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5 Politicians Who Believe Outrageous U.N. Conspiracy Theories

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5 Politicians Who Believe Outrageous U.N. Conspiracy Theories


Photo by Gage Skidmore

Minnesota representative and Republican Crazy Caucus chairwoman Michele Bachmann recently amused us all with a loopy conspiracy theory claiming that Hillary Clinton had signed a United Nations resolution that would criminalize free speech.

The theory may be completely unfounded, but it is actually not that unusual for a staunch right-winger. Although many Republicans love to mock the U.N. as a weak, feckless organization, paranoid conspiracy theories about the U.N. are nonetheless a cottage industry in the Republican Party. Peddling this brand of paranoia has fueled the careers of elected officials, pundits, and even one former U.N. ambassador.

Here are five Republican politicians who actively promote some of the wildest conspiracy theories about the United Nations:

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. july860 December 13, 2012

    Is it just me, but I can’t seem to understand why these people are taken seriously and elected into office….

    1. Dominick Vila December 14, 2012

      No July, you are not the only one that is baffled. Then again, you may want to consider the intellect of the people that voted for these bozos. Remember the woman that asked Sen McCain in a tremulous voice 4 years ago if he thought Barack Obama was an Arab? The clowns running around with pitchforks were elected by people like her.

      1. amazonfan December 14, 2012

        I second that. Although, regarding the woman, McCain’s answer was pretty disappointing. “”No, no ma’am, he’s a decent, family man, citizen…” !

        The reality is that even the less extreme republicans are still extreme.

      2. Melvin Chatman December 14, 2012

        I’m SHOCKED that you Guys didn’t learn this in Kindergarten – “A Child’s Mind” at that young age, is learning more at that time than any other period of their lives, 99% of the time. However, there’s this 1% that’s weird!
        SO, these 5 Folks were fed Garbage + B.S. during that period, then what comes out now is B.S. based Garbage – for they have no choice!
        We should not insult Mentally Challenged people by picking out these people and giving examples of what they really see in their Minds!
        “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste”
        “Garbage In, Garbage Out” – kinda SIMPLE ain’t IT!!

        1. Rvn_sgt6768 December 14, 2012

          While this may be and is indeed a tragedy electing them to high office positions is an even larger tragedy.

          1. Dominick Vila December 14, 2012

            I agree!

        2. daffodilly December 14, 2012

          All of us who were children during the McCarthy era/Cold War were exposed to the Bircher craziness but we didn’t all turn out like these folks and the ones who vote for them. Whether it’s your neighbor next door, the woman across the street, a city leader or a loopy member of congress, we have to recognize there are just some real crazies out there and the best one can do is try to protect oneself.

      3. Sand_Cat December 14, 2012

        A small point, but she (the woman talking to McCain) didn’t “ask”; she said she knew he is a Muslim, if I recall correctly.

        1. Bill December 14, 2012

          You do recall correctly, she said that Obama was a muslim. It wasn’t a question.

      4. emadis41 December 14, 2012

        That included as many as 61% of the Texas voters who elected the loco Cruz.

    2. Clarence Swinney December 14, 2012

      Yes! How could we in NC elect Hesse Jelms and SC Strum Dumband
      Some are trying for a monument for Hesse Mr No

    3. onedonewong December 14, 2012

      I agree there is no earthly reason why that fruit cake in the WH was reeelcted. When did communism become the new US polital party??

      1. Dominick Vila December 14, 2012


        1. Bill December 14, 2012

          Dominick replying to onedonewrong is an exrecise in futility. He makes these wild statements without the slightest hint of basis. I thought the right wing crazies called President Obama a Socialist, noe he’s a communist.

    4. Dominick Vila December 14, 2012

      Instead of worrying about conspiracies, these clowns should visit Connecticut and reflect on the tragedy that just took place in that state.

    5. dsand1445 December 17, 2012

      July860 : I’ts me too.. When you find the answer to why these people keep getting elected let me know

  2. Lynda December 13, 2012

    Nice rogues gallery of crazies you’ve got there. I would like to think that among the GOP these five were the only ones, but I’ve got reason and reality running up against that idea. The country is indeed in great trouble with so-called political leaders like these and the folks who put them into office. The voters have got to stop voting against their own self-interest and put country first.

    1. grandbaby1 December 14, 2012

      Some vote for them because campaign speeches don’t sound that off but some of these Pol. Think this gives them more power than it really does. That’s why us pa people did not reelect santorum as senator and would not support him for pres.

