on medical care as other countries with equal or better care. Your medical system is bloated. Cutting the costs is a necessary and GOOD thing. It matters not a fig what the money goes for; it should be done regardless.

          Providers have agreed to these cuts because they are getting a windfall in Obamacare. The law forces hospitals to care for the uninsured who turn up in their emergency wards. They are saving the $716 billion when these people begin to carry insurance. So they’re refunding the $716 billion they are saving. Only right. The taxpayers don’t want to give them a $716 billion dollar raise right now.

          Insurers are getting a windfall by expanding their coverage. People who “self-insure” by gambling that their medical needs will not be as expensive as insurance are people who are young, healthy and single. As individuals, it’s risky — young healthy people make up the majority of spinal cord injuries and a lot of automobile crash victims — but as a group they are less expensive to carry and the insurers benefit from having them covered.

    • His grandfather and an uncle served in World War II.

      • End_ofan_Error

        But liberals today are different than the liberals of yesteryear… do you remember JFK remarking “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what can you do for your country”? Today, liberals instead SCREAM “Ask not what you can do for your country, DEMAND that your country do for YOU!!”

        • CassandraSays

          Gee, when was that screamed and by whom? I seem to have missed it.

          What I hear from liberals is “You are your brother’s keeper” out loud, and whispered “Do you really want to live among 100 million people with nothing to lose?”

          • End_ofan_Error

            Do I want to live among 100 million people all demanding that I support them with MY labor?

          • Jeffrey Andrews

            Once again when a conservative is confronted with the actual truth, that some of the Obamas” have served in the military, you go off on a rant that has nothing to do with any facts what so ever. It must be wonderful for you to live in a world where the facts don’t matter, and an irrational hatred seems to govern your every move. Your labor supports the corporations that are availing themselves of government handouts; tarp money, subsidies, etc. Yet idots like you whom scream for fairness say absolutely nothing about this. Incidently, Romney and his business practices of profiting from outsourcing jobs to the very country that he accuses Obama of not standing up to, is a large culprit as to why so many need help at this time. Idiots like you whom are ignorant of the truth, refuse to acknowledge that your champion is representing and profiting from those whom caused the meltdown in the first place, and is looking to continue or even expand those failed policies. But, living in your own content little world, why would you let something like the truth get in the way? Incidently, you never did answer the question. So let me do it for you; the Romney’s feel that serving their country is for others of less means to do, I’m sorry I need to break this down for you to understand. Those who are not rich are allowed to die for those who are. Only an idiot like you would deem that to be a noble pursuit. His family is part of the top one percent, of course they won’t serve. They leave that for everyone else, and rely on idots like you to fail to hold them accountable. Enjoy your delusions.

        • Wrong! Liberals care about people – they ask what they can do to help ALL Americans even if it means a personal sacrifice. The GOP has become the Greed Over People party!

    • fredkite1

      Obama’s family did!

      His grandparents and uncles were Mau Mau so called Freedom Fighters in Kenya in the fifties.

      You know, butchering White Farming families and their children and holding filthy Oathing ceremonies at night using human body parts.

      Sort of like a modern Day Democratic Convention

      • jdg

        The Republican comments get sicker every day, they don’t have any honor!

    • I’m a liberal, and I served. (Interestingly enough, none of my friends who were in the College Republicans at my alma mater did, and as far as I could tell, in all my time as an undergraduate, there was only one who was a veteran who was in the Navy during the late 1990’s. In my senior year, three of us in the Young Democrats were veterans.) I was in the WV Army National Guard from 2000-06, earned the rank of SGT in 2003, and served in the Iraq War. When I was there, we were all together as Americans. Some were liberal, some were conservative, some were libertarian, some were somewhere in between, and some were apolitical. Anyone who has actually served in the military knows that there is a wide cross-section, and patriotism is not the property of one political property or ideology.

      • End_ofan_Error

        Anyone who has served knows that the military is PREDOMINANTLY conservative… that’s why the Democrats would prefer to NOT count absent ballots from overseas – they know which way THAT vote will go.

    • I AGREE WITH YOU 100%!!!!!!!

    • I hope that was a mistake and you meant Romney

    • jdg

      Usual hate comments from handlers that work for the American Heritage foundation, these people are well paid to lie daily.

    • Teluu

      Obama children are still young and not eligeble . At least Obama grand father was in the army!

