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6 Countries Trump Has Already Insulted And Provoked

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6 Countries Trump Has Already Insulted And Provoked


Two weeks into Donald Trump’s belligerent presidency, one must ask: Where will this administration’s launch its first serious international conflict?

The White House’s announcement Friday of narrow economic sanctions against Iran, in response to its dumb test firing of a missile, came after Trump made it sound like Iran had done something outsized and horrific. It hadn’t. Still, the president tweeted hours before announcing the sanctions, “Iran is playing with fire” and, “They don’t appreciate how ‘kind’ President Obama was to them. Not me!”

Diplomats and foreign policy experts see an emerging pattern of needless spats, provocations and threats coming from Trump, and they’ve already labeled it. “I think we are just facing a normal Trump tantrum,” Graham Richardson, a senior cabinet minister in a previous Australian government, told Sky News, in response to Trump’s telephone tirade with the prime minister of one of the U.S.’ most loyal allies. Apparently, Trump hit the roof when he learned that the Obama administration had promised to take 1,250 war refugees stranded offshore in Australia—if they passed U.S. federal immigration review.

But Australia’s prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, just as Mexico’s president did days earlier, covered for Trump,  saying, no, the U.S. president didn’t hang up on him. Mexico’s presidential spokesman said no, Trump didn’t threaten a military invasion—rather he offered troops to combat crime. This is what seasoned diplomats do, when bulls stampede in the china shop.

“None of this is normal,” Dan Nexon, a professor at Georgetown University who studies American global strategy, told Vox. “It’s not just that the president is apparently acting like a petulant bully with these people. It’s also that it’s for no obvious policy purpose.”

Actually, Trump is doing what he pledged to do during his campaign—shake up all the old systems by injecting chaos and instability.

“We must as a nation be more unpredictable,” he said last summer in his major foreign policy address at the Center for the National Interest. Trump’s complaints about foreign policy—then and now—are the same. The U.S. is overextended with allies taking advantage of us, not paying a fair share, think we’re unreliable, and rivals do not respect us, Trump said. “We’re getting out of the nation-building business and instead focusing on creating stability in the world.”

Here’s a list of six countries and major international institutions that Trump and his team have threatened—injecting anything but stability into international affairs. Certainly this behavior is silly, unnecessary, and stupid. The question is, will these provocations and others to likely follow lead to serious new international conflict.

1. Iran. The Iranian decision to test-fire a ballistic missile this week was an example of the dumb provoking the dumb. Trump took the bait and tweeted early Friday, “Iran is playing with fire.” That reply came two days after his administration put Iran “on notice” about its missile tests and its support of terrorism. While Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, tweeted Friday that his country was unmoved by U.S. threats and would never initiate a war, Trump’s martial hardliner, National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn, preposterously claimed that the Islamic Republic was still a major threat to the United States. “Iran’s senior leadership continues to threaten the United Stated and its allies,” his statement released by the White House said. “The days of turning a blind eye to Iran’s hostile and belligerent actions toward the United States and the world community are over.”

2. North Korea. Here, too, the Trump administration is saber rattling with an isolated nuclear-armed regime that likes to flash its teeth, and drawing eye-for-an-eye lines in the sand. The new Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, on his first trip abroad since taking over the Pentagon, visited South Korea and Japan, and as with Iran, said that North Korea was a bad actor continuing to “engage in threatening rhetoric and behavior.” Speaking to the press before meeting South Korea’s defense minister, he said, “Any attack on the United States or our allies will be defeated and any use of nuclear weapons would be met with a response that would be effective and overwhelming.”

3. China. Here, Trump’s administration isn’t just making eye-for-an-eye threats, they are throwing the first punch. During his confirmation hearings for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson called for a more confrontational stance on China’s expansion of military bases off their coast in the South China Sea. “We’re going to have to send China a clear signal that first, the island-building stops, and second, your access to those islands also is not going to be allowed,” he said. That came after the president-elect spoke to Taiwan’s president, provoking China, and scuttled the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact, which lessens the clout the U.S. has in the region. “By preemptively eliminating tools like economic statecraft from its foreign-policy toolbox, the Trump administration will be leaving itself with only hard power to counteract China’s ambitions,” ForeignPolicy.com wrote. “That would probably mean an attempted military blockade against the Chinese navy in the South China Sea.”

