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Trump Administration Moves To Block Access To Health Insurance

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Trump Administration Moves To Block Access To Health Insurance

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Reprinted with permission from DCReport. 

The Trump administration is moving to make it harder for you to get health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. The net effect of the proposals would be significantly greater regulatory and paperwork burdens for both consumers and health insurance exchanges, the opposite of Trump’s promise during the campaign and since taking office.

The proposed rules also would lower the percentage of expenses that insurers must cover, forcing patients to pay more for their health care.

Andy Slavitt, the former acting administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, said the Trump administration has created a “manufactured crisis” in the Affordable Care Act with talk of a repeal and not enforcing rules.

About 650,000 more people would have to submit documents to verify that they can get health insurance. Among those affected are newlyweds, people switching insurance because of a life event such as losing a job and Native Americans.

This is just some of the fine print in the 71-page proposed regulation that the Department of Health and Human Services unveiled Wednesday, just days after Tom Price was sworn in as the new Health secretary. Price, a physician, has promised to gut the Affordable Care Act.

The increased burdens on married couples are outlined at Page 28.  For people applying for individual insurance under the Affordable Care Act, “at least one spouse must either demonstrate that they had minimum essential coverage or that they lived outside of the U.S. or in a U.S. territory for one or more days during the 60 days preceding the date of the marriage.”

The proposed new Trump administration rule cites no facts indicating problems with consumer fraud in Affordable Care Act health insurance applications.

The proposal does refer to a November 2016 report by the Government Accountability Office, the investigating arm of Congress, but it lends no support to the proposed regulations.

The GAO tested whether people willing to commit fraud by making false applications could obtain health insurance. In nine of 12 cases, the ruses worked, but the GAO report cautioned that its findings” are not generalizable to the population of applicants or marketplaces.”

The GAO report was characterized as a waste of time by the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority, which runs the Affordable Care Act market in the nation’s capital. It said “there is no evidence of systematic abuses” among its clientele.

The exchange found such a low risk of fraud that “it is neither an efficient use of resources…nor worth the burden to the consumer” to verify such details in applications

Because of the Affordable Care Act, the national uninsured rate has dropped from 16 percent in 2010 to 8.8 percent in 2016, the lowest rate ever.

Administration officials and lawmakers opposed to the Affordable Care Act have dutifully supported the Trump administration’s initiative.

“This proposal will take steps to stabilize the marketplace,” Patrick Conway, the acting administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, said in a press release.

Republican Representative Michael Burgess of Texas and Greg Walden of Oregon said the proposed rule “helps move our country beyond the damage of Obamacare.”

Three Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives said the rule “continues Republican efforts to rip away health security from Americans” and “shift costs onto consumers.” The joint statement came from Rep. Richard Neal, Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr., and Rep. Bobby Scott.

Some insurers have dropped out of the Marketplace. Humana announced on Tuesday that it won’t offer insurance through the Affordable Care Act in 2018.

IMAGE: Ventzislav Vanguelov (L), an obstetrics and gynecology doctor, gives instructions to physician’s assistant Celena Pollock (C) at Nuestra Clinica de Valle women’s clinic in San Juan, Texas, September 22, 2015.  REUTERS/Delcia Lopez



  1. ray February 19, 2017

    The Republican death panels are coming.Only the rich well have health care.

    1. FireBaron February 19, 2017

      I recommend that Steve Bannon be the first to appear before one. Then the government can start the Soylent Green program to feed the masses.

      1. Mama Bear February 19, 2017

        because there will be no migrant farm workers to pick the veggies and fruits because white males won’t do that job and then……America will be great again….circa 1930.

        1. dbtheonly February 20, 2017

          “Lots of folks back East they say
          Leavin home every day
          Taking that old dusty trail
          To the California line.”?

          1. dpaano February 22, 2017

            Hey, we don’t want them……maybe we’ll build a wall around the West Coast!!!

          2. dbtheonly February 22, 2017

            You know the reference?

            You did build the wall, or, at least established border check points.

      2. alfred e newman February 21, 2017

        that was a good movie and very true we are actually heading in that direction constantly forcing terminally ill people to live longer just to make money on them shear torture for them pure profit for doctors who really do not care 1 way or the other as long as they get paid

    2. alfred e newman February 19, 2017

      in the name of free enterprise they will have to lower prices or no body will buy if no body buys no money no money go out of business only the people who cost less will survive

      1. Jinmichigan February 19, 2017

        Profit in healthcare is evil.

        1. dbtheonly February 19, 2017

          And sets up several conflicts of interests.

          1. Jinmichigan February 20, 2017

            You point out another amoral aspect of the current system.

          2. dbtheonly February 20, 2017

            Just trying to point out that there are no simple solutions with all the moving parts and commitments to the current system.

        2. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

          it is suppose to be a humanitarian profession but it your money or your life and usually 10 times more money than you will ever have and they simply do not actually care if you live or die as long as you pay you live when you simply can not pay you die business is strictly business profit is all that matters

      2. I Am Helpy February 19, 2017

        Ah, right, so you’re human-shaped garbage as well as a cowardly traitor. Glad you cleared that up!

        1. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

          i am a constitution loving man in a communist country with absolutely no choice taxation without representation forced charity special interest groups religious fanatic constantly violating my civil rights and sucking my wallet dry

          1. I Am Helpy February 20, 2017

            Yes I get that you’re a neo-Nazi traitor who hides behind false patriotism. It’s because you’re garbage.

            I hope that helps!

          2. alfred e newman February 21, 2017

            i am a citizen of what used to be the united states of america with all you dead beat disability claims and communist party health care giving doctors insurance companies as well as big drug companies unlimited power and funding to violate the constitution and suck the tax payer dry it is now the united soviet america

          3. I Am Helpy February 21, 2017

            Yes, I already said you were an America-hating coward traitor.

          4. alfred e newman February 21, 2017

            yes and i said you are completely incompetent totally dependent and like using the taxpayer like an endless atm you idiot hypochondriac and i personally do not want to support you and simply should not be forced to by the government

          5. I Am Helpy February 21, 2017

            Yes yes you support a pedophile, I get it.

          6. alfred e newman February 21, 2017

            no never did or ever would simply do not want to support people like you

          7. I Am Helpy February 21, 2017

            “I know you are but what am I” – you humorless traitors always think this will work. It’s baffling.

          8. alfred e newman February 21, 2017

            it seems to be working fine you communist incompetent

          9. I Am Helpy February 21, 2017

            Yes I get that you, a member of Putin’s harem, laughably think other people are “communists”. It’s because you’re a moron, you inbred Nazi traitor.

            I hope that helps!

          10. alfred e newman February 22, 2017

            at least i am not a incompetent totally dependent simply not responsible for my own actions taxpayer money sucking leach like you i am very independent productive taxpayer sick and tired of supporting the likes of you and simply should not have to i have bills and problems of my own no body helps me with them your bills and problems are your own not mine you should take care of your own with no forced help from me just like i take care of mine with out forcing you to help me you are a charity case not me taxation with out representation forces me to give you charity i simply do not want to give you

          11. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

            Yes yes you are an abusive coward and traitor.

          12. alfred e newman February 22, 2017

            i am a loyal tax paying american not a burden on the tax payer like you and i actually served this country in the army you coward

          13. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

            Hahaha no you didn’t, fake patriot.

          14. alfred e newman February 22, 2017

            you are a real communist and yes i did i am an actual us army vet where as you probably never made it out of kindergarten

          15. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

            Yes anyone who disagrees with you is a communist, guy who is Putin’s mail-order bride.

          16. alfred e newman February 22, 2017

            no only the completely incompetent totally dependent major burden on the tax payer ones like you taxpayer money sucking leach

          17. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

            Yes I get that you are incapable of assembling a coherent sentence. It’s because you’re a moron.

          18. alfred e newman February 22, 2017

            at least i am not a major burden on the tax payer like you something you seem to be proud of being totally incompetent and completely dependent clinically insane

          19. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

            Yes I get that you are so dim – SO DIM – that you haven’t even noticed I stopped reading your incoherent and unpunctuated Nazi drivel pages back. I spend more on my biannual computer upgrade than you make in a year.

            I hope that helps!

          20. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            no you do not you spend the tax payer money on more drugs for your wild imagination you are simply to incompetent to have money of your own

          21. I Am Helpy February 23, 2017

            OK traitor

          22. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            i am not a traitor you are you simply want to destroy the freedom of the people not me you evil communist taxpayer money sucking leach you total incompetent welfare recipient

          23. I Am Helpy February 23, 2017

            OK Ephialtes

          24. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

            Also, I know that as an impotent failure you have nothing but feeble abuse, however I have multiple degrees. Not sure why you think assigning random attributes to people and insulting them based on that will work, but who can fathom the mind of a traitor.

          25. alfred e newman February 22, 2017

            you spent 12 years in kindergarten and got kicked out for not shaving you simply are to incompetent to graduate kindergarten no possible way you got in to college

          26. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

            Oh no, an America-hating illiterate neo-Nazi – the kind of loser who fakes being a veteran! – thinks something or other that I didn’t bother to read.

          27. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

            PS: I hate to break it to you, you semi-literate hobo, but I’m a millionaire and have never been on welfare. It’s not like I’m a Republican voter in a red state.

          28. alfred e newman February 22, 2017

            you are a lying sack of crap if you were a millionaire you simply would hate communist party health care as much as i do but you are a welfare case and a major burden on the tax payer this is why you love communist party health care you simply do not want to take care of your self you are completely incompetent and totally dependent

          29. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

            Sorry you’re mad that you’re a failure! Not my problem – in fact you basically deserve it, frankly.

          30. alfred e newman February 22, 2017

            in 74 years i never failed at anything where as you probably never succeeded at anything except being a major burden on the tax payer being completely incompetent and totally dependent simply not taking responsibility for your own action of course this makes you clinically insane

          31. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

            Oh no, the dumb traitor who is such a loser he pretends to be a vet thinks poorly of me!

