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5 Things Donald Trump Is Teaching Us About The GOP Base

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5 Things Donald Trump Is Teaching Us About The GOP Base


The Republican Party insists — despite its backing of the Wall Street bailouts, immunity for corporate polluters, and willingness to let billionaires live tax-free — that it’s the party of personal responsibility.

So even though the media has been an invaluable enabler, the responsibility for Donald Trump’s rise falls squarely on Republican voters. This was a tougher case to make when Trump’s support was still theoretical and could be ascribed to his name recognition. But now that he’s won three states easily and leads in every other primary, except Ohio and perhaps Texas, it’s clear: Republican voters want what Trump is selling.

Trump’s rise reveals trends in American politics that have been latent for years but not discussed in polite company, for fear of offending the supposed experts who believe that “blaming both sides” proves their objectivity. But the party’s attraction to the personification of its worst instincts shows that a large percentage of Republicans — possibly even a majority — is proudly embracing qualities that would have been considered smears just a few months ago.

So what has Trump revealed about a large chunk of the GOP base?

  1. They’re scared and infuriated.
    Republican leaders have fundamentally misunderstood the Trump phenomenon from the beginning. To this day, adults in the party are still accusing Obama of being responsible for the rise of a birther. But the anger that’s coming from the white working class is clearly an existential rage targeted at both parties and themselves, as the numbers of middle-aged white Americans who are drinking, drugging, and eating themselves to death continue to grow. For half a century, the GOP has provided its base with villains to focus their hate, as it’s drained the economy of the regulations, tax base, and strong unions that built the middle class. “But the fact that lots of voters hated the Clintons, Sean Penn, the Dixie Chicks and whomever else, did not, ever, mean that they believed in the principle of Detroit carmakers being able to costlessly move American jobs overseas by the thousands,” Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi explains in his terrifying exploration of the Trump campaign “How America Made Trump Unstoppable.”
  2. They want a tyrant.
    One moment Trump is decrying “political correctness,” a slur that’s supposed to suggest that Americans have become intolerant of their neighbors’ intolerance. The next moment, they’re cheering him for wanting to punch a protester. Trump is a 69-year old Putin fanboy with a history of cheerleading fascism. Republicans decried Obama’s delay of the employer mandate in Obamacare or temporary delay of deportations as “tyranny.” Now they’re backing a guy who is vowing to roll back freedom of the press. “Limited government” has always been a code for “limiting government for everyone else,” but when you trust the government enough to back a “deportation force” that will round up millions — knowing that when America rounded up undocumented people during the Depression up to 60 percent of those deported were citizens — you want a government that’s more powerful than any liberal would dare imagine.
  3. Racial resentment drives them.
    How did the religious right go from backing the first “born again” president Jimmy Carter to the GOP? It wasn’t abortion, or not just abortion; it was the attempt to desegregate private schools set up to avoid integration in the South. Richard Nixon’s Southern Strategy merged conservative philosophy with opposing the advance of civil rights, but it wasn’t till the late 70s that fundamentalists rose up with an army of foot soldiers willing to counter the left’s army of union workers. Using “dog whistles,” conservatives have mastered the art of focusing their base on drug testing welfare recipients, demanding photo IDs for voters, and imagining undocumented immigration is rampant when it’s really way down.
    blog_net_illegal_immigration_mexico_2006_2014In the South, Birther Trump’s faux prosperity gospel has caught on with “evangelicals,” not because they respect his collection of three “traditional marriages” — but because they’re inspired by his appeal to racial resentment.
  4. “Religious freedom” is another term for “religious domination.”
    Probably the most hilarious moment of the last GOP debate — besides when Trump told conservative AM radio host Hugh Hewitt that no one listens to his show — is when Hewitt asked whether Trump would use “religious liberty” as a litmus test when appointing a Supreme Court Justice. Hewitt might as well have asked, “Besides banning Muslims, how do you feel about religious liberty?” Republicans have gone from pretending that a woman’s access to birth control and being paid to bake a cake for a gay wedding represent tyranny, to backing a guy who has said he would register American Muslims and ban 1.6 billion people from traveling to this country. Conservatives have always been fierce defenders of your right to practice their religion. But this election has shown that devotion to “religious freedom” is just a half step on the slide to religious domination.
  5. There’s no escape hatch.
    When Trump says Obamacare is going to destroy the economy, Republicans believe him because they’ve heard it a million times before. Since they’ve effectively insulated themselves from facts, the have no idea that we’ve been gaining jobs from the moment Obamacare became law. In the years since the law’s exchanges opened in 2014, 17 million people have gained coverage and we’ve had the best two years of job creation this century.
    CYtCSeoWAAABnq2Republicans have spent decades immunizing their base against factual discourse. And when Trump contradicts himself — often within the same sentence — it doesn’t matter. His lies sound like their lies. He’s affecting the blustering leadership, Obama-hatred, and disgust for objective sources that have become staples of the GOP base. For months, America expected the GOP to fight off this infection, as Trump humiliated himself and the party that had taken him seriously after decades of watching him pretend to run for president. But now we realize that was giving conservatives too much credit — they’ve been building a system that’s coded to fail. If America stops Trump, it will be despite the Republican Party.


  1. Dominick Vila February 29, 2016

    The reason Donald Trump is so popular in the South and the Bible Belt is not a mystery. (1) His supporters constitute the most ignorant segment of our population. (2) Most of his supporters are consumed by fear of changes they do not understand, are not prepared to overcome, and are convinced they are not in the best interest of the country. (3) Many are so enraged by the ability of foreign professionals to enter the USA – legally – and get the best jobs our robust economy has to offer, that they need an outlet to cope with their inadequacies. Since there is little they can do to attack MDs, engineers, physicists, college professors, and other professionals, their only recourse is to focus on the lowest common denominator: Hispanics-Latinos and African Americans.
    (4) It doesn’t matter that illegal immigration is at its lowest point in almost a decade. They need a boogeyman, and since Mexicans and Central Americans are the easiest target, it doesn’t take much to convince them that strawberry pickers are the reason for all our maladies.
    (5) Racism remains latent in America. It is no longer what it was 50 years ago, but make no mistake, it is alive and well in parts of the country. Don’t count on any politician with a (D) after their name to win in the South and the Bible Belt.
    (6) Like the author of this article pointed out, many Americans, especially the evangelicals, have a very twisted interpretation of the Bible and the lessons taught by Jesus Christ. For them, social programs designed to help the poor are manifestations of evil socialism. The poor are vermin who don’t deserve our help, and who depend on the generous wealthy to survive.
    (7) They blame outsourcing on Unions, to hide the fact that the ones responsible for it are the very people they support.
    (8) They blame 1.6 billion Muslims for everything that is wrong in the world, and propose carpet bombings, and barring them from entering the USA legally, because in the minds of those whose exposure to other cultures is limited to a trip to Disney or a 3-day cruise to the Bahamas, all foreigners are a homogeneous group of miserable, violent, people determined to attack and destroy a hapless, almost defenseless, USA in desperate need of a more powerful military and more aggressive foreign policy to cope with such an unmitigated and dangerous threat.
    For that crowd, narcissism, arrogance, intolerance, lack of compassion, prejudice, brutality, and hatred are virtues to behold. Trying to convince them otherwise is futile. The only recourse is to VOTE!

