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2016 Poll: Clinton Would Crush Rubio Among Hispanic Voters

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2016 Poll: Clinton Would Crush Rubio Among Hispanic Voters


A Quinnipiac poll released Thursday further disputes the notion that Florida senator Marco Rubio can turn around the GOP’s sinking numbers among Hispanic voters, raising serious questions about the party’s hopes of winning a competitive share of the nation’s fastest-growing demographic group.

The poll confirms that Hillary Clinton would be the overwhelming favorite in the 2016 campaign if she chooses to run. Clinton leads New Jersey governor Chris Christie 45 to 37 percent, Wisconsin representative Paul Ryan 50 to 38 percent, and Rubio 50 to 34 percent.

Most interestingly, Clinton is dominating Rubio among Hispanic voters. The poll finds Clinton clobbering Rubio 60 to 24 percent within the crucial demographic — better than her totals among any other group aside from African-Americans.

The poll suggests that Rubio is just not that popular among Hispanic voters. This isn’t the first survey to reach such a conclusion; a PPP poll taken around Election Day, for example, found Rubio’s approval spread among Hispanics at a dismal 24 to 42 percent. That number not only trailed every Democrat tested, but also several of Rubio’s fellow Republicans.

The findings present a serious problem for Republicans who are banking on Rubio to unilaterally solve their party’s problems with Hispanic voters. Those who expect Hispanics to flock to Rubio simply because he is of Cuban descent severely underestimate the cultural differences within the Hispanic and Latino diaspora. And those who hope that Rubio’s newfound support for progressive immigration measures will make all the difference are oversimplifying Hispanic voters’ motivations. Far from being one-issue voters, polling has shown that Hispanics are motivated by a wide range of socioeconomic issues — and their views tend to align with Democrats over Republicans on almost all of them.

With this in mind, Rubio’s continued appeals to the GOP’s right wing seem likely to worsen his problems with Hispanic voters. Promising to block a temporary spending bill that keeps the government running through September unless the government defunds Obamacare may make for a good headline, but it hardly differentiates Rubio from other Republican politicians whom Hispanic voters have repeatedly rejected.

Ultimately, unless the Republican Party makes some significant changes to its platform before 2016, Rubio’s chances of becoming the party’s “savior” seem incredibly long.

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.com

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Daniel Jones March 8, 2013

    The man’s an Uncle Jose in the eyes of many Hispanics, what do you expect?

    (If that is confusing, read *Uncle Tom’s Cabin*, or E-mail Leonard Pitts and ask him what a “Tom” is.)

    1. Germansmith March 9, 2013

      Hispanics were not brought to this country in slave ships and generations later are STILL all hang up about it (read Leonard Pitts if you will). That is why you see a big difference between American blacks and Jamaicans or other Caribbean blacks who work their butt off to make a success of their lifes .
      Hispanics jump into the ship, or raft or cross the river out our own free will and we will work and fight for what is fair.

      Do not Uncle Jose us. Rubio speaks for those Hispanics that have attained an education, worked hard and are taxpayers…there are many voices among Hispanics and ALL deserve to be heard

      1. Marysol Velez March 9, 2013

        Rubio is speaking for the Cubans only! I live in Miami and Rubio, Ros Lethinen and the Diaz-Balart agendas is only Cuba.

        1. Germansmith March 9, 2013


          And because all about 200K of us Cubans (not all of them Republicans) are so POWERFUL we got him elected US Senator in an State of Florida with about 12 millions registered voters (a mayority is registered as Democrats)

          You must be a pretty woman

          1. WhutHeSaid March 10, 2013

            Hey — everyone makes a mistake now and then. Voters in Florida will eventually correct their mistake electing Rubio just like they did with that other hot-air-bag Allen West.

  2. bpai99 March 9, 2013

    The GOP still doesn’t get it. However, that won’t matter if the GOP is sufficiently successful at:

    a)suppressing the votes of minority and young voters
    b)changing the electoral vote allocation in the states where doing so would benefit the GOP, and blocking efforts to do so in states where it would not

    If you can’t win the game fairly, that doesn’t mean you can’t win. The GOP knows that.

  3. ORAXX March 9, 2013

    Rubio won’t gain the support of his fellow hispanics by advocating policies that only benifit wealthy old white people.

    1. patuxant March 9, 2013

      How precise that is! My question is why does he align himself with these people? They have not done him or his people any favors. What am I missing here? He is not a capitalist, not an entrepreneur, or anything of the sort (unless I am missing something). What is his gig?

      1. darkagesbegin March 9, 2013

        for the same reason willie horton robbed banks; that is where the money is. The wingnuts advocate these policies because that is what their rich funders want them to do.

  4. johninPCFL March 9, 2013

    Marco speaks for the oppressed Hispanic minority? Really? Do they miss the point where there are NO illegal Cuban immigrants? Marco is as familiar with Hispanic immigration issues as he is with Lebanese issues: not at all.

    1. Germansmith March 9, 2013

      Please remove your pink glasses and see the truth

      That statement sounds as idiotic as saying McCain knows nothing of military or torture issues.

      I believe you are probably smarter that that

      1. johninPCFL March 9, 2013

        Marco knows nothing firsthand about the majority of Hispanics. Cubans are subject to “wet foot, dry foot” which allows any Cuban making landfall to walk straight to the front of the immigration line. No one in his past was illegal, or waited to get a visa, or had any difficulties getting citizenship.
        Marco’s parents (contrary to his website) left Cuba while Batista was President using visas, allowing Marco US citizenship (anchorbaby?) without any mess or fuss.