    2. Sand_Cat December 14, 2012

      The country is in even more serious trouble because President Obama – elected to defend the rest of us from these wackjobs, and described (accurately) in another comment as intelligent, educated, and thoughtful – won’t stand up to them, and Senate Democrats are even worse. He talked “tough” about Susan Rice, then did nothing. Looks like a repeat of what happened all too often in the first term: the minority party uses him as a floor mop, and he just takes it. A lot of people claimed it was important to re-elect him because he’ll get to appoint Supreme Court justices who are actually sane. Unfortunately, he may appoint them, but I wouldn’t bet on any of them’s chance for confirmation. The Republicans may not know how to run elections, but they know how to run Washington, even when they have no majority, no mandate, no anything except a crazy plan and the determination to implement it.

  3. Daniel Jones December 14, 2012

    What the hell would Chip and his backwoods buddies worry about?

    Obama would have to *find* their minds, even if he had MC capabilities. It’s not like these fruit loops hadn’t lost them, after all!

  4. Dominick Vila December 14, 2012

    These relics of the Joe McCarthy era are an embarrassment to the United States. Then again, what can we expect from folks that go as far as filibustering their own bill. That is what Sen. Mitch McConnell did on 12/6 when he proposed a bill giving the President authority to raise the debt ceiling. After discussing that matter he concluded it was better to force Harry Reid to come up with 60 votes and could think of nothing better than filibuster the bill he had proposed earlier! Mitch McConnel made Senate history with that stunt. Unfortunately for us, the same can not be said for the folks running around with pitchforks chasing commies and Muslims intent on destroying the good ole USA. That level of paranoia has been around for a while, both in the halls of Congress and in every mental ward in the country.

  5. Elisabeth Gordon December 14, 2012

    Where, in God’s name, do these people come from? As patriotic Americans, we should not have to be embarrassed by the likes of people like Santorum and Bachmann….I venture to guess that sane people the world over are laughing at us….

    1. Jim Myers December 14, 2012

      Replying to Elisabeth Gordon –

      That is the price we pay for freedom of speech.

  6. lambypie December 14, 2012

    I thought it was 1 out of 10 had mental issues but the percentage is a whole lot higher than that in the Republican Party. I think they all need a really good psychiatrist.

  7. amazonfan December 14, 2012

    Horrible. These people are the epitome of disturbed. They are truly horrible.

  8. adler56 December 14, 2012

    We need to re-open mental hospitals- there seems to be enough dingbat righties to fill them.

  9. Michelle Rose December 14, 2012

    Pay attention, my children, and I shall tell you why there are conspiracy crazies, paranoid people and rubber-room Republicans who need nothing so much as a ride home and a loooong course of tranquilizer therapy. First, we have this thing we call Media. Media exists solely to have you and me and everyone else look at it. (Not participate in it, that’s a different thing.) If we don’t look at it, Media kinda withers up and blows across the prairie like a tumbleweed: very forlorn. (And broke. Ad dollars are what keeps Media alive and healthy) So Media tries to evolve. It tries to evolve to a condition whereby it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to NOT look at it, thereby guaranteeing the flow of Ad dollars. Social darwinism being the vile and disgusting thing that it is, Media has evolved to the point where sensationalism and controversy are the only things it knows will reliably work in keeping your (and mine and everyone else’s) attention firmly focused on it. In short, it’s much more exciting (and profitable) to tell outrageous lies. You may have noticed that a certain Media outlet known as Fox News has a distinct (one might say incontrovertible) tendency to tell those outrageous lies because PEOPLE LISTEN TO THE LIES AND BELIEVE THEM.

    Why in the same of sanity would anyone WANT to listen to outrageous lies? Oh, there are several theories: it’s reassuring. (WTF?!?) True! If you’re already afraid of something and someone tells you not to be afraid of it because it doesn’t exist, it doesn’t reassure you. In fact, it tends to make you feel pretty darn foolish and who wants to feel foolish AND scared? So if someone tells you to go ahead and believe in the boogeyman, then there is a certain sense of satisfaction in that concept: see, I TOLD you so! There are many other theories. Guilt is one: I’ve been bad and I have to be punished for it and all those Commies under my bed are here to do just that. But the eggheads all agree that believing in lies is WAY more exciting than believing in the truth because the truth, after all, is really boring, right? (Actually it isn’t, but there’s a certain kind of myopia that sets in after believing the lies for a while. Think of it as a kind of co-morbidity: most folks can’t tell the truth from the lies because their brains have been kind of Tazered by outrageousness. ) Also, scared people are a lot easier to control than calm people who have time to think about something. (“Buy gold! It’s the only thing that will save your family after the Apocalypse!”)

    So let’s recap, kids: Media tells outrageous lies because it’s exciting, reassuring, generates ad dollars and controls folks who are too damn scared to think straight. It’s a lovely racket, kids.

    Don’t you wish that you had a piece of that pie? If you do, then you’re probably a Republican.

