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Saturday, October 22, 2016

With The GOP Bragging About Rigging A House Majority, Is There Any Way To Stop Them?

With The GOP Bragging About Rigging A House Majority, Is There Any Way To Stop Them?

Republicans haven’t figured out how to always get more votes than Democrats. But they have figured out a way to keep the House of Representatives regardless.

A new report from the Republican State Leadership Committee brags, according to ThinkProgress‘ Scott Keyes, that Republicans focused on “low-cost state legislature races in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin” in 2010, which gave them the ability to redistrict a majority that will likely last until at least 2022.

Republican candidates in the House received 1.1 million fewer votes than Democrats in the last election, yet maintained a 33-seat majority. In Michigan, Republican candidates lost by 240,000 votes, yet won 9 of 14 congressional seats.

Though Mitt Romney lost the popular vote by 4 percent, he carried 227 congressional districts to President Obama’s 208, which is why Republican National Committee chair Reince Preibus is fantasizing about rigging the electoral college by matching electors with  districts.

Gerrymandering, or the intentional shaping of districts to elect a member of a specific party, “paved the way to Republicans retaining a U.S. House majority in 2012,” says the report.

Democrats’ hopes of picking up a majority in 2014 are nearly nil without Obama on the ballot. Fifteen Democrats represent GOP-leaning districts. Only five Republicans represent districts Obama won.

The result is a House GOP majority filled with members whose only fear is losing a primary challenge to a more Fox News-friendly candidate. Under the Hastert Rule, which has been violated just a handful of times, Speaker Boehner will not bring a bill to a vote unless a majority of his members approve of it. Thus a president who was elected by a margin of about five million votes has little chance of getting much of his agenda done.

Is there any way to prevent this kind of subversion of the public’s will?

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) has introduced a bill that would create an independent commission to prevent state-level politicians from drawing congressional districts.

“Instead of solving our nation’s problems, Congress is just kicking the can down the road and waiting until the next election for answers,” Cohen said. “I believe that if we eliminate the gerrymandering of districts we will help get more accomplished for our country.”

States would set up independent commissions that would emphasize “geographical contiguity and compactness of districts,” according to The Hill.

Of course, for this to ever happen, the bill would have to pass the House. To understand why that will never happen, reread this post from the beginning.

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  • The frigging repugs can’t win without cheating. So they do. All the time.

    • jvaljon1

      It’s NOT cheating. It’s a perfectly legitimate way of gaining seats. Now what I want to know is WHY WE’RE COMPLAINING, and not planning OUR OWN GERRYMANDERED DISTRICTS??!!! It’d work even better for US, since there are more of US than there are of THEM! The trashbucketers hope that we never realize just how they “win”—-and that we can and absolutely MUST, use the “gerrymandered district” tactic, right back on them; not just in these upcoming elections, but FOREVERMORE!

      • sweetcarol

        the problem are key states who are led by Republican governors. Guess we need to vote total democratic next time and I don’t like that as I think we need both sides active to compromise and work out the best — more middle of the road. But Republicans are not listening to us so if they don’t change and hang on that far right wing, then we need to make sure they can’t do the same again, even though Obama will not be in the office. An organizer like Obama think that both sides can work out problems by compromise or by finding areas of commonality while the Republicans won’t cooperate with a black president no matter what. That is unfortunate.

        • What needs to be done is the removal of the Republican Govs in 2014.

          At the same time all right wing legislators must be removed at the same time. This legislation is being passed by the Govs and their ALEC backed legislators.
          If that might not work than ballot measures must be drawn and signatures collected to get it on the 2014 ballet.

          If the republicans cant win thy steal. If they can’t steal…they change the law so they can.

          • bckrd1

            Absolutely right. All Republican Gov must go and the legislative branches they hold voted out with them.

      • Skeptic1955

        It’s still cheating, but normal for the GOP.

      • GeorgeChipLeveto

        It won’t do you as much good as you think many republicans gave it up for Obama! But your not going to see it come 2014, from no where now he comes out and because the parades in his front yard ( meaning all the gun control freaks), he bends over backwards, trying to appease their fears, while not seeing the back ground instigaters pushing their agenda and creating many rumers of major problems. I’m very surprised to see him back away from telling these instigaters to turn off the bitter rancored ranting.

        • jvaljon1

          I don’t know, George….you may be right. But consider if you will, that President Obama hasn’t even been inaugurated yet—and he seems to me to be seeing exactly what the Republicans are doing.

          Gone, for instance, are the days when he wasted the first four years of his Presidency, trying to get along with the Enemies Of Our Country (my new name for Republicans); trying for his desired ‘consensus’ politics. God knows that the President tried hard enough to get along with these freaks—now, I don’t think that he’s “backing away from telling the instigators to turn off the bitter rancored ranting” (good one, George!) as he is telling us (by ignoring them), that HIS agenda is coming first, this next four years— not, easing squabbles started by narrow-minded Enemies of America.

          He’s looking to US to get RID of the House ReCockroaches in 2014—and if the number of people vote Dem in the midterms, as re-elected the president for this year, then we might just do it!

      • commserver

        To make sure that gerrymandering works requires the majority party to create districts that are suitable. That will happen if the majority party is constantly the majority party. Unless the electorate forces changes to the majority party then there will be no changes.

        That is one reason why there is desire for term limits.

        • jvaljon1

          So I guess what you’re saying, is that the REPUBLICANS — say, here in Texas — have to be the ones to ‘create districts that are suitable’??????? That’s NEVER going to happen, and even worse than that—-that means, that WE GAVE IT AWAY!!! Cause at one time here in TX, there WAS a solid Democratic Majority! Back when Ann Richards was the Dem Governor of TX (’91, I think) and now-Gov. Rick Perry, was still a Democrat!

      • Pops

        Because it’s not 2011 anymore and not 2021 yet.

      • jvaljon1

        Wait—I spoke too soon. It WAS cheating, the way that that W. VA legislature did it! Normal Gerrymandering has to follow a set of RULES, and one of them is a Public Notice Rule. Because the W. VA loons were SO DESPERATE to get this [email protected] done before Sen. Marsh came back, they DID NOT GIVE THE 24-HOUR NOTICE that they were about to re-district the State of VA, during the President’s Inaugural Ceremonies. Had they done so, then Sen. Marsh would have never gone, and the Republicans would never have been able to gerrymander their state RED.

        So now it appears that the Gerrymander that the Republicans just rammed through in their state, is ILLEGAL. I’m looking to their Governor to point it out to them:

        “Boys, boys….I KNOW what you’re trying to do, I approve completely, but you still HAVE TO OBEY THE LAW WHEN YOU GERRYMANDER! That 24-Hr. Public Notice Rule that you kinda shoved under the rug there—(GOOD ONE!) BUT…see….people are starting to NOTICE THAT, and now I’m getting ANGRY LETTERS from some Virginians who are not OURS (but I need their votes anyway)… when I rule on this Gerrymander of yours, that you rammed through WITHOUT the required 24-hour NOTICE—-please understand that I’m trying to protect MY SEAT, next Statewide Elections! And, uh, in future, boys? Try not to let your ENTHUSIASM to screw the Democrats, run that far ahead of your BRAINS, OK? Otherwise….GOOD ONE, BOYS! But….I got to say no, (sigh) this time…”

    • docb

      Call the cheaters out..Make them do the Job they are paid to do..

      Calling 1-888-717-0911 will connect you automatically based on where you call from. You can also find Senate contact information here. Or call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (202-224-3542) or Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell ( 202-224-2541) directly, and tell them where you stand.

      • jvaljon1

        Thanks! Got ’em!

    • Lying, Cheating And Stealing Is The Only Way They Can Win!! But Guess What It’s A Lot Of Fun Til They Lose An Eye, Or Till The American People Get Tried Of The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban And Stay United And Keep Voting These Thugs Out Of Office!! Let Send Them The Way Of The Dodos And The Whigs!!! All They Doing Is Putting The Nails In Their Own Coffins!!

      • Diogenes67

        At least you’e not capitalizing everything. It still looks idiotic and it’s definitely hard to read, but if you like it, good for y0u. It’s your caps key.

