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Amid Massive Protests, Trump Fires Acting Attorney General Yates

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Amid Massive Protests, Trump Fires Acting Attorney General Yates

Acting AG Sally Yates refused to defend Muslim ban

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump fired top federal government lawyer Sally Yates on Monday after she took the extraordinarily rare step of defying the White House and refused to defend new travel restrictions targeting seven Muslim-majority nations.

It was another dramatic twist in the unusually raucous roll-out of Trump’s directive that put a 120-day hold on allowing refugees into the country, an indefinite ban on refugees from Syria and a 90-day bar on citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

The Friday night ban prompted protests and chaos at airports on the weekend as customs officials struggled to put the order into practice, and the fallout spread to U.S. markets on Monday, where stocks suffered their biggest drop of 2017 and companies affected by the change spoke out against it.

Yates said late on Monday that the Justice Department would not defend the order against court challenges, saying that she did not believe it would be “consistent with this institution’s solemn obligation to always seek justice and stand for what is right.”

Hours later, she was fired. The White House said Yates “has betrayed the Department of Justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States” and portrayed her actions as political.

Trump has argued tougher vetting of immigrants is needed to protect America from terror attacks but critics complain that his order unfairly singles out Muslims and defiles America’s historic reputation as a welcoming place for immigrants.

Yates, an appointee of former Democratic President Barack Obama, was days away from being replaced by Trump’s pick for the top spot at the Justice Department, Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, who is awaiting Senate confirmation.

“Ms. Yates is an Obama Administration appointee who is weak on borders and very weak on illegal immigration,” the White House said in a statement.

The White House said that Dana Boente, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, was sworn in at 9 p.m. ET and would be acting U.S. attorney general until Sessions is approved.

Boente said in an interview with the Washington Post that he would enforce the immigration order.

There have been only a handful of instances in U.S. history of top Justice Department officials publicly breaking with the White House.

The most famous example was in 1973, when then-Attorney General Elliot Richardson and his deputy resigned rather than obey President Richard Nixon’s order to fire a special prosecutor investigating the Watergate scandal.

The incident, which became known as the “Saturday Night Massacre,” was a public relations disaster and is seen as a turning point in Nixon’s administration.

The drama at the Justice Department is another sign of how hastily Trump’s immigration order was developed and how little it was reviewed by the agencies now grappling to implement it.

The White House said key government officials were briefed before Trump signed the order on Friday, but there was little coordination or consultation, resulting in confusion. Most State Department officials found out about it from media reports.

Officials from the State Department circulated a draft memo of dissent on Monday, saying Trump’s move would hurt America’s image abroad and inflame anti-American sentiment.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer dismissed the memo. “These career bureaucrats have a problem with it? I think that they should either get with the program or they can go,” he told reporters at his daily briefing.

An internal Department of Homeland Security document seen by Reuters showed 348 visa holders were kept from boarding U.S.-bound flights this week, and more than 200 people came to the United States but were denied entry.

More than 735 people were pulled aside for questioning by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at airports, including 394 green card holders, who are legal permanent residents of the United States, the document said.

Trump’s administration is granting waivers from the refugee ban to allow 872 people into the country this week — refugees that had already been cleared for resettlement in the United States and were in transit when the order came out.

Tens of thousands of people protested Trump’s order in major American cities and at airports on the weekend.

Obama took the rare step of weighing in, saying through a spokesman that he was heartened by the political activism on the issue.

Employees of Alphabet Inc’s Google in San Francisco, Mountain View, Seattle and other cities held protests. Backed by a sign that said “We are a nation of immigrants,” Sergey Brin, president of Alphabet, said he was outraged by the order.

“The U.S. had the courage to take me and my family in as refugees,” he said in a YouTube video of his remarks.

Federal judges blocked deportation of those detained under the order through the weekend, and more lawsuits were filed on Monday.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, the country’s biggest Muslim advocacy group, filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of more than 20 people.

Washington state filed a lawsuit, arguing that Trump’s order violates the equal protection clause and the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Several other Democratic state attorneys general have said they are considering legal action.

“It is an insult and a danger to all of the people of the state of Washington, of all faiths,” Washington state Governor Jay Inslee, a Democrat, told reporters.

Amazon.com Inc. and Expedia Inc, both of which are based in Washington state’s Seattle area, are supporting the state’s suit.

Amazon scrapped a business trip for a senior company lawyer who was born in Libya but has UK citizenship, according to a declaration filed in support of the lawsuit. Forty-nine of its employees were born in one of the banned countries, and seven new hires may need to be placed in offices outside the United States, it said.

A declaration from Expedia said the order could impact the travel itineraries of at least 1,000 customers, costing it refunds as well as expenses to monitor how the order is applied and who exactly is affected.

The U.S. technology industry, a major employer of foreign workers, has been the most vocal corporate opponent to Trump’s order. A group of top companies plans to meet on Tuesday to discuss how best to support legal challenges.

(Additional reporting by Dan Levine and Jeffrey Dastin in San Francisco, Eric Beech, Doina Chiacu, Arshad Mohammed, Susan Heavey, Mark Hosenball and Patricia Zengerle in Washington, Jonathan Allen in New York, Brian Snyder in Boston, and Sharon Bernstein in Sacramento; Writing by Roberta Rampton and Alistair Bell; Editing by Bernadette Baum, Bill Rigby and Nick Macfie)

FILE PHOTO – Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates testifies during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington July 8,  2015. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo



  1. Lynda Groom January 31, 2017

    It is good see that some of our public servants have the courage to stand up to Trumpism. It cost her the job, but she will be in great demand and will land a very nice job as a result of Trump asinine decision.