        1. easton March 9, 2013

          I don’t know what the visa requirements were for the pre Castro past of his parents so not sure if you can claim that the didn’t wait to get a visa, unless you are privy to what they went through, but the rest of your point post Castro holds. He is Cubano, their interests are markedly different than Mexicans, as though are very different from the interests of Puerto Ricans who are American citizens by birth.

          1. johninPCFL March 9, 2013

            His parents arrived in the US in 1956, Castro became Prime Minister in 1959 (From his website: his parents fled Castro’s Cuba? Really?)
            Marco was born in 1971. The Cuban Refugee Adjustment Act of 1966 allowed any Cuban who came to the US after 1959 and remained for a year to be granted permanent residency (Marco’s parents missed the cutoff and waited until 1975 to apply.) It’s unlikely that in his lifetime he’s ever known an illegal immigrant.

          2. patuxant March 9, 2013

            Don’t you just hate it when people trip on their own toes!??? What a phoney! Got the surname, got the color,,,,hummm???Now where will it get me?

          3. Michael Kollmorgen March 9, 2013

            The ONLY interest Cubans in the US have is the overthrow of Castro. So far, every attempt has been quashed.

            The US has engineered many assassination attempts against Castro over the years. And, remember, it was Kennedy who used former Cuban Citizens along with US military advisers in a attempted government overthrow in the Bay of Pigs Disaster.

            The ONLY reason the US allows them to be automatic citizens here is the US is thinking these people can be motivated and used as military personnel to invade Cuba later on and install a american-like democracy. This is all nothing more than smoke n mirrors supporting american corporate interests. It isn’t humanitarian reasons why the US wants to overthrow Castro. It’s our corporations that want this done. US corporations lost millions of dollars when Castro Nationalized everything down there.

            Waaaaa Waaaaa Waaaaaa, I want my money back! Money NEVER forgets……………….

            The first people who came here from Cuba after Castro took power was Cuban Citizens who had been working with US Corporations, huge landowners who did everything they could including murder to take away land from the peasants. Most of these landowners were probably on Castro’s Hit List for trial and eventual prison and/or execution.

            Overall, Hispanics down in Florida hate the Cubans with a dieing passion.

          4. Germansmith March 9, 2013

            And we are so hated by all the people in South Florida that they elect us Mayors, Congress and Commissioners and Senators.

            Envy much??? Did your wife ran away with a Cuban that showed her what a real man is?

            You are obviously a loser that never had government take something away that was legally yours…..

            I am sorry about your loss, I am sure you are crying for Chavez’s death….do not have any sorrows, I am sure the man is sipping ron with Lucifer at this moment

          5. Michael Kollmorgen March 9, 2013

            You couldn’t resist making it a personal attack, could you. I referred to political problems and you drag it down to the gutter level.

            It figures……………….

          6. Germansmith March 10, 2013

            The moment you uttering that “Cubans are hated” you took it to the gutter. It does not get any more personnal than that.

            We understand. Success will generate envy

          7. Michael Kollmorgen March 10, 2013

            I don’t hate you. I don’t care what you are. I’m just telling you what I experienced when I was living down there.

            Sorry, what I said is a fact .

            I lived in Miami and I heard all that stuff going on down there.

            The Hispanics and Cubans were always at each others throats.

            You aren’t despised by the whites because the majority of whites down there are Republican and wealthy which most Cubans align themselves with.

            It’s the Anti Castro Thing down there also.

            But, most Hispanics are democrats and either middle class or poor. This automatically sets up opposing political views. And, as political views become radicalized, the more hate is generated.

            Today, we don’t see the sort of riots and such down there like there used to be. It used to be pretty bad down there. Not so much anymore.

            But, there is very deep seated mistrust between the ethnic groups that still linger today down there.

            Yes, maybe there probably is Envy that is playing into this as well. Afterall, many Hispanics also had it bad before they arrived here in their countries. They never got automatic citizenship.

            The Cubans, I don’t know about now, had automatic citizenship bestowed upon them as soon as they got off the boats.

            All of these people’s were political refuges in one way or the other. So, why only the Cubans? Only because of Castro? Please give me a break.

            This is called American Political Gamesmanship Propaganda – favoring one group of refuges over another group for political reasons and for the purpose of Overthrowing Castro.

            Naturally, all these other ethnic groups are going to be pisssed off to the max. I probably would be as well.

          8. WhutHeSaid March 10, 2013

            There are Cubans that know what a real man is? Go figure!

          9. Germansmith March 9, 2013

            Puerto Ricans are second class citizens (they do not vote in Presidential elections unless they are resident of other state and they have NO voting representation in Congress)…and yes, they are different from Cubans

            I do not understand why Democrats keep bringing race and ethnicity into politics…I guess is a question of divide and conquer

            Show me a Black, a Mexican or an Indian working hard for his money, paying taxes, paying for his health insurance and not getting government benefits, and I will show you somebody that have more in common with Rubio than with Obama.

          10. WhutHeSaid March 9, 2013

            Bullshit. There are plenty of hard-working and successful people of ALL ethnic backgrounds (including Cubans, by the way) who do not support Rubio — you must have a problem reading with comprehension.

            Hard work and success is NOT a Republican trait. It’s a ‘people’ trait. Republicans only lie about hard work and success by pretending that they never received assistance from anyone when, in fact, they did. You need look no further than Lyin’ Paul Ryan, who was perfectly happy to snort up Social Security but now eschews that same assistance for anyone else.

            The Republican Party’s current policies SUCK. That’s why they are losing elections. Until they learn to join human evolution like the rest of us, they will continue to lose.