        • Don’t Read It Move The Hell On!! Doigenes67, 2480 Likes To My14,752 Likes Maybe If You Shut The Hell Up You Might Catch Up!!!

          • Diogenes67

            Is that a like?

          • joeham1

            Hi Retard.I see your still an idiot

  • Joseph T Springer

    Make ALL districts rectangular (other than the state boundary) with about 700,000 citizens each. Pretty hard to gerrymander that.

    • Do you have any idea how impossible that is? Look at the population density of places like Washington State.

    • Unfortunately, that is precisely what they did. Gerrymandering, per se, is illegal. The process was named for a Congressman named Gerry in the 19th Century, when government was seriously corrupt, not like this mamby-pamby stuff we call corruption today. Every ten tears, the legislatures of the individual states must redraw voting districts based upon the Census. Of course, if the majority party in the state legislature happens to be Republican, then, of course, lines will be redrawn within legal limits to favor the Republican party. And, yes, the Democrats have done the same thing in the past. The only way to really have any hope of changing this is to wait until 2020, when the next Census is taken, and make sure the Democratic party does everything necessary to win state legislatures around the country, and to win the House of Representatives majority, maintain a Senate majority, and get a Democrat in the White House. Obama’s biggest mistake during his first term was losing the House in 2010,which allowed the Republicans to redraw all those voting districts. Because of that, even though the Republicans LOST the popular vote for both the presidency and the House of Representatives, they were still able to hang onto a majority in the House, which means we are stuck with stalemate unless something really drastic happens.

      • jvaljon1

        You know, we’re all ignoring this Internet that we all post on, every day. This gives US a chance to make things right. We can post petitions and swamp our (and THEIR) congresspeople & senators—-and publicize what we do on ONLINE PAPERS! I ‘d give a lot, to see that!

  • These Creeps can’t do ANYTHING unless it’s Underhanded! They are ALL Flaming Anal Termini!

    • joeham1

      Nancy. You call the repubs creeps. What do you call the President when he goes against the constitution, or promises a balanced approach to solving the deficit and all we get is a tax increase and more spending? What do you call the democrat ran Senate when they decided not to try to pass a budget for 4 years?

      • jvaljon1

        DEFENDERS OF THIS COUNTRY is what I call the Democrat-run Senate when they wouldn’t pass YOUR shit-heeled excuse for a “budget” which is what YOU call YOUR attempt at “Grand Theft America”!!!!

        Now, why don’t you go troll on your own page, you retarded red-state dicklicker? The non-perverts on THIS page, have to decide how to fix the mess of $#it that you spread all over this country.

        • joeham1

          Actually you uninformed midget puppet…The only Budget that was presented by your ruler was defeated 97-0. EVERY Democrat and Republican voted against it!


          You are a vile little hillbilly who needs to control your moronic outbursts and learn something so you don’t sound so stupid!”

          • jvaljon1

            Send me your co-ordinates, joeham1, would you please? I’d like to see WHAT PLANET YOU’RE POSTING FROM! Meanwhile, on THIS planet, try the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) President’s Budget…..(any year) and if you can’t find it, your kindergarten probably has a Remedial Reading program that should be just your speed. Please forgive the length of this post, but due to your mental incompetence, I had to jam a whole lot of information into a very few words.

          • joeham1

            I give you facts and you give me blah blah blah! The Presidents budget was voted on once! it lost 97-0. Am I wrong?

            What is your point telling me about the office of management and budget? The dems run the senate. They won’t even debate the budgets the house has sent. Obamas budget was so rediculous it lost 97-0.

            The CBO report from jan 4 2013 tells us that the budget deficit for 2013 in the first quarter was 293 billion and will be over 1.4 trillion for the year and over a trillion for the next 10 years!

            You geniuses have been convinced that everything that happens is magically the republicans fault. You puppets even have cute names like repukes, and tea baggers, and such. In the mean time your ok with the lies like, a Balanced approach that turned out to be anything but balanced. Your Ok with his unconstitutional power grabs at gun control knowing it won’t end school killings..

            There are real solutions for the real problems. It takes both sides working together. In the next few year when our economy sputters along and 20 million people are still looking for jobs, I only hope people like you wake up to the true Obama agenda. I hope you realize that left or right the president and the republicans at this point are virtualy the same. The left are as big of liars as the right.

          • jvaljon1

            I keep asking where you’re from, joeham1, because although you do talk a good game about “it’s both of their (BOTH parties, not just the Republicans) faults”—I don’t remember seeing you on any of these boards, when YOUR PRECIOUS BUSH and his Rethugs, were riding high and leading this country into its Second Great Depression!

      • disqus_9i6pUJ4xMT

        Because the Republicans are not for the middle class or poor, that is why they are creeps. And they did do a rigging of the states and got away with it and the people are two stupid to see what the Republican did, will do in the future.

        • joeham1

          The dems aren’t for the middle class or the poor! Wake the heck up! look at the inner cities! for over 40 years they have been ran by the democrats. In that time they have promised a better life and prosperity. However, like the republicans they are so corrupt the only ones that do better are the Politicians!

          Ask anyone form the inner city…It never gets better. They know that education, jobs, poverty continually get worse and more and more money is taken and spent.

          You Obama minions need to wake up and see that his speeches and blaming others and his spending and healthcare bill are all a way to make you believe in fairy tales!

          • disqus_9i6pUJ4xMT

            And the Republican are for the middle class and poor I don’t think so Skippy. If they were for the middle class and poor why are they trying to kill everything for them. Also if I am not mistaking, that when the Republicans got the White House, they destroy the unions, why in my opinion that the unions was not going to do what they want them to do. When the unions was doing good, the economy was good, and when the unions are going down hill or getting faze out, the economy is going down hill. Because of the RTW law if a person get hired in and don’t pays dues, they will have to representation them to keep their jobs which is a bunch of bull. It is not fair to the people who pays the dues to get the protection and the ones who does not get the same representation.

          • joeham1

            When the Unions are down so is the economy? Where did you get that?

            HARD PROOF of the destruction the unions cause is California. That state has towns and cities going broke because the greedy Union pensions can’t be paid.

            SOME UNIONS are good however, they are the number 1 reason jobs get shipped over seas! If companies can’t compete they shut down.

            Hostess is the best example. Some morons will say the greedy management caused the demise of Hostess. Did you know that Twinkies and Wonder bread weren’t allowed on the same truck because of the union?

            Get educated then post!

      • You are absolutely priceless with your rhetoric.

        “What do you call the President when he goes against the constitution” when President Obama IS a Constitutional Lawyer that taught Constitutional Law!!

        Priceless, absolutely priceless. You are a dolt Joe!

        • joeham1

          Katrina are you Kidding? He is absolutely violating the constitution. But because he is a contitutional lawyer it’s OK? What are you trying to say?

          When he told 1.7 ilegal aliens he would not uphold the immigration laws he violated his oath of office and the constitution! Can’t you see that? Has your love for him made you that blind?

          Why is it you puppets not only don’t care about the damage he causes, but you aren’t smart enough to see that the democrats and the republicans are out of control. The President and publications like the National Memo have made you retarded!

          • As I said Joe, you are a dolt. Unless you are Native American, as I am BTW, (best known as the Lenápe, Lenapi, Lenni Lenape Delaware Tribe), then all other peoples in this country are immigrants. I don’t believe any human on this planet is “illegal”, only acts against the law are illegal.

            I believe in treating all people equally, & immigration laws need to be reformed. And that is exactly our President’s strategy. I am no puppet, nor sheeple, nor a worshiper just to be clear. I do not agree with everything our President does, just like I don’t agree with everything anyone else on this planet does 100%, but the man is very intelligent & smart. He does have a strategy.

            People need to stop judging, & start using their critical thinking skills, if they possess any, to realize how to read between the lines on certain issues that are put forth. The exact same strategy Obama used about Chained CPI. He knew it was a lose lose for the Republicans. No way were they going to agree on any of these cuts, which they have admitted to.

            Since you seem to not be keeping up Joe,& that makes you retarded, here’s some enlightenment.