          32. alfred e newman February 22, 2017

            not only me better than half the planet thinks a completely incompetent totally dependent major burden on the tax payer like you is a loser and like me they simply do not want to pay for you either but like me we are forced to do so by government committing taxation with out representation charity begins at home not having a choice is not charity it id robbery

          33. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

            Yes I get that you’re really, really stupid, and that what passes for your opinions ossified some time back in the 1950s. Luckily nobody cares what you think, fake veteran dude.

          34. alfred e newman February 22, 2017

            ok really incompetent totally dependent clinically insane dude but i really am a veteran unlike you the fake rich man with no education proud of being a money sucking leach

          35. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

            Yes I get that you’re so terrified of someone getting a pittance from the government that you sold the country out to a foreign dictator and his multiple rapist draft-dodging puppet President – and then thought that pretending to be An Army Guy would somehow absolve you of treason.

            It won’t. We are coming for you.

          36. dpaano February 22, 2017

            You know, helpy, what REALLY pisses me off is when idiots like this say they are veterans! As a veteran myself, I find it despicable that they would use that as a cover! There’s a special place in hell for these imposters!

          37. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

            And he does it purely because he thinks it puts he beyond criticism. So gross.

          38. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            you an idiot there is absolutely no way to prove anything any of you idiots say about your self there is absolutely no way you can prove i am a liar the only thing i can prove is you are communist and i am free and no matter what i will never be a communist so even though you idiots think you can scare me with your bullshit you only prove me right you are total incompetents and completely dependent welfare recipients

  2. FireBaron February 19, 2017

    Given Teflon Donnie’s repeated contradictory statements throughout the campaign, did anyone expect anything less once Price got sworn in as HHS?

    1. Jancmcmillin February 19, 2017

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    2. dbtheonly February 19, 2017

      Not at all FB, the trick is to eliminate Obamacare without actually ever voting to do so.

      We need to focus on TrumpCare. What is it? What holes does it have?

      1. alfred e newman February 21, 2017

        free enterprise with out the tax payer footing the bill the doctors and big drug companies will have no choice but to lower prices the individual will actually pay his own medical bill and not the taxpayer so the cost of health care will come down because people will look for the lowest price and the highest price will go out of business

  3. noonloon February 19, 2017

    When will the “people” who support Grand Poobah Trump and his minions realize they do not care about helping them? What The Good Liars do care about is helping business and putting more and more of America’s wealth in the oversized capitalist pockets through government edict at the expense of good health, superior education and real opportunities for all the rest of us. Creating artificial scarcity where there is abundance is social engineering by a kleptocracy not a democracy.

    1. alfred e newman February 25, 2017

      you really are a stupid communist are you not

  4. yabbed February 19, 2017

    Here’s the Trump plan: kill off those coal miners with no health care and lower welfare expenditures. The Trump Traveling Road Show needs the money to support the Grifter Family Trump.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker February 19, 2017

      The worst case scenario and I can tell you this first hand since I worked with environmental engineers for nearly 25 years is the huge number of lawsuits that will come from DEM states. And don’t for one minute listen to any right winger who says one state can’t sue another. Texas, New Mexico and Colorado have all been embroiled since 2016 in a water dispute over the rights to water use from the Rio Grande River. So you bet we can sue a hick state if their pollution goes past their state lines. And we don’t even need the EPA to be back up to do it.

      1. alfred e newman February 25, 2017

        the rio grand simply does not flow threw colorado

  5. Mama Bear February 19, 2017

    It is unfolding in a very devious way (surprise surprise). This way no “lawmaker” has to say he voted to dismantle the ACA, but just make it more costly and untenable for the insurers. And the idiots who voted for them will believe it. And the people of this country who need it will not get it. And the Rethugs will cheer in private and in public bemoan that the insurers did it.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker February 19, 2017

      The reason the Republican Party hates the ACA is obvious. The minute it became the law of the land, the GOP saw all of the thousands of new, smaller, more affordable insurance businesses as a threat to their Big 6 HMOs who always ensure a line item earmarked for Republican campaign dollars.

      Take McConnell for example. Remember back in 2009 when he was the biggest mouth of the south to fight like hell to stop the ACA? Remember what he said in March 2009? “We will get RID of Obama!” and “I know many HMOs.” Do tell Senator. Of course you do. After all, that’s who re-elects you isn’t it?

      So the question becomes, why on earth would any American taxpayer forfeit one dime to pay the salaries of men of the south and midwest who are selfish, self-important obnoxious thugs who use OUR tax dollars to get nearly free healthcare for themselves and their families. At what point did those tax dollars suddenly become THEIRS to use as they damn well please?

      Don’t wonder why the Republican Party is more concerned about Party than being American.

      1. alfred e newman February 19, 2017

        hypochondriacs should have to take care of them self and pay for it them self taxpayer simply should not have to support them normal healthy people simply do not need a doctor every 5 minutes and the hypochondriacs simply were not going to live forever nobody does

        1. Mama Bear February 19, 2017

          so is this the new dog whistle? hypochondriacs? You must not be aware that 97% of them go directly to the ER. You have hit upon a site that attracts very educated and intelligent people and your ignorance will be very obvious to all of the doctors, lawyers and other professionals who comment here. You might want to reconsider your assignment to this site honey.

          1. dbtheonly February 19, 2017

            Mama, does it strike you as funny as I, that a fellow with the “nom de blog” noted for not worrying, is the one most refusing the possibility of his own serious illness? We are all only one illness or accident away from financial ruin.

          2. Mama Bear February 19, 2017

            amen to that. No matter how “healthy” any of us are we are sorry to say potential ticking time bombs. I am a firm believer in being very careful what we judge someone for – the old karma thing is as real as anything else.

          3. dbtheonly February 19, 2017

            But am I jusging Alf too harshly?

            He chose the, “What, me worry?” nom de blog. He’s the one insisting that only hypochondriacs need insurance. He’s gutsier than me for sure.

          4. Mama Bear February 19, 2017

            Nah…he’s a troll and trolls deserve whatever they get. A respectfully stated difference of opinion is one thing…..his posts are not.

          5. alfred e newman February 21, 2017

            hypochondriacs simply do not want to work for a living and simply want everything handed to them on a silver platter even though they play at being incompetent and pretend to be handy caped they are very shroud they get doctors who have big fancy car payments to give them what ever they wan to be able to collect

          6. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

            yes but the doctor is the ruin it is suppose to be a humanitarian profession but it is your money or your life and they simply do not care if you live or die as long as you can pay

          7. dbtheonly February 20, 2017

            Don’t worry. The guys who wanted to get into medicine because of the money washed out long before getting to Med. School.

          8. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

            this is why there are so many doctors living in mansions and driving jags

          9. dbtheonly February 20, 2017

            No, it’s when you get out of Med. School, you look at the pay of primary care physicians and those doing boob augmentation, and you think of your $300,000 in student loan debt.

          10. yabbed February 20, 2017

            That is an unfounded thing to say. You haven’t a clue.

          11. dbtheonly February 20, 2017

            That’s an odd comment coming from you. You normally don’t pull stuff out of your butt.

          12. yabbed February 20, 2017

            Sorry. I was posting to alfred e newsman’s comment that docs don’t care if you live or die as long as you pay.

          13. dbtheonly February 20, 2017

            Ah, thank you. I understand now.

            Might I retract the butt comment?

          14. yabbed February 20, 2017

            Of course.

          15. alfred e newman February 25, 2017

            they simply do not care if they simply can not save you they send you to the under taker and lie about how you died

          16. dpaano February 22, 2017

            Agreed…..Newmee could get hit by a car on his way home and end up in an ER….you NEVER know when something catastrophic is going to happen!

          17. dbtheonly February 22, 2017

            But isn’t that the crux of Libertarianism? “I’ve got mine”? There’s a reason we called it “Anarcho-selfishism” in school.

            Funny is how AEN is so convinced that the “free market” will handle all medical expenses. Medical care is simply too expensive for all but the Super Wealthy to afford absent insurance. Insurance then skews the “free market”. Sigh. To be so convinced in the efficacy of slogans.

          18. alfred e newman February 25, 2017

            74 years never needed a doctor

          19. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

            98% go to doctors for disability the doctor gets a patient to make a lot of money on the patient gets to sit on his ass collecting for a fake disability

          20. yabbed February 20, 2017

            I do believe your application for SSI disability was rejected. 🙂

          21. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

            i personally never applied for it but i do know quiet a few who get it on fake claims

          22. yabbed February 20, 2017

            So, why come on comment boards and make unfounded, outrageous claims about other posters? If you know a doc running a fake disability practice, report him. If you know people scamming the system, report them. No one posting here is responsible for your issues with other people.

        2. yabbed February 19, 2017

          Sure thing. All those hypochondriacs diagnosed with lung disease and cancer, those who have strokes or are seriously injured in an accident. Those hypochondriacs?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker February 19, 2017

            Where do these nuts come from? Did their parents drop them all on their heads as infants? I am sure Newmeee is never going to get old, never inherit Adult Type II diabetes or Parkinson’s either. After all, those perfect Aryan Genes are straight from Hitler’s own twanger. Yeesh…Do they get any nuttier than this? Is it actually possible that the nut in the White House is releasing every criminally insane from the institutions?

            You know what I find so funny? Alabama got into deep doo doo for putting thousands of people on SSDI rather than unemployment for Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure (all that grits and gravy) and high cholesterol. That hick state even got doctors to write medical waivers for these hypochondriacs who are just lazy bums.

            The idea was that Alabama would save state tax dollars that would be paid for all their unemployed and instead they dumped their unemployed onto SSDI so the federal taxpayers could pay the freight for them. Never let it be said the Republican states don’t snoof around for any loophole in the laws.

          2. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

            survival of the fittest all the people you are talking about are in constant pain the only reason you keep them alive is to make money on them and as long as you make money on them they stay alive and suffer when you simply can not make any more money on them you simply let them die

          3. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

            no the other ones like you the fake collecting ssi disability with a doctor making money on your disability claim

          4. yabbed February 20, 2017

            I am a doctor, you fool.