    1. itsfun January 31, 2017

      She worked and reported to the President. She took a oath. President Trump had every reason to fire her, just as you would do if a employee defied you.

      1. latebloomingrandma January 31, 2017

        As the nation’s top legal officer, she took an oath to be faithful to the Constitution, not the President.

        1. itsfun January 31, 2017

          Yep and now she can be faithful to someone else.

          1. RED January 31, 2017

            Once again the moron misses the point. No one is worried about her well being, she will be quite fine,dimwit. Try again to analyze the problem but don’t hurt yourself, I’m certain that little brain of yours can’t take to much input and could blow a circuit with any thoughts deeper than a toddler’s understanding.

          2. RED January 31, 2017

            And of course, here comes the standard Con response, they’re fairly predictable,as they’re morons. Tell us again how I/we have no evidence so we call you names. That’s one of my favorite Con tunes, and they all know it.

          3. itsfun January 31, 2017

            You are the predicable one, its always racism, bigotry, hate, sexism, or blame someone else for your failures and lack of intelligence.

          4. RED January 31, 2017

            Ahh, another fine trait of the Con sickness, the belief of their own superiority. And of course, remember that every sick Con on the internet is themselves a wealthy entrepreneur. So much so, that I’m certain no one ever encounters ignorant Cons in their daily lives because none of them work as employees. Another sign or the disease. Since the reality is that they are in actuality ignorant simple minded imbeciles, they must believe that others are somehow not successful or beneath them in some way. It’s really one of the founding principles of the Con sickness, if you can make these ignorant simpletons believe that they are better than those lower than themselves on economic ladder, you can rob the morons blind. And they do. But it is futile to expect the morons to see this, if they could, well they wouldn’t have contracted the Con sickness, intelligence creates immunity against the disease.

          5. itsfun January 31, 2017

            Yep every conservative is rich and owns a business or two. Its the left that lost the middle class families because of their snobs running the party. The left lost get use to it. The left has lost 1000 seats in state and federal government seats. The right has something like 30 governors too. President Trump get use to it loser.

          6. RED February 1, 2017

            Sad but also hilarious! Notice how the sick Con even when confronted with their obvious blatant lies and stupidity still can’t help but continue. It’s almost instinctual which makes sense since lower order animals tend to rely on instincts as they lack brain capacity to make logical decisions that would require critical thinking skills. It’s also fascinating to see how the wealthy elite have convinced the most uneducated ignorant portions of our society that these morons are somehow a member of the ruling elite simply by calling themselves Republicans. So you do gotta give it to the ruling class they do know how to manipulate the ignorant, i.e see “itsfun” as proof

          7. itsfun February 1, 2017

            After Hillary and Obama, you should be a expert on liars and stupidity. You insult everyone you can and call them stupid and lowlifes, and elites. You are just proving how you feel you are superior to others. Your kind are the reason the Democrats have lost 1000 state and federal government seats the last 8 years. Keep it up, and watch your party lose another 500 seats in the next election.

          8. itsfun January 31, 2017

            You and your name calling show just how much of a mind you have.

          9. RED January 31, 2017

            Thank you for your once again predictable yet enlightening response. I won’t waste anymore time addressing you, as we can see that like all those with the Con sickness you have resorted to pre-program fear responses and proclaimed that someone has accused you racism, sexism, or whatever, a common symptom of the disease. But to others who may read this who aren’t infected with the Con sickness, notice how the ignorant Con in his own comments explains that it is wrong to follow an illegal order but is too dimwitted to to comprehend that this is exactly what the issue is about. But just as I don’t expect my wonderful pit bull dog to understand the concepts of modern physics, we cannot expect someone with the brain debilitating Con sickness to understand the simplest parts of the world around them much less things that might require higher functioning capacities. Perhaps one day, a cure will be found for this disease.

          10. itsfun January 31, 2017

            And you are a constitutional lawyer.

        2. dpaano January 31, 2017

          I don’t think the trolls on this site realize the difference between the President and the Constitution!!

      2. RED January 31, 2017

        Ahh, the mind of a simpleton, very sad that the extent of your understanding life, relationships, and morality simply boil down to a slave-master relationship.

        1. itsfun January 31, 2017

          You do have the mind of a simpleton. Do you in your infinite wisdom consider every employer – employee relationship as a slave-master.

      3. David MacDougall January 31, 2017


  2. I Am Helpy January 31, 2017

    What’s hilarious is the Trump administration’s feeble attempts to say she was an Obama appointee.

    She joined the DOJ under Ronald Reagan. The highest position Obama appointed her to was a state-level AG. Trump – TRUMP – asked her to be acting AG; the fact that he – a guy who went bankrupt multiple times while running a casino – was as incompetent at this decision (according to his own standards) as everything else is just a further indication, as if any was needed, just how far out of his depth this used-car salesman is.