    • I am a Disabled American Veteran who volunteered and honorably served four years in the military. I am also a liberal. Today I live in constant pain from injuries suffered in the military.

      What qualifies you to insult me and say I have no Loyalty, Duty, Respect (your respect for me as a DAV???), Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage.

      Shame on you!

      • End_ofan_Error

        Four years (the minimum), and now a life of entitlements… I can see why you’re a liberal.

        • DutchChris

          Wow, I’ve read several hateful comments by you higher up in this thread, but calling out someone who has lost his health in serving his country is truly despicable.

          Your hatred for the people you disagree with is so strong that you fail to see them for what all first and foremost are: fellow human beings.

          Shame on you.

    • sam

      You learn these things in basic training. To bad Romney never got the chance.

    • Another wing nut lie – Obama’s grandfather served in WWll as did his uncle! NO Romneys have ever served!

    • They were all women!

    • ModerateKam

      Man it must be tough for Republican apologists trying to spin doctor the simple fact that their candidate was a draft dodger. Obama was a little kid being raised by a single parent at the time whereas Romney was in the South of France avoiding the draft through “Missionary” service.

      Boy that must stick in your craw. Don’t get me started on Cheney or Ginrich or the others. Only Ron Paul had an admirable record of service. He was married with kids and he still served.

  • robertbyrd

    Could it be they wrote a letter to someone admitting thay they “loathed the military” like Bill Clinton did. Isn’t this great, the same group that said Clinton avoiding the military was just fine, then bashed Bush because he went into the national guard. But now it is a repub so the military background is now something to discuss.

  • Polygamyman

    Mormons believe their men are are in a special is okay for them not to defend the USA but if they try and get out of the compulsory draft to prozelytize every non mormon they will be excommunicated and permanently unable to wear their magical mormon underwear. Mormons treat their woman with complete disrespect prohibiting them to accompany their husbands to the weekly temple worship banishing them to the lot of most middle east woman. They are banned because they are inferior to men. Single woman can never get to Celestial heaven but are doomed to spend eternity with the heaven reserved for infidels..Mormonism is an extremely elitist organization ruled with gestapo like cruelty..go against them and your out. They believe that the end justifies the means as long as it furthers the cause of mormonism. This causes flip flops and deliberate lying. It also thinks its okay to treat minorities as members in the 47% percent discard club. Fortunately God has a sense of humour and recently encouraged Mitt to start making the magical mormon underwear in a Bain Capital sweat shop in China. Because they despise him they secretly infected the underwear with a foot and mouth virus. Now Romney and Beck routinely put their foot in their mouth and the rest is hilarious.

  • What liberal hypocrites…. NO Obama has ever served anybody but themselves.

  • Midlandr

    Why have no Obama’s???

    • jdg

      Stupid comment as usual from a handler that works for Karl (Turd Blossom) Rove.

      • Midlandr

        Nope, don’t like Rove, don’t trust Rove, don’t like Demonrats nor RINO’s, and you’re just a male donkey. I could care less that Romney or his kin have not served. Obamanation is an illegal alien and Clinton a draft dodger, Carter had the honor of semi-service, Johnson and Kennedy too.

    • To young for Vietnam and unlike Romney didnt have a church to hide behind

  • Christopher Raynes

    My father was a Liberal, was in the Royal Navy, served first in London during the blitz as light rescue while training as radio telegrapher, digging survivors out of the bombed buildings, then in East Africa, became a Barrister in England, emigrated to the US to become a Methodist Minister, serving in less fortunate churches throughout his life, and knew, KNEW, that people who did not have a silver spoon, or even a brass, copper, iron, or even wooden spoon at their birth, worked harder than those who had been given the most. Mitt Romney has no clue how to work hard, he has never done so and he never will. My Father died last year, a proud American, expat Brit, having defeated the Fascists, and at the end, NOT paying income taxes, (he paid them since 1957) receiving Social Security (paid into since…) and Medicaid (paid into since…). How was he TAKING from the makers? Romney/Ryan get it so wrong — these wonderful people have paid their dues over and over, why do Mitt and Ryan begrudge their retirement? These are the 47% that he disparages. My father, who helped defeat Hitler, saved many people, created beautiful things — Romney and Ryan (perhaps we should read (r)Ayn) really have no clue about real people.

  • jdg

    Rich people don’t do that kind of stuff – don’t u know:)

    • Midlandr

      Of course they do, but libtards rarely.

