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Against Fascism: For Honest Conservatives, The Only Answer Is #NeverTrump

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Against Fascism: For Honest Conservatives, The Only Answer Is #NeverTrump

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From his opening slur against Mexicans to his current coddling of the Ku Klux Klan, Donald Trump has shaped the Republican presidential race into a character test for conservatives. For months too many of the country’s most prominent figures on the right have failed to respond adequately to the threat he embodies. Yet now, as Trump seems favored to clinch the GOP nomination, a growing cohort of principled Republicans is forthrightly proclaiming #NeverTrump – and placing country and Constitution above narrow partisanship.

It may be too late to save the Grand Old Party from the extremist contamination that Trump represents, but it is never too late to stand on principle.

Many Republicans have opposed Trump all along, of course, while supporting one or another alternative on the party’s overcrowded debate stage. The casino mogul was too vulgar, too inexperienced, too empty, too populist, or simply too compromised by his long record of contradictory political positions and alliances. Back when all of the Republican presidential candidates signed that pledge to support the eventual nominee, however, uniting the party behind Trump still seemed possible. They didn’t trust him, but they might have supported him anyway in order to win back the White House.

That tempting path is no longer open for any honorable conservative – and fortunately for America, there seems to be quite an assortment of them, including Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE), Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, RedState editor Erick Erickson, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, and Iowa radio personality Steve Deace. Although they held varying opinions of Trump until recently, they agree today that his appeals to bigotry, his despotic attitudes, and his coziness with white supremacists and neo-Nazis are — as Scarborough put it — “disqualifying” for his presidential candidacy.

And while others like Ann Coulter, Mike Huckabee, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), and radio host Hugh Hewitt still promote Trump, to their eternal disgrace, the #NeverTrump conservatives have vowed not to support or vote for him under any circumstances.

Nobody should discount how difficult that stance must be for committed Republicans, especially given the strong likelihood that Hillary Clinton will secure the Democratic nomination. Not a few of them sincerely despise her (and none of them would be thrilled with a President Bernie Sanders, either). Nevertheless they appear to realize that Trump is in a wholly different category from any normal partisan or ideological foe. There is more at stake than a single election, even an election as significant as this one.

It is fair to wonder why so many conservatives didn’t seem to comprehend Trump’s toxic essence from the moment he brayed about Mexican “rapists” in his rambling announcement speech. For too long, right-wing pundits and politicians seemed much more disturbed by his past positions on healthcare, abortion, and guns than his current appeals to racism, xenophobia, and violence. Even last January, when the National Review devoted an entire issue to essays scourging Trump, most contributors worried about his issue positions and electability rather than his demagogic contempt for American values.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party and the conservative movement have not yet confronted the profound problems that Trump did not cause but merely symbolizes. His rise can be traced to the racial undercurrent in the Tea Party movement, the segregationist legacy of Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond, the Willie Horton tactics used by George H.W. Bush, and the Southern strategy deployed by Richard Nixon – indeed, the whole long history of ugliness not just tolerated but often celebrated on the right. Combined with the coarse, vacuous culture epitomized by Fox News and encouraged by the right’s leading intellectuals, that tainted history made someone like Trump almost inevitable.

Whether the party of Abraham Lincoln can be preserved and rehabilitated in the aftermath of a Trump nomination remains to be seen. For conservatives determined to rescue their movement and their party from fascist perdition, the way forward is clear if painful. Author and journalist Max Boot — who was among the first conservatives to reject Trump for the right reasons — addressed the depth of their dilemma with refreshing candor.

“I’m a lifelong Republican,” he reflected on Twitter the other day, “but [the] Trump surge proves that every bad thing Democrats have ever said about GOP is basically true.” Bitter as it is, that verdict may signal the possibility of real reform someday.

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. Dominick Vila February 29, 2016

    The sad truth, for the United States and the world, is that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee, and as improbable as it may seem, he has a chance to become President of the United States.
    With GOP support in the 49% range, it is simply too late to develop a strategy to derail his nomination. Yes, there are principled conservatives who are very concerned, not only about the dangers associated with the election of someone like Trump, but because of the damage he has done to the GOP.
    The party of Lincoln is no longer a party that offers alternative solutions to common problems. Donald Trump has used the GOP as a platform to attract those whose fears, hatred, ignorance, and disillusionment with traditional political processes, make them demand changes that range from mass deportations, Berlin style walls, embracing South African apartheid, carpet bombing areas dominated by ISIS, banning Muslims from entering the USA, repealing or shutting down social programs that help the poor and the elderly, to insults directed at POWs, demands to change the Constitution to be able to deport children of illegal immigrants, and changing the Federal government to a level that only anarchists would propose.
    Incredibly, these “solutions” resonate among half of registered Republicans, and apparently some Democrats and Independents. Did the election of our first black President serve as a catalyst for the hatred and fears expressed by so many fellow Americans, or is the level of insanity that is evident in Trump’s rallies, and in the results of the primaries held thus far, manifestations of a major change in attitudes and values. I think it is dangerous to ignore what is happening, and focus strictly on Donald Trump. The most dangerous part of what is happening is the level of support he enjoys, and its implications.

    1. TZToronto March 1, 2016

      Since–and before–election night in 2008, those on the far right have been scheming to denigrate Barrack Obama in any way they can. It’s been going on for so long that people of all stripes have started to believe the lies. These lies (Kenyan, socialist, Muslim, fascist Anti-christ) have, sadly, elicited the worst from ordinary people whose lives could have been bettered had Congressional Republicans considered cooperation rather than obstruction in their dealings with the Executive branch. The imagined plight of the “underclass” is evidenced in support for Trump among those who believe that their lives are worse now than they were at the start of 2009, even though their lives are considerably better than they were on January 20, 2009. The U.S. has no rival in military power, but all of the GOP candidates want to make it even more powerful, failing to mention that much of the money spent on strengthening the military would go for $900 hammers and $2000 toilet seats purchased–on credit–by a government that would be underfunded. But Trump wants to make America great again by paying American workers less so that Americans can have jobs they don’t really want anyway. The bottom line, I think, is that many Trump supporters don’t listen to what Trump and the others are saying. They only know the lies they’ve been hearing for the past seven-plus years, that America is in trouble and that only by returning to the social structure of the 1950s, when people knew their place, can America be what America once was. That’s true enough, but it’s totally false.

      1. Dominick Vila March 1, 2016

        I couldn’t agree with you more. What is happening in the USA today reminds me of what happened in Germany during the rise of the Third Reich…with disastrous consequences.