    1. Whittier5 January 31, 2017

      Let’s make that “went bankrupt more than 8 times while running a number of businesses, including casinos, and stiffed Lenders, Investors, Vendors and Contractors in the process.(after his 8th bankruptcy, he was bailed out by shady investments by Russian oligarchs and mobsters.)” –

      1. Kathryngcampos January 31, 2017

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  3. Godzilla January 31, 2017

    A political hack who deserved to get canned. No worries, California will hire her. Loser wench

    1. Whittier5 January 31, 2017

      The Facts belie your ignorance of the situation.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 31, 2017

      Standard nonsense from a Putin operative. Get some new lines, would you?

      1. dbtheonly January 31, 2017

        You missed woman-hating.

        Godzy’s an equal opportunity bigot.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 31, 2017

          Yes, that’s a particularly prominent pockmark on Trump’s features. His day is coming.

          1. dbtheonly January 31, 2017

            You doing okay? You’ve seemed particularly violent, angry, or pissed lately.

            Anything I can do to help?

          2. FrancesPoo January 31, 2017

            The guy is not someone you should align with. Trust me DB. He is a douche bag. There is NO help you can offer.

          3. FrancesPoo January 31, 2017

            Hey douche bag. Did you hear that WE won again tonight? Gorsuch BABY.

          4. Juicyfruit January 31, 2017

            Suck it Aaron

          5. Juicyfruit January 31, 2017

            Aaron? You there???

      2. iamproteus January 31, 2017

        Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever seen one of Godzilla’s posts (or itsfun’s for that matter) that had even the slightest whiff of intelligence about it? All I’ve ever seen is name-calling, insults and outright lies. It’s embarrassing to think that I have to share a country with such buffoons.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 31, 2017

          There has never been one iota of intelligence displayed by either of these individuals. I suspect they have some sort of mental aberration that forces then to repeat the same themes over again, with flourishes of name-calling.

          Either the toxic message of conservatism was too much for their systems, or they may have always had some organic dysfunction which predisposes them to be paranoid, and robotic in their responses.

          A similar trait can be seen by a majority of “conservative” stalwarts here I’ve noticed, and at other internet sites this trait is evident. Always a preponderance of the same tiresome slogans and stock responses. If they’re sponsored by Putin, then some cultural/ psychological trauma has forced them to behave as they do. We may never know what drives them to such a dead-end existence.

      3. FrancesPoo January 31, 2017

        We won again moron. SCOTUS baby. Stick that up yours. Hahahahaha

        1. Juicyfruit January 31, 2017


    3. I Am Helpy January 31, 2017

      OK thanks for sharing the neo-Nazi viewpoint, pathetic coward.

  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 31, 2017

    Well, the ghost of Nixon has finally been resurrected. It only required the suitable corporeal form to come along, in the form of Donald J. Trump.

  5. Dominick Vila January 31, 2017

    For Generalissimo Trump, firing career civil servants who dare challenge his anti-constitutional and anti-American orders is just part of a days work. The funniest part of this is the large number of Americans who see nothing wrong with what he is doing, and call themselves patriots while their hero is destroying the fabric of democracy, making a mockery of our values, and acting like a Third World dictator, more interested in adulation and punishing those who have in some way challenged him, than doing what is in the best interest of our country.

    1. dbtheonly January 31, 2017

      GM Dom,

      Did you see this morning that the commander of the Iraqi Army’s Counter-Terrorism Unit was blocked from entering the US to attend a meeting at Central Command HQ?

      I disagree.

      The funniest part is how completely incompetent Trump is proving himself to be. The guy couldn’t pour water out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the bottom.

      1. RED January 31, 2017

        Yeah, Trump’s absolute incompetence is probably the only thing that may slow down the ignorant, backwards, sick Cons from doing even more damage.

        1. dbtheonly January 31, 2017

          They spend six years voting the repeal of Obamacare. They got no plan to replace it.

          Trump’s been talking about the Muslim ban for a year. His plan is incomplete and miscommunicated. Because the “bad dudes” might know it’s coming(?)

          I knew four years of Trump would be watching a horror movie. I didn’t realize it would star The Three Stooges.

          1. Daniel Jones January 31, 2017

            I did. Actually, I knew what the political theater would be like under Trump when he imitated that disabled reporter.

            The difference here is Trump’s political moves and communication really are that shoddy.

      2. Dominick Vila January 31, 2017

        As immoral as Trump’s immigration EO is, the worst part is that he is marginalizing our allies, and punishing people we depend on to fight terrorism.

        1. dbtheonly January 31, 2017

          Yes, marginalizing allies is bad, but doing so out of incompetence or carelessness?

          Trump couldn’t be bothered to work out the specifics of his policy? He doesn’t recognize the existence of local allies?

          I expected Trump would be competent. Instead he believes the buzz world he’s built.

          1. Dominick Vila January 31, 2017

            Maybe neither. Have you considered the probability that his expressions of extreme hate may be deliberate, and designed to regenerate chaos throughout the Islamic world, at a time when ISIL is in retreat? It is hard to “liberate” countries where people enjoy peaceful coexistence. We need bombings, killings, destruction, and lots of threats against us – real or imaginary – to carry interventionist policies. Without that, we have no choice but to claim invisible WMDs. I addition to being great business opportunities, it is great politics.

          2. dbtheonly January 31, 2017

            A ready excuse for a war? Woah!

            Given how well Iraq went I’m inclined to doubt it. Which means the shooting starts Monday.

