Hitler Or Trump? 55 Chances To Test Your Knowledge Of The Fuhrer And The Furor

Hitler Or Trump? 55 Chances To Test Your Knowledge Of The Fuhrer And The Furor

Adolf Hitler, left, and Donald J. Trump

Each of these statements applies to Donald Trump or Adolf Hitler -- or both. The correct answers may be found at the end.

1.His father was a cruel authoritarian.

2.His father was arrested participating in a violent rally of a racist political organization.

3.His father was born illegitimate, had an illegitimate daughter, divorced, married the housemaid, who died, and married his impregnated teenaged cousin.

4.His grandfather ran a whorehouse.

5.His father told him, “Be a killer.”

6.Threw rocks at a baby in a playpen.

7.Adored his mother, sobbed when he learned she was ill and was devastated at her death.

8.He had to be reminded by his siblings to visit his dying mother in the hospital.

9.Sexually obsessed with his niece, he controlled every aspect of her life, forced her to end her affair with his chauffeur, until she committed suicide.

10.Stole the inheritance of his brother, cut off his disabled nephew’s medical insurance and sued by his niece for fraud.

11.Doted on his pet dog.

12.Never had a pet.

13.Separate bedroom from his wife.

14.His wife said, “I want to be a beautiful corpse.”

15.His wife said, “I’m not only a beauty, I’m smart.

16.A vegetarian, carefully watched his diet.

17.Burnt steak with ketchup his favorite dish.

18.Twice decorated for military bravery.

19.Received a medical deferment from military service for bone spurs in his feet as a result of a letter written by a doctor as a favor to his father.

20.Said about Jews, “The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day. Those are the kind of people I want counting my money. No one else.”

21.Described Nazis who chanted, “Jews will not replace us,” as “fine people.”

22.Wrote his own book.

23.Had a ghostwriter for his book.

24.Had a library of 16,000 books that included Shakespeare, Cervantes and Ibsen.

25.Had a copy of Hitler’s collected speeches by his bed and said, “He did a lot of good things.”

26.Woody Guthrie wrote a song about him entitled “Tear the Fascists Down.”

27.Woody Guthrie wrote a song about his father with lyrics that he “knows just how much racial hate/ He stirred up in that bloodpot of human hearts.”

28.Thought of himself as a builder and architect.

29.Thought of himself as a builder and destroyed historic architecture.

30.Claimed internal enemies stabbed the country in the back.

31.Never won a majority of the votes in an election

32.Betrayed by his generals.

33.Admired the Russian dictator’s ruthlessness and made a deal with him.

34.Exclaimed “What a guy!” after the Russian dictator purged his former allies.

35.Praised the Russian dictator as “a genius” after he invaded a neighboring country.

36.Called journalists “the lying press” and “the enemy of the people.”

37.Promoted the technique of “The Big Lie.”

38.Promised to make his country “great again.”

39.Promoted ethnic purity and warned against contamination.

40.His media adviser relied on the mass propaganda techniques of filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl.

41.Appeared in “The Triumph of the Will.”

42.Appeared in “Home Alone 2.”

43.Surrounded himself with an inner circle of misfits and criminals.

44.A germophobe.

45.Endorsed quack medicine.

46.Appointed a quack as his personal physician.

47.Sent a bodyguard to raid his doctor’s office to steal his medical files and ignored warnings about infection from a deadly disease.

48.His lawyer was known as “The Butcher of Poland.”

49.His lawyer boasted, “My scare value is high.”

50.One of his closest associates was gay and he had him murdered.

51.One of his closest associates was gay and he fired him when he was dying of AIDS.

52.Deployed private militias against a liberal democracy.

53.Staged a coup to overthrow an elected government.

54.Tried, convicted and imprisoned after a failed coup.

55.Admired by convicted Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy.

Answers: 1. Both; 2. Trump; 3. Hitler; 4. Trump; 5. Trump. 6. Trump; 7. Hitler; 8. Trump; 9. Hitler; 10. Trump; 11. Hitler; 12. Trump; 13. Both; 14. Hitler; 15. Trump; 16. Hitler; 17. Trump; 18. Hitler; 19. Trump; 20. Trump; 21. Trump; 22. Hitler; 23. Trump; 24. Hitler; 25. Hitler; 26. Trump; 28. Hitler; 29. Trump; 30. Both; 31. Both; 32. Both; 33. Both; 34. Hitler; 35. Trump; 36. Both; 37. Both; 38. Both; 39. Both; 40. Both; 41. Hitler; 42. Trump; 43. Both; 44. Both; 45. Both; 46. Both; 47. Trump; 48. Hitler; 49. Trump; 50. Hitler; 51. Trump; 52. Both; 53. Both; 54. Hitler; 55. Both


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