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5 Republicans Who Can’t Resist Strutting Their Stuff

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5 Republicans Who Can’t Resist Strutting Their Stuff





Ah, Republican politicians. Moral arbiters. Upholders of family values. Pure, straight-laced Church Ladies and Gentlemen who go all a-flutter at the mere suggestion of anything racy. Not for them the vagaries of sexuality or half-naked frolicking. No, that’s for filthy, disgusting liberals.

Except… these selfsame Republican politicians just can’t seem to keep their clothes on. Everywhere you look, there’s a babelicious GOP pol wantonly shakin’ what his or her mama gave ’em in front of the camera. Here are five of our personal faves.

Photo of Aaron Schock: Men’s Health/Rodale



  1. Eleanore Whitaker July 18, 2014

    If this is what the DogPatch Daisy Maes are hankering for, they need to get a life.

    1. DurdyDawg July 18, 2014

      You can’t get something you have no clue exists.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker July 19, 2014

        Your name says it all. At what point did you Lil Abners take over the country? Get a life, get a job that pays so you don’t have to live off phony SSDI and welfare. If all you have to do all day is bash others, maybe it’s time you Lil Abners made men of yourselves and stopped acting as if you are Masters of the Universe when those peanuts in your jeans prove otherwise.

        1. WhutHeSaid July 19, 2014

          Um, I think you misunderstood DurdyDawg’s post. I believe he was taking a pot-shot at the right-wing Daisy Maes.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker July 19, 2014

            Apologies to DurdyDawg ..I did misread your post. Sorry Mea Culpa.

          2. CPAinNewYork July 21, 2014

            You’re still an asshole, Eleanor.

        2. Mark Forsyth July 19, 2014

          Tell me Eleanore,so I can be enlightened after being disabled since 2007,exactly what is so phony about SSDI. Did you forget to put your thinking hat on this morning?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker July 19, 2014

            SSDI is a federal, not a state funded program. There are states who deliberately shift their unemployed onto SSDI. AL is chief among these. Check the 2012 NPR interview with the AL DOL chieftain regarding how much AL saves by shifting people with Type II Diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure on SSDI. If the rest of the people in this country can drag themselves off to work with these same diseases, do tell why unemployed people in AL get to sit home and enjoy life while eroding what remains of SS. The number of people who live off SSDI for the most minor illnesses is fraud in case YOUR thinking cap wasn’t on this morning. I take offense to that kind of fraud because it’s just another way for the right tighties of the GOP to erode SS, a program they’ve been trying to be rid of since FDR created it to protect American workers from Wall Street speculators and Madoffers.

          2. Mark Forsyth July 19, 2014

            So I guess that it would perhaps have been more accurate to say that certain people collect SSDI fraudulently and put the blame on AL rather than to imply that SSDI or welfare is phony.Don’t misunderstand me,I am in full support of protecting and expanding Social Security and the rest of the social safety net,there will always be those who collect under false pretenses.You and I both know that there are states that collect large sums of money from federal programs,then turn around and condemn them.
            While my thinking cap is on most always,it does not mean that I know all things at all times.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker July 20, 2014

            Do you pay attention? NPR did an interview in 2012 with the head of AL’s DOL. He reported then that AL was shifting many of its unemployed onto SSDI for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Adult Type II diabetes? Why are you making AL a victim when their own DOL head stated publicly otherwise. I provided the source. Now you go to NPR’s archives and find that interview if you have the testicles to do it.

            SS is a safety net. If you knew why, you wouldn’t doubt for one second how easy it is for US banks to overspeculate and then demand help when their overspeculations crash as in 1929 and five times since. Those banks slammed their doors shut with hard working Americans savings in them.

            The name Herbert Hoover was anathema to Americans who viewed his policies as pandering to speculators at the risk of every dime Americans had saved. Then, the Republicans demand Americans save? Why? So banks can get their syrupy mitts on our savings and use it to gamble it away on Wall Street?