          5. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

            and you love using the taxpayer as a never ending atm to pay for your wife and your mistress

          6. yabbed February 20, 2017

            Really. You know it’s very easy to make a fool of yourself when you don’t know what you’re talking about. 🙂 You should keep that in mind.

          7. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

            i do know what i am talking about it is suppose to be a free country people are suppose to be independent not dependent but every time i turn around people are giving up their independence to get out of working for a living and sucking me dry and doctors insurance companies and big drug companies are getting richer and more powerful

          8. Eleanore Whitaker February 21, 2017

            You just prove with this post you are as mentally insane as Trump. Congratulations on outing yourself. Get back on your Thorazine.

          9. alfred e newman February 21, 2017

            actually i proved you are incompetent totally dependent and anti american independence you simply do not want your civil rights but you simply do not want anybody else to have civil rights either you actually like having someone else do your thinking for you so you can sit around and watch tv all day

          10. Eleanore Whitaker February 21, 2017

            Nice try dipshit. You proved you can’t prove you are an American Citizen because you still have not shown us certifiable proof.

            You can find me on LinkedIn and my short Story Blog on Blogspot.com. Try again asshat. You sound so like the frigbags of the Trump administration. I’ve got your number Comrade. Now, stop showing your ass to the world and learn when to shut your face. Come up with the proof of your citizenship or shut the hell up.

          11. alfred e newman February 21, 2017

            inter net bully idiots simply do not scare me i was born in the united states of america long before idiots like you turned it in to the united soviet america with all your hypochondriac friends constantly doing the best you can to destroy the constitution you simply do not want your civil rights trouble is that you simply do not want anyone else to have civil rights either and like i said you simply can impersonate any body you poor pathetic idiot

          12. Eleanore Whitaker February 22, 2017

            Wrong moron. You think you are not scared because you believe YOU and ONLY you are above the law. So, like all asshats and dipshits, you think you can lie online and no one will care and everyone will just agree with you. How Trumpy do you plan to get moron?

            Now tell us. How is glossing over a foreign government leader’s plan to infiltrate our elections not going to weaken our government internally?

            You may THINK you have ALL the answers but we all know from what you post you are a COMMIE who has FASCIST inclinations. Sorry anarchist if this is a democracy and you don’t get to ram you shitbagger ideology down our throats. Why do you even bother when you know you are a teeny weeny minority and your voice has about as much power as an ant’s dung.

          13. alfred e newman February 22, 2017

            you are a complete incompetent totally dependent on the taxpayer who needs someone to spoon feed you and change your diapers you simply can not take responsibility for your self so you force other people to support you that makes you the communist not me this makes you a burden in not only me but everybody in america this makes you an idiot

          14. Eleanore Whitaker February 22, 2017

            You call yourself Alfred E. Newman and expect credibility? You live off your parents and expect to be treated like an adult. You can’t change your own Mommy’s depends without Daddy’s help. Do yourself a favor moron. Don’t try to do battle with someone so far out of your Ignoramus Leagus that you embarass yourself with every post. I can prove who “I” am. You have to hide who YOU are because if we found out, we’d laugh our asses off.

          15. alfred e newman February 22, 2017

            both of my parents lived a long independent life and died of natural causes 30 years ago your alias is pretty funny to you completely incompetent totally dependent major burden on the tax payer and lying sack of crap you probably live in a state hospital for the insane since you clearly will not take responsibility for your self you simply go not want to think for your self you simply do not want your civil rights trouble is you simply do not want anybody else to have their civil rights either you like having people who simply can not even run their own life run yours

          16. Eleanore Whitaker February 22, 2017

            I live in NJ assface. Every hear of Robert Wood Johnson Hospital? NJ has 3 of the U.S. top hospitals in the entire country.

            You are a piece of the last bowel movement Trump passed. NJ no longer has state run mental institutions. Criminally insane asshats like you go to prisons where they are incarcerated and treated. Not that a cancerous lesion your Mommy and Daddy spawned could ever be cured of your mental defects.

          17. alfred e newman February 22, 2017

            very good this means you have plenty of supervision and 24 hour security the thing complete and total incompetent people like you need

          18. Eleanore Whitaker February 23, 2017

            Calling your bluff as I’ve already done in your past posts. Prove what you post asshat. The only one who needs supervision is you. You can’t urinate on a toilet without help.

            Time for you to stop pretending to be what ALL of your posts prove you are not. Get the proof or stop posting BS. Or, are you like Trump? A world class BS artist?

            Let me guess. Mommy punched your head in as a child and your brain damage is such that it cannot be surgically altered.

          19. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            your the 1 with brain damage you are totally incompetent and completely dependent so there really is no possible way you actually have any money or any kind of responsibility because you simply can not handle it you never proved anything about me because you never could but yes i am 74 years old and yes i am an us army vet and yes i simply do not want to support idiots like you

          20. Eleanore Whitaker February 23, 2017

            Blah blah blah blah…Where is YOUR proof? I’ll keep asking until I see it. Of course, you are a Geezer. Did you think we missed that?

            The worst thing that EVER happens to you old geezers is that you so fear change for the better because all you know is clinging to lies that you try to pass off as truth.

            So Mommy spoiled her litte Alfie? Mommy waited obediently on Daddy and how their aging son can’t stand that his Depends is too overloaded and Mommy can’t help you change it? Grow up old boy. You are past your shelf life.

          21. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            this from a total incompetent who simply can not prove anything it say just like any other communist party member not 1 single brain cell in your entire head so dependent on the tax payer for everything simply can not handle its own affairs simply does not want its civil rights and simply does not want anyone else to have their civil rights either thinks the tax payer is an endless a t m i guess this is why the country is 20 trillion dollars in dept communist party health care national bankrupt thanks to you

          22. alfred e newman February 25, 2017

            they simply were not going to live forever why torture them with out mercy just to make as much money as they can before they die any way

        3. Eleanore Whitaker February 19, 2017

          Hey Newmeeee…Let me guess. You are Mr. Perfect. Your genes are like Hitler’s Aryan race…perfect…no congenital illness passed down through your genes RIGHT Mr. Perfect?

          You know what I wish on a moron like you? I wish you get bit in our lard butt by a Lyme tick. I hope it is one of those nymph Lyme Ticks that causes your heart to race, thins your heart tissues and causes leaks and then when Bell’s Palsy shows up in your perfect face and you can’t move your mouth, Thank the Saints! Your idiot mouth will finally be silenced once and for all time. Grow the hell up.

          Trump is by his own admission a “germophobe” who runs to the doctor the minute a hair on his lard ass is out of place.

          1. Mama Bear February 19, 2017

            well played E!

          2. Eleanore Whitaker February 19, 2017

            The increase in the most obnoxious, brazen wise ass men in this country has lost its ability to charm me. Now, I give as good as I get.

          3. alfred e newman February 25, 2017

            you are totally incompetent all you give is complete nonsense and communist party doctrine

          4. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

            survival of the fittest why make people suffer just to make money on them

          5. Eleanore Whitaker February 21, 2017

            How much is Putin paying you troll boy? You are as Russian as the Ural Mountains and Siberia. Which is where we plan to ship all of you hick Russian comrades.

          6. alfred e newman February 21, 2017

            i am not russian i am all american born and raised to be independent not dependent or incompetent like you i am not a burden on the taxpayer or my family like you are i simply do not need anybody to do my thinking for me like you do i believe in the constitution and all it stands for and not communist party doctrine like you i simply do not need anybody to wipe my ass or feed me like you do

          7. Eleanore Whitaker February 21, 2017

            Prove you are an American Citizen. Sorry but these days, one cannot just accept troll posts out of hand without proof in black and white.

            I will tell you what YOU are. First, you are a middle aged man with the mind of a spoiled spiteful child of six years old who lives off your Mommy and Daddy’s SS and SSDI.

            Second, I’ve worked 44 years of my life little boy. When you can own two businesses, work for a SBA ombudswoman and CEO turned Senator, then you get to make you asshat assumptions.

            You are a Communist and I’ll prove it. Your idea is that only the rich deserve healthcare. Good. So when the next massive contagious disease hits and you are one of the victims, you’ll do what all spoiled little boys do..whine like hell…and play victim.

            As for wiping your ass…we all know Mommy did that for your Daddy and you don’t we? That’s why you dish out the bitchy boy hateful posts and then when you get it back in your fat little face, you can’t handle it. Sorry SNOWFLAKE, get a life..one that doesn’t include being a grifter like Trump or comrade of big business that sucks the life out of American employees, taxpayers and consumers.

            If if wasn’t for the massive taxes we pay in NJ, your Republican hick state big businesses wouldn’t exist. Get over it spoiled little boy before your mouth gets you into as much trouble as Trump’s is doing right now.

          8. alfred e newman February 21, 2017

            liar liar pants on fire you are a poor sniveling pretending to be sick to collect welfare case with delusion of grander and a wild imagination you probably do not have 2 pennies to rub together because you spend it all on doctors and drugs and now you simply want everybody else to pay for your personal problems if you actually had everything you say you have you would feel just like me sick and tired of all the leaches sucking you dry and you would be on the side of independence not dependence but you are totally incompetent and completely dependent so you are all for communist party health care you simply do not want your civil rights but you simply do not want anybody else to have civil rights either

          9. Eleanore Whitaker February 21, 2017

            Google my published author name Eleanore Ferranti Whitaker IF you have the balls. You will see I am fairly well known as a result of 2 published novels, white papers I’ve written and as an SEO copywriter of over 5300 ghost written articles.

            I don’t have to lie but you do Clown Boy. Now get your ass busy and Google my name. Then you get to try out your asshat smear tactics. Not before. Sorry you might be able to get away with smearing Hillary or Obama. Smear me and I am likely to make you the one on welfare after a big fat lawsuit of libel and slander.

            “What me worry? I read MAD” typical of you morons.

