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5 Reasons Trump Won’t Win In November — And One Way He Could

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5 Reasons Trump Won’t Win In November — And One Way He Could

5 reasons Trump will not win in November

Let’s start by clearing up the dumb misconceptions about the 2016 presidential election.

Republican voters aren’t significantly angrier than they normally are. Primary turnout is in no way clearly predictive of general election success. Donald Trump hasn’t brought hordes of new people to the Republican Party. He’s not any more unpopular with Republican voters than Mitt Romney was at this stage in the 2012 election. He’s more blatantly racistxenophobic and misogynistic than his primary foes, but his core policy views are nearly identical to all the other Republican candidates. For instance, he wants to make the rich richer, denies climate science and is promising to appoint ultra-conservatives to the Supreme Court.

The real story of the 2016 election is actually quite extraordinary, but no one seems much interested in reality right now.

The candidate who has gotten the most votes, for the second straight contested Democratic presidential primary in a row, is a woman. And most of the people who are voting for her are very pleased with the current Democratic president, who is about as popular now as Ronald Reagan was at this point in his eighth year in office.

“Of course, angry voters make for sexier clickbait,” The New Republic‘s Eric Sasson wrote. “So it’s not too surprising that we’re not seeing front-page headlines that scream, ‘Satisfied Obama Supporters Show Up in Droves.'”

There are plenty of reasons to be frustrated and want more from a government that has been hijacked to serve corporate interests. But few Americans seem eager to shift back the Republican policies that escalated our structural deficiencies into a global financial crisis. And even fewer seem interested in handing over the most powerful military ever created to a paper-thin-skinned demagogue with a scary tolerance for violence, or a sick appetite for it.

He will be the most divisive major presidential candidate in at least a century — an unprincipled Barry Goldwater who could put even the most secure Republican House majority in play with his supreme ability to offend the anti-masochistic.

Here are five reasons why Donald Trump won’t be the next president of the United States. And, to combat complacence, an additional pitch on why you should still be working your ass off to defeat him.

  1. There aren’t enough angry white men in America to make Donald Trump president.
    Math is not on Donald Trump’s side. Maybe that’s why doesn’t want to release his tax returns. “The math suggests Trump would need a whopping 70 percent of white male voters to cast their ballots for him,” David S. Bernstein wrote in Politico. “That’s a larger percentage than Republicans have ever won before — more than the GOP won in the landslide victories of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, and far more than they won during the racially polarized elections of Barack Obama.” The argument is: Trump could motivate Americans who usually don’t show up at the polls; except that most of the people who don’t vote tend to be progressive-leaning non-white males. Trump likes to imagine he’s going to sweep the Rust Belt — even though he’s doing worse with white voters there than Mitt Romney did. It’s true, Politico‘s Timothy Noah points out, that Trump is “doing exceptionally well compared to the other Republican candidates with (overwhelmingly white) blue-collar voters in Republican primaries.” But these are men who’d likely vote for the GOP nominee no matter who he is.
  2. The economy indicates a Democratic victory.
    If Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee, and is ultimately elected president, this week will be looked upon as a turning point for her campaign. She not only surprised with a string of victories in Midwest primaries and watched the GOP take another step towards nominating the most unpopular presidential candidate in modern history, but the Fed indicated that it’s slowing the rate increases it had planned just days before the stock market went positive for the year. Some political scientists suggest that how voters feel about the economy is the most predictive factor for whether they’ll seek a change in the White House. And the U.S. economy — especially its job market — remains the great hope of the world, despite stagnating income growth for all but the ultra-wealthy. “Forecasting firm IHS Global Insight predicts that the Democratic nominee, whoever it is, will win 50.9% of the popular vote in November, assuming the economy carries on as expected, with no big surprises,” Yahoo News’ Rick Newman reported.
  3. Trump’s brilliant primary plan is a brilliant plan to lose the general election.
    Trump’s plan to win the Republican primary by insulting elites and appealing the basest instincts of Republican voters was designed to offend and fascinate the media, and it worked. But by endorsing mass deportations, banning Muslims from entrance into the U.S., and defunding Planned Parenthood, Trump has alienated the exact voters Republicans need the most. “Based on estimates of the composition of the 2016 electorate, if the next GOP nominee wins the same share of the white vote as Mitt Romney won in 2012 (59 percent), he or she would need to win 30 percent of the nonwhite vote. Set against recent history, that is a daunting obstacle,” the Washington Post‘s Dan Balz wrote. “Romney won only 17 percent of nonwhite voters in 2012. John McCain won 19 percent in 2008. George W. Bush won 26 percent in 2004.” The idea that Trump is about twice as appealing to minority voters as Romney was is hard to believe. And with Romney attacking Trump for associating himself with racism, bigotry and xenophobia, you can imagine that many of the voters who turned out for Romney in droves will vote Democratic or stay home, making Trump’s hurdles even higher.
  4. Trump puts new states in play — for Democrats.
    Trump continually claims he can put states like New York and Michigan in play, despite polls showing him losing in both states by double digits. These “rust belt” fantasies mostly miss the fact that most of the Democrats willing to leave the party because of racial appeals already have. Meanwhile, Trump’s hostility towards non-white voters could make North Carolina a swing state again. And for the first time, in Arizona a recent poll shows both Clinton and Sanders leading Trump.
  5. Negative partisanship.
    “The party system has split along racial, cultural, and religious lines, creating a kind of tribal system where each party’s supports regard the other side with incomprehension and loathing,” New York Magazine‘s Jonathan Chait explained after looking at the work of political scientists Alan Abramowitz and Steven Webster. These researchers see in the data what George W. Bush’s and Barack Obama’s political teams both saw: the death of the swing voter. When women, young people, and people of color make up 81 percent of America’s total population, Democrats have a definite advantage, especially in years with high turnout. That’s why in 2010 we saw an historic effort to make access to the ballot more difficult. “In this trench-warfare atmosphere, the fact that the bloc of voters loyal to the Democrats is growing steadily would seem to loom large,” Chait writes, with the usual caveats about a recession, scandal, or terror attack being able to “disrupt” this pattern — even though voters seem to trust Clinton to deal with a terror attack over Trump.