          4. Mark Forsyth July 20, 2014

            Hey Eleanor,I’m not the enemy and I can asure you that I do not suffer from a lack of balls.If you have a hair up your ass or feel the need to be a goddamn irritable bitch,don’t take it out on me and don’t underestimate me.I’m smarter than you think.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker July 20, 2014

            Hey Mark…Lose the male supremacy attitude and accept that in this country your gender is ONLY 48% of the population. That means that women are paying more than you in taxes.

            I have no doubt about your intelligence. I do have doubts that you can accept that women today don’t need any man for financial security and these poster bois of the GOP are airheads in any smart woman’s view. A Twerp is a twerp whether he’s a Daddy’s boi or he’s Rand Paul, Master of KY bourbon.

          6. Mark Forsyth July 20, 2014

            Why can’t you accept the fact that I am on top of what your talking about and don’t need you to tell me these things.It sounds as if you are just looking for someone to argue with.What exactly is it that makes you think that I do not recognize a womans’ independence? We weren’t even discussing that topic.Frankly,I’m glad that women can take care of themselves.I don’t have a problem with that at all.If there is anybody that has an attitude it’s you.
            Supremacy attitude? Surely you jest.I think you are chronically pissed off and looking for a punching bag.Better keep looking,because I’m not the guy your pissed at.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker July 21, 2014

            Yes…Supremacy attitude. That BS that Eve “tempted” Adam to sin has been the justification for eons of male supremacy that’s now reaching its limits. Stick to the topic. The 5 Republican beefy Testosteronie who think their perfect little teeth and perfectly coifed hair and “toned” bodies fool women of intelligence. You have to put a whole lot more mileage into GOP men today. Most of them are bossy, overbearing little Twerps who call to McMommy for the Charmin.

          8. Mark Forsyth July 21, 2014

            We know that they are superficial and cosmetic,Eleanor.You and I are on the same page on that account.If those guys had brains they would be arrested for smuggling shit.

          9. CPAinNewYork July 21, 2014

            *I love it when Eleanor Whitaker and Mark Forsyth go at each other. The foul-mouthed man-hater versus the foul-mouthed egotist.

          10. Mark Forsyth July 21, 2014

            To say nothing of the CPA shit for brains who comes here making comments significant of nothing.Still haven’t managed to pull your head out of your ass.You’re hopeless boy.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker July 21, 2014

            I loathe penis brained men who overdose on Viagra and is paid for by my payroll deductions for Medicare. That would be you CPA…didn’t your PCP tell you erectile dysfunction isn’t a medical emergency and 2 million men in the US overdosing on Viagra covered by male employers with gusto while they sabotage birth control is not even a necessity?

          12. Russell Byrd July 25, 2014

            You are still a right-wackjob asshole that hasn’t got a clue. What a prick you are and have always been.

          13. Eleanore Whitaker July 21, 2014

            Mexico is a projection of what the US will become if teeth are not put into US corporate laws. In Mexico, the drug trade grew for one reason: Too much political influence with Mexican politicians and lawmakers by drug lords. Think that can’t happen in the US with the route corporations are taking today? The voice of the people IS the government. Not the voice of corporate thieves.

          14. Mark Forsyth July 21, 2014


      2. Mark Forsyth July 19, 2014

        I think they have overdosed on too much Stupefyin’ Jones.

  2. Grannysmovin July 19, 2014

    Well they strut that they are physically fit and mentally, logically, compassionately and emotionally bankrupt.

    1. Michael Ross July 21, 2014

      Their abs have permanent dibs on the blood supply.

  3. Blueberry Hill July 19, 2014

    Too bad they aren’t spending more time solving the country’s problems and less time using the Gym equipment that we, the taxpayers paid for. They are making lots of money for doing no work. Get to work and fix something, you self-serving assholes.


    1. Mark Forsyth July 19, 2014

      And then they go on vacation.Vacation from what? Doing nothing? They would indeed need to go to work.