          10. alfred e newman February 21, 2017

            you simply can use any name you want even a real person you money sucking leaches are always so full of crap your eyes are brown she may be real but you are not like i said delusion of grander wild imagination and if you actually had everything you say you do you would be sick and tired of money sucking leaches like your self

          11. Eleanore Whitaker February 21, 2017

            No moron you cannot use “any name you want.” Who raised you? Mammy and Pappy Yokum? Men like you are the ones who suck the most and leach the most. $17 billion last year to Big Oil and the cowboy hicks are still bitching there are “no jobs?” Not to mention Charlies and David Cockett Kock. Two billionaires who are milking the Trump Art of the Deal for all its worth in the Dakota and Keystone Pipelines.

            As for Trump, you know nothing about him stupid little boy.

            Let me warn you, you Trump paid troll…libel and slander me and I’ll have my lawyers hunt you down and drag your ass into court.

            Here is the Amazon blurb that proves you are a certifiable mental case: https://www.amazon.com/Books-Eleanore-Ferranti-Whitaker/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=n%3A283155%2Cp_27%3AEleanore%20Ferranti%20Whitaker

            All you do is prove middle aged little boys like your are dipshits who can’t fend for yourself unless McMommy and McDaddy wipe your ass for you.

          12. alfred e newman February 25, 2017

            all you actually prove is just how incompetent you really are

          13. alfred e newman February 25, 2017

            you lived in a mental hospital for 44 years wow some how i believe that

          14. alfred e newman February 25, 2017

            74 years never needed a doctor never needed communist party health care simply never wanted to pay for things i personally am not responsible for charity begins at home forcing people to give to charity is taxation with out representation you stupid communist

          1. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

            yes but it is not a charity or a church simply should not act like 1 every time a new government agency is created a new tax is as well to pay for it

          2. I Am Helpy February 20, 2017

            Yes, I get that you’re really, really dumb.

          3. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

            unlike you i simply do not pay for things i simply do not use and simply do not want to pay for problems i personally am not responsible for you are stupid thinking you are helping anyone all that money pays for a big fancy car a mistress diamond ring many other luxuries and not in to actual patient care

          4. I Am Helpy February 20, 2017

            Sorry, I don’t really care what idiots think, and no amount of feeble abuse will change that.

            I hope that helps!

          5. dbtheonly February 21, 2017

            He doesn’t pay for things he doesn’t use.

            He’s hell on insurance.

            But as I said to Mama a couple of days ago, he got the typical Libertarian line. Takers are others. He’s invincible. He’ll never get sick or injured.

            I also who convinced him that the taxpayers pay for healthcare in the USA.

            For me, I can never forget the Guthrieism, “Every good man has a little hard luck some time.”

          6. alfred e newman February 25, 2017

            you are such an idiot

          7. dbtheonly February 25, 2017

            Alf is reduced to mindless insults.

            Is that what passes for erudition on the Right these days?

        4. dtgraham February 19, 2017

          Nobody here will be taken in by your big words and smooth Ivy league grammar. We’re onto you.

          1. dpaano February 22, 2017

            Now if we could just understand him…that would be special!

          2. dtgraham February 23, 2017

            Aaah, maybe we shouldn’t mock alfred. After all, he could be fluent in 12 languages. Unfortunately, English doesn’t seem to be one of them.

          3. dpaano February 23, 2017

            Whatever he’s supposedly fluent in is NOT of this world!

          4. dtgraham February 24, 2017

            Well, let’s hope that if the Martians land tomorrow, they don’t run into alfred e newman first.

            “seven new planets you discover around Trappist-1 dwarf star no climate change there either liberal conspiracy we scan first human we meet we know now take us to leaders Hannity and Bannon.”

      2. Elizabethkhulbert February 20, 2017

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    2. alfred e newman February 19, 2017

      only hypochondriacs will be effected normal healthy people will not

      1. Mama Bear February 19, 2017

        A-ha…the newest member of the troll team. This will be fun. You are obviously not aware that 97% of what you call “hypochondriacs” go directly to the ER…..which is, always was and always will be required to take care of any and all….at the expense of your healthcare costs. You are an idiot…and that word I reserve for very special trolls.

        1. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

          run to a doctor and get ssi disability

          1. Mama Bear February 20, 2017

            I am not the least bit surprised that you make no sense. My son is an ER doc and I have heard all about what he sees pre- and post- ACA.

          2. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

            yea a lot more money instead of the 1 patient paying for what he did the entire country is paying for someone else stupidity

    3. alfred e newman February 25, 2017

      absolute power corrupts absolutely and greedy people are greedy people

  6. alfred e newman February 19, 2017

    good very good nothing like a little free enterprise to control cost maybe now they will realize the taxpayer is not an endless atm and they will stop pricing them self out of business and the hypochondriacs will stop wasting so much taxpayer money on nothing just to get out of working for a living

    1. Jinmichigan February 19, 2017

      Why do you hate America?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 19, 2017

        Newmee is a greedy, self-important thug who so obviously is an HMO cheerleader making huge profit from the sick and dying. If that’s the only way he can earn a living, doesn’t say much for his intelligence level.

      2. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

        i do not hate america i hate communist people who simply can not run their own life constantly trying to run my life and everyone else dead beats sucking me and everybody else dry religious fanatics constantly trying to violate the constitutional rights of everybody by making laws that are unconstitutional denying me and everybody else our civil rights

        1. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

          Typo: You accidentally claimed not to hate America, fake veteran.

          1. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            totally incompetent completely dependent people like you hate america you are just like a muslim terrorist only worse

          2. I Am Helpy February 23, 2017

            Sorry I don’t speak Russian

          3. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            you are russian comrade you are also an idiot

          4. I Am Helpy February 23, 2017

            OK traitor

        2. Rippie February 22, 2017

          If you hate religious fanatics who try to run everyone’s lives and who violate the Constitutional rights of others, you must be ready to firebomb every Rethuglicunt you ever see!!! They’re the worst offenders, by FAR!!!

          1. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            i simply do not have to they are doing a very nice job of destroying each other and them self all i have to do is sit back and wait til they are extinct at their own hands

          2. Rippie February 23, 2017

            Oh, sure, after they have done everything they can to take everyone down with them, including their own party members and supporters. That’s not just destroying each other, it’s 100% mutually assured destruction, total annihilation.

            Nobody can afford to wait that long. See the furious Town Hall meetings? Those are going to seem mellow in a few months if this crap keeps going.

            But you’re an apathetic do-nothing lump on a log who doesn’t care about anything as long as you aren’t involved.

            Go to South Sudan. You’ll save a ton on heating oil that you don’t care if it’s fracked and dirty or not.

          3. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            like i said they will be extinct soon enough with out my help so why would i bother

          4. Rippie February 23, 2017

            Because the plan is to take you with them. You can’t think that a dim bulb like you is going to survive them. You won’t.

          5. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            not to worry i will survive

          6. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            you really are a complete and total idiot

          7. Rippie February 23, 2017

            Only if I follow your example as the model.

    2. Mama Bear February 19, 2017

      you are one stupid fool, sweetie. ER health care will go back to being what it was prior to the ACA and your healthcare costs will go up to accommodate it.

      1. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

        anything is better than communist party health care giving doctors insurance companies and big drug companies unlimited power as well as unlimited funding total control of you and your life

        1. Mama Bear February 20, 2017

          that is exactly what the conservatives have done, you are right.

        2. Thoughtopsy February 24, 2017

          And there he goes… changing his argument the moment you defeat him.
          What a coward.

          1. alfred e newman February 25, 2017

            very true these communist simply can not handle the truth or run their own life yet they think they can run everyone else life

    3. yabbed February 19, 2017

      The government needs money to fund the Moocher Trump Family. Did you seek that Trump has already spent almost as much in 3 weeks as President Obama did in a year on travel? Trump: #11.6 mil in 3 weeks vs President Obama $12.1 last year in office. And the Trump bill doesn’t cover the huge entourage that accompanies the Trump boys on their business trips to do the family business.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 19, 2017

        Trump is your world class Grifter. He looks for people and things he knows he can milk. Leona Helmsley would have a field day making Trump into meatloaf.

        1. Rippie February 19, 2017

          Um, wait… is “Grifter” an alternate way of spelling “Hitler?”

    4. Eleanore Whitaker February 19, 2017

      Say Newmeee…Tell us. Which Big Pharma are you doing your cheerleading for these days? There is NO FREE enterprise when a life is at stake. And you really need to lose that “Knows All” attitude. You don’t.

      Let me give you a clue what I experienced with HMOs as an office manager. Picture this, September of every year for nearly 25 years…HMO hawkers all using the same line of BS, “Hello, I’m Yadda Yadda Ching Ching from the Ching Ching HMO. I understand it’s time to renew your employer’s healthcare plan. I can save your employer up to 35% of “his” costs. How many employees are covered under your current plan?”

      Says I: “21.”

      Says Yadda Yadda Ching Ching: What is the median age of the employees covered?

      Says I: “45”

      Click, end of call. Why did Yadda Yadda Ching Ching hang up? Because as you know Newmeeee…Big Insurance ONLY wants to cover people who pay for insurance but DON’T really need it or use it.

      Try again honcho. Your comedy act is a joke.

      1. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

        yes it is all a con game but when you go to use it they say that simply is not covered and you pay for it your self anyway and they still keep your money

        1. Rippie February 22, 2017

          Well, that’s just simply a lie… from an underedcated, ignorant, selfish Trumpanzee liar.

          1. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            simple honest fact

          2. Rippie February 23, 2017

            Sure, on very rare occasion, especially with substandard insurance, which you can’t be duped into buying anymore, because IT WAS NOT INSURANCE.

            Like anything else, insurance has some rules and procedures. Follow them and you’re good. Try to be the ayhole you are and you’re screwed.

            The simple truth is that unless you’re looking for something weird, untested or outrageous, you’re lying. That is the simple truth.

          3. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            simple truth is it is all a con game the only people who make money on it are the doctors the big drug companies the insurance companies and of course the lawyers

          4. Rippie February 23, 2017

            OF COURSE! How can someone like you not die a horrible accident being such an idiot as you are!

