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Evangelical Author Believes Trump Is Under Attack by “Luciferian” Beings

During an interview last week on Jim Bakker’s show, Evangelical author and radio host Paul McGuire made remarks that highlight the extent of extremism we’re seeing on the Christian far-right.

In a clip now gaining steam on the internet, McGuire goes all-in to defend Trump by claiming his opposition is literally demonic.

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“The unprecedented attacks against President Trump and his administration are something that we’ve never seen before in all of human history,” McGuire said. “These unprecedented attacks on Donald Trump are part of the greatest spiritual battle in the history of mankind.”

If that doesn’t raise eyebrows, the outright conspiracy he peddles next will do the trick.

“There are people very high up in what is called the globalist occult or globalist Luciferian rulership system, and this rulership system consists of what used to be called the Pharaoh-God Kings,” he said. “[I]t’s what Aldous Huxley called ‘The Scientific Dictatorship,’ and these are advanced beings who know how to tap into supernatural multidimensional power and integrate it with science, technology, and economics.”

Tomi Lahren Says NFL Players Can ‘Pout’ About Police Brutality in Locker

Tomi Lahren is the right-wing’s most opportunistic talking head. She may even be lying about her entire worldview.

Her comments about the new NFL rule fining players for kneeling during the national anthem were among her most appalling yet.

“[T]hey can still pout in the locker room to their heart’s content, but at least we proud Americans don’t have to watch them disrespect our country on the field anymore,” she said.

By “they,” she means black players; by “pout,” she’s dismissing the gunning down of unarmed black Americans by the police.

“I love the First Amendment and I encourage these players to use their platforms to influence change, raise awareness or whatever it is they’re trying to do,” said added. “I’m just happy these divisive and disrespectful tantrums are no longer endorsed and applauded by the NFL. God bless America.”

Julian Assange Wants to Convince Democrats to Clear His Name

During an MSNBC interview, radio host Randy Credico said WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange wants an audience with top House Intelligence Committee Democrat Adam Schiff.

Credico spoke with Schiff’s staff earlier this week to discuss his role in the alleged relationship between Roger Stone and Assange.

Assange apparently wants to provide information to prove he wasn’t colluding with Russia to Schiff.

Maybe Assange should start by convincing Ecuador to allow him back on the internet.

Trump Floods the Border with National Guard

The Pentagon has reportedly approved a Department of Homeland Security request to send more than 700 National Guard troops to the southern U.S. border.

This deployment is the latest move in the Trump administration’s all-out war on immigrants.

DHS secretary Kristjen Nielson said earlier this year that undocumented immigrants were a threat to children and the “rule of law.”

EPA Revealed to Spend Almost $3.5 Million on Pruitt Security

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt can’t seem to stop himself from abusing taxpayers’ money.

CNN reported today that the bill for Pruitt’s personal security has nearly reached $3.5 million for the last year.

We have public data on the past nine EPA chief’s expenditures. Pruitt has outspent every last one of them.


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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Screenshot Youtube

Just over year before her untimely death on Friday, the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg appeared as a guest lecturer for the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, AR with National Public Radio correspondent Nina Totenberg. The crowd that signed up to see "Notorious RBG" live was so large that the event had to be moved to a major sports arena – and they weren't disappointed by the wide-ranging, hour-long interview.

Witty, charming, brilliant, principled, Ginsburg represented the very best of American liberalism and modern feminism. Listen to her and you'll feel even more deeply what former President Bill Clinton says in his poignant introduction: "Only one of us in this room appointed her…but all of us hope that she will stay on that court forever."