        1. TZToronto March 1, 2016

          The major difference is that Germany was in bad shape after WWI, but the U.S. is not in bad shape, compared to Germany. The Republican candidates, though, have done a great job of convincing people that the economy is in terrible shape and terrorists are camping out on every American doorstep. It’s easy to convince low-information folk, especially those who have lost manufacturing jobs, that things couldn’t be worse–and it’s the fault of an incompetent President.

          1. Dominick Vila March 1, 2016

            Not surprisingly, none of the people that blame President Obama for the outsourcing of jobs that has been taking place during the last half century, especially since President Nixon re-established diplomatic and trade relations with China, blame the party most responsible for off shoring jobs, and ignore things such as Mitt Romney buying DELCO, shutting it down and laying off its employees, and moving its operations to China.
            The same goes for the horrendous condition of the economy when President Obama was first inaugurated, the huge number of jobs that were being lost, the corporations and banks that were on the verge of bankruptcy, the record number of foreclosures, a bear stock market, high unemployment, and a total loss of consumer confidence.
            The fact that a Republican was in office when 9/11 occurred is almost blasphemy for them, and the 11 U.S. embassies and consulates attacked during W’s tenure are considered ancient history and something that should not be discussed.
            Like you said, what drives the GOP – and is behind Trump’s popularity – has absolutely nothing to do with reality. It is the result of mass brain washing, supine ignorance, and ideological radicalism not too different from what drives the ISIL zealots.

          2. dpaano March 1, 2016

            Definitely….they keep blaming President Obama and he’s not the one they should be looking at!!! They need to look at the dysfunctional Senate and House…..both of which have done NOTHING the past 7+ years to help the middle class. They’ve done everything possible to take rights away from us at every turn! People keep saying they are “angry” at our government….they need to learn the REAL reason why things are not the best, and it wasn’t the fault of our current president! It all started when McConnell and his cohorts met back when President Obama first took office and decided to block everything he put forth in an effort to make him a one-term president. When that didn’t work, they dug in even harder. They’ve done absolutely NOTHING for us, yet people want to keep electing the same type of individual!

          3. TZToronto March 1, 2016

            Sadly, many of those on the far right see the Republican obstructionism as some sort of stern defiance against big government, a defence against the tyranny of politics-as-usual. These are people who want the federal government out of their lives, not understanding that much of what they enjoy in their lives comes from the institution they despise. We see this when older right-wing people demand that the federal government keep its hands off their Medicare! Overall what we see is people who are dissatisfied with a system that can put someone like President Obama in the White House, no matter what good may come from it–especially when a “straight-talking” famous person tells you that the country is in bad shape and needs a strong leader.

          4. pbrower2a March 2, 2016

            Paradoxically the Soviet Union also had weak formal government. The real power was in the hands of a Party boss!

      2. dpaano March 1, 2016

        I can’t imagine what the American public will do when Trump throws out 11M people…..the same people who pick our fruit and vegetables, wash our dishes, cook our food, take care of our children, mow our lawns, etc. Do they realize the cost of these items will go up significantly and MANY farmers would end up going out of business (I’ve yet to see a single American citizen picking fruit in the fields….they won’t do it), and we would end up paying more for produce that will have to be brought in from South America. These 11M people are NOT taking jobs that an American citizen would do….they’re doing jobs that no one else WANTS to do! The ramifications of sending them back across the border would be disastrous for the taxpayer! We would no longer be able to afford to eat healthy vegetables, fruits, etc. because we won’t be growing them here any longer. I wish people would stop and think about that before they start believing what Trump is putting out there…..he’s dangerous and he isn’t going to help the middle class at all!!!

        1. Dominick Vila March 2, 2016

          Latinos should leave the USA voluntarily, start their own farms in Mexico and Central America, and sell their produce to us when we no longer have an agricultural industry to meet our needs. That would be a win/win for them. Another interesting facet of this issue is that illegal immigration is down to its lowest level in a couple of decades, and that more illegal immigrants are leaving the USA than the trickle that is still entering the USA. Add to that Donald Trump’s dependence on illegal immigrants to cut operating costs in his hotels and the operative word is hypocrisy.

          1. dpaano March 2, 2016

            You’ve got a point there, Dom….all the poor illegals that are here picking our crops should band together, head back to Mexico, buy some land, and start farming!!! That would certainly appease the Republicans, although it would mean that prices for their produce would go sky high!!! Then I’d like to hear how Trump and his buddies deal with that problem. Again, the GOP motivates its base with lies and scare tactics….they don’t care that there are fewer people coming across the border to the US and that more and more of them are leaving! That would not work with their rhetoric!!! So, they choose to keep that away from the American people and continue their lies!

    2. pbrower2a March 2, 2016

      We still have another Party. We still have the secret ballot. Even if your employer tells you to vote a straight Republican ticket you can lie after the fact about how you voted.

      People need to exercise their consciences when they vote. People who do so will not vote for Donald Trump in November. People might vote their superstition, gullibility, or meanness — but none of those count as conscience. Those don’t even qualify as enlightened self interest.

      Republicans from the time of Richard Nixon have sown the whirlwind. This year they get to reap it.

      1. Dominick Vila March 2, 2016

        Republicans are, indeed, reaping the seed planted by Reagan when he said that “the government is the problem, not the solution”, the irresponsible and racist rhetoric that has dominated Republican discourse for decades, and the fear mongering that has convinced a segment of our population to believe that the country with the strongest economy, the largest GDP, and the strongest military in the world is in decline. A large percentage of Republicans are not influenced by facts, they are reacting to emotion, fear, and prejudice, and that is not easy to defeat.

  2. Stuart February 29, 2016

    If you deprive me of a Trump nomination, I won’t have the fun of seeing Jerry Springer as the vice president nominee.

    1. plc97477 March 1, 2016

      I actually mentioned that he wanted Oprah Winfrey for his VP.

      1. dpaano March 1, 2016

        I don’t think Oprah likes Trump all that much…..maybe I’m wrong.

        1. plc97477 March 1, 2016

          I don’t really think she would do it but he did mention he might ask her to run with him. I think he was hoping that her money would keep him from having to spend all of his.

  3. Otto Greif February 29, 2016

    Trump doesn’t want to start wars like Hillary and the neocons.

    1. iamproteus February 29, 2016

      Otto, do you not listen to what Trump says? Have you not paid any attention to history?

      1. Otto Greif February 29, 2016

        You should listen to what he says. You should also ask yourself why the neocons hate him.

        1. bobnstuff March 1, 2016

          Otto have you not heard him say that you should kill the families as well as the fighters, that we should bomb them, etc,? He would start a war with Iran for no good reason. He is a bully.

          1. dpaano March 1, 2016

            Yeah, and let’s not forget about the waterboarding or torture which is against the Geneva Convention.

