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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Senate Republican vendetta against Chuck Hagel – acted out in the filibuster that has derailed his nomination as Secretary of Defense – seems extraordinarily petty — if John McCain (R-AZ) is telling the truth. The Arizona senator publicly acknowledged that his party’s rejection of Hagel, a fellow Republican and decorated Vietnam veteran, was motivated by old grudges dating from the Bush administration.

“There’s a lot of ill will towards Senator Hagel because when he was a Republican, he attacked President Bush mercilessly and said he was the worst president since Herbert Hoover and said the ‘surge’ was the worst blunder since the Vietnam war, which was nonsense,” McCain told Fox News after the vote on Thursday. “He was anti-his own party, and people…don’t forget that. You can disagree but if you’re disagreeable, people don’t forget that.”

So bent on vengeance were the Republicans that they even tolerated the McCarthyite diversions of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), a freshman whose resemblance to the late Wisconsin demagogue emerged in his repeated insinuations that Hagel had secretly accepted money from North Korea and Saudi Arabia. This seemed to disturb McCain, but he admonished Cruz in the mildest terms possible, and without naming him.

When the Cruz smears fell flat, it became plain that the assault on Hagel’s nomination wasn’t based on any concern that rose to the level of Constitutional principle, national defense, or substantive foreign policy. Among the Republican senators who promoted the filibuster against Hagel were several, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and John Cornyn (R-TX) who had insisted when George W. Bush was president that every single one of his nominees deserved an “up or down vote” – and thus should not be subject, as a matter of presidential authority in Article II of the Constitution, to tactical delay.

But then all the rules are different, now that Barack Obama is (and remains) president.

Worse than their inconsistency over the filibuster — which at least is a bipartisan hypocrisy shared by Democrats — the Republicans have claimed that Hagel’s policy views are so far from the mainstream that he cannot be confirmed.

But the same senators almost unanimously confirmed the nomination of former senator John Kerry (D-MA) as Secretary of State, virtually without questioning any of his positions. Kerry, a superb and highly qualified choice, won that easy approval despite holding positions practically identical to those of Hagel concerning Mideast policy, Israel, Iran, North Korea, nuclear disarmament, and many other critical and controversial issues.

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298 responses to “Why Senate Republicans Confirmed John Kerry But Stalled Chuck Hagel”

  1. Senate Republicans like Graham, Cornyn, McCain, and Cruz all have a vendetta against Hagel. They despise and hate him because he told the truth about the Bush administration and a lot of other things. Now is their opportunity to get revenge. It has nothing to do with constitutional principle, national defense, or substantive foreign policy. To these obstructionist Republicans, it is all a vendetta. They look at Hagel as a traitor to his own party. Despite their ravenous desire to derail Hagel’s Senate confirmation, these Republicans have ‘bigger fish to fry.’ That is why they have brought up the whole issue of Benghazi again. Somehow, they want to create a scandal against President Obama regarding Benghazi that they hope with lead to an indictment and possible impeachment of the President. These, and many other Republicans, spent countless hours trying to figure out how to get rid of President Obama during his first term. All of their evil machinations failed miserably. However, these Republicans, led by McConnell, have not given up on their obsession to get rid of the President at any and all costs. Even if they have to manufacture and create a scandal, these political troglodytes are hell-bent on destroying the President and his administration. What befuddles me is how a minority member in the Senate can wield so much power so as to derail the entire confirmation of a Presidential nominee. When Bush was in office, the Republicans fixed it to require that all of Bush’s nominees would receive an up-or-down vote. Now that Obama is in office, that rule has change. I don’t see how the Democratic leadership in the Senate allowed this to happen and why they have no backbone to fight these Republicans in their obstructionism and defiance.

    • I Totally Agree With You My Friend!!!

    • There is no end that these republicans will go to. Like little kids in the playground. They should all be voted out to stop this tea party fiasco. After that we might see the real republcan party make a come back.

      • TheSkalawag929 says:

        Little kids in the playground have better social skills than the extremist wrong-wingers infesting the republican party today.

        • lana ward says:

          What kids? They’ve been murdered in the womb by dems. They care sooo much about kids, but don’t think twice murdering the most defenseless

          • Yeah like Bush did when he started another war??

          • RobertCHastings says:

            My dear Lana, if you would only look in the wombof every woman who is able to become pregnant you wouldsee that the greatest abortionist on the planet is God himself. Miscarriages, failed implantations in the womb, ectopic pregnancies, all happen with much greater frequency than abortions do, and they are not caused by doctors or the day-after pill, but by God, Himself.

          • neeceoooo says:

            And while looking at every women, we would all see that some women should never be mothers and it is my hope that these women take steps to prevent that from happening.

          • BDC_57 says:

            Like Lana’s Mon?

          • neeceoooo says:

            Good one, exactly like Lana mother

          • ladyj says:

            like Casey Anthony that one women should never have children period.

          • neeceoooo says:

            She should have aborted and the child would not have had to suffer.

          • lana ward says:

            That’s the way it is supposed to be -GODS CHOICE, NOT MAN’S

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            How do you know that it isn’t God’s choice for a woman to have an abortion and that God won’t view your intransigence as attempt to thwart his will and hold you responsible?

          • StanW says:

            If it were God’s choice for a woman to not have the child, then He is fully capable of doing that WITHOUT your help.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Yes your right and he does it everyday in numerous ways.

            What I’m saying is who are you wrong-wingers to say that abortion is not one of the ways he uses?

          • StanW says:

            Hey, maybe God really meant for this town to be destroyed by a tornado, so I’ll just go blow it up.
            Hey, maybe God really meant for that family to die in a house fire, so I’ll go burn down their house and kill them all.

            I know how you Liberals love to play as if you were God, but you are not.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            I don’t know. Maybe God chooses to work it that way. Can you say for sure it’s not.

            Unlike you I am not making any claim to knowing Gods will. I’m just pointing out the possibilities.

          • StanW says:

            No, you are trying to step in place of Gad and say “*I* know for a fact that THIS baby should be dead.”

            It amazes me the lengths Liberal will go to justify killing a child.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            I’m not the one trying to take anyone’s place. The only decision that I am making is to let a woman exercise her “GOD GIVEN RIGHT” of free will. After all abortion is a legal medical procedure offered and protected by law in this country.

            Whether or not she has an abortion is not my decision. It is between her and her God.

            What is amazing is the length you wrong-wingers will go to force YOUR will on others in the name of God.

          • StanW says:

            So you are saying that a woman has a “GOD GIVEN RIGHT” to kill her child?

            Again, you are trying to be God. You should stop that!

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            What I’m saying is that we all have the “GOD GIVEN RIGHT” of free will and that God and God alone will hold us accountable for the choices we make.

            I am not the one trying to be God. I am not making any choices for anyone but myself. It’s you and your wrong-wingers who are playing God.

          • StanW says:

            Trying to save children from being killed in NOT playing God, Skag!

            Saying that it is OK to kill a child because you think God wants that child dead is.

            God will hold us accountable, but forgiveness is available. Try and remember that!

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Sure you say you are trying to save children but it seems to me that that applies up until they are born. After that it appears that they are just to expensive. You know things like feeding, clothing, educating and giving them moral direction.

            After birth you wrong-wingers fade into the woodwork when it comes to the well being of children.

          • StanW says:

            So we are back to this. Unless I want to fund a child for their entire life, then I should agree to let them be killed?

            Let me tell you something about babies that are born. There is currently an adoption waiting period of TWO YEARS in this country. It is so bad that couples are going overseas to adopt. There are THOUSANDS of couples right now that would take and raise these children that you and your ilk so casually kill daily.