    2. itsfun January 31, 2017

      Who did she report to? She defied the President of the United States. You will find he is completely in his rights as President to protect America from terrorists, you will find he is completely right to protect our borders. Where is your outcry for the 91 Cubans Obama sent back to Cuba 2 days before the inauguration. He is ordering the immigration laws be followed and enforced. He is acting to protect America, that is his job. He is doing what is in the best interest of our country. He is doing what he said he would do in his campaign, and he got elected.

      1. RED January 31, 2017

        I recognize the futility of attempting to reason with morons is a lost cause, but just for entertainment and to illustrate to others how badly the Con sickness damages a person’s brain, let’s give it a try. What if Trump had given an order for this women to go and murder one of Trump’s enemies? Trump was elected, she works for Trump, he would be just keeping promises he made, following through. And Trump could and would say that this person was a danger to Americans. Please explain why she would or would not have to follow order. And good luck moron, and thanks for showing us how stupid Cons are!

        1. itsfun January 31, 2017

          maybe there is a difference between a lawful order and a order to commit a crime. Please explain how anyone can come up with such a stupid example? Does this go back to when your mama asked you if your friend jumped of a bridge would you. Your name calling is just a sign of your weak mind trying to express itself.

          1. I Am Helpy January 31, 2017

            OR maybe you don’t understand what the hell you’re talking about since you’re a racist high-school dropout with a double-digit IQ.

            Just a thought!

          2. iamproteus January 31, 2017

            Yes, itsfun, there IS a difference between a lawful order and an order to commit a crime. That is precisely why Yates refused the order. To do otherwise would have made her complicit in Trump’s heinous act! So now, go right ahead and call me names and insult my intelligence and in the process reinforce the display of your blind obedience to the worst possible example of a POTUS we have ever seen!

          3. itsfun January 31, 2017

            The President did nothing illegal. He had lawyers went over the documents before he ever signed them. Yates is a know activist and the President made a mistake when he appointed her. I don’t remember calling you names. If I did I am sorry. I have been called so many names that sometimes I just fight fire with fire. I don’t know if is legal or not, but if I was President Trump and watching how the dems are screwing around with the committees, I would just appoint my nominees as the acting directors of the various departments and wait for them to be approved by the Senate.

      2. Dominick Vila January 31, 2017

        Americans have the right to object, protest, and disagree. Especially when it involves issues such as conscientious objection, and overt violations of speech or freedom of religion. As a minimum, Trump should have given the acting attorney general a chance to defend herself, before firing her for insubordination. I am not sure what Mexico sending 91 Cuban refugees back to Cuba has to do with Trump firing the acting AG, or banning the entry of ALL the citizens of Muslim countries that have not attacked the USA. In any case, President Obama rejected granting those 91 Cuban refugees asylum because he had ended the “wet foot, dry foot, policy a few days earlier, and because we have re-established diplomatic relations with Cuba. The latter makes it unnecessary for Cubans to sail to the USA without documentation. All they have to do with go to the U.S. Embassy, apply for a visa, and if they do not have a criminal record, they would be able to enter the USA legally, in accordance with our immigration laws.

        1. itsfun January 31, 2017

          The President has put a temporary ban on all people from the seven countries that Obama and his administration identified as the 7 most dangerous. The ban is give the United States time to prepare a proper vetting system. The President demands and expects respect from his employees. She defied him and got what she asked for. If I were President I wouldn’t mess with appointing a lot acting officials. I would just name my nominees as the acting directors until they got approved.

          1. I Am Helpy January 31, 2017

            Hmmm yes maybe you can dress up this illegal order to make it sound like it wasn’t illegal and that she did something wrong. Oh wait, no you can’t – you’re not nearly smart enough.

          2. Dominick Vila February 1, 2017

            The fact that Rudy Giuliani admitted that he was approached by Trump and asked to come up with a strategy to implement a Muslim ban under a different name says it all.

          3. Dominick Vila January 31, 2017

            The Obama administration listed those 7 countries as being infiltrated by ISIS cells. They never said those countries were a threat to our national security. Perhaps because the countries that have attacked us, and remain determined to do us harm, are the countries Trump left off the list. The current vetting system takes 18 to 36 months to carry out. It involves not only the State Department, but multiple domestic and international intelligence agencies. There is nothing wrong with it. The ban is designed to satisfy Trump’s supporters, exploit fear to achieve domestic and geo-political goals, and pursue an agenda worthy of a dictator.

          4. itsfun January 31, 2017

            The Obama administration said the were the most dangerous countries. There is nothing wrong with vetting if it was being used completely. The ban is to protect Americans. It is the duty of the President to protect our citizens and borders.

          5. Dominick Vila February 1, 2017

            The list highlighted the most dangerous countries for the people living in those countries. It did not include the countries that have attacked us, and that would not hesitate to do it again if they could get away with it. There is nothing wrong with the vetting we have been using, which is much more extensive than what is used in most other countries when applied to refugees escaping extreme violence, and terrorism. Remember, we are not talking about people escaping misery and seeking greater economic opportunities, we are talking about people trying to survive.

          6. itsfun February 1, 2017

            We are talking about people trying to survive and terrorists. The President wants to make safe zones in their own countries not ours. Those countries have been in a war for over 2000 years, we aren’t going to change that. We need to leave and let them settle their own problems for the next 2000 years. We are facing a real threat. The radicals want to kill every infidel in the world. We are the infidels. Its only common sense to stop refugees for awhile until we can make sure they are just refugees and not terrorists.