        2. dpaano March 1, 2016

          His own Republicans hate him….the Senate and the House are petrified that he’ll get elected! Even some of the top Republicans are denouncing him and saying that they will not vote for him if he’s the candidate. What does that tell you?

    2. dpaano March 1, 2016

      Are you kidding??? Isn’t he the one that said he wants to bomb the crap out of the Middle East and take THEIR oil? I believe I did hear someone say that, and I believe it was him. He’s more of a warmonger than any Democratic nominee!!! All of the GOP nominees have said basically the same thing! Where have you been the past several months? I assume you’ve only been listening to FAUX News (and I mean “news” lightly)!

      1. Otto Greif March 1, 2016

        That’s a fact, it’s why neocons have already started shifting over to Hillary.

    3. pbrower2a March 1, 2016

      Hillary Clinton got snookered into the Second Gulf war because the President lied. We Americans are accustomed to trusting that the successor of Washington, Lincoln, and FDR tells the truth about real dangers. Barack Obama may be one of the most honest Presidents that we have ever had, but the damage that Dubya did by getting America into a War for Profit will take decades to undo.

      1. Otto Greif March 2, 2016

        She was tricked, that’s funny. Who “snookered” her into overthrowing Ghadaffi?

  4. Otto Greif February 29, 2016

    When is Bernie going to denounce the Communist Party that he once belonged to?

    1. bobnstuff March 1, 2016

      Why would he, the Communist Party is not out there killing people. He’s not a communist anyway, he’s a socialist like the leaders of Canada. You notice we don’t have to build a wall to keep people from running from Canada and their evil socialist government.

      1. yabbed March 1, 2016

        Can you tell us what USSR stands for? Wasn’t the Soviet Union a communist country? Let’s not get silly here with Bernie, Socialism, and Communism. Your comment can’t be supported. There is a world of difference between Canada and the old USSR that Bernie hungered after.

        1. bobnstuff March 1, 2016

          the USSR has been gone for a while and they had left the path of true communism long before that. Communism and socialism are not types of governments they are types of economies. You do know that there is a difference between them. If anyone wants a USSR type of country it would be Trump only he wants a modern Russia like his good friend has.

      2. Otto Greif March 1, 2016

        He should be held to the same standard liberals demand of others.

        1. bobnstuff March 1, 2016

          Last I heard the American Communist Party is not a hate group. Since Sanders isn’t a member of the Communist party it really doesn’t matter. He has said he is a socialist so he has nothing to hide. If you can fault him for anything it’s that he isn’t a very good socialist.


          1. Otto Greif March 1, 2016

            Communists have murdered millions of people.

          2. bobnstuff March 1, 2016

            No Dictators have killed millions of people. The American Communist Party has had members killed but has never killed anyone. They are not a hate group. Communist and Socialist were not even considered a bad name until the 50’s and Joe McCarthy.

          3. Otto Greif March 1, 2016

            You should move to North Korea.

          4. bobnstuff March 1, 2016

            Why you are the one who wants to elect a dictator. If you like Trump you should love Kim.

          5. Otto Greif March 1, 2016

            I didn’t know Trump was going to get to be dictator. That’s exciting news.

          6. bobnstuff March 1, 2016

            He runs his company like a dictator, he runs his campaign like a dictator, his favorite word is I and he doesn’t care what others think. If you walk like a duck, quack like a duck and look like a duck there is a pretty good bet it’s a duck.

          7. pbrower2a March 1, 2016

            Having staffers drive off protesters who have placards that say “Black Lives Matter” shows what he believes. Run afoul of his sensibilities, and you might get roughed up, if not sent to some American Gulag.

            If black lives do not matter, then we Americans have a huge void where civil courage belongs.

            It’s too bad that people didn’t come up with placards that read “Jewish Lives matter” in Nazi Germany!

          8. pbrower2a March 1, 2016

            Not fair. Putin will have to suffice as a model that he emulates.

  5. Otto Greif February 29, 2016

    When is Hillary going to denounce the BLM supporters who lied about the police then rioted?

  6. Otto Greif February 29, 2016

    When is Joe Conasan going to denounce Hillary Clinton for waging campaigns of threats and smears against her husband’s girlfriends?

    1. Insinnergy February 29, 2016

      Ahh the refreshing sound of more pee against the wall….
      Sad troll you never disappoint.
      Except always.

    2. stcroixcarp March 1, 2016

      Women applaud her for waging campaigns and smears against her husband’s girlfriends. She is a strong woman who got her husband to tow the line. Scary isn’t she? Love that lady!

      1. The lucky one March 1, 2016

        “Scary isn’t she?” Yes indeed, war mongers always are.

  7. Terry DeVerona February 29, 2016

    When is Otto going to pull his head out?

    1. dpaano March 1, 2016

      It’s just too far up there to pull out!!!

      1. plc97477 March 1, 2016

        Plus he kinda likes it there.

  8. Marv Nochowitz February 29, 2016

    Who would take Trump’s place? Cruz and Rubio are no better. Maybe republicans should take a pass this election. Get their act together and try again next time.

    1. dpaano March 1, 2016

      Great idea….they’d be wise to sit this one out and try to reconstruct their party for the next election and hope that they can do a better job!

  9. Insinnergy February 29, 2016

    It’s pretty much what myself, Dominic, HawaiianTater and a few others have been saying for the last 12 months.
    Nice to see the smart Republicans are coming around.

    1. @HawaiianTater February 29, 2016

      What are these “smart Republicans” that you speak of? I thought they went extinct.

  10. charleo1 March 1, 2016

    It would be nice to believe there are still these “Committed Republicans,” and those, “Honorable Conservatives,” still round after the last several years of purging the center, and obliterating the Conservative Left. And there probably are some, it’s a big country. But the problem for these now scarce as hen’s teeth Moderates with integrity, and Conservatives with compassion, is to have any effect on he bound for hell extremists, the T-P-N-Js, anti-gov. militants, religious, and racists, homophobes, and xenophobes, that now rule the Rightwing roost. They would need a viable alternative political base from which to effect the trajectory of their beloved old Party, and it’s simply not there anymore. And their too little, too late spurns of Trump, only verify in the minds of his ardent followers, (their former base) the validity of his damning case against them.

    We might feel some inkling of pity for them, if they deserved it at all. But the old saws about playing with fire, reaping the whirlwind, and weaving tangled webs, proves true as ever. And lately, the one about the ultimate futility in trying to fix stupid, as they are now discovering, is also painfully true. You can’t allow your base constituents to be fed a steady diet of horse manure day after day, year, after year, and expect them to be smelling like roses for the company that shows up to consider the Party’s offerings in the general election. In a democracy where nothing gets done without compromise, one doesn’t characterize the opposition, with whom he must at some point reach some accommodation for democratic norms to prevail, as evil incarnate. As subhuman cretans consumed with malicious, even malefic intent on destroying everything. Because, where at the end of day, does one go from there? We’re finding out, they go to Trump.