    1. FireBaron February 29, 2016

      Amen, brother. Amen.

    2. BOC February 29, 2016

      Saying racism is latent in America is just like saying, it’s safe to drink the water in Flint, Michigan. It’s obvious that racism is on a backwards trend. All one has to do is look at the police conduct toward black’s, many resulting in death to unarmed victims, both male and female. This is not latent but current events but you seem to have the biblical part right regarding the GOP.

    3. BOC February 29, 2016

      “The only recourse is to VOTE!?”

    4. plc97477 February 29, 2016

      You forgot ignorance in you list of virtues.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 29, 2016

    The fear, the suspicion of “others”, the notion of “Purity of Race” were systematized and carefully pondered on and written about in a vast body of literature by our brothers who had migrated into Europe. “Brothers” such as Immanuel Kant, Hume, Galton(and they are truly our brothers) were among those in the forefront of originating formal systems of categorizing people in a most “reasoned(?)” and “dispassionate(?)” way.

    That same sensibility and philosophies were exported to America, with disastrous consequences for the indigenous “brothers and sisters” who had migrated here thousands of years before the landing of our early European brothers and sisters at Plymouth.

    And now the growth of this “cancerous” philosophy of “US versus THEM” has metastasized, thanks in large part to acts such as: Virginia’s 1691 anti-miscegenation laws(and followed up in Maryland, and eventually embraced the entire country in various forms, with special attention paid to that “spirit” in the South); the Naturalization Law of 1790 that was passed by Congress in order to allow for those of the category of “White” to enter freely, while imposing severe restrictions on entry to those not of that newly defined category, into a country already illegally seized from its original inhabitants; and similar legislation. The disastrous “Southern Strategy” hatched by Nixon, lustily embraced by Reagan and Goldwater, etc. now taints the profile of many youth and adults in America.

    When all of those factors are buttressed by a misinterpretation of imagery and metaphors in the Bible, you wind up with an unassailable(at least up until now) ideological/psychological “wall” that brooks no attempt at reconciliation, nor of building a sense of “Unity in Diversity”. The current maintainers(high and low alike) of this “wall” have no intention of abiding by the ideals as set forth by Jesus Christ, and therefore perpetuate the spirit of hate, rancor, fear, and bigotry—“lovely” attributes carefully preserved and nurtured by many politicians.

    Trump speaks of building a wall which many are excited about. Well, a “Wall” already exists, and there was no money from the exchequer used to pay for it. What a deal!

    Human reality has been distorted to such an extent that we no longer recognize our “true” selves. This distortion can be summed up neatly by the following response by “The Universal House of Justice” in April 2013 in response to a question posed to it:

    “Indeed, the expenditures of enormous energy and vast amounts of resources in an attempt to bend truth to conform to personal desire is now a feature of many contemporary societies. The result is a culture that distorts human nature and purpose, trapping human beings in pursuit of idle fancies and vain imaginings and
    turning them into pliable objects in the hands of the powerful. Yet, the happiness
    and well-being of humanity depend upon the opposite: cultivating human character and social order in conformity with reality. Divine teachings shed light on reality, enabling every soul to investigate it properly and to acquire, through the
    exercise of personal discipline, those attributes that are to distinguish the human being. ‘Man should know his own self’, Baha’u’llah states, ‘and recognize that which leadeth unto loftiness or lowliness, glory or abasement, wealth or poverty.’ ”

    Just an opinion by a “son of the South” .

    1. Dominick Vila February 29, 2016

      Excellent post!

  3. BOC February 29, 2016

    This is just an indicator of the GOP condition, in disarray and rudderless. All this talk about religion and their alignment with it, nothing to do with God. But real ‘Born again’ Christians who truly know and love Jesus, know religion is a label created by natural man and there’s nothing supernatural about it.. Jesus does not mention the word religion anywhere in the bible because it’s a man made label use to cover all groups beliefs in God and idols. A lot of what the GOP practices and believes is hypocritical and not of God.

    1. plc97477 February 29, 2016

      The bible does however say that people should go to quiet places all by themselves to pray. They should not pray in large groups because that is just for show.

  4. InformedVoter February 29, 2016

    Lots of misinformation and fear mongering in this article. The posts already made are full of fear that the dream world is not going to happen, and it was never really a dream world but rather a nightmare. People saw what Hitler did and wondered why the citizens of Germany allowed it to happen. So, now that it seems that the world did learn something from history, they (US citizens) are pushing back on the terrible direction the past 7 years have taken. Thus, it’s the “Hitlerites” (translated to Democrats) who are pushing for the enslavement of the country to fund programs that are too costly and mostly worthless.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker February 29, 2016

      Terrible direction? So..tell us INformed voter…in the past 7 years, how many Financial Meltdowns do you ruthless narrow minds prove in a court of law actually occurred? How many people died because they didn’t have healthcare insurance? How many tax cuts did you freeloading Mutton Chops and Corn Pone Kings NOT get?

      How many terrorists have been killed in the past 7 years weakening not only al Qaeda but also ISIS…Do you live on planet earth? or in Bizarro World where you live and exist solely to bash what you know are packed upon packed lies you can’t prove in a court of law. Give it up already. No one cares what you think. Your thoughts are the reason Bush was a failure.

      1. InformedVoter February 29, 2016

        The health care system still has 12% of the adult population without insurance (AP supplied number) so 30+ million don’t have insurance. Another 10% (again AP number) have health insurance that’s inferior to what they had before the ACA. To date, there have been thousands of seniors who have been refused medical care because of their age (sound like a death panel?) and that number will grow as the baby boomers transition to Medicare and have their care denied (AP supplied data).
        Obama’s presidential rating is almost identical to Bush’s, so if Bush was a failure, what does that make Obama?
        What about the drain of 11.5 million illegals in the country? Crime rates are significantly higher for illegal aliens than the “average” citizen.
        Oil prices are driving down the cost of fuel, and that’s what’s driving the recovery (the slowest and softest in history). If Obama had gotten his way, we’d be paying $8/gal for gas and have 15% unemployment so the population would be dependent upon the Fed to provide “bread and circuses”. That way the citizens would be forced to continue to vote for the government that kept them in servitude.
        Race relations are a mess and disrespect for law enforcement is at an all time high.
        The citizens who made this the greatest country in the history of the world are pushing back via the ballot box. They did learn from Germany.

        1. Independent1 February 29, 2016

          You and your buddy Paulyz there are clearly just too much of mentally retarded idiots for any serious person making much of an effort to respond to your mindlessly constructed diatribes of nonsense!! Go get a life somewhere worthless!!!