      • I would like to think I am a Liberal and I did serve 4 years in Vietnam so keep your rightwing mouth shut fool

  • I haven’t served either. So what? There are those that do and those that don’t. Had the Vietnam war been run by George Bush, I may have been drafted. But I wasn’t. I chose and could afford college. I am still a good guy and support the troops.


    What is amazing is the level of ignorance displayed by the so-called conservatives in this country. The fact that you call every democrat a liberal and further generalize that liberals lack certain qualities.

    To “End-of-an-Error”, you display your intellectual deficiency by your statement about liberal’s lack of certain qualities.

    As Alexander Pope says

    “A little learning is a dangerous thing;
    drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring…”

    Conservatives are so arrogant that they believe that their intelligence created their wealth and that is the biggest mistake they continue to make. It is the ingenuity of your workers that creates the wealth; it is the the resources of the state that you enjoy (roads, telecommunications, tax incentives, etc.) that enables the creation of wealth and value.

    What you forget is that without workers and the other ingredients, your investments may not yield the expected return. There is a balanced appraoch to wealth creation but what I seem to take away from the attitudes of the so-called “job creators” who by the way have not been successful in creating jobs but have taken out so much wealth from the system in the form of tax breaks, subsidies, and other type of government “WELFARE” and yes I said it “WELFARE” is that they forget that they cannot build it by “themselves”.

    Have a nice day, conservatives.

    • Truly sir, it is people like yourself who convinced me that I will never own or operate another business. I worked 100+ hours a week while my employees 40 or less. I carried all of the stress and burden of making sure there was work available for everyone. I risked every bit of savings that I had ever scraped together after coming up from dirt poor parents and literally having to eat from dumpsters as a child. After all of this I made less than even my part time employees. They had insurance and benefits, I had none. The job I provided for them allowed them to prosper while my family had to go without.

      In the end when I finally sold the business for a break-even price and agreed to stay on as an employee, the first thing I heard was that they couldn’t work with someone they couldn’t respect. They didn’t respect me simply because I knew how to humble myself and accept reality and do what was needed. In their opinion I should have trudged on because “in a couple of years you will hit it big”…well in a couple of years I would have been dead. This didn’t stop the nasty talk and inconsiderate mentions to my family behind my back.

      I applaud every business owner who places his fortune on the line every day. In our legal system all it takes is one spilled cup of hot coffee or one employee to slip on the ice and everything you worked for is gone forever.

      Have a nice day, liberal.

      • watersisland

        Sounds kinda like you weren’t qualified or compentent to operate a business. And for that you blame others?

  • watersisland

    Why? because they’re FREELOADERS! When college deferment ran out…he fled overseas to France. A fine example to set for his sons DURING WARTIME! That’s a ‘yellow tailed freeloader’. And then offshore the wealth that this nation’s mechanisms allowed him to earn… he wouldn’t have to pay for taxes to operate the nation. That’s even worse than a ‘freeloader’.

    Both my grandfathers served in WWI. As did my father during WWII. He was shot down in his B-29 in the Pacific and spent eleven days in a life raft. Awarded the purple heart, but never took one cent for his disabilities. My three brothers and I all served during the Viet Nam War, as are our sons in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Patriotism? Republicans only know the term as a campaign slogan. Democrats and liberals know it in real life….and in death.

  • I am a liberal–and I served in the us army. I love my Country and care about those in need.
    So what about you ( The party of no) You say you care but your actions say otherwise.

  • clearhead

    Probably because no one wants to be thought ill of — remember Clinton’s famous assessment of our armed forces? “I LOATHE THE MILITARY !!”

  • Jim

    No Clintons. No Obamas. Not Edwards nor Biden nor Lieberman.

    Look around. The armed forces tend to vote Republican, which means that more Republicans serve.

    If there is a point to all the shots taken at Romney over military service, somebody isn’t making it very well.

  • LEGeorge

    Harry Truman, John Kennedy and even Lyndon Johnson would not claim any relationship nor would they recognize or condone the worthless MESS calling themselves democrats today. How’s that for FACT? Spread that message to the talking “headcases” on the major networks, especially MSNBC.

  • It’s a form of redistribution of responsibility.

  • jim99336

    Hmm, I served and I’d like to think I have some of the qualities listed. I’ve also been a Liberal all my life. So I must be the exception to the EVERY liberal. Tell me Sir, did you serve?