  11. itsfun March 1, 2016

    Trade and Immigration are two huge factors in this election year. The middle class and blue collar workers who feel they have been and are being ignored by both parties love Trump for his views on these issues. The economy is bad, it is growing by something like 1%, this hurts both the middle class and blue collar workers. Trump has brought these issues to the front and no one wants to debate him on these issues. People are afraid of ISIS and believe Trump will make them safer by not allowing Muslims in the country during this period. People are tired of illegals from Mexico and feel Trump will stop the illegal border crossings. Countries in Europe are building fences to keep immigrants out, people see this and want the same here. Trump has made billions, so people believe he can make the economy soar. Any body that has the current political establishments so afraid of him, must be doing something right. Trump doesn’t need the money from lobbyists, so many current elected politicians won’t be getting huge speaking fees for their favors. I think these are the main reasons Trump is doing so well.

    1. bobnstuff March 1, 2016

      More like 2% which puts us higher then most countries right now. The middle class workers have been lied to about why their wages have gone down. It’s not the bottom end jobs that are going over seas that are the problem. It’s greed. Once companies believed that workers deserved a fair part of the profits they created but now they get the leftovers. Ford believed his workers should be able to buy the cars they were building. Not true anymore. Fear of Muslim in the US, last year we had 330 mass shootings of which 2 were by Muslims. The Mexicans are leaving not coming anymore. Now that there are jobs in Mexico they can stay home and make a living. Trump is making money running for president, He has collected $27 million so far and has only put in under $250,000 of his own money. Plus he owns the offices he is renting for his campaign. He is a good business man that no bank will lend money to and has had as many failures as successes Trump is doing so well because people are sheep. they don’t check facts and they want to believe in something even if it’s a lie.

      1. itsfun March 1, 2016

        The middle class isn’t looking at issues the same as you are. If a 1 or 2% growing economy is so good, why are both Hillary and Bernie running campaigns promising to fix the economy? Auto workers get a fair salary and bonuses every year based on company profits. Ford employees got something like $7000 last year and I have read that GM employees will get about $5000 this year. Haven’t seen any of the other auto companies forecasts for bonuses. People are afraid of Muslim immigrants coming into the country and killing and raping people. Look at the results in Germany and other European countries. How much money has Hillary collected so far and how much of her money has she used? Trump is doing so well because people believe and agree with him. They like his no PC talk and he is not afraid to speak in terms everyone understands. Otherwise he calls it like a lot of people see it. I bet there a whole lot of WWII, Korean, Vietnam, veterans that wouldn’t like you calling them sheep, not to mention the brave men and women who have been fighting for years now in Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.

        1. bobnstuff March 1, 2016

          Have you notices that the Vets are not standing in line to support Mr. Trump. He raised money to try and buy there vote and groups have said they don’t want his money. The fact that he hasn’t given any of the money out my have a effect. If you believe what Trump tells you then you must be having a real problem thinking since he has come out on both sides of issues time and time again. He lies about his own success and his own wealth. If our country is doing 10 time better economically then the rest of the world it may not be great but we must be doing something right.

          1. itsfun March 1, 2016

            Soooo anyone that doesn’t agree with you has a problem thinking. Just keep spouting your liberal preaching.

          2. bobnstuff March 1, 2016

            These are facts. I don’t buy the lies the right are pushing. That doesn’t make me a liberal it makes me educated and able to think and see. Trump is NOT a conservative even if he tells you he is, his actions speak louder then words.

          3. itsfun March 1, 2016

            I am not a Trump supporter and I don’t believe he is a conservative. I was simply posting why I think people are supporting and some actually flocking to him. Voter turn outs are at a record high. That says somebody likes him, just not me.

          4. bobnstuff March 1, 2016

            I didn’t think you were that stupid, We don’t agree often but I do have some respect for you.

          5. dpaano March 2, 2016

            And you keep spouting your conservative BS…..it’s a no-win situation.

        2. dpaano March 1, 2016

          Not sure what middle class you’re talking about. Those of us who are informed…..we look at the issues much like BobnStuff! And, I’m a Vietnam vet, and I am not a sheep. I check facts and do my research. As for the “brave men and women who have been fighting for years…..” what has the GOP done for them? NOTHING!!! They’ve voted down several bills put forth by the democratic party to help our veterans, but they voted them down….check your facts (as I keep telling you)!!! Even several of the well-known Republicans are saying now that they will not vote if he is the candidate….does that tell you anything?

          1. itsfun March 1, 2016

            The middle class that is disappearing according to Hillary and Bernie. The middle class that is sick and tired of political parties that are controlled by party heads and lobbyists. People are tired of politicians making promises and then forgetting all about them after being elected. The VA scandal has happened on Obama’s watch and you are just like Obama and somehow want to blame the Congress. I have never said who I am supporting to be the next President. I only posted the reasons I feel Trump is getting so much support. I didn’t call you a sheep. I said I’ll bet a lot of veterans don’t like being called sheep.

    2. jakenhyde March 1, 2016

      @itsfun…..the economy is NOT bad. I don’t know what your economic base is, but for the general public, it’s one helluva lot better than it was when Dubya left us in a total economic recession….rivaled only by the depression of the 30s. The stock market is nearly double what it was when Dubya left office. I can actually afford to fill my car with fuel again. I realize the president doesn’t have a great influence on the price of fuel. But when it’s lower, there is a trickle down(Reagonites love that term) effect on the rest of the economy. If it stays down, this summer should be a boom for the tourist industry.
      All in all, I believe that most folks in this country would take today’s economy over what Dubya left behind 99-1.

      1. itsfun March 1, 2016

        The economy is bad. If it is so good, why are even Hillary and Bernie making it a campaign issue. They both talk about making the economy grow. If you are still worried about 8 years ago and still blaming George Bush for all the problems we have today, then it may be time to move on.