            “The 1983 Strategy Behind Today’s Social Security Cuts”

            EXCERPT: The 1983 “Leninist Strategy” Plan To Privatize Social Security

            “In 1983 a couple of conservative “think tanks” developed a step-by-step plan to privatize Social Security, for the benefit of “the banking industry and other business groups.” The plan describes a strategy to convince people that Social Security is going broke and that it is a “Ponzi scheme,” to undermine confidence in the program and lead people to accept that it needs “reform.” The plan outlines methods to “neutralize” opposition. The plan involves a smokescreen strategy of saying things to distract people from seeing what they are doing.

            This strategy for attacking Social Security was spelled out in a 1983 document from the Cato Institute (previously named the Koch Foundation), with Heritage Foundation input. You can read the original document for yourself, it is titled Achieving A Leninist Strategy. Please, if you have time, read the entire document (in particular the section “Weakening the Opposition”) to understand the strategy that has been unfolding in the years since…”


            And then please read this article for a clearer understanding to Obama’s strategy, “Obama Called Their Bluff: Republicans Admit They Are Too Scared to Cut Social Security”


            Now tell me again how I’m retarded & a puppet, since I read approximately 30 different news sources, including right wing, to stay up to date on what is spewing from both sides.

  • The only way to stop the losers from getting the upper hand is to elect as many Democrats as possible in 2014. Otherwise, future presidential elections may be at risk.

    • sigrid28

      Democrats in the House have to be told by constituents to be more aggressive about getting around the Hastert rule so the House can pass legislation in a bipartisan way. They can demand that votes be recorded ALL THE TIME, so constituents can see exactly how a representative voted while in office. Gerrymandering won’t be a problem if these GOP extremists bring down the economy worldwide, as voters will no doubt turn on them. They may have to be standing in breadlines and taking day jobs to make ends meet before they realize how badly they have been used by the wealthy benefactors of the Republican party.

      • joeham1

        If the dems stay in power more than 4 year the deficit will be over 25 trillion! When Obama claims a third term you uninformed anti constitutionalists will still blame everyone except whose to blame!

        Whatever the National Obama Memo tells you, you puppets believe!

        • why don’t you and all you ass-holes dick-head conservatives go fuck your selfs shit for brains because we will stop you son of bitchs when we go to the people and let them know what theses cheating ass-holes are really doing and you mother-fuckers will lose aging you dickhead joeam1. oh and by the way they will fuck you too.

          • joeham1

            Wow, aren’t you a vile little hillbilly! lol..Spell much? Obviously the last 4 years of broken promises, lying, cheating, and blaming everyone for his miserable failures has slipped by your less than observant radiacal one sided mind! It’s ok though..don’t debate just hate!

          • Troll, flamer, Limbaugh lover!!

          • joeham1

            That’s cute. What are like an 12 year old? When you have nothing to say just act like a child!

        • then why is your stupid ass on here the klan is on the red page ass-hole why don’t your stupid ass go there.

          • joeham1

            Yvette I understand you have some mental issues…It’s Ok…If it helps you to hate what you couldn’t possibly understand than I’m here for you.

            Have you tried seeking help? Your in the Klan? Why?

        • Diogenes67

          Yada, yada, yada…

          • joeham1

            That’s it? Yada Yada? so.. 25 trillion is OK with you? The fair and balanced approach lie is Ok with you?

            You National Obama memo puppets are the clueless of the world!

          • The 25 trillion number is pure fiction friend. Check the real numbers that are available if you bother to look.

          • joeham1

            The real numbers Lynda, are 26.6 trillion by 2022….(CBO JAN 4 2013) I realize Lynda, your not very good at research and I also realize that even with the facts smacking you in the face you will still be duped by the left!!!

          • Diogenes67

            Throw in another yada.

          • joeham1

            Good answer to my question!

          • disqus_9i6pUJ4xMT

            And you Republicans jerks is not for the middle class or poor, just for your rich buddies. I rather take Democrats over Republican any old time. And by the way the economy is coming back slowly, Obama had to fix what Bush started.

          • joeham1

            What exactly did he do to “fix” what Bush started? Since all of Obama’s buddies are rich and since he is owned by the unions and hollywood elites. Don’t you realize you have been fooled?

            What you Obama minions don’t realize is he is no better than the republicans. What he is better at is blaming everyone for his own failures and making his minions believe he’s different then the rest of the criminals!

        • then why is your stupid ass on here the klan is on foxnewspage why don’t your dum-as go there.

          • joeham1

            Still going with the big words huh? The way you hate so much is really kinda cute!! lol

            Can I recommend spelling lessons for you?

          • The first 10 trillion dollars of this was created by your stupid repuke BUSH , who stole the election , and the majority of it is still because of his policies that unfortunately Obama had to keep in order to not trash our country like Bush was trying to do . Had the tax break not gone into effect in the first place the bills would never have gotten this big. Bush didn’t cut spending in any way what so ever in order to pay for those tax breaks putting the US in a hole but that didn’t matter to the stupid repukes while he was in office but now that a Democrat is in office and has to clean up his stupid mess Obama gets all the blame.

          • joeham1

            Wow…ignorance is bliss. Another hater! Obama has trained you well. He gets you to hate the repubs and therefore his out of control spending turns into fixing what Bush did! Understand this retard: Bush was a crazy spending fool…Obama is also a crazy spending fool! BUSH raised the deficit a crazy 4.8 trillion in 8 years….Obama has managed 5.6 trillion in 4 years.

            So here is the question for you if your not in to much of a rage to answer.

            In 4 years when the economy is worse than it is now, who will you blame? Will you be like Obama and blame everyone but him? Will you realize you have been duped? Or will the confusion be to much for you to handle?

            I know you won’t answer the question because you might have to Blame you know who!

          • jvaljon1

            Obama had nothing to do with 9/11. That was another ‘winner’ (NOT!) by Your Precious Bush—who, UNLIKE his predecessor President Clinton—IGNORED ALL WARNINGS THAT ‘SOMETHING BIG’ WAS GOING TO HIT AMERICA IN THE NEAR FUTURE!!!

            (Even BUSH couldn’t have been THAT stupid! That’s why so many people think that he was in on 9/11. Once the oil/Iraq connection came out [Kirkuk] I sure can see, why people would think that…)

          • joeham1

            Who said Obama had something to do with 9/11? Let the Bush thing go already! He’s certainly not my precious anything! He’s an ass like Obama! Answer my previous question

          • Reddiaperbaby

            This is an exercise in futility and the whole back-and-forth is extremely annoying, not to say boring. No one on this page will ever agree with you, mostly because you’re a Rethuglican apologist and you might as well STFU and take your stupid posts to a site that might be more appreciative of your right-wing and racist hatefulness. Goodbye!

          • joeham1

            Racist? Kiss my ass. You may be racist, I’m not. What the heck is a rethuglican? Is that your 12 year old way to make fun of the other party?

            I’m not here to here to please a moron like you. You believe what you want. Your obviously a puppet drone.

          • Reddiaperbaby

            What part of good-bye don’t you understand, scumbag?

            Sent from my iPad

          • joeham1

            Hey retard, are you really that stupid? GET OFF THIS SITE NOW!!!! lol

          • jvaljon1

            And–lest anyone FORGET—-back in 2001, Bush was planning the TAX CUTS FOR THE SUPER WEALTHY that he would enact, before the end of 2001! Given that the US Supreme Court ratified that end-run around the vote, that gave us Bush Jr—-as soon as he was declared President, in March of that year—WE THE MIDDLE have been paying TAXES FOR THE RICH, from that moment on.

            Of course, with 9/11 that very September; Bush’s Iraq and Afghanistan perversions, it took us all a while to find out just how badly we’d been screwed by the Dirtbag Millenial Republicans. I make that distinction because, BEFORE 2000, the Republicans were slime, yeah—but not the totally disgusting POS’s that that party’s turned into, under the tutelage of Rove & Co.

          • joeham1

            Your stupid enough to believe what you say. The first 10 trillion are Bushes? Wake the f up dumb ass

        • jvaljon1

          Did you ever think, Joeham1, that Obama wouldn’t WIN a third term? On the basis that the Republicans REFUSED TO WORK WITH HIM in his FIRST TERM, so we had to get enough Democrats in the House and Senate to pass his proposals at all!