        2. bobnstuff February 29, 2016

          Since the AP doesn’t do any numbers themselves where did the numbers you are using come from? A link would be nice so all can see the wisdom of your facts. How ever if there is no link then we will have to believe you made them up. What are the high crime cities in the US and what are the high illegal population centers. I believe you will see that most of the cities are not on both lists.

          You say Obama wants $8 gas, what do you base that on, has he ever done or said anything that could lead you to believe that. Just what makes you think he wants people dependent on the government? has he said anything like that ever or are you just repeating the propaganda of the shock jocks?

          1. InformedVoter February 29, 2016

            I’m just quoting from several articles that the AP provided to MANY newspapers throughout the country. If you don’t like their numbers, take it up with them, but I hardly think that a liberal media source like the AP would print numbers unless they have the solid facts to back them up.
            ALL Democrats want the population dependent upon the government. That was FDR’s dream.
            Since Obama took control, for blacks, Hispanics, and women, the number on food stamps has risen; the number of unemployed has risen; and the median income has shrunk. These facts are well known. So ask yourself, why to these groups keep voting for Democrats? Because they will continue to get their handouts from the Feds!
            As to the $8/gal, Obama has made it very clear he thinks the US is too rich and would like the US to join the rest of the world. If you don’t think $8 is high enough, then pick any number higher and feel free to swamp it in. I’m using the number that European newspapers are quoting.
            Regarding the higher crime rates committed my illegals, I provided for all to see several weeks ago when you challenged me. You whimpered then that you found it hard to believe, but you NEVER were able to refute the multitude of the vetted and accurate links I provided. Now you’re trying to save face by acting that you’ve never seen the hard statistics.
            I guess you forgot who you were chatting with. I destroyed you last fall when I proved that illegals committed more crimes than the general population and you just put your tail between your legs and crawled away! I guess you’re going to have to do that again!

          2. bobnstuff March 1, 2016

            The number on food stamps hit a peak two years ago and has been dropping, food stamp are paid for by the feds but the programs are state run. Most of the welfare programs are state run and the rules are made at a state level. Your knowledge of how our social welfare program seems very limited as seems to be true of most of the low information right. Obama has even stepped back on some of the mandates from the fed on these programs and the right howled. Funny how the right will go against their own principles if the president surports something. Now give me a quot from the president that shows he wants any of the things the right seem to accuse him of doing. He has work hard on job creation, with out help from the republicans we have seen the longest period of growth in jobs in history. Why would a socialist want high gas prices? Gas prices are harder on the poor and middle class and the rich like higher gas prices since they are the ones making the money of them. I think higher prices on no renewable resources is a good thing , it keeps us from wasting them and maybe my great grand children will have some left. That’s my view not that of the President who has opened more land for drilling and has seen a large increase in energy production. Until the price dropped it really was drill baby drill. As far as running away with my tail between my legs, I gave up trying to talk to a fool.

          3. InformedVoter March 1, 2016

            What I said was “for black, Hispanics and women” the number on food stamps and unemployment has risen”. In actuality, those two categories are at record highs. Median income has dropped for these folks too. All under Obama’s tenure.
            Did you see the AP story today that prescription drug prices have DOUBLED in the last 7 years?
            With premiums rising, and prices of co-pays skyrocketing, the ACA sure fixed health care cost going up didn’t it?

          4. bobnstuff March 2, 2016

            Do you remember what was happening to insurance rates before the ACA, they were going up up up.

          5. InformedVoter March 2, 2016

            My point exactly! The ACA was supposed to curtail or eliminate price increases. If you’ll recall, 1/3 of the proposed funding to pay for the ACA was reduced costs.
            Everyone should have access to health care, but we shouldn’t have to break the bank to make it happen. Canada has a two tier health system that came about because the only way the government could pay for the system was to reduce payments to the docs and hospitals. The docs and hospitals dropped out of the government system and only accept private insurance patients. Those that can afford the premiums get “regular” health care. Those that can’t get a somewhat inferior form of health care. Ex: to have a knee replacement, the wait for the government system is 2 years, while the wait for the private system is on a par with the US – 2 months.
            In their haste to ram through a system filled with flaws, the Democrats have created one hell of a mess. I keep hoping for a presidential candidate to PROMISE to establish a workable health system that the country can afford. I guess that makes me a foolish dreamer!

          6. bobnstuff March 2, 2016

            You say the system was rammed through, If it was it was a very slow ram. there were 144 changes made to the bill and almost a year of hearings. Is it a great bill, no. Could it be improved, yes but the republican health plain to replace it is let them die, it’s cheaper. As a nation we pay way to much for health care and do have all that good a system. We can find money to blow up the world but not to save lives. As a nation our value system is a mess. Do I know how to fix the system, I wish I did but as it stands not it’s still better then before the ACA. Before the law went through I had to stay with a job that gave me health Insurance because my wife has medical problems. Even with insurance I was paying 23% of my income for health care. Because of the ACA I could buy insurance and retire from my job and have the time I needed to care for my wife. I;m sure the system could be better but nothing is being done to fix it. The Congress can pass a bill that would let them leave a burning building let a lone a fix for the ACA . It’s all about the money to pay for it. Just how much is a human life worth? Does our government value life or money more and just why is it a bad thing for the government to try and make life better for all the people in the country.

          7. InformedVoter March 3, 2016

            I was referring to the ram job the Dems did when Kennedy died and the citizens in Mass. had the sense to elect a Rep to replace him. Without the 60 Dem votes in the Senate, the Dems allowed the bill to pass without all the changes.
            Our healthcare before the ACA was a house that needed some roof patching, but the Dems tore the building down and erected a shack that needs constant repair.
            And with the death panels the ACA has created for seniors, it looks like the Dems philosophy is let ’em.
            “Make life better” but for who? Certainly not for those who struggle everyday to pay the bills for those not willing to work for their gains.
            It’s a lot easier to control poor people, especially when you provide hand outs to keep them voting for the party that loves to keep people poor and dependent on the government for their freebees.

          8. bobnstuff March 3, 2016

            You really don’t remember things as they were do you? You did follow the creation of the law and how hard the Democrats work to try to make the Republicans happy, what a waste. There are no death panels, A number of the problems with medicare were fix by the ACA. You really need to educate yourself instead of believing the garbage the right wing shock jocks feed you.