        1. jakenhyde March 1, 2016

          The Dow Jones was 7949 when Obama took office in 2009. On January 15th, 2016, it was 16,354. It was more than twice what it was when Obama became president. Look it up if you don’t believe my figures. By all reckoning, the Dow is the indicator by which we measure the economy in the USA.
          The fear mongering republicans have many folks in our country believing that we’re in bad shape. The economy has been resurgent in spite of the republican obstructionists, certainly not because of them.
          I’m not “worried” about eight years ago. I’m simply making a valid comparison. I know conservatives are never concerned with facts, but I present them anyway.
          So you think that blaming Dubya for the abysmal economy eight years ago is folly. Well, do you blame Hitler for the war in Europe 75 years ago? It’s a fact of history as was Dubya’s terrible presidency, and it cannot be denied. Three trillion dollars were spent by Dubya on his amoral war. And you just want to sweep all that under the rug and pretend it didn’t happen? That’s the folly of so many conservatives. It was that wild spending that helped to dump our economy into the abyss back then.
          It’s Trump who keeps hollering about making America great again. Fact is, she’s been great all along.

          1. dpaano March 1, 2016

            And, that $3 trillion was not paid for in Dubya’s budget….it was added to President Obama’s budget when he took over! Unfortunately, you can’t change stupid and you can’t convince them that GWB was a terrible president and left us in dire straits!

          2. itsfun March 1, 2016

            Check the facts for a change. George Bush 11 trillion national debt. Obama 19 trillion national debt.

          3. jakenhyde March 1, 2016

            @itsfun…..Obama inherited Dubya’s debt for the wars he started. But you’re so blinded to the truth that you don’t want to believe anything that isn’t pro conservative. Dubya circumvented congress to borrow from the Chinese to pay for his wars. And yet you conservatives have the gall to complain about Obama using executive orders.
            Don’t know how familiar you are with the way our government spending is allocated. But the House has to pass any spending bills that the president proposes. You DO realize that your republican led house has had to pass on anything you wish to blame on Obama. So look in the mirror.
            So far as I’m aware, Obama hasn’t added to the debt except with the help of your republican congress. If you can prove me wrong, I’ll accept it….but show us actual official figures….not just some numbers that you’ve heard from Breitbart, Trump, Rubio, Cruz, and their ilk.
            PS If you subtract the 3trillion war debt that Dubya caused but went on Obama’s watch, and add it to Dubya’s actual debt, you come up with 14 trillion for Dubya and 16 trillion for Obama. Considering inflation, and trusting your figures that’s not very severe.

          4. itsfun March 1, 2016

            When the Republican congress was not going to pass the Obama budget, he promised to shut down the government until he got his huge spending passed. The Republicans should have never given in to Obama and let him shut down the government. The Republicans passed budgets, that Obama refused to accept. Do you think FDR went to Congress and got the funds to get into WWII after Pearl Harbor? I don’t remember seeing a line item in any budget that was earmarked for a war. Do you think Truman got funding for Korea?

          5. bobnstuff March 1, 2016

            Obama’s budgets have been DOA for years in the house, You can’t blame Obama for the spending or even shutting down the government when there isn’t a bill on his desk. It’s the Republicans that like to spend with out paying for it with taxes.

          6. dpaano March 2, 2016

            Talking to itsfun is like talking to a wall……unmovable, cement-like, and no brains! He refuses to listen to anything you tell him, even when you provide him with facts (which he refuses to research). It’s a no-win battle!

          7. JPHALL March 1, 2016

            You are so light on facts. Obama did not shut down the government, the Republican House did. Remember Cruz and Mr. Bonehead?

          8. itsfun March 1, 2016

            All Obama had to do was approve the budget passed by Congress.

          9. JPHALL March 2, 2016

            Why did Obama have to give in to a Republican budget that rejected all his proposals? Why couldn’t they use some of his ideas? This is after all a democracy not a congressional dictatorship. By the way, they eventually passed a budget that reflected some of Obama’s positions. Subject: Re: Comment on Against Fascism: For Honest Conservatives, The Only Answer Is #NeverTrump

          10. itsfun March 2, 2016

            Nobody ever said Obama had to completely give in to a Republican budget. Problem was Obama would have and did shut down the government when he didn’t get his own way, and then blamed the Republicans for what he did. He never has learned the art of compromise.

          11. JPHALL March 2, 2016


            Subject: Re: Comment on Against Fascism: For Honest Conservatives, The Only Answer Is #NeverTrump

          12. itsfun March 3, 2016

            You need the help. You have zero tolerance for the opinion of others and only believe you have all the answers. That makes you a fascist.

          13. JPHALL March 3, 2016

            More delusion on your part. If you actually read by responses to you, you would find I have agreed with you several times. But as usual you are talking out your ass. Subject: Re: Comment on Against Fascism: For Honest Conservatives, The Only Answer Is #NeverTrump

          14. dpaano March 2, 2016

            President Obama doesn’t have the power to “approve” the budget passed by the Congress. He can sign off on it, but he doesn’t actually approve it. As it stands now, the Congress won’t even meet on the current budget….much like they won’t meet to put a new Supreme Court judge in place. If they think waiting until a GOP president is elected….they’ve got a very long wait!!!

          15. itsfun March 2, 2016

            Just until January 2017. President Trump will make a wise choice.

          16. jakenhyde March 1, 2016

            @dpaano…As I mention in my original post, please don’t confuse conservatives with facts. Boggles their minds.

          17. itsfun March 1, 2016

            How about the 19 trillion national debt. When President Bush left office the national debt was 11 trillion. Obama said letting the national debt get that high was irresponsible and unpatriotic. I guess that means according to his own words he is irresponsible and unpatriotic. It is a fact of history that Obama will go down as one of if not the worst President in our history. Obama has had us in war the last 8 years. The longest war in United States history. Any economy growing at a 1 or 2 % is not a good economy.

          18. jakenhyde March 1, 2016

            Good god you’re stupid. You’re blaming Obama for the war that stupid Dubya started? Well, dpaano is right on…..you can’t fix stupid.

          19. itsfun March 1, 2016

            Nope you are. Obama has kept the war going for 8 years now. He is the commander in chief and is responsible for the last 8 years. You are the north end of a south bound horse.

          20. bobnstuff March 1, 2016

            Which war are you talking about, Where are the body bags?

          21. itsfun March 1, 2016

            Afghanistan, Syria,

          22. bobnstuff March 1, 2016

            We have no real numbers of troops in Syia around 50 and we are down to around 10,000 or less in Afghanistan. Not much of a war. We have a lot more people in South Korea Germany or Japan. You can’t have it both ways though. You can’t complain that Obama made a mess out of leaving Iraq and complain that he left troops in Afghanistan.

          23. itsfun March 1, 2016

            Not complaining about anything. Just saying folks should quit blaming George Bush after Obama has had 8 years to fix problems.

          24. dpaano March 2, 2016

            And who should we blame for the chaos going on in the Middle East…..who started all the problems them with his unwarranted war? GWB is the ONLY one that carries the blame (along with Cheney, Rove, Wolfowitz, etc.)