            So same your impotent and pathetic lectures, as you do not know what you are talking about!

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            I’m not asking you to agree to anything more than to let a woman make up her own mind about her body and her health.

            Why is there a waiting list of up to two years for children to be adopted if there are so many couples out there willing to adopt? I can tell you this. It’s not because of a shortage of children that need to be adopted.

            I’m not lecturing you. I’m just answering the questions that you put forth.

          • StanW says:

            First, a woman can make up her own mind about HER body. But we are talking about the body of her child, a completely separate and unique human.

            Second, the wait is definitely due to the shortage of children. Thousands are aborted daily.

          • lana ward says:

            Read the Bible. Those who murder babies and children, God says they will wish they had never been born. But he knows who is and isn’t going to murder. He is all knowing

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Yep, he sure is all-knowing!

            If god cared for children as much as you say he does, he would automatically intervene in the abortion process and stop it dead in it’s tracks.

            After all, he’s also all-powerful too.

            And, by the way, he wouldn’t allow a baby to be born with severe birth defects or mental retardation either.

            Your god is full of crap and you are too.

          • lana ward says:

            God will intervene soon. Are you ready?

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:


            I’m really really really really really really scared.

          • lana ward says:

            Then do something about it!!

          • lana ward says:

            Omuslim’s little golf vacation was so he could be with his “honey” Reggie Love. I wonder is=f they met at the Down Low Club??? LOL!! We have a queer muslim in the WH that’s destroying America!!

          • lana ward says:

            Abortionists play God and they will meet him one day!!!

          • plc97477 says:

            unfortunately so will you

          • She Or He Already Meet They GOD His Name Is Satan!! Satan Treach Her Or Him How To Tell All Those Lies He Or She Have Been Spreading!!! lanaward= anal draw Is A Lying Racist Asshole!!!

          • idamag says:

            Fern, the amusing lie about the Gallup Poll and challenging everyone to look it us. I looked it up and she is one of the world’s biggest liars or she can’t read.

          • BOTH!!! Liar And Can’t Read!!!

          • RobertCHastings says:

            As will those who insist on making decisions for others. Are we not afforded free-will and freedom from judgement in this world? Looks you like being judgemental, just not being judged. Perhaps you shall one day also meet God.

          • lana ward says:

            If you’re a baby murderer, you won’t meet him

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            How do you know god is a HIM?

            How do you know god isn’t a SHE?

            How do you know god isn’t a IT?

            How do you know god even exists at all?

            And, don’t tell me because the bible tells you so either. Your bible is Man-Made, composed and edited by the mind of man. Therefore, it is not perfect knowledge.

            On that basis, your belief is flawed, imperfect. You are an imperfect being. Carry our your prime directive – destroy all imperfections.

            IF you can prove without a doubt god is a HIM, or even exists at all in any form, I’ll bow down and kiss your Grits!

            >>>>>PROVE IT<<<<<

          • lana ward says:

            You’d know if you’d read the Bible!!

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            I have several versions of the bible and do read it.

            It has a lot of good wisdom in it.

            However, I don’t consider the bible inspired thought.

            I also have several other “holy” books from other religions; buddhism, taoism, islam, hinduism.

            They also consider their books to be inspired as well. They all teach basically the same thing, love your neighbor in one way or the other.

          • RobertCHastings says:

            Once again being not only judgemental, but prosecutorial and executioner-like. If you haven’t read the Bible, perhaps you should; if you HAVE read it, perhaps you should reread it. It does say that we shall ALL meet God. Unfortunately, I am sure that will include some people that you do not like, but that is the way it is because that is what God intends. Baby killers do have a special place in Dante’s “Inferno”, as do hypocrites – which are you?

          • lana ward says:

            I don’t have to be one or the other. Which are you?

          • RobertCHastings says:

            Sort of reminds me of “Ghostbusters” in which the guys are told to make their choice as to what shape the traveler would take. You have already, apparently, made your choice.

          • idamag says:

            Robert, she is one of those programmed people. There are a couple more. They come on here spouting hate about our elected President, no matter what the subject is.

            The world would have been better off if her mother had gotten an abortion.

          • Lana I have seen you on other blogs spewing your right wing ignorance. How many unwanted children have you adopted? Noo you focus on an embryo and stand behind the real world of unwanted children by touting your self ordained moral principles. You call a womens right to choose murder? Where murder has occurred is in your psyche who seems to have bought into every patriarcal principal which thinks it knows best for women. You have no concern for the children. You are a hypocrite and think you are god!

          • lana ward says:

            Would the baby want to be murdered if he had a choice?? Murdering babies is the worse, Godless decision the court has ever made. It is up to God who lives and dies, and by murdering the most defenseless. you should be afraid to meet your maker

          • Lana: do you believe in the “Soul”?

          • You Got To Admit This Crazy Ass Idiot Anal Draw Still Hanging With His Or Her Bullshit!! Maybe We Should Give Her Or Him The Stuck On Stupid Asshole Of The Years Award!!! lana ward Is Just Like An Asshole They Both Are Full Of SHIT!!!

          • But it’s apparently okay to you isn’t it Lana, that the Republians are more than willing to murder them when they become adults by sending them to fight needless wars just so they and their rich cronies can stuff more taxpayer dollars in their pockets via outright fraud perpetrated through defense industy contracts!!!!

          • MARK says:

            Yes, and repubs are so concerned about unborn life that they are willing to sacrifice the lives of those who already living so much to an extent to make one think it was thier intention to eliminate the worlds surplus population.

          • plc97477 says:

            They do remind me of scrooge now that you mention it

          • MARK says:

            They are scrooges to the enth degree with a nazi complex.

          • Brian says:

            Why do creatures like yourself hang around liberal sites like this, trying to spread your poison? What is wrong with you? Did the other reindeer not let you play in their reindeer games?

            Talk to your therapist or you’ll never get better.

          • lana ward says:

            You’re a “creature” if you believe not murdering babies is poisonious. Murderer!! If you don’t turn to God, you’ll NEVER get better!!

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Which god?

            The way you represent yourself in here as a believer in your god, your god is the worst ones to turn to for any guidance.

            Your god has been involved in more death, more hate, more discrimination throughout its 2000+ year history than any single political organization on the planet.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            lana you need to wake up.
            You are more worried about what might be instead of what is actually occurring before your very eyes.
            You are more worried about the child that might be loved, which is admirable, than you are about the child already here and already loved.
            What I’m interested in here is: How concerned are you about the things that could have been in your life as opposed to the things already in your life?
            If you knew in your heart or hearts that you were unable to provide for a new born child would you doom that child to a life of gloom, despair and being unwanted?
            In my opinion if you answer yes you are worse than a person that seeks an abortion.
            You right to lifers are all gung ho about unborn children that are not yours up until they are born then it’s someone else’s responsibility.
            If you believe in the sanctity of life then your caring doesn’t stop once the child is born.

          • lana ward says:

            If people had any morals, there wouldn’t be so many unwanted pregnancies. Or at least be alittle responsible. Anymore abortion is birth control. It’s not the babys’ fault. Where is his rights? You don’t want the baby, give it up for adoption!, don’t murder him!! It’s not a choice, it’s a child

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Yes, it should be given up for adoption instead of being aborted. I will agree with you that much.

            But, in reality, we don’t live in a perfect world. You can thank your god for giving humans the ability of thought, the ability of making choices and the ability to act on those choices – good or bad.

            If I was a god, I certainly wouldn’t create a being that could disobey my dictates. In a nutshell, your god is a complete idiot, or one with an extremely perverted sense of humor.

            Afterall, he made you! You are the perfect example of how idiotic your god actually is.

