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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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Former Reagan speechwriter/fan-fictionist Peggy Noonan is deeply, deeply pained by the “scandals” surrounding President Obama.

“This IRS thing is something I’ve never seen in my lifetime,” she achingly whimpered on Meet the Press Sunday.

Well, Noonan must have been freebasing pure Reagan in the 80s if she doesn’t remember some of the other presidential scandals in her lifetime, points out The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart, who has been going after the president’s scandals himself.

What about the Reagan adminstration selling arms to Iran to illegally fund wars in Central America?

“Reagan had bad luck,” Noonan explains.

If you’re wondering why Peggy Noonan is still singsonging on television while constantly being defiantly wrong about everything, you’ll especially enjoy this.

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  • Sand_Cat

    Another Republican with highly selective memory and morality.

    • RobertCHastings

      There was a woman cinematographer who produced many extremely complementary films in Nazi Germany about Adolph Hitler. While her work was excellent cinematography, and before and after the Third Reich had come and gone she did much more excellent cinema, Hitler seemed to be her blind spot. Perhaps Noonan’s blind spot is Ronald Reagan.

      • Her name was Leni Riefenstahl. She was definitely in Hitler’s thrall, like millions of others in pre-war germany. However, she did make many statements about her faith in Hitler and his beliefs. Is that naivete or was she a true co-conspirator?

        • RobertCHastings

          She had a history in film in Germany prior to the ascendancy of Hitler, which gave her cinematic odes to him credibility. She is said to have claimed that she only filmed the truth as it was back then, which sort of muddies your question. One can easily go either way with her, although it appears up until her death in 2003 that she maintained many admirers.

  • elw

    Republicans has highly selective memory and highly selective pain. Peggy is acting, the truth is she would not be pained at all if she could find anything that is actually a scandal that would lead to the President, even if it would cause damage to the Country or anyone else. She also has selective ethics.

  • charleo1

    It’s only what we would expect of a radicalized GOP opposition. Where one
    man is held politically responsible for political reasons. For failures happening anywhere in a Government employing hundreds of thousands of civilians, military,
    and private companies with contracts to that Government. And although these
    so called scandals, happened to one degree or another on the watch of Presidents,
    beginning with George Washington. It is the hair on fire response by the nuttier
    by the day GOP, that brings shills like Noonan seemingly close to tears. That may
    convince some that these issues are of much greater import, than they actually
    are going to turn out to be. In the Iran Contra affair, Congress had refused to support sending arms to rebels fighting the Noregia regime. “Freedom Fighters,” Reagan called them, in a attempt to use the bully pulpit, (What Right Wingers are calling campaigning, when Obama does it.) to put pressure on Congress to resend legislation that made it unlawful to send munitions into Nicaragua. So, Congress had not only refused to fund weapons for the rebel army, they had forbidden it, by law. So, when a cargo plane, contracted by a private freight company out of Miami, full of munitions was shot down over the jungles of Nicaragua, and the pilot held captive, Ronald Reagan had a full blown scandal, of his own making, threatening to bring down his Presidency. Because, not only had he broken the law. He had supplied
    stinger missiles to Iran, who was, at the time, at war with our then ally Saddam Hussein. And still holding several hostages from Countries allied with the U.S.
    So, part of the deal with Iran, we weren’t supposed to be even talking to, was to
    release the remaining hostages they were holding. Which, when they got their
    missiles, they did. And, just to make sure, as many of our friends as possible wound up with egg on their face. He procured the illegal missiles, and the illegal, armaments from Israel. So, when finally cornered, the old Gipper, walked before
    the television cameras, gave the Country that Grandfatherly, smile, and oh shucks, demeanor, and delivered one of the piss, poorest mia culpas, in world history.
    “In my heart, I don’t believe I traded arms for hostages.” But the facts say otherwise.” And what would be the GOP’s reaction, if President Obama said, “In my heart, I thought it was the video, but the facts say otherwise?” Who believes this bunch would stop their incessant yammering, and clamoring for impeachment, and change their policy of complete obstruction, and get back to the Country’s business?