          25. itsfun March 2, 2016

            Who should we blame for the last 7 plus years of failure.. GWB had the approval of Congress.

          26. jakenhyde March 1, 2016

            You’re stupid. Every time Obama tried to pull men out of there, the republicons gave him hell. Several years ago he got all the military personnel out of Iraq and the republicons went ballistic over that decision. The reason why: Republicons are heavily invested in the military/industrial businesses that are making billions off that middle east situation. Remember that Dickie Cheney is making millions off his investment in HalliburtonJust like they’re giving him hell for trying to shut down Gitmo.

          27. itsfun March 1, 2016

            to bad you don’t have a clue. As commander in Chief Obama can pull troops whenever he feels like it.

          28. dpaano March 2, 2016

            Ah, no…..you aren’t correct. He may be the Commander in Chief, but he has to answer to the Congress. Congress is the ONLY ones who can approve going to war, etc. Again, do your research!

          29. itsfun March 2, 2016

            Congress is the branch that can declare war. The President can send troops where he feels necessary. Did you ever hear of Vietnam or Korea. Was was never declared for those places. They were officially police actions. Again you don’t know what you are talking about.

          30. jakenhyde March 2, 2016

            Then why didn’t your good buddie, Dubya, pull out the troops after he made the big splash about MISSION ACCOMPLISHED? Too bad you don’t have a clue. The reason was that his friends in big business and Cheney’s friends at Halliburton were making way too much money off the war.

          31. itsfun March 2, 2016

            If anyone doesn’t have a clue its you.

          32. jakenhyde March 1, 2016

            Dubya made a big splash about saying MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. And then escalated the troop count…..not counting all the murderous Black Water people he hired to go over there…..for the rest of his sting in the oval office. But I’ll bet that didn’t bother you one little bit.
            So, basically, Obama got most of the troops out of Iraq but left some in there for his tenure. But you blame him and not Dubya???? And you can’t see the irony in your thinking? Once again I’ll say: dpaano was spot on about you.

          33. itsfun March 1, 2016

            You have a bad memory. George Bush never said anything about mission accomplished. The crew of an aircraft carrier made that up to welcome President Bush. Once again I will say you are the north end of a south bound horse.

          34. jakenhyde March 2, 2016

            Did you even listen to his speech at that time? He said it was the end of “major combat operations”. That should have meant that there was no longer a need for our massive troop involvement in Iraq and he could have brought our troops home.
            But I’m done communicating with you and your know nothing stance. You’re blinded by your conservative….probably right wing perceived christian….zeal, and no amount of explaining the world in real terms will get through your thick skull.

          35. itsfun March 2, 2016

            Oh golly gee I feel just so bad you are through communicating with me. You are blinded by your love of Socialism and Liberalism.

          36. dpaano March 2, 2016

            Yeah, itsfun doesn’t realize that it was GWB who signed the agreement to keep some troops in the Middle East but it was the Middle Eastern government that would not allow them to stay…..so, you can’t really blame President Obama for this problem….it started when GWB decided to fight this ridiculous war in the first place and it’s exploded into major chaos in the middle east! It’s my opinion that everything that’s going on in the middle east now has been because of GWB’s unwarranted war and relentless vengeance on Sadaam.

          37. BillP March 1, 2016

            I think your math is off a little. President Obama took office on 1/20/2009, by my math that is 7 years and 1+ month. I know you conservatives want the president out of office sooner than 8 years. Also you have written how you despise President Obama and have called him a “worthless” human being. That shows your bias in anything you write about him. You can dislike him as president but to call him worthless goes beyond anything rational. As for the national debt GW Bush increased it by 85.5% without including the cost of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. President Obama has increased it by 80% through 2/29/2016. Also the great Conservative Reagan increased the debt by 188%.

          38. itsfun March 1, 2016

            I think I said I have no respect for Obama as a man or the President. I don’t and I do believe he is a worthless human being. I hope we still have a country in 11 months.

          39. pbrower2a March 1, 2016

            I am more concerned with whether America will still be livable in 51 months,

            I am a registered Democrat and I got a call from a Kasich volunteer. Kasich seems an orthodox Republican even if he is far from ideal. But we have seen that before in Reagan and the elder Bush. We got through that without a disaster. Of course I said that as a registered Democrat I would not be able to help by voting for Kasich in the primaries.

            I gave in order my preferences for President:

            1. Sanders

            2. Clinton

            3. Kasich

            4. SOME OTHER COUNTRY!

          40. BillP March 2, 2016

            What you wrote as that he was a “worthless” human being. I challenged you on that comment and you didn’t disavow it. There is a big difference between having no respect for President Obama and deeming him worthless! Calling someone worthless shows a lack of judgment on your part and shows your bias on anything you would write about the president. As for having a country 11 months that is a melodramatic and over the top statement. The unemployment rate is down to 4.9% and has been dropping for years, housing values are up, the US Dollar has been increasing against the major currencies like the Euro, British Pound, Yen, etc,, wages are starting to rise, the GDP is growing. So I guess the US is doomed?

          41. dpaano March 2, 2016

            Good luck with that……I want to watch your head blow off when the GOP loses the election because of their ridiculous BS! Should be interesting!

          42. dpaano March 2, 2016

            And, you can’t argue with itsfun…..he’s one of the typical uninformed idiots that can’t seem to understand even when you give him valid answers to his questions, and he refuses to do his homework and research…..much of which most of us have already done. So, again, you can’t change stupid!!! And, you can’t teach a brick wall to dance (so to speak). I’ve given up even responding to him because it’s useless!

    3. Jinmichigan March 2, 2016

      Yes, t rump speaks on these topics but what solutions does he offer? Nothing. It’s all rhetoric. There is less than zero substance in him. It’s sad so many are duped by his empty talk.

      1. dpaano March 2, 2016

        All Trump can do when questioned about what he intends to do is to call people names and answer NO questions with valid responses!!! I have yet to hear anything from him as to how he expects to do all the things he says he’s going to do (most of which he CAN’T do, but he doesn’t understand that). I want to hear how our candidates are going to fix the so-called problems, not hear them screaming at each other with insults, etc. Every time someone asks Trump a valid question, and he can’t answer it, he calls them names or throws them out of his fundraisers!! This is NOT the kind of person we need in the White House! Is he going to have a temper tantrum every time he doesn’t get his way?

  12. FireBaron March 1, 2016

    Sorry, Joe, but I have to take exception with one of your phrases. Currently the Republican Party has NO Leading Intellectuals. This is the party that has raised anti-intellectualism to a level not seen since the Church prosecuted Galileo for heresy for daring to teach that the Earth orbited around the Sun!
    You can see this in one of the current bills being sponsored by one of the Know-Nothings currently calling himself a Republican, to wit – any person successfully serving a term in Congress (i.e. 2 years) will automatically become a Lawyer. This is just another example of the hubris demonstrated by these mentally deficient opportunists.

