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Thursday, October 27, 2016

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Let’s talk about the other speech.

Yes, Bill Clinton delivered a 48-minute stemwinder to the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night that was so mesmerizing even Republicans praised it. But after the huzzahs for Clinton fade, save a little nod of affirmation for Sister Simone Campbell, executive director of NETWORK, a Roman Catholic social justice group. She did not speak long — about seven minutes. Her delivery was not particularly powerful. But with the moral authority of her calling, she did something that has sorely needed doing for some weeks now.

She rebuked “I built that.”

Granted, the rebuke was only implicit: she never specifically mentioned the new GOP slogan of rugged individualism. But it was no less powerful for that.

As should be obvious to any fair observer, this latest spasm of feigned outrage is built upon a lie, i.e., that in a speech in Roanoke, Va., President Obama told business owners they did not build their businesses, that their success was not a product of their own initiative: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.”

What Obama actually said in 170 words or so is the same thing Martin Luther King used to say in four: “All life is interrelated.” So if you built a business, said Obama, part of its success is due to the fact that “there was a great teacher somewhere in your life” or that someone sacrificed to “create this unbelievable American system” that allowed you to thrive, or to the fact that “somebody invested in roads and bridges” over which your inventory traveled. Contrary to the GOP narrative, he didn’t deny the importance of initiative. “The point,” he said, “is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together.”

Of course, if it’s true Obama’s comment has been mischaracterized, it’s also true that, contrary to what an inarticulate ad lib and the Democratic spin machine would have you believe, Mitt Romney doesn’t “enjoy firing people.” No surprise there. Building mountain ranges out of sand grains is part and parcel of politics.

  • Sister Simone’s, Elizabeth Warren’s and Sandra Fluke’s speeches were among the most eloquent and objective delivered during the DNC. Their focus on humanity and the need to help one another contrasts with the impersonal speeches, focus on wealth and gree, lack of compassion and empty rhetoric that dominated the entire Republican convention in Tampa.

    • YepThatTell

      Amen to that.

    • onedonewong

      Gee no mention that warren made hundreds of thousands by flipping bankrupt homes in OK, that she stole $50 Million from the taxpayers in her federal job. Now that’s some one we can all respect.
      And every where you go on the Georgetown campus you’ll see guys wearing the SF pin. Which means that they tapped Sandra who is the campus pass around

      • old_blu

        Do you write for your blow up doll Rush, or does he write for you?

        • neece00

          Maybe it is one of those things like “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”.

        • onedonewong

          only blow up aficionado they we know for sure is Barak in college years the well know bisexual. Blacks as a group have the highest rate of homosexuality of any race hence their high ratio of AIDS

          • hey dick weed do us all a favor take a gun stick it where the sun dont shi9ne and have fun. one dong boy if your ok with what your saying show your mug never mind. we dont want the w.w.w to crash.oh yeah check your stat on that black thing.

          • onedonewong

            Sorry roddy my stats for blacks is 100% correct you must be one of those homo black guys

      • I really am asking God to forgive you for your ignorance. It is clear your family did not raise you to be mindful of other people. In time with age you will learn by living, the rights of others. I have taken lives in combat, I value life more now and the rights of other people. It would be easy for me to cut your throat, but then you would not learn to live with others,plus i am trying to lead by example. It would be nice if you could have some proof of all the lies that you just posted.

        • onedonewong

          Pleeeease a Democrat in combat that’s like swimming with cast iron shoes. As for your comment about God it was your party that Booooed when it was added back into the demorat platform.
          As for proof my posts are 99% accurate that’s why I’m here

      • Landsende

        There you go again with the allegations without any facts to back them up and in the case of Sandra Fluke your down right libelous. I’m sure you’d be outraged if someone called you a pedophile and even if proven untrue there were always those believed you were.

        • onedonewong

          All I’m relaying is what her reputation is on campus. That’s the reason why she was whining about BC pills. We do know that the only reason why Clinton spoke was he was assure Fluke would be sent to his room after

          • Landsende

            And you have a reputation as a pedophile and an idiot. See how easy it is to make allegations and ruin a reputation.

          • onedonewong

            Biden is the pedophile and Barak is the homosexual your confused

        • hey dong what the f did you build nothing .

      • progressiveandproud

        You republicans can’t stand it when an articulate, educated, democratic woman gains popularity can you? The moment that happens you immediately make baseless charges and try to tear down their reputations.

        You really are sad little people, aren’t you?

        • onedonewong

          Sorry she’s a socialist that wants to regulate everyone else’s life but hand off hers when she does even worse. She’s another one of “you didn’t build it crowd”

      • ps0rjl

        Yeah, a bunch of drunken frat boys who want everyone to think they had Sandra Fluke.