    1. RB December 14, 2012

      Michelle you are just plain wrong. Media doesn’t tell lies. It reports lies. It is supposed to inform people. People are then supposed to make informed decisions. But lately, the people who are being informed are finding conspiracy theories under everyone’s bed sheets. It is really too bad that the media is being blamed for reporting that there are crazies out there. It refocuses the eye of the camera where it shouldn’t be. It should be squarely on the craziest of what we call “Politicians” these days. People should vote them out. As soon as possible. So please let the blame lie where it should. On outrageous people who shouldn’t have been voted in as dog catchers much less public office where they can do a lot of harm to people. They are the McCarthy’s of the new age. Dangerous, bigoted, and borderline crazy.

      1. Rvn_sgt6768 December 14, 2012

        Sorry RB but Michelle is correct. The media does in fact report and tell lies. She is correct in her assumption they do this to attract ad dollars thereby benefiting themselves. How do we know this? Very simple, it their duty to fat check any story. I believe they do but they decline to tell us (US) when they have indeed fact checked and found their story to be pure bs. They tell this story anyway knowing it will generate revenues for them. Case in point-the polls showing Mittey with a big lead going into the last week of the election. The polls showed President Obama in the lead and overnight he was replaced by Mittey solely on the word of the Republican Party that these polls were somehow slanted in Obama’s favor (which they were not).
        The danger here to all of us (US) is that we can not take any story on it’s merits anymore. The public is left to search for the real truth regardless of where the story originates (which news outlet). Who wins? Rupert Murdoch.

  10. RB December 14, 2012

    Media doesn’t make the crazies. The crazies make the media. If these people weren’t so off the map, the media wouldn’t give them the time. As for the craziest of the Tea Party Crazies they need some medical attention and to be voted out.

  11. rl December 14, 2012

    Sadly, I do believe it and am not at all suprised.

  12. grandbaby1 December 14, 2012

    And to think these are elected officials making laws for us to live by

  13. Clarence Swinney December 14, 2012

    Federal employees cannot accept promises or anything with an actual monetary value
    Pass this law will be best thing to clean out Congress and White House.
    It will close K Street Bribery.
    No campaign money.
    Fed funds campaigns over 6 months (3 primary-3 general) with free equal tv time and a debate a week =12 =adequate to evaluate candidates.

    True Progressive tax system. Burn tax book. Start anew. Must justify need for exemptions in public hearings. Keep Koch type out of influencing our officials.

  14. howa4x December 14, 2012

    There are always pychos and wacky people in politics, and who dosen’t love a good conspiracy theory. The left for years dismissed the Warren commission report on the assination of JFK(for good reason), but at least that was about a real event. Think about the UN for a minute and their armies of peacekeepers. Most come from India and Africa and protected no one in the war in Serbia, or in Darfur. They are the symbol of ineptness. The right wing conspiracy theories are usually dellusional and involve these armies invading here, a place that spends more on the armed forces than all the countries of the world combined, and has the most lethal and sofisticated weapons known to humans. This is why reasonable people laugh at them, and also the reason why the average right wing person is becomming armed to the teeth as they say. These same people weren’t concerned when Geroge Bush enacted the patriot act that allowed the goverment to listen to any conversation in the country it deemed nescessary without a warrant of probable cause. So these wingnuts are concerned about a UN army taking away their freedom, but not about the government having the ability to spy on them. Interesting!

    Sometimes you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried

  15. sonatherun December 14, 2012

    It’s not as though we’ve gone over 60 years without war, but we have gone over 60 years without the wide wars that defined the first half of the last century. Do they credit only mutually assured destruction? Do they deny that the United Nations, which we sponsored and which has its home here, has prevented at least some wars, and aids the victims of those it could not, or is it that which makes them mad?

  16. blueindy1 December 14, 2012

    If ignorance is bliss, Republicans are in Heaven…

  17. ignore the facts December 14, 2012

    How does a lunatic like this get elected? It’s frightening to know there are that many crazy people in our country. Very frightening. They are determined to ruin us all, and shame us to the world.

  18. Teri Daly December 14, 2012

    Crazy and dangerous

  19. ignore the facts December 14, 2012

    Could we PLEASE elect some educated, thinking people for a change. WE HAVE an educated, thinking president, who is aware of the world. These idiots obviously have never studied anything, read a thing about the world or this country, and they actually “serve” in our government. Can’t we maybe elect some 13 or 14 year olds who CAN think?

  20. I Zheet M'Drawz December 14, 2012

    Don’t be absurd. THEY don’t believe any of that bunk but..the idiots that they are addressing will believe anything they’re told no matter how stupid it is or how stupid it makes them appear to be (cause they’re stupid).

