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Saturday, March 23, 2019

A member of Virginia’s Ku Klux Klan told Richmond’s WTVR that President Obama’s first term has been excellent for recruitment and his second term promises even greater growth.

“Since Obama’s first term our numbers have doubled and now that we’re headed to a second term it’s going to triple, this is going to be the biggest resurgence of the Klan since 1915,” said one of two Klansmen interviewed.

The station contacted the Klan members after fliers recruiting for the organization appeared for the second time at the homes of Richmond residents. The two men who appeared for the interview seemed to eager to present the kinder, gentler side of a group known for its white-supremacist rhetoric and cross burnings.

“We’re not trying to target anybody or scare anybody with hate, we’re just using our freedom of speech to drop fliers,” said one. “Everyone thinks that we’re a hate group, we’re not a hate group, we don’t hate anyone, and we want to see good things come to our race.”

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the KKK is a hate group with a membership estimated between 5,000 to 8,000.

If you assume the math of the two Klansmen interviewed is correct and the group doubled in size, then tripled, that would put Klan membership still at less than half of the number of votes by which President Obama won the state of Virginia — about 150,000.

In 1925, when the Klan marched on Washington D.C., there were an estimated four million members nationwide.

Director of the Richmond-area NAACP, King Salim Khalfani, said he was aware of the group’s uptick of activity since November’s election. He also disputes their assertion that they aren’t promoting hate.

“Be honest, I respect people who are honest, but it’s harder to recruit when you say it like it is,” he said.

The president of the United States is usually the most-threatened person in the country. One report says President Obama is the most-threatened president ever.

Gun sales have also skyrocketed during the Obama presidency.

The FBI received more than 14.8 million inquries from people running background checks on gun buyers through October 2012, compared to 16.4 million in 2011, 14.4 million in 2010, 14 milion in 2009, and 12.7 million in 2008, according to Anna Tinsley of the Star-Telegram.

And that was before the president promised reforms as response to the mass shooting at Sandy Hook school.

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96 responses to “Will Obama’s Second Term Lead To Resurgence Of The Ku Klux Klan?”

  1. bpai99 says:

    Obama’s 1st term already led to a resurgence of the KKK, they just called it the Tea Party instead and pretended the primary focus was on government spending. The original KKK made similar noises about how its primary focus was states’ rights.

    KKK/John Birch Society/Tea Party – all examples of organizations created to express the grievances of bigots and fanatics who don’t believe in democracy. Hate and unreasoning fanaticism never die.

  2. Sand_Cat says:

    I would say this trend – while revealing the truth about the Obama-haters – is perhaps the best sign yet that the president hasn’t done too badly.

    • cats33 says:

      This trend is because more and more people know Obama is a dictator

      • Lynda says:

        Dictator: an autocrat with absolute power. Someone with the power to make laws without the restraint of a legislative assembly (see Congress). Do you really believe that the President comes close the difinition? Seriously?

        • Ed says:

          Well, itmay not define Oboma, but it sujre as hell defines Ronald Wilson Reagan as we now know from recent documents. Hated being restrained by “stupid regulations”.

      • bpai99 says:

        If Obama was a dictator we wouldn’t be having GOP filibusters in the Senate and fiscal cliff showdowns in the House. Grow up and stop using words you don’t understand.

      • Your cat is still hungry…and you are still out-of-touch and a racist.

        • cats33 says:

          Omuslim is the biggest racist ever!! I have 33 cats and with thief omuslim taking more of my check, I won’t be able to feed them!

          • AdamMos says:

            Obama lowered your taxes with a payroll tax holiday for the last 2 years. He also made 99% of Bush tax cuts permanent. Your tax rate this year is the same as when Obama took office. If your check is smaller it is probably because your empoloyer has discovered that you are an idiot. The only people paying higher taxes are making more than 250k per year which I am certain that you are not.

            Salom Aleykum

          • july860 says:

            33???? Boy, I’d hate to be anywhere near your house!

      • marlane says:

        cats33, congrats and good luck with your Grand Wizard canidacy.

      • Michael Kollmorgen says:

        More and more people know “President” Obama is a Dictator? Funny, over half of our country voted him into office AGAIN!