4. Mexico. Trump’s attacks against Mexico and its people are too numerous to recount, starting with his early campaign slurs smearing Mexicans and continuing with recent boasts about forcing the country to pay for a new border wall, which it has consistently dismissed. But last week, this needlessly fraught relationship took a darker turn when Trump threatened Mexican president Peña Nieto with sending U.S. troops over the border to fight crime, according to leaked transcripts of the phone call. “Trump threatened to send U.S. troops into Mexico to stop ‘bad hombres down there’” said the Los Angeles Times. Immediately afterward, the White House and the Mexican president’s office walked that back, saying no such threat was made—the predictable diplomatic and public relations damage control response. On the other hand, the Mexican president canceled his January 30 meeting with Trump, after Trump kept saying the U.S. would build a wall and Mexico would pay for it.

5. Australia. Trump’s executive order ending U.S. commitment to the Trans-Pacific Partnership has left U.S. allies in the region, especially Japan and Australia, reeling as they saw it as a withdrawal of U.S. power from the region. As he did in his conversation with Mexico’s president, Trump went ballistic in a phone call last weekend with Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, apparently because he did not know about Obama’s pledge to resettle 1,250 refugees. Trump called it “the worst deal ever,” according to news reports. Later, he tweeted angrily about it, prompting Turnbull to downplay the incident and a former cabinet member there to label it “a normal Trump tantrum.” Obviously, the U.S. is not going to incite a dispute with Australia, a key military and intelligence ally, especially when it’s picking fights with nearby China. But yet another kneejerk and dumb reaction is hardly going to lower the temperature in the region.

6. Germany. This is another example of Trump’s team needlessly provoking a key ally. Trump, of course, supported Great Britain’s exit from the European Union, which does not help that continent achieve more economic and social stability. But his trade adviser, Peter Navarro, went after Germany and accused it of being a currency manipulator, by gaming the euro’s value to “exploit” the U.S. dollar. This is the diplomatic equivalent of an ambush. Allies don’t expect their longtime partners to wage these fights in public and this has a cost that’s going to hurt the U.S., because, as in the case in the Pacific, the perception is this American administration is withdrawing and cannot be trusted.

Words Have Meaning and Actions Have Consequences.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the world is watching Trump, and apart from Russia—where Trump is portrayed in the press as their new best friend—is not impressed.

On Tuesday this week, the European Council president Donald Tusk sent a letter to the heads of European Union member states with deep misgivings about Trump. Tusk cited Trump questioning NATO’s value, applauding Britain’s exit from the EU, saying other countries might want to leave to reclaim “their own identity,” and that the EU was a “vehicle for Germany” to assert its power.

Trump has also lashed out at the United Nations, threatening to cut U.S. funding there and for other global organizations by 40 percent. However imperfect the U.N. may be, shrinking it would undermine its peacekeeping and international cooperation efforts. Trump’s advisers have also said they want to walk away from international climate change treaties, which will lead to more—not less—global instability.

Two weeks into his administration, Trump is the proverbial bull in the diplomatic china shop. But his provocations and precedents are serious and are likely to lead to a conflict somewhere that cooler heads would avoid. Writing for Foreign Policy, Stephen Martin Walt, an American professor of international affairs at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, who describes himself as a realist, said Trump has already blown it, is offending people in every direction, and he doesn’t get it.

“They started to pick several fights with China while undercutting the U.S. position in Asia,” he wrote. “He badgered Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in an acrimonious phone call—and here we are talking about the leader of the country that has fought at America’s side in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan—and he bragged (again) about his electoral win. They picked another pointless fight with Mexico, mostly because Trump can’t admit what is obvious to all: If that stupid wall ever gets built, Americans will have to pay for it. The White House announced an unlawful ban on Muslim immigrants, and rolled the new policy out as ineptly as possible. I mean, seriously: They shut the door on hundreds of extensively vetted refugees on Holocaust Remembrance Day (thereby invoking memories of the country’s callous response to Nazi persecution in the 1930s), and then they doubled-down by deliberately excluding any mention of Jews from the official statement on the day itself.”

The question is not if, but when and where will Trump’s first serious conflict strike?