          • lana ward says:

            You should thank God for giving us the ability to think, the ability to make choices. Our choices are up to us. Good or bad. But we will be held responsible for our choices. Would you rather he made us robots, no ability to think?? Sounds like you think thats what God should have done!! My God is bigger than that, yours isn’t

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            First thing, I have NO god. So there isn’t a isn’t to worry about.

            Your church has made you into a non-thinking Robot witnessing your opinions and views of what is right or wrong.

            As far as being held responsible later on after we kick off, none of us will ever know absolutely for sure if that happens or not.

            I know one thing for sure, I won’t believe in any god just because I’m afraid of what MIGHT HAPPEN AFTER I KICK OFF. This is the worst reason of all to believe in any religion.

            I have more than enough to keep me occupied concerning myself with the now as it is. I’ll leave to my fate, or my karma to handle the rest.

            IF the only reason you are a believer in any religion is because you’re afraid to be held accountable for whatever you have done in this life, you have either committed some very serious SINS, or you are a complete utter coward.

            In any case, you have no more right than I do to claim you know the mind of god, IF in fact there is one.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            I find people who judge others from some lofty self proclaimed position are the very same people that are most likely to have feet of clay themselves.

            I would say that it is more responsible to terminate an unwanted pregnancy than to go full term and drop the child on society. You don’t get to bring a life into this world and then just walk away. I believe that if a woman gets pregnant and carries the baby to full term SHE is responsible for that baby, financially and morally, until it reaches the age of majority.

            For you it’s not a choice it’s a child. That’s all well and good and I applaud you for that. But it is not a decision you get to make for anyone but yourself.

          • Riobound says:

            Lana, if you don’t want an abortion … don’t have one. That’s your choice. But you have no right to stand between a woman and her doctor. In America, women have the right to chose. You can make the choice for yourself. No one else. Get it?

            Probably not.

          • lana ward says:

            It’s a child, not a choice, get it!

          • Riobound says:

            It’s the CHOICE to have a child. Do you not understand the idea of PLANNED PARENTING?

            Probably not. You just believe that YOUR religion is right and other points of view don’t matter. But in fact, your view does not matter. The choice is between a woman and her doctor. Unless you ARE that woman, you have no right to interfere, comment or judge.

          • lana ward says:

            My view matters to God, so does yours

          • Riobound says:

            Talk to Him then. Your diatribe and narrow interpretation of what is right and wrong is NOT truly important to me or many others here. I’m sure there were many people who believed as you do during the time of the Inquisition too. That turned out REAL nice for hundreds of thousands of people, didn’t it?

            BTW, if you do not like what is being written here … you can go somewhere else … like Fox News, for example.

            And just for the record, your view does not matter in this regard. Access to abortion services is the law of the land. It has been for more than 40 years.

            As I said before … If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one. That is your right. But you DO NOT have the right to tell ANYONE else what is right for them. And you do NOT speak for G_d.

          • lana ward says:

            That was the worse decision the court ever made saying it is legal to murder babies. I know where they are right now!!

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            I am curious!

            Do you perceive your bible to be Objectively or Subjectively true?

          • lana ward says:

            Obama was with his lover Reggie Love on his little golf trip!!!

          • Riobound says:

            Me too. Laughing at people like YOU. ahahahahaha!

            And little Lana … It’s called PLANNED PARENTHOOD. I’d rather have a “planned for” baby than wind up with a whiner like yourself. You may be entitled to your opinion but the LAW provides for those whose opinions differ. In that way, YOU can do as you believe. And other have the SAME option.

            At best you can claim to speak A truth. You are NOT however, the owner of THE truth. The LAW in the U.S. provides security for BOTH points of view. Even if I were to believe that your view is a narrow-minded, uneducated, hateful, religiously motivated view … I must allow for it because the LAW clearly gives you that right.

      • itsfun says:

        There are no ends to what both parties will go to. Just look at the things Romney was accused of during the campaign. They don’t have to be true, just need the liberal medial to write about false accusations every day. Look at the names George Bush has been called and disrespect he has been given. I would love to see the Democratic party go back to being the party of Truman. I fall into the category that Ronald Reagan did when he said he didn’t leave the democratic party, it left him.

        • jarheadgene says:

          WAIT!!! a minute…what things did the Bully Romney get accused of that weren’t true? Was a bully….according to his classmates he was. Did he refuse to turn in tax returns before 2010….yes…and even 2010 was missing a few pages. Did he get lots of tax breaks for sending jobs overseas….yes. Did he protest for Vietnam and the draft, then leave the country on differment….yes. As for GW…he and CHENEY.. EARNED their place in douchebag history.

          • lana ward says:

            Every ad Otraitor had about Romney was a fucking LIE!!!

          • jarheadgene says:

            GET SERIOUS!!! The Bully Romney LOST….and the only reason he even came as close as he did, is because people like you believe BULLSHIT MOUNTAIN….aka FOX news.

          • lana ward says:

            Sorry the truth hurts LOL!!!

          • plc97477 says:

            not so far

          • idamag says:

            plc, she was one of the 47% takers. She got pregnant in high school, dropped out, went on welfare and you, and I, and all the other working people supported her and her kids.

          • lana ward says:

            The MSM should all be HUNG for lying to the American people!! They are all fuc*ing communists!!!

          • Lana go take your meds.

          • neeceoooo says:

            No it was not a lie and these facts have been proven many times over.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            You remind me of a woman too old to know she should stop giving out free pieces of Arse. It’s not good for your complexion.

            Please, stop bothering us and go back to your hospital bed before your caretakers put you in a Straight Jacket.

            But, make sure you use your Bed Pan!

          • lana ward says:

            Did you know Romney is black? That’s what some of no information Otraitor voters thought LOL!!! They thought Sarah Palin was Os running mate!! LOL—You’re a pervert, just like Obama is–“The Down Low Club” Check it out Coward!!

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            That’s ok:)

            I’d rather be a pervert than a self-appointed wackoo like yourself who thinks everyone else is wrong and you’re the only one that’s right.

            Self-Glorification is a real mind killer. You’re brain dead.

            Besides, being a pervert as I am, I have more fun:)

            Please note:

            If you really wanted to serve mankind you should consider crawling back into that sewer you came out of. We really really really don’t need your breed around here.

            We eliminated Rats a long time ago so we though. They’re infesting society again with the likes of you.

          • lana ward says:

            How do you know you’re right? Self glorification is a real mind killer. You’re brain dead. Prove to me you’re right instead of calling me names. Spoiled child , just like Omuslim. Do you have a smelly face flies LOVE to land on too?? : )

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            How do you know you are right?

            We are both right and both wrong in one way or the other.

            But, I am comfortable in the knowledge I could be wrong. You aren’t.

          • lana ward says:

            Your comments show you are not comfortable in the knowledge you could be wrong

          • idamag says:

            Michael, someone, on another board, pointed out that lana ward spelled backward is draw anal. Her anus is drawn up so tight, it is backing up and spewing out her mouth.

          • MARK says:

            You are beyond enlightenment and are a prime example of willful ignorance.I would tell you that your comments here are no more significant than a pimple on a fleas ass but I don’t want to insult the flea.

          • neeceoooo says:

            Yeah, that flea might back and bite ya

          • plc97477 says:

            or the pimple

          • idamag says:

            The good thing about fleas and pimples is that they are temporary.

          • lana ward says:

            I know flies love Otraitors smelly face-He is Lord of the Flies, but a didn’t know fleas love it too!!!

          • MARK says:

            Better watch out Lana,that God you are so fond of talking about takes a very dim view of the bullshit you are trying to spread.