      1. Blueberry Hill July 19, 2014

        You are absolutely correct. Even a vacation would make them work more than they have for the past several years. The House sets the work schedule, and they already set up to work only 1/3 of this year. They get paid to work all year. Our taxpayer money in action there. VOTE THESE IDIOTS OUT! VOTE BLUE.


        1. Mark Forsyth July 19, 2014

          The whole damn system needs revamping.Money for nothing.The Great American Rip-Off.

          1. Blueberry Hill July 19, 2014

            It will take some time. It got worse with the Tbagger takeover in the House. Sooner we get rid of them, the sooner we can work on the rest. They don’t even believe in government, don’t want government, why did the stupids put these in government, who only want to tear it down; and they are doing just that. It looks like the only action going on is in the Gym.


          2. Mark Forsyth July 19, 2014

            Aint that the truth.They are hot on themselves and that’s about all.
            I wish I knew how to engineer certain scenarios.I would concoct circumstances where the t gang and the gop would eat each other and then we WOULD be rid of them.Failing that,I rely on my belief that goodness prevails in the long run

          3. Blueberry Hill July 19, 2014

            Yes, it is too bad the Rs ever stepped out on that balcony and embraced the Tbaggers out there demonstrating against the government, As far as I’m concerned, they are now both the same. The Rs are so afraid they won’t stand up to the baggers. That is their mistake and I’m hoping that we wipe them out this election. They are already fighting with each other. The ones that would try to govern need to get over their fear of being “primaried”. They haven’t figured it out yet, that we’ve had enough of the baggers and want rid of them. More will be going down, I’m positive. They were so shocked when Cantor lost his seat, but not smart enough to figure out why. Enough is enough, we say. Gone is the King bagger and many more will follow. These are nothing but lazy asses who won’t be missed at all.


          4. Mark Forsyth July 19, 2014

            I’m not surprised at all at this unholy relationship.It has further enabled the long standing money addiction of the gop.That is the main reason that they courted the extreme far right conservative fundamentalists and evangelicals.If those knuckledraggers had any brains they would be so pissed off with the realization of how cheaply they were bought at the cost of building a few churches.They are truly the ones who must wallow in shit for a long time before they realize the benefit of being clean.Just goes to show what those literal word for word biblical interpretations will get you.

          5. Blueberry Hill July 19, 2014

            Absolutely, and they are so mired in hate and bigotry that they don’t even know that they are Christian in name only. There is nothing Christianly about their behavior. And the answer is not be be messing with women’s bodies. Our bodies are not government property and they have no right trying to regulate us. Our bodies belong to us, men and women’s. But that is the only thing they have tried to regulate in the House. They are all mired in so much sewage that they can’t smell the Roses.


  4. stcroixcarp July 19, 2014

    “ick” ( After you step in it you say “uff-da” )

  5. Elliot J. Stamler July 20, 2014

    Oh come on-neither Ryan nor Riggs’s photos are beefcake photos. Nor really is Palin’s photo cheesecake, she’s as beautiful as she is stupid. But let’s be honest…Aaron Schock is a hunk. You know the old saying: if you’ve got it flaunt it.

    1. CPAinNewYork July 21, 2014

      If Sarah Palin is stupid, how was she able to make millions?

      1. Elliot J. Stamler July 21, 2014

        By cashing in on her publicity while the cashing in is possible…and by publishing ghost-written books which will be bought by people about as stupid as she is.

  6. Michael Ross July 21, 2014

    You forgot Vladimir Putin. Who all the Republicans are outright fangasming over, therefore he counts as one in my book.

  7. longtail August 16, 2014

    I always wondered why News Corp, the spokes-outlet for the Republican Party, was so concerned with gossip and T&A features. Perhaps Republicans are not as chaste as they like to pretend.

  8. joe schmo August 17, 2014

    LOL…..lots of Photoshop. I studied GD and Film/compositing. I can recognize fakes when I see them:)


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