Steven Rosenfeld covers national political issues for AlterNet, including America’s democracy and voting rights.

IMAGE: President Trump, flanked by Vice President Mike Pence and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, at the Homeland Security headquarters.  REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst



  1. Budjob February 5, 2017

    How many individuals have to equivocate,that the Fascist/Nazi Trump,is fucking NUTS??

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    2. dbtheonly February 6, 2017

      Half the Cabinet?

      See 25th Amendment.

      More to the point; the historical “America First” was a front for isolating the USA from a world conflict. Trump’s “America First” seems to be designed to isolate the USA as Trump triggers a world conflict.

      Mr Rosenfeld, do we get to count the rather ham-handed “War on Terror”? If so, we already have a winner. If not give me DPRK in the pool.

      1. itsfun February 6, 2017

        Just what country is the President of the United States supposed to put first?

        1. FireBaron February 6, 2017

          There is a major difference between putting our country first, and “shaking up the establishment”. This is a global economy, no matter what promises Teflon Donnie made to all of you. You cannot isolate the United States from the rest of the world without us feeling the consequences more and sooner. Why do I say that? Because we do not have the infrastructure to be self-supporting any more. Our natural resources get extracted and sent to other countries for processing. Why? Because the people who have actually run our country since 1994 (i.e. the GOP controlled Congress) have allowed our businesses to outsource and offshore to take advantage of cheaper overseas labor. Could they still produce what they do and charge what they do for it based solely on USA production? Definitely, however the shareholders would not receive anywhere near the returns on their investments they believe they are. Of course, if the CEO salaries, instead of being around 400 to 500 times what their average workers make are brought to around 20 to 30 times, the shareholders wouldn’t miss a penny!

          1. itsfun February 6, 2017

            What is wrong with the President putting America first? What is wrong with draining the swamp? The establishment powers have sold us out, not the President. CEO do not set their own salaries. The owners do, and they believe the CEO is earning that money. Without the CEO there may not be a company or employees. Private industry is not a charity. The Democrats have had the White House for the last 8 years and you only blame the Republicans for all the problems. Obama did nothing but get a miserable failing healthcare system, tell every country in the world how sorry he is because America has been successful. He drew red lines and made America the laughing stock of the world. In his final weeks he gave 9.2 billion the UN, a organization that just takes our money and then tells us to go to hell. We don’t need any more of your global world.

          2. bobnstuff February 6, 2017

            There is nothing wrong with putting America first but making America look stupid for electing an unstable person as president isn’t helping us one bit. How can he be the leader of the free world if he screams at all our allies and gives comfort to our enemies. This isn’t putting our interests first it putting the ego of the President first. Teddy Roosevelt had it right,”Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Not scream and make threats. Roosevelt helped make America into the world leader it is today with out embarrassing the country.

          3. itsfun February 6, 2017

            Who has he screamed at? He is not unstable. He is not giving comfort to our enemies. None of us heard his phone calls.

          4. bobnstuff February 6, 2017

            Every time he praises Putin he is giving comfort to the Enemy. If he is stable why does he feel the need to brag about his win to foreign leaders. Why dies it take three people to explain everything he says.

          5. itsfun February 6, 2017

            He says he respect Putin. He is not under estimating him as Obama did. Remember Obama making fun of Romney in the 2012 campaign when Romney said Russia was a problem. Then after Obama get re-elected Putin did whatever he wanted to do. It doesn’t take a group of people to explain what he says. The leftist media tries to interrupt what the President says to make him look bad. The President talks in straight forward words, something politicians and the press aren’t used to. They want to spin and filter everything. That is way I like his tweets. I can read what he says, and not what the media and left want me to read. What was it Obama told the Republicans in 2008? Something like I won – get use to it. Wasn’t that bragging?
            We have a new sheriff in town, get use to it.

          6. bobnstuff February 6, 2017

            Lets face it Trump has a bro crush on Putin. He wants to be like him and have the same type of power as Putin has. What you need to remember is we are talking about Russia here, run my a KGB agent. This isn’t the old USSR, a world power. This is Russia, a nation who’s economy is around the same size as Italy and about the same population. They have one out dated Aircraft carrier that needs a tug bot to travel with it in case it breaks down. Trump has about 19.5 billion reasons to support Putin though.