Here’s how Trump wins: He keeps exceeding expectations.

Maybe we are in denial. That’s what Dilbert creator Scott Adams believes.

“Today I coined the phrase persuasion denier for people who think Clinton’s current poll numbers mean she will beat Trump in November,” he wrote on his purposely provocative blog. “If persuasion is real – and significant for elections – the past will not predict the future. The Master Persuader will warp reality until he gets what he wants. He’s halfway done.”

And Adams isn’t alone. Organized labor is sounding the alarm that Trump could be more popular with the working class than some expect.

Master analyst of political framing George Lakoff is also worried.

“The Democratic Party has not been taking seriously many of the reasons for Trump’s support and the range of that support. And the media has not been discussing many of the reasons for Trump’s support. That needs to change,” he warned in an excellent post explicating the GOP frontrunner’ appeal, “Why Trump?”

With $2 billion thus far in free media from America’s “news” networks, Trump cannot be underestimated. Democrats shouldn’t count on Republicans self-destructing, or on the media standing up to the increasingly absurd demands of this billion-dollar baby.

History tells us that Trump’s rise should not have happened; that “it” can’t happen here. But it could, if we let it.

Photo: Saif Alnuweiri 


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  1. Dominick Vila March 21, 2016

    I would not dismiss Trump’s chances in November so readily. The best thing we can do is analyze and determine why a person so devoid of responsibility, civility, and maturity appeals to so many people. I think that if we do that we will find that his appeal is not influenced by his support of abortion or universal healthcare. Millions of Americans share his hatred of Mexicans and Central Americans, his opposition to social programs that support equality to ethnic/cultural minority groups, and his overt hatred towards Muslims in general.
    Most importantly, however, is his promise to do something to end off shoring, and bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA. The fact that President Obama proposed investment in infrastructure, which would have created tens of thousands of jobs, and that he proposed imposing high tariffs on products and services rendered by U.S. companies operating abroad, and helping those that invest at home; and a GOP controlled Congress opposed it, will not convince those who have lost their jobs and are struggling to vote Democrat. For them, President Obama failed to deliver, and they will be quick to remind us that that is precisely the reason they hate the GOP establishment as much as they hate the Democratic establishment.
    The battle for the presidency is going to be over the economy and good paying jobs. Fear, hatred, and terrorism are part of the equation, but not the main reasons for Trump’s popularity.
    Add to all this his ability to control the agenda – and media attention – and we would be foolish if we ignore what is happening, and focus instead on trivia or the fact that Trump is an empty suit. I am afraid he is smarter than a lot of us think, and he is playing us like a violin.

    1. charleo1 March 21, 2016

      You’re spot on, when you say Trump is no candidate to be taken lightly. Trump is as toxic as a Super Fund site, and would be one God awful mess if elected. But, we can’t discount that possibility. And even though this is always said, the stakes for the country could not be higher. That has never been more true, at least since the Civil War. And while we’re busy being distracted, and appalled with Trump, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact Ted Cruz his closest contender, would also be a colossal mess. So the bottom line is, the Democrats must win this one, and the more that win translates down the ballot, the better off we, and the World will be.

      1. Dominick Vila March 21, 2016

        The key is to motivate our base and Independents. To do that, we must highlight the positive effect of Democratic policies on our population, as well as the dangers posed by the potential election of people like Trump or Cruz. One of the most obvious is the long term effect of a Supreme Court filled with far right ideologues. Republicans understand that. That’s the reason the refuse to even consider the nomination of Judge Garland, knowing full well that another two, maybe three, more Justices are likely to retire within the next two years or so. Filling 3 or 4 SCOTUS vacancies with Tea Party sympathizers would be the end of Roe V Wade, Affirmative Action, Civil Rights, and would pave the way to Citizens United and re-redistricting on steroids.

      2. TZToronto March 21, 2016

        The sad thing is that many people believe in (1) presidential infallibility (unless the president is someone they don’t like) and (2) authoritarian presidential power (unless the president is someone they don’t like). Many other people (the ones who remember their civics courses or actually took civics courses) understand the rather limited power the president really has. Trump supporters believe that he would have unlimited power to do the things he says he will do (ignoring President Obama’s difficulties in working with Congress). Most of what Trump proposes would require Congressional approval, and it remains to be seen whether even a Republican-controlled Congress would go along with Trump’s craziness. I would not be surprised if President Trump were impeached–and convicted–early in his White House tenure.

        1. Leftout March 21, 2016

          All Trump has to do is EXECUTE the immigration laws as they are and thereby provide security to this country , he is in no danger of being impeached .

          1. charleo1 March 21, 2016

            You like the word EXECUTE? How about machine gun nests, and barbed wire at the border, like the old Berlin Wall? Of course then, after Trump is elected, and the Fascist Neocons take over, and the Supreme Court is packed, there can be no mass migration in either direction? It’s all very, very simple isn’t it?
            Much like the Iraq War was going to be. Very very simple. They had WMDs. We were going take them away, and be back home in a few weeks. Greeted like heroes, the Iraqi people were going to pay for all of it. And the World was going to be so much safer, the price of oil, much cheaper, and America would have the terrorist in the Mid-East literally trembling with fear. Yes, yes, it’s all so simple. Simply trust me! I the great Trump, am so much smarter than these stupid incompetent politicians! What are you a 12 year old? No. You’re an adult so act like it.

          2. jmprint March 21, 2016

            He can’t, once brain washed by the Trump serum, that’s it, lost forever, in the America is gonna be great again, once I snap my fingers Trump fixins.