          7. Dominick Vila February 1, 2017

            That is why we have a vetting system in place that takes 18 to 36 months to complete.

          8. itsfun February 1, 2017

            Its not working, even the FBI said they can’t properly vett people.

          9. Dominick Vila February 2, 2017

            Considering the fact that not a single refugee has carried out a terrorist attack in the USA, I think it is fair to say that it must be working better than you think. 9/11 was carried out by terrorists that entered the USA via our international airports with student visas. One of them learned to fly at Embry Riddle University! Most of the other terror attacks in the USA were carried out by people born in the USA, whose parents migrated to this country decades ago, long before 9/11 and before the current vetting system was put in place.

    3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 31, 2017

      His lordship grows more delusional and full of himself with each passing day.

    4. marriea February 1, 2017

      As I related to Eleanore, when I check out the article by Masha Gessen:
      Autocracy: Rules for Survival, it quite an interesting article.
      I saw her on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.
      She was talking about how Putin is controlling his people, but the one that really peeked my interest was how that government has its own people spying on their neighbors and telling the government.
      I know we have such a thing going on here, in this country already, but the thought of doing that with a Trump Administration gave ne the wellies only because Trump does so well at exploiting people.
      Look at how he exploited the immigrant situation, then turned it around to make it seems like he is protectingthe populace.
      This man’s first ne is exploitation.
      He did it with his business practices and now he is doing it with this country.
      And the perfect way is not new, it’s alled devide and conquer.
      His supporters think they are doing his biddings for the good of yhe country, but he’s only looking out fot the interest of Trump. Always has always will.
      He’s a souless jackass, and just as soon rip you off and then say it’s your fault for allowing me to do so.
      His supporters ail to see what he is because he plays to their own stupid biases and refuses to see that they aren’t any better than any one else in the world.
      I can only shake my head at their lack of vision

  6. stcroixcarp January 31, 2017

    Steve Bannon is a white nationalist terrorist, and he is sitting in the power seat. How can he be removed? He wasn’t elected, approved or even vetted by anyone but trump. Is there a legal way to force his departure from the executive offices?

    1. itsfun January 31, 2017

      The President can hire anyone for his staff. Any CEO can hire and fire their staff members.

      1. The lucky one January 31, 2017

        He is president not CEO of a corporation.

        1. itsfun January 31, 2017


          1. The lucky one January 31, 2017

            Nice to see you recognize your confusion on this issue.

          2. itsfun January 31, 2017

            I am not confused one little bit. Anyone not smart enough to know the boss is the boss and can fire is the confused one.

          3. I Am Helpy January 31, 2017

            Except the President isn’t a CEO. You analogy (look it up!) was dumb as hell, because you’re dumb as hell (and also a traitor).

          4. The lucky one January 31, 2017

            “Boss” is a general term that could apply to either a CEO or the POTUS but in no way is POTUS CEO of a corporation and no he cannot fire just anyone he chooses, Ever hear of SCOTUS?

          5. itsfun January 31, 2017

            He can fire any of his staff anytime he wants to. She was not in some kind of union. Ever hear of right to work laws? She worked at the will of the President.

          6. The lucky one January 31, 2017

            The AG is not a member of Trump’s staff. She serves the people not just the president. His ability to fire her doesn’t change that fact. That ability didn’t help Nixon in the long run and it will catch up with Trump eventually.

          7. itsfun January 31, 2017

            The AG is a member of the Presidents cabinet. She works at the will of the President.

          8. The lucky one February 1, 2017

            Yes he can fire an AG. That does not make her a member of his staff. She was the head of the department. Staff refers to people like the uber racist Bannon. Staff has loyalty to their “boss”. Department heads loyalty should be to the people they serve. i realize Trump thinks everyone is there to serve him but he will discover otherwise.

          9. itsfun February 1, 2017

            The AG is a member of the President’s cabinet. If a cabinet member doesn’t show loyalty to the President, the President has every right to fire them. He is the one that nominated them. Why do you keep insisting that Bannon is a uber racist?

          10. The lucky one February 1, 2017

            I don’t question Trump’s “right” to fire the AG but the AG’s mission is loyalty to the constitution and the rule of law, not to the whims of the president. Her loyalty is to the citizens of the country, not to one man. His legal counsel si loyal to him, the AG is not his private lawyer.

            Because Bannon is either a racist or panders to them which is as bad or worse.
            Here’s what a conservative former employee, Ben Shapiro said about him:
            “Under Bannon’s Leadership, Breitbart Openly Embraced The White Supremacist Alt-Right. Andrew Breitbart despised racism. Truly despised it. He used to brag regularly about helping to integrate his fraternity at Tulane University. He insisted that racial stories be treated with special care to avoid even the whiff of racism. With Bannon embracing Trump, all that changed. Now Breitbart has become the alt-right go-to website, with [Milo] Yiannopoulos pushing white ethno-nationalism as a legitimate response to political correctness, and the comment section turning into a cesspool for white supremacist mememakers.”

            When challenged to differentiate his followers at Breitbart form run of the mill racists like skinheads his main point was that the alt-right racists are much smarter.

          11. itsfun February 1, 2017

            I guess we just have to agree to disagree on this one.