          In fact a third term for Democrats following Republican disaster years, should be de rigeur—-after all, it takes a lot of time to take out the political garbage as it would, any other kind. Especially when Republicans are such NASTY pieces of garbage!

          • TZToronto

            There doesn’t appear to anyone in the GOP who has enough smarts to keep from sticking his/her foot in his/her mouth, over and over again. I doubt that any Republican will be residing in the White House for a long, long time. What’s available now is ignorant, self-serving, anti-intellectual, and just plain mean-spirited. And what passed for a President the last time a Republican was in the White House put the country into a deep, deep hole that will take years to crawl out of. The hole was there when Obama became President, so don’t try to blame the economic mess on him. And there’s no Republican among the likely suspects who has a hope of doing anything with the economy other than making it worse. The only hope America has of getting healthy is for Democrats to have a majority in both houses and a President in the White House.

          • joeham1

            I know that you heard they wouldn’t work with him. But, Did you know that the democrats had 2 years (2009 and 2010) with a super majority? They could have passed ANYTHING they wanted. Like maybe a budget! No they decided to pass Obama care without any regard to the contents or what it will do to medical costs. I know that you puppets don’t want to hear anything negative about your ruler, but those are the facts.

            Please answer this question: If they passed the healthcare bill with tort reform and allowed people to purchase insurance across state lines…Would it then really be the affordable health care plan?

            Did it bother you that the “Balanced Approach” to cutting the deficit included 660 billion in tax increases and 4 trillion in NEW deficit spending? If you actually answer the questions you may not be just a hack!

          • The Democratic Party did not have a two year majority. You’ve been fed a pack of lies my friend. Have you ever heard of Scott Brown? If you check into the Congressional Record you will see the Demo’s only had the 60 proof majority required to move anything along in the Senate for a matter of a few months. I hate to burst your bubble, but I must. Here is the info from the source.

            Jan 20, 2009 there were 55 D’s and 2 I’s: Ttl 57 Kennedy ill, results of Minn seat still contested.

            Apr 28, 2009 there were 56 D’s and 2 I’s: Ttl 58 Spector switched parties, Kennedy still ill and Minn contested

            May 15, 2009 there are 56 D’s and 2 I’s: Ttl 58 Kennedy still ill and Minn contested

            June 2009 there are 57 D’s and 2 I’s: Ttl 59 Kennedy cast health care vote, Byrd in hospitcal, Minn still contested

            July 7, 2009 there are 56 D’s and 2 I’s: Ttl 58 Franken sworn-in, Kennedy and Byrd still out ill.

            July 21, 2009 there are 57 D’s and 2I’s: Ttl 59 Byrd returned to Senate, Kennedy still out ill

            Aug 25, 2009 there are 57 D’s and 2 I’s: Ttl 59 Kennedy died.

            Sep 24, 2009 there are 58 D’s and 2 I’s: Ttl 60 Kirk appointed to fill Kennedy seat

            Feb 4, 2010 there are 57 D’s and 2 I’s: Ttl 59 Republican Brown elected to Kennedy’s seat.

            Democrats had a 60 seat majority from Sep 9, 2009 to Feb 4, 2010 which by anyones math is 4months not 2 years.

            I gets even worse: Of the possible 94 legislative days during the brief period, the Senate was in session 67 days and House for only 54.

            Facts do matter when you are making an argument. Try using some next time.

          • joeham1

            Lynda again your love for the beast has made you sound rediculous. They ran the house and senate from 2006 to 2010. They had a super majority. They could of passed anything they wanted…ANYTHING!!!! AM I CORRECT? YES!!!!! Your nutty comment about they only had it 67 days Blah Blah…You missed the point!

            I will type it slowly for you: During the time they had a super majority they could have passed anything they wanted!

            Please comment on the rest of my last post!! I know it may be above your head but please give it a try! The Balanced approach or Obama care…Take your pick!

            I want to see if your hate for the right has made you blind to the deceipt of the left!

            You nut bags have to realize that both parties suck! NONE of them are looking out for us! The left has made you hate the right so much, you have become blinded by BS!

          • And your hate of the left makes you absolutely no better. Obviously you do not know how to read or do the math. Everything Lynda posted is absolutely correct. Go back & read it again. OBAMA never had the majority except for about 54 days! You really have some nerve talking about blinded when yours is so crystal.

          • joeham1

            I don’t hate the left. I’m KNOW for a fact that the left is no better then the right. What Lynda wrote is wrong. She wrote from the August CBO report which was an estimate based on assumptions that have drastically changed because of the nutty spending by Obama and the fiscal cliff deal.

            Read the Jan 4th 2013 CBO report. The deficit in 2013 will be at least 1.4 trillion! The deficit will be 26.6 trillion in 10 years. Stop being a hack and read Katrina!

            My point with Lynda and Morons like you is that they had a super majority and they could have passed anything they wanted! All they needed was one week with a super majority! But somehow since they didn’t have a full 2 years you minions excuse them from not acting.

          • jvaljon1

            Thanks, Lynda! Could not have said it better, myself! Wasted on the morons BUT if the young people are reading this thread, you’ll have done a ton of good with it!

          • disqus_9i6pUJ4xMT

            As I said, the only way Obama can get another term if we are in a all out war, like WW1, WW2

        • Are you aware that the size of the deficit has been going down? Over $300 billion has already be reduced from the annual deficit of a couple of years ago. The CBO projects that the deficit for fiscal 2013 will come in at about $641 billion, which is $487 billion less than 2012. Keep it real please and check the sources yourself. As to the 3rd term claim you need to put down the crack pipe and return to reality friend.

          • joeham1

            Lynda, come on be truthful!! Your numbers of course are from the August CBO report which made a lot of assumtions like: all the tax cuts would expire and no new spending would occur! As always with Obama spending is up and as it is in this the fiscal cliff deal spending is way up.

            (Jan 4th CBO Report) The estimated 2013 budget deficit is 1.4 trillion plus! ( There are to many factors to mention that could make it more) The first 3 months of fiscal year 2013 already adds $290 Billion in deficits. …February 4th the CBO will try and give us a better picture of how big of a hole this president is putting us in.

            As far as the third term is concerned, don’t put it past this President. His recent bypass of congress with Presidential orders, his disregard for the constitution, and his history of hiding the truth, and lack of transparency makes me convinced his power grabs have just begun.

            LET ME MAKE SOMETHING CLEAR TO HIS MINIONS. Both parties are corrupt to the point of extreme danger. The republicans are no better and certainly no worse. I know most of you Natioanl Memo readers are either morally bankrupt or completely brainwashed by the Left. Your hate for the right has made you blind to the deceipt of the left. The real facts are out there for you to see. Listen carefully to both sides. Then and only then can you have a real idea of what’s going on

          • Say what you want Faux News worshiper. While neither party is totally blameless, the right will attack anything that lives & walks. Oh, except for zygotes.

          • jvaljon1

            Be honest, joeham1, if I’m not asking too much: you keep saying that “there’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats”—-but if you can name me anything as vile from Democrats, as the things that happened during the Bush presidency, I’d be more inclined perhaps to at least listen to you.

          • joeham1

            The most vile thing that happened during the Bush Presidency was Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. They knew but hid the problems with Fannie and Freddie. When The Bush admin came to them asking for an investigation 6 times they told the admin everything was fine. There are speeches from Barney frank. Over 10 trillion in peoples home values and savings was lost. In the mean time Chris Dodd and Barney were getting sweetheart deals from Fannie and Freddie. To make it worse, Barney Frank ran his re election campaign on cleaning it up! I’m 53 and that is the biggest crime on the american people ever!

            Unfortunately the media did not report on what caused the collapse except blaming wallstreet. Barney and Dodd kept pushing for more housing loans to people who couldn’t pay their mortgage!

        • disqus_9i6pUJ4xMT

          I beleive that a President can run for the Presidency after his two terms is over with. Because if there is a all out war like WW1 WW2 he can still stay in office until the war is over with. Everyone who want Obama out of the White House, for your sakes hope we don’t go to an all out war.