          3. jmprint March 21, 2016

            Just what kind of security are you talking about.

          4. Leftout March 21, 2016

            The security of drugs coming across the borders and miscreants, anti Moslem refugee ? immigration till they learn to behave as in European countries .

          5. TZToronto March 21, 2016

            I’m sorry you feel left out, Leftout. . . . Maybe President Trump will do something unseemly in the Oval Office. Would you be in favor of impeachment then? And do you really think that even a Republican Congress, saddled with Trump when he starts doing things they don’t like (such as not agreeing to repeal Obamacare or failing to sign a bill to defund Planned Parenthood, or not signing a bill to increase taxes on the middle class while giving tax breaks to billionaires, would shy away from impeaching Trump so they can get someone more “agreeable” in the White House? These people will eagerly eat their own to save their skins.

          6. Leftout March 21, 2016

            Trump has to execute already promulgated immigration laws , no need for congressional approval. This alone encompasses many problems .

          7. TZToronto March 21, 2016

            Good. I hope that works for you.

        2. charleo1 March 21, 2016

          Like you say, real facts are getting harder and harder to sell nowadays. Especially with taller, and taller tales of fantasy being spun, and bought into. Tales of quick easy solutions to what are very complex problems to which, in fact, there are no simple, easy, or easy solutions. Only bad ones, or much worse ones to choose from. And so often this is the case, by the time these issues reach the desk of the President. That’s assuming there are any choices at all. Add into that a paralyzed Congress, that can’t agree it’s Monday, but then refuses to say what day of the week they think it is. And so, the hard facts are well, hard, and so not appealing. We’ve got a real maddening mess on our hands that no mere one President, or a single election cycle is going to be able to make better right away. And of course, that’s not what any of us want to hear. We all want to solve all our problems in the easiest cheapest way possible. But what we can’t do is suspend our common sense, and use our freedom believe that what we choose, then blindly choose fantasy, over reality.

        3. ProudSCresident March 22, 2016

          Impeached??? Convicted???? For what? Making smart ass remarks?? Sugar Honey Iced Tea!!!! If they wouldn’t impeach our sitting prez or convict Hellory, what on Earth makes you believe that they would do that to Trump??? He looks like a choir boy compared to those two!!!

          1. TZToronto March 23, 2016

            The Republican establishment has shown no love for Trump. They’ve also shown that they need no reasons for doing stupid things. What makes you think that they would be averse to “trumping up” charges to impeach President Trump? Of course, trying to usurp Congressional authority would be sufficient grounds for impeachment, and his rhetoric suggests that he would be willing to ignore the Constitution in order to “get things done.”

    2. FireBaron March 21, 2016

      Dom, I would take Trump’s promise to end “off-shoring” more seriously if the schlock bearing his name wasn’t produced in sweat shops in Asia. How many garment workers have lost their jobs due to his decisions to have his “brand” made overseas?

      1. Dominick Vila March 21, 2016

        I didn’t say Trump’s promises to bring manufacturing jobs to the USA are realistic, or even clear. The only relevant proposal he has made is raising tariffs on the products and services made by U.S. companies overseas. Needless to say, that would elicit immediate retaliation, in the form of higher tariffs on U.S. exports, and loss of jobs in the USA.

  2. petemobtv March 21, 2016

    TRUMP!!!! The alternative is either a Communist or a socialist pathological liar who allowed four Americans to be killed to protect her own political ambitions. Trump is NOT racist, NOT xenophobic….he wants to protect America from not only terrorists abroad but the terrorists within. Yeah, it would be terrible to vote for a man whose primary concern is America. Yeah. Just terrible.

    1. charleo1 March 21, 2016

      That’s right, you’ve clearly been made the mark in a massive con game that makes Madoff’s ponzi scheme look lame by comparison. But you don’t know that yet. And it’s fairly obvious you’d never believe it at this point, because you’re having way too much fun getting taken for a ride. The good, and bad news is, if truth prevails you’ll probably never be the wiser.

      1. petemobtv March 21, 2016

        Keep drinking the Koolade, Charleo1. There’s a Jonestown out there, just waiting for you.

        1. charleo1 March 21, 2016

          I’m not Evangelical, so there’s one thing that makes a Jonestown in my future a lot less likely. Speaking of Kool Aid, how does this Wake up White people Kool Aid taste to you?

          1. petemobtv March 21, 2016

            Good. Very Good! This divisive president has set back race relations 50 years. Racial hatred is in the black camp now, or haven’t you noticed? Oh, wait…you are probably in your own little ‘Jonestown’ now.

          2. Jinmichigan March 21, 2016

            The divisive president? Which one is that?

          3. petemobtv March 21, 2016

            Gawd…you are stupid.

          4. Jinmichigan March 21, 2016

            t rump supporter? Of course.

          5. glynnis bugati March 23, 2016

            Permanent troll.

          6. jmprint March 21, 2016

            As he looks in the mirror…even the mirror thinks you’re stupid.

          7. jmprint March 21, 2016

            You are not talking about President Obama, he doesn’t play your racist games, he tells the truth and you don’t like it. You racist take a crap, move on and think nobody can smell the the poop, but we can and know where it’s coming from, YOU.

          8. petemobtv March 21, 2016

            He doesn’t play the race card? What planet are you living on?

          9. charleo1 March 21, 2016

            The most divisive President ever elected was Lincoln, and for all the right reasons. So unity, something the rabid angry Right cares nothing about, by the way, is highly overrated. Especially when it comes at the cost of going quietly along with a racist hater, or a budding Fascist in waiting. But before we accuse this President of being divisive, let’s remember how his intelligence, his college degree, his citizenship, loyalty, and religion, were all called into question for no discernible reason. And that was before he was elected. Afterwards, the RW continued again without reason, if the election was legal, if the military would follow his orders, if he was in cahoots with terrorists. All damnable lies. And then, openly espoused their desires for his failure. Now does sound like anyone on the opposition was trying to unifying the country? It sure doesn’t to me.