          9. InformedVoter March 4, 2016

            Caught you in another couple of lies in your latest post. The only problem fixed in Medicare was the drug donut hole, that was not eliminated, but it was modified. In exchange for that “fix”, the amount paid to medical providers was reduced. Several docs have opted out of taking Medicare patients and so the level of service for Medicare folks is being reduce.
            The death panels DO exists. A relative, who chose not to carry health insurance (self-employed) turned 65 and decided to have “the works” for a physical. He was told he had cancer. The costs of the surgeries and treatments exceeded $1 million. His oncologist and family doctor told him he was luck he wan’t 71 already because Medicare would have refused to cover the services they provided – not a death panel? A colleague’s father had a knee replaced 10 years ago. He now neeed the other knee replaced. He is 79, so Medicare won’t authorize the operation. He paid $30,000 himself to have it done – not a death panel? Examples go on and on.
            Democrats worked hard? Give me a break. The 2700 pages of the ACA speaks volumes about the garbage bill it was. Even Pelosi said no one knew what the bill contained. If the Dems had worked so hard, then everyone would have been able to clearly understand what they were being asked to vote on.
            The previous condition portion is loaded with holes. A colleague’s son (in his 20s) has opted to pay the penalty (if the SCOTUS had determined it was a penalty, the ACA would be toast) instead of buying health insurance. He said if I get sick, I can opt in and be fully covered, then after I’m well, I’ll just opt out again. How much do you think that will cost the country? And with a larger than anticipated young folks opting out, the premium cost for the ACA will be greatly larger than even the crooked accountants the Dems hired estimated.
            I had an excellent health insurance plan. The plan had to be redone because of the ACA. I have a worse plan, and still pay almost $2,000/month for my plan – and this does not count co-pays.
            If the ACA is not removed, our health care system will go the way Canada’s system did – two tiers, one for the “common” folk and one for those who can afford good care with medical facilities that opt out of the ACA.
            The ACA will not be considered one of Obama’s high accomplishments. Even Michael Moore has been quoted several times that Obama will ONLY be remembered as being the first black president. That’s the Dems defination of “hope and change”. No wonder so many independents are turning to Trump. They see him, Cruz and even Sanders as candidates who are not slaves to the establishment and might actually change things.

          10. bobnstuff March 4, 2016


            You are ca low informed person and believe anything you hear from the Shock jocks on AM radio.

          11. InformedVoter March 5, 2016

            So I’m a low informed person? I still have not seen ANY facts by you to refute the AP numbers about 30+ adults being uninsured and that the prescription drug costs have doubled. Yep, that ACA is working out just as planned – make more in the US poor and dependent upon the government.

          12. bobnstuff March 5, 2016

            The government doesn’t control drug prices, they didn’t nationalize the drug industry.

        3. Independent1 February 29, 2016

          Wow!! everything in your post is a fabrication/outright lie!!

          1. InformedVoter February 29, 2016

            You are so WRONG! I’ve caught you lying at least 3 times in prior forums and embarrassed you in front of your low information fellow posters, so it makes sense that you would try your hand at lying once again. My facts are correct, and were in many newspapers only two weeks ago. You’re just pissed because your dream land is collapsing in front of you.
            Read the truth and weep, that’s all you low information followers have left!

          2. bobnstuff March 3, 2016

            No you are the one lying here, as always you keep shoveling your crap thinking you are oh so smart. I petty you. I can just delete you but you are stuck with yourself 24/7.

          3. paulyz March 2, 2016

            Hey Dummy, I see you’re still typing out you standard comment. LMAO.

    2. Kurt CPI February 29, 2016

      Absolutely. This is purely restating the stereotypical talking points that attempt to put conservatives, people of faith, many economic theorists, and pretty much anyone who doesn’t buy into the nanny state theory into a box. Exit polls are demonstrating a much stronger showing among non party-affiliates than expected, so it’s not just rank and file Republicans showing up at the caucuses. (No Eleanore, I’m not a Trump supporter. Just pointing out the blatant profiling that this article relies on to make its point).

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 29, 2016

        Stereotyping? You mean like the stereotyping the Bigot Republicans use every day in Congress to deny this president his right to appoint a SC nominee?

        Stereotyping is the real reason the GOP always relies on WHITE MIDDLE AGED MEN to head all of the money managing committees in Congress. How else can these thieves use our tax dollars without our permission?

        I hate to be the one to inform you but live every day for decades seeing the Trump Tantrums and pay the taxes he doesn’t.

        As for stereotyping, look no further than McConnell, Grassley, Ryan, Walker, Christie and the rest of the Knows ALL Frat boys. These idiots miss what the court of public opinion sees…their attempt to boss others and control government any way they can. Not going to happen.

        1. Kurt CPI February 29, 2016

          See, there you go again. I was responding to THIS article’s premise. Immediately you assume the worst, try to put me into a box of your own creation. I tried to head you off before you went into another of your hateful rants – to no avail. Please read my post again, this time in context. Pointing out the fallacy in one article doesn’t equate to excusing behavior elsewhere, and I made no attempt to do that as your reply implies. If you could see over the top of your own prejudice and hatred you’d find the world isn’t as bleak as it looks from behind your shaded window. Conservative people on the whole are not the racist, chauvinist, animal-like creatures you imagine them to be. Go have a cup of coffee with a conservative, you’ll be surprised!

    3. Paul Bass February 29, 2016

      Go away, troll, NM readers don’t believe you, go back to Fox.

      With an upvote of way less than one, you are a TP troll on a liberal site, just go away. Unless you are so pathetic, that you get your jollies out of taunting NM, in which case I’d recommend Viagra…

      1. InformedVoter February 29, 2016

        I receive resulting posts that verify my facts and comments. I fact, I got two confirmation posts on this very post you claim that no one would believe me. I’ve seen the pitiful comments you’ve made in prior posts and understand why you’d make such a comment, but don’t fault me because you failed your GED re-test (for the 1000th time).

        1. Paul Bass March 1, 2016

          Sorry, you are still a troll! And no, I have advanced degrees, but I STILL recommend Viagra, or maybe just get a life!

          1. InformedVoter March 1, 2016

            You are wrong! If you examine my profile you’ll see 270 up votes. Also there are a couple of posts above yours that agree with what I posted.
            So, now today, the AP is reporting that prescription drug costs have DOUBLED in the last 7 years. 7 years, hmm?
            I would not expect many to agree with much of what I post because most of the posters on this forum are lacking much information – which is why lefties are referred to as low information. (for the record, I have an MS and a PhD, but the way you seem to comprehend facts and issues truly suggests that your “advanced” degrees must be in crayola and water coloring.

        2. Paul Bass March 1, 2016

          See that little up-pointing sign, on the left under your posts? Yea, right the one that is rarely clicked by anyone on NM?
          That means NO ONE believes you, so please go away or try Viagra, you need help with your “little” problem.

        3. paulyz March 2, 2016

          You of course are correct, but trying to have a reasonable discussion with leftists is pretty much useless, but keep commenting because some people may see the light.

          1. InformedVoter March 3, 2016

            Thanks for the vote of confidence. It’s surprising that we get even one upvote with the closed minded, low information left.
            I also enjoy destroying some of the regular posters who think they understand and know true facts and information.