    This is just more attempts by the Republicants to keep the campaign going right thru 2016.

  21. Lisztman December 14, 2012

    The single unifying thread sown (yes, pun intended) by all five? Fear. Grab hold of your constituents’ favorite possession — property, guns, religion, whatever — and let those constituents know that your candidacy ensures a fight against any and all attempts (however outlandish the claims) to abridge those rights, to restrict or remove those possessions.

    The sad part is the even greater number, the hundreds of thousands, of loonies who fall for this stuff.

  22. sleeprn01 December 14, 2012

    It’s very simple, these guys are like prostitutes selling themselves to the highest bidder. However, unlike prostitutes who can go home, take a shower, and be as clean as the day they were born; these individuals will never be clean, never!!!

  23. Mort Alcoil December 14, 2012

    The great thing about freedom of speech, is that it allows people to speak their minds; in the case of these sub-morons, it lets the rest of us see EXACTLY what kind of utter insanity is going on in their heads. Better that it’s out in the open, rather than hidden from view and secret.

    The only thing that worries me more than what they say, is what they DON’T say; how nuts is the stuff that remains unsaid?

  24. rpg1408 December 14, 2012

    Oh heaven forbid !!!!! Abolish golf courses ? Does this include Miniature Golf or Pitch n’ Putt? What planet are these people from ? and is there a way to send them back ?

  25. onedonewong December 14, 2012

    With Barak as president and hilary as Sec of State all of these officals are more right than wrong

    1. Bill December 14, 2012

      If you are going to be critical of people you should at least learn to spell their name correctly but that would be asking something positive of a simple-minded imbecile.

      1. onedonewong December 14, 2012

        Barry Soetoro is too long to type

  26. Don B December 14, 2012

    These nitwits are “stars” on the Alex Jones Tin Hat Show. I listened to Alex Jones show for a while only because he did raise some interesting questions…..But couldn’t take it between his out of breath rants and the insertion of some of his more outrageous conspiracy theories.

  27. ExPAVIC December 14, 2012

    No Wonder

    You have Bachmann, Santorum, and Paul, plus you have Cain, Perry, Gingrich, and last but not least Romney carrying the GOP party banner and everyone wonders why the old, old, used up and dying GOP can’t win an election much above local dog catcher.

    Come people, if the GOP would cut loose and come up with candidates who have half a brain and a little less weirdo in them, then maybe, just maybe they could win an election and cut their loosing string of eight out of the last nine national elections.

  28. student of religion December 14, 2012

    They are on the same wavelink as those who called the Civil Right movement a communist plot to take over America. Floridation of our water was another plot to take over America. The National Council of Churches (made up of many mainline churches) was in league with the communists. Senator Eastland of Mississippi said the Civil Rights Bill would never have passed except “a bunch of damm preachers thought it was a moral issue”. And if one doesn’t believe that race is behind much of this, remember that the South was Democratic UNTIL the Civil Rights Bill was passed.

  29. E.l. Evans December 14, 2012

    THIS is why the Republicans lost, not Mitt Romney! They just don’t get it!! When jokers like this speak out then everyone knows you have too many “kooks” in your party to ever be taken seriously. Just think back to the crap that some of these idiots said! AND people voted these fools into office, sometimes more than once.

  30. gargray December 14, 2012

    Yes look what Mc Cain and the others did to Rice, they have lost respect fore veryone like the shooter that shot the school chrilden today. like the repubs say people kill not the guns, they are wrong wepons and guns kill, people just pull the trigger. They wouldn’t kill so many if they only had a knife or a club or beer bottle. Talking and respecting others would save many lives and prevent all these shooting. wake up NREA you are responsible for these killings.

  31. Jmz Warren-Nesky December 15, 2012

    First, I can understand Ron Paul’s affliction but Cornyn? Now Cruz? And this is just on one issue.. Is it the water? The Beeffalo, or do Texas politicians have to pass an idiocy test in order to become mindless dolts? Maybe Dubya knows the answer to that question.

  32. DurdyDawg December 15, 2012

    Sorry guy, the psychiatrists are they’re neighbors and no one wants to rile (or accuse) their neighbors.. Maybe a good veterinarian could help, at least in the neuter department.

  33. William December 15, 2012

    Hard to understand how people can follow these people, funny how they all seem to be in the GOP.

  34. Flossie Kay Melton December 15, 2012

    I agree! Most of them are dumber than dumb!

  35. Douglas Johnson December 15, 2012

    I, too, am amazed. They can’t be that dumb…it has to be some graft conspiracy.

  36. Robert Beckmann December 17, 2012

    lets amend the constitution and require all senators and congressmen to undergo psychiatric testing! Low scorers can’t serve, that should eliminate these 6 idiots!


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