          7. itsfun February 6, 2017

            19.5 trillion, isn’t that the amount of the Obama national debt? Respecting a person is not have a crush on him. How many nuclear weapons does Russia have now? If Russia is so not important, then why are you so worried about Putin?

          8. bobnstuff February 6, 2017

            That’s Trumps kick back if he gets the $500 oil deal released. Weapons that if you use then you loose big time. Not much good in the real world.

          9. itsfun February 6, 2017

            President Trump doesn’t need any money from anybody. You know that. If Russia was to use their weapons, a lot of people would lose and die.

          10. bobnstuff February 6, 2017

            Trump may be worth $3.5 billion but he wants more. Putin is the third richest person on earth. $70 billion. Trump isn’t even in his class. If Russia uses Nukes a lot of Russians will die even if they take out the entire US.

          11. jmprint February 7, 2017

            He didn’t create the 19.5. Of that amount congress spent half of that on law suits and investigations. After all they had to pay for wars they created.

          12. itsfun February 7, 2017

            Yes he created it. He is the only President to ever have us in a war somewhere for all 8 years of his term. How did he do with the GNP? He was a complete disaster and failure.

          13. jmprint February 11, 2017

            So are we still at war?

          14. itsfun February 11, 2017

            After all of 3 weeks of the President Trump administration, yes we are still involved in wars. Kinda hard to compare 8 years to 3 weeks.

          15. jmprint February 7, 2017

            The President talks in straight forward word: “I did try and fck her. She was married… I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s not got the big phony tits and everything… I’ve got to use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful. I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussie. You can do anything.”

            – Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America

          16. itsfun February 7, 2017

            Ever been in a locker room, or did you get mommy to write a note to get you our of physical ed?

          17. 788eddie February 6, 2017

            Well, so far, Trump has become probably the best recruiter ISIS has had.

          18. itsfun February 6, 2017

            yea right, next week he will draw red lines.

          19. itsfun February 6, 2017

            Yep; don’t do anything to stop ISIS. Should we all get use to watching them chop off heads?

          20. bobnstuff February 6, 2017

            ISIS is on the run thanks to a lot of dead Muslims.

          21. jmprint February 7, 2017

            I motion yours to be first.

          22. itsfun February 7, 2017

            spoken like a true terrorist.

          23. jmprint February 11, 2017

            It not your mommy speaking.

          24. itsfun February 11, 2017

            like I said a true terrorist type remark. You should be real proud of yourself.

          25. 788eddie February 6, 2017

            I thought you right-wingnuts were against “red lines.” After all, you went ballistic over what you called Obama’s red lines.

          26. itsfun February 6, 2017

            its called scarism

          27. jmprint February 7, 2017

            It won’t be straight as he has barely learned using a pen.

          28. 788eddie February 6, 2017

            itsfun, ARE YOU BLIND!?!? Draining the swamp!?!? Have you not been following the media examination of the appointees that Trump has picked so fat?

            You are amazingly ignorant!

            Please become better informed before you try to join this forum. At least then we won’t all laugh at you.

          29. itsfun February 6, 2017

            Do you mean the highly successful appointees? The one that have had great success in the real world, not the world of politics. You and your progressive liberal ways are on the way out. Look at the number of government seats you have lost in the last 8 years. I don’t care if jerks and elites laugh at me. You actually mean nothing to me. When you start paying my bills you can tell me what to do, until then f off.

          30. bobnstuff February 6, 2017

            You mean like the large donor who is getting the job of Sec of Education even though she has no experience in public education. How about the Dept of Energy head that has a degree in animal husbandry and wanted to do away with the department. This is the guy I want in charge of our Nukes. Our new head of housing live in public house when he was a kid so he should be great to run that department.

          31. itsfun February 6, 2017

            These are all very successful and well rounded people.

          32. bobnstuff February 6, 2017

            I would trust Dr. Ben to open up my brain but I would let him near the engine on my car because he knows nothing about engines. He also know nothing about running a department of our government. As for our candidate for the Department of Education other then family money she has done nothing but try to destroy Michigan’s education system for profit. She did a pretty good job of that, look at their test scores. She could run for local school board but she wouldn’t win, the standards are to high for her.