            You’ve put your finger on exactly who is behind this opposition to Singlepayer Universal Healthcare! They LOVE sucking all the money out of the economy!

            And UHC, Medicare4All, puts an end to the profiteering, the economic raping of America and Americans at every income level.

            How can you be SO stupid as to not grasp this??

          5. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            actually it makes it to easy to screw everybody for trillions of dollars with out any regulation just like they have been doing ever since communist party health care was invented

      2. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

        yes there is you pay you live you do not pay you simply die and even if you die you still have to pay and the communist party health care will suck it out of everybody

    5. Rippie February 19, 2017

      So, Freecare for everyone? You DO realize that using the ER for primary care costs the public OVER TEN TIMES AS MUCH as subsidized insurance does. More than ten times as much care can be provided per dollar with the ACA, even in its current limping form.

      So, do you hate all middle-class and lower-income people? Or are you just a moron???

      1. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

        no i do not i simply do not want to support them any more than they do me and they would have to cut prices because they simply could not use the tax payer as an atm

        1. Rippie February 21, 2017

          So you prefer to pay $10 for a single visit, all things being equal, instead of $1buck.

          Not very smart, eh? And by waiting, people without insurance show up MUCH more sick, so you get to pay for MUCH MORE CARE at TEN TIMES THE PRICE.

          That’s brilliant, just because you’re a skinflint. Moron.

          1. alfred e newman February 21, 2017

            i am not a hypochondriac i simply do not need a doctor every 5 minutes like you if free enterprise was in use instead of communist party health care the really expensive doctors would be out of business and the uninsured simply would bot need insurance for the 1 time a year if that they need a doctor this is all propaganda cooked up by big drug companies doctors and insurance companies to scare idiots like you in to the communist party with them in charge and you in chains kissing their ass them with all the power and you a puppet on a string

          2. Rippie February 21, 2017

            There are only a couple thousand people in the American Communist Party. I am not one of them. You clearly have no idea what communism is.

            But I disagree: You need continual care for your utter stupidity.

            So, being poor is freedom from illness? Do it.

            And kids? One visit, even infants? Ayhole.

            The free-market is WHY WE’RE IN THE COLOSSAL MESS WE’RE IN!

            Cripes, you’re a cretin!!

          3. alfred e newman February 21, 2017

            no excessive stupidity way over sized government people like you who let these tyrants scare you in to buying in to it violating the constitution by forcing everybody else to buy it to denying freedom of choice

          4. Rippie February 21, 2017

            So, you’re just selfish, even greedy, and have no compassion. Got it.

            We have the richest nation in history here. Other much poorer countries ensure health care as a RIGHT, not a privilege for those with the big bucks. It takes at least $2M to weather a moderately severe health incident. Most people will barely have even earned $2M in their entire lifetimes.

            The free market has let us down and costs lives. The ACA is a halfass approach that appeases people with something that’s much better than nothing.

            The PROPER fix is Universal Healthcare (Medicare for All) into which everyone pays a bit more in taxes and nobody has to worry about managing much of anything. It should not be a worry, which itself causes illness.

            And M4A needs to be untied. Medicare MUST have the ability to negotiate aggressively for fees paid and for cost of materials, meds, etc, and to ENFORCE BUNDLING of “panel” type tests that hospitals defraud insurers with a nod and a wink by debundling.

            And aggressive single-payer system with the entirety of the population behind it can quickly fix many pricing issues.

            Medicare, btw, is the MOST efficient healthcare manager on earth. There is NO similarly efficient program. Medicare’s operating costs account for only about 3% of their spending. The rest goes to care.

            The BEST of private companies are DELIGHTED when they’re in the 10% range, and cream themselves below 10%.

            You obviously have no clue what you’re talking about and have no care or concern for other people than yourself.

            So far your much vaunted and over-sold dog-n-pony show of the “free” market has proven to be nothing but predatory and greedy.

          5. dtgraham February 21, 2017

            Look at the grammar and the thought processes of what you’re replying to. Do you think that alfred will read much or any of your post, and would he really comprehend your points if he did?

          6. Rippie February 22, 2017

            He does read them. I’m familiar with him. This is not the first time we’ve conversed. I’ve given him the ration of crap for his very inexpert use of English. He doesn’t care. That’s a dead horse not worth beating.

            And you prove exactly what I keep telling others who assail me for bucking opinion in some topics: I write for others to read, not just the person to whom I’m replying.

            His ability to comprehend or not isn’t my concern. If he’s a dolt, he’s a dolt. I cannot and will not fix that. But he raises the common pleas for ignorance and apathy that many so-called Libertarians do, and I reply sensibly and with awareness and concern for those who also live here, human and otherwise, in MY nation… NOT his. He obviously doesn’t want to be hear or part of anything here. And that’s fine. He can leave any time.

            The rest of us are in this together and intend to be sure to see everyone through.

          7. dtgraham February 23, 2017

            Well said and thoughtful. I was going to commend you for the “otherwise” part, but then again you could have meant alfred.

          8. Rippie February 23, 2017

            I find it particularly puzzling that rightwingers have no worries whatsoever about wiping out a species or an entire habitat if it’s profitable or “good” for people to kill, kill, kill.

            Yes, the same rightwingers who become indignant (and rightfully so) over murder of unborn babies by law. There is NO DIFFERENCE. Legalizing the wipeout of a species for convenience is NOT less troubling than killing babies for convenience (in nearly EVERY case).

            There are very few true pro-life people… even if you consider only human life. If you support abortion, you’re not pro-life. If you support the death penalty, you’re not pro-life.

            And in all candor, if you eat sentient beings (my rule of thumb is “NO EYES” as a reasonable guideline that people can grasp), you are NOT pro-life. Period.

            So, “otherwise” means other creatures. They have evolved right alongside us and our dogs and cats and horses, which we don’t eat. But people are so removed from how meat (flesh foods) are sourced, and how profoundly cruel it is, they just have their violently sourced Egg McMuffin’s in ignorance and blithely go along, just as the law allows the abuse of other living things with whom we share this planet.

            We all know that the Mad Magazine anti-hero that alfred is named from had the mantra, “What, me worry?”

            In the case of our alfred here, it’s more like “What, me care?” alternating with “What, me think?”

            Sometimes when you scratch the surface, all you get is more surface. That’s alfred.

          9. dtgraham February 23, 2017

            I’ll give you this Rippie. You’re no hypocrite. You apply the exact same standards across the board. I’ve been a vegetarian for a long time too. That came from watching pigs being slaughtered in a rural area where I grew up. Awful thing for a pre-schooler to see.

            Although I have a few reservations about abortion, I would consider myself to be pro-choice for sure. I simply can’t tell a woman what to do with her body. Telling a woman who just accidentally conceived a zygote the night before that she’s out of luck and must carry it to term no matter how badly it affects her life and life choices, is not something that I could countenance. Especially for teen girls.

            That being said, I’m open to arguments against late term abortions (when not medically necessary) when the possibility of fetal pain is present. That’s a moot argument though because Guttmacher stats show that abortions by choice are done very early wherever they can be. The so-called morning after pill is taken as well when available. Makes sense because a woman who desperately wants an abortion is not going to wait any longer than she has to.

            So I guess I’m the hypocrite.

          10. dpaano February 22, 2017

            Agreed….it seems Alfred not only does not know how to form a perfect sentence….he also has NO idea how to punctuate! His rants make absolutely NO sense! HE must be one of the uneducated that Trump seems to like the best!

          11. dtgraham February 23, 2017

            Well, say what you want about Trump but he’s not stupid, dpaano. He’s a cagey man with a sixth sense perception of what dumb people really want.

            You kiddin’ me? You think Trump doesn’t know that supporters like alfred are a bunch of coffee table licking helium heads? Trump could put a banana up to his ear in the middle of one of his post-election, inaugural, whatever, rallies and tell everyone that he’s getting a call from Captain America, and everyone would be quiet until he put the banana down.

          12. dpaano February 23, 2017

            You’ve got a point there; after all, he did say he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone and nothing would be done! But, his problem with paranoia, ADHD, etc. is NOT helping anyone!

          13. dtgraham February 23, 2017

            Did you see the clip of one of his post election rallies where he admitted that he didn’t really mean it when he said, drain the swamp? It was just a phrase that was recommended to him, but a phrase that he openly admitted at this rally that he didn’t like. Then he claimed that he started trying it out and it got a big positive response. So, he kept using it. As he explained with a shrug and a smirk, “like I meant it or something.”

            The guy actually openly admitted that at a rally. I was stunned. What is that? Supreme arrogance, supreme narcissism, Asperger’s syndrome, all three plus more? This man has issues.

          14. dpaano February 24, 2017

            I did, and in his so-called first “thank you” rally in, I think, Michigan (or it could have been Ohio), he clearly told his followers that he had lied to them mainly to get their votes. It’s amazing that they still think he’s going to do everything he’s told them he’s going to do…..he’s pretty much done the opposite. By his immigration edicts, he’s seriously affecting the economy of many of the nation’s businesses; with his “tentative” plan for Obamacare, it shows that the poor and middle class will get hit harder than currently being hit and the 1% will get hit less!! Nothing he’s done has been to help his followers, and they STILL think he’s the greatest thing EVER! I can’t believe the idiocy of these people. I’m not sure WHEN they’re going to realize they’ve been conned!

          15. Rippie February 23, 2017

            That doesn’t make him smart, it makes him predatory. A venus fly trap isn’t smart, but…

            Trump knew early on that people with any intelligence or even the slightest skin in the game would never go for him. That’s a predator thinking.

            So he went after the most clueless, feckless and under-educated people in society, but made sure they were white so they’d appeal to the 62% majority, whites, hopefully dragging them in, dumbing them down. And it worked. He duped the dopes.

            That doesn’t make him intelligent, it just means he’s a good predator, which his business dealings further support. Hell, he got US to pay for his bad investments to the tune of just under $1BILLION BUCKS. And people STILL elected him!!

            As I said, he duped the dopes.