    4. charleo1 February 29, 2016

      Sure, the terrible, awful, direction, where the uninsured rate is at historic lows, as is the rate of health costs increases, which continue to fall. Terrible direction! The stock market that measures investment rates, and predicted earnings, has tripled from it’s Bush era lows. Again, just an awful, intolerable turn of events!. Is it any wonder Americans are pushing back? When Gay, tax paying, law abiding, society enriching Americans can now be lawfully married, adopt children if they choose, and enjoy the other estimated 400 different advantages to marriage, just like everybody else. Somebody’s Rights are surely being abused because of that! Yes, millions of Americans are now pushing back. If for nothing else, just the insufferable, Hitler-isk tyranny of an economy that was only 7 short years ago, literally falling off a cliff, losing 800,000 jobs a month, lurching upward, to the greatest post WWII expansion of jobs created in more than 80 years. Even the price of gasoline is totally un-American, at the lowest prices in more than 20 years. Thanks Obama, you old fossil fuel hating, wealth redistributionist-you! I only wish we had another 8 years of it. My wife and I just bought a brand new car!

      1. InformedVoter February 29, 2016

        Congratulations on your new car. Hope it was a made-in-the-USA brand!
        Yes, the market is up, but most individuals don’t have more money than before Obama took office. Health care costs are rising in double-digit numbers; United Health Care will be pulling out in 2017 because they are losing money. The states that opted for the health exchanges, will be dropping client or raising rates to offset the money the Feds will stop paying in two years. The National Debt is approaching 20 Trillion, with no let up in sight.
        The price of gas is back to where it was when Bush left office. The same for the unemployment rates. The reason oil prices are dropping is because business folks ignored Obama’s policies. Palin was right – drill baby, drill – is the driving force. If Obama had his way, we’d be paying $8/gal and you would not be able to afford that new car of yours.
        The number of uninsured is still 12% of the adult population (AP supplied number), so 30+ million are not insured. That means only 5 million of the previously uninsured now have coverage – but at what cost to the rest of the population. BUT many who now have insurance have policies that are inferior to the policies they had before the ACA took affect, and are paying more for their health care than before.
        Race relations are extremely volatile and the disrespect for law enforcement is a tinderbox. Our nation is falling behind because our university system has been taken over by the Feds.
        Our national security is in shambles because of our terrible foreign policies. We are the laughing stock of the rest of the world.
        “Another 8 years”?, in another 8 years we would be living like a third world country!

        1. oldtack February 29, 2016

          Sieg Heil Comrade. Seig Hiel!

        2. charleo1 February 29, 2016

          Like the man said, you’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. Sure people have more money! Check your 401K, if you don’t believe me. Then too, if those States that refused, had expanded their Medicaid roles, the cost of their healthcare would have been less, their State taxes, and college tuitions could have been reduced, and their roads and bridges would probably be in better shape, too. As Republican Gov. collectively squandered billions in emergency room, and indigent care, over pure partisan politics. Look it up. You know, it’s a shame there are some people in this country who are satisfied when some politician in the pocket of some billionaire, says to his constituents, that gosh, we’re sure a great country, but can’t afford to make sure all Americans have a regular doctor. Can’t afford to make sure Social Security is going to be there for the next generation, can’t promise every bright young mind gets the opportunity for a good college education. But we have to make sure hedge fund managers, and investment bankers pay no more than 15% on their earnings, regardless of how many billions they haul in. Irrespective of how many Americans lost their jobs, because of those over-seas investments. No, it’s a sad thing, when people get so emotionally invested they can’t bring themselves to see how out of whack, and wrongheaded all this has become. How wrong it is to sit around and worry about how some poor kid is getting free food at school. Instead of wondering how it happens big banks get free money from the Fed. then shuffle a few papers, and charge hard working families 20% on the dollar to borrow it.

          And if anyone challenges the sanity of this, they are accused of plotting to enslave the people. And compared to Adolf Hitler? Hitler! It’s just nuts. You don’t get the punchline? That’s the joke the World is laughing at. Not our foreign policy, our politics.

          1. InformedVoter February 29, 2016

            You keep using that same quote time and again. My FACTS are not made up. They came from the AP. If you wish to challenge them, feel free to do so. You’re just pissed because the ACA is not working like the Feds have been lying to you about.
            Make no mistake , the ACA is in big trouble. The subsidies the insurance companies were promised if they came up short, come from a pool that was set aside. The pool is rapidly vanishing and those companies can read the writing on the wall. They’re planning on pulling out as they are not in the business of losing money as a business plan.
            You and Independent1 keep doing your cut & paste with canned verbiage and hope to confuse readers into thinking you posted something of value.
            In 2015 the market was flat except for the last two months, yet Obama’s team keeps claiming that 2015 was a great year for investors. That’s warped lefty accounting at its best.

          2. charleo1 February 29, 2016

            I haven’t used that quote about using your own facts in several years. It seemed appropriate, your moniker and all. Another thing you’ve got all wrong about me, is how much I wouldn’t be ticked off if ACA were to turn out a total a colossal failure. Heck, we’d all be better off if all the for profit insurance cos. got out of the insurance racket. But, mark my word, they won’t. That tale is not any more true than claiming my posts or Indy’s are cuts, and pastes. Like that myth about Dems buying votes with SS. and Medicare. We did enact them decades ago, and it hasn’t turned out to be a plot to enslave the people yet. So it’s all just claptrap. It’s supposed to be fear inducing propaganda to drive you to support the Right, you know? Instead, what it’s doing is killing the Republican Party as we speak. Their base don’t trust a thing they say anymore. But you knew that already.

    5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 29, 2016

      Another post from an “uninformed” voter. What lovely sentiments you have. I suppose that’s the style and feeling many “Christians” fervently desire to

      You seem to have no qualms about contradicting the intent and meanings contained in the Bible. Such a disdain speaks ill of a person, or persons, who cherish the sentiments you harbor.

      Oh well.

      1. InformedVoter February 29, 2016

        Better not let the Obama religion police hear you mention bible. If you had said another religion that does not have terrorists, you would be OK, but if you mention a different religion, then watch out!
        And what’s so wrong about being able to afford what you wish to buy? My grandmother told us “don’t feed stray cats and dogs. They will reproduce and you’ll have a bigger problem.”
        If the country can’t afford a program then don’t start it, the new program will just lead to bigger problems.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 1, 2016

          Did Jesus say not to feed “stray cats and dogs”? Did Muhammad not mention over and over in numerous verses in the Qur’an about the merits of tending to the needs of orphans, and not to take advantage of them?

          I don’t understand the relevance of your cryptic message, nor am I seized by the morbid paranoia that you express.

          Sure, Byron De La Beckwith, as all cowards who worship White Supremacy, chose to hide in the bushes at night with a high-powered rifle, and gunned down Medgar Evers in the back as he approached his front door—just a mere 1/2 mile from my home while I was still a young boy.