          11. Germansmith March 9, 2013

            WhutMeSaid has nothing to disagree with your first statement, But you are the one with reading comprehension problems

            But even you obviously would agree that to become a US Senator, Rubio (which by the way I did not voted for, I voted for Crist) must have more support than just from Republican Cubans in Miami to be elected in an state with 12 millions registered voters most of then Democrats.

            Not all new, not all change is good. maybe what you call evolution, other people will call degeneration. Evolution decides what species survive and which are not to. Evolution and Nature is also about the survival of the fittest, not the protection of the weak or incompetent.

            Maybe evolution is deciding that the American Empire is to decline while harder working new systems/people are to become the new dominant power.

            Maybe you should study the Decline of the Roman Empire and draw your parallel with the US

          12. WhutHeSaid March 9, 2013

            The story that you’re posting comments to had something to say: Current polling shows that Hillary Clinton would easily defeat Marco Rubio. Also, Rubio doesn’t have that much support in the Latino community.

            Evolution doesn’t always favor the physically strong — sometimes it favors the smart over the ‘unsmart’. Unsmart is the term I use to describe people who are educated enough to know better, but elect to make stupid choices. A good example of this is any Republican talking about ‘legitimate rape’, so-called ‘birthers’, and people who post whoppers about how Republicans stand for hard work and less government — yet still expect sober people to take them seriously.

            Nobody with more than one brain cell will believe that monitoring every woman’s pregnancy is an example of ‘small government’, yet we still hear them telling this lie despite all the evidence to the contrary. Likewise, trillion dollar wars aren’t examples of small government either. The fact of the matter is that every time a Republican gets elected to the Presidency, the resulting spending spree ALWAYS outpaces the Democratic Presidents.

            Rubio is a member of ‘the gang that can’t shoot straight’ — that’s today’s Republican Party. 7 out of 10 Latinos favor Democratic policies over Republican ones. Why is that? It’s because the GOP is formulating stupid policies. Everyone knows (or should know) that the Republican Party is willing to cut programs needed by the young and the poor in order to give the wealthy more tax breaks that they don’t need. Ignoring for a moment the economic arguments against this, we are left with the political reality of insisting on taking a position which the vast majority of the voting public rejects. We have the highest income disparity in 90 years, the lowest taxes in 60 years, and an economy where corporations and financial organizations are breaking records while the working American suffers. The GOP will continue to lose elections until they adjust their policies to address this reality.

            Evolution is about success. Humans are social creatures, and like other social creatures are concerned with the survival of the entire species — not just the strongest individuals, or the wealthiest. Democrats are winning elections because they are offering the best policies — they are better in touch with the realities of the day. It’s only necessary to lie about your policies if your policies suck. The GOP’s policies currently suck. A smart Republican will see this and make adjustments. The unsmart will try lies, fear-mongering, and cheating to win what they can’t or won’t change.

          13. Michael Kollmorgen March 10, 2013


            I suppose what is said on the statue of liberty don’t mean anything by stating: give me your huddled masses.

            This don’t mean only the rich and powerful. This also means the weak and poor that need our protection.

            Oh well, you show your “superiority” ego throughout your posts.

          14. neeceoooo March 10, 2013

            Very good point

          15. whodatbob March 9, 2013

            Puerto Rico is not a state it is a protectoate. That does not make Puerto Ricans second class citizans.

          16. Germansmith March 9, 2013

            I really do not give a flying fish what Puerto Ricans do or want to do or be. They are irrelevant to the history of the world.

            I am just stating a FACT. If you do not like, I also do give a flying fish (or subsitute for another 4 letter word)

          17. Michael Kollmorgen March 9, 2013

            irrelevant to to world?

            My my, don’t you think you’re special.


          18. Germansmith March 10, 2013

            and maybe that is why you all think Obamacare is so great, you guys can not read

            If you go back it reads “irrelevant to world history”

            Meaning, become an state or not is not changing world events in any form….

            And yes, I am special, thanks

          19. Michael Kollmorgen March 10, 2013

            You are no more special than anyone else.

            What sets you apart, evidently from everyone else, is your over-inflated “superiority” complex.

            Face reality, or your ship will sink such as surely as the Titanic did.

            Remember, the builders of the Titanic thought it was unsinkable too.

            You will be no different.

          20. WhutHeSaid March 9, 2013

            You aren’t stating ‘facts’ — you’re telling whoppers. There’s a difference.

            I suppose that being ‘irrelevant’ is preferable to being a net negative. That would be Marco Rubio.

            It appears to me that you believe Cubans are better than Puerto Ricans. I can assure you this is not the case.

          21. Germansmith March 10, 2013

            you do have reading comprehension problem…. so sorry for you

        2. Germansmith March 9, 2013

          And then, following that logic
          Obama knows nothing about black people because he grew up with white grandparents and had a priviledge upbringing?
          Obama knows nothing about business because he never had one?
          Hillary know nothing about housewifes because she was never one?

          You do probably realize that Rubio has more direct contacts with illegal inmigrants than you probably would (unless you are a roofing contractor hiring illegals)…or do you assume that all illegal/undocumented inmigrants are poor ignorant Mexicans crossing Rio Grande?

          Following your “logic” Jeb Bush would be far better supported by Hispanics, after all his wife is Mexican, he speak Spanish and his kids are half Mexican and bilingual…..

          Most illegal inmigrants in this country are hard working family oriented people receiving no benefits at all from government Most of the are devout Catholics or Baptists. If Republicans find a way to contribute to inmigration reform, these people are as likely to become Republicans as they are to become Democrats…..is all a $$$$ and philosophy thing

          If you believe government should support you…then you become a Democrat. If you work hard, pay your taxes and hate to see your taxes spent in a “safety net” to permanently support people that made poor decisions in their life…you become a Republican.