        For your sorry-ass information, Dictators don’t get voted in, they put themselves at the head of a government, first and foremost.

        If you going to use words, at least know their definitions.

        Sheeesh, what an asshole……………………..

  3. sigrid28 says:

    Regarding the status of the KKK, Jason Sattler’s article gains a good deal of its credibility from statistics kept by the Southern Poverty Law Center (which progressives of all stripes ought to support). Its newsletter and other publications provide ample proof that these new numbers do not represent a kinder, gentler KKK, even though its numbers are not yet very numerous compared to the numbers of gun lovers in the U.S. today.

    That’s why I’m less satisfied with the connection Sattler makes between growing membership in the KKK and increased firearms purchases. The NRA, with 4,000,000 members, specializes in capitalizing on fear and paranoia in order to sell the firearms and ammunition produced by its benefactors. The KKK grows its numbers (still less than 20,000) by popularizing racism and white supremacy. The Republican party is not to be envied in its role of bringing these two discredited American fringe movements into its tent. Their numbers are small compared to the Republican electorate, but the NRA and the KKK could very well destroy the Republican party if it becomes identified primarily by these two.

  4. Lynda says:

    Fear of the black man in White House shows up in many forms today. I would not be surprised if those poor whites who gravitate to the teachings of the KKK join up or create their own famlies of haters. It is far easier to blame the President for their own shortcomings and lack of true manhood. ‘When facism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.’ Those words were spoken many decades ago and still seem to ring true today. Fear, hate and distrust are all effective wedges in our society, and some are far to eager to use them to further divide the country.

    • cats33 says:

      Divide the country like Obama and the black panthers?

      • Lynda says:

        You mean like both of the black panthers?

      • If simply existing causes division then the problem is not you (President Obama and other minorities) but with the bigotry that exists within those who claim to be being divided such as yourself 33. Time for you too grow up, get over it and move on. The rest of us do not want any part of your hatred.

      • Love1954 says:

        You really need a history lesson and a reality check!! President Obama did not divide the country your Congress did that and continues to do so! The Black Panthers did not divide the country, the KKK and all of the people who lynched, raped and killed blacks for no reason at all did that. And by the way, you need to address him as you have all other presidents. He is “President Obama” and not just “Obama”. Get over it!!! We are all human beings and we as a country really need to get pass skin color or we will destroy ourselves with unnecessary hatred. I encourage you to take the time to learn the history of other cultures for yourself before you speak the lies you have heard from others.

        I decided to love you and there is nothing you can do about it!!!

        • cats33 says:

          Princess omuslims’ goal is to divide the country. Most of the blacks nowadays are RACISTS!! There is black on white crime exploding everywhere. Since omuslims’ been president, there is more unrest in America than there has ever been!!! This is his plan. He is a devout follower of cloward and piven, and a student of alinsky. He is a COMMUNIST AMERICA HATER

          • Janicet says:


          • PamelaT says:

            Great post…whites are now beginning to have to actually have skills to get a job not just be white. The days of kowtowing to white males for them to get the job first is over. They will now have to compete with the rest of society.

          • Love1954 says:

            Well that statement tells your story. Clearly you have no rational thought patterns in you head!

            I’m sorry, which planet did you say you are from?????

          • Gregory says:

            Are your 33 cats still alive, or are they stuffed, like you?

          • Raymond says:

            Yes cats33, you are a KKK lover. You can see the hatred in your words. Lucky most Americans do not believe like you only the sick few.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            It wasn’t any black man that went around killing innocent kids in our schools. FOOL!

            IF anyone hates our country, it is people like you. It pours out of you like water through a sieve.

          • PamelaT says:

            Know your history and know your facts….we are not racist far from it.

          • Cats33 – You’re projecting.
            Your statement alone “that most black nowadays are racists” is a divisive one. You can argue that the divide actually emerged with the introduction the Tea Party, or we could argue we are divided because 51% of us are looking and wanting to move forward wile 49% want to conserve and stay the same.

          • srgm says:

            you poor sad fool.