          • joeham1

            We have a 2 term limit. Do you understand the word limit? You may be dumb enough to believe a Preisident can run for a third term. With or without a war he wants to be king! He has puppets that would want that regardless of what he does to the country over the next 4 years! No matter what he does, you idiots will blame someone else

          • disqus_9i6pUJ4xMT

            Yes you are true unless there is a war against the United States. One president did serve 3 term Franklin D Roosevelt. He serve from March 4 , 1933 till April 12, 1945. Due to the Japaneses attack Pearl Harbor. He asked Congress and they voted for it. So see a President can serve 12 years. Look it up

          • joeham1

            My point is, the people that voted for him this second term have turned their back on all the unconstitutional thing he has done and all the bad decisions. (some of the results from his decisions are still playing out)

            He has been empowered to bypass congress and create laws based on nothing except his belief that “it’s the right thing to do”

            We won’t need a war for him to get a third term. We only need blind people that are either uninformed or people who hate the right so much that the left can do anything

      • Sorry sigrid28…they’ll be standing by their pools in their spacious back yards living off our hard earned cash….breadlines? that’s their cash flow from rich corporations and special interest groups.

        • sigrid28

          I was not clear. The majority of Republican voters–who come from the 98%–are the ones who would be standing in these breadlines. These low-information GOP voters may never realize that they have been duped by Republican leadership. Republican members of Congress, lobbyists, and millionaire backers–members of the 2% like the Koch brothers–could cause a world wide economic disaster by refusing to raise the debt ceiling. They would be completely insulated from its consequences by their extreme wealth, which was your point. My point was that Republicans who voted in extreme members of this Congress may be too naive to recognize how these representatives betray their trust and fail to honor their oath of office.

    • Future presidential elections ARE in danger. The 2012 electionfor the House of Representatives was determined by those same elections in 2010, when the Republicansmanaged to secure a majority in the House, which afforded them the opportunity to redraw voting lines based upon the changed demographics shown in the 2010 Census. This disaster led to a plethora of victories statewide for the Republicans, which led us to the disasters in Wisconsin and Michigan, even though those states went for Obama in 2012.

      • then why don’t we do some-thing robert lets start a web site to tell every-body what they are doing. can’t we stop them from doing this shit come on lets do this now.let me know what you think.

        • jvaljon1

          WE CAN DO THE SAME EXACT THING BACK TO THEM. We need to DEMAND that we gerrymander OUR districts—both to protect them from Republicans, and to stop the republicans from making any more gains. I think in some states we’re already starting to gerrymander our districts. That’ll stop these pieces of s#it.

          • jointerjohn

            Districts are reapportioned only following a census, we’re stuck with these lines until at least 2011.
            The best way to dash the republican party is to educate and encourage young voters coming of age. They are already disinclined to accept the republican message. Talk to the young ones, get them fired up about voting and the republicans will start losing within their custom-drawn districts.

      • jvaljon1

        And everybody thinks that Karl Rove just….went away!

    • Dominick Vila you are so right but what do we need to do to stop theses son of bitch pel write me back to tell me how to start a web site to let people know what is really going on.

    • Dominick tell me what we can do to stop them

      • Just get involved Yvette. Get the truth out there. Real facts, not made up lies like Faux News likes to tout. There are so many progressive websites & organizations you can’t help but get involved if you really, really want to.

        Just one suggestion, join the Coffee Party, listen to their blogtalk radio show. Do a search for them on Facebook. They have a lot of interesting ways, & grassroots organization that have all banded together. Like this weekend for instance there are many gathering all over the country to fight against Citizens United. We really need an Amendment to our Constitution to beat back that beast. Many politicians on both sides of the isle are fighting to get this Amendment on our Constitution passed.

      • docb

        Get them at their local offices as well as in DC..tell them where you stand..Opt eds work too and suggestions that their donors will be called makes them crazy..

        Calling 1-888-717-0911 will connect you automatically based on where you call from. You can also find Senate contact information here. Or call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (202-224-3542) or Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell ( 202-224-2541) directly, and tell them where you stand.

        1.866.311.3405 or 1.866.22-.0044

    • tlhe problem is you can’t get the democrats elected because of the gerrymandering, the states are set up in a way that only republlicans can get elected. So how would be able to fix this.

  • Fatwah on House RepubliCons.

  • SCREW House Unrepresentative!

  • Sorrysarah

    The republicians are just plain idiots, don’t they realize they are killing the party, which doesn’t much matter to me as they are only for themselves and the rich, This country does not need nor want them.

  • 426tt_64

    You have to hope that the teaparty sheep will get fed up with all the BS and Lies that they spread and vote Dem in 2014. I do believe that will happen in MI in the near future. They have turned it into a “workers lose their voice” state and the red sheep will be hurt by that also and wake up.

    • Replying to 426tt_64 –

      I certainly hope you are right. However, I have my doubts.

    • jvaljon1

      The red sheeple will NEVER wake up.

  • pangamut

    If we abolish the electoral college then gerrymandering would be rendered moot. One person, one vote.

    • BarbaraMI

      The Electoral College only affects presidential elections. Senate elections are also state-wide so gerrymandering doesn’t affect them. The problem is the definitions of the districts for the US House and the individual state house and senate districts that are subdivisions of the federal districts. Here in Ann Arbor MI, we used to have our own federal district. In 2000 the Republicans won and created a district comprised of most of (Democratic) Detroit plus a narrow finger that stretched across 40 miles to capture the part of Ann Arbor where our (Democratic) US Rep lived. Instead of 2 Democratic reps, we now have one.

      The state districts are subdivisions of the US districts so we now have a Republican-controlled House and Senate in our state government — and it is SO PROUD of being the country’s newest “freedom-to-work” state.

      • jvaljon1

        I’ve told people for the past four years that America is engaged in a WAR with a deadly and a determined ENEMY. But you know what? President Obama has shown himself to be SMARTER THAN ANY KARL ROVE could ever be. Barbara I did wonder how the Republicans captured an all-democratic state, but I have to tell you, they did it while you people weren’t looking. They did the same damn thing in TEXAS back in 1997—they started re-districting THEN, on the basis of what they knew the census would show, Texas used to be a solidly BLUE state and instead the dirtbags got in—-Tom DeLay even did time in jail for the crap that he did—and changed it. That’s howcome The Worst President Ever came from TX, back in 2000.

        All we have to do is to take what THEY do—and do it back and protect our new districts! We better…..and fast!

  • if it weren’t for that we would surely be in a big $$mess, may save us yet from the Demo’s

    • WhutHeSaid

      You mean somehow it will save the country from the hands-down kings of runaway spending — the Republicans? Since Republican Presidents ALWAYS outspend Democrats, we will need to elect a few more Democrats to the White House in order to completely clean up the financial mess created by the GOP — is that what you meant?

      • Hey Whut, remember that old saying: Republicans get into office to mess things up, Democrats get into office to straighten out their mess.

  • Bob_Bryant

    The simple answer is to move more Democrats into the GOP gerrymandered districts.

    • jvaljon1

      Remember President Obama’s “Cash For Clunkers”??? Couldn’t he use the same notion—-“Cash for Moving Into Red Districts”? A lot of Americans, thanks to Republicans, are living in their cars anyway. All they need is gas money, and they can move to a Red state, register as Democrats, and “Don’t Forget To Vote!”

      Be a hell of a fantastic revenge….with nothing at all illegal about it. In fact the Republicans are terrified of just that—-a fluid bunch of Republican-haters moving from place to place to thwart them because, what the hell, they’ve lost their homes and their lives, but they still have their cars, and with that gas money—? Hey—-I’D CONTRIBUTE!!!

  • And the exact opposite happened in my state, Illinois. Long time GOP districts were shifted to favor the Dems and we lost or will lose some very good Reps who served all Illinoisians. It happens all the time by both parties so quit trying to make this out as an evil ploy by the right to rule the world.

    • Also, I don’t see any House Dems in Illinois seeking to prevent this from happening again. Seems like the only ones who complain are the ones who came out on the short end … this time.

      • You are right, except you can’t explain how demo’s got most of the vote by 1.1 million and still lost the house by 33 seat.