          33. itsfun February 6, 2017

            You need to check on the success of charter schools across the country. She wants parents to have a choice what kind of school their children go to. What is wrong with parents deciding where they want their children to go to school. The most opposition to charter schools comes from the teachers unions. That alone is reason enough to allow charter schools. The two Republicans that oppose her just happen to have received huge contributions from the teachers unions in their states. If Dr Carson can operate on your brain, why wouldn’t you want him to help urban development? How many departments did he manage during his medical career? The man is smart enough to educate his self on housing problems.

          34. bobnstuff February 6, 2017

            I’m very sure I know more about charter schools then you and those people have no use for her either. In fact a number of organizations of Charter schools have come out against her.

          35. jmprint February 7, 2017

            They already have a choice. She wants us to pay with our tax dollars so that the rich get to be on welfare.

          36. itsfun February 7, 2017

            She wants to give parents a right to select the school their children go to. She wants to give every parent a voucher and allow them to choose the school. You want the government to pick the schools and what is taught so they can all fall in line with your socialist training.

          37. jmprint February 11, 2017

            And the voucher is it equal to all? Or is it based on your salary?

          38. itsfun February 11, 2017

            Where I live the state gives the schools a equal amount of money for every student registered. I have been told the Administration wants to give a equal amount for each student to the school the child attends whether it be public or charter.

          39. jmprint February 11, 2017

            So what you are saying is that Jesus doesn’t listen to you in the locker room. We pay taxes so that our public schools teach our children.

          40. itsfun February 11, 2017

            Public schools aren’t doing a very good job. Have you seen where the U.S. is rated in the world for public education. What does Jesus in a locker room have to do with this?

          41. jmprint February 7, 2017

            And thieves like trumpf.

          42. jmprint February 7, 2017

            Yes but you are helping fking up our world, with your ignorance and bromance with trumpf, so in your words f off.

          43. itsfun February 7, 2017

            It you that whine and won’t accept the fact that your bitch crooked Hillary got her ass beat. President Trump – get use to it.

          44. jmprint February 11, 2017

            And we have every reason to, Trumpf is the laughing stock of the world. He is a fool, his cabinet are all clueless and making galore mistakes. I don’t want to get used to that, I want a government that works for the people, by the people.

          45. itsfun February 11, 2017

            President Trump is a brilliant business man and will probably be a very good President. His cabinet is full of highly successful people and they will help make our country great again. We now after 8 years of socialism have a President that is for the people and listens to the people and so far is keeping his campaign promises.

          46. jmprint February 7, 2017

            Bannon is the biggest alligator in the trumpf cesspool.
            Can’t believe you are okay with Dodd-Frank being repealed. Did you guys like the economy in 2008 so much that you want to take us back.

          47. itsfun February 7, 2017

            Would you show where I said one word about Dodd-Frank, or are you just making that up like other things you make up.
            Hillary lost – get use to it.

          48. jmprint February 11, 2017

            It’s a question and your party is getting rid of it, I ask again are you ok with it?

          49. itsfun February 11, 2017

            Its okay with me.

          50. dbtheonly February 6, 2017

            Beat me to it.

            Life is not a zero sum game. Think how miserable life is when everyone else’s success is you loss.

        2. jmprint February 7, 2017

          The the Trumf e-state.

  2. itsfun February 6, 2017

    Maybe we should wait until Iran attacks us with a nuclear bomb before we do anything to stop them? How can any sane person talk about President Trump making North Korea mad. Every President has made North Korea mad. Australia want to send non vetted refugees to the U.S. President Trump said NO WAY. Why should the U.S. take on more not vetted refugees? Mexico sends millions of illegals to us. They include rapists, murderers, gangs, drugs, and we are supposed to like it. Germany has allowed anybody and everybody into their country, look at how well that is working out. If China building islands is ignored, then they will probably build a island between us and Cuba to hold their weapons.

    1. FireBaron February 6, 2017

      Maybe we should wait until the rest of our “allies” decide that our diplomats in those countries are persona non grata, and have to leave?

    2. bobnstuff February 6, 2017

      Germany is still a safer place to live then the US, Australia never said we couldn’t vetted those people we said we would take, they just want us to honor our agreement. Mexico has stopped more illegals from coming to our country then we have and there illegal Mexicans are going home. Do you think China is afraid of Trump? They can see that he is a blow hard bully as can the rest of the world.

