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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Part of the fun of living is trying new things and new foods, but don’t let your sense of adventure and your taste for raw and natural affect your health.  Some foods can actually be dangerous, even killers.  In Weird Food: The Most Dangerous Food You Can Eat, Conde Nast Traveler lists ten things you may not want in your fridge or your picnic basket, raw cashews and elderberries among them.

Photo: Peppysis via Flickr

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  • Independent1

    Admittedly, a lot of the foods listed here are dangerous to eat, and I’m sure there have been people who have died or been made very sick by eating them but many of them are very exotic and not foods that many people posting on the NM would be likely ot eat. It’s my sense that ‘mushrooms’ should have been included in this list of the most dangerous foods to eat. Primarily because of the extensive varieties of them, some which look very close to ones that are eatable but unfortunately are deadly.

    Although I haven’t done any research on the subject, my guess is that more people die each year from eating a poisonous variety of mushroom, than probably any other food. We have mushrooms growing in our yard at the moment that look very much like the button mushrooms we had in a stir fry the other night; but not being an expert on mushrooms, eating them is the last thing may wife and I would think of trying (unfortunately, that’s not true for some folks).