  • LLPetersen1

    In today’s and tomorrow’s events, nothing will be getting done by our elected officials in Washington.
    Their too busy with “party stress” to be concerned about the business that took them to Congress to represent the people. Politic’s over-comes the voice of the people. But, we must all remember, we keep re-electiong most of the men and women in Congress so they just continue ” NO BUSINESS” as usual. We only have our selves to blame. The current leadership in Congress is the poorest representaion of the people I’ve experienced in my life-time. I’m old enough now that it’s not so inportant to me because I’ll be gone in 10 years from now. I will be looking down and watching the same distruction of our country and feeling bad for the children. What a mess. Take away lobby money from Senator’s and Congressmen and perhaps most of them wouldn’t have the mony to run for re-election.
    Both sides of the isle, the Senaor’s and Congressmen are not very honest with the people they represent and themselves. Your not going to stop the GOP from the re-districting campain, it’s legal.
    Larry L. Petersen

  • Looks like the unemployed need to move into the Red Districts and vote out RepubliCONS who are playing politics, instead of helping with job creation. Just a thought my fellow Democrats.

  • docb

    People in MI and WI..detest the repubs elected in their State…Cheaters never win in the long run…2014 will be the end of the baggers..maybe real repubs will get elected instead of the cheats! The more that is revealed the more they are hated!
    So Be IT!

    • DurdyDawg

      Unfortunately it’s the one’s who yell the loudest that gains the advantage and for the last 20 years the neocons have been yelling down at honest pubs to the point that they don’t really know what they are anymore. Imagine threatening your own people because their tired of honoring a decades old promise to a sick clown who isn’t even one of them. Pubs could gain a lot with us citizens if they’d kick the criminal element out of their party and begin to compromise with the Dems, as the Dems are willing as well, like they were voted in to do.. Fighting, filibustering and refusing to compromise with the opposition is not really hurting anyone but the helpless voting victims.. They (both) hurt this country while still drawing their obese pay checks and relishing in their outlandish pension plan.


    Paul Ryan lost the city of Janesville. He is also rep of several small cities and suburbs to the state line, near Milwaukee. He has not done one thing in congress for his constituents, except write personhood legislation with Akin. This gerimanderin needs to stop. It is not representative of the people. The republicans can’t win on their own so they work the system. We need a constitutional amendment. Now Walker, the republican gov wants to divy up electoral college votes based on district.

    • BarbaraMI

      And in 2018 and in 2020 so we’re in charge the next time the districts are redrawn!

  • The TURD PARTY is alive and well.

    Unfortunately, co-operation and compromise are not.

  • old_blu

    We all have to get out and vote in 2014 and vote Democrat, nothing else.

    • neeceoooo

      We can do it, we got Barack re-elected for another 4 years and that was against all the republicans thinking.

    • I totally agree. In 2014 we should go all the way.

  • THANK YOU!!!! Rep. Steve Cohen It’s about time someone steps up to the plate. I have been so depressed about the future of this country under GOP siege. This is a light at the end of the tunnel. My prayers are with you and this effort!

  • They want it both ways: Brag about winning the Gerrymanderting battle and then claim the People voted to keep the GOP in control of the House even though fewer Republicans won seats than Democrats

  • sweetcarol

    They do cheat but what is strange is that they brag about it. Would make more sense if they kept quiet about it. I heard them on TV back about the time of the previous election and they were bragging about the lies that were told prior to the elections. They talked about what they admired were the things on the internet as they couldn’t prove who put it out but they referred to a group in Texas. There were lies about Kerry and his election as far as the Swift boat protestors. I don’t know what all was lies but they said Kerry made a mistake in not responding to it to set out the truth. He didn’t believe people would believe it since he did get a medal for his actions. They said everyone has to defend themselves now from lies. They said that as an elections committee what they said had to have some truth in but could have other things not true but the things on the internet didn’t have to have anything true. I was appalled. It came on a late night tv interview. They were all Republicans and that is how they do at election time. I was shocked that they would get on there and laugh and brag about what they had done. They cheated a good man, Kerry, out of the election.

    • jvaljon1

      No, sweetcarol—-they cheated US out of a good President, back in 2004!

      • sweetcarol

        You are right as that was from Gerrymandering and from not counting ballots that should have been counted and the democratic vote was for Gore but the electoral vote was for Bush. I couldn’t believe that people could vote for him again, but I was wrong. The 4 years before was when they lied about Kerry and some people believed them. But Florida led by Jeb Bush sabotaged that election too.

      • I agree.

  • Putting elected officials in charge of defining the districts is very like having your hen-house designed by foxes.

  • They have done this in AZ for nearly 20 years which is why AZ is controlled by the GOP in a supermajority.

  • labman57

    Republicans apparently don’t believe that they can win on an even playing field, hence their increased dependence on gerrymandered redistricting efforts.

    It would be akin to an NFL team declaring that, when playing on their home turf, the opponent’s touchdowns count as 6 points, but their own scores are worth 8 points.
    Now let’s play, and may the better team win.

  • joeham1

    God help us if the lying left wing crazies get the house, senate and presidency! Even though The President already thinks he’s a king!

    • charleo1

      Typical Right Winger, aren’t you? We’ll take care of the fat cats, and corporations.
      God, and the Democrats can take care of everyone else. By the way, God’s son was
      a Lefty.

      • joeham1

        Charleo…you always say thing that aren’t true and that let’s everyone know how dumb you are! Jesus was not a lefty, All of Obama’s friends are fat cats and corporations! An example is (Warren Buffethalf of Wallstreet, GE, and most of the Hollywood rich people.

        Obama was raised on the Chicago way of acting like someone who cares but really only takes care of his buddies! You puppets need to realize this isn’t a democrat vs republican thing. It’s a lesser of 2 evils…. In 4 years you dumb asses haven’t figured out his agenda. You haven’t realized that he is the master of making idiots hate who he hates. He will continue to blame everyone but himself and then he will get morons to say those evil obstructionists Blah, Blah, Blah.

        There will come a time when the people of this country finally understand that NIETHER Party is looking out for anyone but themselves!

        • charleo1

          That’s your opinion. However, you don’t like Obama. I say tough. He’s the President.
          get used to it.. It’s quite apparent that people are just not that into Republicans anymore.
          But, if you’re so smart, why don’t you run for President? I’m sure you’re obnoxious enough.
          Limbaugh would love you! Then, you could tell everyone what complete idiots they are, and why you’re not.

          • joeham1

            your post makes you sound like a 12 year old. I don’t like Obama? He’s the President get used to it? What the hell does that have to do with what I said? Can’t you debate?

            Screw Limbaugh!! He’s arrogant and an ass! Both parties are corrupt to the point of extreme danger. Your hate for the right has made you blind to the deceipt of the left!

          • charleo1

            Can’t I debate? Sure I can. You call me stupid, and I find someone else to converse with.

          • joeham1

            You haven’t debated! All you have done repeated the democrats talking points. The problem with people on the National memo is they only beat up, call names,and repeat democrats talking points.

            BOTH parties are to blame for the mess were in. The democrats are equally responsible. The sad truth is they have convinced you and others on this site that they care or they are trying or whatever.

            Believe me I don’t want you to be stupid. I keep having people on this site tell me that the deficit is going down. Obama is improving things! The facts are the facts! In 2013 the deficit will be at least 1.4 trillion. The balanced approach to solving the deficit turned out to be only a tax increase, and 4 trillion in NEW deficits (CBO Report JAN 4 2013)

            All Obama’s friends are the rich people like the CEO of GE, (which by the way paid no federal taxes last year) Richard trumka, the hollywood elite. Yet all I hear from you people is the rupublicans don’t care about the middle class or the poor!

            The brain washed minions on this site are in la la land with their beliefs. When I ask simple questions like: The last time we had an assault weapons ban there was NO difference in the murder rate None…0 difference. Knowing that Is an assault rifle ban the answer. Some of you actually say yes!!!! It’s crazy….

            His Balanced approach to cutting the deficit raises the deficit. Are you Ok with that? wHO DO WE BLAME? bush?