        • onedonewong says:

          Obviously they don’t have a news paper or TV where you live so your statement is well put for some one who lives under a rock

        • Not just white people are racists black people are just as racist against whites. Colored people commit most of the violent crimes. That’s why negroes still don’t have a good respectable image to outsiders. They still hold a grudge against whitey for bringing their ancestors to America to work as slaves for the the white people. It was over a 100 years ago they need to turn the page & get over it. It’s not a good enough excuse anymore. Negroes have come a long way in achieving equality with whites. Same with muslims they hate the western world & are not interested in any other culture but their own. It’s wrong for the government to force people to live together by desegragating the schools & creating a melting pot. Most people of a race & culture stay with their own kind. It’s human nature. Racists come in all colors. Mixed societies don’t work it’s like mixing water & oil.

        • robert says:

          Love1954, you are abslutely correct. Read the book The Constitution and the New Jim Crow for a detalied overview.

      • Raymond says:

        cats33, the only ones who have divided our country are the conservatives. Especially people like Rush and Co. They fill the airwaves with hatred and probably support the KKK. They pit politicians against each other and claim that if you do not believe like they do that you are not American. Such propaganda is dangerous and comes from sick minds.

      • You are the type that thinks you are almost on top of the world only to see how low you have been, Yes America is the world leader, but it is not only the White man, you seem to confuse the rest of the world claiming everything for yourselves. Since Mr. Obama was elected every second white man has claimed insanity for defense, so makes me ask how many more are there INSANE?

      • jebediah123 says:

        Got any kids, “cats33”? Better start teaching them now about other cultures and races because in 25 years us “white folks” is gonna be the MINORITY.

      • Miss J says:

        You have sense

    • onedonewong says:

      lets see 23 million unemployed, $10 trillion in new debt in just 4 years yep those poor whites have only themselves to blame alright as their taxes sky rocket

    • Miss J says:

      You are so right, The Whites cant deal with the bi racial man in the WH, too bad for them he will be there for 4 more years

    • annathule says:

      Quote: ‘When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.’

      Really?? You promise? Cuz I sure as heck don’t want it to come via a Constitutional amendment to make a communist our dick-tater! Oh I DO look forward to your promise and am encouraged that finally this country will be white, God-fearing, and patriotic! All things you libtards AREN’T!

      Next time you put your mind to it, think of this – every. single. race. on. this. earth. besides. the. white. man. has a GURNTEED right, by the UN’s decree, (your favorite butt buddies there) to have a HOMELAND OF OUR OWN, complete w/ the right to practice our own customs, languages, religion and lifestyles. Everyone! Except the good ol’ white man. Now why is that? I don’t hate Obama cuz he’s black – I VOTED HIM IN, ya ninny!!! Campaigned for him and everything. I just want the same rights every other race and/or “special community” has the rights to self-rule and self-direction. Just because we happen to enjoy our race – as do the Latinos and the Blacks and the Muslims and every other ethnic or religious group gets here in America – WE’RE called “racist”, but ya notice, no one else is. 94% turn out of blacks to vote Obama in is just a curiosity, or were they voting for a brother? Hey, I can dig that, in their shoes I would too! It’s historic, it’s monumental! I cried like a baby the night he got in, thinking “Viola Liuzzo, you did not die in vain!” (Some of y’all better Google that one or you’re gonna be scratching your heads, “Who’s Viola Liuzzo???”) But yet, because I want MY race respected, I’m a racist. It’s the only word you have left and it’s supposed to scare me, huh? Got news for you, it doesn’t. You’ve deadened it, made it mean nothing at all except as a verbal marker that we’re winning. Or in the case of this useless buncha pols w/ an R following them around, like we got now, just barely making it. But you guys ruined yourselves – we’re not cowed by that word now, it’s not a Pavlovian thing where we have to curl up in the fetal position and weep out our agony and beg for forgiveness from y’all. You just plain wore it out. Now what word are you going to make up to use? HAHAHA!!!

  5. The resurgence of hate groups such as the KKK, White Supremacists, and the neo-Nazis began the moment President Obama won the election in November 2008. It is an essential element in the new Tea Party, which has evolved from a movement focused on fiscal responsibility to a hate group that opposes anything the Obama administration proposes, even when it is something they have endorsed. Members of these groups are not only buying assault and semi-automatic weapons, they are training and preparing for warfare. While their presence is most evident in the South, they can also be found throughout the Bible Belt and in most states in the Union.
    Racism may no longer be as overt as it was 50 or 60 years ago, and we no longer have lynchings or deny people a meal in a cafeteria next to white folks, but it remains latent and it is as dangerous to the betterment of our society as ever.