        • onedonewong

          he’s the georgetown punch card

      • Ed

        Spoken like a truly bitter, twisted personality. Could we see the evidence please?

        • onedonewong

          Lets see the flipping was in the press of course not covered by the State Run Media. He theft in her role as the consumer affairs founder is well documented. Just look at the budget approved by congress and what she spent.
          As for fluck just walk on campus

      • I really enjoy when these right wingers make outrageous statements without any reference to how these statements were made. Onedonewrong you made up that Sandra Fluke “bs” statement, there is no such pin. It’s a shame that you are such a pitiful person who has to resort to outright lies that you either made up ofr find on some website. Check your facts before you make such statements

        • onedonewong

          Obviously you haven’t been on campus and juts talking thru your govt purchased hat. If you were worried about lie then why did you watch the Dem convention?? Even when it was easier to tell the truth the Dem’s till lied

      • van

        You are, of course, insane.

        • onedonewong

          I agree she is insane just look at her when she talks she looks mentally imbalanced

  • Totally agree. From a partisan perspective, it is about time Dems started behaving like patriotic Americans, out loud, and overtly yelling USA, USA. For years we let a group of Repubs slander Dems as unamerican, unpatriotic, and sad unacceptable people who live on Government handouts. It is an old story: never true and if this stops before I die, I will be politically peaceful. The Sister was a beautiful addition to the convention.

    Sandra Fluke is a charming young lady who has her ducks in a row. She reminds me of my oldest son, who as a junior in college, went to an on campus industry day of recruiting graduating seniors and talked his way into a summer job with a large engineering corporation. He made very good money that summer and upon graduation they offered him a full time position. He accepted and as an undergraduate, was offered the most money of all graduates in the school. The girl has moxy and I imagine a career. The message she sent was ten fold: self reliance, standing up for what you believe in, taking the hits (and we will all agree she got hit hard), and following the script she laid out for herself. She is a shining example of why we should do everything we can in this country to nurture and protect our youngsters and why we should never consider making education an endeavor only for the folks with enough money on hand to send their children to universities. Let’s continue to fight for education.

  • montanabill

    Sister Campbell looks old enough to remember when we did take care of our own, without expecting the government to do it for us. There was a time when neighbors aided neighbors, but as our farm communities fell and small towns diminished, our churches are marginalized, our city neighborhoods turned into transient communities and war zones, those who feel guilty about the situation think that, somehow, government can create the nirvana they crave. It is totally irrational. In the end, like all civilizations before us, we will create a totally dictatorial government all by ourselves. And it won’t be nirvana.

    • tokoloshi27

      Your points are good but I would take your criticism of the current trend of our Government, a couple of steps further, based on a host of legal and administrative decisions. First responders and ‘social’ workers are responsible for helping our neighbors now. We can’t (unless we want to be sued) go back to the days where neighbors helped each other as a matter of course. Sister Campbell’s heart is in the right place, but we’ve lost Aunt Bee and now the neighbor business is on a (taxpayers) “payin’ basis”.

      • montanabill

        It is most unfortunate when even a passing doctor is afraid to provide help to an accident victim because of trial lawyers. In some of the states were I’ve lived, the last person you ever want to get help from is a ‘social worker’.
        I would still rather the country explore people to people aid rather than simply dumping problems onto a ‘benevolent government’.

  • onedonewong

    Of course as Ryan said Sister you didn’t build the Catholic faith and your a disgrace

    • Another_Cat

      Please explain how she is a disgrace, is she not adhering to the biblical cannons set forth by Christ?

      • onedonewong

        Nope she is for abortion and fails to adhere to the hierarchy that Jesus outlined

    • old_blu

      Are you crazy? Right or wrong why would you ever repeat anything that jack ass said?

      • onedonewong

        He has twice the IQ of biteeme and barak combined

    • progressiveandproud

      Your comment would probably carry more weight if you could learn punctuation and word usage.

      • onedonewong

        same for your post name

    • ryueire

      Someone should take you out of your misery, either you are truly an ignorant compassion less cesspool dipstick, or you like winding people up by making these statements that are unfounded and plain unkind, and you knowingly do it for your own laugh and to get attention.
      A bit of advice: shut up, breathe deeper, clear your head and maybe your testicles will grow to a normal size.

      • onedonewong

        Compassion less?? Its not me who thinks killing 1,000,000 babies a year is something we as a country should strive for. EVery post EVERYone is based on FACT. Your problem is you need to turn off the State Run Media and do your own research its amazing what you’ll find.
        It was your party that was Boooooooo God in the Dems plank, sick but normal for you folks

  • It was great to hear a Christian who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. She believes in feeding the poor and healing the sick not grabbing all I can for myself.

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