          But I don’t have the sort of paralysis that you express, and feel quite at ease talking about Religion. In Oman as a tourist, I spoke to a couple of Muslim gentlemen in a hotel in Salalah. We struck up a friendly conversation. I mentioned without trepidation that I was a Baha’i(I was informed earlier during my stay that it was OK to do that, as long as I did so in moderation and with wisdom). They were very gracious, as is the general nature of Omanis, and politely said they they were familiar with the Baha’i Faith. We continued our conversation as we sat in the lobby sipping coffee.

          I hope you will gain that same sense of respect, patience, calm, moderation, and not fall prey to fear.

          Don’t be afraid to befriend those who look different than you, who have a different affiliation than yours, or who are in need.

          1. InformedVoter March 1, 2016

            I’ve never said I was afraid of those that were different than me. I have no problem with having folks of all walks of life around the world being welcome to the USA. But come legally.

            Years ago, when folks came into the USA, they tried to assimilate. Today, there are certain groups who wish to come into the US and then change our culture.
            A good example is Dearborn, MI (and soon to be Hamtramck) that have locally adopted Sharia law in certain sectors of the city. Detroit police have identified these areas as “no go” zones. Non-Muslims entering those areas have been attacked, especially women who were not covered up.
            And since you seem intent upon defending the radical Muslim population (yes a FEW are peaceful), please explalin all the rapes being perpetrated by Musims in Finland, and Germany and … the list goes on and on. I gladly await your explanation of how all the peaceful Muslims are committing these crimes.

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 1, 2016

            It’s painfully obvious that you are a very limited person who is frustrated beyond what is normal, and weighed down by anger and hostility. Every post you’ve written clearly announces your bitterness for all the world to see.
            A myopic view of the world that perpetually puts one in the mode of seeing the world in binary mode is unhealthy—very compartmentalized, like many of the ancient Greeks when they began to ponder the world about them— (other “Africans” who migrated to other parts of Africa, and into other points on the earth, developed a similar insular way of thinking).

            You have an inordinate fixation on the wrongs committed by Muslims, yet you blithely ignore the crimes committed by Christians in America against their fellow Christians, and everyone else that thinks and looks different or have a different Religion, especially Muslims.

            Has the Conservative agenda poisoned your mind to the point that leads to rabid thoughts and dysfunctional attitudes?
            Will you ever withdraw from your “comfort zone”?

            That may be traumatic for all who are afraid of the “other”—-just like the trauma that a child feels coming out of the mother’s uterus.

            But one will never mentally and spiritually “mature” if he/she insist on remaining in their comfortable closed-in environment.
            So, why not join the rest of us. You are enjoined and exhorted to do so by the Creator(Allah, God, Yahweh, or whatever name your culture/language has chosen to name
            that Unknowable Essence).

            That’s what “True” Religion promotes and inspires. So look upwards, and not towards the earth and clay like ISIS, Trump, the KKK, etc.

            Partisan Politics isn’t a “god”, nor is religious or racial bigotry—they are simply inventions created by limited beings.

          3. InformedVoter March 1, 2016

            What an extremely long-winded and worthless response!
            If you wish to look at bitter posters, try Eleanore, Bobnstuff or Independent1. What do they have in common? When they don’t agree with a post, they immediately begin calling the poster names. This is the same tactic that you are trying on me. You talk about “this and that”, but “this and that” have nothing to do with the subject. You try to change the subject and put your at-odds poster on the defensive. Junior debaters fall for this trick, but it will earn you zero points with me.
            I live outside the US for almost half the year (and have been doing so for many years) and I’m well aware of cultural differences – including religious practices. Obama has tried, and largely failed, to use similar attacks against Christians, like the Crusades, but speaking of events from hundreds of years ago vs. the hundreds of years that Muslims have slaughtered ALL other faiths, thankfully falls on deaf ears.
            Many religions believe that only their religion is the true religion, but only the Muslim religion preaches (in their Qur’an) to kill non-believers.
            The increasing number of rapes being committed by Muslim in the countries they have been admitted to, because women have no rights, is making governments change their attitude towards Muslims. Finland’s feeble “raise your mitten” to stop a rape is causing problems for their country. If the countries that are still allowing Muslims (mainly military age males) to enter don’t alter their positions, there will be bloody confrontations.
            Why can’t Obama admit there are radical, Muslim terrorists? Obama would love nothing better than to cause mass rioting within the US so he can delcare martial law. So please explain how Muslim is a religion of peace. You can’t – too many references in the Qur’an to killing non-believers and too many cases of violence actually being committed
            It has nothing to do with folks being different, but everything to do with non-violent existence.

          4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 2, 2016

            I anticipated that you might not have the means or courage to grasp what I said.
            But it was intended more for others to see and ponder—You no longer possess the means to reflect and understand.

            Your reactions are more reptilian and reactionary.

            You are resigned to be an embittered little man.

          5. InformedVoter March 3, 2016

            No one has seen the worthless statements “for others to see and ponder” no will they likely read through the boredom of drivel you wrote.
            The discourse you “cut and pasted” from some death row inmate has no value.

          6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 3, 2016

            Thank you. Anyone speaking with you is like “casting pearls before swine”.

    6. Polana February 29, 2016

      Germans bought it because they had a very good Minister

      “Control the media, Control the message, Control the masses” – J. Goebbel he was Nazi propaganda Minister.
      “The lie can be maintained only for a such time as the state can shield the people from political, economic, and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitiate. Important for the state to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the state.”
      Joseph Goebbels – Hitler Reich Minister of Propaganda in WWII

      I guess surrender of USA to the Greater Israel is complete. There were times when partnership stopped at our borders and the Congress Supported the US President. Now it seems USA is a North American Colony of Greater Israel and the US President is just the Governor of the Colony and the Congress now reports to the PM of Israel.” Sharon in 2005 to GW Bush and all the Republicans clapped.
      Now U know why they work so hard, invite Notyetwho and feed U a line and get the good to go from.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker February 29, 2016

    The keyword that best describes Republicans and their party is “ruthless.” When you are ruthless, rules, laws and regulations don’t exist. And true to ruthlessness, those that do exist are simply ignored.

    Ruthlessness also allows recklessness, irresponsibility and militancy. Ruthlessness is founded upon the idea that in excessiveness there lies limitlessness.

    Ruthlessness disallows human rights, civil rights, equality and relies solely upon the ideolism of sociopathic narcissism in limitless extremes.

    Ruthlessness allows daring where other human beings fear to tred because ruthlessness believes it knows no fear. So, why then do the most ruthless, dictatorial minds end up jumping off those cliffs with such frequency? Simple, within ruthlessness lies a suicidal, murderous mentality. So, they push it to the limits suicidally leaving a path of bodies dead from the exhaustion of trying to endure ruthless men and women.

    Sound familiar?

    1. Paul Bass February 29, 2016

      I wish it were suicidal, it is actual sadistic, Trump is NOT hurting himself, but mainly others.