          THEN What do I know? I am just a tax payer, Veteran Cuban that was moved to the front of the inmigration line when I migrated when my father was jailed in Cuba for fighting communism.

          1. Michael Kollmorgen March 9, 2013


            Any citizen that fights against their government is an act of Treason.

            Was this before or after Castro seized power and installed a new government?

            I’m curious, why do you classify yourself as a “Veteran” Cuban?

          2. Germansmith March 9, 2013

            ???? I am confused by your question
            Ye,s George Washington was a treasonable rascal and I am another with better teeth

          3. Michael Kollmorgen March 9, 2013

            But, but, but, you only commit Treason IF you are on the loosing side.

            And, your side lost in Cuba:)

          4. WhutHeSaid March 9, 2013

            Again Bullshit (you’re quite full of it, it seems).

            Better to say that Democrats believe in responsibility to their country and fellow citizens, and believe that some things come with a cost, while Republican are lying money-grubbing deadbeats who snort up public benefits and cheat their family and friends until they achieve ‘success’, whereupon they start squealing about paying their share.

            That’s at least as close to reality as your tripe.

          5. Germansmith March 9, 2013

            You must be a Bullshit Connoisseur.

            You are the one insulting without presenting any valuable argument or sentence and you called my posting a “tripe”?

            That is it !!! No soup for you

          6. WhutHeSaid March 9, 2013

            I certainly don’t want any of the soup you’re trying to sell. Since you seem to like food analogies, saying that Republicans are hard workers and Democrats are concerned with leeching off society is the rhetorical equivalent of a shit sandwich.

            The fact of the matter is that the same people who squeal about ‘freeloading liberals’ are the same ones who are slurping up the tax dollars paid by said liberals, and the very same people who cause runaway federal spending in the first place. It’s readily available public information: Go look up which states pay more in taxes than they consume and which ones consume more than they pay.

          7. johninPCFL March 10, 2013

            I have long believed that no one braves 90 miles of shark-infested water because we have a better welfare system than Cuba. More opportunities and a better life are powerful draws.
            You have perfectly parroted the GOP line WRT the president: “He cannot possibly know anything about running a business because he’s never owned one”, and then cited several good counter-examples to their oft-cited ignorance. The intent of my comment is to point out that Rubio knows nothing more about BEING an illegal immigrant than anyone else. The GOP hierarchy believes he does simply because he has the surname.
            There are many reasons to become a Democrat, just as there are many reasons to join the GOP. The simplistic rationalle you state is another GOP talking point designed to appeal to the under-educated. Are children with life-threatening cancers guilty of making “poor decisions in their life” (they use the “safety net”)? Are older Americans who have paid into SS their entire working lives, and expect a payment back, guilty of making “poor decisions in their life”?
            Should Chinese immigrants get a pass to the front of the line? How about North Koreans? Are you today a Cuban who is waiting for Castro to die to go “home”? Or an American who believes our best days are still ahead of us?

          8. Michael Kollmorgen March 11, 2013

            There are american corporate-backed “families” that are salivating over the prospects of returning to Cuba to regain their once powerful positions that Castro overthrew in the revolution. They were the very first to get on boats, planes anything they could find to get out of there as fast as possible……………….

            Even up today, if they showed themselves down there in Cuba, they’d be tried, convicted and shot as enemies of the state. This type of Status Quo will probably be in force for as long as Castro, his brother and the people of Cuba maintain their government.

            Regardless what form of government they have, they all have a revolutionary spirit still intact, even after all these years – even in the face of american imperialism, american military might and american embargoes.

            If the US had any brains, we should be normalizing relations with Cuba.

            Cuba’s communist regime was never a threat to the US, other than the Cuban Missile Crisis. Something stunk about that also. I can’t put my finger on it, but it seems something just don’t seem logical about the entire affair.

          9. johninPCFL March 11, 2013

            When you look at our relationship with Central America, this pattern comes back time and again. The US marines were sent to Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala to protect the sugar barons and other corporatists. When we wanted to build the canal, they were sent in to help Panama break off from Colombia.
            The missile crisis arose because tactical nuclear missiles became available. Missiles before that didn’t make sense on the battlefield because the casualty count you could inflict didn’t track with the logistics and security costs (as well as the danger that your missile gets shot after you during your retreat if you get overrun.) When we put tactical nukes in Turkey, the USSR looked to see how they could even up their position. Mexico and Canada were out as basing sites, so it was Cuba, Haiti, or one of the CA countries. Kennedy’s deal with Kruschev had the USSR remove the bases in Cuba and we quietly removed the Turkish bases the following year.

          10. Michael Kollmorgen March 11, 2013

            Thank you:)

            Yea, US Corporations were Raping Cuba of all its natural resources killing and forcing people off their land to get it.

            It is called Agribusiness.

            Castro didn’t tolerate it and neither did the people of Cuba.

            Now, we’re doing it to Brazil. I wonder how long the “people” down there are going to tolerate it.

    2. Dominick Vila March 9, 2013

      Hispanics are not the homogeneous group that some believe it is. Aside from common language (albeit for different accents and indigenous words), and a common Spanish colonial heritage, there is little in common between the aspirations and way of life of Cuban-Americans, Mexican and Central Americans, Venezuelans, Argentineans and others. Some came to the USA to escape totalitarianism, most came to take advantage of the opportunities that exist in the USA, some plan to remain in the USA, and others plan to return to their homeland after they achieve their financial goals.
      Marco Rubio, Cruz and all the other Hispanic/Latino leaders in the USA speak for segments of their respective constituencies. None of them will get a plurality of the Hispanic/Latino vote, although Mexican-American leaders do have an advantage in that regard.
      The chances of Rubio or Cruz getting a majority of the Hispanic vote if they run against Huillary Clinton are slim to none. Clinton-Warren 2016.