          16. dpaano February 24, 2017

            And he’s STILL conning them into believing that he’s doing what he promised during his campaign. In all actuality, he hasn’t really done anything. His immigration plan is the SAME as the one that President Obama was involved in (you know, where you deport the illegal aliens with criminal records), his Obamacare plan won’t help anyone because it’s already been proven that it will end up costing the lower and middle-class MORE money and will save money for the 1% (not sure how that’s going to help anyone); his beef with Mexico and the EU will only cause trade problems; and I could go on and on. As I said, he actually hasn’t done anything of his so-called campaign promises that wasn’t already being done. By the way, the vetting of people coming over from the Muslim states….that was already beefed up significantly by President Obama…..it takes people almost 18 months of constant interviews, etc. just to get a visa to come to the U.S.; not sure how much more 45 wants to “beef” it up. Building the wall at the Mexican border will cost in the billions…..what is really needed is more technology; i.e., cameras, motion sensors; drones, dogs, aircraft, etc., not a stupid wall that will NOT work and will cost the U.S. taxpayers much of their hard-earned taxpayer dollars. He keeps telling us that Mexico will pay for it somehow, but why would Congress take the risk of spending that much money and then NOT seeing any return from the Mexican government (who, by the way, have already told him so many times that they will NOT pay for the wall). And, if he wants to tax imports coming in from Mexico, that will affect the prices of items here in the U.S., and the Mexican government has said that if he wants to do that, they will do the same with items coming in from the U.S., which will certainly cause problems with the auto industry and lose many jobs in the U.S.!!! But, his uneducated followers just don’t seem to see the light yet; hopefully they will in the future!

          17. alfred e newman February 22, 2017

            other country put serious price control on it weather a doctor sees 1 patient a year or 10000 a year the doctor only get 1 set amount of money say the equal of 10000 dollars a year big drug companies can only charge pennies a pill not thousand of dollars a pill these very strict government controls simply do not exist here and they screw us big time if they put strict government control on it here it simply would not work greed is the reason no money nobody will do it

          18. Rippie February 22, 2017

            I see you’re changing your tune. Now you’re okay with a fully federalized healthcare system if it provides the care and pricing it should.

            Well, duh. That’s that point! With NO controls now, our system is a pile of crap. It’s not a “system,” it’s a way to rip people off for services provided as well or better, in some cases, in other nations.

            The Brits and Canadians would NEVER trade their systems for ours.

            The idea, by the way, is not to put the pharmas out of business, but the profiteering where they use the US market to subsidize pricing in the rest of the world has to end. Companies do this in other rich nations, too.

            For example, cameras and electronics sell for very high prices in Japan so they can be dumped cheaper in the US and EU. EU pricing is higher because of VATs, which are a regressive taxation system, also about greed.

            There is no reason that HC providers cannot, as individuals, earn a decent to good living. But they should not be getting rich. Single-payer UHC can help take some of the inequity and unfairness out of the system as well as to quash profiteering like happens with various products every year or so lately.

            So, you finally see how the so-called free market does NOT do what your GOP programmers would have you believe.

            Good. It’s a start.

            M4A is the only long term, proper fix for healthcare in the US ensuring it’s available to all as a birthright, and to a lesser degree to residents.

            Birthrights matter. Healthcare is one, as it impacts Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness directly.

          19. alfred e newman February 22, 2017

            you really do not have a clue do you communist is communist evil either way

          20. Rippie February 22, 2017

            Insurance is not communism. I’m hoping you’ll be among the first Duhmurkkkinzes to cross the border to Canada and go live alone and FAR from other people way up in the NW Territories so you can miraculously cure yourself when you get sick or hurt. What a clueless putz you are!

          21. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            you are an idiot personally i hate the cold i would rather the beach in mexico and yes insurance companies doctors and bug drug companies are money sucking communist they simply can not even run their own life yet keep trying to run everybody else

          22. Rippie February 23, 2017

            Yes, of course I am, because I care about other people and the equity of citizenship and access to rights, including expanding them as a nation can afford to offer them in an increasingly fair western world.

            By “bug drug” you either are (as you’ve stated in the past) an imbecile anti-vaxxer or are intelligently railing against the overuse and abuse of antibiotics, resulting in superbugs.

            My money, given everything I’ve read by you over time, is on the prior. You’re an antivaxxer imbecile, despite the astonishingly efficacious and proven safe record of vaccines in nearly every instance… for CENTURIES.

            Are big pharma companies predatory and unequitable in pricing? Yep, and Americans pay for it, especially through their insurance premiums, ALL of which would drop greatly if drugs weren’t so profit driven, and if the pharmas didn’t choose who to victimize in pricing. The Epi-Pen fiasco of the last couple years is a perfect example, with a new CEO who decided to jack up the price of a product people HAD to buy, regardless.

            In this case, the “free market” has responded with a cheaper (but not the old price) generic option… that insurance companies will NOT pay for! As usual, the fix is in, and profiteering collusion between for-profit insurecos and pharmas and providers are why we’re in the mess we are.

            And to ensure maximum revenue from the drug-stream, the insult of direct-to-consumer marketing for prescription drugs and devices pushes prices AND PROFITS up while we continue to over-medicate or mis-medicate because rich-beyotch and obnoxious-beyotch patients won’t leave without a pill, because BRAINWASHING, thanks to advertising capitalizing on the American neurotic and phobic.

            And the bonus is that the drugs end up rendering themselves useless, making way for new drugs. And they have side effects that require additional drugs. Cha-ching!

            Listen, healthcare is nearly impossible to manage on a large scale for one person even by a single doctor for herself! It’s something nearly NOBODY can manage PROPERLY.

            It should NOT be such a worry and consume SO much time, money and effort from people, nor should people be left out in the cold because they’re not flush.

            If you hate people so much that you don’t believe they should be healthy enough to go to school or work, you really don’t get the idea of being American at all.

            And I’d send you to South Sudan if you like it hot. I hear they keep it that way with lots of flying hot lead. Lucky you.

          23. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            like i said charity starts at home you can waste your own money any way you want to but you and other communist party members simply should not be able to force me to waste my money threw taxation with out representation i personally simply should not have to pay for other peoples personal problems against my will

          24. Rippie February 23, 2017

            That’s not what universal healthcare is. It’s an investment in the nation that we all make anyway in other things. Unless you don’t intend to use any roads or buy anything transported on a road, etc, etc.

            Healthcare is not someone’s “personal problem.” It’s a destroyer of productivity and the GDP is a hoodwink game taking from the poor and shifting the money to the rich while dufuses like you think things are great.

            UHC would put an end to much of that and allow middle and lower income people, including the likes of you, to keep more of their money while being able to use healthcare services early in a problem while it’s cheap. You stay at work, you earn more, everyone’s happy.

            But you just have a tiny little fruit-fly brain and cannot grasp what the advantages to YOU are in Single Payer Universal Healthcare. Hell, if poor nations make it work, because the alternative is a die-off and calamitous drop in the GDP, then we, as the richest nation in history, can SURELY make it work.

            Stop being such a greedy, selfish ayhole and think of what’s good for everyone, including you, not just you.

          25. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            survival of the fittest nobody lives forever the only thing it does is force to endure torture so other people can make money on them the only reason they do it to make money

          26. dpaano February 24, 2017

            I just read an interesting article recently about how happy people in Sweden and Norway are with their UHC. In fact, they are among the healthiest and happiest people on the planet. Sure, they pay extra in taxes, but that totally offsets what WE are paying when we pay into Medicare, our employer health plan, etc. If we had to pay that same money as taxes, it would probably end up being less! It’s amazing that some people just don’t see this. All they see is that they may have to pay more taxes, but they forget that they would be saving MORE money if they didn’t have to pay into Medicare and employee health plans, co-pays, etc.

          27. dpaano February 24, 2017

            What really bugs me the most is the advertisements on the TV for various drugs. This should be taken off our TV sets!!! Even my doctor agrees. He says it causes some of his patients to ask for drugs that are advertised, but they aren’t actually the best choice for them. Then, it makes him look bad because he refuses to prescribe them even when it goes over the side effects. Which, by the way, are oftimes worse than the original disease they’re supposed to be fighting!

          28. dpaano February 24, 2017

            Rippie: I would suggest just blocking this troll….every time you respond, it just causes him to come back with another idiotic rant. It’s a total waste of intelligent people’s time and energy. Take the stress off and just block him….ignoring these trolls drives them batshit…..or moreso than usual). Just a thought.

          29. Rippie February 23, 2017

            I read this again and it’s like a frustrated second grader saying “You’re a poopy headed poopy, you’re so poopy, you poopy!!”

            That’s exactly what you sound like. Impressive brainpower you have going on, running away from you!

          30. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            look whose talking another total incompetent waste of tax payer money

          31. Rippie February 23, 2017

            That was random and without any base of reference other than that you are an ayhole.

          32. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            actually very true

      2. dpaano February 22, 2017

        Rippie….that’s the problem. People don’t realize that before the ACA, whenever someone without insurance when to the ER (because they couldn’t afford a doctor and they KNOW that the ER must treat them), it costs the taxpayer money. Why do you think a stay in the hospital costs so much for those who DO have insurance….it’s because we’re subsidizing those that don’t have insurance! With the ACA, we were not having to pay for this because the poor or uninsured had the ability of getting insurance and could see a doctor! This is what most taxpayers just don’t seem to understand….the ACA has taken the cost from the taxpayer for the treatment of uninsured people! In other words, it’s a GOOD thing…..

        1. Rippie February 22, 2017

          I spent hundreds of hours studying the upcoming and then launched ACA, and comparing it to my comprehensive knowledge of Romneycare and how the insurance industry works as a whole, in contrast to Medicare.

          The ACA has a long way to go, but it’s a long way forward from the predatory and unfair melee we endured for the last century!

          1. dpaano February 23, 2017

            I agree….the Republicans don’t have to do away with the ACA….all it needs is a little tweeking.

          2. Rippie February 23, 2017

            It needs more than a little tweaking. I saw the problems as it was first being put together, raised the alarm about them and they’ve caused pretty much the problems I thought they would, including the nasty Red State BS that ensued to make sure that many Americans, many of whom were the most in need, could not possibly gain any real benefits from the ACA.