    1. dpaano March 1, 2016

      They can’t even do their jobs as Congressmen/women…..how in the heck are they going to become lawyers!!!??? Ridiculous!

      1. plc97477 March 1, 2016

        To a large extent I doubt most of them can walk and chew gum at the same time so I really don’t think I would go to one for legal help.

  13. 1Zoe55 March 1, 2016

    I realize that I angered some folks when I posted the phrase “karma is a bitch” but I will continue to use it, for it describes the debacle the Republican/TeaParty is exhibiting. They created this monster Trump and now you can see the terror in their eyes during their television interviews. They are realizing that not only will we have a Democrat for president, but we may well reclaim the majority in the Senate. One last thought, I am beginning to understand how Jewish people must have felt during the 1930’s when Germany had its Hitler and his brown-shirted thugs. Hitler blamed the Jews and anyone different (gypsies, homosexuals, etc.) for Germany’s problems that is the same as Trump blaming illegals for our problems. Cruz and Rubio are little better with their statements about deporting the “Dream Children.” I still believe that America is and always has been great, for immigrants and for us…and we are better than this Trump.

    1. latebloomingrandma March 1, 2016

      It’s too bad that so called “smart people” fail to learn the lessons of history.

      1. dpaano March 1, 2016

        Yes, so many of Trump’s followers say they are “angry with our current government,” but they don’t seem to realize that they are angry at the wrong person. President Obama has done everything possible from Day One to work with the Republican House and Senate, to no avail. The two groups have done everything possible to block any bills that he’s put forth to help the American people. But, in spite of that, the economy is doing well, the deficit has been cut significantly from what it was when he took office, and he’s paid as much of GWB’s bad debt as possible. Sure, the debt has gone up to $19T, but people keep failing to understand that a good portion of that debt was inherited debt from the last GOP administration….they keep insisting not to blame Bush, but who else can we blame…..it was his unpaid for war and unpaid for pharmacy program that he failed to add to HIS budget and that got added to the Obama budget when he took over! So, if people are angry….they need to look at where the problems started (Reagan, Bush Sr., and GWB for a start) and not continue to blame President Obama. But, apparently, they just want to keep electing the same conservatives who have NO cares for the American public and what they need or want and are only paid lackeys of big corporations, Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Wall Street. If they want to see some serious changes, they need to elect some Democrats to the Senate and the House and see how much better things will be for the American people!!! Just my opinion!

  14. yabbed March 1, 2016

    The Republican leadership is clearly scared silly of Donald Trump leading their party in a presidential race but they are getting exactly what they asked for and deserve. Never in all the years of President Obama’s administration has any Republican in the Congress called to account those responsible for the blatant racism and nastiness arising from their ranks. McConnell never once called down the ugly racist cartoons and jokes that were flying around; he stayed silent while ugly racist lynchings of President Obama were carried around the country like a traveling circus. He and all Republicans were silent when the First Lady was pictured as a gorilla with two little monkey children. The Republicans deserve the Trump that is out there with the support of these despicable white supremacists and KKKers. They fed it, now they own it.

    1. dpaano March 1, 2016

      Not to mention the “secret” meeting when President Obama took office….the one where they swore to make him a one-term president. Well, guess what, that didn’t happen, and they are in serious trouble if Trump is nominated! They won’t like him as a president, and they’ll come to find out that President Obama was a great president when compared to what Trump would bring to the Oval Office! It’s not going to be pretty, trust me!

  15. greenlantern1 March 1, 2016

    Ever read the SPOT RESOLUTIONS of President Abraham Lincoln?
    What did he say about Mexico?
    Was he honest or not?

  16. stsintl March 1, 2016

    With his grandfather “Drumpf” who migrated to America from Germany in 1885, is it possible that Donald may have had Nazi links in his ancestry?

  17. Rightazz March 1, 2016

    So what has Hillary done that I should support her I can remember is lies such as NAFTA WILL BE GOOD FOR America

    1. bobnstuff March 1, 2016

      NAFTA is good for America. Sorry but it has helped more then it hurt.

      1. Rightazz March 1, 2016

        Look at the numbers close what we export machinery to build items like ford f 150 to export back to the US. great trade since that machinery would have been needed in a US factory steel to build the vehicles Light crude oil that Mexico would buy out if need corn products animal feed The biggest Joke is electronics not manufactured in the US but the government counts it as a export. Mexico has no tariffs on computers. Now that you have deducted what would have been without NAFTA take a look at Mexico’s exports to the US then look at the exclusions from Nafta that being the products excluded and then tell me how good NAFTA is

        1. bobnstuff March 1, 2016

          The F150 is back being made in the US along with all Dodge trucks and SUV’s. We have the large plants in the US and the do the small demand vehicles in Mexico. The balance of trade goes up and down. What we got was 3 million less illegals in the country and a neighbor that has a rising middle class. No one knows just how many jobs were lost but the best guess is around 6,500. In the long run everyone wins and places like China looses.

          1. Polana March 1, 2016

            U R right. If You wanted to do/sell your stuff in other countries by trade laws you have to open a plant to manufacture some of them and hire local people to do the job. Some countries give them a tax breaks for certain amount of time, and you have to obey their labor laws. Prices also have to be adjusted to the current value/ buying power in that country. If you wanted to buy American car, no problem but you will not get the price U get here, but less and U have to modify.
            It creates jobs here, jobs in other countries, American dollar goes up, and it does creates jobs. Kraft bought Cadbury (Switzerland), they still make them in Switzerland, but also creates a market here and jobs. Europe doesn’t log their forests, so all the packages are done here, Americans log their forests so it creates jobs for loggers (kills the forest and wildlife), jobs for packaging co, jobs for transporting co. All goes hand in hand. This is just an example.
            Some people just don’t understand how trade and inter-country co-op works. In reality nobody is losing a job, just that most co don’t pay enough, the bottom line is always PROFIT.

          2. dpaano March 2, 2016

            The bottom line is GREED!!!

          3. Polana March 2, 2016

            Unfortunately, the bottom line is always Profit/Greed.
            Trumpf have ties,clothing lines made in China so is his daughter Ivanka (handbags – ugly i might add).
            WHY oh WHY NOBODY ASK HIM WHY he have the Chinese doing his stuff instead of Americans???
            He talk the talk but not walk the walk??

      2. pbrower2a March 1, 2016

        We get cheap stuff at Wal*Mart, but we also get lower wages because we lose the once well-paying factory jobs. Those factory jobs used to be the most reliable means of escaping poverty. So what remains? Being in hock up to one’s eyeballs for student loans at age 40 so that one can hold a low-paying white-collar job?