            Obamas agenda and corruption is right out in the open for everyone to see, yet your blind! The republicans are no better, but geez this guy in dangerous!

          • charleo1

            You started the name calling pal. Why do waste your time with idiots? Like I said.
            You don’t like Obama, I think he’s one terrific guy. I’m glad as hell he got a second
            term. I think the Republican Party is broken, and the T Party is ignorant, and full
            of hate. I also know if government spending is cut like they claim they want, it
            would stall the economy, and increase the debt. Republicans won’t back off military
            spending, and I wouldn’t vote for a bunch of goons that think taxes are stealing, and
            we ought to cut off the school lunch program for poor kids, because the Country’s broke.
            So, the longer people with your mindset talk to me, the less you will like me, and
            I wouldn’t feel very good about myself, or have it any other way.

          • joeham1

            Well Charlio as usual you don’t debate. I gave you the facts from the CBO of what Obama is doing and you go off on another tangent.

            So, being a puppet is ok with you, and blaming the right for what the left is doing seems to work for you.

            The President lied when he said he wanted a balanced approach and your fine with that. The fiscal cliff deal adds 4 trillion more to an already dangerous deficit. (CBO Jan 4 2013 )

            The left has convinced a lot of simple minded people that despite the evidence, the right wants to feed the military and starve the children! They have also convinced you that cutting spending would hurt people. Despite the fact that if we don’t cut spending we all go down!

            I don’t like some of Obama’s policies. I have never met him so I can’t say I don’t like him.

            Stay blind sir! Good Luck!

          • joeham1, man, you’re right. The people on this site need to learn to be more patient of the mentally challenged. They have no patience for irrational thought or delusionary reasoning. It’s a damned shame! Let me be the first to apologize. But, you know, if you don’t say anything nobody would know you’re posting

          • joeham1

            When you give them facts they call msnbc and ask what they should say! The response is always…Bush!

  • Exactly. Instead of being about the business of America and moving the nation forward, Republican/Tea Bag/Yellow Dogs are about the business of staying in power to do damage to America and Americans. They are showing America who is actually dividing this country. We should have gotten them out in November, man! Now, we have to wait until 2014 to get rid of them. I tell you, they are dead weight! They put a drag on progress and waste all of our time in working to bring America forward from what could have become a devastating national depression which was generated by Republicans. Republican/Tea Bag/Yellow Dogs are like viruses, working within the body to wreck it from the inside out, like traitors and betrayers, selling out their country and their people for thirty pounds of silver. America should get rid of them once and for all.

  • we have to do some-thing about this but what these son of bitch’s are cheating aging no one voted them in but this is what they are telling people so they can think that they voted them in when they didn’t this is some bullshit we have got to get the word out to let people know what they are doing ever-body on here needs to start a web page to tell as many people as we can about we need to get the word out so come 2014 we can stop them right in their shit-hole some-body tell me what you think.

    • jvaljon1

      It isn’t cheating, Yvette—-redistricting is a perfectly legal process. What WE have to do, STARTING RIGHT NOW—-is to re-draw our OWN district lines whenever we win a Senate or a House race—-as we did, quite a few seats in both, last year. Now we have to re-draw our OWN lines, and perform the art of the Gerrymander against Republicans. There are seats in Congress and the Senate, where our own Gerrymandered districts would be a disaster for Republicans, and we had better identify and accomplish them, FAST.

  • kanawah

    The only way is to get rid of 1 or 2 right wing justices on the Supreme court, and then have gerrymandering declared unconstitutional.

    Another would be to put the assault rifles to use against the republicans.

  • Diogenes67


  • jvaljon1

    Republicans hope that WE never catch on to the miracle of the gerrymander. But this is one instance when we can certainly fight fire with fire. We’ve got progressives to protect in 2014, and our own districts to protect.

    I’m sick and tired of us complaining: “W-a-a-a-a! Big bad bully GERRYMANDERED THE HOUSE!” Yeah, of course he did, when you weren’t LOOKING! WE CAN DO THE SAME THING, AND THERE ARE WAY MORE OF US THAN THERE ARE OF THEM!!!!

  • In 2001 W came into office with a budget surplus and promptly rand up $10 trillion on the credit card. The POTUS rang up $6 trillion deficit with a bad economy. Do the math on who rang up bigger deficits.

  • DurdyDawg

    Even if it did pass, the pubs would sniff out yet another hidden loop hole.. after all, they are good at butt sniffing.

  • I’m pretty much done with this crap. The Republican party is clueless about what effects this country. They want ed war under george bush, they wanted an in to mineral resources in Iraq. They wanted their special interest groups to thrive, because that’s the elite that lines their everyday pockets. They want to point their chins in the sky over us all, even though they have proven they can outspend anyone, any party in the federal government. I watched the republican national convention. Talk about a lack of diversity in the crowd, I counted 15 black people in the room of ten thousand. Really?..Are they here for America? I don’t think so. Everyone has known the burden the baby boomers would cost social security and medicare., Even though we (the baby boomer)s have payed into the system for our working lives. The Republicans call our president a liar, a thief, a socialist, a deceiver, a non patriot, a person not born in America. Really? Isn’t this treasonous? The republican platform no longer represents reality in this world. They continue to indirectly show their resentment for our president…which is totally race motivated. Now they are waging a war against him because mentally challenged individuals are killing alot of innocent people and children using assault weapons. I personally believe this is another bait and switch move by the GOP. We should be arming ourselves against the GOP. If our elected “public servants”..used very loosely, want a raise, let the people of American tax payers decide whether it is deserved. Let’s make our elected public servants pay a greater share for their medical benefits and pay into their own pension plans without a match. Setting a minimum amount of years they must hold office…let’s say 22 years before they deserve a pension and life time benefits. After all that’s what they expect of every single working person in this country outside of the rich elitists that rule us.

  • charleo1

    Few things get me more riled up than hearing slobbering John Boehner claim he’s doing
    what the American public wants. As if there are thousands in the street outside his office
    demanding lower taxes for corporations. Especially the ones that use their sweetheart
    rates to finance their new factory in Sri Lanka. As if his mailbox is full everyday from
    Americans writing and requesting to please raise the retirement, and Medicare age to 70!
    And, while you’re doing what Americans want, why don’t we let Wall Street handle our
    Social Security? Them guys are real crackerjacks! And, he must be getting thousands of
    requests asking, isn’t there some way, Mr. Speaker, we could send our Medicare cards back, and instead of guaranteed benefits, we could get vouchers, and private insurance companies again? Well, that must be what Americans are telling him they want. Because that’s pretty much what he’s working on.

    • There are few things that rile me more than a politician who says, “The American People want…,” IF that politician is not representing the majority. Obama has the right to say, “The American People want…,” because he wont the election hands-down with both the popular and the electoral vote, but Boehner and McConnell surely do not!

  • jointerjohn

    This is what happens when a sleepy electorate lets assholes rig the deal against us.

    America, get your heads out of your asses and stop voting for the puke with the most TV Commercials. Turn off your addiction to empty-headed sports and so-called reality TV and start listening to real news.

    Organize your fellow workers into unions before these over-paid corporate lackeys starve us all to death.

    If you punch a timeclock and work for a paycheck and you are voting for republicans you are suicidal. Simple as that. It is no longer about abortion or gun control it is about your ability to feed your family.

    They want you to starve. It is part of their plan to put more money into rich people’s pockets and turn you into the impoverished underclass like in Mexico and Brazil.

  • What a great question. Perhaps if the opposition puts up credible folks in those districts and backs them with money some can be taken from the GOP. Perhaps an effort to educate the voters in those districts will also help Demo’s take some district seats. Maybe the crazies will get crazier still and chase away voters from their own districts. They’ve stacked the deck to make it harder and harder to send good folks to the House, but the Demo’s must fight back and not just let them get away with this nonsense.

  • Why do we the people need republicans anyway?I was one till last year.They take our our right to vote,debt crisis,stop womens health care.They keep working to take poor peoples food,money,and help big oil pollute our land.

  • snickers413

    Why even bring this up if theres no way around it? The whole article doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense if you don’t have an answer to the problem! Geeze, talk about being frustrated, thanks a lot!