      1. MARK March 9, 2013

        Interesting idea.I think I might like to see that.

  5. Germansmith March 9, 2013

    3 years a long time makes

    Wait until President Obama’s policies crash the economy and increase the national debt….then we see who is popular or not
    Electorate is fickel by nature

    1. Michael Peterson March 9, 2013

      his policies are not crashing the economy. Get a life!!!

    2. latebloomingrandma March 9, 2013

      Stock market up; unemployment down. I would think the crashing and burning would have happened by now. Oh wait–it did under the Bush administration.

      1. Germansmith March 9, 2013

        Stock Market is up because of interest rates are so low that people are not saving or investing in the bond market. No other place to invest
        There is NO real reason for optimisn
        Unemployment still in the 9% (not counting people that gave up and now live off govt goodies and undergroup economy)
        Europe is still an economic mess
        China and Japan are at each others throats for a couple of islands….Obama is ignoring this
        North Korea have nuclear weapons and long range missiles…Obama is not paying much attention.

        I think this is time to sell

        1. Independent1 March 9, 2013

          When are you clueless wonders going to stop adding folks to the unemployment rolls that have stopped looking for work?? That’s just such a nonsense point. For decades the unemployment rate has been calculated the same way and THERE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN MILLIONS OF FOLKS LOOKING FOR WORK THAT HAVE GIVEN UP in all recessions. So inflating the current rae of 7.7% to try and inflate a point you’re trying to make is as stupid as it gets!!! And yes, Europe is in an economic mess precisely because they did what the REPUBLICANS are trying to get us to do, implement austerity!! Which is also as dumb as it gets during a recession!!! When what is needed is to spur the economy by doing something like getting off your childish notions and pass a jobs bill that Obama submitteded 2 years ago which would create millions of new jobs and start fixing the country that Bush let deteriorate almost to the point of a 3rd world nation. Get real!! You’re about as clueless as they come!!!

          1. Michael Kollmorgen March 9, 2013

            The OFFICIAL unemployment figures does not include;
            Part time workers
            Temp workers
            Contract workers
            People who’s unemployment comp ran out
            People who gave up looking for work

            The official figure only includes people who are working 40 hours a week and with full benefits (I could be wrong about the bennies though).

            If you calculate all these people into the official figure, I have no doubt the “real” unemployment figure would soar way past 15%, if not more. Some people believe the actual real figure is somewhere around 20%.

            Yes, Obama has created jobs. I will give him credit for this. But, most of these jobs are in the service-orientated fields, low pay, no fringes. But, then again, that’s the state of the entire nation ever since with the help of Republicans, gutted most of our manufacturing base to Mexico, then to China.

          2. Germansmith March 9, 2013

            And in Europe they are implementing austerity BECAUSE…….
            They are mean? Or They just want to hurt poor people? They have lots of money, but they want to keep it?….OR is it because politicians have given out more money in benefits and expenditures than they are collecting and they are afraid of DEFAULT?

            “THERE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN MILLIONS OF FOLKS LOOKING FOR WORK THAT HAVE GIVEN UP in all recessions”….Not quite, we have more now than before, because of how easy it is to get benefits from government and the quality of jobs out there, it is better to stop looking for a tax paying job and therefore to qualify for Medicaid, food stamps, Disability Income, free cell phones, etc and all those goodies that were originally designed just to be a” temporary safety net”.

            I do not have any problems with additional taxes, or job programs (not more government jobs) or an educational investment . I do have a problem with increase spending in the most expensive healthcare system in the world without much effort to reduce costs while increasing taxes to pay for “his legacy in increase healthcare costs and waste”…otherwise known as Obamacare.

            I expect jobs decreases when we get near 2014…since you are so SMART, I ll let figure out why……

          3. Independent1 March 9, 2013

            AHHH! But let’s see, the Europeans have implemented austerity because they’e clueless like the Republicans that cutting spending isn’t what you do during a recession: ask 85-90% of economists who are worth asking. and if that doesn’t convince you, just look at the record of virtually every European country that tried that stupidity – they all fell back into a double-dip recession.

            And Obamacare is not driving up costs, in fact, over the past two years, the increase in medical costs has slowed to the slowest increases in over 15 years. You, like millions of other Americans, are in no position to say how medical costs are going to go over the next several years. Insurance rates have gone up over the past 2-3 simply because Obamacare implementation was staged in a way that forced insurance companies to provide more benefits to seniors, dependents and others, and to not be able to deny coverage to people for pre-existing conditions. It insn’t until next year that the portion of Obamacare which should drive premiums down will be implemented – requiring everyone to have insurance which should give the insurance companies over 40 million more insureds to spread their risks among, and allow healthcare providers to stop padding their charges by sometimes 8-10 times their actual costs to cover for millions of people who are getting healthcare today that they can’t pay for: some op them are getting hundreds of thousands of dollars of treatment for heart conditions and catastrophic illnesses that they can in no wise pay for.

            And if you had the notion that back in 2009 the country should have implemented government backed universal healthcare, you need to step back for a moment and just think what that would have meant at a time when the country had already lost hundreds,maybe thousands of tax paying companies and 14 million tax paying workers; to now suggest that the government was going to take over healthcare such that hundreds, maybe thousands of healthcare insurance related companies would now also have to go out of business. If you wanted to see America and the world fall into another Big Depression, you would have easily gotten your wish with that boondoggle.