  6. FT66 February 29, 2016

    Folks, please be reasonable, understandable and don’t blame Trump on what is happening now on GOP side. The whole heavy weight of blames must be placed on Fox News. This News Network really spoiled their listeners and killed their right way of thinking they used to have. Anyone who wants to do a research on Trump supporters will find out how people’s mind has been wired on only one direction of no return. It is so sad but at the same time I thank Fox for their dirty job which has turned out to be a good one to Dems side.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker February 29, 2016

      I’ve lived in the NY/NJ Metro area my entire life. We all cut our teeth on Trump Tantrums, golddigger wives, arm candy models and a path of failures. Trump’s wealth came from his daddy and YOU the taxpayers. Ask anyone in NJ how Trump’s 2 casinos were bought and paid for by tax subsidies and tax exemptions we are now stuck paying for.

      1. paulyz February 29, 2016

        Don’t forget to thank YOUR Governor for endorsing Trump!

    2. plc97477 February 29, 2016

      I have been saying for some time that faux news was going to kill the gotp. The channel gave its an alternate reality and made them believe total BS. The party is now in its death throes.

    3. pisces63 February 29, 2016

      The funny part. Now those dogs their hands fed are biting them. Along with the National review who were just as bad. they do not know what to do. I am just laughing. Oh, what a tangled web we weave………!!!!

    4. Ocho February 29, 2016

      Yes, but Fox News only arose because there was a market demand for such a partisan news source. So it’s the chicken and the egg here. Fox News is distorting the facts for it’s viewing audience, but the audience demands that they want those facts distorted.

      1. FT66 February 29, 2016

        Sorry Ocho,
        I beg to disagree with you. There was no any demand before Fox showed up and ready to feed people what they have. It was Fox that started to feed people: hatred, ignorance, lies and every negative against the president. Their listeners fell suit and Fox kept feeding them, that in the end no one was able to think on their own. When Trump showed up, he jumped into a pool which was already been prepared to receive any negative no matter how outrageous it was. And they responded even up to now.

  7. Eleanore Whitaker February 29, 2016

    You know why the Mutton Chops and Corn Pones all want Trump…they live on the money from gambling and casinos in their states. That way they don’t have to do what ALL responsible adults do…work for what we want in this life.

    But when you get out of bed at noon every day and earn Walmartian salaries, you do expect help from the rest of the more progressive states to pay your states’ bills don’t you?

  8. oldtack February 29, 2016

    Mike Huckaby was on one of the coffee klatch talk shows this morning and he made a rather surprising statement about the GOP and its leaders. I essence he said the Republican Leaders are like a snob group that demands complete loyalty and expects ALL to walk lock step with the dictates of the Party. They have their pre selected ones they want for the lead roles and they collude with the News media to ensure their choices get prime time to the detriment of others.. Note the treatment given to Paul, Kasich, Fiorino. Walker and the rest. Relegated to second tier appearances and when in the prime time receiving very little voice time as opposed to the Party Chosen ones. After he faded from the front even Bush was shunted. Carson? he barely gets any speaking time. Then they got the totally unexpected elephant in the room(Trump) and they are at a loss on how to oust him.

    The chilling part of Huckabees’ talk was “Walk lock step with the dictates of the Party.”

    That is what we have with this new brand GOP. under the indirect leadership of Grover Norquist and the Tea Party. These Senators and Congressmen are not there to help their constituents nor to enact laws for the betterment of this Country. They are there to walk “Lock Step” with the mandates of the Party.

    This eerily echos the German Workers Party in Germany beginning in 1919. The GWP was the forerunner of what became known as the Nazi Party.The motto – Unquestionable allegiance and lock step obedience to the Party. And we all know what that ushered in to the German People. And that is a real possibility in this Country if WE THE PEOPLE do not stand up for what we believe and fight to regain it.

    1. pisces63 February 29, 2016

      My ten year old granddaughter finds this fascinating. I love studying WWII, especially Germany. Now, she is not only learning the language, she is trying to understand the mentality of grown people listening to crazy talk as she refers it. Why would they let someone like him get that many to follow him to their destruction. She was published at 8, scored 230 on the 3rd grade proficiency test and held a discussion with her older brothers’s class(he was 12, then) at a meet and greet with high school and college students, on To Kill A Mockingbird which she’d read that summer, along with Poe and Robert Louis Stevenson.
      What you wrote does described it to the T. When I read Walk Lock Step, I felt chills run up my spine.

      1. oldtack February 29, 2016

        Lets just be vigilant and keep up the fight.

  9. Otto Greif February 29, 2016

    You people still don’t get it.

    1. 1standlastword February 29, 2016

      And we’ll never get an explanation from you because you’ve demonstrated that you’re only capable of writing vapid one liners

      Let’s go back to see a history of line liners…no substance

      Good Grief Otto!

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 2, 2016

      Good grief, it’s Otto Greif!!

      I see your tag-team partner agrees with your myopic view. Still abiding by the one-liner methodology. It would be startling to see you go beyond that phase, much like courtroom observers were stunned when Justice Clarence Thomas was able to formulate two or more questions in a row. Now that was startling!

      By the way, is your name taken from a deceased person?

  10. paulyz February 29, 2016

    To be more accurate, Americans of ALL categories are rejecting the failed Socialist policies of Obama & the Democrat-Socialist Party. That is the base that is shrinking.

    1. FT66 February 29, 2016

      Please stuff it up and go immediately to bed.

      1. paulyz March 1, 2016

        Facts are a Bitch aren’t they?

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 2, 2016

          Your “facts” are facts only in “The Twilight Zone”, and not in our realm of existence. You and the “uninformed voter” are like Ginger and Fred Astaire—a media couple made for each other.

          1. paulyz March 2, 2016

            Apparently Everyone knows these facts except low-info Libs. And who was talking to you, Dummy.

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 2, 2016

            You show an inordinate fascination with “facts”, even to the point of using them out of context; and moreover, to use facts as a battering ram.

            But you show no inclination to think on your own. As such, you are content with being simply a regurgitator of “facts” in a parrot-like fashion.

            We have yet to see you form a reasonable response without reverting to naked hostility, often peppering your responses with churlish and peevish name-calling when anyone takes offense with your bellicose style and tactic of bending the truth to satisfy an urge to seek an advantage over others. One would normally expect such name-calling from junior high school students or truant kids who refuse structure and moderation.

            But if such a style of behavior suits your fancy, then by all means express yourself in that limited mode. If that is your interpretation of how to act as a Christian, then that is how you will always present yourself, even though your manner contradicts being Christian—your manner is much like fanatical and literal-minded Muslims I’ve had the dubious pleasure to speak with in other forums, and in urban centers years ago. They too were prone to irascible behavior and tone of speaking/writing.

            Nonetheless, you’re a great person—just a bit disoriented and easily agitated. Stop being a slavish follower of the Conservative agenda, and avoid their swill—it’s bad for the “digestive” system.