      1. itsfun February 6, 2017

        Haven’t you seen the news about women being raped in German by Muslims? Those rapists don’t believe rape is a crime. Obama made the deal not President Trump. I doubt if China is afraid of anyone. Didn’t say they were. President Trump will do everything he can to protect our borders and national security. The illegals going back to Mexico are not the criminals, the murderers, the gangs, drug dealers. They have it do easy here with free medical care, food stamps, housing, education, etc. that the American taxpayer is paying for.

        1. bobnstuff February 6, 2017

          Did you hear the news about women being raped on our college campuses .A women is much safer in Germany then on one our college campuses. America made the deal it was President Obama that said it But the deal was with the United States of America.

          Isn’t it funny how you try to blame our countries drug problem on other countries when in fact it’s our own peoples needs for drugs that have destroyed the peace and safety of all those other countries. If there wasn’t the large demand for drugs here do you think we would have all the gangs and drug dealers.

          Most illegals only get food and housing while waiting for a broken system to send them back. All those programs giving out social services you hate so much are run by the states, not the federal government.

          1. itsfun February 6, 2017

            I don’t care if it the state or federal govt. This country is not suppose to be a welfare state for illegal immigrants. Don’t blame the drug dealers, blame the addicts. Get rid of the dealers and get the addicts help. Germany is not safer than our college campuses. Even it was, is that your excuse for Muslims raping women? Should we blame America for all of the woes of the world. Obama did.

          2. bobnstuff February 6, 2017

            You seem to know little about drug addicts, If they can’t find a dealer they will rob a drug store, They will find a way. We live in a market driven economy, even for drugs. As far as crime goes, go look at the actual numbers of crimes, you know those little things like facts that you hate so much.

          3. itsfun February 6, 2017

            So your solution is to make sure the addicts have a way to get their drugs. Is you solution to murder is to make it legal?

          4. bobnstuff February 6, 2017

            Drug addiction is a mental health problem and needs to be treated as such. When we stop throwing users in jail instead of giving them mental health services we might get a handle on the problem. Right now the largest mental health facility in the country is the Cook County Jail.

          5. jmprint February 7, 2017

            If trumpf and Kellyanne have their way, it will be.

          6. jmprint February 7, 2017

            If the doctors and drug stores wouldn’t get pay backs from the pharmaceuticals, maybe less people would be hooked on opioids. You can’t blame the mexicans on that one.

          7. itsfun February 7, 2017

            I’ll blame who I want to. You and your BS can’t stop me.

          8. jmprint February 11, 2017

            YOU are what TRMP is. A no good SOB.

          9. itsfun February 11, 2017

            You are the north end of a south bound horse.

          10. jmprint February 7, 2017

            “blame America for all of the woes of the world. Obama did.” No he didn’t, but YOU do.

        2. 788eddie February 6, 2017

          What about women in this country being raped by white males? Oh, I get it, they don’t count because they’re probably like you.

          1. 788eddie February 6, 2017

            Just pointing out that it’s an equal-opportunity offense, Godzilla. Yes, blacks and Latinos rape, as do whites, Muslims and Asians. There’s enough blame for everyone to go around.

          2. Godzilla February 6, 2017

            We don’t current;y have a problem here with Muslim’s and rape. Unlike Sweden, the rape capital of the world, our influx of Muslim refugees has been minimal, as compared to the per capita rate in many European countries.. The problem over there are…Liberal’s who think that Muslim refugees will assimilate sing songs with the locals around the neighborhood campfires. It was and is foolish thinking and they and their citizens are paying a heavy price.

            Most….I say MOST Muslim’s are of no danger and just want left the hell alone to live their lives. The problem is the radicals who hate Western culture and all other religious beliefs other than their own. They number in the tens of thousands. You and your ilk may want the all the problems Europe has, but most of us don’t.

          3. 788eddie February 6, 2017

            The problem of rape in other countries may be a lot more complicated than at first glance.

            The Swedish attitude toward sexual behavior, as most would agree, is much different from ours in this country. It may have little to do with Muslim assimilation in Swedish society.