          • Romney campaigned on being a job creator .. what he failed to disclose is that he was a far greater American job destroyer than a creator. One of the reasons the net jobs created since Obama took office hasn’t grown faster is because Romney together with his cronies and other corporate pirating companies, we’re destroying American jobs almost as fast as TARP and the auto bailout was creating them. In fact, at the beginning of the auto bailout process, Romney and his cronies bought out the auto industry’s major small parts maker, Delphi, stripped the company of its assets and pension monies and shipped all 25,000 jobs to China – leaving 25,000 unemployed and thousands of older workers with no pension monies. What’s even more criminal, was that in the process of the buyout, Romney and his cronies tried to renege on a deal Delphi had with GM and Chrysler…they refused initially to honor the deal to supply small parts, which would have effectively driven GM and Chrysler out of business just when they were trying to rebuild their companies. Fortunately, the judge overseeing the buyout said he would nix the deal if Romney and his buddies didn’t agree to honor Delphi’s agreement to provide GM and Chrysler with the small parts they needed to restart production. If you’re looking for a scumbag…you don’t have to look any further than Mitt Romney.

        • Come on itsfun, let’s here one of those lies that was told about Romney during the campaign – everything I heard was the honest truth. Romney did nothing but spout lies every time he was on the stage – just like his blatant lie about asking his staff when he was elected governor of Mass to create a binder of women – he never did any such thing – he made up that lie on the spur of the moement- The binder of women was created by an independent women’s group in Mass trying to get more women into office – they offered it to Romney when he was elected and he never even asked to see it. When he left office there were less women in his administration than during any administration in Mass in almost century. And are you aware that while he was in charge of Bain that there wasn’t one women above a secretary in the company. And even his famous campaign slogans about I have a plan to create 12 million jobs in four years was proven to be a blatant falsehood. All the studies that were suppose to support his ‘plan’ were either for much longer periods than 4 year – like 10 plus years; or they were based on totally different assumptions. And even his ‘I’m going to cut taxes” BS was proven by over 300 economists to simply not calculate and if implemented to drive up the deficits by another 7 trillion over the next 4 years. So come on, let’s here these lies that were told about the world’s second most worthless human behind George Bush jr.!!!!!!!!

        • old_blu says:

          Really? You can’t be serious.

          He was accused of sending jobs over seas. He did that.

          He was accused of not caring about almost half of Americans. He did that.

          He was accused of putting money in off show accounts to avoid paying taxes to America. He did that.

          He was accused of putting a live dog on the roof of his car and driving down the road. He did that.

          He was accused of holding a younger smaller kid down (with his buddies) and cutting his hair. He did that.

          He was accused of putting many businesses out of business for him and Bain to make more money. He did that.

        • neeceoooo says:

          I am afraid that Ronald Reagan would be terribly embarressed by today’s republican party.

    • kounjd says:


    • plc97477 says:

      You nailed it. Got everything correct.

    • sigrid28 says:

      For a documentary account of the problem Hagel and others pointed out in opposing the Iraq War and the serge in Iraq, see “Hubris” on MSNBC this Monday might at 9:00 p.m. EST. As the subtitle asserts, “It Could Happen Again.” Silencing Hagel is part and parcel with other Republican attempts to ignore and rewrite history, even natural history (with respect to climate change), to suit their purposes. Now that Congress is on a ten-day vacation, hoping that new problems for Hagel will emerge to scuttle his nomination, we can use this time to reassess the Iraq War and the tactics used by the Bush administration to get us into it–just what the Neocons don’t want.

      Republicans see themselves as running out the clock by wasting time within the House and Senate instead of debating and passing legislation or making appointments, so they can accuse the Obama administration of not getting anything done. In sports, this is the tactic of the winning team. I’ll bet you a cookie that there is not one voter in America who does not understand this. In Washington today, it is the strategy not of winners but of beltway losers, carrying out a vengeful scorched earth policy instead of negotiating for “a better defeat,” as would smart, honorable opponents, capable of shaking hands and living to fight another day. The Republican party acts as though it has no more use for statesmen or the fine art of statesmanship.

      What seems remarkably clear now, almost three months after the 2012 election, is that sclerotic intolerance within the GOP impairs its ability to envision, let along act on, a “compelling future” because the country elected a black president and center left agenda. The only choice Republicans can see from within their bubble is bringing down the government and the economy in any way they can. If you listen to one of their surrogates, like Wayne La Pierre, you might think they want to destabilize the whole country just to help the weapon manufacturers that support the NRA sell guns and ammo.

  2. rhallnj says:

    Republicans aren’t particularly worried about setting a precedent that could be used against them because they properly doubt they will hold the Presidency again.

  3. The attacks against Chuck Hagel, because of comments he made long ago that reflect the beliefs of most Americans, are disgusting. The silver lining behind the GOP intransigence is the fact that the man they are demonizing is a veteran and a fellow Republican! In their zest to demonize the President they are destroying – politically speaking – members of their own party.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    One wonders if the GOP realizes what it is doing with their constant filibustering, constant obstruction and constant control games. They are beginning to look like a bunch of two year olds carrying on their temper tantrums.

    McConnell stated that the President’s SOTU speech was something any second term president would have presented. Oh really? I’m sure we all recall Bush’s second term SOTU speech. It was a running list of war, war, war, and more war. All jacking the US deficit.

    Then, the GOP sends out their token Latino, Rubio, in the hopes they will at least make a dent in their previously prejudicial posturing of Latinos to garner some votes. They’d best give it up.

    The GOP is suffering from its own brand of necrophilia.

    • You Got That Right My Friend!!

      • lana ward says:

        I saw clips of Obama, Hillary and other dems sipping water during speeches they were giving– WHY was nothing said about that!! Republicans didn’t make fun them , but the dems are Saul Alinsky- Demonize, marginaize, and destroy!! The dems are EVIL

        • Riobound says:

          Stop whining Lana. Rubio went off camera to grab a drink. Most other politicians would have had a glass set nearby to grab without going off camera. BTW, being socially responsible to our fellow Americans is hardly evil. Republicans were blind-sided through self-denial … and therefore became outraged when they lost the Presidential election AGAIN to a man who represents a majority of Americans. Adopt better political ideas and MAYBE you’ll get more people voting FOR your candidates. But probably not.

          • lana ward says:

            Otraitor won using Saul Alinsky tactics-Demonize, marginalize. destroy. That’s what dems are doing to Rubio. That’s the only way they can win

          • Riobound says:

            Only in your tortured and angry little world. President Obama won a majority in the last election. He won 2 in a row and your side can’t seen to adjust to that fact. Poor you. Rubio is washed-up before he even begins. His watered-down answers to the public in the GOP counter to the SOTU address provided NOTHING NEW which was not a surprise at all. You guys are drowning in your defeats and can’t understand how that could be possible. The tide has turned against you and your party of NO. Evolution works. You either adapt or die. And your side just can’t seem to adapt. Good-bye.

          • lana ward says:

            The lying, traitor, fly faced fraud will be impeached!!

          • Riobound says:

            Yeah, yeah, yeah. We survived 8 years of Bush … You’ll survive 8 years of President Obama.

          • idamag says:

            Rubio hadn’t said enough to get a dry throat, when he grabbed a bottle of water. I think he was trying to collect himself.

          • old_blu says:

            His lies were giving him dry mouth.

        • Charles says:

          lana ward ,I see you are at it again BITCH.Republicians are evil bitch. Not my dems party. Your party who startes a war base on a lie.Bailed out the banks with 700 billion of usa people tax payer money.. etc…So before your run your mouth any futher. Put your foot in it. Like you republican party in the house. Raise the taxes on the rich.For 3 years they said they would not.Rep. party is a joke.bitch.