          10. ProudSCresident March 23, 2016

            So why did he seal his all of his educational records? So we wouldn’t realize what a genius he was? Please do not insult MY intelligence with this crap about how wonderful the guy is! He’s over watching baseball with a Communist Dictator as we type!

        2. jmprint March 21, 2016

          Yes and the leader is Trump.

    2. Dominick Vila March 21, 2016

      Did Republicans allow 3,000 people to be killed in the USA on 9/11/01? Did Republicans allow over 100 people to be killed when U.S. embassies and consulates were attacked when W was President?

      1. AWHODAT March 21, 2016

        You have to forgive MOB TV pete……consider the nic, first of all. LMAO And secondly, if my memory serves well, i do believe petey is only 12. Kinda new to the planet.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker March 21, 2016

        You know that the bottom line in the frat boys Republican initiation is to learn ow to lie, cheat, distort and use GOP double speak. I think anyone who watched the 9/11 Commission hearing, led by a Republican, Thomas Kean, can see how low the GOP has stooped. Compare the 9/11 Commission investigation to Chaffetz R-CA with the bogus edited Planned Parenthood film and the Gowdy Benghzai hearings and you see the low down dogs of the right all hot to take over government. When in the history of the U.S. did any member of Congress EVER dare to tell terrorists not to “pay any attention” to a U.S. President without his ass being hung for treason as Gowdy’s should be?

        1. Dominick Vila March 21, 2016

          I agree. As you know the 9/11 Commission hearings were focused on fact finding and prevention; as opposed to the Benghazi hearings which were focused on who to hang.

    3. marriea March 21, 2016

      The problem is, We, our government, created these terrorist with our interference.
      Be careful when ones stirs up a red ant mound for no good reason. That’s what we did when we invaded Iraq. Now we a dealing with somethig called ISIS.
      I have always asked the question., What were those people doing that we say we wouldn’t do under simular circumstances.
      ISIS is the worst possible outcome of repressed anger.
      But, although we have ISIS sympathiers in this country, we haven’t had an ISIS type of attack on American ground. Sure there was the San Bernadino shootings but to this day there is no definitve proof that it was because of ISIS. It could have been a holiday party that went horribly wrong. Or it could have been a preparations for what could/would have been what we call a terrorist attack that went wrong.
      We have had more American killed by other Americans than can ever be laid at the hands of a ‘terrorist’.
      As for Trump being your savior, have you actually paid attention to Trump. He’s like a loud mouth bully who expects YOU to take bullet for him, while he hides behind his millions. He a scared little guy who says things to rile you up so YOU will go and fight HIS foes off, the FOES that he made.
      And he’s not going to partake of giving you any of his riches. Have you ever LISTENED to this to his guy. Not just “HEAR” him but actually listened to him.
      He’s a cheer leader. One who builds up a crowd, then leaves it to other to do the work. Vote for him at your own peril. If you do and the ‘stuff’ hits the fan, then it might be your stuff. And you still won’t have the money nor job you seek.

      1. petemobtv March 21, 2016

        Ah, just another koolade drinker. Try thinking for yourself. And pay attention. That would be a good start. Do you think that an old Communist or a proven pathological liar, controlled by Wall St. money, would be better?

        1. Travis March 21, 2016


          1. jmprint March 21, 2016

            100 x better, then Trump the Dump.

        2. marriea March 21, 2016

          The thoughts are mine, dear. I have been paying attention, for years.
          I listen to what the pundits and POLS say with a very open mind. Then I look at the realities of this country.
          I love my country as this is the only one I know. But when I look at the overall undercurrents going on in my country with critcal eyes, and not just my romantic view of what is portrayed by the media and those who claim we are the best nation in the world things, it breaks my heart.
          I realize that in reality, we are really no different from the goverment of many other countries. We just call what we do a different name.
          And depending where you are on say the economic ladder, one’s view and viewpoint is different.
          And do I believe that a Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton would be better than a Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, As Sarah Palin would say…’You betcha’.
          The only GOP candidate that is even anywhere near palatable is John Kasich. But he doesn’t throw out a lot a venom like the formal two, so no one on the GOP side is seemingly listening.
          Cruz mixes up too much religion in his stomps in a government that supposely have a policy of separation of church and state.
          Trump is all fake. I suspect that he goes to church about as much as I do. He certainly has shown his true colors about the book many people consider sacred.
          He stirs people up with his racist, prejudice, and hateful tirades and eggs people on to fight for things that he wouldn’t fight for himself because he has someone to do it for him. He’s a coward with a big mouth.
          I don’t know if you have kids, but would you really encourage your kid to be around a classmate like him? I certainly hope not. Do you have friends like him?
          As for Clinton, I don’t care that she knows and deals with people on Wall Street. You’d better believe that Trump know them better or just as well as she. Trump is a Wall Streeter.
          As for Mr. Sanders, I do believe that he means well, but I doubt that many of his programs would have a snowballs chance in hell of passing even with a DEM Congress.
          Their are too many other things that are state controlled that the Feds don’t really get involved in if for nothing else other than state’s right. Tuition is one of them. I’ve have never heard of a federal ‘state’ or federal public education college. It’s true that each state recieves federal money that are allocated to and for schools, but it’s the governor and their legistators that decide how much and where that money goes. And also bear in mind that many really good colleges get endowment monies from outside sources.
          As far as the government sponsored health care, this country is too big and too populous for that. It ain’t gonna happen. Taxes for each individual worker would have to go up to 50% or better of their wage for that.
          But under Trump, what would you get? Nothing but lip service. All he’s going is flapping his gums and promising the moon when all he’s going to do is provide you with is a wooden wagon. He might be nice and throw in the wheels.
          I tell you what. Trump said that if any of his supported were charged with a crime of punching someone out at his rally, he would paid the legal fees. There is such an incident that have happened openly on national TV. Last I heard is Trump saying he has his team looking into ‘helping’ the perp out. NOT paying for his fees, but ‘helping him out’..It’s going to be interesting to see how much help he’s talking about..
          Take a long hard look at your guy with clear vision and not rose colored sun glasses. I truly hope you won’t be disappointed.