  6. nobsartist says:

    I am sure that the koch brothers have donated millions to that criminal cabal just like the racist, anti-civil rights John Birch Society that they founded, funded and tried to use to get willard elected.

    When are the kochs going to be kicked out of the country?

    • cats33 says:

      When is omuslim going to be impeached and kicked out of my country? He is sending MILLIONS of tax payers dollars to support mosques around the world and giving BILLIONS to the United Nations. FU***** traitor!!

      • Jim Myers says:

        Replying to cats33 –

        I know. Things were so much better when George the Second and his trusty sidekick Dick were in charge.

        At least then, charging two TRILLION DOLLAR wars on the company credit card, renditions, the Patriot Act, changing the name of french fries to freedom fries, destroying the economy, providing WELFARE FOR THE WEALTHY, trying to make anyone who didn’t agree with them into unpatriotic lowlifes, outing Valerie Plame, etc were acceptable behavior.

        Now, we have to put up with a President who wants EVERYONE to be able to have medical insurance, EVEN IF THEY HAVE A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION, a Jobs Act, sensible gun control measures, improved jobs outlook, and everything the Liberals want.

        It’s a crying shame, isn’t it.

  7. Ed says:

    Linda, you must always remember that the “Power Structure” (the 1 %) has always used hatred of the black man as a means to prevent the working classes to recognise how they are being used to enrich the “upper crust”. This was true of sharecroppers, and is true today.

  8. donbronkema1 says:

    Bigotry will fade during this millennium, as global races merge–meanwhile, vigilance!

  9. donbronkema1 says:

    Black Panther militance: a timely model for us Green Panthers as thermageddon & ecollapse threaten H. unsapiens w/deserved extinction.

  10. Josef says:

    I wonder whether Donald Trump joined the KKK? Or hos soon will he?

  11. It’s just ashamed that their are still so many people on this earth that prefer to look outside of themselves for answers to their problems instead of inside of themselves where the answers actually lay…………Man In The Mirror!

  12. gahoof says:

    KKK members call themselves “separatists.” I would feel better if they separated from our country.

    As Frank Zappa once said, “Hey, people, I’m not black, but there are a whole lot of times I wish I could say I’m not white.”

  13. MARK says:

    No better example of willfull ignorance can be found than that which exists within the ranks of the stinking and hateful KKK.Pray for the day when they favor the world with an end to thier existence.

  14. gahoof says:

    As Frank Zappa once said, “Hey, people. I’m not black, but there are a whole lot of times I could say I’m not white.”

  15. Welcome to 2013. Some Caucasian Americans still can’t cope with a man of color as thier Commander In Chief! Tsk Tsk Tsk! That’s their hangup! All I’m gonna say is let someone allow the thought to come into their mind they want to put a finger on that man! They thought the riot in 1968 was vicious when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated; all hell will break out!

    As for those KKK members; hell I thought that was the Tea Party! Get with the times!


  17. Janicet says:


  18. Brian says:

    Woah! No wonder I break into a cold sweat whenever I fly over the Confederacy. And I’m white!

  19. PamelaT says:

    Another group of people that should not be able to buy guns for the mental impairment. I look forward to a law that says you can buy a gun if you are mentally impaired and this group is.

  20. TSB says:

    Ask the right wing radicals, Mitch McConnell, etc. I’m sure he’s dusted of his KKK dunce cap, along with his tag along crony hate mongers. You know who they are, I’m sure!

  21. I cant believe there are so many racists in our country these people neeed to GROW UP and realize that our President is an honorable man hes trying to make this country a place where everyone gets a fair shake . People like fixed noise are distributors of racism and misinformation and people like the KKK also need to GROW UP and stop lying to people.

  22. I voted for Obama the first time but not the second time. Dont say americans cant accept a black man, remember he WAS elected. What i cant accept is a liar, crook, elitist, communist, power grabber. Obama promised to not duplicate Bush’s way of executive orders but in fact has signed more, and more against americans, than any president in history. Thats only one of scores of examples of why he is no good. Race is blind.