          • Charles says:

            That why we can make fun of the republician party. Because mondern midsterm America . Does not give a fuck about what your party thinks .. Your party talks about aboration ,no taxes.. All they talk about the last 10 years. Today America change. In your party mostley white men and old people over @ 65 vote republican. That why MITT got his as kick so bad. There is not enough of them anymore . The rest of us real dem . white men and women ,black,hisponic ashien. most of the american that are white under @ 30 Will vote dem. everytime………..There is more of us now. Then white men and old people over @65 in your republiciation party.Like it was 30 years ago.The state of Texas for example is now 48 %hisponica 13%black the rest of it white,.IN THE NEXT 10 YEARS THAT STATE IS WELL ON IT WAY. TO BE A BLUE STATE .(DEM. STATE……………..THE POINT I AM MAKING. WITH NOT AS MANY IN YOU PARTY. YA!LL ARE A DYING BREED. ……………So your party is going a away a little at a time bitch.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Lana needs to start counting her Dingleberries.

            It’ll keep her mind occupied on more important things………………….

          • plc97477 says:

            Don’t blame all the older people. I know of a lot of older people who wouldn’t vote for a repug on a dare

          • old_blu says:

            I’m “olderish” (you can use that word if you want) and I wouldn’t vote Republican now although I used to pride myself on trying to make an intelligent choice, but because of the tea party hyjacking the Republican party I won’t vote for them now.

          • old_blu says:

            I’m “olderish” (and yes you can use that word) and I won’t vote Republican now, I used to think that I made an intelligent choice and then vote, but because the tea party has hyjacked the Republicans I won’t vote for them now.

          • lana ward says:

            Otraitor has spent more money bitch, an ALL other Presidents combined, bitch!!

        • Doctor T says:

          Sipping water is no problem but sweating like a pig and wiping his face every minute is a sure telltale sign of lying! And he was! Token Latino going no where!!

        • You Ignorant Ass Cave Dwelling Cat Shit Eating Bitch You’re The One Who’s Evil And Stuck On Stupid Racist Ass Gutter Tramp!! STFU Talking To Me ASSHOLE!!!

        • neeceoooo says:

          It wasn’t the water episode so much as it was the words he was spewing.

          • old_blu says:

            And they make fun of President Obama because a fly landed on him, something he has no control over. Rubio had control over if he should tell the truth or not, and he chose to lie, and sweat, and get dry mouth because of his lies.

            I would rather have “”flies than lies”” on my face. hahaha.

          • lana ward says:

            You keep telling yourself that, but I see what the demdemons are doing

          • MARK says:

            You don’t see anything,you’re blind!

      • AMADAL says:

        OH!! That was a rebuttal speech? I thought it was a continuation of the Romoney/Ryan campaign speech, like they haven’t realized the election is over and they lost.

    • Rubio’s speech was reheated over night food from Romneys sour dishes

    • latebloomingrandma says:

      I loved when I heard McConnell declare in a deriding way that the SOTU was liberal. Well, duh! The President is a liberal. What a shock. He won, Mitch.
      Liberals need to recapture what that means, and not let conservatives define it anymore. Liberal, to me, means “not standing still.” Constantly learning. What can we do better. While there’s something to be said for tradition, not keeping up with the rapidly changing times will leave us in the dustbin, and we might as well wave by-by, as China, India, and Brazil pass us by.
      I’ve always been fiscally conservative, and don’t waste money in my own life. But i don’t understand the concept of “small government.” That doesn’t mean that gov’t should have their noses in everything or solve all our problems. I think it should be as big as it needs to be.We should get out of the businness of subsidising oil companies, who already have more $$ than God. What $$ are we putting into cyber security, which I think is the next big, and very scary, threat. This is a new problem that St. Reagan never had. Therefore, gov’t needs to stay on top of it and be funded for it. That’s an example of what I mean that gov’t needs to be as big as you need it to be, and not more. Expecially not small enough to be “drowned in a bathtub.” Norquist should jump in that tub first.

      • In this present day, we will never lessen unemployment until the government decides that education is priority! China, England,etc. are all funding education for all ages but, here, the Repubs want to cut, cut,cut!!! So we end up with more welfare because we are a bunch of know nothing’s! Most people are manuel laborors and do not qualify for the most needed positions in high tech.One can’t afford higher education because of the loans. Average income earners can’t get early childhood education because with both spouses having to work for minimum wage, they can’t afford day care and preschool!! Educating our children is one of the most important things we can do but, I guess, the Repubs know this so they like to keep the people ignorant and needy!!

        • neeceoooo says:

          Their solution for the education process is to get the money from their parents.

          • BDC_57 says:

            But if cant parents pay for education because assholes teabaggers won’t let any bill though that will help find a job.

        • Michael Kollmorgen says:

          Don’t worry.

          Republicans think god is going to take care of everything. If they pray enough, he’ll come down from his very busy schedule and clean up everything.

          • These People A So Far From Being Christians Nor Are They Patriots, They Act More Like Terrorists And Traitors Using GOD For They Own Gains!!

          • idamag says:

            Fern, you are absolutely right. Did Jesus go around spewing hate and ugly? Did he advocate the use of violence? What did he think about money? What did he think about the separation of church and state?

            We have a Democracy with a two-party system. Is is patriotic to refuse to work with a person who is duly elected and of the opposite party? Is putting party before country patriotic? Is not allowing members of a party to think for themselves and vote their conscience patriotic?

          • old_blu says:

            I doubt very much that Jesus ever prayed for someone to die, as lana does.

          • old_blu says:

            I don’t think Jesus ever prayed for someone to die as lana has, and admits she does.

            I don’t know why my posts are not showing, so this might be a double.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            IF I had my way, the least I’d do, they’d all be put against a wall and shot as Traitors.

            Personally, I fancy death by long-term torture, cause as much pain as possible. Televise it on national TV, PRIME TIME!

            Make it G-Rated.

          • I couldn’t agree more wth Fern. The GOP are loved by Faux Christians that are only CINOs (Christians in Name Only). No true Christian would pretend to believe that the GOP is a Christian organization. Everything the GOP does is in total contradiction to what Jesus taught. How can anyone look at the GOP and even begin to believe it is a Christian organization??? Even when several GOP candidates last spring claimed they were running because God asked them to, that was in total contradiction to what Jesus taught – when you do your alms (your righteous acts) do them IN PRIVATE , for if you do your alms in public, you will have received your reward. How could any in the audience of these blatant heathensm listen to the claims from these candidates and NOT KNOW that they were speaking the words of he Devil, not God??

          • MARK says:

            Oh they know alright,they just choose to ignore it. It’s called willful ignorance.

          • JSquercia says:

            They are going to be VERY disappointed when they reach the Pearly Gates

          • neeceoooo says:

            It is unbelievable the naivety of the Christian republicans. My boss will say, whenever she gets a bad report “I am leaving now so I can pray about it”. I just shake my head.

          • idamag says:

            Christian republcians is an oxymoron.

          • plc97477 says:

            He could clean up everything by just getting rid of republicans

        • plc97477 says:

          that’s because ignorant people usually vote for repugnics

        • idamag says:

          Malelaine, I agree with you, completely. I have always thought that a country can only be as strong as its education.

        • Michael Kollmorgen says:


          This “method of keeping people stupid” is the usual tactic of anyone who is Elite or power hungry. The more they can keep populations stupid and un-educated, the better for them.

          This was exactly how during the Midevil Days, Kings, Princes and the Royalty ruled. Machiavelli, an Adviser to the European and Italian Courts wrote a book called; The Prince, some call it Machiavelli’s Ten Commandments of Evil.