            Obama screwed up a LOT by not actively and fastidiously managing the entire thing. So here we are. If it was done properly, the rates were based on the right starting points and the states were FORCED to set up and accept funding for Medicaid, which many states refuse to have, including the individual marketplaces, and if rates were not so varied across the country, it would have worked. This was ALL foreseeable.

            So, now the only real fix is to force the public option back into it, which was thrown out (not surprisingly) by the for-profit insurecos in order to proceed. Wimps.

          3. dpaano February 24, 2017

            You might be right….not arguing about it. As I said, there are a lot of areas that need to be cleaned up and/or changed. But, to repeal the entire program would be detrimental to many of the citizens of this nation, especially the ones that need it the most. And many of those people are the SAME people who voted for 45!!!

      1. alfred e newman February 20, 2017

        in all actuality i am not a bad person just because i simply should not have to pay for everybody i simply am not responsible for in any way shape or form and you deny my freedom of choice as to what charity i give to or not by way of taxation with out representation

        1. I Am Helpy February 20, 2017

          Wrong, you’re garbage.

          I hope that helps!

  7. yabbed February 19, 2017

    Here’s the cost we need to get under control before the Grifter Family bankrupts us. Travel costs for President Obama averaged over 8 years to $12.1 mil per year. Trump in 3 weeks has spent $11.3 mil on travel, not including that for Grifter Sons to promote Trump businesses. At that rate Trump is milking taxpayers it will cost US taxpayers $140 mil per year to keep him in vacations.

  8. Rippie February 19, 2017

    What a Cheeto for the People!!

    So, at the very time when you want to obey the law AND do the smart and right thing and make sure you (still) have health insurance even during a period of what is normally economic upheaval for most people (getting married is EXPENSIVE for everyone and losing a job or having an accident or losing everything to divorce or a bad investment/business failure), our Liar in Chief breaks YET ANOTHER CAMPAIGN PROMISE, this one affecting the very people the ACA is intended to help: Those who would not otherwise have insurance at all because they COULDN’T.

    And if you can’t pay COBRA or buy an open-market individual or couple’s plan, you sure as schidt can’t pay FOR THE FUTURE into a limited HSA and expect “vouchers” to cover your immediate and urgent needs.

    I’ve read the proposal draft for the “new” GOP “BETTER(?)” Healthcare “plan.”

    It’s not new. It’s not better. It’s the same regurgitated Reagan Era “Sink-or-Swimonomics” approach as always. If you have the money, you can stay healthy… as usual. But if not, too bad, so sad, you’re outta lucky, Charlie!!

    And the increased popularity of cash-only care with NO insurance accepted bodes VERY badly for American “healthcare.”

    The ACA stinks in many ways, but it WAS a GOP plan, originally proposed by, of all people, Richard Nixon. I’ve read and have a copy of THAT original proposal outline from back in 1970, iirc!

    We’ve been dicking around with this crap for over 45 years and because a Dem president implemented a GOP plan, they abandoned it OUT OF SPITE, instead of INSISTING “Hey, this is OUR plan, we’ll fix the launch and startup mistakes now!”

    There will never be a true public plan, even in supplement to private choices, as long as the GOP have any say in the matter.

    Republicans OBVIOUSLY HATE THEIR OWN PARENTS AND GRAND PARENTS AND CHILDREN. Otherwise they wouldn’t be ensuring that most can’t ever have health insurance ON TOP OF WHICH they are destroying all environmental and workplace protections so that disease and injury will skyrocket!

    What a bunch of fkkng AYHOLES!!

    1. alfred e newman February 25, 2017

      all of these things are personal choices i personally am not responsible for other peoples personal choices i simply should not have to pay for other peoples personal choices they should have to pay for their own personal choices out of their own pockets not my pocket

  9. Rain February 19, 2017

    Why would any human being on this earth wish to do ANYTHING that would deny fellow beings the gift of good health? A healthy population in a producing population, a creative population, an innovative population, a grateful population, a loyal population. What don’t politicians understand? It seems so obvious.

    1. Thoughtopsy February 19, 2017

      Because Republicans have subsumed their religion into their politics.
      Money now is the measure of both success in life and “godliness”.
      Note how they constantly assume having lots of money makes you:
      – Independent
      – Industrious
      – Virtuous
      – Credible
      – Smart
      – Wise.

      Note how they assume being poor makes you the opposite:
      – Parasitic
      – Lazy
      – Disgusting
      – Mendacious
      – Stupid
      – Naive.

      Whatever the initial “self-starter” myth, most wealthy connected Republican politicians now inherit large amounts of money, and were provided high quality education, and connections.
      Most poor people start off poor… and stay poor.

      In other words this assumption of wealth meaning you’re virtuous is based on false assumptions… but it does make them all feel good about themselves.

      Here’s the kicker though:
      If you are “virtuous and smart and industrious” and have lots of money that you “made yourself with no help from anyone…LOL” and the government is taxing some of that off you for the public good…
      Why would you want it distributed to poor people who you see as lazy and disgusting stupid liars… and who “could be where you are if they only stopped being lazy and worked hard”.

      See how it works?
      They deify themselves with qualities they didn’t earn or deserve.
      They demonize poor people with qualities they didn’t earn or deserve.
      And they use that convenient lie to justify keeping as much of their industrious smart virtuous wisdom… ooops… I mean “Money”… as they can.

      Because the reverse is also true.
      If you believe money is virtue, and supplies you with credibility, intelligence and wisdom…. then the Government taking some of it away from you is a tragedy… because it therefore makes you: Less virtuous, less credible, less intelligent and less wise… which must suck if that’s what you believe about money.

      1. Rain February 19, 2017

        I totally understand and agree with your breakdown of the situation, but still fail to understand . . . which is probably based on my profound and fundamental belief that I am no less than or more than any other human being.

        1. Thoughtopsy February 21, 2017

          I agree with you.

          You have what is termed common human decency and compassion. Neither of which seems that common in the GOP for example.

          The way I see it is that it takes humility to see all people as essentially equal. If you see people as essentially equal then you want to see everyone have a good life, healthcare, education, and an equal chance and fair playing field to make something of themselves.

          However if you want to feel you are intrinsically better than others then what you require is zero humility, zero empathy, and large amounts of hubris.
          If you’re arrogant and narcissistic and detached you can see some people as bad… and others as good. This is an excellent precursor to treating the “bad” people very poorly….
          This lack of empathy and compassion and humility (“There, if not for the grace of god, go I…” etc) is the attitude that allows you to:
          – keep actual slaves
          – exploit people as wage slaves (Walmart etc)
          – sell people into sex slavery
          – join a white nationalist movement
          – agree with ethnic cleansing
          – participate in sending Jews to the showers
          … and so on. And do it while sleeping soundly at night.

          Here’s the acid test I use, though:
          Whenever I hear a KKK member, a Republican, Trump, or anyone else talk about changing things I ask myself one question:
          “Would they want to live on the other side of the world they say they want to create?”
          (In other words would the KKK Guy want to be born black in the world he is striving so hard to create?)

          If the answer is no… then the person speaking fails the basic humility, empathy and humanity test.

          1. Rain February 21, 2017

            I am further confounded because my belief of being no less than or more than others seems, to me, to be an exact definition of our Constitution where all are created equal. With all politicians waving the constitution and professing true allegiance, how can they work so hard to bring its exact opposite into being.

          2. Thoughtopsy February 21, 2017

            I have another theory about that.
            They treat the Constitution in the same way they watched their preachers treat the Bible. They do not understand the essence of it any more… so they cherry pick parts that support their arguments of the moment.

            I’m not religious, but have read the Bible extensively. Even a cursory glance at it sets current Republican policies directly against Jesus’ teachings. As agrees the Pope.
            For example: Politically they preach a version of the “Prosperity Gospel”… (a twisted interpretation that suits arrogant, supremacist money grubbers), and cherry pick Bible quotes to support their positions of the moment.
            …All without having the spiritual capacity to recognise and absorb the central themes and messages contained therein.
            (Or to put it another way, they treat the Bible as a contract that can be negotiated and argued, not a philosophy to be understood deeply and lived spiritually. Billy Crystal did a great skit on this where a Jewish guy goes to confessional… and introduces his lawyer to negotiate on each of his sins…)

            I think they learned this early on and have simply applied the same strategy to the Constitution. Watch them proclaim how the exact wording of the 2nd Amendment must be obeyed TO THE LETTER, even when the wording is impressively unclear… then watch them ignore things that infringe on many other parts of the Constitution…. voting rights, equality for all, privacy and spying on Americans, religious tests etc etc… without raising a peep.
            Or watch them proclaim Scalia a paragon Constitutionalist, then blatantly avoid doing their Constitutionally mandated job with his successor.

            Again… this is because they seem incapable of understanding the deeper themes and messages of the Constitution as a whole. Collectively they seem to have lost the ability to see inner qualities or meaning.
            Like money representing your intrinsic worth, the concept of “The Constitution”, and being patriotically dedicated to the Constitution, is used to promote their agenda, in place of changing their agenda to align with the actual meaning of the Constitution.

            So they cherry pick where they can find things that work, and avoid bringing up the Constitution… or make excuses… when they are pushing issues that are obviously Unconstitutional.

            Note: In all this I’m not talking about the legal interpretations of the words of the Constitution here, either. Lawyers can argue about that forever.
            I mean the simple deep concepts embodied in the text, such as all people being created equal, freedom of religion, etc. These are simple, profound and central to the entire depth and meaning for the document… and America.

            In short I can’t see how anyone who calls themselves a Christian, or a Constitutionalist could hate LGBTQ people, set Religious tests, disenfranchise American citizens, consign people to die without affordable health insurance, take profit over people’s lives (insurance, politics, pollution, fraud etc) or hate and demonize the poor.