          3. paulyz March 3, 2016

            On the contrary, many life experiences have caused me to become a Conservative that understands reality, where’s when younger, I was fool as you.

          4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 3, 2016

            “where’s when younger, I was fool as you.”—is English your 2nd language?

          5. paulyz March 4, 2016

            whereas, ewww! So my tablet misprinted, what’s your excuse, being an ILLEGAL Alien Trespasser?

          6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 4, 2016

            That’s right, “paulyz”! I’m an illegal alien. Good guess.

            (Better check your closets at night—I may come out and get you. Boooooo!)

          7. paulyz March 6, 2016

            I can wait until Trump throws your government dependent butt out, enjoy the 3rd. World country you snuck in from.

          8. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 6, 2016

            Spoken like some patient of an facility that tends to those whose minds are so shackled and ravaged by an unknown disease that the patient is incoherent and rabid.

            Your hostility, anger, bigotry, and irreligious attitude are a cancer that is slowly eating away at your physical and spiritual being.

            There is still time for you to revive what little remains of you.

            Don’t barter the last few days of your earthly life worshipping the false god of Nationalism, “Trumpism”, and Conservatism. Those are illusions that have blinded you to the point that you no longer can tell light from darkness, truth from ignorance, or life from death.

            “…while there is yet time, return and lose not thy chance”.

          9. paulyz March 8, 2016

            Playing the “bigotry” card again in a juvenile attempt to discredit people that oppose Socialism & the failures they cause. Nothing racist about removing Illegal Alien Trespassers of any race or ethnicity, just following the Laws of our People.

          10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 8, 2016

            You’re still a very angry man, paulyz. Your primary motivator appears to be a fear of what you can’t understand or agree with. Not exactly an objective, scientific, and spiritual approach to problem-solving.

            I’m wondering—Is it possible for you to humor me and show a calm, rational, and disciplined response for a change, or is that something beyond your reach on an organic/functional level?

            “Fear leads to hate; hate leads to anger; and anger leads to the “Dark Side”.

          11. paulyz March 11, 2016

            Great sound-bite comment about the “fear” of those wanting to enforce OUR LAWS, and I see the obvious racism against Whites on this “fear”. NO, there isn’t fear, there is only patriotic Americans that responsibly want to keep out ILLEGALS, especially when there are MANY problems caused by Millions of ILLEGALS, such as high health care and educational costs, unemployment & low wages, crime, drugs, & the real danger of terrorists crossing the border. EVEN Hillary voted for the “approved”, 700 mile, 2-layer border fence in 2006…………..

            The hate is from Liberals and ILLEGAL Alien Trespassers themselves that DON’T want to obey OUR Laws.

          12. paulyz March 11, 2016

            Typical response from those that really haven’t any realistic argument about an issue, play the race & bigotry card, while ignoring their own racism, hate & bigotry! Interesting.

          13. paulyz March 12, 2016

            But my naive Socialist, we have just seen very clearly the hateful, intolerant violent behavior of you leftists, denying Free Speech at a peaceful rally.

    2. Independent1 February 29, 2016

      Wow!! And just one more example of the fact that you live in a total LA LA LAND!!
      I didn’t stop laughing at your totally idiotic comment for 5 minutes!! Come on!! Tell us more of your delusional jokes!!

      1. paulyz March 1, 2016

        Morning Dummy, remember, you vowed not to discuss anything with me. But you are a self-admitted Communist flake, so I am not surprised.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 2, 2016

          You should vow to stop drinking the “sauce”. It;s not good for your sanity.

          1. paulyz March 3, 2016

            Hello Independent one, Dummy.

    3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 2, 2016

      Still ranting, rambling, and in a dazed state of delirium.

      1. paulyz March 3, 2016

        What a “brilliant” comment, wow!

  11. sugar&ice March 1, 2016

    America has been taken for a ride by fast track, FREE TRADE agreements, but all is not healthy when the majority of these foreign countries have left us drowning in huge pools of red ink. Only Donald Trump has talked about these unfair trade agreements, Cruz, Rubio and Kasich has said next to nothing. China and Mexico have began to speak out, as Trump has stated that if they do not play by fair rules, they will be facing heavy tariff penalties on anything imported into the country. This will not only be a massive economic blow to China and Mexico, but India, Japan and soon the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) Its not easy to gain some headway against foreign nations, that has exacted upon US companies impossible entrance tariff importations, when bring their products is Free.

    The Profiteers have caused this gigantean problem, because of incomprehensible greed. It’s all about money and the corporate lobbyists and their wealthy corporate entities have brought Washington and own the corruption that emanates from its walls. The GOP establishment and the Democratic zealots have tried to derail him, but his numbers of voters just keeps rising. The attack ads are climbing in number because both sides are desperate. One of the latest is he hires illegal aliens; they forget that a man of his structure, doesn’t hire people to work–contractors or agencies do that?

    Since Obama has become president, it’s been a free-for-all on Food stamps, and public benefits, even to millions of illegal aliens. Illegal immigrants in the view of the American people are seemingly panderer to the illegal aliens. This is why Trumps highest objective is to build a sturdy wall on the Southern Border. Additionally Trump wall is just the beginning, as he intends to implement new digital scanning devices at entry and at the departure at airports, which will be strengthened at any port where Immigration and customs are stationed. You come into the United States as a Tourist, scholar, or businessman ICE will know if you left before your visa expired. A President Donald Trump will give back the power to the US Border Patrol, taken from them by this Administration.

    Once sitting in the Oval office, Trump will dismiss or rescind every executive order that bypassed Congress, That to further backup his system to root out illegal aliens stealing jobs from American workers, E-Verify will become mandatory and any business or corporation with an unsatisfactory explanation for using CHEAP LABOR, will have business licenses suspended, hefty fines and even a term in jail.

    These issues will be on the so called front burner, to begin to take jobs from foreign lands and business, to end the illegal alien invasion. On Trumps desk will be a whole litany of paramount issues; revitalizing our military to defend us, against enemies and as a deterrent to deploy national guardsman on our side of the MEX/US border to clean up the dangerous chaos that is the drug cartels, and criminal activity blatantly obvious that a few sheriffs must challenge, where cattleman and land owners each day survive under these ugly circumstances each day. Texas, Arizona, California, and I am sure New Mexico is not free from the drug dealers, illegal aliens, flesh traffickers and the terrorist infiltration?

    If you have watched the Donald Trump debates, he has also taken a stand on returning Education back to local influence, End Common Core that has wrecked our schools system; policies that give every American or legal immigrant no matter his status, his color, his creed, religion and end the divide that Hillary Clinton and this President has caused. When people begin to bring back jobs, return corporations to our nation and everybody treated exactly the same, the civil outbursts in the streets will die away.

    The American people who have lived 7 years, with a weak, unresponsive President to terrible outside influences in the Middle East, and the continuous worry that ISIL butchering radicals will attack this sovereign nation?


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