          As of today, the Republican Party is the “new royalty”, or so they think they are. The ONLY difference between the Republican Party and the old royalty cast system is that they can’t use torture, murder to sway, control and dominate the rest of us. But, they use the same playbook using discrimination, economic slavery, misinformation.

          As well, the Church was a major player in this entire control scheme back then, as it is today.

          Eventually, people got educated and broke the chain of domination and overthrew the royalty as well as the overwhelming domination of the church. People here will do the same sooner or later.

          History repeats itself. With any of these types of situations, it is just a matter of time before people get fed up.

      • idamag says:

        norquist’s statement says he wants to destroy our government. Shrink it and then drown it.

    • TheSkalawag929 says:

      The republican party has devolved into a gaggle of greedy, craven and cowardly Daffy Ducks.

  5. Well, there REALLY hasn’t been a worse president than Bush. No question about that. Watch Monday night at 9 PM and see how Bush and Cheney lied took us into totally unnecessary war that cost us thousands of American lives. 9 PM on MSNBC, the ONLY place you can get any truth these days.

  6. Charles says:

    OBAMA can appointment anyone he wants. Republicans are stupied. .Lost all the elecations.Need to get over thereslevs. Because in year 2014 . They will lose the house to. Republications still have not got it yet. In there minds. About midsteram America……………………Until they do. They will never control the house,……………………Getting back to OBAMA . Can do what he want wants. Republications can put on a show all they want.. Obama nomaite who he wants.. All go threw any way. . Republications can!t do a dam thing about it.EXCEPT KISS OBAMA NATURAL BORN BLACK ASS…..FUCK THE REBULICATION PARTY.

    • CL38 says:

      It’s worse than you think. It really isn’t that they don’t get it….it’s that they don’t CARE what Americans want or what’s best for the country. They see themselves as having an inherent right to rule, as they see ensure the continued “trickle up” to the wealthiest and corporations. Taking permanent control is another top priority, by any means necessary, is another.

      Why people we out in the streets ????

      • Michael Kollmorgen says:

        What these Republicans have been doing to the people of this country, hell, IF this sort of thing happened in the late 1800s and early 1900s, there would be massive demonstrations and rioting.

        What the hell ever happened to America’s Balls?

        • neeceoooo says:

          They turned into cream puffs

        • CL38 says:

          I’ve asked myself the same question…with all that’s been destroyed…and continues to be undone….I’m astounded that people aren’t in the streets demanding change NOW!

          I really think this is only thing that will make a real difference.

          Are people so passive they don’t care that our country is falling down all around us?

    • They Are Just Stuck And Stupid Just Another Broken Record Playing The Same Thing Over And Over Again Getting Nowhere Fast!!!

  7. Seven years of grudge , referring to past comments Hagel made in Bush’s administration is causing this stupid controversy and delay. Its disgusting childish play. These are 4 year old kids acting out. Its a kindergarten to rahtid

  8. Barbara says:

    Hagel wasn’t sitting on a Senate seat that the Republicans were hoping to get in Massachusetts.
    That is why they were so delighted to make Kerry Secretary of State. Remember how they
    “Swift Boated” Kerry when he ran for President?

  9. Melda Page says:

    Apparently when Republicans are elected to office, they ign a pledge that they will never, ever think for themselves again. They sell their consciences and brains to their party–every one of them. And that is despicable.

    • MARK says:

      Not to mention damn fucking stupid!

      • Michael Kollmorgen says:

        Welp, they can’t be that stupid. They got elected, didn’t they?

        I don’t worry about them as much as I worry about the people who vote for them.

        It’s pretty dam bad and totally stupid to vote against your own self-interest, which most of these Republican Voters do.

        • MARK says:

          I will give them no credit for getting elected due to thier dependence on the ignorance of the undereducated and ill informed.Afterall,those bastards started out selling professional wrestling as something real and the poor suckers continue to lap it up.

        • idamag says:

          Michael, I always wonder what kind of people sent someone like Michelle Bauchmann to Washington. I guess it proves our education system sorely lacks.

    • idamag says:

      and their souls.

  10. frida says:

    We all learnt once and for all how to write our names, how to count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, …… BUT we did not continue over and over again for the rest of our lives doing the same thing. We jumped onto another thing. If republicans didn’t learn anything in the last election, they will never do. We voters, we have no time to teach anymore, we have to move to another step knowing what we are doing will take us somewhere.

  11. latebloomingrandma says:

    It’s peculiar how Hagel is marginalized because of his push-back against W’s war policies. How does that explain Lieberman’s defection from the Democratic party to become a side kick of McCain? He was almost his VP candidate, until McCain had a brain fart and picked she-who-must-not-be- named. They lost and Lieberman is back asking to caucus with the Dems again. He even INSISTED that he have his chairmanship back of the Homeland Security Committee in order to stay wit the Dems.. It shows that Obama is not one to hold a grudge, unlike McCain, to not object to this appointment, to someone who so opposed his Presidency.

  12. JSquercia says:

    I bet Reid regrets making the “Gentleman’s Agreement” with Mitch McConnell . How could harry be so easily duped . Reminds me of the fable about the Scorpion and the Frog ; with McConnell playing the scorpion and Hapless Harry the frog .

  13. Hillbilly says:

    Republican Party is still going through the terrible two’s. Althrough most two years get mad at you then 5 minutes later like you again unlike the Republican members of Congress, it has been over 6 years ago that Hagel said what the rest of the senseable people in the Country thought about Bush 2. It is past time for the Republicans for take a long hard look at Bush 2 and Cheney and their tactics and realize that not only was Bush the worst President but Cheney was the worst Vice President who thought he was the President instead of Bush 2. Grow Up Republican members of Congress and stop acting like 2 year olds and confirm Hagel, your party shouldn’t come before the Country no matter what you think.

  14. JSquercia says:

    You got THAT right . Funny thing happened to the Republicans and now it seems that Scott Brown decided he wasn’t going to run and now it seems as if the Republicans can’t find ANYONE to run .

  15. douglas says:

    It is sad that these Senate Republicans will not confirm Hagel because they hate
    the president. Hagel had nothing to do with Benghazi. The White House has given
    them classified and unclassified info concerning Benghazi. They don’t believe these
    reports. Why would anyone think they would believe anything the President says
    about it. They want to blame the President with the attack. I do not remember them
    blaming President Bush with 911. Of course not, he is a Republican. It is time to
    get over the election and get to work solving problems. Lindsay Graham has become
    an obstructionist and is not doing anything for the people in South Carolina. He
    will not get my vote again.

    • It wasn’t just losing 3,000 plus Americans on 9/11 that the Republican hypocrites are ignoring, it’s also: the 11 attacks on our foreign embassies and consulates during Bush jr’s disasterous 8 years with 62 being killed; and the 12 foreign office attacks during Bush Sr’s 4 years with 60 being killed and the 7 attacks during Reagan’s 8 years with 31 being killed, not to mention the 241 marines that were killed while they slept in their barracks in Lebanon while Reagan was in office. They’re ignoring 32 attacks on the American homeland and our overseas embassies and consulates with well over 3,600 people being killed during the last 3 GOP presidencies. The 4 years during Obama’s 1st term were by far the safest for Americans from terrorism in the past 40 years – 2 attacks with 4 being killed.

  16. robert says:


  17. robert says:

    I totally agree with Conason. Republicans saw the opportunity to fill a seat in the senate with one of their own and rushed the process for Kerry’s SOS. Typical Republican/Tea Bag wrangling. They know full well 2014 will be apocalyptic to Republican/Tea Bag control in the House and is moving on to get a majority in the Senate. The bubble of obstructionism, filibustering, gerrymandering, and treason will only balloon into the Senate. However, that bubble will burst in 2016 when America will push them all out. . . Can’t wait.

