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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Donald Trump has yet to complete the first week of his presidency, and already his worried aides are leaking all over him with unattributed quotes that depict the man as a childish ignoramus who spends too much time on Twitter and watching cable TV, and too little time on policy and governance. In other words, the same narcissistic, intellectually stunted clown whose election we warned against months ago.

What the torrent of leaks suggests is that those same worried aides — the GOP appartchiks who lie publicly on Trump’s behalf about voter fraud, the size of the Inauguration Day crowd on the National Mall, and scores of other topics — are now telling the truth “off the record” to the Washington reporters despised by their boss.

Seth Meyers takes “a closer look” at the weird fugue state of the White House, truly “unpresidented” (as Trump might tweet)  in the annals of any new administration. Scary and weird, but somehow still funny.

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15 responses to “#EndorseThis: Trump’s Worried Aides Leaking All Over His New Presidency”

  1. dbtheonly says:

    So how long until Trump calls for the Plumbers to fix the leaks?

    • says:

      the leaks in his B/S filled head needs a sewer hooked up to take the bif flopw of the B/S

    • Heidi Helen says:

      dbtheonly Nice Watergate reference — doesn’t look like many of those who replied caught that — perhaps another reason we shouldn’t be spending money on a stupid, ridiculous tremendously expensive wall — but put that money into our Puplic Schools, from Pre-school through University (and never let Betsy DeVos with in miles of The Dept. of Education — that’d be like putting Cruella DeVille in charge of a puppy pound filled with Dalmatian puppies.)

  2. says:

    DONNY DUMP before he is gone (wait a min. he is already pea brain gone ) but before he leaves he want to change name to the white house to the DUMPSTERS NUT HOUSE HOME SWEET HOME FOR HIM

  3. bobnstuff says:

    Didn’t anyone warn little Donny that watching to much TV will rot your brain. I guess it’s to late now.

  4. On another front of Trump’s evolving paranoid delusional episodes, we have a story suggesting how Trump got the notion that what he thought he saw during inauguration was an after-image of the following Women’s March that happened after the Inauguration. Donny was so distraught at the disparity in size between his inauguration and the size of crowds at the Women’s March, that his mind subconsciously tricked him into thinking a photo of a large crowd given him as a gift was the crowd for the Women’s March—not his inauguration.

    Refer to this for the humorous trick played on Trump by his own ego.

  5. says:

    ok people you tell me how close this truly is >> after WW 1 the Charlie Chaplin look alike Hitler was on the losing side at the start of his evil hateful racist sick ways . then the Chaplin clown got his evil ways put back together. forming the Nazi party and his swart sticker sign . putting together his nut house SS . GANG OF WACKO’s . and with that started his terror rage believing only what was in his own deranged head on the world with a WW2 . when he needed something or wanted something he went into other country’s beat them to nothing and then took every thing from those crushed country’s . (DOSE THIS SOUND LIKE ANYONE IN TODAYS TIME ? ) the 2017 HITLER is none other then DONNY DUMP himself . today’s 2017 rerun of the HITLER days ( when the DUMPSTER was ask at one time how he felt about people comparing him to Hitler he said it didn’t bother him im sure this surprise’s no one ) he talks in the same form of Hitler . wanting to block any and every thing the press says (because you know he hates the truth just as Hitler did .) today the DUMPSTERS staff is the SS his inner cycle.I guess one could see his Nazi party and or army would be his brain dead followers . he talks about (him and his SS staff talks about telling every one and trying to make all SHUT UP . he talks about going (BACK IN MIND YOU ) to Iraq and taking their oil . seems too scary that its his rise to the 3rd stance of HITLERS NAZI PARTY . 1ST ONE WAS WW1 2ND WW2 and now the (and his )3RD run at the cup DONNY DUMP THE DUMPSTER TERROT CLOWN SHOW IN THE WHITE HOUSE . if ever a time this country and the world needs the secret workings of the CIA to save all . all this is so close to what is being played out today and way to scary . with the DUMPSTER its worse then Hitler for if Hitler had NUKE’s I don’t believe we would have an earth today . surely at leas not one of today . who knows its said if Hitler got what he wanted we all would be specking German today .

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