          4. Germansmith March 9, 2013

            Europeans are clueless, Republicans are clueless….only mighty Big Brother Obama with the ALL mighty seing drones and Democratic party is correct…..

            Adding millions of poor uninsurance people with pre-existing conditions while costs are still as you said “healthcare providers to stop padding their charges by sometimes 8-10 times their actual costs to cover for millions of people who are getting healthcare today that they can’t pay for: some of them are getting hundreds of thousands of dollars of treatment for heart conditions and catastrophic illnesses that they can in no wise pay for” is going by some kind of financial miracle reduced the costs of healthcare because “HOSPITALS AND PROVIDERS WILL BE SOOOOO NICE TO PASS THE SAVINGS TO US AND TO THE GOVERNMENT”
            Just like they do in Medicare….PLEASE..GET REAL. The costs are NOT going down just because we added millions of people and billions of dollars to a broken system.

            While millions of people still go hungry in the biggest food producer in the world, we do not guarantee a meal to everybody (by the way, this would be far cheaper than healthcare than sometimes do more harm than good)

            While hundred of thousands are homeless or lost their home in the mortgage debacle, we do not guarantee a roof over their head to the homeless. The program implemented by Obama to save people from foreclosures was a BUST

            A single payer system where government set the prices and providers would settle for whatever they would get reimbursed would have made more sense, but Obama and the Democrats had no desire or guts to anger the AMA, the Hospital Assoc, the insurance companies all at the same time. No provider would have lost their job because of millions of more patients paying would have come into the system.
            This would have been more economical and would have relief businesses from paying for health insurance for their employees, reducing one fourth of an employee cost. This would have made US companies more competitive and would probably consider adding more employees.

            But NO, instead we get Obamacarestein, which will have the same lasting legacy as the Pre-Existing Condition insurance plan…now out of money and not taking any further cleints

          5. neeceoooo March 9, 2013

            You need to go back and read the heathcare reform page for page.

          6. Germansmith March 9, 2013

            Being there, done that. Did I mentioned I am a Benefits Consultant?
            Have you?
            Did you also read the Wizard of Oz? Or Alice in Wonderland?
            Those stories is equally as compelling as the numbers from the OMB

            You seems convinced PPACA is good for the country…I disagree

            In a couple of years I will have the chance to come back and tell you all “I told you so”

          7. WhutHeSaid March 10, 2013

            You’re a ‘benefits consultant’? Well — that explains it. One of the things the PPACA is designed to achieve is to get rid of as much waste and incompetence as possible. I see now why you hate Obama.

          8. neeceoooo March 9, 2013

            I like your comments. You know what I think is ironic, is that the republicans scream about the 47% who are takers and yet when the affordable heath care act is put on the table and the same 47% are required to provide their own insurance, they whine about the unfairness of it.

      2. kanawah March 9, 2013

        The republiskunk attitude tword the sequester and raising taxes on the rich will crash the economy.

        Austerity is already killing the economy in Europe. The republiskunks want the same thing here.

    3. Siegfried Heydrich March 9, 2013

      Stop to consider how much better off we’d be if the GOP had even reached part way across the aisle . . . But they can’t do that.

      The biggest problem the GOP has is that it’s fundamentally incapable of the changes and adaptations to the 21st century that survival demands. They’re Conservative – they reject the future and cling to the past. More, they’ve rejected any kind of intellectual underpinning for them, reducing everything to a bumper sticker slogan. And worse, theirs is a small, exclusive club where membership rules and tests are rigidly enforced, a club which is shrinking ever faster and their old, white constituency dies off and there are ever fewer to replace them.

      What they have done is created a reverse crucible, one where what is fine and pure is driven off (civil, intelligent, and rational Republicans are now called ‘Independents’) and what remains is dross. Their entire party philosophy can now be distilled down to one single thought – To Oppose Barack Obama In All things In All Ways At All Times, To Revile, Discredit, and Delegitimize him, And To Defeat Him At All Costs.

      The Latino vote cannot be pandered for – they have a long awareness of those kinds of empty blandishments from their home countries; they’re not going to fall for it here. The Republicans have made their opinions regarding the latinos quite crystal clear, and they most assuredly understood it. The choice of a pair of Cubans to be the Republican’s latino outreach simply shows how utterly clueless they are about

      The next generation has also, for all intents and purposes, slipped through the fingers of the GOP. The youth of America are profoundly repelled by the behavior of the GOP, and that’s a sign of an incurable, terminal illness. As the GOP ages and declines, the more desperate and dangerous they become.

      1. Germansmith March 9, 2013

        American voters swings from one extreme to the other….this is history.

        A party gets power and they implement their program…they go to extremes (Bush, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tax cuts, Haliburton, etc) Americans get fed up and swings in the other direction.

        Now comes Obama,( Obamacare, expanding entlitlements, gun control, gay marriage drones over America and so on) all this while Republicans (should be) learning from their whipping in the 2012 elections.

        Time will tell.
        As for me, was a Democrat, was disgusted by Carter, then voted for Bush Sr., then voted for Clinton, for Gore, for Obama and at the end I was disgusted by both options in 2012 and voted for the lesser of 2 evils.

        1. neeceoooo March 9, 2013

          The things you are spewing as bad, Obamacare, gun control gay marriages, these are things that this country needs and I for one, welcome them. Take your blinders off. And for the record, Carter has done more for this country since leaving office than any other president in history.