  18. robert says:

    lana, nobody said anything because the water was available to them where they didn’t have to lean over as if Rubio was stealing water, man. That clown looked ridiculous leaning over and peering into the camera like a thief. . . Oh, he is a thief. My bad.

  19. elw says:

    Any senator who makes allegations that are not based on facts and of which they have no proof, should be punished. It is unacceptable for a person who has given his oath to serve the people who voted for him to act in such a poor and unethical manner. Senator Ted Cruz should hang his head in shame and is not fit to serve in the Senate or any other office. He is just more proof that the GOP is no longer a viable Party.

  20. robert says:

    damn, lana, you’re that backward? “America will be destroyed by 1214” WTF!

  21. Doctor T says:

    Am going to comment on the question before reading…blackballing him because they consider him a turncoat on the GOP.

  22. itsfun says:

    I suspect the good ole boy network is what is going on here. I don’t think it matters which party it is. If things were turned around I feel the Democrats would be blocking the nomination. Just more of the Washington network that doesn’t give a darn about tax payers and only care about their own power. However I do think Senator Graham feels strongly about Benghaze and is very sincere about this. I too, feel we need all the answers to his questions about the response of the white house staff and Obama. There will always be questions about this until we get the answers to his questions.

    • Hillbilly says:

      Did you insist on an answer about why 9/11/of happen?Where was Graham, McClain, McConnell and Bush and Cheney when 9/11/01 happened? If Graham wants more information on Benghaze then let him go to Benghaze and do his own investigation and he will find out the same stuff he has already been told by Clinton, the President and the rest of the security people about Benghaze. He is not sincere about wanting to know what happened at Benghaze, it is his way to keep his name in the newspapers. Also why he is so concerned about 4 deaths in Benghaze when he showed no concern about 3000 deaths on 9/11/01 when the twin towers fell, the pentagon was attacked and the plane went down in Pennsylvania, none of the Republicans seem to want to know why Bush 2 hadn’t done any thing to prevent it from happening after having been warned at least 3 times about it happening. Also the Republicans never held hearings on why Bush 2 helped Bin Loden’s family leave the Country after 9/11/01. So why are those 4 lives more important than the thousands of lives lost because their President and Vice President lied about WMD in Iraq and because their President did nothing to even try and stop 9/11/01 from happening. Also President Obama wasn’t the one that cut the money needed for the defense of American embassies and consulates over sea the Republicans did. So they are as responible or more responible for Benghaze than the President and his security people are.

  23. jjrjon says:

    When the truth hurts, the truth hurts. I also agree with Chucky that Bush was the worst president since Herbert Hoover and possibly the worst President ever. The “surge” was the second worst blunder since the Vietnam War. The first blunder was the invasion Iraq on the pretext of a lie, searching for WMD, while in the process of killing thousands of American troops and perhaps hundreds of thousands innocent Iraqi men, women and children. Holding grudges, personal vendettas, greed, cronyisms, lies and deceit, Super Pac’s, courting lobbyist, politicians prostituting themselves for personal gain, etc. are the distinguishing characteristics of the GOP and the American Military Industrial Complex, much of which is owned by these very same Politicians. I might also add the politicians in the Democratic Party are no angles either.

  24. This article tried to distract everyone attention from the real cause of the Republican/ Neo CoN anti Hagel stand in U.S. Senate. Chuck Hagel told the truth about the level of the political influence, political corruption and out right intimidation of Zionists and pro IsraHelli lobby in Washington. It is known to everyone in Washington political circle that you must be pro IsraHell and pro Zionists to hold any political office. Otherwise you will be attacked and will be outcast. Chuck Hegel was candid and truthful about Israhell and Zionists manipulation and the control of the political and financial system in America and that put him in trouble with pro Zionists so called Senators such as, Lindsey Graham, Bob Croker, Pat Roberts, Mike Lee, John Cornyn, Jim Inhofe, Roy Blunt, David Vitter, Mark Kirk, Bob Menendez, John McCain and Etc. THIS IS ALL ABOUT ZIONISTS LOBBY POWER PROJECTION IN AMERICA. THIS IS A DARK DAY FOR AMERICAN FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

  25. This article tried to distract everyone attention from the real cause of the Republican/ Neo CoN anti Hagel stand in U.S. Senate. Chuck Hagel told the truth about the level of the political influence, political corruption and out right intimidation of Zionists and pro IsraHelli lobby in Washington. It is known to everyone in Washington political circle that you must be pro IsraHell and pro Zionists to hold any political office. Otherwise you will be attacked and will be outcast. Chuck Hegel was candid and truthful about Israhell and Zionists manipulation and the control of the political and financial system in America and that put him in trouble with pro Zionists so called Senators such as, Lindsey Graham, Bob Croker, Pat Roberts, Mike Lee, John Cornyn, Jim Inhofe, Roy Blunt, David Vitter, Mark Kirk, Bob Menendez, John McCain and Etc. THIS IS ALL ABOUT ZIONISTS LOBBY POWER PROJECTION IN AMERICA. THIS IS A DARK DAY FOR AMERICAN FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

  26. jarheadgene says:

    The answers are simple……NO P.O.S.G.O.P. votes…..from any American. Vote independent…vote…green party….abstain on a vote…just don’t vote P.O.S.G.O.P. candidates, dump these OBSTRUCTIONIST that pad their pockets with LOBBYISTS
    money and bow to Karl Rove and Grover Norquist(NON-ELECTED douchebags). They
    are bad for America…bad for SMALL business, bad for the middle class. GET THEM OUT!

  27. Andrew says:

    Anyone who knows me from Facebook and Twitter knows about the 9 Tenets of the Republican Party: bigotry, hypocrisy, elitism, fascism, greed, corruption, incompetence, arrogance and insanity. When you run every GOP action through that gauntlet of tenets, at least one, usually more, of those tenets attaches itself to the action.
    So, let’s run the GOP’s successful blockage of the confirmation of Chuck Hagel in the Senate yesterday through the gauntlet and see what attaches: Bigotry? Nope. Bigotry has to do with the GOP’s shoddy treatment of women and minorities, including same-sex couples. Hagel is a white man, so, it doesn’t apply. Hypocrisy? Where do I begin? Hagel was a Republican Senator who just happened to violate Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment of Conservatism/Republicanism: thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican or Conservative. Hagel believes that the defense budget is highly bloated and plans on making cuts to it. The GOP can’t have that, so, they must resist Hagel’s confirmation at all costs to stop that from happening. Then, there’s the Benghazi effect…even though Hagel had nothing to do with Benghazi, the GOP still wants to extract their “pound of flesh” out of the White House for the Benghazi attack. Lindsey Graham even admitted yesterday that’s the real reason they’re blocking Hagel’s confirmation. There’s even bigger, Major-League All-Star hypocrisy for the GOP here. American embassies and consulates were attacked a dozen times during the Bush 43 administration with more than 50 American deaths. So, where was the GOP outrage about that? Oh, right…a Republican was in the White House, not a Democrat, as it is now. Finally, in the hypocrisy category, was the Bush 43 administration’s reasons for starting the unnecessary and highly illegal Iraq War, a war that cost more than 4,400 American lives, cost more than a trillion dollars in deficit spending and yet another mess left behind by a GOP administration that a Democratic president has to clean up.
    You have the idea now how this works. Blocking Hagel’s nomination doesn’t have any elitist and fascist components behind it, but a case could be made for greed, corruption, arrogance and insanity being behind it….If running GOP actions through the 9 Tenets of their party were a drinking game, everybody would be drunk within 15 minutes.