    4. Jinmichigan March 21, 2016

      LOL, seriously stupid stuff.

      1. petemobtv March 21, 2016

        Yes. Coming from liberal fools who know nothing about history or current
        events. Try getting an education. A GED would be a good start. oh, and get that ring out of your nose. You are obviously being led.

        1. Jinmichigan March 21, 2016

          Wow, more and more stupid. Keep it coming, I love it when you prove my point.

    5. jmprint March 21, 2016

      You fell for the dump, you are a liar yourself, Hillary did not have fault of the Benghazi killings. Trump is a racist, he is also a fascist, a very terrible thing.

      1. petemobtv March 21, 2016

        How is Trump a racist? Tell us. Obviously you don’t know what a fascist is. Learn history before you spit out that which you know nothing about. Explain why Clinton and the admin. blew the murders off as a result of a video. Pull your head out of you rear end and get informed. Right now you are nothing but a ‘useful idiot’…a phrase coined by Lenin….somebody who you know nothing about. Idiots like you are a danger….to yourself. So many ‘wait…needs moderation’ ….such a Dem Site.

        1. jmprint March 21, 2016

          Like all racist are, they hate other cultures. He tells you with every speech he makes, don’t you listen to what he says? For your information my head is not in my rear, unlike yours, where you don’t get air and thus are as ignorant as they come, why else would you support Trump. He is a FASCIST, he talks, walks and thinks like one. You are the useless idiot..get used to it, he need you.

        2. fortunev March 21, 2016

          So long denied, the reality is that ill-informed, poorly-educated ignorant racists are the same color and temperament as (white – NOT) pink scum-sucking pigs.

        3. jebuz March 21, 2016

          You sound just like trump lol because someone doesn’t agree with you automatically think they are idiots.

    6. 788eddie March 21, 2016

      “allowed four Americans to be killed?” Eight Republican- led Congressional Committees say “Not so.” Get with the truth, petemobtv.

      The only thing that’s being killed is your credibility.

  3. The problem is…the problem is…Hillary is as inspiring as a paper plate overflowing with snot.

    I’m genuinely worried about a Trump victory, because of Mrs Clinton’s amazing ability to turn-off vast segments of the population.

    1. charleo1 March 21, 2016

      Let me get this straight. Which candidate is turning off large segments of the population? Really? Are you serious?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 21, 2016

        Yes. Mrs. peanut sized balls is “serious” …serious about need to get over his male ego bloated like a balloon.

        At every debate thus far, Hillary has not only provided answers, she backs them up with numbers. Bosda is just one more hick from DogPatch worried he’ll actually have to W O R K and stop living off Democratic states. Dollar to a donut his McWifie is bringing in the paycheck he can’t because of a snot mouth.

        1. itsfun March 21, 2016

          BARK, BARK, BARK, very Presidential

          1. Jinmichigan March 21, 2016

            So is “Get em OUT of HERE”.

          2. itsfun March 21, 2016

            How can removing illegal immigrants and following our immigration laws not be Presidential.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker March 21, 2016

            Because idiot…Texas will never ever stop allowing illegals to enter their state. Get a clue will you? Give us the dollar figure on how much deporting 11 million illegals is going to cost. You are a real moron. According to several unbiased sources in order to deport 11 million illegals at this point in time would take 20 years at a cost of over $200 billion.

            Now..since you are a lazy ass with nothing better to do with your pathetic life..I’m sure you won’t mind plucking chicken feathers at a Walton’ family supplier’s farm will you?

            Or..her’s a better job for you…how about you get off your lazy ass and go pick fruits like the day laborers do? Oh. I see…you are tooo good to do that kind of work right? Or is it that your Mutton Chops grandpappy taught you a plantation owners’s son shouldn’t break a sweat?

          4. 788eddie March 21, 2016

            Thank you, Eleanore.
            You go, Girl!

          5. Eleanore Whitaker March 21, 2016

            You will notice ItsFun Never but Never blames the US Big businesses who hire illegals through exclusive illegal recruiters? You have no idea how dirty these recruiters are. They know the illegals don’t know American Labor Laws and the threat of deportation always hangs over their heads. Many of them are told they can’t take a day off for their own mother’s funeral or they’ll be fired. They are often called in to work 7 days a week and then are NOT paid any overtime. They also do not know OSHA and EPA regulations. It means they are subjected to dangerous workplaces.

            All so ItsFun and his crooked corrupt Big Business righties can live high on the hog. This is America? If the Justice Dept. doesn’t investigate and soon why these corporations are taking our tax dollars in tax subsidies while they refuse to use E-Verify to check immigrant status, they should take their extortionist, exploitative business offshore.

          6. itsfun March 21, 2016

            Bark, bark, bark,

          7. Paul Bass March 22, 2016

            We saw how well Germany did with trying to remove 7 million Jews…

          8. ProudSCresident March 22, 2016

            Funny you should say that because there’s a chicken plant near here. After our locals cracked down on the illegals working there, now when you pass by there at shift change, you see AMERICANS leaving the plant rather than illegal Mexicans! So, yes, they were taking American jobs, and yes, Americans WILL work if they have a job! The Walmart here has raised its minimum wage to $15 an hour because they can’t find help!!! The law of supply and demand is starting to work because the illegals can’t work. It’s helping Americans because of price competition for labor!

          9. Jinmichigan March 21, 2016

            t rump screams this at his rallies targeted at protesters. Very Presidential don’t you know.