          4. Godzilla February 6, 2017

            Swedish rape and American rape are exactly the same. You should really quite being so naive. There is NO Muslim assimilation in Sweden, none. You must keep in mind that the Muslim migration into Europe isn’t like our normal immigration, it’s a humanitarian problem, caused by Western interference in the Middle East. That Western interference includes Europe and the US. They are running to the countries that caused their problems to begin with. Don’t expect assimilation, expect lots of problems, like what they are dealing with now.

          5. 788eddie February 6, 2017

            It has nothing to do with being naive, Godzilla. And unless you’re residing in Sweden, I would politely suggest that you, nor I, really don’t know just who is or is not being assimilated and to what degree.

            I live on Long Island, and have both Muslim and Jewish friends (but I prefer to refer to them as just friends. They have many of the same concerns and fears as the rest of us.

            Where do you live that you seem to be so worried about this issue?

          6. itsfun February 6, 2017

            Is everything racist with you? What about women being raped by black, yellow, green, blue, red, or whatever. Doesn’t matter what the race of a criminal is, the crime is what matters.

          7. 788eddie February 6, 2017

            Exactly my point, itsfun. YOU were the one who focused on rape committed by Muslims, not me.

            Rape is committed by people of ALL races and religions. I agree with your concluding statement exactly.

          8. jmprint February 7, 2017

            And can you prove that more women are raped by mexican illegals then any other race?

          9. itsfun February 7, 2017

            don’t have to. just watch the news

          10. jmprint February 11, 2017

            I do and most are cause by white men.

          11. itsfun February 11, 2017

            Typical of you. You just try to find anything you can to play the race card. To bad for you, that bullshi_ doesn’t work anymore.

        3. jmprint February 7, 2017

          Yeah even handcuff babies.

          1. itsfun February 7, 2017


    3. 788eddie February 6, 2017

      Hey, idiot! All you need to do is listen to Border Partrol people to know that there are still more people heading South across the U.S/Mexico border than are coming north. It’s easier to find jobs there than here.

      Are you trying to become a professional moron or something?

      1. Godzilla February 6, 2017

        Technically, since Trump took office and the Border Patrol can do their job now, you might be correct.

        1. 788eddie February 6, 2017

          How about for the last four years; I do a lot of hiking in the southwest during the winter months, and every year have run into Border Patrol in the back-country (glad I’m white). The ones I’ve met seem to be regular guys, just doing their jobs. like most Americans. They’re the source of my earlier comment. And, No, they do not try to stop any of those they see heading South.

      2. itsfun February 6, 2017

        Idiot and moron, you have such a way with words and show a lot of class. To bad all of your class is low.

        1. 788eddie February 6, 2017

          I guess the other part of my comment was too eavy to be able to absorb and respond to.

          So sad.

          1. itsfun February 6, 2017

            What is sad is a weak mind only has calling names to express itself.

    4. jmprint February 7, 2017

      Solution: Build a wall around yourself.

  3. Godzilla February 6, 2017

    Ignorance rules the Liberal mind.


    1. bobnstuff February 6, 2017

      Who are the people that are fighting ISIS? Who are the people being killed by ISIS. Who’s homes are being destroyed in this fight. Maybe you should think about who our friends are in this fight. There are a lot more Muslims fighting with us and for us then against us but I guess that doesn’t matter.

      1. Godzilla February 6, 2017

        You are wrongly assuming that those who have helped us were denied entrance during the brief ban period. Well over a thousand waivers were granted to those who had been previously vetted and deemed to not be a security risk. The real problem with all of this is the disingenuous media who fail to report the facts accurately. The term “Muslim Ban” should be a wake up call to anyone who can think clearly that banning travel from 7 countries isn’t a “Muslim Ban” at all, with 46 other countries being majority Muslim.

        Here’s a hint Bob. Get your facts from somewhere other than here and any MSM organization. Liberal sites like Media Matters are nothing but political leaning rags who slant the truth to fit the agenda. Free thinking people don’t have an agenda, cult members do!

        1. bobnstuff February 6, 2017

          Five days after the ban was placed it was amended and only after protest from our own military.



          This is just proof again of how badly written and how badly thought out this EO was. Here’s a clue check your facts before posting them.

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