          1. Germansmith March 9, 2013

            Yes, leaving office was the best thing

    4. kanawah March 9, 2013

      It will not be Obama’s policies that crash the economy. It will be the republiSKUNKS and the Transylvania tea bags.

      Their insistence on reducing spending that will hit the middle class and the poor the hardest will cost them enough votes to kill the party. When the sequester really starts to take effect, the republiskunks will be hiding from their votes to let it happen, and to block stopping it.

      We need to increase taxes on the rich, fully fund the “safety net”, and start repairing the infrastructure.

      The republiskunks are doing everything they can to prevent all of these.

    5. Independent1 March 9, 2013

      You have the nerve to bring up increasing the national debt when Reagan and the two Bushes are responsible for more than 90% of it??? And how many times did Obama ask congress to raise the debt limit during his 1st term? 3 maybe 4?? Do you realize that under Reagan (the biggest presidential spender in American history with 8.7%/yr budget increases) followed closely by Bush with 8.3%/yr budget increases, had to have congress raise our debt limit 18 and 19 times respectively during their disasterous 8 years because they were spending money so fast!! These two presidents are without question the worst two presidents in American history – Reagan’s nonsense ideas even now are destroying the country – the trickle-down nonsense, the tax cuts will spur the economy nonsense, the let’s keep 25-50% of our spending out of our budgets nonsense. How much more damage could a president do that bring the country to its knees with the economic mess we’re currently facing??? Wake up!!!!

    6. Jim Myers March 10, 2013

      Replying to Germansmith –

      You mean like George W Bush’s policies?

      1. Germansmith March 10, 2013

        George W Bush was a lousy President
        But if we did not had Bush Jr. probably Obama may still be a senator

        The country being fed up with Bush and the Republicans overall (or with any other legacy family) decided to swing Democratic and elect Obama instead of a war hero like Mc Cain or a far more capable democratic politician like Hillary Clinton.

        1. Michael Kollmorgen March 11, 2013

          I tended to like McCain – until he picked Palin as a running mate.

          I knew then his brain was fried.

          I didn’t particularly care for Bush Sr. either. But, at least he didn’t wear a smirk through his entire speeches. Bush Sr. was a better President than Baby Bush was, for whatever it’s worth.

          I think history is going to eventually paint Baby Bush with Hoover being the worst Presidents we ever had. And, Reagan is going to be a close second.

          1. Germansmith March 11, 2013

            Palin was a very poor choice from McCain and that lost him votes among the independents and democrats that liked him.
            Since then the GOP has not changed kow towing to the extreme right. As long as that continues they will keep losing.
            Same as Bush Jr. made Obama possible, Carter made Reagan possible

          2. Michael Kollmorgen March 11, 2013

            Yea, I agree.

            I just don’t understand how in the world a guy like Reagan became President. About the only thing he was famous for was “One For the Gipper”, and a Class B Actor to boot. He did have good photogenic properties on Camera though.

            I mean, Carter wasn’t that bad to make an entire country swing this far to the right and elect a guy like Reagan. Besides, it wasn’t his fault about the Iranian Hostage Crisis – unless there is a lot more we don’t know about that disaster that we’re not being told about.

            Maybe in a few hundred years we’ll find out more.

          3. Germansmith March 12, 2013

            Reagan was a reaction to the long gas lines, the Iran Rescue fiasco, the Panama Canal deal and other issues that made Carter’s America appear weak and insecure.
            The Iranian Hostage crisis was unpredictable, but the moment he gave the hated and sick Sha of Iran shelter in the US (because Carter was a nice guy)…it was his responsability. The disaster of the attempted rescue (specially after we all seing Israelis and Germans rescue hostages with great success) sealed his fate.
            American Presidents (same as Roman Emperors) must keep in mind to NEVER make America look weak.
            In retrospective, Reagan did a lot of things wrong, but you must judge him with his time in history in mind…back in those days, our main fear was a soviet nuclear missile in our backyard.
            Reagan defeated the “Evil Soviets”, Obama kills Bin Laden and many other terrorists and they both got 2nd terms. Americans are fascinated by military sucesses

          4. Michael Kollmorgen March 12, 2013


            Boy, you got that right. Americans love to kill (military successes or not)

            Yea, the Soviet Union was an enemy. This goes all the way back to WW2. We made them our enemy shorty after the war ended. This all has to do with the Development of the A-Bomb that was supposed to be used against Germany. Russia was kept totally in the dark about its development. So, when Truman used it against Japan, Russia felt betrayed that they weren’t included into its planning stages (which all the other Allies members knew about) and became Paranoid ever since.

            I can’t blame Russia for being paranoid over it either. Afterall, Russia became a member of the Allies after Germany crossed them by violating their treaty and invaded them. Russia probably lost millions during the war, even more than what the Holocost did to the Jews.

            By the way, if Russia hadn’t of been on our side as a result of Germany invading Russia, the Allies might have lost the war.

            So, Russia got screwed twice during WW2, once by Germany, than by the Allies later on. There is an old saying, it goes: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

            They’re not getting fooled a third time.

  6. garryowenault March 9, 2013

    Seems like even the top GOP people are aware of this. Was there not a BIG meeting not so long ago where the Newest Party Chair stated something like ” We need to find voters that like us!” But the determined killers of Democracy in America are still doing there thing. Hopefully, they will get exactly what they deserve.

  7. garryowenault March 9, 2013

    Seems to me there was a big confab of GOP types not so long ago where the GOP Party Chair said something about, “We need to find voters that like us.” And other comments were about putting Reagan in to an updated place in History. Something about the Quote about Government being the problem. But in Congress the GOP is still not aware they lost the
    Presidential Election. Looks like the next Election could make the party smaller yet.