      2. alfred e newman February 21, 2017

        rambling like a idiot basically all you are doing charity begins at home forced charity is taxation without representation the thing we fought the revolutionary war for

        1. Thoughtopsy February 21, 2017

          Thank you for clearly demonstrating that you can’t understand simple English and moderately complex reasoning, and that you are incapable of arguing constructively or rationally.
          Don’t worry… it’s not a surprise.

    2. alfred e newman February 21, 2017

      it simply cost way to much money and the name of the game is money doctors big drug companies and insurance companies are making massive amounts of money in all actuality they simply do not care if you live or die as long as they get paid

    3. dpaano February 22, 2017

      Because they just don’t care…..as long as they are making money from lobbyists and corporations, they don’t give a damned about you and I! They will gut this country of anything that helps it’s population, and they won’t even have one sleepless night! It’s pretty darn sad to see what’s happening in our government, and it’s just been a month! Imagine how much worse it’s going to get in the upcoming months! It’s depressing, stressful, and downright sad!

  10. Thomas Martin February 19, 2017

    We need to block legislators from going back home so they can actually pass some legislation.

    1. dpaano February 22, 2017

      They don’t do much in Congress anyway…..their popularity rating is lower than pond scum….even lower than 45’s popularity rating! Pretty soon, it’ll be in the minuses!

  11. Nativegrammy February 19, 2017

    I have read most of the comments here and agree with almost all, and I can only have one response that makes it clear to me where we are at, REPUBLICANS SIMPLY AND PLAINLY DO NOT CARE, they live for their sickening ULTRA CONSERVATIVE IDEOLOGY, their AVEROUS needs of their base constituency, the WEALTHY and CORPORATIONS, along with their CONTROL ISSUES, and hopes of keeping power forever more AND they will have to cheat like Hell to do that which they have no problem doing……I cannot come up with no other explanation or understanding for depriving Americans of health insurance, access to medical care, other than to realize they just flat out, DO NOT CARE! The protests, rallies and anger at town halls, Republicans may hear but DO NOT LISTEN, AND DO NOT CARE, I have watched this for 50 plus years now, for some years it seemingly was a silly pipe dream for Republicans hoping to destroy SS and then Medicare and now it’s the ACA…..it doesn’t matter how invaluable these programs have been, how they have saved the elderly from abject poverty, early death, or so many living without access to medical treatment for the simplest things……NOOOO Republicans wet dreams have always been and continue to be to end the New Deal, the Great Society, and any and all good that Pres. Obama did for the masses…….all done in the name of their contemptible ideology, hate and deride government at every turn, and you as an American are on your own, PERIOD, you will love that “freedom” to die of curable disease for lack of insurance, now don’t you feel better……..oh and by the way, your taxes will go for what they deem “important” …… lining the pockets of the rich and corporations as Republicans desire to “privatize” any and all they can get away with,and by all means another war or two to feed the military industrial complex……

    1. alfred e newman February 21, 2017

      yes you take care of your self i take care of my self independence freedom everybody here are communist who simply can not even run their own life yet they simply want to run everybody else they are totally incompetent completely dependent simply do not want their civil rights but simply do not want anybody else to have civil rights either

      1. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

        “I don’t like other people – BROWN people!!1 – getting so much as a cent, so I wiped my butt on the Constitution as I committed treason.”
        – you

        1. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

          you should ask your doctor for more drugs the ones you are using now simply do not seem to be working

          1. I Am Helpy February 23, 2017

            OK Ivan

          2. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            name is alfred

          3. I Am Helpy February 23, 2017

            Sorry, I don’t speak Russian, KKKomrade

          4. alfred e newman February 24, 2017

            i have nothing to do with the k k k never did never will i simply do not believe in the confederate cause and i am not a communist christian my family fought for the union and independence not slavery and communist party ways

          5. I Am Helpy February 24, 2017

            OK traitor

          6. alfred e newman February 24, 2017

            you are a traitor i am a loyal american you are totally incompetent i am completely independent you are a welfare recipient with a wild imagination living in a mental hospital i live in reality you live in fantasy i support my self you are completely dependent on others to feed you and change your diapers

          7. I Am Helpy February 24, 2017

            Yes, I get that you despise the Constitution, fake veteran.

          8. alfred e newman February 24, 2017

            i guess that is why your the 1 spouting communist party doctrine you total incompetent major waste of taxpayer money

          9. I Am Helpy February 24, 2017

            Yes I get that you’re an illiterate America-hating coward.

          10. alfred e newman February 24, 2017

            i love america i hate being forced to support idiots like you who simply refuse to take care of them self it is taxation with out representation even worse than being robbed at gun point

          11. I Am Helpy February 24, 2017

            Yes I get that you despise democracy, that’s why you support a Russian dictator.

          12. alfred e newman February 24, 2017

            you are a totally incompetent totally dependent communist not me you simply do not want your civil rights so you are the one that supports communist dictators not me

          13. I Am Helpy February 24, 2017

            OK angry senile fake veteran

          14. alfred e newman February 25, 2017

            ok totally incompetent completely dependent welfare recipient idiot

          15. I Am Helpy February 25, 2017

            OK traitor

          16. I Am Helpy February 24, 2017

            Also sorry to hear you’re so poor you can’t afford punctuation.

            I’m always willing to help the unfortunate, so here are some spare commas and periods I had lying about (I also threw in an apostrophe for free!):


          17. alfred e newman February 24, 2017

            ok professor idiot !!!!!!!!!!

          18. I Am Helpy February 24, 2017

            OK traitor

          19. dpaano February 24, 2017

            You DO understand that’s its useless to respond to these trolls….the more you respond, the more they keep coming up with their idiotic comments. It’s basically a big waste of time and energy and is a lot less stress when you just block them and ignore them (drives them totally batshit…..more so than they already are!)

          20. I Am Helpy February 24, 2017

            I find it endlessly fascinating (and hilarious) that they think I even read their posts. It’s my biggest flaw.

  12. alfred e newman February 21, 2017

    man what a bunch of cry baby money sucking leaches only care about their totally incompetent completely dependent lazy asses

    1. dpaano February 22, 2017

      Why don’t you tell it like it REALLY is? (snark). I agree wholeheartedly with you, but 45’s followers are so naïve that they don’t realize that they’ve been conned by the King of Con! They will NOT get better healthcare for less money as promised….they will get the shaft! And, as I said earlier, the only ones that will benefit from the Trump Plan will be the wealthy, who will pay less and get better benefits! It’ll be interesting to see how that goes over with 45’s followers as it rolls out!

      1. alfred e newman February 22, 2017

        actually nobody will the rich will go broke paying their doctor bill and all the taxes they will be forced to pay for all the other incompetent total dependents when enough of them go broke maybe they will go back to free enterprise

        1. I Am Helpy February 22, 2017

          Holy hell you’re stupid.

          1. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            you are totally incompetent

          2. I Am Helpy February 23, 2017

            OK Adolf

          3. alfred e newman February 23, 2017

            you are nazi not me you simply do not want your civil rights or for anybody else to have their civil rights either you simply want to be a money sucking leach not an independent person

          4. I Am Helpy February 23, 2017

            OK Goebbels

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 5, 2017

        the DUMPSTERS followers are not as much naïve as just plan old brain dead PS it would be more of a name like the DUMP PLAN or THE DUMPSTER DONT CARE PLAN

  13. dpaano February 22, 2017

    I wonder how the Trumpsters are going to like the new healthcare law…..they’ll end up paying more for their healthcare rather than the promised “less” by Trump! The only people that will end up getting a good deal out of this would be the wealthy, but the poor and middle-class will see their healthcare rates go sky high and their benefits drop to the ground! AS Trump would say…..SAD!!!

    1. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

      Hello racist and bigot; don’t forget that Obozo said that every family will see a $2500 rate DECREASE in their insurance premiums. I won’t even mention keeping you own doctor, etc that others have posted. Nothing but lies from Obozo.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 5, 2017

        BUT one there can understand better the reason why that didn’t get done was because of the GOP gang of pinheads that blocked and did not even try to help the people for that decrease to happen .

        1. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

          Sorry, but that is not even close to being correct! The GOP didn’t block obozocare as the Dems passed it with Ted K vote being counted. Had they passed it the correct way, all the garbage and problems it has could have been addressed.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 5, 2017

            sorry is right thing the rest after that is bull . for the GOP gang of pinheads blocked every thing Obama wanted to do . thy wasn’t able to block the ACA but thy did nothing to help it at all .

          2. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            I’ve suggested to you before to take an English class. Your post is nothing but run-on sentence with meaningless repeat of drivel. obozocare was horrible from the start and should never have been passed. Good bye to that piece of trash.

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 5, 2017

      and when thy see the rates go higher then the ACA has these days then thy might say this isn’t right it only made things worse

  14. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 26, 2017

    all DONNY DUMP’S reasoning for every thing he dose all has to do with his junky addiction to his FIX and that’s attention

  15. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 26, 2017

    John Wilkes Booth relatives where are thy when the whole country and the world needs them ? even JFK’S CIA off team can help now . heck even a mental disable person that the NRA and the DUMPSTER wants for them be have fire arms for even thy have those rights as the rest of the people . at this point the world needs any and all the help we can get from THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW that will destroy the world . with the clown in the house a WW III = World War 3 is loaming in the to near future .

    1. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

      You should be careful about posting something like you did. If the Secret Service saw it, they would be paying you a visit.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 5, 2017

        ok I understand your post my post is more warning to help some understand the things that could happen and have in the pass for what ever reason . but I thank you for your concern

        1. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

          You are welcome.

  16. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 6, 2017

    mark my words this COMA COMEY clown played his hand already that tells and shows his side he is on . he is in bed with DONNY DUMP . some how some way he is tied in with the DUMPSTER . what he is doing with tis is taking away from his hand he has already played . (his hand was the reports of Hillary 9 days before the election /and 2 days before saying there’s nothing there ) all this will come to light . understand this is all just a game to DONNY DUMP he is a addicted junky and his fix is attention . he’s not of sound mind his pea brain is deranged . question might be will he make it through his term ? answer for the sake of the country and the world one can only hope and pray he dose not .


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