          12. The lucky one February 2, 2017

            Sure we can disagree on Bannon but regarding the AG I must insist my view is the accurate one.

            No one is questioning that the Ag is appointed by the prez, subject to confirmation, and that he can dismiss that person if he chooses. However the AG is not part of the president’s staff. that would be people like Bannon, Conway, Spicer etc. Although the AG serves at the president’s pleasure he/she does not serve the president but instead serves we the people. I’m sure you can see the dangers present when an AG’s loyalty is to a man rather than to the constitution and the laws of the land. The president can issue an EO but cannot create law. If the AG belives the EO is a contravention of establised law her duty is to oppose it.

          13. itsfun February 2, 2017

            If you want to play word games so be it. I said the AG is part of the Presidents cabinet. The AG is nominated by the President. The President can fire the AG. The AG reports to the President. The AG serves at the will of the President, not the people. The President can demand loyalty from people he hires. The AG can tell the President if the AG thinks the EO is not legal. Any AG that would inform her staff and the press that she would not enforce the EO before she talked to the President deserved to be fired.

          14. The lucky one February 2, 2017

            Actually you first said “He can fire any of his staff anytime he wants to.” You did amend that in subsequent posts so that’s moot. Yes the AG serves “at the will” of the president but she serves the people by protecting the constitution and established law. No the prez cannot demand loyalty when that loyalty would require the AG to violate her oath to uphold the rule of law.

            I understand any exec’s desire to have people that support his agenda and as I said don’t question his right to dismiss her. I think it sets a very dangerous example though if she is being removed for lack of loyalty to a man rather than the country.

            How do we know she didn’t broach this with president or one of his staff before he dismissed her?

          15. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 31, 2017

            You never went beyond the 8th grade, or failed Civics and American Government in High School.

          16. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 31, 2017

            That’s a pretty sophisticated response for you. Doesn’t your Russian/English guide, or software module, have a better choice of response?

      2. Eleanore Whitaker January 31, 2017

        Hey Traitor Pig…He isn’t our boss. As I recall, the colonists purged the US of King George of England’s taxation without representation. Trump will be easier to get rid of…We just hang him from his Trump Tower for being a traitor.

      3. I Am Helpy January 31, 2017

        I get that you’re a moron, but the President is not running a business.

        1. dbtheonly January 31, 2017

          Congress tried to prevent the President from firing Cabinet members, once. President Johnson ignored the law.

        2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 31, 2017

          Trump supporters have been mentally derailed into thinking that government now is just some big corporation, with a CEO named Donald running the “business” into the ground like his several other failed ventures.

    2. RED January 31, 2017

      In case some people haven’t quite figured this out yet “legal” simply means who has power. Can anyone truly argue that spying on all our citizens, detaining people without charge or trial, torturing, murdering, these things are legal? Of course not, not according to our supposed founding legal document, the Constitution. But are they done anyway? Uh yep, at this very minute. So give up the idea of legal or illegal. Not to mention that our courts have been infiltrated and stocked with these scumbags for at least thirty years. It’s actually pretty simple, when you have a system that rewards the most deceitful, dishonest, immoral people, well that’s who’s gonna rise to the top. So, let go of sending money to the professional non-profit class and all their organizations and filing lawsuits as a show to raise even more money. This is a time for revolution. And it can be relatively bloodless or it can be as bloody a the last time the wealthy thieves were told to relinquish their stolen gain. And it’s coming, whether people wish to admit or not. And Trump has only hastened its arrival.

      1. Dominick Vila January 31, 2017

        Unfortunately, things are likely to get a lot worse. I would not be surprised if Trump’s nominee to replace Scalia is more radical than his predecessor. You can also bet that Trump’s nomination will not be dismissed for a whole year. His nominee will be given deferential treatment, and objections by Democrats will be portrayed as evil attacks by the left. This is, by far, the most consequential nomination that Trump has made to date, and the one that will inflict the most damage on our way of life.

      2. dpaano January 31, 2017

        We won’t actually have to worry about a revolution….45’s immigration ban will only cause more and more terrorist incidents in the U.S.! His idea was to keep this country safe, but he’s done the one thing that will change that considerably! No wonder ISIS was applauding his election….they KNEW that he would give them the fodder to recruit American Muslim men and women to become jihadists! Watch and see….I predict terrorist incidents occurring on a regular basis!!!

    3. dpaano January 31, 2017

      I certainly wish…..Bannon’s only goal is to cause chaos in the government and tear this country apart. He’s said it many times, and he’s on his way to doing that. He “whispers” in 45’s ear, and 45 bows to his every whim! It’s much like Cheney being the puppet-master to GWB! It’s all pretty sad to say the least and there’s not much we can do about it since he was 45’s pick as a special advisor. Not sure WHY he didn’t have to go through a vetting!

  7. itsfun January 31, 2017

    She defied the President, she broke her oath. She put her personal feelings above her duty. President trump has reached across party lines by keeping her on as acting AG. She crapped on him. She was appointed to a position and the President has every right to fire her.

    1. The lucky one January 31, 2017

      She is an officer of the court and as such is mandated to uphold the constitution, not serve an autocrat.

      1. itsfun January 31, 2017

        Now she will be upholding it as she sees it for someone else.

        1. The lucky one January 31, 2017

          Yes and soon we will have a racist upholding it as he sees fit.

          1. itsfun January 31, 2017

            You see a racist, a bigot, a sexist, and hater behind every tree and bush.