  8. kanawah March 9, 2013

    The republiskunks turkey farm producers another looser.

  9. Fairplay4 March 9, 2013

    Rubio savior didn’t last very long. The GOP has to find one that appeals to the majority of Americans not by race but by ideology. Very difficult to do because of the mistaken idea that money can buy elections in 2016 and forward.

  10. Jim Myers March 9, 2013

    Clinton – Warren in 2016 and beyond.

  11. imabrummie March 9, 2013

    Once again the ReTHUGliCLOWN Party seeks to underestimate the intelligence of a segment of the electorate. They have a very long way to go down the road of reconciliation before they can be trusted to do the People’s business. They seem to have forgotten that is the reason they were sent to Washington in the first place – to do the business of all of the People and not just the few at the top with the deepest pockets!

  12. elw March 9, 2013

    The Republicans still do not get the fact that it is their policies that no one likes. They also make the mistake of believing that others are as racist as themselves and not very bright. Well guess what, it turns out they are wrong again. It will take more than a Hispanic last name to get the Hispanic vote, that vote doesn’t come from people who have just slipped over the border and barely speak English; it comes from people who have lived here for decades, have grown up in this Country and are citizen and every bit as American as Rubio. They know a charlatan when they see one and are way too smart to give their vote to someone whose policies will hurt themselves and their families.

  13. Katstiles March 9, 2013

    Just cause someone with brown skin repeats the same old GOP talking points does not mean Hispanics or anyone else will line up to support him. It’s the content of your words, not the race of person speaking. Give voters some credit for intelligence!

  14. patuxant March 9, 2013

    Sorry, pal. Rubie didn’t “jump a ship” to come here.

  15. patuxant March 9, 2013

    Sad and pathetic that Rubie doens’t know he is being used by his own party.

    1. JDavidS March 9, 2013

      You’re right. When…not “if”… when he fails, he’ll be tossed overboard as fast as Mitt the Twit was.

  16. patuxant March 9, 2013

    Yea! We need common sense leadership in this country and these strong women are up to the task!!!

  17. patuxant March 9, 2013

    Loving your response! You are right on!

  18. patuxant March 9, 2013

    Your comments are so out of touch and out of the realm of truth. Try again, pal. You are losing BIG TIME!

  19. patuxant March 9, 2013

    Please move to another country.

  20. patuxant March 9, 2013

    Living off of Govt Goodies? Like what? Social Security? You are an ass clown.

  21. patuxant March 9, 2013

    In addition to that, Obama has only 19 or so executive orders as compared to Bush’s 191. And they call O a tyrant and a czar and a commie. What pathetic bastards who cannot see the mote in their own eyes!!!

  22. patuxant March 9, 2013

    Well spoken!

  23. patuxant March 9, 2013

    What else could we expect from a poor actor playing with Bozo and a clownish Texan with no moral compass….shows you show stupid the majority of people are in this country to fall for BS.

  24. Diogenes67 March 9, 2013

    If the Republicans can’t win with Mitt Romney they won’t win with Marco Romney.

    1. Caribou "FIRED" Barbie March 9, 2013

      This is true.

  25. JDavidS March 9, 2013

    The “best and brightest” of the Repubs are Christie, Rubio and Ryan? Holy shit! Talk about “also-rans”… Among the three of them they don’t have a clue. And even worse… no desire to get one. And, without doubt, the worst of this sorry-assed bunch? Ryan. His shoe-size is larger than his IQ.

  26. Gail Anderson March 9, 2013

    Rubiois not going to go anywhere. They think he is going to carry the Hispanic vote, when in reality the ONLY hispanics that supported him was the CUBAN ones in Florida. He is already known as a pathlogical liar and he brings nothing to the party, He claimes in his big speech he still lived in the middle class neighborhood when they came here from Cuba. He’s a liar he don’t live in any midle class neighborhood. He has a house with an inground pool on the market fofr $675.000 and that is NO MIDDLE CLASS. And he lied as to when he came here claiming his family ran from Fidel. NOT TURE, They were already here going on 3 yrs. before Fidel did whatever it was Rubio claimed. He is NOT going to carry the Hispanic vote, he is rich, not mc in any sense of the word, he used govt. programs, college loans and others and now he wants to cut govt. programs for the mc and the poor and the elderly. Ya, he said his neigbors were lving on SS, LIE they are living on more than SS in that kind of neighborhood. He is PATHETIC.

  27. Barry Evans March 9, 2013

    Rubio is to the Latino/Hispanic Demographic what Palin and Bachmann are to women. He may be part of it himself, but it doesn’t negate that he advocates policies, ideals and platforms that are biased to and prejudiced of them.

  28. ralphkr March 10, 2013

    Hmm, Marco Rubio for President??? How is that possible? He was born in Florida in 1971 but neither of his parents became US citizens until 1975. According to the US Constitution he is a citizen but, since neither of his parents were citizens at the time of his birth, he is not eligible to run for president. I would also add that I do not believe any of his ancestors came from the UK and we have NEVER had a president who did not have UK ancestors so he would be setting another precedent if he were to be elected.

  29. Eleanor March 11, 2013

    John Henry, that is what everyone did last election, as fr Hillary, she lies too. Maybe some common man/woman will crawl out of the woodwork and show what a good candidate they would make and shake things up a bit. Geeeze, we are only into 4 moths of this presentelection, let’s wait another couple of years to start bashing someone who has never agreed to run. IF we mke through the next 4, then we can argue about who is best/worst/or chosen by all the freeloaders.


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