  23. If KKK is rising, its not because of race hate, its because people who have come to despise Obama have no voice. If a person disagrees, or calls anyone to task, or questions TSA or tries to exercise free speech, or asks about the Federal Reserve, or asks why Eric Holder was acquitted of the serious crime of gun running, he is called a domestic terrorist. This is bound to severely anger people and KKK provides an avenue to voice back. I dont fall for what is obvious propaganda, that either your for Obama or youre a racist. NONSENSE. Im a white guy who voted for change. I never wanted or expected the change we got and im sure not the only one. Obama promised to be the open and transparent President. We got exactly the opposite and now you call detractors racists? People dont buy it!

    • Stella53 says:

      Tell this garbage to somebody who’ll believe it (other than the kkk and the Teaparty). The people who despise and hate Obama hated him before he even took office, so don’t try to sell this garbage. Guess you guys hate George Bush and Dick Cheney for getting us into two UNFUNDED wars? Of course not! The KKK is a racist, domestic terrorist group – they always have been. If you’re joing up with them, then yes, you are a racist pig too and you probably always were a racist.

  24. Obama stood before 300 million people on Inaugaration Day and swore to uphold the Constitution. Then he threw that oath away and since has trampled on the Constitution. You people are amazing–if a white president did that, you call it treason; if a black president does that you call it racism. Someone here needs a dictionary lesson and it isnt me.

    • robert says:

      When George W. Bush and Dick Chaney did, what did you call it? Bush/Cheney literally dragged this country into the mud, tossed away a 200 plus billion dollar surplus, brought this country into two fraudulent military campaigns, and used Haliburton and Blackwater to rob America and tax paying American citizens (you included), then borrowed 6 trillion dollars from a communist government to cover their asses. Does that sound like treason or am I missing something? When Bush/Cheney robbed America, they also robbed white America of its generational inheritance accrued off the sweat and blood and free labor of Africans in America, and striped all white Americans of their generational “entitlements and white privilege”, something whites have enjoyed for over two hundred years. Bush/Cheney allowed industries and corporations to take their money and jobs overseas and removed from America valuable employment for Americans and created the highest rate of unemployment and poverty America has ever seen, and passed it on to President Obama. Is that treason or am I missing something? Looks to me Americans should be demanding for an accounting of the funds stolen by Bush/Cheney.

    • Stella53 says:

      Wow! Ya forgot to mention GEORGE W. BUSH and DICK CHENEY! Talk about trampling the Constitution! Oh, but wait … they’re white men. And Haliburton doing all that drilling on peoples land and killing them with toxic, gaseous water that blows up if you put a match to the faucet! Don’t know what a dictionary has to do with this, but you need to be educated!


  26. It started as soon as the kochs release money to tear the president down. This a 73 year old white man that could see this as soon as the President took office. But the media will never say this.

  27. onedonewong says:

    an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The Minutemen and other freedom loving americans is also growing as well

  28. There has been not too much as claimed, they have been there all the time,the only thing is they feel their back is against the wall now, and their dreams of a White only America is no fiction but reality. Yes the KKK, plus the Tea party is in millions, but what a group like KKK is failing to know is they are forcing the White race into a minority, by dividing and hoping to rule someday that will never come or their second dream to take up arms against who? they cannot tell if against the Government or against the Blacks or even against the Latinos so they are wishing for any thing that will hurt them or is hurting them. They have to get over it.

  29. robert says:

    33cats are eating up your pay check.

  30. Are these people (KKK) considered mentally ill or home grown terrorist? I wonder how many of these groups are members of the NRA. I would fear those that are buying assault guns because they are mentally unstable with home grown terrorist mind sets and a touch of paranoia.

  31. I just can’t understand how after slavery and centuries of oppression by Whites, Blacks are expected to just forget about it and turn the page, as someone said. Are you serious?
    It was only after years of working together in close contact with Whites, in situations where our lives depended on each other. That I have come to Love and respect some of them. It was from this contact that I learned that their numbers include many great and honorable people, but most Blacks will never have this experience. To them you are the Enemy.

  32. abdullahiedward says:

    America – Land Free, Home of the Brave and Bastion of Stupidity!