          10. itsfun March 21, 2016

            And barking like a dog is?

          11. Jinmichigan March 22, 2016

            Funny thing about t rump is this is the most intelligent thing he has ever said even though he has a HUGE brain and and knows so many words.

          12. itsfun March 22, 2016

            Hillary is the barking dog

          13. Jinmichigan March 22, 2016

            It’s obvious you have an HUGE brain too and know a few words.

          14. itsfun March 23, 2016

            bark bark bark

          15. Jinmichigan March 24, 2016

            Love it when you prove me right.

          16. ProudSCresident March 22, 2016

            Amen! We need someone in the White House who can be a SOB when needed! I love Donald’s smart mouth and wit! If I were paying for a venue for my rally and some jerks came in to protest, I’d be very happy to see them removed by any means possible!

          17. itsfun March 22, 2016

            Thank you; I agree 100%.

          18. latebloomingrandma March 21, 2016

            Or, I’d like to punch him in the face.

      2. Yes.
        Trump is a threat, not to be underestimated.
        And if the Sanders supporters stay home on Election Day….

      3. itsfun March 21, 2016

        BARK, BARK, BARK, very Presidential The country is in trouble with either of them. You would think the US could come up something a lot better. The whole world will be laughing at us with either of them.

    2. itsfun March 21, 2016

      BARK, BARK, BARK, very Presidential

    3. ProudSCresident March 22, 2016

      You should be worried if you really want Hillary as your leader! It’s a sad day when all the Dems have to offer up are two losers.

      1. The GOP was able to field seventeen Losers.
        Which is an achievement, from a certain point of view, as Obi-Wan Kenobi might say.

  4. paulyz March 21, 2016

    The Trump Train keeps on rolling and rolling along! ALL Aboard….whooo-whoooooo!

    1. Jinmichigan March 21, 2016

      40% of 30% doesn’t win anything in the general.

    2. jmprint March 21, 2016

      Right off the cliff, all aboard.

  5. AWHODAT March 21, 2016

    Never a truer word spoken about the US so-called “news” media. When i studied journalism in college in my country, it was the US system that was the standard. Today, according to Reporters Without Borders, my country is higher on the world press freedom index than the US.

    I do believe it is fair to say that to speak of “the media” in the US today, in which one means the fourth estate in its classic sense, then the print media and to a lesser extent radio (i:e FM radio) are the only games in town.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 21, 2016

      No surprise then that Americans know if they want facts, they won’t get it in U.S. media…they have to rely on BBC or CBC. This is always what happens when men in the US abuse Constitutional rights to mean “anything goes.” These are the same men who rewrite history to suit their back room billionaire’s agendas. There isn’t a single U.S. media today not owned by some ultra conservative billionaire hot to use media as a form of indoctrination.

      1. ProudSCresident March 22, 2016

        That’s why I cut my cable and stopped watching any mainstream media.

  6. Leftout March 21, 2016

    “History tells us that Trump’s rise should not have happened; that “it” can’t happen here. But it could, if we let it.”

    You have no control over” letting it happen”, it already has happened ! And it is not a Trump factor, it is a People factor of reactionary disgust with the degradation of the standards that have been making this country great. Trumps remarks that are twisted to be Racism or Xenophobia are only based on trying to Secure the Country against real dangers. Look at the fun the Europeans are having with imbedded terrorists and butt squeezing men. Some feminists may like this I suppose.

    1. ProudSCresident March 22, 2016

      Exactly! We want to prevent what is happening in Europe from happening on our soil. Trump is the only one who will say what we all are thinking! Who cares if it’s racist toward the Muslims? I’ve studied a lot about that group, and I’ve watched what has happened in Europe, and it’s better to stop that group from coming in. They are not kind, friendly immigrants who want to live the American dream, learn English, and assimilate. No, they live in their own private compounds, procreate profusely, get our government benefits, go to our schools, and follow their Sharia law, expecting US to bow down to them!

  7. DJean102 March 21, 2016

    Typically, not a word about Sen. Sanders. Clearly shows a complete disregard for the process by naming only Hillary as the Democratic nominee. Leftout, tRump’s remarks haven’t been twisted. He prides himself on straight talk, albeit at a third grade level, and he has BECOME the real danger to the country. We are the cause of the unrest in the Middle East and since it’s easier for terrorists to get to, or even live in Europe, and since it’s been widely trumpeted that they are complicit, they become the natural target. Note that tRump has NO plan for …well, ANYTHING.

    1. Leftout March 21, 2016

      The troubles of the Middle East started with invasion by GW, but Was contained somewhat. But stupidity set in by broadcasting military intentions after that, the Mideast is in disarray due to bad leadership . Trump is trying to correct these errors In his hard ass policies in involving the Lounging Arab states to get off their camels and women and give a hand in defending their own countries . Trump had nothing to do with the Middle East or the current US malaise nor Bernie also. Trump is Trying to fix this and strong solutions are required or at least enforce the laws of the US on immigration? So say I.

      1. itsfun March 21, 2016

        The troubles in the Middle East started over 2000 years ago. Trump may have the only ideas to actually fix some of the problems there. But, I doubt if anyone can fix problems that are over 2000 years old, and will still be problems in another 2000 years.

        1. highpckts March 21, 2016

          Trump has no ideas that don’t include violence, mayhem and outright stupidity!

          1. itsfun March 22, 2016

            Yep, we should be real nice to ISIS and other terrorist groups. Maybe we can give them 150 million or so not to hurt us. Maybe we can change our justice system to what they want. We also could make our women cover their faces and not allow them out of the house without a male. Maybe we can cut deals with them, that stop them from testing weapons and then do nothing when they break these deals. Maybe we can elect another President that makes “deals” to get around calling them treaties to get around Congress.

      2. DJean102 March 21, 2016

        Again, not heard one word that would indicated there’s a plan in the works….re: anything.