  28. fidel says:

    MSNBC Next Monday 9 pm Pacific time ,, How The Corrupt Lobbies Jews (GOP) ,Sold The Irak War to The Real American People Under The President George Brush,Now is the Same Corrupt People from The GOP.Oppose the Mr.Hagel Nomination Because He Saw others Options not the war ,Are the Words from Mc cain in Fox is the Revenge ,because Mr Hagel Oppose The Irak War and say Brush is The Bad President In The History of The US. Now The Jews Lobbies want other War in Syria,Say are Using Chemical Weapons again the Population and want The US involve in Other War.The Same Tactics from Irak War and The Weapons Mast Destruction.The GOP are Terrorist.

  29. jarheadgene says:

    YES ! …And this Latino (me) recognize that spouting the same BS rhetoric, RYAN and ROMNEY said during their stump speeches, doesn’t change just because a guy with a better tan is saying it. RUBIO will not drag the Latino vote the P.O.S. G.O.P. thinks he will.

  30. Michael Kollmorgen says:

    The NEW Republican Motto: Revenge is a dish best served Cold!

    Ah, Kirk, my old friend. Do you know of the old Klingon proverb that revenge is a dish best served cold? (from Star Trek II; The Wrath of Khan)


    Primary Phrase credited to; Pierre Ambroise Francois Choderlos de Laclos (1741–1803)
    “Revenge is a dish which people of taste prefer to eat cold.”

  31. This article tried to distract everyone attention from the real cause of the Republican/ Neo CoN anti Hagel stand in U.S. Senate. Chuck Hagel told the truth about the level of the political influence, political corruption and out right intimidation of Zionists and pro IsraHelli lobby in Washington. It is known to everyone in Washington political circle that you must be pro IsraHell and pro Zionists to hold any political office. Otherwise you will be attacked and will be outcast. Chuck Hegel was candid and truthful about Israhell and Zionists manipulation and the control of the political and financial system in America and that put him in trouble with pro Zionists so called Senators such as, Lindsey Graham, Bob Croker, Pat Roberts, Mike Lee, John Cornyn, Jim Inhofe, Roy Blunt, David Vitter, Mark Kirk, Bob Menendez, John McCain and Etc. THIS IS ALL ABOUT ZIONISTS LOBBY POWER PROJECTION IN AMERICA. THIS IS A DARK DAY FOR AMERICAN FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

  32. kounjd says:

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  33. Pamby50 says:

    So here we are having NATO meeting with no Secretary of Defense. I know Leon Panetta will go but he shouldn’t have to. We keep trying to tell the world that we are the greatest nation on earth, yet we can’t even approve a new Secretary of Defense. We are seen like a bunch of petulant children that if some can’t have there way, then no one can. Chuck Hagel should have been nominated and be going with The President to Brussell next week. Instead he is sitting on the sidelines. The republicans keep trying to say they didn’t filibuster the nomination, they are just putting it on hold. Sorry republicans, you lie. And last Harry Reid, I am disappointed in you. You entered into a gentlemen’s agreement with Mitch McConnell about not filibustering. Did you actually believe that Mitch McConnell would keep his word after he sprouted that President Obama will be a one term president. Even I am not that delusional that he would have kept that.

  34. Sharon says:

    If you so called loyal Americans really love your country then there will not be a dispute about Chuck Hagels appointment. Look around at the other nations the unite for their cause. Grow up and stop sewing seeds of hate in the nation. Love your country and unite around your leaders.

  35. Jim Bull says:

    Sour grapes! The GOP is populated by petty officials who place party above country at every turn. They civet power and power only. Their view of this country is so wildly skewed that there is no hope for them as long as the party is dominated by the tea party and the religious far right. Thank God for a President like Barak Obama! How lucky are we to have a leader as intelligent, compassionate and pragmatic!

    • CL38 says:

      “Their view of this country is so wildly skewed that there is no hope for them”.

      John, agree with most of what you say, but I view it a little differently. “Their view of the country is so wildly skewed that there is no hope for” YOU AND ME unless we participate and do everything in our power to stop them.

      The right has worked for 40 years to take over and impose their views (hiding what they were up to for a long time).

      We’ve got to force the Democrats to act, be much bolder and call the right on everything they do. We’ve got to help in any and every way we can. If we don’t, we can expect things to continue to get much worse.

  36. Hagel was right , Bush was the worst president ever . Look up the American Dream Down Payment , legislation signed by Bush in 2003,increased housing by 755 and cost American Tax payers $10,000.00 for each house the banks gave away !

  37. Zionists Senators attacking Chuck Hagel because he said the truth about Zionist lobby and the danger of their interference in U.S. foreign policy and their financial and political intimidation causing corruption in our political system. Chuck Hagel was attacked by the Zionists Senators because he was against the Zionist designed U.S. sanction on Iran. The Iranian sanction was a mistake that only served the Zionist interest and harmed the U.S. long term interest in Iran and Middle East. Iranian progress proved Chuck Hagel was right opposing the Iranian sanction. What happened in Iran over 34 years of sanction proved that sanction played the key role in the Iranian technological advancement, self sufficiency, and nationalistic pride. The Iranian revolutionary sign saying it all, YES WE CAN. It’s ironic that the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Government of the United States of America under the Obama Administration tried to achieve their objectives under the same banner which read <> If this two great government want to break the old chain ((THE ZIONISTS NEW WORLD ORDER)) which is based on nothing but wealth , power, and money (( LOOK AT THE LEFT SIDE OF THE BACK OF U.S. DOLLAR BILL, IT SAID IT ALL IN LATIN ZIONISTS NEW WORLD ORDER)) and cross boundaries that once considered impassable , then why they are not crossing those lines and breaking those chain together. The Obama Administration can break the Zionists chain and lift the sanction against Iran and say , YES WE CAN without the fear from Zionists lobby. Such bold move is considered by the Iranian government and the Iranian leader as a noble gesture toward the Iranian nation which will be reciprocated in kind.

  38. jbing says:

    Because Hagel is indifferent to the Israelis, the Israelis in turn told their amen cor ner in the Senate not to confirm him or they lose big bucks.

  39. bchrista says:

    Mike Hatfield you are a complete asshole, if you’re going to make a statement please check the verasity of what you are talking about the alleged food stamps that are being given away are going to Red States(Republicans) and who are the non-earners that you are talking about name one group, this President has done more to promote the betterment of this country than all the Republican Presidents put together, it’s idiots like you getting together in those old country bars and exchanging that type of bullshit lie that has this country fucked up, if you open up your minds and get the correct news you wouldn’t be voting for the likes of McCain, McConnell, Graham, Wilson, Paul, Canter, and the rest of those lying Republicans and while your at it turn off Fox News and the rest of those radical announcers and get you mind straight and help yourself and your friends by voting those that would destroy your country out of office, they only work for the filthy rich and not for you.

  40. Harry Nze says:

    When will senators who have expired retire???????

  41. cspanjunkie says:

    Proud, Joe? You took a walk through the out-house of conserative bashing , kicked up a few loose rotted floor boards and [out] crawled a host of anti-semetic Jew-hating maggots. Hagel is a ‘revenge’ appointment and you know it. He’s a surly, laconic, self-absorbed, gay-bashing and Jew-bashing slug. Shame on you and the 12 Jewish senators who plan to vote in his favor– so much for ‘checks and balances.’ We have a senate majority leader that acts as though he’s occupying a cabinet position in the executive branch.

  42. CPAinNewYork says:

    The opposition to Hagel is all about Israel and the American Jewish community.

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