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 31, 2017

            No–Just people like yourself and Trump. One racist has a disruptive force that poisons many around him or her, and now we’re seeing more of them, thanks to Trump.
            Do you not see yourself in the mirror in the morning?

          3. I Am Helpy January 31, 2017

            Nah, just in the Republican party and their mouth-breathing supporters.

          4. The lucky one January 31, 2017

            That’s a nonsensical reply but I realize that’s all you have since Sessions is a confirmed racist who at one time was even too much so for Republicans to grant him a judgeship. But sure Bannon is a racist as well as Trump but I’m not aware that any of his other billionaire appointees are in fact racist.

          5. The lucky one January 31, 2017

            BTW The last president to fire an attorney general was Richard Nixon and he ended up resigning. That should tell you something.

          6. itsfun January 31, 2017

            I realize that is what you are hoping for, but don’t count on it.

          7. The lucky one February 1, 2017

            I don’t expect him to resign though if he does I’m sure he’ll have a list of who to blame. No, I expect he will not finish his term but resignation is probably the least likely mechanism.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 31, 2017

      No, buddy—She defied an autocratic figure who is distorting everything America stands for. You and Trump are seemingly in collusion with Putin and Putin’s trolls in this forum. But your attempts to persuade people to accept your nihilism is a futile one. Unless you just enjoy blowing hot air out of your backside just to hear the sound of fury blowing out with a noisome odor.

    3. dbtheonly January 31, 2017

      Her oath was to the Constitution and Laws of the United States.

      Hitler had his subordinates swear personal loyalty.

      1. itsfun January 31, 2017

        That’s right, however she reported to the President not the other way around.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker February 1, 2017

          You mean like you report to Trump on how many threads you’ve invaded for Putin and Trump? You mean now you think we will pay taxes for Ivanka the Tramp and her wimpy brothers and then be their employees? How messed up is your brain? The colonists went to war with King George of England for taxation without representation you moron.

          Trump is not our BOSS. You didn’t allow Obama to be the Boss you two face piece of Trump turd. Why in hell are you trying now to make Trump the BOSS? Is it because you are a Putin Commie?

    4. I Am Helpy January 31, 2017

      She followed the law. And Trump pays good money to have women crap on him.

      1. dbtheonly January 31, 2017

        I think he paid money to watch women urinate on a bed in which the Obamas had slept.

        A prime example of God telling you you’ve got too much money.

    5. Thoughtopsy January 31, 2017

      I can’t decide whether you’re just criminally stupid, or an active astroturfer.
      This post makes me lean more towards astroturfer… A whole bunch of half-truths that are plausible, but easily disproven through 2 mins on Google.
      You do such a bad job I’m amazed anyone would pay you for it though…

      By all means keep supplying evidence. It’s extremely amusing.

      1. dbtheonly January 31, 2017

        Active astroturfer.

        Mama Bear says he gets paid by the number of responses. Hard to see what other jollies are in it for him. His “nom de blog” is another hint.

    6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 31, 2017

      You’ve defied the laws of nature by still being able to use a keyboard and form some basic primitive thoughts—just a tad bit more sophisticated than an octopus.

      Or maybe you have some surrogate who types your thoughts for you?

    7. Eleanore Whitaker February 1, 2017

      I defy your Commie President. What are you going to do now Itsy? Report all of us? She was appointed to the position by President Obama. So little Donny Boy and his Republicans are covering up their guilt over rigging an election. Nixon pulled the same BS when he fired the AG who refused to stop the investigation into WaterGate. Then, he tried to fire the AG’s replacements until he realized those hundreds of protestors in front of the White House every day meant business and he was FORCED to resign.

      By the way, I seem to recall you bitching about Obama taking a vacation. Your Commie President isn’t in office 2 weeks and he’s already taking his first vacation.

      You don’t like it when we call out what a two faced rat you are. Do you?

  8. The lucky one January 31, 2017

    “this institution’s solemn obligation to always seek justice and stand for what is right.”

    Well there you go. How could Trump keep someone whose beliefs are so diametrically opposed to his own?

    When I use a word,’ Humpty Trumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’ ‘The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’ ‘The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 31, 2017

      I once worked for a Trump like bombastic VP as his only assistant. It was a disaster. I ended my employment with the company because not only was this VP out of control and a micro managing maniac, he used to have a sign on his wall, “BECAUSE I DARE!”

      Men like Trump are a dime a dozen. They usually do not have friends in Russia they collude with.

      Until the independent legal experts get to the bottom of how Trump and Putin are tied to each other at the hip, we can’t know how much of what Trump is pulling is the same BS Putin pulls.

    2. I Am Helpy January 31, 2017

      Why did Trump select her to run the DOJ in the first place? Oh, right, he’s enormously incompetent and really, really dumb.

      1. The lucky one January 31, 2017

        Agree with you on that one Helpy. I guess you missed my sarcasm but oh that’s right I’m the one who got Trump elected.

        1. I Am Helpy January 31, 2017

          You did, but today I’m getting mad at people who keep calling her an Obama appointee. She was selected to be the interim head of the DOJ by Trump.