      3. highpckts March 21, 2016

        Trump can’t can’t fix a hang nail even with his consultants of him, himself and his wee Brain which he says is so good! I didn’t hear any “plans” to actually “do” anything!

      4. ProudSCresident March 22, 2016

        I just cannot understand why the libs want to bring more Muslims into this country! Look what they have done to places like Dearborn, Michigan! Look at what they are doing in Europe! Who says we have to be tolerant of people who follow a “religion” where it’s OK to kill infidels, and WE are the infidels? The reason Trump is leading is because we, the people, are fed up with all of the idiots in Washington who are doing stupid things that hurt our country. Maybe the unemployment rate really is below 5%, but all I see are low paying 29 hour a week jobs that can’t support a family. Maybe 20 million people do have health insurance now. What I see are people who used to be able to afford their health insurance facing skyrocketing premiums and huge deductibles and not being able to afford to use their health insurance! I see families who truly need help yet their food stamps benefits have decreased while food prices have skyrocketed! The huge increase in food prices was blamed on the price of gas, but now that gas has gone down, the prices in the grocery store haven’t. Packages have shrunken, and food at restaurants has increased in price. I don’t know where you get the idea that we regular Americans feel as if we are doing better now than we were 8 years ago. Maybe those of you who are in the stock market are booming, but the every day American I encounter in my life is not happy with the economy, find only low paying jobs, are sick of illegal immigration, and want a person in the oval office who loves America. Maybe Donald Trump isn’t perfect, but compared to the alternatives, he’s a SAINT!

    2. Jinmichigan March 21, 2016

      There is no need to twist t rumps words. He very adept at verbal gymnastics. He tends to contradict himself so offend it’s almost impossible to keep track.

      1. Joan March 21, 2016

        If he is not contradicting himself, he is lying. Mr. Trump fails to comprehend that what he says is being video taped. It has worked with his followers, they CARE that Hillary is a liar, Trump, not so you would notice.
        Today when he claimed to be the single person most knowledgeable about the Iran deal – the response, quite rightly, was laughter. I think Mr Trump should become prepared to be laughed at, a lot. I would laugh more at his antics, if his supporters were less scary.

    3. ProudSCresident March 23, 2016

      Even my most liberal friends are saying “Anybody but Hillary or Bernie!!” And all of them are disappointed in who was supposed to be our savior…the current prez. Trump has a very high IQ and speaks in language that all people can comprehend instead of pontificating.

      1. DJean102 March 23, 2016

        High IQ my ass. He is who is because of his rich antecedents. You must hang out with Neocons, but Independents are overwhelmingly supporting Bernie whose message hasn’t changed in 30 years of public service. Hillary responds to polls but leopards don’t change their spots; they’re good at camouflage.

        1. ProudSCresident March 24, 2016

          I never thought about his rich “antecedents!” I can tell you’re very high IQ, too!

  8. itsfun March 21, 2016

    I doubt if the Republican establishment allows Trump to be the candidate. He owes no one in the establishment and won’t be bought off by them. They can’t stand the idea of losing their power and will do whatever is necessary to keep power. You have people line Lindsey Graham (who got less than 1% of the primary votes) saying how Trump will ruin the Party, when Graham is part of the reason people want Trump. The establishment is so far out of touch with the people of this nation, they have no idea what the voters want. Much of what I am saying can be said for the Democratic establishment also. If Hillary wasn’t winning, then we would see the power people of the Democratic Party going the same way the Republican power people are. It is sad, but true that we don’t vote for a person anymore, but we vote for whoever is running the political parties. Even the primaries are fixed, so the parties don’t have to name a vote winning candidate their candidate. Even if a candidate they don’t like gets enough delegates in their current rules, they can change their rules on the fly. We can say all we want about our free elections and being able to choose who we want, but the facts are the political parties actually pick who we can vote for, not us.

  9. I of John March 21, 2016

    George W seemed unlikely to me once, and twice was unthinkable. Never underestimate political screw ups.

  10. FT66 March 21, 2016

    Come on ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys. Trump will never ever lead this greatest nation on earth unless all voters have totally lost their mind.

    1. JustTheFactsMa'am March 21, 2016

      I dunno, might be a real-life Pied Piper. It’s working so far…

      1. FT66 March 21, 2016

        What is working? That people have lost their mind? Can you please clarify a little bit?

    2. Leftout March 21, 2016

      True it happened with Obama. But in his case we have someone who cares about this country as opposed to Obama .

      1. FT66 March 21, 2016

        Damn it. Are you one of those who have lost their mind and ready to vote for Trump blindly?

        1. Leftout March 21, 2016

          Not Blindly, what is one item that is not accurate on his ideas.

      2. highpckts March 21, 2016

        Oh please! Are you that enamoured of Trump that you would put this egotist in charge of this mighty nation? You are certifiable and dangerous in your warped thinking, if that’s what you want to call it!

  11. mrose4243 March 21, 2016

    Shorter article: Trump won’t win in November, unless he wins.

  12. Jill Swanson March 21, 2016

    Do you believe bullying is acceptable in any way, or by any person? Well, Trump is a bully in every sense of the word. he makes fun of everyone that does’t agree with him. He’d have us in WWlll in a heartbeat. Is that what anyone wants? I sure don’t.

    1. ProudSCresident March 23, 2016

      I’d rather have a bully in the oval office than a woosie, anyday!