    • RobertCHastings

      Congress did more than just disapprove, they made it illegal. And yet Reagan and North proceeded. All too many apologists for Reagan have said that he was not fully aware of what he had done in Iran/Contra.
      Reagan was told by Oliver North (as was the rest of the nation) in the 80s that the most dangerous man on earth was Osama bin Laden, something they never followed through on. In 1981 the AIDS epidemic his this country and, true to his conservative roots: Reagan declared it a gay epidemic and the divine will of God – a stance he maintained until some of his wealthy donors contracted AIDS from tainted blood transfusions: while American military was on display outside Beirut Reagan did two things 1)did NOT retaliate over the bombing of a Marine barracks that killed over 100 US Marines (he eventually withdrew from the area), 2) with the entire leadership of Hezbollah on a hill above Beirut and the location within the sights and within range of US warships in the harbor, Reagan refused to pull the trigger. There is so much more.

      • charleo1

        Sure. His record on AIDS was all the more shameful, because
        his failure to address the growing epidemic, was a result of his
        bias aganist homosexuals. So, instead of listening to C Everett
        Coop, or the CDC, he let Jerry Falwell determine the Country’s
        policy on AIDS. But, I think Reagan’s true blind spot was eco-
        nomics. It’s really a shame, for the Country’s sake he wasn’t
        a better actor. Then, he might have been able to keep himself
        in the lifestyle to which he had grown accustomed. Without
        needing to get into politics for a paycheck, and impoverishing
        half the people in the U.S., before his second career, was over.
        If one were to trace the roots of how we came to be in our
        current situation. The genesis of the policies that would later
        come to poison the American Middle Class, is found in Reagan Economic doctrine. His draconian drug laws, have tarnished the
        records, and sent to prison, hundreds of thousands of Americans.
        Over less than an ounce of pot. Creating a system that in a few
        years, was bursting at the seams. Requiring tens of billions of
        dollars, that might have gone to education, research, or creating
        opportunities. To instead be squandered, building prisons to handle
        the overflow of Reagan’s, newly convicted, non violent pot users.
        But there is no doubt, in the legacy department, he has been as
        lucky as any President. Better than Kennedy. Even without the assassination. And he can thank George W. Bush, for most of it.
        A political organization, when it comes to their legends, is like a
        sports franchise. In that, they need heros, and icons, to attract fans.
        And since, George W. Bush is considered by the majority of
        Americans, and the majority of Republicans, too, to be the biggest
        buffoon to hold the office of President. Maybe ever. W’s Father
        might be a candidate for legendary Party Hood. But, he didn’t
        exactly set the hearts of the rank, and file on fire. Plus, his name
        is the same, of that name, to be spoken as little of as possible.
        So, it’s Reagan, by default, they fawn over. His single handed
        destruction of the Soviet Union. His unmatched ability to speak
        to the hearts of the People. There are still people working diligently
        to have his head carved on Mt. Rushmore! In fact, there is actually
        very little of the real Reagan left. Well, except, in the economy, and
        the bludgeoned, and bloody Middle Class.

        • RobertCHastings

          Well, Dulles International Airport in DC is now Reagan International, and isn’t there a USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier. I could see a Reagan Memorial Bathroom in the basement of the White House, but not the others. I had forgotten that he was the one whose Justice Department came up with the draconian drug penalties. Thanks for the reminder.

          • charleo1

            Google, “Things named after Reagan.” Yes, an air craft
            carrier. The hospital where they took him, when he got
            shot. Of course public buildings. Military training centers.
            Well, just think of anything. And there is probably one or
            two of them, named after Reagan.

          • RobertCHastings

            I honestly wonder if anything will be named after Obama, other than “Obamacare”,although, if it remains (like Medicare) it would be a fitting monument to any great president.

      • DanInAlabama

        While I agree with your take on Regan’s failings. I believe you are mistaken when you wrote” … Reagan was told by Oliver North (as
        was the rest of the nation) in the 80s that the most dangerous man on earth was
        Osama bin Laden…”.

        North actually testified about Abu Nidal, not
        Osama bin Laden. (snopesdotcom/rumors/north.asp)

        Oliver North is an odious
        piece of it, and the myth that he warned congress (and his oft claimed to be questioner- Senator Al Gore) about OBL in his Iran Contra testimony is just one of thousands and thousands of lies told by people of his ilk. (factcheckdotorg/2009/04/warned-about-bin-laden/)

        Sadly millions – some relying on “conventional
        wisdom” (I heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who) and
        others ignorant of history and too lazy to check facts
        because it comports with their politics – believe these liar’s complete and utter BS.