  • GeorgeChipLeveto

    Here’s one for the democratic party, to read and understand, unlike “Anonymous”, my name is on my post, I love the fact “Anonymous” pretty much stands for the truth and protection of the American way of life. If you know me you know I supported Obama, Being retired I spent many hours pretty much destroying the lies the republican party was posting, and it was’nt only local , from Texas to Florida to California , there were very few states that the republicans were’nt posting on, were they went so did I, some of you will remember me by calling you Zombies, brain dead republicans. I hope it was’nt a mistake, I’m having a really hard time under standing his back turning on those that supported him, this gun issue has gone completely out of orbit,” we have foreigners like Piers Morgan thats stated the bible as well as our Constitution are” inherently flawed”: (Canada Free Press 12/29/12) this person isn’t even a citizen, then theres Senator Dianne Fienstien, who’s first anti assaultgun bill was based on her belief that anyone could purchase a fully automatic machine gun through the mail, she back on her broom again now she’s decided she can judge assault weapons from pictures, while she signed off on the detainee bill, if you don’t know what it is , try, you can disappear into a federal prison with no charges, no attorney, no-reason, for no specific amount of time. These are only some of the anti gunowners that apparently have the limelight, Fienstine totally against you or me anyone having any type of gun, and YES SHE CARRIES ONE. Take a closer look then you might realize why the NRA came about with the commerical about the armed guards at the kids school. It totally looks as though these TV freaks like Morgan are leading a parade to disarm every lawbidding American gunowner, its why he picks the people he does to smear on his show, the people easyest to stir into a frenzy.I’m posting this here to let the democrats, if you permit this to continue , you can expect losing seats come 2014..Why are you blasting away at the NRA? there at least 80 million gun owners in the US, why are you crucifying all of the gunowners? They had nothing to do with those murdered children, its everywhere, who’s fault it is, if that boys mother would have taken care of her portion of duty those babys would still be alive. Who closed all the mental facillities? I remember when those people were put in the street. Washington needs to worry more about our homeless our jobless our countries infrastructure..

  • GeorgeChipLeveto

    You think they were duped? See if this rings true, How many fortress do you know of being built in Iraq? Whos manning them? just saying with who’s paying the entire bill?

  • They did it here in PA> but the last I heard was that the state supreme court intervened because the districts were shaped like the letter U…it was amazing how they rigged the districts. I’ll have to find out what the end result was….

  • An they want people to respect and believe what they SAY..WoW!…these men are not leaders but thieves anyway you look at it.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    The GOP has been in trouble more than once in the past for gerrymandering that flew too close to the radar screen as redistricting electoral maps in their favor. The GOP just doesn’t learn.

    There’s more to GOP gerrymandering than just focusing on small local district elections. Doesn’t matter anyway, there isn’t a GOP candidate the country would vote for in 2016 except perhaps Chris Christie and he’s not the man Grover Norquist will push around. Nor, is he particularly partisan as some think. He is an ideologue but also tempers that with common sense and reason. Still, pit him against Hillary Clinton and he hasn’t a prayer.

  • nobsartist

    I am sure that Obama will figure out a way to cave into them on this also.

    All in the name of fairness.

  • which gave them the ability to redistrict a majority that will likely last until at least 2022./// well there is still a pray that the GOP get hit by lighting one at a time till the gov. is put on the right track for the ppl.

  • Shrapnel5

    It seems that this party can not win a real honest election, so they have no choice but to cheat. So perhaps the answer should be that they get better candidates that can produce some sane ideas that the American people can believe in and leave their fantasy world behind.

  • Democrats’ hopes of picking up a majority in 2014 are nearly nil without Obama on the ballot. Fifteen Democrats represent GOP-leaning districts. Only five Republicans represent districts Obama won./// well there still is a chance that the ppl. of the country see just how much the GOP ding-dongs are doing for the country and its ppl . or even better the ppl. can see just how much the GOP isnt doing for the country . with them out of their sits will only be a point where the country can move forward. The ppl. have to see that living in a dirty Bush era time dosent work or help the country . We need the good-o-days of a Clinton era time again when the country made 23 million jobs in 8 years . where even the rich got richer and the country was out of the red and didnt owe anyone anything . Maybe if that was to happen then the country could put money on schooling and teaching our next generation of children . think of this if all the money the country owe,s now was all from teaching our children the next generation . that would been better then spending money on wars that was not payed for on bad and wrong INFO. and if it was spent on the children,s teaching there,s more a chance of the money getting put back buy the children learning for the bettering of our country then a war . how can one get back money from a war ? this isn’t mid-evil times when a wars takes over another country and takes all thy have and then make them pay money all the time or thy will make another wars with them if thy don’ pay the money

  • the end of democracy as we know it, plain and simple, unless one oges to a pure popular vote, winner take all presidency – more votes than the other guy you win, otherwise electins will be more and more “rigged” in the future, plain and simple

  • The republicans can’t win unless they cheat. I don’t understand why they don’t understand the American public is not behind them and we think they are a bunch of liars and thieves!!!!! We need to oust these republican governors for a start and plan from there. The house does not represent us and we need to change that!!!!!!

    • marelbert

      Yes, start with the Governors!!!

  • ALTreality

    While I am NOT defending these shameless tactics by the GOP, gerrymandering has been abused by BOTH parties over the years. If the GOP is using this method to cheat, they certainly learned it from the Democrats, who have been guilty of doing the exact same thing is years past.

    This is why laws should be enacted to remove this redistricting process out of ALL partisan controls, and placed into neutral hands which will redraw these districts as needed, based upon the 10-year U.S. Census.

  • m8lsem

    What about Federal Court and the Fourteenth Amendment equal protection of the law clause?

  • Gerrymandering is one way to express “voter fraud” and Cheating is another.
    Republican candidates in the House received 1.1 million fewer votes than Democrats in the last election, yet maintained a 33-seat majority. In Michigan, Republican candidates lost by 240,000 votes, yet won 9 of 14 congressional seats.

  • bckrd1

    is there any way we can impeach Congress?

  • perhaps the justice department should look into this , so our election don’t look like something out of zembabwie

  • jointerjohn

    Sorry, I meant to type 2021, not 2011.

  • elw

    The boundaries of voting districts should be drawn by geographical area and population density. The whole purpose should be to ensure easy and quick and efficient access to voting mechanisms for the public not to get people elected. Anyone running for office should be forced to win on validity of their ideas and their appeal to the voter. Period.

  • jvaljon1

    I know that you meant to type 2021. BUT….if WE didn’t gerrymander our districts, say, in 2010—-can’t we use that to do a kind of “Oops, we didn’t do that back then, so now we’re doing it” end run?

  • Dina Smith

    When people admit their guilt, shouldn’t they be prosecuted? I know there’s a high threshold for bringing and successfully prosecuting gerrymandering cases, but when someone confesses, surely that threshold has been met.

  • radsenior


  • rlongon1

    While jvaljon1 is correct, it is not cheating, and Democrats have done in well in the past, especially in California, it makes the average American cynical. I would rather win an election by appealling to the majority of people that live in close proximity to me, than to win in a district that looks like a piece of art, and here, out west, means that I have to travel hundreds of miles to cover the district. While the independent redistricting commission hasn’t been perfect here in Arizona, it has come up with better results than I think that the Republicans in the Legislature would have come up with.

  • Happy2bback

    Shows you where their priorities lie. They have been chosen to show up and vote on issues that are important to all Americans yet they filibuster and make these electoral collage votes their priorities

  • Stop voting for [email protected] like Scott Walker and their wont be a problem.

  • 1standlastword

    Just have faith! This will turn on them and bite their asses like every single thing they’ve tried to do since they cheated and got us all Bushwacked.

    Nature, the fates and the majority of the people are all together aligned against the “r”epublicans

    If what I suggest isn’t true they act like it is…true

  • Jack_Kennedy

    ahhhh ………… the mooches looking for more of OUR money to pay THEIR bills


    They also did the gerrymandering in Utah! But it backfired bigtime in one Congressional race.

  • Democrats are re-drawing Illinois where 6 repblican seats will become democrat seats. It is OK when Democrats do it, just not when republicans do it.