        Many of us would be happy to return to the economic norms of the 1950s, when the conservatives of the time recognized that the best defense of capitalism was to ensure that workers had a stake in it.

        1. bobnstuff March 2, 2016

          You mean back when the Republicans supported Unions, minimum wage and a top tax rate of 90%.

        2. dpaano March 2, 2016

          Try owing $133,000 in student loans at age 70…..that’s my predicament. It will take me 29 years to pay my student loan off, and I wasn’t even able to get a job in ANY of my majors….at least not one that makes the kind of money you’d expect someone with an MBA to make!!! I do agree with you….it seemed that the 50’s were a much better time for all of us!

          1. idamag March 4, 2016

            We are paying the price for not making education available, affordable and a top priority in this country.

    2. charley williams March 1, 2016

      LOL ! If you think Republican’s have ever been against NAFTA your a Idiot ! NAFTA was a Reagan idea, written by 2 House republican’s, signed in Mexico by H.W. Bush and passed with majority of Republicans voting for it in both Houses ! All BEFORE it was Ratified under Clinton, against the Majority of his own Party in the House !

      We have over 20 FTA’s, ALL written by Republicans ! Republicans have NEVER SEEN a FTA they didn’t like, including the Trans Pacific Agreement and NAFTA !

      1. Rightazz March 1, 2016

        You sure get excited I know republicans favored NAFTA the Point Clinton could have stopped NAFTA and as first lady Hillary supported that’s fact I am a democrat I ask a reason to vote for Hillary and there is none so Charlie I may be a Idiot but I know a liar and cheat when I see one When Hillary is asked what about NAFTA she wants to appoint a committee to look into in the world of politics that means that means I am going to do nothing

        1. Joan March 1, 2016

          Vote for Hillary because any member of the GOP clown car would be so much worse. ALL politicians lie, if you got a real problem voting for a liar, don’t vote. But then, you will not be able to complain about the fascist rule of the D because you helped make it possible. As an independent I am going to vote for anyone in opposition to the Republicans

        2. charley williams March 1, 2016

          What I was pointing out was that Voting for a Republican, because of Clinton’s stance on NAFTA, makes No Sense ! I agree Bill should not have Ratified it !! But to even imply FTA’s are somehow a fault of Democrats is beyond a stretching of the truth, by a bold faced LIE ! Yes Clinton signed, but he was under great pressure from the Business Sector. FTA’s are pure GOP Policy !

          1. Rightazz March 1, 2016

            I have always voted for democrats I am not 100%against trade agreements I oppose that the federal government does not enforce these agreements fairly such as Mexico has not increased the wages for Mexican workers as NAFTA requires Mexico filed a dispute over meat labeling as for me I like to know where my food comes from NAFTA needs to be tweaked and enforced Hillary will have the chance to do that as I assume she will be the next president I vote for democrats for the reason they are the best hope for small business and working class people

    3. dpaano March 2, 2016

      The GOP has lied more than ANY Democratic candidate…..but, apparently, you do not see that their entire rhetoric is FULL of lies and BS!!!

  18. bobnstuff March 1, 2016

    Any Main stream Republican or any Tea Party member who comes out for Trump has sold out their values and loose their right to be taken seriously. Trump is not a true conservative, he is not a Christian, he isn’t even a true republican.

    1. pbrower2a March 1, 2016

      The Tea Party is not mainstream conservatism.

      1. bobnstuff March 2, 2016

        That’s why I listed them as two different groups.

  19. charley williams March 1, 2016

    Republicans haven’t stood for ANY principles since Eisenhower !

    You wanna look at Fiscal Policy, do a web search on Neo Liberalism. You will find Reagan and Thatcher designed their Fiscal policy based on this ! They increased the size of Government, increased spending, yet cut revenue, by giving the rich huge tax cuts !

    W. doubled down, Cutting Revenue, increasing Gov. worker’s ! Second only to Reagan ! Then when he invaded Iraq ne discarded the LAST of the Republican principles that, Democrats started Wars and Republican’s ended them !

    There is Only one thing Republicans stand for today, the RICH !!!

  20. Chris March 1, 2016

    Morning Joe has been sucking up to Trump all the way until he couldn’t criticize the KKK — all while Morning Ho and his puppet played footsie with the Birther King.

  21. BOC March 1, 2016

    Principal is a fundamental truth or proposition. You know, telling what the facts are based on sound observation and experience supported by citations which gives you a solid foundation and legitimacy. Falsehoods and half-truths do not get you to this place, thus the Grand Old Party is left to roam like a ship with no port.

    They have placed themselves in a conundrum. As a result, participation in the 2016 election process will be very limited, indeed. This elephant organization’s ‘bottom has fell-out,’ there is no foundation whatsoever. This type of meltdown happens when you have no belief system, no chain of reasoning and arrogant behavior runs rampant throughout. But it could be worse, remember my prediction years ago about the GOP’s potential to ‘implode’. Well, that type of process takes on many forms.

  22. Donna Tara Lee March 1, 2016

    Real conservatives like Bill Buckley and Barry Goldwater must be rolling over in their graves. They forget that the civil rights bill of 1964 passed because senate minority leader Everett Dirkson worked with Lyndon Johnson to make sure he had the Republican votes to overcome southern dixiecrats who voted against the civil rights bill. But these were all honorable men and not the repukican party of today.

    1. dpaano March 2, 2016

      The Republican party hasn’t seen a truly “honorable” man (or woman) in years!!! They are slowly tearing themselves apart. I have even heard some Republican governors, etc., have said that they would NOT vote if Trump was the candidate…..interesting!

  23. cjakobsson March 2, 2016

    The Republican Party stopped being the party of Lincoln a long time ago. I am an independent voter, but I vote more often for Democrats than I do for Republicans. That is not because I have any fondness for spendaholic government, but because I have a strong distaste for racism and fascism. I would suggest that the best course of action for honorable Republicans would be to let the Republican Party die and start a party of democratic conservatives. By democratic conservatives, that means those who reject the doctrines of spendaholic government and also reject the doctrines of fascism.

    1. Jinmichigan March 2, 2016

      After Bush, how you can cling to a notion that Dems are the spend party is pretty interesting. Seems to me it’s impossible to deny it was repubs who blew the budget they were handed by Bill Clinton.

    2. LG March 3, 2016

      There is such a Party.

      It’s called the Libertarian Party.

      1. cjakobsson March 4, 2016

        It may be that the honorable Republicans will leave their party and join the Libertarians after Trump wins the Republican nomination.

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