        • RobertCHastings

          Thanks for the heads-up. Abu Nidal did come on the scene much before OBL, which would make it much more likely that he was the one pointed out so early by North.

          • DanInAlabama

            Sometimes it helps to be old enough to have watched the Iran Contra hearings live:-)

          • RobertCHastings

            I was old enough, I just didn’t care that much about those things at the time.

  • Yuck, only a typical nutbag hypocrite gop would shamelessly go to the media and lie as if vids/pics/sound recording weren’t invented yet. she is a smarmy entitled special liar. I don’t trust one gop.

  • Landsende

    Jon Stewart is a master at showing the hypocrisy of politicians, pundits, and the news media…..maybe that’s why more people listen to his show for the truth rather than the hyperbole from the MSM or the lame stream media on the right.

  • Phil Johnson

    Old Bush the elder, Reagan’s VP, said he didn’t know anything about the Iran Contra deal. LTC Ollie North said Bush was in every meeting, and said if they tried to throw him under the bus, he’d take Reagan and Bush with him. Remember, Ollie just got a slap on the wrist so Reagan and Bush could save themselves. The GOP has selective memory.

  • Former President Reagan did not have bad luck, in fact, he was one of the luckiest President in history. I doubt any other president would have gotten away with pinning something as embarrassing as the Iran-Contra scandal on a Marine Lt. Colonel. His comment regarding an imminent invasion of the USA by Nicaraguan contras was so bizarre it does not even merit comment. The S&L debacle, influenced by deregulaton with a catastrophe. Trickle down economics required raising the debt ceiling 18 times. The effects of his decision to train, fund and provide weapons to the Mujahadeen – including OBL – during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan should be obvious to everyone. Te removal of Manuel Noriega, Panama’s president, from power on trumped up allegations. Funding death squads in El Salvador. And the list goes on.
    The only positivething I can say about him is that he was charismatic and had an uncanny abiliy to inspire people. Those are attributes that should not be taken lightly, if nothing else because they are the key to govern and lead successfully.

    • latebloomingrandma

      I could never get over the nagging feeling that someone in the Republican party (the money guys who control it) called central casting and said—-Give us someone who can play a great President already! And we got Reagan.

  • Allan Richardson

    I believe that Jimmy Carter would have been re-elected had not GHW Bush, a former CIA head, used his connections to contact Iran secretly BEFORE THE ELECTION with the deal that a Reagan administration would sell arms to Iran IF IRAN HELPED REAGAN GET ELECTED BY NOT RELEASING THE EMBASSY HOSTAGES TOO SOON. This was never investigated thoroughly enough to prove (and why would those who COMMITTED this crime WANT to investigate it?), but the proof was right there on the TV screen on January 20,1981: Reagan was being sworn in on the left side, the hostages were being released on the other!

    What could AMERICA led by Reagan offer Iran to release the hostages that AMERICA led by Carter could not? Obviously, illegal arms sales! So, while Reagan and Bush were still PRIVATE CITIZENS, they conducted ILLEGAL DIPLOMACY with a foreign government to THWART THE POLICIES of the REAL government, at the expense of the hostages, who would otherwise have been released SOONER, in order to OBTAIN power by deceiving America’s voters. This is the same kind of action as Jane Fonda getting chummy with Ho Chi Minh … EXCEPT that Jane Fonda was not running for President and did not offer Ho anything other than verbal support. Conservatives condemned Jane Fonda for life, but they ignored and condoned the WORSE crimes of the Reagan gang.

    • jarheadgene

      I sometimes hate having to admit to being a Republican for so many years…except to say I was STUPID. GHW was a “behind the scenes” thug since post WW2 for his daddy Prescott. And Prescott’s chosen boy Trickey Dick…NIXON that is…not the other Darth Dick. I believe someday “The Lord’s Day” ALL the truth will be laid out before ALL to see. And those thought High and Mighty, will be ashamed for what they have done to hurt America and Americans ….all in the name of greed and power. That includes the “Sainted” Ronald Reagan. I served under Carter and Reagan. In retrospect….I’ll take Carter. Carter will bear no shame before GOD !