  13. Ginger March 21, 2016

    I find this article to be a total waste of time. There was nothing newsworthy in it, and was merely the opinion of someone who is anti-Trump. I don’t have a problem with people deciding that they don’t like Trump or they prefer Hillary. But, have a more meaningful dialogue rather than just dribbling on with stereotypes and rhetoric, and summing things up by calling Trump “racist” or a “xenophobe” or whatever. I would respect your opinion more if you spelled out the difference between Trump and Hillary’s issues, like on trade, and why Hillary has taken millions of dollars from Wall Street and refuses to release the transcripts of the speeches she has given to places like Goldman Sachs, and about Hillary’s record as Secretary of State and why despite losing four lives in Libya, she recent stated no lives were lost, or about her ever changing position on Isreal and how as Secretary of State she took a position of not being pro-Isreal but more neutral and now stating that she has always been pro-Isreal, and why despite claims of a 4.9% unemployment rate and how things are supposedly going so well, many economist are reporting a possible recession this year. There are many reasons why voters are angry, so I disagree with your elitist opinion that all is fine. If all were fine we would not be approaching a $20 trillion debt in 2017, and that is the debt ceiling, so if all is great, why do we still have so much debt? Why are most people’s premiums under ACA so high? Even Bernie Sanders is running against Hillary Clinton because he does not believe she would be good for the country. So, to say Trump can’t win, when Hillary is currently being investigated by the FBI, I would say they both have their flaws, but I would take Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders any day over Hillary Clinton.

    1. easton March 21, 2016

      lol. Trump’s positions are absurd, he is going to get Mexico to pay for the wall…sure, and he is going to bring back manufacturing jobs from China by scolding China.
      Trump has no coherent positions on anything. As to Hillary, no lives were lost in the combat between Gadhafi and the TNC rebels which we supported with air strikers and special forces. The 4 lives that were lost were due to a terrorist attack, not by the Libyan government.
      You nonsense about a “possible” recession is just that. It is possible there can be an alien invasion to, so lets blame Hillary. No, we are not in a recession now, saying it is possible there might be is flat out absurd. It is also possible the economy might do much better as well, but neither possibility is what is happening NOW.
      As to our debt, 1/3rd of that is intragovernmental debt, money the US owes itself in the form of the medicare and Social Security surpluses.
      You are also lying about the ACA premiums. They actually came in lower than initial expectations and 20 million people now have insurance.
      As to Sanders running, you are actually shocked that one politician might think he is better than another? 17 did it on the other side.
      In short, everything your wrote is worthless. Good job.

    2. Independent1 March 21, 2016

      I agree totally with everything easton said below, you criticize the author above about not providing some substance and then go off an do nothing but quote absurd, totally worthless, right-wing talking points. Do you even realize at the point we’re in in Obama’s presidency, we’ve not only seen BY FAR the longest consecutive stretch of positive jobs growth in American history but Obama as exceeded the previous record by almost TWO YEARS!! And add to that the fact that during that time, America’s economy has also just experienced the most number of consecutive years without a recession happening, in at least the past 115 years – since 1900.

      And here are just a few substantive facts that you may want to consider when you apparently may think about voting for another Republican to trash our economy:

      Since 1900 the average GDP gain under all the Repub presidents has been a paltry 2.6%/year- whereas under all the Dems, the average increase has been 4.3% – much better.

      Since 1930 the stock market gains under 42 years of failed GOP governance has actually been less than zero; while under 43 years of successful Dems it’s been well over 300% gains.

      And during the 20 disastrous years Reagan and the 2 Bushes were in office, they succeeded in creating a paltry 24 million jobs; while in less than 20 years, Carter, Clinton and Obama have created almost twice as many jobs – 40 million plus!!!

      Why would any sane person vote for someone who history says will tank not only the economy but also jobs growth and stock market returns??

  14. ProudSCresident March 22, 2016

    Another day, another Trump bashing article trying to convince yourselves that Trump can’t be elected! HO HUM!!! Mainstream media doing it’s pitiful job to brainwash us into voting for Hillary. Won’t happen. Such a waste of good keystrokes!

    1. StormeeATL March 24, 2016

      Ho-hum, another trump-bot with no clue trolling away.

      1. AmandaTrebiano November 24, 2016

        Who has no clue now liberal dip$hlT? ROFL at YOU

  15. Michael Fulghum March 27, 2016

    They had better hope someone that can straighten the financial mess the last few administrations and congress has got us into or there may be something much worse than an outsider getting elected to come!!!

  16. Ray Caruso November 23, 2016


  17. Morgan Mcclelland November 24, 2016

    Point 1:FAIL, assumes only angry white people will vote for Trump. Racist media fail. The angry white democrat lost……
    Point 2:Fail
    Point 3:Fail
    point 4:More BS Fail, Fail, Fail
    Point 5:BS And Fail. Nice try
    On all these points Helter Skelter was worse and in some cases a lot worse and that’s why Trump won.

    Should have listened to Dilbert creator Scott Adam

  18. AmandaTrebiano November 24, 2016

    As I said on Day ONE when Trump came down the stairs and announced–there’s your next President, he gets it and knows what’s wrong and how to fix it. All y’all liberal jackdaws laughed like hell–but I put my money where my mouth is and BET on him to win that day overseas. I put 5 grand on Trump to win at huge odds against him. I made more money on that bet than most people make in 2 years. These “journalists” have been Obama’s echo chamber for so long that they’ve started to believe their own LIES.
    I’m laughing all the way to the bank because not only did I win a lot of money, I work in political consulting and my stock went through the roof with my clients and more calling every day for 2018.

  19. Simon Brockwell November 25, 2016

    How can anyone take seriously a “journalist” whose command of the English language is so poor that he/she writes the following sentence?

    “And even fewer seem interested in handing over the most powerful military ever created to a paper-thin-skinned demagogue with a scary tolerance for violence, or a sick appetite for it.”

    A literate Trump-hater would have not used “for”, first time appearing, but “of” in the above extract. One can have a tolerance OF things such as violence and an appetite FOR things. One could, at a stretch, comfortably use “for violence”, but not if, in the same sentence, you plan to follow it with “or a sick appetite for it [violence]”. Given that a “sick appetite OF it [violence]” would be a nonsense and one has to use “for” instead, the grammatical solution is obvious. Back to elementary school you go!

    As to the substance of the comment …


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