  9. FT66 January 31, 2017

    As Pres. Obama has said that every citizen has to stand up and safeguard DEMOCRACY and what we believe in. Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates has shown us all a good example. We should all stand up against Trump’s reckless leadership. One person can’t defeat millions and millions people. Nixon didn’t either.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 31, 2017

      Hey Traitor…Tell us…What country were your immigrant grandparents from? For that matter, tell us Putin hacker …where in Russia are YOU from?

    2. I Am Helpy January 31, 2017

      Haha I get it! You despise America and the rule of law because you’re a traitor!

    3. Thoughtopsy January 31, 2017

      It’s so amusing watching your descent into inanity as you try to defend President Loser.
      Just wait… the best is yet to come.
      Will you have any self-respect left by the end of it?
      I can’t wait to find out.

    4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 31, 2017

      Very unoriginal of you. Do you have a therapist?
      Better question might be, Do you have a healthcare plan with an option for Shock Therapy?

  10. Eleanore Whitaker January 31, 2017

    Trump thinks government operates the way his Celebrity TV Apprentice Show does…point and fire. Wrong. He has the right to fire as president. What he DOES NOT have the RIGHT to do is in any way influence the carriage of law and justice meted out by legal experts who have worked for the government for decades.

    Ivanka Trump is not a legal expert, Her brothers are not either. Remember when the two faced bastards of the right bitched howled how Hillary shouldn’t run for the presidency because her husband was president? Further back, as First Lady, these same right wing bastards thought she should be silent. Really asshats? Are the HUMP’s sons and daughter sitting in his cabinet SILENT family members?

    Then, there is the matter that these two faced righties bitched that Obama was issuing executive orders. Now, their hero Traitor Emperor thinks he and only he has the right to issue ORDERS.

    1. marriea January 31, 2017

      google Masha Gessen and read her article written 11/10/16 .
      The subject: Autogracy: Rules for Survival

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 1, 2017

        If I am anything in this entire chaotic existence, it is a fighter. These Republicans want anarchy? Anarchy they will get. I am not fond of the idea of anarchy. But, I do see now why in some instances it is the only means of surviving government takeover.

        No one takes MY tax dollars and hands it to lazy Corn Pones and Mutton Chops and then tells me I must obey like a good little puppy dog. I’d sooner ram a shovel up their dopey asses.

        1. marriea February 1, 2017

          The only way to minimize the effects is to make sure that folks comes out in force at the midterms.
          November, 2018 is fast approaching.
          People, especially those in states that practice voter supression should start now getting their paper work in order.
          They shouldn’t wate until next year. They should do so now.
          They should learn what districts they are in and who their reps are.
          The GOP counts on DEMS complacency.
          And their are many in our camps.
          Their are many in our camps who won’t join in the fights because they don’t like who the general is.
          Sometimes it is necessary to just hold our collective noses and join in the fight regardless.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker February 1, 2017

            It cannot wait till midterms. By then, Trump will have installed the SC justice who ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby’s right to refuse to serve anyone who isn’t of their religious beliefs. This WY SC nominee is another of Trump’s attempts to make sure Big Business can pollute to kill our kids and pay NO taxes the rest of us will end up paying. Not to mention violating every labor and workplace safety regulation on the books.

            This is no longer about Republicans or Democrats. It is about refusing to sit back like bumps on a log and become Trump YES people like Spicer, Bannon and Conway.

            YOu may think that’s the way to get results but over 5 million Anti Trump protestors don’t. They want anarchy? Anarchy is what the right wing, Republicans and Trump will get.

  11. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 31, 2017

    Trump is carefully and methodically laying down one brick as a time, paving the way to a hellish condition. But does he care? NO!
    Every fiber in Trump screams out that he has been totally consumed in the fires of self and pride. This doesn’t bode well for him and he gives every impression that he feels himself to be equal with God and immune to Divine Punishment. What a tragic mistake to think the way Trump does in regards to how Donald thinks of his relationship to God.
    And anyone who is enraptured by Trump’s behavior most like will share the same fate as Trump.

    “O SON OF DESIRE! Give ear unto this: Never shall mortal eye recognize the everlasting Beauty, nor the lifeless heart delight in aught but in the withered bloom. For like seeketh like, and taketh pleasure in the company of its kind.”

    In this epigram by Baha’u’llah, we see both a statement of how human behavior is influenced, and also a warning that if one finds favor in a demonic creature, then one shares the same quality. And if one shares that quality, then the “fiery” fate, whatever form that may take, will be a “fiery” fate as well for the associate.

    Trump and his followers still have yet to understand this fundamental verity.

  12. dpaano January 31, 2017

    Apparently, 45 (which is my name for the orange-haired jackass) seems to think he’s still on Celebrity Apprentice. Is he going to fire anyone in his administration that defies him? It could be a long 4 years! I always thought that the Attorney General’s job was to keep the president on the straight and narrow, but that could be hard if he fires them every time they don’t agree with him!

    1. David February 1, 2017

      As an attorney, don’t you know what the job of the Attorney General is?

    2. InformedVoter February 4, 2017

      Hello racist and bigot. Have your heard that Yates has apologized and now admits she made a yuge mistake in not performing the duties of the office. She wishes she had complied and wants her job back. But I guess you’ll never see that story in the FAKE news media.

  13. InformedVoter February 4, 2017

    Have your heard that Yates has apologized and now admits she made a yuge mistake in not performing the duties of the office. She wishes she had complied and wants her job back. But I guess you’ll never see that story in the FAKE news media.


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