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Al Franken Comes Out And Says What Most Americans Really Think Of Trumpcare

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Al Franken Comes Out And Says What Most Americans Really Think Of Trumpcare


Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

While they review the much-maligned American Health Care Act, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) issued a stern warning to his Republican colleagues in the Senate.

“I don’t think the Republicans can do this themselves, and they shouldn’t,” he said in a “CBS This Morning” interview May 30. “What came out of the House is just dreadful.”

Franken is co-chair of the bipartisan rural health caucus. After speaking with hundreds of experts in over two-dozen town meetings, he introduced a legislative package last July to address barriers to affordable health care for rural Americans.

According to Franken, “measures aim[ed] to address three keys areas: ensuring rural residents have access to the health services they need, helping rural health care providers recruit and retain skilled workers, and increasing the quality of care delivered in rural communities.”

The latest Congressional Budget Office report finds the new bill would leave up to 23 million Americans uninsured by 2026.

“People in rural Minnesota, all over Minnesota, are terrified [of the bill’s ramifications] and they should be,” added Franken. “This is unconscionable: $830 (and some) billion cut from Medicaid—Trump said he wouldn’t cut Medicaid at all, to pay for a $900 billion tax cut. The richest people in the country jeopardizing protections for preexisting conditions.”

“This is just an awful bill,” Franken hammered. “And I hope we can get in the Senate to working in a bipartisan and open way.”


Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.

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  1. Mama Bear May 31, 2017

    This bill show everyone just exactly who Trump and the rest of the Rethugs are…..believe it when a man shows you who he is (Maya Angelou paraphrased)

  2. stsintl May 31, 2017

    Doctors hold the key to good and affordable healthcare. However, the number of doctors produced today is the same while the country’s population has doubled. Free market only works when both supply and demand are elastic. Healthcare demand is plastic not elastic. We need to cut out the middle-man (for-profit) insurance companies with no constraints on their business model because they own the Congress and now the White House. But, who can bell the proverbial (fat) cat?

    1. Lorettatterry June 1, 2017

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    2. dpaano June 1, 2017

      Another problem is that many of the doctors who are working in rural areas are foreign-born. They are excellent doctors, but they “pay their dues” by working in rural areas and given healthcare to the poorest of our nation. With Trump’s travel ban, many of them were stuck overseas during their vacations and were afraid to come back…..leaving many rural areas without any healthcare at all! This is NOT good and it’s ridiculous because these are most of Trump’s voters!

  3. Daniel Jones May 31, 2017

    Dear, “dear” Harold:

    Taboola is formatting their clickbait to completely cover the article.

    Tell me, do you actually do your job to make the articles readable, or are you taking money from the advertisers to NOT make them legible!

    1. Beethoven June 1, 2017

      I didn’t see an ad for Taboola, and was able to read this article without being blocked by any ads. But I’ve tried to read other articles that I had to give up on because of ads that prevented me from reading them. Apparently the exact content and placement of the ads on these pages depends on what they know about you, such as where you live and what you’ve looked at or purchased before.

      1. Daniel Jones June 1, 2017


        Taboola is a service (like AdChoices) that insists on misplacing advertisements and clickbait in hopes you’ll click on it trying to get the pieces of media dung out of the frigging way.

        If you ever get a huge block of clickbait inpinging over the story from the right side of the screen, at the very bottom on the left side you’ll see “ads by Taboola”.

      2. dpaano June 1, 2017

        The other problem is that some of the ads are shown many times on the same page…..especially the one about indicting Hillary Clinton. I got so tired of seeing it, I complained to Joe Conason, who said he’d look into it! It was getting ridiculous to see if 3-5 times on a page! And, I agree with you about ads showing up that have something to do with something you purchased or looked at before…..makes me nervous about what they know about my buying habits and whatever! I even went to a doctor once about a problem, and the next day, I saw several ads about medications for the problem…..how did they get that? It’s against HIPPAA regulations for a medical office to give out that kind of information! It was downright eerie!

  4. Phil Christensen May 31, 2017

    me… Al Franken…

    1. Thoughtopsy June 1, 2017

      I didn’t realize you swung that way…

      1. Phil Christensen June 2, 2017

        Not to disappoint you, but no. You’re probably on the right forum seeing how you’re on the prowl. Good luck with that.


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