  33. Rodney says:

    have you check your history. every culture has been a mixed societyAs a black american i am just as proud of white service members as i am of blacks . and please don,t use the word colored when making apoint about black americans we don,t have a line down the middle of our bodies.Your post is one of the reason whythis discussion about race is still nessary in america.See beleive it or not most of us (black folk) WE DON,T EVENTALKABOUT THE qoute slavery issue it happen .other shi@@!! did to.were more concern about how are we going too send uor childern to collage ,will we be able to pay the rent is my health insurance coverage enough . will congress ever get it act together. see black american have the same problems as white the only different is that there are some people in both ravews that need to have hate as their main focus and that a damn shame,so again look at the history and you,ll see that most societys were mixed

  34. Rodney says:

    cat33 what the hell do you know about black panthers tell us please.

  35. Rodney says:

    one donewong how did we get the 10 trillion debt oh yeah that right we went to war that wasn,t funded in a country that had not done one damn thing to us. and were in the hell are the W.M.Ds. that was suppoiwse to be their and this was done not under pres obama but under your boy bush and the rep house and senate along with the dems so please get off thesoap box go to fox because the rest of us know the real deal and you nor fox and your high priest rush can change facts nor rewrite history too bad . go cry in your beer

  36. The “kkk”??? I thought these bastards had ALL become extinct since “People of Color” have taken over the Political Landscape and have just as much or more Fire Power than they do!!! Watch ya backs you ignorant bastards, morons!!!!!!!!!

  37. annathule says:

    And ya know what? You don’t see the blacks catching the next boat back to Africa either, do ya? Guess they must like it better here, than for all their “pining away from their homeland and oh woe is me!” Well, if it’s all so hunky-dory over there, go back! I imagine there’s a few vacancies, what w/ all the civil wars and starving they’re doing over there – and it AIN’T CUZ OF WHITEY EITHER!!! These are nice black countries, run by all black folks and look at just how WEEEEEEELL they’re doing!!! Proves my point.

  38. annathule says:

    And ya know what? You don’t see the blacks catching the next boat back to Africa either, do ya? Guess they must like it better here, than for all their “pining away from their homeland and oh woe is me!” Well, if it’s all so hunky-dory over there, go back! I imagine there’s a few vacancies, what w/ all the civil wars and starving they’re doing over there – and it AIN’T CUZ OF WHITEY EITHER!!! These are nice black countries, run by all black folks and look at just how WEEEEEEELL they’re doing!!! Proves my point.

  39. All of the remarks are just stupid and absoultely arrogant!

    1. I don’t hear the KKK or white people publicly announcing that they are going “pistol whip black folks.” Whereas, The Black Panther Party has stated they would “pistol whip white folks, if Obama wasn’t re-elected.”

    2. Many Obama’s excutive orders are in fact racist. Example – Executive Order — White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans. There are also similar executive orders for Asians, Hispanics and American Indians. However, there are none supporting education for Caucasian Americans. Don’t believe it to be true? Go to Whitehouse.Gov and search it for yourself. I thought we are all Americans and therefore entitled to the same rights.

    3. Actually, Obama and not Congress has divided America . Obama always shows support for minorites, illegals, African Americans, etc. Never once has he shown support for White Americans. Did I forget to mention he does not listen to the American people? If you want to talk about hate groups. At least do proper research. Speaking of which, why isn’t The New Black Panthers listed as a hate group but the KKK is?

    Looks to me like the KKK and The New Black Panthers want the same for both races. Problem is, people let history get in the way and don’t learn from it. And there is a little thing called “lack of communication.”

    BTW Lynda “lack of true manhood” comes from the President not keeping his promises, not working with congress and stating “That fatherhood comes 1st and being president 2nd.” He is President and is supposed to lead this country. How can one say that in a position of leadership. Sounds like he just looks at the Presidency as his own personal toliet seat.

    @Love 1959, Blacks and every race for that matter are quilty of racially motivated crimes. Doesn’t matter if it was within the same race or not. Why do you still in the 18th and 19th centuries. Don’t forget Africans played a part in slavery by kidnapping, raping, piliging and genocide before the Americas were founded.

  40. ConradDobler says:

    EVERYBODY IS MORTAL…Including cowards hiding under sheets….

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